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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • "reluctance to move the embassy has made heavyweight Republican funder Sheldon Adelson “furious,”

      I hope one of his eunuchs has told him to " calm down"and " keep your hair on" - no wait a minute perhaps not the latter.

      As for who is the "superpower here" scenario I think it might be slowly dawning on the Yahoo and his own Zioeunuchs that Trump gets uppity to put it mildly when people challenge his decisions - and definitely pretentious narcissistic little leaders of a "state" the size of New Jersey.

  • Dershowitz defames Gertrude Stein, Daniel Berrigan and Omar Barghouti
    • I thought Dershowitz was the complete act when it came to creepy slimy Zionist apologetics but I recently came across a creature called Davis Lewin who somehow ended up in a debate with Norman Finklestein amongst others at the Cambridge Union on the motion "Israel is a Rogue State"

      Lewin comes on at the end. An absolute joy .The very essence of Israel/Zionism - loud ,lying
      ugly ,arrogant,dismissive,insulting and with all that absolutely hilarious.

    • "The guy has great rhetorical skills, as evidenced by his effortless performance before a large and enthusiastic audience"

      I question the "great rhetorical skills". In a one to one debate the man is a joke. He has his say listened to politely and without interruption by his opponents and then when he has had his "say" his "rhetorical" skills consist of constant bad mannered interruptions and mumblings whilst his opponents have their say in a desperate attempt to disrupt their line of thought.

      I am really looking forward to a scenario where Dershowitz`s antics are properly called out as in "you have had your say and I listened politely without interruption will you please STFU and let me have my say without interruption and mumblings"

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • More "live" training for the most moral. I wonder to they have some sort of draw system within the unit to decide who gets a freebie kill opportunity. Anything to relieve the boredom.

  • Ellen DeGeneres gets pushback for promoting Sabra Hummus
    • This is the very same "Israeli dish" which had been an Arab dish for around 800 years before the State of Israel existed.

      However it doesn`t contain cherry tomatoes which Israelis also invented so that seriously undermines their claim to have invented it.

      Now let me think what could they be eyeing up next for retrospective invention. Cherry tomatoes box already ticked but the opportunities are endless = bread , pasta , rice , curry , potatoes , Guinness , whisky. Such an inventive people.

  • Pro-Israel group bullies Church of Scotland over its 'sensitive' commemoration of Balfour centenary
    • A balanced and enlightening report. Especially liked the challenge:
      "Challenge the Board to present its own position in a balanced way, ask them if they can acknowledge a single example of Israeli wrong-doing towards the Palestinian people"

      Don`t hold your breath. These Israeli Firsters/Fifth Columnists do so love to snipe at a distance but will slink back into the shadows when actually asked to explain and justify their sniping.

      The overarching question in all of this is of course why oh why if Israel has become such an enchanting place are these people still here in the UK. Is it perhaps that they are terrified that if they move "back" to their beloved"homeland" they will have to witness at first hand the stench and gore of on the ground Zionism as opposed to the cosy Hasbara filtered image which they feed off and promote.

  • Norway’s largest trade union federation endorses full boycott of Israel to advance Palestinian human rights 
    • @Amigo
      Thank you for the good news from Ireland.

      Is this Shatter person for real - he sounds as if he has had a Zio chip implant?

      I am surprised that he didn`t go the extra mile and describe it eg as "emblematic terrorism" to keep himself in tune with the latest Hasbara script.

      As you say a staightforward 5th Columner. He should pack his bags and piss off to his beloved Zion on a one way ticket.

  • Netanyahu gov't mulls bill to ban Israeli rights groups from bringing legal cases on behalf of Palestinians
    • Barak`s "seeds of Fascism" are definitely sprouting. Can`t be long now before the "only democracy in the Middle East" passes a bill banning Palestinians from meeting in groups of more than one person in built up areas between the hours of midnight and midnight.

  • Ashrawi: Maybe it's time to stop Zionizing Palestinians and start de-Zionizing Israel
    • Meanwhile as reported in the Jerusalem Post Abbas it would appear is willing to sell what is left of his soul in order to maintain his status - especially now that he is apparently so chummy with Tweetertwit Trump:

      Now let me think how will the Yahoo wriggle out of this one short of praying for one of the hunger strikers to die so that there will be a violent backlash in the OT. Oh yes Abbas on behalf of "his" people must accept that Israel is a "Jewish" state oh and there is also the question of ongoing Palestinian "incitement" oh and the latest rabbit out of the Yahoo hat = stop paying Palestinian "terrorist" prisoners and their families. His hat is stuffed with rabbits.

    • I`m sorry to have to say this but it really is a question of hearing the same old same old refrain.
      There will never repeat never be a two state solution. The only option for the Palestinians is equal rights equal citizenship in a single state between the river and the sea. Hanan Ashrawi should be stating this clearly and unequivocally that this point has long since been reached and calling out Abbas and co for his pathetic ongoing collaboration and his refusal to allow Palestinians a vote on whether he should be allowed to continue as President given his abject failure to achieve anything other than an increase in the oppression of "his" people.

      Like so many advocates for a Palestinian state she is studiously avoiding the blindingly obvious.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • "That’s why Sheldon Adelson my dear friend, won’t fund professorships in Jewish studies"

      Arslikhanism at its finest. Sheldon must be so so proud of his little apprentice and may well have hopes that Dershowitz will mature even in his fading years to be the towering Zionist intellect which he is.

    • @Zara
      "What I can’t figure out about a guy like Dershowitz is does he believe his own bullshit or does he really believe that the US should be manipulated by whatever means to put Israel’s interests above it’s own, regardless of the cost in lives, reputation and treasure"

      I think the bottom line with Dershowitz is that he is a sad pathetic little man with a fragile ego who will speak to and deliver whatever bullshit he believes is necessary (not bullshit that he actually believes) to whatever the appropriate and receptive audience in order to keep this fragile ego afloat and get the feeling that somebody loves and respects him. In his particular case the receptive and adoring audience are braindead Zionists.

      When I read about his latest foray into Ziospeak in fact whenever I hear or read about the man in general I have this forever image of his little weasel eyes frantically darting in panic every which way and the nervous lying smile when put under the cosh by a real intellect:

      I 100% agree with Norman Finklestein who in another forum described Dershowitz as "clueless" "disgusting" and "creepy".

  • Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?
    • @mooser
      "Wink-wink, nod-nod, nudge-nudge"

      I hope that you have a reliable source for this allegation:

    • The video is an amazing if not entirely surprising, insight into the Israeli junior "education" system. It has the feel of what we in the UK would refer to as an "Ofsted" inspection ( a regular system of inspection to investigate and monitor standards in schools). But where our OFSTED inspectors are looking for evidence of failing standards in primary subjects the Zio equivalents seem to be looking for evidence of rising standards in extremism.

      The video also has a seriously Nazi "feel" to it. You can visualise similar tours to German schools in the 1930`s with "Party" officials seeking verification that the children have developed and are expressing the right "attitude" towards Jews.


  • 'Bullies, bigots and thugs led by Netanyahu' shut down synagogue event-- in suburban Detroit
    • @Pabelmont
      "Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine"

      This of course was led by that lifelong Zionist peacenik Menachim Begin and he devoted his life to "peace" when not too busy planning the bombings of hotels etc.

      The signatories to the letter referred to would now of course be referred to variously as "self loathing" Jews,"self denying" Jews or simply "lefties". Yes you heard it first here on Mondoweiss - that world renowned theoretical physicist who gave us the the theory of relativity was little more in fact than a self loathing Jewish leftie. Oh wait a minute that`s not quite right(pause Hasbara check) True he didn`t get round to inventing the cherry tomato but he is right up there as a shining example of the intellectual superiority of the Chosen People so despite this letter we still very much consider him to be one of ours.

      As for cuddly little M Begin well being a heroic resistance fighter and not an ugly murderous little Fascist terrorist it was perfectly in order for a street to be named after him. In fact he was such a glorious peacenik the Zios decided to name a whole highway after him. And in deference to his towering Zio intellect they even elected him as Prime Minister.

  • A Republican plan for peacemaking: 'break the will' of the Palestinians and force them to 'accept defeat'
    • "We want peace. We are also educating our children for peace"

      Says the Zio Liar in Chief. But meanwhile:

    • Yet more Arslikhan Ziodollar grasping US Congressmen jumping to the front of the queue in support of a single Apartheid Ziostate in Palestine. Of course once it gets through to what limited brains they have that this is what they have enthusiastically promoted and achieved and once the brown stuff hits the fan and Zioland emerges as a full in the face Apartheid reality they will back off at a rate of knots claiming that they were misled , misunderstood ,taken out of context etc. Unfortunately in the 21st Century you simply cannot hide the ugly truth and they have enrolled on a roll call of shame. They will have moral conscientious children and grandchildren who will be ashamed of them and possibly disown them for supporting a South Africa Mark 2.

      Fully deserving of everything that will be coming their way.

  • Former prisoner's book tour includes call to world to 'stand with' 1600 Palestinians on hunger strike
    • His bravery , defiance and ingenuity contrast starkly with the actions of the Fascist scum who incarcerated him. I hope at some point he is able to do a book tour in the UK to give us an opportunity to see and hear him.

  • Jake Sullivan seeks to rebrand 'American exceptionalism'
    • Meanwhile it`s great to see and will be a major boost for the morale of the Palestinians to see their current President for Life ?Abbas meeting another President elected for only four years. It might prompt him (Abbas) to offer them a choice of whether they wan`t him to continue to be their President given his outstanding results he has achieved (not) on their behalf since his term of office ended in 2009. Wow that is two times the US Presidential terms already. Is there something that he is afraid of? Perish the thought that he along with the Zionists are denying democratic rights to the Palestinian people !

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • @BettyBerenson
      Great to have fresh hasbarites or newly recycled reprogrammed hasbarites on the forum.
      "From the river to the sea, Palestine will never be" as per one of your previous posts.
      Wonderful that you are so firmly against a Palestinian state.

      "Israel is a diverse country, in which all its citizens have equal access to everything the society has to offer"

      Let me think yes I`ve got it hurray you are in favour of a single non -apartheid state in which all of its citizens will have equal access etc. No I`ve got it all wrong? As an inveterate Anti - Semite and Anti - Zionist I am twisting what you say ? I`m taking your words out of context ?
      So tell us BB in this single river to the sea state what "equal " status do you envisage for the indigenous Arab people because to grown ups in the 21st century anything other than full equal status = APARTHEID.

      Please Please do let us have your thoughts on this issue

  • 'Ban the Boycott' – An all too familiar refrain
    • @Blake
      "I do wonder how many of them are active campaigners for Palestine though"

      Peter Hain is listed as a member of the Labour Friends of Palestine Parliamentary Group:

      A surprisingly large number.

      However it has been estimated that around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI Group:

      One of the CFI`s stated objectives is to "strengthen ties" with Likud , the Yahoo`s Fascism bound political "party". I don`t think this is a question of Tories having a passionate desire to support and protect poor eternally threatened etc etc etc sob sob yawn yawn Zioland.
      As with most things Zio it is very much a question of following the money trail and guess what as per the undercover investigation in the article above claims of £10 million in donations to the Tories from sorry can`t avoid saying and I know it will be seen as anti you know what and cause deep hurt etc etc wealthy Jews and Jewish linked companies.

      I don`t think ( but am happy to be corrected ) that there is anything remotely like a "Likud Friends of the UK" Body in Zioland. I doubt it very much because Zionists instinctively loathe anything and everything British because of their uncooperative attitude to Zio colonisation during the Mandate period and their dastardly scheme to ignore the King David Hotel warnings so that the poor beleaguered Zio Terrorists ( whoops sorry I meant Resistance Fighters" ) would get the blame for killing all those innocent people.

  • 'The Trump opportunity' -- some Palestinians are optimistic about Abbas visit to White House (!)
    • @Amigo
      I bet he could be easily persuaded to meet the lassie in the cherry tomato bikini.I say lassie - I`m sure Donald uses another word but it escapes me for the moment.

    • Same old same old from Abbas desperately clinging on to his role as the arch collaborator and defender of Palestinian rights ( excepting of course their right to vote him out in an election)

      As for Trump going through the motions and I mean motions of "seeking peace" on guess what Israeli terms. As with all his predecessors bought and bent just in a different way. Obama only deviated slightly because the Yahoo openly treated him like a black Untermenschen. He wouldn`t even think about trying to treat Trump in the same way because he knows that Donald will remind him who the superpower is.

      Trump as with all his predecessors has to be seen to have ticked the "tried to achieve a settlement in the I/P conflict box". I doubt if he as a blue blooded American is remotely interested in a poxy little country increasingly dominated by wailing whingers in funny hats and suits.

      Mind you given his track record if he finds out more about what "modern vibrant Western" Zioland has to offer he might decide to spend some time there:

  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
    • @Misterioso
      "A Close up look at Israeli apartheid"
      Thanks for the link and the illuminating if saddening article by by Fida Jiryis.

      It reminded me of stories about anti - Black and anti - Irish prejudice in 50`s and 60`s Britain when it came to letting rooms and lodgings.
      When doing some basic research I came across:

      Fascinating as I had never heard the term "Hibernophobia" before ! I expect Amigo has.

  • Abbas fears the prisoners’ hunger strike
    • Abbas the self serving collaborator is finally in the cross hairs. How he plays this one will hopefully be the end of him and the Fatah appeasement which has enabled Israel to exercise cheap and affordable control over the Untermenschen in the West Bank. He appears to be going through the motions of "supporting" the hunger strikers and the hunger strike supporters for fear of losing all those collaborative goodies from America and Europe but very soon he will be faced with a simple and stark choice = do I walk at the front of the demonstration in support of Palestinian resistance ( no arthritic problems when it came to Charlie Hebdo ) or do I finally reveal myself as a well paid gopher for the Zios.

      It is also IMHO very much a potential major turning point in the conflict.Unsurprising to see that the Yahoo is responding in traditional Gruppenfuhrer mode by withdrawing salt rations - I do believe that salt rations also featured in the Warsaw Ghetto Untermenschen control. And salt after all is yet another terrorist weapon threatening poor eternally circled, eternally victimised little Israel (quadruple sob). The hunger strike will serve to enlighten the world further with regards to the Light unto the Nations benevolent treatment of political prisoners and the role of their PA puppets and further hasten the demise of the ludicrous Oslo Accords charade.

  • Warren and Sanders stand firmly behind Trump officials -- on guess what issue?
    • "Haley’s determination to root out “anti-Israel bias” and “anti-Semitism in all its forms”

      The now familiar straightforward conflation ploy which of course is the standard AIPAC script feed to its bought and bent US Senators and Congressmen.

      The writing is on the wall however as more and more of the younger generation in America and specifically the younger generation of American Jews will be recognising this as straightforward nonsense as in if I criticise the actions of a foreign country how does that make me anti the religion of the majority of the people in that country eg if I criticise Italy does that make me anti - Catholic or if I criticise Pakistan does that make me anti - Muslim. And as for the young American Jew - how can he or she be categorised as anti - semitic for criticising Israel.It simply defies logic.

      But then almost everything about Zionism is illogical and frankly hilarious. In many ways it will be a shame to witness its upcoming demise.

  • Hunger Strike: Former Palestinian prisoners of Israel describe what it’s really like in Israeli jails
    • "Firas Nasrallah, 32, was 16 years old the first time he went to Israeli prison. He was detained by Israeli forces and accused of throwing stones during clashes and sentenced to four years in prison"

      Sentenced to four years for throwing life threatening stones. The IDF must have been absolutely terrified and fouling their specially designed armour proofed underpants. It`s a miracle that these poor Zio shocktroops weren`t seriously grazed but no doubt they suffer from PTSD as a result and wake up in the night crying for their mamas after nightmares featuring savage Goliathan size Palestinian children and teenagers throwing stones at them.

      Of course if it is their nice cuddly harmless little Zio brethren settlers throwing stones at them it`s all a fun game and instead of arresting them and locking them up for 4 years they just have a laugh and take the piss out of them for being so useless at throwing stones.

  • Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel
  • Map map on the wall, who's most existing of them all?
    • @JeffB

      "Reread what you wrote. It doesn’t even make sense. They are having implementing but have managed so far. So then how are they having problems?"

      Au contraire reread what you wrote. I did not say "They are having implementing but have managed so far". You have simply extracted elements from two separate sentences to come up with an imaginary sentence which of course doesn`t make sense.

      What I actually said doesn`t make sense in your fragile Zio psyche simply because you are in denial about the blatant oppression , racism and inequalities being visited on the Palestinians every hour of everyday which is a self evident contradiction to your surreal claim about"Zionism is having practical problems implementing this equality"

      "As to the "So then how are they having problems?". Can`t get my head around this one I`m afraid but perhaps it would help if I refer you back to Eljay`s comment above.
      "Seeing as how Zionists want Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist “Jewish State” in as much as possible of Palestine, it’s no surprise that they’re having “practical problems” implementing equality"

      Tell you what JeffB let`s go back to your original statement which in your mind obviously makes total sense and to support your daft claim about "implementing this equality" give us some clear examples of these "implementing equality" Zionist schemes and projects to which you refer together with the supposed "practical problems" (remember deeds not words ).

    • @JeffB
      "Zionism is having practical problems implementing this equality"

      Classic inverse Ziocrap. Should read Zionism is having practical problems implementing inequality but with the help of their puppet America,the European states , all those Ziodollars and of course the arch collaborator Abbas they have managed so far.

    • @JeffB
      "If you believe that people have a right to live where they are born, welcome to Zionism of the 2017 regardless of whether you would have agreed with the Zionism of 1917 or not"

      Feel free to accuse me of being pro - semantic but are you saying that only settlers who were born in "Judea" and " Samaria" have the right to live there. Surely this would make all those Brooklynites illegal illegal settlers who should return forthwith to Brooklyn where they were born and where they have the right to live ?

  • Gilad Atzmon’s attack against me – the 'merchant of JVP'
    • @Hophmi
      "Always love these posts. They show just how beloved Mondoweiss is by overt antisemites like Keith and YoniFalic"

      Always love your posts - would really develop a passion for them if you were to give overt examples to illustrate your claims. Go on really concentrate , make a few notes , structure your argument and then all guns blazing. It`s known in intellectual circles as making a point and then proving it. Sorry to sound so overtly anti - semitic.

  • Why not a probe of Israel-gate?
    • Israel is no doubt preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war and the glorious victory (remember Israel never starts wars it only ever defends itself and it is always the nasty Arabs and in this case it merely preempted the Egyptians who were about to well we all know the rest etc). It will be interesting to see how much media coverage is attempted / allowed on Israel`s glorious attack on the USS Liberty which resulted in the entirely "accidental " killing of 34 crew members and the wounding of 174 others.

      I would like to think that the Liberty Veterans Association will be holding some sort of memorial event and or will be seeking to get some press/ TV media coverage . Perhaps they should invite Trump to attend - he won`t of course as one of his most important new buddies Adelson will forbid it.

      It was perhaps the most outrageous and blatant historical example of American interests , in this case American servicemen`s interests , being overiden by those of Zionist Israel

      I think that it is highly likely that a huge swathe of younger Americans have never heard of the Liberty attack and the subsequent cover up.

      The 50th anniversary presents a great opportunity to make the younger American generation aware of how "special" the special relationship is = you deliberately kill our citizens and we will still cover your back.

  • 800 Palestinians have been arrested based on Israeli computer program that analyzes social media posts to predict attacks
    • Seriously seriously Orwellian. It begs an obvious question. Are the Facebook etc postings of extremist Israeli Jews being monitored in the same way. And the answer is of course no because no Israeli Jews have been arrested as Israeli Jews (AKA The Chosen People). are genetically incapable of "extremism" or "terrorism" lone wolf or otherwise.

      Next phase in the ZioFascist programme will be arrests of Palestinians for speaking out on social media about Israeli oppression which as everyone should know is blatant incitement.

      Included in the latter phase will be a total ban on Palestinian schools as these are "breeding grounds" for incitement.

      Subsequent phases will no doubt include total bans on the use of computer technology , confiscation and destruction of desk tops , laptops , smartphones , cameras , televisions , TV aerials , satellite dishes , hearing aids.

      Oh sorry forgot books and writing materials.

      I am really surprised that the Light unto the Nations has not banned meetings of more than one Palestinian person - still that may come.

      Don`t you just love wonderfully democratic cultured freedom loving Zioland.

      Thom Yorke does it seems.

      Oops also forgot banning of Arab music and confiscation and destruction of Arab music instruments.

  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • @Shingo

      "So if Israel is so amazing and orgasmic, why doesn’t he live there?"

      I suspect it`s because it is full of smelly beastly Untermenschen Palestinian Arabs which would compromise even the most promising of Zio orgasms.

      Besides he would simply be just yet another wailing Rabbid Zio freak amongst thousands.

  • Barghouti: BDS is growing as Israel becomes associated with far-right movements around the world
    • Why oh why would anyone want to boycott such an admirable peace loving democratic ecumenical state and people . It is pure anti - Semitic racism and so unfair. (triple sob)Oh but wait a minute:

      Some cracking quotes. But Zionists being accomplished liars and knowing quite a lot about the science of lying and manufacturing denials would simply dismiss all of the above as anti- Semitic lies. Particularly liked the Yahoo Bar Ilan speech where the Liar in Chief bemoans the lost mass expulsion opportunity presented by the Tienamnen Square demonstrations in China. Guess what he denied that he was talking about "mass expulsion" but was only referring to a small group of Palestinian "inciters"(9 or so).

  • Mass Dems move to kill anti-settlement resolution, amid fears of BDS and 'exodus from party'
    • @Yonah Fredman
      " We claim the land by the history that has brought us to this point in time. Jerusalem predates judaism. But judaism predates islam and it is effrontery for people who claim to follow Muhammad to speak disrespectfully of judaism. ( specifically the Jewish connection to jerusalem and accepting Jewish converts to be part of the moses covenant and all that entails, which includes a connection with the land"

      You patently have no idea just how arrogant , nonsensical and out of touch with reality this statement is but then self brainwashing does produce serious disconnect. International Law , Geneva Conventions , United Nations all irrelevant . Moses Covenant - ah yes now we are talking the real legal deal and "all that entails".

      And Zionist "logic" never fails to amaze and amuse. It`s as if evolution , moon landings smartphones etc are all incidental in the Zio scheme of things. What really matters and what really applies is some sort of fairy tale "covenant" articulated by a fairy tale figure.

      Just a reminder Yonah. The year is 2017 AD not 1500 BC (apologies if the BC sounds A/S)

  • Trump and the ever expanding Israeli occupation of Palestine
    • IMO an inevitable consequence of the free hand that Zio lunatics in Israel have been given principally by America and to a lesser extent by Europe is a forced take over of the Al Asqa compound. A full take over of the promised land between the river and the sea is the minimum that these freaks are aiming for and they are in the process of achieving it. What would be completely untenable for them in this new Zioland would be the continued presence of that ungodly golden dome at the heart of their dreamscape and still astride their cherished Temple Mount centrepiece real estate plot.

      When that happens all hell will break loose both within Palestine and around the world.
      1.5 billion Muslims will to put it mildly be more than a little upset and the outcome could be horrendous.

      @John D
      "The time will come when “normal” jews living in Israel will come under the leash and the lash of the zionist extremists. Also, they will have to risk their lives to advance the zionist Eretz Yisrael agenda, which is to create an enlarged zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates."

      The creation of this enlarged Zionist State is a Zionist wet dream. It presupposes a very large base population able to sustain and motivate a very large and very well disciplined boots on the ground army. The Jewish Israeli base population is morphing into a Torah interpreting head nodding babble which eschews military service. The existing IDF which is possibly the finest in the world when it comes to taking on and defeating 8 year old putative"terrorists"
      in 3 am house grab raids will be fouling their underwear if asked to take on proper adult combatants. If forced into war it won`t be 1967 or 1973. There will be huge lsraeli losses and no fall back reserve resources ( they will still be reading Torah etc).The few remaining "normal" Israeli Jews are hopefully making plans to leave ship.

  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • "Yom HaAtzmaut has a different name in Arabic; Yom al-Nakba. Although, mentioning that last name in class as a teacher might get you in trouble"

      It`s fairly straighforward in Orwellian Ziologic. Palestinian teachers who tell Palestinian children about the Nakba are "inciting". In fact cut to the quick in Ziologic they are quite simply "terrorists".

      "Speaking of Holocausts, perhaps it would be a good idea if Israelis were reminded of what was in fact the worst mass slaughter of humans in modern history"

      Remember for Zios "blacks" are the lowest of the Untermenschen and they don`t count in the grand scheme of genocides.

  • Trump and Pence had a Jewish connection before a political one -- and it's steeped in the Holocaust
    • @Yonah Fredman

      "Does Phil Weiss refer to hamas or fatah as terrorists or are only irgun and lehi fitting for this appelation?"

      I do believe that the Irgun and the Lehi were listed as terrorist organisations in their day both within Palestine and internationally:

      And guess what they had streets named after them in due course - in the case of the lovely cuddly peace seeking Begin well he had a whole f..... highway named after him.

      No I don`t think Phil has nor would he describe Hamas or Fatah as "terrorists" no more would he describe Jewish Resistance Fighters in the Warsaw ghetto as "terrorists".

  • How grassroots activists defeated anti-BDS legislation in Maryland
    • "Despite a formidable pro-Israel climate in Maryland with powerful outspoken anti-BDS advocates like Dennis Ross, Governor Larry Hogan, and Senator Ben Cardin"

      It speaks volumes for the extent of the sinister influence which Zionists and the pro-Israel Lobby have in America and the levels to which so called US politicians State Governors , Senators , Congressmen etc have sunk that they are prepared to piss all over the US Constitution in homage to the Ziodollar.

  • Anti-settlements resolution could be 'last straw' for many Massachusetts Dems, warns party boss in AIPAC's pocket
    • "drive a rhetorical stake through Israel’s heart"

      Is that better,worse or much the same as "throwing Israel under a bus" ? The latter doesn`t seem to be getting a lot of airing recently probably because it was becoming so boring and tedious and predictable.

      This new one conjures up images of blood sucking and vampires which I suppose is a bonus because it sums up what is at the "heart" of Zionism.

  • Making Marwan Barghouti a terrorist
    • @bognajpierw

      "Why do Israel’s eminent leaders need to watch a Palestinian prisoner at his toilet-routine? Aren’t they outproducing, on their own, every sewer system in the world, enough shit to flood this planet?"

      It`s what we here in the UK would refer to as "bog standard" Zionism.

  • Settlers from Kushner family-funded community attack 3 Israeli grandmothers
    • @Ejay
      "Masked, stone-throwing terrorists"
      You are making a typical anti - semitic mistake. These weren`t "life threatening" stones.And the
      settlers were just young Jews attempting friendly interaction with the inciting Palestinian infiltrators. Case dismissed.

  • Tillerson and Haley's trash-talk on Iran was brought to you by Sheldon Adelson
    • "The only way Adelson’s influence will end is if the media make a lot of what is a corrupt process; and Adelson’s actions get politicized. That won`t be happening anytime soon"

      I think that apart from the money he may well be advising Trump on hairstyle matters - he has long standing expertise in toupees.

      And look on the bright side he is getting on a bit - he must be increasingly frustrated that he will not live to see that scorpion nuking demo in the Iranian "desert" which is his heart`s desire. For whatever strange reason he dribbles with passion when talking about his patriotism and love for his country ( no stupid not America , Israel ) but he hasn`t moved to his beloved Zioland. I wonder why.

  • Three years after Israeli attack that ended their careers, ex-soccer players call on FIFA to protect Palestinian rights
    • Just as well Goliath did not have a standard issue assault rifle. David would have been Donald Ducked.

      And as for the most moral they must really get a kick out of this freebie live practice ( fourteen live rounds in this case). Unfortunately no live kill but even the IDF can have off days. And of course the dogs got some live flesh to chew on as a reward instead of those boring same old same old tennis balls. If they are criticised they can always say "Mummy , Mummy it`s not fair I only shot those nasty Palestinian boys because they were throwing live stones at me"

      Sooner or later the sporting world will wake up to the oppression and atrocities being visited on a daily basis to fellow Palestinian sportsmen and a growing world wide sporting boycott will start to unravel the Zionist myth and as with South Africa it will be the end game for Israel.

      The only downside is that as with South Africa decent truly moral Jewish Israeli sportsmen who abhor their country`s treatment of the Palestinians will suffer as well.

  • Hasbara-steria: Netanyahu ministers charge NYT with 'journalistic terror attack,' hunger striker with 'suicide terror attack'
    • "Security prisoners are interested in turning a hunger strike into a new type of suicide terrorist attack"

      So tortured exhausted emaciated 5 stone shells of human beings ( visualise the Belsen images) are attacking poor eternally threatened eternally victimised Israel (sob) by starving themselves to death.

      The statement is so unbelievably weird and warped that you have to read it a few times to reassure yourself that it is actually being made by a supposedly rational and reasonably educated human being. But then Hitler and the Nazis also supposedly rational and and in the main reasonably educated human beings made similarly twisted and weird claims about the dangers from Jews,Homosexuals,Gypsies etc before embarking on their Final Solution. And that was before they embarked on their Communist Russians killing spree.

      But Zios such as Mr Erdan thanks to the Western Holocaust Guilt say and do what you like blank cheque are so used to spouting the ridiculous that they simply cannot see that they have evolved into a mirror image of 1930`s Fascists.

      To put it bluntly Herr Erdan and the majority of the Jewish Israeli politicians currently in power are brainwashed f.....g morons.

  • The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967
    • @Yonah
      "had a nationalist reaction expressed by the Jewish people"

      This is at the core of what we Mondoweiss "sewer crawlers" see as the big problem with Zionism. Jews are followers,practitioners,devotees call it what you like of a religious cult whether or not their membership,affiliation,subscription call it what you like was a result of conversion to Judaism this morning,yesterday,last year,10 years ago ,50 years ago.,100 years ago,200 years ago as nationals of individual countries. The baseline of the Zionist myth is that all these different practitioners of Judaism whatever the colour of their skin be they nationals of Poland,Russia, Britain Venezuela,America,Britain,France,Morocco,Iran,Ethiopia you name it are all the supra national Jewish people and thus have these exclusive Premier Class citizenship rights in Palestine.

      In terms of basic straightforward logic us "sewer crawlers" believe this to be patent bollocks.
      BTW The source of the smell in all of this is Zionism itself.

    • @Yonah
      "But they behaved like conquering soldiers regarding mughrabi, because that’s what they were"

      So that makes it all OK for you then - "conquering soldiers" have special privileges =

  • Israel packs seven lies into one statement on the Palestinian hunger strike
    • @Mayhem
      "These prisoners are advocates for violence and any defence of them cannot be justified"

      Wow you have just thrown poor Elor Azaria and all his saintly Zio supporters under a bus.

      The Zio thought police may come a knocking on your door any time soon.

  • Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti's op-ed calling Israel 'moral and political failure' is buried in int'l edition of 'NYT'
  • Beyond apartheid: Fragments from the West Bank
    • @inbound39
      "At some point the situation is going to explode in Israel’s face. In UK and US it is only the government members supporting Israels illegitimate acts"

      The recent Al - Jazeera undercover investigation got a fair amount of exposure in the UK press which was a bonus but as with everything perceived as being detrimental to Zioland and the Zionists nothing like the exposure it would have received had it been any other foreign government plotting to "take down" a UK Minister of State. We have been told variously that there will be a Parliamentary Investigation , that there won`t be a Parliamentary Investigation. Such an investigation if it were to be held would serve the purpose of really exposing the level of Zionist lobbying and control within UK politics and I assume that all those Conservative Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Israel must be working furiously in the background with the help of their Zio Personal Trainers to prevent an investigation.
      As a long standing Labour voter (ex) the thought of any Labour representative supporting the Apartheid monstrosity which Israel has become makes me want to puke. Watching the revolting behaviour of Labour MP Joan Ryan seriously challenged my stomach contents. The good news is that the creature has a very slim majority and is highly likely to get the boot in the upcoming UK general election. Apparently her behaviour being self evidently Pro-Semite did not merit a Labour Party Investigation as opposed to the "self evident Anti - Semitic " remarks of Ken Livingstone.

      I had known that the Conservative Party was seriously infected with Zionism. I naively thought that this was not the case with the Labour Party so this has been a big wake up call for me. The saving grace as you indicate Inbound is that the UK populace generally find support for Israel unacceptable and are scratching their heads trying to figure out where all this supposed rampant anti -Semitism in the UK actually is. It is of course in the manufactured statistics of Zio Lobby Groups.

      In the latter context an important reminder to my fellow Brits. If you happen to be passing a synagogue or a group of Orthodox Jews do not under any circumstances break wind - your totally innocent action will be recorded as a blatantly anti - Semitic incident. In the case of the group of OrthodoxJews it will be recorded as 5 incidents if there are five in the group , 10 if there are ten etc etc.

  • Academic boycott campaign is growing fast at Trinity College Dublin
    • @JeffB
      "is going to get a militarily powerful state to surrender its interests in a way well beyond what losing a war would"

      I seem to recall that Apartheid South Africa was brought to its knees not by war but by a BDS movement which grew from little acorns.

      The writing is on the wall for your beloved little Zioland.

      Sorry if you find my comments rude.

  • Allegory of the 'tough neighborhood'
  • Sean Spicer needs to go to a Holocaust center
    • @Amigo
      "Holocaust centers? So Hitler brought ‘them’ to Holocaust centers? Does Spencer mean concentration camps?”

      Could have been a lot worse - he could have said "zones" or "facilities".

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • IMHO what is often overlooked in the ongoing farce which is Zionist Israel is the issue of a rapidly increasing population versus the actual acreage available to accommodate that population in the future. It is not just a question of the growth in the native Palestinian population despite the continuing increasingly desperate attempts by what is now the majority of Jewish politicians to "encourage " them to leave and go to a "proper" Arab country (whether or not that country wants them or will accept them) It is also a question of the rapid growth in the non birth controlled and welfare dependant Ultra Orthodox Jewish community. Some estimates show Israel having a population of between 20 - 30 million in around 30- 40 years time with a high proportion of that being Haredim. And as we keep hearing and it keeps making us want to cry Israel is such a tiny little country surrounded by etc etc (sob). The simple fact is that without invasion and take over of neighbouring acreage (the Sinai,South Lebanon,Southern Syria and as a last desperate measure Eastern Jordan) all of which would be untenable even if initially achievable the existing acreage will not be able to sustain the Israeli Jewish population without guess what a specific large scale ethnic cleansing or alternative diminution of the remaining native Palestinian Arab population.

      This simply reinforces the ultimate reality of what Israel is and always has been - an artificial colony populated by brainwashed Zionist clones who have no interest in the future , only the biblical past.

  • Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and the Palestinian right to resist
    • @DaBakr

      1) Please ease of on the FCKN`s - seriously naff.
      2) Please illuminate:
      "Imo, Palestinians have absolutely zero right to demand the Jews give up sovereignty in their land"

      Are you saying that those Palestinians natives of what has become Israel ( the ones who weren`t ethnically cleansed ) do not have sovereignty in what has become Israel ? That the "their land" applies only to Jewish Israelis ? That the "sovereignty" only applies to Jews wherever they originated from be it Brooklyn , Finchley or downtown Moscow? That the Israeli Palestinian citizens are not "sovereign" citizens but separate or apart ie as in Apartheid.

      You can`t have it both ways. Unless you are fully immersed in the "Chosen People" narrative in which case you are entitled to have it any naffing way you want it.

  • It's 7-0 against BDS on 'New York Times' opinion pages
    • My take on the intrinsic bias or lack of bias in a newspaper is whether it allows readers comments on a news article or an opinion piece. This would invite disagreement with , criticism of or complete debunking of the views expressed in the article. To be fair I have seen NYT articles regarding the I/P scenario where there have been readers comments and to my surprise a significant proportion of them have been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and a lot of them have been definitively anti - Zionist. So it would appear:
      1) That in certain circumstances the NYT does allow criticism of Zionism
      2) A lot of its readers are anti- Zionist

      As I say I am not an American and am not a regular NYT reader so happy to be set to rights if needs be.

      I have yet to see viewers comments affixed to an article specifically relating to BDS. Perhaps I have missed one or more ? Again happy to be corrected

      I can`t find any comments affixed to the seven articles referred to above.

      Perhaps when it comes to BDS allowing its readers the option of commenting is a red line for Mr.Sulzberger.

      PS I was particularly impressed by the article from that nice liberal Zionist Mr.Pogrund and learned a lot. E.G. it is only Apartheid when it is done " intentionally " so the discrimination and segregation in Israel proper can`t be classed as racist Apartheid as it is ad hoc (FFS).As for the occupied territories well they are temporarily (sic) occupied and controlled by Israel silly so there is no question of it being an Apartheid situation because the Palestinian Arabs there are not part of the non - Apartheid State of Israel.

      He then goes on bless his cotton socks to state in effect that Israel was is is and forever will be by definition an Apartheid state ie one which is based on separateness:
      " A mass return (of Palestinian Arab refugees) would destroy Israel as a Jewish state, which is the whole purpose of its existence"

      I thought the whole purpose of Apartheid South Africa was to maintain it as a white Afrikaans State ?

      So only Jews with no connection can "return" but the original expelled inhabitants cannot be allowed to because that would destroy the whole purpose of Zioland`s separate existence which is to maintain it as a Jewish State (see maintain as an white Afrikaans State above).

      All this comes from a supposed expert who "saw Apartheid" up close.

      He claims:
      "Use of the apartheid label is at best ignorant and naïve and at worst cynical and manipulative."

      Quite the opposite Mr.Pogrund - denial of Israeli Apartheid is at best ignorant and naive and at worst cynical and manipulative.

      Perhaps when Palestinian Arab citizens in his beloved Israel are forced to carry passes he may eventually see the light. Somehow I doubt it.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ourselves Mr.Pogrund.

  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
    • @JeffB
      "That’s not at all the case with BDS which has an awful tone regarding Israel"

      I could have sworn I saw a tear drop on the screen when I was reading this.

  • IfNotNow is promising, but not without its problems. Here’s how it can improve.
    • "[Israel] has already used weapons prohibited by international law – white phosphorous and flechette rounds against a civilian population in Gaza, and cluster munitions in Lebanon – and the world did not raise a finger".

      Gideon Levy pointing out the grotesque double standards when it comes to Zioland atrocities against civilians.

      The loathsome Zio bent and bought Hillary Clinton who has been responding to the killing of innocent Syrian children and the need to protect innocent children:

      She naturally had a completely different take on the issue when it came to the killing of hundreds of innocent children in Operation Cast Lead:
      "When Goldberg asked Clinton whom she held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children, she demurred, saying, “[I]t’s impossible to know what happens in the fog of war.”

      So on the one hand it is imperative to protect "Syrian babies" and its all clear fogless skys but when it comes to Zioland ,the most moral and Gaza well oh vey what can be done its all about the fog of war.

  • Trump's new war has neocons, Clintonites, and Israelis applauding, but left and realists dismayed
    • I am not sure what made me want to puke more - Trump`s dribbling Holywood script about the slaughter of " beautiful little babies" or Cast Lead Phosphorus Brained Livni. I think on balance it has got to be Livni - the very model of "liberal" Zionism.

      For Trump and all the other American Zionist Arslikhans what made the difference was not that the children were dying and dead as a result of brutal and barbaric war crimes but that they were "foaming from the mouth" as they died. The hundreds of Palestinian children killed in Cast Lead and Protective Edge by the most moral well they were just Palestinian children being used as human shields by their terrorist families so it`s a pity but its down to those nasty immoral " terrorists" . So in the case of those " beautiful little babies" that was alright then.

  • You know your country's in trouble when you're afraid to put on a bumper sticker
    • @JonS
      "Why would I appreciate manifestations of racism? I despise racism"

      So tell me then. Where did you come from? Where did your family come from? Which bit of stolen Palestinian land do you live on?Do you know the names of the Palestinians who were driven from the land on which you live to make way for you and your family and your new Jewish neighbours from Brooklyn or wherever .

      No don`t tell me its not the same. Your family were here 3000 years ago and they have simply returned to reclaim their God given entitlement and were thoroughly justified because of God`s blessing to kick out the native Palestinians.And that of course in your eyes is not " a manifestation of racism".

      Of course you are not a racist because you believe in a two state solution .You believe in a two state solution in the same way that a thief believes he has the right to keep what he has stolen and he is really a moral person because he is prepared to allow his victim to keep what remains.

    • @JonS
      "So it will be easy to find you when and if I visit Ireland"

      May I suggest that you try to fit in a visit to the Shankill Road or Loyalist East Belfast. Best of all go to Belfast during the "marching season" and take in the glory and splendours of an Orange Order Parade and "traditional" bonfire. You will really appreciate it and will feel really at home witnessing their shenanigans = the closest thing to ugly racist Zionism and Zionist thuggery in Europe. True kindred spirits to the Chosen People in Zioland.

  • Why so many are twisting Ken Livingstone’s words about Hitler and Zionism
    • Meanwhile Labour Party MP`s left right and centre (sic) are queueing up and taking turns to stab Ken in the back, the latest being John McDonnell the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer:

      I can`t quite decide which is more revolting - the rantings of the likes of John Mann, Joan Ryan etc or the squirming apologetics of Corbyn and his cronies. Mann and Co being Zio bought and bent are at least being consistent. Corbyn and his cronies are revealing themselves to be cowards as well as incompetents. On this issue they are in the same bed as Saint Tony Blair.

    • Just to add an illuminating and relevant perspective on all this. The current estimated Jewish population of the UK is around 260000 ie at .5% of 64 million and much the same as the estimated Buddhist population.

      I do hope and pray that no Labour politician will criticise Tibetan Buddhists for having worked with the Chinese.

      All hell might break loose (not).

    • @Rashers2
      "No, Ossinev, the main “culprit” is not Jeremy Corbyn"

      By "culprit" I mean the one who is emerging from this manufactured charade with the least credibility. Forget the loathsome Joan Ryans , the John Manns , all the lily livered and/ or complicit Labour and Tory MPs. Corbyn had IMHO the duty and the responsibility to step up to the plate and defend Ken Livingstone and to state clearly that this was a typical Zionist smear campaign to highlight the supposed "Anti - Semitism" in the UK Labour Party and in the UK in general( which is complete and utter bollocks) He has turned out to be a Brutus.

      The only problem for Israel,Israel supporters and Israel Firsters in the UK is the growth in Anti - Zionism particularly with the impact of BDS. They are in a panic as to how to address it so they resort to the usual Zio strategy of conflation. As I said Corbyn had the opportunity to call this out for what it was = Anti-Zionism/Anti-Semitism conflation.

      He has failed abysmally and in the process has betrayed an honorable colleague.

      He started out as the anyone but candidate to be Labour Leader and like Trump ended up the unlikely winner. He clearly hasn`t got what it takes IMHO and the sooner he goes the better.

    • Excellent piece Jonathan.As you neatly put it the UK Labour Party in the eyes of those running the Zionist PR machine does not have an "Anti -Semitic problem" it has an Anti-Zionist" problem.

      IMHO the main culprit in all of this has been Jeremy Corbyn a supposed supporter of the Palestinians and therefore by definition an"Anti - Zionist". Instead of standing up and speaking out strongly for a fellow supporter of the Palestinians and calling out the campaign against him for what it is he has effectively folded on the issue and shown himself to be a cowardly wimp.

      Ken Livingstone is an ideal target for these Zio jackals. He is a fairly mild mannered individual. and in TV interviews on the subject whilst sticking bravely to his guns he has not attacked back. Had it been George Galloway he would have savaged the Zionist PR brigade and all of those mealy mouthed Labour MP`s who have been scavenging on this smelly meal.

  • Israeli Jews maintain the occupation because it is in their interest -- Noam Sheizaf
    • @JeffB
      "Israel has never been more diplomatically effective than it is today"

      North Korea`s Kim Jung Un will be really pissed off when he hears about this. He thought that he had overtaken Zioland in the effective diplomacy race. He will be even more pissed off because Zioland has achieved this remarkable status despite the recent UNSC condemnation and the Yahoo`s diplomatic response.

      Keep on sniffing the Zio glue - it makes for hilarious reading.

  • Dershowitz gets drunk on water
    • Wait a minute - if they can engineer fats and proteins into their world beating cherry tomatoes they can also feed humanity and if they can also somehow in due course factor in some Cannaboids they can make the whole world hydrated,fed and high at the same time.

      Awesome !

  • Israel steps up dirty tricks against boycott leaders
    • @genesto

      "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win’"

      It would appear that Zio dirty tricks and or money are feverishly at work here in the UK to keep the fire burning on the hilarious "endemic anti-semitism" scenario in the Labour Party and in poor old Ken Livingstone in particular.

      To his eternal credit Ken is sticking to his guns and has not been bought or bullied in any way by the cowards and hypocrites now running the Labour Party. As a longstanding Labour Party supporter and voter and I am completely disgusted and ashamed by the comments and actions of the spineless Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson. I would expect blatant arslikhan reactions from the likes of the moronic John Mann and Joan Ryan (see below) but the reactions of Corbyn and Watson show that even they have immersed themselves in the Zio swamp.

      There must be hundreds of thousands of traditional Labour supporters watching this Zionist pantomine and thinking yes the right wing and the centre of the Labour Party going along with this Zionistcharade is predictable to an extent but our new pure unbought unsullied Corbyn led party WTF is going on ?

      Hopefully they will be obliterated in the coming council elections and in any future national elections if they survive that long.

      As I said disgusted and ashamed by what the Labour Party has become. Gerald Kaufmann must be turning in his grave.

  • New book by Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli journalist, crushes liberal Zionism
    • “The purpose of the occupation isn’t security; it’s conquest.” He goes on, “If Israel had only been interested in the in the West Bank and Gaza for security reasons, it wouldn’t have built civilian settlements — colonies — for 600,000 people and counting. Instead, it would have built only military installations. Residential neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, and parking lots don’t give you security.”

      Very much succinct and to the point. Nails what is perhaps the biggest Zio lie of all ie it`s all about our security. We are so threatened, so victimised etc etc (double sob).

  • The Jewish revolution
    • @JeffB
      "the Jewish national liberation movement"

      I am more than a little confused on this one. Can you clarify exactly which nation(s) Jews are trying to liberate themselves from eg are they trying desperately to escape from the horrific oppression and degradation hundreds of thousands of them are suffering from in sunny Florida or California or is it more of a question of intolerable colder climes in Metropolitan New
      York ?

    • "the biggest news out of the event: Israeli strongman Benjamin Netanyahu is apparently dyeing his hair"

      I could be really cruel and ask which ones or all 50 of them. But seriously might this news have prompted the longstanding Zioloon Gideon Sa`ar to start wandering around the asylum again - apparently he is experiencing that wonderful exodus from Egypt sensation once more :

      Bless !!

  • 6,000 runners take part in the Palestine Marathon, demand freedom of movement for Palestinians
    • Great to see Palestinians despite the Zio oppression and the Zio restrictions being keen and able to organise their own marathon. Perhaps those foreigners who have taken part in the 26.2 miles of the Hasbara Jerusalem marathon should consider running in the West Bank marathon instead just to get a real world experience of Zio "civilisation" in action . Having said that no doubt at some point the Palestinian marathon will be portrayed by the Zioloons as a shining example of how free,comfortable and benevolent is life under the Zioheel in the Occupied Territories.

      On balance , and it is a question of balance , I think that the decision to ban Eddie Izzard was a mistake. He is a longstanding UK Labour Party member and is generally respected as a principled person. I can see that the Marathon Organising Committee were in a Catch 22 situation and that allowing him to run might be seen to have undermined BDS principles. However his taking part and his experience of the daily reality of Palestinian life in the OT under the Zios could have potentially given a boost to BDS by giving him an opportunity to describe the reality to a very wide audience.

      Good to hear about the Gaza 5K events in America. If there are any UK Palestinian Solidarity Campaign organisers reading this - perhaps this is an initiative they might consider here in the UK.

  • Israeli police kill 17-year-old suspect rather than arrest him
    • @Just
      "In June 2016 Irish MP Darragh O’Brien submitted a resolution calling on Dublin to expedite the recognition of Palestine. Recently O’Brien has intensified his actions in the Irish media and in parliament to bring the resolution to a vote.”

      IMHO we are way past the relevance and potential impact of any state including Ireland "recognising" Palestine as a state. States such as Ireland should bite the bullet and declare that the 2SS is simply no longer a possibility and that it always has been an elaborate Zioruse , call out Israel for what it has become = an Apartheid state and call for appropriate measures a la South Africa to address the Apartheid. All this tip toeing around reality and avoiding the issue is to be expected in Zio controlled America but given Irish history and the striking parallels with Palestinian history I would hope sooner than later that they will call a spade a spade.

  • JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website
    • @DaBakr
      "Meanwhile Nayfeh just got another installment for his retirement fund from the PLO. The crescent shaped cut will probably become the most important and exciting moment in his life"

      Man you are a really sad twisted sick individual. Look at the picture again. Think Nazis beating up defenceless Jews then revisit your comments.

    • @DaBakr
      "Wait… The US is being taken over by Jews?2

      You have been asleep on the job again. That should read "has been".

      The good news is that the educated American public and specifically younger American Jews as per the article are beginning to question why the miniscule American Jewish community (5 million out of a population of 320 million ) has so much power in politics and the media and why this has led to such Arslikhan subservience to Israel and the Zionist agenda.

      The writing is on the wall (no not that one).

  • J Street attends rightwing anti-BDS summit-- and gets called 'anti-Semitic'
    • Absolutely hilarious. The creature who opened the "show" was the stuff sick buckets were invented for. As for Danon - seriously creepy.

      Great to see that the Zios are seriously crapping themselves over BDS. Perhaps even the most brain dead amongst them are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as bad publicity and this theatrical farce is excellent publicity for the BDS cause.

      And boy Zios seriously "do not like it up em"

  • The rabbi's daughter isn't buying AIPAC's defense of Israel on apartheid charge
    • @ymedad
      "Stupid is as stupid does"
      And says. Come on then you me and your dad. You say you are an Israeli "activist" living in Shiloh. But where oh where do you/your family actually originate. Did you do the heart rendering Aliyah shuffle to get back to your "sob" God given heartbrakingly stolen by the nasty Romans homeland.Also when and where did your ancestors convert to Judaism. No I`m waiting for it you have got documentary evidence that you are descended in a direct (and probably) matriarchal line from Moses part time Jewish therapist.

      You Zios are truly overflowing with it.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • @Catalan
      "our enemies are ruining their cardiovascular systems in constant anger. May it always be so"

      So I see from your profile that you are especially interested in history. Is that the history of Goyim heart disease by any chance.

      Is the medical establishment in your corner of the world aware of this.

      Doctor. "I am trying to establish the cause of your recent heart attack Mr.Smith. Do you have a balanced diet.
      Mr.Smith " Well I eat a mixture of meat vegetables salads fruits."
      Doctor" Do you exercise regularly"
      Mr.Smith " Well I run or cycle virtually everyday and I ran a marathon in under 3 hours two weeks ago."
      Doctor" Do you get upset about things"
      Mr.Smith " Well I don`t like liars and hypocrites and iIdon`t like injustices.For example I am a member of a Palestinian support group and it angers me that my government continues to support what I consider to be a lying hypocritical Apartheid state in Israel"
      Doctor"Well that explains it. Get out of my office you anti - Semite"

  • 'Scariest part' of Trump's draft peace plan promises he will be 'personally involved'
    • As ever IMO the Elephant in the Room in all of this is Abbas and all of his PA cronies. It could be argued that they went along along with the 2 state Oslo charade initially through a mixture of hope with a heavy dash of naivete ( although there is also the argument that they have always gone along with it out of ego and a base instinct to maintain their lavish life style). But it would truly beggar belief if they were to be in any way complicit in this "Provisional Entity"farce. After all those promises and all of the concessions and all of the supposed "victories" in terms of UN recognition to then to be seen to be negotiating about a long term re-contracting of Oslo would surely be the end of the PA charade.

      So in many ways the ludicrous "Provisional Entity" proposal will perversely one hopes have a silver lining = bringing the One State "Entity" closer to Reality.

  • Bearing witness: a review of Alice Rothchild's book 'Condition Critical'
    • @JeffB
      "Yes its called Catholicism (Latin Rite, Western Catholicism). And from Roman times with interruptions until Charlemagne and then until Napoleon it was the sole official religion of France. "
      Well I never. Would you Adam and Eve it ? I've apparently been guilty of anti - Frenchitism and all those anciens Parisians and Lyonais who were were forced out by marauding Easterners thousands of years ago can apparently waltz back in at anytime to their ancestral whatsname and kick out the faux native locals just by saying I practice Frenchism et vous n'avez pas le droit d'etre ici c'est ma terre. .Its like as if there were making allez.

      Veuillez continuer c'est fascinant a decouvrir une histoire de la religion Francaise inconnues meme aux Francais eux memes.

      Gardez la religion!

      (Veulliez excuser le Franglais)

    • @JeffB
      "Jews established a Jewish (or if you want a Hebrew / Israeli) state for the same reason the French established a French state and the Chinese a Chinese state."

      Well you do live and learn. I never knew that there was a French or a Chinese religion and that the followers of the French and Chinese religions came from all parts presumably including Brooklyn to kick out the locals and establish their French and Chinese states.

      I really must get out a lot more.

  • Video: Israeli forces force crying 8-year-old boy barefoot through gravel looking for stone-throwers
    • Bring on those Hezbollah fighters - so long as they are 8 years old or under. Don't mess with the IDF !!

  • The explosion hidden inside the UN Apartheid report
    • "It is important to remember that last October a British Parliamentary Committee recommended that the UK outlaw the word “Zionist” when used “in an accusatory context”. So if one is harshly critical of Zionism, one’s critique may be conflated with anti-Semitism. That position is maintained in the UK’s recently adopted definition of anti-Semitism. These efforts at censorship are eerily similar to the recent shelving of the UN report – an attempt to shut down a critical debate about Israel’s policies and actions"

      Don't expect any prosecutions here in the UK soon. The "definition" is by definition ZioBollocks and any prosecution would simply serve to illustrate further if needed to the general UK citizenship the sinister control which a tiny repeat tiny group of supposed Britain first (LOL) citizens have in our politics and society. It will also bring to centre stage and open to forensic examination the Apartheid nature of Zioland and the ongoing Fascism of their occupation.Just like spoilt children Zios cry complain whine and wail about being bullied and victimised but when asked to explain exactly what has happened and justify their complaints they will bolt away into the shadows at a rate of knots.

  • Young Jews resist AIPAC-- even as Democrats' 'progressive' thinktank sends a crew to speak there
    • @Kay24
      "Isn’t it ironic that Israel is aping the Nazis in more ways than one?"
      Be careful out there.These kinds of "snide" remarks can lead to absolute Mayhem e.g.
      "@Ossinev, you are being called out for anti-semitism by making a snide remark that compares Israel to the Nazis but I don’t expect that would bother you"

      I am already on edge expecting a 3 a.m. knock on the door any day now by a Zio Enforcement Unit and I am really bothered about it.

  • Apartheid wears a veil
  • AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too
    • @JeffB
      "Pollard was a spy not a traitor. He committed espionage not treason"

      I know you think I "suck at" Google but I really am making an effort just for you.

      Middle English: from Old French traitour, from Latin traditor, from tradere ‘hand over"

      I seem to recall that one of the all time great Zioheroes American citizen Pollard "handed over" American secret documents to Israel .All those vicious anti - Semites out there claim it was in exchange for loads of money but actually it was pour la defense to sa patrie = Israel.

      BTW You call it anti - Semitics,I call it anti - Semantics. Let`s call the whole thing off.


    • @JeffB
      "To be a traitor requires a declaration of war"

      I think I can see where you are coming from. Jonathan Pollard wasn`t a traitor - he was simply involved in Intermediation Mechanics on behalf of Israel.

      Phew. That`s a relief.

    • @JeffB
      "Intermediation Mechanisms"

      Sorry matey. I Googled it and all I can find is:

      None the wiser and a little bit dizzier.

      Are you perhaps thinking of Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitutions. There is certainly something of a whiff emanating from AIPAC

    • @Mooser
      "One thing for sure, nobody will ever accuse “JeffB” of being anti-semantic"
      Particularly liked the:
      "As a society we have created intermediation mechanisms to translate broad uniformed and often contradictory public opinion into actionable pressure so that legislation and executive action can result".
      This would be a clear candidate for a "Pseuds Corner" entry in our "Private Eye" magazine here in the UK + I haven`t the foggiest idea what he is trying to say. JeffB if you are out there can you possibly resubmit this in John English English

  • Gerald Kaufman – From Labour Zionist to Israel's bitterest critic
    • "However the most toxic tribute to Gerald Kaufman was undoubtedly from the misnamed Campaign Against Anti-Semitism – Sir Gerald Kaufman MP’s words have left a rotting stain on our institutions – which says more about his Zionist critics than anything Kaufman could ever have said"

      Sad sick twisted pathetic delusional ugly and utlimately so f...... boring these individuals and organisations who are desperately trying to make out a case for there being a major "Anti - Semitic" problem here in the UK and latterly in the Corbyn "led" Labour Party.

      The only A/S problem in the UK emanates from the usual loony crackpot right wing Nazi worshiping fringe groups and their crackpot members. Tiny in numbers and tiny in influence. It`s all about a transparently hilarious and increasingly desperate conflation tactic being used by Zionists in the UK and elsewhere to bludgeon the public into believing that criticism of Israel is by definition hatred of Jews which the Zios are too thick and arrogant to realise ultimately backfires - they assume that the civilised public in the West are generally stupid and will fall for their crap.In particular they simply haven`t cottoned on to the fact that John Citizen in the UK simply cannot fathom how someone who is a Jew and criticizes the words or actions of fellow Jews can remotely be "Anti - Semitic".

      Sir Gerald Kaufmann RIP was a man of true intellect , true morality and conscience - just like thousands upon thousands of fellow Jews throughout the world who looked and continue to look at what their fellow Jews in Israel were and are doing to the Palestinians and chose to hold them to account.

      The lowlifes who have attacked him are a disgrace to Judaism.

  • A US veteran reflects on protesting alongside Palestinian human rights activists in Hebron
    • @DaBakr
      "Great Palestinian hasbara piece"
      Palestinians don`t do Hasbara. Only braindead,brainwashed Fascist Zionists do Hasbara.
      Palestinians do courageous stoicism and resistance against overwhelming odds - you know just like all those courageous Jews who resisted the Nazis.

  • UN agency labels Israel 'apartheid regime'-- and Israel likens organization to Nazis
    • @Egbert
      "Israel responds by passing a law in the dead of night that bans Palestinian Parties unless they accept that Israel is a Jewish State"

      So brave and democratic this lovable admirable "start up nation". And boy do their most moral and courageous IDF Waffen commandos love their dead of night activities snatching life threatening children from their beds:

      It must be truly horrific for genuinely democratic and moral Israeli Jews to watch this Fascist nightmare evolving around them.

    • @Juan R
      "It is quite astonishing to witness how a lie told often enough can eventually be accepted as truth!"

      You have been listening to Norman Finklestein then.

      Usual Hasbara crap = " Israel is a democratic state though not a perfect one". As if there are other "Western" standard democratic states just like cute lovable little Israel that also have a whole list of discriminatory laws:

      I live in a truly democratic state - by comparison your state is nothing more or less than a little wannabe Fascist cult colony the majority of whose "citizens" would dearly love to remove all of the the rights which their fellow Arab citizens have and expel them all but are unable to do so for fear of losing the "eternal victim" status and the sugar daddy embrace of Mother America.

  • Ambassador David Friedman: A diplomatic oxymoron
    • In his article Herr Friedman states:
      "Much has changed over the decades since the two-state narrative began. Palestinian leaders have a much harder time lying to their people. Palestinians can witness – through the internet and first hand experience – the advantages of integration into Israeli society and the bankrupt values and barbarism of radical Islam"

      Hmm.So he wants Palestinians to " integrate into Israeli society". Sounds like one state solution talk to me That`s all the Zios need - yet another self loathing Jew.

  • If baseball coverage of Team Israel is 'the story of Israel itself,' then we should not forget the Palestinians
    • It will be interesting to see what manouevres and shenanigans Zioland gets up to once full scale full frontal Apartheid kicks in and sporting boycotts become the norm as with South Africa.

      A significant proportion of Israelis do like their sports and their sporting heroes - not those emanating from the 22% Arab citizens of course but thoroughbred through and through ancestral homeland models such as those in the article. LOL

      If they can`t find them in Zioland itself then they will claim them by default such as in the Jewish - American athlete so and so did whatever in wherever.

      And "Mensch on the Bench" - FFS. Seriously pathetically stupid.

  • For Purim, costume contest celebrates soldier's killing of a Palestinian (free vacation on the line)
    • @Jackdaw
      "Is this barbaric too?"
      This is clearly callous brainwashing and incitement unlike the Zio Purim scenario which is just encouraging little kids to have fun and let their imagination run free when it comes to neutralising untermenschen.

      Surely even you can recognise the difference.

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • @Mooser
      Many thanks for the correction advice.

      @W.Jones - unreserved apologies.

    • @W.Jones
      "Please explain how this got in the list:
      “Adolph Hitler, National Socialist University of Berlin”

      It’s listed closer to the end and right below
      Rachel Havrelock, University of Illinois at Chicago
      Alma Heckman
      Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College"

      What you have said is nasty,sick and grossly insulting to the individuals listed many of whom no doubt had family members who perished in the Holocaust

      You think you are clever and funny but you are just sad.

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