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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • @Nathan
      "The vast majority of Jews in the world defined themselves as a nation"
      If that is still the case and presumably it is in your eyes shouldn`t the vast majority of 6 million odd(sic) American Jews be registered as foreign nationals. Even more to the point shouldn`t they be upping non sticks and moving back to their ancient etc(sob) with a significant number doing their bit for the most moral.

  • Balfour Declaration: Britain broke its feeble promise to the Palestinians
    • Whatabout ? Whatabout ? Whatabout? Whatabout?

      Well why not have a whatabout on this one. Whatabout addressing the question of why your sh...y little Fascist Colony consistently sticks its fingers up to International Law, International Treaties , UN Security Council resolutions etc etc etc because they are "biased " and therefore don`t apply to them but consistently quote League of Nations mandates etc which appear to favour them as evidence of their right to land theft , brutal oppression , Zio lawn mowing and yes denial( following the Apartheid template ) of basic Internationally recognised
      and agreed human rights.

      A sad sick twisted colonial entity which will be washed into the sewers of history in due course.
      Can`t come soon enough for the vast majority of civilised people in the West including those many many Jews who are deeply ashamed of the crimes which are being committed daily in the name of their religion.

      Tick tick

    • Ah yes that would be the International Law which Zioland is constantly sticking two fingers up to. It must be great having your Ziocake and eating it at the same time. Bless !

  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • @Citizen
      No excuses there I`m afraid. Her family were/are Sikh and my understanding is that Sikhs reject the caste/untouchables system which is Hindu. Still it may be that she has opted for some form of closet Judaism ( financed or non financed by the ZIO lobby ) which might go some way towards explaining her contempt for the native Palestinian people and passionate affair with the Fascist Colonists ?

    • "He got an immediate reaction. US ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Friday said that the U.S. was “deeply disturbed” by Lynk’s report and by his support for “economic and academic boycott” of Israel"

      This woman is truly embarrassing. It`s almost as if her Zionist masters on a regular basis are sticking a hot poker where the sun don`t shine to get her to respond instantly to any perceived slight against the Chosen People and the Promised Land - with cuddly little Fascist Danny Danon snapping at her heels to make sure that she doesn`t slacken. Total lack of integrity total lack of independent thinking. The Zios must be themselves laughing at how easy it is to manipulate these braindead goyim.

  • PEN International: Dareen Tatour is being targeted for her peaceful exercise of her right to free expression
  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • @Maghlawatan
      "71% intermarriage is doom for Israel"

      Yikes what is needed as an absolute top Congressional priority is an Anti - Jewish Assimilation Act whereby American gentiles who have the audacity to court and marry American Jews are barred from eligibility for government contracts,government employment,right to stand for public office.

  • The Russia influence story just crashed into the Israel influence story
    • @Jackdaw
      "Phil is talking out of his hat, for a change.

      Singer befriended Trump for one reason and on reason only. $$Money$$"

      Putting my hat to one side for the moment can you please follow through on this and explain exactly what you mean or what you are claiming. Are you saying that Singer a billionaire was going through a bad financial patch at the time and needed the help of a fellow billionaire albeit a goyim billionaire ?

  • Video: 12-year old Palestinian recounts detention and abuse by Israeli soldiers
    • Wow!! I just can`t believe how brave how stalwart how it has to be said supremely moral these IDF "soldiers" are in the face of these terrifying existentially threatening heavily armed ( each child appears to have at least two) Palestinian terrorist children. And it will be such good practice when they take on the might on the ground of the likes of Hezbollah ( under 10 year old Hezbollah children only mind you - the adults bite back ).

      Their Zio mommies and daddies must be so so proud of them !!

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • @DaBakr
      Well I suppose it depends on interests and motivations. Some young people (I would say the overwhelming majority here in the UK including young British Jews) are into getting on with their neighbours , quietly practicing their religion without shoving it down other peoples throats , making society better through charitable work etc etc. Some young people including young British Jews are into kicking defenceless 8 year olds and strutting around with guns ( occasionally hoping to have the opportunity of shooting someone at short range in the head) you know that sort of thing. Well the opportunities are non existent in the UK and you just can`t get away with that kind of behaviour in the civilised West but hey in downtown Hebron and the rest of the occupied West Bank lots of golden opportunities to strut your young Zionist stuff and become lauded brave heroes like Mr Azaria. Speaking of which it is outrageous to continue to criticise a most moral young medic for scattering the brains of a Palestinian lying defenceless on the ground. Anti -Semitism at its most outrageous. Israel definitely needs a lot more young Azaria types making the Aliyah shuffle and given the chance to ape the courageous Azaria.

    • Jack Green
      Were they "African" Jews who had migrated to the Middle East when they were driven out of the ancient historic sob etc all those millennia ago , were they Semites who evolved into "Africans" practicing the cult of Judaism or were they simply Africans. The having all the rights of citizens ( as opposed to to the native Palestinians having second class citizenship is academic)

      I think you have got your Zioknickers in a twist on this one. Need to recalibrate and get those bearings.

    • @ Jack Green
      "Israel is the only country that brought back Africans to be citizens"

      For "citizens" read Jewish demographic ballast. In the "Chosen People" mindset there is a presupposition that they are white and have European physical appearance and are not in the least bit discoloured by that nefarius Middle East sun . Not yet full frontal in your face racism against Jews of North African origin and/or appearance but only a matter of time with the relentless Lehavisation of Jewish Israeli society.

      Love the "brought back" bit. But a bit confused. Were they African Jews when they "left" or rather were forced out by those nasty Romans?

    • @ John O

      Have to agree with you on this. The appropriate UK Legislation / Guidelines presuppose advertising in relation to employment/potential employment in the UK with no mention I can find of employment/potential employment in a foreign country.

      Still it is a classic example of the growing and rampant Pro - Semitism (sic) within the Jewish media here in the UK . It would be interesting to know how many non blue eyed Aryan Jews get through the filtration process. I simply can`t imagine any British Jew with any significant skin darkening eg Arab or heaven forbid African background getting past the security guards at these meetings never mind through the initial "interview". Yes Jews required but only the right kind of Jews (see above). If that were to be the case then I believe it might then legally become a question of racial discrimination being practiced in the UK ?

  • A new spirit in Gaza
    • @Jon s
      "They refer to Gaza as “beseiged”. A territory can’t be both beseiged and occupied"

      Strange I thought that Poland was occupied by the Germans who then " besieged " the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • @Yonah Friedman
      "I would add that the major issue that is on deck to be solved next is not the west bank, but gaza"

      Have to agree with you on that one boyo. Unless the Yahoo , Zioland`s latest all singing all dancing Moses , can wave a stick and reverse those pesky Anti - Semitic Mediterranean currents all that floating poo and associated smells washing up on the Tel Aviv beaches might lead to a fair number of the Chosen upping sticks and moving back to Brooklyn.

      To be fair I think that the Yahoo,Liebermann,Herr Bennett and Co did threaten to bomb the "shit" out of the place if Hamas continued to fire Halloween rockets into the Ancient Historic Homeland (AHHhhhhh !!). - that`s Zioland btw not New Jersey.

  • Israeli women march to 'wage peace' but refuse to challenge the occupation
    • @Marnie
      "C’mon and defend the zionists on this one JeffBee – anyone?"

      Liked your previous post @1016 hrs but this one simply invites Jeffb to continue with his convoluted "liberal Zionist " gobshite.

      Best IMHO that he is simply ignored by all and in due course he will eventually disappear up his own Hasbaritic rectum.

    • "Now, let’s pause on that one. “Moderate settler women” – who are they? "

      Perhaps they are referring to the ones who stop just short of chucking urine and faeces over the native Palestinians under the watchful and approving eyes of the most moral.

    • Meanwhile even the extreme Zionuts are wetting their pants at the prospect of losing their Palestinian Kapos in the Occupied Territories:

      Whilst your " ordinary ??" Zio on the Israeli street probably don`t even think of the consequences if that happens. Quite comfortable with the Vichy PA keeping the Untermenschen under control providing it doesn`t interfere with their most moral sons and daughters having their fun terrifying families in their 3 a.m. raids and abducting the existentially threatening 8 yr old boys for most moral interrogation.

  • Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman and Dershowitz (but only the Israeli press cares)
    • @Emily Riddle
      "First time I have ever actually seen someone use the word disenjoy"

      Careful. YF may accuse you of being disenjoyous.

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
    • @DaBakr
      "They are lovable, hardy, stubborn but not always realistic or perceptive"

      Wow he/she has the hots for cuddly adorable Untermenschen !! Where will it all end ?

      BTW given your awareness levels which are of course very very low you are probably not aware that have just spewed up the classic "Thick Mick " trope.

  • On my sixth visit, I've never seen Gaza so devastated
    • @Jons
      "The people of Gaza should have better schools, better health care, massive investments in infrastructure, agriculture, industry and commerce. Hamas has utterly failed to address those needs"

      Ah but Zioland bless has really really addressed those needs in the last decade by bombing Gaza`s electricity plants,sewage plants,schools,hospitals,office buildings,roads etc etc etc.That`s even without taking into consideration the incineration of thousands of innocent civilians including hundreds of children

      Yes I can almost picture you reaching for your much thumbed Hasbara script. Let me guess is it going to be a million, one hundred thousand,ten thousand rockets are fired at Israel from Gaza every nanosecond.

      Good to know that people on the "Israeli Left" !!! have got a handle on the problem and yes surprise surprise it has nothing to do with the massive tonnage of high tech explosives which Zioland has dropped on Gaza. It`s all the fault of Hamas and their relentless barrage of firecrackers.

    • @Jon S
      "I would like nothing more than to see a prosperous Gaza , not only for altruistic reasons: it’s never a good idea to have a desperate and starving neighbor next door"

      Aaaaahhh. So reassuring. So its pure Zionist altruism not the smell of the bombed and burnt out family homes or the smell of the untreated sewage floating up towards the Tel Aviv beaches and the desperate/starving neighbour syndrome and the effect of all of these on the quality of Chosen People life and Chosen Land property values.

  • The low-rent bullying of the Zionist ideologue
    • @lyn117
      "Well, I’m done responding to your lies because you’ll just come up with another long list"
      Ditto. I gave up trying to respond to this expletive deleted quite a while ago. I do hope that others on this forum follow suit. It`s a classic "ploughing sand" scenario ergo:
      " Netanyahu hasn’t personally shot anyone but stuff he says causes people to get shot" FFS!!
      Palestinians incite,terrorise,murder. but Zionists bless their little cotton souls merely "say stuff" !
      And no Jeffb whoever,whatever you are this is not a "response" to you. It`s an observation for lyn117.

    • Meanwhile the US (ie the Trump circus show) is quitting UNESCO to be joined in short order by the puppet master Zioland. Claims of anti - Israel bias would you believe including the failure of the organisation to acknowledge Israel`s connection to Hebron as exemplified by the "biblical" urinations and excretions which the Ziomama settlers chuck over the native Palestinians trying desperately to get on with their lives in THEIR native country.

      UNESCO will seem so much cleaner and healthier now. Oh and one less international body for the Zios to whine about.

  • Hamas and Fatah sign unity deal, but details remain unclear
  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • Holocaust denial is pathetic and Holocaust deniers are pathetic. They should be allowed as much airtime as possible to allow them to spout their nonsense and on questioning to be revealed quite easily for what they are. I do think however that Zionists/Israeli Firsters will fight for them not to be given an airing not because their views and analyses are immoral and hurtful to Holocaust survivors or Holocaust descendants. No I think they will oppose giving them a platform because it will reveal them to be a miniscule bunch of weirdos and not the vanguard in the alleged massive ongoing Anti - Semitism ( ie anti - Judaism ) which they claim is still all pervasive throughout humanity. In other words it`s another little weapon in the eternally victimised armoury which they are desperate to hold on to.

  • Occupation, in the details
    • Things can only get worse in the occupied West Bank. It appears that the Yahoo`s status quo Vichy tool Fatah has been designated / redesignated a "terror group".

      And we all know the Yahoo`s position on "negotiations" with" terrorists".

      BTW Question: When is Yahoo precondition not a"precondition"
      Answer: When it suits the Yahoo to say so(He has probably got a cartoon up his sleeve for that conundrum)
      "He explained that he would start talks without pre-conditions, but he would not conclude them without securing Palestinian acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state"

  • In decertifying Iran deal, Trump caves to Israel. But who will say so?
    • @Dabakr
      ". I think only a fool believes the Iran will not retain the ability to produce bombs before or, the day after the deal expires and they attained a clause where the US would be compelled to attack Israel were it to attack any strategic sites in Iran."

      Could you perhaps give us the chapter and verse from the Iran nuclear agreement ie the "clause" which would"compel" the US "to attack Israel were it (Israel?) to attack any strategic sites in Iran" !!!!!

  • Israeli plan to 'transfer' 300,000 Palestinians to West Bank is new normal -- Zoabi
    • @Nathan
      "Anyway, it’s the old “cursed be you if you do, and cursed be you if you don’t”. The annexation of West Bank territory by Israel in June 1967 is regarded to be illegitimate. However, the proposal to place some of this territory under the rule of the Palestinian Authority is also illegitimate (it’s “transfer” / “apartheid”). So, it would be nice if Mondoweiss could decide if it’s okay to have annexed territory in 1967, or if it’s okay to restore it to Palestinian rule. Surely, it’s one or the other. However, if it was bad to have annexed territory, and it is also bad to return the territory – then someone should explain what the rules of the game are. What would be the policy of Israel that would be okay in the judgment of this website?"

      The "website" does not "judge". Contributors submit comments on articles. The articles offer opinions on issues relating to the I/P conflict.

      As for your comment above this is convoluted head spinning nonsense and only a trained psychoanalyst could fathom wtf you are desperately trying to say. That is my opinion not my judgement since I am not a psychoanalyst.

      I do agree with you that there is not going to be any change in borders. That presupposes that the 2SS is still an option when patently it is now merely an anachronism. Just waiting for Abbas and Co to exit stage left to begin the unravelling of the status quo farce and the overt Apartheid scenario to enter stage right.

      Tick tick.

  • As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting 'Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism'
    • @Mooser
      "Isreal is only good at doing something about the past from thousands of years ago. How ancient Judea will be recreated they have a handle on, but what happened 70 years ago,they’re helpless."


  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • @Amigo
      "Jacko , we await with bated breath for your reply.Perhaps you are awaiting a reply from Hasbara central.They are usually much quicker with their response".

      I think he/they may be in a state of Ziodizziness on this one.

      Well Mr.Green - ball still on your side of the court . Come on favor us with a stab at it at least.

    • @Jack Green
      "I’m not Israeli, so I can’t offer to partition Israel.
      However, I am American & I do favor partitioning the USA so oppressed minorities can have their own countries"

      Just for clarification you say you can`t offer to partition Israel but you do "favor" partitioning the USA.

      Do you "favor" partitioning Israel to allow for the Palestinian Arabs between the " River and Sea"? If so can you outline the geography and governance arising from your"favored" partition.

  • New group challenges role of Israel lobby inside Labour Party as effort to undermine Corbyn continues
    • @Citizen
      Like you I can`t wait for the second instalment. Hopefully it will highlight the role of some of the other Zionist a... lickers in the Labour Party such as John Mann:

      Whenever I see this staged farce I keep thinking of the unhinged Mad Mel Phillips. I wonder if she and Mann are related. I can certainly picture Mad Mel and the repulsive Joan Ryan relaxing over a bottle of Efrat and congratulating themselves over the sterling (sic) work which they are doing for their country of first loyalty - hint not GB.

      The good news is as with young American Jewry the younger members of society in the UK via the internet and social media are becoming progressively more aware of the sordid and yes ludicrous and outdated influence which Zionism/Israel has within both of the major parties here in the UK as well as the ongoing crimes of Israel against the native Palestinians. This is most apparent in the Corbyn led Labour Party which now has a serious chance of forming the next government. Thus the panic reaction amongst the JLM and the desperate conflation tactics.

      And pray for him to go away all you might back into to the fray at the behest of his benefactors comes the Zio A/licker in Chief Tony BLIAR.

      Everytime he opens his mouth and spews out on any subject he recruits a shedload of younger generation voters to the really new New Labour.

      All Jeremy has to do is to hold his nerve and stick to his guns on the Palestinian issue and the ludicrous "growing Anti - Semitism in the Labour Party " conflation crap and time and the internet will do the rest.

      Tick tick.

  • 'Forward' finally publishes Stephen Walt -- ten years too late
    • @genesto
      "I invite all readers to join in the debate in the Comments section of this article in the Forward. So far, there has been only me and an Israeli anti-Zionist Jew arguing for days now against the typical swarm of Zionists that regularly populate the site"

      Have read PW`s article above and the Forward article referred to byStephen Walt.
      Walt`s views yes ten years would be seen by Israeli Firsters in the US as Anti - Semitic, Holocaust denying ,denying Jewish rights to their "ancient historic homeland" etc etc. Take your pick from the usual Hasbara list. In 2017 however they come across to me I`m afraid as naive , blinkered very much wishful thinking and yes I have to say it "old hat" viz
      "but political pressure from a powerful, pro-Israel and pro-peace lobby in the United States is probably the only development that would convince U.S. leaders to act as fair-minded mediators and persuade the Israeli government to grant the Palestinians a viable state of their own"

      Still a desperate reluctance to grasp the nettle. The 2SS is long gone. Even if somehow US policy changes the sheer size of the settler population in the occupied territories , the firm grip which the extreme "nationalist" right wing in Israel has over policy making and policy decisions wrt the I/P issue underpinned by a positive drift away from any form of truly liberal values within the bulk of Jewish Israeli society mean that any form of Palestinian "state" is simply no longer possible. The future is mapped out for all to see and it is a variation on the South African model of Apartheid/"secure" Bantustans / continued denial of civil and human rights/ continued violent suppression of attempts by the native Palestinians to achieve equal rights. All to be followed as with SA by international boycotts sanctions and divestments led not by America but as with SA by Western European countries.

      The spark to ignite this flame will probably be the demise of the Vichy farce still being orchestrated by Abbas and his cronies. Can`t come too soon.

  • On empathy, Yom Kippur, and the NFL
    • @Mooser

      "When will the non-Jewish world see that the true, the coherent, the authentic Jewish identity can only be developed and adhered to in an environment of anti-semitism, persecution, segregation and genocide?"

      Sorry if it seems like I`m indulging in semantics but are you pleading for more anti -semitic antics ?

  • Israeli soldier-medic-killer 'endured a lot' -  so short sentence is cut by four months
    • Speaking of Zionist " heroes ". I may have missed something but the Yahoo and the host of Israeli firsters in the US appear to have put Jonathan Pollard in the woodshed at least for the time being. What were ongoing calls for him to be allowed to "return" to his "ancient homeland" ( no doubt to be given to be given a rapturous
      "hero`s" welcome ) appear to have died the death.. Perhaps it`s because they realise that any soft treatment of an all American traitor would to put it mildly not go down well with the Trump electoral base and stir up a s..tstorm ?

  • Balfour Declaration, now 100, was 'gun pointed at heads' of Palestinians -- Khalidi
    • @nathan
      Still waiting for your confirmation of those positive Israeli borders. Or is all simply a Zionist game - lets call it Jews sans Frontieres ?

    • @Naftush
      "In those years and later as well, the collectivity that *today* self-identifies as nationally Palestinian was seen, and saw itself, as an Arab population of vague identity: maybe Syrian, maybe local."

      Leaving aside the basic premise of this statement and the unresearched unvalidated assertion as to what Palestinians saw themselves as historically and presently ( documented back up for this would be interesting to know ) isn`t it just possible please please say yes that they like any other native peoples " saw themselves" first and foremost as the natives of their own land long before during and after the arrival of land grabbing , thieving non natives ?

    • @Nathan
      What are / should be the borders of Israel which you propose and which might be said "yes" to by the supposedly eternally negative Palestinians. No wishy washy Yahooisms please - just the straightforward geographic lines you propose for good old eternally positive Israel.

  • Samuel Freedman extols Jewish 'love affair' with Jewish state-- while decrying 'dogma of white supremacy'
    • @Nathan
      "The Jews, on the other hand, are not an abstract concept. They are human beings. The Jews are an ancient people (a nation, an ethnicity)"

      Oh dearie dearie me Nathan. Still ddding on this one (desperately ducking and diving).

      I repeat . If I convert to Judaism at 1500 hrs this afternoon do I become an eligible fully fledged member of this "ancient people " and a new member of a separate specific nation and a separate ethnicity. No ddding please . Yes or No ?. If yes then please please explain the logic of this in a non abstract fashion. If no please explain in a non abstract fashion the various stages which I would have to go through in order to fully qualify as a member of this "ancient people".

      BTW my background is Celtic ( don`t know whether my forebears converted to Celticism or not) but they do say that a change is as good as etc.

      Reminds me I must watch Life of Brian again.

    • @ Nathan
      Wow you jumped through quite a few conceptual hoops there. It all collapses into a muddied heap though when it comes to the central issue and the reality which you refuse to address viz Judaism is a religion NOT a nationality or a race. I am not fixated on the conversion history of Judaism. For what it is worth I do believe that the vast majority of today`s Jews are modern or historic converts to the religion and your reluctance to claim that this is not the case or provide scientific evidence to undermine it suggests to me that you actually accept that you would be in a no win scenario if you tried to challenge it. I am however intrigued by the specific issue of conversion to Judaism and how otherwise (I assume ) clear thinking common sense human beings can seriously believe the frankly ludicrous construct that this gifts the convert with the "aspiring to return to his or her Ancient Homeland " status. Please please listen to what you are saying and reflect on the 100% illogicality of it. A cynic would call this a straightforward licence to print ancient Jews.

      As for the DNA scenario yes I would still be opposed to it and still am opposed to it. Land theft , ethnic cleansing , abuse of Human Rights , defiance of UN resolutions are still criminal and abhorrent and illegal.

      "So, yes, Palestine might have become the “ancient homeland” of a person whose forebears once lived in Kamchatka" Thanks for preemptively resting my case. What a corker !!!

    • @Nathan
      "You can find people who think that the Jews have returned to their ancient homeland2

      Still haven`t addressed the aspirer status questions. I will refresh and repeat. I convert to Judaism. Does that make Palestine my "ancient homeland " and even though my forebears are from the Isle of Skye or Murmansk or wherever does that give me the aspirational " right of return " to a land with which I have SFA connection.

    • @Nathan

      "Whenever we are told that “Zionism is a form of colonialism” (the Palestinian point of view), there is always a mention of the fact that “the return of Jews to the Land of Israel is an expression of an ancient aspiration at the very heart of the Jewish tradition” (the Jewish point of view). Right?"

      Last bit is obviously attempted tongue in cheek. Right?. To the point and for clarification. "Zionism is a form of colonialism" is quite rightly the point of view of the Palestinians ie the victims of the colonialism. It is also the view of yours truly and millions of non - Palestinian decent thinking individuals throughout the world including a sizeable number of your co - religionists.As for all your fellow aspirers in the membership of the religious cult which is Judaism can you confirm the eligibility for membership and thus "aspirer" status. For example if I was to convert tomorrow does that give me the right to aspire to "return" to my "ancient homeland with which I had f... all connection up to then.

  • How Israel is silently transferring Palestinians from East Jerusalem
    • “From now on anyone who plots, plans or considers carrying out an attack will know that his family will pay a heavy price for his deed,” Israeli Interior Minister Arye Deri said in a statement.

      “The consequences will be harsh and far-reaching, like the decision I made regarding the mother and relatives of the terrorist [Fadi al-Qanbar] who perpetrated the attack in Armon Hanatziv [neighbourhood] in Jerusalem.”

      Sounds familiar eg:

      Of course to the Ziocolonisers any comparisons with Fascists/Nazis are very very hurtful, untrue and basically yes you have guessed it Anti - Semitic.

      This they will say is in no way "Collective Punishment" but " Selective Punishment" which is right up there with all the other miraculous Zionist innovations such as "cherry tomatoes" , the Intel Chip and Falafel.

      Remember always that Zioland is a cultured Western democracy which would never ever practice such barbaric Nazi like practices.

      Just a thought: I wonder if "Minister" Arye Deri includes babies in the womb as eligible family once they are born. I expect he does.

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • @Emet
      "Jews are trying to survive in a tough neighborhood". Really fighting back the tears on this one. Sounds like a Mafioso group having newly installed themselves in a neighbourhood , trying to earn a living from an honest days racketeering ( aka ethnic reconfiguration ) and whinging and whining about the native residents not liking and putting up a fight against what is a bunch of thieving , lying murderous criminals. Sob.

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • @Bumbleye
      Great news. Thanks for the link.

    • On the subject of BDS just heard read that the organisers of the GiroD`Italia ( along with the Tour de France and the Spanish Vuelta one of the three "Grand Tours" in world cycling ) are planning to hold the first three stages of the 2018 event in Israel:
      One of the financial backers of the project is an ex Canadian "billionaire" businessman by the name of Sylvan Adams who emigrated to Israel in 2016 ( being Jewish he could remember).
      “‘Normal Israel’ is the phrase that I’ve coined; it’s the regular daily life which somehow is not an interesting enough story to be told to the rest of the world. All they want to do is talk about conflict and terrorism but that’s a very, very small part of life in Israel,” he says.

      As a keen cyclist I am to put it mildly disappointed by the prospect. The article indicates that the organisers will "soften" the impact by taking" the race well within internationally recognised borders, steering clear of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem’s Old City."

      Fairly obvious that this is as the article says "sports washing" at its finest. Don`t want those cameras particularly the helicopter cameras seeing what the real "normal " Israel is with for example all those Untermenschen control checkpoints and Jewish cyclists only roads.

      If it does go ahead and a lot can happen between now and the scheduled date in May I hope that the BDS movement will focus heavily on it and perhaps start a campaign aimed at getting the support for a boycott of the event by national cycling federations, Team organisations and not least the many millions of cyclists out there worldwide who love the freedom of just being able to get on their bike and out onto the open road - a freedom denied to Palestinians by the Israeli regime.

    • @jeffB
      1) I directly quoted what YOU said not yours truly. Now you are saying that these words are somehow in retrospect not YOUR words. Not interested in your explanation - see below.
      2) I have an Honours Degree in Ancient and Modern History from a respected UK University. WTF gives you the right to claim that I don`t know anything about Tudor History / "Israeli" History/Byzantine History/the Western Eastern split in the Roman Empire Gauls / Goths /Visigoths/Vandals /Crusaders/ Mongols etc etc etc. Fascinated by the concept of this alleged "First of wave of Israelis" but not interested in an explanation -see below. Your timeline / logic indicates that it was just after the Arab conquest of Palestine and that these "people" identified themselves somehow as "Israelis". Even more bizarrely you are stating that their role/avowed intent call it what you like was to restore the Palestinian population to Palestine. FFS !!! Interesting point nevertheless as you would appear to be conceding that the native Palestinians have been in Palestine (part of which with deliberately undeclared borders is now called Israel) and have been native to the land for around 1400 years. A significant but spurious and dishonest argument amongst your fellow Zionist travellers is that the native Palestinians are somehow interlopers/infiltrators who arrived at the turn of the 19th century and have no genuine long standing historical connection to Palestine.
      3) You are stating that "a second group of Israelis " whatever / whenever that was in your mindset discovered by sheer coincidence don`t you know that the "Byzantines" were occupying a "Jewish provence (sic)" and they saw it as a"moral obligation" to leapfrog over the 1400 years of Palestinian residence in the land and using the Zionist timeline go back 2000 years and "restore" the land to the modern practitioners of a religious cult started up by a small group of Semitic people who appear to have arrived from somewhere in South West Asia kicked out the original inhabitants and set up their own little mini Kingdom and were put in their place when they decided to refuse to accept Provincial status from Imperial Rome.All of the latter over 2000 years ago.
      3) "Finally the Jews who migrated did so from Eastern Europe and Arab countries where they faced extermination not from Brooklyn. You are should really rethink the ethics of making light of the horrific human suffering, your people played a decent role in that led to the creation of Israel"
      No mention of the role of the Nakba. No mention of the fact that your Zionist Israel encouraged and welcomed these migrations to create a viable "Jewish" demographic in the State of Israel.
      No one other than extreme right wing nutters here in the UK "makes light of the horrific human suffering" of the Jews in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. However it is understandable that people tend to become more than a little bit cynical when the "Holocaust" has been used time and time again by Zionist Jews to justify their colonisation of another peoples land and their ongoing barbaric crimes against the native Palestinians. Plus reluctantly resorting to the whataboutery that you Zionists are so enamoured of there have been other horrific sufferings inflicted on various peoples/races/members of religious cults throughout modern history. Probably the worst examples in recent centuries have been the horrors of the Western slave trade and Belgian colonialism in West Africa ( yes and I do know that the Arabs were the original leading actors in the slave trade ).

      As for Brooklyn during my time in Palestine I was amazed by the number of Israeli Jews in uniform who I mistook for New Yorkers and also a significant if fewer number who spoke pure BBC received English. If you care to watch/listen to interviews of Israeli Jews in Israel it is is really creepy just how many of these speak Brooklyn or Sandhurst.

      Your final comment is simply gross and ends my dialogue with you as you appear in your efforts to justify the totally unjustifiable to be spiralling out of any sort of the control you may have had when you joined this forum.My "people " resisted and fought the Nazis and died in their hundreds of thousands during the Blitz and the war because of that. To casually throw in a comment that "they played a decent role in the Holocaust" is nauseating and sums up your twisted intellectual capacity when it comes to defending Zionism and your beloved Israel.

    • @jeffB
      " Palestine was the homeland of the Christian Byzantine society that existed prior to the Muslim conquest that led to the migration of today’s Palestinians. The first wave of Israelis are acting on their moral obligation to restore them and end their occupation. But as soon as they did that another group of Israelis realized that those Byzantines were occupying a Jewish provence and that needed to be restored"

      Palestine was is and will continue to be the homeland of those native to Palestine ie the Palestinians be they Palestinian Moslems , Palestinian Jews , Palestinian Christians or Palestinian Atheists. I can`t begin to fathom what you are saying/ imagining about this alleged "first group of Jews and the timeline and location of what they allegedly did. As for the second group I can only suppose that you are referring to the Zionism movement. As for these Zionists all of a sudden surprise shock horror discovering that these"Byzantines" in the seventh century were occupying a Jewish provence(sic) and that need to be restored 1400 years after the event with suitable stock from Brooklyn and North Finchley - well there you really are starting to dribble at a rate of knots.

  • How Netanyahu's son became the poster boy for white supremacists
    • @jeffB
      " Jews are roughly the same size and same economic demographics as Scots in America. They have roughly the same amount of cultural, political and economic power. There are areas where Jews have more influence and there are areas like the presidency (34 out of 45 vs. 0 out of 45) where Scots clearly have more influence. Why should there be any more attention on Jewish power than Scottish power?"

      Please say you are joking. I am certainly pissing myself laughing. If Ms Sturgeon gets to hear about this "Scottish power " in the US it`s dream come true time for those weak powerless Scots who want independence.

      Continuing to muse: articles "Scottish lobby influencing US foreign policy" . ""Trump`s ascendancy to the Presidency down to all pervasive influence of the Scottish Lobby - they found his trousers". " New body the American Scotland Public Affairs Committee ( ASPAC) set up to support Scotland`s case for independence". "ASPAC condemns comments from a a prominent member of AIPAC that Scottish Americans tend to be jockular". " An independent Scotland set to get $3 billion a year in military aid from US" "Nicola Sturgeon gets 27 standing ovations during historic address to Congress" "

  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • MsReality
      Get real. You have a bizarre ability to read the views and comments of an individual as being a de facto claim by that individual that he / she knows more or is better informed about the subject than others.Roger is has and will continue to state his views about Israel consistently and continue to support BDS in furtherance of those views. His stated views and positions unless you can provide evidence to the contrary are not funded by any pressure or lobby group. Sorry if that sounds as if I am bullying you. As for an internal squabble in a rock band and an individuals role in that serving as some sort of delegitimiser when it comes to that individual's views and opinions on the I/P conflict you are really clutching at straws.

      As for your Transjordan titbit you simply cannot get through your working Zionist day without a sprinkle of whataboutery. Sad.

      As for " aggressive hyperbolism " and "insults". Truth hurting a tad. Heat/fire.

    • @MsReality
      "Waters thinks he knows more about Israel than anyone who disagrees with him, whether it’s Senator Gillibrand or the members of Radiohead. He’s an arrogrant, obsessed man who has a history of being a bully and being wrong. He is strangely silent about a lack of civil rights around the world but incredibly vocal about tiny Israel. Clearly he has a problem with Jews"

      You have squeezed in quite a few bizarre assertions about his character together with a few ZioHasbara favourites there.So lets start:
      "thinks he knows more about Israel than anyone who disagrees with him". Examples / evidence to explain justify this assertion please.
      "He’s an arrogrant, obsessed man who has a history of being a bully and being wrong"
      Ditto please.
      " He is strangely silent about a lack of civil rights around the world but incredibly vocal about tiny Israel"
      Classic Ziostaple Whataboutery and with the heartbreaking old favourite thrown in = "tiny (triple sob) Israel."
      And for you at least the coup de grace: "Clearly he has a problem with Jews" ie he and everything he says and does inc BDS is not based on his contempt for a Nasty Fascist regime which is engaged in the day to day brutalisation and ethnic cleansing of a native population. It is all simply surprise surprise because he he is an anti - Judaic.

  • Israel lobby is never a story (for media that is in bed with the lobby)
    • @US Citizen
      Thanks for that. I think the point which I was trying to make was not that the MSM should be picking up on this ( I agree not a hope in hell ) but that the ordinary Texans and Floridians who have suffered from these horrendous storms should at some point be looking at and questioning why this money is not being spent on disaster relief for American citizens and addressing their state politicians on the issue. Those State Politicians will of course no doubt be as bought and as bent as their Congressional but it is still a question of a constant need to air the dirty laundry when it comes to the Israel First/America Second farce.

    • @USCitizen

      "By simply tying a few strings to the $3.8 billion dollars that it sends to Israel annually"

      I am obviously not an American so perhaps there is something in the average Joe American which I am missing. The US has just suffered from two of the worst natural disasters in its history. It has a President who constantly drones on about "putting America first" Why oh why then is he continuing to give away billions of freebie dollars to Israel which claims to be a world standard economy and fully able to defend itself. Why aren`t these billions instead being switched to disaster relief in America. Have I missed something ie has the question been asked. If not it should be again and again and again. Simple equation why in this case Israel first and America second springs to mind.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • @jeffb
      It`s 2017 Jeff. Next year it will be 2018. Please do try to drag yourself back to the present day. I am interested in the past but not stuck in it / on it like you. You are predictably insulting and dismissive in your tone." My analogies are not silly. They are analytical as in Judaism is a religion /religious cult not a race , nationality/state - same applies to all other religions or cults or science fiction followers groups. As a brainwashed Zionist it is an absolute imperative that your blind devotion to the concept ( to use your expression ) that Judaism is different,that Jews are a race , requires you to delve into the history books to find pathetic ludicrous comparisons to "prove" your so called "point".

      "Learn some history". Again insulting. I believe that the priority is to "learn from history" and by that I don`t mean inventing,twisting,distorting history or creating facts from historical fairytales all of which is the staple methodology of delusional Zionists to justify their disgusting crimes.

      Please do try to get out more and discover the joys of experiencing a non - Zionist world. You will in time I`m sure enjoy and profit from the experience.

    • @Nathan
      "The Jews don’t claim to be a new nation. They take pride in being an ancient nation, and everyone knows it. In the heat of the anti-Israel or anti-Zionist presentation, it is convenient to pretend that the Jews are just a religious community"

      Catholic nation,Baptist nation, Seventh Day Adventist nation , Eighth Day Adventist nation , Presbyterian nation , Scientology nation , Star Trekkers nation , Atheist nation , Pagan nation , Ad Nauseates nation.

      There must be a great marketing opportunity in this somewhere. A good place to start might be Brooklyn.

    • @dabakr
      " any nation able to defend itself would have done the exact same as Israel in the Golan"
      I think you and Donald should meet up soon.Tell him to forget about the wall and just annex Mexico. Great minds etc

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • @jeffB
      Slowly but surely getting there. You have now moved forward from the 17th to the 19th Century. Still avoiding that mirror though. Can`t have your cake and eat it. Your beloved Israel does not want to "integrate" into the Middle East and IMHO the average Jewish Israeli left middle centre right or loony right or seriously loony right see themselves as Westerners and can`t understand why fellow Westerners are criticising them when they are keeping all those smelly Arab and Persian Moslems at bay. Zionist ideologies and objectives are the direct opposite of any idea of "integration". Israeli Zionists and their supporters in the West don`t want to cosy up to their Moslem neighbours in the region. Yes they will try to as and when as part of their strategy to control the region and in particular Iran but as to seeking to become some sort of "bridge" state as you describe- hilarious !. For you to actually think that this is part of the thinking of Shaked and her fellow travellers is a simple denial of Zionist realities.

      As for the colonised Palestinians - Zionists have never,don`t now and will never want to form "bridges" with them since they regard them as being illegal squatters in the Chosen Land. Extermination is of course not an option ( remember it is 2017).and in the absence of wholesale ethnic cleansing ( remember 2017 and those smelly neighbouring Arabs will not allow it ) They simply want them to give up and go away somehere/anywhere and the plan is and has always been in their efforts to achieve this goal to make their lives unbearable and as ever the best way to do this ( in the good old Fascist tradition ) is to brutalise the most vulnerable ie the women and the children.

      The big problem for Zionist is that the Palestinians despite their self serving leaderships are proving to be infuriatingly resilient and latterly some of Shaked`s fellow travellers I believe are increasingly mooting the idea of paying them lots of money to emigrate somewhere ( not sure whether they see this as coming out of the Israeli budget or from US (Western) taxpayers . The even bigger problem for them is yes you have guessed it - it is 2017 = smartphones/internet/social media.

      Loved the"aggressive House of Lords" bit ! There has got to be at sitcom in that somewhere.

      But in the meantime.

    • @jeffB
      A quick reminder it is 2017 AD not 1517 or 1617 AD. Your link to a byegone age in England as some sort of proof that UK democracy is not dissimilar to Israeli democracy (sic) is truly bizarre. You should scroll forward and think in the present and not dwell on the past when attempting to evidence your claims. To your credit you seem to have moved on at least from AD70

      Ref the 26 Bishops. The House of Lords is a secondary parliamentary body consisting of hereditary peers , Honours Peers and the Peer Bishops to which you referred with an increasingly ambiguous role in UK democracy. It is unelected and there are increasing calls for it to to be elected. Its principal role and function is to oversee and advise on proposed Government legislation and in theory act as a "check" on Parliamentary Legislation eg legislation which potentially challenges or undermines universal human rights but at the end of the day it is the democratically elected House of Commons and the elected Members of Parliament who govern on behalf of the the UK populace.

      Back to the role of the bishops. Comparing what powers they have to Jewish Rabbis in Israel or Moslem Mullahs in Saudi or Iran is a joke. It may not have been so in 1517 but I repeat it is now 2017 and you should really try to focus on what is and not what was. What is left in the present with regards to the House of Lords is a rump of anachronistic "powers" which are becoming increasingly toothless and largely irrelevant when it comes to major governmental legislation.

      I have reread your take/justification of what Shaked said. For all your ducking and diving and whataboutery - she is calling for Universal rights to be subjugated to the politics and "morals" of a religious cult = Judaism. It may well increasingly be the will/choice/preference of Israeli Jews and being the majority in the State of Israel they will probably achieve it but it is the antithesis of Western Democracy the basic pillar of which is the protection of universal human rights for all irrespective of politics or creed.

      So your choice as with others is to accept that Israel is not and will never be a Western Democracy and like a lot of soft Zionists you are reluctant to look at that particular mirror. Thus your knee jerk defence of the Shaked and her fellow Zionist travellers and what the likes of Barak and Yaalon have identified as their Fascist agenda.

    • @jeffb
      "OK UK examples then. You still have a state church with the powers of a state church. English democracy is weird in that there are a lots of powers of offices that haven’t been officially repealed but no one considers to still be valid. I think time will tell"

      The powers of a State Church ?????

      I haven`t got the foggiest idea what you are rambling on about. English democracy is not repeat not weird.In the UK Elected Members of Parliament and a Parliament in a Democracy ensure and action universal equal human rights for all individual UK citizens irrespective of their religious beliefs with no rabbis or mullahs or cult zealots pulling the levers behind the scene.

      Once again why are you avoiding the fact that your beloved Shaked is calling for democracy/universal rights to be subject to an overriding religious cult. That is what she is saying.

    • @jeffb
      " As a real person and a real politician she’s rather dynamic. She is not scary".

      If you care to check my profile you will see that I am a UK citizen. As for Shaked you are still having a laugh.As for the video I got as far as "Israel is the first Western Country" when talking about African illegal immigrants and that was more than enough. Israel is a MIDDLE EAST country

      She`s not " scary ". She is a particularly sad variety of Fascist and the "dynamics" which you claim she has as a politician are 100% within the surreal Ziobubble which is Israel. Outside of Israel ( and the US ) in truly democratic countries she and her repulsive Judocentric and undemocratic analyses would be ripped to shreds in any respected debating forum.

      BTW You are still ignoring and effectively shying away from addressing what this creature actually said. Apart from anything else it is in direct contradiction with the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Her clearly stated"view" is that a particular religion and its rulings/teachings in this case Judaism should override universally accepted concepts and principles of democracy. That is quite simply medieval and 100% at odds with modern "western" 21st century concepts of justice and democracy. And to repeat this is from a so called JUSTICE ! Minister. Stuff Human Rights - Judaism comes first.

      As for the video you referred to:
      " Here is a normal interview with her where she gets treated like a normal politician and we hear not totally shocking policies"

      You are having even more of a laugh on that one. The fawning "interviewer "just fell short of licking her toes in his preamble.

    • @jeffb

      "I don’t believe Israel is Fascist. Israel probably has more fascist elements than most societies. But it has been under more pressure for much longer than most societies, and it is at a young and fragile stage in its national development. I think the 1990s it was becoming less fascistic. Had Oslo worked out Israel would be a much more liberal place today"

      The "young and fragile " bit almost had me reaching for my handkerchief or sick bucket or both.

      Given the fact that you have completely glossed over/ignored the comment of Israeli JUSTICE (sic) Minister the adorable cuddly and lovable and oh so popular Shaked I do indeed think that you are having a laugh. She isn`t and that is the really frightening thing.

    • Meanwhile Israel "demands" that its puppet superpower regime and puppet superpower President do its bidding.

      Question : in the case of Zioland at what point does "chutzpah" morph into "Shitzpah" ?

  • In my last year of university, the First Intifada undermined my Jewish identity
    • An excellent article. The observation defining the "peace" and "bridges not boycotts" as no more than comfort blankets for UJS should equally be applied to European politicians and parties who continue to shelter behind the hilarious 2SS ( only through direct negotiations between the parties don`t you know" ) farce.

      As he says Robert`s conversion to reality came about without access to the internet/social media. In 2017 this conversion will hopefully be a lot swifter and a lot easier for younger Jews in Europe and America.

  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • @Emet
      "Can someone please explain to me why the likes of Rodgers, Weiss and others are so willing to simply ignore the violent reality of the Arab world?"

      What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ?

      What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ? What about ?

  • Nathan Englander, author of new Israel thriller, wants 'as many passports as I can get'
    • Presumably Englander was obliged to do a stint in the most moral during his nostalgic sojourn in Zioland. Shame he wasn`t asked about the experience. As a writer of fiction his exploits against life threatening genocidal 8 year old stone throwing Palestinian children might have served up a blockbuster.

  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
    • Protocols of the Elders of AIPAC methinks ?

      "I strongly support a two-state solution. I support Israel’s right to exist, and I support Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. I also care deeply about justice for Palestinians, and believe that a vision for the Middle East must include political and economic freedom for Palestinians"

      Classical doublethink. He supports Israel as "the homeland" of the Jewish "people" (sic) but no mention of supporting it as the homeland of the native people ie the Palestinians. No they are only entitled to hand outs (if and when considered appropriate) of "political and "economic freedom" from the Chosen People.

      Hypocritical and just as bent and bought as the worst of the Ziolovers. He couldn`t give a toss about "Justice for Palestinians".

  • The alleged peace process reaches farcical lows
    • "You must take real actions. Yes, open and declared sanctions that have a path to becoming more severe"

      Hass is right but he should be aiming this comment directly towards the pathetic Vichy PA regime puppets who have known for a very long time that the so called"peace negotiation leading to a 2SS " are blatant Israeli stalling actions to try and mask the rampant growth in the settler expansion in the West Bank. Even when the Bennett chasing Yahoo spells it out clearly for all to hear and see they are the ones who are propping up the farce and as long as they go along with it the Europeans have a get out of jail card in terms of taking any direct responsibility and any meaningful action.

  • Youtube sensations, the Khaldi twins, explain 'why Eid is special' from Gaza City
    • @Mooser
      "Go back to sleep “Emet"

      Be fair. It must be difficult for him to sleep what with all those years of bespoke Anti - Semitic unthinkable hardship which he personally has gone through and poor soul is still going through no doubt.

  • Conan O'Brien frolics with Netanyahu and the Israeli army
    • I hope that all those "fellow" descendants of Irish Catholics murdered , starved to death , ethnically cleansed and left homeless by Zioland`s colonial predecessors will show their disdain for this loathsome creature.

  • Israel seeks 'Jewish' non-Jews in numbers battle with Palestinians
    • "The leaked report suggests opening the doors to a new category of “Jewish” non-Jews. According to Haaretz, potentially millions of people worldwide could qualify."

      I can foresee a Catch 22 here which will probably scupper the Yahoo`s Bennett chasing scheme. The vast majority of these Jewish "Non- Jews" (shall we call them "Auto-Semites" ?) will be non Aryan/Non - European - in plain terms will the current generations of Fascist Israelis be willing to see hordes of black or coloured legal "infiltrators" on their chic boulevards , in their coffee bars and on their beaches.

      Speaking of beaches some of these Zioloons appear to be suggesting that the West inc America ( flooded Texas is of secondary importance ) should be funding a clean up of the sewage problem threatening Israeli beaches.

  • American Legion calls on Congress to finally investigate 'USS Liberty' attack, 50 years after
    • @Jeffb
      "Even if everything the disgruntled crew members said was true, and all the investigations false this is a non-scandal. I can’t imagine an American wouldn’t take out non-allied surveillance equipment that was collecting information on America’s military during a major campaign"

      Absolute sewage. The crew members who may themselves have been seriously injured and have seen their fellow crew members murdered by so called friendly forces in your twisted Zionist mind are simply "disgruntled" !!!

      PLUS I was under the distinct impression that the US was Israel`s main ally at the time of the attack so how can their surveillance equipment magically become "non allied" ?

  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
    • The Yahoo is going through a mental crisis at the moment. Being a psychotic narcissist who is desperate to cling on to power at any cost this is understandable. He he scrambling frantically to keep up with with the younger ultra right freaks , is under investigation for corruption and can`t quite figure out his strategy in handling the mad Donald. Noteworthy that he is now mouthing off about the "fake news" being aimed at him - almost a desperate signal to the blonde bouffant that he understands and sympathises and thank you for your support please please please.

      Meanwhile how to keep up with those aforesaid younger generation Zioloons who are openly floating the Fascist boat.

      Yes Shaked and her Auntie Tzipi are openly campaigning for the abandonment of democracy in the only etc yawn you know the rest.

      I fear that by way of distraction he may well resort to the tried and tested shock and awe tactic and engineer a further mowing of the Gazan lawn.

    • He has prevaricated , obfuscated , claimed that his statements were taken out of context in the past , denied making statements etc etc but this appears to be a bridge burning moment. All that is needed to bury the farcical 2SS once and for all is for Abbas and his cabal to finally end their collabaration with the Colonists , dissolve the PA and call for a single state with equal rights for all inhabitants.

      No possibility of overt mass ethnic cleansing. No possibility of overt genocide. Only way forward for the Colonists in the interim would be overt Apartheid.

      Tick tick.

  • Andrea Mitchell suggests State Dep't staged 'fake news' in Jerusalem with Kushner, Netanyahu and no press
    • The Heather Nauert responses were a master class in waffle.BTW what does the "I`ll get back to you on that one" actually mean at the end of the day. Is there any actual intention to "get back" to confirm or clarify or is it simply a US Admin spokesperson`s way of shutting the door on a particularly embarrassing line of questioning ?

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • @Catalan
      " Third, Israel has many ways to reduce the growth of the Palestinian population in the West Bank – for example, by regulating water, utilities, medical services, checkpoints and so on"

      You neglected to mention compulsory birth control and castration.Your wonderful " only " Democracy etc " yawn yawn has already done a practice run.

      Unfortunately the current drip drip extra judicial killing programme is time consuming , costly and a more comprehensive overt one would seriously undermine that "indispensable" eternal victim psychiatric prop.

    • @WDR
      "Contrary to what is asserted here, the Jewish population of Israel is the fastest growing Western population group in the world, and one of the only Western population groups which is above the replacement level"

      You must be either using a self designed world map (possible) or owning up to the reality that Zioland is simply a "Western" Colonial project.

      Last time I looked at a world map it was situated in the Middle East - you know amongst all those other MIDDLE EAST countries and populations.

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • @Nathan
      " the the Jews are, indeed, children of the Middle East"

      You mean like 4000 year old children. ? Wow !!

  • Jews are safer in Israel than U.S. because our kids drop their M-16s on the sofa -- NYT op-ed
    • "Has it? I pray not, though it is too early to tell. But here is what we do know. The tiny, embattled country our family now calls home has raised a generation of young people to understand that ultimately, the only people who can be fully trusted to safeguard the safety of the Jews are the Jews. For having afforded our children a chance to grow up with no sense of the vulnerability that we knew growing up in America, we owe Israel and its founders a profound debt of gratitude"

      Complete and utter puke inducing Ziodrivel.And a classic inversion of logic thus Jews are "vulnerable" in America therefore they should move to Israel where they are "not vulnerable". So HTF can they be considered " embattled " but "not vulnerable" at one and the same time.

      And what about the Palestinians ? Presumably this moron`s view is that being Untermenschen they are deserving of "being vulnerable" but have no rights whatsoever to feel vulnerable nor to address this vulnerability and protect themselves and their families by eg carrying M16`s left on the family sofa or otherwise.

      No doubt the Gordis family are still holding on to their American passports and will not renounce their American citizenship rights just in case they start to feel "vulnerable" in Bibliland to which they have such a passionate and all consuming
      commitment (while it suits).

  • Editors of 'Assuming Boycott' anthology speak out against anti-Semitism controversy at Queens Museum
    • @Beauchard
      "A few comments. Not to discuss. Only a fool discusses with zealots of any religious or political persuasion"
      Sounds to me like I wan`t to play with the toy but all those other kids are just nasties and I don`t want them to be able to play.

      He/she then proceeds to invite responses from/ discussion with "zealous" commentators of an opposing political persuasion. Foolish or what ?

      A new Hasbara kid on the block already zapped on Ziochol.

      Simples. If you don`t want to discuss then piss off to another forum.

  • Sponge rounds, rubber bullets, and tear gas -- how Israel's non-lethal munitions can kill
    • When they are not too busy being most moral and lighting up nations with tear gas and rubber bullets they get alternative kicks by simply locking up Palestinians of all shapes and sizes and ages just for the hell of it. It has become like a daily drug fix for these ugly Fascist goons and their political masters:

      "Palestinian prisoners’ affairs institutions – the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Committee of Prisoners' Affairs and Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights – issued the following report on 8 July 2017, which indicates that, during the month of July 2017, Israeli authorities arrested (880) individuals from the occupied Palestinian territories, including (144) children, and (18) women.
      According to the monitoring and documentation conducted by the four organizations, Israeli occupation forces arrested 425 Palestinians from Jerusalem, 120 from Hebron and 85 from Nablus. In addition, 49 Palestinians were arrested from Jenin governorate, 47 from Qalqiliya, 45 from Bethlehem, 37 from Ramallah, 36 from Tulkarem, 10 from Tubas, 10 from Jericho, and two from the Gaza Strip.
      The report indicates that the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails reached 6400 prisoners, including 62 female prisoners, 10 minor girls, approximately 300 children, 450 administrative detainees, one “illegal combatant” and 12 Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members.
      In the month of July, the occupation authorities issued 97 administrative orders, of which 20 were new orders and 77 were issued for prisoners for the second and third time.
      The full report is divided into four sections. The first section provides statistics on the number of arrests made in July; the second section highlights the arrest and detention of PLC members; the third deals with the arrests of Palestinians following Al-Aqsa uprising. Finally, the fourth section deals with the condition of prisoners suffering from psychological illnesses.
      The report also provides legal analysis for the various events covered by the report, in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. The report concludes with a set of conclusions and recommendations.
      The four organizations strongly condemn Israel's gross and systematic violations of international law, and its disregard for the rights of Palestinian detainees. We also condemn the continuing occupation authorities' disregard of the legal guarantees provided by international legal regulations, particularly the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners 1955, and other international declarations and conventions guaranteeing the rights of prisoners and detainees.
      The four institutions also call upon the international community to intervene urgently in regard to the fulfillment of its legal and moral obligations towards the population of the occupied Palestinian territories and to take effective measures to compel the occupying state to ensure respect for their basic human rights. We also call upon local, regional and international groups and allies to activate solidarity campaigns with prisoners, with the aim of putting pressure on the occupying state"

      Hopefully Israel`s demise will be slow lingering and very very painful and the remaining small percentage of the truly moral Israeli Jews will have had the opportunity to get out of the Zioland hellhole before the demise.

      Tick tick.

  • Chomsky still believes in the old Israel. I did too, once upon a time
    • @McCohen
      "If you are going to judge then you must judge both sides equally"

      So you must judge the thief,liar,Fascist,ethnic cleanser,the war criminal and the victim of all of the aforesaid equally.

      Inverted Zio logic at it absolute moronic best.

  • Settler violence against Palestinians nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017
    • @just
      "Newly-released video shows Israeli security forces storming an East Jerusalem hospital in late July, as they tried to prevent doctors from bringing a wounded Palestinian into surgery."

      Typical anti - Semitic reporting - the footage showing these supremely moral soldiers using the hand hygiene dispensers before doing their most moral non Fascist duty is edited out.

  • Israel would use nuclear weapons to keep refugees from returning -- Noam Chomsky
    • @WDR
      "only those who actually fled in 1948"
      So they "fled" and weren`t in the least bit "ethnically cleansed" or driven out by Jewish militias.

      "Their descendants born outside of Israel are not refugees and have absolutely no right to “return” to Israel"

      But Harry and Sally living in a cosy apartment in Brooklyn who are descendants of who knows who and where being (currently) Jewish do have a right of return not to Germany or Outer Mongolia but to Zioland. Please do make up your mind. Like most Zionists your logic descends into hilarious ever decreasing circles.

      BTW the Palestinians and their descendants would be returning to Palestine which IS THEIR HOMELAND.

      "It’s quite reasonable to argue that any kind of massive return of millions of Palestinian refugees/descendants to Israel is extremely unlikely, to put it mildly"

      Substitute foreign Jews for " Palestinian refugees / descendants" and then reflect on what has happened since 1948. I am not suggesting for a moment that a mass return of ethnically cleansed Palestinians to their homeland will be easy or that it will be achievable but to simply write it off as Chomsky appears to be doing is a gross betrayal of the Palestinian people and an acceptance of Zionist criminality and multiple breaches of International Law. Israel sticks its middle finger up to the world community and simple acceptance = appeasement would on the face of it appear to be Chomsky`s response

    • " But return of the refugees. You can think whatever you like about the morality of that, but everyone knows it is not going to happen."

      To put it mildly extremely disappointed by this comment in particular and other comments made by Chomsky. He is basically saying that the criminal is going to be allowed to get away with his crimes so the Palestinians both in Palestine and in exile and their supporters worldwide should get over it and move on. The logic of this is brutal - genocide , ethnic cleansing , ongoing crimes against humanity committed by Zionists just get over these and move on. A throw away argument made from the comfort of his pied a terre in America but condescending , dismissive and depressing for those native Palestinians abandoned in the squalor of their refugee camps.

      As I say disappointing but perhaps to be kind at age 88 his mind is beginning to wander a bit.

  • 'Pummeled' at town hall, Sen. Wyden says Israel Anti Boycott law is needed because 'movement has grown'
    • His "take " appears to be some sort of knee jerk conflation of BDS with the Arab League Boycott legislation which specifically relates to the actions of "foreign governments". As you have rightly pointed out Annie BDS is not led by a foreign government and so called "Democrats" who are supporting this unconstitutional Bill when challenged are frantically clutching at straws to justify their support for it.

  • If you can't say 'equal rights,' I can't work with you
    • IMHO this article is little more than Zionism=-lite at its finest. No reference to or "can`t work with" the ludicrous Birthright programme. Mainly though it is the underlining insistence of Jews world wide as being a "people" as opposed to fellow members of a religious cult either recently converted or long standing converted ( to include the economically converted Russians).

      "Equal rights recognises that both Jews and Palestinians are connected to the land – historically, culturally, religiously. It even recognises that American and Russian born West Bank Settlers, whether we like how they got there or not, also have rights"

      This perhaps is the most disingenuous statement in the article as to put it simply it snopakes the Nakba in much the same way that apologists for Nazism choose to erase the Holocaust.
      Worse still there is an implicit recognition of the "rights" or "legality" of the thefts and dispossessions of native the Palestinians lands , properties and resources by foreigners . He seems to be saying let`s accept what has been done (ie the crimes that have been committed ) as a done deed and the only way to move on is to commit to "equal rights"accept these crimes and make no attempt to address/redress the grievances of the native Palestinians.

      It is I`m afraid Mr. Cohen who is trapped in the"moral cul de sac"and who is not showing the true courage needed move on. He is the one in need of a"paradigm shift" He could and should start by saying that he can`t work with those who continue to advocate support indoctrinate or action the "Jewish" anywhere anyhow "right of return".

  • Israel’s siege on Palestinian music
    • Shouldn`t Thom Yorke be told. That`s the same Thom Yorke who said in response to criticism of Radiohead`s Israel gig:
      "Music, art and academia is about crossing borders not building them, about open minds and not closed ones, about shared humanity, dialogue and freedom of expression"

      No forget it. A waste of time on a waste of space

  • Missing the Mooch: 'we lost a strong supporter of Israel,' says ZOA's Morton Klein
  • Head of American Jewish Committee is Israel's 'Foreign Minister,' said Netanyahu minister
    • @Betty
      "Mondoweiss, as a knee-jerk anti-Israel organization". Proof to support assertion please.

      "because of our concerns for the safety of our relatives in Israel.". So all those American Jews who support Israel have "relatives" in Israel. Is that "related" by "birth" or related by cult membership?

      "This article also states that “Israel killed 500 Palestinian children,” without mentioning that Hamas bombarded Israel with thousands of rockets for years until Israel responded, and that they forced children to stay in buildings that were warned ahead of time to evacuate. Dead bodies are good for Hamas propaganda" Yes it was all just an unfortunate accident - well 500 plus accidents actually including the little kids playing football on the beach and Israel waited for years and years and years and years before responding in the most humane and moral way (think London and the Blitz ) and is entirely blameless and undoubtedly most moral.

      You automatically spew out the most pathetic nonsense to justify the horrendous slaughter visited upon innocent men women and children by your revolting war machine and that is the real knee jerk factor.


  • Jodi Rudoren says Palestinians experience 'apartheid' -- but not in NYT
    • The don`t mess with the Zionist Lobby is also alive and flourishing here in the UK right across the political spectrum. It is like Japanese knotweed. I always knew that the majority of Conservative Party were unashamed sycophants when it came to all things Israel but a recent article enlightened me to the depth of penetration (pun intended) in the good old Freedom Loving Labour Party;

      BTW This is the same Labour Party which apparently is infested with Anti- Semitism. Boy do these Zios love to have their cake and eat it at the same time.

  • Uncritical Jewish identification with oppressive Israeli policies fuels anti-Semitism -- Klug
    • "The columnist Melanie Phillips promotes such a theme in her controversial book Londonistan, where she writes: “the fight against Israel is not fundamentally about land. It is about hatred of the Jews” who, she says, are viewed by Islam as “a cosmic evil”. From this, it follows that the way Israel conducts itself is at most a minor factor in the hostility directed towards it"

      The so called "columnist" is a pathetic certifiable Zionist fruitcake. Watch her in glorious paranoid action ref Iran :

      As with the rest of her Israel first ilk in the West, and she is one of the most loathsome examples here in the UK , they choose to snipe at , criticise and pour scorn upon genuine citizens of the West who have no first loyalty to another country. But for whatever reason she chooses to stay in a country whose citizenry she openly despises. Perhaps its the thought of her nice little earner from the Times for spouting amateur garbage. More likely however is the fear that if she uproots (sic) and moves to her beloved Zioland she will be just another Ziofreak amongst the hordes of Ziofreaks already in situ.

  • Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
    • @Catalan
      "It is nice to know that if someone gets any funny ideas about harming Jews, Israel can take them out"

      Come on Goyim punks make our day !! Hilarious stuff - keep it flowing.

  • 'Transferring' Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy
    • @JackGreen
      "Most American adults believe that they have been protected by a guardian angel so are most American adults certifiable?"

      Are you saying that most Americans when involved in a property dispute ( or any other form of legal dispute including criminal charges ) will plea in court that what they claim/what they did is justifiable because they have a guardian angel.

      Just a quick reminder this is the 21st Century as opposed to the 16th Century. Most Zionists are of course living in a 2nd Century BC biblical bubble. Forget electricity,the internal combustion engine , Americans on the Moon sans guardian angels etc etc. These are all myths. The only realities are blokes building Arks with separate enclosures for separate species and parting seas with the wave of a stick - now that`s what you call reality.

      Sick,pathetic,sad and yes certifiable.

    • @JackGreen
      "If you take the deed to your house & write on the deed that God gave this house to you & God performed various miracles in this house, what you’ve written does not invalidate your deed"

      It certainly makes you certifiable.

    • @JohnSmith
      Thank you for the You Tube video link. Great to see an honest to goodness tell it like it is Aussie facing up to the cowardly racist IDF goons. Compare him with the loathsome creepy lying Regurgitev - I know which one I would rather share a tinnie with.

    • @Jack Green
      "120 people were killed in the Israel/Palestine conflict, yet only Israel is accused of genocide. Please explain"

      Classic whataboutery. Try visualising a situation where the Fuhrer is complaining that only the Germans are accused of genocide whilst claiming that next door Stalin is is doing much worse and no one is complaining.

      It may help you to get your bearings but I have my doubts.

  • Video: Israeli lawmaker says he wants to 'execute' the relatives of Palestinians who killed police officers
    • Is there a special Lebensborn type programme for these cretins in Zioland ? They do seem to be on the increase. Presumably they see themselves as racially superior even to the likes of the Yahoo. He is usually the one pushing to the front to be pictured alongside non - Fascist world leaders ( viz Charlie Hebdo ).
      Or maybe in Hazan`s case it is just a Breaking Bad scenario - does he have a large Winnebago perchance parked in the driveway of his illegal settlement squat?

  • Israel is losing the battle for public opinion thanks to honest journalists, and platforms like Mondoweiss
    • @Nathan
      " It’s very nice that you see a theoretical possibility of recognizing Israel’s legitimacy. You mentioned that Israel should stop occupying the land of others. I interpret this statement as meaning that there is some territory that Israel occupies that is not the land of others. Could you tell me which land that is? Is this the Green Line, or perhaps the Partition Plan? I wonder how many people agree with you that there is some territory under Israel’s control which is her legitimate land"

      For good or bad It was recognised as a state by the UN in 1949 thus it de facto ( ie in fact and not in theory) has international legitimacy. It is also the legitimate land/state of the hundreds of thousands of indigenous Palestinian natives and their descendants who were expelled during the 1947-48 Nakba and who have the right of return. Every day which passes without allowing these legitimate indigenous Palestinians and their descendants to return to their legitimate land de facto undermines the legitimacy of Israel. With regard to the occupied territories the State of Israel has no legitimate control over these and they have never been and never will be a part of the State of Israel in it`s current form and this fact has been acknowledged by the same UN. They may however at some stage become part of a single equal rights for all state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean under whatever given name which would in turn be recognised by the same UN. This latter IMHO will be the inevitable outcome given the ongoing illegitimacy of Israel`s actions and I do not believe that there is realistically any other viable alternative in the future. ERGO I believe in a One State Solution with equal rights for all irrespective of race and religion as per Israel`s Declaration of Independence with no "birthright " rights for non native American,Welsh,Ukrainian,Chinese etc etc foreign Jews.

      Having said all that I have every right to believe , as Echinococcus has said, that the State of Israel as it has evolved is an abomination given its overt human rights abuses, Apartheid practices and Fascist tendencies.

      BTW you are again using the simplistic childish tactic of asking others to somehow state and clarify what they think you believe but for whatever reason you are reluctant to spell out. Please do give me a synopsis of this in the context of Israel`s claim to legitimacy and its future legitimacy.

    • @Annie - thank you for the link to the Parnass article. As Nathan has said I tried the Google models and could not find it. Having said that I am somewhat embarrassed to find that I had read it before and had commented favourably on it but was well worth re-reading as it reflects a rare and encouraging example of an Israeli recognising that her Zionism was based on external and internal brainwashing.

      I still fail to see the connect between the article and your claim that Mondoweiss commentators are dedicated to convincing readers of the"illegitimacy" of Israel as a state. Israel is far and away the leader in this area itself and is doing a great job viz ongoing defiance of UN Resolutions , breaches of the Geneva Conventions , multiple ongoing war crimes , Apartheid practices inc religious discrimination etc In other words it openly flaunts its "illegitimacy" for all the world including Mondoweiss readers and commentators to see.

      As for personally recognising its legitimacy - in common I think with a lot of other MW commentators I have no problems with there being an Israeli state so long as it has inbuilt equality for all of its citizens of whatever race and religion and that there is no ongoing aggressive illegal acquisition and occupation of the lands of others peoples which means compliance with International Law. I believe it is highly unlikely that Israel with its current extremist right wing drift will ever do the latter and ergo with each passing day it is reinforcing its "illegitimacy" without the need for MW or any other site to point out the blindingly obvious.

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