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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • "You live in a negligible, insignificant sheepfold stuck somewhere at the end of the universe: New Zealand”, he writes"

      Illustrates the breathtaking arrogance of braindead Zionists. One of the most beautiful,tolerant
      and peaceful countries in the world compared with the magnificent Zioland is reduced to an "insignificant sheepfold".

      Now even by Zio standards that does take the biscuit. Mr Wohl appears to have all the qualifications necessary to become a n Israeli Diplomat and perhaps in time a top Israeli Government Minister.

  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • @inbound39
      Many thanks for the link. I watched and listened and as ever when listening to this revolting slimeball felt that a might have to fetch the puke bucket. What struck me was that one could quite easily substitute the "Palestinian People" for the "Iranian People" and there would be an almost perfect description of what they are suffering at the hands of the Zionist Israelis. Ahed is the Palestinian version of the "young students" he is referring to.

    • “First of all, at 16, she’s drop dead gorgeous, exhibiting a confounding likeness to an idealized portrait of an Israeli “Sabra”, those post -1947 first generation Israelis ..”

      Could it be quite simply that the most immoral were desperate for a little bit of slap and tickle and all they got was the slap ?

    • @Maghlawatan

      Excellent summation. An increasingly weird cult colony where the vast majority of individuals simply don`t see because they choose not to want to see and this arrogant indifference all the time being encouraged and re - enforced by politicians scrambling desperately to claim the extreme right wing laurels. And as with the Ahed scenario there is forever ad nauseam (ad museum) the predictable claim of being the real "victim".

      Tick tick

  • A most unlikely martyr: matriarch Hamda Zubeidat, killed in the night by stun grenades
    • After 67 and 73 yet another major victory for the brave and most moral soldiers of the IDF. Against all the odds and with limited resources up against a terrifying existentially threatening
      elderly great grandmother they won the day. Their mommies and daddies back in the main colony must be so so so proud of their courageous David like exploits.

  • Writing about what should be done to girls in the dark is incitement to sexual assault -- Shany Littman to Ben Caspit
    • @echinococcus

      If this keeps up they will have to build lots more altars and sacrifice a whole flock of goats.

    • @ritzl

      Perhaps more like an unguarded glimpse into the dark netherworld of Caspit`s own predilections ?

    • “in the case of the [Tamimi] girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras"

      The old adage "if it looks like duck etc" applies here. This sort of comment in a civilised Western society would find the author being investigated for paedophilia. Apparently in Zioland it would suggest paedophilia is not an offence under Zio Martial Law. What an opportunity for those with this particular brand of depravity. An open invitation to the least moral in society - come and serve in the most moral (sick) army in the world. Lots of opportunities to indulge your favourite hobby in the non - occupied West Bank.

      What is truly grotesque is that this revolting piece of garbage does not face up to the stark reality of what he said and at least try some sort of apology. No instead as with most brainwashed cowardly Zios he turns on Littman ( who is quietly stating the blindingly obvious ) and guess what as with most BZios attempts to portray himself as the victim.

      On the plus side Ahed`s case will hopefully open significantly more eyes to the barbarism which is being inflicted on Palestinian children by the IOF under the direction of their war criminal politicians.

  • Israeli court sentences 68-year-old Bedouin citizen to 10 months in prison – for trespassing his own land
    • I don`t see a problem here. There is International Law , the Geneva Conventions , Human Rights Laws , normal civilised western country laws etc etc and then there is Israeli law which overides , negates and puts to shame all other forms of law anywhere in the world as it was handed down directly from the Messiah. All those rabid anti - semites out there who predictably are criticising the actions against this despicable seasoned 68 year old shepherd of course are ignoring the fact that the gentle caring officers of the most moral political authority in the history of the universe did not shoot him on sight. As with all other existentially threatening "infiltrators" he will be treated extremely well in the most sophisticated solitary confinement regime in the entire world and in between bouts of interrogation and humane torture will be allowed to use a luxury flush toilet just like a human being.

  • Israeli lawmaker calls Palestinians visiting relatives in Israeli prison 'beasts' and 'human scum'
    • @Jon S
      "This MK was there protesting the Hamas policy."

      So let me get this straight. He was there not to call the passengers "beasts" and " human scum" but to protest the Hamas policy of not allowing these visits but having boarded the bus he thought what the hell might as well take the opportunity to call them"beasts" and "human scum".???

      Get a life.

  • Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal
    • Gideon Levy ( one of the few remaining lights within Israel) neatly sums up the quandary which Ahed represents for the most moral and their unbelievably moral political leaders:

      "Last Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot Hamed al-Masri, 15, in the head, wounding the unarmed boy from Salfit severely. On Friday, soldiers shot the unarmed Mohammed Tamimi, also 15, in the head, wounding the Nabi Saleh boy severely. Also on Friday, soldiers killed Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a double amputee, shooting him in the head, too. On the same day Ahed Tamimi, 16, stood in the courtyard of her home with her girlfriend and slapped an IDF officer who had invaded her home.

      Israel woke from its slumber angry: How dare she. The three victims of the barbaric shooting didn’t interest Israelis, and the media didn’t even bother to report on them. But the slap (and kick) by Tamimi provoked rage. How dare she slap an IDF soldier? A soldier whose friends slap, beat, abduct and of course shoot Palestinians almost every day.

      She really has chutzpah, Tamimi. She broke the rules. Slapping is permitted only by soldiers. She is the real provocation, not the soldier who invaded her house. She, who had three close relatives killed by the occupation, whose parents have been detained countless times and whose father was sentenced to four months in prison for participating in a demonstration at the entrance to a grocery store – she dared to resist a soldier. Palestinian chutzpah. Tamimi was supposed to fall in love with the soldier who invaded her house, to toss rice at him, but, ingrate that she is, she rewarded him with a slap. It’s all because of the “incitement.” Otherwise she certainly wouldn’t hate her conqueror.

      But there are other sources of the unbridled lust for revenge against Tamimi. (Education Minister Naftali Bennett: “She should finish her life in prison.”) The girl from Nabi Saleh shattered several myths for Israelis. Worst of all, she dared to damage the Israeli myth of masculinity. Suddenly it turns out that the heroic soldier, who watches over us day and night with daring and courage, is being pitted against a girl with empty hands. What’s going to happen to our machismo, which Tamimi shattered so easily, and our testosterone?

      Suddenly Israelis saw the cruel, dangerous enemy they are confronting: a curly-haired 16-year-old girl. All the demonization and dehumanization in the sycophantic media were shattered at once when confronted by a girl in a blue sweater.

      Israelis lost their heads. This is not what they were told. They’re used to hearing about terrorists and terror and murderous behavior. It’s hard to accuse Ahed Tamimi of all that; she didn’t even have scissors in her hands. Where’s the Palestinian cruelty? Where’s the danger? Where’s the evil? You could lose your mind. Suddenly all the cards were reshuffled: For one rare moment the enemy looked so human. Of course you can rely on Israel’s machinery of propaganda and brainwashing, which are so efficient, to assassinate Tamimi’s character soon enough. She too will be labeled a cruel terrorist who was born to kill; it will be said she has no justifiable motives and that there’s no context for her behavior.

      Ahed Tamimi is a heroine, a Palestinian heroine. She succeeded in driving Israelis crazy. What will the military correspondents and right-wing inciters and security experts say? Why good are 8200, Oketz, Duvdevan, Kfir and all these other special units if at the end of the day the IDF is confronting a helpless civilian population that is tired of the occupation, embodied by a girl with a kaffiyeh on her shoulder?

      If only there were many more like her. Maybe girls like her will be able to shake Israelis up. Maybe the intifada of slappings will succeed where all other methods of resistance, violent and non-violent, have failed.

      Meanwhile Israel has reacted the only way it knows how: a nighttime abduction from her home and detention with her mother. But in his heart of hearts, every decent Israeli likely knows not only who is right and who isn’t, but also who is strong and who is weak. The soldier armed from head to toe who invades a house that doesn’t belong to him, or the unarmed girl defending her home and her lost honor with her bare hands, with a slap?"

    • I may have missed something but I can`t find any Yahoo comments on Ahed - you know the sort of thing = eg inspired by Iran. Surprising because Herr Lieberman,Gruppenfuhrer Bennett, ridiculous Regev etc are out there calling for her to be jailed for life in solitary (with or without night time re-education visits) etc and he is usually scrambling like hell to keep up with their brand of Fascism. Please don`t tell me he has given up the chase. It has been such a hoot listening to the scripted crap he spews.

    • "As this article is being written, it has been announced that Ahad Tamimi’s custody has been extended by four days. Just as I had originally thought that it was best to arrest her quietly, I now believe that it is unnecessary to keep her for so long in custody.”

      Well perhaps just one more night ?

  • New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi
    • Apparently the court (LOL) has extended her detention. The Israeli "Police" apparently argued successfully(sic) that she "poses a danger". They obviously have seen the video of the terrifying Goliath like Ahed slapping the courageous lightly armed IDF soldiers in an existentially threatening manner and are s...ting their pants at the thought of themselves (even more lightly armed) being brutally slapped. And their mommies and daddies in turn will be so worried about them. Bless !

      These Zionist morons really have no idea how ugly , bizarre , grotesque and medieval they have become. Can`t wait for the full force pariah status waiting in the wings for them once the civilised world (exc Trumpica) are obliged to confront an overtly Apartheid state.

    • IDF the most moral etc (puke).I wonder do they vet for "immoral tendecies" - I doubt it. Must be like heaven on earth for the paedophiles in their ranks.

  • Israel has transferred Ahed Tamimi to three different detention facilities in the last five days even though she has not yet been charged with a crime
    • Ahed is obviously in Zio eyes well up there with the Ayatollahs in terms of being an existential threat to Zioland. She presents them with a bit of a quandary though. She actually looks well European and the colonists can`t have that. Surprised that as part of her thoroughly most moral interrogation process they haven`t dyed her hair more of an Arab ( ie "terrorist" ) shade of black together with appropriate make up. Dammit the world is seeing a fragile obviously sleep deprived blond European looking sixteen year old child and even some of those people out there who up till now have blindly supported Jews as the eternal victims will be thinking this can`t be right - it looks well quite frankly it looks like a Nazi show trial with the unique Zioland feature of the person in the dock being a minor.

      Dig in Aled. Keep the faith. The civilised world is on your side and the Nazi scumbags who are brutalising you will in due course pay their price just as the Nazis did.

      Tell your relatives and friends about Aled and what these Israeli scumbags are subjecting her to. Help to educate them about the true reality of the"Light unto the Nations"


  • 'We should exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi 'in the dark,' Israeli journalist says
    • @DaBakr
      "Ahed is seasoned. She knows she’ll be treated well in detention". Wow well I never would have thought ! Are you saying that the most moral , chosen etc etc(puke) have seen the light and Ahed will get access to a solicitor and be able to see her family - you know the sort of things which are normal and legal rights in a civilised Western society as in "treated well" ? No wait a minute I forgot Zioland of course is not a civilised society it is shitty little Quasi - Nazi cult colony in the Middle East rapidly regressing to the Stone Age.

    • " Then Regev was “shocked to see the video this morning of Palestinians hitting an IDF soldier,” adding that, “It cannot be that our soldiers will be sent on missions with their hands tied behind their backs. It’s simply a disgrace!….We must immediately order that a soldier under attack be able to return fire. Period.” ”

      Quite right too . The Waffen SS didn`t have to put up with that sort of thing - why should we ?

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • A dark day for humanity has dawned. Israel the light unto the nations , the greatest democracy in the world ( with BTW far and away the most moral army in the history of the world) has announced its withdrawal from UNESCO:
      The Israeli UNESCO envoy accused the body of "diplomatic terrorism" bordering on "anti - semitism". He presumably was so terrified when he attended UNESCO gatherings that he almost incited himself.

      OMG what is UNESCO / the world/the universe going to do without the guiding cultural light which is ZioFascism.

      Of course the decision has nothing whatsoever to do with Loony Donald`s recent US withdrawal from UNESCO

  • How Palestinians can transform statelessness into strength
    • "The pursuit of equal rights is the only mechanism for transforming statelessness into strength. That ought to be a goal that the Palestinians can coalesce around"

      Absolutely but part of the process has to be the dissolution of the farcical Vichy Palestinian Authority. The " PA leadership " have been spinning out this "Authority as transition to state" charade for 22 years ever since Oslo 2 despite relentless year on year evidence that Israel (backed by its lackey America) had and have no intention of allowing anything remotely resembling a Palestinian state to come into existence. The US "recognition" of Jerusalem as Israel`s capital has in fact done the Palestinian people as opposed to the Palestinian "leadership" a huge favour by laying bare the reality of America as any form of independent broker. IMHO there is now no other card to play in the so called "peace process" other than the one state solution card.

      The message to the Palestinian people from their supporters throughout the civilised world not least via websites such as Mondoweiss must be that you the Palestinians have the greatest qualitative edge weapon in your grasp - a straightforward claim for equal rights and full citizenship backed by the simple evidence of demographics.

      As with South Africa there will further oppression , suppression and brutality but as with South Africa an end will soon be in sight.


  • Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN
    • @John O
      "Yep. There just has to be a sinister group of people of Semitic origin secretly pulling the strings and making the whole world dance to their tune"

      Coming soon to a bookshop near us all first edition of "The Protocols of the Elders Of Palestine"

      Can`t wait.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
    • Your lands will be my lands.
      Your house will be my house.
      Your olive trees will be my olive trees.
      Your water will be my water.
      Your wealth will be my wealth.
      Your capital will be my capital.
      Your misfortune will be my happiness.
      And if you resist, you're a terrorist

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • Right on cue the odious Michael Oren has popped up with a dynamic two birds with one stone solution:

      So withdrawal from the UN. Eviction of UN staff (who will be delighted with his description of them). Seizing of the building and compound using Mandate or Jordanian Laws no doubt and making it the new US Embassy complete with a floodlit golf driving range for when loony Donald visits.

      All those nutcase Fascist Zios which the Yahoo has to scramble to keep up with. I think Oren is certainly neck and neck with Herr Gruppenfuhrer Bennett.

    •  "Jerusalem is our capital, always was and always will be. But I do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refuse to participate in this theater of the absurd," the premier charged in a live Facebook video
      read more:
      Thus speaketh the Yahoo. Do so wish he would back this up with a formal withdrawal of Zioland from the "absurd theatre" He can perhaps begin to set up a Zioland inspired UN of his own using some of that 4 billion per annum US taxpayers money to fund the likes of Micronesia in their membership bid as well as the rest of those "growing number of countries". I suspect however he hasn`t got the balls.As for Trump , Haley and Co "threatening " to reduce funding to non puppet countries so much the better. It starkly illustrates just how subservient the " greatest democracy in the world"(after Zioland) has become to the Fifth Columnist Zionist lobby in the US.

      And if the mad Donald follows through with his threat to reduce funding to the UN even better. Now he is all balls and no brain so it is a possibility.

      Tick tick

  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • @Jon66
      "They de-escalated the situation until such time as they could arrest the assailant with minimal risk of injury to others"

      Ha ha. HaHaHa. HaHaHaHa. HAAAAAAAAAAA. OMG where are the tissues. These Fascist Ziogoons couldn`t de-escalate a kettle without significant qualitative edge back up. And given the recent studies on the use of rubber bullets they were probably under orders from ZioCommandCentral(Shaked Unit) not to use these second preference "crowd of three Palestinian teenage girls" control weapons (first preference of course in terms of incremental ethnic cleansing being live rounds)

      You are obviously getting out even less.

  • Team Trump adds insult to injury for the Palestinians
    • A measured and understated analysis.Particularly appropriate is the fact that the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel`s capital has completely torpedoed the 2SS by stating that it is time to recognise this as a "reality". It automatically ushers in in due course the overwhelming reality which is that there there will never be and there never was intended to be as far as the Israelis are concerned a Palestinian State west of the Jordan. Yes The US , certainly Abbas and his cronies and to a lesser extent the European Union and individual European states will let the farce of "peace negotiations leading to a two state settlement " drag on for a little while longer but we are now in an end game situation. As Jonathan has pointed out the calls on the Palestinian street from the younger generation in particular will be for equal rights in this new state with Jerusalem as its capital .Well it`s not as if all those Zionists weren`t warned.

  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • @DGF
      " an agreed union of the two existing states"
      Others have got there before me to point out the absurdity of this statement. There are no "two existing states". There is a Zionist State which has descended into Fascism controlling and suffocating on a daily basis an "Authority" which it set up (aided and abetted by Zionist controlled America) as a pseudo legitimate cover for ongoing control and suffocation of the native population and incremental theft of their lands.. The aim was ,is and always will be as far as Zionists are concerned a full takeover of Palestine. In terms of land they are well on their way to achieving this. The major and insurmountable problem which they have as a result of their blind arrogance created for themselves is that the indigenous owners of the land have not given up and abandoned their land despite the barbarism being inflicted on them on a daily basis by occupying foreigners. They did not give up , they do not give up and they will never give up and most frustrating of all for the Zionists is that they keep breeding. So the options for the Zionists are as follows.
      1) Genocide = not possible AD 2017
      2) Full scale ethnic cleansing = not possible AD 2017 plus to where and how ?
      3) Mass sterilisation = the mini trial with Ethiopian Jewish women didn`t work out well.
      4) Continuation of the status quo = not possible , PA about to implode , BDS on the rise and overt Apartheid = South Africa Mark 2 but in the digital era much much more punitive in terms of clinical international isolation.

      Added to this is the fact that Zionists mentally have not moved on from the "hubris" of 1967.
      They really do think that they are inviolate with or without their puppet America. Times and military capabilities have changed with or without their may have may not have nuclear arsenal.

      As for your England/Scotland scenario "an agreed union of the two existing states". I sense that your intentions are well motivated but Cloud Cuckoo land I`m afraid.

      The only game left in town IMHO is an Apartheid Israel followed by total international isolation followed by a single state with a significant Palestinian majority ( once all the Brooklyn etc dual passport holders have jumped ship and abandoned their biblical Disneyworld). Oh and yes I do realise that there probably will be a lot of horrors and bloodshed as this unfolds - as for blame well not for sure the victims of the crimes the Palestinians.

    • @DGF
      "If there is to be a two-state solution"
      No offence intended but:

      The 2ss is now seriously fake news as the great Fakir in Chief would say.

  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • @Jack Green
      "Also, let’s remember that 6 million Jews died because majority-Christian & majority-Muslim countries refused to take in Jewish refugees"

      I thought Hitler had some part in this - perhaps I was wrong. And if some or all of the African refugees who are "returned to their home countries" or are "exported" as commodities to other countries are killed that will have nothing of course to do with Herr Yahoo.

  • 'Leftist' Israeli general threatens to 'tear the Palestinians apart' and 'toss them across the Jordan'
    • No doubt this repulsive Nazi will be first in line when it comes to loading the Palestinians into /onto the cattle trains or boats. Hey and if the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel object and protest he will be first in line to load them up too. And all this presupposing that Jordan/Lebanon will stand idly by and allow these hundreds of thousands/millions to be "tossed" into their countries. Typical grotesque Zionist arrogance - all presupposing that American high tech aerial weaponry will win the day. He and his fellow right wing crazies ( there is no longer a left or centre politics in Zioland ) really do live in the past. Of course Zioland can be defeated and will be defeated because when all is said and done it is nothing more than a shitty little artificial cult colony surrounded by a huge swathe of humanity which rightly loathes them. Short of outright genocide of Holocaust proportions (from the air that is - mano el mano is a thing of the past for the pampered most moral) Zioland is basically screwed by virtue of simple demographics and yes they deserve what`s coming to them.

  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
  • Only grassroots activism and global solidarity can bring justice to Palestine
    • @catalan
      "Fair enough. How do we get to push nations to do stuff though? And which nations do we push? In other words, do Americans push China? Or everyone sticks to their own nation? Are we talking about phone calls?"
      Have to agree with you on this one. The most which one can expect from the West and other nations (exc Trumpland) is a continuation of the "not helpful to peace crap" which they have wheeled out every time the Yahoo and Co commit a blatant breach of International (and to an extent supposed Israeli domestic)laws. They will not IMHO depart from their stated position on the issue of Urusalima and the settlements as this would destroy any credibility which they have in the I/P confict.
      No the catalyst(no pun intended) I believe will be the implosion of the farcical PA in the face of their complete lack of credibility in the eyes of the younger generation of Palestinians and hopefully in the very near future a push by these younger Palestinians through peaceful street protests for a single state with equal rights for all between the Jordan and the sea. The Zionists worst nightmare is waiting patiently in the wings - soon to be centre stage.
      The role of us in the civilised West in the meantime should be to support and enhance BDS.

      Tick tick

    • Those who oppose Zionism and its morphing into a weird theocratic Fasscism should be aware of what and who they are up against:

      It is worth noting that this psychotic creature , Bennett , is actually to the right! of the Yahoo and that he , Bennett , and his fellow travellers Regev,Shaked etc are the future of Israel. Scary.

  • How corporate media tacitly justify the murder of Palestinian children
    • @kma
      “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

      Remembering those lovely humane heartbreaking words from Madame Golda Meir one of Zioland`s most cherished and revered Fascists. Brings tears no doubt to Zio eyes everytime.

      Perhaps the new broom regime in Saudi Arabia might need some Zio tuition in basic maternal and paternal instincts and love for their offspring before they can have peace with the only people on the almighty`s earth who truly love their children

  • 'Will the protesters turn violent?' Deconstructing the media's view of Palestine
    • It is perhaps worth pointing out that the name "Jerusalem" stems not from "Jews" "Jewry" or"Judaism". I think that there may be are a lot of people throughout the world who make this assumption and also assume that the city was first populated and built by Jews. This is certainly an impression which Zionist propagandists are happy to go along with. The original name was Urusalima and was given at around 2400 BCE as a reference to the city as being the "City of Shaleem", Shaleem being a Canaanite God.Incoming Semitic peoples inc those practicing the cult of Judaism appear to have melded and yes OMG assimilated ! into the existing Canaanite population and the rest is mostly well made up Zionist history.

      BTW It is important to focus on Jerusalem as being a Holy site for the three Abrahamic religions = Christians approx 2.5 billion / Muslims approx 1.6 billion and Jews approx 14 million. So in terms of straightforward demographic rights it would be first claim Christians , second claim Muslims and in an extremely distant third position Jews ( including Sheldon Adelson , AIPAC et al).

  • The world's anger toward Trump gives Palestinians a clear path for action
    • I agree that ongoing BDS is the way forward and it is biting - ergo the frantic Zionist campaign to delegitimize what they simultaneously claim it be a failure. However IMHO the one and only way forward for the Palestinians is a clearly stated abandonment of the ludicrous two state solution farce ( as in zero sovereignty , multiple Bantustans,zero border controls , zero control of airspace, multiple IDF checkpoints ,zero control of aquifers - the list is endless ). A declaration by PA leaders that their policy is now one of a peaceful pursuit of a single state with equal rights for all would knock the stuffing out of Zionist Israel and cause panic in Zionist America. Full frontal in your face Apartheid would of naturally follow along with a significant emigration of OMG what have I let myself in for Aliyahites. Then BDS bigtime as with South Africa and well we know how that ended.

  • Photos: 'Day of Rage' rocks Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza after Trump's Jerusalem announcement
    • All those millions of Zio Goliaths spoon fed on American qualitative edge weaponry who really do still see themselves as Davids - sad,sick,psychotic.

  • Palestinian officials say, Trump 'destroyed' the two-state solution
    • Now if you want to have real laugh you can read Mad Melanie Phillips take on the Daffy Donald`s Jerusalem decision.
      Total logic inverted Ziobollocks from beginning to end = the Palestinians have been brazenly manipulating Britain and Europe all along and we in Britain and Europe with the exception of Jewish visionaries like herself have simply been gormless idiots going along with their grand strategy including Theresa May who is "so stupid". Did you copy that Theresa? Mad Mel thinks that you are " so stupid" - perhaps you should hold that thought when you give your next speech at a CFI event.

      WTF is this creature still polluting our country ? Because like a lot of other Israel Firsters she waxes lyrical about her wonderful moral ancient historic crap crap crap homeland and its wonderful civilised moral democracy and brave moral armed forces but if challenged on why if it is such her one and only she isn`t living there she will curl up into an eternally victimised ball and cry,weep and wail on cue about "anti - Semitism". Truth is she has a nice cushy little life here in " Anti - Semitic " Britain and quite simply is all mouth and no trousers.

    • "4 hours ago – President Donald Trump’s slurred words during a speech announcing his controversial decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem are being dismissed by the White House as the result of a dry throat. “His throat was dry. There’s nothing to it,” Raj Shah, White House spokesman, told NBC …

      Problem solved, the white house said so"

      Au contraire mon brave. I think a fart got stuck in his throat.

    • "Given that Jerusalem is in fact historically, presently and legally Israel’s capital, the decision by many countries not to formally recognise this has been an act of post-truth petulance"

      Post truth petulance ? Post truth petulance ? Post truth petulance ? WTFIT ? Is it it prescription only or can you get it over the counter ? Sounds as if this idiot has just staggered out of a Zio drinks party and is suffering from Post Hasbara Flatulence.

    • Bitterly cold weather forecast here in the UK in the next couple of days. Time to put on the keffiyeh to keep out the cold and send out a message of warmth to Palestinians under the Zionist jackboot.

  • Trump just 'pushed the two-state solution over the cliff'
    • Coming soon and you heard it first on Mondoweiss ? - the Yahoo`s second non pre-condition precondition for face to face "peace" negotiations with the Palestinians = Palestinian recognition of Urusalima as the undivided capital of Israel close on the heels of the classic non - precondition precondition of Palestinian recognition of Israel as a "Jewish" state.

    • @Emet
      "Go read Bill Clintons take on Camp David 2000 and start learning what the Palestinians are really like"

      Is it anything like his "take" on Monica Lewinsky as in "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" etc etc?

      As for the supposed "cliff" the two state solution which for whatever reason you refer to as the two state "option" was from day one a Zionist scam at the bottom of a cliff. The good news is that Zionist are so full of themselves that they don`t recognise when they have scammed themselves triumphantly into a one way no way back cul de sac.One state solution option call it what you like that is the only process left other than mass genocide and/or ethnic cleansing which might be messy and bloody and well Nazi like.

      BTW Pictures of Jerusalem (Urusalima) have featured heavily in the media recently for obvious reasons and the eyes are invariably drawn to the eternal symbol of Urusalima the glorious golden topped Dome of the Rock identifying Urusalima as a holy Muslim city. Now that they have their "eternal" undivided Jewish Urusalima capital the Ziofreaks will very soon
      become seriously pissed off and no doubt be focusing their wailing guns on this anomaly.
      Demolition teams on standby perhaps waiting for the nod from Daffy Donald. Screw the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO like all other International Institutions including the UN are terminally biased against poor long suffering eternally victimised tiny Israel except when they say nice things about Israel in which case they are respected International Bodies which must be heeded.

      Tick tick.

    • “President Trump has delivered a message to the Palestinian people: the two-state solution is over. Now is the time to transform the struggle for one-state with equal rights for everyone living in historic Palestine, from the river to the sea,” Erekat said. ”

      So when is the PA going to formally announce that they are stepping down and "are formally handing back the keys" ie dissolving the sham Palestinian "Authority".

      This is the only logical next step in a " one state/equal rights" process.

  • A majority of one is pushing for embassy move -- Sheldon Adelson
    • "The U.S. State Department issued a cable to all its diplomatic posts worldwide on Wednesday asking its officials to defer non-essential travel to Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank until December 20, according to a copy of the cable seen by Reuters.
      "Embassy Tel Aviv and Consulate General Jerusalem request that all non-essential visitors defer their travel to Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank from December 4-December 20, 2017," said the cable, which did not specify a reason for the request.
      read more:

      Can`t be long before even the braindead right wing goons running the show in Zioland realise that visits of any kind to Muslim countries or countries with significant numbers of Muslims ( inc "essential" ones ) have become inherently dangerous.

      I fear for the minority of moral and honest Israeli Jews who genuinely want (wanted now ) a reciprocal peace deal and whose lives and livelihoods will be compromised by this lunacy. I hope that they realise that the time to get out of this miserable little Fascist Apartheid state has come. As for the right wing adult Jewish Israeli majority they will deserve what they are going to get. I fear only for the children which they have brought into their warped Chosen People / Chosen Land fantasy world.

      The ones ultimately responsible for this and the consequences are the AIPAC Elders and their bought and bent "supporters" in the US Congress and the US senate

      Next Zioloony move will be on the Al Asqa mosque compound. When foreigners picture Jerusalem IMHO the immediate image conjured up is this Muslim image. The Zioloonies won`t rest until it is demolished and some sort of Disneyland Temple is put there in its place.

      As for the UK. Theresa May has failed to condemn the move outright. Only mealy mouthed expressions of "concern" and continued support for the 2SS mirage. Still she is going to phone the idiot Donald and put her foot down (not).

      Tick tick

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • @ejay
      Must be something going on behind the scenes - the twit isn`t tweeting on this one. Oh wait a minute it isn`t in the US yet. Still lots of time and of course if the brown stuff hits the fan tomorrow he can always do his Trumpersault 360 and blame it all on biased media and their fake news.

  • Human rights groups call on 'Giro' to move start of 2018 bike race from occupied Jerusalem
    • @JosephA
      I think following mad Donald`s Jerusalem announcement the security situation will have changed dramatically and there will be a call from civilised western countries for their citizens to avoid all non essential travel to Zioland ( Giro races are not essential). In many ways it might be worth seeing - how many "terrorist" punctures can a Grand Tour event survive?

  • Saban praises Kushner for trying to sandbag the Obama administration at the UN
    • Blatant full frontal in your face dual loyalties and the only thing allowing this abscess to continue to fester is the complicity of the redundant Abbas and his PA cronies whose nice little earners , foreign jollies and expensive homes depend on keeping the 2SS farce alive. When I say alive perhaps " mummified " would be more appropriate. The PA should perhaps be retitled PAA as in "Piss All Authority" or "Piss All Achieved".

      The sooner it implodes the better and with it the charade of direct negotiations leading to a two state solution.

      The single overtly Apartheid state being openly marketed by Bennett , Shaked , Regev and all of the other crazed right wing racist loonies in Israel is about to take centre stage. They along with the Bouncer are just waiting for the appropriate moment to push the old man Yahoo off the cliff. It must be hilarious for them watching him desperately playing catch up.

  • War rumblings continue, as Netanhayu says Iran is another Nazi Germany
    • I am still confused on this one. Shouldn`t the Yahoo be claiming blatant anti - Semitism by the producers of the video. ? It is titled "A video Message from Prime Minister of the State of Israel " and not "A video Message from Prime Minister of the JEWISH State of Israel".

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
  • Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for 'everyone's child,' killer Elor Azarya
    • I imagine there were quite a few"medics" in the SS who shot defenceless innocent Jews in the head. Their actions were war crimes. Poor little genocidal Elor was only doing what Nazis did so tha`s OK then. Let the poor "child" go so he can bless the world further with his compassionate medical skills.

      Perversely I do hope that the poor wee thing does get his pardon. It will further open the eyes to the civilised world about just how Nazi Zionist Israel has become. I suppose the only other "medical" treatment available to little Elor would have been to pour some petrol down the wounded Palestinian`s throat and set fire to him. This latter appears to be a favourite amongst Israeli Zionists as in lighting up another nation and all that.

      Perhaps BDS should be looking closely at targeting hospitals,medical institutions,medical research centres which are co operating with Israeli counterparts. I have yet to see anywhere a specific statement from the Israeli side including the Medical Association and the prosecution of a "medics " duty being to tend to the injured or wounded as would have been the case in a civilised Western country.

      Perhaps the most moral " medics" take a hypocritic as opposed to a hippocratic oath ?

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • Hot off the press. President Rivlin has invited the soon to be newly- weds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to honeymoon in Israel ( the world`s one and only borderless Promised Land ).
      Well it has been a bit quiet on the major earthquake sentence recently so no "humanitarian" PR opportunities for those 24/7 response teams and any PR port in a storm as they say .

      Presumably Prince Harry and Ms Markle if they take up this wonderful heart felt offer will get the full sanitised treatment with all Israeli Arabs and Palestinians under 0000 hrs to 2400 hrs curfew for the duration of the proposed visit and perhaps a huge temporary shroud wrapped around the Dome of the Rock.

    • "And are we going to ask, if we do, why is it that in North Africa, where the indigenous people were the Berbers and then the Jews– Arabs came from the Arabian peninsula and occupied and conquered those nations?"

      Well would you Adam and Eve it ! I never realised that the "Jews" were the indigenous people of North Africa.

      And I never realised that the Bible was the most widely read work of fiction in the history of the world. I thought that was The Chronicles of Narnia - seems it wasn`t necessarily so.

    • And while I am at it Mr. Trump you can take your $4billion a year and stuff it up your rear.

  • African refugees - how dare you invade the Jewish State?
    • Just wondering if any of the $3 billion sorry $4 billion per annum of US taxpayers "military aid" money is actually being diverted to this wonderful humanitarian Zio scheme. Then again I suppose by default it must be. On the plus side though the 24/7 Zio PR catastrophe relief teams are on their marks and all set to go to Rwanda to assist those poor souls ( ex infilltators ) who may be caught up in an earthquake( the ones that have survived being forcibly returned).

  • Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite
    • Nil Desperandum Tzipi. At least one handsome fellow Ortho thinks that you really are hot and lovely ( in an Ortho way you understand )

      Like you it appears that he much prefers reading and interpreting fiction and nodding against stone walls as opposed to uughh putting on a uniform and "fighting" for the Promised Land or any other land for that matter.
      The two of you should get together. Perhaps create a new Ortho- only Facebook. You will have to cover your hair though and make sure your dress/skirt is at achilles level,minimal exposed skin and absolutely no make up. Well judging by the article his testosterone levels are already sky high just thinking about you and we wouldn`t want any embarrassing scenes.

  • Shutting PLO office in DC could shut down Kushner-Greenblatt peace effort, Palestinian official warns
    • Sooner the better. It will further hasten the end of the Vichy Abbas regime and the ongoing farce of " peace negotiations" and "the two state solution". One state , initially an Apartheid State and then eventually one state with equal rights for all. And hey presto a sudden change in the demographics with no new Brooklyn Jews arriving and lots of Brooklyn Jews leaving disgusted at the mere thought of being treated as equal to filthy Arabs and no longer being able to swan around with their little Glocks and doing their John Wayne impressions. Just a question of time.

      Tick tick.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
  • No way to treat a child
    • @Kay24
      "To your point remember this menacing Palestinian boy and how afraid the IDF was of him?
      They certainly look terrified here"

      To be fair the little snake could have had life threatening pebbles concealed in his underpants and the most moral well they were being their usual most moral. And so brave ! This was during the day and not under cover of darkness. Their mommies and daddies must be so proud of their heroic endeavours against these terrifying 8 year olds.

      "How was work today darling". "Difficult mommie very difficult we had to disarm,disable and neutralise a brutal life threatening 8 yr old who could have killed us at any moment with an Iranian supplied pebble. But 20 of us working in coordination managed the assignment without sustaining any casualties. I feel so proud to be in the uniform of the most moral country in the history of civilisation". "Well good for you son and I hope that the interrogation and the torture will teach these filthy little Arab s..ts their place".

    • @Jack Green
      Yes it really is a bind.What with those brutal totally immoral heavily armed Palestinian storm troopers breaking down their doors at 3.a.m dragging them from their beds detaining them for days without access to their parents,solicitors food , water,toilets etc.

      I suppose you will be saying next that they have actually suffered more than the the 500 children who were KILLED in Protective Edge because the noise of firecrackers will have left them with permanent mental scars as opposed to being dead and not having to suffer from these terrible terrible scars.

      I know what you are about to say - human shields , Hamas is to blame and all that Zio crap but then again sauce for the goose and following the spirit of the well tried and tested Zio script trauma it is arguable that this can only be expected if Zionists use their children as human shields in these dangerous war zone border areas.

      My parents and their families and relations went through the Blitz ( you know the one where the Nazis were dropping big big big bombs on cities throughout the UK ) Hundreds were killed and thousands of children suffered from REAL bombings. No whinging and whining and eternal victimisation moaning from them. They just got on with life and they would be disgusted by your revolting hypothesis comparing the Nazi type brutality visited on defenceless Palestinian children on a daily/nightly basis by the elite IDF child snatching brigades to the scrambling to the nearest air raid shelter by heavily protected Israeli children with their parents and families in close attendance.

      Zio hypocrisy at its world leading finest.

    • @Mayhem
      "terror related activities" = throwing stones at heavily armed soldiers who are occupying their lands. OMG the most moral must be quaking in their boots everytime they go out "on patrol" in their armored jeeps. Oh the terror the terror the terror . Nightmares about pebbles falling from the sky . Sleepless nights anti depressants one to one counselling etc etc It`s only their world leading morality which keeps them insane.

  • It's my 'Jewish duty' to put aside differences with Trump and advocate for Israel, says CEO of American Jewish Committee
    • It`s all very clear now. It`s not a question of dual loyalty , primary loyalty to a foreign state,being effectively an overt fifth column. It`s all about " Jewish duty " overriding anything and everything when it comes to poor , eternally victimised , eternally threatened Zioland.

      And Americans simply ignore it when these arrogant clowns basically state that they are or are prepared to be traitors if Zioland`s interests are at stake ??!!

  • Israeli Labor sells out African refugees, as 'infiltrators'
    • Please don`t forget the victims in all of this - no silly not the "cancerous" infiltrators no the poor long suffering Jewish Israelis.

  • Israel to deport 40,000 African asylum seekers 'without their consent,' many to Rwanda
    • On the positive side Zioland has its elite disaster relief PR units on 24/7 standby to respond to humanitarian crises worldwide (even if they are told they are not needed) so if Rwanda and / or Uganda is struck by earthquakes the true caring sharing loving face of Zionist Judaism will be on display for all to see.

      BTW Will these deportees need to have identification symbols on their clothing as they are rounded up and forced into the cattle trucks - sorry that should be forced onto the planes.
      Just wondering.

  • Soldier-medic-killer Elor Azarya is denied pardon by Israeli president
    • @amigo
      "Nothing quite like a zionist tear jerker"
      Yup poor young Elor ( the"medic" = as in priority being to save lives in normal civilised societies) was merely following the IDF most moral yawn yawn code when he shot the defenceless Palestinian at point blank range in the head. I am surprised that Zioland hasn`t yet minted a special award medal for above and beyond the call of morality actions by their brave young boots on the ground Fascists. Perhaps that delight is still to come.

  • 'Struggle for basic rights within binational state has begun and we will win' --Shulman in 'NYRB'
    • @Nathan
      "You can take a walk over to the nearest library, and there you’ll find a book entitled “The History of the Jewish People”

      I`ll probably find a copy of the "protocols of the Elders of Zion" in the same library. I am a non fiction buff myself but do like the occasional fiction read. It would be interesting to compare the two ie works of fiction.
      "Judaism is an abstract idea. Hence, it is not a group of human beings that see themselves as sharing some common heritage or descent"
      You are spinning rapidly to the point where you will disappear up your own rear end.

      So Jewish "people" all of a sudden don`t practice Judaism ?

      "Your use of the term Judaism as if it is a person is manipulative and dishonest"
      Sob sob sob sob sob. Presumably my use of the terms Christianity,Islam,Hinduism is fine though because they are not" people" whereas the non Judaistic Jews are.

    • @Nathan
      "including the Jews as one of those two nations in Palestine"

      I suppose a lifetime of self ,educational institute and synagoge brainwashing will lead in the majority of the individuals affected to a state of psychotic fixation which is virtually impossible to undo. Still those of us with reasonably unpolluted intellects must keep trying as in every little bit helps to fight the brutality which Judaism ( in its Zionist form) continues to inlfict on innocent Palestinian victims through the empowerment of its fanaticism.

      I say Judaism so you may already have a clue as to where I am heading:
      Judaism is a religion not a "nation"
      Christianity is a religion not a"nation"
      Islam is a religion not a "nation"
      Buddhism is a religion not a "nation"
      Hinduism is a religion not a "nation"
      The list goes on and on and on.

      I hope this reassures those 6 Million odd "American" Jews who may have to apply for citizenship of their own nation if the loony tune Zios continue to promote this mad mullah standard fanaticism.

    • @Yonah Fredman

      "Neither has reached the point of ceasing to demand that the next step is two states " .
      Grateful for a quick update. I am assuming that you are still an advocate for the 2SS and still against the 1SS (be it the Apartheid version or the full citizenship and equal rights for all version).
      In view of the fact that the West Bank is currently still being gobbled up by settlements etc etc and East Jerusalem is still being demographically re - engineered can you describe in basic detail your supposed second state for the Palestinians please . Oh and please include your views on the basic sovereignty rights for this second state you know the kind of stuff that a state is supposed to have - and the ones so intrinsic to the Zionist dream of Jewish state.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • "Light unto the Nations". I think not - more like "S..te unto the Nations"

      I am surprised that they haven`t patented some of their "covert" ethnic cleansing methodology. Still I suppose they are currently on a nice little earner from the Burmese whilst shunting out their pathetic disaster relief PR machine as the classic clumsy Ziodistraction.

  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • @Hophmi
      "Says the guy who lives in the country of Australia, who successfully perpetrated a genocide against its indigenous population in the world where there are literally dozens of Muslim states"

      Just an obvious point but one you you may not have thought of being so engrossed in the Hasbara whataboutery script. Check your screen and you will see that we are in the year 2017.
      Not 1850 .You can double check this on your digital watch ( digital get it !!) if you so wish.

      BTW did you accidentally skip through a couple of pages in your Hasbara script whilst in the throes of whataboutery fever. WTF is the link between the 19th Century (another hint) colonisation of Australia and the fact there are "literally dozens of Muslim states" in the world.

      You should really get out more. A bit of fresh air might do you the power of good.

    • Fascinating to watch these American Israeli Firsters twisting themselves in Hasbara knots in their "defences" of their ancient , current and forever homeland. BDS must be giving them sleepless nights and, in the case of the likes of Decrepit Dersh`s new found buddy Bannon, severe headaches.

  • Netanyahu uses Iranian earthquake to praise Israeli 'humanity' and denounce Iranian 'hatred'
    • It`s a well known fact that the ICRC along with a host of other International Institutions are blatantly Anti - Semitic and hopelessly biased against the Ancient Homeland and when they dispute Zioland claims they are lying except when they appear to support Zioland claims when they are miraculously transformed into respected International Institutions.

      As for the Yahoo. True compassion would have been to state something to the effect that Israelis lament the tragedy and loss of life and simply advise that the offer of assistance is still there and will be provided if asked for. As a lying hypocritical arrogant Hasbara spewing scumbag he is of course totally incapable of either true compassion or true statesmanship.

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • "We have an opportunity. We’re living in a generation and a period of renaissance where we have Israel and we cannot take it for granted. Because we have Israel, we can use it as a classroom"

      Sounded familiar:


    • "When it comes to political action, I see all too often– we find a member of congress, we donate the maximum amount and that’s it. We write a check and then we walk away. We expect them to vote our way. Sometimes they don’t. We can’t do that anymore"

      Poor dears sounds as if they are beginning to realise that it is no longer simply a question of "buying" politicians you know as per that once all powerful Jewish / Israeli lobby in America ( the existence of which I thought was previously held to be a blatant anti - semitic slur by the likes of Mr.Hosier). No no they have now got to actually go out there and defend the indefensible and to explain the inexplicable. Why can`t these braindead Yankees simply continue to take our money and do our bidding. It`s becoming so tedious and time consuming.

      As for the delightful Mr.Brummer seems to me that he is clearly a supporter of the one apartheid state solution. Having said that is it wise to give credence to a lunatic who talks of hitting people with carrots.

      Loved his "come on punk make my day " price tag comment.

  • Target Hezbollah
    • "So, now they will target Hezbollah to target Iran"

      I assume that targeting Hezbollah means carpet bombing Lebanon in its entirety having carefully excluded all civilian locations and infrastructures with the exception of the 100 % which are being deployed as "human shields". Zioland doesn`t do "wars" any more just the occasional remote and totally safe aerial bombing to satisfy egos and blood lusts. The last" war" they attempted in Lebanon in 2006 left them with severely bloodied noses and a sense of oh shit this for real. Unlike the 8 year olds in the West banks refugee camps at 3.00 am these Hezbollah people are well trained battle hardened increasingly well armed AND they fight back big time and OMG we suffer casualties ( all that and we can`t bear to think of all those real missiles as opposed to Hamas firecrackers targeting Tel Aviv and OMG the thought of it our beloved Dimona ).

      Yes I am sure that all these brainwashed braindead Zio conscripts are really looking forward to a proper ground war as in fouling their underwear.

      The big problem with Fascists who have had victories in the distant past is that they believe in their own invincibility and Zio Israelis really do believe that nothing has really changed since 1973(and even then they needed a massive arms infusion from big buddy to prevent a disaster).

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • @Kay24
      "As we can all expect, Prince Charles will soon be attacked, and accused, of being anti-semitic"

      I hope so. Zionists are so entrenched in their arrogance that it is not beyond even their stupidity to do so. Would be a massive own goal of course because the British Public irrespective of individual views on the monarchy as an institution would react very badly to a member of the Royal Family being smeared by Fifth (or filth ) Columnists.

  • Settler celebration of life of Sarah turns into a torment for Palestinians in Hebron
    • @Kaisa
      Many thanks for the Sheriff video.
      Loved the skinny little "security" moron with his cool shades and his Wild West dude this and dude that. What a pathetic little pr..k pumped up with self importance and the reassurance of his automatic rifle and the comforting arms and words of his fellow pr..ks in the most moral.

  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • "Stephen Pollard, editor of the British Jewish Chronicle, wrote that the term has been used by anti-Semites for centuries and called the letter “jaw-droppingly shocking.”

      There are Catholic Lobbies , Presbyterian Lobbies , Anglican Lobbies. Perfectly OK to refer to them as such. But "Jewish Lobbies" = shrieks , howls , wailing and gnashing of teeth as reference to such a non existent pressure group is FFS "Jaw droppingly shocking". Mr Pollard once you have picked up your jaw I suggest that you and your pathetic Hasbara rag stop treating the UK populace and its royalty as morons. I don`t count you and your rag readership as UK populace as you are patently 100% Zionist Israeli Firsters. Better still if you find that living in the UK is so "jaw droppingly shocking" pack your suitcase , pick up your jaw and move to your ancient historic etc. Guaranteed that your mandible will stay in its rightful place.


  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
    • So the Zio factory here in the UK has wheeled out three "eminent" historians/writers to stage yet again this old and tedious bollocks about endemic Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. No doubt it is a clumsy attempt to turn the UK reader/electorate away from the shambolic Patelgate farce. Then again perhaps it is some sort of convoluted method of generating anti - Semitism as in oh God not again it`s those expletive Jews whinging again about supposed anti - Semitism in the Labour Party (BTW they can`t really make the claim about anti - Semitism in the Conservative Party as in don`t bite the hand that feeds Zionism).

      Schama and the other two have been plainly been called to Zio arms by Hasbara Central and when your country (Israel) calls you must do your duty.

      Interesting that he says:
      "We do not forget nor deny that the Palestinian people have an equally legitimate, ancient history and culture in Palestine nor that they have suffered wrongs that must be healed.”

      He may get a dressing down on this for referring to "the Palestine people" and "Palestine" as increasingly according to the mainstream public in Zioland there is no "Palestine" and never was and there are no "Palestine people". and never has been.Still he saves the day to an extent by saying that they have suffered wrongs that must be "healed". Note "healed" as opposed to "righted". Only Jews have wrongs which must be "righted" as in the right to steal another peoples land and to brutalise and ethnically cleanse the native population.

      I do so wish that these Israel Firsters here in the UK would pack their bags and get the first El Al flight back to their ancient homeland. Should be a no brainer for them really since they claim to be living in a society which is awash with hatred for their cult.

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • @oldgeezer
      "And in terms of refugee treatment in general we don’t see Israel offering citizenship to refugees (unless the right kind of Jews) but deporting them in violation of international law"

      Spot on.The Zios milk these situations as golden opportunities to portray Zioland as a humanitarian country ( LOL) so long as they can get the PR done and dusted on non ancient homeland (sob) etc soil. If any of these wounded refugees somehow found their way across into Zioland they would magically be transformed from victims of war and persecution into repulsive foreign infiltrators and incarcerated in one of Zioland`s specialist infiltrator concentration camps.

    • @mayhem
      "Another case of someone who was trying to improve the dynamic in the I/P conflict zone being shot down by naysayers"

      The only "dynamic" that this lying hypocritical creature was trying to improve was her future PM campaign funding from Zio Central.

      As for Sir Alan Duncan and the accusation that he had the "means and the motivation" ergo he was the one who was responsible for bring down poor innocent angelic Ms Patel. Total bullshit and a pathetic attempt to portray her as a victim rather than a perpetrator of a blatant breach of government policies and procedures.

    • A lot lot more to come out on this one. It begs the obvious question of yes she was caught out on this specific little Zio conspiracy but what other secret little unofficial meetings orchestrated by Polak and Co has she been involved in since becoming International Development Secretary.
      Questions are also being asked about the cost to the taxpayer of her lies and deceit:

      But still the silver lining is that a bright light has been shone on the sleazy conspiracies and manoeuvres by the UK Zionist Lobby and a lot more of the UK electorate hopefully will be asking whether Friends of Israel MP`s ( Tory or Labour) can really be trusted.

      As for Priti herself it appears to be a question of it is all so unfair and it will all blow away given time and I still want to become PM one day - taking to twitter to thank the millions of people who have supported her:

      Also congratulating her successor and "dear friend" (NB Mordaunt does not appear to be a CFI MP but happy to be corrected):

    • The silver lining in all of this may well be that the British electorate particularly younger voters will start to seriously question the ethics of those MP`s who are listed as CFI or LFI and come the next election will send a strong message in their voting. Will be interesting to see if any of the existing members of these august institutions see the light and jump from the Zio ship . BTW in response to this latest cock up by Hasbara Central watch out for Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party Series 5 (or is it 6) coming to your screens soon starring Joan Ryan and John Mann with a guest appearance from mad Melanie Phillips. Zios are so wrapped up in their alternative reality that they will automatically spew this up as a distraction device years after its sell by date.

      Tick tick.

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • @John O
      "All manner of strange things are emerging as this scandal unfolds. Heaven knows why anyone thought it was a good idea for her to go to the Golan Heights"
      The story so far?
      You mentioned her going to the Golan Heights. I have not yet seen anything which actually nails the fact that she physically went to the Golan Heights. If that proves to be the case then it adds a much more serious dimension to the whole affair. As you say all manner of strange things are emerging as in who knew what and when , who was told what and when. Specifically did Theresa May know about any of the meetings in advance.
      The only constant throughout the episode to date appears to be the CFI Honorary President one Lord (Baron whatever) Polak who appears to have been present at all of the meetings. And of course the other main overriding constants are the sheer arrogance of the Zio lobbyists here in the UK and their sleazy backroom dealings to promote the Zionist platform. I think that Patel was easy pickings for these Zio slugs given the fact that the episode has shown her to be quite simply an arrogant ambitious lying idiot.She took the bait (and probably some promise of future campaign funding ) and rightly deserves to wither away as a might have been.

    • @amigo
      You are probably aware by now that Priti Patel has resigned (fallen on her biro). The resignation letter is a masterclass in understatement ( priti pathetic) and leaves me with the distinct feeling that she really doesn`t think she did anything wrong ( as in in supporting Israel/Zionism individuals are simply incapable of any wrongdoing) and also the impression that there may be a lot more skeletons in Ms Patels cupboard ref her longtime support of Zios and Zionism. I hope that is the case. I hope that journalists chase it up. Whatever the ongoing situation the episode has shed a welcome light on the shitty backroom shenanigans of the Friends of Israel and other Zio lobby groups.

      Tick Tick

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
    • @McCohen
      "you know phil we probably will never meet but i have been reading your articles on and off for 7 years and i have to you really believe in the stuff you write assimilation worth more than 3 words.does it really matter.
      fact is judaism is fast reaching a point where every person is free to choose.there is no social forced dogma.
      let it go"

      Shouldn`t you be addressing this to Ms Hotovely ? Phil is simply reporting what SHE , one of the rising "stars" in Zioland , is not ready to "let go".

      If you are on Twitter why not tweet to her something like "fact is judaism is fast reaching a point where every person is free to choose.there is no social forced dogma.
      let it go Tzipi"

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • @Jack Green
      "Even members of the same family don’t always get along"
      Well I come from a reasonably sized family and I swear none of them have stolen my house occupied my garden put up a big concrete wall around it and forced me to go through checkpoints to visit my kin. They certainly haven`t tried to force me to leave my country.

    • @Jack Green
      "Blood Brothers: Palestinians and Jews Share Genetic Roots"
      Hooray they can now share the same roads,neighbourhoods,aquifers and checkpoints.
      BTW What a great name for a SKA band - presenting "Genetic Roots".

    • Hot off the Zio press:

      Sounds as if a lot of countries want to get some live practice as in perhaps getting to bomb the odd "terrorist " tunnel here or there or who knows perhaps take out a "terrorist" target at a strictly strictly strictly non civilian location or neutralise a couple of Gazan fishing boats smuggling mackerel. Who knows they may fit in a sortee over Lebanon or the Golan Heights. Clear breaches of International Law of course. Still if the only democracy in the Middle East ( or perhaps truth be told the entire universe currently and since time began ) can do it well why not ?

    • @Jack Green
      "Ashkenazi DNA is much closer than Irish DNA to the DNA of Middle Eastern Jews"

      No shit Sherlock. You have just looked at a map I guess and discovered that the Black Sea is a lot closer to the Middle East than the Emerald Isle or are you going to say that your "findings" are based on decades of forensic research ?

    • @Amigo
      "Colonel Kemp is a paid spokesperson who sold his soul to the highest bidder"

      Yup. Listen to the brown tongueing crap which this paid lackey spouts:

      Includes some corkers whoppers and absolute gems. My favourites are Judaism`s "usurpassed moral standards". Stuff all you Catholics,Anglicans etc = second division. What A gem.Oh as for corkers "Israel has never started a war".
      Those nasty Egyptians and the rest of the world were lying through their teeth about Israelis
      bombing of the Egyptian airforce in 1967. That wasn`t "starting a war" - it was accidentally preempting one .The whole bought and paid for performance is riven with corkers too many to single out but I will have a go. "I say this as a professional soldier" = trust me I am a doctor.

      The bottom line in this disgusting hypocritical Hasbara script is that Israel is the greatest , most moral , most lovable , most compassionate , most desirable , most sexy , most maligned etc etc etc country in the history of the world since since well ever since countries existed. Al; other countries including his own not so beloved UK can never ever catch up with Israel.

      Having said that North Korea may well rapidly catch up and overtake if they offer him enough money.

      What a lying despicable piece of excrement.

    • @Jack Green
      A) WTF has this got to do with my comment. Sounds like you are simply freeloading on any old comment to use as a Zionist spew bucket
      B) Calling the slaughter of thousands of innocent defenceless civilians including hundreds of children part of an "asymmetric conflict" is truly sick and twisted reasoning. Not the thinking of a normal human being with basic humanitarian values.

    • @Eljay
      "Anyway, Israel has gay parades and cherry tomatoes"
      You forgot to mention it`s Kosher Intel Chips

  • Gerard Butler, Gene Simmons, and Pee Wee Herman help raise $53.8 million for the IDF
    • Don`t know about the other "celebrity" guests but Mr. Butler a supposed lifetime Glasgow Celtic FC supporter may well get ejected from the stands the next time he turns up at Parkhead Stadium. Celtic fans are renowned for their ongoing support for the Palestinian cause.Some of these new born Zionist supporters have interesting as in conflicting CV`s. I am beginning to detect the overwhelming stench of Zio money.

      I do hope that the Celtic fans will be made aware of his new found admiration for the most moral and make him feel distinctly unwelcome at their matches.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Just to add flavour to the Ziomixture. Theresa May the UK Prime Minister met the Yahoo officially in Downing Street last week WITHOUT KNOWING that Patel had secretly and unofficially met him in Zioland in August.

      Still as yet no action against her other than " a reprimand" from May = silly girl !! don`t get caught out again ".

      The Labour Party is calling for a full investigation into a serious breach of the ministerial code of conduct.

    • Meanwhile back here in the UK the stench of Zionist lobbying and influence is becoming daily more apparent and overwhelming.
      Basically we have a high ranking UK Cabinet Minister lying through her teeth about the extent and nature of her " private holiday" to poor victimised Zioland where she accidentally and by complete coincidence met up with a few Israeli politicians and lobbyists describing them as "a handful of meetings" and that her boss good old Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary knew all about it in advance. . No wait a minute wait a minute stop press her cover has been blown. It wasn`t a handful of meetings, it was at least twelve , and would you Adam and Eve it !?
      "Among meetings that were not previously reported, she said that she had met Mr Netanyahu to discuss his forthcoming visit to the UK as well as the Israeli "domestic political scene" and UK-Israeli collaboration"

      She has apoligised for breaking ministerial codes of conduct and lying to the Prime Minister and the electorate.

      So that`s all OK then. Give it a few days for all the silly fuss to settle down and she can get back to her main priority as a government minister which is to work tirelessly 24/7 in supporting Zioland. Well campaign money just doesn`t materialise out of thin air you know.

    • @Mooser
      "Oh, BTW, who is the King, Premier, President, or Central Committee of this Jewish “nation”? How does the “nation’s” leadership disseminate its orders and see that they are obeyed?"

      Easy peasy. The one and only candidate ( in his mind and that of his delightful first lady ) is Youknowyahoo. Has already post Charlie Hebdo declared himself to be the representative of all Jews.

      He may have to re-anglicise his name to Ben Nitay however to give himself that extra rolls of your tongue street cred on the world stage.

    • @Nathan
      "The vast majority of Jews in the world defined themselves as a nation"
      If that is still the case and presumably it is in your eyes shouldn`t the vast majority of 6 million odd(sic) American Jews be registered as foreign nationals. Even more to the point shouldn`t they be upping non sticks and moving back to their ancient etc(sob) with a significant number doing their bit for the most moral.

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