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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • 'Our stones are stronger than their weapons': thousands in Gaza demonstrate for the ninth straight Friday
    • @Stephen Shenfield
      "But there is still a long way to go to the tipping point at which governments will have to change their policies, especially here in the US. The movement would be faster without this play-acting at war.

      I think that this is a microcosm of the harmful political effect that these antics are having"

      I think your choice of words to put it mildly is inappropriate.To describe what the trapped inmates of the Gaza ghetto have done and continue to do as "play acting at war" or "antics" is simply condescending.

      What sort of "non antics" options are available to them. And please ask yourself if someone is repeatedly kicking you in the head in order to stop you from reclaiming what they have stolen from you and you fight back can that be described as "antics".

      Please remember Stephen what Israel Zios fear most are not firecracker rockets or Kites of Mass destruction or even kitchen knives - what they fear most is peaceful protest " terror" and they will use every trick in their loathsome book to provoke "violence" by the peaceful protests and spin it as evidence of the ongoing Second Holocaustally threatening terrorist war against mankinds greatest ever victims.Sob.

      Besides which the scumbags really have developed a lust for killing and blood.The good old Chosen Land would no longer simply be a rewarding place to colonise and live in without the opportunity for regular untermenschen killing.

  • They prayed for Gaza's dead. Now it's time to say the mourner's prayer for Zionism
    • @YF
      "I wonder sometime about the different slant of our countries’s Jews towards Jewishness and or Zionism" etc
      Yonah I think you forgot to mention what IMHO is the main difference between Jews/Zionism/America and Jews/Zionism/Britain. No its not all those Ziodollars bulk purchasing the US Media and US politicians. It`s the fact that America has a huge oh lawdy lawdy population of stone bonkers mad second coming/Armageddon longing/ praying for fruitcake evangelists and they represent a very significant element of the voting population which has to be appeased . Of course in their end of days and re-boot of days delusions Zionism is a vital component as the warmongering Zios will trigger the aforementioned end and re-boot ( I believe that the process involves Jews either being slaughtered for their apostasy or converted - have to admit I lose the plot/will to live when it comes to to that bit). Ergo the Loonie Evangelists have to support Zios and Zioland to achieve their Apocalypse.
      And the Israeli and American Zios in turn , world leaders in hypocrisy and double standards, for their part conveniently brush aside the inherent and blatant Anti Semitism/Anti - Judaism in American Evangelism.
      As in any port in a storm particularly when there is a $38 billion US taxpayer funded freebie handout as a sweetener.

  • Israeli ambassador lodges anti-Semitism complaint against Dutch song mocking Israel's human right record
    • I believe Australia is in the annual Eurovision contest now ? Zioland has been in it for quite a few years. North Korea can`t be far behind in getting in on the act:

      And I am sure that the Yahoo will be pushing hard for the following to get in on the act:
      Guatemala,Honduras,Marshall Islands,Micronesia,Naura,Palau and not forgetting Togo.
      Yes the thought of all those black goys and their supporters popping up in the Chosen Peoples land might upset a few of the less savvy Zios but hey got to try and make sure those all important UN votes keep a coming.

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    • @Terry Heaton
      I too am neither Arab nor Jew but I do hope that I am a moral human being who believes in the basic tenet of Judaism,Christianity and Islam which is "do unto others".

      Similarly I am not any form of expert or in possession of a wealth of knowledge with regards to the I/P conflict but I have spent a small period of time in Israel,Gaza and the Occupied West Bank. I have also read a considerable amount of books and material relating to the conflict.

      I will attempt to address your questions:

      1. Why does the Holocaust occupy a position of almost reverential worship in the Zionist narrative?

      Because in their brainwashed minds it gives them a carte blanche to ignore the basic tenet I referred to above and to act in many ways like the perpetrators of the Holocaust. They do not "revere" the Holocaust narrative. They exploit it.

      2. What does the U.S. really gain for our $38 billion gift to the Zionists?

      US military firms get to benefit from Zioland arms purchases funded by the US taxpayers $38 billion. In reality the US gains SFA as this $38 billion could be spent on health care,US Law Enforcement etc or even the US`s own defence forces.

      3. Why are the Zionists so extraordinarily afraid of challenges to their narrative?

      Cowards and bullies are always terrified when it comes to explaining their barbarities to civilised moral people.

      4. How can a people so devastated by history then turn around and apply the same strategies and tactics to another people?

      In their minds (remember the Hasbara/brainwashing from birth) they aren`t. They are simply "defending" themselves and the world is still so unfair and so Anti - Semitic towards them. Sob.

      5. Why is every threat existential?

      Go back to Q1 - they have to sell the idea of living under threat of a second Holocaust in order to justify their barbarities.

      6. Why should we believe as if history began in 1948?

      Because in the Zio mentality Zioland (Mark2) started then.Mark2 is based on the "historical rights" granted to them as the"Chosen" when Yahweh granted them Mark1.

      7. How can Christians support behavior that is so foreign to the teachings of their Lord?

      The vast majority of Germans were and continued to be "Christians" throughout the Nazi period. Plus ca change etc. As for the US Evangelicals,the second coming etc they are quite simply raving lunatics and lunatics as we all know can carry out,support and endorse genocidal behaviour.

      8. Do civilized people want as an example a police state who destroys whole families of those suspected of or involved in crimes against them?

      No but a lot of "otherwise civilised people" particularly in US Politics and the media are bought and bent by the Ziodollar.

      9. Why are Israeli citizens in the West Bank permitted to kill Palestinians with impunity?

      In their fevered brainwashed minds they are not "killing them with impunity" as they in the aforementioned mindset are the most moral people in the history of peoples and are simply defending themselves against the "existential threat" of a second Holocaust. Also shooting defenceless people can be great fun and very fulfilling if you are a borderline psychopath eg young heroic Master Elor Azaria.

      10. Why is the Israeli government permitted to monitor and censor social media in the United States?

      Follow the Ziodollar.

  • Activists disrupt Philadelphia Orchestra's farewell performance before 'cultural diplomacy' tour to Israel
  • Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years -- an interview with James Zogby
    • @Nathan
      "but one should at least be able to understand that the Jews do think that they are a people entitled to statehood"

      Does that include currently converted,historically converted and future converted Jews ?

  • When it comes to Facebook 'incitement,' only Palestinians are arrested, not Jewish Israelis
    • No great consolation for the Palestinians who have to put up with this Nazi/Stalinist/Fascist oppression on a 24/7 basis but there are still well over 6 million Palestinian Arabs ( inc in Israel ) between the river and the sea and the Zios must be getting desperate. The plan after all back in 1881 was for all of these to be"disappeared" to clear the way for total colonisation. It`s 2018 and there are the roughly same numbers of Arabs as Israeli Jews in Eretz Israel ( and that includes the non white "Untouchable" Jews).

      What oh what can a poor Zio do. Mass round up and concentration camps? The beggars would resist , F16s and F35s wouldn`t help, it would be seriously costly (and the US couldn`t possibly be persuaded to pay the cost) and at the end of it all they would still physically be in Ertez Israel with the ongoing costs ( think eg of the need for thousands of moral snipers).. Mass Genocide ? Even the US wouldn`t condone that and besides the indispensable "eternal victim" status would be washed down the plug hole and the Zios would no longer have anything really to whinge and whine about.

  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
    • @YF
      "Free flow- as envisioned here is designed to maximize freedom for Gaza Palestinians while limiting dangers to israel’s security"

      Sorry Yonah sounds like the same old same old with a splash of Hasbara emulsion.
      NB Definition of free:

      NB Definition of Discrimination:

      NB Definition of Concentration Camp:

      Back to your "modus vivendi" - any thoughts about the sewage problem which I mentioned and/ or the imminent "uninhabitable" status of Gaza:

    • @YF
      "free flow of marketable goods out of Gaza to Israel and elsewhere. Free flow of people out of Gaza to world destinations. Third party inspections of goods brought into Gaza, with limitations to avoid a repeat of hezbollah’s rockets. Some have suggested creating man made islands where these items would be inspected. Others have suggested such a place (for inspections) can be set up on already existing territory"

      At least you are having a go which does you some credit and I think it will stand you in good stead eventually in your facing up to the reality of Gaza.
      1) Definition of "free flow" - eg does that mean no random shootings and killing of fishermen trying to harvest potential free flow products in Gazan waters.
      2) Definition of "free flow" " Free flow of people out of Gaza to world destinations". Does Israel/Palestine where they come from and where their families still live count as a"world destination"
      Is the free flow one way only ie will they be able to return freely.
      3) The mechanics of your "free flow". Will Gazans have their own ports/airports (latter for the world destinations of course) ?Or are you talking about these Shangri La "man made islands" where " Third Parties " will inspect goods ( as if Israel will ever accept such an arrangement).

      I`m afraid Yonah the more you consider the mechanics the more you will realise that Israel is running the largest concentration camp in History and has absolutely no intention of giving any form of free flow to the inmates goods or otherwise.There isn`t a modus vivendi when it comes to concentration camps. The only exception that springs to mind is the Kapos system in the Third Reich.

      Israel has created this concentration camp and has simply no idea what to do with the nearly 2 million (yes Yonah that`s TWO million ) inmates other than blame Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran and continue with the occasional mini genocides.

      There is no Plan B such as the Utopian one you have dangled.

      And with the Gaza sewage system totally kaput( remember TWO million needing toilets) and the effluent creeping up the coast towards the flesh pots on Israels Riviera Israel is effectively up s..t creek without a paddle.

    • @Yonah Friedman
      "Despite this I favor a modus vivendi with Hamas"

      I am fascinated by your idea of a "Modus Vivendi with Hamas". Can you please explain the basic structure and mechanics of this.

    • "This is because, subconsciously or not, they don’t see Palestinians as human beings in quite the same way that Israeli Jews are human"

      And it is fine and manly for Jewish Israeli "heroes" to use knives/machetes against their enemies but if Palestinians use knives they are "bloodthirsty murderous terrorists" which is only to be expected because they are not human beings.

      Source: Israel's Sacred Terrorism by Livia Rokach

      The following is excerpted from Meir Har-Tzion's Diary, published by Levin-Epstein, Ltd., Tel Aviv, 1969. It describes an Israeli raid in Gaza during the early 1950s.

      The wide, dry riverbed glitters in the moonlight. We advance, carefully, along the mountain slope. Several houses can be seen. Bushes and shrubbery sway in the breeze, casting their shadows on the ground. In the distance we can see three lights and hear the sounds of Arab music coming out of the homes immersed in darkness. We split up into three groups of four men each. Two groups make their way to the immense refugee camp to the south of our position. The other group marches towards the lonely house in the flat area north of Wadi Gaza. We march forward, trampling over green fields, wading through water canals as the moon bathes us in its scintillating light. Soon, however, the silence will be shattered by bullets, explosions, and the screams of those who are now sleeping peacefully. We advance quickly and enter one of the houses "Mann Haatha?" (Arabic for "Who's there?")

      We leap towards the voices. Fearing and trembling, two Arabs are standing up against the wall of the building. They try to escape. I open fire. An ear piercing scream fills the air. One man falls to the ground, while his friend continues to run. Now we must act we have no time to lose. We make our way from house to house as the Arabs scramble about in confusion. Machine guns rattle, their noise mixed with a terrible howling. We reach the main thoroughfare of the camp. The mob of fleeing Arabs grows larger. The other group attacks from the opposite direction. The thunder of hand grenades echoes in the distance. We receive an order to retreat. The attack has come to an end.

      On the following morning, the headlines will read: "The refugee camp of Al-Burj near Gaza was attacked. The camp has been serving as a base for infiltrators into Israeli territory. 'Twenty people were killed and another twenty were wounded."

      .. . . A telephone line blocks our way. We cut it and continue. A narrow path leads along the slope of a hill. The column marches forward in silence. Stop! A few rocks roll down the hill. I catch sight of a man surveying the silence. Gibly crawls over to me, "Har, for God's sake, a knife!!" His clenched teeth glitter in the dark and his whole body is tight, his mind alert, "For God's sake," . . . I put my tommy down and unsheath my machete. We crawl towards the lone figure as he begins to sing a trilled Arab tune. Soon the singing will turn into a death moan. I am shaking, every muscle in my body is tense. This is my first experience with this type of weapon. Will I be able to do it?
      We draw closer. There he stands, only a few meters in front of us. We leap. Gibly grabs him and I plunge the knife deep into his back. The blood pours over his striped cotton shirt. With not a second to lose, I react instinctively and stab him again. The body groans, struggles and then becomes quiet and still.

      From an interview with Meir Har-Tzion, Ha'aretz weekly supplement, 9 November 1965:

      "Pangs of conscience? No. Why should I have any?" The man's blue eyes open wide in amazement. "It's easy to kill a man with a rifle. You press the trigger and that's that. But a knife, why, that's something else-that's a real fight. Even if you are successful, you come close to death. The enemy's blade is as close as the air. It's a fantastic feeling. You realize you're a man."

      Back in the 1950`s when US taxpayer funded carpet bombing was not an option the poor Chosen dears had little choice but to get up close and personal when it came to Gaza and by the sound of it they got a buzz from the knifing. Nowadays they would foul their underwear if they were ordered to engage in street by street fighting or hand to hand combat.

  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
    • " In April 1956, military leader Moshe Dayan had a rare confession to make: "What we can say against their terrible hatred of us? For eight years, they have sat in the refugee camps of Gaza, and have watched how, before their very eyes, we have turned their lands and villages, where they and their forefathers dwelled, into our home."

      One of your all time Zio heroes Jackdaw or does he instead qualify as an Ilan Pappe standard traitor ?

    • @Guyn
      "on the Israeli side, one soldier was reportedly wounded, slightly, by a stone.”

      This is no joking matter these pebbles were probably Iranian supplied WMS(Weapons of Mass Scratching) not to be confused of course with the even more terrifying Weapons of Mass Slapping which have emerged recently in the Occupied West Bank.

  • Holding Gaza close this Ramadan season and beyond
    • @Yonah Friedman
      "I’ll give you my perspective as of this hour"
      You then miss out on one vitally important aspect of the Great March of Return.Yes Yonah it`s that word"return". Despite all the predictable but in this instance frenzied ZioHasbara the Palestinians of Gaza succeeded in getting across a simple message which Western society to date at best have simply not appreciated or at worst have chosen to ignore - they were trying to return to the lands and the homes which were stolen from them by warmongering foreign colonists.

      Adds a whole new dimension to it all don`t you think Yonah ? No longer simply a question of Hhhhggggamas terrorists at war with the only Western " Democracy" in the Middle East but a question of whole families imprisoned in the largest and longest lasting concentration camp in history trying to escape and return to their homes.

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • @Jackdaw
      "Try sex sometime. You might find it a relaxing diversion from your usual impotent rage and quasi intellectual masturbation.

      Whackada whackada"

      Steady on old son I think you are about to blow a gasket.Please explain "try sex sometime" "usual impotent rage" and the crown jewel in your chavy ad hominem "quasi intellectual masturbation".

      "whackada whackada" . WTF ? No don`t even try to explain that. It sounds as if you are doing something harmful to yourself. Suggest you book an appointment with a counsellor who specialises in sexual fixations.

      Yours sincerely

      Without impotent rage

    • @Zaid
      "100 explosive device and not a single Israeli soldier killed!"

      Even more miraculous - not a single Ziotruppe immorally slapped during the six week Untermenschen "terrorist onslaught" !!

  • Peace begins with Israel ending the Nakba
    • @Emet
      Confirmed then as Annie says you love theft and thieves and presumably would happily hand over your home and your lands to them without any form of resistance or protest.

      "You have no idea how far off the truth you are ".
      Fascinated by this comment please do explain/tell. I`m a grown up and can assure you I can cope with the "embarrassment".
      Examples / explanations and especially the facts that I don`t know again would be appreciated. Simply chucking these simplistic ad hominems into a dialogue IMHO reflects a reluctance or more likely an inability to engage in dialogue or face facts.

      Put more bluntly you sound as if you are terrified of the truth.

    • @Emet
      "It was not in 1948, and Pappe skillfully avoids placing blame on the Arabs for not accepting the 1947 Partition Plan, that the Jewish leadership at the time was. That plan would have given the Palestinians way more than what they are asking for today, or should I say, asking for in the meantime."

      Presumably you are sat at your computer writing your comments in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Now Emet imagine a group of strange foreign people armed to the teeth sponsored and supported by a group of rich and powerful foreigners coming into your home and taking over the home but in order in the interim not to risk embarassing or turning off the support of these backers telling you that you can retain a couple of the rooms in your home amounting to say around a quarter although their plan is to evict you and your family in due course. Oh and the justification for what they are doing according to them is in a book of fiction.

      Well Emet I guess following your logic that you would simply say no problem feel free happy to accommodate . In fact you probably would say to them hey I love theft and thieves the more violent the better this is so much fun I`ll just lie back and let it all happen.

      Pappe far from being sad is brave proud and honest and unlike you would resist the theft of his home and fight to protect his home and his family as did the native indigenous owners of the land of Palestine.

  • Canadian doctor: Israeli soldiers shot me in both legs as I was treating injured protesters in Gaza
    • @Emetic
      "Loubani has been signed up by Fox. When does the TV series start? He’s got the looks, although not my type"

      Loubani is a civilised caring humane doctor whereas your taste leans more towards the barbarian Zios.

      Of course he is not your type.You have probably got the hots for Elor Azaria the non medic medic.

  • West's failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre
    • @fivishmail
      "Nobody with access to the truth can believe a word of what is written on this web site. Its all propaganda to support the Islamisation of the world"

      New Zio kid on the Mondoweiss block(sic). Sounds as if after only two visits if you are not enamoured of the site. So why don`t you just migrate to other sites and spend your leisure hours on those which deliver all the words that you believe in. Byeee - you will not be missed. Sorry I forgot before you leave and purely out of academic interest you understand - can you let us all have a link to your truth portal. Ta very much.

  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • A reminder that thankfully there are still moral Israeli Jews who despite the opprobrium and threats heaped on them abhor and continue to speak out against the atrocities being visited on Palestinians in their name:

      Note the following classic Zio tit bits:

      “You know very well that if the Hamas terrorists tried to harm the Egyptian side of the border (or any other country) many more Hamas people would have been killed by massive, undirected firing and not by accurate snipers.”
      = Whatabout ? Whatabout ? What if ? What if ?

      "Accurate snipers" = highly trained brainwashed Zombies who morally aim for the front of the lower legs using their high tech telescopic lenses and only hit the "terrorists" in the head or the back because the evil cunning terrorists were using that despicable immoral tactic of moving all the time LOL.

      "the soldiers and their officers were “the most moral and just” and they are supported by the Israeli Right and Left"
      = If you repeat a fantasy lie to yourself often enough you will start to believe it. I think the Wehrmacht used the same recipe.

      "The right-wing organization Im Tirtzu asked Attorney- General Avichai Mandelblit on Sunday to investigate Zandberg and others who called for probes of the IDF for “incitement and encouraging terror.”
      = Betraying the Reich ?

  • On Nakba Day, Palestinians in Gaza explain why they joined the 'Great March of Return'
    • @Jackdaw
      "When Israel pleads with Gazans to stay home"

      When Zioland pleads with Palestinians not to try and return to the homes and the land which have been stolen from them by foreign colonists.

      Get a non colonial life.

  • Nikki Haley blames Iran, Hamas for deaths of Palestinian protesters, as UN officials call to investigate Israel
  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
    • Zios are braindead inhumane Fascist thugs. They have and continue to get away with atrocities such as the murder of the innocent baby without any recriminations from their sugar daddy US and no real sanctions on their actions from the Europeans.

      They have become so blinded by their own arrogance and the fact they are not being truly called to account and punished by the West that they cannot see the real disaster unfolding:

      Forget the de facto Apartheid for which they are loathed. Forget the Fascist approaching Nazi rhetoric and behaviour for which they are loathed. When the population of Gaza ( nearly 45% under the age of 14 estimated in the year) 2014 start to simply die in their hundreds and thousands Zio Israelis will become international pariahs who will not be welcome in civilised countries. All the "whataboutism" in the world will not change that simple basic fact. They have simply lost the plot, are terminally self brainwashed and will suddenly wake up to the reality of what they have done , have failed to do and what they have become. And in that reality there are only two options. Either an acceptance of a single multi racial and multi religious state or the Nazi option of overt full scale scientific ethnic cleansing.

      Jeremiah 5:21‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’

  • 'America crossed every red line': Palestinians in Jerusalem protest new US embassy
    • @James Michie
      Many thanks for the link. I had not heard of Nourah Erekat before. Her synopsis of the situation is superb. Her measured point by point response to the interviewers questions and comments completely dismantled the repulsive Zionist narrative. I hope we see and hear a lot more from her in the future.

  • Here are the questions any journalist talking to the Israeli military should ask
  • Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem
    • Speaking of tourism. The immediate overwhelming and recurring image of Zioland to most foreign visitors who are lucky enough to emerge from the Orwellian filtration machine at Ben Gurion ) and potential visitors is not the bikini paradise of Tel Aviv or the Gay Pride paradise of Telaviv but the magnificent Golden Dome of the Al Aqsa Mosque = a Muslim yes Muslim pilgrimage site.

      With the right wing Ziolunatics in Zioland and the US now running the Ziocircus emboldened by their success with the US Embassy move surely it is only a question of time before they set their sights on removing this Anti - Semitic carbuncle from their eternal city.

    • I think that the Fourth Reich has emerged:

      Now that the ZioZombies effectively have the green light from their puppet US and compliant EU as well as the turncoat Arab States to indiscriminantely slaughter innocent men women and children they will no doubt intensify their "self defence" measures in the Occupied West Bank and perhaps bring forward their plans for a mass rounding up and corralling of the Untermenschen natives. The settlers being even more moral than the IDF if that is possible will probably lead the action.

      Lovely people,lovely country - if you are a fan of Fascism. Great potential tourist marketing opportunities there to attract far right Fascist groups who will feel right at home.

      Hopefully more and more civilised Westerners will stay away from this s...hole country and more and more civilised Westerners will shun and boycott Israeli Zionists and their products which make their way to the West.

      Tick tick

  • 'Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands': scenes from Gaza's final Friday protest at the border
    • @Jack Green
      "The idea of Zionism was that Jews would return to their homeland & have a majority-Jewish country because majority-gentile countries had failed to provide safety for the Jews"

      You forgot the bit about slaughtering and expelling the natives and stealing their land all the while whinging and wailing about being victimised when the natives resist.

      "Homeland" ? Does that include Eskimos who have converted to Judaism ? I would worry about them being able to cope with the heat - and as for their poor huskies.

  • Elor Azarya returns home to a hero's welcome after 9-month prison term for killing Palestinian
    • "This is circular logic which basically suggests that all criminals should receive lenient sentences – simply because they are on trial. Their sentences should be reduced, because their registration as criminals may harm them in the future".

      The cutting edge of Ziologic at it`s finest. When oh when are these Fascist scum going to be called to account by the mainstream Western media.The Prime Minister of the only Democracy in the Middle East (not the the only Middle East Democracy - Israeli Zios of course see themselves after all "civilised" Westerners who believe in Western values when it comes to the basic principles of crime , justice and punishment LOL) is glad that it is all over.

      Presumably his lovely family and Gruppencommandant supporters Bennett and Regev are thinking ahead. His Zio cousins in the US may want to invite him over for an AIPAC celebrity appearance and there might be some issues in gaining entry if he has a criminal record.

      The sooner these Zio scum disappear down the sewer of history the better. The tragedy , apart from the ongoing ethnic cleansing and incremental genocide which they are visiting on the innocent native population , is that before that happens, and it will ,many hundreds of thousands of truly moral Jews in Israel and around the world will be tarred with the same brush.

      I wonder if cuddly Elor as part of Zioland`s apology for the gross miscarriage of justice which led to his imprisonment will treat him to an all expenses two to three day break on the Gaza border with ten or so free kill Palestinian protesters vouchers. it`s the least they can do to reassure him that his behaviour was entirely Zio normative and it`s back to most moral medic business as usual.

  • Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria
    • "Unusually, the New York Times coverage was actually moderately less biased than other outlets, such as the Washington Post and the BBC. The Times at least noted — down in paragraph 12 — that Israel had first attacked Syria right after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal"

      Times actually states:
      "Though Israel has hit Iranian forces in Syria with a number of deadly airstrikes, Tehran has been restrained in hitting back, until now. The rocket attack against Israel appeared to be in response to Israeli strikes on southern Syria on Wednesday.

      Hours later, Israel responded. By Thursday morning, the country’s air force had destroyed “nearly all” of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria, according to Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman".

      Things are hotting up.

      Best advice for the US IMHO would be to withdraw any USS Intelligence Gathering vessels stationed anywhere in the Mediterranean. The Ziocolonial forces might mistake them for hostile cattle transport ships and tragically and accidentally attempt to sink them with all hands on board.

  • Ending seventy years of exile for Palestinian refugees
    • @YF
      " Bibi and Lieberman are dedicated to the overthrow of Hamas: the disarming of Hamas. I have nothing against this goal, but I do not see it happening within the next 6 years, so I prefer a policy of reaching a modus vivendi with Hamas"

      Sorry Yonah I think that you need a factory refix or refit on this one. The Yahoo and Herr Liebermann have zero interest in a "modus vivendi" with Hamas. Remember Zioland helped spawn them in the first place as a divide and rule mechanism:
      In Hamas what they have now and what they have had for a long time is a tailor made convenient nasty existentially life threatening "terrorist" ogre firing occasional fireworks into Zioland on top of the supreme ogre Hezbollah and both of them supported supplied and funded by the greatest threat to humanity since the chosen started to walk on all fours Iran.
      A "modus vivendi" would de facto mean a peace agreement of some kind so no more bleating and whinging to the UN/World look at"existential threats" from Gaza. It would mean an end to the blockade. It would mean an end to those "lawn mowing" aerial bombing treats and it would mean an end to the freebie Untermenschen kills which the Chosen are currently enjoying so much. It would probably leave Israeli Zios traumatised particularly the most moral who may come down with an inverted form of PTSD - what you mean we can`t shoot them at will any more , why are you depriving us of our right to have fun . Counselling may have to be offered especially to the medics in their numbers.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • @Catalan
      "I know nothing about crowd control or military matters and generally think that there must be better ways that Israel can keep these guys inside Gaza without killing them"

      "I think this is a mental health issue and needs to be approached that way"

      Very well put. You sound like a softie leftie leaning self denying etc National Socialist talking about the Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto.

      NB Brain/gear.

    • @catatonic
      "A few years back, the favorite country of Mondoweiss commenters – Iran, scheduled a hilarious Holocaust cartoon competition. It was so funny. Perhaps it’s time for Israel to schedule a “Great March of Return” international cartoon competition in Tel Aviv during the pretty summer days – in the name of hilarity and freedom of speech and just in good fun. Oh, the possibilities!"

      Those Persian B...ards mocked the Holocaust so we are going to accidentally on purpose kill 40 and seriously wound thousands of innocent defenceless non Persian Palestinians to get our own back. Simples = get a few highly trained highly accurate state of the art IDF ZioZombie snipers to shelter behind large earth banks aim for the Untermenschen legs and accidentally but morally shoot them all in the head. That will teach all those nasty Persians,Germans,Romans not to mess with the Chosen.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • @Mayhem
      "@Ossinev, spreading fake news that there is a real threat to Al Aqsa when the utterances of extremist settlers hold no political weight. Your fear-mongering just highlights your preparedness to make inflammatory remarks that support an extremist anti-Israel position"

      Thank God ( Yawweh /Allah/Krisnah/Adelson whatever/whoever) you didn`t accuse me of Anti- Semitism just Anti -Israel Postionism. I will sleep more soundly in my bed tonight.
      BTW What part of the following do you consider to be "fake news"

    • I wonder what the odds are now on a Zio triple whammy ?
      1) US Embassy moved to Jerusalem
      2) Dickhead Donald takes US out of Iran P5 + 1 Treaty
      3)?The Zios take over the Al Aqsa compound

    • @YF
      "I do not view Iran as an innocent player. It is ruled by imams and that doesn’t impress me"

      Presumably you are impressed by Zioland which is ruled by a pathological liar and seriously impressed by America which is ruled by his puppet an infantile moron.

    • Leaving aside the Iran existential threat second Holocaust etc crap paranoia which the Yahoo has whipped up to distract from his corruption charges and his desperation to be seen as the greatest ever defender of Zioland in the face of the wannabee Liebermans,Bennetts and Shakeds of Zioworld I believe that there is a deep and basic racism which is now rampant amongst Zios in Israel and abroad.Sadly what the last year has revealed is that this is clearly shared by the nutjob Trump , Republicans in general and a broad swathe of the US electorate.

      Yes they will hold their noses and suck up to the Saudis and UAE on Zioland`s behalf ( my enemy`s enemy etc) and also grab any business and easy money this brings with it but the bottom line is that they see all Muslims be they Sunni,Shiite or of whatever variation as being "filthy uncivilised Arabs" who don`t know what`s best for them and need to be kept under a tight control. That applies be they Iranians(Persians) , Syrians,Lebanese ,Malaysians or Indonesians.

      All of the above of course presupposes that America is the only "superpower" in the world and the assumption that this status will not change - a large proportion of Republican Americans believe that Russia,China and India are simply also rans whose views are irrelevant.

      A lot of brown stuff will be hitting the Republican fan in the very near future.

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • @Paulgarron
      "Lame BBC Radio 4 Today interview with Sir Mark Regev, Israeli Ambassador to UK
      May 8, 2018"

      Have not been able to find a link to the actual programme. I always love listening to Regurgitev with his earthy let`s have another tinnie Aussie twang. Don`t be fooled by that of course.His poor family like all the other Zios were also driven out by those nasty Romans and he has simply returned with his fellow Zios be they Aussies or Inuits to reclaim what is rightfully his.
      Generally speaking and lets be clear about it he usually has a set hasbara response to any given question relating to Zio crimes or Zio duplicity and is rarely stuck for words. If a hasbarite of his experience and standing can appear to be trapped and frozen in the headlights when asked about Zioland`s nuclear arsenal and refusal to sign up to the NPT then it clearly signals Zioland`s Achilles Heel. And the more they bleat whinge and whine about Iran`s alleged nuclear duplicity the more they will be exposed to questions and actions about their own WMD arsenal.

  • Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message-- Settlers are never leaving
    • Just a thought. Presumably cemeteries like any other "development" be it in the main colony or the adjacent colony in progress require planning permission from Zio "authorities" as in Jewish developments get automatically waved through the system with a suitable biblical blessing and Palestinian ones are denied or put on eternal hold because of building regs etc complications ?

      Still on the plus side the mythical 2SS is dead although yet to be officially buried. One state apartheid here we come very much alive and with millions of Palestinians kicking.

  • The remarkable disappearing act of Israel's car-bombing campaign in Lebanon or: What we (do not) talk about when we talk about 'terrorism'
    • Now that Lebanon has had a transparently democratic election (it also had one in 2009)will Zioland still be strutting its loathsome stuff as the "only democracy in the Middle East ). I think so - as with most of it other hasbaratic excretions it has no reverse gear and invariably sticks to the old and tattered Zioscript.
      NB It obviously will not describe itself as the "only Middle East democracy" since that would imply somehow that Zios are perish the thought "Middle Eastern" and it sees itself as a cultured and civilised Western outpost in an ocean of barbarians or more simply put a brutal foreign colony.

  • Roseanne Barr says she will fight Jews supporting BDS by educating them about Torah
    • I want to move to Israel and run for Prime Minister—I do,” she told the audience, repeating a statement she has made a few times over the last six years.

      “In 2012 I said that I was going to run for president of the U.S. and prime minister of Israel, a twofer. You know I do have that fantasy […] If God calls me I’ll go of course.”

      Barr said she ponders retiring in Israel, “I want to make aliyah, I do, before all of the stuff [real estate] is sold.”

      “I still have the fantasy of being an old Jewish lady living in the Jewish homeland,” she said. “I want to buy a farm there and maybe bring my family.”

      BTW this is the same Roseanne Barr:
      Barr elicited criticism in July 2009 when she posed as Adolf Hitler in a feature for the satirical Jewish publication Heeb magazine, called "That Oven Feelin'".[57][58] The Nazi theme was reportedly her suggestion, and featured her with a Hitler mustache and swastika arm-band, holding a tray of burnt gingerbread man cookies the article referred to as "burnt Jew cookies".[59] The magazine's publisher, Josh Neuman, said that the photos were taken for "satire" and "shock value", while Barr defended herself by saying that she was "making fun of Hitler, not his victims".[60] Fox News TV host Bill O'Reilly was highly critical of her for "mocking the Holocaust" and Extra's Mario Lopez stated "Come on, Roseanne. Hitler jokes are never funny."[61][62] The reboot of her show in March 2018 caused the photos to resurface on social media and renewed mentions of the incident in the Jewish magazine The Forward and the Los Angeles Times, among others.[58][63][62]

      So go then already FFS. P... off to your country of first loyalty and please persuade your boyfriend Mad Donald to get converted and qualify as a Category 2 chosen to go with with you - what a smashing couple you will make and you will both feel right at home in the Zioasylum.He can build the highest farm in the history of the universe with a range of gold and marble byres for the cows and you can dedicate yourself to becoming a full time Fascist Prime Minister of the only Middle East Democracy in the Western World(shurely shome mhistake Ed.?)

  • Is the Saudi Prince becoming a Zionist?
    • @Eva Smagacz

      "Although Israel has not yet named itself “Nation State of the Jewish People”, it is already taking steps to extend the jurisdiction of their religious courts over Jews world-wide"

      Sounds as if the Crazy Ziolots have decided on a Zinquisition.

  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • Another surreal development in Zio fantasy land:

      NB Building tunnels connecting enlarged Zio settlements underneath what is left of Palestinian land in the West Bank. No doubt this would involve having to take over the land above for "security reasons" in order to excavate the tunnels but wait a minute am I missing something here? Do they ever return Palestinian land which they have appropriated for "security reasons". I don`t think so. So what is the point of having tunnels. Still I am a mere untermenschen so cannot possibly be expected to understand the superior thinking of the great chosen menschen.

    • The 1SS Solution is now firmly on the agenda with the Zionist engineered 2SS myth obviously now dead and buried (not that there was actually ever any life in it to begin with).
      Similarly the Iranian deal an the Yahoo`s comical attempts to sabotage it have brought Zioland`s nuclear programme and their refusal to sign up to the NPT onto the agenda.

      BTW Have any MW contributors noticed that Zionists consistently refer to Zioland as being the "only democracy in the middle East". I for one have never heard them referring to it as being the "only Middle Eastern Democracy". That of course would stick in their throats as the bottom line in their psyche is that they are a civilised "Western" island populated by civilised "Western" people marooned in an ocean of savages. Not colonists of course.

  • Rightwing video says New Israel Fund supports 'foreign agents' who persecute Israeli soldiers
    • @ejay
      "Israeli Zionists – blinded by their greed, hatefulness, immorality and self-righteousness – are too stupid to realize that"

      You could also mention that under their current dictator in waiting they have become addicted compulsive liars. No truly civilised educated person believes a word that comes out of his mouth and sadly it has to be said that arguably the same now applies to the majority of the Jewish Israeli population who have fallen in line with his Mein Kampfian rants.
      Increasingly this will translate into an avoid at all costs strategy if you come across a Zioland tourist in your home country or on holiday yourself abroad. A shame that the few remaining moral Israeli Jews who are appalled by the Fascist destination towards which their country is heading will suffer. They should get out asap and be pro - active in explaining to the civilised world why they got out. At the very least despite the difficulties they will be able to hold their head high and remind the world of the true values of Judaism.

      EG The latest "twist" in the horrendous onslaught against the poor defenceless long suffering Jewish Israeli population by those nasty Gazan "terrorists" (100% of Gazans according to Herr Lieberman and he is an ex bouncer and knows all about these things ) is the horrendous fire kites of mass destruction which are being"flown" into Zioland. Apparently they have started bush fires. No of course they are not "false fire operations ". Zios would never light up their own nation - perish the thought. Lighting up other nations with state of the art missiles,white phosphorus munitions etc well that it OK when you are chosen.

  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • Leaving aside the Yahoo`s threatrics (intended) and the crap about Zioland magically spiriting a ton yes a ton of highly classified files/documents out of Iran you have to really sit back and take in the breathtaking arrogance in his response to Cuomo`s entirely reasonable request for a yes or no on whether Zioland has it own nuclear weapons stockpile:
      CUOMO: That is not an answer to the question. Do you have them or not?

      NETANYAHU: it is as good an answer as you're going to get.

      Roughly translated = f... off you goy untermenschen and stop bothering me with these silly journalist questions. Don`t you know who I am ?

    • @Hophmi
      "I see you’re trying really hard to divert from the fact that for years you’ve repeated Iranian propaganda about how their nuclear program was for peaceful purposes. That’s over with"

      Now that did ring a few bells as in:

      Still the way forward is for Zioland to practice what it preaches as in join the NPT (as in Iran ) , destroy its arsenal of nuclear warheads (Iran doesn`t have any ) and invite in the IAEA to verify that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes (as Iran has done ). Or would any or all of those requests be classified "Anti - Semitic" or further victimising the eternally victimised ?

    • @JLD

      You just can`t muzzle a stellar bullshiter who loves the sound of his own bullshit.
      Loved his response to the 12 year old boy asking for a "one word sentence".
      As in a sentence is a SET of words or in the Yahoo`s case invariably a verbal puke.

  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • MHughes976
      " However, I think we have sadly to conclude that accusations of anti-S have not lost their power"

      I doubt that the non - Jewish voting electorate in any of the councils had "Labour Party can`t vote for them they are Anti-Semites" thoughts in their mind when they ticked their ballot papers. Much more important and relevant to the UK issues to sway them. Yes the majority ( but not necessarily all ) of Jewish voters in Barnet probably were "swayed" and there was likely a big Jewish voter turnout which impacted on the result there.

      I think it is more a question of the Zio bent UK Media and a range of Zio bent UK Politicians having a vested interest in maintaining the anti-S bullshit alive for as long as Jeremy Corbyn the Pro - Palestinian is potentially the next UK PM. If he does become PM there is no plan B.
      I also believe that long before the next general election the UK electorate will have become sick and tired of having this Anti -S crap shoved down their throats and will clearly recognise and call it out for what it essentially is = a foreign Government interfering in our elections.

    • @Jackdaw
      BTW. My family migrated to Eretz Yisroel in 1811. They were attacked and vilified by the local Arabs and Ottomans, not by the arriving Zionists.

      No doubt your granny told you this. The same granny who had been told about it by her granny who was etc.

      No surprise that "arriving Zionists" would not attack fellow "arriving Zionists" unless there was some sort of Rabbinical internal cult fighting going on at the time.

      I can of course understand why the 1811 native residents of your Ersatz Israel should resent the arrival of colonists claiming rights of chosen Biblical ownership to a land which was not theirs

  • Gaza and the limits of American sympathy
    • @Dabakr
      "That is a very strange photo of Ronald Reagan’s face. What’s up with that?"
      Probably already showing the effects of dementia. He was officially diagnosed as having Alzheimers in 1994

      " the mullahs were humiliated by the success of the Israeli intelligence"
      I doubt it. Like the rest of us they were probably pissing themselves laughing at the sight of a narcissistic clown giving another excruciatingly embarrassing performance. Perhaps they were a tad disappointed that the Yahoo didn`t use one of his world leading cartoons to illustrate the "enormity" of the threat facing mankind,the universe,civilisation yawn.

      BTW what are your thoughts on Israel`s nuclear nuclear stockpile and whether to show good faith to the international community they should sign up to the NPT. I know that you will say what you mean and mean what you say.

    • @Sibiriak
      "CNN POLL: America’s most popular politician is…Nikki Haley"

      Sounds like she may be next for the chop on the Trump`s must do list ?

    • @Marnie
      "Netanyahu’s ‘evidence’ was presented in Tel Aviv entirely in english. His intended audience was tRUMP who claimed he knew that all along. We’re all fucked"

      This is the same Yahoo (sans cartoon presumably they are banned in House Committee hearings) who claimed that there was absolutely no question that Saddam/ Iraq was developing a nuclear bomb. Lying a....hole then. Lying a...hole now.

      Loved the "Iraq is a big country. It`s not the size of Monte Carlo". Monte Carlo is a town in MONACO which is a country. What a d...head.

      Speaking of d...heads does he have some sort of twisted porn thing when it comes to cartoons ?

    • Meanwhile a leading "America Firster" LOL Senator Lindsey Graham has called for Zioland to be given even more US taxpayer dollars to assist them in their Light unto the Nations endeavours. Well incremental genocide is arguably a lot more expensive than eg the Nazi style all out Final Solution. Those explosive bullets for example cost a lot more than the basic originals and what with the cost of defence against new high tech Gazan terror kites , the cost of replacing all that damaged ghetto standard barb wire and the labour costs in building those sniper earth banks. It just goes on and on and it`s simply unfair and arguably anti- Semitic to expect poverty stricken Zioland to pay for all these and subsidise their poor eternally victimised settlers at the same time.

  • IDF claims most Gazan casualties were 'accidental'
    • On Friday 4th May the first stage of the Giro D`Italia is due to take place in Jerusalem whilst less than 50 miles away the Fascist hosts will be carrying on as normal with their slaughterfest in Gaza.

      In the words of one of the leading funder/organisers:
      “We will be able to show a billion people without the filter of the traditional media what Israel is really all about,” he explained. “Also to show off that we are democratic and open and pluralistic and free and most importantly that we are safe.”


      A day of shame for International Cycling. Hopefully there will be peaceful demonstrations along the routes of the three scheduled stages in support of the innocent Palestinian civilians being murdered and wounded in Gaza ( even braindead Zios will realise that it is not good PR to be seen shooting civilians at a major televised sporting event ).

  • Israeli snipers shoot another 178 Palestinian protesters, killing three
    • @MHughes976
      "Over here in the UK Patrick Cockburn wrote gloomily in the Independent the other day about how little international attention there is"

      Currently the news item getting the most coverage here in the UK is the Amber Rudd did she /didn`t she know alleged" illegals " deportation targets.

      I wonder if there are any Zio Government Sponsored IDF targets for the current variation on most moral lawn mowing in Gaza. The Moldovan bouncer presumably is wetting his pants in his excitement over the latest maiming and slaughter. After all it is not as though any of them from the age of 1 day upwards can be classed as innocents:
      Still he has a long way to go to catch up with the last record set by a "Defence" Minister predecessor- I believe it was Herr Barak as in Operation Cast Lead ?

  • Israel needs Palestinian violence to shift world opinion -- and 'The New York Times' helps out!
    • If you want the full frontal Goebbels standard Hasbara dump from the most moral spokesman see:

      Now he looks and sounds so native/ so local doesn`t he compared with those barbarian foreign Palestinians who are trying to steal back the land which those European Conricus types stole from them(aka reclaiming their ancient homeland which the nasty Romans purloined from them yawn)

      To understand the I/P conflict all you have to do really is to listen to Conricus or even better his English buddy Micky Rosenfield.

      So nice to get the views of these non Middle Eastern European Conquistadors.

  • The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance
    • Let`s recap. Zios have been whining for years in their usual eternal victim rants about what they categorise as "terrorism"eg diplomatic terrorism,economic terrorism,sporting terrorism,academic terrorism. No doubt they will be categorising the events in Gaza as "cultural terrorism" and perhaps the tyre burning as anti - most moral sniper terrorism.
      Hey who knows they may break the mould and just label it "tyranny".

      Tick tick.

  • George Washington student Senate passes divestment resolution as intimidation campaign continues
    • "You saw two of us we see all of you".
      Wrong . Lying cowardly p...ks. The students attending had the courage and integrity to attend the meeting undisguised. Yes you saw them but they didn`t get to see you because you covered your faces. Come on scaredy cats why not develop some testicles and turn up for your next scheduled anti - BDS gig showing your faces. I thought Zios were supposed to be the bravest of the brave having had to fight victimisation since 3000BC. Hey don`t cry you can still wear the bird outfits without the headgear if that`s what floats your boat.

  • Adi Shosberger called Israeli soldiers ‘terrorists’ -- and Israel has turned on her
    • @Magwlawatan
      "Israel today is down to one charismatic asshole- Netanyahu".

      He is introduced in the show as "Ben Nitay"

      His rabbi grandfather father changed the family name to the apparently more biblical sounding Netanyahu from the original non - biblical sounding Polish Mileikowsky when he arrived as a Ziocolonist from Europe.

      When Yahoo junior went to study in the US he appears at some point to have changed his surname to Nitay before returning to Zioland and reverting to Netanyahu.

      I can`t find any record of him being challenged as to why he temporarily changed his name.
      Can only presume that he wanted to come across as more Anglo Saxon/American/Aryan.
      Well would any American girl (or boy) want to date someone with a moniker like Netanyahu?
      Still would love to hear him being challenged on this blatant and shameless act of self denial.

  • Lieberman, commander of Gaza snipers, arrives in D.C. to take on Iran Deal
    • The Moldovan bouncer is now threatening Russia:
      Putin must be terrified and the Russian people will soon be begging him not to further upset mighty Zioland.

    • @Mag
      Good link to the Yahoo in action in his pre-cartoon days.Kudos to John Tierney for putting him on the spot and effectively nailing him. No mention of Saudi Arabia during the "expert" evidence. I wonder why ?
      "Fifteen of the 19 hijackers of the four airliners who were responsible for 9/11 originated from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one from Lebanon. Osama bin Laden was born and educated in Saudi Arabia"

      Of course in the Yahoo`s eyes Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya and now Syria will always be success stories as the US and Western European countries are happily and pathetically footing the bill in terms of financial cost and in terms of dead and wounded doing his dirty work in destabilising those regional nations who represent a threat to his poor,virtually defenceless,eternally victimised Ziocolony.

  • Portman's move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand
    • @YF
      "The mere fact of a military occupation is not immoral. The mere fact of a civilian occupation (where the occupied do not have the right to vote and other rights) is immoral. The practical facts of the occupation are immoral"

      Still slightly skirting round the edges Yonah.

      The IDF occupied as military invaders by definition do. The" immorality" kicks in 100% when civilians from the occupying state create settlements in the occupied territory and are supported and protected in setting these up and maintaining/expanding them by the occupying army:

      So no ifs/buts is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank moral or immoral ?

    • @YF

      "Ossinev- to be clear, the anthem of Jewish nationalism includes the line ” to be a free nation (am) in our land.” Leaving aside “our land”, freedom for one while oppressing the other is not true freedom, so it is also a philosophical bind not just practical. But the primary mode of navigation, like a canoe in rocky waters, is avoiding capsizing, which is practicality, aside from the vision that lies quite a bit away"

      Lots of fine words and a cute metaphor but no clear answer.

      Is the occupation moral or immoral ?

    • @YF
      "my zionism is practical and practically speaking the occupation is a major problem"

      So to be clear then the occupation for you is not a moral problem but simply a practical problem ?

  • Revealed: Israeli Justice Ministry directly involved in international 'lawfare' activities against BDS movement
    • @MHughes
      "We shall see if there is a setback to Labour in the forthcoming local elections, especially in London, where the Jewish presence is strong. If there isn’t I think that the outcry will die down"

      The Jewish population in the UK is estimated at around .4 to .5% of the overall population , figures which in themselves alone illustrate the disproportionate nature of the press coverage which the "anti - Semitism" in the far left Labour Party is getting. The Moslem population for example is estimated at around 5% and the media is not bombarding the public with allegations of Islamophobia within any party.

      It was estimated in 2013 that 60% of the .4-5% Jewish population lived in London and were most heavily concentrated in Golders Green = just under 8,000
      Given the numbers there may well be a direct but minor impact on council election voting in that area of NW London but not enough to significantly alter overall results ?
      Whether the "outcry" has a significant effect on the voting of non - Jewish is a separate issue. I personally think that the ordinary man in the street voter by the time of the elections will be thoroughly sick and tired of the constant whining and complaining by the so called "representatives " of British Jews (unelected and sans sheriff) and the media campaign will backfire.
      I don`t think however that the "outcry" will die down afterwards. The Zio Lobby here in the UK are obviously under strict orders from Hasbara Central to undermine JC at all costs and when it comes to full frontal lying Hasbara there is no brake or reverse gear.

      Of course this should not be seen in anyway as a case of a foreign country (Zioland) interfering in British elections. Perish the thought !!

    • @Mag
      "UK civilians are sick of Zionism. It isn’t Judaism. not by a long shot. Judaism is good . Zionism is sick
      Shaked reminds me of Reinhard Heydrich"

      The tedious ongoing Jeremy Corbyn/"Anti - Semitism" in the Labour Party farce here in the UK just goes on and on and on and on and on and on:
      These Zios are definitely fouling their underwear at the thought of having a pro - Palestinian PM leading a government which will be openly critical of Zioland`s crimes.

      As you say I am fairly certain that the ordinary citizens in the Uk be they Labour supporters or Tory supporters or supporters of any other political party must be getting sick and tired of the absurd level of coverage that this is getting given the tiny proportion of the UK population professing to be Jews. Bear in mind that the lead organisation orchestrating this crap, the British Board of Deputies (sans sheriff ), are simply whining and whinging about words as interpreted by them as opposed to physical acts. Unless I have missed something I am not aware of any major alleged physical acts of anti - Semitism by anyone associated with the Labour Party currently or in the recent past.For one measured review of what is going on see;

      BTW you,I and a significant proportion of MW contributors are really in trouble with the BDBJ(sans sheriff) given the the IHRA definition of "Anti -Semitism" which they are trying to force JC and the Labour Party to adopt:
      A few conflationary gems in this little masterpiece:
       Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews
      worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
       Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence
      of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.
       Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other
      democratic nation.
       Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
       Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

  • Reclaiming Judaism from mystical nationalism
    • @JLD
      "That certainly reeks of fascism. It’s very similar to things said in Germany and Italy in the 1930s"
      100% agree. Very spooky. And remember the West is fixated courtesy of Zio propaganda on Iranian "zealotry" and the possibility of Iranian zealots having access to nuclear weapons and is simply unaware or simply chooses to ignore the fact that the only " democracy" in the Middle East is being taken over by these nutjobs who will in due course have access to the buttons.

  • In Photos: While the world watches Gaza, Israeli forces invade Nabi Saleh
    • "It’s a miracle. Nabi Saleh is simultaneously Occupied and Invaded"

      I have no military training or background but I think you have to invade a country before you can occupy it. A bit like the Germans/Soviets invaded and occupied Poland in 1939 but in their case(and feel free to correct me if I am wrong) I don`t think either were claiming that they were simply taking back their"ancient homeland" from which they had been expelled by nasty Roman legionaries 2000 years previously

  • Natalie Portman’s cancellation: Inching towards the tipping point
    • @Citizen
      Thanks for the link. I am always amazed at the routine paranoia amongst right wing Israelis and the older generation of American Jews about "assimilation" and "intermarriage". They appear to have absolutely no perception of the fact that this 100% racism and akin to the Nazi racist paranoia which Jews amongst others became the victims of. The use of the phrase "start up nation" in the same article as the predictable loony reference to "the indigenous home of the Jewish people(sic) for 3000 years" is also self evidently a contradiction. If it is a "start up" nation then it became/is a nation on the day it started up. Also it sounds strangely bionic.

      Bottom line is that however they try to dress it up Zioland is and forever will be a cult colony based on the genocide/expulsion and continued brutal oppression of the native population

  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • @Boris
      "The record is clear – I have never called you an idiot or something similar"
      like as in:
      "Why are there so many morons imbeciles commenting here?" Your words.

      Who exactly were you referring to then apart from Amigo of course. Best to make the record very very clear methinks. Perhaps a specific list would do the trick ? I am assuming of course that you still think that I am"blinded by Anti-Semitism". I have to say if it helps that I would think that anyone who is "blinded by Anti - Semitism" can reasonably be characterised as an idiot. As for the alleged " envy " factor = LOL desperate straw to clutch
      As for “God chosen people” is a typical antisemitic canard when it is used in a negative context – like in your comment.Have listen to the words of a truly honorable Israeli Jew:

      Tell me what you think afterwards. Please don`t say that Gideon is a moron or an imbecile or that he is "blinded by anti - Semitism".

    • @Boris
      For some reason my response to your last comment did not appear on this thread.
      Basically I was trying to reassure you. I personally don`t think that you are an imbecile or a moron. I just think that you are a troubled and confused soul and rather like a child who is not getting his way in arguments you have tended to lash out by way of name calling. A little bit disappointed though that you have resorted to the default major yawn inducing smear - yes the classic "anti - Semitic ". In my case you have flavoured it a bit by suggesting that I actually envy Jews. Now that is a novel twist which may give a little bit more shelf life to the tedious standard whinge as in they are all "Anti - Semites". Why because they envy "Jews". Hasbara Central might well adopt this one as a suitable accompaniment to the "whataboutery" refrain. At the end of the day it`s all about Zio window dressing after all.

      I will concede that my Catholic upbringing may well have impacted on my views with regards to the I/P conflict ie it has taught me to despise those who murder,torture and brutalise innocent people whose lands they have stolen.

      Going back to the reassurance I think that you should take a few deep breaths ,reflect and recalibrate. Resorting to gratuitous name calling when you are called to account in a discussion is IMHO a sure sign of stress and more importantly an indication unwillingness to accept facts.

    • @boris
      Thanks for having a go.
      "You seem to insist that being Jewish is simply adhering to Judaism. That’s why you mentioned that you are Catholic. But Catholicism is a religion, not ethnicity. There are Irish Catholics, Spanish Catholics, Desmond Tutu Catholics, etc. Irish, Spanish, South African (maybe not, maybe it is Xosa or whatever) – are the ethnicities. These groups of people, while sharing a religion, are ethnically different"
      So one can be a 1)Spanish Catholic or 2) a Spanish Muslim or 3) a Spanish Jew but 1) and 2) are people of Spanish ethnicity who simply practice a different form of religion whereas 3) is a non ethnic Spanish person who has Spanish citizenship but is ethnically " Jewish". So all those pogroms expulsions and worse arguably should be seen in a different light as they were visited on "foreigners" who were of a different race not a different religion/culture. You were categorised via your saliva as a "European Jew" without specifics to a country which suggests that the 23andme may be a bit vague. How far back generation wise does your 23andme test apply.?Does it categorise the "Jewish ethnicity" as a form of "Semitic" ethnicity. If it does then then obviously there are untold millions of people in the world including the native Palestinians who have lived in Palestine since time immemorial who are of the same ethnicity as those Semites who conquered and settled the sections of Palestine which were known briefly as Judea and Samaria.The only difference being ( yes full circle) they did not invent or practice the cult of Judaism. All of them BTW( sic ) having a right of return via their Semitic ethnicity to Palestine.

      Who knows despite my non ethnic based and now lapsed Catholicism a 23and me test might give me the right to a nice little government subsidised apartment built on land stolen from the non - ethnic natives in the West Bank ?

      And all of the above before we get into the pesky problem of matriarchal and patriarchal lines.

      What what a tangled web etc when first we practice to be God`s chosen.

    • @Boris
      Still no effort to make a response then. So here we go again. You used the term "ethnic Jews". What is an "ethnic Jew"?
      BTW(By the way) FGS = For God`s Sake. But hey if you have found a Federation of Genealogical Studies they might be able to help you with the response which you appear to be avoiding.
      BTW(see above) as a terminally lapsed Catholic I would be interested to know if the FGS can confirm if there is some kind of default Catholic ethnicity which I retain despite my heresy.

    • @Boris
      "Is this a joke?"

      Is that your response !? At least try FGS !

    • @Boris
      "Jews (and I am talking about ethnic Jews, not the religious converts) do have common history. We all trace our ancestry to the indigenous people of the Land of Israel"

      So only what you describe as "ethnic Jews" do have a common history. It would help if you defined just what exactly an "ethnic" Jew is. Is it for example a person who currently practices the religious cult of Judaism whose great great x multiples grandmother is said to have lived in the ancient Kingdom of Judea and is said to have practiced one of the local Middle Eastern religions = the same Judaism.As for the"religious converts" it would help if you offered specifics like proportions dates/periods/locations/races being converted.

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
    • @gamal
      "That is just one glorious whitesplanation"

      That is one glorious racist comment.

      "it is always possible that I missed the “nuance” due to the “chip on my shoulder”

      I made no reference to you "having a chip on your shoulder".

      "people like you are far more damaging to liberation struggles than their open opponents"

      Whereas people like myself(ie you) are the real deal.

      Sounds like Zionist "chosen" type thinking to me ie this is my chosen liberation struggle. I make the rules on what can and cannot be said on this website when it comes to people other than people like me.

      "but thanks for the talking down to I"

      “you come across as either blind or some shit” = IMHO serious talking down.

      Very finally and just for the record my reference to having a History Degree was not a self glorifying "whitesplanation" as you put it. It was merely to indicate that I have done a little bit of reading on Colonial/Imperialist history in the Middle East and have no illusions about the chaos and havoc (to put it mildly) visited on the region by the British including the betrayal of the native Palestinians. Have just started reading some more "shit" in my latest book on the subject: "Lawrence IN Arabia" subtitled "War ,Deceit,Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East" by Scott Anderson.

      Just adding to all the other "shit" on the subject you know. Already a good read. Can also recommend as an example of other "shit" which I have recently read. "Ploughing Sand" subtitled "British Rule in Palestine 1917-1948" by Naomi Shepherd. I could go on and on about the "shit" which I have read on the subject but to what point ?

      Goodnight and goodbye.

    • @Gamal
      "you come across as either blind or some shit"
      I think you are to put it mildly doing me a disservice on this one. I am neither blind nor malevolent and have zero sympathy or illusions for what you describe as "Imperialist racist propaganda".
      As for reading I am a reasonably well educated (Hons Degree History) fluent English speaker.
      I will refer you to the English word "nuance" and suggest you regroup recalibrate and reflect on the thrust of what I said and what I consider to be an insulting ad hominem response. To help you a bit: a constant in Zionist propaganda is that Islam and Islamic nations especially Iran are motivated and driven by what have been perceived as "Mahdi" type religious zealots who simply want to slaughter all non believers whereas the only democracy in the Middle East is not remotely theocratic and not driven in any way by religious zealots and wouldn`t dream of slaughtering non believers.. The article of course is proof to the contrary and my comment was an attempt to illustrate that.
      If you feel the need to stick some ad hominem knives in I recommend you save them for the more deserving Hophmi and JonS Hasbarists who frequent MW.

      Perhaps a point taken would be in order ?

    • Basically all these Israeli Zios are mad Mahdis with some of them just being overtly madder. Genocidal IDF freaks chanting and dancing in ecstasy = Genocidal ISIS freaks chanting and dancing in ecstasy
      To their credit though the Genocidal ISIS freaks never claim to live in the only democracy in the Middle East.

  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • @Dimadok
      " Please include their opinions on the closing of Hungarian border upon the surge of infiltrators and refugees from the Middle East and Asia"
      Hey your whataboutery hasberadashery has now moved into the EU. Is that because Hasbara Central has sent out a new instruction for operatives to avoid references to human rights abuses in Asian and African States? The Yahoo after all is desperately trying to cosy up to them.And of course a what about Syria reference would now be considered passe and Zios are desperate not to be seen as passe.

      Having said all that and in the spirit of trying to keep you reasonably sane I recommend that you confer with your HB controller regarding ongoing references to Hungary which is led by a Crypto - Nazi Orban who surprise surprise the Yahoo is also cosying up to.

      As for those 9,000 rockets ( souped up fireworks) fired from a Ghetto not dissimilar to the Warsaw version , well since 2001 the toll for poor eternally threatened eternally victimised Zioland has been truly horrendous( not).And it has been particularly horrendous (not) during the Land Day demonstrations when not a single "rocket " has been fired and the heroic and increasingly "moral" IDF have shot and killed 34 unarmed demonstrators and shot and wounded hundreds of other unarmed demonstrators. Well after all heavily armed eternally threatened goons deserve some live fire fun days out if only to relieve the tedium of snatching 10-12 year olds from their beds at 3.00 a.m.

      As for the horrifying impact of all those 9,000 fireworks:

      Apparently 0.04 percent of Israelis die from peanut allergies.

      Israel's population is around 8 million. Around 6 million of which are Jewish.

      0.04% percent of 6,000,000(jewish population only) is 2,400.

      The percentage of Israel's that die from Hamas Rockets is less than 0.00052%, using only the Jewish population.

      As you yourself has said for Zios the strategy for their version of the Warsaw ghetto
      " is focused on containment and threat elimination"

      I.E. Extermination unfortunately is off the menu so we will have to make do with starving them,depriving them of water, electricity and medications and regularly bombing and killing them to vent our frustration at not being able to finally solve the problem they represent.

      Tick tick

  • Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps
    • So as suspected a "nation" peppered with genocidal maniacs and their supporters. Has a familiar ring to it ?

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • @Maghlawatan
      Great observation by one of the commentators on your ElecIntifada link:
      "Sick people, Gaza is an open air prison but Israel is becoming an open air psychiatric clinic"

  • Dershowitz's game
    • Whenever there is a high profile situation involving his beloved country = Israel not America scumbag Dershowitz will rapidly sniff it out and get in on the act.It also gives him that reassuring feeling that far from being a sad old git long past his sell by date (if he ever had any marketability to serious observers )he is in his own eyes a relevant and important source of expertise.
      If you want to see him at his lying hypocritical best always go back to the classic debate with Norman Finklestein and the unconditional $10,000 bet which when forfeited turned out to have a made up on the spot condition:
      Truly the sort of oozy creep who you would rapidly escape from if he state beside you in a bar.
      As one of the commentators points out:

      "Noam Chomsky on Dershowitz: "It may indeed be difficult for some decent people to believe that Dershowitz actually exists, and is not simply invented by anti-Semites who want to ridicule supporters of Israel, but the evidence is overwhelming that he really does exist." 

  • ‘Onion boy’ Mohammed Ayyash dreams of a playground, just like every other kid
    • Latest news is that Zioland`s newest and arguably greatest hero Elor Azaria is to be released on 10th May. He must be really pissed off that he has missed all the freebie IDF killings on the Gaza border especially the opportunity as a trained medic to terminate lots of wounded Palestinian civilians. Still the Nakba demonstrations are due to last until 15th May so in theory he could get a compassionate posting to the Gaza "border" and be able to put his Ziomedic ROE to very good use in the few remaining days.
      As for his future well a senior cabinet post and even the Premiership could be his for the taking in due course ( Begin and Shamir got there with absolutely no need to go Gandhi at all ).

    • I really do feel sorry for these poor IDF " soldiers". They get it from both sides and live in constant fear of having to act like professional soldiers. For example all these rocks being thrown at them. Mind you having said that the rocks thrown by Jewish settlers are not really life threatening and don`t merit shooting and killing the throwers whereas the Palestinian "terror rocks" well they are the real life threatening deal and the throwers or anyone in their vicinity of any sex or age deserve to be shot dead as :

  • 50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation
  • How Gaza came to be trapped 'from fence to fence'
    • @annie
      "not sure what the sloppy “idiot” stuff is about"

      I counted 8 x idiots and 1 x moron from him on this thread which included a record of 4 in one "comment " I think it is about him urgently needing to see a non Zio shrink before his hasbarised brain explodes.

    • @mondonut
      " It is not ignored, it is dismissed as nonsense"
      Bit like the Zio "Law of Return" then as in I am a practitioner of the cult of Judaism who has lived in Golders Green since birth but because I practice the cult of Judaism just like my mommy and my granny I have a right to "return" to a land neither I nor my family have ever lived in.
      Now that is 22 carat gold nonsense (oops sorry reference to gold/money etc = classic Anti - Semitism)
      Let`s say instead that is serious nonsense.

  • Slain Palestinian journalist's media org vows to hold Israel accountable 'for this heinous crime'
    • @amigo
      "To be clear , I am no fan of Russia or Syria,s leader or Iran for that matter , but let,s have some fair play before assigning guilt until unassailable proof has been produced.We have been this route before with the “Weapons of mass distraction ” scam.

      As for Haley , she is one puke inducing hyprocite ."

      Interesting item on Fox News of all places ref the alleged chemical attack by Assad`s forces !!!

      Certainly pause for thought or in Daffy Donald`s case pause for twitter ?

  • Israeli Defense Minister justifies killing of Palestinian journalists
    • @gracie fr
      "Protesters were being targeted in their lower body, Al-Baz said, with 55 shot with live ammunition in their genitals, likely in an effort to cause infertility"

      The demographic nightmare which Israel faces is that the majority of the population between the River and the Sea ie Eretz Zioland is already or very soon will be Palestinian. I personally do not think that there is any planned "incremental" genocide or live fire sterilisation. I think the Israelis are shooting Palestinians just for the hell and the fun of it:

      At a higher level yes I do believe that there has been continuous discussions of a "Final Solution" to the Palestinian problem but the Zios are powerless to act out any of the possible permutations given that it is 2018 and not 1938.
      1) Full scale extermination.Can`t be done in secret and world will not allow. Plus loss of sole eternal victim status would be untenable for Zios
      2) Full scale concentration camps without the extermination. As at 1) but the cost would be horrendous and even the good old US wouldn`t pay for it.
      3) Mass expulsions. Egypt would resis,Syria would resist,Lebanon would resist and not least the Palestinians would resist and as at 2) the US would no bear the costs.

      So all in all it seems to me that the script is unfolding fairly much as predicted with an interim Apartheid Single State and eventually a single equal rights for all state with a very significant Palestinian majority after a large proportion of Ziorats have abandoned their cherished Bibliland dream and returned to their native Brooklyn and Golders Green etc

      Tick tick

  • 1948 and the Anglo–Saxim: on Western involvement in expulsion of the Palestinians
    • There appears to be a problem with the number of "indigenuous" Foreign !! Jews doing the Aliyah shuffle and record numbers leaving Zioland so drastic situations call for drastic measure. Perhaps offering prospective Aliyahites lets say 10 x free live weekend shooting practice sessions on the Gaza border as part of their standard immigration package would do the trick. For those who are considering reverse Aliyah perhaps 20 x free live weekend shooting practice sessions might swing it ? It really does sound like great fun - hey and you get to video it and show to your family and friends who will also have a hoot.

  • Transcript of Ahed Tamimi interrogation by Israeli military
    • Wow those Israeli interrogators were so incredibly brave. Sitting no more than a desk width away from a tiny existentially threatening 16 year old Palestinian girl who at any moment could have lashed out with one of her horrific slaps. Their Moms and Dads must be so so proud of them as they heroically reduced this murderous terrorist to silence. In fact they really deserve some sort of Zio Medal of Honour for their brave actions. In fact apart from the medal perhaps a more substantial reward of some kind such as a days free live shooting practice on the Gaza border would be in order ?

  • Jews and trauma
    • @Keith
      " My gut feeling is that all of these movies and other forms of emphasis have had the desired effect and Holocaust trauma grown stronger, at least for older Jews"

      I think as with physical "staple " diets the Holocaust "trauma" has been a psychological " staple " diet for older Jews and they feed themselves on it whenever they have to confront the reality of atrocities visited by Jews on innocent people as was the case for Jews during the Holocaust. They thus avoid having to address and deal with the reality. A significant and growing proportion of younger non - Israeli Jews fortunately are confronting the reality and addressing it for what it is = gross ongoing violations of Human Rights and contrary to the central tenets of their religion. This along with assimilation is spooking the older generation of Jews outside of Israel.
      As for younger Jews in Israel itself well they are brainwashed from birth and assimilation is aggressively discouraged by the only democracy etc yawn. Despite that with the internet and travel a significant and I hope a growing number will see the light in due course.

    • @jon s

      IDF poet 2017 unnamed

      Video recorded in colour from the IDF shooting gallery platform overlooking Gaza

      When he stops, you take him down
      Are you on him
      I can't fire because of the barbed wire
      Take out the one in the pink
      Son of a bitch
      What a legendary film . I haven't seen this kind of thing for a long time

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