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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Israel's ambassador taunts the White House (again) with holiday gift of settlement goods
    • On the bright side one more welcome step on the road to a single openly apartheid state and world wide boycotts of everything Israeli. Even the good old US of A will not be able to duck out of that.


  • Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires
    • @talknic
      Haaretz reports "The video was condemned across the political spectrum. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the "shocking images" expose "the real face of a group that poses danger to Israeli society and security."

      Note that he did not refer to it as being"incitement". Only Palestinians and Palestinian Presidents can be guilty of "incitement". For Nitay Palestinian "incitement" is the new existentially terrifying threat which the Jewish nation is facing and it cannot be watered down under any circumstances by apportioning it to Jewish Israelis.

      Meanwhile the so called "Justice Minister" according to the Times of Israel has reflected on this applying all of her considerable judicial gravitas and experience:

      "Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home party told Army Radio on Thursday morning that the video’s release hurts Israel, though she didn’t criticize its contents.
      “I regret that the video was released,” Shaked said. “This is something that in the end hurts the State of Israel.”

      Note that this creature is not criticizing what was done or said but simply inferring that the real crime was fact that the video was released as it could harm the image of Israelis who as the whole world knows are lovable cuddly peace loving blameless and constantly victimised people.

    • Watched the video. Very impressed.Fit them out with military standard diapers and send them off to attack battle hardened Hezbollah fighters as opposed to defenceless Palestinian families. Call them the Elite Kahane Brigade. Should be a hoot.

  • Will Israel's policies fail of their own accord?
    • @MDM
      "Not a single mainstream British politician explicitly criticised Israel’s massacre last summer"


      This is Gerald Kaufmann,a Jewish MP in the UK, and Designated Leader of the House of Commons.

      Have a look also at for a list of Labour Friends of Palestine.

      Yes there are a host of MP`s in the UK mostly Conservative who are members of Friends of Israel and yes there is a great deal of below the radar Zionist influence on policies towards Israel in the UK and in Europe generally as opposed to the in your face American variety.

      I am not naive on this. The point I was trying to make in my original and follow up comment is that the Zionist influence in Europe is minimal compared with the US and as I said the proof of this particular pudding is the recognition of Palestine by the EU and the settlements products labelling. You may well consider these as " watered down" and "symbolic" but I venture that these moves would be absolutely impossible in the US and the reaction to them by Israel indicates that it is very worried about anti - Israel trends in the EU and in individual European countries.

      The pressure which needs to be applied on Israel to change its apartheid policies can only come from Europe, whatever views one may have on the extent of Zionist influence over European politicians and policies - that pressure simply cannot come from the US, whether run by Democrats or Republicans precisely because of the grotesque stranglehold which the Zionist lobby has.

    • @Keith
      Sorry I still don`t see any " remotely comparable " Zionist lobby groups in terms of extreme power and influence here in Europe.I don`t see mainstream politicians across the political spectrums cravenly and overtly seeking Zionist funding to support their campaigns. I don`t see an AIPAC or an ADL. I don`t see any European Adelsons and I certainly don`t see a huge Evangelical movement supporting the Zionist drive for the apocalypse.

      I would be interested to know the details of European Laws whether EC or National Government Laws defining criticism of Israel as "anti -semitic". Those who deny the Holocaust IMHO are seen rightly as fringe lunatics by the vast majority of Europeans and the vast majority of Europeans would simply not compare what you call "other incidents of mass murder" with the Holocaust. Even if that were the case "broadly construing" something may already be on its way to becoming a capital offence in the Land of Creation but here in Europe perceived inference has no legal standing.

      A good measure of the relative weakness of the Zionist lobby in Europe is that the European Parliament as well as various individual European Parliaments have voted overwhemingly in favour of recognizing Palestine (albeit couched with the term "in principle") as well as the recent EC labelling requirement for settlement products. Either of these actions would simply be impossible in the US because of the Zionist lobby.

      Having said all that I respect your views and your right to challenge my views.

    • "with the United States and Europe strongly committed to Israel as a Jewish state, hope is difficult to sustain"

      I agree that the United States is currently strongly committed to Israel as a Jewish state courtesy of the Zionist Lobby and the franchise which it holds over both the Republicans and Democrats, together with the warped support of the Evangelical Christian base. This situation on it`s own is not immutable.

      I disagree that Europe is committed to Israel as a Jewish state either at a political level or even more importantly on the street. There are no remotely comparable Zionist lobby groups in terms of extreme power and influence that I am aware of and there are certainly no Evangelical Christian movements salivating over the end of days prophesy.

      I think the only exception might be Germany where the WW11 atonement factor is still very strong both politically and on the street - but even this committment is starting to wear thin.

  • Christmas in Bethlehem
    • @RodneyWatts
      "When events like this happen I am deeply saddened and also extremely angered. How can people like John Hagee and members of CUFI,, who profess to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth and who will celebrate Christmas, support the evil, murdering, thieving oppressive regime of the government of Israel?"

      Hagee and hundreds of thousands of like minded nutjob evangelicals in the US do not give a toss about Christmas. They are utterly focused on and prophesize the concept/prospect of the "end of days" and the"second coming". They actually loathe Jews and Judaism but unconditionally support extreme right wing Israel and right wing Israelis and the settlements enterprise as necessary tools in the realization of their end of days scenario.Of course the Jewish Zionist nutjobs in Israel and the US do the same in reverse.They milk this support for all its worth simply ignoring the facts of what Hagee and Co are praying for viz:

      "Yet this prophesy cannot come to pass until all the Jews have been gathered into the state of Israel. Therefore, the Evangelical support of Israel is not merely some token of good will, it is a fulfillment of a prophesy of mass slaughter. There are currently 4.5 million Jews in Israel. If two-thirds of these Jews were to die at the time of "Great Tribulation," this means that 3 million Jews will be killed. If we're counting all the Jews in the world, (which is around 14 million people according to the Jewish Virtual Library), we're talking about 10 million people dead"

      Hagee and co and Israeli Zionists are mirror images of sick societies irretrievably mired in religious madness. The only difference as far as I can tell is that the crazy American evangelicals are not constantly whining about being "blameless victims"

  • Adam Sandler says he's devoted to Israel because of his parents
    • @JustJessetr
      "As I’m sure you must admit by now, Jews are rightfully feeling more and more unsafe in Europe"

      I think what you mean to say but don`t, true to the Zionist head in the sand formula, is that Jews who turn a blind eye to or support the brutality for so long being inflicted on the native Palestinian population by their co - religionists in Israel ARE FEELING MORE AND MORE DESPISED in Europe.

      If feeling really despised makes them feel unsafe then they really should do the aliyah thing - no great loss to the European population. But please please do not drag those honest and moral European Jewish citizens who have the courage to speak out against Israel into your tedious and predictable "victims" charade - we in Europe are proud of them and very much want them to stay.

  • Lawsuit seeks federal investigation into US groups funding settlements
    • @Jackdaw
      "First questions, first. Does Susan Abulhawa, and the other plaintiff’s, have ‘standing’. Have plaintiffs sustained direct injury or harm and that is that harm, or injury, redressable?"

      Sounds as if you have a lump of Hasbara stuck in your throat.

  • Mort Sahl said Israel was not a partner to peace, 24 years ago
    • The above story portrays Shamir as being some sort of "statesman" with a wry sense of humour.

      His statesmanship and wry sense of humour really came to the fore in the blowing up of the King David Hotel etc etc etc

      In reality he was a brutal little Zionist thug.

  • 'NYT' and 'Washington Post' run professor's articles defending settlements without stating he is a settler
    • Sorry got half way through listening the "lecture" by this arrogant condescending Zionist p...k and had to switch off. It was as if I was listening to a Nazi master propoganda "professor" explaining how Jews are really much better off just accepting the Final Solution status quo given all the "benefits" and "rights" which they have. When he referred to the Palestinians having"their own government" I felt like puking.

      Not sure where this particular slug emerged from (U.S.,Russia,Dagestan who knows ?) but like all settler zealots he is particularly freakish when as in the video clip he refers to himself as one of "a people returning to their homeland after two thousand years".

      These morons are so enmeshed in their biblical fairytale that even the so called "professors" who presumably have either studied logic or applied logic in their studies or teachings simply do not realize the complete daftness of their claims. They are mad as the maddest extreme Islamist and they simply don`t have the foggiest idea how they come across to logical civilized people.

      There are the usual barbs at the complicity of Europe in supporting the Palestinian "state". These casual "digs" at Europe appear to be increasing exponentially with the Occupied Territories labelling requirement and the success of BDS. As a European I think this is great news. Please please dear Israeli Zionists do keep sticking two fingers up at us. The more you do that the sooner Europeans will respond in kind. Not with mild rebukes but with tangibles - severance of trade links,severance of cultural links,severance of sporting links and ultimately, with the emergence of up front in our face Apartheid, severance of diplomatic relations and travel bans. But don`t panic Israel can always turn to the East and form special relationships with China,Japan and even North Korea. For those Zionists who are keen footballers you can look forward to Maccabi playing against Beijing United in the Asians Champions Cup and your music lovers can look forward to your favourite home bred or aliyahized pop stars taking part in the Asiavision Song Contest.


  • Video: Palestinian laborers on why they work in Israel despite checkpoints and danger
  • Netanyahu feels complete impunity because all US politicians need 'support of Jewish community' -- former Israeli diplomat
    • @Krauss
      "In the end, it’s the same thing that brought white-ruled SA down: the cutting of all ties. Israel may fare better, because while they see themselves as part of the West, there are still more differentiating factors than the case of the white Christians of SA, who were mirror-images of the general public in the West. It was literally like family turning on you, so Apartheid simply had to end."

      It is as you indicate just a question of time. The PA is already on the point of self implosion.When it goes yes there may be an increase of resistance attacks and there will be the usual Israeli knee jerk "measured" response to an increase in "terror" . But the die will have been cast and there will be IMO a definitive new element in the scenario which will be hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs organising demonstrations calling for equal rights and citizenship. The Israelis will of course brutally suppress and ban these but the cat will be out of the bag and the Apartheid and anti Apartheid reality as with South Africa will take its course with the time scale considerably reduced courtesy of modern communications technology.

      Nitay and Co are stumbling blindly towards this outcome largely because of his power crazy ego and the unqualified support of the Zionist lobby in the US and its control of the US MSM. But even AIPAC and the NYT will not be able to hasbarise brutal suppression of a Civil Rights movement in a supposedly democratic ally state.

  • Settler Impunity: Israeli Defense Minister says there is not enough evidence to detain or prosecute Dawabshe killers
    • "Ynet 15 Dec by Itay Blumenthal — MK Yair Lapid, the head of Yesh Atid, turned up at the main terminal of Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday morning and distributed booklets to Israelis flying abroad, as part of the battle against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. "

      “We are launching a campaign today to protect the state and recruit its good citizens who are flying abroad. . . The booklets, which were given to passengers just before they dropped their luggage at airline check-in desks, are a type of instruction manual teaching Israelis how to refute the claims and lies of BDS activists."

      Hmmm. Tough call this one but here goes. One of the alleged outrageous slanderous anti semitic BDS lies is that Jewish Israelis are fast tracked in and out of Ben Gurion compared with Arab Israelis who well are slow tracked. ( inc strip searching)

      Have you or any member of your family or any of your legion of Zionist Israeli friends ever been asked a rote series of questions 4 or 5 times or strip searched on your way out of or back into your wonderful Land of Creation.

      I don`t think so.

      Disgusting hypocritical piece of you know what.


  • Why my books are not published in Israel
    • "Suspected members of extremist group 'The Revolt' being held without trial are American and Australian nationals."
      From todays Haaretz.

      Interesting that the number of Western Jewish "Jihadis" going to the conflict in the Middle East appears to be on the increase.

      I wonder if they will be arrested if and when they return home ?

    • @ MaxNarr “We both know that Palestine is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. There is no argument about that. Therefore, Jews are not colonists in their own land."

      "Zaid uses the racial argument that Jews are really European Khazars"

      Come on then Max. Give us your definition of " The Jewish People" or "The Jewish Race"

      Presumably it would include eg Jewish Inuits,Jewish Japanese.Jewish Maoris - such a miraculous God given DNA cocktail and all traceable back to their first century AD Judean and Samarian homesteads before the nasty Romans etc

    • @SS
      "But we can’t just leave it at that because it is not only themselves they are harming when they block their ears to others’ voices. We (anyone who seeks a just peace) have to find ways to break through their defenses and push those voices into their minds, even against their will. The more translated books by Palestinians are on the shelves of Israeli bookstores, the more likely the casual passerby is to pick up one of those books and perhaps buy and read it, out of sheer curiosity if nothing else"

      I fully respect the logic and sincerity of your views but IMHO the die has long been cast in terms of there being any hope of internal persuasion or conversion to the reality of Apartheid in Israel. I believe that the overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis either through self brainwashing or brainwashing by the state are totally convinced that they are the blameless victims and nothing repeat nothing by way of internal education is going to alter that mindset. With each passing day they become more and more entrenched in what is effectively a Fascist mindset.

      Only external isolation on the model of Apartheid South Africa , once the PA has imploded, will lead to any change in the barbaric reality of 2015 Israel.

    • @Krauss = A1 comment
      "The Israeli publishers are so out of touch with Palestinian reality" All the Hebrew language books under the sun detailing the Palestinian reality will have absolutely no effect on the vast majority of Jewish Israelis who are now irreversibly locked into an alternative Zionist reality.
      The rapidly dwindling minority of conscionable Israelis like Gideon Levy who have been trying to coax their fellow countrymen back to reality have failed and will continue to fail. Kerry has failed and has given up.Anything even the smallest of things which drags out this charade is to be avoided.

      Susan Abulhawa has correctly identified this publishing approach , whether deliberate or inadvertent , as an invitation for her to collaborate in the normalisation of Israeli Apartheid and has quite rightly refused.

  • Palestinians took over in the afternoon, at the Haaretz NIF conference
    • Meanwhile in the "real world" of IsraelFirstCongressLand as reported in todays Times of Israel:

      "A bipartisan group of Congress members introduced a resolution Thursday expressing staunch opposition to guidelines issued recently by the European Union mandating the labeling of products manufactured in Israeli West Bank settlements and in the Golan Heights.

      Democratic representatives Eliot Engel and Nita Lowey, and Republicans Peter Roskam and Ed Royce – all legislators with strong pro-Israel records – co-authored the resolution. In a statement released after the resolution was submitted, the four accused the EU of advancing a general boycott of Israel.

      The guidelines, they said, “only encourage and prompt consumers to boycott all Israeli goods.”

      “This is counterproductive to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, harmful to U.S. national security interests, and contributes to the deeply misguided anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement,” the four complained. “Boycotts chip away at economic integration, which negatively affects Israelis and Palestinians alike. The establishment of the European Economic Community was predicated on the notion that peace and security are achieved through trade, economic cooperation, and job creation – not boycotts and isolation. The same is true for Israelis and Palestinians.”

      The resolution itself expresses alarm that “politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel represent a concerted effort to extract concessions from Israel outside of direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, and undermines efforts to achieve a negotiated two-state solution,” a position that the sponsors wrote was itself in contravention of longstanding US policy."

      Don`t you just love these dickhead bought and bent charlatans.Undermining efforts to achieve a two state solution indeed. Presumably this is the 2SS that their slavemaster Nitay so passionately wants on his watch.


    • @DaBakr
      "haartz is only important to a very few select israelis and left-wing NYC dwellers and its surrounding suburban web of far-left-fringe handwringing tyrants-in-sheeps cloth."

      "Handwringing tyrants - in - sheeps cloth (sic) ." WTF are "handwringing tyrants" whatever they are wearing ? Spinning out of control again I fear. A few deep breaths calm down and back to the Hasbara Manual index.

    • @Annie
      "A search of the man’s badly damaged vehicle uncovered an ax"
      Have they run out of knives to artfully place at these scenes or are they simply trying to spice up the "narrative" by introducing the dreaded axes ?

  • Obama's ISIS czar says we can't defeat extremism without resolving Palestinian issue
    • Meanwhile fresh from Haaretz:
      "Moshe Ya'alon says while Duma murders are 'clearly a Jewish attack' and that defense establishment can identify members of group behind attack, state lacks evidence to try suspects"

      Now there is a surprise. Why oh why do we in the civilized West continue to have relations with this shitty little Fascist country.


    • @ ivri
      " Even if it is true that the I/P conflict played a meaningful role in the many present problems in the Mid-East, which in itself requires a serious examination"

      Suggest you get out a map preferably a really big map of the Middle East and seriously examine your little colonial sliver on the Eastern Mediterranean coast. Colour it say blue and then colour all the surrounding Arab countries another colour of your choice. Stand back and have another serious look at the map. Then seriously examine the fact that the new population of this sliver of land are foreigners of a different religion who took over the land by force , drove out the bulk of its native population and continue to oppress enslave and brutalize the remaining native population.

      You might on serious examination pick up just an teensy weensy hint that your beloved Sliverland is indeed playing " a meaningful role".

      Not holding my breath though.

    • "Kerry told Remnick he believes Israel is on the road to becoming a binational state, which would be “an impossible entity to manage.” He added that he fears the Palestinian Authority will collapse, leaving its 30,000 security personnel to scatter to the winds, which would result in anarchy and violent clashes with Israel."

      Perhaps the most incisive of his comments. Israel under the Oslo accords has effectively sub contracted day to day policing and internal security control to the PA paid for, not by them, but effectively the US. With an ever growing disillusionment amongst the West Bank Palestinians over the role and relevance of the PA including it has to be assumed amongst the its own "security personnel" it will take very little for the whole charade to collapse like a house of cards.Israel will then have to overtly control the West bank population. The resistance will grow and Israeli brutality will increase.The Apartheid reality will be truly out in the open for all to see. The US will continue to be bought and bent as ever by the Zionist dollar but Europe will no longer be able to stand idly by and mouth the occasional mild rebuke. As with South Africa but even more so in the internet age there will be irresistible demands for total boycott.

      Kerry is hinting at this in a desperate attempt to get the Israelis to wake up to the reality of the direction they are taking. Unfortunately hints and mild rebukes have proven to be pointless and only the collapse of the PA will do the job that is needed.

    • IMHO the Haaretz Conference is a worthy initiative by worthy organisations and it is always good to have relatively high profile conferences on the subject in the US. The problem is as ever that the conference will be deemed by the Zionist lobby in America to be anti - Israel, Anti - Semitic and encouraging terrorism and the bought and bent MSM will either stay stum or simply parrot the Zionist view.

      Over arching it all however is that the "peaceful" two state solution has been for years dead and buried with the definitive lurch to the right in Israel and the head in the sand mentality of the majority of the Jewish population there all dutifully supported by and paid for by US taxpayer. The reference to Obama giving up on the "process" and his senior advisor pointing to the link between non resolution and the ISIS phenomenon will simply be ignored by Israel and the US Zionist lobbies. There is after all the much more biddable Hillary waiting in the wings to sooth whatever limited niggling anxieties they have - after the departure of the "Anti - Semitic Islamophile" Obama.

      The reality shock which is needed , not to save Israel, a country which has forfeited whatever soul it had , but the brutalized Palestinian people - this will come not from the US , not from conferences and well meaning talk shops like these , but from a European driven true isolation of the Land of Creation.


  • Roger Cohen and Jeremy Ben-Ami go on the road for the two-state solution
    • @IrishMoses
      "While it is probably true that Jews make up a larger percentage of those in the world of finance than their percentage of the overall population, their representation in other professional fields, like medicine and law, is also likely disproportionate. But that disproportionality is achievement-based, not religious-based"

      Looking at the current state of the Land of Creation and its pseudo Zionist outlying state in the US I think your proportionality theory also certainly applies to the number of extreme right wing Fascists in the population.

      Now I wonder how they achieved that ?

    • @[email protected]
      Just looked at the Haaretz front page reports on this conference. To me the most illuminating contribution was from Mr.Saeb (we will give back the keys) Erekat viz:

      "Erekat tells of his 37-year-old nephrew killed last week at the Hizme checkpoint in the West Bank. "I don't dare talk about peace, I want to congratulate Netanyahu for destroying the culture of peace and negotiation," adding that Netanyahu is "destroying the two-state solution and trying to build an apartheid system."
      Erekat adds that "a two-state solution is the most cardinal interest of the Palestinian people," saying that "there is no such thing as a one-state solution." Erekat says that "Israel will never be party to a one-state solution, they don't want solution on 1967 lines. So what's the alternative?"
      Erekat says "we might not be able to achieve a two-state solution tomorrow, but Israelis and Palestinians have no other option." Erekat welcomes the EU decision to label settlement products, and says Israel should recognize the state of Palestine before any other state. He acknowledges that mistake are made, saying that "sometimes it's hard to differentiate between freedom of speech and incitement." He adds that the Palestinian leadership is "trying to fix it."
      Erekat vows that "Israel has a partner on the basis of a Palestinian state with the '67 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital." He says Palestine will accept limitations on arms and military, but won't accept limitations on dignity. Erekat says the era of U.S.-brokered bilateral negotiations is over, adding that Obama and Kerry have done everything possible.
      Erekat criticizes ISIS, saying they are criminals and thugs who have nothing to do with Islam. He predicts the Arab world will need "30 to 50 years" to restabilize from the current chaos, while calling for democracy in the Arab world and Israeli-Palestinian peace to defeat ISIS. Erekat adds there is no difference between ISIS and the Jewish terrorists who burned the Dawabshe family in Duma."

      Basically these are the usual weasel sycophantic words to bolster not the Palestinian people but himself / Abbas and the rest of the PA power elite.They are the ones who really want to continue to talk some more around the world in their 5 Star hotel conference bases while observing Zion continuing to eat the pizza. And they are the real problem in all this - Nitay and his right wing Fascist cronies are at least unhinged. Erekat and his cronies know that they are betraying the Palestinian people by holding on desperately to the keys as the farce unfolds.

    • Always interesting to read the words of these "liberal Zionists" particularly in relation to the "two state solution". Cohen as with many of his fellow "Liberal Zionist "travellers these days comes across as very weary and dispirited which is understandable because I think if pressed he would would hold up his hands and admit that he is urinating into the hurricane.

      But throughout his speech we have the same old same old Zionist illusions/delusions viz
      "And Herzl was right: half acceptance into Christian Europe was more dangerous than non-acceptance. …. So Jews need a homeland; they need the modern state of Israel."

      The modern state of Florida is no where near sufficient or acceptable then.

      The following comment basically sums up this desperate self delusion:

      "But unfortunately we have drifted from that secular Zionism that wanted to find a place for that Arab minority within Israel, to the messianic Zionism that says “all the land is ours between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.” Why is it ours? “Because God said so; because it was deeded to us millennia ago in the scriptures; and that land is ours forever.” And that is very problematic when there are millions of other people living on that very territory."

      He says "that is very problematic" as opposed "that is a load of bollocks" - and that is the give away. Bottom line is that he hasn`t got the sense or more likely hasn`t got the courage to admit to the fairy tale foundations of Zionism and Israel.

  • How long can Democrats denounce Trump and embrace Netanyahu?
    • @Atlanticonaclast
      You are correct that it does not recognize interfaith marriages ( ie between Jews and non Jews) in Israel but it does I believe recognize interfaith marriages including between Jews and non Jews conducted outside Israel ( with the non Jew if a Palestinian not being allowed to immigrate into the country surprise surprise ) and of course it is "happy" I believe to recognize marriages in Israel between Muslims and Christians. Whatever the permutations and they are many I believe that between us we have re - enforced the point that Israel is a shitty little pseudo Aryan cult backwater. I am no Anthropologist but is it possible that a significant element in the freaky Israeli Zionist psyche may be down to inbreeding? I believe that non assimilation was an absolute priority in the Third Reich but with a much larger population and additional gene pools available from the conquered Aryan nations then this would not have been a problem? However with the Land of Creation`s tiny population and with no help available from those pesky young American assimilators who are polluting the only alternative gene pool, the outlook is bleak for today`s Zion failing a biblical event.

      All the qualitative military edge that US taxpayer money can buy for the Zionists will not save them from basic demographic realities

    • @Atlantaiconoclast
      "Israel does not recognize interfaith, NOR Gay marriage"

      I believe that the state of Israel in order to preserve its "Western Democratic" credentials actually does recognize interfaith marriages. They are on my understanding however not recognized by the Rabbinate and there are extreme right wing Jewish groups in Israel such as Lehava which actively try to prevent or disrupt mixed marriage ceremonies.

      Whatever the permutations one thing remains abundantly clear - Israel has now buried itself in a very deep delusional hole from which it will not retreat and a mainstay of that delusion is that it must remain a pure Aryan type Jewish entity. So overt and covert mechanisms to prevent assimilation are the order of the day. The right wing freaks who are running the show quite simply ignore the fact that 20% of the entity`s population are non Jewish and OMG even worse are Muslims and that interfaith marriages appear to be on the increase in Israel. What they appear unable to ignore and what is really causing them to wet the bed at night is the growth of interfaith marriages and assimilation within the US Jewish community - now that could very soon become a major Achilles Heel for the Israel Firsters there. On can only hope sooner rather than later.

  • Israel should give back the Golan
    • "If you look in the ancient maps of the kingdoms of the Hebraic kings David and Solomon, or read in the Bible the contours of the Promised Land, you see that most of Syria (and part of Jordan) is actually part of that".

      So hilarious that these Zionist freaks either totally rely on or when pressured totally fall back on fairy tales from a work of fiction. Stuff International Law, stuff human rights,stuff the opinion of the vast majority of civilised humanity - Israel and Zionists are always right because it says so in this here novel.

  • The last colony
    • @MaxNarr
      "You defame the true heroes that fought against apartheid". That would be the ANC then = a guerrilla organisation accused of being "terrorists"fighting state brutality, discrimination and ghettoization.

      A bit like the PLO/Fatah/Hamas.

      You need counselling - specifically to help you distinguish between your posterior and your elbow.

  • Terrorism is an understandable response to west's wars in Middle East, realist and left writers say
  • Israeli military court sentences Palestinian feminist and lawmaker Khalida Jarrar to 15 months in jail
    • These IDF cretins are really starting to lose the plot. They forgot to bring the standard issue knife to chuck on the ground ! Even worse they forgot to riddle her with bullets as she "resisted" !



  • Trump and Netanyahu call it off
    • As reported in today`s NYT:
      "RAMALLAH, West Bank — Kaiya, the family dog of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, has been photographed with visiting leaders and petted by top foreign guests including Secretary of State John Kerry. But it became painfully clear this week that Kaiya does not accept affection from just anyone."

      Mr. Netanyahu announced Friday on Facebook that under Israeli law he had to quarantine Kaiya, a 10-year-old mix with black eyes and fluffy fur, after she bit two guests, including a member of Parliament from his own Likud Party, attending a Hanukkah candle-lighting party at his Jerusalem residence."

      Allegedly Nitay`s security guards didn`t neutralize the canine with multiple rounds of bullets because:

      a) Apparently Kaiya is a pure bred Jewish dog whose lineage can be traced back to Judaean canines expelled along with their owners from the Chosen Land by those nasty Romans.

      b) Throwing a knife on to the ground beside it after neutralization would have been a non starter as even doombrain Zionists know that dogs cannot carry knives.

      c) Their boss Nitay would have been even more barking mad.

    • @DaBakr
      "he is literally-a mental midget compared to netanyahu. whatever despicable things members here think about the guy. however much he is despised, mocked, ridiculed an so forth it would be a fool to not recognize the man as having a brilliant mind"

      Great minds think alike methinks. The Trumps and Nitays of this world are two sides of the same coin "Brilliant" my a..e. He is where he is and is what he is because of the Arslikhan backing of NeoCon freakshow Americans like Trump and he is as"brilliant" as any one of them

  • Even as Clinton opposes sanctions over Israeli settlements, new poll shows her Democratic base is for them
    • @misterioso
      I am reading elsewhere that he Trump has merely postponed his visit until the 28th December.
      And Nitay whilst "condemning" his comments will go ahead with his meeting:

      "As for the meeting with Mr. Trump that was set some two weeks ago, the Prime Minister decided earlier this year on a uniform policy to agree to meet with all presidential candidates from either party who visit Israel and ask for a meeting," the statement read. "This policy does not represent an endorsement of any candidate or his or her views. Rather, it is an expression of the importance that Prime Minister Netanyahu attributes to the strong alliance between Israel and the United States."

      Lying B. He simply realises that Trump has a huge following of right wing pro-Zionist freaks in the US and that he cannot afford to jeopardise that pro-Israel base by doing what is the right thing ie refusing to meet with a grotesque racist. He knows instinctively that if he cancels the meeting the Israel First lobby in the US would pay dearly.

  • Brookings conference on 'future for Israelis and Palestinians' featured zero Palestinians
    • Noted that the "forum" had a " moderator " one Jeffrey Goldberg (a truly "liberal" peace loving Zionist ) - he had to physically separate Lapid and Lieberman when Lieberman called Lapid a pansy. Only kidding. Love to see a recording of the event though. Would have my sick bucket close by.

  • YouTube becomes Israel's new battleground against Palestinians
    • @John O
      On the face of it the FIFA corruption probe did not affect the decision not to kick Israel out.
      As reported in Haaretz:
      "At the Congress, Palestinian soccer chief Jibril Rajoub announced that the Palestinians had decided to drop the bid. Then, the Congress passed an amended version of the Palestinian proposal, which called for the formation of a committee to look into freedom of movement of Palestinian soccer players. The committee would also look at Israeli racism and the status of Israeli league teams based in the West Bank"

      American financial pressure behind the scenes ? Who knows. Nitay a talented right winger of course trumpeted the decision as a victory for the Land of Creative football. It is only a matter of time of course before the issue surfaces again particularly if BDS and its supporters press the right buttons. Leaving aside the fact that restrictions on the movement of Palestinians including footballers and athletes are getting progressively worse the real chink in the Zionist armour is the status of Israeli league teams based in illegal settlements. The EU has already legislated that goods produced and manufactured in the occupied territories not be labeled as "Israeli". Can`t be long before EU sporting associations follow suit and make it clear that illegal squatter individuals and teams cannot be labeled as "Israeli" in order to qualify for European competition. Nitay and his bunker brigade will no doubt hiss and rant as usual about victimisation and double standards but the cat will be out of the bag. The reason that this scenario has not arisen forcefully before is that the PA leadership at this stage of the conflict are still only making gestures of defiance and threats of legal challenge but in the background are ultimately driven by self interest ie their own personal self interest and do not wish to risk their comfortable salaried and 5 star hotel expenses lifestyle.Ergo Erekat has popped regularly in the last decade suggesting that the PA has reached the point where they will "hand back the keys" to Israel but it is just ongoing Nitay standard bluff.
      The PA are rapidly becoming an irrelevant embarassment in the conflict. What matters is growing outside awareness of the clinical oppression of the Palestinians and the deprivation of their rights to develop and participate in sport. Pressure from the likes of BDS and similar groups on sporting bodies in Europe will go a long way towards ostracizing their Israeli counterparts. Follow the example of Apartheid South Africa

    • "Israeli politicians have misrepresented as a full-blown boycott the EU’s recent tepid move to label products from illegal West Bank settlements and thereby deny them special customs exemptions reserved for Israeli products. The right argues Israel is being uniquely punished by Europe, when in truth the EU has enforced economic sanctions, not just labelling, against 36 countries"

      Nothing quite like witnessing narcissistic Fascists in panic mode. No cautious retreat,regroup,rethink of tactics and back to the Kampf . These Zionists have become so wrapped up in their Hasbara that they cannot separate it from reality and just keep plodding on with the same old themes of victimisation,being unfairly singled out and the other side be it the Palestinians,Europeans,Swedes,Danes you name it being guilty of incitement and falsehoods.

      Despite all the lies and bluster about European bias , double standards and interference,Europe really is their achilles heel because Zionist Israelis really do see themselves as "European" and they desperately want to be accepted as "European". Thus they wet themselves whenever there is a threat to their hosting of European cultural and particularly sporting events.

      BDS IMHO should focus on the latter with a campaign to highlight the disgusting treatment of Palestinian individual sportsmen and women and Palestinian teams and the daily disruption to the sports development of Palestinian children - all paralleling Apartheid South Africa. If enough European sports people and sports teams can be persuaded to shun and boycott their Israeli counterparts then the reality of the consequences of their words and deeds may finally sink in. The naysayers will no doubt complain that it is wrong to conflate sport and politics - but the same was said in the case of South Africa.

      The knee jerk reaction to even the mildest European criticisms ref the occupation will soon I hope lead to a point where a high level European leader will break cover and simply state the obvious - if you hate us so much the pack your bags please and get the hell out of our free tariff zones , our science and cultural conventions and most of all our sports competitions and tournaments.


  • Bragging that she and Israel were born within months, Hillary Clinton wants to take relationship to 'next level'
    • "inspiring as its prowess in war"
      No doubt she was absolutely thrilled to bits with the attack on the USS Liberty and the killing of 34 of her compatriots.

    • Hillary ArlisliClinton at her finest complete with oratorical diarrhoea:
      “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.” Well, tonight is the first night of Hanukah and the Jewish people and Israel and all over the world praise the almighty for the miracles, for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the saving acts. This season and this moment in history is a time once again for mighty deeds and saving acts"

      WTF is she talking about.

      Blownaway is spot on. Every time she opens her mouth and spews out this Zionist c..p she makes Trump look and sound like a middle of the road Liberal.
      It is also hysterically funny that this revolting political trollop continues to refer to the need for the Palestinians having a "sovereign" state when she knows damn well that her cuddly Israeli bedfellows have absolutely no repeat no intention of ever allowing a "sovereign" Palestinian state.
      Bad news she is likely to become the next US President.
      Good news at 68 she is physically and mentally no spring chicken and despite the advance of science yes you can and she has gotten facelifts but you simply cannot get brainlifts.

  • Kristof's conditional empathy
    • "As a Jewish Israeli, it is easier for me to feel what the asylum seekers are going through. While I was never a refugee, my great grandparents were. As I stood on the shores of Lesvos, taking people off boats, I thought about my great grandparents and this helped me connect with them and understand their plight – probably more than many of the other teams that were there doing this holy work."

      Why travel all the way to Lesbos. Just go to the top of one of your Gaza watchtowers and look at the devastation or do an eyes wide open as opposed to shut tour of the West Bank. to connect with and understand plight.

      As for "doing this holy work". Holy work my a..e All she has been doing is servicing the Zionist "humanitarian" rapid response image team - always on standby to fly to "safe" earthquake zones etc with their cute little Star of David emblem uniforms and tents and get the maximum publicity for the good old most moral light unto the nations country in the history of the universe ( BTW please read small print = no non Jewish refugees accepted in the Promised Land).

  • Elliott Abrams wants John Kerry to STFU about Palestine
    • Meanwhile Hillary Clinton firing up all the Zionist cylinders - as in keep the cash coming you know I am worth it.
      "Only a two-state solution can provide Palestinians independence, sovereignty and dignity and provide Israelis the secure and recognized borders of a democratic Jewish state,” she said"
      And even more surreal:
      Clinton, born just before Israel’s independence in 1948, said she belonged to a generation that thrilled to Israel’s successes, but that the admiration was receding.

      “There is a generation in both countries today that does not remember that shared past,” she said.

      Keep the sick bucket to hand mondoweissers - there is sure to be a lot more and a lot worse to come from this despicable creature in the year ahead.

  • Palestinian man 'killed in cold blood' on day that claims 4 Palestinian lives
    • @MaxNarr
      "He recovers the knife from her at 1:28 and throws it to safety so she may not harm him or anyone else as intended."

      "Throws the knife to safety" "Throws the knife to safety" "Throws the knife to safety". No I just can`t register this one. I keep imagining all these IDF "situation" briefings where a camp 6 foot tall 15 stone Sergeant wearing a pink kippah is demonstrating how to delicately pick up a knife and "throw it to safety".

      Have you considered a career in comedy writing.

    • @Annie
      "we have no idea if the so called perps were even up to anything."

      Simples. They were up to being Palestinian in the Promised Land.

  • Coming Monday on Mondoweiss — Advertisements
    • @talknic
      "Leads me to understand they are Israel’s actual borders and why there are so many UNSC resolutions affording Israel numerous opportunities to adhere to the binding Laws those resolutions reaffirm and emphasize"

      Things may be moving at a pace that even Nitay and his status quo cohorts cannot control viz article from today`s Times of Israel:
      "The collapse of the PA may already be here . It’s a short path from a single member of the security forces carrying out an attack, as occured Thursday, to all-out chaos in which Israel is forced to recapture West Bank cities"

      So let`s see we already have the super maxi Gaza prison and then after all of the Palestinian population have been rounded up SS style including those particularly dangerous suckling infants there will be a collection of maxi prisons in "Judea and Samaria" all funded by American taxpayers and tax relieved US Zionist "Charity" organisations. No doubt they will separate those who can work from those who cannot. Well it is after all the "Land of Creation".

  • Trump wasn't anti-Semitic
    • The foreign ministry stressed that Israeli citizens and security personnel have the right to defend themselves. “In Israel, any person who commits a crime is taken to court, including terrorists,” the foreign ministry said.

      That is truly surreal. It conjures up images of teenage corpses riddled with bullet holes being wheeled into court so that they can defend themselves.

      These revolting Zionist creeps truly live in a parallel universe.

  • Open letter to Rabbi Susan Talve from St. Louis Jews
    • As a (nearly) lifelong practising atheist and at the risk of being accused of being a self loathing or self denying atheist I secretly hope that there is a hell and that there will be plenty of room to accommodate all of world`s loathsome Zionists and their even more loathsome hypocritical supporters in the West.

  • Why Rabbi Susan Talve was called a 'real terrorist' by St Louis activists
    • "During our summer of sorrow, Rabbi Talve was traveling in Israel with a delegation organized by AIPAC, a conservative, war-mongering lobby group that has vigorously supported U.S. funding and defense of the Israeli policies of settler colonialism in Palestine.

      During her time in Israel, Talve sent dispatches back to her community in St. Louis. In her messages, Talve asserted that all of Jerusalem belonged to Israel, blamed the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza on Hamas and praised the Israeli army for their morality and courage."

      Based in particular on the comments she made in the "dispatches" I am not sure that it is fair to describe this woman as a "Real Terrorist" or even a Zionist Hypocrite. "Pathetic Idiot" I think is much nearer the mark. She actually referred to "an aide to Netanyahu" setting up an organisation which sits at Israeli checkpoints to make sure that there are no human rights violations against Palestinians. FFS !

  • More than 1,000 Israeli forces enter Shuafat refugee camp to demolish Palestinian attacker's home with explosives
    • @MDM
      You forget their new world leading invention - military standard diapers. They certainly allow them to maintain their qualitative edge.

  • Trump is booed at Republican Jewish gathering for refusing to back undivided Jerusalem
    • "Read this and vomit". I think this reaction would be understandable for conscionable non Israeli firster Americans and those Americans including Jewish Americans who view the lobby factor in the US as having become obscene.

      Yes in Europe and here in the UK there is lobbying and there are wealthy donors but their activities and influence are miniscule compared with the US and certainly in the UK the rules are transparent and strictly controlled and enforced by our Electoral Commission. We have no in your face fruitcake billionaires like Adelson and if one ever emerged they would be soon sent packing to Goo Goo land by the press and the electorate.

      Looking at the bizarre range of political donors/lobbyists and the scale of their influence in the US one would be forgiven for thinking that America is no longer the "land of the free" nor the "home of the brave" but the land of the "bought and bent".

      A very sad spectacle.

  • Pediatric and intensive care patients injured as Israeli military fires tear gas into Jerusalem hospital
    • From today`s Jerusalem Post referencing earlier comments in relation to the arson attack:
      The defense minister recounted how, when he was commander of the IDF’s Judea and Samaria Division in 1992 and 1993, security forces placed 59 members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization in administrative detention for a few years, based on intelligence that connected them to Kalashnikov rifles used in a spate of deadly shootings. The arrests were made despite the lack of sufficient legal evidence for a trial.

      After their release, many of the terrorists “went back” to carrying out attacks, Ya’alon said, hinting at the life-saving effect of the procedure.

      You have got to read this a few times to appreciate the true nature of the Zionist Nation`s "only democracy etc" character.

      Ergo: We suspected them but we didn`t have sufficient legal evidence so we locked them up for a few years and we were not in the least surprised when they became terrorists again and having learned from our previous experience we locked them up again even though we didn`t have sufficient legal evidence ad nauseam.

      What a truly warped mindset these people have.They are the real "mad mullahs" of the region AND THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

  • Israel's 'security' wall has provided little security
    • "The rest just keeps Jews from their lands". Sounds frighteningly similar to the HerrenVolkSpeak of Nazi Germany and the "right" to expand into what had been allegedly pure Aryan land.

      KUTGW - the more you Zionists try to defend the indefensible,the more you expose your pathetic Fascist and Racist inner selves.

  • On #GivingTuesday, meet our new Development Director
    • Meanwhile the Times of Israel reports today:
      "The state prosecutor on Monday warned Israelis against taking the law into their own hands regarding suspected perpetrators of terror attacks.
      “Whoever acts violently against a terrorist who no longer poses a threat will stand trial,” Shai Nitzan said in an online lecture to thousands of students, the Hebrew-language Maariv website reported.
      In his lecture on human rights and security, delivered via the Education Ministry’s Online Academy program, Nitzan called for sessions in every school that would outline what is permitted during a terror attack and what is not, so as to ensure that Israel retains its humane character.

      “As soon as a terrorist has been neutralized, there can be no violence on the part of citizens. If he’s handcuffed, you can’t hit him. You can’t punch. You’re not [action star Jean-Claude] Van Damme. You’re not the police, nor are you judges or God.”

      I think what he really means is " don`t get caught on film doing it".

      As for Israel`s supposed "humane character" - straight forward choices
      1) P..s oneself laughing
      2) P..s oneself laughing
      3) P..s oneself laughing

      Excuse me have to go urgently to the you know where.

  • The rise of psychological trauma in occupied Palestine
    • My overwhelming reaction on watching these videos ( excuse the language ) was "cowardly Nazi c***s ). It also gave me a sense of how how terrified , helpless and humiliated Jewish parents in Europe must have felt when the predecessors of Israeli Zionists " visited "their homes in the middle of the night.


    • Yup. They really did learn and are putting into practice the basic tactics of you know who."Never again" unless we are the ones who are doing it.


  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • Hot off Haaretz front page
      "Food Wars: Did Jews Invent Falafel After All?"
      Next targeted Zionist inventions rumoured to be spaghetti bolognese ,curry , fish and chips and haggis.

      Chosen people.Chosen food.

    • Here in the UK we are quite proud of our famous native tipples. England and Wales have their "real ales" . Scotland of course has it`s renowned whisky and in neighbouring Ireland there is the world famous Guinness. All four countries are crap at producing cherry tomatoes but their populations would get mighty agitated if the Zionists claimed "Israeli" biblical origins for any of these beverages.

      Absolutely no issues however with Zionists claiming to have invented a liquid form of bullshit.They certainly are drinking a lot of it to be able to spew out so much of it.

    • Meanwhile Nitay has been waxing lyrical at today`s climate summit:

      Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, said that one element is essential to responding to the climate crisis - technology. He called for continued investments in sustainable technology and said that addressing the crisis requires a global solution.

      Quote "Israel is committed to those goals and will act accordingly and in deed and in word to fulfill them…

      We must learn to do more with less and Israel is a small country with big ideas. I believe it is not enough that we have those ideas or apply them only to our country, we are eager to share them with you"

      No cartoon or 45 second manic stare reported as yet and to be fair he didn`t claim that Palestinian tempers and incitement were contributing significantly to global warming but he did let the cat out of the bag viz read into the above." I am a very small lying politician with great big lying ideas". Particularly when it comes to abiding by International Laws and International Agreements

      You can truly trust my deeds and words - NOT.

  • Golem and Big Brother
    • @DaBakr
      Steady on old thing You really have to slow down.I think you may be overdosing slightly on the Zionist medication.Who or what are "isaraelis"?

      BTW My family and I can get along just fine without ISRAELI " necessities from tech to med".
      In any case none of us like cherry tomatoes.

    • An interesting article with some very interesting points. Yes the Zionist plan has worked in as much as Israel now has on paper one of the strongest military capacities in the world and Zionist Israeli Jews and their zombie twins in the US can chant "never again" until the crack of dawn and feel soooo good about themselves and what their "beleaguered" and "victimised" people have achieved.

      HOWEVER we are not in the year 1897,1926,1948,1967 or 1973. A LOT has changed including the nature and strengths of potentially opposing militaries,the strengths and battle trained capacities of "terrorist" groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas and the the growth and threat of fundamental Islam.Israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims who loath Israelis not because they are Jewish but because they have murdered and oppressed fellow Muslims. All the play station military technology in the world cannot overcome that single and never changing fact.

      Stepping back and looking at 2015 Israel in the cold light of day it is a scrappy shitty little mixed up country of just over 8 million of whom 20% and growing are Muslim (leaving aside the West Bank and Gaza). Of the residual Jewish population an ever increasing number are loony tune Torah freaks and the balance range from demented Russian mafia types to Exodus Dream Americans having their John Wayne trips. Oh and don`t forget the Jewish Ethiopians etc imported as Jewish population ballast.

      All in all a pretty pathetic bunch who may have been capable of a boots on the ground war in 67 and 73 but would be screwed now if they had to fight without the play station controls. Certainly not a patch on the" brave" all as one zealots of 48,67 and 73.

      Trouble is the majority of them do still live in the"glory days" of 73 and when the shock comes as it will be massive and I don`t mean 15 year old kids with knives moderately wounding poor defenceless IDF heros.

      And all this is before you take into account BDS and growing international isolation.

      If I was a Jewish Israeli of the non Zionist Zombie variety I would grab my family and get the hell out of there at the earliest opportunity.

  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • On the subject of the IDF suffering" trauma" - during the recent round of "terrorist" attacks in East Jerusalem and the West Bank Israeli newspapers have been regularly referring to soldiers,policemen and civilians(ie illegal heavily armed settlers) being moderately wounded. I would love to know what qualifies as "moderately wounded" in ZIOspeak. Is it a bruised ego from being terrified by a 15 year old girl armed(allegedly) with a small kitchen knife,a sharp pencil or just a funny stare? Is it bruised vocal chords from screaming "Help ! Help! I need back up !" into their radios ? Is it a a graze on the cheek caused by the multiple recoil of their rifles ? Is it one or more broken fingernails ?

      Would really love to know.

      No moderate wounds for the Palestinians of course other than those inflicted when they are dragged from the scene like butchered animals after the brave IDF or IPF officers have pumped them full of bullets at close range.

    • I recommend that he approaches Congress in the good old US of A.I am sure that after 100 standing ovations they would vote to give him a lot more ( courtesy of US taxpayers ) than he is asking for from the GOI. Hell come to think of it Congress might even be prompted into giving every single Israeli serviceman a supplementary wage ( paid for by US taxpayers ). Hell come to think of it they might be prompted to give US Congressional bravery awards to any Israeli soldier injured in action against Arab savages. Hell come to think of it - naw better stop there the list could be endless.

    • Watched and felt no pity I am afraid. Measure this supposed PTSD trauma against the thousands of civilians and over a thousand innocent children killed by him and his fellow Zionist zombies in Gaza with their their devastated families left to mourn and suffering mass scale real PTSD his "plight " is as nothing.

  • Israel moves to shut down the only Palestinian theater in Jerusalem
    • Hopefully theatre,film and television actors,directors and producers in the civilised world (with the exception of the fully zionised US) will take note and boycott their Israeli counterparts. As with South Africa moral and conscionable Israelis will suffer but that is the price of apartheid.


  • Siegman says Palestinians are turning to violence 'to achieve freedom and self-determination'
    • @diaspora
      "I’m curious to see how they are going to try to spin that an actual survivor of Nazi Germany is a self hating Jew."

      I think that they have flogged the "self hating" and "self loathing" to death. Wouldn`t be surprised if Hasbara HQ came up with a directive to all its operatives to use an alternative more cuddly epithet like"self doubting".

  • Video: 'One Word' ad campaign banned by Boston Metro -- again
    • I found the most " poignant " moment in the video was when a fairly weak voiced female in the RentaZionist crowd piped up twice "stop hating Jews ". I don`t think for a moment that she actually took on board the fact that Richard Colbath - Hess was saying that he was Jewish and that he was telling her that his father was a Holocaust survivor. Like the others in the crowd she had obviously swallowed a few Zionaline pills prior to going to the meeting and then went into Hasbara brainwashed mode which disables the perception system.

      By contrast Colbath- Hess came across as a model of real Judaism - informed , intellectual and despite the rants of the hecklers quietly determined to present his arguments and welcoming rational debate from those who disagreed with him.

      The more Americans see these morons , particularly younger Americans , the more they are likely to question why they have such a control over their country.

  • Obama can tie Israel's hands? 'Shtuyot!' says Aryeh King
    • It is truly gratifying to watch these Zionists frantically digging away deeper and deeper into their hole and ignoring the advice of one Benjamin Disraeli ( former JEWISH !! Prime Minister of Great Britain ).


  • Transnational legal actions threaten to end Israeli impunity
    • @ Pabelmont (That is, a victim of Israeli aggression would say, my claim is that such and such happened, and I would offer my videos in evidence, but since those videos were seized or destroyed by Israel, I ask the court to regard my story as adequately proved even without the only hard evidence that might ever have been available.)

      Just as well the Nazis were such meticulous bookkeepers then - otherwise there might have been some problems for the prosecution at Nuremberg ?

  • Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one
    • MDM
      Summed it up nicely. Remember that for Zionist Israelis "boots on the ground " means boots on the necks of defenceless Palestinian teenagers lying on the ground prior to neutralising them. These second rate a....oles still live in the world of the" glory" days of 67 and 73 when little Israel defeated the" might" of the Arab world all on their own ( psst don`t say it out loud but in 67 they had to sink an American ship to achieve their objectives and guess what in 73 they would have been totally f...ed if the Americans had not bailed them out with weapons resupply).
      In the Zionist mind everything is 50 years in the past when it comes to actual real wars and battles , and despite Hezbollah pissing all over them in their last Lebanon incursion they really do believe that their brave moral soldiers are a match for anything and anybody on the ground. Fact is they would s..t themselves and run away when faced with a real battle hardened army or a Hezbollah type organisation.

      The only wars they are capable of conducting are Play station carpet bombings of civilian conurbations from the cockpits of F35`s.

      A good example of their mindset is the recent call from Shabti Shavat,a former head of Mossad in response to the reinforcement of Raqqa by ISIS , for it to be "wiped off the map like Dresden " as reported in yesterday`s UK Times.

      Sadly for them they are restricted to mowing the lawn occasionally in Gaza but they can sure encourage others to blow up other problem Arab or Persian lawns. They don`t want to actually get involved themselves you understand but they can still offer their world leading advice.

    • @amigo
      "I wonder at what point the chosen people will call for an end to this"
      Unfortunately Nitay and his cohorts through their election gambit to bring on board the far right and their subsequent rhetoric have already brought the" chosen" people beyond the" point " of no return. You are talking about hundreds of thousands if not millions of brainwashed Zionist zombies in and out of uniform who now see shooting to kill as normal behaviour if the victim is Arab/black/generally non Aryan looking and is carrying a knife,scissors,pen, or pencil and does no more than look funny or is perceived to be looking at them in a funny way.

      The "never again" has become instead "yippee it`s our turn , the rest of the world doesn`t give a shit and and even if they did we don`t give a shit about the rest of the world, so let`s practice some of our very own home grown pogromising on these Palestinian squatters".

      The only hope is an enhanced BDS and a recognition by the rest of the world that the Zionist Zombie is just a variation on the ISIS one - ie they should also be monitored,tracked detained and refused entry. We already have the example of the activities of the "Jewish Defence League " in France as a template. IMO it is very likely that Zionist Jihadists (trained in Israel) will be travelling back to Europe briefed to carry out anti - Muslim attacks (flavoured with some false flag attacks ) and Europe will need to protect itself against them in the same way as against ISIS. Far fetched ? - perhaps but then again we are talking about "the Chosen people " here.

  • 'Jewish Communal Fund' seeds Islamophobia as toxic as Trump's
    • On the subject of Islamophobia really looking forward to Nitay`s contribution when he attends the upcoming Climate Change summit in Paris. Of course he and his fellow Zionists dont give f..k about climate change. It is just another excuse for him to be seen to be mixing with and on the same platform as proper world leaders. Will be interesting to see how he weaves Iran, Palestinian "Incitement ", Hezbollah , Hamas , BDS and ISIS into the narrative ref the melting of the Polar ice caps and the threat to the greater crested spotted Patagonian penguin (all the recent terrorist attacks have not altered the Zionist world baddies rankings but Palestinian "incitement" is a strong new entry at No 2).

      Can`t use one of his cartoons I fear , the 45 second stare will be out of the question - he may just slip an onion into his pocket and at an appropriate point use it to induce a few tears when describing the daily horrors his beloved Uzi wielding fellow colonists have been facing since the dawn of mankind.

    • When it comes to belief beggaring in America 2015 you don`t necessarily have to concentrate on the Gellers and the Spencers and US citizens (Jewish and non Jewish alike ) actually supporting them. All you need without having switch on and waste electricity is to conjure up an image of Donald Trump or any of the presenters / invited guests on Fox News.

      We don`t have a Pamela Geller here in the UK thank god. The nearest equivalent I suppose is the odious Melanie Phillips who is a Times columnist and full time Israel firster - in her eyes her beloved people can do no wrong. She comes across when interviewed or in political debate forums as being reasonably eloquent but the shutters truly come down when the talk is about poor defenceless Israel , the rampant anti semitism throughout the world from from North London to the South Pole and like most truly unhinged Zionists the threat to mankind from the evil genocidal end of days Iran. She gets ripped to shreds on TV here when challenged by normal hinged commentators when spouting out the Zionist line.

      As usual with a lot of the Zionist opinion pagers on the Times she never misses an opportunity to introduce poor old suffering Israel into the mix when musing on the latest international terror attacks. Apart from Israeli Jews being killed she doesn`t give a toss about any other victims of international terror but simply piggy backs on their deaths to attack evil Islam and of course equate Hamas and Hezbollah to ISIL which is Nitay Nitay Bang Bang`s latest wheeze.

      The trouble with these people is that because they are given a MSM forum they actuallly believe what they are spouting and don`t even bother to double check for potential bite backs eg her latest opinion piece following the Paris attacks headlines in bold "Terror attacks have everything to do with Islam " followed by (and this is the best bit" The grievance culture that underpins the beliefs of many Muslims allows extremists to thrive."
      Substitute Zionism for Islam and Jews for Muslims and you will get my meaning.

      In common with her fellow Israel firsters in America she is happy to wax lyrical to all and sundry about her passionate love for the Land of Creation but prefers not to move to her beloved to truly consummate that passion. I wonder why ?

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • @ DaBakr
      "I suppose it is a bit difficult to be so far out in either left or right field but as a general rule of how the world works: when either far right or far left “prevails” it has ALWAYS been a nightmare for the humans living on earth"

      You have nailed it.The far right lunatics so long in control of your precious Land Of Creation have truly made it a nightmare for the Palestinians in their own homeland.

    • So Ms would be President Clinton. The question is are you speaking from 1) the bottom of your heart or 2) the bottom of your campaign purse. The answer is you have guessed it is 2).

      Absolutely gruesome knee jerk grovelling to the Zionist paymasters yet again with no attempt whatsoever to engage whatever brain she has got before opening mouth - but no great surprise.

      As for Nitay Nitay Bang Bang`s " And we stand shoulder to shoulder, committed to defend our common civilization". Please please slither back into whatever slime coated mental recess you retreat to on occasion. You and your ilk have nothing repeat nothing in common with the true western civilisation which I come from and live in , unlike the many hundreds of thousands of decent honest and law abiding Muslims and Jews with whom I am proud to share that civilisation .

  • No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir -- even US State Dep't faults Israeli 'accountability'
    • @RoHa
      Got me bang to rights on that one.In my defence it is difficult to concentrate on terminology when trying not to throw up. Anyway good news is that you have now flavoured the comments with an appropriate illustration of the Dershowitz "character" viz
      Wretch = A person regarded as base, mean, or despicable: "a stony adversary, an inhuman wretch" (Shakespeare).

      Ta very much

    • Latest news ref Pollard is that Alan Dershowitz - sorry give me a moment suppressing an involuntary wretch - has pitched in and may be representing the poor victimised American traitor " viz ex today`s Jerusalem Post:
      " Frankly, I think part of the reason they don’t want him to go to Israel is that they don’t want him to be a hero there or influence Israeli politics with his conservative views. It’s a political decision, and with him, it’s been about politics all along." IMHO Rent a Leech whose brain is rarely in gear at the best of times has inadvertently nailed it. For the moment the Zios who actually control the US administration realise that to let the dear old lovable honorable all American Pollard go to his beloved Land of Creation would really upset the carefully nurtured and Zio drip fed cosy joe on the street American thinking about the greatest ally. Can you imagine the knicker twisting rationales which US MSM would have to invent to explain why an American traitor is being welomed as a "returning hero" with the full red carpet at BG , a kiss and a hug from Nitay and an adoring Israeli public scattering flowers at his feet all the way to the triumphant speech at the Knesset.

      He doesn`t look to be in good health poor thing. They must be fervently hoping that passes away peacefully in his sleep - oops I may have given them an idea.

    • @kathleen
      Like you have just read what is a low key report until we get to the fruitcake stall at the end viz:
      " On Friday morning, though, Ayelet Shaked, the hawkish Israeli justice minister, exulted on her Facebook page, “A free man!” over his photograph. She invoked a biblical verse, from the book of Jeremiah, that implied he should be allowed to emigrate to Israel.
      “We rejoice at the joy over the release of our brother Jonathan,” the post said. “Sons will yet return to their borders. And thy children shall return to their own border.”

      Nachman Shai, a lawmaker from the center-left Zionist Union who heads a Parliament caucus that pushed for Mr. Pollard’s release, wrote in a letter to Mr. Pollard that the group would “not cease its activity until we remove the limitations imposed upon you upon your release.

      “We continue to demand the removal of any restriction on your freedom of movement, communication, or other violation of your rights,” Mr. Shai wrote. “We will not rest until you are free to depart the United States for any destination of your choosing, first and foremost Israel.”

      No comments page as yet but I suspect that they would reflect what the bought and bent Israeli firsters in the US administration and elected bodies secretly fear about this little ticking time bomb - real loyal man on the street American firsters asking why are some of their so called compatriots lauding this money grabbing weasel traitor as a victim and worst case scenario if he does get to go back to his own border (FFS !) why are the leaders of our greatest ally and all of their chosen people treating him like the Pope. Which leads to why are we giving this s...ty little cult colony $3 billion + a year to piss in our faces.

    • Long time known fact - Zionist Israel as a society has become a spineless hypocritical piece of s..t. It will be interesting to see in the response from American mainstream politicians and MSM if they continue to be the same or will they have the courage to stand up to Zionist money for once and say "wait a minute - a 15 year old innocent American citizen is savagely beaten up for no reason by an Israeli Border Police Officer and our " greatest friend and ally " sentences the officer to 45 days community service !!! "

      Initial NYT article does not bode well and surprise surprise no comments section.
      No other American MSM articles to be found.
      No US State Department comment as yet - perhaps the MSM are waiting for this before commenting. If in all likelihood it will be the usual expression of " concern " I expect they will be back on the normal Zio beat outlining the extaordinary "terror" threat the victimised Israeli people have faced since the dawn of mankind etc etc etc.

      An American administration with anywhere near a proper set of "cojones " would be down on Nitay and his acolytes like a ton of bricks over this one.

  • 'I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel': Prominent artists support New York-based campaign for cultural boycott of Israel
    • @Olive52
      "I will never understand how a boycott of any kind will help the Palestinians in any way. I believe it would be more of a help if they would come to realization that there is more to gain for them if they had a meaningful desire to coexist, not even so much for the goal of peace, but rather to prevent the further loss of life and loss of quality of life.

      but that realization would take good sense wouldn’t it?"

      Read through this one a few times and still can`t fathom it. Can`t be a Hasbaranik as she comes across as basically brain dead - but then again who knows ? She sounds like a granny doing her knitting and occasionally patting her dog on the head. Definitely sounds like someone who has never remotely experienced loss of quality of life or up close and personally experienced loss of life.

      Unbelievable condescending crap.


  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
    • @yonah
      "Terrorism in the middle east existed before the PLO "

      Spot on.

      Two of the major players in the earlier Middle East terrorism actually got to be Israeli Prime Ministers.

  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • Israel on my understanding STILL has a preferential trade agreement with the EU. It has also been allowed to sign up to the EU Horizon project. Sooner or later given the relentless whingeing about the EU , it`s individual countries and it`s citizens being basically anti semitic ,inherently biased against Israel or worst of all naive idiots duped by leftie politicians the EU man on the street is going to turn around and say these people and specifically their so called "leaders" are basically sticking two fingers up at us. Why then are we giving them the benefit of preferential tariffs , why are we subsidising them to be part of our scientific development programmes , why are we allowing them to take part in EUROPEAN sports competitions if they loathe so much , why are they allowed to take part in our wonderful Eurovision Song Contest etc , oh and why are they targeting our capital cities with their nuclear weapons. Yes and if they , including their politicians, hate us so much why are we allowing them to visit our countries. Why are we travelling on holiday to the Land of Creation if they hate us so much Surely hatred converts to being an existential threat ( Zion`s own analysis )

      Europe is NOT the US. Yes there are Zionist Lobby groups but their influence in political attitudes and decisions is miniscule compared with the US ( and even the influence of these in the US is thankfully on the wane )

      Of course the goons in their cocooned Ziobubble don`t get this.


  • Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers kill one, arrest one inside Hebron hospital
    • There are emerging reports that the commander of the elite unit which carried out the operation has disciplined his soldiers for alleged mistakes and failures.The capture of the "terrorist" was an important part of the operation and the elimination of a mature potential "terrorist" was an unexpected bonus but apparently the main objective was to access the main childrens ward and terrify the three and four year olds in these wards along with their mothers and any siblings. One of the soldiers who was criticised blamed their failure on the confusing signage in the hospital.

      All members of the unit are apparently receiving treatment for PTSD in a specialist Tel Aviv beachside rehab village.

      Despite all this the Israeli Education minister Nuttily Bennett described the operation as an astounding success saying that it demonstrated clearly that Israel had the most advanced "hospital busting" capability of any army in the in the world and that it would not hesitate to seek out and neutralise three and four year old terrorists who threaten the nation`s security.

    • @amigo
      "A Palestinian was interviewed and managed to mention that this is a war crime.I am not sure the average viewer will see it for what it is and not as another Entebbe type heroic op by those brave and daring Jews."

      I am sure that the average normal viewer of whatever persuasion both in the North and the South of Ireland will see it for what is. The exception as always will be the extreme "loyalists" in the North who are possibly the closest anthropological link to the Zionist apes on the planet

  • Netanyahu brings neocons and liberal Zionists together again
    • I keep hearing the expression "binational state" and the compassionate voices of the "Liberal" (puke) Zionists in the US in urging a prevention of this. I thought it already was a binational state with a mixture of indigenous Palestinian Arabs (20%) and the shipped in European etc colonists. This is before any question of factoring in the indigenous Gaza and West Bank Palestinian populations.

      As for Nitay he just keeps spewing out the lies and will continue to deny that he ever said them or that his words were taken out of context.

      BTW It looks to me from recent videos that the sewer rat is definitely gorging on more of the Zionist s..t - or is that simply because he has become bloated through self importance.

  • The titter-tape charade
    • @eva "Compare contrast and weep " I managed to last through the whole show and sorry I didn`t weep but I did laugh.. He looked like a Beitar thug ( which he basically is under the cute kippah ) but obviously had the fluent English and the fluent Hasbara to make a show of it. Particularly impressed by his description of the "Land of Creation " as "a beautiful example of a lighthouse in a storm ". He or one of his Hasbara clerks must have spent hours on that one before coming up with the final version - haven`t come across it before. Good that he got the bit in about the nasty Romans - didn`t they accuse the Jews of being ugly terrorists , drive them out of Israel and demolish their ugly homes ? No he didn`t go into detail on that one but he managed to clarify I think that the basic overiding law governing the "beautiful country " of Israel was not the 1948 Declaration of Independence , not Israeli High Court rulings , not International Laws or conventions - yes you have guessed correctly it is the beautiful Bible which at least puts Israel on a par with beautiful Sharia states.

      He did wax lyrical about the healthy state of the beautiful Israeli economy ( not sure whether the beauty comes with or without the 3 billion dollars a year from the US ) , the beautiful contribution which Israel makes to all sorts of indispensible beautiful world technology but he did miss the opportunity to mention the beautiful cherry tomato.

      So basically his message was Israel = beauty. Arab muslims = ugly terror . BDS = suicide for the West as we would no longer be able to function without beautiful Jewish Israeli intel chips. Other ministers with ugly contradictory views = either they didn`t say what Tim was reporting them as having said or they were ugly idiots.

      Basically everything was light and beauty and Israel although not perfect was still a stunning beauty.

      March on then into the future then in step with the beautiful Fatherland. Ein volk / ein Judea

      BTW Isn`t Naftali a beautiful girl`s name ?

  • Grieving for Kristallnacht, past and present
    • @Michael
      Thank you for your honest and hearfelt comments. You have reminded me of the words of the Palestinian driver who picked me up from Ben Gurion airport at the start of my visit to Israel / Palestine. After asking if I had been before and after I said no he said "Remember that there are good Israelis and bad Israelis,there are good Palestinians and bad Palestinians". I have always remembered those words over the years and I still believe that there are hundreds of thousands of good,moral and conscionable Jewish Israelis like yourself who suffer an overwhelming sense of shame at what your fellow countrymen are doing and what they have become. Do not despair and keep fighting the fight. You and your fellows represent the real "Light unto Nations" in Israel. The others have sunk into a Kristallnacht darkness from which I fear they will never emerge.

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • @CigarGod
      "Were Nazi raids this bad".

      No but only because the current Nazis have to put up with tedious media coverage and keep the US mildly appeased. Really what they would like to have done is phosphrous bombed the whole hospital complex on the pretext of it being a "terrorist facility". In the US Zionist MSN this if it gets any publicity will be deemed as a classic example of a "special forces" operation with minimal casualties. The only blip as far as the Zionist "Special Maternity Unit Brigade" is concerned being that only one untermensch was eliminated and it was a male and not a pregnant female so unfortunately no "two birds with one stone " bonus. The Zionists will really have to up their incremental genocide game. They can`t do the cattle trains deportation bit and the ovens bit for obvious reasons so at this rate it will be decades if not centuries before all these millions of indigenous Arab vermin are eliminated. Perhaps they should send a delegation to meet some of the far right in Germany and get some practical advice. Or are they already doing that on the QT?

      Zionist Israeli thinking = such brave beautiful clever and heroic Judean soldiers

      Civilised Moral Western National thinking = Scum of the earth Nazi cowards


  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • What a truly loathsome excuse for a human being.It is vomit inducing to listen to and watch his faux shocked pantomine performance when addressing the "question" of the burning alive of the Dawabsheh family. Apparently he , a brave dynamic PM did what no PM had ever done before, in approving detention without charge or trial of JEWISH ISRAELI suspects for the first time in the colony`s history. Same suspects have almost immediately but not surprisingly been restored to the bosom of their non inciting families whilst the hundreds of Palestinian suspects detained without charge or trial are yes guess what still incarcerated and being "gently" questioned all without compromising sources.


  • I went from Bar Mitzvah to BDS at Temple Emanu-el
    • @hophmi
      “So his condemnation of apartheid in Israel,the cold blooded slaughter of hundreds of innocent Palestinian children in Gaza, the extra judicial killings at checkpoints , the burning alive of Palestinians , the 3.00 am raiding and trashing of Palestinian homes , the detention without trial of Palestinian teenagers – all that is just a front for his secret drive for “secular universalism”.”

      "No, I think his calls for an end to Jewish day school education and an end to circumcision, and his conspiracy theories about powerful Jews, which echo antisemitic tropes, all of which is amplified by the readership here, all point to his preference for secularism over Judaism, and his preference that Judaism disappear through assimilation."

      So back to Chapter One in the manual again. It`s all about " anti - semitic tropes " and "conspiracy theories about powerful Jews" and "an end to circumcision " etc etc ad nauseam. He is not apparently the least bit concerned about ongoing ISRAELI atrocities and how the Pro-Israel lobbies in the US and elsewhere either deny or sidestep these. - he just uses them as a convenient smokescreen for his messianic drive towards "secular universalism".

      You didn`t insert the dreaded "self loathing". I get the impression that Hasbara Central has put out a circular on that one advising a temporary suspension of its (over) use. I thought that "anti - semitic" was similarly being sidelined.Perhaps you just couldn`t resist going off script.

      No comments from you about the aforementioned atrocities then - in your mind of course they didn`t happen , aren`t happening and could never happen given the" light" that Israel has been holding up to nations for the last 67 years.

      And great to see that same light in glorious action in the refusal to allow entry into the Land of Creation of a member of a Jewish family and her Muslim husband and children fleeing the horrors of Syria because she had married a Muslim and converted to Islam. Only fully certified Jews apparently are worthy of compassion in your miracle state.The light glowed brightly in the heart of the compassionate Syrian American Jew who saved them but true to form it turned to the usual darkness when the Jewish Agency stepped in to "evaluate". But then they were only following orders.

      Interested to know what you identify as "amplification " in my comments and BTW keep up with your Hasbara revision - it makes compulsive reading.

    • @hophmi
      "Most are like Phil – they don’t particularly like religion, and they’re uncomfortable with Jewish identity insofar as it suggests something other than the secular universalism to which they aspire, and fighting against the idea of a Jewish state is part of that struggle."

      I think your Hasbara supervisor must have been leaning over your shoulder on this one. It`s a peach.

      So what poor old Phil is actually all about is secretly trying to achieve "secular universalism" - God I have heard some bullshit terms in my life but this really takes the biscuit. Sorry just going to the loo I am predictably about to p.. with laughter. OK I`m back. Where was I ? Oh yes "secular universalism" and Phil being against the idea of a Jewish State. So his condemnation of apartheid in Israel,the cold blooded slaughter of hundreds of innocent Palestinian children in Gaza, the extra judicial killings at checkpoints , the burning alive of Palestinians , the 3.00 am raiding and trashing of Palestinian homes , the detention without trial of Palestinian teenagers - all that is just a front for his secret drive for "secular universalism".

      Yup definitely sounds like "The Protocols of the Elders of Universalism"

  • Some CAP employees call out Netanyahu's 'crimes,' including slaughter of Gaza children
    • @Hophmi

      "None of these are right-wing organizations. They’re centrist, and in the case of AJC and ADL, they lean left. You’re just lying."

      And you are just pulling plonkers.

  • Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
    • @CigarGod
      Got to be Hava Nagila just to capture the pure joy and exhilaration they are feeling during their slaughter.

    • "Israeli troops shoot and kill young Palestinian woman IMEMC 9 Nov — A 24-year old woman was killed by Israeli troops Monday morning at a military checkpoint [near Qalqiliya] in the West Bank when she approached the checkpoint from afar, holding a knife in her hand and a suicide letter in her bag. She was shot by a soldier while she was still at least 30 feet away from the checkpoint. The woman was identified as Rasha Ahmad Hamed ‘Oweissi . . . Her suicide letter read as follows, “Thanks be to God, Best wishes and greetings. My dear mother, I don’t know what is happening. I just know that I’ve reached the end of the road. And this is the road that I chose with full consciousness. In defense of my homeland, the young men and women, I cannot bear what I see anymore. But what I know is that I can’t take it anymore. My family, my dad, my brothers, forgive me for everything. I just know that I really love you, especially my fiancé. Forgive me for everything, I have nothing else but this path. I am sorry for this departure.” Rasha did not attempt to attack anyone, and was apparently suffering from a mental health crisis. Eyewitnesses report that she did not pose a threat at anytime. She was simply standing, holding a knife, waiting for the soldiers to shoot her . . . She is the 80th person to be killed by Israeli forces since October 1st. 8 Israelis were killed by Palestinians between October 1st and October 18th."

      Those poor Israeli soldiers they must have been so terrified. But never mind I expect they will be a lot cooler when it comes to facing up to Hezbollah - they will calmly drop their weapons and run away.

      RIP Rasha

    • @amigo
      "So tell us hoppy / Grover, are the Jews in the following video , real Jews . Just want to allow you the opportunity to influence our opinion before we make some antisemitic unilateral decision about the chosen people"

      Yes I think that unfortunately in today`s Israel, with less and less honorable exceptions these are the "real Jews". That`s to say cowardly pieces of s..t Their parents must be sooooooooo proud of their heroic sons facing up to this murderous 8 year old.

      BTW What I witnessed in this video was a straight forward blatant war crime.



  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
    • Interesting to read the NYT report on this meeting. Fairly bland but IMO distinctly lacking in the traditional Zionist arslikhanism. Even more illuminating are the readers comments - yes the NYT actually allowed the comments to be shown for this report. Whilst still sprinkled with the usual Hasbara inserts the overwhelming majority of comments indicate a deep level of contempt for Nitay ,and Nitay`s Israel, together with a significant degree of hostility to Obama`s pandering to the Zionist agenda and the Zionist " terror" script. The comments in particular are consistently questioning the logic and the morality of giving huge sums of money to a prosperous and economically thriving Israel whilst American domestic budgets are under pressure or have been cut back.

      Perhaps a Zionist achilles heel is starting to emerge ?

    • Steve Grover
      "especially on this 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht"

      Is it 77 years already ? Doesn`t time fly . It`s already over three months since the
      Dawabsha were burnt alive in their home by Jewish Israelis.

  • Israeli army makes post in Hebron activist house
    • Meanwhile reports are filtering out from Washington that Obama has agreed to a substantial boost to the Israel military aid package. A large proportion of this will be used to fund the latest state of the art high tech doorbusters with infra red technology. The IDF have been complaining for years apparently of Palestinian "splinter terrorism". This is because the doors of Palestinian homes in the West Bank are deliberately made of cheap wood so that when IDF elite "homebuster" unit soldiers break down the doors in the dark at 3.00 am in the morning they are increasingly at risk from serious splinter attacks involving one or more fingers. These according to personal testimonies from the soldiers are excruciatingly painful and can lead to shock and severe PTSD. It has been claimed that use of the new equipment will lead to a dramatic reduction in these "splinter terror attacks". A significant proportion of the package will also be devoted to the purchase of "screambusters". These are the most advanced ear defenders in the world and will be used to counter Palestinian "maternal noise terrorism" which is also on the increase apparently due to more and more Palestinian mothers deliberately screaming when groups of blackened up elite" homebuster" soldiers break down the doors of their homes at 3.00 am in the morning , ransack and trash the interiors and drag away their 12 year old sons and daughters on suspicion of being young Palestinians.The screaming has led to a surge in the levels of life threatening headaches and migraines being reported by the soldiers.

      A White House source, on condition of his ignominy being ignored , stated that the US had a duty to help to ensure that young brave IDF soldiers were properly equipped to deal with these new and frightening forms of terrorism.He accepted that this enhanced aid package would have an adverse affect on the ability of the US to upgrade its own military equipment but that the security of Israel was the nation`s absolute priority.

  • An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS
    • DeBakr
      "Make sure you ‘boycott’ all the products invented or sold by Jews-both US and Israeli. Good luck with that."

      For info I have been boycotting Zionism`s main export , Hasbara , for decades .It`s fairly easy I have to admit because before the end of the first sentence my stomach invariably starts to heave.

      The only reason that I can keep my stomach contents down when reading your drivel is that it is what I would call "hyper hasbara". It is so hilarious - my problem is not struggling to contain my stomach contents it`s struggling to stop pissing with laughter.

      Keep the up the good work and do ask for a pay rise from Hasbara admin - you deserve it.

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