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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Resisting anti-Semitism does not contradict resisting the Israeli state
    • "Fighting for justice is integral to Jewish identity, considering the centuries of persecution and exile that constitute our people’s history. We root our actions in traditions that stem from lineages of Jewish feminist thought – such as that of Judith Plaskow, a religious studies professor at Manhattan College, who writes in Standing Again At Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective that “the economic, social, and moral costs of military occupation make it incompatible with equity within one’s own boundaries. The rightful claim of Palestinians to a land of their own renders occupation profoundly unjust.” By reclaiming Jewish traditions of resistance, we hope to encourage others to make room for a critical Jewish perspective"

      I`m sorry but all this sounds to me like condescending crap , tiptoeing round the reality of what Zionist Jews have done and continue to do. "Profoundly unjust" !! - give me strength.
      "The rightful claim to a land of their own " !!! - give even more strength.

      It all amounts to a comforting pat on the puppy dog Palestinians head whilst their fellow Jews continue to steal,maim and slaughter.

      They simply haven`t got the balls to condemn the actions of their fellow Jews as barbaric crimes.

  • Israel detains Washington Post bureau chief in Jerusalem accusing him of ‘incitement’ --updated
    • If it is any consolation William it could have been worse. Had you been in a wheelchair they probably would have pushed you over and you would have banged your head on the ground.
      They then would have claimed that the whole thing was an anti-semitic set up.

      Love these cuddly Israeli Zionists.

  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
    • Palestine 1948.
      "All is changed
      Changed utterly
      A terrible ugliness is born"

    • @Bornajoo
      "Comparisons with Nazi behaviour are now impossible to ignore. It’s all becoming chillingly similar

      Imagine if this happened to a disabled Jewish person, the uproar would be deafening"

      Adolf and his Nazi cohorts did have a hang up about disabled people, even Aryans , and "took steps" to deal with the "problem". This included forced sterilisation ( Ethiopian Jews - ring a bell ? )

      Hopefully the message will go out to those non-Jewish disabled people who are planning to visit the Land of Creation that the most moral,light unto the nations and all that crap have inbred Nazi type contempt for the disabled. Additionally I hope that details of this incident gets spread amongst the disabled sports bodies throughout the world who are considering taking part in Israeli organised competitions or inviting their Israeli counterparts to take part in theirs and will lead to boycotts.


  • OK. We knew. So?
    • @Stephen Shenfield
      "Nowadays it is extremely easy to find out about Israel’s crimes from the internet. A sustained effort is needed NOT to know. Any Zionists who claim they didn’t know will be much less credible than were Germans who claimed the same thing. Their responsibility is correspondingly all the greater"

      Stephen agreed that the internet is the great revealer and the "didn`t know" is simply no longer a defence option for Israeli Zionists. It`s there playing out on the screen in front of their eyes.

      Increasingly in order to deal with their gnawing consciences ( those fewer and fewer among them who retain any form of moral compass ) are resorting to the "Pallywood" defence ie the Palestinians staged the whole thing to get media attention or there has got to be more to this our soldiers must have been existentially threatened (knives,concealed weapons,potential suicide bombers etc ) for them to react in this "untypical manner". Classic example of this type of defence approach can be found in the readers comments in Israeli newspapers relation to the IOF assault on the disabled man in the wheelchair reported yesterday. On the one hand they are hilarious - on the other they are gruesome and can be quite justifiably compared with the German peoples defence reaction to the knowledge of Nazi atrocities against the Jews viz there must be more to it,they are evil devious Communists plotting to hand over our Fatherland to the Russians etc etc.

      They have retreated into a world of pretence,delusion and denial all cocooned in the never ending tedious blanket of victimhood.

      I am surprised amazed and in awe of Israeli Jews such as Amos Gvirtz , Gideon Levy and others who have the courage to continue to tell the truth and the simple fortitude and endurance to continue living in the ugly hellhole which Israel has become.

  • Barriers to love in Israel and Palestine
    • In view of the IDF`s sensitive treatment of non-Jews in wheelchairs disabled non - Jewish foreigners considering a visit to the Land of Creation should perhaps think again. Certainly non-Jewish disabled sports people should give up on the idea of visiting to take part in competitions just in case a passing hungover IDF thug lashes out and knocks them over. And perhaps individual Western nation disabled sports organisations should reconsider invitations to Israel to take part in disabled sports competitions which they host.

      I seem to recall that Hitler and Co also took a dim view of disabled people ?

    • If you want further clear evidence that Zionist Israelis are really a loveable cuddly horribly victimised people who are a light unto the nations watch this video on Haaretz:

      Fascist thugs.

  • As Tel Aviv prepares to welcome Beyoncé, here's a review of Israel's atrocious record towards black people
  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • Call me naive but how exactly do you go about investigating/holding to account/punishing someone or some organisation which decides that it will no longer buy something/invest in something/invite someone to something?

      As has been pointed out many times before on this forum this is all good news for the BDS movement. Nothing pisses grown ups more than being told what they can`t do in their own time or with their own money.


  • The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called 'Henry' to intercede with 'Bibi'
    • Up front in your face bought and bent. And she is the leading DEMOCRATIC ! bought and bent candidate.

      I think most people in the UK have had a fairly benign view of this creature in the past and sadly I include myself in that number. Largely due to her "courage and forebearance " through the Lewinsky scandal , her international profile when Secretary of State and the simple fact that she was a "Democrat". Us naive Brits have tended to assume in the past that being a US Democrat equated somehow to traditional "Old Labour" and "Old Labour" values. As this electoral process proceeds however and the facts and figures about her Zionist funding together with the obscene levels of income she and her family have been receiving from "speaking engagements" including to Israel First organisations she is coming across more and more as a simple untrustworthy political streetwalker.

      Hopefully Bernie Sanders (on the face of it decidedly not bought and bent ) will do the necessary and drop her into the dustbin of history where she belongs.

  • Meet Haggai Segal, Israel’s terrorist journalist
    • The question I often ask myself when reading about the exploits of these "Underground" Zionist " heroes "is "Were they born scumbags or did they have to practice ? "

      Same applies to the so called "Justices " who meted out the piffling punishments and to the generality of Israeli Zionist Jewry who moan and wail at the scale and barbarity of"Arab terrorist" atrocities whilst at best turning a blind eye to those in their own community who have been and continue to be guilty of the same or worse.

      What a truly perverted little cult colony the Land of Creation has become.

      Thank God for the likes of Gideon Levy who bravely hold a candle for true Judaism.


  • 'Let the one-state era begin'-- Tom Friedman explains there will never be a Palestinian state
    • Read his article and was beginning to be impressed with a sense of hard hitting realism. Then got to:

      "And Hamas is the mother. Hamas devoted all its resources to digging tunnels to attack Israelis from Gaza rather than turning Gaza into Singapore, making a laughingstock of Israeli peace advocates"

      He must have had an inadvertent whiff of laughing gas to come up with this absurd mini-thesis. Zionist Israel allowing Gaza to turn into a Singapore !!! Whoops just saw a whole bunch of pigs fly by.

  • Cartoon: Netanyahu plans fortress Israel to protect against 'wild beasts'
  • Nobody cares that Bernie Sanders is Jewish
    • Meanwhile Haaretz reports:
      "Clinton to Attack Sanders on Israel Record After New Hampshire Defeat
      For the Clinton campaign, New Hampshire made clear that it is time to increase pressure on the Vermont socialist — including a harsher message to Jewish American voters"

      So let`s get this straight there are an estimated 6.5 million Jews in the USA. Lets be generous and say that 5 million of these are of voting age.

      There are an estimated 320 million people in total in the USA. Let`s be less than generous and say that 160 million of these are of voting age.

      So as a priority Mrs Clinton thinks that she has to target the Jewish voters ?

      To any independent outside pollster this would appear totally barmy.

      Forget health care,forget housing,forget poverty levels - Israel and the Jewish vote come first.

      Sums up just how corrupted by Zionism/Judaism the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party in the US has become.

  • To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this

      Isn`tit News is reporting that a group of residents of the Judean village of Stola Homa were the victims of a what is being described as a " friendly skunk fire "incident yesterday. A resident of the village , Bernie Schwarz 111 , explained what had happened.

      “Man it was just like so unexpected. We had been watching these Arab squatters below our village inciting us for months, messing around with olive trees and crops and the like on what they claimed to be their land. Finally we had enough. A group of us guys got together and went down with chainsaws. We were peacefully chopping down these illegal trees when this group of Arabs came running at us yelling and throwing stones. So we grabbed some rocks and started to throw them back. There was an IDF unit which was close by and were watching all this going on. Next thing I hear is one of the soldiers yelling at us in some sort of weird language which I didn`t understand. My buddy Arnie told me later that it was Hebrew and that he was saying hang on we`ve radioed for help. About twenty minutes later this great Humvee type truck with a big tank on the back and some sort of giant nozzle on the front arrives. Next thing I know we are covered in this shit man and we are running like crazy back to our houses to get away. It was horrific man and I spent the next two hours trying to hose the stuff off me but I can still smell it. 24 hours on and I still reek of the stuff. My wife and the older kids won`t let me come near them. My youngest little Bernie Schwarz IV screams and throws up whenever I go towards him. I`m having to sleep in a tent in the garden with our Thai maid bringing out my meals. Gee am I really pissed off. We decided to move to Judea and Samaria because of the high taxes in our home state of Maryland and because of the number of blacks who were moving into the neighbourhood but mostly man we wanted to reconnect with our ancient Jewish ancestors. Things were good. We have a nice little subsidized condo with a decent size pool and hilltop views. No local golf course but hey I thought given time and once we had kicked out the Arabs who knows. Now it`s turned into a nightmare. I have spoken to the local IDF commander and he has promised to investigate. If I don`t get any satisfaction on this man I am going to take it all the way to the top and if needs be to my congressman back home”

      An IDF spokesman when contacted said that he couldn`t comment as the matter was the subject of an investigation. About twenty minutes later he contacted this paper to say that the investigation had been concluded and the IDF had issued the following statement:
      “We apologize unreservedly for this tragic error. It was due to poor visibility on the day. The residents involved have been offered free detoxification and trauma counselling. Additionally the Ministry of Defense has authorised payments of 100,000 Shekels per person to those affected by way of compensation. A total of 20 Arabs were arrested at the scene and have been detained on suspicion of terrorism offences”.

    • Speaking of history Haaretz has this article today:

      "This Day in Jewish History 1973: The Farmer Who Defied His Neighbors and Hosted Woodstock Dies"

      NB Not a day in American history or rock music history but somehow a day in Jewish history

      Desperate marketing methinks ?

  • BDS movement faces attack in six state legislatures
    • @amigo
      "BDS is global and growing hence these desperate efforts to shut it down"

      100% agree. The publicity being generated by these efforts to "ban" BDS is always a plus factor. More and more ordinary voters in the US who may not have been aware before of just what their country has been fostering and supporting under the influence of the Zionist lobby will hopefully get wake up calls after they look into the I/P situation in more detail.

  • Anti-Zionist protest at LGBTQ conference was smeared as anti-Semitic
    • At the risk of being accused of being Anti - Semitic IMHO the civilised rational world outside the Ziobubble have long ago crashed through the boredom threshold with regard to the use of the terms " Anti -Semitism or Anti-Semitic" and the yawn here we go again factor has kicked in big time. Surprising that the Hasbara workshops have not cottoned on to this and come up with alternative strategies for victimhood marketing. Then again I suspect that it is so entrenched in the Zionest mindset it has become an addiction and just like a drug addict they need regular "fixes" in using the terms to get through their days.

      BTW I have capitalised the A and the S. No particular inference intended and apologies if this causes any further Zionist trauma.

  • Double standard seen as Israel sentences minors involved in Abu Khdeir murder to prison but no punitive measures
    • @Herchel
      "No punitive measures? You mean aside from a life sentence for the 17 year old and a 20 year sentence for the 16 year old? How exactly did you become so unmoored from reality"

      So Herchel since you seem to think that you are moored in reality please answer these questions.

      Do you think that the homes of these killers should be demolished as they would be if they were Palestinians convicted of the same crime? If not why not ? And if not how is that not in reality a double standard ?

      Looking forward to your response. I am sure that you will be eager to explain.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • Watched the video showing this character Benjamin Anthony described as "of Christian Friends United of Israel" although he clearly states that he is a Jew and is wearing what must be the latest design kippah ? - so don`t quite get that. By the sound of his voice he comes from an English background and with his rather plummy accent a rather Old Etonianeque background to boot. Was absolutley riveted to the spot. I fully believed that at any moment he wouldn`t be able to contain himself any longer and would launch into some sort of Zionist equivalent of the "Zieg Heil" declaration with some sort of accompanying gesture. As to his thesis I was particularly impressed by how, when stressing the fact that in his view the only safe place for Jews in the universe was Israel, he neatly skipped over the fact that 6 million Jews appear to be living happily and safely in the country of his audience and had no wish whatsoever to move to the "safety " of the Land of Creation. Nice little dance round that one. Another highlight was the reference to Hamas "pummelling " Israel - I suppose he cleverly wanted to use something which rhymed with "tunnelling" just for good effect. All that pummelling and virtually zero casualities - truly world class pummelling.

      Good that he was able to simply up sticks and move to the land of his dreams, presumably as a subsidised settler to boot living on a stolen plot of land acquired by fellow settlers or the IDF or both together beating the shit out of the Palestinian owners of the land to drive them away . Also great that he has the freedom at will as a most moral etc IDF officer to kick the shit out of or even better shoot the shit out of any Palestinian he comes across to get his own back for what happened to his brother.

      He sounded as if he was sober.The thought of what this thug would sound like and how he would act in the Stolen Territories after a few drinks is terrifying.

  • 60 Palestinians homeless after Israel razes West Bank village for army training zone
    • @MaxNarr
      "Please tell us more, expand on your views."

      I would be very interested to hear your views on the demolition which is after all the subject of the article. Feel free to expand at will.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! take credit for faux 'NYT' highlighting biased coverage on Israel/Palestine
  • Parody New York Times 'supplement' criticizing paper's coverage of Israel/Palestine distributed on streets of NYC
    • "mostly i imagine that at least 7500 are already in the waste bins of manhattan"

      Imagination appears to be your strong point. You imagine for example that anything and everything remotely critical of your beloved Land of Creation is anti semitic,Israel-hating,Zionist-hating etc.


  • Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences 'Hares Boys' to 15 years in prison
    • @maxnarr
      "Can you please reference the quote where any Jewish leader mentioned a “Thousand Year” Jewish state? Seems like a very strange terminology"
      Eljay was of course raising the comparison with the Nazi concept of the "thousand year Reich". This is a ridiculous comparison you will agree as Israel is of course eternal and has existed as God`s chosen land with God`s chosen people since the dawn of time and long before goyim neanderthals walked the earth.

    • Another great Latuff cartoon. It would be great to have a compendium of these with accompanying articles in book form. The Zionists would scream Anti -Semitic and soil their pants of course which would make it all the more satisfying.

      As for Israeli "law" in relation to the Palestinians and by default in this case in relation to the settlers it is more and more becoming "guilty until proven guilty" which as has been pointed out is in 99% of cases.

      As gruesome and horrible for the kids and their families as it is and I hope and pray that despite everything these innocents will be released - it serves as a further illustration to Western societies including the moral Jewish people in those societies of just how far to the Fascist right the Land of Creation has drifted - and I`m afraid there ain`t no going back.


  • Ban Ki-moon keeps woofing at Israel over occupation -- but not a word about sanctions
    • Yes it may be seen as meaningless words but at the very least he shot an arrow back at the Yahoo and his cronies which is a positive. It could also be the case hopefully that he is waiting for the French negotiating initiative to run it`s course and fail, as it surely will, before he announces that the UN has no choice and is finally flushing away the possibility of a 2SS.

      Having looked at the reader`s comments in the NYT it is as ever illuminating to read the same old same old "whataboutery". It reminds me of Jon Snow`s epic put down of the revolting "let`s be clear " Regurgitev ( pointing out to him that he was not talking about Outer Mongolia or Inner Nigeria but about Gaza and that the Channel 4 reporter was not in Outer Mongolia or Inner Nigeria but in Gaza). The why just us and none of the other bastards around the world mantra of these Israel firsters in the US and their fellow western Zionists in Europe mirrors the eternal victim / eternally victimised psychosis of the Zionist Israelis on the actual plot. If you remove that particular drip feed then they are totally screwed.

      Another boringly predictable theme in the comments is the ongoing canard of " how can we negotiate if they refuse to recognise Israel" where western Zionists simply lie to themselves and comfort themselves if challenged with the Yahoo late addendum of "as a Jewish state" by simply ignoring the uncomfortable reality of the following:

      September 9, 1993
      Yitzhak Rabin
      Prime Minister of Israel

      Mr. Prime Minister,
      The signing of the Declaration of Principles marks a new era in the history of the Middle East. In firm conviction thereof, I would like to confirm the following PLO commitments:
      The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security.
      The PLO accepts United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338.
      The PLO commits itself to the Middle East peace process, and to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two sides and declares that all outstanding issues relating to permanent status will be resolved through negotiations.
      The PLO considers that the signing of the Declaration of Principles constitutes a historic event, inaugurating a new epoch of peaceful coexistence, free from violence and all other acts which endanger peace and stability. Accordingly, the PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance, prevent violations and discipline violators
      In view of the promise of a new era and the signing of the Declaration of Principles and based on Palestinian acceptance of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, the PLO affirms that those articles of the Palestinian Covenant which deny Israel's right to exist, and the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the commitments of this letter are now inoperative and no longer valid. Consequently, the PLO undertakes to submit to the Palestinian National Council for formal approval the necessary changes in regard to the Palestinian Covenant.

      Yasser Arafat
      The Palestine Liberation Organization

      The hypocrisy of the Yahoo`s reverse flip on recognition is neatly summed up in:

      No doubt if the PA had a brainstorm and actually recognized Israel as "a Jewish state" the Yahoo ( faced with another OMG ! they are giving us what we are asking for what do I do next to maintain the no negotiations status quo) would come up with a further not a pre-condition condition for negotiations such as recognition of Israel as a non secular , Jewish Western Democratic , existentially threatened , vulnerable to 2nd Holocaust , non occupying state etc etc ad infinitum.

      The good news is that the self hasbarising is becoming more and more desperate and unsustainable and the reality of Israeli Fascism in the Stole Territories is becoming ever more clear to observers in the West and ever more uncomfortable for Western Governments and politicians to ignore.

      BTW Speaking of Stolen Territories the IDF appear to have begun implementing a Warsaw method on Ramallah - will be interesting to see how this unfolds:

  • Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods
    • @amigo
      We have all the same still got to be careful out there viz one of the comments in the JP article:

      "Thank you for using an Intel chip in your computer. It was probably designed- and maybe also fabricated, here in Israel. When you do a Google search, you use an Israeli algorithm. Your flash drive? Yup- developed here. Same with the talkback system here at the JPost".

      Heaven forbid that they stop exporting cherry tomatoes as well as intel chips,algorithms,flash drives and self assembly hasbara kits - it would truly mean the end of days.

      What would the world do without Israel ?

    • @Hophmi
      "the same forces, allied with oppressive Arab dictatorships, are attempting to do the same here."
      Those b....y Saudis - one day it`s the Yemen next day it`s a Co-op store in Brooklyn. Why can`t they just give it a rest. And as for all the other Andi - Israel bigots they should learn to spell.

  • Cultural Zionism good, political Zionism bad
    • Appreciate the good intent of your comments but I`m afraid the horse has long bolted.There is no longer a nuanced cultural Zionism alongside an "illiberal" political Zionism. There is only, as Norman Finkelstein points out, a lunatic state with a lunatic leader and an increasingly lunatic Jewish population and I`m afraid it`s irreversible - short of the US suddenly cutting the umbilical cord.

  • Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980
    • Latest from Norman Finklestein`s blog:

      Don`t you just love these cuddly compassionate Light unto the Nations Land of Creation IDF low life thugs.

      The world is seeing what is going on in this little fascist cult colony in a way that was simply not possible up until even a decade ago and and in due course just as with South Africa isolation,sanctions and travel bans will follow as surely as night follows day.


  • Video: Life inside Hebron's closed military zone
    • @marnie
      “When we see Jews leaving Europe… and attacks on Jewish centers from Mumbai to Kansas; when we see swastikas appear on college campuses, we must not stay silent. “When any Jew anywhere is targeted, we must all respond as if we are all Jewish… we must all do what we can… we have a responsibility, and as president I will make sure the U.S. is leading the fight against anti-Semitism,” the president says."

      Agree that this is absolutely disgusting. Until now I had given Obama the benefit of the doubt if only because of the feeling that he was playing the Washington game in terms of trying to secure a further term for the Democrats.

      It has truly sunk now in that when it comes to confronting the evils which Zionists and Zionism have inflicted and continue to inflict on the Palestinian people he is an abject coward and just as bought and bent as all the Israel firsters in what I used to respect as the Land of the Free.

  • Among the settlers
    • YBI. Welcome to the block and really appreciate your comments. It is so good to get confirmation that the Palestinians are the natives in the land and that the "Israelis" are the illegal ethnically cleansing invaders.


    • "One guy admires David’s cowboy gun, and a bearded guy from Colorado tells me that in every Jew’s life he will hear a call to join his people"

      Sounds as if David is really living the Zionist John Wayne dream. All that is needed is a good horse and saddle , a few hitching posts in the settlements as well as spittoons for the chewing tobacco and it would be just like the good old Wild West keeping those ornery native varmints under control.

      Frightening that there are hundreds of thousands of these lunatics in the West Bank and in Israel. They are increasingly running the Zionist show and most worrying of all it is a show which gives access to nuclear weapons.

  • The world the settlers made
  • 'Why do they hate us?' -- Israeli version
  • Michael Bloomberg has been a fervent supporter of Israel, to a point
    • Bloomberg is just another Zionist slug who can be relied upon to crawl out onto the pavement when it is raining on his beloved Israel. I am disgusted and ashamed that such a creature should have been honoured here in the UK in the light of his innate Fascism when it comes to Israel.

      "On October 6, 2014, Queen Elizabeth II named Bloomberg an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his "prodigious entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, and the many ways in which they have benefited the United Kingdom and the U.K.-U.S. special relationship." Since Bloomberg is not a citizen of the United Kingdom, he cannot use the title "Sir", but Bloomberg may, at his own discretion, still use the post-
      nominal letters "KBE"

      And this a few months after the mass slaughter of children by his beloved Israel which he "regretted" but supported.

      Though it is by no means as naked or as in your face compared with the US scenario it does illustrate that there is an ongoing Elders factor here in the UK which needs to be challenged at every opportunity.

      It also illustrates just how farcical the UK honours system has become.

  • Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister's criticism
    • @amigo
      "Why isn,t Ireland being boycotted". You should be doubly even triply offended since "boycotting" was one of the all time great inventions of the Irish people in response to the actions of a settler estate agent. Can`t be long now before the Yahoo & Co claim that it in fact it was invented in Biblical Israel as a chosen people tactic against those nasty Romans.

    • Great news.Hopefully they will be followed by all the other mayors in the Land of Creation and they will in turn call for a full boycott of Sweden and Sweden's European partners will respond by supporting Sweden and boycott Israel including suspension and hopefully termination of Europe's trade and tariff arrangements, diplomatic and visa arrangements , cultural links,sporting links etc

      Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But then again it seems like an own goal gifted to BDS by the ever arrogant Israelis and as the saying goes - "from little acorns".

  • Kerry and Shapiro bring the one-state news the NYT failed to deliver
    • @Kay24
      "At this point it seems no one gives a damn".

      I tend to be a little more optimistic if only because the PA and the role and relevance of the PA is in free fall and I think it will soon implode with or without any further "recognition ". approach to the UN Security Council. The Palestinians on the ground , particularly the younger generation , as opposed to the their 5 star hotel leaders see and experience on a daily basis the reality of the 500,000 + (and growing ) settlers and the physical impossibility of a 2SS and will turn their voices soon I hope to a call for citizenship rights in a single state ( whatever it is called). Given what the International Community has put into resolving the I/P conflict over the years I do not believe that they ( and I include the US ) will simply ignore the situation if Israel chooses to suppress calls for these rights and as is likely given their track record , opt for full frontal in your face Apartheid.

  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
    • Shamir and his fellow sewer rats ( all top quality future Israeli leaders ) would have murdered any envoy whatever his or her standing and whatever he or she had done to save Jews from the Nazis in order to protect and forge ahead with their Zionist plans. They could and did get away with it then and their successors including the Yahoo and his fawning acolytes in Israel and the US have the same mindset and attitude. No doubt if there is an international consensus to force Israel to accept and honour international law any envoy sent would be neutralized by them - probably using a Litvinenko type method.

  • Clinton baits Sanders over 'destruction of Israel'
    • Ref the comments on Melanie Phillips above.For those of you who are not familiar with the loathsome Ms Phillips she is a regular columnist with the Times here in the UK and can be relied upon by the Zionist/Israel lobby to spin every available article to sell the Zionist/Israel "cause". Witness her latest piece on the death of the Jewish publisher George Weidenfield in yesterday`s Times.:
      "What drove his seemingly inexhaustible political and intellectual initiatives was to make the world a better place.Some of this struck a chord with me - his commitent to Israel,his concern about Islamic extremism,his belief that anti - zionism was a fresh mutation of Jew-hatred which endangered not just Israel but the entire western world".

      The spin is blatant of course with the implication that commitment to Israel is necessary if you are concerned about Islamic extremism. The last comment though is an absolute corker and illustrates just how "paranoid" this creature and her fellow Zionists and !sraeli firsters have become. Apparently according to Ms Phillips logic if you are against land theft, apartheid legal systems ,extrajudicial murders,wholesale slaughter of defenceless civilians including hundreds of children you are endangering not just her beloved Israel but the entire world.

      Having said that I think that it is great that she and her like are given maximum airtime. And if you want to get an even fuller flavour of this moron`s thinking have a look at:

      Her website is an absolute Hasbara hoot which inevitably raises the old question of why these cretins who have so much contempt for the UK and Europe and their citizens are still here and not living out their Zionist dream in a stolen apartment over in dear old Hevron whiling away the days throwing dog excrement on passing Palestinian mothers and children in the streets below.

  • Video: Children of the Camp
    • What is missing here to be fair is the Israeli/Zionist side of the story which is that these children are not being brutalised , traumatised , treated like vermin , summarily executed at the whim of the IDF, Israeli Police , Settlement Security Guards and John Wayne wannabe settlers. THEY ARE BEING INCITED. Yes "incitement " is definitely the new kid on the Hasbara block and that includes watching Palestinian Television whose stations are at risk of being closed downed at best or at worst bombed because of this blatant "incitement "

      Yes it is now all about Palestinian "incitement". Israeli Jews of course do not , have never and never will "incite" - and they most definitely did not incite anyone in their community to ignite any fellow human beings in the recent past

  • Israel destroys homes for Bedouins, builds homes for Jews
    • The cartoon is excellent. It would be great if Carlos Latuff could compile a collection of these cartoons relating to the Palestinian situation in book form. Would be banned in Israel of course but the ROTW would learn and benefit.

  • 'Little Jewboy' moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel
    • @Annie Robbins
      "i don’t think a softer image would help at this juncture ismail because too many people are now aware of the states actions and policies. the policies would have to change, something that has been relatively consistent regardless of who’s in charge"

      I fully agree plus there is of course the elephant in the room which the Israelis and their Elder brethren in the US really fear = the inevitability of the implosion of the PA and direct responsibility for the stolen territories and the indigenous population being laid squarely at the feet of the Zionist thieves. Whatever changes take place in the format and character of current and future Israeli governments will be irrelevant. There will be no possibility of continuing with the two state charade since Abbas and his fellow collaborators will be yesterday`s men. As has been pointed out by a wide range of commentators from Kerry to Levy Israel will then be faced with a stark choice = a Jewish Apartheid state a la South Africa or a state without a Jewish majority. Given their history I think the Zionists will plump for in your face apartheid as opposed to the current "softer" version.

  • 'NYT's next Jerusalem chief routinely offers Israel as a model for American conduct
    • @Donald
      "Israel steals land, prevents Gazans from leaving, tortures prisoners, shoots demonstrators and every few years commits major war crimes. They aren’t a plucky group of innocent heroes who have learned to ” live with” terrorism. They create the conditions that cause it"

      Neatly summed up and underpinned by the following "article" in today`s Times of Israel:

      "The Times of Israel joins the Artillery Corps’ Tiger Battalion in Qalqilya as it arrests 3 Palestinian teenagers on suspicion of throwing rocks, firebombs at soldiers"

      You have to read the article two to three times to appreciate the full flavour of the 22 carat gold hypocrisy. These Fascist a..eholes , their political masters and sadly the majority of the Israeli Jewish population actually believe this bollocks.

      The moronic IDF mouthpiece, a certain [..]Nimrod Cibulski ( an indigenous local with a typical indigenous local name ) explains the how its all about minimizing"trauma" for the poor Palestinians and not at all about making their life hell on a 24/7 basis.

      "Bringing in jeeps and armored vehicles into a city in the middle of the day would necessitate shutting down the streets where soldiers would be operating, and it would also increase the likelihood that residents would attack the soldiers by pelting them with rocks or bottles. Late-night arrests, though traumatic for the families whose sleep is wrecked, leave the majority of the population untouched, he said"

      The soldiers,their commanders and the politicians who direct them are all war criminals.[..]


    • He appears to have spoken some truths which were best left unspoken last year in an article in the NYT about the Republican Party and its support for Israel.

      Also see:

      So it may be that he was being naively honest which is a dangerous trait in someone who has ambitions to prosper in the Zionist controlled US media.

      Likelihood is that a few of the "Elders" will have a word in his shell like and he will prosper as a fully in lockstep with Israel " pioneering " journalist

  • Human Rights Watch calls for sanctions against Israel over settlements
    • “The main opposition leader in Israel, the head of the center-left Zionist Union Isaac Herzog, has today declared a two-state solution to be “impossible,” telling a high-profile security conference that the goal should be to build as big a wall as possible to wall off as many Palestinians as possible”

      Herzog`s plan Z is a fascinating insight into just how crazy these Zionists have become. It is as if he is talking about a very large herd of unruly beasts and not human beings needing to be rounded up and controlled - wait a minute this is definitely reminding me of something ! Yes I knew it - didn`t those nasty Nazi type people in Germany talk like this about the Jews and the Jewish problem back in the 30`s and 40`s ? Why yes they did.

      And this from the mouth of one of the supposedly "moderate" voices in the Israeli Jewish community.

      This little cult colony has really toppled over the edge.

  • Groundbreaking Human Rights Watch report shows how settlement businesses contribute to Israeli occupation
    • @Annie Robbins
      "no, it’s because disputed and occupied are legal terms that mean two different things and have (very) different ramifications/obligations under international law."

      Sorry Annie I think that you have somehow missed the point that I was trying to make. This had nothing to do with legal terminology. I was simply trying to state that the term "occupied" conveys a sense of "temporary" status or temporary actions which IMHO is good for Yahoo and Co as it gives cover for their ongoing PERMANENT theft of West Bank land and resources.

    • Although according to Wikipedia the "official Israeli government" position is that the territories are"disputed" it seems that the Yahoo and his cohorts rarely make the usual song and dance about use of the term "occupied" by foreign governments , internal or external NGO`s or media outlets eg by aggressively pushing the concept of "disputed". This could well be because the term"occupied" suggests a"temporary" situation or arrangement and has been and will continue to act as a placebo to Western governments who wax on about the importance of advancing to the throttled dead as a door nail two state solution.

      All the while Israel will continue with its permanent theft of the West Bank and its resources whilst herding and walling in its native inhabitants.

      We should IMHO drop the use of the term"occupied" and substitute the term "stolen".
      That is what it is - straighforward theft . [..]

  • Extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with Hebrew threats: 'Death to heathen Christians'
    • “This is Jewish terror, and it is a threat not only for Muslims and Christians, but for the state of Israel itself,” says Gadi Gvaryahu, who directs Tag Meir, an organization that opposes extremist violence. “The attitude of the government was that this was just graffiti, and then just a few burned cars."

      "Assaf Sharon, a philosophy professor at Tel Aviv University who has written about the history of Jewish terrorism, said the youth “are surrounded by institutions that condone, protect, and support them. And there is certainly authority behind them, including rabbis they look up to.”

      "In his writings and speeches, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion (1886–1973) emphasized his vision of the state of Israel as a moral and social beacon to the whole world, and by that, in his view, it shall implement the vision of the prophets. The selection of the Menorah as the Emblem of Israel was derived from the image of the state of Israel as a "Light Unto the Nations".

      It is all making sense now - in order to create this light you have to set fire to Christian churches. Silly me I should have realized !

      BTW If you haven`t already seen it this from the NYT !! is "illuminating".

  • ‘If it doesn’t have risk it is not worth doing’: Rachel Corrie's family remembers Alan Rickman
    • Would love to see the play if it is staged again here in the UK. Perhaps following the sad death of Alan Rickman this may be a possibility - perhaps also a television version?

      Also on a personal wish list with the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty attack and the massive cover up by the US Zionist lobby would love to see an enterprising individual produce a film of the incident based on the testimony of the survivors - visit:

      Even a proposal to do this would have the AIPACERs go ape and that in itself and the undoubted positive response to their concerns by the bought and bent Congress would be a treat to witness.

      Young American peace activists, US sailors - line them up and the most moral etc in the world will murder them with impunity and the Land of the Free will just look the other way.

      Decent Americans should hang their head in shame at how their country has prostituted itself to this murderous little cult colony in the Middle East.

  • Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?
    • Meanwhile quietly in the background the EU is finally acting as opposed to condemning and the Yahoo and his lunatic underlings, still sleepy and drowsy from another year of nourishing US Congress breastfeeding, have finally woken up to the dawning reality:

      As per today`s Haaretz

      "New EU Draft Resolution Draws Stark Distinction Between Israel, West Bank Settlements
      Israel working frantically to block pending resolution, expected to be published on Monday, that top officials says could lead to additional sanctions against Israeli settlements"

      Watch and listen for a chorus of the tired old "anti-sem itism" rants plus new potential Zionist market leading epithets such as "commercial terrorism" , "trade terrorism".


  • Methodist divestment highlights Israel's place in the world
    • @amigo
      "The EU is doing this for the record , so that in time they can say they gave Israel more than enough time to end their actions and the eventual outcome will be on their own heads"

      Although at pains to point out that the statement was not a call to boycott Israel, which in theory it opposes, the fact that the EU is stressing this may represent a strong hint that this could be on the cards in the near future.

      Unfortunately as you have indicated Yahoo and his cohorts are blind to this. The EU may one day soon be using the old Zionist rap song of "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity" in referring to Israel`s descent into apartheid isolation.

      In the meantime the EU statement is IMHO a de facto endorsement of BDS. At long last lukewarm expressions of "concern" and "condemnations" have metamorphisized into action. And what with US Ambassador Shapiro`s comments about legal apartheid in the occupied territories in the space of 24 hours we have a real double whammy for the Land of Creation.


    • @kay24
      "I think Obama won this beautifully. Despite the arrogance, and disrespect, Nutty was able to show"

      Kay I`m afraid you have got it all wrong. Today`s JP makes the situation quite clear:

      "Netanyahu, who fought an ultimately losing battle against the deal for years – including going toe-to-toe against US President Barack Obama over the matter – said that without Israel leading the fight to impose crippling economic sanctions on Tehran, “Iran would have had nuclear arms a long time ago.”

      He did not refer to it but I think the Yahoo believes that it was his cartoon bomb at the UN which made all the difference and really really stiffened the international resolve with regards to sanctions. Oh and BTW it was never about persuading the US to take military action to neutralize Iranian nuclear facilities - that is and was just left wing,anti - semitic,Judeophobic,Israelophobic(choose any two) propaganda. Oh and BTW Iran is still 2 minutes away form developing a nuclear weapon and they are still ultimately responsible for all forms of terrorism anytime ,anywhere in the world.

  • Video: Israeli sniper praised for shooting Palestinian protestors
    • @ds1216
      "All in all, it was basically a battle between law enforcement and rioters"
      Complete and utter bollocks. The IDF were not"enforcing the law". They were breaking International Law by being in the Occupied Territories period. Every injury,every murder perpetrated by them whilst"enforcing the law" is a crime against the native Palestinian people and a crime against humanity.

    • Gordon Bennett he`s at it again ! Todays JP features Naughtily`s latest deflection ruse on the Duma killings:

      "According to Bennett, in Israel today there is a division between “an optimistic Zionist majority that believes in the State of Israel and a desperate and extremist minority.”

      “Why do you think they carried out the attack in Duma?” he asked the students, referring to the murder of a Palestinian family by Jewish right-wing extremists (nb not"terrorists") in Duma.

      "The aim was not murder; that was just the means. We are talking about people who have given up on persuading the people of Israel of their positions and they want to bring our house down upon us. They're trying to burn down our house,” he said."

      So just to clarify there are Jewish Israelis on the left and Jewish Israelis (settlers BTW) on the right and the they are as one . It`s all about trying to "persuade" the people of Israel of their positions.

      It`s not about murder - that was purely coincidental. And the fact that no one on the "left" has been investigated for or charged with "extremist" crimes is also coincidental. And just to make it absolutely clear to you Israelophobic,Anti - Zionist,Anti-Semitic types out there who are criticising the beautiful Land of Creation - the majority of the Israeli Jewish population has not become by and large a rabid self delusional Fascist mob.Au contraire we remain and thus shall forever be sayeth the Bennett a lantern unto the dark nations of this the one true God`s earth. Thus endeth the lesson.

      The tragedy for the (now) minority of decent,moral Israeli Jews is that these self delusional morons have set an irreversible agenda and nothing short of complete international isolation will stop the descent of Israel into overt Fascism.


  • 'Netanyahu at War' on PBS was dreadful but not without interest
    • "The reference to the title of Lord Moran’s history of Churchill makes sense because as the film makes clear, Netanyahu thinks he is Israel’s Winston Churchill. Right up front, former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren says, “Netanyahu was very much a man in the Churchillian sense.” He’s not the only one who believes this."

      Churchill,Roosevelt,Lincoln,Napoleon,Alexander the Great - yup he definitely believes he is well up there with the best. I think he may have opted for the Churchill persona because Churchill was an artist when he wasn`t being a hero and as we all know Nitay sketches a mean bomb cartoon.

  • Why Israel has silenced the 1948 story of Nazareth’s survival
    • “At Saliha it appears that troops blew up a house, possibly the village mosque, killing 60-94 persons who had been crowded into it. In Safsaf, troops shot and then dumped into a well 50-70 villagers and POWs [prisoners of war]. In Jish, the troops apparently murdered about 10 Moroccan POWs (who had served with the Syrian Army) and a number of civilians, including, apparently, four Maronite Christians, and a woman and her baby."

      It would appear that Morris has been thoroughly "re-assimilated" into mainstream brain dead Zionism .Witness his hilarious (literally he can`t some smiling/laughing throughout) performance versus Norman Finklestein at:

      Watching this revolting giggling so called "historian" would indicate that if asked directly today about the above excerpt from his own book ie what he himself wrote , this filthy walking talking Zionist turd would claim that it was "taken out of context " or "distorted".

  • The sons of Sa'ir
    • @eljay
      Agree entirely - one of an endless stream of paid/brainwashed production line Zionist Hasbarists. Mr.Mather does not appear to have any flesh on his UK ? bones other than the link to the "Jewish Media Agency". Failing actual journalistic , academic or political credentials in the country of residence/birth for these creatures the default instruction from Zion Central would appear to be "describe yourself as a journalist and a writer ". I think it works initially - I have indicated to my other half that I now consider myself to be a"journalist and a writer " and I sense that I have risen considerably in her estimation and that it has added that extra sparkle to our domestics.

    • Be careful out there Mondoweissers. Apparently those who even hint at the possibility of the Land of Creation being less than 1000% perfect are guilty of "Israelophobia" which is the new term on the block. This comes from a Richard Mather writing in todays Jerusalem Post.
      Can`t find out much about him other than that he is described in one of his various JP posts as a "writer and journalist" from Manchester in the UK working for the Jewish Media Agency.

      Having looked at his current article and others in the JP and Arutz Sheva he is well up there in the hilarious hasbara league and if he keeps up the good work and aliyahizes himself he might well earn a diplomatic post in one of the two or three countries in the world which are not Israelophobic such as Micronesia.

      BTW according to this comedian all of us are guilty of " Euro-Islamic anti-Semitism".

      We should hang our heads in shame !

  • Forty Brazilian diplomats issue statement against Dani Dayan appointment
    • Meanwhile back on this side of the Atlantic today`s Haaretz reports:
      "Israel Slams Swedish FM for 'Delusional' Call to Probe 'Extrajudicial Killings' of Palestinians"

      Tch Tch all this "slamming" and "blasting" by a country the size of New Jersey and so far all they are getting in return are "expressions of concern".

      Sooner or later the balloon is going to burst with the BDS movement at the forefront shining a light into the ugly Land of Creation. Hopefully this will start in Europe with European countries. These are consistently insulted by the Nitayshites as being biased,Israelophobic (just rolls of the tongue doesn`t it) and generally lacking in intellect. All this from a country which is still deluding itself that it can gain membership of the EU and thus cement its self identity as a true member of the club of Western nations and Western societies - as opposed to a shitty little cult colony in the Middle East. Hopefully in the very near future European countries will say, individually and collectively, OK if you despise us so much f.... off then,canceling trade and tariff arrangements,scrapping diplomatic and military ties,cultural ties,sporting ties,visa arrangements etc etc.

      Little bullies are sometimes the hardest to deal with what with their perennial victimisation impressions and whatabouteries but I am sure Europe can cope in due course.


  • My one word interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • @Herchel
      "dorky looking Jews named Horowitz". Sounds very anti semitic to me particularly when you infer that Mr Allen is also a "dorky looking Jew" - well up there with the classic "hook nosed Fagin". Are you self denying , self loathing , a mixture of both or just plain confused by the complexity of the Hasbara manual index ?

      I suspect the latter - but please hang in there with your cross referencing. It makes for such a good fun read for MW`rs and it will take your mind off the 24/7 onslaught.

    • @YoniFalic
      Was about to point out the exact same thing. Anyway in view of the recent Aegean Airlines incident it would appear that Israel is encouraging its Jewish nationals to do ad hoc "forward selections" of air passengers travelling to Israel on foreign airlines to ease the targeting and interrogation workloads of their Border Agents at Ben Gurion. Anyone vaguely "Arab looking" particularly if they have a "funny stare" can be intimidated into disembarking by Jewish passengers thus providing advance intelligence or even better persuading these "Arab types" from travelling to the Land of Creation altogether.

      If you visit the Israel Tourist Board website you will find the following little gem:

      "If you are flying EL AL Israel Airlines (or from Europe on Arkia Israel Airlines or Israir), please know that the security precautions taken by Israeli airlines are the stuff of legend and the envy of the world’s airlines. On check-in for your flights you will be asked a variety of questions during a security interview. Some of the questions may seem un-PC, intrusive, irrelevant or repetitive. Just answer truthfully, go with the flow and don’t lose your cool. Remember, the questions are designed to protect you and your fellow passengers. When you leave Israel, the departure process is identical to that outlined above for all airlines."

      Apart from the fact that this applies only to non - Jewish travellers (other than the self denying dangerous types like N.Finklestein") it beggars belief that a country claiming to be a Western type democracy is seriously saying to tourists " Some of the questions may seem un-PC, intrusive, irrelevant or repetitive. Just answer truthfully, go with the flow and don’t lose your cool".

      "Don`t lose your cool" and "go with the flow" and whatever you do don`t STARE back in bewilderment - then you will be really screwed.

      And "stuff of legend and the envy of the world`s airlines." !? FFS

  • Knesset anti-BDS meeting reveals Israeli fear of isolation
    • From Haaretz:
      "Israeli Cabinet to Weigh Tit-for-tat Response to EU Labeling
      Government ministers to vote Sunday on whether to support a bill that would mandate labeling products from countries that label products from Israeli settlements"

      Stock markets all over Europe are on tenterhooks,banks are reporting panic withdrawals of deposits,people are stocking up on basic foodstuffs,European politicians from all spectrums are joining forces to plea with Israel not to etc etc etc etc.And all because of the threat to the miniscule level of exports to Israel from the EU. I don`t think so.

      Israel the Zionist mouse will probably fart.

    • The problem which the Nitayshites have is that they couldn`t do a pre-emptive qualitative edge strike on the BDS movement. It is after all a non military entity. They have been using their non military weapon ( Hasbara ) increasingly over the last twelve months but they are not really comfortable with this form of warfare anymore a) because it patently doesn`t work - the average man on the western street now yawns when he hears the expression "anti semite" or "anti semitic" and b) they don`t get to enjoy killing "existentially threatening civilians" or "Arab vermin" and being dependent on a diet of Fascism and Racism this really freaks them out.

      So what to do about BDS? Is attack the best form of defence or is defence the best form of attack.Poor souls - as Amigo indicates they really don`t know what to do. They are under pressure from their right wing constituents and their eunuchs in the USA to be seen to be doing something. This of course is good news for BDS because as they are wont to say in Zionist held Hollywood "any publiity is good publicity".


  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • @hophmi
      "Right, so because one guy is a spy, he’s your representative of all US Jews. Remember folks, it’s anti-Zionism, not antisemitism".

      I could have sworn I referred to "thousands" de-assimilating. Just checking - yup I definitely did refer to thousands. Never mind onwards as they say.

      BTW You need to contact Hasbara Central as a matter of urgency. Anti-Semitism and Anti - Zionism appear to be losing favour - " Israelophobia" and "Israelophobic" are the new de luxe slurs.


    • @'hophmi
      “Jews are highly assimilated,”

      And classic examples of this unique assimilation in the US are the wonderfully assimilated Mr.Pollard and best of all the thousands of de-assimilating "Jewish "pilgrims" who do the Aliyah shuffle to the West Bank so they can get to do their John Wayne impressions viz wearing their guns (best of all in low slung holsters) and being able to do real live practice by shooting at octagenarian Palestinian olive farmers or better still ornery pebble bearing Palestinian teenagers. All of this while their IDF cousins look on in admiration of their bravery and how quickly they have assimilated into the way out east colonial lifestyle.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel hold the key -- Zellner
    • In today`s Times of Israel Naughtily Bennett = the truth that Nitay dare not speak for fear of spooking his US Congress eunuchs:

      "The minister, who proposes extending Israeli law to Area C of the West Bank — about 60% of the territory — and having “the Palestinians govern Areas A and B,” said Israel would nonetheless have to permanently maintain its overall control of the West Bank. “Anyone who suggests that Israel can somehow defend itself without retaining Judea and Samaria forever is out of his mind,” said Bennett. And that also required a permanent civilian presence, he stressed. “There’s a myth that you can keep a military in a piece of land when there’s no civilians. It’s a myth because within a very short time frame, the pressures to pull out are so big because you don’t see that you’re actually defending anyone. The reality is that the communities living in Judea and Samaria, they’re the lifeline there. They’re driving on the roads. They keep the light of life there. And if they pull out, ultimately, within months or a couple of years, soldiers pull out"

      And from Mr Ivri above:

      "The claim here that the situation is unstable and hence unsustainable sounds logical, until you remember that in the past it was much more so – tempting many to raise thoughtful scenarios about what will soon happen and yet they didn`t even come close to materialization."

      So then Mr Ivri please do us all a favour and cut to the quick. Applying your incisive analytical skills please describe the non apartheid Israel of the future. A hint to help you with this - civilized and democratic Western countries universally judge the continued occupation and control of a conquered people and territory to be illegal under international law. You might of course be quite content to bracket Israel in the other camp = uncivilised,non democratic Eastern country and for it to live happily ever after in that group.

      Go on have a go.Zionists are apparently world famous for facing up to challenges. Really looking forward to your description.

    • The Times Of Israel reporting on the decision of the Aegean Airline crew on a Tel Aviv fight to ask two "Arab Palestinian passengers to disembark after" concerns " were raised by the Jewish passengers on board:

      "An Israeli man who was among the passengers involved in the incident defended the group’s actions on Wednesday, maintaining that the two Arab men were “scary” and that he and the other passengers believed they were terrorists.

      The man, identified only by his first name, Nissim, told Army Radio that one of the two Arab passengers in particular “looked off and his body language was very threatening.”

      “He had a penetrating and scary look,” Nissim said, claiming that a lot of other passengers were similarly spooked by the man.

      “We’re entitled to express our concerns,” he insisted. “No one raised [the Arab passengers’] ethnicity or was racist; we expressed our concerns in an objective way, just like when you see someone suspicious in the street and you’re alert. In the case of a flight there is no second chance. It was not a small group of barbarians and racists as they tried to frame us [in the press]. If God forbid something would have happened they would give us a medal.”

      Absolutely screamingly hilarious. A great pity that these loathsome racist dickheads weren`t around at the UN last year when Nitay gave his 45 second super stare. By their reckoning the UN bouncers would have tazered him and kept him in a holding cell for 48 hours (what a pleasant tought).


  • Israel charges two Jewish extremist youths in Duma killings
    • @Asherpat
      In answer to your question - yes I have. As to its ugliness why not have a look at what the light unto the nations has done eg to Gaza and gaze also on its pretty little apartheid "arrangement" in Hebron" , its beautiful separation wall , Gaza fence and its scenic checkpoint cattle pens. In answer to your comment - I have no answer as I haven`t a clue what you are talking about.
      @ DaBakr
      "When one hates Israel to the core of their being it can do nothing right, except self destruct"
      I don`t hate anything or anyone to the core of my being .I loathe and despise Zionists and Zionism and the "country" which they have created. As I have said in previous posts I believe that there are still hundreds of thousands of decent moral Israeli Jews who share the same level of contempt for what their fellow countrymen have done and are doing in Israel and the occupied territories in the name of Judaism. As for "self destruct" Israel is well on its way to doing exactly that and yes given the horrors which it has visited on the Palestinians in particular and the peoples of the region in general it will be very much the "right" outcome.


    • Looked at in the round it cannot get more absurd. On the one hand you have Nitay obviusly approving the detention and interrogation of the Duma suspects. This is not out of any kind of sympathy for the victims - he does not give a toss about them. It`s all about containing the blowback from the incident in terms of Israel`s image in Western governments and society.He can`t continue to spew out garbage about "only democracy" " highest standards of justice for all" etc when this incident as no doubt he hoped will simply not go away at least in the short to medium term.

      On the other hand you have the right wing freakshow Shaked , the Justice Minister FFS ! , one of the many Crypto-Fascists that Nitay has to accommodate in order to stay in power, all over the notion of democracy and justice by reassuring the family of a man accused of a grotesque multiple murder. that he is being treated properly.

      Only in the Land of Creation.


    • @Marnie
      Spot on. When it comes to the Land of Creation all the "normality" bets are off. Can you imagine in a civilized Western democracy a Justice Minister meeting with the mother of an an accused terrorist to reassure her that the accused is being treated properly.

  • The Rabin distraction
    • Meanwhile fresh from today`s Jerusalem Post Nitay has been spewing his usual bile in his comments ref the Tel Aviv shooting eg:
      "Whoever wants to be Israeli should be an Israeli through and through," Netanyahu said.

      It would appear that his IQ has is dipping below the 50 mark more and more. How can 1,000,000 Palestinian Israelis be Israeli through and through when they have no access to their families in the rest of Palestine and vice versa. When they watch the daily murder and brutalizing of their families in the West Bank and Gaza. Would Mr Nitay have welcomed, had he been around at the time, a grotesque comment like this to German Jews from Hitler/Himmler etc during the "solution" era viz"Whoever wants to be a German should be a German through and through". I don`t think so.

      The Jerusalem Post headlines it`s article:
      "Netanyahu to Israeli Arabs: You can't enjoy Israeli rights while failing to obey state's laws"

      Hopefully in the very near future when the Western world finally tires of Israeli lies,denials and intransigence and takes boycott and expulsion action the headline will read:
      "You can`t enjoy recognition and incorporation into international legislative bodies while failing to obey the laws of these international bodies"


  • Nate Silver should stop calling Israel a democracy
    • One of the latest to join the ranks of the Nitayshites is obviously getting worried abou the growth and impact of BDS.

      "Oren described BDS as part of a new stage in Arab attempts to destroy Israel through delegitimization."

      “The goal of BDS is not a two-state solution or the end of the occupation. Their occupation is 1948,” Oren said, referring to the year of Israel’s establishment. “They are well-funded, highly organized and very sophisticated.”

      The way to fight the boycott campaign is “to go on the offensive, and bring the battle to BDS,” Oren said, admitting: “We haven’t come up with an answer [to BDS]. We need a legal and hasbara Iron Dome.”

      Hilarious. WTF would a "Hasbara Iron Dome" consist off. The Zionists already have their legion of trolls consulting their Hasbara manuals and firing off their pathetic damp squid analyses and responses to anything remotely critical of the Land of Creation. Are they going to set up "batteries" of even dafter and even more hypocritical trolls to target media and web comments pages. What a terrifying thought.

      The only problem for you Mr Oren is that BDS is not firing DIY fireworks - they are firing the real thing = TRUTH and your "Hasbara Iron Dome" cannot destroy the truth in 2016.

      Go stick your head further into the sand.

  • Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK
    • @ivri
      Seemed to have doubled posted there old bean in trying to make whatever point you were trying to make or were you just playing games ? I am no expert on gibberish but I think that what you were trying to say was that IYHO the "allied" (sic) or coalition forces wouldn`t be switching their attention from Raqqa to Kiryat Arba as the result of the threat from JSIL.

      A good example of hasbarist deflection tactics.

      Nice try though.

  • US university defeated BDS by hiring three Israeli soldiers to talk up 'love' for Israel
    • Totally fatigued by the endless repetition of "Israel/Israelis have the right to defend themselves". No doubt we will hear the same mantra repeated over and over again in 2016 to justify Israeli Fascism.

      Don`t recall any US or European mainstream politician ever saying "Palestinians have a right to defend themselves". Perhaps this is a mantra which should be adopted and repeated at every appropriate moment by those of us who support the Palestinians.


  • Not the only 'proud Palestinian' in the family--Gigi Hadid's father details refugee history in Syria
  • Novel featuring Palestinian-Jewish romance threatens 'Jewish identity,' Israeli gov't rules
    • What next for the Land of Creation?Extermination/mass expulsion is not an option in dealing with the Israeli and Palestinian Arab population.Perhaps Hotovely(not to be confused with Hotlovely) together with her ideological sister Shaked could be tasked with coming up with some sort of interim or final solution. Why not for example a one child only policy for Israeli Arab citizens - it sort of worked in China. Israel already has of course an active Arab child reduction policy in the West Bank and Gaza and this would have to beefed up. No great problem in the West Bank where the IOF can be issued with a significantly greater number of existentially threatening kitchen knives to scatter around checkpoints after their DIY elimination sprees. Gaza is less of a problem with the regular lawn mowing and the deliberate malnourishment of children which should keep the population in check.

      Piece of cake for the people who invented Cherry Tomatoes.

    • @Kris
      "Whatever next".
      Perhaps if the miscegenation gets really bad they may choose to follow their illustrious Fascist forebears and come up with a Lebensborn ('fountain of life') plan. Main problem with this would be having to choose whether the ideal Jewish Zionist should be "blonde and blue eyed Aryan " or "dark haired,brown eyed Mediterranean". I suspect the former as they really don`t like to think of themselves as being remotely Middle Eastern.

      @ a blah chick
      "Wasn’t Netanyahu married to a non Jewish woman at one time ?"
      Can`t find anything on this. Perhaps you are thinking about the rumours circulating last year that his presumably "non miscegenated " son was dating a non - Jewish Norwegian woman.

      See interesting article from Haaretz together with links and some sublimely racist "comments" at

      Not sure whether she is blue eyed but she is certainly blonde and Nitay would secretly have been relieved that she was Aryanesque - it could have been hell for him if his son had chosen an Ethiopian or Indian Jewess to romance.

  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • Meanwhile back in the modern day Land of Creation Nitay and Co are getting worried that their very own little Vichy State in the West Bank arrangement is about to implode:

      It would appear that the PA Petains may not actually hand back the keys - they will simply be forced to abandon them as they are seen to be more and more and more irrelevant by their"own" people.

      No signs of serious panic yet amongst Nitayites but then again these morons and their predecessors have been living in Never Never Land since 1948 and feast on self denial and self delusion everyday. As in what`s the problem, we are the Chosen People , we have got lots of F15`s and nuclear weapons, it will all be sorted out,the Palestinians will just go away,die emigrate or something like that and even if we do encounter a few problems like having to actually govern "Judea and Samaria" and actually pay for it we can always instruct the USA to give us more money and support us when we are being boycotted because we are not granting civil rights to these remaining Palestinian vermin squatting in our ancient God given homeland.

  • Brazil and Israel square off in diplomatic showdown over settler envoy
    • From Todays Times of Israel

      "But there is an option that could allow all parties to save face and salvage cordial bilateral ties: offer Dayan a different diplomatic posting of equal prestige. He cannot become ambassador in his native Buenos Aires since he still holds Argentinian citizenship (which one cannot renounce), but he could be sent to another high-profile location where his mother-tongue Spanish and his fluent command of English would be of value"

      Sums it all up really. He is a native of Argentina who holds Argentinian citizenship but because his " direct family" were driven out by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago he decided to go back and resettle in his ancestral homeland despite the unpleasantness of having to confront and kick out the people whose families HAD BEEN living there for hundreds of years.

      Best"option" for this hypocritical worm would be for him to face trial for his crimes and serve an appropriate amount of time in jail , preferably in solitary confinement.

      Watch the creature squirm,lie and deny in the following:

    • Great cartoon. Neatly sums up the blind deluded arrogance of the shitty little Land of Creation. Just because the US consistently licks their unmentionable Nitay and co believe that the rest of the world should follow suit. Hope this clear signal by Brazil will speed up the process of the ROW completly ostracizing this little Fascist Cult Colony.


  • 'Israel is ours'-- Dermer's settlement gift puts spotlight on Ahava
    • OMG ! Not the dreaded " secondary level " threat. ( For those not in the know this means Israel instructing the US government to threaten Brazil - ie Israel`s weapon of first choice)

      Absolutely enlightening to see the Land of Creation (Land Mass exc Occupied Territories = 8355 sq Miles - population exc Palestinion citizens = 6,300,000) warning Brazil ( Land Mass = 3.288 MILLION SQ MILES - POPULATION = 200 MILLION ).

      What next. If Brazil does not heed the warnings will there be a number of 3 AM "visits" in Rio by an elite IDF Doorbuster unit to detain the 13 year old anti - Israel inciters.

      When delusion becomes daily reality in the Zionist mindset ( and we are almost there ) the world including Brazil should think seriously about ways to separate these nutcases from the nuclear buttons.

  • Seething with anger and fear
    • @Eva Smagacz
      "What I am praying for is that the feeding of hate frenzy that is increasingly obvious even to the outsiders will result in mass expulsion and ethnic cleansing of non-Jews from Greater Israel rather than their extermination, althougth there is enough ammunition and arms (and knives!) in the hands of Settlers (militia and military) to do the job"
      1.What precisely in your eyes is "Greater Israel". Is there a"Lesser Israel"
      2.Where will this mass expulsion be to - Jordan ? Lebanon ? Egypt ?. I am sure they would be delighted and simply open their borders without a fight.
      3. Logistics ie commuter trains / buses / cattle trains all heading towards closed borders and avoiding settler only roads or railway lines
      4. What about all those Jewish Israelis who share your sentiments regarding your peoples ongoing crimes including the ex military chiefs , the ex Mossad chiefs and not least what remains of the "left". Will they be incarcerated or expelled to keep them quiet.
      5. What if the" expulsees" objected to the expulsion - ie resistance. Remember there would no longer be a token Palestinian Authority to keep them in check
      4. Your Settlers are well armed it is true but their heroics and antics against defenceless Palestinians so far have been ignored or actively supported by the IOF. When faced with people who are actively fighting back they would s..t themselves, grab their children and second passports and hi tail it back to their native lands. Especially the Americans."Do the Job" I don`t think so.
      5.It is 2015 coming on 2016. Not 1943,not 1948,not 1967 not 1992. The world has moved on hugely in terms of live news streaming . The "expulsion" and "ethnic cleansing" you refer to would be live on TV - even the bent and bought US media would not be able to suppress it.

      In short yes there is a runaway train but it is hurtling towards a single state in what was Palestine. Initially it will be an apartheid state then as with South Africa and, with even the good old US of A eventually on board, there will be world wide boycotts and eventually a single democratic state. Significant numbers of Israelis and especially the more recent aliyah rats will leave the sinking ship and head for Florida where they can rekindle their eternal victimhood status in the comfort of their beachside apartments.

      The full scale expulsion,full scale ethnic cleansing,full scale relocations with or without financial compensation have no doubt been seriously discussed in Israeli Government circles particularly amongst the looniest of the loony right but they are and will remain no more than pipe dreams.

  • 'Valentino's Ghost' makes comeback after 4 years of suppression
    • @ a blah chick
      It has been scientifically proven by leading educational institutes that Israeli Jews are genetically incapable of contemplating or committing criminal acts or being nasty in any way whatsoever. To hint at the possibility of there being a Jewish Israeli villain reveals your deep anti-semitism.

      Shame on you !

  • 'NYT' reports differing perspectives when there is no doubt that one is false
    • @MaxNarr
      "I’m Generally referring to their completely unsubstantiated hearsay claims that no one can prove and are easily debunked. Remember, the burden is on proving they are true. So go ahead, show me evidence for once claim ever made by BtS"

      Interesting approach and theory. So basically you would say then that the claims by individuals and groups such as the German "White Rose " group about Nazi atrocities in World War II including the concentration camps were easily debunkable at the time as they were "unsubstantiated hearsay".

      Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on this.Not sure whether or not to hold my breath.

  • A Christmas message in dark times
    • An excellent,intelligent and respectful article.

      BTW had a look at the definition referred to by Professor Falk and totally agree with the "conflation"argument. Sorry to lower the tone but it was almost if it was making the case for not objecting to the smell of a fart as it mind offend the farter ?

  • 'A real Israeli doesn't abandon his duty'
    • @citizen
      The GOI may have to step up its online radicalization programme in the US,Canada and Australia etc to entice some more young Jewish"jihadis" to come and battle against the Goyim forces of"terror" .

    • @ivri
      "Given that a lot has shifted to the technological arena, where the need for human soldiers is much smaller, coupled with the growth of Israel`s population"

      Grateful for clarification on this one old bean. Are you saying that the " most moral" robots instead of live "most moral" soldiers will in the very near future be carrying out the 3 a.m. raids on Palestinian homes in the West Bank ?

  • Infected by atrocity
    • From the insipid NYT article:
      "The Shin Bet hinted at harsher than usual interrogation methods in a statement it issued on Thursday, but it rejected allegations of abuse and said the investigation was taking place under close judicial supervision"

      This in response to allegations by defence lawyers that Shin Bet were using "torture". Basically the poor things were being asked the same questions twice and not given the option of a latte as opposed to a bog standard Americano whilst they were being "interrogated".

  • Video: O little invasion of Bethlehem
    • @yours truly
      I am sure that Nitay and his cabal of right wing fruitcakes have had quite a few little Wansee type conferences to discuss and formulate a "final solution" to the Palestinian Arab problem. There are obviously a lot of challenging issues to be addressed. First and foremost would be that that if they went ahead they would no longer be able to claim the title of blameless persecuted victims so at a stroke their very raison d`etre would evaporate. Sleepless nights,loss of appetite,no stories to tell the children about their past sufferings etc etc etc.The horror.

      Secondly the logistics. Lets assume that the Nazi FS option is a non starter and the only option is mass expulsion the how and where enter the frame. In a country the size of Wales or New Jersey how and where do you round up and store millions of people who won`t willingly be led to the cattle trains or buses without there being a major spilling of 22 carat Zionist blood. Assuming that you have succeeded where do you expel them to?
      Jordan will not have them and if you propose invading and depositing them there the US is likely to be very very upset and simply tell you to back off at a rate of knots. The Sinai ? Egypt would be very very very upset especially as you would have to make them start a war with you by doing a Pearl Harbour on their Air Force ( a little more complicated and certainly a lot more costly than in 1967 ). Lebanon - OMG the IDF would have to take on Hezbollah. Think of the tons of toilet roll they will need - they would have to ask the US for exceptional funds. Syria - as for Lebanon with the same amount of toilet rolls needed.

      No the only real FS is to stop bombing Gaza, take over there again and convert it into a multi storey as opposed to a low rise prison to house the West Bank hordes. Then progressively over the next decade or so incrementally and subtly add the Arab Israeli population and if needs be add even more storeys.

      All of the above unlike 1942 under the watchful and recording eyes of the rest of the world.

      Sounds daft and impossible ? That`s because it is. Basically Israel is f....d and is irrevocably on its way to a single state which initially be Apartheid and well you know the rest of the script.

  • Your brain on Zionism
    • Meanwhile back in the Land of Creation "Justice" Minister Ayelet has been upset bless her by the comments of two HEBREW UNIVERSITY Professors comparing her to the Nazis.
      ex today`s Jerusalem Post:
      “Today the fine line between freedom of expression and freedom of incitement was blatantly crossed and polluted the public discourse. I'm sure that law enforcement authorities will handle the case in the proper manner,” she said.

      Poor dear she can dish it out but can`t take it. Still to give her some credit or even "justice" she appears to be signalling that there is a"freedom of incitement" in Israel - unless she got her YNW`s in a twist.

      Amongst a host of her non inciteful comments with regards to the Palestinians and the conflict is the following little gem:
      "This is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. The reality is that this is a war between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started it." Sounds distinctly Mein Kampfish to me.

  • Jewish settlers carry out another 'price tag' attack on sleeping Palestinian family
    • @Kay24
      I`m afraid Nitay totally disagrees with you as per today`s Jerusalem Post:

      “In the PA they name squares and streets after them [the terrorists], and pay them salaries,” he said. “There is a huge difference between the healthy approach of Israeli society and Israeli democracy that rejects terrorism, condemns it and acts against it, and the PA that unfortunately encourages it and incites towards it."

      He forgot to mention of course Messrs Begin and Shamir. Israel acted against these two terrorists by making them Prime Ministers of Israel.What a truly healthy approach.

  • European legal experts call on EU to stop trading with settlements
    • @MaxNarr

      "Under international law, no European nation can stop trading with any area of Israel including so called settlements. Or else they will get taken to the court of the World Trade Organisation and they will lose. Watch and see"

      Fantastic news. I assume that it will be the Land of Creation which "takes" them to the "court" of the WTO. It will be great to see Israel displaying its soiled underwear for the WTO and all the world to see.

    • @amigo
      "Israel,s nightmare is they no longer control the narrative and there is nothing they can do to stop this train.Israel,s behaviour will be the topic of conversation in an ever increasing amount"

      100% agree. The Israeli "narrative" has also been heavily dependent on the victims` narrative of the Holocaust which has served so well in deflecting world attention away from their own brand of Fascism. With the passing of time and incessant overuse this has become a busted flush. And existential genocidal threats from Iran , Palestinian incitement or BDS simply don`t wash as alternatives.

  • The occupation mentality, in Chicago and Palestine
    • Back in the Land of Creation Nitay , scumbag of the century , is back to top form as per todays Jerusalem Post:

      "The forces in the police, Border Police, IDF and Shin Bet (Israel security Agency) are acting with courage and determination against the attackers,” he said, repeating what he has said on numerous occasions over the last three months. “In parallel, the Palestinian Authority is continuing it's lying incitement against Israel, and is certainly not working against it.”

      Netanyahu said the security forces have full freedom of action in the territories, and are going where they need – making arrests and demolishing the homes of terrorists.

      “We are acting against the families cooperating with the attackers,” he said. “Taking away their freedom of movement, imposing closures on their villages and closing off roads. We are also acting against incitement on the social media.”

      So no change there - openly glorifying and inciting collective punishment which is illegal under international law. Sorry forgot International Law doesn`t apply to Israel except when Israelis are whining about some other country or institution allegedly being in breach of International Law.

      I do so wish him and his fellow travelers a truly unpleasant and debilitating 2016.

    • Meanwhile in todays NYT read Isabel Kershner reports on Breaking the Silence. Interesting as it appears to be a balanced report. Is the NYT turning over a new leaf in anticipation of 2016 or is it a false dawn ?

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