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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Olympian at the checkpoint: why a Palestinian swimmer couldn't train in Jerusalem
    • Lets see we have had JSIL whining and whinging about terrorism as in terrorism,economic terrorism,diplomatic terrorism,cultural terrorism to name but a few. It can`t be long before one of their fascist goon spokepersons pops up to complain about "sports terrorism"

  • Israeli settler leader, rejected by Brazil, gets warm welcome in New York
    • Watch this balloon headed self brainwashed idiot twist turn and squirm at:

    • Always look on the bright side. Dayan has consistently rubbished the idea of two states and I don`t think he can be muzzled by the Yahoo - he is after all a settler and the Yahoo is in the settlers pocket. So whilst the Yahoo continues to play out the charade of a two state solution which is the message which most Americans have been getting to date all of a sudden potentially there will be his Consul General in interviews on US TV portraying this as an absurd and unobtainable objective.

      However Dayan`s role pans out the JSIL Titanic continues to steam merrily towards the Apartheid iceberg. Just a question of time.

  • New San Francisco bus ads say: 'Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights'
    • It doesn`t necessarily have to be a large poster on a bus. Why not DIY ticker tape paper messages (biodegradeable). Cheap and potentially gets the message across just as effectively.
      The ZIO brigade would have to hire thousands of untermenschen to try and eradicate the problem and would still fail.

  • Netanyahu's Academy-award performance of dehumanization is why the conflict persists
    • @Shingo
      "He’s in such a protected bubble that he’s never confronted by anyone who is willing to call him on his bullshit"
      100% agree. Can`t recall ever seeing/being aware of an interview/debate where this loathsome creature has actually been challenged and exposed ( a la Norman Finklestein ) for what he is.

      I believe that he really started to go downhill at a rate of knots following the White House meeting in 2011 where he basically spoke to Obama as if he was a confused and naive schoolboy as opposed to the leader of the greatest superpower in the world. By way of comeback Obama said and did SFA so the Yahoo emerged thinking I can say and do no wrong when it comes to the special relationship and those special billions of dollars which these pathetic American goys keep giving.

      All this of course was heavily underpinned by his 2015 address to Congress when he basically stuck two fingers up to Obama. Again to date no identifiable slap in the face from Obama and the goy billions keep a coming.

      Of course one can always hope for a silver lining. Arrogant p....s like the Yahoo become convinced that they are untouchable and sooner or later will really overstep the mark and shaft themselves or be shafted by others (Ya`alon perhaps ).. Obama may still be quietly planning a payback before he leaves office (this latter looking increasingly unlikely ).

      If Trump is elected (again unlikely) but hypothetically if and if the Yahoo spoke to him /treated him like Obama then Donald being Donald would likely tell him effectively to f.. off back to his little country and find his own billions.

      As for Hillary if she is elected ? Yes she is currently bought and bent as an election funding requisite and has promised the Yahoo a priority snogfest if elected but after being elected ? I am not American and do not have a great knowledge of her personality traits but my distinct impression is that she likes to be the boss and for it to be clear to all and sundry that she is the boss and that she would not take kindly to being openly chided by a minor league self important moron like the Yahoo.

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel
    • Canova , a wannabe Zionist Jew ( Catholic mother / Jewish stepdad ) sides with three pro - JSIL Jewish Congress reps Deutch , Schumer and Lois Frankel - hardly surprising.

  • Google blames bug for removing 'West Bank' and 'Gaza' from Israel/Palestine map
    • “If only it was one state with equal rights for all, as Google’s maps suggest…”

      Exactly. The ones who behind the scenes must be panicking most over this are Zionist JSILis who are desperate to maintain the increasingly ludicrous sham of two state peace negotiations and the mythical two state solution.

      Google`s faux pas is in fact a positive step in the right and only viable direction = one state between the river and the sea which will initially given the facts on the ground be an openly apartheid state but with time and the inevitable international opprobrium will become a single state with equal rights for all.

      Wishful thinking ? Any other alternatives other than the world turning a blind eye to blatant apartheid. I don`t think so. South Africa got away with it for a time but the guilt generated by the exposure of Western ( and JSILi ) complicity in the SA saga , the Internet News age and a more generally attuned younger generation will IMHO make the JSIL Apartheid timeline much shorter.

  • Lawsuit aims to block U.S. foreign aid to Israel as clandestine nuclear power
    • @Gregkin
      Not a US citizen so not entitled to sign a petition to the US Govt. I appreciate your good intentions but the wording IMO , specifically the "strings attached " and "will have financial penalties" are a little too weak and vague .It seems to me that they invite a carry on as normal finger wagging routine from the White House. Perhaps it would have been better to simply request that the deal be suspended completely or cancelled altogether if JSIL does not comply with the current US Obama Administration stated policy on illegal settlements viz:

      "More recently, the official U.S. attitude has been more critical. In 2011, the Obama administration vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling the settlements "illegal" but former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice then denounced "the folly and illegitimacy" of continued Israeli settlement activity. "The United States of America views all of the settlements as illegitimate," Secretary of State John Kerry said in August 2013."

  • Israel calls on citizens to ‘turn in’ boycott activists for deportation
  • A losing battle in Israel's High Court of Justice
    • @DaBakr
      "guess they must be completely stupid or bamboozled by their own stupidity while you progressives are completely clued in, intelligent and not so easily fooled"

      You nailed it DB - good to see you developing a modicum of intelligence and conscience in your assessment of the JSIL High Court.

  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • @Raphael
      I think I underestimated the problem and suggested that there should be an ointment out there somewhere which might help.

      I think you need an institutional balm.

  • Anti-occupation activists stand with Black Lives Matter as Jewish orgs attack movement over Israel criticisms
    • @Kay24
      As you say a real joy to watch. The JSILi Ambassador ( aka Hasbara mouthpiece) response was entirely predictable and followed the well worn but increasingly threadbare script. I started to yawn and switched off listening to him after a few seconds. What fascinated me and kept me awake was the body language of the female supporting actress beside. During Boyd`s comments she was either laughing or trying to suppress a laugh - a true reflection of the JSILi condescending attitude to non - chosen people. During the Ambassador`s propaganda puke she appeared to have got her mirth under control. Instead she increasingly looked as if a toilet break was in order.

  • Israel has demolished more Palestinian homes in first half of 2016 than all of 2015
    • "We remain troubled". Ouch !! - the Yahoo and his fellow QuasiNazis must be trembling at the thought of their Zio poodle superpower being "troubled". It might lead to a few precious dollars being deducted as a token gesture from their upcoming $3 billion (or is it $5 billion) per annum "aid" package. May not seem a lot but you know it equates to the loss of say a few ornamental plants to give that homely feeling to those new West Bank colonial apartments

  • Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their 'hygiene culture is not like ours'
    • @Mikhael
      “Moti” is a diminutive for Mordekhai (which may be Babylonian in origin) and his surname “Dotan” is derived from a geographical place name in Eres Yisra’el"

      Ah now I get it - the oh s--t I can`t say "Christian name cos I will be accused of Anti - Semitism - regroup - yup OK - the forename has SFA to do with Moto Guzzi but is in fact connected to the Babylonians who were a distinctly non Hebrew/ non JSILi group of people in what is now Iraq.

      And the surname relates to an illegal settlement in what the Eres JSILis call Eres Israel.

      Just a thought but shouldn`t all the Mordechais / Motis in Eres JSIL be Hebrewifying their names - surely they don`t want to get a reputation for being watered down Iraqis.

    • I knew I had read somewhere about something similar:

      1933-1935 In all German schools it is officially taught that "non-Aryans" are racially inferior. Jewish children are prohibited from participating in "Aryan" sports clubs, school orchestras, and other extracurricular activities. Jewish children are banned from playgrounds, swimming pools, and parks in many German cities and towns

    • Oh s..t this could have serious implication for JSIL`s finest. Has Monsieur Moti Dotan ( sounds like a retro Italian motorcycle ) sent an emergency separation plea to the International Olympics Committee in Rio ? JSILi and Arab swimmers competing in the same pools. Horror of horrors. Forget doping - this could be the biggest ever scandal to hit the IOC.

  • Video: Israeli soldier throws 8-year old Palestinian girl's bike into bushes
    • The bike was obviously an existential threat = can`t have these Arab squatter children enjoying normality , they will begin to think that they belong here.

  • Netanyahu distorts a Palestinian's helpless reaction to occupying soldiers to dehumanize Palestinian parents
    • "The victim here is the poor child whose unfit parent placed him in harms way instead of doing everything in his power to protect him"

      What mind boggling disgusting hypocrisy. If a Jewish parent in the Warsaw ghetto had done a similar thing ( and there were probably many who did ) you would have lauded him or her as a courageous and honorable person demonstrating despair at the humiliation and degradation they were undergoing on a daily basis and not condemned him or her as somehow "unfit"

      And please do not say that this is somehow a false comparison or somehow an intrinsically anti-semitic comparison to make.

      Evil is evil whatever its ultimate extremes.

  • Israeli racism unmasks Netanyahu goodwill video
    • @JoeSmack
      "Why did he need to remind Israeli Arabs that 20% of Israel is Arab? And why’d he need to do that in English?"

      Interestingly and coincidentally Mark Reguritev , the Yahoo`s pet wallaby now JSILi Ambassador to London posted a letter in the UK times yesterday. I quote in full:
      "Further to Ben Macintyre`s article (July 29) the 1917 Balfour declaration speaks of a"national home for the Jewish people" while calling for the protection of the "civil and religious rights" of the Arab population.
      Israel has honoured (sic) the spirit of the the declaration:ARAB ISRAELIS ENJOY THE FRUITS OF A PLURALISTIC LIBERAL DEMOCRACY :meanwhile , Palestinian national aspirations have been thwarted not by the Zionists , who were ready for a fair compromise but by their own successive leaderships whose desire to to destroy the Jewish national home far outweighed their commitment to achieving independence for their people. Israel remains ready for a just and secure peace based on the principle of two states for two peoples and calls for the immediate resumption of peace talks without preconditions"

      How jolly nice of Mr Balfour,a SCOTTISH BRITON to grant Arab lands to a hotch potch bunch of foreigners,BTW completly ignoring the Anglo- Arab Treaty of 1915 guaranteeing the whole of Palestine as an Arab state to the Arab population in return for Arab support against the Turks (fully honoured by the Arabs).

      And how jolly nice of Mr Regurgitev , an AUSTRALIAN , to remind the NATIVE Arabs in JSIL that they are enjoying the fruits (FFS!) of a " pluralistic liberal democracy". (double FFS!) in their own country.

      He makes this JSIL place sound great. It is tempting to consider moving there to enjoy the aforementioned fruits. If an Aussie can do why not a Brit. Oh wait a minute I forgot silly me I am not Jewish and only Jews (preferably white Anglo-Saxon/Aryan skinned types) can add to the pluralisation.

    • And this is the creepy repulsive QuasiNazi who Hillary Clinton will invite to Washington in her first month if elected President. Proof that compulsive liars are attracted to each other?





  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • @Raphael
      "England saw expressions of such breakdowns in codes of civility and in verbal violence against Polish or Latvian migrants"

      Rubbish. There was no "breakdown in codes of civility" amongst the English population. What happened was that there was a mini surge in verbal violence from the usual British National Front type right wing Nazi orientated thugs ( a miniscule proportion of the population - their JSILI counterparts are the right wing mobs marching through the Arab quarter in Jerusalem shouting "Death to Arabs") Even our own home bred Nazi types wouldn`t shout "Death to Poles " or "Death to Latvians" or "Death to Lithuanians"
      There are racism laws and law enforcement agencies in the UK which address and police racist acts. Unlike in the dear old Chosen Land where the Chosen People can shout"Death to Arabs" and their right to do so is protected by the JSILi "Law Enforcement" agencies and is encouraged by the Fascist freaks who govern the colony.

      BTW You should really get over this fixation/depression about your mother not being Jewish. My mother wasn`t an Atheist but it doesn`t bother me in the slightest.

    • "Where I think [criticism of Israel] strays into antisemitism is when you deny the rights of Jews to live in dignity and security in Israel, and when you deny, and this may be more controversial, that we as Jews are a people. We are not simply deracinated. We are not simply a religion. We are a people. And we deserve self-determination, as do the Palestinians. And I think to reject that, I do think gets you closer to antisemitism"

      So I am eg a Welsh Baptist and my forebears have lived in Wales for hundreds of years. I convert to Judiaism ergo I racinate myself into a Jew and I have the automatic right to live in dignity and security in a sliver of land in the Levant stolen from the native population and thousands of miles away from those lovely Welsh valleys.

      OMG if I say this is absolute c..p and reject it as being illogical drivel does it mean I am getting ever closer to anti - semitism ?

  • Dear Hillary, From Gaza
    • Compare the two sets of comments - one from a courageous,determined and honourable young woman hopefully with a bright future and one from a loathsome bent and bought lying hypocrite with only a disgusting corrupt past and one who simply doesn`t give a toss about the thousands of innocent Palestinian children slaughtered by her Zionist employers in Gaza over the last two decades . Guess which one the majority of decent civilized human beings around the world would like to meet. No contest.

      The only thing missing from HC`s comments was a claim that she had been caught up in a terrorist attack during the JSIL visit she was talking about , you know the kind that really spices up the CV - but then again once bitten etc

      Perhaps on her next visit to Israel,which most definitely will not include a visit to the JSIL controlled Gaza concentration camp or the in your face Apartheid West Bank her bosom buddy and boss , the Yahoo , can arrange for some safely orchestrated "under fire" scenario for her to boast about on her return.

      This two faced creature is likely to become the next President of the U.S. Civilized Americans must be despairing.

  • The trials of Dareen Tatour: racism, negligence, and the G4S connection
  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • @Raphael
      "As a Catholic Jew…"

      I`ve heard of Orthodox Jews,Ultra Orthodox Jews,Hasidic Jews etc.

      WTF is a Catholic Jew ? Are there Mormon Jews,Baptist Jews,Church of England Jews, Seventh Day Adventist Jews,Satanist Jews,Pagan Jews and wait for it Muslim Jews ?

      Oh and yes are they all eligible for Israeli citizenship.

  • Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry to World: Stop issuing useless condemnations
    • @eljay
      "It seems strange to me that the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs would issue this valid condemnation only in Arabic"

      Not perhaps so strange if you consider the range of "condemnations" over the years by the Vichy Palestinian Authority.

      It takes two to tango and Abbas and his 10 star hotel international conference cronies have certainly being doing that for the past two decades.Moan and whimper a bit but do not bite the hand that feeds

  • Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC
    • @Annie
      "his comments are continually autobiographical. perhaps he’s obsessed with himself"

      As far as I can tell from his comments to date and to summarise he sees himself as a "pacific anarchist liberal Zionist Catholic half Jew with potentially Royal Davidian blue blood". Oh and his mother is not Jewish which is I think the itch which he is frantically scratching.

  • The magic rubber bullet theory
    • "According to the findings of this investigation, the rioters threw stones [massively] at an IDF force, in a way which posed a real threat to the soldiers"

      It must be so terrifying for these poor little IDF dears and the DaBakrs and Jons`s of this world must be tossing and turning in their sleep worrying about the horrible threats which their lightly armed Defenders of Zion are facing on a daily basis from these terrifying brutal squatters with their qualitative edge stones.

  • On Jewishness and criticism of Israel
    • Came across this wonderful gem recently. Listen to this doombrain Brooklynite immigrant do the brainwashed Hasbara routine on the occupation:

      The young interviewer I think is clearly struggling not to say "Do you realise that you are spouting absolute crap. I am really pissed off having to listen to it"

      Loved the bit about 1922 and the "Jews" being given all of Palestine as a Jewish homeland and the Russian "Jews" who have not fully converted. And especially love his local ancestral accent.

    • "I’m a anarchist liberal Zionist half Jew"

      Don`t fret too much. I expect there is an ointment out there somewhere.

    • "Within Israel, competing Zionisms still coexist alongside lively criticism of Israeli policy and of the Zionist project itself "

      Still not looking full on in the mirror.

      I`m afraid at this sounds very much like a case of "look at us JSILis , we are a normal healthy Western type democracy - we have open debate about what we do and whether we should be doing it". Meanwhile in the Occupied Territories and Gaza this "lively criticism" converts to SFA. The IDF jackals continue to rip apart the Palestinian carcass.

  • US leaders must confront an uncomfortable truth -- one of our greatest allies enforces a brutal, violent oppression
    • As far as I can tell the only American politician in recent times who has spelt out clearly what JSIL is and what JSIL is up to is ex President Jimmy Carter:

      A range of other Democrats including Sanders,Obama and Kerry have tiptoed up to the reality,dropped hints and then crept back into their individual comfort "holes" for reasons which suggest Elders machinations/pressures .

      Carter puts them to shame. Where he shows honesty and courage. At the end of the day they simply showed and continue to show hypocrisy and cowardice.

  • No blue sky between Republicans and Democrats on Israel
    • "Rabbi Jacobs goes on to warn that abandoning the two state solution “would subject Israel and the Palestinians to an endless cycle of violence.”

      What the dear Rabbi is actually afraid of is JSIL losing its status quo fig leaf = the 2SS charade the main pillar of which has been US bi- partisan support for the past 50 years and his beloved Chosen People potentially being thwarted in their systematic settlement and ethnic cleansing programme.

  • Hatim, King of the Natufians
    • I think the saintly(sic) Rabbi should be called to task by his most moral generals , inc the Buchris rooster, for not clarifying whether the rape "fatwa" applies to one to one evil urge satisfactions or whether it applies equally to the whole tank crew (viz gang). Perhaps he should be given some further TST (Torah Study Time) in order to clear this up.

  • What the economic boycott of Israel can achieve
    • @DaBakr
      "This is about an epic battle between two people who both want to have sovereignty over the same land"

      "Two people" my a..e. There are the native indigenous people the Arab Palestinians and there are the hotch potch of Jewish cult colonists who with connivance of the International powers primarily out of guilt over the Holocaust were granted a "state" in Palestine to house their cult in 1948 and after having driven out the bulk of the native population have been busy ever since relentlessly stealing even more land and evicting even more of the them all the while brutalising,humiliating and slaughtering them for little more than amusement.

      I repeat "people" my a..e. Jews be they in the Levant,in the Bronx,in Florida,in the Outer Hebrides,in Kiev , in Greenaland wherever are followers of a specific religious cult just as Catholics,Hindus,Muslims,Seventh Day Adventists are followers of religious cults.

      Your use of the word "epic" is disgusting. You are simply too Zionised to realise that using this glib word reduces the gruesome reality of what is being done to the Palestinian people to the level of a second rate Holywood movie. It is not "epic" to witness a savage and brutal military machine murder thousands of defenceless children.

      No doubt you are looking forward to the next"epic" mowing of the lawn. Hell I wouldn`t be surprised if some enterprising Zionist sets up elevated viewing platforms along side the Gaza "border" and sells tickets. I expect you would be first in line.

  • Netanyahu accidentally calls Arabs 'goats' in video intended to promote 'equality and dignity for all'
    • "But today I want to go further. Today I am asking Arab citizens in Israel to take part in our society—in droves. Work in droves, study in droves, thrive in droves,”

      He forgot the most important "drove" request = LEAVE our JEWISH State in droves.

      Hypocritical liar.

  • 'There is no other place in the world where Americans bear so much responsibility for what happens' --Ehrenreich
    • In many ways it is a mind boggling and surreal role reversal. Huge numbers of people whose parents/grandparents were subject to organised and systematic humiliation and brutality by the Nazis are systematically subjecting a native population to the same. Not a psychiatrist of course but there seems to be an element of grotesque " payback " in all of this. Can`t visit it on the Germans of course but the Palestinians will suffice. The majority of the JSIL population appear to have succumbed to the same hear no evil see no evil or outright denial which was the mentality of the majority of the German population in the 30`s and 40`s. And as the author rightly points out the right wing politicians in JSIL have unleashed a racism and brutality which they cannot control.

  • Freewheeling Trump has backed down on only one issue. Guess which one
    • I think JSIL Firsters in the US may be wetting their pants over the prospects of Trump becoming President. Yes he can do the "peace" "face to face negotiations" "two state solution" crap when reading carefully and painfully from an AIPAC prepared script. But this man has proven time and time again that he can go off script at a whim. Their greatest nightmare if he gets in to office is that he will start saying things along the lines of " I don`t agree that the Palestinians should have their own state " as this will blow the carefully nurtured 50 year old charade of the 2SS being the only objective and only solution in terms of US policy out of the water. It will then inevitably usher in the reality of a flagrantly Apartheid "state" being the America`s principal ally in the Middle East.

  • Hillary Clinton gains backing of neocon megadonor who funds Islamophobic groups
    • "the more people learn about Israel, the more they will understand how she responds with imperfect but exemplary morality and decency to life in the most difficult of neighborhoods"

      Resist the urge to puke and watch JSIL "morality and decency in action":


  • My Name is Saleh: Notes on Palestinian childhood
    • This is the vile hypocritical Zionist stooge Pickles a non Jew in action bloated by too much food and Hasbara:

      Now watch and compare to the honourable humane Jewish Labour MP Gerald Kaufman:

      This is not a question of chalk and cheese it is a question of sewage versus pure running water.

      I watched the video via the link that you gave Annie and yet again was left feeling deeply shamed by my country`s ongoing complicity in these war crimes against the Palestinians and in particular against Palestinian children. The complicity is cross party with the likes of eg Pickles in the Conservative Party and eg the odious bully John Mann in the Labour Party.
      Jeremy Corbyn so far has proved himself to be a damp squib and frankly a waste of time. Instead of facing up to the Zionist lobby in relation to the recent phantom "anti-semitism problem in the Labour Party" and openly calling them out for the liars that they were and are he took the soft option and decided on a pointless internal Party investigation. Where I once saw or hoped that I saw a new breed of Labour politician with a firm and courageous moral base I now see a coward and a waste of space.

  • BDS and Normalization: A Palestinian perspective
    • @Naftush
      If its any consolation I think that "Naftush" is quite an interesting name. Just a thought though. In your mini bio you state that you "moved to Israel in 1977". May I ask where from and was the Naftali/Naftush your original or Aliyah adoptive name ? Always fascinated where today`s ancient Israelis go up from BTW.

    • @DaBakr
      "It sure doesn’t seem like the world is done with anything you claim its done with. In fact, it’s just the opposite. A small bunch of radical lefties and some Arabs in the middle east who have been anti Israel since day one (and not including the Sunni regimes along with many Sunnis as well who have tacitly changed their antipathy towards us while still too cowardly to admit it publicly) does not make for “the world being done” except in your highly imaginative fantasy world. Now please cue up the resident clown to make a super funny smart ass quip"

      Sounds like a declaration of "job done then" and a prelude to retirement at least under your current pseudonym.


  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • As ever there are silver linings out there. The farce of the US supporting the 2SS with Palestinians having a Swiss cheese territory with zero sovereignty , zero contiguity and East Jerusalem as its capital (as if) will finally be blown out of the water and US citizens will be clearly exposed to the reality of their government be it Republican or Democratic openly supporting and financing a single state where millions of the native population are denied citizenship and the basic rights cherished in the Land of the Free.

      Bring it on !

  • Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
    • Has the Yahoo visited Zimbabwe yet to have a tete a tete with Mugabe. He would get a few pointers on how to "neutralize" unwanted opposition elements. Hey and being power crazy with delusions of grandeur like dear old Robert he might get the heads up on his secret of longevity.

      They have so much in common it would be shame if they don`t get to meet and share a jar or two before RM moves to the afterworld. Can`t be long now.

  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
    • As seems likely HC will be the next US President. Love to be a fly on the wall for the stream of "Emergency" White House meetings she will have eg

      Advisor " Russia is threatening to invade Lithuania"
      Hillary Clinton First Question " How will this impact on Israel ?"
      Advisor " North Korea is threatening to invade South Korea "
      HCFQ " How ill this impact on Israel"
      Advisor " An ocean tsunami is threatening to engulf most of the South Eastern states of the USA"
      HCFQ "How will this impact on Israel"
      Advisor " The Ebola outbreak has resurfaced in California and most of the other Western States threatening hundreds of thousands of American lives"
      HCFQ "How will this impact on Israel"

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
    • “We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier.”

      I am particularly intrigued by this comment. Logically it leads to the conclusion that if JSIL is not occupying another peoples land then the millions who are "not being occupied" are entitled to the same "Land of the Free" standard civil liberties and citizenship as the " non occupiers."

      But hang on a minute do Republicans do "logic" ?

      DaBakr you have commented on this article can you please do the honours.

  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
  • 'NYT' editors twist themselves into knots not to say the word 'Jewish'
    • Always interesting and revealing , if you can hold your nose long enough to avoid the stench, to delve into the mainstream JSILi Press to get a flavour of JSILi and in particular JSILi West Bank settlers thinking. In today`s Jerusalem Post eg

      The story covers the feelings of local settlers in the wave of recent"terrorist" attacks in the Hebron area and features taped comments from the daughter of one of those killed.

      There are the usual carefully crafted " we have to learn to live together in peace" inserts just to reinforce the idea that the JSiILi settlers are ordinary peaceful folks who just want to get on with their everyday lives. But the main theme is that of victimised and wide eyed innocence. Why has this been done to us ? Why is this being done to us ?

      Even the reference to the Palestinians who went to the aid of one of the victims is somehow twisted into the narrative to imply that most Palestinians in the West bank have no issues with the Ziothieves living in their midst and don`t really want them to leave.

      Totally brain dead and totally brainwashed.They have zero perception of the simple fact that it is being done to them because they are foreign invaders who have stolen,raped and pillaged another peoples land. It never felt like this back in good old Brooklyn.

      And somewhere in all of this you have a sense that individually and collectively these Zio Freaks are desperately resisting the urge to scream round them all up , concentrate them in camps and well you know the rest.

  • New York Times's breathless story on landing interview with Netanyahu reads like 'the Onion' on crack
    • From todays TOI:
      Another Yahoo 10 out of 10 on the pukeometer;

      “[E]very Israeli and Palestinian child deserves a life of hope, of tranquility and opportunity,” Netanyahu said. “I will continue to work tirelessly for peace. It’s time that you join this effort.”

      I don`t think the "tranquility" he was referring to included the 3.a.m. most moral "friction activity" raids on Palestinian homes in the West Bank.

      And of course he(it) continues tirelessly to work for every piece of land that can be stolen in the Occupied Territories.

    • @Rooster
      Thanks for the clip - an absolute hoot. The only thing that could possibly have made it better would have been if he had swopped his sundowner hat for a kippah and attempted a verse or two of Hava Nagila.

  • Poetry Is Not a Crime: Nine Pulitzer-winners among 150+ literary figures calling for Israel to release Palestinian poet
  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • @yonah Fredman
      "those that must see the godliness in every verse, because their lifestyle is based upon acceptance of the torah as the supreme document, are in an awkward position"

      A teasing little one from you Yonah. How can a certifiable religious fruitcake rabbi (or the multiples thereof in Ziobubbles in JSIL and abroad) be in "awkward position(s) ".

      They should be in treatment centres AKA lunatic asylums. It would be "awkward" I suppose for their families,acolytes and most moral employers.

    • "out of understanding for the hardship endured by the warriors. And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge"

      So it would appear that the new IDF Chief Rabbi may soon tackle the wasteful instinctive shootings by IDF soldiers of Palestinian women armed with knives , scissors and loud piercing voices from the standpoint of the Torah - basically they should disarm them conventionally as per enforcement personnel in civilised non - Torahfied countries. This will then give them the opportunity to satisfy the "evil urge". Following "satisfaction "they can then carry on as normal and shoot them.

      Yet another of the doombrain QuasiNazis rising to the surface in the delightful little Levantine Cult Colony.

      BTW Is it just me ? I am becoming more and more aware of the long straggly beard look practiced by these weirdos. Strikingly similar to the DAESH Jihadi fashion - could they somehow be related ?

  • BDS is a war Israel can't win
    • @DeBakr
      "Maybe it’s a “war Israel can not win ” but bds is also a movement which can not defeat Israel, not economically, politically, militarily or democratically. Not for lack of trying"

      BDS is about informing. Specifically it is about informing the ordinary man in the Western street about the true nature of the Land of Desecration . Information is the qualitative edge weapon which is most feared by Zionists. You can`t buy it out of existence. You can`t create an Iron Dome to intercept it.

      BDS is slowly and surely informing the world. Zionists are starting to panic , wet their pants and resort to the usual knee jerk tactic of spending money and twisting the arms of their bought and bent minions in the US to condemn and criticize it but at the end of the day there is SFA they can do about it.


  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • @jon s
      "I think that all people living under a brutal occupation – including the Palestinians in the West Bank- have the right to resist. Resist occupation – yes. Resort to terrorism - no"

      Just a quick hypothetical question on this and I hope that you will do me the honour of a quick response.

      A Jewish woman/girl in Nazi occupied Europe in the mid 1940`s attacks an SS soldier.

      Is that terrorism ?

    • The shooting in the stomach could be related to the 2 for 1 promotion which was on offer not so long ago in the IDF. Perhaps it has been reinstated as a form of ad hoc ethnic cleansing ?

      In any event I don`t think that we should lose sight of the fact that these shootings of heavily armed terrorists are effectively ongoing live war games for the most moral etc as they prepare to take on the likes of Hezbollah who must be quaking in their boots. Despite this young woman clearly having the qualitative edge in this situation the brave IDF soldiers once again did their nation proud.

      JSIL`s finest in action - truly inspiring for Zionists everwhere. I expect that the Yahoo or one of his loony cabinet colleagues will be popping round to their homes in due course to congratulate them on their bravery.

  • As Dems vote against Palestine, Cornel West warns it is the 'Vietnam War' of our time
    • @MaxNarr
      "It’s really sad that two groups that have so much in common, both were slaves to foreign masters, and both were pushed from our land. Now Jews have returned and we are staying"

      Max methinks you are dehydrating again. Do get some water inside you before you really go off script.

      I don`t think your blond blue eyed Aryan European prototype JSILi Jews will take too kindly to you inviting all those unclean black untermenschen into the colony.

  • Life as Israel's hostage (or when will Palestinian dispossession be reckoned in the Diaspora?)
    • @amigo
      "an exercise in futility produced by people who are getting more and more desperate"

      You hit on the desperation angle and you are correct. Noticed this in the letters section of yesterdays Times here in the UK from a so called Project Director ,an Alan Fell , for "We were there too" Not so succinctly posted to coincide with the centenary of the battle of the Somme and even more blatantly to "piggy back " on to the rise in racists attacks and abuse post the Brexit vote.

      I quote: " In the aftermath of the Brexit vote and a noticeable rise in antisemtic and other racist incidents ".

      Note that the ludicrous claim is that post Brexit there has been a rise in anti semitic incidents which to Mr Fell and his fellow (no pun intended) JSIL First Zionists is THE important issue. The"other racists incidents are irrelevant or unimportant. It`s the poor old Jews who continue to suffer.

      The simple fact is that yes there has been a significant rise in despicable racist incidents following Brexit but the targets have not been Jews in any shape form or way but Eastern Europeans such as Poles as well as the usual perennial targets Africans,Afro - Caribbeans and Asians. The attacks largely and predictably have come from the usual suspects = the far right extreme nationalists groups here in the UK. You know the type . Their equivalents in JSIL when not tied up in Government cabinet post duties go to demonstrations and shout "death to Arabs " etc

      I am not clear whether these posts reflect a desperate hasbara ploy to keep the old anti semitic pot boiling wherever and however or whether it is a cry of despair and frustration along the lines of "Wait a minute this can`t be right.We are the only ones who have really been victimised ,attacked and abused currently and since the time of Abraham because we were Chosen. These b.....d Eastern Europeans and Asians have no right to steal our act. We have got to make sure that readers know this sob sob "

      I suspect that it is the latter. The platform used is the Somme centenary and the statement that "more than 40,000 British Jews served their country". The author being a loopy Zionist has of course no comprehension of just how absurd his statement is and how insulting it is to the memory of those millions other British , of whatever religion or none, who fought and died .The implication is that Jews of whatever nationality have done something "above and beyond" such as national war service which they had somehow no obligation to do because they were Jews.

      Truly pathetic and shameful.

  • How Israel accidentally validated my activism
    • Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of the BDS movement ?

      Zionism = McCarthyism.

      Funny old world isn`t it

  • Separation and conquest: Israel's ideological barrier
    • @MaxNarr
      " People call Isis that name because that is what they identify as. For example, I still call Arabs in Judea and Samaria “Palestinians” I don’t call them PSIL or Fakestinians, or whatever.

      "Simply I think it’s better to use commonly accepted nomenclature and not try to make up terms that no one will understand beyond the little bubble of this website. It looks crazy when you do that. You look like a nutter"

      I suppose if you live long enough a religious nutter will call you a nutter. I do hope that your namesake the Max who first used the term will read this and be similarly uplifted by your on the hoof pscyhoanalysis. You obviously think that you are gifted in this area.

      As for commonly used nomenclature by Judea and Samaria I assume you mean the occupied Palestinian territories as is commonly used by all of the world community including your good buddies in the US.

      Anyway JSIL it is for me and your great leader will be disappointed that one of his many minor minions is in effect undermining his efforts to get his lovable little colony recognised by the everyday man in the street as "Jewish".

    • @MaxNarr
      "operational entities" !! Is that a a new loony term which JSIL Hasbara Central has circulated to its "operatives" or did you make it up all on your own.

      BTW the "loony" term JSIL was coined by Max Blumenthal = The Jewish State in Israel and the Levant

      Which part of the term specifically do you find loony ?

      Is it the use of the word "Jewish" - perhaps you find that anti - semitic ? Your esteemed leader is absolutely insistent that Israel be referred to as a "Jewish" state. Perhaps you should contact his office if you disagree.

      Is it the word"state" as opposed to a "cult colony". Perhaps you would prefer the Hebrew equivalent of "caliphate" whatever that is.

      Is it the word "Levant" perhaps. Are you confused as to the geography or would you simply prefer Jewish State in Europe for example. This among other things would help nail JSIL`s entitlement to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest

      Do please enlighten.

      BTW I don`t think have never referred to the overtly bought and bent Mrs Clinton as "crooked". I think you are confusing me with Mr Trump.

    • @ Max Narr "Annie, I’m not sure how your brief video of a routine arrest shows IDF are cowards. I think you will have to come up with better than that"

      Max howszabout this = JSIL`s finest warriors "routinely "strutting their stuff - Hezbollah be warned !!

    • [..] No in your face orchestrated genocide of course because of the PR image and most importantly that would mean that the potential loss of their greatest victims in the history of civilisation status which is their bottom line lifeblood and raison d`etre . No forced massed expulsions because of the PR aspect and the simple fact that they would have to go to war with their neighbours to force the Palestinians into those other countries without their agreement . They would have to use ground troops as opposed to F16s to do that and this would not resemble 3 a.m. raids on sleeping Palestinian families and the seizure and detention of potential stone throwers from the age of 6 month to 90 years. No this would mean bullets and more !! coming towards them and it is likely that a high proportion would run away crying to their mamas and rabbis complaining about murdering terrorists resisting their moral army.

      Today`s bully is tomorrow`s coward.

      Yes it is a deliberate creeping patchwork cleansing/colonising of Mandate Palestine but the Palestinian population aren`t going anywhere. Zionist JSILI`s have becoming inherently brain dead. With a very few exceptions , like the Nazis they have become so inured to their crimes and the fact that they continue to get away with them they have only one plan for the future which is to carry on as was / as is.

      Where this Zionist freak show is going to unravel IMHO is when the truly deranged extreme right wing which the Yahoo has cultivated and nurtured give in completely to their Biblical narrative , storm the Al-Asqua for a Third Temple reclaim and a mass wailing session, and the the most moral etc stands back and does nothing.

      The world wide consequences of this would be horrific.

  • In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal's criticism of Wiesel as 'hateful'
    • "Is Hillary Clinton even in touch with her soul?"

      I'm not a US citizen but from what I know, have seen and continue to read about IMHO she appears to be on the verge of becoming the most openly bent and bought President in the modern history of America ?

      It seems to me that she sold her "soul" a long time ago.

  • Mainstream obits for Wiesel offer barely an asterisk for his intolerant views of Palestinians
    • @WH
      "Remember this abomination of a newspaper ad in the summer of Protective Edge? link to"

      Unfortunately I don`t recall being aware of this ad at the time. As you say an abomination and a clear illustrations of the depths JSIL and JSIL Firsters will sink to.

      Of course the most moral most chosen etc blah blah would never ever never ever frighten or molest or hurt children in anyway:

      The commentary to the ad in itself clearly illustrates the bottom line = Wiesel at the end of the day was no more than an everyday archetypal Zionist weasel.

  • Israel's political crisis wouldn't be happening if not for violent Palestinian resistance
    • @annie
      "will tony blair will be out of a job? what a pity tsk tsk."
      Annie Tony "Teflon" Blair actually gave up this little ego trip number last year not least because it was becoming increasingly obvious to the Palestinian leadership that he was blatantly pro-Israel and would have kissed any part of the Yahoo`s anatomy on demand.
      He has got his fingers in all sorts of sticky little financial numbers all round the world and is a wealthy man indeed. But what he really is really interested in is his self image as a "world statesman". After he was effectively bounced out of the UK PM job he expected to waltz in to the job of President of the EU Commission but surprise surprise he was rebuffed so since then he has been licking his wounds and has been desperate to be seen to be an international player ergo the Quartet "role" and his nice little office in Jerusalem.
      The UK "Chilcot" enquiry into the Iraq war is due out today and hopefully this will bury him. He is unlikely to be prosecuted for war crimes but the revelations over WMD (none) , the cosy arrangement with Yo Blair ! Bush and his sheer incompetency in the lack of planning and resourcing which led to so many British deaths and horrendous numbers of Iraqi deaths will I hope be fully exposed. All of it as I said before was simply to indulge his vanity and his perception of himself as a major history changing world leader (not).

      To get the real flavour of this self serving p...k I recommend reading "Broken Vows" by Tom Bower

      Keep up the good work.

  • Elie Wiesel is Dead
    • @yonah friedman
      "whereas Israel’s ability to live by the sword has improved over the last 43 years "
      You mean live by the F16 and drones and the do we don`t we have nukes. The last time your JSILi on the ground " sword" was used in Lebanon you got a whipping. All those 3 am raids on the homes of unarmed defenceless Palestinian families and the rounding up of 7 year old stone throwers which JSIL`s finest have practiced since is no preparation for a real war with battle hardened opposition who are prepared to die fighting as opposed to the IDF who are only really good at putting bullets into the heads of wounded civilians and are into fighting dying.

  • Israel-splaining
    • He has been keeping a surprisingly low profile since his appointment probably because he knows that he would be torn to shreds by the wide range of intelligent non - Zio sycophants in the UK TV media. But just when the anti - semitism in the Labour Party farce appears to be dipping to the bottom of the wave again up pops the Yahoo`s pet wallaby Regurgitev:

      Don`t panic folks - let`s be clear he will make it all clear.

    • Jeremy is mild mannered and ineffectual. Not a heavy puncher or a streetfighter. What was needed at the start of and throughout this "anti -JSIL/anti - Zionism = anti Semitism propaganda farce was precisely that - a left wing heavy hitter and street fighter to punch the JSIL Firsters in the goolies and call them out for being the hypocritical liars that they are. Not the most popular of men for a number of reasons of course but I can think of one such person George Galloway who would have ripped them to shreds in any debate on the "issue".

      There are around an estimated 270,000 Jews in the UK out of an overall population of 64 million. I used to think naively that the UK did not have anything like the levels of Zionist control over the media and the range of political parties in the country compared with the US. Having witnessed the crap being generated by Zionists and Zionist supporters over this alleged "anti - semitism " in the Labour Party I have definitely changed my mind. The big turning point was reading the front page of Fridays Times newspaper which at a time when the country is going mental over the implications of Brexit devoted half the front page to this irrelevant non story. It was compounded by reading about and seeing the "Labour" MP Ruth Smeeth having a patently advanced planned sobbing fit when she was accused of doing something which had f... all to do with Jews,Judaism or JSIL and storming out of a Labour Party conference which was presenting the findings of the totally pointless Labour Party review into allegations of "Anti- Semitism".

      The current Chief Rabbi in the UK and the former, Jonathan Sachs , also weighed in . The latter who up until now I had believed to be a balanced and reasonable British citizen also revealed himself IMHO to be just another lying,hypocritical JSIL Firster referring to Corbyn`s so called "demonisation of Israel,an outrage and unacceptable."

      All these people are revealing their prime loyalty as being to a foreign state. If they are so concerned or worried about the rampant anti - semitism (not) in the UK they should pack up and p... off to the Land of Desecration. Hopefully they will leave behind a large number of their principled and conscionable brethren who have always truly embraced the UK as their homeland,cherish its values and traditions and have contributed so much and will continue to contribute so much to it in the future.

  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • I think that we have long passed the point where it is worth the energy to try and illustrate the contradictions and hypocrisy being spewed out on a daily basis by this loathsome excuse for a human being. Like Hitler in his time he has become totally deranged and intoxicated with power and his self image as a "great world leader ". Appeasement therefore pointless. Hopefully one of the right wing freaks who he has been relentlessly cultivating will take umbrage on his continued refusal to liberate the Temple Mount and neutralize him in the near future.

  • 'NY Jewish Week' speaks bluntly of 'Israel firsters' in US politics
    • @Raphael
      "I was thinking of my aliyah experience, in relation to others that moved to Israel. Now as a citizen, of both the US and Israel; I think much of the politics of the Middle East"

      It sounds as if you had a really " spiritual" experience you know what with your fellow ancestral Jews having being driven out by those nasty Roman centurions with their qualitative edge swords and siege machines and all that.

      I wonder if you wonder if all those Palestinian refugees in the Middle East with their children and grandchildren " think "of you and all the other Zionist colonisers on their "aliyah " fling and long to have the spiritual experience of going back to their stolen lands and homes.

      Oops sorry forgot you were "forced to be Jewish". So presumably you were also forced to have an"aliyah" experience.

      I think you need to see a specialist in driveltherapy.

    • The JSIL Firsters here in the UK meanwhile continue to do their bit particularly faced with the growth and impact of BDS. Now even the Chief Rabbi (ie in the UK) and the former Chief Rabbi(ie in the UK) are jumping on the bandwagon.

      Like desperate starving marooned sailors who they are frantically gnawing at anything that looks remotely like a bone in order to expose (they hope) some anti - semitic marrow.

      In response the Labour Left to give some credit are fighting back.

      Ken Livingstone and Norman Finklestein simply and clinically called out the attempt to smear individuals within the Labour Party as being anti semitic for criticising JSIL as a straightforward propaganda ploy by the Zionists/JSIL Firsters to undermine what they saw as being an anti JSIL left wing Corbyn led Labour Party.

      Unfortunately Corbyn is not a hard puncher and is simply incapable of political street fighting . Instead of telling the accusers that they were a bunch of hypocritical dual loyalty liars he mistakenly decided to show the "real democratic" side of the New Labour face by suspending Livingstone and holding a totally pointless inquiry.

      Still as has been pointed out so often in Mondoweiss publicity is a double edge sword and the more the JSIL Firsters here and in the US whinge, weep and wail about poor old JSIL being demonised the more they expose the dirty smelly 68 year old underwear of their cherished racist colony.


  • Video: All hell breaks loose in Knesset as Zoabi demands apology following Israel-Turkey agreement
    • Hope the ZioFreaks get their way and this brave lady is expelled from their comical Gnashet. It would do a power of good to have the Palestinian Arab equivalent of Aung San Suu Kyi.

      "Arabs have held seats in the Israeli Knesset for over 66 years, and have nearly equal rights under the law"

      Have nearly equal rights !!!! Wow that is stunning. The only democracy in the Levant proudly asserts that it gives the native inhabitants of the country it has stolen "nearly equal rights"

      And you have no idea of the absurdity of what you have just said.

      You really should get out more. I am fairly certain that where you are you will have full equal rights to do so.

    • Brave woman. Not being phased at all by the freakish QuasiNazi brigade in the Gnashet . As for the "Go to Gaza" meme the JSILi right would dearly love just that not just for Zoabi but for all the Arab Palestinian untermenschen natives in JSIL itself and in the occupied territories - pack them all in to trains cattle or otherwise and ship them all to one ghetto and with occasional mowing and regular sniping hope that they will all just fade away so that the Chosen People including the specially chosen ones from downtown Brooklyn can peacefully re-enact and live out their Biblical fantasy in the Land of Desecration - just a shame that it is 2016 and the Deir Yassin option is no longer available.

  • Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'
    • "But I also go back and I think Jewish community was there most times, many times, hand in hand with the African-American community during the Civil Rights movement"

      What a nauseating hypocrite. The Civil Rights movement was about the suppression of the human rights and the daily humiliation and degradation of a people simply because of their race and I would hope the children and grandchildren of the Jews of conscience to which he refers will have inherited this conscience when it comes to their judgement and actions with regards to Zionist crimes against the native Palestinians.

      All`s well in Gaza and the occupied territories and the Palestinians have nothing to fear from the QuasiNazis as far as Mr Sellers is concerned because African-Americans like him have "challenged" some of JSIL`s actions ! !


  • 'I was wrong in my presumption that Israel desired peace' --Chas Freeman
    • @ Annie Robbins
      Thank you for the link. As I said quietly authoritative and and reasoned. Obviously a lot has changed in the region inc specifically the situation in Egypt since he gave this address but the overall analysis holds true with regard to the dilution of US influence in the region and throughout the world because of it`s unqualified support for JSIL. The comparison of JSILis with the Crusaders and the "live by the sword/die by the sword" scenario was particularly apposite. JSILi Zionists are definitively the neighbourhood bullies who believe that just because they have knocked out smaller and weaker kids in the past there will be no meaningful challenges in the future - they will have their Saladin experience sooner or later.

    • Had never heard of this gentleman before but having read his comments above and watched and listened to his comments in the interviews linked below I was highly impressed by his quietly authoritative and reasoned arguments. One can readily see why the JSIL Firsters in the US were determined to prevent his appointment. They are terrified of integrity.

  • Media accusations of blood libels -- against Abbas and Sanders -- amplify a Jewish tribal fantasy
    • @Mikhael
      "No, it’s not at all odd. Many people in the Armenian Diaspora, people who take pride in their Armenian heritage and identify with the Armenian People and live in places like Sweden , Russia, France, California, Argentina, Syria and Poland can speak little or no Armenian but are fluent in the national languages of the countries in which they are citizens — yet Armenian is still the national language of the Armenian People"

      Does that include all those non - Armenians who converted to Armenianism or whose paters were non- Armenians ?

    • @Jackdaw
      "That tells me more about who Abbas really is than this poisoned well nonsense".
      Sorry old bean you really must go the extra mile and explain what you actually mean when casually tossing (sic) these one liner "gems" into the blogosphere.

  • 'Washington Post' publishes article by Jewish leader urging boycott of Israel
    • What a brave and inspirational woman. Living proof that there are still hundreds of thousands of principled moral Jewish people who abhor the crimes which their extremist co - religionists are committing against the native Palestinians in the name of Judaism.

  • Israel should be deeply disturbed by the Brexit vote
    • @Shmuel
      "Actually, the “flood” is not relentless but seems to have slowed and stabilised (see Guardian article I linked to above), and immigrants do pay taxes (according to the aforementioned article, more than they receive in benefits and services) and generate wealth with their labour. So if British governments decide not to invest in schools, public housing, social services or the NHS, that’s hardly the fault of immigrants. If the British want more of these services, they should elect governments that will prioritise them over say military spending and bank bailouts"

      With respect I think that you are missing the point which I was trying to make. This was that what I believe swung the vote to Brexit was that a significant group of voters resented the fact that there seemed to be no appreciation of the sheer volume of current and growing Eastern European immigration and its current and potential future impact on already severely overstretched health,welfare,schooling and housing resources. Cameron failed in his "new deal" negotiations on this. The Labour Party are and were in favour of unrestricted free movement. And of course the foundation stone of the EU was and continues to be free movement and the best that the EU was prepared to do was to offer Cameron a tepid agreement on a short welfare benefits as a sop to the Eurosceptics in his party and in effect to the Eurosceptic British citizen. The group of people I am referring to are not racists. They are not accusing Eastern Europeans of avoiding paying taxes. They are not accusing them of being work shy. They are not accusing them of being benefit scroungers . They are not accusing them of being unwilling to integrate. They are not accusing them of being culturally incompatible. They are not accusing them of anything. They are simply pointing out that the UK had become a magnet/honeypot for Eastern European migrants and that the central issue of unsustainable impact on the services I mentioned was simply not being addressed.
      What irritated them even further I believe was that in raising this issue they were being branded as racists bigots. This was not racism - it was realism.

    • @amigo
      From another Haaretz article by this see only what I wan`t to see so called "philosopher":
      "Israel represents an island which is actually a miracle of freedom, democracy and rejection of fascist ignorance."

      Unbelievable hypocritical crap.

      As for his views on the Brexit vote. Total bullshit and based on the other hat which he wears - the "British are natural racists unlike us sophisticated cultured French".

      The Brexit vote was fuelled yes by the usual marginal element of "bloody foreigners coming over here etc" but what has not really been picked up in all of this IMHO is that a very significant element in the vote was a lot of ordinary and definitely non racist Brits looking at the relentless flood of Eastern Europeans coming into the UK and the impact on under resourced health services,social services,schools and housing and thinking someone has got to pull the plug on this - Cameron wouldn`t or couldn`t,Labour certainly wouldn`t and the EU well least said. And effectively being accused pre- referendum by the Remain camp of being racists and bigots for pointing out the blindingly obvious probably made them even more determined to vote out.

      Had the "honey pot" for Eastern Europeans been France and not the UK , had the relentless flood been into France and not the UK I expect that this so called philosopher would have been complementing his fellow French for being realistic and pragmatic in trying to do something to stem the tide.

    • @Boris
      "EU is very hostile toward Israel"

      Yes those " hostile " EU/JSIL trade agreements are so unfair (sob). You should start a petition in the only democracy in the Levant to have them scrapped.

  • BDS campaign hopes to take Israeli goods off Palestinian dinner tables during Ramadan
    • @Kay24
      Agreed excellent idea.
      “If the Palestinian market decides it does not want to buy a certain sector of products from Israel, and moves to import, say from Europe, we face many obstacles,” al-Azzeh said. “Israeli border control often times holds products for long periods, and for food products, that can mean the food goes bad before it is even allowed inside the West Bank. For other products, it is still a burden on businesses that need those products on their shelves, not in shipping carts for months at the border.”

      The JSILis faced with boycotts of their goods and attempts by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories to import from elsewhere and specifically Europe will no doubt respond as indicated = more and welcome negative publicity for the "only democracy in the Levant". Plus the blatant double standards will call into question Europe`s ability to justify ongoing import arrangements with JSIL.

  • Bloomberg runs Soviet-style report on Israeli crisis, saying Netanyahu is best man for the job
    • "Ben Gurion ruled Israel as a visionary"

      Total B...ocks. Ben Gurion ruled JSIL as a closet Fascist and Racist.

      The Yahoo came out of the closet a long time ago.

      The main reason that Ben Gurion is perceived and marketed as a" visionary" and a" democrat" in the eyes of cringeworthy JSIL Firsters like Lake is that he was less overtly racist than the likes of the Yahoo,Lieberman and the bat crazy Bennett. Additionally he is associated with that early "dreamlike" period in JSIL`s history when the deserts were empty (nb not deliberately emptied) and the innocent long suffering victimised delegitimised anti semitised Jewish people were making these deserts bloom again in "their ancient homeland"

  • Smile -- it's the Upper West Side
    • @ejay
      "Zio-supremacists are like elementary school bullies: They’re cocky as hell when they’re harassing or beating up the other kids, but they cry like little girls when they are admonished or penalized for their hateful and immoral actions"

      Got it in a nutshell.

      The ongoing problem since 1967 is that JSIL`s No 1 nanny , the USA , has limited itself to admonishments and has never "penalised". Even their weak and pathetic "this is not helpful to the Peace Process" type admonishments have led to floods of tears and the old "being thrown under a bus " "delegitimising JSIL" etc routines from the JSIL Firsters in America.

      The EU for all its faults has actually moved on from "admonishment" to "penalties" in the requirement for settlement goods to be labelled. And it would appear that the French led peace initiative which has been dissed by the Yahoo is going ahead despite his whinging and caterwauling.

  • Israel's 'mistaken identity' embarrassments
    • Meanwhile back in the UK our esteemed Prime Minister David Cameron miraculously found time in his frenetic pre -EU Referendum schedule to attend a "donor" meeting and reassure British Jews ( 5% of the UK population FFS ) that their country ie JSIL not GB would best be served by the UK remaining in the EU.Decided not to waste the time going "up north" to reassure those funny northerners in the likes of Yorkshire.Always an insufferable experience for an Old Etonian.

      Apparently unbeknownst to 95 % of the population and without consulting us he has decided that "Britain is Israel`s greatest friend"

      Was "undecided" before with regards to the referendum but now I know where Cameron`s priorities lie I have made up my mind.

    • JSIL continuing on it`s inexorable drive from QuasiNazi towards full scale Nazi status and all the while the poor terrified victimised pogromised traumatised delegitimised JSILi population is being singled out for criticism by nasty Anti Semites everywhere.

      @a blah chick
      "Didn’t Israel pass a law not long ago which said that you had to give aid to an injured person?"
      Are you sure that you are not thinking of a proposed law to legalise summary execution for wounded "terrorists" (incorporating a 68 year "retrospective" legalisation clause) ? Seems more fitting for the Land of Desecration.

  • Front-page article in 'NYT' exposes the lie that wall is a security barrier
    • Haven`t been to JSIL since the wall was built. The picture accompanying the article presumably on the Occupied Territories side shows a pretty brutal , ugly and incongruous facade (sums up the architects really). Others on the Occupied side which I have seen show lots of Palestinian Independence slogans and "Banksy" type murals. I wonder what it is like generally on the JSILi side. Can`t imagine the extra suffering and horror those poor eternally victimised terrorised delegitimised anti semitised people have to endure with their pretty little gardens facing ugly concrete slabs. Or have they spruced it up with inspirational Chosen People Biblical murals etc. Oh the price they are forced to pay for being the only democracy in the Levant!


  • Netanyahu agonistes
    • @DaBakr
      "he’ll remain until a reasonable option breaks through"

      The way things in JSIL are heading the perceived "reasonable option " may turn out to be a right wing Messianic Rabbi with religious rulings replacing democratic legislation - just like in good old Iran -don`t you think !?

    • The unpredictable factor in all of this which , surprisingly , is only rarely mentioned is the possible longevity or more to the point limited longevity of Abbas. The corrupt PA edifice is already under pressure from the younger generation of Palestinians in the occupied territories. When Abbas (hopefully soon) goes the whole Vichy PA set up will implode and together with it the hilarious illusion of a two state solution / "peace process" /status quo that the JSILis including the newly"aware" Barak and Ya1alon and their puppet establishment in the US are desperately clinging on to.

  • The naked racism of 'Save Jewish Jerusalem'
    • I`m afraid I have to be upfront on this and say that rather reaching for the sick bucket I almost p...ed myself laughing throughout the video. It is indescribably amateurish. The funniest thing however is that the"Movement For Saving Jewish Jerusalem" cast so obviously believed that they were taking part in some sort of hard hitting docudrama when when they were actually and unknowingly taking the p... out of themselves and their "cause" in a bizarre 10th rate Monty Python type sketch.

      These Zionist JSILi`s have truly lost the plot.

  • 'Politico' dares to publish Ehrenreich saying occupation fosters terrorism, and 'Camera' goes haywire
    • @Kay24

      "It seems the ones who are occupying and stealing lands are experts at playing victim, and are masters at it"

      I think this was certainly the case up until say 10 years ago. With the arrival of the internet , smart phones and not least commentary sites like MW it is no longer the case.

      What used to be clever and effective has now become tedious and predictable self parody.

      Infamy! Infamy! Everbody`s got it infamy !

  • 'Conquerors of Jerusalem’: March celebrates Israeli occupation with messianic fervor
    • This march is eerily similar to "traditional" Protestant /Orange/Loyalist marches in Northern Ireland where a bunches of QuasiNazi thugs are allowed to parade past or through Catholic Nationalist areas with heavy police presence simply so that they can "assert" their "traditional" racial superiority and control of their "homeland". In fact the extreme Loyalists have in recent years taken to "identifying" with Zionists flying JSILi flags partly in response to Nationalists identifying with Palestinians and flying Palestinian flags.

      Sounds as if the Yahoo and Co should actively be recruiting these fellow travellers to the cause and perhaps offering some variation on the"birthright" tours as an inducement.

      Only fly in the ointment is that there is a strong tradition of SS standard anti - Semitic views and behaviour within the extreme Loyalist community which has always identified with pro- Nazi groups in the UK and Europe.

      Still JSIL needs all the friends it can get and any port in a storm etc.

    • Always interesting to have a live study of modern Neanderthals. The only thing missing in the show was live sacrifice and goblets of blood on altars. These particular Chosen Neanderthals apparently have an aversion to Western Europe and Western Europeans so unlikely to visit our shores - what a relief.

      Hopefully a few generations of interbreeding will do the trick.

  • Dennis Ross tells American Jews, 'We need to be advocates for Israel' -- and not for Palestinians
    • @yonah freedman
      "In regards to the responsibility for the failure of the peace process in the years 1999 and 2000, I certainly do not blame Dennis ross"

      You are not really addressing the issue at hand which is that Dennis Ross has effectively "outed" himself as a Zionist Jew and openly admitted that his priority is was and forever shall be not the nation of which he is a citizen but surprise surprise his beloved JSIL and that his JSIL Firster bedfellows in America ( and arguably fellow traitors ) like Foxman engineered him into a pivotal position in the so called "Peace Process" in order to "advocate" for JSIL.

  • Wide-ranging coalition rallies in Albany to demand Cuomo rescind anti-BDS order
    • @Bumblebye
      Thanks for the link. A neat summary of the situation from one of the Dream Defenders:

      "We get a lot of narratives that 'it's a land dispute' or 'it's a religious issue,' that this is an 'age old battle that's been going on between two people.' And it's none of those things. It's purely economic and it's purely military. It's the most highly sophisticated system of apartheid that the world has ever seen.”

      Spot on.

  • NY state senator wants to cut off university funds to SJP
    • Seems that there are more and more leading " intellects " in American politics are gratefully accepting the Zionist shilling and lining up to give BDS free publicity.

      Keep up the good work. New York Zionist Jews are no doubt very proud of the fact that you and your fellow traveller Mr Cuomo continue to put JSIL`s interest before the interests of America.


  • Are comparisons of South African apartheid and Israel useful?
    • @jon s

      Always open to hearing and reading different views. The one you linked was an interesting variation on the "not apartheid" "no comparison with South Africa" etc meme. It comes from someone who was able to "emigrate" to Israel no doubt because of his 2000 yr , 3000 year , 4000 yr "birthright " as a Jew (possibly like your good self ? ) unlike the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were expelled forcibly from their NATIVE HOMELAND had their homes and lands stolen and who together with their children and grandchildren cannot return because the JEWISH STATE IN THE LEVANT is precisely that - a gruesome little cult colony based on APARTHEID principles which was designed,built and exists on the simple undeniable premise of being for Jews only. As for the incidental 20% of the population who are Arab they are there simply because logistically and diplomatically JSIL 48 couldn`t complete the Zionist untermenschen cleansing project. Further attempts to complete the project will no doubt come what with the emergence of the new generation of feisty QuasiNazis taking over the JSIL show led by their "patrician" head bouncer Lieberman.

      As for the situation in the Occupied Territories (oops sorry Judea and Samaria) somehow not being the equivalent and worse of Apartheid South Africa - you are pulling my plonker.

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