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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • A conversation with Miko Peled
  • Israelis 'neutralize' 48-year-old at Qalandiya checkpoint-- 240th Palestinian to be killed in wave of unrest
    • "Meanwhile massive fires in Israel and Netanyahu is blaming “arsonists” which of course is code for Palestinians. Because there could be no other explanation"

      The Yahoo has already jumped on this one in his classic 9/11 response mode ie forget about the horrors resulting from the fire itself it`s an opportunity once more to shout terrorists , victimisation poor little vulnerable Israel to the world community again. BTW in the unlikely event of any alleged Jewish arsonists being identified and accused they will be described as misguided extreme nationalists and they will be dealt with as criminals. Any Palestinian Arabs identified and arrested as alleged arsonists they will be dealt with as "terrorists". If there are massive floods in the coming year he will no doubt come up with some wheeze to drag in Palestinian terrorist culpability . Apartheid South Africa Mark 2.

  • Global outcry appears to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian village to make way for Jewish settlers
    • @DaBakr
      "israel cant relocate a village of bedouins that refused to accept an offer the majority of their tribe accepted years ago"

      In order to honour your commitment to see everyone`s POV please humour me by revisiting this sentence and kindly explain exactly what you are claiming - BTW facts are always a good way to start a revisiting process.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • @W.Jones
      In the event it appears perversely to have worked out well for the Yahoo and Co. Each time there is a threat of reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah they can shout foul as in how can we do "peace " business with Fatah when they are cosying up to a terrorist organisation which refuses to recognize Israel thus further convenient delaying tactics in the much wished for face to face negotiations. ( with no pre - conditions you understand as good old Israel doesn`t have pre- conditions for talks LOL ). They are terrified of the thought of peace with the Palestinians and on this Hamas is one of their their current best get out of jail cards. If Hamas was to recognise Israel tomorrow and declare a permanent ceasefire and downing of arms their would be mass disorientation and hysteria in the Jewish Israeli population .Israeli pscyhiatrists would be totally overloaded by demand and would probably have to call in foreign locums to deal with the crisis.

  • Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means 'we could lose'
    • @Amigo
      Thanks for the ElecIntifada link. It echoes my own views as a UK national. The Israeli Firsters (OMG A/S remark ) here in the UK panicked at the the thought of a main opposition party leader who is overtly Pro - Palestinian standing up and condemning poor vulnerable eternally terrorised Israel and reached for the usual boring old weapon = Anti - Semitism. However instead of confronting them head on wimpy Jeremy decided on an internal LP enquiry which had the effect of giving the allegations a form of legitimacy albeit temporary. Still all is not lost as any sane person and most specifically the younger more politically aware generation will have looked at the findings of the subsequent Parliamentary committee and the absurd definitions of what constitutes "Anti - Semitism and recognise what is a transparent Zionist connections in high places fix (OMG A/S remark no 2 - there may be a knock on the door at any time)

      On a more general note IMHO people here in the UK are becoming bored shitless with the tedious wheeling out of the A/S trope whenever good old most moral light unto Israel is criticised. As a fallback joker in the pack it is crumbling into dust. The Israeli Firsters I believe are rapidly approaching a state of panic on how to market the patently unmarketable especially with the impact of BDS. and they are rapidly disappearing up their own rear.

    • "The yearning for the land of Zion and Jerusalem is not strong enough to drive millions of Jews to the country they love and make them hold on to its clods"

      I do like this - I assume the writer is referring to the Yahoo,Bennett ,Shaked,Lieberman and all of the the other many and varied ZioPyschos in Bibliland. Brilliant.

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • @YonahFriedman
      "zionism, whose root cause was European nationalism which defined them as outside the nation"

      Funny I always thought that Herzl and Co irrespective of European nationalism positively wanted the European Jews ( ie natives of various European nations who practiced the monotheistic religion known as Judaism ) to "return to " Zion/Bibliland/Land of Creation call it what you like and set up some form of Jewish religious state albeit a peculiar secularized , socialist non wailing non Torah scrutinising version. I believe also that he actually accepted that there were native inhabitants in this coveted patch of earth viz the Arabs ( none of that a land without people for a people without land crap ) and being a good houseproud socialist he believed that they should somehow be incorporated into this new "Jewish" state and have equal rights inc the right to vote.

    • @DaBakr
      "the existence of the only nation for jews in a neighborhood of some 20 other nations for muslims"

      I am fighting back the tears here as usual at the thought of all those terrified powerless vulnerable followers of the religion known as Judaism in Florida , Brooklyn , Golders Green etc having no where safe to go to. OMG it is so much worse than the situation in say Syria and Iraq. The adherents of Judaism really do need to have a safe haven and if it means ethnically cleansing , incrementally genociding and stealing from those pesky Muslim Arab native inhabitants of the patch of land they have chosen so be it. Wait a minute though wasn`t this line of thought all the rage within a certain political movement in a certain European country during the 1930`s

  • General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending 'apartheid'
    • @Sibiriak
      Perhaps - perhaps not. The scenario you linked to looks like it will be an unappetising sight of dogs fighting viciously over the seven star hotel rights bones. Abbas is ( hopefully soon to be was ) a well known figure on the international stage. Apart from Marwan Barghouti I don`t think there is any other Palestinian political figure outside the current corrupt PA enclave that anyone in the wider world can think of. I still think that there will be an implosion of the whole concept of a PA ( the 50 year old "temporary " arrangement as a "precursor" to a PA state ) once Abbas goes or is forced out. The Palestinians themselves ie the people on the street in the West Bank will be faced with the reality that the PA has achieved SFA for them during the 50 years and a continuation of the farce will achieve SFA in the future. Ergo the one state for all with equal citizenship rights particularly with growing international support will become I believe an openly tabled option pursued via peaceful means for Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel`s worst nightmare , = IMO the only possible future for Palestinians to seek.

    • It will be interesting to see if when asked again about the 2SS this potential US Defense Secretary stands by what he said three years ago. After all in the intervening years the last but last but last but last etc throw of the dice Kerry "peace initiative" on the 2SS has unsurprisingly gone absolutely nowhere and in those same years the Zionist settlements project appears to have moved into cleverly disguised overdrive. The key to finally burying this Oslo Accords two state scam IMHO lies not with the US / the new Trump administration , the Yahoo and all of the extremist right wing "ministers" in the Zionist government - it lies with Abbas and his continued presence on the international stage as leader of the Palestinian people. It is he and his standard entourage inc of course "we may give back the keys - how many times has he said that" Erekat. They are the ones who are propping up the sham in their desperation to retain their 7 star hotel international "diplomat" lifestyle. As soon as Abbas goes either by passing away or by somehow being forced out by growing frustration amongst younger WB Palestinians the sooner the two state farce will completely implode and the world inc the US will be looking at South Africa Mark 2.

  • Dershowitz backs down, concedes Bannon's 'anti-Muslim, anti-women' bigotry disqualifies him for high office
    • There is not a " hateful " bone in Gideon Levy`s body. He is a man of honour , morality and integrity none of which Dershowitz has an ounce of. Israelis and Jews world wide should be proud and thankful to have Levy as one of their own. They should be deeply ashamed to have a loathsome little turd like Dershowitz claiming to speak for them.

  • Israeli military takes computers and servers from Palestinian NGO in night raid
    • Just finished reading a terrific book by Mark Thomas an English comedian / political activist who a couple of years ago walked the West Bank separation barrier / wall / land grab bucket line. Called "Extreme Rambling:Walking Israel`s Separation Barrier". Highly recommended.
      One review summed it up as "Horrific and Hilarious". Some of the hilarious which he narrates is pure Monty Python and illustrates just how mentally screwed up Israeli Zionists have become. I particularly liked the story about the Palestinian apartment in East Jerusalem which is notionally split in two by the barrier route and the raid by the IDF charging the Palestinian occupants with the crime of illegally entering Israel for using their family living rooms. Sadly the bulk of the narrative is the "horrrific" for example the number of pregnant Palestinian mothers and babies who have died while being deliberately detained at checkpoints.
      Mark does his best to try and see both sides of the narrative but with the settler Zionists he is invariably at his wits end. Time after time as he tries to get them to explain the logic and justification for their philosophy and actions they invariably retreat back into their "God gave us this land" "We are chosen".default setting. Zero awareness of the casual barbarity which they routinely visit on other human beings just like their 1930`s forebears.
      Zionist Israel it appears on top of its other magnfiicent ground breaking contributions to mankind including the 21st Century cherry tomato is now a world leader in the use of shit,sewage and pollution as a low cost casual use weapon of war = eg skunk water , Palestinian childrens school connection passage under the barrier with a dedicated sewage channel built in and slightly higher tech a factory in Israel which is programmed so that the prevailing wind blows the air pollution into the West Bank.
      His Israeli fixer almost ashamedly at the end is at pains to point out that the majority of Israeli Jews are not at all like these settler extremists and are somehow more sensible,civilized and "democratic " in their outlook. They live in what is described as the "coffee and croissant " region of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranian coast and are aware of what is being done in their name but choose not to face up to it. If anything it makes them the real "crazies" as they think that the status quo can continue ad infinitum and nothing will interfere with their European lifestyle.
      Roll on BDS and the one state reality.

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
    • "The Dersh" "Dersh" etc. Just like referring to his fellow Zionist slimeball as "Bibi". Just like referring to Adolf Hitler as Adi. Makes them sound like characterful rogues .Give them their full names - perhaps an exception for Netanyahu who has a history of swapping names to make himself more racially appealing to the audience he is addressing - in his case I am happiest with the Swiftian "Yahoo" as it neatly sums him up.

    • Sounds as if this odious creep is practicing his salivation method in preparation for licking up to Trump - having licked up to HRC throughout the Presidential campaign he will now have to switch his weasel intellect to America`s new saviour in order to stay in the limelight - and for him that is what it is all about,being seen to be relevant,an authority of some kind,a "renowned" this that or the other.

      He is just a self serving morally debased lying hypocrite. Oh and he still hasn`t handed over the $10000 to Norman Finklestein.

  • Saving the daughters of Israel from the annihilation of intermarriage
    • @Mikhael
      "The Arabs who fled during Israel’s independence war (mostly of them on their own accord)".

      Total and utter bollocks. This one tedious ludicrous perverted Zionist claim invariably highlights the brainwashed amongst supposedly "liberal" Zionists.
      Its known as Nakba Denial and it is is right up there alongside Holocaust Denial.

      To use your own words please refrain from "repeating bullshit".

  • AIPAC removes two-state solution talking point from its website
    • @Jackdaw
      "Now, it is a fate accompli"
      It may be just that your French is not up to scratch ( it should be fait accompli ) but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and credit you with a clever play on words. Yes Israel`s fate is sealed . The 2SS illusion/delusion/collusion is dead and buried and Zionia is heading irrevocably for temporary Apartheid status followed by international isolation on a scale far greater than Apartheid South Africa followed by guess what a multi national equal rights / citizenship status for Jews/Arabs/Christians. et al. Just a question of time and I suspect during that time a significant proportion of the relatively sane Israeli Jewish community will have grabbed their second passports and abandoned ship.

  • Before Trump's revolution, there was Sanders'
    • Not an expert on American politics or American voters thinking but vis a vis the UK there is a IMO a lot of truth in this and it may reflect a central element in the Trump win ? (excuse the swearing):

  • Sheldon Adelson, Trump's billionaire backer, is committed to 'the Jewish people' and believes Palestinians are a 'made up people'
    • @Mayhem
      "In Israel’s case the Jews have the Jewish historical heritage that goes back thousands of years. The Jews stem from the true indigenous population of Palestine going way way back"

      22 carat gold bollocks. Jews are followers /practitioners of a specific ( some would say weird what with the circumcision and the ritual slaughter etc ) religious cult which apparently originated in Mesopotamia before migrating to what was Palestine/ Philistine where they set up a new Judean Kingdom which apparently didn`t see eye to eye with another neighbouring new Jewish Kingdom Samaria. Eventually the Romans came along and got very annoyed with these people who practiced Judaism (albeit with a fair old sprinkling of paganism ) because they refused to have anything to do with Pax Romana. So the Romans subdued them and destroyed their cult HQ in Jerusalem. The wailing then began with some of the local Jews grabbing the greatest victims in the history of victimhood trademark on the basis of them all having been forcibly expelled from their "ancient homeland " even though archeological research has now shown that this was very much a myth - apparently the majority stayed and made do with a very comfortable and commercially successful Pax Romana in Roman Palestine.And along came the Christians who set up stall in what is the claimed Mark 2 "ancient homeland "( patent still pending) All this thousands of years after the real ancient homelanders in the region , the Neanderthals who had their own weird religious cults , had matured into Stone Age / Bronze Age / Iron Age locals.Then along came the Arab Muslims ( also ex Mesopotamia / Saudia Arabia to what was to become the Arab Muslim "ancient homeland " = Mark 3 Then along came the Crusaders who briefly restored the Mark 2 Christian "ancient homeland" before Saladin came along and booted them out ( I don`t think the Crusaders were the wailing eternal victims type - they just went back to Europe and concentrated on jousting and the occasional war ).

      Meanwhile some of the Mark 1 post Neanderthal etc "Ancient Homelanders " had remained in Palestine and adapted to Arab Muslim ways and spread out through the Arab World mostly chasing commercial opportunities. A lot of the wailing claimed Mark I "ancient homelanders" were also apparently mass converts to Judaism who actually originated in the Near East and East of Europe.

      Anyway end of the potted history tour. Mayhem can you please point me in the right direction by any chance. As a lapsed Christian can you advise where to apply for the Christian equivalent of "Aliyah" if I unlapse. I fancy going back to my ancient homeland and grabbing one of those fantastic heavily subsidised deals in a nice little hilltop settlement. Would need at least two bedrooms and access to a swimming pool as I would like to rent it out as a holiday let after returning to Western Civilization.

    • "I am not Israeli, the uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform"

      America must be so proud to have "patriots" who can say that unfortunately they had to wear an American military uniform.

      But then again following this creep`s "logic" Americans are a made up people.

  • Day One in Trump's America
  • Trump's path to 'most pro-Israel' president paved by bankruptcy expert and real estate attorney who once lived in a settlement
    • The ZioZombies in the Land of Desecration must be for the moment delirious about the the outcome of the election. Not so sure about the Yahoo. @Jackdaw I call him that partly because for me he epitomizes Swift`s creature and partly because he can`t make up his mind about his own name - used to be a " Ben Nitay " in America when he didn`t want to be burdened by a name that Americans would find weird/foreign/vaguely threatening and his family name was I believe Miliekowsky. They say what`s in a name - well it is more a question of what`s in the mind of the person who keeps changing his name - trying to hide something,ashamed of something denying something ? Anyway back to the Yahoo , the self designated leader of all the Jews in all of the world and the problems he may have with Trump. I think these will emerge sooner rather than later because we have two super egos at play here and Donald is the one who will I believe soon put the Yahoo in his little place if he steps out of line by daring to question his views or comments ( as he was able to do in that squirming White House address to Obama ).

      As for a Palestinian State - gone,all done and dusted,will never happen - not that it ever was going to happen. Hopefully soon the Palestinians in the West Bank will kick out Abbas and his cronies and start the process of campaigning for equal rights and citizenship. At some stage in the very near future the ZioZombies will be looking at what they have done and they will be the ones berating themselves for "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity " to facilitate the creation of a separate Palestinian state.

  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • "Trump’s victory is a tremendous opportunity for Israel to immediately announce its intention to renege on the idea of establishing Palestine in the heart of the country – a direct blow to our security and the justice of our cause. This is the president-elect’s outlook as it appears in his platform, and that definitely should be our way. Salient, simple and clear. The era of the Palestinian state is over"

      These crackpot Zionist settlers have been clapping and dancing their way towards a single Apartheid state for years now and with the Yahoo beholden to them will in the very near future realise their from The Med to the Jordan Biblical Paradise - yes those pesky smelly untermensch Palestinians will continue to be a nuisance but they will come up with some sort of Final Solution in due course etc. Not sure about the"Palestine in the heart of the country " reference - perhaps they plan to build an artificial offshore island , round them all up into temporary ghettos and progressively ship them all there in cattle boats . That would be a revolutionary approach and hey they may even get Congressional support for several billion dollars more a year to finance it. And who knows what next ? Conquering and settling Biblical Mesopatamia perhaps ? All the while sticking up their middle finger to the world. The sky is the limit when you are batshit crazy.

  • In Ohio, Muslim-Americans fear bitter election will lead to civil unrest
    • Like a lot of people in the UK , I suspect , I was not surprised by the result. Having had a Brexit despite the polls indicating a "Remain" and not long prior to that a Scottish Referendum vote where again the polls got it wrong I think I have become a little bit sceptical about the whole polling forecast scenario. Having said that I think that as with Brexit the Trump vote looking at it from this side of the Atlantic very much mirrors the Brexit vote here ie it was very much a protest vote against a long running self serving establishment which in the eyes of of the working class and now a significant portion of the middle class had turned a blind eye to or actively dismissed their genuine concerns over the economy and definitely here in the UK over the impact of uncontrolled Immigration on social services , education capacities , housing and the National Health Service. Those London based politicians who effectively dismissed those raising concerns about the local impact immigration as bigoted "Little Englanders" effectively handed victory on a plate for the Brexiteers - people who are not in anyway bigoted were angered to be accused of bigotry and IMO showed their anger via a protest vote. Looking at the US election I see the same "protest vote " theme though largely focused on the economy.

      As for the future well at least the Trump victory on the face of it has dealt a severe blow to the lobby system in the US electoral process which is so blatantly open to corruption and vested interest control including vested foreign interest control ( thus Saban / AIPAC etc etc etc ).

      I have yet to see an anticipated line up Trump team in the media - perhaps because the MSM media in America simply didn`t consider the possibility of a Trump victory. Obviously this team , including the somewhat low key Pence , will have an impact on Trumps policies and we can only hope that they are able to exert some checks and balances.

      Meanwhile over in Israel I think that the Yahoo must be in a bit of a quandery. He has got so used to belittling American Presidents with impunity. This new President is more than likely to point out and remind the wannabe Zionist Churchill that he is no more than a pipsqueak leader of a pipsqueak little country heavily reliant on US taxpayer handouts. Unlike Clinton who followed up his "Who the f..k does he think he is? Who's the fucking superpower here?
      Israel Or the United States" after first meeting the Yahoo and then effectively doing SFA to hammer home the point I think that Donald will put him firmly in his place if he steps out of line.

  • Jerusalem mayor says he will demolish Palestinian homes if gov't dismantles settlement outpost
    • @YF
      "I think it is possible to be the son or grandson of immigrants and to maintain consciousness of one’s roots plus still be a loyal canadian. I find that white americans, sons of immigrants, as a rule have minimal attachment to their immigrant roots. I find that many jews born in the fifties have far greater attachment to their Jewish roots"

      Now let me guess . I doubt the "roots" you are referring to are in Poland , Russia , Germany etc etc. where these immigrants actually originated from . More likely to be "roots" connecting them to their 4000 year old Biblical fairlyland where of course they "originated " in their soft focus Zionist daydreaming.

      BTW I was born and brought up a Christian here in the UK. I am beginning to yearn to go back to my "roots" in the Holy Land. Can you advise me on the Christian equivalent of Aliyah and is there likely to be a "Birthright " programme sponsored by the oh so ecumenical Israeli Govt to encourage me to return and experience my "roots" before opting for citizenship.

  • 'Dozens of hours of convos with Bibi' convinced Clinton he actively supported two-state solution
    • @Citizen
      Would love to see such a map, just once, shown on US main news media, not to mention, hear the phrases “50 years of belligerent occupation” and”illegal settlements.”

      This is the nearest I can find on Google:

      Of course the little red dots tend to give the impression that the settlements are themselves tiny widely spread " outposts."There are no details of connecting Jews only roads.
      No details of the "illegal" "illegal" (sic) outposts which Israel occasionally demolishes and allows to relocate. There is no clarification that the settlements are built on the highest ground , control and divert the aquifers and particularly in the Jordan Valley have control and use of the most fertile land - for Israel`s security you understand.

      The Yahoo and Co by way of sustaining the mythical " 2SS through direct negotiations only" have come up with the ploy of suggested "land swaps" whereby Israel would evacuate some settlements and surrender them to the Palestinians for some "Palestinian land"( as in I broke into your house and stole your money I will return some of that money if you give me the equivalent back). All total pie in the sky. There is no way on god`s Earth ( Planet Earth for you atheists) that these settlers( a significant number of whom are bat shit crazy zealots ) are going to be persuaded to abandon their particular little project plots in their Biblical Paradise even if they are offered extra bedrooms and larger swimming pools in relocated sites.

      As I say I hope sooner or later a Blumenthal or a Levy figure will finally use basic maps or power points in a mainstream televised forum to explode this two state farce.

    • Would love for someone in the very near future to present to the 2SS dreamers in the US and elsewhere a map of the occupied territories illustrating in colour ( green for what little is left of Palestinian land and blue for the settlements inc East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley with of course further lines of blue showing Jews only roads connecting the settlements and Israel itself). They would then be asked to explain how exactly the remnant ludicrous honeycomb of Palestinian land can be converted into anything remotely resembling a contiguous state without a wholesale removal of the Jewish settlers ( that`s even before the question of sovereignty is addressed ). The map should also be placed in front of Abbas and his cronies who for so long have been playing along with this two state farce in order to maintain their 5 star hotel lifestyle.If anything it is the latter who I blame the most for the maintenance of this farce. To be fair to him the Yahoo is an in your face up front hypocritical liar with delusions of being some sort of Churchillian figure and if it suits him as the article outlines he will say that he is in favour of or he against a 2SS depending upon the audience/electorate. It is blindingly obvious that short of all of these cuddly settlers agreeing to live in and become Palestinian citizens in this purported Palestinian state that a 2SS is never repeat never going to happen. Which is why Palestinians should boot out Abbas and his cabal , dump the Oslo scam once and for all and focus via peaceful means on claiming equal rights / equal citizenship citizenship in their native land.If this was to happen all the Hasbara in the world will not get the Zionists off the hook.

  • Lanny Davis's power seder, dedicated to Palestinian-Israeli peace, and Pee Wee Reese
    • "What army sends texts and phone calls to warn civilians of its intentions to attack and implores them to leave before the attack?"

      As the late great Irish comedian use to say " It`s the way I tell them".

      So the most moral etc tells the civilians to leave and gives them x minutes.
      WTF do they go to that is safe - Gaza is a large prison with a huge population. Do they all run and hide in the cells next door ?Do they run to the security strip area along the border fence - no don`t think so as they will be used as live target practice by the 18 year old fledgling IDFFascists ( remotely or better still if they can summon up the courage to actually go to the fence ). Do they go to the beach - hey what a good idea they can play football there. Oh no wait a minute more great live target practice for Israeli gunshipmorons.

      They people who swallow this "warning " crap as justification for mass slaughter of innocent civiians are simply braindead Fascist Ziogoons and are truly worthy of comparison with their 1930`s predecessors.

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • I think Mr.Johnson is guilty of anti - termitism .

    • @DaBakr
      "on a designated hate-site like mw"

      Maybe I missed something in your previous posts or in your current torrent of Hasbaritic diarrhoea but please clarify - who or what " designated " MW as a "hate site ". A when and how would also be useful to know. Waiting eagerly to hear from you on this one - I do hope that it is not a "Mexicans are rapists" Trump style "designation"

  • 'Do not blame Israelis for settlements or excessive use of force' --Clinton stance was clear a year ago
    • The American (and European) indulgence of Israel in their politics and in their MSM will IMHO unfortunately blow up in their face in the near future.

      1) The "Two State Solution" charade has already imploded. The carefully crafted settlement expansion and the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem means that the train has left the station long ago and the tracks have been ripped up. The Yahoo and his new right wing cohorts are just keeping the farce going as a way of covering their tracks. The corrupt and useless Abbas and his equally corrupt and useless cohorts who have played along with this charade for so long will soon be ousted by the younger generation of Palestinians and the whole Oslo Palestinian Authority farce will also implode. Result = one state reality and Israel Apartheid reality which America and Europe will not be able to whistle away.

      2) And a much more frightening scenario with potentially horrific consequences world wide. The right wing freaks in Israel who have been cultivated and nurtured by the Yahoo will finally claim the reward for their support by taking over the Al Asqa compound and mosque, actively supported by the IDF , and start to build their "Third Temple" as the final jigsaw piece in their Biblical Theme Park. Palestinian Muslims will understandably react violently as will their immediate neighbours in Jordan and Egypt in the Middle East. Even more worryingly there will be a violent backlash from the estimated 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide (almost a quarter of the world`s population ) against the Americans and Europeans who will be seen to have facilitated what will be seen as an outrage by these Muslims. Very very serious implications for world security and the world economy.

      Sorry to sound so prophet of doom but unfortunately that is how I am reading things. The only potential brake on either 1) or 2) is Obama in his last days as President finally biting the bullet on Israel and acting rather than hinting - I have no great hope for this.

  • Western leaders grow deaf to Israeli abuses
    • @oldgeezer
      "Are you in the UK?"
      Yup definitely here in dear old blighty and have been following this "institutionalised anti - semitism in the Labour Party" charade since it all kicked off - with a mixture of bemusement and irritation. It stinks to high heaven of an organised Zionist Lobby plot to undermine criticism of Israel and the BDS movement. I think what spooked the Zios was the thought that the UK`s second largest party had suddenly voted into leadership an openly Pro-Palestinian and ergo by definition anti- Israeli leader in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn. He brought along with him a groundswell of left leaning younger activists with similar views on Zionism and Israel and the thought of someone with that sort of status standing up in a major international western political forum such as the UK Parliament, directly criticising Israel and accusing them of war crimes , human rights abuses , apartheid policies etc made the Zios seriously wet their pants. So if in doubt or in damp bring out the old tried and trusted "anti - semitism " card. The paper I read most here in the UK the Times has been particularly supportive of keeping this canard afloat - not surprisingly given that it boasts 5-6 Jewish article writers including the seriously unhinged Melanie Philips. Not a week has gone by since all this started without some direct or oblique reference to this mysterious new "anti-Semitism " problem.

      As to whether it has backfired I think probably it has. The UK has a very small population of Jews ( around 270,000 I believe). A significant number of those who are non Zionist/non Israeli Firsters will have been further alienated from their extremist brethren because of the unwanted attention it has brought on Judaism in the UK. As for the ordinary John Smith in the street he will I believe have been angered by accusations that his country ie the country which stoodfast against the evil Nazis and fascists is suddenly being accused of being a hotbed of anti - semitism. He will also be asking why has such a small population such media influence?

      As I have said before Corbyn had an opportunity to stand up and defend the ordinary John Smith and clearly state that being critical of Zionism and being critical of Israel is not anti - Semitism and to state clearly that it is grossly insulting to UK history and traditions to suggest that those UK citizens who chose to criticise Israel and Zionism of being "anti - semitic".

      For whatever reason he has chosen not to do so - perhaps time will tell ?

    • "Most Israelis consider the occupation and Palestinian suffering as purely an internal matter, to be decided by them alone"

      One could quite easily substitute "Israelis" with "Germans" and "Palestinians" with "Jews" and be transported back to 1930`s Germany. Same level of self denial and warped justification for ongoing atrocities.

      "Notably, a British parliamentary committee last month characterised as anti-semitic parts of the opposition Labour party under its new leader Jeremy Corbyn, a champion of Palestinian rights"

      As a UK national and media scrutiniser IMHO the whole "Growing anti - semitism in the UK " and "deep rooted Anti - Semitism problem in the Labour Party" has been a load of manufactured c..p from start to ? finish. It has been a clumsy and predictable Zionist Lobby orchestrated campaign, to use their cherished phrase , "delegitimise" the new Pro - Palestinian leadership of the party in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and his new groundswell left wing support base ( mostly younger generation ). This campaign has been jumped upon by anti - Corbyn elements in the Labour centre and right to undermine Corbyn and of course by the Tories who couldn`t possibly have looked such a gift horse in the mouth. Don`t get me wrong - I have been if anything a "traditional" Labour Party supporter but now despair of the main figures in the Party( left middle or right ) as a bunch of cowards specifically in their responses to this Anti - Semitism farce. Perversely it is Corbyn who has most lost my respect. As I have said before on these pages I think that he has showed himself to have been a wimp. He had a golden opportunity from the outset to state clearly and unequivocally that criticism of Israel and criticism of Zionism is not Anti Semitic and stood his ground if criticised or challenged with the obvious facts and figures. For whatever reason ( unless I am missing a statement from him ) it appeared to me that he backed off - and in his case it cannot be attributed to Zionist lobby influences. Yes a wimp.

  • H to Jake to Malcolm to Maggie to Haim to Huma -- resetting the discourse on Israel in 6 easy steps
    • "We need two states for two peoples achieved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians"

      It surely must be becoming tiresome and tedious for these d..kheads to put the comforting black bag over their head when they have to look at or think of Israel. We need two states for two peoples is a classic example of self denial. The settlements spread over the West Bank , the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem and the half million settlers ensconced all over both are just minor irrelevant issues which the Light unto the Nations can be trusted to sort out in their humane pursuit of a negotiated mythical two states. The train has left the station long ago and the lines have been ripped up. Has anyone ever asked any one of these US Israel First Two State mytholgists to sit down with a map of Israel/Palestine in front of them and and using highlight pens etc to actually map out the "second state". I doubt if any one of them would have the b..lls or the integrity to rise to the challenge. They would probably run away in blind panic screaming Anti - Semitic , what about Syria , hopelessly biased , remember the Holocaust etc etc ad nauseum.

      Hoping to see a media forum in the near future where this map challenge is actually tabled and the crass hypocrisy of these Israel First "American Patriots !" is nailed.

  • In Tel Rumeida, you can be arrested for laughing
  • Miserable night, bleak forecast
    • "It would have been just as outrageous had Balfour offered Palestine as a homeland for Catholics! "

      Yup - or Presbyterians,Mormons,Baptists, Quakers,Buddhists etc all religious cults whose members are / were non native to the land of Palestine.Just like members of the religious cult of Judaism.

    • @DaBakr
      "when balfour will be 200yrs old"

      Wow is he really that old - must be far and away the world`s oldest man.

      I wonder what he is thinking of the ZioBibliland reality and the way in which the " homelanding
      Zionist Jews" have urinated all over his declaration. Just to remind as you no doubt choose to forget it - it makes for uncomfortable reading for Zionist as quite apart from the spirit of the Declaration it uses the dreaded words" in Palestine" !

      "His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • "You might be a Jewish democracy discriminatory state"

      What he is coyly hinting at but doesn`t quite have the b..lls to say is "A Jewish Apartheid state"

  • Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment
    • "Since Israel left Gaza and Gazans voted for their Hamas government they are responsible for their territory and the lives there".

      What a totally ludicrous statement

      So according to your factual analysis any tourist boat , any fishing boat , any plane , any means of transport carrying medical teams and / or medical equipment can go into and out of Gaza as they please only needing the approval of Hamas who are "responsible for their territory and the lives there".

      I suggest you re-examine the facts sunshine although I doubt you have the integrity to face up to just how far you are from "facts and reality". Doing so would burst your Biblical Ziobubble.

    • @Marnie
      "There isn’t a hell hot enough for these criminals. I pray for redemption for Gaza and all the occupied territories and that these criminals pay for their crimes"

      They will pay in due course

      Like most criminals especially war criminals the perpetrators simply do not see themselves as perpetrators of crime. The Nazis and their fellow German nationals who acquiesced in what was being done to the Jews in Europe simply rationalised and justified the atrocities along the lines of the Jews are internal enemies,communists,foreign agents etc etc out to destroy our beloved Fatherland. So with Zionist JSILis. These "Arab" people are not really people - they are all terrorists constantly threatening our security , constantly trying to destroy our beloved state. We JSILi Jews are truly a Light unto the Nations , a shining beacon of "democracy" and true respecters of human rights. Yes - they actually believe this self imagined or school indoctrinated Zionist crap. Nowadays anyone who challenges this is simply in their eyes a warped anti Semitic ( aka anti Judaistic ).

      There are lots and lots of fantastic cancer support and cancer research charities in the West. If the BDS movement knows of any links which these inadvertently have to this odious little cult colony they should bring it to their attention and invite them to severe links to a regime which treats cancer sufferers with such horrendous disdain and inhumanity.

  • 'Personally I was glad to see the outpouring of anti-Semitism,' says Jewish journalist targeted by haters
    • I hate to sound pejorative but it sounds to me that this lady was going through some sort of identity crisis due to a lack of a sense of being a member of the most persecuted minority in the history of minorities until social media which of course is a honey trap for right wing loony freaks of all cults shapes and sizes came along and rescued her. She can now return to the comforting womb of ant- Judaistic victimisation and sleep the sleep of the victimised. What a relief.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg, anti-Zionist
    • Jeffrey may well then have to be on his best behaviour if and when he he visits the UK. If he inadvertently says something deemed by one or more Jews in his audience as "pejorative" Anti-Zionism , Anti - Judaism or Anti - JSILism he may end up in the clink. Being a Jew apparently doesn`t provide innocence from the commission of this horrendous existentially threatening pejorativism crime.

  • Calling someone a 'Zionist' is anti-Semitic and abusive, say British lawmakers
    • Looking forward to the first prosecution or law suit alleging the use of "Zionism" in a "pejorative way" against an individual Jew , a Jewish institute or organisation or indeed against the Jewish State in the Levant as being "Anti - Semitic". I think I will have a long wait as the Zionists pejoratively speaking would be swatted like flies in any courtroom debate and will not be prepared to air the filthy linen of their philosophy in public and reveal the propaganda machinations orchestrated by JSIL here in the UK.

      BTW I am becoming bored s...less by the constant "Anti - Semitic" allegations in the right wing UK press. It is akin to being forced to watch endless repeats of your least favourite TV show . Yesterday would you believe The Times having no newsworthy "story" to pin the Anti- Semitic scam to resorted to a full page report in the Sports Section (FFS !) detailing allegations of guess what in English football.

      As for the word itself it has been flagellated to death and I have to repress a yawn each time I hear it ,read it or refer to it as above. I think I will give myself a break (perhaps long term) by referring to hatred of or victimisation of Jews by what should be the correct term = Anti-Judaistic or Anti Judaism. As much as anything it shows respect to all millions of non- Jewish Semite people out there in the Levant.

  • Israel supporter refuses to share Bard stage with Dima Khalidi and cites stereotypes about Jews smelling bad
  • Clues to the end of the world shared during final 2016 presidential debate
    • “just listened to Trump’s policy speech in Gettysburg and watch out Zionist Lobby; Trump’s gunning for foreign interlopers and foreign influence on government and policy”.

      From this side of the pond in the UK it looks at times as if the majority of Americans,certainly including Zionist and non Zionist Jews as well as "Christian Evangelical Zionists" simply do not see JSIL as a foreign state with JSILi "foreign interlopers" influencing US Government policy. Witness the Yahoo`s appearances before Congress and the vomit inducing sycophancy from this particular little cabal from the Land of the Free.

      I expect it has been said many times before but it is almost as if JSIL is America`s 51st State and especially when it comes to election time it`s "votes" have to be courted. In fact I am surprised that some leading loony right wing "bright sparks" havn`t suggested that it be given State Status ( sorry about the double stat`s). with JSILis ( excluding of course the 20% Arab population ) being given the vote.

      And guess what a Labour MP in the UK ( as in the " institutionalised Anti - Semitic Labour Party " and all that Zionist b...ocks ) recently got into boiling hot Zionist water for suggesting this . She actually said this in 2014. It was only unearthed in 2016 by Zionist researchers and clinically used as part of the anti Corbyn campaign waged by Israeli firsters here in the UK and obviously by the Conservatives and disgracefully by anti - Corbyn members of the Labour Party itself.
      The greatest tragedy in it all was that the MP apologised and withdrew her remarks when she was accused of "Anti Semitism" and Corbyn did not defend her. Wimps.

      Waiting impatiently for a leading UK politician with a backbone to stand up to the Zionist Lobby here in the UK and state baldly that there is no repeat no remotely " major " or "growing " or "institutionalised" problem with Anti Semitism in the UK population , in the mainstream political parties or in Government agencies and to suggest that there is grossly insulting to the UK population,its history and its traditions.. The only major problem ( a problem for JSILI Firsters and the Various Jewish Zionist groups who are barefacedly trying to conflate criticism of JSIL/Zionism with Anti Semitism) is that there is a growing revulsion amongst the UK population against the oppression and barbarities being visited on the Palestinians by JSILis particularly amongst the young who are more politically aware and active.

  • Israel's bogus history lesson
    • @lonely rico

      Ah but to be fair the video neglected to highlight all the current forlon wandering round Brooklyn,Florida and North London which has prompted so many to "return" to their ancient Promised Land and act out their cherished ( and heavily subsidised ) Biblical dream.

    • The knock on the door wasn`t by heavily armed military thugs at 0300 a.m.. And the so called "Palestinian couple" didn`t take away the poor oppressed Jewish couples children , lock them up , deny them access to legal support , deny parental access and torture them Dershowitz style.. The video is a sick joke because Zionist Israelis and their supporters in the West have become precisely that - a sick joke.

      Fanatics don`t make for good comedians or honest historians. There have been lots of very good Jewish comedians in the West. No doubt a few remain and others will surface. When I say good I mean honest and able to take the proverbial out of themselves and the nonsense claims of some of their co - religionists. The relentless onslaught of politically correct Zionism has meant that even honorable Jews are dodging scripts which challenge or humorise the Chosen People/Promised Land narrative. Unfortunately when I think of Israeli Jews and Judaism now thanks to Zionism I don`t think of humour - I think of fanaticism,lies, hypocrisy,brutality and as one of their very own the ex Prime Minister Ehud Barak has pointed out "the seeds of Fascism".

  • B'Tselem calls on world to 'intervene' to stop 'more perfect occupation,' and Netanyahu goes ballistic
    • For the Yahoo it is increasingly becoming a question of attack being the only form of defense. Do not address issues - simply accuse those who question or criticize of being enemies who must be demonized and as the article worryingly points out incited against. Yes he has definitely reached the top of the global narcissist fascist leader stakes and is vying for first place with Kim Jong Un and Robert Mugabe. Proof of the pudding if needed is that Moshe Ya`alon and Ehud Barrack by any measure to the far right in the JSILi political spectrum have distanced themselves from him and his quasi Nazi acolytes.

      BTW ref the "Fascist" comments of Ya`alon and Barak if they had been uttered in the UK by a non Jewish citizen they would clearly have been deemed as virulently "anti - Semitic " by various Jewish/Zionist organisations and under the hilarious new guidelines issued by the recent UK Parliamentary committee would have risked prosecution for hate crimes ?

  • New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders' bigotry against Palestinians
    • Just finished watching a talk given by the magnificent Gideon Levy. As incisive and as clinical as ever he completely demolishes the possibility of a 2SS for what it is and has always been since 1948 - an elaborate Israeli Zionist scam.

      Basically he is stating the blindingly obvious - that the only game left in town is a single state and that it will either be a democratic state with full rights for all be they Israelis or Palestinians or it will be a non democratic Jewish Apartheid State (a La South Africa).
      The West ( even before the days of Internet information ) could not ignore Apartheid then and it will not be able to ignore the Jewish Israeli version.

      The State of Israel despite all the Yahoo hype as Gideon aptly points out is an outwardly large and strong tree which is totally infected and crumbling within and it is only a matter of time before it falls over.

    • @HarryLaw
      "amigo, in my opinion Corbyn does not fight back strongly enough on these issues, Islamophobia dwarfs Antisemitism in the UK, yet he accepts the charges, many unfounded as factually true"

      100% agree on this one.He is in many ways a wimp. What was needed when this "institutionalised Anti - Semitism in the Labour Party" farce began and continues to be needed to address the absurd findings of this mickey mouse committee is someone with a backbone ( eg Ken Livingstone and yes George Galloway ) to describe it plainly for what it is = a clumsy attempt by the Israel/Zionist lobby in the UK to conflate anti - Zionism with anti -Semitism and to silence the growing levels of criticism of Zionism and Israel as well as the growing threat of BDS.

      It will of course backfire because the UK is not the US. The thought that a member of a tiny religious cult ( in this case Judaism ) should be allowed to accuse someone of a " hate crime" based simply on a subjective interpretation of what a person said or wrote is quite frankly bizarre - in fact I would go further and say that it is a clear example of Ziobizarrics (whoops now I am in real trouble ).

  • Trump and Clinton blast UNESCO statement on Jerusalem
    • All this "blasting". The Yahoo is also prone to the odd "blast" Is it just something to do with fairytale biblical characters inciting their adoring followers to smite (aka blast) non believers ?
      I always thought it had something to do with explosives - so can it be classed as verbal terrorism ?

  • Necessary Transformations: Ending the claim to exclusivity
    • Meanwhile in the UK the tedious never ending boring predictable conflation ( criticism of Zionism/JSIL = anti - Semitism) games orchestrated by Zionist lobbies in the UK at the bequest of the Yahoo & Co continues with the latest and perhaps the most laughable parliamentary report on alleged ( I repeat alleged ) Anti - Semitism ( viz a comment on social media , in a debate ,in a TV interview etc such as eg Israel is in breach of the Geneva Conventions in its occupation of the West Bank = blatant anti - Semitism ).

      According to another Haaretz article;
      "A special committee's report, which states that Jews should be allowed to flag what constitutes anti-Jewish speech in their eyes, is a landmark document"

      If this is true and I doubt it then it really is a game changer and I would expect a queue of other cults in the UK asking for permission to "flag what constitutes" in their eyes anti Catholic,Anti Muslim,Anti Baptist,Anti-Seventh Day Adventist. anti Paganism speech etc etc.

      Totally hilarious and a sign of how desperate Zios,Zionists,JSILis,Israel Firsters are becoming in their "fight " against the growing ostracisation of their nasty,ugly little cult colony.

      So there you are then they can count at least five epithets which any of the non British Firsters Zionist lobbies (make that six) can "flag as constituting" Anti - Semitism to add to their imaginary anti Semitic statistics.

      Feel free.

  • The Jewish confession on a future Yom Kippur
    • @oldGeezer
      "This isn’t a looney rant as much as a smokescreen and diversion"
      Point taken but I still think that there is an increasing element of lunacy in the Right Hon Yahoo`s words and deeds. He is getting older and I think the American subservience to his every whim has gone to his head - I believe he truly thinks that currently he is the most important" statesman " in the world.

      BTW Shouldn`t he have said "to say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall and the Separation Wall" . The latter in particular is truly a monument to the great achievements of Judaism and it`s inherent humanity and love of mankind.

    • The Yahoo is off on one of his loony rants again following the UNESCO vote ref the Temple Mount:

      On the plus side he said:
      "To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall is like saying that China has no connection to the Great Wall of China and that Egypt has no connection to the Pyramids."

      So logically he would then have to admit that all those Palestinian refugees and their descendants who were cleansed by the 20th century JSILI "Romans" during the Nakba have a right of return.

      Wait a minute though self brainwashed fanatics don`t do logic.

  • Netanyahu gets face time with Trump and Clinton ahead of first presidential debate
    • @Kay24

      "It is very telling that despite the timing and heavy schedules, ahead of their first debate, two candidates for the US Presidency, has made time to meet with a man with no integrity and known to be a liar"

      Agreed very telling but fairly predictable. Both Trump and Clinton are proven liars as is of course the esteemed Yahoo. He must however be getting seriously worried that Trump will be the next President as unlike Hilary and previous US Presidents , including her ever so honest husband , Trump will make it very clear to the JSILi minion "who the f.....g superpower is " if the Yahoo gets uppity about his Presidential policies vis a vis poor little defenceless terrorised JSIL and he won`t give a toss what all those bought and bent Israel Firsters in Congress and the Senate think of it.

  • In full page NYT ad, liberal Zionist group calls for ethnic segregation to retain Jewish majority within Israel
    • The "core" JSILis are going to have to come up with some sort of Final Solution to all this soon.
      The interim solution ( status quo with incremental ethnic cleansing and regular one off demographic rationalisation = extra judicial killings) is just not working and those pesky Palestinian Arabs keep breeding !!

  • Abbas and Levy issue calls to end Nakba denial
    • The Haganists in the picture look bored. Obviously for them and their fellow travellers in the Stern Gang,Lehi and Irgun ( lots of them being Prime Ministerial quality and all of them "resistance" fighters mark you and not in any shape or form "terrorists" ) routine ethnic cleansing was nowhere near as exciting as lynching British soldiers,blowing up and killing dozens of Brits,Muslims and fellow Jews in their hotel, assassinating British Ministers of State and far and away their most heroic and courageous and most satisfying exploit = murdering Count Bernadotte the appointed representative of the despicable biased farcical UN.

      Hopefully when 1948 and the 70th anniversary of the Nakba comes round Palestinians in their homeland and abroad as well as supporters abroad will have organised suitably high profile events to remind the world of the crimes perpetrated by these homicidal freaks.

      I am fairly certain that here in the UK and in Europe there will be frantic attempts to have such commemorative events banned as (yawn) Anti - Semitic which as usual will give even more publicity and raise public awareness even more. As for the Land of the Free replace "frantic" with "maniacal".

      As for "Holocaust denial" sooner or later more and more thinking commentators in the Western World will take a cue from the standard Zionist "whataboutery" strategy and make the obvious comment that yes it is wrong to deny that the Holocaust happened but why do Zionist JSILis deny that the Nakba happened?

  • The two-stroke solution
    • Sounds like the Yahoo is planning an imminent courtesy visit to Mecca. Apparently all that Arab loathing is rapidly turning to love and JSIL after all will not do the decent and honorable thing by leaving what he describes as a farcical UN because within a decade all that new Arab love and hugging will make JSIL a jewel in the UN crown especially when the constituent members wake up and realise that all that talk about two fingering UN resolutions and human rights violations was simply vile anti - semitic propaganda.

      With this delusional reptile in charge JSIL is truly headed for the abyss

    • I doubt if he is hoping/planning to play any golf in the West Bank (aka Judea and Samaria) as there aren`t any courses there that I am aware of ( unless some of those ex Brooklyn and Florida settlers yearning for the comforts of their old homes have uprooted some more Palestinian olive trees to make way for one - oh and they would have needed to divert some more of that Palestinian water to irrigate the fairways and the greens. To make do they could of course just get out their five or six irons and practice by hitting balls from their hilltop settlement tees down into the untermenschen villages below. Good chance of getting lots of Palestinians in one and contributing to the fight against the demographic threat.

  • In a world of conflict, peace is celebrated only one day out of the year
    • @Boomer
      "I’m not an artist, but the cartoon I’ve often imagined would have the U.S. as a teacher watching the schoolyard bully with a club beat a much smaller unarmed kid. “They have to work it out between themselves,” the teacher says, while handing the bully a bigger club"

      Great image. May I suggest an accompanying soundtrack with the bully whining "stop victimising , inciting and terrorising me " ?

  • Trump praises Israeli policy of ethnic profiling following bombing in Manhattan
  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • Not really fussed by the action of these bought and bent reptiles. Whatever Obama choses to do or more likely not to do with regard to a French UNSC resolution is now I believe irrelevant.
      The Yahoo`s JSIL is now inexorably committed to a single state from the Jordan Valley to the Mediterranean which will be an openly Apartheid state. Then the rest of the world inc US and all the other major world players will be faced with a new reality which they won`t be able to bullshit away with talk of "peace" and" negotiations".

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • @MHughes976
      To me it is blindingly obvious from the sheer scale of the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (still growing 24/7 - 365/365 ) as well as their disparate locations that the "Two State Solution" is a complete and utter delusion. It will never happen - not only because Zionists were and are determined that it can never happen but because the pace of the growth of the settlements ( including the "legal" and the"illegal" ones ) has surpassed even their wildest expectations. The sheer bulk of the population of these settlements make a reversal impossible and the idea of some sort of shredded,cheesecake walled in / walled out Palestinian State is now a sick joke.

      Obama/Kerry etc are simply fiddling with their prayer beads on this one and desperately hoping that if they keep repeating the mantras of "peace" and "two states" whilst furtively shoeing in the odd lukewarm reference to "Apartheid" the Yahoo and all the other loony right wing freaks in JSIL will see sense.

      They will never see sense but at least the likes of Obama and Kerry will have the comfort of telling history that "we did tell them" when the openly Apartheid JSIL is staring the world in the face - won`t be long now.

    • @boomer
      The Haaretz and Jerusalem headline articles are both stating that Obama said that "Israel cannot permanently occupy Palestinian lands" ?

      Cue "bus" and "under" from the JSIL Firsters in the land of the free and home of the cowards when it comes to JSIL.

  • Powell emails expose depth of media self-censorship re Israeli nukes
    • Hey all you Europeans out there especially all you younger Europeans who had SFA to do with WW2 don`t forget that a lot of these JSILi nuclear armed missiles are also targeted at major European cities by way of potential revenge on your parents and grandparents and great - grandparents for the Holocaust.

      Heck they may even have a few targetted on NY and Washington DC if the loony freaks who are running the Zionist show decide that those ungrateful Yanks have thrown poor old long suffering eternally victimised JSIL under too many buses.

      I don`t think the Yahoo and Co have too much interest in targeting North Korea. They have too much in common with Kim Jong - Un and his eternally victimised North Korea.

  • ADL throws Netanyahu under the bus to try to make new friends
    • @ejay

      Your list is comprehensive and should encourage Mr.Greenblatt to follow up on the ADL`s avowed mission statement and role as per their website :
      "Now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all"

      Somehow however I don`t think he and his fellow JSIL Firsters will ever be able to bring themselves to criticize their beloved "Light unto the Nations" for it`s disgusting full frontal bigotry , blatant disregard for "democratic ideals" and perennial breaches of civil rights in their oppression of the indigenous Palestinian people.

      The "Light" if there ever was one was switched off clinically and definitively in 1948 and what remains is a dark and foul little colony state lurching inexorably towards Fascism.


  • Two women's boats set sail for Gaza in effort to break blockade
    • I suspect that there has not been any "sabotaging" of the boats by the JSILis as this would spoil the opportunity of demonstrating to the world the prowess of their brave "commandos" a la Marmara absailing down from their helicopters and courageously taking on these vicious terrorist women. After all they can`t take on the likes of Hezbollah any more with or without battle standard reinforced underpants and it is becoming a little bit boring killing the odd Palestinian teenager so the poor dears have to get their fun somewhere somehow.

  • Commemorating the Shatila massacre, 34 years ago today
    • Unlike most of his forebears and successors in office in Ariel Sharon was an up front fully out of the closet Nazi. In relation to the massacres when pressed beforehand to allow the Lebanese Army to enter the camps he said amongst other things:
      "So, we’ll kill them. They will not be left there. You are not going to save them. You are not going to save these groups of the international terrorism.. . If you don’t want the Lebanese to kill them, we will kill them."

      The Yahoo by comparison I would say is about two thirds through his Nazi apprenticeship but sooner or later he will do something or sanction something which will earn him his full stripes.

      One thing you can say about their role models is that they never cried and sobbed " we are the real victims " as they carried out their atrocities.

      What ggoes round comes round - can`t wait.

  • 'There's no occupation'
    • @Silamcuz
      "Look, I honestly don’t see what’s the problem in Israel claiming there is no occupation"

      Great to see you openly avowing the one state reality viz the Palestinians are not an occupied people they are in fact citizens of a single state and entitled to all of the rights of all of the other citizens of this state. What`s the problem.

      That is what you are saying isnt it ? Silam ? Silam ? Why are you running away - was it something I said. Why are you shrieking and crying ?

  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • "too blind or too scared to acknowledge reality?"

      I think the latter. I previously believed Oz to be a moderate and a realist with an independent way of thinking on the I/P conflict and a limited sense of shame with regard to the actions of JSIL . His recent BBC "interview" prompted me to do some more digging which unearthed the following gem quote at the bottom of his Wiki page:

      "Oz supported Israeli actions in Gaza during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, criticizing Hamas tactic of using human shields, saying: "What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap, and starts shooting machine-gun fire into your nursery? What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?"

      "Puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery" How can a supposed "intellectual" spew out such drivelling crap ?

      We have therefore someone who is perceived as the foremost living JSILi author and a "moderate " sometimes viewed as a "traitor" spewing out the same Hasbara garbage as the deranged right wingers in his beloved state. He is either in self denial , is totally deluded by the Hasbara or is too much of a coward to admit to the truth.

      I think he is a coward who like so many of his fellow JSILis has retreated back into the comforting and eternal victim womb when faced with the horrific reality of what his beloved Light unto the Nations has become.

      Unlike Oz true intellectuals show integrity and courage.

  • Why I single out Israel
    • A cogent and powerful piece which as the author knows will of course be dismissed as typical self loathing by the why only us (sob) Zionists in the US.

      He may like to listen to the comments of the "moderate" Amos Oz during a BBC Newsnight programme to get some idea of the scale of self delusion in the Zionist community which he is up against.

      Note that even Amos Oz effectively says that criticism of Zionism is equivalent to Anti-Semitism ( even he is inadvertently playing the"conflation card"). Note at the end of the interview he speaks about BDS and the comparison with Apartheid South Africa. He refers to "BDS" type actions as being the appropriate "prescription" for SA but that a different prescription is needed for Israel. I waited with baited breath for Kirsty Wark the interviewer to ask the blindingly obvious follow up question such as " in that case what do think the appropriate prescription is ?". No question of any kind - instead an abrupt end to the interview. Almost as if someone behind the camera had signalled to Wark some sort of "cut" gesture. Very weird - unless of course you believe in ZioBBC conspiracy theories.

      As for Amos Oz himself I have only read one of his books but the reading I have done about him suggests that he falls within that category of Israeli Jews who started out with genuine hopes and visions for "a Light unto the Nations" for his new state but has ended up deeply ashamed of what his state and what the majority of his fellow Israeli Jews have become.

      Sadly unlike Gideon Levy etc he can`t quite summon the courage to state the obvious.

  • 'Peace Now' chief slams AIPAC for misrepresenting Jews -- but Peace Now is on AIPAC exec committee
    • "BDS is a poison that is permeating our communities, a cancer of hate that is metastasizing through society"

      This is a warped and ludicrous claim and perhaps more importantly it illustrates the depths to which these Zionists and JSILi Firsters will sink - it is an abomination IMO to use terminology relating to those who are suffering from or who have suffered from cancer to "illustrate" a political viewpoint.

      Totally shameful.

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
    • @Kay24
      This will be thoroughly investigated by the non occupying JSIL state authority and as in 99.9999999 per cent of cases no fault will be found with the poor perennially threatened entitled to defend themselves JSILis.

      BTW as the Yahoo would probably say if ever challenged ZioJSILis do not "ethnically cleanse" - when necessary ,and in a strictly humane and civilised manner, they will only engage in the occasional "demographic rationalisation" activity as a result of extreme provocation.Gaza included.

  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
    • Say what you like about the Yahoo but you have to admit that his excretory output is phenomenal. This latest "ethnic cleansing " claim IMHO scores a resounding 10 out of 10 on the Goebballsometer and is up there alongside the now classic "Grandi Mufti orchestrated the Holocaust "

      "I would also invite the Israeli prime minister to the White House in my first month in office."Sorry Hillary if you do get elected you will just have to wait your turn in the queue. Your new boss will be much to busy cosying up to Putin and simply not be able to spare you any time.

  • Banned from leaving Gaza, Palestinian group rocks out at border
    • "23,000 Gazans entered Israel since January to get the best medical treat they could in Israeli hospitals for half the price. Most Gazan cancer, heart disease and other patients prefer to leave Gaza for treatment in Israel and not in Egypt or some European country. I think the Gazan people are telling the truth with their feet"

      Just a thought but could this claim if it is true have anything to do with the fact that your beloved JSILis bombed to bits most of the hospital and medical facilities as the nurses and surgeons were being used as "medical shields"

  • Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
    • @Jackdaw.
      Wow you really know your stuff.
      "Actually, the Jews are the indigenous people of the area. Try to disprove that fact. The Arabs came from Arabia and conquered the land much like the Conquistadores came from Spain and savagely colonized the New World"

      So let`s get this straight all the Jews currently in Palestine,Brooklyn and Florida are descendants of Jews who lived in what is now Palestine before those nasty Romans etc. Their great great great great great great great great great great great great great great etc grandmothers were the indigenous inhabitants who simply sprung out of the soil and did not move from anywhere else in the Middle East and displace the "indigenous" inhabitants who were there before them because there weren`t any. The land was completely empty. Oh and none of them were converts to Judaism at any time during the past.

      Priceless garbage.

      BTW Jews are members of a religious cult - just as are Catholics,Mormons,Baptists,Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists. They are not a "people"

  • Another house demolition in occupied territories, and the U.S. does not lift a finger
  • 'Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa': Israeli govt tells grieving Palestinian family son was 'killed by mistake'
    • "Endangering the life of a human". What an atrocious,leftist,Self Loathing thing to say. This Luba woman should be disciplined by her superiors for referring to Palestinians as"human".

  • New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank
    • "On Feb. 26, 2016, the terrorist Mahmoud Shaalan arrived at the checkpoint in Ramallah and stabbed an IDF soldier. The terrorist was shot by the force but again tried to attack the soldiers, so additional fire was carried out"

      Perhaps they should be issued with a set of golf irons and given some basic swing training - if threatened then I suggest a No 6 iron would do the job best and will fell the terrifying qualitatively edged attacker with no waste of American taxpayer funded high calibre bullets. No wait it would be nowhere near as much fun and there would be no guarantee of an Arab kill to notch up on the league table on their Barracks room wall.

      Wow these JSILI soldiers are so incredibly brave - they must be itching to have a go at real opponents such as Hezbollah where all their anti - knife training and their most morality will teach those real nasties a lesson they will not forget. Having said that it probably would be best in the next battle with Hezbollah to forgo the golf clubs and spend the money instead on triple reinforced diapers. They will soon be pooping uncontrollably when having to deal with people who are actually battle trained and battle hardened and yes will be firing back at them.

      And top marks once again for a further display of world leading American patriotism and protection of its citizens abroad - unless they are Palestinian Americans in which case JSIL has the right to defend itself etc etc etc and we don`t wan`t to upset the Elders back here in the " Land of the Unfree from Zionism" and risk losing access to all those Ziodollars by questioning or God forbid actually criticizing what JSIL does and says.

  • Pro-Israel groups declare 'lawfare' on BDS movement in Canada
    • “The sooner we can untangle the two, the sooner we’ll realize freedom, justice and equality for both, Palestinians and Israelis.”

      Not quite sure what to make of this particular comment. Israelis ie JSILis = Jewish citizens of the Jewish State in the Levant already have justice,equality and freedom in bucketloads (with the exception of the likes of the dark skinned Ethiopian Jews who are perceived as not quite European looking enough to be deserving of equal treatment and liable to be beaten up as looking like "terrorists" or "infiltrators). The Arabs citizens in the Jewish state in the Levant patently do not the same levels of freedom,justice and equality as their "fellow" Jewish citizens.

      As for the realisation of this dream of freedom,justice and equality for all be they Palestinian or Jewish this can only happen in a single state and the overwhelming majority of Jewish JSILis who have been thoroughly brainwashed into being ugly braindead racist bullies will resist it to the bitter end - with the exception perhaps of all those Aliyahsing Brooklynites etc who will unearth their second passports and high tail it back home as soon as they realise that their ZioBible dreamland has to be shared in full with Goy untermenschen

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • @wdr
      "Check the Israeli population statistics to see if you are right. The Jewish population of Israel is actually the fastest growing of any population group in the Western world"

      You have obviously got these statistics yourself so perhaps you can be helpful and provide a link ?

      BTW JSIL is not in "the Western World". It is in the Levant aka the Middle East. That is East as in the opposite to West.

  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
    • Slightly off script but thought it might be of interest to Mondoweissers as an illustration of the bizarre and absurd lengths JSIL firsters here in the UK will go to keep the myth of a"surge in anti - semitism in the UK" alive. Note that in the not so distant past accusations of anti - semitism in the UK were directed by Jewish/Zionist organisations almost exclusively at the pseudo - Nazi right wing groups such as the BNP and the National Front ( who now because of their Islamophobic rants and ravings are if anything Zionist bedfellows ). The tactics and strategy have changed dramatically since Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have "taken over" the Labour Party movement. Corbyn is seen by the JSIL Firsters including the delightful MS Smeeth as being anti - Israel and anti - Zionist and having him as the potential official leader of the opposition in the UK Parliament and openly criticising JSIL for its human rights abuses and breaches i of International Treaties in what is effectively a World Forum is making the Zionist lobbies wet their collective undergarments. So the word has gone out speak to the Zio - compliant paper editors and the article writers and get them to keep alive the myth of a surging anti - semitism and on the basis of two birds with one stone link it to Corbyn`s alleged"failure" to deal with this"growing menace" within the Labour Movement. Thus we have the following from Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth in yesterday`s Times:

      Yes you are reading it correctly that`s 25,000 hate messages in two months. I will leave you to do the maths. It is of course not specified that all or indeed any of these messages were anti - semitic along the lines of " I hate you you Jewish etc " but the implication is there. I am certain that the poor lady must have collapsed with exhaustion when she got to 24,999 in her count and probably burst into tears - she has got form for the latter:

      Great to see the quality and steeliness in the face of our UK MPs on show. When faced with hearing something you disagree with then do not stay and argue/fight your corner just storm out in tears(crocodile or otherwise). It makes for great Hasbara theatre.

      She must think as the saying goes that us UK gentiles came up the Thames in a bubble.

      Speaking of bubbles - in ZioBibliland the following are classic examples overt and ugly Ant- Semitism of the kind which is now "rampant" within the UK Labour Party:

      "Israel is guilty of war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza" = Anti - Semitism
      "Israel is guilty of human rights abuses in the Occupied Territories " = Anti Semitism
      "Israel is in breach of International Law in its occupation of the West Bank and its blockade of Gaza " = Anti - Semitism
      "Ms Smeeth as one of your constituents and a fellow Labour Party member I deplore your failure to criticise Israel l for its war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinians = Anti - Semitism.

      I expect that by now the " hate " messages may have surpassed 30,000 with intelligent individuals "hatefully" disagreeing with her on social media.She may well have had to employ a "hate message counter" technician to deal with the counting ( out of her Parliamentary expenses ).

      Oh and yes Ms Smeeth please feel free to make this missive "hate message " no 30,001.

      BTW if the "25,000" sounds like Zionist spin it is probably because of her historry as a Zionist spin doctor:

  • Back home in Gaza, Sanaa el-Hafi recounts her 'terrifying' ordeal in Israeli prisons
    • Always great to hear about JSIL upholding the highest Western civilised standards in its treatment of political prisoners. It is after all a"Light unto the Nations" and lest you all have forgotten is the ONLY repeat the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.

      Classic example of brainwashed brutish bullying behaviour and a reflecton of what appears now to be the majority JSILI mentality viz the Nazis did these sorts of things to us in the past now it`s our turn and we are going to get our own back not on the Germans you understand ( we want their submarines etc etc and besides they wouldn`t like it and we wouldn`t want to upset them again ) but on these smelly natives who just will not stop protesting at our thefts and crimes , will not go away to other countries and will not die out. It is all so terribly frustrating and we do so long for a final solution to it all leaving us to live out our dreams in ZioBibliland - just us and a couple of million Philippinos to do all the heavy manual labour and the washing and cleaning and sewer unblocking etc etc.

      If this carries on a lot of us will simply pack up and go back to Brooklyn.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • @Raphael
      "That sounds about right. I’m not Jewish but in order to become a citizen of Israel, I was required to obtain a letter from a rabbi stating that my father was Jewish."

      Sounds as if you are really on the ball on this one so perhaps you can advise.

      I am half atheist,half humanist but am really interested in becoming part Jewish - let me do the maths yes that would be one third Jewish. I wan`t to have access to all those Chosen People Perks (CPPs) you know like when you get to join the Freemasons.

      Please help.

  • We, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, have been suffering from a slow death sentence for a long time
    • @Citizen
      I urge you not to despair my friend. The clock is ticking inexorably and the end of the sham "peace process" and the sham "two state solution process" is at hand. JSIL may continue to be blind and try to pretend that somehow it is not so but the Europe and yes even the US will be faced with the reality that a state which they have been supporting for years has evolved into an openly Apartheid state and the unraveling of the relationships will follow on just as with South Africa. And yes just as with South Africa the native people of Palestine in due course will have true freedom and dignity in their homeland.

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
    • @mcohen

      "israel must annexe the westbank and those that oppose it must suffer the consequences - See more at"

      Kudos to you for really grasping the nettle and dissing the ludicrous two state solution. JSIL should annex all of the Occupied Territories , scrap the corrupt and useless PA , take over full responsibility for all of the Palestinian population and give them full and equal rights of citizenship. Wait a minute did I get that last bit right or did you mean that JSIL should force them to have some sort of compulsory identifiable colour coded insignia on their clothes then round them all up and then dispose of them somehow.

      Please clarify.

    • So let me get this straight. Herr Lieberman wants to separate the Palestinian natives into Kapos and non - Kapos. Can`t really see the untermenschen falling for this one. Weren`t the obliging Kapos "eliminated" in due course anyway as part of the Final Solution plan.

      He`ll just have to revert to a "bouncier" strategy.

  • Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains
    • @DaBakr
      "maybe the vastly-by 1000s- greater numbers of children being killed daily in the greater middle east has made it more difficult to feel specifically concerned excpt for only those who are singularly devoted to the palestinian cause rather then the absence left by all children killed by conflict. i could be wrong but i’m not the only one: just saying"

      "just saying" my a..e. Yet another crass example of knee jerk hasbara "whataboutery". So Monsieur DaBakr according to your one dimensional Zionist logic if a politician or a MSM commentator in a discussion about the deaths of six million jews killed in the Holocaust dares to say well remember that there were around 20 million Russians military and civilians killed by the Nazis then you and your ilk would say that is fine , in no way diminishes the Holocaust and is in no way anti - semitic.

      I don`t think so

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • So they went to an illegal winery and presumably got a free taster session as well as a few free samples to take away. I hope they managed to go to a JSILi skunkwatery had a smelling session and got to take a few free samples away also. Two classic examples of Zionist stench.

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • Patience is the order of the day. Currently JSIL despite its Levantine location and unlike its neighbours is affiliated to UEFA , takes part in in European Team and and nations championships. Same situation applies to other sports.

      Very soon inevitably JSIL will be a full frontal in your face apartheid state and the European sporting bodies will have no choice but to kick it out.

      The principled and heartwarming actions of Celtic supporters and the support given by the Scottish and Irish people in general to the Palestinian cause is but a foretaste of what is in store for JSILis in the very near future.

      Zionist sewer funding may have bought and corrupted America (to its eternal shame ) but no amount of money will corrupt the minds of European peoples such as the Scottish and Irish who in the recent past have themselves suffered from oppression and brutalities from colonial thieves.


  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • @Raphael
      You are dribbling again.
      "even though I look Jewish". Can you clarify by way of a photo or sketch to cement your point . Will be fascinated to discover what a Jew"looks" like ie without the skullcap,the funny top hat , the curly black sidelock rings ,the long beard etc etc. Is it a white skinned Aryan look,a Levantine darker skinned look,a black African look,an Eastern Steppes Mongol look , a Chinese look, a Bangladeshi look etc ad nauseam.

      And whilst you are at it once again WTF is a " Catholic Jew " ?

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
    • @CAPD

      "She seems unaware of Treaty obligations"

      What you are referring to sunshine are not "Treaties" but "Aid Agreements".

      You of all experts should really know the difference especially when you attempt to engage brain and spout off about "abrogation".

    • June 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the attack by JSILi air and sea forces on the USS Liberty. 34 US navy personnel were killed and 171 were wounded. I trust that the USS Liberty Veterans Association are planning a major commemorative event to mark the occasion and perhaps call again for the Congressional enquiry which never happened.. It will serve to remind the American public of just how "special" the "special relationship" is and perhaps bring it to the attention of the younger generation who are perhaps not aware of the event.

      A deliberate cold blooded murderous attack by the" special " allies to serve their own , not America`s needs , and a classic and perhaps the most scandalous and shameful example of just how corrupted by JSIL influence and control the US had become by then - and remains.

    • What a breath of fresh air this lady is. She puts to outright shame all those embarasing bought and bent US politicians as well as the bought and bent MSM voices including the d---head CNN "moderator" Cuomo. He was clearly reading from a standard Zionist prep`d script with the usual "faces an existential threat" "special relationship" "special ally" drivel. As for the lady from the audience I suspect that she must have annoyed Cuomo somewhat by pre-empting the standard "whataboutery" routine which has been a longstanding and increasingly boring plank of the pro - JSIL and anti - BDS lobbies and which he had no doubt been rehearsing beforehand.

      Interestingly the Green Party and its leader Natalie Bennett here in the UK are equally robust in their condemnation of JSIL and support for BDS.

      Bennetts predecessor Caroline Lucas was and remains similarly critical of Israel and a strong supporter of BDS. A good example of this was her support of a boycott of water meters installed by the Southern Water Authority because they were supplied by the JSILi company Arad Technologies which provides water infrastructure to illegal settlements in the West Bank. At least one local resident refused to have an Arad meter installed and Southern Water backed off and installed an ethical alternative:

      So all you Southern Water company customers in the South of England and those elsewhere in the UK who are having water meters installed in the future by their local water companies please do check the provenance of the supply and if it is Arad do tell your water company that you insist upon an ethical alternative.

      Little acorns.

  • Defying Scottish law, football fans fly Palestinian flags during match with Israeli team
    • Just a thought. If there are as claimed 6,000 Scottish Jews then there is a distinct possibility that one of them , a male , has the surname "Burns" and that he possibly was nicknamed "Rabbi" Burns by his classmates which would be a classic example of blatant Gaelic Anti - Semitism and certainly no laughing matter given what the Romans and the Germans did.

    • Oh flower of Palestine
      When will we see your like again
      Who fight and die for
      Your wee bit hill and glen

      Obvious comparisons between the Scottish and Irish native peoples who who were subjected to brutality,ethnic cleansing,evictions,expulsions,house demolitions and occasionally outright slaughter by English colonisers and the Palestinian natives who are being subjected to the same on a daily basis by the JSILi colonisers.

      Scottish Zionist representatives will of course "flag" this incident up as "sporting terrorism" and flagrant anti - semitism. Big yawn for the latter.

  • 'NYT' and Sen. Murphy have a double standard on Yemen and Gaza slaughters
  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • I always like to revisit Norman Finklestein`s dismantling of this odious little creep just to watch his little weasel eyes darting about as Norman dissects him. can`t see his little legs but they too must be flailing about under the table. just like a beetle impaled on a pin.

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • Now what if the State of Palestine and its soccer clubs applied to be affiliated to the UEFA as opposed to the Arab or West Asian Football Federations. After all it is in exactly the same geographical location as the Jewish State in the Levant which is in UEFA ( and the Eurovision Song Contest ).

      Now that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons and have the Yahoo and his Fascist cabal further decorating their already heavily solved pants.

      Well done to the Celtic supporters - perhaps they should nudge Abbas and Co towards the option of applying for European sporting affiliations by having flags such "Support Palestine`s membership of UEFA"

  • Palestinian family homeless after Israeli military takes home for military post
    • These JSILi soldiers are so so brave. Their mommies and daddies must so proud of their day in day out courage in taking on the might of these terrifying Palestinian families.

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