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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • Annie
      So far as I can tell the one person who could really make this hurt for the Zionists/Israeli Firsters here in the UK and put pressure on the Israeli Embassy , Jeremy Corbyn , has simply written to Theresa May asking for an investigation:

      Not a hope in hell given that TM is a leading member of the Conservative Friends of Israel

      I`m afraid that in so much of his actions/words on a range of issues IMO he comes across as a ditherer unable to grasp the importance of such issues and tackle them loudly and head on ( in this case the conspiracy is quite clearly the now exposed undercover efforts by a Foreign government, Israel , to undermine his leadership of the Labour Party and ultimately oust him as leader because of his support for the Palestinians).

      Israel`s nefarious activities have a history of being outed by Labour politicians so he would be in good company especially as David Milliband is Jewish.

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • "People can be held accountable for the lies they tell. Exposing lies is an effective way of uncovering truths which may otherwise be hidden behind unaudited claims ... or a misleading ideological consensus.On issue after issue , from history to politics to science to social protest , the real story of our age is about the battle between truth and lies "

      Gandhi ? Martin Luther King ? Nelson Mandela. No believe it or not it is the UK`s ( or should I say Israel`s ) very own mad Melanie Phillips. In a godsend ( get it ?) to Melanie and other Israeli Firsters a new film about the Holocaust questioner / denier David Irving ( marginally madder than Melanie ) is about to be released in the UK. So anxious is she to jump on this golden opportunity to pontificate about " anti - Jewish hatred,the prejudice that never dies " that she came up with a perfect summary of Zionism and Zionists above. BTW as far as Melanie is concerned it would seem that all other forms of prejudice such as Islamophobia , hatred of Blacks,hatred of Asians , Homophobia , hatred of disabled people , mysogony etc etchave a shelf life whereas hatred of Jews aka Anti - Semitism by the grace of God no doubt is eternal. I expect that during her lifetime she has visited her "native" land Israel many times and no doubt has visited the Western Wall to wail about the hatred that never dies. She must have been upset by the fact that she along with others of her gender were restricted to a specific part of the wall but no doubt comforted by the knowledge that this blatant discrimination will in due course die - go on Melanie let us have your thoughts on that particular little Zioconundrum as a starter for 10.

  • Statement: Palestinian students in UK demand resignation of National Union of Students VP following Al Jazeera investigation
    • Have watched the Al Jazeera documentaries and the evidence of a blatant Israeli Embassy conspiracy to infiltrate and undermine the NUS as well as the Labour Party I would advise those affected including the Palestinian students listed above to write to their individual MP`s ,make a formal complaint and ask for a Government investigation. Unlikely to lead to any meaningful investigation but the responses would be interesting and worthy of sharing and it would also hopefully "out" those MP`s who have accepted the Zionist narrative ( and or shilling ).

  • One state or two: Gaza youths speak out
  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • @catalan
      "Israelis do some pretty outstanding work in the high level fields. The list of brilliant Israeli mathematicians and physicists is breathtaking"

      Careful where you are going with this one sunshine. Germany in the 1930`s and 1940`s also had a host of brilliant engineers,mathematicians,physicists etc - didn`t stop them in the least from becoming brainwashed you know whats.

  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • @echinococcus
      Thanks for your comments. Ref the Apartheid scenario we both know that there has effectively been an Apartheid system in Israel and Palestine since 1948. It has however been wrapped up/disguised/figleafed from the outside world through Zionist Hasbara and the ongoing Israeli charade of seeking peace and two states which has always been a sham. Nevertheless the charade has served to make the endemic Apartheid effectively "covert" to general public in the West and has given Western governments the excuse to continue with the pointless" peace brokering" routine - the latest example being the laughable Paris conference. As I have said the situation will IMHO dramatically change when the PA implodes which I believe will happen in the very near future .Israel will then be in a position where they will have to give equal rights to the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem ( not a hope in hell ) or impose an "overt" as opposed to a "covert" Apartheid system which Western governments will have no choice but to act upon through sanctions and boycotts as with South Africa.

      Ref the ongoing genocide and Final Solution. I have not seen any up to date demographics but I suspect that the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is stable and if anything growing and despite the lawnmowing the same would apply to Gaza. So in my opinion yes there is a serious and deliberate ethnic cleansing and displacement plan and process being implemented on an ongoing basis by the Israelis in East Jerusalem and the West Bank but a planned incremental genocide no. They are happy to take out individual Palestinians when afforded opportunities but ongoing planned killings no - even the craziest of Israeli politicians and officials (and most of them are now crazy) recognise that in 2017 that is not an option. Similarly with an overall "Final Solution" to the Palestinian population problem. They obviously can`t exterminate them en masse - although I suspect a very large proportion of the Jewish Israeli public would love to do just that . They can`t round them all up and restrict them to razor wired camps( too expensive and too many echoes of Nazi Germany - leaving aside the fact that precious Chosen People blood would be spilt in gallons as the Palestinians would resist).They can`t force them into neighbouring states as they would first have to round them up (see above) and the neighbouring states would resist(more PCPB spilt)

      Basically Zionist Israelis are screwed(and all their own doing) and the only thing which is holding back the reality of it all is the continuation of the Quisling/Vichy PA farce - very soon to be history IMO.

    • @JamesCanning
      "I continue to think a deal on Israel/Palestine will have to be imposed on Israel, and Palestine. Making clear Israel cannot unilaterally “annex” portions of the occupied West Bank is essential."

      The only "imposition" possible since 1967 and more specifically from Oslo in 1993 would have been by the US with a straightforward threat to withdraw the annual multi billion "aid" package to Israel twinned with the threat to withdraw the ongoing underpinning economic support package to the Palestinian Authority. This in turn would have given the nod to those European countries to threaten to withdraw their aid to the PA = over to you Israel you pay for your occupation inc infrastructure , health , welfare , education etc etc.
      This did not happen and it will never happen. The Israelis have been in a wonderful "having cake and eating it" situation since 1993 and since then have effectively been taking the piss out of the International Community by all these years crowing about their longing for" peace" and , when it suits (not if you are a Yahoo and it is just before an election ) expressing their desire for a two state solution whilst all the time stealing more Palestinian land and water and building/expanding settlements in clear violation of International Law. Their Plan A is to continue the farce of seeking a 2SS (with their non precondition preconditions clearly spelt out eg control of the fertile Jordan Valley ) to preserve the status quo.They have no Plan B. It is quite simply not in the Ziomatrix = all of the land between the river and the sea belongs to Jews and Jews only as bequeathed by God via Abraham and all the other pantomine Biblical figures. Similarly the International Community have only a Plan A = continue to talk about the need for , hold conferences to discuss etc etc the 2SS when as any Western politician with any non Ziofed brains would have seen and can now definitely see is a demographic impossibility. The West Bank has 500,000 + settlers and growing inc East Jerusalem(illegally annexed). The settlements and by that I mean the in Israeli eyes "legal" ones and not including the Ziofreak "illegal" outposts have shredded / patchworked the West Bank making the possibility of any form of second state for the native Palestinians a sick joke.The settlers are not going anywhere and will not be moved by any Israeli administration in the future. The occasional "removal" of the "illegal" outposts has been just another Zioploy to give some ongoing de facto "legitimacy" in their eyes to what they consider to be the "legal" settlements.

      The current conference is just another pointless roll of the 2SS dice and the Israelis will simply ignore its findings as it has the recentUNSC vote. The only way forward is a hope that in the very near future the PA charade will implode and the Israelis will be obliged to take over direct governing responsibility and the cost of sustaining the millions of native Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.(nb they do not have "final solution" option)
      Being the arrogant no one can touch no one can tell us what to do racists that they have developed into this will include an overt"Apartheid" system which even their finest Hasbarists will be unable to spin and no sane leader in the International Community will be able to ignore. So we have South Africa Mark 2 and the downfall of this Mark 2 version will be a lot more rapid than version 1 what with the Internet/mobile phones and BDS already having set the ball rolling.

      One state solution here we come. Just a matter of time and following a lot of Israelis grabbing their second passports and jumping ship.

    • Just been watching the erudite Ron Prosor ex Israeli Ambassador to the UK being interviewed here in the UK on Fox News about the current Paris Peace conference.Usual "direct negotiations only way crap" as expected but during the interview his Zioguard slipped big time and referencing the possible US move of its Embassy to Jerusalem under a Trump administration he pointed out that Jerusalem was already the eternal capital of the Jews when Londoners were living in a "swamp".

      So there you have it you Brits out there - you , and presumably all the other pathetic misguided nationalities attending and supporting the conference , are little more than untermenschen swamp dwellers compared with the eternal chosen people.

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • @clairePhillips54

      I assume you mean this one:

      Yes it looks like a mass stampede (carefully clutching weapons) to get away from their injured/dying colleagues on the ground. Even the ones nearest the camera and distant from the coach are sprinting away. Very brave and most moral.

    • @Johneill
      "correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that the term ‘terrorism’ necessarily described violence against civilians, not soldiers"

      I believe that conventionally there are varying and various definitions of"terrorism" as applied by normal sane politicians in normal sane countries/states. The general theme does lean towards the concept of attacking innocent civilians in pursuit of political goals. As you are no doubt aware Zioland is not a normal country or a normal state. For example their in house Zio propaganda team bless them have recently discovered a host of new forms of terror which the rest of the world simply wasn`t aware of ( nb strictly as practiced against their beloved , eternally threatened , eternally victimised , eternally singled out colony )viz "diplomatic terrorism , "economic terrorism" , "cultural terrorism" etc etc yawn yawn. My use of the words "Zioland" and "colony" as opposed to country state probably constitute "verbal" terrorism - I am surprised that it is something which they have not accused poor old John Kerry of perpetrating recently when he floated thye dreaded "apartheid" word in his speeches.

      Zios know best I suppose because would you Adam and Eve it they have never ever never ever committed acts of terrorism against anyone anywhere anyhow since Abraham wandered on to centre stage - wholly justifiable self defence pre-emptive or otherwise , yes , freedom fighting , yes , resistance to oppression , yes , but terrorism no absolutely not. It`s against their religion don`t you know. Only Goys are capable of terrorism.

  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • Hot of the Haaretz press.ref this weekend`s Paris "peace" conference.

      "Abbas said in the interview that “2017 has to be the year the occupation ends, the year of freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.”

      So if the occupation doesn`t end by 31/12/17 then he , Erekat and all the other Occupation facilitators are going to "hand back the keys" and devote their energies to securing the freedom and justice through the One State Solution ?

      Somehow don`t think so. But then again he did say "has to be" as opposed to "may be " or "could be" but then again if challenged on this on 1/1/18 when it patently hasn`t happened he or one of his spokespersons will I expect plead misquote or mistranslation.

      As has been pointed out by a number of MW commentators the main stumbling bloc to "freedom and justice" for Palestinians has been the Quisling Fatah cabal co - operating with the Zios to maintain their status and very comfortable globetrotting lifestyle and to feather their own nests. When Abbas goes , hopefully in the very near future through age,infirmity or simply being dumped as a complete failure , the whole Oslo charade will implode and the Zios will be in very expensive GDP threatening single state Apartheid Land and even their reliable puppet state , sorry I mean ally , the good old USA Trump or no Trump will not be bailing them out on that one.

  • Mostly-Jewish golf club is roiled by a prospective member's stance on Israel-- Obama's
    • Absolutely hilarious. These arrogant self entitled morons who object to Obama`s membership have no idea how ridiculous they look. To hell with the importance of replacing divots on the fairways, raking the sand after you have exited the bunkers, repairing spike marks on the greens etc The priority for them is that only those who are 100 % supportive of their country ( not the US but dear beloved eternally victimised Israel ) should be permitted as members. Anyone who is Pro - Israel can join and duff,shank, tear up the fairways to their heart`s content. As a golfer their attitude makes me want to puke. They are not golfers which is a sport for gentlemen and women who believe in and practice the principles of sport. They are quite simply bigoted Zionist scumbags and probably like their Zioland cousins cheat at will and lie about how moral their attitude to the sport is. I suspect also that there is in all this an element of OMG another black member (if there are any already). For those non scumbag members (Jewish or otherwise ) who are genuine sportspeople my commiserations - it must be hell being drawn to play against these lowlifes in competition knowing how loathsome they are. Would be interesting to know what Tiger Woods thinks of this - it quite openly brings the game into disrepute and if the Ziofreak members get their way the club should be excluded from membership of their local and national associations. Never mind they will have the opportunity of of answering the call to make golfing Aliyah , move to Zioland and join a local Tel Aviv course where their beloved cousins have made the desert bloom into challenging 18 hole 100% Jewish (no Arabs/Blacks allowed as members or visitors) courses.

  • Fury at Azaria verdict is Israel's Trump moment
    • "The settlers have taken over the army, both demographically and ideologically. They now dominate its officer corps and they direct policy on the ground"

      This has distinct echoes of the rapid downward spiral in Germany in the late 1920`s. The likes of Yaalon and Barak have realised this and have been distancing themselves but the Yahoo and his "team" have nowhere to go other than further to the extreme right in their pursuit of the future and more overtly Fascist PM = Naftali Bennett.So called "centrists" such as Lapid and those supposedly representing the"left" in Israeli politics such as Isaac Herzog , who have no choice but to be seen to be sympathetic to the settlers and the likes of Azaria if they are to have any chance of retaining votes , are similarly caught up in the relentless drift to the extreme right.

      The net result is that there no longer any "centre" "left" in Israeli politics. The Lapids/Herzogs
      are simply default shoe ins for what was once the traditional " right wing" Likud. See Jonathan Cook`s piece from 2013 on the subject:

      Sooner or later a huge number of decent moral Jewish Israelis are going to have a serious OMG moment , pack their bags and get out of what is rapidly becoming an extremist hell hole - to all intents and purposes a Zionist version of an ideological "caliphate".

  • Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will strengthen the far right, and may also further isolate Israel
    • “It increases the possibility that other countries—specifically the Europeans—that simply tag along behind the United States are going to have to start to make policy [decisions] for themselves…where they exact some form of consequence on Israel,” Abunimah predicts"

      This scenario seems highly likely to me and it may well partly explain why previous American Presidents have blocked the move. With Trump all bets are off and it could be as with a lot of his rhetoric and future actions he will do it just to set himself apart. The Yahoo and Co will get their cherished Ziopolis recognised as the eternal capital of etc etc by their client state the USA and the rest of the world including regional Arab states will have further clear evidence the Zioland does not give a toss about International Law , making peace or making any genuine efforts to settle the conflict.

      It will also bring closer IMHO what is going to be the real tinderbox in the ongoing situation - an extremist led and extremist government approved take over/demolition of the Al Aqsa compound for conversion into the 3rd , 4th , 5th whatever temple. At the end of the day they can`t have Ziopolis dominated by an untermenschen mosque.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • @mcohen1
      "I would happily attend a commemoration of fallen German Soldiers in Germany. They were just doing what they believed was their duty"

      Interesting observation. How far up the ranks does this empathy/sympathy go for you. Does it apply equally to the soldiers /guards in the various Nazi extermination camps?Does it apply to those who appeared at the Nuremberg trials? Does it apply to those who have been subsequently hunted down tried and sentenced by Israeli Nazi hunters?

      The "they were just doing their duty" meme presumably can be ascribed to them as it appears to have been recently to the IDF medic Azaria by the majority of the Israeli population and Israeli politicians across the spectrum including what purports to be the "centre" and the "left".

    • @Jon66

      "The convention on this site is to often refer to 18 and 19 year old Palestinians as boys or children"

      "The soldiers of the IDF, our children, maintain high ethical values while courageously fighting against bloodthirsty murderers under difficult operational conditions" quote unqoute by guess who = all IDF personnel be they 18 or 40 are classified as "children" by Zioland`s current Gauleiter.

      Pot/kettle springs to mind.

    • @Broadside
      "Maybe because the American media doesn’t want Americans to think — hmmm…. Two of four were Americans??? How many Americans are serving in the Israeli Army. Sorry, but isn’t there just a whiff there of …. dual loyalty???"

      Totally agree. Also there is the question of young "Americans" not signing up for the American Army to defend their own country. This specific and worrying contradiction never seems to be addressed in US MSM . I wonder why ?. So other young Americas sign up go off and die or are severely injured in Iraq or Afghanistan defending their countries interest - but Zionist Americans parents have no problem with their sons and daughters going off to a foreign country signing up for that foreign country`s military and getting the opportunity of practising their newly acquired shooting skills on 8 year old stone throwing children. Stinks to high heaven and surely sooner or later ordinary Americans whose sons and daughters have fought and died or have been injured in the line of duty will wake up to the smell.

      And also remember Trump has promised to sort out this sort of thing. Just like car production he will ensure that there will be no outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries.

    • Warning or no warning the attack on the King David Hotel was a terrorist attack by Jewish terrorists. The British Ambassador objected to the plaque but as the scenario unfolded appeared to back off when the reference to the British ignoring "warnings" was removed from the inscription. It speaks volumes for the control that Israel Firsters in the UK exercise here in the UK that the issue appears to have been since quietly dropped by the British Government when it should have been pursued until the plaque was removed.

      The leader of the Irgun a Fascist Zioterrorist by the name of Menachim Begin went on to become Prime Minister of Israel. Of course in the Ziorewrite of history the likes of Begin and his comrade in arms , Yitzhak Shamir, also surprise surprise future Prime Minister of Israel, are portrayed as "freedom fighters" or "resistance fighters". In reality they were just a Jewish Zionist version of the modern ISIS = murdering terrorist thugs.

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • Seeing and listening to Regurgitev as above always makes me think that Zioland nust have per capita the highest concentration of compulsive liars of any state on the planet. If anyone has any doubts about the parallel universe in which Ziofreaks live just listen to him. Not answering questions and never never never admitting to any guilt or potential crime committed by the Israeli Government or its unbelievably moral armed forces. Following his usual Hasbara routine.,its all about taking allegations seriously (bollocks) investigating allegations (total bollocks) Goebbels would have been proud to have him as an apprentice and hopefully now that he is Israel`s Ambassador to the UK he will be avoided and shunned as an denier and enabler of war crimes.

      Decent Australians are hopefully also glad that they have rid themselves of this odious weasel.

  • Israeli diplomat schemed to 'take down' UK's Deputy Foreign Secretary because he slammed settlements
    • @Amigo
      Many thanks .Have seen the comments. So basically Masot was some sort of "rogue" junior temporary employee in what is basically/normally whatever a highly professional and moral Israel Embassy in London and poor old Regurgitev was basically blindsided/unaware ( too many cans of Fosters Lager over the festive season perhaps ? ) and being the pro that he is he will soon sort it and make sure that nothing of the kind will be caught on camera again sorry I mean will happen again.

      "Do you think I came up the Lagan in a bubble" as they say in Belfast.

    • @Amigo
      Happy New Year. You must be referring to an Anshel Pfeffer ? I have not come across him before. Can`t locate the article you mention. All I can find is a a weird tweet from him affixed to a Haaretz article on the story as follows :
      "Temporary employee at London embassy about to be thrown out on his ear promoted by Daily Mail to senior diplomat".

      Do you perchance have a link ?

    • Definitely gone quiet in the MSM today. Probably because Hasbara Central are in a bit of a tizz over what to instruct their MSM poodles to do. They can`t scream "Anti-Semitism" "Anti Israel bias" or "Delegitimisation of Israel" as even a half brain dead Zio must realise that they have been caught with their pants down on this one. The UK Foreign Office are obviously keen to bail out poor old long suffering Israel with a FO spokesman describing the matter as "closed" - this in advance of the full Al - Jazeera investigation screenings which presumably they haven`t yet seen. There is also the Catch 22 of criticising the screening in advance which will serve to bring attention to it. If as suggested the majority of the documentary focuses on the Israeli Lobby efforts to dethrone/delegitimise Corbyn I do hope that the Labour Leader will get off his backside and start firing meaningful ammunition. As you say can`t wait.

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • @Amigo
      The threshold for consideration of a debate on a petition in the UK Parliament is 100,000 signatures. " Consideration " means that it may but also may not be considered worthy of a debate.

      A better way forward is for Jeremy Corbyn to show some real cojones and and call for an emergency debate in Parliament. Not even the craziest of Israeli Firsters here in the UK could portray such a move as being "Anti-Semitic" or as an attempt to "delegitimise" Israel and it would put May and co on the back foot big time. Recall that not so long ago in 2010 the then Labour Foreign Secretary ( BTW of Jewish parentage ) David Milliband delivered a scathing condemnation in Parliament over the revelations that Israeli agents had used fake British Passports to facilitate the assassination of Hamas representative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai:

    • A bright light shone on the nefarious Pro- Israel lobbyists and their Israel First plotting and manipulations in the UK and as yet no howls of "Anti-Semitism" or "Deligitimisation" of poor little forever singled out Israel. The effort to bury the news has already started with Regurgitev surfacing to apologise to Duncan - unusually for him he didn`t "make it clear" what Masot`s exact role was and again unusual for him he didn`t urge all and sundry to wait"until we know the full facts". As for HMG they have immediately switched to turbo to suffocate the story at birth - with a Foreign Office spokesman stating that "we consider the matter closed ". Orders from on high in Jerusalem - sorry I mean London.

      Hopefully the British public will have had an eye opener and will not consider the matter in anyway "closed".

  • Getting away with murder: the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' case
    • Like Begin and Shamir those cultured moral terrorists ( Iin Ziospeak "freedom fighters" )Azaria the "hero" will perhaps go on to be a future Israeli Prime Minister after his pardon/slap on his baby wrist sentence whichever. No wait a minute cancel that he is Mizrahi and definitely way down the pecking order in Zioland`s caste system. I think it is an only white European looking candidates should apply position.

    • With the lorry ramming incident in Jerusalem today I expect the howls for a pardon irrespective of the actual sentence will grow louder and louder with Bennett, Shaked ,the Yahoo and all the other closet Fascists queuing up to voice their undying love and support for Israel`s poor little most moral baby soldiers.

      To borrow a phrase from the much missed Regurgitev:Lets be clear killing a helpless wounded man woman or child who is posing no threat by pointing your army issue weapon and shooting in the head is murder everywhere else in the civilised world. Not so in Israel which is not surprising as ZioIsraelis are quite simply not members of the civilised world.

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • @Mooser
      "Give it at least a little time. As the facts start sinking in for more Israelis, and those outside Israel, a surprising number of Israelis will disappear"

      Touché !

    • Hadn`t seen the presumably loving Jewish mother`s photo before. I seem to recall that the sentiment and mantra was espoused by a certain HH and his acolytes back in the 1930`s.
      As for the Yahoo and Bennett. The latter is a clearly a psychopath looney tune who is quite probably in favour of some sort of rounding up and hermetic sealing of the Arab population throughout Israel and Palestine. My impression is that apart from clear ambition to boot aside the Yahoo and take over as PM of ZioLand he gets pleasure from yanking the Yahoo`s chain. Every time he claims the extreme right "moral ground" in this case by praising the poor heroic Azaria the Yahoo has to play catch up ergo state that he is in favour of a pardon.

      IMO a ridiculously light sentence for the "manslaughter" and or a pardon will dig Israel further into to the cesspit it now occupies. Ya`alon I believe recognises this and is therefore distancing himself in advance from the fall out.

      As for the prospect of "further ethnic cleansing and further genocide" I don`t believe that the Israelis have the luxury to do this piecemeal any longer though by default it will continue in the very short term. The situation in Israel/Palestine has been illuminated for all in the US and Europe to see in a way that was unthinkable even a few years ago. BDS is on the rise and will gain significantly in support as a result of the UNSC resolution and the moves to "outlaw" BDS have become damp squibs. The upcoming UN conference will I hope further shine the light on Israel (Zionist are uncomfortable with bright lights ) and there will be I hope a clear statement from the conference on the yes pre conditions which Israel has to face up to. Above all the Quisling Abbas and his corrupt PA cabal have definitely reached their use by date and will very soon be history.

      As for the poor victimised Israelis they have this huge problem = how do we "disappear" over 6 million people within a COUNTRY THE SIZE OF WALES (sic).

  • Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis
    • "It is particularly so when it regards Palestinians. His wish to believe the “theory” seems to overshadow his regard for facts, and for him, the “belief that it can happen” seems to be the ONLY WAY "

      The 2SS charade has been US Policy " theory" since at least 1967.It has also been a Zionist political ploy since Oslo . The US and Europe were long ago sucked into supporting this ploy but it is clear IMO that both are waking up to the reality that they have been duped. Thus Kerry and Obama recently and openly flagging up the choice between "Jewish or Democratic". After the contempt shown by the Yahoo to him and to the President in their attempts to kick start the 2SS and his clear pre - election "no 2SS on my watch statements" and taken together with the sheer bulk of the settlements infrastructure and spread I simply can`t believe that Kerry or Obama remotely believe that the 2SS is a possibility. I think that it is a fairly clear that it is another of those "We told you so" summations. The fact that this most recent speech is clearly focused on what is important for Israelis needs and priorities I think is simply a way of pre-empting the usual "throwing Israel under a bus" accusations.

      In many ways it is the clearest invitation to the Israelis to outline their "Plan B" by the outgoing administration. We won`t get a Plan B from the Yahoo because he hasn`t got one. Bennett appears to have some notion of a Plan B involving as a base tier the annexation of Area C and it could well be that in trying desperately to keep up with Bennett the Yahoo may be forced sooner than he wants into outlining an alternative.

      But both have this insurmountable demographic problem = how do we disappear all those millions of non Jews in A COUNTRY THE SIZE OF WALES !! (add eg Gloucestershire to factor in the West Bank)

  • 'Morality within the army is becoming less important among Israeli society': Azaria conviction reveals divisions across Israeli society
    • Some interesting "positioning" going on here. The ever scheming scumbag Yahoo is calling for a pardon so that he can`t be outflanked by the lunatic Bennett who is patently on the rise. Lieberman being Defense Minister presumably can`t risk alienating his Army command staff by criticising the verdict or calling for a pardon - I think in the latter`s case however it may simply be a question of "watch this space".

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • @Italian ex-pat.
      I too have tried to find specific reasons as to why the charge was downgraded from murder to manslaughter and have read somewhere that it was due to the perception that he" would not remain a threat to potentially kill others".

      This by any stretch of the imagination is absurd. It is the equivalent of saying that the murderer despite his act of premeditated murder , his subsequent lies and his general demeanour throughout has effectively self rehabilitated even before the trial and verdict.

      As has been regularly pointed out in this forum these Zioloons inhabit a parallel world when it comes to universally accepted norms of justice and equality before the law and yet continue relentlessly with their victimhood whining and about having the most moral army and being the only democracy in a sea of tyranny and what about such and such a neighbouringcountry etc etc yawn yawn crap crap.

      Same old script , same old play - only the actors are changing and very much for the worse.

      Imagine the same criteria being applied to Nazi war criminals !

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • What is missing in NF`s ongoing analysis of the 2SS v 1SS debate is the fact that as with the Yahoo on the ZioFascist side Abbas on the PAVichy side will not last forever. The Yahoo will soon be on his way either via the corruption conviction route or more likely by being elbowed aside by the fruitcake Naftali Bennett who is increasingly more to the liking of the only democratic etc etc yawn yawn people in the world. Abbas through time and ageing is simply getting rapidly closer to his end use by date. I don`t see any obvious ZioPuppet waiting in the wings to replace him not even the ever so erudite "hand back the keys " Erekat. The younger generation of West Bank Palestinians just like their counterparts in the Western World will not in any case accept a more of the same old corrupt cabal running the show situation and will I hope and believe start to actively demonstrate against such a more of the same situation. ZioLand will lose it`s long time puppet and as with anything and everything they do in relation to the occupation they only have a Plan A = continuation courtesy a compliant PA of the status quo.

      Also waiting in the wings to blow the whole 2SS farce to pieces and certainly turn upside down any existing or putative Arab-Israeli make do relations in the region is what I believe to be the inevitable consequence of the drift to the fanatical right in Zioland = a takeover of the Al Aqsa compound . Just a matter of time.
      We are now definitely in the lunatics/takeover/asylum zone.

  • The challenges of being a Palestinian doctor in the 'Jewish state'
    • Israeli Arab medics following the universal code of ethics for medical practitioners. Contrast with a Zionist Israeli IDF "medic" calmly murdering a helpless wounded Palestinian and being lauded as a "hero" for a blatant betrayal of those ethics. Sums up what Zionist Israel has become.

      BTW As with poor young Azaria ( at the age of 19 he is still is a mere boy by the way in ZioScope - Palestinians lose their "boyhood" and become actual or potential terrorists at the point where they can pick up and throw a pebble - say around the age of five ) being brainwashed from birth by Fascist parents and a Fascist educational programme is no excuse for murder just as there was no "being brainwashed " or "only following orders " excuse for the crimes of the Nazis at Nuremberg and subsequently.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • @YonahFriedman
      "Accepting the very human Jewish urge to self rule"

      I am a lapsed Christian now a practising atheist. I recently have developed this insatiable urge to self rule. I have spoken to a number of other atheists and they confirm that they are having the same urges. We have scanned the globe and we all agree that our chosen location for this self rule should be Luxembourg. The only problem of course is that the location is full of native Luxemburgians the vast majority of whom are non atheist. Not to worry - we will simply push these unclean believers aside. After all we are the Chosen atheists.

      This urge to self rule could go viral. Who next - Pagans , Scientologists , Monster Raving Loonies. Just a question of identifying a suitable location, adding a fairy tale connection giving you the right of abode , , infiltrating the corridors of power and the media in the US and Europe ( lots of serious money helps ) and off you go.

    • @BarKochbar
      "Finally, Israel is the size of El Salvador, has a population in excess of Sweden and Wales combined complete with motorways, universities, hospitals, cities"

      What is with you ZioLoons and this fixation with Wales.Have the Welsh shown themselves to be specifically Anti-Zio? It is usually "Israel a country the size of Wales". Now it is the Welsh population combined FFS with the population of Sweden and the Israeli population (presumably including the 20% and growing!!! Arab Israeli population) being in excess of this combined population. And WTF does being complete with motorways,universities,hospitals.cities (you forgot MacDonalds and Burger Kings although to be fair you did mention skunk water ) got to do with anything.

      You should really get out more

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • @Sibiriak
      Classic example:

      Op-Ed: There is No “Occupation”

      by Morton A. Klein, National President, Zionist Organization of America

      - See more at:

      From the article by this intellectual giant Morton A.Klein a so called American citizen one of a large number overt Israel First Fifth Columnists:

      "The territories of Judea-Samaria-Gaza and the Old City of Jerusalem were integral parts of the Jewish kingdoms throughout the biblical eras, and are explicitly mandated by the Hebrew Bible as part of the Land of Israel"

      You do realise that this statement as any form of claim of Zionists "rights" to Palestine is quite simply batshit crazy. The Bible , Old Testament New Testament , Jewish ,Christian or otherwise is a work of fiction weaved around actual or imaginary figures and events in Palestine 2000 + years ago. If you or the aforesaid Mr.Klein really believe that this in any way overides 21st Century International Law you need to look urgently at therapy options.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • The Yahoo is for sure completely off his trolley and is leading Israel into the "messianic abyss" as Barak says. That Trump will change everything vis a vis the US - Israel relationship is IMHO not at all a foregone conclusion. Trump is patently irrational and unpredictable but most importantly has a super swollen ego. Sooner or later the crazy Yahoo will say or do something in relation to US actions which will lead to a Clintonesque "who`s the superpower here ? " moment for Donald. Only , unlike the lovable Ziostreetwise Clinton Trump will not back off and this wonderful tender new relationship will terminate abruptly .

      One can only hope.

  • Kerry, interrupted
    • 2017 June 8th will be the 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. I do hope that the Liberty Veteran`s Association and others will be organising and heavily publicising memorial events to recall the brutal premeditated slaughter of 34 American sailors by its "greatest ally". Perhaps an invitation to the new President to attend a specific memorial event ? He will no doubt avoid responding or refuse but it will add to the cause of shedding further light on the real nature of this "greatest ally". Every little bit of illumination helps.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Amigo
      You may not have seen this. It is Melanie in full paranoia mode with even the mildly barmy Boris Johnson finding her in need of urgent therapy.

      So if I understand her correctly , and I am no psychiatrist , apart from wanting to destroy Melanie`s country ,Israel , Iran wants to generally nuke the West to bring on some sort of "Shia Apocolypse". Apparently its the talk in the streets in Teheran.

    • Meanwhile back in the dear old UK that classic ZioBrit the crazy Melanie Phillips continues to demonstrate that her one and only loyalty is to her beloved Israel:

      Please please please Ms Phillips do us all a big favour - why don`t you just simply off to your beloved Land of Creation and set up home in one of those nice little settlement condos you so admire in the non occupied West Bank. There you can relax and chew the fat with your fellow ZioNuts and wail and whine about eternal victimhood until your heart is content. Yes you will have to forego your nice little earner from the Times Newspaper and you will become just another crazy amongst a host of crazies who even you will soon realize are seriously and I mean seriously crazy but you will be in the heart of your beloved Zion and this warm and comforting thought will I am sure make it all worth while.

    • I shouldn`t worry too much Dershowitz is at hand and is again offer his towering intellect to rescue the situation:

      Great see that he has finally given up making oral pronouncements and is now exclusively addressing his audiences through his rear end.

      I think in particular he may have required extra toilet paper after he ejected this one:
      "To the contrary, settlement expansion is the consequence of Palestinian of the Palestinian refusal to accept repeated offers from Israeli governments to end the occupation and settlements in exchange for peace"

    • "Ahead of the vote, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned New Zealand that its support of the resolution was “a declaration of war,”

      Perhaps he plans to deploy the Elite IDF rugby squad to take on the Maoris. No wait a minute they might need a little bit of training first as they are only used to grappling with defenceless 4 stone 12 year old boys at thee a.m.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • @RoHa
      "Says that May was behind the resolution! A Cunning Plan to get her out of having to talk to Netanyahu?"

      Two weeks ago at a"Conservative Friends of Israel" conference she descibed Isreal as "a remarkable country " + ""a beacon of tolerance" + "A crucial ally".

      Now that the Yahoo has given her n explicit non - Churchillian two fingered salute perhaps she may revise her opinions somewhat. Who knows in fact who cares. Hopefully the British people themselves and particularly those who were lukewarm BDS will respond to an explicit expression of contempt for them.

      BTW during all of this UNSC Resolution drama haven`t heard a peep from the Yahoo`s pet wallaby Mark Regurgitev. In fact he doesn`t appear to have been "clear" about anything for ages. Is he perhaps depressed , disorientated , bewildered at being banished to Pommieland I think it is sad to think of him squirreled away in his plush embassy knocking back cans of Fosters Lager and pining for dear old Melbourne. However in his absence I think we all should be clear that it would be inappropriate to comment until we know the full facts.

  • One-state solution gets fairer shake in a NY synagogue than it gets in NY Times or MSNBC
    • "The veterans go off to South America or Southeast Asia and “just do drugs for about six months” so as to come back and be productive members of society."

      So after all that Zio glue sniffing during induction and "most moral" combat they go off piste for six months and switch to proper drugs AND they come back "productive members of society".


  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • To get a really good flavour of Zionist reaction to Obama and the vote have a listen to this unhinged moron or so called "New York State Assemblyman"

      Note how he unconsciously drifts into talking about "our people " and " our country" ie not America but Israel. The insults including the"Hussein" jibe to a fellow Democrat nevermind a two term serving and still serving American President are breathtaking and despicable.

      Surely sometime in the very near future America will wake up to the fact that there are thousands of these Fifth Column Israeli Firsters in positions of power and that they really and truly do not give a toss about America`s interests when it comes to the interests of their country of first loyalty = Israel.

  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • It appears that the Yahoo`s message to his officials and to "his people " generally is to get their "revenge" on the 14 disobedient nations who voted in favour of the UNSC resolution by reducing contacts and visits which will play havoc (not) with the economies , political stability etc of these poor minion nations. So Israeli tourists don`t go to them is the message. Perhaps have staycations instead. Perhaps go to the non occupied territories and amuse yourself by hurling stones and insults at the Untermenschen - so much cheaper and much more fun.

      As for the recipient minnows the message must be don`t go to the Land of Creation which has just insulted our leaders and nations. Should work wonders for the Israel Tourism industry and it could be that the Yahoo will seize the opportunity on the back of all this to add the Minister of Tourism portfolio to his ever expanding role.

      Those brave souls who do venture to the Land of Creation despite the insults and discouragement hopefully will take on board the possibility that getting into the Land of Creation by foreigners will become even more of a farcical ordeal and should allow at least 24 hours spent at border controls before they are refused entry , banned from returning for 10 years and all because they asked silly aggressive questions like " why are you doing this ? ".

      On the latter point I am fairly certain , particularly with regard to Western European nations including France and the UK , that Jewish Israeli passport holders have a relatively free ride when it comes to clearing Immigration and Customs controls largely because of the fear of officials that they will be accused of Anti - Semitism Israelis like other nationalities are potentially just as likely terrorists , criminals , drug smugglers , paedophiles etc etc. Perhaps the meassage should be going out to these Border Officials that they should treat Jewish Israeli passport holders just like any other visitors - no I don`t mean ask them the same question 40 times , automatically strip search them , search their laptop records , deny them access to a solicitor or consular officials and then refuse them entry. No I mean simply treat them in the way they are trained to with courtesy and professionalism but without fear or favour as officials of civilised nations unlike the nation of their visitors.

    • An issue which has been somehow glossed over in all of this is the Yahoo summoning of the 14 Ambassadors on Christmas Day to give them a dressing down on behalf of his mighty nation:

      The ambassadors the majority of whom are from Christian nations as in celebrating Christmas Day being ambassadorial did not of course tell Herr Yahoo`s messengers to p... off.

      Had the shoe been on the other foot of course ie poor eternally victimised eternally singled out Israeli Ambassadors celebrating Hannukkah then we would all have been drowned out by howls of " Blatant Anti Semitism".

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • There has got to be a cracking potential sitcom in all of this:

      To reprise huge mighty Israel led by the Churchillian Yahoo flexes its muscles in response to the arrogance of the UNSC . Now that would be on behalf of 8 Million Israelis ( 2 million of whom are uncleansed Arabs ) giving a verbal spanking to the 2 billion odd population of the the UNSC states and threatening dire consequences including possibly OMG ! a total ban on cherry tomato exports. The world is already quivering in fear !

      Absolutely bloody hilarious.

    • @Lysias
      "Can the resolution and its rejection by Israel a basis for sanctions?"

      This may very soon become a tit for tat scenario with mighty Israel introducing sanctions against all those pipsqueak nations inc Russia,China and the UK who disobeyed its instructions not to vote for the resolution:

      The Yahoo will of course hold back on America pending confirmation that his new puppet in waiting Donald will do his bidding.

      Who knows perhaps in the background he has instructed his military to re-target some of the we may have we may not have what`s it to you anyway nuclear missiles on some of the disobedient countries. Hell hath no fury like an egotistical moron scorned. I anticipate that all sane decent Jewish Israelis , and they are still in their hundreds of thousands , will be urgently considering whether they want themselves and their families continuing to live in a country which is spinning out of control as a result of his "leadership"

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • News just breaking. The Yahoo has banned the export of cherry tomatoes to all those countries who voted in favour of the resolution (with the exception of those produced in "Judea and Samaria").This is seen by some observers as the beginning of a massive campaign by him on behalf of the huge powerful Middle Eastern nation to delegitimise the rest of the world following their blatantly Anti Semitic vote in the UNSC , including minnows like Russia and China (but not America pending how well little boy Trump responds to his instructions in the months ahead )

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • Leaving aside the question of loony Donald's potential breaches of US law in conducting foreign policy as a private citizen and the Yahoo's blatant attempts to deligitimise poor old Senegal and New Zealand I think the most interesting scenario to watch in the coming months will be how various US and EU institutions and political bodies twist and turn to address the role and purpose of BDS. The latter is currently under faux attacks for allegedly trying to "deligitimise" poor old Israel. Now one can hope it will be clearly seen as a movement which is supporting a legally binding UNSC resolution in relation to settlements which are in breach of this resolution.
      How in particular will the various Israel First Senators and Congressmen get their titanic intellects round this conundrum. Perhaps as with the Yahoo they will start pressing for the US to leave the UN altogether as it is plainly biased towards their beloved country(not America silly I mean Israel).

    • Herr Yahoo must be longing for the good old days coming back soon when Trump becomes his latest puppet:

      I do hope that Donald appreciates the role.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • The Yahoo who is all in a lather is already chucking his toys out of the bathtub:

      Seriously though it sounds eerily familiar ?

    • @YF
      "One cannot overestimate the contempt right wing and indeed 65 to 85% of Jewish Israelis have towards the un"

      Membership of the club is not obligatory as with the NPT. If Jewish Israelis despise it so much then they should pressure their leadership to hold a referendum on membership. Since their leadership has consistently ignored/defied UN Resolutions ( and the Yahoo has announced that he will do the same with the latest one ) it will be no great loss to the body and spare them the ongoing "contempt " for their deliberations and decisions.

      I doubt that however that Zionist Israel has the cojones to leave the club. It will mean that they will no longer be able to whinge and whine about how unfair the other members are towards them (sob).

  • Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution
    • At time of posting the UN resolution had already been passed but always interesting to watch and listen to the revolting squirming Dershowitz doing his OJ Simpson defense routine antics. The other speaker was a new one for me but equally hilarious - he strikes may as being a long time resident of Planet Zion. Desperate Dersh is fouling his pants over what position to take in all of this now that HRC is history and OMG he has morphed into a Trumpette being in awe of the Pres Elect`s awesome intellect and political judgement.

      Beinart himself must be exhausted from his middle ground efforts to point out the blindingly obvious to people of this calibre and retain some semblance of support for the cult colony he claims to "love". He is still to be admired by comparison though because he tries to present the facts as opposed to the Hasbaritic puke which emanates from his fellow panelists.

      Interesting times ahead not least for those attempting to demonise BDS as a result of this resolution. Project Zion has for the first time been kicked in the nether regions by its sugar daddy as opposed to having its nether regions criticised as smelly. IMHO no great change in the eventual outcome = continuation apace with the settlement project , collapse of PA , overt Apartheid state and eventually and after lots of the rodents have jumped ship a one state full citizenship rights for all state in Palestine.

  • 'Friedman is a warm Jew' -- Israelis approve of Trump's ambassador nominee
    • Love the "Warm Jew" metaphor. So out there there must be let`s think - lukewarm Jews , tepid Jews , cool Jews , cold Jews , frozen Jews. Oops forgot hot Jews and red hot Jews.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • @Sibiriak
      "And besides, really look what happened there"

      What aspect did I not really look at - was it the Afrikaners version of Israeli Zionist untermenschen getting full civil liberties as a result of BDS Mark 1 ?

    • @Sibiriak
      "You have a lot of persuading to do"

      I didn`t personally persuade South Africa but look what happened.

    • This is a no brainer IMHO. The Israeli Zionists in power led by the do whatever / say whatever to stay in power Yahoo are locked into a right wing cul de sac after embracing the Racist Settler agenda so they have to be seen to be aggressively opposing the UN Security Council vote and doing whatever is necessary to keep the US on board. All the while pretending to themselves that the status quo " only through direct negotiations " farce will just carry on indefinitely particularly when Trump takes the stage. All self delusion and all leading ( with the speed gathering ) to a pro tem one Apartheid state and then reality may finally dawn. The second passports will be retrieved from the sock drawer and the reverse Aliyah shuffle will begin in earnest.

  • Forced existence
    • @Abebird
      "Israel treats the Muslims much better than the US treated Japanese in WWII"

      A particularly sparkling gem amongst the many in your Ziorant. So the kind hearted Israelis chose not to drop one of their may have may not have what`s it to you anyway nuclear bombs on the"Muslims".

      BTW "Jews" are not a people they are are members of a religious cult so there are eg Israeli Jews , Italian Jews , Irish Jews , English Jews etc etc etc ad nauseum just as there are Israeli Catholics , Italian Catholics , Irish Catholics , English Catholics etc etc ad nauseum . All are "people" as in members of the human race and all are descended from Neanderthals although a certain batch insist that they were the chosen Neanderthals.

      Ease off on the ziomeds , deep breathing exercises etc etc recommended.

    • For a classic example of the eternally threatened eternally victimised eternally innocent of any wrong doing Zionist Israeli psyche read this carefully crafted wailing from the cuddly racist Danny Danon in today`s NYT:

      Don`t you just want to give the poor child a reassuring hug.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • Lapid is nothing more than a closet Fascist posing as a "centrist" in Israeli politics. The truth is that the so called "centre" in Israeli politics , if it ever truly existed , has imploded and the Lapidites to stay in political contention and to assuage their egos have bolted to the right to try and stay in the game with Likud. He is also a classic example of the pseudo - Europeanism of the Zionist colonists. Here we are poor little victimised , terrorised Israel with our "European standard" democracy in a sea of cannibalistic barbarian Arabs and all we get is criticism from Western lefties and self deniers and accusations of being Apartheid.

      As for children , education and hatred I wonder what he would have to say about the following shining examples of youthfull Zionist Lighting unto the Nations ?

  • Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
    • As ever IMHO the key to all this and to the rapid and final unraveling of the "peace process/two state solution" farce lies not in the convolutions in US Jewish society but with the increasingly irrelevant PA and its mandarins. Saab (we`ll give back the keys) Erekat`s reaction to the appointment is a routine tut tut which he has perfected to a fine art.

      He,Abbas and the rest of the PA Vichy cabal will cling on to the bitter end no matter what to keep their 7 star hotel International Conference lifestyles and egos - screw the people they are supposed to be fighting for. They will continue to collaborate with the Israelis in order to stay there and the Israelis in turn will continue do all it takes to keep them in position. It is very much up to the younger Palestinians in the OT to take to the streets to get shot of this bunch of self serving crooks , terminate the so called "Authority" once and for all and openly push for full civil rights including citizenship voting and citizenship rights in whatever " state" emerges.

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews 'kapos' (Updated)
    • @Sibiriak
      Thanks for the Wikipedia link. I am now the wiser and will certainly keep the term in reserve for deployment in marital disputes. As for the I/P conflict I think what you are perhaps suggesting is that the Yahoo should up his game from seeking to preserve the status quo to actively seeking to "freeze" the conflict ( NB not freeze the illegal settlements - perish the thought ).

    • @Sibiriak
      Officially dead? Unlikely. But if it were to become officially dead, then the focus will shift to 1.5 state solutions, confederations with Egypt, Jordan etc., or simply nmanagement of a “frozen conflict.”

      I`ll raise your 1.5 to 1.7. BTW WTF is a "frozen conflict". Is it some sort of political dessert ?

      "The Palestinians will be able to do what they wish with Gaza and the remaining areas in the West Bank". Yup just like they have been able to for the last 50 years - you really should get out more.

  • Theresa May adopts a definition of anti-Semitism that demonizes Israel's critics
    • @Qualtrough
      "It is quite easy to see the UK banning Mondoweiss under this definition. Scary in its implications"

      The UK ( as in Magna Carta ) is not the US and it is not at all scary IMHO. If they actually try to "enforce" this nonsense it will actually be a good thing because it will lead to public defiance and a real positive = it will further highlight the Apartheid scenario in the poor little victimised beleagured "size of Wales " Land of Creation and the malign influence which it has in UK politics.

    • Further to my earlier post apologies to all you traditional Church of England brethren out there. Of course it is long past time for an up to date definition of Antdisestablismentarianism and this new Anti Semitism Bill would be a great opportunity to highlight the whole issue of the injustice of separating Church from State. Over to you Theresa.

    • Difficult to know where to start with this one - it is so hilarious. But here goes anyway. So Tm bless her and of all places at a Friends of Israel meeting ( heavy hint there ) has decided that the UK will be formally adopting a definition of "anti - Semitism". So first question that automatically comes to mind is "what is the definition of a Semite ? ". No really you`re kidding me - I thought all this time it was just Jews but you mean there are are all sorts of people in and from the Middle East who are also Semites but they are Muslims. And wait there`s more there are lots perhaps millions!) of people who are Jewish but are not actually Semites. So why isn`t this about anti - Judaism. Is there some sort of trademark/patent on the term "Anti - Semitic" held by A Jewish Institution , an individual Rabbi or wow could it be the government of Israel

      Second question. Can we have definitions for all the other "Antis" as well eg anti- Catholicism. anti - Baptistism , anti - Paganism etc etc ad nauseum otherwise it`s just not fair. In fact it could be argued that it is downright discriminatory in favour of a specific and very small minority of the British people and yes I have to say something distinctly smelly about it.

      I will stop at two but there are a lots and lots of questions which will become formal legal challenges whenever this daft Bill becomes law and is actioned in anyway.

      You have got to hand it to these Israeli First Zionists here in the UK ( knock , knock yes officer I will come quietly ) they cerainly know how to shine a light unto their shit.

  • Israel lobby resorting to censorship and blacklisting as it loses control of mainstream discourse
    • It would appear that the spirit of Mr.McCarthy lives on amongst American Zionists or at least they have forked out sufficient funds to US "politicians " to buy an updated model.
      "Are you now or have you ever been a critic of Israel ? ". with perhaps live "committee " hearings on Fox TV ? interspersed with Land of Creation Tourism ads.

      Have I missed something in all of this - has there been a further amendment quietly added to the US Constitution specifying that US citizens have no right to criticise Israel ?

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • Here in the Uk we don`t have the overt Fifth Column Israeli Firsters like the gruesome Boteach but the Jewish/Zionist/Israel Lobby are still desperately trying to stifle criticism of their beloved Light unto the Nations in the face of BDS and growing disgust at Israels growing brutality and Apartheid practices.

      The British PM who is a leading "Friend of Israel" and who , judging by her comments thinks that the sun shines out of the Land of Creation`s backside.,has decided that the huge increase in Islamophobia, Anti- Eastern European bigotry and attacks etc etc are small fry and on the face of it inconsequential compared with the "rise in Anti Semitism" which surprise surprise as usual jumps to the front of the queue and is currently in the process of pushing a "definition of Anti Semitism bill through the UK parliament.
      The fact that the "increase" is almost completely down to use of internet paging ( ie it is the same old Nazi freaks only they are now regularly posting on line and yes they hate Muslims and Blacks just as much if not more than they hate Jews) is blithely ignored. Behind it all of course is the Israel Lobby ( May is a member Of the Friends of Israel and actually thinks that it is a Light unto the Nations as opposed to a Blight unto the Nations) There is also political gain in keeping alive ludicrous claims that the Labour Party has an entrenched Anti - Semitic problem to further undermine what once was the UK Opposition Party - this is still alive as much as anything due to the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is a useless wimp who simply hasn`t got what it takes to shoot it down in flames.

      As for the bill itself and the definition it appears that it will not include criticism of Israel or criticism of Zionism as being " anti - Semitic" as appears to be happening with proposed legislation in the uS viz "the Anti Semitic Awareness Act". This is a sign perhaps of the Conservatives recognising that they may be going out on a limb on this one. Still will be interesting to see challenges to it emerging. For starters perhaps a clarification of the term "Semite" would be in order - so does it include all those millions of genetic Semites eg the Palestinian Muslims/Christians and other Arabs. And why should it include all those Americans/Europeans / Russians etc etc who are not genetically Semite. Thus the bill arguably if it makes legal sense or has a viable legal anchor should be aimed at defining "Anti - Judaism" or "Anti - Judaistic". This may stir up some serious legal mud.

      Or have Zionists got a world wide legal patent/trademark on the term Anti - Semitism ?

      Interesting times ahead.

  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • @DaBakr
      "I think it’s more likely you are suffering from propaganda overload. So much hatred for Israel and Zionism [..] has closed your ability to judge any other situation in the world except through the lens that mw has taught you"

      Touched a nerve there old son and you appear to be dribbling again.Haven`t the foggiest idea what you mean about "judge any other situation in the world". I am not commenting on any other situation in the world. I am commenting on the situation in your beloved Land of Creation and my comments reflect my studied view that it is a racist state infected with Fascism ( btw on this point perhaps you should flag up to Messrs Barak and Ya`alon that they may be suffering from "propaganda overload". )

      As for:
      "I could name over four major racial and/or cultural nations the US is still struggling to come to terms with" WTF is that supposed to indicate ? As I said you tend to dribble when cornered.

    • @DaBakr
      "Israel has nowhere near the type of racial problems nor human rights issues the states have"

      All this relentless plonker pulling DB - even you must be starting to suffer from Hasbara fatigue.

  • Adelson delivered! Now it's Trump's turn
    • It is always worth listening to what morons like Adelson actually say without blinking an eyelid:
      A reminder of his all time great performance:

      Frightening to think that Israel First cretins such as these who don`t actually give a monkey`s F..K about America or the health , well being and security of its citizens can on the face of it have so much influence on US politics and US foreign and Defence policy.

      It makes one think whether the majority of Americans recognise or understand the concept of "Fifth Column"

  • Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader
    • @Hophmi
      "It’s, of course, utter bullshit. Israel is one of the most diverse societies on the planet, from every possible point of view. It’s home to people who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Bahai. It’s home to people of every race. It’s home to people of every sexual orientation"

      You continue to plumb the depths of excretory nonsense. The diverse Muslim,Christians ,people of every race etc to whom you refer are the natives who your Ziobuddies weren`t able to expel or otherwise cleanse or incrementally neutralise. The"home" which you refer to has effectively and predictably morphed into an Apartheid Colony with a limited life span . Next you will be claiming that any old Muslim , Christian , Hindu , Sikh whatever can emigrate to the Land of Creation and make it their "home" with no problems whatsoever.

      As for Mondoweissers "sharing hate " - Absolutely pathetic. Hasbara , paid for or voluntary is one thing, but statements like these are classic examples of someone who is pissing into the wind and not realising that he is in fact soaking himself in his own urine.

  • 'NYT' bias amazes: long article about online incitement in Israel/Palestine only blames Palestinians
    • What the brain dead brainwashed Israeli Zios fail to see looming on the horizon with overt Apartheid now unfolding before the world`s eyes is progressive exclusion from all international sporting competition including the European Football Cup and the various other international sports competitions ( oh and chuck in the Eurovision Song Contest which though technically not a sport is quite a feather in the cap for Zionist Israelis as in we are not dangerous terrorist type barbaric orientals we are a really civilised cultured music loving European Standard Democratic Nation and we deserve to be regarded basically as fellow Europeans ).

    • “The Palestinian people. . . the people who started the war, …”

      Bit like the Nazis claiming that it was the Jews who started the Holocaust ?

    • @amigo
      "To our shame , today an Irish soccer team , Dundalk is hosting the racist soccer team from Israel,s capital —Tel Aviv maccabi "

      Not sure whether this makes the Dundalk situation better or worse but a few months ago Glasgow Celtic hosted another Israeli team and this is what happened:

      Also as I posted earlier if perchance you have access to BBC I Player do try and watch the "Storyville" documentary on Beitar Jerusalem.

      Of course the pukey Shaked would if challenged categorise the "death to" and "kill all" chants from these supporters as simply sporting high spirits and as coming from the mouths of Israeli Jews can never be classified as incitement or racism.

  • Palestinians in Lebanon remember Palestine
    • Listen to these individuals speak of their homeland and then compare with the crazed New Yorker settlers and their biblical rants. Who would you invite into your house and share bread and time with ? Time and demographics are on the side of the Palestinians and hopefully it will not be too long before a large number of the expelled indigenous people of the land of Palestine will be able to return to their homeland and the absurd little ZioColony currently brutalising its native people will become just another ugly blip in history.

  • I hereby chuck my right to Jewish national self-determination
    • Credit where credit is due (no play on words intended ). Robert may have given birth the new Zionaclasm movement. Perhaps a call is in order to fellow Jews in Europe , the US and elsewhere who abhor what is being done by Zionists in Israel in the name of Judaism to show their mettle by organising / signing a petition style declaration renouncing their own"right" to "Jewish National Self Determination"

    • @gingershot
      "Seeing Israeli Jews as ‘bad’ (great article by carolina landsmann regarding this ‘Opinion: Are Israelis the Bad Ones?’- she says ‘YES’) and shaming them because of their behaviour is actually a healthy, ‘mentally well’ thing to do"

      Have recently watched a"Storyville" documentary on the BBC about Beitar Jerusalem football club and the "La Familia" extremist right wing organisation within its fan base. Until then had been only vaguely aware of issues regarding "Arab" players playing / not playing for the club. The programme however was a real eye opener - an illustration of just how feral Jewish Israeli society ( now irredeemingly way right of centre ) is becoming. There were of course positives as in every situation = the quiet dignity and humanity of the now ex Team Captain , now ex - Team Coach and now ex - Club Chairman in the face of ugly abuse and threats for welcoming the two Chechen (NB not Arab) Muslim players.The fact that they are now "Ex" sums up the reality of what Israel has become as we move into the now ex two state Apartheid phase in the colony`s existence. Well worth a watch (caution bad language in abundance from guess who ) and wouldn`t it be great if young American Jews got see some of their supposed co - religionists in action in the Light unto the Nations.

    • A thoughtful balanced if ever so slightly tongue in cheek article. Like the author but as a Christian (albeit severely lapsed ) I too have decided to give up my National Right to Self Determination in what was my Christain Ancestors Homeland. I am not sure that all those non lapsed Christians round the world ( aproxd 2 billion? ) actually realise that Jewish /Zionist Aliyahs have effectively set an international legal precedent which by implication means that they can claim a right of return to the birthplace of their religion irrespective of whether they are Welsh,Japanese,Inuit or whatever.
      "I haven’t forgotten how they replaced animal sacrifice with prayer and study and ethical action"

      Not so sure that this is fully the case. We still have "kosher " slaughter here in the UK which is IMO by definition primordial despite the best efforts of practitioners to dress it up as somehow less cruel than conventional slaughter ( as if they give a shit ).. The reason that it ( along with Muslim Halal slaughter ) is not banned as it should be (it is quite simply ritual barbarism ) is for fear of being accused of being surprise surprise anti - Semitic or Islamophobic.

  • Santa Cruz church becomes first US congregation to boycott HP for role in Israeli occupation
    • @JustJessetr
      "enables their addiction to victimhood?"

      What a revolting sick statement. You might just as casually have said that Jews under the Nazis in Europe were"addicted to victimhood".

      "Israel will stand or fall on the strength of it’s own diplomacy and economic strategy, just like any other country."

      Israel is not like "any other country" It is an cult colony grafted onto Palestinian land and it will fall just as its Apartheid predecessor South Africa. Just a question of time and demographics.

  • Oren was surprised by backlash to his memoir -- 'slinky' 'self aggrandizing,' and 'reckless'
    • Poor dear. People are so so unfair. He should get out and about in the West Bank a little bit more. Seeing the IDF beat up a few Palestinian women and children will cheer him up no end.

  • Analyst: Egypt is mending relations with Gaza to hurt Abbas
  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • @echinococcus
      "Nothing done by the Zionists, including a successful genocide, will ever hit that fan unless US policy turns around (or the US is defeated.)"

      Fully entitled to your opinion. It is though I believe the sort of despairing opinion held by many pre the stuff hitting the Apartheid South African fan way back then. As for the US it has just elected a mega spiv to be it`s next President and who knows where his Twitter fetish will lead him to when it comes to Israel. As for genocide out of the question not least because Zionists wouldn`t be able to sleep at night being unable to weep and wail all the time about their unique victimisation status.

    • For the past two years it seems to me that Obama and in particular Kerry have been pointedly signalling to Israel that the ongoing and relentless settlement enterprise is driving it down a single Apartheid state cul de sac. As the article points out the Yahoo and Co have been simply ignoring these warnings and effectively giving Obama and Kerry the middle finger. Not sure how this will unfold if a new Security Council vote scenario emerges before Obama goes. He might choose to use the vote ( ie abstention ) to return the middle finger. I personally doubt it and tend to agree with Rooster that Obama and Kerry will simply wait for the Apartheid State situation to unfold and then pointedly recall that "well we did warn you time and time again and you simply gave us the middle finger - you fully deserve all the s..t which is now hitting your Zionist fan"

  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • @Maghlawatan
      Thanks for the YouTube link.Had not seen this before.First impressions what a seriously Nazi creep. No attempt whatsoever to wheel out the old Regurgitev "we don`t know the full facts and we are investigating " crap and zero zero zero feeling for the children and their families.
      Prime war criminal material.

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • I expect the Senate would vote to declare that the earth is flat if Israel asked them to because it is deemed Anti Semitic to say that it is round . What a fool America is making of itself. Still the good news is that American Zionists are obviously brain dead - their only strategy is attack attack attack and this strategy has the effect of expose expose expose the control which they have over the US and the shallowness of its elected representatives. At a time when swathes of US voters have turned the political landscape upside down largely because of a perception of a privileged few having all the power this will hopefully rebound very quickly. It will also quite naturally force the issue of the US /Israel relationship to centre stage where the Zionists really don,t want it to be.

  • Despite Israeli restrictions, surfers in Gaza hope to join global competition
    • Hmmm. Let's hazard a guess. If the surfing phenomenon takes off in Gaza and there is palpable support amongst the worldwide surfing community can' be long before the Israelis manufacture some fable about surfers using surf boards to bring in weapons and "weapons material " for Hamas to stifle discourse and criticism and will ban the activity for "security reasons". Surfing terrorism against poor defenceless eternally victimised eternally threatened eternally tragic little Israel simply cannot be allowed.

  • ADL is leading 'witch hunt' against Keith Ellison over Israel comments, J Street exec says
    • I am not American and I don`t have any in depth knowledge of the ADL. For what it is worth though and from what little I do know it is a rather creepy sham ( particularly when the seriously creepy Foxman was the front man ). For a start as a Brit I find the use of the term "defamation " a little bit weird.It is not a term which in my knowledge is common parlance here in the UK and comes across as a little bit Victorian. The ADL however does mirror the tactics of other Zionist/Pro- Israel "institutions" "think tanks" etc here in the UK and Europe. They rather pathetically with a typical Zionist arrogance for peoples intelligence wrap up their titles and their "mission objectives " with totally meaningless statements about fighting injustice discrimination prejudice of all kinds and a favourite here in the UK and Europe that of striving for a " peaceful solution" to the I/P conflict. Of course it is all a load of hypocritical bollocks. They don`t care a fig for the rights of others for any prejudices,injustices being suffered by any people other than the ones they imagine are being visited on Zionist Jews. Happily I believe their days are increasingly numbered as the younger generation of genuinely liberal and increasingly assimilated American and European Jews are distancing themselves and openly speaking about Israel`s disgusting record on human rights and especially in the US how the mainstream political parties have covered up for Israel all these years. It will IMO all start to unravel very soon.

  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • @Kathleen
      "Willing to keep the conflict on “perpetual hold” as Israel confiscates more and more land, air and water"

      The "perpetual hold" is evolving into something very different.They can confiscate all they like and no doubt driven by the brainwashed settler zombies they will continue to do so. The problem they ( the few remaining rational players in Israeli politics ) have got and are terrified of facing up to is the collapse/implosion of the Vichy Oslo PA and the de facto surrender of the keys to the West Bank back to them. Oh and the "Arab droves" between the river and the sea ( the ones who refused to die or emigrate and who have continued to breed in their hundreds of thousands ) who sooner or later will be turning to the US and the rest of the world and saying you patently didn`t pressure the Israelis into giving us a Palestinian State, and now it is simply with the settlements a complete impossibility so we want equal rights and full citizenship in the land between the river and the sea alongside the other residents and not the Apartheid system which Israel will de facto be applying.
      The International Community has been playing along with the two state negotiations farce despite knowing it to be a lost cause and have allowed Israel unwittingly to dig its own grave. The game is now rapidly moving on to South African Apartheid Mark 2 and the same International Community can`t bluff their way out of confronting this.

      Roll on 1SS.

  • Arafat started the fires!
    • It`s a no brainer for the Light unto the Nations - in the absence of finding cigatette lighters , matches or even two stones to rub together on him they will simply accuse him of inshitement and in keeping with their long tradition of Western standard democratic ideals and practices detain the poor soul for up to six months+ with no access to family,solicitors or toilet rolls.

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • "Paul Warhit, the other interlocutor, had short dark hair and seemed a bit coiled. His son served in the Israeli army, and Warhit said he feels a “visceral” connection to the place."

      Sorry to add a further dash of scepticism but this sums it all up really. I wonder why his son didn`t do his patriotic duty and serve in his own country`s army = the US Army. I would love to hear of or preferably see one of these" patriotic " Americans being asked the simple question why did you or your son or your daughter serve in a foreign army and not your own nations army. Focusing on that simple fact might open a lot of blinded eyes in America.

  • Israeli settlers celebrating weekly Torah portion smash Hebron shop windows
  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
    • @DeBakr
      Can you please ask your best buddies in the IAF to stop all those listen up you smelly natives just reminding you we are the one`s in charge 24/7 F16 and helicopter flights over Gaza and the West Bank. The noise is deafening and there doesn`t appear to be any local noise pollution ordinances covering them.

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • @SandraLLAP
      "OK Ossinev (and everyone else)- I’m going to just “cut to the chase”, by asking the one question that matters above all else: what, exactly, is your vision for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians?"

      Still tiptoeing round that mirror Sandra. Cutting to the chase as you request I have no vision for peace. The"peace" you are referring to and are desperately clinging on to is the faux Oslo Zionist peace concoction with your beloved colonials still lording it over Palestine assisted by their little Vichy PA muppets. As Mooser has indicated it is basically down to good old demographics and the disintegration of yet one more, and in this case particularly absurd colony. One state in Palestine will emerge. I don`t think it will be a "peaceful" scenario judging by the core loony settler element now calling the shots in Israel. However a significant proportion of the relatively "patriotic" Israelis will jump ship and head off back to their native soils in the US and Europe once they realise that they will have to share real estate with Arabs ( possibly also a significant number of Russian emigrant"Jews" who will return to their by now more attractive motherland and reconvert rapidly to actual religion ).

      Please summon up the courage.Look in the mirror.Admit that your Zionist dream is unravelling. Then you at least might find some peace.

    • @sSandraLLAP
      Thank you for your response.With respect you come across as an archetypal "Liberal Zionist" who tip toes fearfully round the reality of what Israel is and was intended to be from the start = an ethnocentric cult colony for current practitioners of the Jewish religion whatever their national and religious background (eg conversion). The overwhelming majority of these Israelis have zero connection to the Land of Palestine unlike the Diaspora Palestinians who have 100% connection. Every American,British , French,South African etc Jew who is facilitated in their "Right of Return" to their "homeland" is a straightforward spit in the eye to those native Palestinians who are living in enforced squalor in refugee camps in the Middle East and a one fingered gesture to International Law and Conventions. The "compromises" you refer to the Israelis being prepared to make are completely and utterly spurious. They were and are and ad infinitum will continue to be, pending a 1SS, meaningless shop dressing to assuage the International Community and to preserve and accelerate the river to the sea settlement process.

      It was "unrealistic" for the UN to recognize Israel as a state in 1948 but under International ie a UN Resolution it happened. So with UN Res 194 it can and will happen in due course - short of Israel eventually having a despairing Masada moment and detonating one of its might have might not have nuclear weapons so that the non chosen Palestinian people will never have the pleasure of living in peace and happiness in their native land.

      "I don’t deny that some Palestinians were forcibly driven away, but not all of them were"

      Are you really serious ? "Some !!" The bulk of the native Palestinian people ( up to 700,000 according to the once eminent Israeli historian Benny Morris ) were deliberately driven out of their homeland during the Nakba as part of a planned and structured Zionist ethnic cleansing project which incorporated regular small scale local genocides "pour encourager les autres"

      "The reason Israel has that territory in the first place, is because it was gained from winning an unprovoked war of self-defense."

      Pure unadulterated Hasbaraitis I`m afraid. Fact , fact , fact = Israel attacked Egypt in 1967 and Egypts regional allies attacked Israel in support of their ally. Israel was the aggressor and the aggression was driven behind the scenes by the Zionist plan to colonise fully from the river to the sea. Anything which got in the way of that plan including the USS Liberty was a legitimate target in Zionist eyes. You do yourself no service by parroting this tedious falsehood about poor little Israel being attacked in 1967.

      "Just as the Palestinians can agree to do without having the right of return, as a gesture of their admission of the unjust harm they have caused in the past and commitment to doing better in the future, the Israelis can choose to give up the Occupied Territories, as a gesture of their admission of the unjust treatment that they have doled out towards the Palestinians"

      "Unjust treatment they have doled out towards the Palestinians". Sorry but this is naive at best and infantile at worst - it really does approach the level of describing the Holocaust as "unjust treatment doled out by German Nazis"

      "You had criticized Israel’s immigration policies as being racist, and I suppose I can see how it may seem that way to some".

      It may seem that way !! Are you serious? It is full frontal in your face racism and internally ( in the OT for sure - in Israel itself pending ) the reality is full frontal in your face racist Apartheid.

      Sandra as I said you are tip toeing around the mirror desperate not to face up to and confront the reality of the barbarism which Zionists from the 1940`s onwards have inflicted on the native Palestinian people and your talk of both sides having to make compromises is nonsense.Just as with Israel "having no preconditions for negotiations" Israel has no intention whatsoever of compromising on the Eretz Israel river to the sea colonising project. And each year the US ignores Israel`s crimes Israel will continue on this course towards their own demise as a "Jewish Democratic State" because the 1948 ethnic cleansing project was perversely stalled by UN recognition and the poor suffering eternally threatened Israelis
      are stuck with this huge demographic problem of the approx 6 million and growing Palestinian population between the river and the sea. As much as they wish there is no "Final Solution" which they can implement to deal with this problem - it is after all 2016 and not 1936.

    • @SandraLAp
      "The problem I have with the current BDS movement isn’t its tactics, but rather that its goals are unrealistic (i.e., the “right of return” of “diaspora” Palestinians, being one of them)"

      This right of return is clearly stipulated in UN Resolution 194 as is made clear in the BDS movement`s stated goals and objectives. To abandon it as being " unrealistic " is to admit defeat to those Palestinians and their descendant families who were ethnically cleansed in 1948 and to accept the fundamental racist nature of the Israeli "State" ie Diaspora Jews of whatever nationality have the "right of return" even though they have SFA connection to the Land of Palestine but Palestinians who were born there or their children or grandchildren all of whom have a 100% connection to the land and a 100% right of return (Res 194) do not.

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