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Retired. Married for 24 years to Palestinian-American, Quaker. Myself of Jewish descent, non-religious. Classical musician (cello). Run my own website,, for which I do all the programming (PHP, MYSQL). Favor an international intervention, as a "deus ex machina", to rescue Palestinians, Israelis, and USA from the tail-wags-the-dog AIPAC-et-alius. This probably means doing an end-run around USA's UNSC veto and doing more-or-less coordinated BDS at nation-state level. Non-Action on Global Warming is a far bigger threat to all the world than the 63-year non-action on Israel/Palestine. On this topic, I am truly hopeless: "I cry a tear for the soon to be late humanity."


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  • Finkelstein goes to Syracuse and the opposition stays home
    • "self-hating, Jewish-people-hating" -- well, which is it? "Self-hating" was always a weird locution, absurd on its face, maybe a power-play by whoever said it ("Look, I can mouth garbage at this guy, I am really powerful and he is really not"). On the other hand, "Jewish-people-hating" makes perfect sense -- it is part of the definition of "antsemitic". It also was rather wierd when applied to self-identifying Jews, but who ever require logic of Zionists?

      It was always a shorthand for this:

      It is an invariable rule among the Jews I hang out with that a Jew (in our group) is the loyal servant of "The Jewish People" as represented by Israel and never, never, never says a cross word about Israel. we Jews watch each other's back. AND YOU DO NOT, YOU DISLOYAL CUR.

      But to say it that way reveals that there is something rather arbitrary going on: that a group that a person does not declare himself a part (Jewish people as represented by Israel) of can demand his loyalty and damn him if he fails to give it. so of course, the long version is never given, just the short-hand ("self-hating").

  • 'Israel First'-- for gay couple who hosted Ted Cruz
    • "And if the boycotting of Reisner and Weiderpass’s businesses allowed people to talk about the effectiveness of boycott as a tool to fight for human and civil rights."

      Very nice point, Phil. And that could also grow into a discussion of the Republican/IsraelFirst amendment to remove trade favors for countries (or is it just EU countries?) that boycott/sanction Israel (or any territory controlled by it).

      It is really disturbing to see gays "forget" about insults to themselves in the USA and cozy-up with politicians who would deny them civil rights BUT who praise Israel for its human-rights to gays (how about to Palestinian gays, hmmmm?).

  • It's time-- again-- for BDS to end oppression
    • Excellent history, parallels, application to Palestine. Thank you Lloyd Nyarota.

      I have often complained about the "mere words" with which the nations at UNGA and UNSC have expressed support for Palestinian rights. Perhaps I am wrong to complain. Getting the behemoth of strong, coordinated international action going is always a long process (there is much inertia and many countervailing economic and other pressures). It can hardly start without an early period of "mere words" and countries like Rhodesia, South Africa, and Israel can reliably be expected to ignore "mere words". So I suppose I should be happy that in 1980, 8 years before PLO recognized Israel, UNSC demanded the removal of all settlers and dismantlement of all settlements (UNSC-465/1980) -- mere words though they proved to be,

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
    • But by giving to the Republicans, they're hoping (and often succeeding) to keep the Dems in line as well. Watch and listen to Madame Clinton and Warren and Sanders.

    • Pataki advises "that all presidential candidates [be required to] agree to terminate any deal President Obama makes with Iran as a prerequisite to receive support".

      Is this not a direct quid-pro-quo, that is (in this context) an out-and-out bribe? Even if the money is paid as a "campaign contribution"?

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • Most "pols" have long ago made peace with the devil (political money). It's not just Israel, but selling-out to PROMOTE human-rights abuse is pretty low. OTOH, why would monied people pay to promote virtue?

  • Thorny issues
    • Excellent analogy. Prickly!

      Definition of a very long time used to be "until Hell freezes over." Now it can be redefined as "until Israel seizes Jewish property as 'absentee property' ".

  • EU must take stronger action to sanction Israel following high court decision banning boycott
    • Right on! If (as all "statesmen" know but only a few say out loud) the settlements are illegal (that is, violate the Fourth Geneva Convention), the right step is to demand Israel remove the settlers and dismantle the settlements (read UNSC 465/1980). But if such a demand were to be made again (as it has not been), it must escape from being "mere words" (as UNSC-465 was) which Israel can ignore by being backed up with enforcement sanctions. There is no other way that I can see.

      Someone should really ask EU ministers [1] if they really wish to see justice and 2SS, and if so, [2] what they see as a realistic mechanism of EU intervention to help make this a reality. Whatever can they say but "sanctions"?

  • Using the dead: the 'NYT' works with Israel to justify military service
    • SG: Her grief is real and if you take an expression of her grief as vilification of Israel, then you are wrong. It was vilification, but not of Israel. IMO Mondoweiss also does not vilify Israel, but only its crimes and especially its ongoing crimes. If you take vilification of Israel's crimes as vilification of the country itself, then you must take the position that Israel's crimes are inseparable from itself. If that is true, then too bad for a lot of people.

      Her statement was vilification of Israel's leaders, their arrogance, their refusal to negotiate peace with Egypt -- and of their mis-use of the war-dead and those who mourn for them. She says this. It is clear. And it is not vilification of Israel as a country.

  • Accusations of anti-Semitism roil Stanford campus as student coalition denies discrimination charges
    • I couldn't say that while standing on one foot, but otherwise it fills the bill for an Israeli. since I am not an Israeli I could imagine an Israeli saying: I do not advise anyone anywhere what to buy or with whom to contract or how to vote or act as a member of any legislature or government. speaking merely for myself, and advising no-one, my intention is not to buy * * * from OPTs.

    • Agreed. However, to avoid the antisemitism rap, they should have [1] tape recorded it all (like videos of police at work) and [2] asked her how, in light of her known pro-Zionism, she would vote on divestment.

      Hint: you can be a Zionist without being a Jew and vice-versa. But I assume her Zionism was by then already known.

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
    • People become aware of important problems at different times, even though in some sense the information is available. Info on Palestine first got to me in 1980, though I married a Palestinian in June 1967 (she was quiet on this until 1980, out of fear that my Jewish background might make me a Zionist, though I never heard much about Israel either).

      Climate change has been named by scientists way, way back, but is still badly understood in the political "echelon" by people who have deep gut understanding of people and politics but little understanding of "nature" and "science".

      MLK may have been a Zionist out of a sincere conviction based on the holocaust and without information on Nakba etc. (like many older Jews in America). OTOH it may have been a political "compromise" to win friends at the cost of a dispensable people. How often have we heard that "some of my best friends are Jews" said by people excusing either their own Zionism or their failure to be active anti-Zionists -- based on the often correct presumption that their Jewish friends are Zionists. I once attended a Friends Meeting where the joke that "some of my best Friends are Jews" played out, sadly, in the prominence of a Zionist agitator.

    • Annie: Wow (West/Letterman video). Thanks!

    • I've finished the Dyson article. I've read his analysis of what it means (and doesn't mean) to be a prophet. Not sure I agree that having a safe job (university tenure) makes being a prophet (for West, here) impossible -- though doing the prophetic without tenure sure is less safe and harder. I see how West's vicious attacks (as reported) would turn Dyson off from West, his mentor. A central issue in the article is West's view (and his loud denunciation of Obama for it) that Obama should have supported Black needs more than he did, that Obama was in that respect (as in "faking left but going right" after his first election) a disappointment.

      I doubt that Obama is any worse than Clinton. And Clinton was dragged down into long-continuing subservience to the Establishment in a way that Obama is not -- by his need to support his very ambitious wife. Clinton could not -- as Obama still can/could -- become purely progressive (on Palestine or on any other issue) during his lame duck period. But Obama is still a major disappointment for progressives. As I am not black, perhaps I cannot feel as West feels about Obama's support for Black America. But it seems a touch racist for West to expect Obama to "act Black". Obama is less "black" than "politician". And he does act "politician". Also, let us not forget -- as Obama surely does not -- what happened to Jack Kennedy who dared in several ways to oppose the establishment.

    • Dyson's New Republic article, in its preamble which praises West's earlier work, tells us that West invited Foucault to sing the “insurrection of subjugated knowledges”. I don't know how or what Foucault sang, but the invitation is not only couched in beautiful language! but is one that Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada, and many others have enthusiastically answered with regard to the subjugated knowledge of the Nakba as it was in 1948 and as it has since become.

      And since Dyson begins with a quote, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned”, one wonders what is going on with Dyson here -- I am still reading his very interesting article, but if he sees West as having fallen, perhaps there is some "hate" here (too?).

      And haven't we seen people rage against some of our own when they seem to contradict a well-loved doctrine (Finkelstein comes to mind as one raged-against because he seems to disparage BDS).

    • Page: 49
    • West's fall? Better, but equivalently, West's defenestration.

      There is a mechanism much used in America (and doubtless elsewhere) for social control. The controlling group "disciplines" people who speak out against the dogmas (or outright myths or lies) which are promoted by the controlling group (establishment).

      We've seen a lot of "discipline" done by the self-declared Jewish leadership in its promotion of the (arguably un-Judaic or even anti-Judaic) dogma of Zionism and many of its myths and lies. We've seen academics denied tenure (Finkelstein, Salaita), lectures called off, demonstrations called off, etc. We've seen an entire MSM so cowed by the prospect of loss of job and loss of employability that they will not touch I/P honestly with a ten-foot pole.

      The very same techniques are reported to have been used against those who challenge the USA's official dogma (many say: myth/lie) explaining the terrorist events called "9/11". See the last chapter "When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed" of "9/11 Ten Years Later" by David Ray Griffin. You do not have to agree with his viewpoint (namely, that the USA's official story is incorrect and flatly contradicted by oceans of facts) to take note of the types of "discipline" used to silence critics.

      Happily for 9/11 critics and I/P critics (Mondoweiss prominent among them) the USA still has "freedom of the press" even if the MSM has succumbed to what I am calling "discipline".

  • Will Graham's gaffe about 'all-Jewish cabinet' get the MSM to talk about pro-Israel money?
    • There seems to be some question whether all Jews (in the old days or even today) had/have any humanistic "embrace of the stranger ". Enough bad stuff happened here and there over a long time that many (not all I should think) Jews came to regard strangers/foreigners (non Jews) as less than human, deserving little humanity. This was written up by Israel Shahak (see some, not much, here: link to

      Think of Jewish settler violence in the West Bank. Shahak did.

    • Good point. They probably don't know! Do they, for instance, know how much their candidates get from banks, oil companies, defense contractors, etc?

    • The kid gloves and absent MSM is because no-one wants to say "Jewish Money" and cannot think of a way to say what needs to be said without saying it. Saying it sounds like antisemitism.

      I've come up with characterizing The Lobby as "a very, very few very, very rich Jews willing to spend money to support hard-line Israel". Maybe I should leave out the "Jews"? Like saying that Sheldon Adelman is a very, very rich gambling tycoon who really, really supports hard-line Israel. And maybe the fact (if and whenever it is in fact a fact) of The Lobby being composed mostly of Jews is irrelevant. And maybe the fact that the Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations are Jewish is also irrelevant (although the Presidents do seem to aspire to speak for American Jews).

  • Defending the Iran nuclear deal from Israel and its supporters
    • amigo: And a war with Iran will also be a "piece of cake". "As easy as falling off a log."

      So easy to make announcements from an arm-chair. And what's another $1T down the drain to USA? And those people, if you can call them that, you know, who live in Iran, they have dark skins and talk a really seriously funny language. Don't love their kids, either. It's an established fact.

      So a USA war with Iran would be OK. Glatt Kosher in fact.

  • Organizations across Canada oppose government effort to criminalize criticism of Israel
    • The Canadians should do their speaking and advertising this way: "We call on all human-rights-supporting Canadians to join us in calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against all companies which profit from, and against all countries which practice, violations of the international law of belligerent occupation, where such occupation has been on-going for 25 years or longer and where any practices of such occupation have been continued after UNSC resolutions and/or ICJ opinions calling for their cessation."

      The group of countries "caught up" in this would include Israel (Palestine; UNSC 465/1980; ICJ July 2004). Perhaps China (Tibet) but I am not sure that either the ICJ or UNSC have demanded that China end any practices in Tibet.

      Who could say that this call by Canadians was singling any particular country out?

  • Jews of France: should they stay or should they go?
    • Someone should ask him this question: "Do you believe that the antisemitism in France was, on the whole, by Muslims angry about Israeli war crimes, etc? If so, should not French Jews call upon Israel to mend its ways? And should they not disassociate from Israel as a group?"

  • 'NYT' runs piece of unadulterated propaganda for Israeli army
  • Iran deal is important to 'keep really big bad things from happening,' Bill Clinton says
    • This babyish behavior by Reps is nothing new in Congress generally. Congress takes orders from big money always. Banks, defense, oil, Zion, pharma, agri, anti-food-labelling, etc.

      They don't see it as "bad" just as business as usual, but their constituents might get mad if enough of a stink were made. MSM are also on the take and do not make the required stink. American voters might like Israel but not like "Jewish" control of Congress. Something to watch for.

  • Leading American rabbi issues first public criticism of apartheid conditions in Jerusalem
    • CitizenC: A wonderful characterization of "liberal Zionists" : moral unicorns!

    • Kay24: I suppose we may hope that Israel will do something SO (SOOOOO VERYYYYY) AWFUL that American Jews like tnese rabbis will have to re-examine the proposition that "Whatever evil is done in the name of all Jews [] MUST be accepted and never criticized."

      Let's see, how bad is bad enough (or too bad)? Gaza-2014 was not bad enough, obviously. Mavi Marmara was not awful enough. Maybe if Israel drops a nuke on Iran? Would that awaken these rabbis?

      Here's another thought: a lot of Americans have not served in the USA's army. I am one. Are we allowed to think about, criticize USA's policies?

      Can we all remember the famous American Jewish gangsters? Are Jews, are these rabbis, allowed to criticize these fine upstanding proponents of violence? ?

      What if these gangsters had claimed that they acted in the name of all Jews?

      If so, why not Israel and its violence?

      Oh well, for an older generation, it seems a lost cause. these rabbis do NOT seem to me to have turned any corner.

  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
    • Great interview. Sad that he sees (no doubt correctly) that Obama will do nothing for the Palestinians. He could. He could kiss the democratic Party goodbye, wish it well, and then use his UNSC powers (but not so much his veto) to make some changes in these last 20 months. Instead he's pushing for the TPP and other big-business (neoliberal) policies that are not good for the American people, not good for the world.

  • Graham and Rubio are dependent on pro-Israel money in bid for White House
    • Lotta dough. Good to see the hard-right-Zionist donation-system so succinctly spelled out. If anyone were to be bravge enough to point it out, it'd make a good story. So clear. So round. So fully packed.

  • Dead End
    • I approve what Odeh did (and what Oppenheimer said). But my opinion, and yours it seems, is that these statements even if widely amplified will do no good. Israel has consistently, over the years, especially since 1988, called on Palestinians to do "one more thing" without which there can be no peace. Must Palestinians recognize Israel? OK, they did. No peace. If they say how important the Holocaust is, it cannot do any harm but will not do any good either. Israel is "on a roll" and doesn't care -- as it so often says -- what other people "say", only care about what Israel "does." Mere words (such as UNSC 242, UNSC 465) are just that, mere words, and cut no ice with Israel.

      Sad. Strong coercion must be used or reliably threatened to be used. The "S" in "BDS" is "sanctions". Nothing else short of military force -- whose ? -- will persuade Israel to med its ways. An d every year that goes by, the harder becomes the educational work of persuading the Israeli "man on the street" of the prudence or morality (either) of mending Israel's ways.

      Things will get much worse, for both peoples, before they get better. Otherwise they will just get much worse for Palestinians.

  • Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC
    • They have been "given permission" to be racists by the Zionist Project from day-1. Or, you might say of some of the older ones, "they have given themselves permission" to be racists. And had the gall to insist that the UNGA reverse its "Zionism is a form of racism" resolution.

      "Hey, its our country," they seem to say, "and we can do what we want with it." Including throwing out 85% of the non-Jewish Palestinians who lived there in 1947 (half if you count the entire territory of Palestine instead of only Israel-48). Yes, it is their country, they made it that way by force of arms, and they've performed their racism the same way.

      What's really galling in this story is the miserable rabbi in Manhattan who says American Jews should all make nice within the Jewish Community and support crimes committed by Jews (and support the criminals) just because they are part of a so-called Jewish Community.

      A lot of Open Hillel types seem to be saying that there are many Jewish Communities, and not all of them stand up for criminality.

  • Kristol frets that he walked into Obama's 'trap,' and Rubio says he'll demand Iran recognize 'Israel's right to exist'
    • And the P5+1 is more than merely the USA and beyond the power of the crazies in Congress to push around, even if they succeed in pushing the USA around. If 5/6 drop sanctions, then perhaps the USA will keep its sanctions and the world will have to live with the readily apparent reality of a loco USA (but that's not so new; USA's support to Israel all this while has also been readily apparent and if not quite loco then at least vastly immoral).

  • Guilford College Hillel in North Carolina changes its name under legal threat in order to host civil rights veterans
    • If Hillel International OWNS a building heretofore used for Hillel meetings at Guilford, then I hope the new group will find a new meeting place and ALL the members of the (former) Hillel will clear out and commence to meet in the new place, leaving a building owned (but no longer used) by Hillel International. There may remain a question of who will pay for the new facility.

      There may also be a question of whether the College should continue to give its blessing to the presence of an anti-HR and anti-academic-freedom establishment on its campus (if that is where it is). And this should be a question at every college that has a Hillel (Hillel International) establishment.

  • Love letter to a Zionist: NYU project seeks to bridge Israel divide within Jewish families
    • MH: Many have said that Israel created a "new Jew". A warrior Jew. Well, perhaps. But perhaps Israel transformed a bunch of people formerly labelled as Jews into something new and not Jewish, namely "Israeli-Jews." The hideous racism and cruelty, from 1945 onward, is inescapable and not a bit like the Jews I know in USA.

      I think the range of world-views among diaspora Jews includes some carefully-kept-secret horrendously racist Jews-are-human-and-the-rest-are-not world-views, especially among Jews with strong associations with ancient Judaisms. But the more modern strands are quite different and the letters of this project seem (I imagine) intended to be sent to modern Jews (reformed especially).

      We've seen ISIS pop out of a broad and diverse Islamic culture as extremists. We've seen some very intolerant and absolutist opinions among American Christians, though I think not the violence we've seen from Israeli-Jews and ISIS. It appears that dreadful conditions (but what are the dreadful conditions that modelled intolerant and absolutist American Christians ? losing the civil war adn losing the civil rights movement?) can produce violent, racist, I'm-the-top-of-the-world-and-to-Hell-with-you "religious" spin-offs. It's not only Jews who've experienced or too deeply imagined they've experienced pogroms and holocaust who go haywire.

      But the letters are going I think to "moderate" Jews only a bit brainwashed. Ought to be effective, because they love and respect their kids.

    • Wonderful project!

      I hope that they all find the courage to send the letters. Or to send the book of all of everybody's letters.

      A huge slice of a generation is represented in these letters, and probably many manners of relationships to family.

      I just love this project. "Coming out" was never so necessary or so nicely done.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • Clearly, Israel regards Israelis (not Jews, but for rhetorical convenience called Jews) as a master race. And it has already obliterated 6 million Jews, some of them merely people called Jews (from USSR/Russia), but not killed them, rather turning them into Israelis, a "race" or "nation" which has replaced human decency and morality and respect for human rights for all people with a rather contradictory doctrine and learned/taught master-race doctrine. Just as centuries of the practice of slavery and master-racism readied the white people of the American South for Jim Crow and the very harsh (Israeli-like) master-race practice of lynching, so 100 years of living/planning/hoping/fighting-for Israel -- and many more years living under the system of antisemitism/pogroms/Nazis/etc. in Europe -- has transformed the often rather nice people/society who moved to Palestine from Europe into the "we-give-ourselves-permission-to-be-monsters that we see today and which, with any luck, Americans beyond the small cadre of pro-Palestine folks will soon come to see.

  • When it comes to untrustworthiness, the U.S. trumps Iran
  • New Episcopal Church group calls for divestment from Israeli occupation, in recognition of the new political landscape in Israel and Palestine
    • It is a step forward. But even as this step is taken, JVP (which used to limit its BDS participation and advocacy to companies which directly profit from the occupation) now aims across the board at Israeli companies and institutions, recognizing that the occupation is integrated into every Israeli institution and company. JVP's policy is here: link to .

      Perhaps I read the JVP position incorrectly. If so, someone please correct me here and elsewhere.

      I commend the JVP position to the Episcopal Church. JVP has not been troubled, of course, by any sense of guilt over past antisemitism on its own part. But neither should the Church: Israel is a State, not a Religion. And because many (and an increasing number of) Jews oppose the occupation and settlements projects of Israel --the church may easily see that these projects are Israeli projects, not Jewish projects and also not necessary to Jews generally and not expressions of religion. They are, from a Jewish religious viewpoint adn Jewish social viewpoint, aberrations may be cleared away without injury to Jews as such, either religiously or socially, whatever Isrfaelis may think.

  • HRW: Palestinian children pass out, vomit, from farming with illegal pesticides on Israeli settlements
    • Be nice if EU would refuse to buy products made in such unsafe, slave-labor conditions. Be nice if USA would do the same, for Israel, for Mexico, etc. Higher agricultural costs would result, a benefit for workers everywhere. Instead we have a 'race to the bottom" on labor conditions. (Think: NAFTA, TPP, etc.).

  • In growing 'student backlash' against Hillel Int'l, Oberlin Hillel leaders host civil rights veterans
    • Some at least of the Hillel-at-colleges system predated 1930. (Hillel: "1923 The first Hillel opens at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. ")

      My guess, just a guess, mind, is that the current rules about I/P are rather recent, historically, and do not define the religious-social purposes of the organization.

      My guess: Hillel justified its presence on campuses by saying it espoused liberal educational goals and social inclusivity for all Jews on campus. The current rules go against these.

      Maybe, if my guesses are right, these Hillels should lose whatever permissions and/or support they have from the schools (at least from Public schools and any other schools which formally adopt academic freedom rules.

      Does propagandizing for for/against abortion, guns, Israel comply with tax-exemption?

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • echinococcsu:

      Rationalization is important when facts are known but is unnecessary when they are not. In the USA the Zionist-controlled MSM sees to it that little of Zionist evil, especially daily evil, is known.

      Zionists may rationalize these things as justice; they must torture their own thinking and morality a whole lot to avoid cognitive dissonance. American ("liberal") Zionists especially must twist and turn -- but ONLY if they know the facts.

      The mechanism of Zionism triumphant in the USA has largely been suppression of knowledge and not so much rationalization of morality. In the USA until 1960 or so there were many lynchings of black people in the south and it was (for a time, I don't know for how long) viewed as OK, even a spectator event, by white people in the South. But that has changed after more people came to know about it, even though racism is still with us, North as well as South. Now we are looking at police-racism. Shine a light on something evil and good people try to straighten things out.

      "Good people" will try to straighten Israel out when they know more, and that is why suppression of information is so important in USA-Zionism. (It also protects the tender feelings of the Zionists themselves, but is chiefly aimed at non-Zionist Americans.)

    • If they start talking justice, they will be playing our game, and we will win it. Shooting and torturing kids will not come across as justice, racism w-n-c-a-a-j, endless lines at check-points and ambulances refused access to hospitals w-n-c-a-a-j.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • " how can the Jewish people think they have any fear of antisemitism?"

      Because someday all this so-very-well-enforced a**-kissing will get "old" and the result will be an about face, and that will be called antisemitism. They're worried about something that they are busy bring about. I believe that in politics, even hard-right power politics, there is a fine art in not going too far. These guys don't have that art. Similar to the Israeli soldiers who cannot stop shooting at kids.

    • My only question is this: Which of these bozos is the actual minister plenipotentiary of G*d? I mean there are so many of them! Who among them actually speaks for G*d? I hope they all lie awake at night worrying about that question.

      On the other hand if they came away convinced that prudence lies in not pushing against the P5+1, then maybe Obama won the arm-wrestling with the m(s)-pp-of-G.

    • Well, face it, the Elders of Zion are experts at Protocol and are today alive and well and active whatever may once before have been the case. You don't need a forgery today. These guys have power, they know it, and they don't care who else knows it. No fear at showing it. Over the top is OK for them.

      President Obama has 20 months left and a UNSC veto to use (and abuse) or to withhold and perhaps do some good. He can also speak to the nation. fireside chats. He has no personal election to gather campaign funds for. He has no legislative program to push through Congress. He can begin to set the agenda for the 2016 presidential campaigns (of others).

      We'll see what he chooses, Action or passivity.

  • From AIPAC to JVP: The political evolution of Seth Morrison
    • Glad to hear another immigrant into JVP from AIPAC-land,

      And glad to notice (from the JVP website at link to ) that JVP has itself moved usefully on issues.
      JVP used to limit its BDS qactivity to occupation-specific targets. Not any longer, apparently:

      Why is JVP moving beyond Occupation-focused Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction campaigns?
      JVP has long participated in the global movement to hold Israel accountable through nonviolent economic pressure, and we’ve done so by focusing on Occupation-specific targets including corporations as well as academic and cultural institutions. Today, the idea that there is a clear economic, political, or social separation between “Israel” and “the occupation,” has been widely discredited.

  • Marco Rubio and AIPAC allied in effort to insert poison pill into Iran deal
    • If Israel wants to attack Iran, it is easy to do so. It can ask Saudi Arabia for permission to overfly its territory, and S.A. will agree because, today, it is more at odds with Iran than with Israel.

      Of course, if Israel did start such a war, the USA would have to be ready (at a moment's notice) either to speak against it, to act to prevent it, to help Iran defend itself (!), or to suffer the consequence of the supposition that the USA OK'd the attack. The USA is said to have ringed Iran around with military bases. If Israel attacked Iran, they'd have to fly close to an American military base, which could (I'd hope and presume) shoot them down. But would we?

      This idea is reminiscent of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (1967). President Johnson had to hide the fact of the Israeli attack on a USA warship in order to avoid the wrath of the pro-Israel lobby voters.

    • Oh Harry, you are so matter of fact! Lighten up! This is comedy central time. Yuck it up! these Israeli suggestions are really funny! (Unless they cause trouble here at home among the yokels in Congress.)

    • How about this: an amendment that requires Israel to give USA a first-read (and veto) of all diplomatic and business overtures with other countries. Why should it be the USA which is subservient all the time? Oh, Congress has no power over Israel? Gee! So what? We can order Micronesia, can't we? We can make war with any people-of-color nation can't we? Why not push Israel around the way it seeks to push us?

      Comedy Central would love the idea.

  • Gunter Grass became 'persona non grata' for 2012 poem exposing Israeli nuclear hypocrisy
    • I meant to cite to an very interesting essay by Bayard Rustin called "From Protest to Politics" which may have some relevance to those concerned with I/P, AIPAC, etc.

    • The use of social pressure (called "political correctness") to silence not only points of view but the discussion of entire topics is well known. It is more vile even than "bad manners" to mention certain things. In Germany, so it seems, to speak forthrightly about Israel (or about Germany's selling Israel a U-boot (Anybody remember the movie "Das Boot" ?)) is forbidden, presumably because guilt for the Jews-as-victims aspect of (the wider) holocaust is still so thoroughly remembered and integrated into "good manners".

      In David Koch's circle, one imagines, speaking approvingly of the theory of the onrushing horrors of global warming/climate change is worse than mere "bad manners", was not "politically correct" and is indeed forbidden.

      Great crises are ignored because of small matters of "politeness".

      We are not to read Paul Robeson's political teachings because that great man was "a communist, you know, my dear" and it wouldn't do at all to quote or approve of a communist. Not at all polite. Not comme il faut.

      We are not to read Bayard Rustin's writings on socialism or race in America because Mr. Rustin was queer, you know, and it would never do at all to quote or approve of a queer, deeery-deery no, not at all. (I could have written "gay" instead of "queer", but it doesn't have the discriminatory bite, not in my ears, that I desired to convey. We do like to put down opinion of people we don't approve of.)

      Manners! Manners! More important than anything else, makes the world go round -- and protects wrongdoers by imposing silence on their detractors. And their detractors are often "bad guys" in one way or another, because it is automatically "bad" to oppose status quo.

      This has been a paid advertisement from America's Oligarchy which is bringing you -- today and especially tomorrow -- climate change (but please don't rock the boat!).

  • There is no better way than boycott
    • Violence works if the violence is sufficient. It was for Israel in 1945-present. It has never been for the Palestinians. But they cannot just give up and give in.

      Robert's statement is excellent. It should be widely read by Jews here in the USA. We don't know exactly what's going on in UK, but it's close enough to what goes on here.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • The video changed on this website and MJR is gone. I guess the one I saw is ar WRMEA somewhere. I didn't look.

    • The "manufacture of consent" is a Chomskian contribution to the theory of soft-totalitarianism as practiced in the USA by our government at the behest of its ruling oligarchy. So too is the manufacture of silence, the establishment or rules to forbid tghe discussion of various topics. Levy tells us stuff that MJR says could not be printed in a USA MSM. It would be unspeakable here but is easily published in Israel (and in English!).

      MJR (video at about 6:57) beautifully describes America's system of governance (not by "democracy" but by "Establishment" or "oligarchy"). I've written about this a few times and thought I was ahead of the pack, or a discoverer of amazing truths, but MJR perfectly agrees with me. AIPAC is just like Big-Banks, Big-Defense, Big-Pharma, Big-Oil, Big-Koch-Bros, etc., not different (except in subject matter). The mechanism is the same: money used to promote friends and get rid of enemies. Other articles make all the same points.

      It is not the truth about American governance that is changing but the "political correctness" or other mechanisms of which manage the unacceptability of social discourse that has recently opened up to allow a true description to be spoken publicly. Now everyone can talk that way, although the MSM are sufficiently still run by-and-for the oligarchy that they cannot be expected to say such things. But the mechanism for suppressing truth on "oligarchy" is the same mechanism for suppressing truth on Israel. The phenomenon of PEP (progressive except for Palestine) is merely a manifestation of social pressure determining what can be said (or thought) and what must be suppressed. My guess is that people who are PEP are also silent on "oligarchy" and the suppression in the USA of democracy.

      It is a notable feature of NPR's "On The Media" radio program that it cannot be expected to take on the MSM's suppression of discussion or Israel, oligarchy, and presumably also of many other topics. A more-or-less complete list of forbidden topics would be wonderful to read! Maybe it would include what Raul Castro recently told non-USA Americans about USA's nefarious role in the hemisphere over the years.

  • Miracle baby Mohammed escapes ISIS
  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • Perhaps harping on the danger of another "holocaust" and the other dangers of antisemitism, harping by American Jews but especially, especially!, by the American Jewish Establishment, and making obeisance to Israel, etc., is (in part) an unconscious mechanism (and for some also a thought-out strategy) for disguising and camouflaging the enormous rise in power, wealth, and safety of American Jews (or at least of the American Jewish Establishment). It takes their own minds off fears that they will lose that power by expressing other (unreasonable) fears. And it "disarms" non-Jewish Americans who might object (oops, is there a remnant of antisemitism out there?) either to the too-fast and too-high rise in wealth and power of the American Jewish Establishment; and also tends to prevent opposition to Zionism (poor little us, we must be protected, and again, poor little us, don't make us feel endangered by taking away our soft-and-fuzzy security-blanket (triumphant Israel).

      Did WASPs, originally and perhaps still to a large extent the powers in America, ever complain about fears, dangers to a supposed home-country, racial discrimination, etc.? No, and I think the behavior of the rich-and-powerful Jews in America -- where they stick up for Israel and instigate new wars for America -- is particularly distressing. (They are not alone in pressing for new wars, but much of the energy for neocon-ism appears from its membership to be Jewish).

      I can recall a time when Jews were (thought to be) at the forefront of the fights for civil liberties, especially the freedom of speech, press, association, religion, and opinion. Now we have members of the American Jewish Establishment cutting down on these freedoms at Hillel, in tenure decisions by universities, shutting down on discussions if Palestine (all the SJP trials and tribulations). Quite a reversal.

    • Yes, USA and ISIS and AlQaeda and Syria (and Guatamala and others in the Americas) and others also do/did massacres. Not only Israel. But the Muslims and Arabs living in Europe are particularly sensitive to Israel's massacres, hence the connection to antisemitic attacks in Europe as responses.

      But, to be clear, I meant until Israel next crushes Gaza or south Lebanon or some other target. I meant such a massacre.

    • I do not think it would suffice (to quell antisemtic acts in Europe) for Israel to announce that it is no longer "the" Jewish state or even no longer "a" Jewish state at all. AS IF!

      Suppose ISIS declared that it was not "the" Islamic State, and indeed was not "an" Islamic state at all. Just a normal state created by violence like all other states, like Israel for example. In that case, people would STILL call it an Islamic State.

      A rose by any other name would small as sweet, and Israel w/o the "Jewish State" association would still have its history, its historic "name" as "the Jewish state", its LAW OF RETURN, etc. cannot erase it.

      Now, if AIPAC and The Presidents of Major American Jewish Orgs, ALL ALL ALL condemned Israel and stated, via their RABBIS, that Israel violated Jewish Law and was not "Jewish", etc., well MAYBE THEN antisemitism would be reduced.

      Maybe. Until the next massacre.

  • French philosopher who shut down Paris BDS event as 'anti-Semitic' and one-sided will lecture in NY on 'Free Speech'
    • Walid, thanks so much for explaining (a bit above) that the CONVICTION was for property damage. Not for BOYCOTT. And after all that work I did, sigh!

    • Articles (apparently of the French Criminal Code) referred to in the Lellouche Law.
      Application to BDS unclear. Perhaps French courts have dramatic license ?

      ARTICLE 222-1
      The subjection of a person to torture or to acts of barbarity is punished by fifteen years' criminal imprisonment.
      ARTICLE 222-7
      Acts of violence causing an unintended death are punished by fifteen years' criminal imprisonment.
      ARTICLE 222-9
      Acts of violence causing mutilation or permanent disability are punished by ten years' imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.
      ARTICLE 222-11
      Acts of violence causing a total incapacity to work for more than eight days are punished by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €45,000
      ARTICLE 222-13
      Acts of violence causing an incapacity to work of eight days or less or causing no incapacity to work are punished by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €45,000 where they are committed:
      1° against a minor under fifteen years of age;
      ARTICLE 322-1
      Destroying, defacing or damaging property belonging to other persons is punished by two years' imprisonment and a fine of €30,000, except where only minor damage has ensued.
      Drawing, without prior authorisation, inscriptions, signs or images on facades, vehicles, public highways or street furniture is punished by a fine of €3,750 and by community service where only minor damage has ensued.
      ARTICLE 322-6
      Destroying, defacing or damaging property belonging to other persons by an explosive substance, a fire or any other means liable to create a danger to other persons is punished by ten years' imprisonment and a fine of €150,000. Where this is a forest fire, or fire in woodland, heathland, bush, plantations, or land used for reforestation and
      belonging to another person, and takes place in conditions so as to expose people to bodily harm or to cause irreversible environmental damage, the penalties are increased to fifteen years' criminal imprisonment and to a fine of €150,000.
      ARTICLE 322-8
      The offence defined by article 322-6 is punished by twenty years' criminal imprisonment and a fine of €150,000:
      1° where it is committed by an organised gang;
      2° where it causes another person total incapacity for work in excess of eight days;
      3° where it is committed because of the owner or user of the property's membership or non-membership, true or supposed, of a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion.
      Where the offence involves a forest fire, or fire in woodland, heathland, bush, plantations, or land used for reforestation and belonging to another person, the penalties are increased to thirty years' imprisonment and a fine of €200,000. The first two paragraphs of article 132-23 governing the safety period are applicable to the offences set out under the present article.
      ARTICLE 322-9
      The offence defined by article 322-6 is punished by thirty years' criminal imprisonment and a fine of €150,000 where it causes another person mutilation or permanent disability. Where the offence involves a forest fire, or fire in woodland, heathland, bush, plantations, or land used for reforestation and belonging to another person, the penalties are increased to life imprisonment and a fine of €200,000. The first two paragraphs of article 132-23 governing the safety period are applicable to the offences set out under the present article.

    • I did the easy thing to try to find out what the Lellouche Law is. Not much luck, but a start. One puzzle: This law seems to be part of the French Criminal Code and should -- I would have imagined -- dealt with crimes AGAINST persons in France. And Israelis-in-Israel are not such. Here, it seems, an action touching on foreigners outside France is somehow a crime IN France.

      Article 1

      (No. 0350 - Proposed legislation on the penalties for racist offenses (Pierre Lellouche))

      Before the last paragraph of Article 222-3 of the Criminal Code, it is inserted the following paragraph:
      "The offense defined in article 222-1 was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, victims of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, penalty is increased to thirty years' imprisonment. »

      Article 2

      Before the last paragraph of Article 222-8 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "The offense defined in article 222-7 was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, victims of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, penalty is increased to thirty years' imprisonment. »

      Article 3

      Before the last paragraph of Article 222-10 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "The offense defined in article 222-9 was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, victims of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, sentence increases to twenty years' imprisonment. »

      Article 4

      Before the last paragraph of Article 222-12 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "The offense defined in Article 222-11 was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, victims of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, penalties are increased to ten years' imprisonment and a fine of 150,000 ¤. »

      Article 5

      Before the last paragraph of Article 222-13 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "When the offense defined in the first paragraph was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of victims to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, the penalty is increased to five years' imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 ¤. »

      Article 6

      Article 322-1 of the same Code is supplemented by the following paragraph:
      "When the destruction, degradation or deterioration of property belonging to others was committed because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of the person owner or user of the property of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, the penalties are increased to three years' imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 ¤. They are increased to five years' imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 ¤ where the property is a place of worship, school or educational institution or school transport vehicle. »

      Article 7

      After the third paragraph of Article 322-8 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "3. When was committed, was because of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of owning or user of the property to a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion. »

      Article 8

      After the first paragraph of Article 322-9 of the Code, shall be inserted the following paragraph:
      "It is the same when the destruction, degradation or deterioration of property belonging to others was committed, under the conditions specified in Article 322-6, on account of membership or non-membership real or supposed, from owning or user of the property to a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion. »

      Article 9

      I. - Article 397-6 of the Criminal Procedure Code is supplemented by the following paragraph:
      "Notwithstanding the first paragraph, they are applicable to minors over fifteen years who have committed offenses under the penultimate paragraph of Article 222-12 and 222-13, and in the last paragraph of Article 322-1 of penal code. »
      II. - In the seventh paragraph of Article 5 of Ordinance No. 45-174 of 2 February 1945 on juvenile delinquency, the words "in any case" is replaced by the words "subject to the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 397-6 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. "

      No. 0350 - Proposed legislation on the penalties for racist offenses (Pierre Lellouche)

    • If propounding boycott of a State is illegal in France, then those who do so (the BDS community, if any, in France) should expect to be arrested.

      Same if: no need to mention the rather serious (and rather different) allegation of antisemtiism: if a meeting would violate French law, that is a sufficient reason to ban the meeting. Period. Adding "antisemitism" (and should not the allegation of antisemitism itself be a serious defamation and therefore actionable as libel?) seems unnecessary and therefore seems either the real reason or else a sop to Zionists. She, as administrator, had no apparent need to make a sop. So one assumes that there was secret pressure brought to bear and that such pressure (as usual in USA) was the real reason for banning the meeting.

      How has BDS fared in France since then? Anyone arrested? Can anyone quote the statute or other source of French law that (so it is claimed) makes it illegal to boycott (or to propound a boycott?) of a State?

  • Rand Paul's antiwar populism should be celebrated, not scorned
    • Media paymasters do not pay them to connect ANY dots. They treat the readers like idiots and the readers oblige by learning to think like idiots. Media "manufacture consent" by repeatedly sticking to approved story-lines. We see a lot of this in NYT, NPR on I/P. BTW, NPR does take paid ads (or its stations and programs do) and gets foundation support as well. It would be interesting to learn how all this results in ideological control of NPR which s/b ideologically free, the "people's" radio.

    • MH976: I must have mis-spoken. Marriage, etc., was not at all draft-strategic. But the job with secret clearance, etc., was pretty deliberate and not only for the pay, which was available elsewhere. Vietnam was a major threat in 1960s. And I remember the huge rally I attended (1969?) (we drove from Boston) in Washington on the Mall to oppose the war. I was hardly alone in opposition.

    • JohnO: Some people regard the events of 9/11 as an attack by foreigners on our soil. (I think house rules forbid a more direct statement of my belief on that matter. The house chooses its battles. )

    • SK: Agreed that Barrack Obama was a disappointment at a time when many thought he might go for the "change" he seemed to desire.

      The attempt to get to antiwar from NeoCon and to liberal from NeoLiberal would have been worth making even were it to have failed, if merely for its educational value; whereas the Obama more-of-the-same on war, NSA, banking, environment (many aspects), and soon more "free-trade" agreements was worth opposing even were it inevitable.

    • I hope Paul talks up the horrors, immediate costs, deferred costs, costs-to-victims, of war, and the dangers or certainties of blowback, and educates the american public to why war is bad. It is monstrous that Americans do not think this way and someone who has (for the moment) the megaphone must tell them.

      On a different point, I don't like castigating neocons as draft-avoiders. I did it myself, getting myself a job in defense industries right after graduate school and later marrying and having a child. Rules are rules and one uses them. I think anyone would have avoided Vietnam if they could unless they somehow saw USA's interference in Vietnam as a "great patriotic war". OTOH, I hate the subterfuges and so forth by which the "neocon" cabal brought Bush&Co. to desire war and got the cowardly Congress to rubber-stamp it. Iraq with Saddam was stable. Look at it now. After Tito in Yugoslavia, anyone would have predicted the same. And the USA had no legal right to attack Afghanistan either. It was love of war (for some) and love of war-profiteering (for others) that took USA into those disastrous wars.

  • Future of Yarmouk unclear as PLO abandons aid convoy to besieged refugee camp
  • Stanford Hillel defied Hillel guidelines by hosting Gottlieb -- 'and no one burst into flames'
    • In a way it is amazing hat young Jews do, in fact, want to learn more about BDS and occupation (and Israel). Why amazing? Because the discussion since 1948 has been complete, leaving no room for questions. Complete and completely pro-occupation, pro-Israel, pro-Zionist.

      So enough of something crept in to make today's young Jews question the received "wisdom". And now they are hearing an earful and Hillel's rearguard action to suppress is (it seems) slowly failing.

      Happy days.

  • Naseer Aruri, who built Palestinian solidarity movement in US, to be memorialized this Sunday
  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
    • MRW: "or hurt their feelings" in which case it may be (called) an instance of antisemitism.

    • Ellen: I hate to think that you have nailed the mentality of (and right-level-of-communicating-with) the right-wing of our Congress, but you could be right. If our Congress is filled with folks who think at "comic-book" level, then woe betide us (I mean, you know, "veh ist mir") -- and, more important, people who mean to communicate with them had better use these methods!

      Before I read your comment I thought the cartoon was "trolling", "taking the piss", "lampooning", etc. Now you make a good case that it was just talking to these kindly folks in the language they can best understand.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • Gosh, I do so hate to mock Zionists. Mockery is so, so, so inadequate.

      Instead, how about a quotation from our own, our very own Abraham Lincoln, from the time of the Lincoln/Douglas debates on slavery:

      No man is good enough to govern another man, without that other's consent.

      (p.167, Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin). How would the Zionists answer Presidetn Obama if he said THAT, perhaps to the UNGA or UNSC on the occasion of a vote on Palestinian membership in the UN!

      Now to be fair to Lincoln, he was not arguing at that time for an end to slavery, but to containing its spread. But slavery in the USA in those days had the force of law, whereas, today, occupation for 50 years and acquisition of territory by threat or use of force is explicitly unlawful, contrary to UN Charter and UNSC-242 (1967).

    • trolling: "Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can."

      OK, sock it to him (PMI). who's the troll anyhow, here? But delicious to flaunt the same diagram.

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • At first I thought someone must be spraying air-freshener on all these Zionists so their stink wouldn't preclude them from talking to NPR, NYT, etc. But air-freshener would not be enough. Some diabolical perfume has been sprayed on them. The Zionists and neocons are actively courted, and the wrongnesses of the past are forgotten and forgiven the neocons and Zionists.

      But of course, in the USA, the whole system reeks so much of the awful stink of money (in large bundles) that the comparatively mild odor of the Zionists and neocons goes unnoticed.

      And those in the media who make a business of cozying up to the courtiers of power have lost their sense of smell anyhow.

  • Italian BDS activists call on Unicef to pull out of cartoon festival honoring Israel
    • Interesting. The invitation cannot have been made because of Israel's care of children (not even Israeli-Jewish children, who are heavily militarized in schools) and so must have been made because of political (money) instigation. I hope the human rights people succeed in excluding Israel entirely from the festival, basing their exclusion precisely on human-rights arguments as given in the essay.

  • Rand Paul greeted by neocon opposition, in $1 million ad calling him 'dangerous'
    • I see two things happening, or want to "see" them. One is Matthews's anger at big-ZIon: AIPAC et al. Piggish Money Masters, if you will. (Kosher Pigs, tho.) Another (I'd hope) is anger at ALL big-money, every element of the American oligarchy. Every "special interest".

      Why'd anyone (except someone who concentrates on Palestine, or an antisemite, or, of course, someone who doesn't want to spend another $1T on another war) be particularly upset about Big-Piggy? After all, some pressure for war must come from Big-Defense (Eisenhower's MIC). And the great crash of 2008 and the next crash are brought to you by kindly old (special interest) Big-Banks.

      BTW, I bet no children of any CEOs go to war. That's saved as a special career opportunity for the children of the poor. That's not just neocons.

  • BDS Victory: Veolia sells Israel businesses targeted by Palestinian-led boycott campaign
    • Bravo. Glad Veolia got the message and evaluated it properly. Money speaks louder to many than morality. Wonder how BDS will fare with the follow-on company.

  • Fingerhut boycotted J Street because 'millions of dollars' were on the line
    • echinococcus -- You are right. If a tree falls in a forest and no-one hears it, did it make a sound? Can anyone even know that it fell?

      If the USA's politicians and mainstream media refuse to tell the American public what's going on today and what has been going on since 1947 in I/P, then how will anyone know enough to get properly teed off?

      Hedges in that (wonderful for many reasons) VIDEO above and the accompanying text tells how the NYT prevents various stories from coming out. And NYT is not the only one. How about Fox Noise (lovely name!).

    • My rant (in this subject anyhow) is that the AIPAC, The Lobby ™ consists of very, very few very, very rich Jews (I believe that the pro-Israel Evangelicals don't do the money thing) and thus is as unrepresentative of (what might be called) Jews in America as the CEOs of all the big banks might be, as an example of another set of oligarchs in America's oligarchy. Doesn't matter if they are Jewish (except to antisemites). Only matters that they are Likudniks.

      However, these bozos have evidently captured not only the Congress (or most of it) but also all the so-called major American Jewish organizations, and most synagogues, etc. Follow the money. Who pays the piper calls the tune.

      So you have a bunch of arch-Likudniks with enormous disposable wealth -- some Americans, some who-knows-what, does it really matter? -- calling ALL the MSM-visible shots for Jewish America. A religion (to the extent that Jewish America is religious) wholly-owned by these bozos.

      Think of American Jews as field-hands on a plantation owned by a big boss, AIPAC.

      And Phil asks, I think, what it will take for them to break free. Well, if your Hillel offends you, cut it off (Open Hillel). If your synagogue lies down and pants before the big Likudnik donors, quit the synagogue. If your Jewish charity gives to support things you don't like, don't contribute to it. Cut your ties.

      But be noisy about it. Join SJP, JVP, Not In My Name, , etc., and write 1000 letters saying so to NYT et al.

      Dear Editor, just so you know, I am a Jew who has cut all ties to organized Jewish institutions in America because I am disgusted with their Likudist stance on Israel. I want Israel to withdraw all its settlers and dismantle all the wall and the settlements, and I want it now, and I'd support any politician who called for this. I'm sending a copy of this letter to all the Jewish organizations I can think of. cheers!

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • Oops, forgot. Israel is congenitally duplicitous. Was lying and myth-making from before it was born. "The Jewish People" lie. "The Jewish Homeland" lie. read shlomo sand's books.

    • Duplicitous? The Persians? Really? No evidence? But it's OK, because, you know, cosi fan tutti (Italian for "every one does it"). They must be duplicitous. It's in human nature. And if they must be duplicitous, why not say so?

      Who built nukes and pretended not to? Israel. Who claimed peace process and stalled for 24 years? Israel. Who said they accepted UNGA-181 in 1947 and then started a war to capture the whole thing (didn't get the whole thing, but not for want of trying) ? Israel. That whole lie about "Nakba, what nakba, you gotta be kidding!" Israel. One lie after another.

      Would you buy a used peace process from Netanyahu? Of course not. He's duplicitous. It's in the Israeli nature. Hooked noses are not the point. Duplicitous from the beginning.

      i think he's digging himself a deeper and deeper hole. He wants to get all those fence-sitters in Congress on his side. We'll see if the American people are sufficiently "patiotic" or sufficiently tired of big unwinnable wars yet.

      And so will he.

  • Added adjustable font size
  • Finkelstein on God and Dershowitz
    • Annie: Take care. I detest the Dersh but I don't think anyone is guilty just because they are accused. We live in a complex world. OTOH Finkelstein has "found him out" on various things and he's gone entirely unpunished for that stuff -- plagiarism. I think that much is well demonstrated and Harvard does nothing. Neither has he been disbarred that I'm aware of. Plagiarism and lying about it are serious moral lapses in the view of many court disciplinary committees.

      Harvard also does not sell its oil and coal stocks or its BDS-detested stocks. Guess whose camp Harvard is in! (I still like my Harvard AM 'cos its in, ahem, Latin.)

  • Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye
    • Good and bad. Obama like many previous presidents said the expansion of settlements had to stop but said nothing about the great mass of existing settlements. That is too bad. It is time to change.

      Obama should say, "We've asked Israel to stop building settlements and they've ignored us and they've ignored international law on settlements. And now it is time for me and the USA and the UNSC to take more forceful steps, because the Israelis have ignored us whenever we've merely talked to them. they ignore "mere words." they've always ignored mere words. So it's now time for the UNSC to tell Israel to remove the settlers and dismantle the settlements and the wall and get it done quickly (maybe within two years from today), and the UNSC must enact sanctions to be imposed in case Israel fails in this. I am sorry it has come to this. I kept hoping Israel would try to make peace, but it hasn't, and it has become clear that the settlements are not intended as temporary or as "bargaining chips" but are intended as permanent. And this is impermissible. That's the bottom line. Israel has gone too far, and all the USA's excuses for ignoring its lawlessness are now gone. Now we must act."


  • Conservative revolutionaries and the echo of German fascism
    • Whichever is (most) true, global neoliberal capitalism or fascist war-lust, each agrees to proceed without "emasculating" thinking about consequences, and climate change is the consequence of either, because both oppose opposition and oppose thinking.

      In fact, among Republicans, the hatred for climate change theory (not a penny to save the world) goes right along with militarism (billions for war, not a penny for health-care, retirements, wages, social security, mortgage-foreclosure help, student loan help, and on and on. Democrats (in the north and west) also love war (called defense) but tepidly continue to support social programs.

  • 'NYT' addresses pro-Israel donors' influence over Congress
    • piotr (above) has an interesting comment here and also on the FASCISM thread (link to

      His analysis is entirely reasonable as far as it goes, that neoliberalism (all government support for global and very big capital) explains militarism as (mere) government support for big-defense, one element among many of big-capital. Unhappily there is a momentum of big-defense which has led us into permanent war status, permanent security-scare status, permanent Islamophobia, and (it seems) permanent Philo-Israelism. With the near infinite spread of scope of NSA and other spying on America and the world, one could say that the security-state is here-and-now and fascism well on its way -- at least unless and until it steps on the toes of the oligarchs. At that point, if we recognize that point as being reached, we will see if it is militarism (the wehrstaat) or global-neoliberal-capitalism which is boss in the USA.

      Here he suggests, with interesting facts from Europe re: penalties for sanctions-breaking, that sanctions hurt big business and therefore the USA's oligarchy (except big-Zion) will tend to support the IranDeal. Makes sense. Sadly, if the USA's (and thus much of the world's) oligarchs are opposing sanctions, the only tool available to fight the occupation and the settlements will be unavailable or much less available than it is already.

    • Some people, biased I'm sure, think you cannot serve another sort of two masters, Israel and USA.

      But the money problem goes WAY beyond AIPAC et al. Think of the ownership of USA's SecTreas by GoldmanSachs/Citicorp as an instance. Think of all those wars generated and/or supported by Big-Defense and other war-profiteers such as Halliburton and BlackWater.

      And think of the imprisonment of so many people of color under laws boosted (if not sometimes proposed) by Big-PrivatePrisons (including the big immigrant imprisonment program). Even if there were no human rights problem there (there is) the cost to FED and SATTE treasuries of all this imprisonment is enormous adn enriches BigPrivatePrisons which then spend a pittance enriching a few Congressmen and other prostituted politicians.

  • Now Obama needs to 'compensate' Netanyahu -- NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)
    • Even better is Juan Cole's idea -- UNSC "works Israel over" w.r.t. its own nukes. link to

      And if the UNSC got the bit in its teeth enough to do that, it could use the forward momentum to demand Israel remove the settlers, settlements, wall, and end the blockade of Gaza. Even demand a PRoR! Why not? Momentum is a great thing if you have it! Time will tell if UNSC ever gets that kind of momentum. link to

    • Annie, thanks for unpacking this story -- which I've not read BTW. What appears to me now is that it would be a very good thing if the USA continues to tell Netanyahu and the Israelis -- gently but firmly, as the spox did with the NO TO Iran recognizing Israel -- that their day of dictating to him has run. Be good if someone notable wrote to NYT to make comments in line with your own about this special pleading by Israel via the megaphone-for-Israel Rudoren. Actually, maybe she has (unwittingly perhaps) set them up for a bigger fall. Created a very visible target for some Obama higher-up to blast.

      A possible "blast" to Israel and the Republicans and the Israel-Dems:

      You know, the USA and others of P5+1 are pleased with the Iran deal and will follow through on the details as carefully and cautiously as they worked on the present framework. The USA thanks all the governments in the Middle East which have expressed concerns with the process of making the Iran "deal" but points out that this negotiation was between Iran and P5+1 and will continue that way

  • When occupation becomes apartheid
    • Great article, Gil. Much has already been said, but, as the practice in this matter is to ignore the truth, it needs to be said again and again.

      One thing perhaps missing: the land-grabs, marked in significant part by the building of the Jews-only highways and the apartheid wall (sometimes called "separation barrier"), can no longer be regarded as temporary either in intention or in practice and are therefore violations of the UN Charter Art 1(4):

      Chapter I - Purposes and Principles

      4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat
      or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence
      of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes
      of the United Nations.

  • The epic season of spinning Iran deal begins!
    • What a linguistic and grammatical scramble! Anyhow, since I concur about "ambiguous", I'd prefer an ambiguous statement, if any statement, from Iran about Israel's right to exist, something like, 'Iran affirms Israel's right to exist as a state, just as Palestine did 1923-1947, subject to modification by internal events and/or by supervening external events, just as was the case with Palestine-1947 and the events of 1947-present.'

    • See the wonderful. and wonderfully vernacular, tar-baby story here: : link to Glad it isn't lost forever after the book-burnings attending (I suppose) the civil rights movement.

    • "Chuck Schumer is still layin low." That is to say, "Brer Schumer, he lay low." Very low. And people are trying to "get" him on his close relation with -- the banks! (Any AIPAC presence in the CEO-group for the banks?)

  • Calling out Pamela Geller's hate speech in Philadelphia
    • Seattle: Not on freedom of speech grounds.

      "The government should not be able to suppress speech because it arouses passionate debate," Taylor said in a statement. "Sadly, King County allowed its fear of controversy to trump a commitment to free speech."

      Harold Taniguchi, director of the county transportation department, said in a statement that the county was "pleased the court found that our actions to ensure the safety of our passengers were reasonable."

    • amigo: probably Seattle. see: link to .

      Could there be a conflict in laws for the Supreme Court to consider? Here it appears to be a district (lower) court that said OK to Geller. In Seattle an appeals court spoke against Palestine ads.

  • Bibi talk: 'New York Review of Books' trivializes Israeli fascism
    • Pixel, You are right and so are they. In broad America, which knows only what MSM tell them (not much about Israel's misbehavior, and that little not characterized as crime), "Bibi" seems charming, "our friend". Here, the enemy is known by many names but none are lovingly applied. It is probably not the nickame "Bibi" that is used here derisively but the discussion of the name and his doings and sayings.

  • Liberal Democrats sympathize with Palestinians over Israel by 68-60 -- Pew
    • Consider that these numbers represent American opinions molded (or influenced) by an overwhelmingly pro-Israel political elite and MSM. EVEN WITH ALL THAT the numbers are not bad for Palestine. Think what the numbers would be if, for instance, the NYT published daily the Palestinians-killed, Palestinians-jailed, Palestinian-houses-destroyed figures that we tend to see here on MondoWeiss. Think how matters might change if a prominent American -- the president comes to mind in these his last 22 months as president -- were to make a succession of speeches telling Americans what's going on. // Democracy without a free press isn't worth much, and the American system (oligarchy) has a tightly regulated "free" press.

  • How Obama won on Iran
    • Yes, Obama and the other 5 did well, overcoming the stupid, ideologically-driven politicizations of many Congressmen. We've seen the same ideologically-driven machinations lately in the religious-protection laws recently passed in several states not to mention Kansas's governor refusing to provide services because he won't raise taxes.

      A warning: "It’s not for nothing that reporters likened the talks to Versailles, which ended World War I". That was the treaty which demanded such terrific reparations from Germany that we later got quite a lot of German resentment and, ultimately, got Hitler. But I guess the "sanctions" against Iran are like the reparations and the eventual treaty, if it comes to pass, will be like a lifting of the sanctions and thus like a lifting of unbearable reparations. More or less.

  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
    • Good idea, good article, Phil. Yes, boycotts work (if large enough).

      The anti-BDS laws proposed are scarey but nothing new. There've been laws against cooperating with the "Arab Boycott against Israel" for years. These laws could pass. I'd like to think they'd make the new "free trade" agreements harder to get agreed to. What country would want to cozy up to the USA when the USA has been and will later be so punitive to other countries for -- for instance -- doing their responsibilities under Geneva Conventions (which bind their signatories to ENSURE RESPECT FOR THE CONVENTION UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES) -- something the countries have certainly not done for last 48 years but might begin to do soon -- hence the proposed law.

  • Mainstreaming BDS in Italy
  • Mondoweiss Exclusive: One on One with Rep. Steve Israel
  • Leaked Clinton fundraising memo reveals presidential campaign strategy
  • Trevor Noah, next 'Daily Show' host, is no fan of Israeli attacks on Gaza
    • No Jewish shtik? Aww, I think Jewish jokes are very funny. But I also like Polish jokes and shudder to think that there may be Poles nearby when I tell one. Same with viola jokes and nearby viola players (hard for me because my partner is a viola player).

      OK, NO ETHNIC JOKES! And that means that no Jewish comedians can tell Jewish jokes either, because if they can tell them (and can they ever), then so should anyone else (even in NYC they cannot pretend that there is no-one in the audience other than Jews), otherwise the right to tell Jewish jokes is turned into ethnic property, cutting out lots of comedians and just plain funny people. Have I told you the one about the viola-playing Polish rabbi? So, * * *

  • Pitzer SJP to display mock Apartheid Wall despite administration attempts to censor free speech
    • Hope the campus cops don't spoil the fun by dismantling the wall before end-of-day.

      But if they do, SJP might well ask why the USA has not ordered (or even demanded) that Israel dismantle its (real) wall, considering the July 2004 ICJ advisory opinion that calls it illegal and calls for its dismantlement.

  • Approaching Easter and Passover
    • To not buy Israeli (anything) AND to cite to Palestine as an example of "we were slaves in Egypt", "we" being Palestinians, Egypt being Israel. (What goes around comes around?)

  • The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
    • Phil, great report. Hope this gets a lot of play. My belief in Jewish unnecessarily-strong-uprightness (do I still believe this?) was based on exactly such people's contributions in the 1960s. These FOUR are indeed "heroes of our time" (1960s)! And heroes again today.

      And it should be said, the OpenHillel breakaways are also heroes, willing to undergo some opposition while the great body of Jews on campuses re-think a lot of things and maybe try to escape the Stalinist thought-regimentation that the J-Establishment sees fit to seek to impose on them.

  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • Well said. For safety from antisemitism in Europe, 1900-1945, Jews became Zionists and conquered and stole Palestine. Today, with hardly any antisemitism anywhere but plenty of anti-Zionism especially in M/E,, Zionists complain that they are not welcome in Palestine (surprise!) and must take more and more territory and kill and torture and attack more and more people (I suppose some of them say: in order to become safer where they are). No thought (as in 1940s) of going somewhere ELSE to find safety. South America anybody? No siree Bob, manufacturing anti-Zionism and calling it antisemitism works just fine.

  • Day before deadline, Iran negotiations coming 'down to the wire' and Netanyahu still hopes to play spoiler
    • Money may talk in politics? What a surprise! The surprise is that it is European money "talking back" to USA-Israel-Republicans -- or, to put it differently, talking back to USA's oligarchy, the suppliers of money (and exercisers of most power) in American politics.

      Israel wants USA to fight a war for Israel, Israel's benefit but America's cost. Nothing new there (Iraq). What's new is that some important part of the USA's ruling class (am I really tired of "oligarchy"?) wants to avoid another and bigger war. So if we are to avoid war, we must deal with Iran and, as matters proceed, it seems that those terms will be Iran's and Europe's, not Israel's or our Republican's. (Anyone old enough to remember Republicans as those who avoided foreign wars (1941)?

  • Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama's foreign policy yesterday
    • amigo: agreed. More is needed than merely recognizing Palestine (even if a territory were firmly associated with that recognition). What's needed has always been clear: a sanctions-enforced UNSC resolution (with terms like UNSC-465/1980) requiring Israel to remove all settlers permanently (during the life of the occupation), dismantle the wall and all settlements, and end the siege on Gaza.

      IOW, enforce international law as set forth (for instance) in UNSC-465 and ICJ 7/2004. See: link to

    • OTOH, if Obama finds himself under the bus, feels those treads, it gives him a free hand (IMO) to act independently of Clinton, Congress, the American people, etc. He can vote at the UNSC as he wishes w/o concern that he is weakening himself or the Dems. (The bums that are kissing up to Bibi should think of that before they weaken him too much!)

    • They are all throwing Obama and the Palestinians under the bus. But they are also throwing us Americans under the same bus. Our government is supposed to be run (in some vague sense) in the public interest. Whatever that means. And of course, today, no-one really supposes that any more. The government is supposed to be run on behalf of the very, very rich -- the Oligarchs.

      The question, then, is this: Is big-Zion up there with big-banks, big-defense, big-oil, big-pharma, big-agri (Monsanto), etc., in terms of power to run USA's foreign policy? The answer may be a hard one: since all the other "bigs" probably don't care whether Dems or Reps run the government (they don't care about gun control, abortion, gay-rights, civil rights generally), they are "hands off" on all Israel-questions. They just don't care. And therefore "big-Zion" although not as wealthy (I'm supposing) as the other "bigs", runs all Israel matters and the other "bigs" don't interfere. (And, of course, the CEO of a big-bank just might be a Zionist. Why not?)

      The need for getting money as far out of politics as it will go is never more apparent. "Political action" MUST BE defined and denied to any but human beings, presumably American citizens, and the total annual expenditure for "political action" per person must be defined and relatively small, $1000 better than $1M per person per year.

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