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Retired. Married for 24 years to Palestinian-American, Quaker. Myself of Jewish descent, non-religious. Classical musician (cello). Run my own website,, for which I do all the programming (PHP, MYSQL). Favor an international intervention, as a "deus ex machina", to rescue Palestinians, Israelis, and USA from the tail-wags-the-dog AIPAC-et-alius. This probably means doing an end-run around USA's UNSC veto and doing more-or-less coordinated BDS at nation-state level. Non-Action on Global Warming is a far bigger threat to all the world than the 63-year non-action on Israel/Palestine. On this topic, I am truly hopeless: "I cry a tear for the soon to be late humanity."


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  • Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by 'crazy' Israel
    • "Liberal" is such a bad word. Makes you feel a bit dirty to say it. So I always call myself a "progressive" hoping that the taste will be better. But, yuck! And NYT? Yuck. Love Israel? And a liberal? OOOOKAAAAY. Not mucvh daylight between Israel and the USA, hunh? Maybe not -- at the level of leaders.

      When Democrats sold out to big money (recently: Obama, both Clintons, today's DNC), they kept the label "liberal" and thus transformed it. I won't be much surprised if the Dems presently in office go along with all or part of Trump's "infrastructure improvement plan", a plan for privatising the USA, selling it to Goldman Sachs and other investors. Maybe that's why Trump likes the Rooskies who did the same thing upon the "fall of communism". But whatever happens, it will always be called "liberal".

  • We'll be waiting a long time for Al Jazeera's undercover investigation of Israel lobby
    • Sounds like the chummy-offensive from Israel to Qatar was timed to oprevent this report from airing. Nice work, brand-Israel. I suppose that's why NYT and NPR and so many other corporations are chummy with Israel. "Charm". Oh, yes, and politicians in the USA and UK.

      Nothing new here. Sorry not to hear the report.

  • How to win the battle for freedom, justice, and equality
    • The demand for rights is not a demand made primarily toward Israel (or Israelis). It is made toward the international community. It is a completely lost cause if made toward Israel. Israel must be compelled to allow freedom, justice, and equality.

      Palestinians will demand freedom, justice, and equality and Israel will scream anti-semitism and I guess we will see, over time, which claim will be heard and by whom outside Israel.

  • A Jewish 'sickness': Israeli journalist explains young American Jews' support for Palestinians
    • Yemini blames Palestinians for running an industry of lies! How single-minded he is. Is he paying attention? Whether or not he is right in what he says, how about the pro-Israel hasbaristas and their own industry of lying?

      Almost every time Israel blames Palestinians for something, I find (and I at least always wonder) if Israelis did it first. (I almost wonder if Palestinians invented cherry tomatoes or, more likely, made hummus, before Israelis did.)

      I wrote about that here, long ago (and copied it into my blog in 2011): My-Double-Plagiarism-With-Apologies-to-Mahmoud-Darwish

    • Gad, wisdom from a slick-suited Yemeni! Oh, so wise. He dresses to persuade! Oh, but so do the slick-suited Palestinians.

      Well, yes. anti-Zionism is, in part, a Jewish sickness. Indeed. And I'd be glad to give up anti-Zionism -- such an inconvenient "ism" -- were it not for a few things.

      First, the Zionists insist on calling Israel the country of the Jewish People which implies, inter alia, that the crimes of Israel are the crimes of the Jewish People. And altho I don't agree to most of this blather, it remains a pretty good reason for a guy with Jewish roots to concentrate blame for H/R violations on Israel and pretty much ignore Russia, China, USA (yes USA!) and other bigger players in that dreadful game of HRV.

      In my case, since I know and have friendships with many Palestinians but few Israelis, being Pro-Palestinian is a matter of friendships (and marriage, come to that), and it is hard to be pro-Palestinian without also being vigorously anti-Zionist -- try as one might, tho I don't.

      So I can sympathize with, e.g., Tibetans, , Afghanis, Somails, Vietnamese, Utes, Navahos -- but not feel the special magic of friendships and marriage.

  • Creating Change, or celebrating privilege?
    • Skora was one of the activists who last summer expelled Zionists from the Chicago Dyke March, in line with the Dyke March Collective’s vision that “Zionism is an inherently white-supremacist ideology. We welcome and include people of all identities, but not all ideologies. We believe in creating a space free from oppression, and that involves rejecting racist ideologies that support state violence.”

      A WONDERFUL STATEMENT! All identities, but not all ideologies.

      I guess the problem for anyone trying to work for any "outlawed" position in a larger group is to decide whether to stay "in" or to leave and work from outside. I have that problem with supporting Democrats (as a largely oligarchy-supporting party) rather than supporting only particular "acceptable" candidates.

      I don't know if Zionism is white-supremacist or rather Zionist-Jewish-supremacist, because many Zionist-Jews are from Arab countries and share skin-tint with the Palestinians. Ahed al-Tamimi is "whiter" than her captors in some pictures. There are some black Jews living in Israel and I suppose some of them are Zionists despite ill-treatment.

      But the Dyke March Collective is right to abominate ANY supremacist ideology or group.

  • The not-so-secret life of Mathilde Krim
  • New Orleans City Council rescinds human rights resolution, igniting the movement for Palestinian rights
    • Abusers also get away with their abuse because they (or at least in this case) have lots of money to spend -- which they do spend! -- acquiring puppet-strings to politicians.

      Accordingly, not only are the people savaged by American imperialism in MENA suffering from American supported imperialism, but so too are the people of the USA, whose voices are increasingly not heard when OLIGARCHS (such as -- in this case -- BIG-ZION) spend money to buy political compliance.

  • Fearing breakup of Israel lobby, liberal Zionists stress the power of Jewish unity
    • I think the LZ's are in agony because they know that they (and the less liberal Z's) have replaced any other aspect of Jewish communal identity with the newish religion of Israel-boosting, which they were persuaded to use to replace other aspects of Jewish communal identity such as Judaism, and a vague moral-and-ethical helpfulness which might be called Tikkun Olam.

      They are frightened because if Israel sinks (or even if only Israel-boosting sinks), they will (or fear they will) be left with nothing, no identity, and that is indeed scary because Israel-boosting has given them purpose, community, power, etc.

      I suggest we encourage LZ's (especially Jane Eisner, whose voice is heard) to add Tikkun Olam (or whatever) to their list of daily concerns so that as Israel-boosting is seen to be hollow or worse, they will have something really Jewish to hang on to in its place. It will help with the transition. They will know when the transition is well under way when they begin to care in an active fashion for the whole Palestinian people.

  • Netanyahu has taken a wrecking ball to Israel's favorability ratings among Democrats
    • I think the lousy (as I see it) preference for Israel over Palestinians among DEMs is due to the failures of MSM. Pnce upon a time (1980?) Americans were much more sympathetic to Palestinians as I recall. Is there a way to dredge up old numbers?

  • Open Letter to Ben Jealous: Please take a progressive stand on Palestine
  • After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism
    • Psychologically, I dare say that any person brainwashed to belief in an ideology -- as Zionism is -- will find it hard to let reality creep in which will disturb that belief, to say nothing of disturbing the place within the society of believers of which that person has been a member.

      If Cohen is not as "pure" a believer in human rights as some MW readers would wish, he may still be a good deal too disenchanted with Zionism for the societies (at NYT for example) of true believers of which he has been a part which will be aghast at his expressions of mild dismay at Zionism and its fruits. Shaking loose that society of true believers is likely to be a slow and arduous business, especially as most of them will probably not visit such a wonderful example of the horrors of Zionism as Hebron is.

      Unlike Chicken Little, who believed that the sky was falling because, so she thought, a piece of it had fallen on her head, most Zionists are unlikely to believe that a proof of the nastiness of Zionism has fallen on their heads because they keep their heads out of the way of such evidence. Much easier, really, to believe what Bibi and AIPAC say. Or, I suppose, Fox News.

      But there might be hope. Israel allows Zionists to visit, even if it excludes BDSers. Maybe if some of those visiting ZIonists can get away from their minders long enough to see a bit of Palestine (O dear,, don't go there, it's too dangerous, and why would you want to see those flea-infested peasants/bomb-infested terrorists anyway?!), they'll have the scales fall away from their eyes too.

      Crackers and Matzohs notwithstanding.

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
    • "Israel has not merely cursed Palestinians rhetorically with this curse [may your house come to ruin], but has actually brought such ruin to millions of them, from the moment of its founding and until today. "

      This is a point which should be made, made again, and made still again. Israel is doing what it claims to fear.

      I'm no poet, but I did write this poem, "A Confession of Plagiarism" in an homage to Darwish, and it makes the same point.

  • No one cares about intermarriage anymore
    • Be careful, Mooser, you report only the pregnancy of a gentile.

      It could happen to you, too, that some ancestor of yours, of your very own that is, on the distaff side was -- ooh! -- a gentile, even perhaps a goy, maybe even (which g-d forbid) a shiksa -- and then where would you be, and where would all the rest of us be, who depend on your humor solely in the belief that it is kosher?

  • Palestinian-American businessman, 57, is arrested by ICE in Cleveland, shocking supporters
    • I think Trump and his minions at ICE are determined to prove what many have said for many years, namely, that there is no daylight between Israel's values and America's. I don't believe that horrible slur is true of American citizens generally but it may, especially now, be true of the governments' values.

  • Norman Finkelstein's 'Gaza' is an exhaustive act of witness
    • I didn't read every word of this book review and have not seen the book.

      What I wonder about is whether the rockets and bullets sent from Israel into Gaza to assassinate Hamas militants (and others I suppose) are discussed and condemned or if they are considered proper acts of war (or, of course, proper acts of belligerent occupation). As occupier, Israel is supposed to use normal court procedures to indict and try presumed criminals; if militants in Gaza are regarded as criminals, then assassinating them is not allowed (or so I suppose). In any case, I have read that such assassinations have been the triggers to which Gazan militants responded with their pitiful rockets, thereby giving Israel the excuse it wanted to slaughter Gaza.

      It is a 1:2:3 dance, and Israel leads the dance. Israel assassinates, Gazans send harmless rockets, and then Israel slaughters. This -- if true -- should be made plain.

  • 'Struggle for one state with equal rights for everyone' is here, 'NYRB' reports
    • Good to see a few USA voices seeing and describing reality. Better to hear it repeatedly from NPR and NYT.

      But, as with climate change, there are always deniers and don't-carers and can't-be-bothereders and, of course, those who tepidly assert the truth but then do nothing about the problem. Kicking the can down the road is always the policy of choice among the weak minded -- and those who will not oppose well-financed entrenched interests.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • Ahem, calling Israeli behavior criminal, calling it rape, oes sometimes get called antisemitism, which is (among those same namecallers) counted as a higher crime. Just sayin'. Not agreein'.

    • Avigail, the answer is easy: In the view of oppressors, getting culturally erased is not bad for little brown peoples but would be horrible for big strong white people. Get it?

      And lest I forget, thanks for a bang-up essay. Perfect. Colonialism as rape. And perhaps many more people will now say #MeToo about colonialism.

      But this does not explain the expressions of fear among the white supremacists. That fear (or that surmise if this is pre-fear on their part) may come about because they have joined the bandwagon of colonialism, of minimizing/oppressing.erasing other lesser peoples, and by easy projection can imagine that those peoples would want to do the same thing back to them. (Whether the oppressed would have the power to do such a thing does not arise, because this fear is not realistic but merely psychological, sins of thought and action coming home to roost as fears of reprisal.)

  • PLO endorses BDS, makes unprecedented call for sanctions
    • Bravo. We've been in a bad situation for 50 years, and now it is a crisis. Israel and the USA, especially but not only Trump, have made it a crisis. Now the ball is in the court of the nations. Will they drop the ball by dropping the pretense that there is such a thing as international law, or will they get a backbone? This is the new crisis.

  • Facing serious damage to its image, Israel must smear its critics as anti-Semites
    • Terrific article! Many thanks.

      Especial thanks for finding a contradiction between #10 and #11 in the examples bound to the by-itself unsatisfactory definition of antisemitism.

      But recall that politicians are employed to act, not to read or to think or to parse. If an "argument" be needed, it may be as flimsy as spider-webs for all a politician cares. And if powerful (usually monied) folks wish to evict members of the UK's Labour Party, they will seek this end through the acts of corrupted politicians. At least it goes that way in the USA.

    • echinococcus: Interesting idea! GB used to say, and in some ways to implement, the idea that "once a Brit, always a Brit". My father, in 1933 an American, had been born in Canada and while interrupting his graduate studies at UC Berkeley was visiting in England and needed some financial help to get home, which was ultimately granted -- if in very small measure -- on the grounds that he was a Brit going abroad to study.

      So maybe once an Israeli always an Israeli, in some sense, even if you might be outside the country and not welcome to return! And in that case he might be a Brit citizen and also an Israeli citizens (of, of course, Jewish nationality in Israel, whilst of Israeli nationality in GB). Ha!

  • What MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' tells us about Ahed Tamimi in a cold Israeli cell
    • I've been reading MLK Jr.'s letter. It is wonderful, much better (because of detail) than the American Declaration of Independence's complaints against jolly old King George III.

      I think that excerpts from it match very well with the plight of the Palestinians living in WB, and might be read at pro-Palestine rallies anywhere in the world. If nothing else, reading these words would show up the hypocrisy of the LZ's who urge waiting and utter non-violence, etc., and of all Americans who claim to have human-rights concerns but who fail to oppose Israel's oppression of Palestinians.

    • The MLK Jr Letter from a Birmingham Jail contains this : " "wait" has almost always meant "never." It has been a tranquilizing thalidomide, relieving the emotional stress for a moment, only to give birth to an ill-formed infant of frustration. "

      This is correct. And surely the Palestinians have waited too long to remove recognition from Israel since Israel has never recognized them. DItto going to ICC.

  • Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again -- Israeli ethicist
    • Interesting picture (second) above. Who are the "people-of-color" ? The Israeli guards. Who's the person-of-white" ? Ahed al-Tamimi. And Trump and many other who-sometimes-appear-to-be-racists love and support the Israeli people-of-color and oppose al-Tamimi.

      So it goes! Racism is color-blond. And so-called anti-terrorism very often supports the biggest terrorists (USA and Israel much among them) and opposes their victims whose fighting-back is called terrorism.

  • Vic Mensa's searing piece in 'Time' on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism
    • echinococcus: I think what I meant was that he was making a report on certain things that he saw, namely, on what the government (or government armed forces) did. He was not reporting what the Israeli-Zionist population thought, on whether or not they approved the government doings, etc. He was also not reporting on what Zionists who do not reside in Israel think or do.

      My own view is not optimistic at all and would conclude that the behavior of the IDF et al. is exactly in line with the desires, hopes, fears, of the Israeli-Zionists who've created this government. But since the original Israel was basically a non-religious creation, both as to its leaders and as to its raison d'etre, I don't think original (1920-1950) Zionism can be called a religious thing. At that time it was also opposed by most of the world's Jews., so it cannot really be called a Jewish thing.

      Of course things have rather morphed, especially since 1967. I'm not sure how much this is due to "education" (which the US Congress has also received and from the same hands) since 1967. If BIG-ZION (the money distributed by AIPAC et al.) propagandizes American Jews and causes them to be true-believers and patriots-at-a-distance for Israel, that is (to my thinking not religious, not Jewish, but social and political. And many American Zionists are Evangelical Christians with really warped (from my POV) religious thinking and agendas.

      So to be angry at American Zionists is, again, not to be angry at American Jews (alone) or at all American Jews. Or shouldn't be.

      Of course anti-ZIonist anger at Evangelical Christians (to the extent they are fervid Zionists) might be expressed as anti-Semitism by people who didn't know enough.

    • Terrific story, and in TIME!? Very powerful. High time. Phil, HERE's your break in the American MSM's wall of denial. And TIME found an author who by his on experience has standing to read the riot act.

      As to the anti-semitism bit: I guess I would have preferred a straight-from-the-shoulder description of the oppression he saw (whether he saw it in person or not -- surely there is a place for experience at a remove, else why have MondoWeiss at all?) -- and THEN AT LONG LAST a remark that the government and armed forces of Israel are a very small part of the world's Jewish population, and his comments are a reflection on the behavior of that small group, and that small group alone, and not on anyone's religion or because of anyone's religion or ethnicity.

      Does TIME run comments? I'd watch them closely.

  • Israeli Jews will never accept Palestinians as equals -- Klutznick, chair of Americans for Peace Now
    • 1SS and 2SS (and anyone else's dream) need not be dead, why dead? But what's missing from almost every discussion is the description of a mechanism for getting to any dream-state (ha!) from today's apartheid -- which bids fair to be permanent so long as the only lever for change is in Israel's hands.

      My favorite dream is not of a solution but of a mechanism, namely, a lot of pressure on Israel from places like EU. In this dream, BDS becomes so well accepted that even politicians, even their bosses (the CEOs of big corporations which have nothing to do with Israel), will feel the "Bern" if I may so express myself, of BDS and put real and sustained pressure on Israel. At that point (and no sooner) the lever of power will slip from Israel's hands into the hands of people loosely joined by the BDS idea. What those people will demand of Israel is anyone's guess. But as with South African apartheid, the pressure must grow here and there until it becomes more or less universal, becoming a sort of avalanche begun (let's say) in EU and then joined by M/E, Africa, South America, Asia.

      Long ago I imagined that the outcome of such a new leverage would be the demand that Israel remove all settlers and dismantle (destroy) all settlement buildings. Such a demand, backed up by sufficient leverage, might motivate Israel to negotiate with the PLO, and who knows with what outcome.

      But in any case, think "mechanism" before thinking "outcome".

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • The test of these theories is with us: Israel is welcoming the white-supremacist (including neo-Nazi) folks which the Trump campaign and election has brought to such prominence. Israel pals around with anti-Semites providing they support Israel.

      Here's the test: suppose the anti-Semites in the USA become quite open like the black-church burners in the south, like KKK once was, black-shirts, brown-shirts, folks who are proud of their vicious intolerance. I suppose it could happen again, why not? Would Trump or the Koch Brothers oppose it? Would the Jewish Establishment oppose it if these nasties were FoI?

      And in that case, would Israel save us, us American Jews, from these vicious intolerant white-supremacists? From these FoI?

      I hope they don't really run this particular experiment. And I don't expect them to run it: Trump et al. have so many other folks to persecute that they really don't need Jews.

      But if this sad possibility did come to pass, how would those tough guys in Israel save us? Run that by me again? Or do they save us by magically preventing this postulated upsurge in anti-Jewish violence before it starts?

      Got me there!

  • New Israel Fund's Daniel Sokatch exposes the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism
    • It is said that there were Germans in Germany during the period 1933-45 who were upset or outraged by the racism and other inhumanity of the Holocaust and Nazi oppression of all its other victims :

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


      I guess there must have been some, perhaps many, maybe even a majority. Hard to tell because Germany was a scary place then, a scary place to speak out, a scary place to criticize the master-race policy.

      And in Israel today, it is getting scarier to oppose the master-race policy, but I do not get the idea that many Israeli-Jews really want to oppose this policy. The triumph of the Jews in Palestine was the reason for forming Israel, not an accident, not a later invention. How could anyone comfortable with being an Israeli-Jew oppose such thinking? (And the education and propaganda and IDF all promote these views endlessly and tirelessly, just in case anyone were to lapse.)

      I think there were more "good Germans" proportionally then than there are "good Israeli-Jews" today.

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • Is Zionism (especially as observed in Jews outside Israel) a "religion"? A cult? An addiction? Within Israel it seems a plan for a power-grab by non-religious Jewish people unhappy living in Poland (and some other places) a long time ago which -- having been put into effect as politics-in-action has since then become a sort of "hot potato" which cannot be dropt no matter how bad it gets and which attracts fanatics (as violent supremacism cults sometimes do) which fanatics make the "hot potato" even hotter.

      The Jewish-Zionists living, say, in the USA, must somehow contrive not to see how horrible the "hot potato" has become because they want -- cultlike -- to hold on to their belief and their loyalty, etc.

    • Well, if Montagu and Isaacs were non-Zionists (or anti-Zionists) in their times because they were comfortably well off and lived without fear in their country, perhaps it is the same with me and other Jews in the USA: we are on the whole comfortable, unthreatened, not worried in any practical way by whatever anti-semitism may be around , etc. If it were otherwise, we might (many of us) be Zionists. But the facts seem to militate against this.

      It is rather otherwise -- we must wonder why so many American and European Jews who have no desire or intention of moving to Israel are nevertheless Zionists. Social pressure has created a cult. Money in the hands of leaders of the cult make it prosper.

      Glad to have JVP out there and "out" there.

    • Bible is a very human product, including its contradictions:

      "'If a man marries his brother's wife, it is an act of impurity; he has dishonored his brother. They will be childless." Leviticus 20:20

      "If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband's brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her." Deuteronomy 25:5

      Some people read these two verses as contradictory. Who am I to say them nay? And what do the "fundamentalists" say about them, resolve them? Some Christians after all say the Bible is absolute truth w/o error. Maybe some Jews say the same thing. I wouldn't know.

      Henry VIII, once a king of England, seemed to make a preferences between these. Ain't religion wunnerful?

  • Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi's hair
  • Why I am not at the MLA
    • Great statement, terrible news about yet-another-complicity. The long arm of big-money-which-rules-politics strikes again, I suppose. A bit (one imagines) like the dean of Fordham University disallowing establishment of a club named "Students for Justice in Palestine" (SJP) after the student group charged with providing preliminary approval approved the club. Or Univ Illinois firing Stephen Salaita. To say nothing of Norman Finkelstein's dispiriting adventures with academia. Jews may, it is sometimes averred, be a despised minority in the USA (are they? are we?) but Zionists are riding high. "Hi Ho Silver! Away!"

  • Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed

      It might even be worse than "giving permission" to liberal Zionists to hate Tamimi; it may be telling them that it is their duty (to join right-wingers and) to trash Tamimi. "We can lie, we can spout the usual propaganda, and you will let us do it and you will join us in doing it. You know your Zionist duty. It is us against them, and the IDF and the occupation are holy. Act as though you believe all these things!"

      Indeed, perhaps the IDF and the occupation are the only things holy to Israeli-Jews.

  • Shmuley Boteach's unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel
    • Ossinev: Excellent points! But just like PEP, there must be SepC&SEI, as I'm sure Mr. Shmuely would be first to point out. Like the clock-tower Big Ben(e), it chimes out a loud Nota real good!

      And considering that Lorde's fans include (or consist mostly of) gay-tolerant folks, this attack must be as back-fire-ish as any anyone's ever seen!

      Shmuelly? Good Lorde!

  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • Friends, May it be that an unsung hero (or victim) of this story is the soldier who got slapped and failed to act viciously in response? Perhaps he knew that Ahed's cousin was just shot in the face and felt the justice of her response. Perhaps he hated his army service. And then (no doubt to some extent) he must have been pilloried by the gung-ho pro-occupation super-majority among Israeli-Jews who wanted violence and substituted arrest-court-prison for soldierly violence.

      Why pilloried? Because he failed to act out the script of Israel's right and duty to mistreat Palestinians.

      You know, "if I don't mistreat a Palestinian every day, what am I?"

      "If I am not here by right, then I am here by wrong." Frightening idea for any Zionist, explains the silence of the LZ's.

  • How Ahed Tamimi was slapped first, and why no one is talking about it
    • "Incitement", what a word! Incitement to resistance? to violence? to murder? to arson? to spitting on soldiers? to bad language in public? to sneering at soldiers? incitement to giggling at soldiers? But said simply as "incitement" (and without proof, but what could be proof of "incitement" without the "to XX" as in "incitement to XX".

  • Zionism didn't have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen
    • Hmm, "why Jews needed a small piece of earth they could call home. … ".

      Well, on the world stage, maybe someone would regard Mandatory Palestine a "small piece of earth" but in the context of I/P, Israel could be a lot smaller if just to offer a modicum of justice to the Palestinians. To reduce the amount of the "necessary evil" as it were.

      Must always remember to ask those fellows about that.

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • LZ's care only about soldiers' purity of arms (so-called) and not about human rights violations?! What do the LZ's think, that the (hated, dreadful) occupation performs human rights violations all by itself? The occupation shot someone in the face? Not a soldier?

      OK, the LZ's should say it right out loud: the occupation is operated by soldiers who do what they are told and who thereby violate Palestinian human rights either as a matter of following orders reluctantly, following orders willingly, or acting outside of orders. Soldiers do it. Cry about it but admit it. And admit the human rights violations,. And then say what you would prefer.

      Silence gives consent.

  • One in a Thousand: The Art and Wit of Carlos Latuff
    • Carlos -- sometimes you have more truth in one simple cartoon than a writer could put in an entire essay. If your cartoons don't make undecideds think, what would?

  • Massachusetts lawmakers to vote on anti-BDS bill after going on free trip to Israel and West Bank settlements
    • Nancy, terrific article. The testimonies against the bill seem wonderful, persuasive, numerous, and let's hope they have a sufficient impact.

      As to legislators who "didn't know" blah-blah-blah, well I think a lot of Germans said much the same thing after WWII. No doubt there were some who actually didn't know. But surely it can be impressed upon them that they (as legislators) have a duty not only to know but also not to allow themselves to be "captured" by pro-Israel propagandists without also finding out what the other side are saying. Surely the Jews supporting BDS are not doing so SOLELY from hatred of Jews (or unmotivated hatred of Israel); there must be other reasons and the legislators should find out what those reasons are.

      Hope ACLU was a bit persuasive as well.

  • Israeli Jews 'will never accept' giving vote to Palestinians -- liberal Zionist leader
    • She's right: when people (Israeli-Jews) realize there is a need for peace, then the negotiations will lead to peace. Quite right! absolutely.

      So let's help them with that realization, shall we? BDS, other actions to enforce international law and agreements, ICC, ban on settlements (land grabs) and settlers (people) in occupied territories. Including Syrian Golan (law is law, even if the land is not Palestinian).

  • Anti-Christianism
    • Juergen: Perhaps you could write (or point out) a good article on Christian-Zionism, Evangelicalism, etc., My guess is that Christian-Zionists are like other fundamentalists, blinded by religious dogmas but not necessarily racists or degenerates (e.g., w.r.t. underaged girls or boys) like some in the news today. However, the effects of Christian-Zionism are absolutely horrible, akin to the effects of Zionism itself. I believe a lot of evangelicals are among that huge cohort of American science-deniers and climate-change-deniers who are making their own predictions of "end-times" so much easier to believe these days (but not for theological reasons).

    • "When the poor working class whites who are some of the major victims of neoliberal globalization are treated [by Clinton/DNC-lovers of oligarchy] like a “basket of deplorables,” what do you expect?"

      The problem today is that every election-ad I see from DEMs ignores the problem of oligarchy (ownership of government by big-money) just as Clinton did. Sanders to some extent spoke against oligarchy. Various folks today are speaking against Citizens United (Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has written a very good description of American oligarchy: Captured: The corporate Infiltration of American democracy") but even critics of Citizens United more-or-less ignore the several other Supreme Court decisions that allow corporations and billionaires to spend outrageously on elections (and on issues).

      With the DEMs apparently unreconstructed (e.g., still neoliberal/oligarchic rather than, say, Sanders-esque), there is hope that DEMs may prosper in 2018 but less hope that America will free itself, even a little, from the trammels of big-money.

    • When I was in high school, 1955, I worked for a summer as a surveyor's helper at an oil refinery near my hometown, San Francisco. The other (and older) guys in the crew were, or several were, quite racist, hating Jews, blacks, Catholics, and (I now suppose) Mexicans. They were perfectly open about it within the confines of the crew and its outdoor work. Quite revealing to me, but I didn't really know if they got all that racism from some religion (I now imagine some sort of Baptist) or elsewhere. Anyway, it was strong, and open. I was glad I didn't seem Jewish to them. Perhaps as "young people" they had not read the memo that the world had changed, or perhaps in 1955 it had not yet changed.

  • Cuba welcomes 50th anniversary of the PFLP leftist movement
  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
  • 'We overstepped in that case' -- David Brooks offers another empty apology for supporting Iraq war
    • He says the Iraq war was fought to promote (impose?) democracy? Another kill the people to save them (VietNam) idea?

      All this makes me think that the public should demand that when war is proposed, a big discussion happen (in public) where historians, sociologists, warriors, human-rights-proponents, geographic-area-specialists, best-and-highest-uses-of-American-money folks (are there any such?), and others talk so that a list of pluses-and-minuses of going to war, refraining from war, and other policy choices, could be examined.

      Big decisions made too quickly (think of the recent senate tax bill!) and without discussion always seem wrong to me, put-up-jobs, special-pleading, con-jobs, oligarchy-in-action.

      This thinking goes for other decision making.

      Current thinking on opposing global warming/climate change (GWCC) is mostly along the lines of PRO: "we must cut back on emitting OC2/methane, but we cannot do it too quickly because it will hurt too much (too expensive and disruptive)" sand CON: "phooey, it's all a hoax." Forgetting the CON, there is another angle on the PRO: "We must also spend money to build mechanisms to remove existing and soon-to-be-added CO2 from the atmosphere".

      In other words, the single-minded goal of slowing emissions is not enough and the additional (not alternative) goal of removing CO2 is also not enough, and we should think that maybe other things may be necessary or desirable. Which leads to this idea (retuning to the first idea, above): we should have climate scientists and engineers and biologists and geologists and economists and historians and many others discuss all this (and the general problem of GWCC) before we make major decisions.

      Because while describing possible/likely climatic outcomes of human behavior on GWCC is a scientific matter, deciding on GOALS is not at all scientific or all engineering, but human and humane, moral and ethical, but must be based on the best advice decision makers can get, and that advice cannot be ONLY scientific or engineering but must also be biological, ethical, moral, etc.

      And the politicians who are so happy with themselves for pretending to have done enough at Paris should get a good slap in the face with the realities that they are hiding from -- they, the "PRO" politicians!

      As to the "CON" politicians, well that's another problem.

  • US Reform Jews endorse land theft in Israel and occupied territories
    • It's all disgusting, but not unexpected. The big-players stick together. AIPAC does not only "own" the US Congress but appears also to "own" the major Jewish organizations, even those which might be supposed to oppose it on some matters.

      In the same way that political-progressives must abandon the Democratic Party because of its manifest inability or unwillingness to abandon dependence on big-money donors (oligarchic icons such as BIG-BANKS, BIG-OIL,BIG-PHARMA) (and consequent throwing of the Bernie Sanders folks under the bus) to say nothing of manifest unwillingness or inability to abandon dependence on that other oligarchic icon, BIG-ZION (AIPAC et al); so, too, religious-progressives and human-rights-progressivese must abandon any big Jewish organizations and/or big-Christian organizations which have sold their souls to BIG-ZION.

      Inconvenient truths,

  • 'My aim is not to resolve the conflict' -- former top Israeli negotiator
    • Always seemed to be a bit of hesitation among Israeli negotiators to work toward peace or justice. We should not be surprised. Zionism takes as an unquestioned and unquestionable axiom that a Zionist (but probably not anyone else) taking someone else's homeland is a good thing. So giving part of it back would seem a bad thing.

      No surprise. Without outside pressure, to create carrots and sticks beyond those Israel can make for itself, no progress will be made.

  • Trump just 'pushed the two-state solution over the cliff'
    • I don't know what is wise, but I respect widely held principles. Accordingly, I suggest PLO et al. proceed on two fronts simultaneously.

      First go strongly to ICC with every possible proof of Israeli war crimes. If ICC is the place to press against Israeli apartheid, then press on.

      Second tell the world that with Israeli/USA intransigence and failure to respect previous agreements, and Netanyahu having called the 2SS dead, it is time to ask Israel to grant full citizenship (and the vote for those of age) to all Palestinians now living under Israeli rule and to rescind all laws which limit the Knesset to a Zionist sounding-board. A call for one country for all its people, more or less what the British Mandate called for (but Britain declined to seek).

      If 2SS is dead, then 1SS remains. Ask the world to demand it.

  • A majority of one is pushing for embassy move -- Sheldon Adelson
    • People like Adelson and Trump have enjoyed exercising power for so long that they confuse might for right. And of course, Israel's Zionist leaders are in the same boat. Hope it springs a leak all around.

  • 'Violence on both sides' -- 'New York Times' erases the Nakba
    • Don:

      One thing to read about Polish antisemitism (and what I read) is "Jabotinsky's Children", a history of Zionism as it arose in Poland (as I recall, 1930s). [1] There's a review here. [2] See also this.

    • There was, in fact, some violence on both sides, even before 1947. 1936-39 comes to mind.

      However, the reason for such Palestinian violence as there was was either the local problem of the eviction of farming families from lands they had been tenants on for generations and expected to remain on (the absentee landlords having sold the lands to Zionists) or the larger problem of the abundantly clear intention on the part of the more aggressive Zionists (such as Jabotinsky, Begin, Shamir) to create a more-or-less-Arab-cleared Zionist-majority state in most or all of Palestine -- or even all of Palestine-plus-Jordan.

      No-one among the Palestinians invited the Zionists to imagine or plan for (or effectuate) this take-over. No-one among the Palestinians forced the Zionists to dream these dreams or to put them into action. This was all voluntary on the part of the Zionists and most of it was imagined and planned pre-holocaust, mostly on the basis of very real and very terrible Polish antisemitism.

      So the story is just as so many have described it: Zionists said, basically, we've had pain in Poland (and Russia) and so we are going to solve our problem-of-pain by evicting the Palestinians and giving them pain. A sort of trade, as it were.

      Here, you lucky Palestinians, you, take our pain from us. But don't expect thanks or apologies. In fact, get off our land!

      Guess NYT couldn't publish that!

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • He's also a total idiot and egomaniac who cannot see that there might be a downside to doing whatever he wants to do. Here, I'd say, there just might be a downside.

      On the positive side, he does stick with his friends (and those who know how to play him as a friend).

  • Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
    • Well, nice to read it here, but do the rank-and-file of non-Zillionaire American Jews know that they've been thrown under the bus?

      Hope the word gets out. Or unignorable material manifestations.

  • Arthur Finkelstein ruined Israel, says Ehud Barak
    • Barak self-described peace-plan is very generous from his intensely fearful-greedy-self-impressed point of view. How generous of me, of us, he seems to think and perhaps even says, since we don't have to offer anything at all. We control all, all, all of this little world!

      Well, he's right. That's why we need BDS or some other mechanism to get the nations (the advanced nations especially) to say that the days of settler colonialism are over, to say that that horse has left the stable, to say that we (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ) all benefited from it in our day, but that day is no more.

      I'm not sure where the villain is around here. I doubt that it is the sympathy of the "advanced nations" for Israel's "right" to commit settler colonialism & apartheid. More likely the villain is Mammonism (neoliberalism, free-trade capitalism, and capitalist nad other BIG-MONEY control over governments, including that of BIG-ZION) so that the governments of the advanced nations (despite what their citizens may feel) are trapped in Zionism.

  • Saban praises Kushner for trying to sandbag the Obama administration at the UN
    • Gosh, I talk about foreign affairs all the time. Nothing illegal there? But I don't, like, talk to representatives of other countries. But if it did, still nothing illegal there? Right? Even if I, like, talked to them as a potential official of a not-yet-elected government (or of an already elected but not yet installed government)? Makes you wonder just what the "conduct of foreign policy" amounts to. When is it illegal?

      Hmm. If Flynn was not lying about something that was NOT illegal, then what was he lying about?

  • War rumblings continue, as Netanhayu says Iran is another Nazi Germany
  • An ominous warning: 'Netanyahu needs a war with Iran. And he needs it soon'
    • Context: Israel helps Al Qa'ida which (perhaps with Taliban) was once-upon-a-time named by USA as the raison-d'etre for its war-on-terror, Our ally Israel is allies with out arch-enemy Al-Qa'ida?

      So it goes.

    • In MSM reportage, describing some context is allowed; some is forbidden. Our MSM is a social organization, rife with taboos -- taboos driven by advertisers, owners, editors, and reporers themselves 9including self-censorship, sometimes unwitting). some writerse are so weded to their reputations as "experts" of various subjects (expertise developed subject to the above-mentioned taboos) that they dare not contradict their former writings.

      So it goes.

      If we mention Conyers's alleged misbehavior, can we fail to mention Trump's? (You betcha.)

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
  • Fellow professor rallies for support around Hatem Bazian
    • Is no-one (save Trump) safe from the ravages of (careless) tweetism? since I don't use tweet myself, I don't of course grasp the details of all this.

      Here's a question: if I forward an email after reading 1/2 of it (and finding that 1/2 worth forwarding), am I "guilty" of sins if the other 1/2 has bad stuff in it? Not sure if this corresponds to the tweet problem related here.

      Usually, sending one's own email (tweet) suggests that the ideas are one's own. And responsibility kicks in. But in forwarding (re-tweeting?), is this still so?

  • Letter to a drone
    • During a war, a drone might be said to be an aspect of war-fighting. But during non-war, the drone seems closer to torture of an entire people.

      Flying drones in a time of non-war presumably has a claimed principal effect, surveillance, but evidently has a substantial other (or side-) effect, torture.

      When the side-effect of an action (torture) out-weighs the (claimed) principal effect, surveillance, it becomes the (actual) principal effect. Torture should be and has been banned.

  • Liberal Zionists confront, or deny, the 'Doomsday settlement'
    • If BDS were the success that it hopes for and indeed moved a significant number of important nations to impose sanctions (travel, trade most likely) on Isrfael until thd settlers are all removed, then (assuming Israel was moved by the sanctions, let's say by its biggest export corporations and billionaires) Israel would jolly-well move the settlers back to 1966-Israel, to live in tents if nothing else. (I'd hate to find zealous former-settlers moving back to USA!).

      It makes no sense to say that Israel has no room. You an always build up! And you can always use desalinization to provide water (and return the WB aquifer water to the Palestinians).


  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • These words alone:

      “I declare that I will not do any activities against Israel, the army, and its institutions.”"

      do not seem to me to constitute a loyalty oath. There is no suggestion of "faithfulness" The words seem, rather, a promise of good behavior. If these words or any others could be shewn to be a loyalty oath to Israel, then we'd be right back with "dual loyalty" with a vengeance!

      But let's read these words carefully.

      Please note that there is no place or time limitation here: the declarations appears to be a sort of promise for the indefinite future about behavior anywhere in the world (or elsewhere). Please note as well that the activities to be avoided are (as I read this) activities which would be simultaneously ("and", not "or")against (against? who decides? what is the promiser promising here?) Israel, the army (presumably the IDF army), and its (whose? the army's? Israel's?) institutions (are "settlements" institutions?). If an act might be "against" the settlements, for example, but not also "against" IDF, or vice versa, this promise might not forbid it. In my reading.

      Rather inartful, as I read it.

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • Israel has since 1948 (or even 1945) been a malignant normality (see here and here) (normal at least to Zionists, malignant to most of humanity).

    • Annie: Israel as a proper democracy should be non-discriminatory and inclusive not only for the people who now live in IoT but for all people who should live there, including with present inhabitants also the refugees/exiles of 1948 and progeny. (That would bring the total of Palestinians living in IoT well over 1/2.)

      If Israel argues that all Jews have a right to return to Israeli-controlled territory (IoT) because their lives may be in danger elsewhere and they need a country, the same goes for the Palestinian refugees/exiles. And after all, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- not a law but a noble aspiration -- says everyone has a right to return to his own country.

      Perhaps the young American Jews Harris complains of have some such idea tickling their minds or consciences whenever the idea of loving Israel comes up.

  • BDS movement holds its first regional anti-normalization conference in Kuwait
    • This is very welcome news. Of course, all this BDS activity among Arab people (and states) will be presented to the world as anti-Semitism. So it should be explained (or emphasized) that BDS is an activity that is (or could be) limited in time -- to expire when Israel has become non-discriminatory and inclusive of all the people who should by rights live on the territory it controls (Golan, Gaza, and West Bank cum East Jerusalem). That is to say, BDS happens because of what Israel does; Israel calls it down on itself and can end it.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • What great questions he asks. Guess we should fold up our tents and steal away in the night. Guess no-one has a right to live in their own land, where they and their ancestors have lived for 500 or 1000 or 2000 years unless they have a special piece of paper in their back pocket signed by someone who has no right to dispose of their land telling them that they do have a right to the land. Or telling someone else that they (the someone else) has the rights.

      Wonderful, these pieces of paper! Actually, that's why so many Palestinians took their deeds with them into exile; because they thought pieces of paper were magical. Papers with Ottoman or British "chops" on them. And then Israeli courts decided not to honor those pieces of paper and instead to honor the Hebrew Bible. Gosh!

      And now the argument might turn to which piece of paper is more puissant, the Hebrew Bible or a long slew of UNGA and UNSC resolutions and all those pesky conventions (Geneva 1949; Genocide; ICC; etc.)

  • The left must give thanks to... Donald Trump
    • Phil: "capitalism had to be taken out by the roots"

      OK, but it is good to distinguish several aspects of capitalism. One is the power of the BIGs (and billionaires who got to be such because of capitalism) to buy/capture the administrative and legislative branches of governments; money in politics; corruption.

      Another is the commitment to "growth" which has led and promises to continue to lead to spread (of concrete, asphalt, trash, poisons in air-water-earth) and to growth of world population to support "economic growth".

      Another is the commitment to a chicken-bigTV-computer-SUV in every pot. Massive mining, manufacturing, tree-cutting, monoculture farming, etc., operations, ever growing. (But curiously, not ever-growing wages. I think they are out of their minds.)

      Last, observe that the great corporations which have so very, very much sway in Washington DC have not called with a single voice for action to curb GWCC on a "war footing". they seem to think that ever increasing amounts of CO2 in the air is just dandy.

      So there are a lot of reasons not to like capitalism. Since the once-thought-to-be socialist USSR and China each seem to have made accommodation with capitalism, I don't know that a comparison with socialism is exactly right.

      Maybe "managed diminishment" in place of unconstrained growth" as an economic philosophy. Might even, somehow not be anti-capitalist. But, first, get money out of politics. And then work on GWCC. Maybe Palestine too.

  • Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite
    • SS: While there are always differences, there are, as ahadhaadam says, great similarities.

      Just as, for example and closer to my home, there are many differences between mainline Democrats and mainline Republicans, but their great similarity is love of war and support for all the oligarchs (BIGs such as big-defence, big-banks, big-oil, big-pharma, etc. ad naus.), amd general service to the rich. To say nothing of service to big-Zion. Obama was of course saddled with a lot of republicans, but his speaking and doing w.r.t. global warming/climate change seemed to me luke-warm, since all nations should be acting w.r.t. GWCC on a "war footing". NY's governor, who has presidential thoughts, is likewise lukewarm.

  • Shutting PLO office in DC could shut down Kushner-Greenblatt peace effort, Palestinian official warns
    • Yes, full court press at ICC and forget about "peace processing" (or is that "precessing", or "nutation", a sort of wobbly circular motion which tops display but which ends up getting the top nowhere).

      At all events, "peace processing:" has been shewn by years of experience to be going no-where without outside pressure on Isrfael. BDS is one form of pressure. ICC could be another.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • And, speaking of rockets, who was it, again, who used first terrorism and then militias and finally a national army to perform ethnic cleansing on the Palestinians? And now they complain about rockets? That war never finished, and they have themselves to blame -- and far greater blame for all the rockets they have launched against Palestinians and Lebanese.

      Oh, dear, O deary-deary me! I killed my parents and now I am an orphan!

  • Lockheed Martin: A global giant in supporting of Israeli war crimes
    • I think I could buy a PC that does not have Intel parts and I already use Linux/Ubuntu. Probably turn out that the HD or some other replaceable part should be boycotted, but still * * *.

      The hard thing, always, is to make the boycotting action KNOWN so as to have some effect on others. I guess I could get a T-shirt that says "I BOYCOTT Israel and all companies that support the occupation or Israel's wars of aggression." Leave it to my "readers" (does anyone really "read" other people's T-shirts?) to decide which companies I boycott. Lockheed, certainly, tho I had precious little business with them last quarter * * *.

  • Pro-Israel groups' campaign against Linda Sarsour targets another progressive institution -- New School
    • Jeremy Burton writes: “we face an existential threat if left-wing denial of our national identity as a Jewish people is normalized. ”

      Who’s he mean by “we”? He evidently has two groups in mind: [1] first, he is thinking of himself and his friends (the American Zios), that is, the folks who very well might feel bad and even, just perhaps, also feel threatened in some sense, even “existentially so, by criticism of Israel and one of its raisons d’etre; and [2] second, he is pretending to speak for all American Jews, the folks he wants his listeners to suppose feel threatened.

      He like so many Zios arrogates to speak for all American Jews. The nerve! The very nerve! Makes me feel existentially threatened to be in the same sentence in the mouth of such a guy!

      Well, Jeremy, no matter how much you try, you do not speak for me. Or a lot of others. And WE do not feel threatened by left or right suggesting that there’s something phony about any self-proclaimed (sorry, soi-disant) Jewish nation. Got that, Jeremy?

  • Soldier-medic-killer Elor Azarya is denied pardon by Israeli president
    • He was only prosecuted in the first place because point-blank and video'd assassination was seen as "bad for Israel's brand". That justification has not changed.

      I wish they'd let him go today, as that would be a more-nearly-black mark on Israel than are the mere opinions (not official acts) of the he's-a-hero-who-shot-a-terrorist crowd, Israel's poisoned soul.

  • 'Struggle for basic rights within binational state has begun and we will win' --Shulman in 'NYRB'
    • Calling for equal rights for all inhabitants of Palestine ( a/k/a Greater Israel) is a sad failure to speak adequately -- what's needed is equal rights for all people who should be inhabitants of this place. This includes I dare say all Israeli-Jews presently there and all Palestinians presently there , but should also include all the Palestinian refugees and exiles and perhaps also all former Israeli-Jews now living elsewhere but desiring to return to I/P.

      In any case, living equally cannot happen if there is a law of return for Jews (who never lived there) but not for Palestinians.

  • Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
    • JW: You got a URL or whatever on Kit Griggs ? I've found nothing on Google.

      BTW, I "buy" your theory. I always imagined that on day-1 of a new presidency, the secretary brought an unknown man into the oval office who said to the new president, "Mr. President, congratulations; and now let me explain the rules of the game to you." Of course, he was more likely to be a banker than a hit-man, but your remarks suggest there may sometimes be little difference. One has to ask why so many politicians (especially democrats) feel bound to support the oligarchy (take money from and then act on behalf of the BIGs: big-defense, big-banks, big-pharma, big-Zion, etc.) Was it only money? But of course, enough money stops looking like "only" money.

    • Kit Griggs ? Appears to be from fiction or movies. True?

      BTW, I "buy" your theory. I always imagined that on day-1 of a new presidency, the secretary brought an unknown man into the oval office who said to the new president, "Mr. President, congratulations; and now let me explain the rules of the game to you." Of course, he was more likely to be a banker than a hit-man, but your remarks suggest there may sometimes be little difference. One has to ask why so many politicians (especially democrats) feel bound to support the oligarchy (take money from and then act on behalf of the BIGs: big-defense, big-banks, big-pharma, big-Zion, etc.) Was it only money? But of course, enough money stops looking like "only" money.

    • " It was a Christian’s duty to forgive, not to judge. " The pastors were, there, closer to what I dimly understand of Christian official theology than the folks who were busy, some years back, lynching black men upon thin allegations of rape by white women. Or to much of Evangelical Christianity today ( ).

      It seems that religions, which were once tight and unified in theology & belief and, largely I suppose, in behavior, have come apart and anyone can claim to "be" a religious "Christian" or a religious "Jew" . Here in USA, most religious Jews would say (and act) that murder is wrong, whereas in Israel it appears to be quite otherwise, and the religious (and other) Jews here are (largely) supporting the Jews in Israel as if it were a moral matter.

      I wonder if Jews in the USA supported clear criminals who were Jewish ( ) just because of a supposed duty to stand up for Jews everywhere irrespective of what they were/are doing.

      And I guess these "Christians" will continue to support Trump and the awful Republicans in Congress who are voting to send all the "safety-net" money Americans used to enjoy to the bank accounts of the already super-rich just because those Trump/Republicans "feel their pain, anger, envy, fear" about black-people, immigrants, gay folks, etc.

    • Trouble is, Phil, the reason to kill the king -- unless you take sex misbehavior as more important than misgovernment, war crimes, etc. -- should NOT be sex misbehavior. Even cover-ups are less important than the big stuff. USA-in-I/P is big; Monica Lewinsky and the cover-ups and even a kill-list are small by comparison, distractions.

      I'd like to impeach Trump-Pence-Ryan if it were possible; but his/their sex life/lives is by far not the reason. And I'd have hated to have H Clinton as Prexy: she would have been owned/controlled by the same oligarchy that owned/controlled Bill and Obama.

      But, then, this is America! I wonder who would have owned/controlled Bernie if, if. Maybe no-one, as in the sad case of Jimmy Carter.

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • And Israel advocates must explain that there is no distinction between boycotting the West Bank and boycotting Israel. There is only one economy between the river and the sea, Brummer said. “If you want to divest from the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, you have to divest from Israel, which means you boycott Israel completely,” he said.

      I always held that BDS should aim at all of Israel. Nicve to have it conformed that Israeli officials, acting officially, agree. (I do not agree that NDS aimed solely at WB is in effect a boycott of the whole. OTOH, some big Israeli banks might be caught up in a BDS on WB.)

  • Antisemitism bill hearing reflects disagreement in Jewish community over dual loyalty
    • Marnie: you've located the REAL dual-loyalty! Congrats! However, in what might seem a defense of congress, let me say that Congress has always listened to MONEY and Zionist money is (perhaps) merely an example of money rather than anything more special.

      Congress is "owned" not only by Zionists but also by the mil-ind-complex, big-pharma, big-banks, big-oil (still, despite GWCC) and many other BIGs. They are rarely seen to conflict, altho the Obama-Iran deal might suggest a conflict among the BIGs -- assuming that there is no USA national interest other than that defined by the BIGs.

    • Yes, evidently Congress buys the idea that no-one but Jews (and often only Zionist-Jews at that) can reliably say what anti-semitism is. I wonder if Congress believes that only Palestinians can reliably say what anti-Palestinian racism is.

    • eljay: Zionists hate Jews who refuse to become Israeli-Jews (and who thereby, presumably, become Zionists in every way). Israeli-Jews are a "new Jew" (not the supine Jew of Europe pre-1940s), macho, largely irreligious (at least in the early days), wholly separated from the old rabbinic ideas of making nice with your neighbors and those you live among. Israeli-Jews are strong, disdain international law, disdain what anyone else thinks, somewhat fascistic (that is, also disdain what other Israeli-Jews think if it disagrees with what they themselves think), etc.

      A recent book, "Jabotinsky's Children" tells of the development of some macho and violent Jewry in Poland as a reaction to Polish antisemitism, and it was very fascistic, sometimes (in some strands) even claiming to be fascistic. In those days Mussolini was a great hero among weak peoples, including Jews in Poland. The Einstein letter points to fascist traditions carried on by Menachem Begin, he of Deir Yassin fame, and later Israeli PM.

      Israeli-Jews are definitely NOT dual loyalists--they care only for Jewish-Israel. IMO, American Jews who are still persuaded to support Jewish-Israel are to the extent of the strength of that support somewhat (or a lot) dual-loyal and are also conflicted in other ways such as being strong supporters of all civil rights and human rights, everywhere, except for Palestinians (or inside Israel). (The word hypocritical comes to mind.)

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • My guess? The antisemitic tropes are just that, and they inflame those kindly folks who wish to be or are constitutionally set up to be inflamed by them; but the obvious facts although actually obvious and actually actual are not to the liking of many of those same kindly folks, hence the smokescreen and whataboutery -- What About the use of traditional antisemitic tropes? Hmmm? What About that?

  • Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message -- refuse to play in Israel
  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • Yes, to the extent she was at all interested in aid to the wounded, she was interested inter alia in aiding Al Qaeda wounded (!) (does President Trump know of this ??!).

      Of course aid to Israel might possibly go for other purposes, who knows!

      Mostly this was kept secret because that's how Israel wanted it kept and Teresa May knew and kept the secret. She, too, is under the thumb.

      Under The Thumb.

      Do we need another trade marked phrase, like The Dersh (tm), say, Under The Thumb (tm) ?

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
    • YF: Assimilation may mark a discontinuity in Jewish life, true, but what about that other immense discontinuity in Jewish life, replacing the Judaisms of old (of whatever stream) with love of Zion, a strictly "golden calf" sort of religion seemingly forbidden by pre-1948 Judaism. And what about the free-wheeling wiping out of Yiddish culture (the dominant aspect of Jewish life for many Jews) by Israel's totalitarian insistence on Hebrew? Are not these also discontinuities in Jewish life? Do they too not contradict "the continuity of the Jewish people" which YF or Hotovely seem to deplore?

      Just as all life forms mutate over time, some faster than others, Jewish-people-life has mutated -- within Israel and among its supporters elsewhere -- much as various previously innocuous microorganisms have mutated recently (mostly because of the overuse of and misuse of antibiotic medicines) into real killers. Yes, there is today a deadly strain of Jewish-people-life, and it threatens not only Palestinians and other neighbors of Israel but also Jewish life outside Israel.

    • In other words, so to speak, "Long Live All The Ms Hotevelys of Israel" -- they are the "contradiction" (is this a Marxist idea?) that will bring Israel down.

  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • Many Zios claim to support Israel as a democracy, support its (claimed) democracy. But they never, never, claim to support free speech in the rest of the world. I guess that, for them, Jews are different!

      Actually, this is all a continuation of Jabotinsky's iron wall. The perpetuation, safety, growth, etc., of Israel depends on the use of force and violence and the creation of an iron wall (to exclude Palestinians) (so said Jabotinsky). The iron wall can be used in the USA as well. One of the chief bricks in that wall, used thousands of time to build a great big wall, is the claim of "antisemitism".

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • I like the part about the Jewish bankers causing Russia to loose the Russo-Japanese war. so deliciously supportive of something these days usually called anti-semitic, a slur, an untruism (is it called that? do the Zios deny it or just call it antisemitic?).

  • PM May: Take back the Balfour Declaration – Israel reneged on the bargain
    • All very well put.

      Is there a petition that Brits (or all people) can use to ask PM May to take this step? Or to ask the Labour Party to attempt to do so?

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