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Am concerned with where mankind is headed.

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  • Jews aren't special
    • The Japanese once thought themselves to be superior during the economic crash with all sorts of weird theories coming out.

      One wonders how long this perverted kind of thought will last. If Israel's politicians think this the country should be booted out of the UN as these ideas completely contradict the UN's charter. The trouble is that this is difficult to prove as being systematic even though many political and religious leaders in the country openly spout these views.

      No country, race or religion should be granted special exemptions permanently as it merely enhances the views of those who would destroy the country. Israel must accept basic norms if it wants to continue as a country. An Israel which does not is not a country, it is a tyranny.

  • Chomsky and his critics
    • It is also interesting to see how the mainstream media seems to come out with similar material which seems to cover up the story yet in other ways.

      I recall the movie Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson which came out at pretty much the same time as Chomsky work in 1988. It portrayed the main person as someone out of touch with reality, something which the main stream media would have us think of Chomsky. This also extends to music in which it seems to be to much of a coincidence that much sleasy material in the forms of music and movie seem to come out before campaigns in which the incumbent is Democratic, implying that the country has slipped up morally while under them.

      In the case of Nelson Mandela he had to stay in prison for 25 years and it was only in his last years that he was able to bring about meaningful change, much of which is being undermined by the current leadership. One wonder whether the public's belated discovery of Chomsky's ideas will continue have much influence after his passing. To overcome what happened in the case of Mandela how can Chomsky's baton be passed onto future generations without it being extinguished.

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