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  • PLO endorses BDS, makes unprecedented call for sanctions
  • Facing serious damage to its image, Israel must smear its critics as anti-Semites
    • @Talkback: indeed, he has explicitly stated that it Zionist ideology & proceeds to debunk that particular notion.

      So, with your sentence "I don’t care about the first part, but the second part is bogus." you also want to debunk that particular notion. It just surprised/confused me to see a 2nd debunk, but why not, I guess.

    • @Talkback: you make sound as if the 2nd part of the phrase you quote is Machover's own opinion. Clearly it is not, he states explicitly that it is the Zionist ideology.

      So, while I agree with all of you refutation of that part of the phrase, I disagree to it as a criticism of Machover. Perhaps I have misunderstood your motive.

    • Yakov Rabkin (professor of history at the University of Montreal):

      "Israel's self-ascribed identity as a ‘Jewish state’ brings de facto legitimacy to the renewal of ethnicity as the criterion for belonging."

    • "The core of Zionist ideology is the belief that the Jews of all countries constitute a single national entity rather than a mere religious denomination; and that this national entity has a right to self-determination ...."

      So this statement would mean the following:

      Let’s suppose the Jewish people globally have a right to self-determination. Australian Jews, for example, also have the right to self-determination as Australians, since they are residents of the territory. The non-Jewish Australians, on the other hand, only have the right to self-determination as an Australian. So Jews would have 2 rights of self-determination, while the rest of us have only 1. There is no justification for such inequity, it does not even exist, therefore the Jewish people globally do not have a right to self-determination.

      A pertinent analogy from RoHa, in the comments section here

    • RoHa, you are absolutely right: Israel was created fraudulently, because Res. 181 only recommended partition, but did NOT authorise it, a fact that is now completely ignored by almost everyone.

    • Tom, I read your excellent book State of Terror a few months ago, still refer to it regularly when I am in discussion physically or virtually on fora. Thank you !

  • A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery
    • Leo & Molly, this is a bit of dynamite, so you should use it !! Are you handing over this incontrovertible evidence to the relevant authorities in EU and the US ?

      You should, and when you do you should ask to be kept informed as to what is being done with this info.

      Please don't let it rest here, complete your audacious action route all the way.

  • Israeli Jews will never accept Palestinians as equals -- Klutznick, chair of Americans for Peace Now
    • I have said it before & I'll say it again & I'll keep saying it: STOP using the term "liberal Zionist", it is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a liberal racist !!!

      By using the term you are giving legitimacy to people who adhere to & promote a racist political ideology, which is what is costing the Palestinians their rights & their lives.

  • New Israel Fund's Daniel Sokatch exposes the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism
    • @DaBakr: for someone who uses every possible opportunity to criticise just about everything about MW without fact-based arguments, you nevertheless show a remarkable interest in the site. Wouldn't you be a lot happier & at peace with yourself if you stopped reading its articles & stopped posting comments that get ridiculised?

    • Page: 2
    • Yoav, good analysis and thanks for flagging this issue and the sneaky, backdoor Hasbara of the NIF. 1 term that should be banned from all discussions is the term "liberal" Zionist. Zionism is a racist political ideology by definition, therefore it is NOT and CANNOT BE liberal, it is as simple as that.

      The longer that term is used, the longer confusion will reign and the longer the extreme zionists will get away with murder, literally.

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • @Annie: thanks for replying to me Annie, 1st time you do ;-)
      Judging by what I have seen of some of your comments elsewhere I admit I was a bit surprised by catalan's statement. Your explanation makes it perfectly clear.
      The world's focus is/was on Ahed so there could be a chance she'll get out before long. But 3 weeks after her incarceration nothing has happened yet, so my feeling is Israel will keep her in as long as possible hoping the world will lose its focus so the issue goes away.

    • @catalan: does Annie have inside info? Does she know something we don't, or is she just giving in to wishful thinking?
      As far as Israel's presumed actions are concerned, I personally only believe what I see.

      As for your "I would much rather be a lamb outside of prison than a lion in prison.", you may not have noticed it but neither Ahed, nor any Palestinian arrested by the occupying killing machine has any choice in the matter. So, if Ahed is released soon, so much the better for her. In any case she will have learned a lot from this experience, whether she stays in prison or not, and she will have become harder & better prepared to deal with the bloodthirsty Zionists.

    • This kid already had a lot of mental strength at the end of 2016 when Abby Martin visited her. That strength increased, as she showed when she took on the soldier/trespasser. In prison, she will become like a lioness, and may well take on a leadership role in the Palestinian struggle.
      AHED TAMIMI FOR PRESIDENT, YEAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Talkback: I fully agree with you, you make valid points

    • @echinococcus: sorry, don't understand what you are on about with your Zeducation. All I can guess is that you perhaps try to sarcastically tell me that "utter complete nonsense" is a tautology. If that is your objective then all I can say is, yes, it is meant that way.

    • From the start of the racist Zionist project the organisers & now the rulers of the racist Zionist state have had difficulty getting enough Jews interested in their project. So, in order to get Jews to Palestine they coerced North African Jews, they organised false flag Arab bombings of synagogues & other Jewish places in Iraq, and, after WW2, they organised the kidnapping of Jewish orphans from Europe who had found foster parents in Britain in order to resettle them in Palestine without the slightest consideration of inflicting a 3rd trauma (1. WW2, 2. losing their parents, 3. losing their new parents) on these poor souls. This all described in the book Stae of Terror by Thomas Suárez.

      And the reason not enough Jews were & are interested is precisely because they prefer to stay in their country of origin rather than go to a racist "country" with a suffocating atmosphere. And many of those that do go to Israel want to get out, which is why there are now 1 million Israeli expat Jews living in the US, among other countries.

    • Well said.

    • Jonathan, an excellent essay. the only small addition I would make is this:

      "Zionism is Israel’s fundamentalist religion" should really read Zionism is Israel’s fundamentalist, racist "religion".

    • Utter, complete nonsense: the Jewish community in the Netherlands was not vulnerable at all, it was a solid integral part of society, which is why Spinoza and many other Portuguese & Spanish Jews fled there, it is why they were allowed to build their Portuguese-Spanish synagogue, which is now the oldest in the Netherlands.
      And, like Jonathan points out, at the time of his excommunication Spinoza had not even started writing & publishing yet.

    • I would say the greatest con ever sold.

  • Let the two-state solution die a natural death
    • @Yonah Fredman

      Richard Falk – Please link to Hamas agreeing to a 50 year hudna. I’ve never seen it and I’d love to see it.

      You guys don't get it, do you, or should I say you refuse to get it. Hamas is an organisation that fights for the liberation of Palestine from the subjugation by Israel. If Israel would not have been created fraudulently in the 1st place, and if it would not have continued stealing Palestinian land, and if Israel would have cooperated with the creation of an economically & politically viable Palestinian state, then Hamas would not have existed.

      So, instead of insisting on Hamas making the 1st move, it is Israel that should make the 1st move after 70 years of war crimes & crimes against the Palestinian people. It is about time that the ziofascists face up, and are forced to face up, to their crimes.

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • @Jack Green, what is the point you are making Jacko? Is it that because Israel has better medical/health services the ziofascist entity is entitled to its Apartheid regime and genocidal practices?

  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • Zionism is the political ideology that aims to create a country run by & for the exclusive benefit of the Jews, to the exclsuion of all other ethnic groups, notably the Palestinian Arabs.

      Today's Zionism takes that further in that it has enshrined Apartheid, Hafrada, in its political system, with the ultimate goal to completely cleanse the ziofascist "country" & the rest of the Stlen Palestinian Territories of Palestinians.

      So yes, Zionism is nothing more than a racist ideology on a par with Apartheid in the old South Africa & with the political system in Germany from 1933 - 1945.

    • Phil, you keep using the term "liberal Zionists". I have seen this question asked by many a commenter: what is a liberal Zionist?

      I would like to phrase that in a more focused way: can you please explain how a racist political ideology can be "liberal"? "LiberalZionist" is an oxymoron, if ever there was one, so please explain the expression, maybe there is something we are missing.

      No reply to this question will basically mean that you do not have an argument because it is impossible to prove it is not an oxymoron.

      Thank you.

  • How Ahed Tamimi was slapped first, and why no one is talking about it
    • Good article Jonathan. Just 1 point: stop call Caspit a "leftist", the guy is a zionist extremist who is no better than the worst of the zionist thugs who hunt down Palestinian & kill them with impunity. The guy is a racist, a fascist in sheep's clothing.

  • Israeli lawmaker calls Palestinians visiting relatives in Israeli prison 'beasts' and 'human scum'
    • @Marnie: thanks for the link to that "hand slap" video, amazing how deep her disgust with the guy goes. Still, having a nice piece of ass to walk next to you has its price, even if that includes getting a hand slap.

    • @Marnie: I remember the selfie (it's also mentioned in the article), but don't remember Melania's hand slap.

      Anyway, that selfie is not comparable to his crime against these poor Palestinians in that bus. Even more amazing, he gets away with it & is revered by the zionists.

    • @Misterioso: right, and the rot has started from the zionist racism that has metastasised like a cancer.

      BTW: Paranam Kid ;-))

    • No pal, the "Israelis" are doing a fantastic job themselves to show what they are really like.

    • There is no "scum part" of zionist supporters. Zionism is a racist ideology by definition, therefore is abominable filth. Therefore all zionists are scum by definition. And guy, a piece of pure trash, living in a stinking racist swamp, is a good example of the zionist scum.

  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • "A Pallywood conspiracy isn’t a burden on the accused soldier to prove, but a requirement of the dead Palestinian to disprove."

      Source: 972Mag

  • Israeli Jews 'will never accept' giving vote to Palestinians -- liberal Zionist leader
    • So along that line of thinking then, Phil, if Nazis rebrand themselves the "Jew-loving party" without changing their policies we should accept their new name and use that. Don't you think something does not stack in what you say??

      The way I see it that we should in principle accept people's self-description as long it is a fair & understandable reflection of what the organisation is about.

      The so-called liberal Zionists have marketed & sold that label which is an obvious misnomer, and publications like Mondoweiss should acknowledge that & stop using that misnomer. They can still be called "Zionists", but for heaven's sake stop supporting them in trying to pretend there is a "friendly" form of Zionism. LHunter rightly states above that "zionism is racism" and ".... Zionists are interested in “preserving Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist “Jewish State” in as much as possible of Palestine.” "

  • Cuba welcomes 50th anniversary of the PFLP leftist movement
  • Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
    • This is excellent news: the rot of a blatantly racist society is coming from within, which is the only way Israel's current system will eventually be dismantled, by "auto-dismantlement".

  • War rumblings continue, as Netanhayu says Iran is another Nazi Germany
    • If there is 1 place that most resembles Nazi-Germany, it is the most racist state in the world: Israel.

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • And as long as American Jews accept to sign off on this type of coercion & blackmail, the Zionist state will keep getting away with murder, literally.

      And how much longer will the epithet, i.e. the lie, of the "only democracy in the Middle East" be accepted ?

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • Mr. Harris, the mere fact that you ask this question means 1 thing and 1 thing only (assuming your question is sincere):

      You have had your head in a cloud, living in an ivory tower, because it is now painfully obvious that Israel's lies, justified & prettily dressed up by the incessant stream of Hasbara, has become repulsive to young Jews, who, unlike their (grand)parents, have a more realistic view of that Apartheid state that subjugates a people & works at their slow extermination.

      You should be ashamed of yourself for even needing to ask the question, considering your position in the American Jewish community.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • One has to distinguish between Jews and Zionists. I know all Zios (excl. Christian Zios) are Jews, but only in name. In reality, the Zios are racists, fascists, and the only way they can justify that is to conflate Judaism & Zionism, i.e. a religion & a racist ideology.
      Start making that distinction because as long as you allow it to go on it plays into the hands of the Ziofascists.

    • Thanks for sharing the link - an excellent article.

  • Target Hezbollah
    • "There is no situation so bad that a Cabinet Minister cannot make it worse, and usually will."

      Right on, esp. when a buffoon like Boris Johnson is concerned.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
    • @Mooser
      I assume you mean that as a comment to Robert Cohen, the author, because I only quoted him with that sentence, and from my comment you can see that I do not agree with his statement.

    • "I agree that making parallels between the treatment of Palestinians by Israel and the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe is bad history and bad judgement."
      True, no 2 genocides are the same.

      "Your letter then plays the ‘conflation card’ attempting, like many Zionists before you, to blur all distinctions between Judaism and Zionism."
      The reason for that is very simple: the Zionists have no real fact-based arguments as to why criticism of an essentially racist political ideology should not be allowed. Thus, by conflating Zionism & Judaism, the antisemitism card can be played, and that card is a very effective tool for stifling all criticism.

      The Zionists & their surrogates around the world are focusing incessantly on Israel's right to exist & the Jews' right to self-determination, but never bother to mention those principles for the Palestinians. Worse still, anyone who does mention those principles for the Palestinians is immediately attacked viciously & accused of antisemitism (!!!), of all things.

      You respectfully call Schama an intellectual, but a real intellectual is able to look at an issue holistically, which Schama is completely incapable of doing. For him only 1 facer counts.

  • Small independent news outlets have outsized impact
    • Do you proactively approach independent news outlets or do you wait for them to come to you? If it is the former, ConsortiumNews & CounterPunch seem to be good candidates too.

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
    • Hotovely's remarks show that not the American Jews are losing it by the extreme right in Israel is losing it. Moreover, Hotovely's attitude, so typical of the arrogant, steamrolling extreme right in Israel, is actively contributing to that losing-it process.

      The decline & rot have started, and that is what will bring down the racist system that lacks legitimacy. As long as Israel refuses to be a country for all its citizens with equal rights the rot will continue.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • Dershowitz does NOT look like a spider. A spider has 8 legs & a short round body, as shown in the 2nd picture in this article. Mayorga did a fantastic job, and as usual, Ziofascist Dershowitz was looking for a way to smear anybody who exposes his filth; the "antisemitism" card was the obvious tool to use, as all Zionists who have no fact-based counter-arguments resort to that in desperation.

      Well done Mayorga, good support Magarik, shame on you, Doumar, for your cowardly acceptance to let the Ziofascists once again foist their filthy, baseless "antisemitic" complaint on the rest of the student community.

  • 'Daily Californian' cartoon of Dershowitz dripping blood unleashes another furor over anti-Semitic canards
    • The Zionists have found an excellent "back-up" of their claims that criticism of Israel = antisemitism.

      The The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) states this in its definition of antisemitism:

      “Manifestations [of antisemitism] might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.
      However, criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

      Obviously there is a lot of ambiguity in these 2 sentences, which suits Israel & the Israel surrogates very well, because they will always claim that criticism levelled @ Israel is as covered by the 1st sentence, and who would dare to argue with the IHRA, that in & of itself would constitute the most terrible form of antisemitism. Besides, Israel is not like any other country, Israel is exceptional so sentence 1 is always applicable.

      Thus, the answer to your question is a simple NO, it is not possible anymore to criticise Israel. That is, until people dare to take a stand & accept the twisted accusation of antisemitism, AND challenge the accuser to explain what is so antisemitic about his/her specific criticism.

      BTW, the way it is possible to challenge the Russians, or Chinese, or North Koreans, or Iranians, it should also be possible to criticise the Jews. Philip Weiss does that very well.

  • My journey away from Zionism
  • Smear campaign is defused as Tom Suarez speaks at UMass
    • Tom, I just finished reading your book: it is well-written, almost entirely fact-based with little interpretation. The facts related are based on the UK archives in Kew, and that fact in itself is conveniently ignored by your detractors.

      I commend you for the book, and I can only say: keep up the good work, and stay strong in front of vile, utterly despicable behaviour of what can only be described as Ziofascists, Nazi-onists.

      Please take care of your safety too, because people like that stop at nothing.

  • The Russia influence story just crashed into the Israel influence story
    • You putting the horse behind the cart. Singer's issue is Israel, and Israel only, so 1st he donated to Trump, which then put him in a position to befriend Trump. Singer does not need money from Trump, so does not need to befriend for that.

    • Good reply Annie.

  • 'One step further into the annexation of the West Bank': Israeli cabinet to vote on annexing West Bank settlements into Jerusalem
    • @Jack Green
      Your question about Jerusalem is answered above by amigo.

      Zionism is premised on the creation of a country for Jews for the sole benefit of Jews, and only the Jews are sovereign. That is the reason the Palestinians are treated like Untermenschen, just like the Nazis treated the Jews & other groups like the Roma, the communists, the mentally handicapped, etc.

      In fact, Zionism is even antisemitic, as demonstrated by this quote from your guru Herzl: "the anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies".

      But you know all this perfectly well Jack, so stop acting the smart Alec to try to catch me out.

    • Jerusalem is not Israel's most important city, it does NOT belong to Israel.
      Jerusalem is NOT being Judaized, it is being Zionized. The so-called Judaization project has nothing to do with religion but is only about the racist Zionist ideology.
      It seems that the great city is contributing to the rot within Israeli society by dividing the city's ultra-orthodox Jews from the other Jews.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • @jon s
      Sorry, don't know what you mean.

    • Thank you Annie :-)

    • @RoHa
      OK, sorry I misunderstood. I like to keep the grammar as clean & pure as I personally can. It is not always easy to do ;-)

    • @RoHa
      Don't know what you mean. In any case, the lawyers don't give a damn as long as they get away with it.

    • Palestinians are not allowed to convert.

    • Israel still has a numbers problem: not enough Jews to keep the demographic "threat" posed by the Palestinians under control. An Israel for just European Jews, the original zio project, long went out the window, and the import of Middle Eastern & North African Jews was started.

      So "Aryan" Jews (i.e. Aryan-looking) will not be a criterion.

    • He obviously means Aryan-looking.

    • I am not at all sure if the Chronicle's lawyers have looked at the ad closely: why should they? If it would not be acceptable legally then they would be informed & duly amend or retract the ad, simple.

      I do believe it is to do with Europe's, in this case the UK's, weakness because Europe is failing to live up to its ethos of protecting human rights. UK governments have for a long time been pro-Israel, so little chance of changing anything there, never mind taking issue with the ad. In fact, if a number of people were to leave to take up employment in Israel so much the better for the UK government & its unemployment statistics.

      But the real issue is not advertising for jobs or a service, rather it is about taking an official, i.e. governmental, firm stance against Israel. And that is definitely lacking both in the Uk & throughout the rest of Europe.

    • Israel is getting bolder in its insolence & racism, while Europe is accepting ever more of the "country's" garbage, turning a blind eye for pure fear of getting accused of antisemitism.

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • I believe pre-WW2 it was adhered to more than post-WW2. Having said that, the founding fathers themselves were slave owners & therefore contravened the constitution. But seems that the overall process has been a gradual erosion of the adherence, with an acceleration post-WW2.

    • First Amendment? The Constitution? These things have now been obsolete for a long time. Merica does not apply the Constitution anymore. Instead, it is quite happy for the president to enter into wars whenever he feels like it, and for Israel to set the new laws.

      Merica is increasingly a puppet of the Zionist state, which does not have a constitution itself, and has its US-based Zionists/neocons to run the show.

  • Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement
    • There is nothing Israel wants more than WAR with all its neighbours in order to destroy & remain as the sole hegemon in the region.

      And for internal purposes WAR is a powerful tool too to keep the populace charged up & in favour of the extremist, settler/Orthodox-dominated fascist government, and keep the prosecution of Netanyahu below the radar.

  • Israeli women march to 'wage peace' but refuse to challenge the occupation
    • In other words, let's carry on "negotiating" like we have till now, so nothing changes for the Palestinians while the Ziofascists can continue their illegal settlements which we hope can become "normal" & acceptable to the world, and a Palestinian state? Oh boy, we forgot about that, oh well, too bad, let's hope for better next time.

      Your "country" lacks legitimacy completely & needs to be dismantled & rebuilt into a truly democratic state with EQUAL rights for ALL its citizens, incl. Palestinians, and the Stolen Palestinian Territories should be vacated, as demanded by the international community. That is what those women should demand.

  • Moshe Machover and the battle for the soul of British Labour
    • Zionism is a political ideology for the sole benefit of only 1 ethnic group in a particular geographic area. In that particular geographic area the Jews were in a minority, therefore the ethnic group that was a majority had to be ethnically cleansed in order to establish the balance in favour of the Jews, making them an artificial "majority". That 1st wave of Zionist ethnic cleansing resulted in 750 000 Palestinian Arabs being either driven from their homes or fleeing out of fear of further massacres such as had occurred at the village
      of Deir Yassin shortly prior to the Zionist declaration.

      And there are of course the 100s of 1000s of Palestinian Arabs massacred from the time the Zionists set foot in Palestine till today.

      But that Jewish "majority" is under constant threat of being turned into a minority again by 2 trends:
      * a net emigration of Jews out of Israel - there are close to 1 million Israeli Jewish expats in the US, plus the ones living elsewhere
      * a higher birth rate among Palestinians than among Jews.

      The 1st trend is not spoken about in Israel as it presents a real embarrassment, while all the focus is on the 2nd. But, the fact is that since both erode the Jewish numbers, the Palestinians have to be continually ethnically cleansed, whilst in the background, the incremental genocide (Ilan Pappé's term) also does its bit to reduce those Palestinian numbers.

      So, the only conclusion that can be reached is that Zionism is based on ethnic cleansing. Period.

      And that conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with antisemitism (i.e. hatred of Jews for being Jews), it only has to do with calling a spade a spade.

      Your Israel-inspired new, wider definition of antisemitism (any criticism of Israel) is precisely what is pushing up antisemitism. You Zionists ought to be ashamed of yourselves to bring this upon your fellow Jews without asking them their opinion or having an honest & open debate about it with them, but just steamrolling your views upon them. You know what that is called? Totalitarianism.

    • So true !!

    • Jonathan, you've done it again: you have hit the nail on the head brilliantly, showing what a pathetic attempt the Labour zionists keep making to "protect" their beloved "country" by imposing their rule & avoiding any real, fact-based, open discussion about threat "country".
      Glad you committed to keep on writing about this.

  • Media criticism of gun lobby after Vegas massacre would make the Israel lobby blush
    • The Israel Lobby organises the approval (the organizing and oversight of illegal agreements and transactions), financing (protection racketeering), and support in the US for Israel's war crimes & crimes against humanity. Another term for organised crime is mafia; the Israel Lobby is a mafia with a legal status, and the similarities are striking:

      * virtually every single lawmaker, both in Congress & in the Senate, is scared stiff of the IL mafia
      * the IL fulfils a kingmaker role, being able to make or break politicians
      * the IL dictates US policies about Israel and the Middle East
      * the IL has politicians in its pocket & can, therefore, act with impunity.

      Democracy US/Israel style. Yuck.

  • How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East
    • @Bandolero
      Thanks for your extensive replies. You are quite right about your analysis. It is unlikely that Israel, or any country for that matter, would leave a plan unchanged for 25 years. I do find some of the parts of the plan striking in today's context.

    • The Yinon plan not in use today? Here are a couple of quote from it:

      Iraq, whose dissolution should be a strategic Israeli aim, and he envisaged the emergence of three ethnic centres, of Shiites governing from Basra, the Sunni from Baghdad, and the
      Kurds with a capital in Mosul, each area run along the lines of the administrative divisions of the former Ottoman Empire.

      That is exactly what is happening.

      ..... Syria would implode into confessional fragments composed of Alawite, Druze and Sunni
      communities were the country to be occupied after an Israel invasion....

      That almost happened, were it not for the unexpected Russian, Iranian & Hezbollah involvement.

      ...Israeli policy, both in war and peace, should aim for one objective: 'the liquidation of Jordan' as ruled by the Hashemite Kingdom, together with increased Palestinian migration from the West Bank into eastern Jordan.
      Option 2 in the "Decision Plan" presented by deputy Knesset speaker Bezalel Smotrich, that religious psychopath:
      Anyone who is unwilling or unable to relinquish his national aspirations will receive assistance from us to emigrate to one of the Arab countries. Jordan would be the prime target.

      So, let's not kid ourselves.

    • Syria has gone a similar way, mired in convulsive fighting that has left its ruler impotent.
      No, he is not impotent: thanks to Russia, Iran & Hezbollah Assad has virtually destroyed & kicked ISIS out of Syria. The only part that is still contentious is in the east around Deir ez Zor where US troops with the SDF terrorists are occupying the oil-rich parts.

  • Do not turn the Balfour Declaration into a holy Jewish text
    • The ultimate irony: Balfour's declaration was drawn up for pure antisemitic reasons: Balfour himself was an antisemite, and Britain did not want all those East European Jews escaping pogroms to come to Britain.

      And, as we all know, Zionism & antisemitism go hand-in-hand. Herzl would conclude in his Diaries that "the anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies".

      Today, Israel is cuddling up in bed to European fascist parties in France, the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary. Trump's racist pronouncements have had NO reaction from Israel !

      It is all part of that ultimate irony: Israel exists today because of fascism & racism, but feels a very close political affinity with fascist/racist parties.

  • A Jewish atonement for Zionism
  • Three megadonors (who just happen to love Israel) are pushing Trump against Iran deal
    • That is where you make a mistake. The Israel Lobby, in the widest sense of the word, has been so successful in setting US policy in the Middle East because of the huge amounts of money spent. So, if "most of us" are not prepared to spend money big time, how do you see "most of us" having any influence on US ME policy so that the Palestinians' lot will start to improve? In any case, 70 years of protests, softly-softly approaches have NOT had any effect.

    • ....many American Jews oppose these Middle East wars & occupations — and most of us do ...
      If "most of us do", why are "most of us" not able to make ourselves be heard AND have an influence on the government? Or are "most of us" not prepared to their money where their mouth is?

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • @JeffB
      My point is that while Iran or Hezbollah may have pronounced those words against Israel, and Israel being the "peaceful" "country" it is not having uttered those words, the fact on the ground is that Israel has actually attacked Hezbollah several times & has been goading the US for many years now to attack Iran.

      And closer to home Israel only talks about the destruction of the Palestinians AND carries it out.

      In other words, contrary to your argument, Israel, NOT Iran nor Hezbollah, IS the greatest threat to peace & stability in the Middle East.

    • You suggest that Hezbollah lost the war against Israel in 2006, implicitly confirming that with the last sentence of that paragraph: Since then, Nasrallah appears to have learned his lesson..

      There is an interesting analysis of the war by Alistair Cooke & Mark Perry:

      The conclusion of the article is:
      Our overall conclusion contradicts the current point of view being retailed by some White House and Israeli officials: that Israel's offensive in Lebanon significantly damaged Hezbollah's ability to wage war, that Israel successfully degraded Hezbollah's military ability to prevail in a future conflict, and that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), once deployed in large numbers in southern Lebanon, were able to prevail over their foes and dictate a settlement favorable to the Israeli political establishment.

      Just the opposite is true. From the onset of the conflict to its last operations, Hezbollah commanders successfully penetrated Israel's strategic and tactical decision-making cycle across a spectrum of intelligence, military, and political operations, with the result that Hezbollah scored a decisive and complete victory in its war with Israel.
      (bold is my emphasis)

      What's more, Cooke & Perry place Nasrallah's surprise in context:
      While Hezbollah had made it clear over a period of years that it intended to abduct Israeli soldiers, there was good reason to suppose that it would not do so in the middle of the summer months - when large numbers of affluent Shi'ite families from the diaspora would be visiting Lebanon (and spending their money in the Shi'ite community), and when Gulf Arabs were expected to arrive in large numbers in the country.

      In truth, the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers and the killing of eight others took the Hezbollah leadership by surprise and was effected only because Hezbollah units on the Israeli border had standing orders to exploit Israeli military weaknesses. Nasrallah had himself long signaled Hezbollah's intent to kidnap Israeli soldiers after former prime minister Ariel Sharon reneged on fulfilling his agreement to release all Hezbollah prisoners - three in all - during the last Hezbollah-Israeli prisoner exchange.

      The abductions were, in fact, all too easy: Israeli soldiers near the border apparently violated standing operational procedures, left their vehicles in sight of Hezbollah emplacements, and did so while out of contact with higher-echelon commanders and while out of sight of covering fire.

      The abductions marked the beginning of a series of IDF blunders that were compounded by commanders who acted outside of their normal border procedures.

    • The FACT remains that israel is sitting on STOLEN PALESTINIAN PROPERTY, refusing to vacate the premises., and keeps those Palestinians subjugated with its genocidal Apartheid/Hafrada policies.

      By the way, what you refer to is NOT a conflict. israel is the aggressor, subjugator, and bully against a defenceless Palestinian population in a totally 1-sided israel-chosen & manufactured series of wars.

    • You conveniently leave out the FACT that will all those words have been uttered, albeit with modifications as pointed out by Misterioso below, Israel has uttered none such words but has instead acted out those words in order to fulfill them in the reverse direction. In the case of the Palestinians, Israel is coming ever closer to their destruction with its dual policies of Apartheid/Hafrada and incremental genocide.

  • 'Regime instability' in Iran is aim of leading Israel advocate's memo to White House
    • For anybody who had any doubts about the stranglehold the Israel Lobby has over Congress, it is worth reading The Israel Lobby by John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt.

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
    • Well, well, what a surprise: the lapdog on the lap of its master. Wonderful. I fanyone had any doubts as to the real relation between the 2 countries, here is affirmation, loud & clear.

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • Jonathan, once again I cannot refrain from congratulating you on an excellent analysis.
      I can add 2 little bits: you mention that any potential qualms the/some Zionists may have with ethnic cleansing are quelled by the claim that it’s ‘complicated’.

      Actually, they don't find it complicated. As Tom Suarez mentions in his book "State of Terror":

      The final, cynical irony of Israel’s uprooting of Middle Eastern and North African Jews from their homelands is that the state now uses it as a racial ‘settling of scores’ for its own ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The former balanced out the latter—the same injustice having been committed against both ‘races’, the logic goes, the Palestinians have no grievance.

      Furthermore, Zionism relies on antisemitism in the world to persuade diaspora Jews to emigrate to Israel, esp. now that Israel is losing the numbers game, what with perhaps as many as 1 million Jewish Israeli expats living in the US, as Mondoweis reported recently

  • Lessons from Finkelstein: a response to Seth Anderson
    • Do you believe that any author, writing a book about the conflict in the late 20th century, would argue that “the Zionists colonised an empty Palestine”?
      Joan Peters did, and I have no reason to doubt Mr. Greenstein's statement, seeing the kind of character Peters is.

      Arab resistance to Jewish immigration and political ambitions was obvious from the very beginning.
      That is not true: the Arabs did not mind immigration but objected to the ultimate goal of that immigration, which was the establishment of a Jewish state, run by & for the sole benefit of the Jews. In fact, until Israel's fraudulent creation the Arabs consistently argue for 1 state in Palestine with equal rights for all, but the Zios always rejected it. reality this is an idea of Christian theologians.
      The Zionists love it & have been using it.

    • Talkback, as usual you hit the nail on the head.

    • The Jewish state has absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever because its state ideology is Zionism, which is predicated on racism, with 1 ethnic group holding sovereignty & keeping another ethnic group subjugated & separate (= apartheid). FYI, Apartheid is the 2nd most serious crime against humanity, just behind genocide. Israel is even carrying out covert genocide, a Slowocaust.

      Therefore Israel in its current form needs to be dismantled & rebuilt from the ground up into a truly democratic state with EQUAL rights for ALL its citizens.

    • It’s really hard to believe to anyone following the conflict would claim that Palestine was an empty land.

      Not sure what point you are trying to make here, but that claim has been a major claim by the Zios: "a land with no people for a people with no land."

      Incidentally, the Israel-Palestine issue is not a conflict. As explained by an American Anthropological Association task force, the word “assumes that the parties involved have comparable access to resources (including material resources, freedom of movement, freedom to express oneself, as well as the forces of violence), but that they clash because their interests are mutually incompatible”. Rather, “one is dealing with an occupation, which
      consists in one party controlling, militarily or otherwise, the territory, time, liberty, and other resources deemed to be under the rightful control of the other party”.

    • Indeed, with 600k settlers now in the Stolen Palestinian Territories, the 2SS is dead: there is nothing in the world that will remove those "people".

      The parallel with former apartheid South Africa & today's apartheid Israel is made frequently, but there is 1 major difference: SA was alone in its stand against the world, whereas Israel is backed unconditionally by the world's most powerful country. The US's "backing" for SA when BDS was already in place on a massive scale was a passive backing, which collapsed eventually.

      Palestine has no such backer and as long as the US remains the top dog in the world, it can bully any country or group of countries into dropping opposition against the nazi-onist state. Proof: the EU formally is against racism & territorial theft, is for human rights, but in practice it is supporting Israel in every way it can for fear of the Kosher Nostra across the Pond & in the ME.

      The best hope for change in the status quo is rot from within. That rot, which already in progress, will be accelerated by the failure of the social manipulation & demographic engineering that the "country" needs to do to artificially maintain it Jewish numerical majority. The concomitant "incremental genocide", as Ilan Pappé calls it, or the Slowocaust as someone else termed, will need to accelerate, and that, together with the rot will bring down the nazi-onist state. A mass movement helps, but on its own it will not do the trick.

      Israel will continue to exist, like SA & former Nazi Germany, but not in its current form.

  • No free speech in Palestine: PA arrests journalist, internationally-renowned peace activist for Facebook posts
    • @Mooser

    • @eljay
      And that is how they always try to snuff out a discussion, and unfortunately often win because the other side is afraid of next being called an antisemite.

    • @Jack Green
      Hamas murders gays.
      Israel doesn’t.

      Hamas doesn’t allow freedom of religion.
      Israel does.

      So what? That does not excuse in any way Israel's crimes against humanity, war crimes & having stolen Palestinian territory. In its present form, the country has absolutely no legitimacy at all, so it needs to be dismantled & rebuilt from the ground up into a truly democratic state with EQUAL rights for ALL its citizens, incl. the Palestinians, AND it needs to comply with international law.

    • The PA has been Israel's pocket from the beginning, which, in combination by the absence of democracy, has been playing heavily in Israel's favour. The Palestinian people should kick out Abbas and his corrupt mob & replace them with decent, strong represntatives.

  • Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test
    • auto-piloted-self-driving-auto-anti-semite = 6 hyphens.

    • Vera, excellent comment, nobody ever looked at it like that. My wife is Jewish & fiercely anti-zionist too, plus she is contributing to the disappearance of the Jews because of miscegenation.

    • @RoHa
      Got it !! ;-)

    • Right on. But what I have never understood is why it would be so bad if The Jewish ethnicity (I have been told not to call it a race) would disappear through miscegenation. Why would it be bad for any ethnicity for that matter?

    • Just to make sure: the Jeffrey Goldberg who argued in favour of the invasion of Iraq on the basis of such obviously fabricated "evidence" as Colin Powell's white powder vial presented at the UN , and who explained his erring by writing that he "didn't realize how incompetent the Bush administration could be,", probably meaning "how they could not doctor that false evidence undetectably". And JG is supposed to be 1 of the luminaries.

      That same Jeffrey Goldberg who does not accept any criticism of Israel, labelling those who do criticise Israel & the "chosen people" as an auto-anti-Semite.

  • Palestinians protest new 'segregation fence' in Hebron
    • Well written article Ella, and very pertinent to Israel's crimes against humanity. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your MA !!

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • The acceptance of German money.
      NO, it is not acceptance, it is extortion of German money from the German government & German companies. The irony: only a small % goes to those for whom the money is meant & is needed by, the Holocaust survivors. But those survivors cannot even make it in Israel on the pittance they are handed out by the state,

      Many survivors in poor health and living in impoverished conditions will not live to receive their restitution entitlements. Holocaust survivors have even left Israel to live out the rest of their days in Germany due to the better conditions they receive there, according to a documentary program broadcast in April 2017 by Israel's Channel 2 television.

  • Andrea Mitchell suggests State Dep't staged 'fake news' in Jerusalem with Kushner, Netanyahu and no press
    • It is pretty obvious why no press is allowed in: it is too embarrassing to expose directly that Kushner is doing nothing, cannot achieve anything, and that the whole "peace process" is no longer a process because it does not exist anymore, it has actually been dead since 1948.

  • Chomsky on what 'everyone knows'
    • @eljay
      There was another ethnic group that were convinced their state would last 1000 years.

    • Jonathan, as usual, you hit the nail on the head, and esp. in this case I want to congratulate you on a well argued article.

      I am starting to believe that Chomsky has been projecting an image of himself regarding Israel that is not quite a truthful a reflection of his true believes. By criticising Israel as one of the most prominent left-wing intellectuals of our time, he gives the impression that he is against Israel in its current form & its policies, incl. its occupation of the Stolen Palestinian Territories.

      When one sets his "nuclear option" next to that, it becomes clear that what he really thinks is that Israel should be rapped on the fingers, sure, and goaded to treat the Palestinians a bit more humanely. But Israel should not be pushed too much because then it would use the nuclear option, or go all out.

      Chomsky clearly does not support the right of return for Palestinians because that would undermine Israel as a "Jewish state". In other words, Israel's apartheid should not be dismantled.

      So that brings us to the crux of the matter: racist states , such as e.g. apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, are not acceptable, but Israel is an exceptional case, i.e. he agrees with the pre-1948 Zionist claim that "Palestine (= future Israel) is not subject to norms applicable to the rest of the world", as Tom Suarez states in his excellent book State of Terror. Citizen's comment above is spot on with the statement that ...Chomsky is a Zionist....

      As for taking an intellectual heavyweight to task, those who believe that questioning someone like Chomsky means that they can also easily be made to follow personality cults, a very dangerous penchant. And Finkelstein's ridiculing of those who do take on the intellectual giant only shows the limitations of Finkelstein's own intellectual capabilities.

      Keep up the good work Jonathan !!

  • Jews argue whether Zionism is racism -- in the Forward!
    • @eljay
      Right on, so Zionism = racism.

    • @RoHa
      1. I did not quote him, I mentioned him
      2. My comment is in reply to Jon66, who quotes him.

    • 1. Jewish people globally
      Self-determination applies to people of a specific geographic region. “Jewish” denotes a religion/culture-based identity, not a geographic-based identity, it is not tied to a specific geographic region.

      Now let’s suppose the Jewish people globally have a right to self-determination. Australian Jews, for example, also have the right to self-determination as Australians, since they are residents of the territory. The non-Jewish Australians, on the other hand, only have the right to self-determination as an Australian. So Jews would have 2 rights of self-determination, while the rest of us have only 1. There is no justification for such inequity, it does not even exist, therefore the Jewish people globally do not have a right to self-determination.

      As for Bayard Rustin's statement, it simply is a non-sequitur based on his ignorance of Zionism.

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • I am fully aware they abuse the term "antisemitism" heavily, esp. when they do not have any real, fact-based (counter)arguments to whatever is being said. Any legitimate criticism, be it of Israel or the Jews, is stamped as "antisemitism" immediately.

      My point is that everybody accepts that there are those 2 forms of racism, and that antisemitism (which does really exist as racism against Jews) somehow deserves more attention & needs to be fought against much harder & esp. more urgently because somehow it is an elevated, a worse form of racism. I find that totally unacceptable & despicable in the extreme. Racism needs to be fought against, regardless of whichever ethnic group it concerns. Period.

    • The white Jews in the US have double standards: when their comfort zone is threatened by anti-Jewish racism they cry out, but Israel's continuous racism, subjugation & even slow genocide against Palestinians, fellow Semites no less, they approve, or at best stay quiet. So Israel's antisemitism against the Palestinians is fine for them, Lesley being in a minority.

      And talking about antisemitism: why is it that this term is used next to the term racism, which is used for all non-antisemitism racism. In other words, there is antisemitism and there is racism, and the former gets a lot more attention than the latter. And it gets a lot more attention because we have been trained implicitly to view antisemitism as more urgent than all other forms of racism, and since it is more urgent it needs to be dealt with immediately, while the other forms of racism can be dealt with as & when convenient.

      And certainly in the US many Jews are not any less racist towards Blacks than the white supremacists, as demonstrated by that depraved, racist slur, a blatant lie, by Jonathan Greenblatt that Lesley quotes in her penultimate paragraph.

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • @DaBakr
      1. I don't care who came up with the term "liberal zionist", but the term does not make sense as it is a contradiction in terms. Zionists are not & cannot be liberal because the nature of that sick ideology is predicated on racism.

      2. What's more, there is no i/P conflict: the word assumes that the parties involved have comparable access to resources (including material resources, freedom of movement, freedom to express oneself, as well as the forces of violence), but that they clash because their interests are mutually incompatible. Rather, one is dealing with an occupation, which
      consists in one party controlling, militarily or otherwise, the territory, time, liberty, and other resources deemed to be under the rightful control of the other party.

      3. ...both israel and the palestinians make painful decisions and get on with a two state solution.
      Israel is making no painful decisions whatsoever, it has stolen Palestinian Territory, the remainder of which it is now considering to annex, having already annexed East Jerusalem illegally, not to mention the Golan Heights but that's another story.

      4. The 2-state solution is dead, so there is only a 1-state solution, for which the zionist state in its current form has absolutely no legitimacy & is a travesty of democracy. The "country" needs to be dismantled completely & rebuilt from the ground up & formed into a truly democratic state with EQUAL rights for ALL citizens, and that includes the Palestinians.

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