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  • Racism Report: Africans in Israel
    • Note: This has come to me through my Toronto newsgroup. I take it as being very important.

      The Praver Plan is now a new bill: Confiscation of Bedouin Lands Bill – to be passed soon in the Knesset.

      By Dr. Yeela Raanan.

      On January 3rd the Government of Israel published the memorandum of a bill named "Regulation of the Bedouin settlement in the Negev", in which in states the steps to be implemented in order to relocate the overwhelming majority of the residents of the unrecognized villages and confiscate about 2/3s of the land remaining in their possession. As can be expected, the Government of Israel is anticipating resistance to this new bill, so within the bill are violent measures to ensure its implementation. This bill is currently going through the legislative process in the Knesset, and soon will become law.

      You can read about the bill in more detail in the attached file. In the meantime, in a nutshell, this is what the Bedouin are now facing:

      · The bill's main aim is to force the Bedouin to give up the little land they are still holding onto.

      · In order to do so, the bill spells out an intense, violent and destructive process, utilizing family pressure, bulldozers, and incarceration.

      · The bill is written in a confusing manner, so that the majority of the Bedouin community are incapable of even understanding what the government is putting before them. Ironically, they are expected to give their comments via the web...

      · The government is spending a very large amount of money in order to send emissaries to "convince" the Bedouin that accepting this bill is in their benefit. At the same time the media is cooperating with the government and remaining silent regarding all protests and criticisms against this dangerous bill. Thus, the two amazing demonstrations of the Bedouin – of over 10,000 in Beer Sheva and another 6,000 in Jerusalem was not covered at all by the Hebrew media. The media machine the government is utilizing of course also covers the Jewish community, so that even the friends of the Bedouin do not understand why the Bedouin community is not accepting this new bill with open hands…

      Demonstration against the Praver plan and the new bill. Beer Sheva, January 25th, 2012.

      Just a couple of items from the bill will show you the monstrosity of it:

      1. Cynically utilizing family pressure in order to force more Bedouin to accept the bill:

      Members of the Bedouin community are not interested in monetary compensation for their lands, they want the land itself. A person can receive up to 50% of his land in land compensation – IF – he convinces ALL his siblings and cousins to enter the process of the bill and sign that they are giving up their land claims too (again for 50% in land compensation.) however, if any of the siblings feels that he does not wish to play along with the government's plans, and is not willing to sign his land over to the government, then ALL other siblings will receive less land in compensation, and instead some insignificant monetary compensation.

      What does this mean? It means that there will be strife in all the Bedouin families. As all Bedouin are people… they will not always agree. Therefore one person will receive far less land because his brother will refuse to sign his land away. From this point on, they will not speak to each other for generations... and to think that the government is creating this kind of strife within families – is horrendous.

      2. According to the bill, when it is time to "clear" a piece of land from Bedouin this is the process:

      · The prime minister signs that this specific area is now to be cleared.

      · The Bedouin have two weeks in which to clear out everything: structures, animals, trees, people and movables.

      · The government may then demolish anything in the area and incarcerate for two years anyone remaining in the area.

      · The bill also prevents the intervention of the courts, as it states that there is no need for a court injunction to demolish the structures, and that the court may at the most postpone the "clearing" by one week.

      This process will be implemented upon the entire area of the unrecognized villages within five years.

      Where will the people go to? It is not specified. Does the gov't need to provide those it is clearing out with another place to go to? It is not specified. Do the residents of the villages, as they are being cleared off, have any say in where they will have to move to? It is not specified…

      Nowadays the Bedouin do not have sufficient land in order to live their lives in ease. A stark statistic is that each Bedouin that lives in an agricultural community has an average of 1/2 acre of land for agriculture. In comparison every Jewish person living in an agricultural community in the Negev has over six acres. And it is important to remember that many more members of a Bedouin agricultural community actually make a living from agriculture than of the Jewish communities. This bill, if it succeeds, will reduce the 1/2 acre of agricultural lands to 0.001 of an acre per person … meaning this is an end, a total destruction, of Bedouin traditional life and the ability to live off the land. Taking into consideration that about 20% of the Bedouin today live from agriculture… it is devastating.

      Demonstration against the Praver plan and the new bill. Beer Sheva, January 25th, 2012.

      What can you do to help?

      1. First of all – contact your representatives, and ask them to ask Israel difficult questions regarding the policies towards the Bedouin. You have quite a lot of information here and in the file attached. Please feel free to use it.

      2. Help spread this information. Since the Bedouin are a weakened community, the government of Israel feels it can do anything it wishes to this community, and no one will care. Let's show them we care!

      3. Start bombarding the government officials with your faxes, emails, phone calls… Here are the important figures right now:

      · Minister Binyamin Begin. He is the person the gov't assigned to listen to the community and make amendments to the bill according to the needs of the community. (Unfortunately, all he is doing is trying to convince the Bedouin that this is the best deal for them and they must join the process, and officially forgo their land claims…) Email: [email protected] ; Tel: 02-6408022, 02-6703382; Fax: 02-6703386

      · Yehuda Bahar, the one in charge of implementing the plan, head of the Authority for the settlement of the Bedouin. Tel: 08-6268735; Fax: 08-6268729; Email: [email protected]

      · Our Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, tel: 02-6705512; fax: 02- 5664838

      · The Israeli Ambassador in your area.

      · Your Ambassador in Israel.

      We call to the Government of Israel to take measures concerning the integration of the Arab-Bedouin community of the Negev into the region based on the principles of partnership, equality, human rights, and a future of prosperity for all the Negev residents."

      For more information: Dr. Yeela Raanan, [email protected]

  • Rosenberg gets Trita Parsi call for Iran diplomacy into 'LA Jewish Journal'
    • There is no mention of China in the middle east monitor story, Bb. What do you make of the M K Bhadrakumar's article, "A dragon dance in the Negev" Daniel Rich referred us to?

    • ...Israel goes East

      Interesting article, this. Here are the opening paras.

      "There is no record of dragons in the nomadic life of the Negev desert, which dates back at least 4, 000 years (some say 7,000). That may be about to change in the Year of the Dragon.

      The Bedouins of the Negev will soon witness the sight of a Chinese-built railway line snaking its way through the melange of brown, rocky, dusty mountains and the wadis and deep craters, leading north from the resort city of Eilat in the Gulf of Aqaba toward the eastern Mediterranean.

      Having developed strong interests on the two sides of the Persian Gulf divide - Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states and Iran - China is taking an awesome leap as a big-time player in the geopolitics of the Middle East by elevating its ties with Israel to a strategic partnership.

      Paradoxically, just as the United States is hoping to nettle the dragon in the South China Sea and "contain" it in the Asia Pacific, it makes a dramatic, outflanking appearance in the citadel of American geo-strategies in the Middle East. The geopolitical implications are profound."

    • You want to talk about turning the tables and a death knell for the lobby of Israel firsters, that would be it.

      I agree completely, American. Is the day coming when Obama will do this? Possibly so, if Mondoweiss and many other groups beat the drum loudly enough.

      I don't think it's over-dramatizing to suggest that such a move could lead to Obama's own death. It would be a very courageous act.

    • Mondo could do a series, “Israel Firster of the Week” and unearth all the explicit quotes in which they not only put Israel first, but urge others to do likewise.

      Yes, let's declare the debate over. Opaleye has come up with an excellent suggestion. We could begin this very day collecting names for an Israel Firster of the Week series. We could help mondo staff with research as well.

      The loathsome Newt Gingrich springs to my mind as a suitable candidate for a profile of this kind.

    • So is it the case that:
      Not all Israel-Firsters are Jews
      Not all Jews are Israel-Firsters

      Yep, that's the case. And just one of the reasons it's a cracking good term!

  • In interview of Muslim Brotherhood leader, NPR repeatedly asks about Israel's security
    • when the right of return will be forfeited and Hamas will stop armed resistance.

      Dimadok, Zionists are living in a dystopian dreamland.

      The details of a final peace arrangement have been known for years: some refugees will return; the majority will be compensated.

      A Hamas-Fatah deal is being negotiated as I write these words. And what was Netanyahu's response 42 minutes ago to The Jerusalem Post: "Fatah-Hamas deal will end diplomatic process."

      The Palestinians want peace, the Likudniks don't....ever.

      Dimadok, your government has been deceiving you for decades. I feel sorry for you. I wish this hadn't happened to you.

    • Sloppiness, not animus.

      Sloppy thinking due to fired up emotions? All too common with us chattering apes. :-) I've had comments pulled for the same offense.

      You're right, the moderators do a very good job. Cheers.

    • Woody, your reply to my Feb. 2, 2012 at 10:18 am comment to Dimadok showed up in my inbox but not on this thread. I assume it got pulled.

      To copy it here would be ineffectual, so I won't do that. It was a hard-hitting blast with much truth in it, and imo might have got through moderation except for your use of the phrase "Israeli Jews" rather than "Israeli Zionists".

      I think we must assume that a battalion of Israel Firsters is pouring over every article posted and every comment made on Mondoweiss. And likely giving Phil and Adam a lot of flak every chance they get.

    • when the cure for all 200 types of cancer will be found and world hunger be eliminated."

      You evaded my question, Dim. My question was, "When will Israel negotiate a real and lasting peace with the Palestinians?"

      Is the smart ass line above the answer you really want to give me??

    • NPR at present is a Zionist shop. Seigal knows what side his bread is buttered on.

    • Yes dimadok, one very urgent topic: When will Israel negotiate a real and lasting peace with the Palestinians?

    • Maybe it is friendships out of times of pivotal work and adversary… I do not know.

      Hi Ellen, would it be permissible to ask what sort of work you were doing in Egypt?

  • The nonchalant, flippant, and nostalgic judges who put the occupation on legal footing
  • Food journalism has played insidious role in disappearing Palestine
    • Our Sunni mosque holds discussion groups with the Conservative synagogue in the next block — I remember that the one about kosher and halal was fascinating for the many different beliefs and practices among the attendees.

      What a wonderfully heartening anecdote, Kate. We hear such rotten news day after day here on mondo, my eyes could hardly take it in at first.

      Local foods used to be all that was available to most people in the world, so different beliefs and practices among the attendees makes perfect sense to me.

    • Also what is the point you were trying to make?

      That you are all one people and that you Zionists Jews should stop killing your brothers and sisters in Palestine.

    • dimadok, you get into perilous territory when you talk about Kosher requirements. And that is because there is a not surprising similarity between Kosher and Halal requirements. Here is an excerpt from:

      Kosher and Halal: Comparison and Analysis of Origin by Valorie Tucker link to

      "Similar to Jewish kosher is Muslim halal. Many of the laws restricting Muslim food consumption are comparable to Jewish law. This is why a Muslim may seek out kosher foods if their own foods are unavailable. Like the Jews, Muslims cannot eat pork or any animal that is carnivorous or omnivorous, castrated animals, blemished animals, or meat that is sacrificed to anyone but God. They have no meat laws beyond that, so they are not restricted to only cloven hoofed and cud chewing animals. Just like Jewish dietary custom, the Muslim community also has a taboo on consuming blood. Meat must be properly slaughtered for it to be acceptable for consumption. Like the Jews, too, Muslim custom only allows for the consumption of fish that possess scales, but fins are not a requirement. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited. The Muslim diet is comparably less restricted than the Jewish diet, but there are rules in the Muslim dietary custom that are more strongly enforced such as the prohibition on alcohol and the eating of any insects because some insects are allowed in kosher law."

    • …in trying to grapple with this reality, one can’t be too self-important. Nothing is too trivial.

      Think olive groves in Palestine, their destruction is a front-line IDF tactic.

  • My life without a title
  • 'Israel Firster' debate is an American argument, not a Jewish argument
  • The battle between the US/EU and China/India to control world energy resources is being fought in Iran
    • It is a point that I have been trying in vain to make for a long time.

      I remember you carefully explaining this point to me some months ago, Keith. I thought of it when I read Depak's essay.

    • ... and who sets the beat to which they march.

      Short answer: US

      Long answer: Current pm Stephen Harper is an evangelical Christian and has a solid base of like-minded supporters for his Israel Firster policies.

      Statistics on evangelicals are hard to pin down. Here's website using the 2001 census that suggests a very high number if you include both Protestant and Catholic evangelicals. Clearly not all of them vote Conservative.

      link to

    • 701 comments so far, and the highest scores are going to the 'we disagree' side, eljay.

      The Globe and Mail is not a lefty rag, and for all their "chutzpah" in Ramallah, the Tories didn't get a majority of votes from Canadians. This government is a serious embarrassment. Four more years of them. ugh!

    • The world’s only superpower is no longer credible if it cannot force others to follow its writ. But that scenario is before us. The West has become irrational in its policy and expectations.

      And no rational mind in the world is going to forget the 24 standing ovations given to Benjamin Netanyahu by the Israel Firsters in the US congress.

  • For just $502.42 you can bash Muslims in Columbus
    • "...mis-characterizing free speech as hate speech"

      What's free about this speech, it cost $502.42?

    • Maybe they are indeed terrorist? Point is, without more info this is just a meaningless discussion, based on hearsay and outrage.

      Point is, Tod, that without more info the ad was meaningless, based on hearsay and outrage...and the lure of money.

    • Did they just scour JihadWatch for the names and then somehow tie them back to the various MSAs?

      Or did Horowitz get the names out of a phone book?

      Dan Caterinicchia, faculty adviser for The Lantern, should be ashamed of himself. Think of the lessons he has taught these aspiring journalists: money is all that matters; don't bother doing any research; don't worry about trampling on the feelings of others.

  • Opponents of Penn conference say: BDS bad, war good
    • I'd like to see Phan write a counter article focusing on antonyms to the hateful words used by Dersh and followers. Interviews with student organizers at the U. of Penn's BDS conference would provide information for a such a piece, imo.

      Obvious but not necessary title: Proponents of Penn conference say: BDS good, war bad.

    • the free palestine/bds movement on campuses across the country has replaced the anti war movement on campuses.

      This is a logical decision on the part of student activists everywhere, annie. They know who is behind US war-mongering.

      Another good piece, Phan Nguyen. Good luck with your workshop.

  • Support a Palestinian family fighting to stay together under Israel's citizenship law
    • Is there a sane Israeli movement anywhere within the country? If so, they are the ones who need support.

      Certainly there are many sane groups trying to help the Palestinians. Jeff Halper's The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is one example. link to

      By a "movement" do you mean something else? A recent Haaretz article included this report:

      "A survey by Tel Aviv University researchers in 2008 established that just under half of Israel's Jewish citizens are willing to abandon the narrative that "the Palestinians fled." The survey found that those who use the critical approach tend to view the Palestinians more positively. They also tend to be more supportive of peace agreements and vote for center-left parties. So it's no surprise that the political right wants to erase the Nakba from the collective memory." (my bold)

      I would say there is no "movement". The recent protests in Israel imitating the Arab Spring protests appeared to be all about the Jews, housing, jobs, tuition, etc.

  • Two settler attacks on Palestinian teens, both are tragedies but one ended in death
    • The BDS news is very encouraging; the ongoing ethnic cleansing news is appalling; there is a great deal on Iran; and there are more items of interest.

      Is it possible that Mondoweiss could syndicate this news feed and earn some income?

  • Rains white phosphorus here
    • Imagine what it is like for me

      Thank you, Lillian. I do try to imagine what it is like for you, and for the Palestinians to be living in such a hell. But in truth it is impossible.

  • Isikoff expose of Gingrich backer -- 'All we care about is being good citizens of Israel' -- puts 'Israel firster' issue in mainstream
    • Wrong about the national bird, piotr. Right about the Glickster having fans among Canada's many Israel-Firsters.

      "Many countries have adopted a species of bird as their national official bird. So what is Canada's official national bird?

      Many Canadians, when asked, say the loon since it is on our dollar coin and represents the land of lakes in the north which is typical in much of Canada. The common loon was adopted as the official provincial bird of Ontario in 1994. Other official provincial bird species are the Steller's jay for British Columbia, great horned owl for Alberta, sharp-tailed grouse for Saskatchewan, great grey owl for Manitoba, snowy owl for Quebec, black-capped chickadee for New Brunswick, osprey for Nova Scotia, blue jay for Prince Edward Island, Atlantic puffin for Newfoundland and Labrador, gyrfalcon for Northwest Territories, rock ptarmigan for Nunavut and common raven for Yukon. The American robin is the state bird for Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.

      Still can't think of Canada's national bird? It turns out that we don't have one."

      link to

    • 'Israel firster' is easier to explain and to comprehend than 'apartheid'.

      It also leads directly to the issue of loyalty, not religion, and thus is a safer term. You cannot easily get to 'Jew hater' from this term.

  • Jabara and Ross thrill a drizzly Brooklyn crowd
    • L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia
      article by Claude Bélanger, Department of History, Marianopolis College

      Why did Canada Refuse to Admit Jewish Refugees in the 1930's?

      The rise to power of Hitler in early 1933, and the establishment of Nazism in Germany, led in the remaining years of the 1930's to a set of increasingly severe measures against Jews that were to end, in the course of the Second World War, with the Holocaust, an attempt to annihilate an entire people and in which an estimated 6 million European Jews were to die. In the 1930's, the boycotts initiated in 1933 and 1934, the Nuremberg laws (1935) and Kristallnacht (1938) gave clear signals to the Jews of Germany that they should leave the country and seek asylum elsewhere. The main problem they faced was that few countries were prepared to accept large numbers of refugees. For its part, Canada only admitted around 5,000 Jewish refugees in the 1930's. What explains such a low number?

      1. A first factor was the impact of the Great Depression. The 1930's brought misery to Canadians as low wages and high rates of unemployment became the norm at the same time as prices remained comparatively high. Unemployment reached about 30% in 1933, and the percentage was even higher for certain categories of workers, or in certain regions. For example, the rate of unemployment among the young males between the ages of 16 and 24 of Quebec City reached 46% in 1936-1937 if we are to trust the result of a survey conducted by the local chapter of the Association catholique de la jeunesse canadienne. It should be borne in mind that unemployment insurance did not yet exist in the 1930's. As well, Canadians had always been conditioned to think of immigration as essentially serving the economic interest of Canada. Immigration had been supported by ordinary Canadians to the extent that the immigrants "knew their place", that they contributed to the Canadian economy, that is that they settled on farms in the great western prairies of Canada, that they were not seen as competing for the often scarce industrial jobs of Canada. When the job market contracted, few in Canada were prepared to support the entrance of any large number of immigrants. These could only be seen as potentially entering Canada to compete for jobs and depressing wages further. Governments were accutely aware of these feelings and adjusted the system accordingly. Thus, in 1907, in 1913, and again in 1919-1921 – all years witnessing economic strains in Canada – steps had been taken to reduce immigration. As time passed, Canadian governments became increasingly effective at regulating immigration and matching it to the impulses of the economy. In this respect, the Great Depression was to decimate immigration in Canada. Its first impact can be measured by looking at the rapidly rising number of deportations of immigrants that occured during the Great Depression. If immigrants lost their job, which was frequently the case since they were the last to be hired, they were ruthlessly deported from Canada. Between 1930 and 1934, 16,765 immigrants were deported from Canada as having become "public charge"; by 1935, the number of deportations had reached more than 28,000. These numbers were several times the rate of deportation seen in the 1920's. As time passed, the grounds for deportation became more and more varied: one could be deported for union activities, or for membership in the Communist Party, for medical reasons or for petty charges of criminality, such as vagrancy, a not uncommon charge during the Great Depression. The ruthless application of deportation shows to what extent immigration was unpopular in the country during the depression years. In this context, immigrants found few friends in Canada. The first few years of the Great Depression saw several restrictive regulations adopted by the Canadian government (P. C. 1113 in 1929; P. C. 659 and 1957 in 1930 and P. C. 695 in 1931). The net effect of these regulations was that, by 1932, only Americans, British subjects and agriculturalists with enough capital to start farming in Canada could be admitted. In the process, the number of landed immigrants into Canada had gone from 166,783 in 1928 to 14,382 in 1933 (and was to continue to decrease until 1937). Thus, Jews attempted to enter Canada in the 1930's at a time when the country had nearly entirely closed its doors to immigrants and when immigration was likely at its most unpopular level since Confederation. As historians Robert Bothwell, Ian Drummond and John English put it in their book entitled Canada, 1900-1945: "For Canadians, the Great Depression was the overwhelming fact of the decade (p. 295)."

      2. Another problem for Jews was that Canada did not have a refugee policy. Essentially, the country did not distinguish between refugees – who clearly would require special considerations, if not the total suspension of the ordinary rules – and regular immigrants. Consequently, refugees were required to follow all the regulations that were imposed on ordinary immigrants. How could a Jewish refugee from Germany who had been dispossessed of all his worldly possessions show he could support himself in Canada? Canada had admitted some groups of refugees in the XIXth century (Hutterites and Mennonites for example) but only because these were farmers who came as a block settlement at a time of intensive western development, and who otherwise qualified under Canadian Immigration Law. Other groups, such as Armenians for example, had been largely denied asylum in Canada (see Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill, "Armenian Regugees and their Entry into Canada, 1919-1930", Canadian Historical Review, Vol. LXXI, No. 1 (Spring 1990): 80-108). Only after the Second World War did Canada begin to develop a refugee policy. The absence of a generous and sensitive refugee policy in Canada during the Great Depression was hugely felt by Jews in the 1930's.

      3. A particularly important factor in the plight of Jewish refugees was the widespread presence of Anti-semitism in Canada. This factor cannot be ignored or underestimated, although its impact is also sometimes overestimated. Historian David Rome wrote in Clouds in the Thirties (Vol. 11, p. 510): "The reluctance of the Canadian government to admit Jewish refugees in any great numbers was a fair reflection of public opinion [...] which was a strong Anglo-Saxon nativism permeated with Anti-semitism". Thus, even when Jews would have had the means to support themselves in Canada, they were often refused entry. For instance, after Kristallnacht (1938), the Canadian Jewish Congress was prepared to sponsor the coming, and guarantee the financial support of 10,000 Jewish refugees to Canada. Yet, the government of Canada rejected this proposal. The reason was simple: not only was immigration unpopular in the context of the Great Depression, but, as well, Anti-semitism was rife in Canada. The social exclusion of Jews was common in the institutions of English-speaking Canada while a vociferous anti-semitic discourse was heard in Quebec, spearheaded by the home-grown Nazi movement of Adrien Arcand, and legitimized by some members of the Catholic clergy and, otherwise, respectable newspapers such as Montreal's Le Devoir. Thus, Jews had few friends in Canada and many enemies. In Quebec, for the most part, Jewish immigration was unwanted because any immigration was unpopular and Jews were seen, especially by the ultramontane nationalists, as a threat to the Catholic values of the province. Furthermore, for decades, the Federal Government had conducted an aggressive immigration policy oblivious to the bilingual and bicultural character of Canada, not sufficiently concerned with Quebec's wishes, hopes, goals and aspirations. The net result was to make Quebecers suspicious of the Federal Government, and of immigration in particular. Quebec's federal politicians – Rinfret, Cardin and, especially, Lapointe – voiced in cabinet these anti-immigration views and their opposition to the admission of Jewish refugees.However, Quebecers were plainly not alone in the country in expressing anti-Jewish feelings. Still in 1946, a full year after the end of the war and of the disclosure of the horrors of the holocaust, a poll conducted by the Canadian Institute of Public Opinion showed that 60% of Canadians approved of the exclusion of Jews from Canadian immigration. The factor of Anti-semitism having been raised and its importance underlined, it should not be considered as the only factor at play. In the period of 1891 to 1931, tens of thousands of Jews entered Canada despite the existence of Anti-semitism. It alone could not keep Jews out of Canada. However, compounded with the other factors presented above and below, it made it virtually impossible for Jews to find refuge in Canada in the 1930's.

      4. The lack of an international sympathetic response to the Jewish refugees is also a factor to consider. Until the Evian Conference of 1938 no concerted international action in favour of the refugees was attempted. Even after the Conference was held, little changed. While several countries did noticeably better than Canada in admitting refugees (others did even less), none can be said to have had a really favourable position to the Jewish refugees and to have had a generous policy; the closest to generosity were Argentina (63,000) and the United States (102,000). Had the rest of the world mounted a significant response, Canada might have been shamed into following a similar course. In the context of the 1930's, few countries could point an accusing finger to other countries.

      5. The negative response in Canada to Jewish refugees is also a clear indicator of the lack of influence of the Jewish community in Canada. Here we touch a rather interesting point. Antisemites were fond of accusing Jews of controlling the government and the economy (or the world, as claimed by the more extreme antisemites of the time). Yet, Jews were unable to have their brothers and sisters of Germany accepted in Canada. Clearly, this was because as a group of fairly recent immigrants they, in fact, had little influence in Canada. There were only three Jewish members of Parliament and the Jewish community trusted too much that they could achieve results through quiet diplomacy.

      6. Still, if Canada had had a different federal government, the response might have been more positive. However, Mackenzie King was not a Prime Minister to forge ahead and challenge public opinion. On the contrary, he made it a habit of never straying too far from popular desires. From time to time, Mackenzie King expressed sympathy with the plight of the Jews of Germany, especially from 1938. He was not a rabit antisemite, as some ill-informed commentators have written. He had built his public career on identifying properly the prevailing wind of public opinion. He was forever cautious, identifying the welfare of the country with the health of his government. Anything that threatened the position of the government he led must be rooted out as the welfare of the country would suffer if his government had to be replaced. Appropriately, he was extremely concerned with the maintenance of national unity, with keeping Quebec and the rest of the country working in the same direction. On the question of immigration and Jewish refugees, the electors of Canada were clear: the doors should remain closed. King was not about to do otherwise.

      7. The very magnitude of the problem probably also contributed to the difficulty in solving it. As Hitler enlarged progressively "his country" by annexation (Austria, Sudetenland, etc.) more and more Jewish refugees were created. Where would it end? Many Canadians seem to have reflected that if a boatload of refugees was allowed to land, many more would evidently follow? Many thought - and the Director of the Canadian Immigration Branch, Frederick Blair, was among them - that "the line must be drawn somewhere", and that it would be best not to admit any at all.

      Thus, a web of complex factors brought about Canada's poor response to the desperate appeal of the Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. In responding so negatively, the government of Mackenzie King followed the lead of his predecessors who had never developed a refugee policy. He was not about to create one for a group that faced so much prejudice and discrimination in Canada. He faced little pressure from the international community, or from ordinary Canadians, to adopt a different policy. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression, too many people were hurting and were not in the mood to pay much attention to the problems of others...

      © 2006 Claude Bélanger, Marianopolis College

      Would the reasons in the U.S differed drastically from those given here for Canada? patm

    • I see from the archives, Phil, that you have written often about Rabbi Elmer Berger. And with good reason. He is a genuine hero whose integrity and heart will only shine brighter as the years go on.

      After one of your posts, I watched this video: Harold Hudson Channer in conversation with Rabbi Berger.

      link to

  • 'Tablet' says writers who talk about Israel Firsters are channeling Hitler
    • "heavens to mergatroid" indeed. I posted a comment on the Josh Block thread and now find I can use it again here:

      I think the term Isrsel Firster is a pretty safe one. It takes you in a different direction, one that gets quickly to the question of loyalty, not religion. The Zionists can jump and scream but the term is a long way from Jew hater.
      And here's Spencer Ackerman jumping and screaming about Hitler. What a stretch!

  • Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man
    • I think the term Isrsel Firster is a pretty safe one. It takes you in a different direction, one that gets quickly to the question of loyalty, not religion. The Zionists can jump and scream but the term is a long way from Jew hater.

  • Help support two important divestment campaigns to hold Israel accountable
    • Thanks for all your work at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Anna Baltzer.

      And GO YOU United Methodist Church (UMC) and the Presbyterian Church (USA) divestment activists. Wonderful stuff!

      I've signed the letter and endorsed the resolution. I hope everyone here will do the same.

  • Iran sanctions backlash-- oil buyers ditch dollar
    • annie, here's the last para of Tony Karon's Time piece:

      "It’s precisely because prospects for achieving a breakthrough in the P5+1 format remain slim that the Obama Administration may be seeking more direct channels of communication with the Iranian leadership to avoid a slide into confrontation. Such channels would necessarily be discreet — in public, the Iranians continue to play hardball, late last year declining an offer of establishing military-to-military links to prevent confrontation through misunderstandings among forces deployed in the Gulf — and would allow the two sides to engage on some of the strategic conflicts that undergird the nuclear issue. But in an election year, and given the domestic politics on both sides, notes professor Gary Sick of Columbia University, the public posture among leaders will remain hostile in order to forestall any backlash. Absent a discreet, direct channel between the Obama Administration and Iran’s key decisionmakers, the chances of stumbling into confrontation remain high."

      Read more: link to

      I don't pretend to have understood all of this article, but the notion of discreet private communications between the US and Iran to diffuse the tension makes sense to me.

  • O, Earth
    • It is indeed a beautiful poem, Taxi.

      The photo of Nasri Zacharia's art work reminded me of the Christian woodcut artist Albrecht Dürer. Here is his "The Torture of St. John the Evangelist from The Apocalypse."


      Thank you, Refaat Alareer.

  • Security expert formerly in Bush I administration says Holocaust rationalizes Israel's nuking Iran
    • My chutzpah and I are going to go take a quick nap before work.(my bold)

      You made the above statement at January 31, 2012 at 7:05 am, and here you are still commenting at 10:44 am.

      Mmm.... Answer: hasbara trolling is your work.

    • ...the assumption looks to me like the standard fare of commenters on this website: any allegation against Israel is acceptable, and any questioning of the allegations means the person doing the questioning is from “hasbara central”, where-ever that may be.

      Why are you hanging around if the articles are so off base and the commenting section so offensive?

      You certainly aren't here to learn about the I/P conflict. You're here to tell us all about it. Many of us have watched this movie before. The pattern of Israeli hasbara trolling sticks out like a sore thumb on this site. You're the new troll.

    • on a tangent blaming Israel for what the man says.

      And where on earth do you think he gets his talking points from, Winnica? Another Israel Firster is what you've got here. Do you honestly believe a war with Iran is in the interests of America, or any other country in the world? Please answer this last question.

  • Israel demolishes homes in Hebron, Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley
    • Good on The Guardian, seafoid. My left-wing paper The Toronto Star has never mentioned the subject.

    • From Kate's list:

      U.S. Government Pledges $3.8 Billion In Loan Guarantees To Israel

      Wednesday January 25, 2012 11:00 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

      "In a meeting on Monday between U.S. State Department and Israeli officials, the U.S. officials promised to extend loan guarantees to Israel for the next three years. The $3.8 billion in loan backing is in addition to the $3 billion a year in aid given to Israel by the U.S. government.

      Israel is the only recipient of U.S. foreign aid and loans that is not considered a ‘developing’ nation, with an annual GDP of $235 billion ($29,800 per capita). In contrast, the next biggest recipient of U.S. aid, Egypt, receives less than half of the amount given to Israel and has a GDP of $6,200 per capita. Every other recipient of US aid has a GDP that is below that of Egypt.

      The U.S. Congress recently approved a guaranteed $30 billion in aid to Israel over the next 10 years. This aid, unlike assistance provided by the U.S. government to other countries, has no requirements, and is provided without stipulation as to how it should be used.

      Reporter Richard Curtiss, with the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, pointed out in an article on U.S. loan guarantees to Israel that these loans, made by international financial institutions and backed by the U.S. Treasury, are not actually required to be repaid.

      Curtiss writes, “Most U.S. loans to Israel are forgiven, and many were made with the explicit understanding that they would be forgiven before Israel was required to repay them. By disguising as loans what in fact were grants, cooperating members of Congress exempted Israel from the U.S. oversight that would have accompanied grants.”

      He continues, “On other loans, Israel was expected to pay the interest and eventually to begin repaying the principal. But the so-called Cranston Amendment, which has been attached by Congress to every foreign aid appropriation since 1983, provides that economic aid to Israel will never dip below the amount Israel is required to pay on its outstanding loans. In short, whether U.S. aid is extended as grants or loans to Israel, it never returns to the Treasury.”

      The announcement by the State Department officials on Monday included a promise that the loan guarantees would soon be approved by the U.S. Congress.

      An Israeli Foreign Ministry officials told reporters with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, “We consider the loan guarantees as preparation for a rainy day”.

      The U.S. Congress has received criticism in recent months for its continued aid to Israel, at a time when social programs around the US are being cut due to federal budget cuts, and states have been forced to spend down their own ‘rainy day’ funds to avoid excessive deficit spending during the ongoing economic recession in the U.S"
      (my bold)


  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • Lets not forget that Roma (Gypsies) were also sent to the concentration camps, resulting in about 200,000 Gypsy deaths. And that physically and / or mentally handicapped, homosexuals, and Polish intellectuals accounted for at least another 200,000.

    • ....Werdine shows up, posts a totally OT 20,000 word response....

      Yep, he just 'phones it in' as the saying goes. Doesn't matter if it's the wrong blog, addressed to the wrong commenter, whatever, it gets his vile message out. He is toxic.

      I'm going to check out Walt's blog.

    • also, does anyone recall the breaking the waves video recently of the old soldier who spoke about how they would empty the towns in the negev leaving only one direction (gaza)? iow, the people were expelled.

      annie, I don't recall the video but I know the Palestinians were expelled in all directions, to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Gaza. Perhaps Egypt too.

      Werdine is a repeat offender lying troll. He should have been given the boot long ago. You've provided a good example of how tricky this new policy is going to be. Werdine swamps the mods with words and barrels right through.

    • Right, I think I've got things straight now. I'll get notifications on my desktop, and my handle is now patm. I also subscribed to your feed and found you to be an old hand on

      I won't be nearly so busy, but perhaps our interchange here on the mondo website will encourage others to check it out as a possible venue for edgy posts about 9/11 and Holocaust and Nakba denial. Cheers.

    • you could have posted your reply directly under my post about Blankfort — just click on “Comment” and start typing into the editing box. That makes it easier to follow conversational threads.

      Thanks for the two tips. The 'you' had me flummoxed and the Comment reply function is handy. I've seen your reply to me but I've not been sent an email telling me it arrived. Any thoughts?

    • Sean, I've subscribed to Mondoweiss on Friendfeed and have replied to your question about Blankfort. However, my handle at the moment is "You" which I will try and fix.

    • annie, I've got my fingers crossed regarding that mysterious statement in Phil and Adam's official statement: "In view of the new rules and in the name of civil discussion, we've banned a few commenters."

      There are two long-lived mondo trolls we haven't heard from on this thread....

    • This article (and my response) is something of a test case for the new rules, annie. Here's the final paragraph of the Haaretz piece:

      "A survey by Tel Aviv University researchers in 2008 established that just under half of Israel's Jewish citizens are willing to abandon the narrative that "the Palestinians fled." The survey found that those who use the critical approach tend to view the Palestinians more positively. They also tend to be more supportive of peace agreements and vote for center-left parties. So it's no surprise that the political right wants to erase the Nakba from the collective memory."

      So, "just under half of Israel's Jewish citizens are willing to abandon the narrative that "the Palestinians fled." Well, it's progress I guess, but that leaves approximately 51% who still are Nakba deniers.

    • Hulu will only show the video to US viewers.

    • However, it now opens the discussion up to false claims that Israel was formed “in response to the Holocaust” and “no country helped the European Jews except Israel”, which can now not be answered without running the threat of being banned for responding with facts.

      This is a valid point, tree, one I certainly didn't think of. You can bet such false claims will be made by Zionist trolls in the light of this new rule.

    • In view of the new rules and in the name of civil discussion, we've banned a few commenters.

      I've no problem with these 2 new rules, but I do wonder if the "few commenters" already banned had a chance to read these new rules.
      Were they repeat offenders who couldn't be relied upon to mend their ways?

  • 'Occupy AIPAC' now has 100 orgs behind it (and neocons try to block its appeal to 'Jewish liberals')
  • Video: Atlanta Jewish Times publisher's tearful anti-apology

      To fully clean up distressed feelings an apology needs to include the following ingredients.

      1. Specificity: “I’m sorry about my ______.” That is, specify exactly what you did that you see now was mistaken.

      2. Non-intentionality: “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

      3. Clarification: What was your miss – the mistake, misperception, misunderstanding, miscommunication, mishap, etc? “I can see now that I mis_______ that _______.”

      4. Restitution: Figure out what you need to do to fix the harm created by your mistaken action.

      5. Learning: What will you do differently next time to prevent a similar mishap from occurring again? “In the future I will _____________when___________ .”

      These five ingredients may be accomplished with just a few sentences.

      However for more serious grievances, each ingredient may need to be added slowly, one by one, with discussion of each facet.

      For the most serious grievances such as, for instance, marital infidelities, dishonesty of any type, alcoholic misbehavior, or abusive words or action, each ingredient may need to be reiterated and dsicussed at length multiple times over.

      Step five, looking back to learn in order to prevent future repeat episodes, is a particularly vital ingredient for an apology to be genuine and the healing to transpire.

      In addition, tincture of time plus repeated evidence of the new alternative behaviors also help to accomplish full healing, both of the guilt felt by the person who made the mistake(s) and of the suffering of the one who was wronged.

      link to


      Adler might have trouble with Step 2.

    • If there is truth in the Veterans Today speculation that Adler's newspaper outfit was a 'spook shop', this might explain the absence of any report in the NYT and the Washington Post. The Zionists in charge of those two papers might well know what Adler and his staff were up to.

    • Interesting theory at Veterans Adler's Atlanta newspaper outfit is a 'spook shop'.

      Check it out, stranger things have happened in this world of ours.

  • Why Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy
    • It's enough to make your head spin! Can we summarize it this way:

      There are Christians; there are Christian Evangelicals who support Israel for unknown reasons; there are Christian Evangelicals who support Israel because they believe in dispensationalism, i.e. a pre-tribulation rapture.

    • I've just ordered up a copy of Matt Taibbi’s ‘Great Derangement' from my local library, Martin. Thanks for the tip.

      Something else. You recently referred to the writer of the rapture commentaries, Cyrus Scofield as an 'ignorant reactionary'. I've no doubt you're right, and I'm wondering if you can recommend a biography (or any biographical source at all) on this man.

      He certainly has caused a great deal of trouble in the world. And I sometimes think we need someone to deconstruct these commentaries in such a way that they will prove to all Christian rapturists that they are a load of old cobblers. A tall order, I grant you.

  • Israel is at the heart of Jewish identity, Gorenberg says
    • Very helpful excerpts indeed, marc b. Piterberg on Ben-Gurion’s "daring biblical exegesis" caught my attention.

      MHughes writes upthread that "A theory of individual rights was the necessary alternative to a theory of compulsory conformity in the aftermath of the Reformation." Such a theory would have been in the air B-G breathed. If the Protestants could interpret their bible, why not the Jews?

    • ...are the words of someone who is completely brainwashed and has embraced the Golden Calf — conceiving of the spiritual as physical. Ellen

      I think Winnica has embraced more than the Golden Calf. What we have here in my opinion is an agent from Hasbara Central.

    • A country as a religion, too weird…’s like primitives who use to worship and make sacrifices to volcanoes and other earthly objects.

      Yes, a great description, American.

    • Epicurean atheism is an ancient Jewish tradition ;-) Shmuel

      Just the other day I heard someone on the TV refer to himself as a "gastronomic Jew".

    • Even today, in the early 21st century, the level of self-confidence and feeling at home enjoyed by the Jews of the US is unusual.

      On the other hand, Jews in just about every single other country – with the exception perhaps of Australia and Canada – often do indeed recognize themselves to be not fully at home in the society they live in.

      Winnica, Where are you getting this stuff from? Please provide sources.

  • Israel's Al Jalame prison: 'Palestinian children are locked in solitary confinement for days or even weeks'
    • Here's Mondo's thread on Rafeef Ziadah.

      link to

    • "Educate through action": poet Remi Kanazi on triumphant UK tour

      Good article by Asa Winstanley, London 26 Dec. 2011

      link to

      He's into BDS in a big way too.

    • Right annie, and just by chance I only posted three paras. Do you think that between the two of us we have breached the fair use rules in this instance?

      i.e. should I be careful not to post a section of an article if you've already done so?

    • I think zionists want us to become judeophobes.,

      Maybe so, Cliff. It would make their case for them, wouldn't it. One good reason—among many others—for not becoming one.

    • Right, a copyright issue. My brain was still on the sheer awfulness of the content when I read annie's reply.

    • Annie, I've never heard the expression "applying fair use with [an] article".

      Can you expand a little? Thanks.

    • More from the Guardian piece:

      "Several British parliamentary delegations have witnessed child hearings at Ofer over the past year. Alf Dubs reported back to the House of Lords last May, saying: "We saw a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old, one of them in tears, both looking absolutely bewildered … I do not believe this process of humiliation represents justice. I believe that the way in which these young people are treated is in itself an obstacle to the achievement by Israel of a peaceful relationship with the Palestinian people."

      Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan, who witnessed the trial of a shackled 14-year-old at Ofer last month, found the experience distressing. "In five minutes he had been found guilty of stone-throwing and was sentenced to nine months. It was shocking to see a child being put through this process. It's difficult to see how a [political] solution can be reached when young people are being treated in this manner. They end up with very little hope for their future and very angry about their treatment."

      Horton said a guilty plea was "the quickest way to get out of the system". If the children say their confession was coerced, "that provides them with a legal defence – but because they're denied bail they will remain in detention longer than if they had simply pleaded guilty"."

      And the Zionists proclaim their religion as the legitimate authority for their state. How on earth can they expect us not to become Judeophobes?

  • Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama
    • Here is all I could find on the web of Foxman's Afterword to The Transfer Agreement. There are omissions as evidenced by the "....".

      "Decades later, it is easy to employ judgmental hindsight. Those who do so were not there but seem to think that books, records, and movies can adequately recreate the context. We are talking about the thirties—a very bad time for European Jews. But no one back then could imagine how bad things would actually become.... In light of the bitter reality of the Holocaust and the world’s unwillingness to stop it, the decision to transfer Jews and their possessions to Palestine was a wise one." I also agree with the author's assessment that the whole world had agreements with the Nazi regime, and the Zionists were pursuing their's to rescue people and assets. In this case, it was not for pure profit or political expediency but to help save a people and help create a state, their safe haven in Israel. Yet like the author, Mr. Black, I too am haunted by his final thought when he writes: "Was it madness? Or was it genius?""

    • where is an original copy of the book? they all seem to have dematerialized.

      annie, there may be an original copy in the Toronto Reference Library. I will go and see if it is what you are seeking if you will tell me what I should look for.

      I haven't followed the discussion on "The Transfer Agreement."

  • Children in Nabi Saleh play their favorite game called 'Mustafa Tamimi' during weekly protests
    • From the TIP List:

      Now Is the Time to #OccupyAIPAC

      Join Us in Washington, D.C., March 2-6, to #OccupyAIPAC

      by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director

      "Ever since the Occupy movement burst on to our political landscape last fall and reinjected energy into the movement to make government serve the 99 percent instead of the elites, we've enthusiastically joined forces by doing teach-ins at Occupy protests across the country and sending hundreds of organizing packets to empower local activists to end military aid to Israel.

      Now we're ready to Occupy AIPAC. We'll be joining with member group Code Pink and more than 100 other endorsing organizations for five days of film screenings, teach-ins, performing arts, direct actions, trainings and grassroots advocacy during AIPAC's annual policy conference.

      Join us from March 2-6 in Washington, D.C. Register today to hold your place.

      In our struggle to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights, international law and equality, perhaps no organization better epitomizes everything that is wrong with our political system and current policies of support for Israeli occupation and apartheid than AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

      The time has come to #OccupyAIPAC!

      Here are just a few of the many reasons to #OccupyAIPAC:

      An AIPAC front group skirts Congressional ethics guidelines to send Members of Congress on lavish trips to Israel where they are lobbied intensively to provide more taxpayer-funded weapons to Israel.

      Political action committees and individuals aligned with AIPAC's agenda dump millions of dollars into elections to ensure that politicians applaud Israel's human rights abuses of Palestinians.

      And, AIPAC lobbies for ever-expanding sanctions and never-ending wars against other peoples and countries, with Iran now the focus of their efforts.

      Who benefits from the policies that AIPAC is pushing? Certainly not Palestinians, who bear the brunt of U.S. weapons transfers to Israel and unconditional diplomatic support for Israel and live under brutal Israeli military occupation and apartheid. Certainly not the millions of ordinary Iraqis, Syrians and Iranians who have suffered harm as a result of AIPAC-backed sanctions and wars. And certainly not us, whose taxpayer dollars are diverted from funding unmet community needs to giving Israel--a country with greater per capita wealth than New Zealand and Saudi Arabia--$30 billion in military aid from 2009 to 2018.

      It seems that the people benefiting from AIPAC policies are those in Israel and their supporters in the United States who work to ensure that Israel continues to subjugate Palestinians, to deny their fundamental human rights, and to try unsuccessfully to strip them of their humanity. And, of course, also benefiting are the U.S. weapons manufacturers, who literally make a killing by joining with AIPAC to lobby for more taxpayer-funded weapons to Israel to injure and kill Palestinians by the thousands."

      link to

  • Obama begins push for Jewish support in 2012 by touting the 'unbreakable bond' between Israel and the US
  • 'George Orwell meets Mel Brooks': International activist arrested by Israeli miltary in Hebron for carrying tea; later detained for 'farting on a soldier'
    • Here's some good news from Kate's list for the Gazans:

      "EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- The Egyptian Red Crescent on Thursday sent 29 ambulances to Gaza, director Jaber al-Arabi said.

      The donation comes a day after the organization sent one ton of medicine to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing, and coordinated the delivery of Kuwaiti medical aid to the besieged enclave."

    • I do realize that for the Palestinian/international activist this farting incident was no
      joke, but I can't resist posting this news story:

      Ripper of a Speech Blasts Competition

      link to

  • The Mondo crew hosts WBAI’s 'Beyond the Pale' to discuss Ron Paul, Dennis Ross and the myth of Obama's 'Jewish problem'
    • Nice work with these last two posts, annie.

    • A common way of understanding this conflict is through the lens of conflicting narratives. Shaktimaan

      Another is through historical records and evidence. Shingo

      Carry on with your fiction-writing, Shaky. It's what zionist trolls do. You'll find it an arduous task on mondoweiss, and you'll need to lay off the Nakba denial garbage. Trolls perform a useful service in allowing the site's knowledgeable old hands to inform newcomers of the true facts. Enjoy.

    • My chutzpah and I are going to go take a quick nap before work.

      Shakmeister, you made the above statement today January 31, 2012 at 7:05 am on the Security expert thread and here you are still commenting at 11:25 am.

      Mmm…. Answer: hasbara trolling is your work.
      Oh yes, and don't forget to reply to the article on Israel's land use policies.

    • If there is, then FIND IT! Go on! Show me where. Where can an Arab not lease land in Israel because he’s an Arab?

      Here you go, Shaktimaan, get your head around this article. And then stop your thread-jacking.


      "ABSTRACT: This paper examines the political motivations and legal justification for the Israeli government’s ongoing efforts to acquire and settle land in two peripheral regions of the country: the Galilee in the north and the Negev in the south. This study also seeks to uncover the impact of these policies on the indigenous minority populations of these regions, the Palestinian communities in the Galilee and the Palestinian Bedouin communities of the Negev desert.

      This research examines the political motivations and legal justification for the ongoing efforts of the Israeli government to develop and settle two regions of the country, the Galilee in the North, and the Negev in the South. The study seeks to further uncover the impact of this settlement pattern on two minority populations in Israel, the Palestinian minority in the Galilee and the Bedouin Palestinians of the Negev desert. Following the formation of Israel in 1948, the newly established state sought to strengthen and consolidate Jewish presence throughout its territory, particularly in targeted areas such as the Galilee and the Negev. One of the most formidable instruments used by state authorities to accomplish this aim of Jewish settlement is land use planning. Israeli control of land use resulted in policies that strengthened Jewish presence throughout the newly established state. These policies remain controversial because of the way in which they place Palestinians and Palestinian Bedouin communities in systemic cycles of under-development and under-representation. One of the most critical mechanisms enabling the state to carry out this policy was the law." (my bold)

      link to

    • The chart is mind-boggling. Could the US primaries system be any more complicated? (Rhetorical question)

  • Publisher of the 'Atlanta Jewish Times' suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama
    • Has anyone else noticed comments not making it to your email account through Disqus?

      Disqus isn't a Canadian company that I know of, but I do find Mondo emails in my spam account from time to time. After reading your post now, I checked and found two from Jan 17.

    • Well, maybe I don’t have an average American mentality.

      Love you, Woody. Perhaps we could elope some day.

    • With regard to your habit of making flat assertions unsupported by thoughtful analysis or command of the facts, your record here speaks for itself.

      Sean, this statement is false. I appreciate that you are anxious about the possibility of an Obama assassination, but your attack on Woody is not going to save him or any other President from a determined assassin. Obama must have known the risks he took when he decided to run for the job. How could he not?

    • That is one terrific letter to Andrew Adler, Citizen! WOW!!

      One correction though: Dr. Kevin Barrett isn't a young man. Check the top of the Veterans Today site and you'll see a black and white photo of him which seems to indicate a man of at least middling years.

      The photo of the young man beside the letter is perhaps the fellow caught with evil intent near the white house in recent weeks.

      link to

    • Canada's Globe and Mail has a front page item on the Adler article. It currently has 1400 comments.

      link to

    • Sean, it's important to note that it was a CNN International online story, not a CNN U.S. story.

    • That’s CNN online–International Edition, not US Edition."

      Yes, I missed that fact when I posted the url last night.

    • CNN posted am update piece twenty minutes ago

      Jewish paper's column catches Secret Service eye

      link to

  • Why did Ehud Barak postpone joint US-Israeli military exercise?
    • They are for the most part neoconservatives themselves.

      Yes, the old adage is true: "If you want freedom of speech, own a newspaper." Or these days a radio station or tv channel.

      However, there is some sunlight back in the US media: the return of Bill Moyers to PBS. This weekend he talked with Reagan Budget Director David Stockman about "Crony Capitalism." Also NYT reporter Gretchen Morgenson on money and politics.

      It was not happy talk, no "confidence fairies" these two.

      link to

    • Our ship aren’t at risk unless Israel does something…..a message I am sure Israel has gotten. American (my bold)

      Yes, Bibi may be a nasty piece of work, but he's not a madman, nor I imagine is Ehud Barak. They'll have put the lid on any plans for an attack against Iran—at least for now, imo.

    • I was impressed with opaleye's 6th point in his long comment the other day. Here it is :

      "6. Currently there are 3 carrier groups in or heading toward the Gulf. Why are they there?

      Are they there to deter the Iranians? No. Because everybody in this game knows the Iranians are not going to start this war. Also, if the US really believed that the Iranians *were* going to attack, there is no way they would put the carriers in the Gulf itself, where they are far too vulnerable.

      Are they there to attack Iran? No, because again they would keep the carriers out of the Gulf in that scenario. Also, you would see a massive build up of other air firepower – the carriers are simply not enough.

      So what are they doing there? They are there to deter Israel. By putting carriers groups in such easy reach of Iranian counter-strike, the US is making sure that Israel knows it will be blamed for their loss if Israel attacks. Particularly after repeated public statements making it clear Israel does *not* have a green light for this and then the cancellation of the joint exercise.

      One of the targets of an Israeli raid would be Bushehr, which is on the Gulf coast. So the Israelis would have to fly past the carriers to get there. This puts the US in a position to give a very firm “no”.

      And of course, the media assumes the carriers are there to threaten Iran, so it’s hard for the Lobby to make Obama look “weak on Iran”.

      BTW, in case you wonder why the USN is sending carrier groups into a confined body of water where they are extremely vulnerable to missiles, torpedoes and mines: politicians in Washington routinely use the carriers in this way, overriding the Navy’s objections to putting them at such extreme risk. The public mostly doesn’t realize how vulnerable these things are, especially to modern “smart” torpedoes that are almost impossible to stop.

      The point here is that the US is compelled *currently* to view Israel as a dangerous and unpredictable military player and the US cannot avoid taking steps to deal with this situation."


      Are there flaws in this argument ?

  • Group responsible for Muslim grave desecration gives advice on bigotry to the White House
    • Throughout the Jewish establishment there exists those who speak up for Israel and against anti-Semitism while at the same time encouraging or staying silent on bigotry against Muslims.

      The double standard is appalling, Alex. Even more so when you realize it starts at the top in the White House:

      The Obama administration thinks that the situation at CAP is "troubling." More troubling, though, is their consultations and agreement with a group known to be anti-Muslim.

  • 'Israel Firster' gets at an inconvenient truth
    • Can we find a way to agree on some things and actually build on that?

      A large order on a site like this, Larrysturn. This is your second comment I see from your profile. Welcome to the comment section of mondo.

      You are in favour of a 2-state solution and you will find others who agree with you.

      Others are die-hard Israeli and Christian Zionists who want all of Palestine. Most commenters, I believe, think the decision on 1-state or 2 states should be left to the Palestinians.

      Discussions get heated. How could it be otherwise?

    • my impression may be inaccurate, but I many MW participants believe that Christian Zionists are strictly of the John Hagee/Armageddon – to- convert- Jews variety.

      What is your definition of a Christian Zionist, teta? Definitions are important here.

      BTW, the word "philosemitism" in the strict dictionary sense should include 'a respect for and admiration of all Semites, including Arabs'.

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