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Paul Mutter

Paul Mutter is a contributor to Mondoweiss, Foreign Policy in Focus and the Arabist.

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  • 'Safe European home'?
    • Thank you for pointing this out, braicole. I noticed that and we're going to make a note at the end of the article to reflect the new report I saw (via CBS) that clears up the earlier BBC reporting: link to

  • Paul's challenge to progressives
    • Obviously there is no perfect candidate and Ron Paul, unlike Obama, stands against militarism. And it's not like by criticizing Paul's associations we're ignoring Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann or Perry's racist, anti-Palestinian comments.

      I am that glad Lizzy can express her "Salafi-Leninist" reservations here on Mondoweiss. Ron Paul is someone who civil libertarians and the anti-war camp can work with, and for that, I am grateful.

      But where does the "progressive" movement go from 2012? That is what Lizzy wants us to ask. Why can't progressives elect their own wildly popular anti-war Congressmen and women? Paul is, perhaps, one of the keystones for the future election of such candidates because of the way he is contesting the warmongers in his party, and also among the Democrats.

      I'm fine that Phil is promoting Ron Paul's foreign policy views and think his voice is a necessary one in this election cycle. Very much so. But he doesn't get a free pass on the rest of his record just because of this.

      Lizzy's commentary is a valuable addition to the debate. Phil and others here write about Occupy, so it's not like we can just ignore "whence progressivism?" in 2012. Which is why we're having this debate.

      This isn't a Mondoweiss Civil War or something ridiculous like that (goodness knows how many people would just *love* to see such a thing occur). And if you think this is indeed such a conflict, then Heaven knows what you must make of +972 Magazine's contentious discussions about normalization and the right of return.

  • I hold my breath, Haaretz
    • Whoops. Wrong Rick! Been writing about Gov. Perry and his statements on Israel a lot, so a Freudian slip?

      Will fix. Thanks.

  • This is not what containment looks like
    • ^By you, I'm referring to "lysias"'s comment at the top. Not sure why my response got bumped down here.

    • On your last point: I mean relations primarily achieved at the urging of business interests, since such a policy program would hardly benefit most Iranians, and be skewed towards dealing with the corrupt structures in place, of the sort "Antidote" notes below (this is the same trade association that says "free trade" with Beijing will produce democratic reforms in China). I did not mean normal diplomatic relations in general. I apologize for this caveat not being clear.

    • Yeah, my mistake. I misread the GovTrack page when I was going through the list of co-sponsors (349 + the Chairwoman of the House FA Comm.). It will be fixed.

    • You are correct. I had originally included a paragraph explaining how it likely violates an article in the Constitution about receiving foreign emissaries, but took it out to streamline the article commentary.

  • "Anti-Price Tag Patrol" criticized by Israeli right; settlers demand stronger IDF response
  • Perry embraces violent Jewish extremists, Politico's Ben Smith calls him 'moderate'
    • I'm glad someone involved with Mondo got in. I tried, but since I wasn't on the list, I wasn't allowed in by the event staff.

      The lack of comment about KM Danon is even more duplicitous because he was on Fox News just last week:

      link to

  • 'I prefer to live with Jews': A liberal Zionist argument for the two-state solution
  • (Prediction) Perry's bodacious gauntlet to Obama on Israel means '60 Minutes' will finally put Walt & Mearsheimer in American living rooms
    • The historian Rick Perry quoted as comparing Israel to Texas actually said:

      "The Texan’s attitudes, his inherent chauvinism and the seeds of his belligerence, sprouted from his conscious effort to take and hold his land. It was the reaction of essentially civilized men and women thrown into new and harsh conditions, beset by enemies they despised. The closest 20th-century counterpart is the State of Israel, born in blood in another primordial land." link to

      Freudian slip by Perry?

      Max Blumenthal writes, "According to Fehrenbach, what Israel did to the Palestinians in 1947 and ‘48 — and continues to do — is analogous to the Texans’ treatment of the Comanches and Mexicans during the 19th century. The comparison highlights Israel’s distinction as the world’s last settler-colonial state; a country based on an anachronistic system of ethnic exclusivism." link to

      Colonialism? My, whatever are you referring to, Max?

  • Campaign to end military aid to Israel enters NY, underground
    • I'm surprised the "DEFEAT JIHAD" isn't bookended with little crescent moons just so it's clear that Pamela Geller and co. intend to defeat all Muslims to win.

  • The declaration of 'The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael'
    • I think settlers would tell Christian members of Congress that he's Aslan, AKA Lion Jesus, but tell settlers he's the Lion of House of David.

  • Rep. Rothman vows Congress will wreak 'devastating impact' on Palestinian economy if P.A. doesn't drop statehood bid
  • And to think what they said about Walt & Mearsheimer . . .
  • 'September: The Threat of an Opportunity' - Israeli settlers plan to confront Palestinian demonstrators
    • I should note that the Ben-Ari quotes in the second paragraph of this article also came from the translation of the Arutz 7 article linked to in the third paragraph (in case anyone was wondering where his statement about the IDF cutting and running had appeared - same place as his countermarch proposal).

  • 'J St' comes out against Palestinian statehood initiative
  • Arrests of 100+ 'Hamas agents' in West Bank seem to be Israel's latest effort to thwart Palestinian reconciliation
    • When the Eilat attacks occurred, I suggested that given their timing and location, there was a possibility that a group based in Egypt, and not Gaza, might have been involved because it would have been a good strategic move for them to sneak over the border and attack Israelis. This opinion was largely not present in most press coverage - the Israeli government assigned blame to one group and held Hamas "responsible," resulting in airstrikes and saber-rattling to go into Gaza and finish the job. Some outlets continued to make the distinction between "alleged" and "confirmed" attackers, noting that no group in Gaza had claimed responsibility. Other outlets did not, and presented the government's statements at face value.

      Then, a few days into the airstrikes, Egypt said that some of the alleged attackers killed were in fact Egyptians from Sinai groups that their army is fighting against. Press then began backtracking and started talking less about Hamas' alleged involvement and Egyptian "unreliability" and more about the need to not give up on Egypt in her hour of need fighting Islamists.

      So I do in fact hope that people will consider the timing of the announcement arrests and consider the possibility that there was indeed a political motivation behind them.

  • Just who is General 'All-out total war' Eisenberg speaking for?
    • Some later comments by Ehud Barak suggested Eisenberg had chemical weapons in mind. An article posted up after mine discusses nuclear allusions in a Haaretz piece.

  • Biting the hand that feeds them - West Bank settlers charged with 'price tagging' IDF base
    • You know there's a book by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks, about a fictional zombie apocalypse where just this happens - "World War Z." The Israeli government is the only world government to take the zombie sightings seriously at first and does the following things:

      1. Withdraws to the 1967 borders because they are deemed too much effort to defend against an undead "swarm."
      2. Announces that the right of return will be extended to all Palestinians who can demonstrate refugee (or descent from refugee) status (this is actually honored - the fictional narrator for Israel in the book is the son of a refugee).
      3. Builds a wall around Israel to keep the zombies out (which means giving up East Jerusalem, but allowing its residents to enter Israel if they so choose).

      Israel is not overrun by zombies like every other country in the world, but is almost destroyed anyway by a civil war between orthodox Jews and loyal IDF forces (basically, the orthodox were willing to risk zombies overrunning Israel to get back East Jerusalem). The orthodox rebels are defeated, though, and Israel is implied to have becomes a binational state by the war's end.

      Hamas tries to take advantage of the situation, but it is implied that Hamas' leadership spent so much effort trying this that were unable to properly defend themselves from the zombies.

  • Bank, king and God (not necessarily in that order)
    • And then the U.S. ambassador will give them both a big bear hug with tears in his eyes:

      "[sniff] I didn't even have to ask you . . . "

    • The porno theater item will hopefully backfire on the far right because let's face it, in the 10-24 demographic, boys will be boys no matter what country they are from.

      By way of comparison on that, I recall reading a recent article where an Israeli woman describes mass protests by older Orthodox Jews in Tel Aviv when the first gender-integrated public swimming pools opened in the 60s(?), but I can't remember where I read that.

    • And then people ask, "But why do they hate us so much? We never did anything to them!"

      Well, except look the other way while we told others do the things to them . . .

  • Colonel Qaddafi's Tech Support
  • Preacher Beck: 'See the miracle of Israel... see all that God has done for us... He said to his people, 'I'm coming, stand here...''
    • I found that if you post the webpage for his rally as a Facebook link, the only thumbnail that shows up is of a Goldline advertisement.

    • Dan, you have to tell them which reputable outlet to go to. Only GOLDLINE has the GB seal of approval:

      link to

      I can picture the future Goldline commercial: a Barack Obama lookalike playing the part of Pharaoh, and Glenn Beck dressed as Moses says "Pharaoh, let my people go . . . of your unsound socialist economics!" Then the sales pitch starts in earnest ("You won't have to wander the desert 40 years to find these rates!")

  • Israeli 'retaliation'
  • Israeli Vice Prime Minister threatens Gaza ground attack
  • “A Splendid Little War” - Jingoism and Gaza
  • Attacks lead Israel to condemn the Arab Spring
    • UPDATE: Evidence put forward to suggest that attackers may in fact have been Sinai militants, not Gazans.

      link to

      link to

      Also: tentative ceasefire said to be going into effect between IDF and Gazan organizations

    • Update: At least 6 Egyptian soldiers killed in border patrols in the region; Popular Resistance Committees praise Eilat attacks but deny responsibility for them: link to PM Netanyahu vows "additional retaliation" and the speed-up of fence construction on the border link to

    • I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me (the part about how it is a "gross mistake and abuse of Egyptian liberation efforts") or suggesting that I've missed this point. My intention is to say that the way Israel and the U.S. are talking about Egypt and the "Arab Spring" right now is just what you said: "a gross mistake and abuse of Egyptian liberation efforts" because it ultimately undermines prospects for meaningful change in Egypt and only emboldens Netanyahu and company to further denounce any and all popular movements in the Arab world.

      I'm concerned if what I just said above was not clear from what I wrote.

  • Line of the day
  • The 'untamed wildernesses' of Israeli and American colonialism
    • *As far as I know NOW, the above should read

    • Please see my response below. You were right to question its authenticity because I have since found my source to be in error.

    • An Explanation From The Author On The Correction:

      The quote mistake was entirely my fault. I trusted the source I obtained it from, but since this is a quote with a storied history, I went and ordered the 1967/1978 biography ("Ben-Gurion: The Armed Prophet," by Michael Bar-Zohar) to cross-check the quote. After searching through these biographies, I couldn't find the quote as it was cited in other scholarly sources, so it seems that they and I are all mistaken. The biographer who I refer to in the updated article does support (in chapters 17-22 of the 1967 edition; his 1978 edition is the same way) the assertion that B-G planned to displace the Arab population of Galilee and other regions by military means, but does not do so using the language I originally posted. As far as I know, that language is someone else's other than B-G's, or a fabrication. The article has been corrected to reflect the error. I thank the commenter Robert Werdine for questioning the accuracy of my citation.

  • From London to Jenin: Paying for the sins of their sons
    • "Let no one be naive here: the armed rulers of the west are tactically no different than the oppressors/dictators of the east when it comes to mob/crowd control."


      You may find some of that historical analysis you mention in my forthcoming piece (should be up later today?) on the creation of the "wilderness" myth in both Israel and the U.S.

    • Damn, I was thinking of mentioning the '92 riots. Too bad I can't paste your comment into my article, it's spot on. "Thus it is that the underclass in western countries is being subjected to the type of treatment that colonizers such as the israelis inflict upon subjugated natives. The common denominator here is those subjugated are looked upon as less than human by their oppressors." I really like those 2 sentences.

  • Israel adds 227 homes to Ariel settlement and the US is ‘deeply troubled’ (which translates as 'go right ahead')
    • But wait, there's more! We're giving away 227 units if you call in the next half hour! Hurry while supplies last (i.e., until we announce a few hundred more next week)!

      Call now and we'll throw in a free ticket to see Glenn Beck on August 24 in Jerusalem!

  • Glenn Beck: Russo-Cuban AFL-CIO Islamist Israelis occupying Tel Aviv?
    • I just want everyone to know that Glenn Beck says our willful ignorance over the truth about the Islamo-communist alliance will result in our collective beheading by them one day:

      link to

      Can't say we weren't warned.

    • The protests in Israel will all be explained in Glenn Beck’s forthcoming book, “The Protocols of the Elders of the Soros Foundation.” Although, rather than paying $27.95 for the hardcopy, you can just download a free copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” off of the internet and replace every reference to “Jew” with either “the Left,” “colored people” or “Muslims” since that’s basically what Beck does every day on his show.

      And this is *not* a satirical stretch. A few days ago he called several hundred thousand Israelis Left-wing subversives, said that they were working with terrorists, and argued that they whole protest movement is being funded by an international conspiracy of Left-wing financiers.

      Hello, Protocols!

      People like Beck don’t believe in anything but the sound of their own voice and their fawning fans, so the only thing keeping him from blaming the Jews for everything like his fellow American Father Charles Coughlin did are his 21st century American listeners’ pro-Israel preferences. I wonder how Beck would have done by the Jews if he had been a 1930s radio celebrity/political pundit like Father Coughlin was.

    • I didn't put it in the post, but in the video he also compares the demonstrators to Cuban communists and American labor unions.

    • Unlike socialism, where there are internal contradictions, there are no internal contradictions in Bachmannism.

    • A lot of colleges, too, come from similar legislation, which was passed by - yes - Abe Lincoln! link to

      But everyone knows that colleges are part of the Left-wing global financing conspiracy.

  • State Department awards $200,000 to Elliott-Abrams-led thinktank repeatedly cited by mass murderer Breivik
    • The State Department PR reminds of how the GOP House leadership rose to defend the American Family Association (which compares the "homosexual agenda" to the "Nazi agenda" and just played a big role in Texas governor Rick Perry's "Prayer-Ganza") when Southern Poverty Law Center and Human Rights Campaign called it a hate group. This was the response from the GOP:

      "This is intolerance, pure and simple. Elements of the radical Left are trying to shut down informed discussion of policy issues that are being considered by Congress, legislatures, and the courts. Tell the radical Left it is time to stop spreading hateful rhetoric attacking individuals and organizations merely for expressing ideas with which they disagree. Our debates can and must remain civil - but they must never be suppressed through personal assaults that aim only to malign an opponent's character."

      link to

  • How will the tent protest movement respond to gov't plan to address housing crisis through expanded settlements?
    • Let's see, we have the 930 in Har Homa I reported on last week, plus 1,600 homes in Ramat Shlomo and 2,700 pending in Givat Hamatos (2,000) and Pisgat Zeev (2,700).

      5,230 concessions right there.

      Keeping' it classy.

  • Slouching toward theocracy: Tehran and Tel Aviv may have something in common
    • It says a lot that the institute's name actually separates Jewish from Israeli Law. Kind of suggests where things are going back in Israel.

      And at Berkeley, *every* law program is Sharia Law program. Like how parents say "every day is children's day." It's Berkeley. They're West Coast IslamoMaoists.

  • IslamoMaoists! Progressives in disguise!
    • Annie, I think this is as far as I can go without copyright infringement or getting sued by "The Dersh." His ears are probably burning as we speak.

  • Meet Debbie Schlussel, who says Norway's 'HAMAS Youth' got what was coming to them
    • Well said, MarkF and seanmcbride.

      Taxi, I didn’t take offense or anything like that from your comments, but I'd like to give some clarification in any case.

      I did worry when I started writing this that I was hyping Schlussel, but I feel that because her views are taken seriously by mainstream media, by people in government they merit an examination. There were a lot of people I could have picked who have blogged such sentiments on the Oslo attacks, but I picked her because she is someone people sit up and pay attention to – people who vote, people who make laws, and people who run TV stations and other outlets.

      Because Schlussel et al. are *not* treated as domestic extremists by the FBI – in fact, the FBI has even produced training materials that echo and endorse their claims about “Islam” (especially Robert Spencer) – we need to spotlight their influence.

      My main point was to demonstrate to our readers just how mainstream her views are becoming, and how they are linked to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In discussing these Islamophobes’, I hope our readers will be more aware of how their sentiments are diffusing into neoconservativism and Zionism (and conservative politics in general) and will affect the prospects for greater or lessened conflict in the region.

      By way of example, one of the things I would tell people who want to understand the history of modern anti-Antisemitism is to go look at the writers who influenced Henry Ford. Obscure people? Yes. But they gave Ford his Jew-bashing ideas – and Ford had a lot of influence. He did more to popularize “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” than anyone else in history, and was admired by Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin – as well as the pro-Nazi American right in the 1930s. Antisemitism was as much as part of the Ford system as the assembly line (Ford said unions were actually run by Jewish bankers, not the working man, and that as a friend of the working man, he, Henry Ford, wouldn’t let the Jewish parasites into his shop to suck his workers dry by starting unions). I’m looking to demonstrate a similar connection with these bloggers and people who have the ears of politicians (or are politicians).

      I hope that clears things up.

    • Unfortunately, Schlussel is not just some crazy gutter dweller, but a mainstream writer. And she is part of a larger movement with even bigger names on board.

      All of the Islamophobic/neoconservative/ultra-Zionist individuals I've been writing about the past week (Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Judith Rubin, etc.) are quite influential - and increasinbly respectable (the fallout from the Iraq War didn't phase them at all - America has not rejected their politics, not in the least).

      For a good overview of such individuals, I suggest reading link to

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