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Artist, losing faith in humanity by the day.

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  • Israeli army says the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar was 'just an accident'
    • I have now seen it all in my lifetime. A once victimized people now victimizing another despondent and voiceless people, with glee. Only this time, the world sits with arms folded because they are the other kind. I feel a sense of utter distaste and repugnance belonging to the human race. A long time follower of the Holy scriptures, I hope it is now true, that when I pass on from this life, there will be nothing of me. Just a living being that stopped breathing, everything going just blank. No heaven, no hell, no reincarnation. I want nothing to do with where humans supposedly go in the afterlife.

  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
    • Isn't it just swell how this character is glorified with a movie costing millions to make, and a it being a blockbuster? Are we agreeing to this sort of humiliation and denigrating of another people by glorifying it? How does this get viewed and digested on the other side of the coin? I just wonder...

  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • Thanks for a great post, Kate! I am Muslim, my first post here. Just my two-cents worth:

      You say, " matter what the Prophet had been like centuries ago – and he wasn’t the way he is usually depicted in the West." I would like to add, neither did he look or resemble in any way near what these cartoons depict him. I therefore am not offended by the cartoons, because it isn't the Prophet Muhammad in those cartoons - there is no "Eggless" omelet, period.

      What someone thinks of Islam, is simply their prerogative. I know what Islam is, what it does for me, and what it instructs me of my life conduct. I live it everyday. It has never, ever instructed me to be violent. On the contrary, it has always fostered in me to live a vibrant and robust life, and to solve my difficulties head-on. A balance between the physical world, and the spiritual.

      But I can see how a life lived in angst can drive ANYONE to concoct their own cure-it-all solution to their condition. These violent acts are just that. Desperation. Hopelessness. Desolation. And constant marginalization from politicians, movies, and social media. Add cultural stigmas to mental health issues and you have a powder keg waiting for a spark, even though the stigma is a far more benign state than the violence that results. We have seen similar, albeit on a smaller scale, but similar dynamics at play in the violence that results from bullying in our schools.

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