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, senior citizen, born of Palestinian , Christian parents. activist anti war, social struggles.

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  • Slim Peace’s slim chances for justice
    • Hophmi and the other "liberal" Zionists who see "normalization," projects so appealing , showing a "positive " image of Israeli Jews which will lead us to the promised land finally. How do these "humanistic' endeavors negate the images a Palestinian,man woman , child see every day, checkpoints, beatings, nightly raids, lack of water and food, imprisonment , demolishing of homes, businesses, villages, curfews, Walls. Daily violence, shootings by the IOF and racist fanatic settlers. Hard to put a "positive " light on these occurrences no matter how many pounds one loses. "Normalization" that will succeed in allowing Palestinian Muslims and Christians to see the Israeli Jews in a positive manner would be to respect International Law and leave the Palestinian territories, apologize to the indigenous Palestinian people and allow them to , finally, live in peace and security.

  • Shira Robinson explains the DNA of Israel
    • I thank you also, Shira Robinson And Philip Weiss for a most informative interview. Will certainly get the book. Shira Robinson's point that all of the land of Palestine that became the State of Israel in 1948 is a "settler" nation certainly is a valid and potent assertion. The passage of time does not make Israel less a settler, Colonial State . I can understand why the "hasbarists" on this site are quite upset at Shira Robinson's research and the conclusions that she reaches. Equal rights for all should not be so hard to digest in the year 2014, should it.?

  • Review of recent 'NYT' corrections raises doubts about paper's commitment to getting the facts right in Israel/Palestine
    • "War, War". ? "Palestinian armed forces".? A conflict between a well organized , well trained Army, modern, arms , armed by the West and East Europeans, and a Palestinian civil society with no army , a few WWl weapons trying to defend their homes. Trying to equate a modern Army with the backing of the strongest powers against a civilian population should not be called a "War". Add to that the terrorists of the Messrs. Begin and Shamir, Irgun and Stern Gangs, who committed many massacres and boasted of them quite openly. Actually the NYT wrote of these massacres and David Ben Gurion condemned them at that time. Of course, Mr. Ben Gurion went on to give the orders to cleanse the land of the indigenous people , the Palestinians.

  • Barnard removes SJP banner calling on students to 'Stand for Justice, Stand for Palestine'
    • :"Rational" Zionist: The Golan is occupied Syrian land. I don't see it on the map in question as you seem to. However Israeli politicians say the Golan is an integral part of Israel. Annexed , I believe. Does this disturb you. Gaza is and has always been Palestinian land. As Shira Robinson writes all Israel should be considered a " settler" "colonial" State. .The land of Palestine consists of 2 people in one State. Equal rights for all. Is that rational to you. Maybe even just.

    • German Lefty: The color "Green" is a major component of the National flag of Palestine. I don't understand why you call it :Hamas green". Maps of Palestine shown in numerous articles, books, flyers and on Mondoweiss reflect the color Green.

    • German Lefty, You take things much to literally. I don't see the banner speaking , necessarily, for Palestinian Statehood but for Justice for Palestinians. That would include , of course, right of return, equal rights for Palestinian, Christians and Muslims in Israel{Israeli citizens}, freedom for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. There is only so much one can put on a banner. I believe the people who sponsored this banner are fully committed to justice for Palestinians in every way.

  • Why is the American elite scared of BDS?
    • My bad, Iraq II was after 9/11/2001. But it certainly wasn't fought for the "freedom of Americans."

    • "The post-9/11 American state no longer stands for the freedom of Americans, and therefore it is no longer for the freedom of Americans that the members of the U.S. military now risk their lives."
      Do you truly believe that before 9/11/2001 , members of the US military risked their lives for the "freedom" of Americans? Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Cuba, Chile, Yugoslavia, Grenada, Iraq I and II and many other covert and overt wars were not waged for our "freedom". When we honestly critique the policies of the State of Israel for its oppression and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian people and the many ways its Zionist supporters and "Occupied Congress" try to suppress resistance to such injustice, we must not sugar coat the US policies since the end of World War II. Most germane is its almost total and complete subservience to Israel's policies and actions toward the Palestinian people. Hopefully we are seeing the stirrings of change.

  • Is Obama punting on Kerry's peace plan?
    • Just like the Native Americans. "Controlled and oppressed by the Israelis for a few more decades". How many, 3, 5 , 10 decades. ? That is what you are saying ,proudly. Your lack of compassion and any semblance of justice is stunning. I don't believe the Zionists on this site can match your lack of empathy for a people who have lost everything and face, daily, a most oppressive , violent, humiliating occupation.

    • "put off justice for the Palestinians for another few decades" "might be the best solution". "The US did its best and now we should sit back and let nature take its course." If not for the outrageous support the US has given the State of Israel these past 50-60 years , economic, military, and diplomatically, and a veto over any just solution, there would be a Palestinian State some many years ago. Let "nature" take its course, the gradual destruction , genocide of the Palestinian people and its land .

    • "It was the right thing to do because the American people wanted to go to war after 9/11" ? ToivoS, please you can't mean that. The "right thing to do"?. Forget International Law. The Constitution? What did the people of Afghanistan do to warrant an invasion. The Taliban ? They allowed Osama Bin Laden access to their country. Who financed and fostered Osama Bib Laden's entry into Afghanistan. ? The Taliban , BTW, offered taking Bin Laden to court if the US provided some information as to his guilt on 9/11. The US refused. If tomorrow a poll showed majority of Americans desired to go to war against Iran would you feel comfortable justifying that as a valid reason for wr. Please. . Is the rant USA USA USA enough to send our children to war?

  • John Kerry's framework proposal sets the stage for the ‘Gazafication’ of the West Bank
    • Hostage.
      I just deleted my comments about Abbas and Erekat "accommodation and collaboration" over the years by mistake. Could not retrieve. Will post tomorrow hopefully.
      I do respect your knowledge and value your comments as it pertains, especially, to the injustice that has befallen the Palestinian people. Your consistent support of the Abbas/Erekat Fateh faction does befuddle me however.
      I do value your knowledge and imput on Palestine.

    • Abbas has got a guaranteed majority in the General Assembly for a Namibian-style case, e.g. “Legal Consequences for States of the Continued Presence of Israel in Palestine, notwithstanding UN resolutions”. It’s a slam dunk.
      "slam dunk", without a doubt. But to still believe that the Abbas/Erekat quisling duo is going to the UNGA and/or the ICC/ICJ and give up its US favored status belies their years of accommodation and collaboration.

  • Kerry threatens to delay Palestinian prisoner release if PA refuses US/Israel demands
    • Jpb and citizen: thank you..
      not "holding good cards" does not negate the fact of their obvious subservience to their US/Israeli masters, being the security force for Israel, massive corruption of their Fatah faction, and adhering to the pretense of honest negotiation, with Jewish Zionists, Indyk and Mackovsky , "neutral; unbiased honest brokers" . If it wasn't so sad it would be laughable. As Abbas and Erakat travel to Paris, Washington, Riyadh, and hobnobs with their leaders, all enemies of Palestinian independence and freedom, his people see their land being taken dunam by dunam, their homes demolished, farms , trees burned, children beaten and imprisoned, and murdered. They do hold three important, if I may so, most important cards. International Law, World opinion and Justice. Go to the COURTS.

    • As usual the collaborationist regime of Abbas and Erakat feign outrage at yet another proposal, demand. that Obama/Kerry insists upon. Erakat, who has supposedly resigned half a dozen times , these past few years, is once again denouncing this new demand. Just as Abbas/Erakat has dozens of times said no negotiations if settlements continue. This traitorous duo have watched and sat on their hands as Israel has continued this land grab, ethnic cleansing policy of Netanyahu and all the preceding Prime ministers of Israel. Jerusalem, the promised Capital of the Palestinian "State" to be is being cleansed of its Palestinian Christian and Muslim inhabitants. Its homes taken over, when not being demolished, by religious fanatics , many from Brooklyn NY. Where is Abbas/Erakat as this continued destruction of Palestine goes on ?. Does he ever go to Jerusalem as a Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King would do and defend his people. No, he has his US/Israeli trained and armed security force putting down, imprisoning, torturing, killing any one dissenting from his amoral prostrating at the hands of the US and Israel. This is an unelected pawn of the US/Israel cabal yet I continue to read some commentators give credence to this supposed "President" of Palestine. As one commentator stated , even when they release some prisoners, the next week they incarcerate them again while dragging dozens more , including women and children , to their dungeons. Many commentators keep assuming that Abbas will turn to the ICJ . After Palestine's new status at the UN this was supposed to be the next step leading to justice to the Palestinian people and sanctions to Israel . Of course he avoids that because the US/Israeli rulers will not approve such a venture. Abbas/Erakat will be out on his heels if ever he goes against US dictates. Abbas /Erakat will never deviate from the US not withstanding various statements , comments, speeches he makes for the his forsaken people. They both are quislings, pawns, traitors, who enjoy the , so called trappings of power, bestowed upon him by the US/Israel .
      So after this quisling regime has seen Palestine being chopped into little pieces, Jerusalem cleansed of its longtime inhabitants, , Palestine dismembered , thousands of homes demolished, over a million olive tree destroyed, IDF and settlers running wild, Abbas/Erakat are now going to make a stand over 26 people. I don't think so.

  • Another AIPAC man joins State Dep't negotiating team
    • Philip Weiss; To use the word "liberal" {liberal side} as pertaining to the Palestine/Israel situation to Makovsky and Indyk and Ross truly boggles the mind. I understand the way the word "liberal" has been transformed from its original meaning in politics and diplomacy . But is Makovsky liberal toward a just solution to Palestine/Israel? Please. I guess you can say they are liberal in the context that they seem, only seem, to accept that Palestinians do exist unlike Golda Meir and numerous leading Israeli politicians and Rabbi's who equate them to "cockroaches", "cattle", "vermin". If Im not mistaken Makovsky and his wife have been strong proponents of middle east wars , in particular Iraq, and I would consider a strong , neoconservative Zionist in full standing.

  • Reports say peace process is 'fantasy' and 'worst' since Oslo-- but blame falls on Israel this time
    • "Its too brutal and too mendacious to make it long term". I wish it were so. The brutality and mendaciousness has lasted since the 1920's. It gets worse every year. And with the Abbas and Erekat Vichi so called "government", US/Israeli collaborators and enforcers, in power, no equitable , just solution will prevail.

  • Two-state advocates are on the defensive in debate on Capitol Hill
    • " Apartheid" is much to mild a term for the way the Zionists have treated the Palestinians and the land of Palestine as asserted many times by leaders of the South African freedom movement. And to ascertain some religious mandate and the Holocaust for justification to the destruction of the land of Palestine and its inhabitants lives , culture and history is obscene if one believes in a just God.

  • Video: Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda's Kagame
    • being a "good German" means obeying the government and being "orderly", because the government ordered a ban on opposition.
      Most "Americans " remain "orderly" as its Government has caused the deaths of millions of innocents this past "seven decades" that Obama has extolled as US "Exceptionalism". Must I mention, Korea, Vietnam,Iraq 1 and 11. , overt, covert operations, assassinations, , support of Dictators who murder their own with US support , encouragement, arms I.E. Indonesia, East Timor. And all of us here in the US have more ways to confront this government than the Germans did under the Nazi's. Will history speak of "the Good Americans" one day as we speak of the German people. ?

  • Egyptian massacre exposes US hypocrisy in Israel and Palestine
    • "Muslim Brotherhood denies the rights of minorities and seeks to obliterate its opponents." Isn't that what The Zionist State of Israel has been doing to its opponents, Palestinian Muslims and Christians , for the past 65 years.?

  • McCain and Graham flipflop on aid to Egypt-- after AIPAC speaks up
    • James Canning, "Some specifics, please." All of the above. Other commentators have shown the inaccuracy of your statements. Specifics coming from you is truly laughable . As I said you regurgitate the obvious, "McCain and Graham follow the AIPAC line". No shit. {pardon the expression}. The Gulf States care about the welfare of the Palestinians. Saudi's were against the invasion of Iraq. Bandar a great humanitarian . When other commentators show your words do not reflect history or reality you respond to the critics as if they agree with you.. As I said please desist.

    • Please ,Please, Mr. Canning. It is so difficult to read your comments . I am a most polite and generous man and I believe, hope, you mean well but you are all over the place regurgitating the obvious, contradicting yourself from one comment to the other, remaking historical events. Please desist. Thank you.

  • Never Surrender: A Palestinian-American recounts harassment and discrimination during trip to Israel/Palestine
    • I agree, totally.

    • "Besides, if he seriously believes that the USA values freedom, liberty, justice and equality, then he is just as brainwashed as the Israeli teenagers whom he mentions in his article."
      German Lefty, I must admit that you make a good point. I, too, wonder why so many intelligent, incisive commentators equate their anti Zionism with their pride in being born, by accident of birth, in the US and/or to US citizens. Forgetting the massive hypocrisy, mythology , violence that has made the US this "Exceptional" State shining upon the Hill might give that person a good feeling , "we are good", as we decry the massive crimes of Israel.. But the US ,in its history , and most recently in its perpetual war, its imperialism, and enabler of Israel's crimes against humanity certainly is not a country to be revered.

  • Dershowitz calls Hawking an 'ignoramus,' a 'lemming,' and likely an anti-Semite
    • The problem was that Palestinians realized , belatedly, that the Zionist project was to turn that 3% to 30% to 50% eventually to 100% Jewish only Palestine . Before Zionism and Zionists intruded into the Palestinian discourse, Muslims , Christians and Jews did live in peace and tranquillity as PALESTINIANS. The intention of some Jewish immigrants might have been "honorable". But the mass migration of Jews to Palestine in the 1920's , 30's and 40's was pushed and funded by the leaders and followers of the Zionist project which was to attain complete "sovereignty" in "Eretz Israel"., i.e Palestine. Would any Nation /State/People not object to a people from all over the world coming to their shores and openly profess the desire to turn their land into the " State of and for the Jewish " people in which the native Chritians and Muslims would be "spirited " across the land into the neighboring Arab States. To conveniently forget the Zionist imperative in the mass immigration of Jews to Palestine shows one's ignorance or dishonesty.

  • Land swaps in Israel/Palestine (and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn)
    • By your comments[, James Canning, you are either grossly uninformed about the historic Palestine/Israel situation , naive or , a liberal Zionist {probably of Christian background, or just another {undercover} Hasbarist. Your respect for "Arab leaders" and their hypocritical utterances about their Palestinian "brothers" , your comment " Bravo Erekat ", your belief in the US , Israel, the Arab League and the puppet Abbas and Erekat to negotiate a deal of "equal value" and "sensible" borders only betrays your naivete, ignorance and/or hasbarist tendencies. Please don't try so hard to be "even handed'" be true to yourself.

  • Palestinians should abjure Obama-led talks because they're a 'figleaf' for Israel, says Peace Now board member
    • Annie, "Billions" ? Some millions were released. These funds went to pay for the "security" forces trained and armed by the US/Israel/Jordanian gvernments that collaborate with Israeli securty, Shin Beth and other Israeli death squads. and keep Abbas in power. Netanyahu knows full well the value of keeping Abbas in power. He occasionally has to put Abbas to task, withholding of Palestinian funds, for his own domestic reasons just as Abbas has to put up a bold front for his own Palestinian audience periodically. But Netanyahu "relents" and always releases the funds. They play the "game". When Congress was ready to cut off funds for Palestine, Netanyahu appealed to the "Israeli Occupied" congress to desist. Of course they did. The PA, {PLO} faction governing Palestine is similar to the Vichy government during the occupation of France. Why do the commentators on Mondoweiss who speak well of Palestine and freedom and Democracy lend legitimacy to Abbas. His "Presidential" term expired in 2009. He is still in office because he is a useful tool of the US and Israel.

  • How do you say, 'Let them eat cake' in Arabic?
  • Obama visit fails to impress Palestinians in Ramallah
    • It behooves me to believe that any anger shown to Obama during his "visit" to Palestine could be considered "stupid", albeit understandable. This deference to Obama by so many ,intelligent commentators "angers" me. After seeing the destruction of their history, civilization since time immemorial I can see no anger as being stupid expressed to the man who says proudly , loudly, at every opportunity that he "has Israel's back". That he thinks often of the Israeli children and the fears of their parents. That he has given more aid, military, economic and diplomatic to Israel than any other POTUS before him. That he said nothing about the massacre in Gaza in 2008-9, and praised the latest Gaza massacre . That he has been unflinching in his opposition to Palestinian membership in the UN threatening to veto it. Truly has been more supportive of Israel than George Bush . If only the puppets Abbas and Fayoud would show some "anger" and backbone. This nonsense about Obama "washing' his hands of the Israeli/Palestine situation is hogwash if its meant that he is giving up "peacemaking , It only means he will give up the ludicrous suggestion that he is an " evenhanded mediator" in the so called peace process. I must admit he is no more guilty of this hypocricy than past Presidents .

  • Zionists thrill that Obama will recognize ancient Jewish connection to 'homeland' (undoing his Cairo error)
    • Blank State. Sad to say , your analysis is right on. The vast majority , the "Man " in the street , are "stupid" be it because of the Zio MSM, racism against people they perceive of color and Islam, or just don't give a damn. But Obama is not stupid. His pandering to Israeli Jewish "sensitivities". and now mythology, has destroyed the remaining US credibility throughout the world, in particular the Arab/Muslim countries. The only thing left for him to do and make him honored in Israel is to lead the US into a military conflagration with Iran before his term is over.

  • Covering Hamas and Palestinian society: A response to Peter Beinart
    • Since most everything I was thinking to write in response to the Beinart article was covered by Danaa, Annie and Kathleen in the most intelligent, admirable way, there is no need to reiterate their points. And others made most valid contributions in rebuttal. Beinarts "concern"about women rights in Gaza reminds me of what Arundahti Roy the wonderful Indian author, scholar said about the US war on Afghanistan: "From listening, reading, viewing the MSN it appears that the Marines are leading a Feminist movement ". It is truly marvelous to see Beinarts concern for the female runners in Gaza. Maybe he'll move onto the children being dragged , beaten in the Israeli Gulag and the Palestinian hunger strikers. "Liberal Zionist" indeed.

  • Netanyahu's 'lecture at the White House' still rankles Obama supporters in Washington
    • Fantasies indeed. All one hears from this White House is the endearing love and support for whatever Israel does. From Joe Biden's speech to AIPAC in which he denigrated his own Country and Office to Hagel's hugging of war criminal Barak and promising no military aid cut to Israel. And of course, the White House and Sec. of State Kerry continue to hype the non existent Iran Nuclear threat to Israel's satisfaction. How long before Obama led sanctions, cyber warfare, covert military/intelligence operations, repeated threats of "no options off the table" lead to another US "shock and Awe" scenario with Israeli participation. As US ships, planes and drones circle , spy, threaten Iran when will a"provocation" take place to justify an all out assault on Iran? "Obama's style", supposedly setting up Netanyahu and Israel for a POTUS push for justice in Israeli/Palestine . PLEASE. Fantasies indeed.

  • Biden says Jews can't be safe in the U.S. without a Jewish state
    • Its hard for me to believe that the pandering nonsence that comes forth from Biden's mouth conflict with Obama's wishes. Obama's statements over the years , his pandering to the Zionist hegemony over US middle east policies are as strident and devoid of any honesty as is Biden's. In particular , Obama's constant referral of "Jewish" suffering, of Jewish "childrens" fears while ignoring the far greater violence,toward all Palestiians , and most assuredly its children shows his lack of decency and honesty. At least Obama doesn't say he is a "Zionist" as Joe Biden has stated many times in the past. Yeah, and I believe Biden's story of his fathers dinner talk . Joe, thats taking pandering to another level.

  • Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers -- 'You'll all be our slaves, if you're worthy, if you behave well'
    • As one who ,usually, respects Petras's view on the Palestine/Israel situation, in particular , Zionism, his take , on the Haredi Jews, leaves me limp. I asked myself, Has he lost his senses. Saying these ultra conservative "religious" Jews are a natural ally of the Palestinians and a "threat" to Zionist colonization and ethnic cleansing. This about the a community that has emigrated from other lands, notably from the US and settled, largely, in the occupied territories. He quotes favorably the most racist Mamonidies and other "sages" that Israel Shahak showed interpreted the Torah /Talmud as a most racist, violent text. Of course there is a small group of Haredi who reject the Zionist State of Israel . But they are the exception.

    • The Palestinians do not "control 22%" of the land of Palestine. More than 50% of that 22% is in Israeli hands., ie greater Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley , "military" zones in the west bank, "nature zones", settlements, "outposts". Gaza is completely under the control of Israel, its air, land and sea, communications, electonics, energy supplies. There is no place in all of Palestine, "occupied territories" the "22%", that Israel does not give itself the right to invade, kidnap, assassinate, demolish homes, humiliate, harass the indigenous people. Night time raids are a regular Israeli tactic in every Palestinian village. There are hundreds of checkpoints to control the population as well as over a thousand miltary rules governing every aspect of life including any economic develpment. 100% of Palestine is under Israeli control.

  • 'We'll take over the Likud, we'll take over the country': Far-right Israeli MK Moshe Feiglin honored in New York City
    • “Here’s our member of Knesset, standing in the heart of Queens,” announced Shmuel Sackett, a longtime friend and associate of Feiglin . "OUR". Doesn't that say it all.

  • Updated: Elliott Abrams tries to sound like... a liberal Zionist
    • again the psyche of the murderous IOF and the settlers equal/negate the cruelty inflicted upon the the Palestinian people, men, women and children. I wonder about the emotional health of Palestinian children as they see their fathers, brothers, sisters, friends laying in the streets with body parts strewn over the landscape. About their being afraid to go to school, play in the street, just sit in their home as they are threatened every moment of every day . Not knowing what night they will hear the shouts of Israeli's breaking down their doors at 2AM , as they sleep, taking them away to the gulag. Seeing their homes demolished by US bulldozers and having to live in the street. No the emotional difficulties that Israeli's, supposedly, have for inflicting this torture upon a whole peoplei for generations is a book to read. And their crime, not being of the correct religion.

  • The 99%: Netanyahu successful as Americans agree on Iranian 'nuclear threat'
    • I can understand the power of the bought /sold corporate Zionist , neo con media in the US. I realize, sadly, how uninformed and /or ignorant the vast majority in the US are about foreign policy,particularly, in the middle east. But 99% . That seems a little much.

  • NPR blames the victim: Emad Burnat brought suffering to Bil'in by filming occupiers
    • "Camera's " causing suffering among the Palestinians. Unbelievable. Did Burnat's "camera's" cause the Nakba, the destruction of 531 villages, killing and removal of 800,000 thousand people from their ancestal homes. Has Burnat's camera's caused the continuous confiscation of Palestinian land since then, 1947-48, the settlements, assassinations, administrative "detention", massacres, atrocities. hundreds of checkpoints. And ,of course, GAZA. Before Bornat was born the murderous, colonial project called Zionism was florishing. If only principled journalists were there with their camera's to record the horror Zionism brought to Palestine.

  • Schumer describes Hagel's come-to-Jesus moment
    • He groveled completely to the Jewish, Israeli, Zionist lobby. In particular to Graham and Cruz. He showed a litle spine to neo con McCain.

    • Schumer, The Guardian, says there is not "a major Jewish organization" against Hagel's nomination but its the "Neo Cons". Please tell me one neo con that is not a fawning lapdog for Israel. A supporter of all Israeli policies, its murderous assault upon the Palrestinian people for the past 6-7 decades. The Israeli govt. itself pushed hard for US military action in Iraq. AIPAC was in the forefront as is its custom in pushing the Israeli/Zionist agenda . Be it Frum, Perle, or McCain, Graham, Jew or Gentile,, neo cons, Zionists supporters all.

  • Sen. Graham is merely enforcing Sen. Schumer's 'behind the scenes' deal with Hagel -- Fineman
    • Schumer has said in the past to Jewish audiences more than a few times that the name{word} "Schumer" means "Guardian". He adds, he is and will always be the Guardian for Israel. What else does one have to know about this gentleman.

  • Obama 'gave up,' Fayyad says (as Bennett declares there's no room here for a Palestinian state)
    • Re. Professor Boyle, {I incorrectly stated O'Boyle previously}
      Dec. 2012. "First, of course, becoming a party to the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. After Operation Cast Lead One, I advised President Abbas to accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court under Article 12, paragraph 3, which we did do. And then we filed a big complaint with the ICC prosecutor oversOperation Cast Lead One.

      Now, what happened…the ICC prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo announced that he was going to be investigating two issues. One, did Palestine have the capacity to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC under Article 12, paragraph 3? And, Two, did Israel create war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians during Cast Lead? That second question was answered in the affirmative by the Goldstone Commission Report; that Israel had inflicted war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians.

      As for the first point, just before he left office, Ocampo announced that he did not believe Palestine had the capacity to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC under Article 12, paragraph 3. And, in any event, it was not for him to determine whether Palestine was a state. This, despite the fact that Palestine was admitted as a full-fledged member state of UNESCO, which is a U.N. specialized agency.

      So basically Moreno Ocampo copped out. And indeed, if he hadn’t done that, there’s a good chance Israel would not have repeated what I call Cast Lead Light, that just occurred for the last eight days here in November. In any event, in his press conference, Ocampo said, “But of course, Palestine could ratify the Rome statute and then proceed as a member state and that would solve the jurisdictional problem.”

      So, all Palestine has to do once it becomes a U.N. member state is accede to the terms of the Rome statute, and file that with the U.N. Secretary General which is the depository for the Rome statute. The Secretary General will be obligated to accept that instrument of accession and then Palestine can simply reactivate the complaint that’s already there, and add in Cast Lead Light for November 2012. And, if they want to, also add all the settlements policy that is going on. The International Court of Justice ruled in its advisory opinion on the wall, that all these settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem violate the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

      Well, of course, such violations are a war crime and when they are widespread or systematic, they become a crime against humanity. And, in the case of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the settlement policy is certainly widespread and systematic."

      DB: And, just to add, it’s quite a revelation that you’ve got the British foreign secretary saying they’re not going to get the support –the Palestinians are not going to get their support — unless they agree to pledge not to sue Israel for war crimes. I mean, there it is.

      FB: Right. Well, he doesn’t understand that we already did that so, you know, these are obviously highly technical matters that basically their international law staff follow. But we already did file that complaint, and all we have to do is reactivate the complaint we already filed. And the reason being, then this would put us in the driver’s seat and the settlement policy in the dock. And that is what…remember Britain created this problem in the first place with the Balfour Declaration. They’ve always been against us. So, you know, it doesn’t surprise me that the Brits are still taking this position. And they were behind the partition resolution 65 years ago". Prof. Boyle stated this on Dec. 4 or 12, 2012. I believe he has reiterated those comments this year.

      Hostage; Whether the term is self-referral, reactivate, ratify, accede Palestine has to make another gesture to the ICC before any action will be taken by the ICC. Obviously the US, Great Britain , France believe that with their threats . The Palestinians, Abbas and his spokespeople believe that with their "threats " to take Israel to the court if Israel does not stop its settlement policies. Boyle believes that.
      Previously noted was that there is "Political" power at play here. The US has great sway in decisions at the UN. And if for dome reason Security Council approval is needed for Palestinian acceptance to the ICC, the US will not allow that to happen.


    • Hostage. Thank you for your interpretation of Palestine's standing in regard to ICC Jurisdiction. I have not had time to read the links you have provided However may I say, ask, inquire as , noted previously , a layman in the legalistic hoops it appears Palestine has to jump through to get their day in court. the following. You note.
      "Remarkably, the former Prosecutor spent three years conducting seminars and symposiums and collected written opinions on the subject from nearly everyone concerned, except for the Judges in the Pre-Trail Chamber or one of the three entities that he finally claimed had the necessary legal competence to settle the question". My point, "He basically copped out."
      "No he does not." You believe Palestine[Abbas} does not have to reactivate the complaint against Israe; All well and good but his former legal advisor, O'boyle, believes otherwise and he has been in the forefront in having Palestine seek Jurisdiction . I believe Mr. O'Boyle is still sought out on these legal machinations by Palestine.
      In the real world the political power of the US and its western, security Counci allies dominate the discourse and actions of the Secretary General . Britain made clear that it would{could} support Palestine recognition as a non member Stae if Palestine{Abbas} pledged not to go to the ICC. Abbas {Palestine} refused. Some reports stated that the US made similar requests, saying it would abstain if Abbas promised not to go to th ICC. O'Compo , and any fuure prosecutor, the Secretary General are , undoubtedly, influenced in their decisions by these powers. So although your interpretaions on Juridiction might well be correct the political filter Palestine has to go through says otherwise. Abbas refused to promise not to go , in the future, to the ICC. He seems to have accepted the fact that he must reactivate the complaint.

    • Re Hostage. Prosecutor O'Campo of the ICC announced ," that he did not believe Palestine had the capacity to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC under Article 12, paragraph 3. And, in any event, it was not for him to determine whether Palestine was a state." O'Campo basically copped out. But he added, "“But of course, Palestine could ratify the Rome statute and then proceed as a member state and that would solve the jurisdictional problem.” Professor Boyle legal advisor to Palestine[the PLO} at the time states "So, all Palestine has to do once it becomes a U.N. member state is accede to the terms of the Rome statute, and file that with the U.N. Secretary General which is the depository for the Rome statute. The Secretary General will be obligated to accept that instrument of accession and then Palestine can simply reactivate the complaint that’s already there". Thats where it apparently stands now. As a layman, in legalistic areas, does Palestine as a non member State have recourse to the ICC.? Any way Palestine {Abbas} has to reactivate the complaint according to his legal advisor. I'm not confident he will do that in the immediate future, if at all. Of course a "Palestinian Spring" might change his thinking if he stays in power.

    • Mondoweiss writers and contributers should understand that Salam Fayyad is the unelected "Prime Minister" of the PA[Palestine} appointed by the unelected President, Abbas, whose term expired in 2009. Their only raison d'etre is Israeli and US approval and support. Their Palestinian support, for what it is, is their control of all the monies from the world community, their Israeli/US/Jordan trained , equipped "Security" forces, which they use to subdue, violently, dissent in the occupied territories and their collaboratoion with Israel on all security matters. Abbas is allowed by Israel/US to make some "noise" to placate the Palestinian masses periodically such as a speech at the UN. They and the obscene Erekat and much of the PA hierarchy bow to the will of Israel/US. Yet no matter how much they bow down to their masters they get litttle if any thing back for their people. Of course, they live well, eat well, large bank accounts. Beautiful homes next to decades old refugee camps. Limosines provided by Israel and passes to avoid the hundreds of checkpoints Palestinians have to endure. Much of the arrests and assassinations carried out by Israel come from information given them by Abbas's security forces. I read a lot of conjecture about "going to the ICC". It would truly surprise me if Abbas would ever make the formal request. If he does he will go the way of Arafat.

  • Comparisons to Nazi Germany are exaggerated
    • Wow. What a relief. Israel not as bad as Nazi Germany. I believe the point made by Citizen is most apt. "The Nazi's did what was in their power to do in their time. and the Zionists have done and do what is in their power to do. " I don't believe Nazi Germany has occupied any State or people for nigh onto three generations. "For a State the size of NJ", Israel has done quite well in the demonization, ethnic cleansing, murderous assault, torture of a ,basically, defenseless , innocent people. And Slaters belief that Irael doesn't crack down on dissent leaves out the thousands of Palestiniands imprisoned , without charges for years, teachers, scholars , social activists, politicians. He should see the film 5 broken Cameras to see Israel's treatment of "dissent". And believe me it did not show the extreme cruelty of Israel's occupation. BTW, the vast majority of the thousand s of homes demolished had nothing to do with people or families involved in "terrorism. " Building shelter for a Palestinian family on Palestinian land seems to be incitement enough to the sensitive Israeli occupiers. "What a relief", indeed.

  • Chris Matthews acknowledges that Israel is 'shutting off the chance for any real' Palestinian state
    • Oh and this Matthews guy. This guy is a careerist. He is not going to be up front on this I/P issue. Only when it is safe {doubtful}, will Matthews say anything of substance . Look at poor Chuck Hagel eating all his words, groveling before the Zionist owned inquisitors, bowed head. Matthews won't put himself in that position.

    • Your point about a film showing the actual suffering of the Palestinians to be told by the victims, not the "regretful sheriffs" is right on point. Golda Meir of Wisconsin said most famously of her anger at the Palestinians, for making her children{Israeli } unleach the horrendous violence upon Palestinian children . Their emotional status was the crux of the matter. Imagine if Nazi leaders blamed the Jews for making their children {German} terrorize Jewish children. This blaming the victims even by so called "liberal" thinking people is truly more nauseating than the Avigdor Liebermans. Oh btw Golda Meir did not believe there were a Palestinian people at all. And now all the talk from "Liberal" Zionists about the occupation destroying the Israeli{Jewish} State if not ended somehow comes out of the same thought process. The demographic problem, that the Palestinian {Arab} birthrate will in 20-30 years supposedly change the "character" of the Jewish State and that cannot be countenanced. Not the daily evil of occupation, the checkpoints, the beatings, the torture, murder. The confiscation of more and more land. Demolishment of homes. Prison , torture, humiliation, child abuse, and of course, Cast Led, and Pillar of something or other. No the possibility of the "Jewish character " of the State being in difficulty is the problem to our "Liberal" brothers and sisters. When will they ask forgiveness to this obscene injustice done to a People, a culture, a civilization . For the past century, from the Zionist own lips, they have been hell bent on eliminating , as much as possible, the Palestinian identity from "Eretz Israel". Liberal and Zionist is a difficult mix.

  • Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel's defense
    • Kathleen, Support Hagel even after that performance. It was humiliating to see how Hagel allowed those ignorant , racists pummel him making him take back every honest, couragous word he ever uttered about I/P and Iran. I understand one can say to get nominated he had to ask "forgiveness". But this was truly sad. As I watched the hearing , I thought wouldn't it be nice to say "Yes, I said it then and I stand by what I said now." " I'm not the Senator from Israel", "I am a Senator from the United States." Will he be in a position to actually be a positive influence in the administration after this debacle? Won't he forever be looking over his shoulder and parsing every word he utters in the future?. You know the Lobby and the neo cons and the Zionist media will be watching and listening to every word he utters. I don't see how he can be a positive influence as we would have liked.

    • Truly disgusting, pathetic but at the end I thought sad, watching Hagel deny his own being. Every word he ever uttered in the past about Israeli violence against the Palestinians, Lebanese, about Palestinian suffering, living in a cage, Israeli war crimes, settlements, he took back, "I shouldn't have said that". Every word he uttered in the past about US negotiating , honestly with Iran, taken back. No war with Iran, taken back. What credibility does Hagel have now if he, indeed, is confirmed. As bad as the inquisitors were in their Zionist/Israeli adoration, I believe Hagel's "performance" emasculated him. The man does seem to have had some personal courage. Was this performance worth it if he lost his soul. Many on this site thought he would be an obstacle to the neo cons war plans and Israeli provocations. I had some slight hope also. But can he truly be that now after this performance? BTW I thought Cruz was the worst of the Zionist/Israel partisans, as much or more than the indecent Graham. Texas , Zionist? Wow.

  • The status quo reigns -- Lapid chooses Netanyahu over partnering with Palestinians
    • There is no "left" in Israel. There is no "liberal" "progressive" Zionist as it relates to Palestine or Palestinians. Mondoweiss commentators should accept this reality. This is not a new observation. The Ben Gurions, the Kibuttznics , the Rabin's, the Peres's , do not accept a free, viable , contiginous Palestine on just 22% of their land. God {G-D} forbid a singular, Democratic State with civil rights for all its inhabitants. We should not wonder about the make up of the Israeli Knesset or its government. Whatever the result, A Zionist Government will not give Palestinians their legitimate rights . From Herzel to Netanyahu Palestinians are refuse to be dispersed, cleansed, eliminated one way or another. This has not changed in over one hundred years of Zionism. Eliminate the power of Zionism
      in the US.would ,of course, open up all avenues to a true , just peace. This is not on the horizon. See Hagels kneeling, pleading in front of organized Zionist, Jewish groups renouncing everything he ever said previously about, Israel and the "Jewish" lobby. Of course many commentators will say he "had" to cower before those groups in order to be nominated. It means "nothing". I'm not so sure. But Israeli politicians, "right" "left", " center" if Zionist , do not give Palestinians any hope. Their own resistance , their steadfastness , their bravery in the midst of all the oppressive , violent tactics used against it , gives some hope.

  • Israel and the nomination of Chuck Hagel
    • What nonsense. Begin himself admitted that there was no threat . That Israel was seeking a confrontation. Such ignorance. But my main thought is to thank Joel Kovel for his brilliant piece. His understanding of Zionism and the historic evil that its adherents have brought to the world , in particular, to the indigenous people of Palestine, cannot be improved upon. Kovel's understanding that the US own policies emanating from its Imperial aspirations give Israel space to practice its own violence and illegal actions. Again a brilliant piece.

  • Israeli reporter admits suppressing images of 'piles of bodies of civilians' when Israel went 'crazy' in Gaza
    • A cry for help indeed. Glad Eldar's plea appears sincere, his belief in the Israeli narrative completely shattered. The racism, callousness , violence of the vast majority of Israeli's toward Palestinians in which he participated and accepted for so many years , shattered, by the grotesque "Operation Cast Lead". One can be cynical and ask why it took so long for Mr. Eldar to see the true face of Zionism and its implemention of its program toward the Palestinian people. But see it he does, belatedly. . One important fact in his plea. He shows what I consistently repeat, that so called liberal, labor, "peace" candidates, parties, individuals are as extreme in their views and policies toward the Palestinians. Starting with Ben-Gurion, to Peres, Golda Meir , Rabin, Livni, Ohlmert, Barak their policies, violence, contempt for the humanity of the Palestinians is as great if not greater than the so called right wing of the Israeli scene. There is no "peace", "liberal" Zionism as it relates to Palestine and Palestinians.

  • Hagel prostrates himself before the lobby, gets votes
    • Hagel's capitulation to the Lobby was to be expected. But kneeling before Schumer , the "Guardian" of Israel he has proclaimed himself, is beyond pathetic. Others have noted that with Hagel aboard Obama now has the perfect "anti-war" cabinet member to support and implement more onerous sanctions and , more likely, a military strike on Iran. Actually the statement that US and Israel's "shared values" is the reason for US/Israel cooperartion is not without foundation. "Shared values" include illegal detention, extra judicial targeting, {assassinations}, illegal drone attacks, overt and covert economic and military strikes, torture and the "Supreme" crime of aggression . The Israeli occupation of Palestine has been condemned numerous times by the UN as illegal and yet has continued with US support, economically, militarily and diplomatically. The US and Israel have been condemned by the World Court . {US for blockade of Nicaragua}. Shared values indeed.

  • Israel lobbyists say U.S. support transcends faith (even as Hagel courts most powerful Jewish senator)
    • Annie, I just think you are much to nice But a "museum Director." praying that Obama will " do something." Traveling with Human Rights Delegations and Jeff Halper? But JWP mentioned " paranoid, self-centered, obsessive, whiney bigots" found everywhere in Israel. I don't think Human Rights Delegations and "Museum" Directers would associate too closely with that riff-raff. I think you might have missed out on the prevailing views of ordinary Israeli's.

    • I just don't understand this Mondoweiss belief in Chris Matthews .

  • Israel lobby doesn't want Al Jazeera coming into 'millions of American homes'
    • I have already called Time Warner Cable, my cable provider, complaining about their decision not to carry Al-Jazeera America on the network. I an in touch with their corporate HQ , Mr Glen Britt, CEO of TWC. Supposedly they will get back to me Monday. Hopefully others will follow and call TWC, insist on speaking to someone in Corporate/Mgmt. , if not Mr. Britt himself, and lodge a complaint. I too realize that Al-Jazeera has softened its Middle East coverage to placate US govt. sensibilities. It still behooves us to get it shown in the States as much as possible however. Still is heads and tails over main stream coverage here.

  • Multiple reports say Chuck Hagel to be Defense Secretary nominee
    • Mooser, that was an attempt at humor. You did catch that, I hope.

    • I agree, re, "says who". I too did not believe Obama would withstand the pressure of the Jewish ,oh I am sorry, the Israeli Lobby and proceed with the nomination. If it is true that Hagel will be nominated, I will be. surprised, happily surprised. But where does one find evidence that"the WH was on the verge of dropping Hagel multiple times."? And where does one find these "Liberal Quarters of the Media" ferociously advocating for Hagel. It has been the "realists", "Establishment" and past and present Military members , repubs and Dems that have rallied and .apparently, succeeded in giving Obama the necessary backing to make such a choice. The real issue will be at the nomination proceedings in the Senate. Will Hagel be forced to take back his anti-war Iran statements and dialogue, true, tranparent, honest dialogue with Iran. Will he stand up and defend his critical remarks about the Israeli Lobby and some Israeli actions, re. Settlements , Palestinians. Of course, I agree mith some comments noting that Hagel is certainly conservative and a member of the foreign Policy Establishment and certainly no "Leftist". But if he withstands the attacks and cynical questioning he will receive at the nomination hearings without backing down on his past thoughts on Israel/Palestine, Iran, Hamas, I , for one, would be grateful that Obama, for once, did not back down before AIPAC and Hagels neo con critics.

  • Neocons, wearing jackboots, are suddenly on the defensive over Hagel
    • " Now there is nothing wrong or suspect in building a global-ethno religious nationalist lobby focused on the interests of a single nation". I would have to think about that. Quite hard. Top of my head , wouldn't a global-ethno religious nationalist lobby in the US directed and funded by US citizens for a foreign nation be suspect in ,possibly, working against stated US positions . Would the US hesitate in not taking action against such an entity if it were working for say China, Russia, Cuba or even Iran? Why is such an organization as you describe it properly, "The Jewish Lobby", allowed to exist, quite frankly?

  • The nonexistent 'Jewish lobby' sets out to destroy Chuck Hagel
    • Please don't link Rice with Freeman or Hagel in regards to US policy in the MI in particular to the Iran and I/P situations. Rice , bascally, was running for the position of Sec.of State on her right wing Israeli[Likudnik} bonifieds and her war mongering in respect to Iran. Although she , obviously, followed Administratio instructions in her position as UN Ambassodor, the language and emphasis of Ms. Rice was something John Bolton would cheer. She was in the middle of a republican attempt to embarras Obama[the Benghazi incident} . Ironically John McCain probably regrets now his attacks on Ms. Rice. Her world view mirrors his.

  • 'NYT' equates Palestinian suicide-bombers to CT school-killer
    • "If they had been born in Gaza or the West BanK." Lets see. He /she would have seen his father murdered, brothers beaten, imprisoned, their homes demolished, farms destroyed, olive groves burned, children shot on their way to school, the lucky ones beaten by racist settlers encouraged and protected by the IOF. Homes , villages raided 3-4 in the morning by thugs, children kidnapped. He/She would see walls built through their village, taking away their farms for cultivation, food and livelihood. Walking to his neighbors house would cause him to go through one of the hundreds of checkpoints in the westbank where thugs humiliate men, woman and children , beat them up as a lark, murder them if they look at the thugs the "wrong" way . They would see women giving birth or losing their newborn because those thugs thought it funny not allowing her to go to the hospital. He/She would see their grandparents in refugee camps while over the hill people from Russia, Poland , Brooklyn USA enjoy their homes and property. In Gaza their cousins were being incinerated once again by the most moral Army in the world with American weapons and suppport. In Gaza his cousins are not not able to fish,or farm lest they be shot. They are not able to leave, trade, build, locked in from the world by Israeli barbed wire, walls, fences and tanks. Yes they really need "hateful proaganda " to inform them of the life they are living.

  • In 'Dissent' debate, Walzer hints that leftists who focus on Israel are anti-Semitic
    • Shingo , you are right on the mark. "Gatekeepers" to set the "boundaries of what is permissable to discuss." Israel's crimes are intrinsic to its DNA. Peres has more blood on his hands than Netanyahu yet he is perceived as that grandfatherly "peace" advocate. Mr. Rule is certainly a breath of fresh air. May others join him in finally bringing an end to the dominance of the neo con, Zionist, Israeli firsters in our national discourse.

  • Israeli army raids three civil society offices in West Bank at 1 a.m.
    • JWP, I agree with your points. You misstook my, I thought, evident sarcasm about Abbas and his so called "Presidency" and "State." Abbas is the "chosen" leader , chosen by Israel and the US. To me his actions over the years are of collaboration with the Israeli's and the Occupation. His "armed thugs" , "security" forces do nothing to protect the Palestinian people. They are there to protect Israel from organized resistance against occupation and collaborate with Israeli intelligence services by informing on Palestinian dissidents. Abbas's term in office ended in January of 2009. The man has no shame.

    • Isn't Ramallah supposedly the so called "Provincial" Capitol of the so-called President Abbas's State. Where were his armed thugs, {Security Forces} while this was going on. Too busy imprisoning Palestinian dissidents?

    • Before the US realized the importance of words the US Dept. of Defense was aptly mamed the US Dept. of War. Now War is defense, aggression is Humanitarian Intervention, resistance is terrorism. Of course the piece de resistance, The IDF, the most moral Army in the world.

  • Rabbi Yoffie offers racism first, so as to have his warning heeded by Israel
    • One's Humanism should oppose what The State of Israel has committed these past decades, generations . The Jewish State, by the way, as Netanyahu constantly affirms, as do others. The Jewish religious establishment has had 30, 40, 60 years and more if one recalls the writings of the early Zionists and the ambition of "having a land with no people for a people with no land" to dissassociate themselves from this inhuman record. And hasn't many if not most of the Jewish religious establishment perpetrated this fallacy even more so with its invoking of Gods promise to the Israelites based on their , dubious , interpretation of , "Holy" Scriptures. All the actions and scenarios presented have been in the public domain for decades except for the last, WWIII. It appears the leaders of the Jewish State of Israel are adament in having that also come to pass with their infatuation on Iran.

  • Israel's annexation moment has arrived
    • Hostage. Oh by the way , It is not "complex". And all the Justices "did agree" on the question of the separation wall and settlements in the "OccupiedTerritories." as being illegal. Case closed if International Law has any meaning.

    • Hostage. "Those who felt the need to write their own separate opinion". "those" was one, the American Justice who even in his separate opinion stated the separation wall was illegal as were all settlements in occupied territory. This is the Law and based on the past UN resolutions, not the Oslo Accords. The opinions contained " many references to the Oslo Accords". I do not believe factual. I could be wrong. I hope your reference about " political theatre" wasn't a slap at Edward Said. a truly giant of a man.

    • I should add I do believe that Palestinian steadfastness will finally enable the world to realize the horror of Zionism and what the State of Israel has committed in its name. Hopefully this will bring an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people and a hint of justice.

    • The Oslo accords does not negate 65 years of UN resolutions, Security Council resolutions as well as GA resolutions. The Oslo accords noted Paletinian recognition of Israel as a "State" but Israel only accorded the PLO as the "Representative " for the Palestinian people to negotiate with the Israeli Govt. The Oslo Accords did not include any reference to a future Palestine State , side by side with Israel. Rabin himself never stated that the eventual goal was an Independent Palestine. And because Arafat did not have one lawyer to oversee the agreements while Israel had dozens going over every word some texts of the aggreement might be construed , at least by Israelis, as allowing the establishment of Colonies{settlements} Edward Said resigned from the Palestinian assembly to protest vociferously the capitulation and ignorance of the PLO delegation to Oslo. The Oslo accords was a sellout by the PLO , albeit possibly not deliberate, by slaves to their Slave Masters and with, of course, the US behind the Slave Master. To now have people speak of the Oslo accords as now overiding all the resolutions passed by the UN these past 65 years is ludicrous. The UN has just recongized Palestine as a non-member "State of Palestine" encompassint he westbank East Jerusalum and the Gaza Strip , based on the 1967 borders. That is now the State of Palestine. If the Israelis do annex the West Bank the whole world, even the US citizenry might finally realize the real intent of Zionism was the whole of Palestine from its inception. Cynical as I am and aware of the worlds indifference to the just cause of Palestine for the past 60 plus years, I do not believe annexation would be to Israels advantage at this time. I do believe it would cause a backlash to which Israel will not want to encounter at this time. So Israel will continue to buil settlements , occupy more land , until the time is more fortuitous to reclaim all of "Eretz Israel".

  • Bill Maher says Islam and Christianity are 'warlike religions' but Israel 'kicked ass' in its 'little war'
    • Yes, Maher , with that little smirk has always demeaned Palestinians and Muslims in the most dehumanizing ways. His so-called wit is is as racist as anything said by any so-called "entertainer/celebrity" and is countenanced by our media watchers. "Warlike"? Has the witless Maher ever read the Torah.?

  • Reactions to UN vote: Livni calls Palestinian move 'strategic terrorist attack'
    • Why is Ms. Livni alluded to as a "centrist". She was a leading supporter of the "cast led" Gaza massacre. As the Palestine Papers revealed she was a leading protaganist for the proposition of an exclusive Jewish State in Palestine and that the Palestinians cannot rely on "International Law" in their negotiations . Basically said to "accept" whatever crumbs the Zionist State was willing to throw the Palestinians. The Labor/Kadima "centrist" Zioinsts" are every bit as brutal toward the Palestinians in using armed force as well as in their belief in expanding settlements.

  • Video: What if you built a refuge for a persecuted people in a place where another people already lived?
    • Exactly Koshiro and joemowrey. That JWP recited the Zionist hasbara about being "invaded" after the partition vote made me stop viewing the rest of the video. Even before November 1947 Palestinians were bere terrorized, massacred, cleansed from their villages and cities. Their villages were burned, hundreds of them months before any Arab "Army" came into the fray. And as Koshiro pointed out, did not invade any terrotory designated to be in a future Jewish State. I will finish viewing the rest of the video when I allow myself to remember that JWP are the good guys.

  • Rudoren is a step in the right direction
    • I agree Donald. If it is a fact , the dropping of leaflets or warnings should be reported. But an able and serious reporter who has an understanding of "wars" that Israel has been involved in should bring out the fact that not withstanding the "warnings" that were given in the past, Palestinians and Lebanese civilians were deliberately attacked , killed, in spite of following Israeli directives. The Palestinians have lived through this so called Israeli "regard" and apologetics for the spilling of innocent blood for decades. A able and impartial journalist would report these facts. BTW , there are a lot of morons out there.

    • Ahmed Moor's "appreciation of Rudoren coverage" is without doubt, at this time, simplistic to say the least. Reading her comment on the killing of Palestinians at the fence does not show Israel's action as "unjustifiable". She prefaces it with human rights organizations supposedly stating Israel "dropped leaflets" warning Palestinian to stay clear of the fence. Isn't she justifying, in a sense, what she states next , the death of Palestinians at the border/fence area.? Are they the same type leaflets telling Palestinians in Gaza to "leave " their homes as it will be targeted. They knew better. In 2008 the people of Gaza listened and were massacred even as they followed Israel's instructions. Women and children waving white sheets, flags were mowed down. anything, anyone that moved was a "terrorist" to be terminated. In previous wars upon Lebenom Israel did drop leaflets telling the people in the south to leave their homes. As per Israeli custom those that left were torn apart by US made missils and bombs even as they used the roads Israel said would be save for evacuation. The author of that atrocity was none other then Shimon Peres, the indefatigable "peace" politician. Rudoren's slight change in emphasis on Palestinian life that Mr. Moor senses is, I believe, due to the outcry by Mondoweiss commentators to her FB racist babbling about Palestinians "ho hum" approach to the death of ther chidren. Maybe when she gives up her home , stolen, in Jerusalem to the rightful owner I might be able to see some change in her writings.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Gaza and the ethics of Jewish power
    • And all one hears from these repugnant Israeli spokesmen and women are anger that Hamas is using their children as "human shields" and Hamas is responsible for their deaths and incineration and the, "by the way, we are sorry for any collateral damage". The obvious insincerity stares you in the face. Dersh BTW call this the Hamas "double baby' stategy.

    • Seafoid, , "absolutly convinced"? Don't be so sure. The Israeli commander probably had a suspicion that a "militant" i e "terrorist" might have been in that home. Maybe a tip from a collaborator. A "suspicion". But he knew full well, more than a suspicion, that a family, women and children was most likely huddled in that apartment praying to get through the night alive. Targeting the "terrorist" to this commander was more important than the likely resulting deaths of innocents. One thousand , 2000 thousand pound bombs, missils do not differentiate between "Terrorists" and children.

  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
    • Adele. My thoughts exactly. I too "can no longer process or make sense of the Israeli crimes." Rudoren aside, how does one account for the comments made regularly by leading Rabbi's, members of the Knesset, High elected officials in the govt. including Prime Ministers speaking of Palestinians as "vermin", "drugged cockroaches in a bottle", "one Palestinian not worth a single Israeli{Jewish} finger nail". So called Religious scholars saying the Torah allows the killing of "babies" {Palestinian} A Memorial for the fanatic Goldstein? Where does this hatred truly come from. Why are these people "respected" members in Israeli society. And ,it appears, from recent polls that a vast majority of Israeli Jews agree with these racist, inhuman comments about the "other'. Please Hophmi, explain, bring me into this world.

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • Well said, JWP. May I make a , possibly, simplistic comment about the racist FB entry of Rudoren. In my youth in Brooklyn the loudest mouth shouting profanities and jumping on the weak turned out to be the most "traumatized" "fearful " when somebody actually stood up to them. It reminds me of the Israelis who sip their soft drinks in TelAviv or on the hilltops surrounding Gaza, laughing and ranting about "flatten the whole place", "kill them all". But a loud noise scares th s..t out of them . Of course , they will be treated for "shock". To have this " journalist" belittle , mock thePalestinian people ,the mothers and fathers as they pick up the pieces of their blown to bits children is disgraceful and sickening . That a human being can show such insensitivity and ignorance is dispicable. 1. 800,000 people "live" , I say that loosely, on this G0d forsaken land 50% under the age of 15. Those children have never scene a day of peace. of "normality". They see their mothers , fathers, friends being blown to bits. Does Rudoren think, just possibly, these children might be "traumatized", they might have mental/emotinal issues. And then to listen to these contemptible "spokesmen" and women for the State of Israel dismiss their suffering as their own fault, their parents fault, their need for "Matrydom." Rudoren is in good company. And , of course, she brings us "all the news that fit to print. "

  • Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid
    • I will be truly surprised if Abbas and his subservient Fatah faction do not find yet another excuse to delay or remove from consideration recognition by the UNGA. I do hope I am wrong but after years of his fawning acceptance as Israel's security partner against his own people , its difficult to see him break away from the US/Israeli orbit. As for Obama we will surely see, finally, as some believe , him throwing away the advice of his "liberal" Zionist supporters and the shackles of AIPAC that has supposedly restrained him from pressuring Israel to finally end the occupation now that he has been reelected. Or will we?. Hopefully yes , but why the stated coercion being applied to the European Union against the proposed Palestine UNGA bid. C'mon Barak, earn that Peace prize.

  • 'This is travesty of American criminal justice': Supreme Court denies Holy Land Five appeal
    • I second that, "Hear, hear."

    • I am surprised that so many MW contributers are "surprised" that this Supreme Court refused to rectify the great injustice done to these 5 good human beings . Also sad to read the comments of so many intelligent , sensitive people , talking about the "Values" they were taught as youngsters that is now being betrayed by these "Neocons" and "Zionists." "Values" that the United States{America} stood for in the past and which now has been betrayed. Long before Israel existed, before Zionism took control of US middle east policy the US was conducting an imperial, savage policy of repression, invasion, assassinations, regime change. Those "values" never existed except in our school books, media disinformation, film. Since its inception, destruction of the indiginous people, slavery, Spanish-American war, Manifest Destinay, Haiti, Cuba, Central and South America, please tell me when the "values" we were taught was endemic to the US govt. actions in the world . We wanted to BELIEVE that theUS stood for the ideals of a truly liberal society as we were told.
      The Palestinians are the latest people to suffer the brutality of the hypocricy of US policy . They won't be the last sad to say.

  • Chris Matthews calls out neocons for endlessly pushing Middle East wars
    • Yeah, and when the neocons get their war with Iran, Matthews will be out front cheering the USA troops, their "heroism" and the only "Democracy" in the ME as they commit the ultimate aggression,. Please kelp me understand this belief that Matthews somehow is, will, was , wants to be, a conscience for truth and justice. When the cry for war with Iraq was going forward Matthews made a few gestures toward the anti war people protesting the cry for war. As soon as the war started he was out cheering , had guests such as Frum and Pearl{Powell called him the Angel of Death}, the three merchants of death, McCain, Graham and Leiberman on his show "Hardball" , agreeing , fully, with their Imperial/Zionist liturgy. War , always war against Islam.

  • Norr responds to Ash: Who is trying to get the solidarity movement back on track and who is merely fanning the flames of division?
    • Nevada Red. The other side is going to claim "anti-semitism." So don't give them any "ammunition." "How hard is this to understand." Really. Really. They{ those against Palestinian liberation} need any particular "ammunition."? The racism of the Gellers, CAMERA, and the Hasbara gang is more than enough to set off firestorms and cries of "anti-semitism."

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Who speaks for 'palestine'?
    • Mark Ellis. A "good and decent man" I am sure. But it seems that with all his knowledge and understandoing of the horrors of Palestinian dispossesion , his "Prophetics" show the heart of a good and decent "liberal Zionist". Nothing wrong with that , I guess, but not what the beginning of his journey foretold.

  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Ellen, you really believe that the powers to be in the US do not know that our attachment to Israel has hurt US interests in the middle east? There have been attempts in the past by the Executive office to, somehow, limit the harmful effect US support for Israel has created. To no avail. Some overriding power has been able to dilute, if not, deny such attempts. What power has been able to cause this , obvious, harmful effect on the interests of the US.. That, I'm still trying to understand.

  • Goldberg ignores decades of consistent Iranian statements on nuclear weapons for the sake of propaganda
    • Colin. "I'm fully aware that is Iran's position. I'm inclined to doubt it." That is not only Iran's position . It is the position of the US National Intelligence Agency', the Highest Intelligence grouping of the US govt. It is the opinion of Israel's military and Intelligence chiefs past and present. And the Fatwa , repeated over the last 7-8 years by Khamenie , against the acquisition of Nuclear , chemical and biological weapons is a religious order coming from the Highest Iman, Religious leader in Iran, binding on his people and Govt. BTW, the IAEA has stated repeatedly that they have found "no evidence" of any diversion of nuclear material into a weapons program. This is all lost when we are under the US/Israel/Western/ governments . and media constantly speaking of Iran's "Nuclear weapon program", " Atomic bombs" etc. Iran' leaders are quite rational. The know that acquiring a nuclear weapon would bring devastation to their country.

    • Colin, You are greatly mistaken in interpreting Khamenei's statement saying that the west{US] is lying when they say sanctions will be lifted when we "stop pursuing an atomic bomb". Khamenei has said repeatedly that Iran will never pursue a nuclear weapons program. He has issued a Fatwa against having nuclear weapons. He is referring to Iran's civilian nuclear program , in particular ,the enrichment phase which is absolutely allowed under the NPT. He is saying the US is lying about lifting sanctions even if Iran stops its , legal ,enrichment of uranium. Iran does not have a nuclear "weapons" program It is not attempting to make an "atomic bomb."

  • Abbas agrees to 'Dershowitz Formula' in NY meeting with Jewish leaders
    • "Pitied". "Exactly. he must be committed to the cause" to take the humiliation.

      Please. He might have convinced himself that his boot licking , panderung, being Israel's police man and collaborator will bring some relief to the Palestinian people. Where has that got him and his people.? I shouldn't say "his people". He is as far removed from "his" people as Netanyahu. His only "cause" is to pretend he is the fictional President of a fictional State/Entity. He does that job well, to relieve Israel of the burden of responsibility of the occupation.

    • Truly surprised that American does not believe that Abbas and his henchmen are "collaborators" , in particular, that dreadful Ereket, with his Israeli and US masters. Firstly Abbas and his crew's reign of power ended years ago when his term for President expired. He tried to overthrow the Hamas in the territories after losing the the first freely held election in the Palestinian territories losing badly and then charging Hamad with aggression.. He is in power only by fiat and Israeli/US acquiesense. His para military police force is armed , trained , guided by Israeli/US security agencies. Jordan also plays a role in this. US General Dayton has been in charge. He secretly sided with and encouraged Israel to destroy Hamas before the outset of "Operation Cast Lead". the massacre of Gaza and his fellow Palestinian brothers and sisters and children. He supports the Israeli/Egyptian blockade and sealing of Gaza which has made life so unbearable for his Palestinian "citizens". His "Police" inhibit dissent, torture, arrest, imprison any criics of his gang, Fateh and/or anyone Israeli/US operatives order him to. He and his faction of Fateh secretly "collaborates" with Israeli operatives in their extra judicial assassination program against Palestinians. The release of "The Palestine Papers" by ,I believe, wikileakes, documents much of this.
      "Collaborator" I would think is a mild term fo Abbas and his cohorts. He was one of the original backers of The Oslo agreement which has led precicely to the situation we have now, slow but steady confiscation of Palestinian land, more and more settlements and Israeli expansion in Palestine. The late Edward Said predicted this when he resigned from the Palestinian National Congress which under Arafat/Abbas put the Palestinian people under the Zioinist boot.
      Yet Abbas illegally coninues as "President" of "Palestine" . With no shame he tours capitals of the world , mingles with his interlockers ,Israeli/US imperialism, Arab dictators. A " President" with no power, the only condition he is under , to foster the impression the there is a "Palestinian" govt. to enable Israel to refute the obvious truth of their destruction of Palestinian society and making their land one giant open air prison.
      "Collaborator " is a mild term, traitor, war crimial is justified. HIs tiptoing and pandering before US Jewish , Zionist, communities every time he visits the west or Europe, South America, is mothing new. He speaks more about the Jewish holocaust then about his own peoples on going Holocaust. Yes he rides around the west bank with his Israeli approved limousine, pass, bypassing the checkpoints that his oppressed people have to go through every day. He has a mansion next to a 65 year old refugee camp, he eats well, doesn't miss a meal, plenty of water for him and his family while his people have neither. But most oif all they have no freedom under this quisling. When one speaks of Abbas, the word SHAME must be used.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: My (un)invited exchange with John Mearsheimer
    • Ellis agrees with Mearsheimer that the 2ss is dead but does not believe that one State, a Democracy with equality for all its occupants, becomes more likely. Mearsheimer seems to believe that world opinion , in particular the western powers opinion and actions would not allow an "aparthied" state to exist . But an aparthied State has been in existence for the past 45 years with a shrug and a yawn from the so called world powers.
      Mearsheimer has given too much faith to the so called Jewish dissidents in Israel , a very few actually, who see Palestinians living equally side by side with them. Every poll shows that Israeli Jews will not give up their supremist belief that they and they alone should rule over Palestine/Israel. Ellis believes that while the 2ss is dead, the one State , Democratic State , will never be countenanced by a significant amount of Israel's Jewish citizens. So thats dead in his opinion. He doesn't offer a solution. Obviously more ugly things will occur to make Palestinian lives more intolerable . But we, who believe in justice for the Palestinian people, should not continue to believe that because it is rational and more just than any other solution a one State solution is likely to emerge. The so called moral force of the world powers will not force Israeli Zionists supremists to give Palestinian equal rights before the law. And obviously our Jewish brothers and sisters are not going to either.

    • Wow. Mark Ellis completely destroyed Mearsheimer's analysis of the Israeli/Palestinian siuation. And this comes from a person who sees a one state solution the rational, somewhat just , end game. Israel ia a racist, colonialist, supremist State. It has been that way since its inception and before without doubt. Yet it has survived and continues, slowly, but surely the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral lands. The western powers, "Democracy's" have added and abetted this criminal enterprise as well as the Arab regimes, behind the scenes, collaboration with Fascist Zionism. Sad to say, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are further away from the justice they so well deserve. . Mark Ellis's points are well taken. Truly sad and tragic.

  • The therapist blurts
    • Saudi Arabia "WORKS" ? Please . The "people of Saudi Arabia chose its system."? It is a family military dictatorship that "works" only because of unlimited United States support , military, diplomatically. Only difference from Israel is that Saudi Arabia pays for the military hardware ,which goes to Israel gratis. Saudi Arabia is using US hardware to subject its people and others in the area, Bahrein, not to to even think of shaking off the chains of the feudal overlords in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is "our baby" also. We should show our displeasure even as we reject Zionism and Israeli policies. BY the way Saudi Arabia is bankrolling with US understanding the turmoil in Libya, Syria and involved in US Israel aggression against Iran. So I would think Colin , you should save a little bit of your anger to our Saudi allies.

  • Iranian talks fail after neocon 'blitz' -- as Obama dispatches aide to reassure Tel Aviv
    • You are right on, Dan. Obama reluctance to put US interests first is truly sad. The Zionists billionares, Aipac , the Chicago crowd, the Printzers own him. Mondoweiss contributers have to face the facts. Stop giving Obama a pass. His "sanctions" are the prelude to war by finally forcing Iran to confront the threat to their Government. Iran will then be . by the MSM to have "crossed " the line and military action will then follow. The whole "negotiation" process is a set up to make an"offer" Iran has to refuse. I truly hope I am wrong but it does appear that the US will not confront the real threat, unhinged Isreali , Zionist aspirations.

  • 'Obama will only go as far on Iran as AIPAC permits him to go'
  • Kristol: 'I don't see it as a huge problem'
    • Danaa Your words are right on point. Its sad that the wonderful Mondoweiss contributers still have this utopian , idealistic view that somehow Israel , the Zionist vision that their leaders have espoused since its "birth" , will change its policies , toward the Palestinians. If the Israeli govt. and its leaders would have it, not one Palestinian will remain in "Eretz Israel". This slow genocide, ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians is , to them, the only way to complete the Project" A "pure" Jewish State , the Zionist vision that encompasses , tragically, the vast majority of Israelis. Of course that is said only privately, in safe quarters, among themselves. Mondoweiss must confront the the utter disdain that Israeli's have for anyone suggesting that Palestinians have "human rights", God forbid, Right to Return, right to Self Determination. Wallow as a slave {Dayan} or cockroaches in a bottle{Shamir, I believe} Palestinians are the lowest level of "Goyim", die, or leave. Israeli Jewish racism can never be discussed or applied to the analysias of the I/P situation.

  • Dershowitz gets booed for warning Israel supporters not to boo Obama
    • It is a sad day when Dershowitz is somehow " a good guy" now for being critical of some unruly, loud critics of the US and President Obama. Dershowitz just wants to keep the "dirty linen" in the closet. Even worse is the affection many MW supporters of Palestinian rights are giving to the ardent Zionist,political military and intelligence members of Israel who are speaking out against the rhetoric and policies of the Netanyahu/Barak gang. Lets not forget the crimes , massacres, torture, ethnic cleansing that they all have all played a significant part. Politicians Peres, Olmhert, Livni, if there was a just world they would be on the dock in Hague. So would the Shin Bet officials and military Officers, Diskin, Dagan, Gantz and others. Much of their criticisms are for political and personal reasons, not for a just "humane" policy toward the Palestinians, of which there cannot be no matter what some American Zionists say to the contrary. And their criticisms of Israel's Iran rhetoric , war talk, is obviously trying to stop Netanyahu from destroying Israels relationship with Washington and the the Pentagon. So while their critique is helpful, if one does not desire a war with Iran, and I agree it is, lets not forget their history and past actions.

  • The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative
    • Hahahahahah, hilarious. "when a soldier is caught acting in an immoral way, he is punished." Hahahahaha. Just like the soldiers who ransacked , burned and demolished 531 villages in 1947-48 and later. Were they punished? Just like the soldiers who helped the Irgun in the massacre of Der Yassin. Were they punished? Even Ben Gurion condemned that atrocity. The massacre of Egyptian prisoners in the Sinai, confirmed by Israeli officers year later. Were they punished.? The massacres in Lebanon in war after war, by the most "moral" Army in the world. The slaughter in Gaza "cast lead", Punished? The routine murder and maiming of not violent protesters, . Punished? The poor, ill equipped commandoes who attacked a boat in International waters. Punished.? No they were all praised and given medals for subduing the "violent" response from the peace activists on board as they defended themselves. Eleven shot dead, 5 as they lay injured ,in the head and/or back as they lay defensless. Punished?
      This myth propagated by the Zionist press and the Hasbara network about the "most moral" army in the world is repeated so often by the leaders and spokesman of Israel that it has lost any connection to reality. One could go on for pages of actions by the most" moral" Army in the world . Not only are they not punished but their Generals become Prime Ministers Sharon, Barak. As well as their terrorist brethren, Begin and Shamir. So please Freddie end this nonsence about the "most moral" Army in the world. Be real.

  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • Winnica, will you speak of the moral character of Netanyahu's father . a terrorist , racist, and proud of his past endeavors. Or that terrorists Begin and Shamir became elected Prime Ministers of the "only Democracy ' in the MI. Other Ministers Sharon, Livni, Peres,
      have the blood of thousands of innocents on their hands. Lets not mention Barack, Netanyahu, Omert and all the rest of that blood thirsty ,racist Zionist war criminals. One thing you are right about. They have not hidden their past activities. Actually they have all proclaimed the justice of their past actions and activities. Many books diary's and literature heaps praise of them throughout the Zionist world. But the actions of a seventeen year old boy , who might not have harmed one human being, brings condemnation.

  • Sullivan forces American attention on the settlements
    • I agree Carowhat. You are most certainly correct in saying Americans wouldn't even notice the Palestinians being driven out. You are too polite , however, by writing, "sophisticated' grasp . Americans , the vast majority , basically do not care and whatever feelings shown is through the lens of the Israeli Hasbara machine and the " Arab, Muslim," equal terrorist campaign . And ,of course, no one wants to be accused of anti-semitism by objecting to any Israeli action.

  • UPDATE: Mustafa Barghouti stable after being struck in head at Qalandiya; Palestinian protester reports Barghouti attacked by fellow protesters
    • 'Palestine' is the universal call for freedom and human rights.

      That says it all. Right on , Annie

  • Ethnocentrism and journalism (Beinart's double standard for Israel and Iraq)
    • Bienert is what they call a "liberal" Zionist. That's like saying a good "Nazi". The basic tenets of Zionism was to take the land of Palestine, 95 % Muslim and Christian, and make it a "Jewish"State. And the only way that could happen was to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their homeland via massive violence, destruction and burning of 531 villages, and for the past 70 years, occupation,massive arrests, torture, checkpoints and complete control of the economy and the land sea and air over Palestine{Occupied territories} People are beaten, killed , tortured with immunity by Israelis. Palestinians by the hundreds of thousands are arrested, over the years, jailed for years without due process, charges or evidence of any kind. Children are imprisoned and tortured in order to spy on their parents and siblings and friends or to make them collaborators. And much of the treatment of the Palestinians is just because of the Racist tenets and nature of the Zionist creed. Of course none of this could happen without the support, backing of the United Staes who gives Israel complete immunity from International Law. The US is known all over the world as "occupied Israeli territory". US politicians , almost 100%, pander to the most extreme Israeli{Zionist} leaders to curry favor and the millions of dollars in campaign contributions that the Billionare Zionist Jews hold over them.
      So Bienert now "sees" after 70 years of Israeli occupation, oh I know its politically correct to say 45 years which mitigates the treatment , racism and violence that the Palestinians inside Israel encounters every day, and massive violence against the Palestinians that there is a "crisis" in and for Zionism. Good for him. He doesn't want to remove this "cancer". He just wants to make it more appealing to his liberal ethos. His conscience bothers him. So sad. I guess that is still better than the Zionists who spit and laugh at the world when they decry Israel's inhuman treatment and genocide of the Palestinians.

  • Palestinian and Palestine-solidarity activists issue critique and condemnation of Gilad Atzmon
    • I thought we were finally getting away from the cry of "anti-semitism" every time an article, paper, book argued against the State of Israeli policies, especially toward the Palestinians. It seemed that people were finally wising up to that canard, especially at Mondoweiss, thank you. Now Gilad Atzmon writes a thesis that we may not totally agree with, if at all, but must it be portrayed as an attacki on every individual person who considers himself Jewish. Anti-semitic? Shlomo Sand has written a provocotive book, The Invention of the Jewish People. He refutes the whole history of the Jewish connection in Palestine that is attributed to the people who flocked to Palestine in the 30's and 40's and secured by force the State of Israel. He is a respected Professor in Israel and his book, I am told , a best seller there. His work is not considered "anti-semitic". And to bring up David Duke 's positive response to Atzmon's thesis is cheap. I am sure David Duke has agreed with many Pro-Palestinian views that are exhibited in Mondoweiss. Though David Duke may be a racist or an anti-semite does not negate some of the truths he may , for his own reasons, espouse.

  • The Rosh Hashanah sermon on Fire Island
    • I'm disinclined to rapture about this article. She is a wonderful beautiful human being. But to, seemingly, always have to be sensitive to the absurd ,view of anti -semitism that the gentleman from Columbia espouses shows the , not so much ignorance of the charge, but the inability of the vast, majority of the Jewish people, here and in Israel, to confront the reality. The reality that is the ethnic cleansing , persecution, destruction of the Palestian people, its history and its present. So what is the reason for such an intelligent, prosperous to a large degee, particularly in the US , people, the Jewish community, cling to such support of the racist, violent , humiliation of the Palestinian people by its co-religionists in Israel. Why is the grotesque Dershowitz allowed to spread his hatred and venom to anything Palestinian or anyone supporting justice to the Palestinian people. Why do sweet Jewish school chidren write on the missiles and bombs that "this is a gift from the children of Israel to the children of Lebanon"? Why can Jewish adults stand on the hills overlooking Gaza as Jewish planes reign rockets and bombs and missiles at the defencelss people , men , woman and children, while they drink coffee, tea and soft drinks, laughing, happily, saying " should kill them all"? I don't have the answer. As a human being I cannot understand the celebration of violence and hatred that transform a people, a nation, be it the US , or Israel or any other nation into messengers of death. The truth of the Palestinian Nakba is well represented and known throughout the world. now. When is the Israel and the Jewish community going to accept their responsibilty , ask forgiveness and move on? That small group on Fire Island should not "be afraid " to speak out. One should be anxious to speak out against sucj injustice .

  • 'NYT' gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran 'normal'
    • "Obama maty not be able to wright the script." Give me a break. All Obama had to do was go on TV, if he didn't want the US involved in a conflict with Iran, and state that the NIA reports says unequivically that Iran does not have a Nuclear weapon program, no and ifs and buts. Spell out that a war with Iran is unneccessary, without any justification and the US, will not condone or agree to an attack by Israel on Iran. Spell out the enormous human, economic damage it will do the the world, in particular to the US. . Obama talked of the "dumb' war in Iraq. Could any war with Iran, involving the US, be any "dumber"? He could line up most Military men, analysts, diplomatic envoys , past and present, to show the absurdity of the US entanglement with an Israeli engineered attack. . Of course he will have to combat the onslaught of the Zionist, neo con establishment, msn, print and TV. But he will save the US from a catastrophe and save the lives of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of innocent people. His policies, to date, however give the lie , that somehow he is "holding " back Israel. His diplomatic, military , covert actions, his arming of Israel and the dastardly , Dictatorial Gulf States and his provocations , word and deed, do not show an embattled President trying to change the direction away from conflagration.

  • Isikoff expose of Gingrich backer -- 'All we care about is being good citizens of Israel' -- puts 'Israel firster' issue in mainstream
  • Some elephants aren't fit to print: 'NYT' front-pages Adelson gift to Gingrich PAC without a word about Israel!
    • Its very sad to know that no matter the truth of our words,our comments and the passionate advocasy for justice in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the anti-war , anti imperialist message that are espoused by so many in Mondoweiss, people such as Adelson and his wife can influence events so readily with their money. The looney words one hears from the Republican candidats on foreign policy, other than Paul, shows them beholden to the money controlled and contributed by the most hawkish Zionist supporters of Eretz Israel. Whether its "the invented Palestinian people'"or " there are no Palestinians" in Palestine, oh excuse me , in Israel one must wonder are they knave or fools or both. Listening to them , in chorus, talk about bombing Iran, assassinating their scientists or just "kill them" makes one want to leave this land because there is , obviously, no hope. I have fought the fight since the 60' and have never been so distraught . Are the American people so uninformed , ignorant and/or so uncaring about the destruction that their govt. has unleached on the world that they can cheer these comments . And may I add the idea that the Obama administration and Obama are acting rationally as compared to those Repubs , I don't take seriously. They have placed the US in an active state of war, economic, covert, with Iran, waiting for some Iranian response in order to then attack with their contrived "justification". To read some comments about the US sending " a message" to Israel I find hard to digest. Obama is meeting with Zionist fat cats in NY soliciting their contributions while espousing the most hardline , Likudnik words about I/P and Iran. And he just earmarked billions more to Israel's coffers. What else does he have to do to make one realize this man is dangerous. A smile and a well articulated phrase does not warm my heart.

    • May I add another well said, Dan

  • Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama
    • oh,oh the "bootstraps" again.

    • I think one should go to Finklestein's book, "The Holocoast Industry". {Shoah] , Reparations have been used to enrich the govt. of Israel and many lawyers . A very paltry amount have gone to any survivors. And we are talking about hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

  • Sundance Film Festival to feature doc on system of control in longest-running occupation
    • Right on Annie. Winnica , conveniently leaves out the fact of complete, total, US support for Israel, militarily, economically, diplomatically which has enabled the continued occupation of Palestine and the obscene violence and humiliation its inhabitants have been made to suffer. Our tax dollars and Zionist occupied congress allow this . I don't believe we can say that about Tibet and Kashnir.

  • Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off
    • Annie, Obama speaks proudly about the "toughest " sanctions against Iran that he supports and is pushing Europe and Asian allies to implement. His administrations threaten Iran daily with war{no options off the table} The US has sent drones {spy planes} over Iran 24/7. His spokesmen constantly denigrate Iran. Add all this up, isn't the Obama administration seeking to provoke an Iranian respoonse that will be considered a cause belli to bomb and destroy Iran's military , nuclear ifrastructure.?

    • American. if this was a "message" , why even go there. Sending thousands of troops and then cancelling.? To send a message. Just don't send the troops . c'mon.

  • Incitement: Washington Institute for Near East Policy applauds covert war on Iran
    • Thank you Annie. I did read the Matthews/Baer piece Not so sure if it will lead to a more thorough , honest discussion about the Iran/US/Israel situation. I recall Matthews , at times, questioning, quite honestly, the neocons push for the Bush11 Iraq war. Then abruptly switching gears and praising the Bush war effort , with flag waving rhetoric. Hey , we can hope for a more honest discussion.

    • Jeffrey Goldberg is, and has been "savoring " for war with Iran for years. His words now indicating a last chance for "peace" is just his play on words in order to appear rational. Obama offering "one final chance for real dialogue", give me a break. The US has been at war with Iran, so called covertly, for years starting with Bush one and now Obama. And quite publicly and openly. The US has funded the terrorist Mujahadeen for strikes inside Iran,. Funded opposition groups in Irans electoral process. for years. Sanctions, embargos , constant threats of invasion, bombings, nuclear{all options are on the table } war. Have armed the gangster family Arab Dictatorships to the teeth. Cyber attacks and the kidnapping and assassinations of Iran scientists. And ,of course, the massive arming and intelligence coordination with the State of Nuclear Israel that has made it clear to the world the destruction of the Iranian government is their goal. Obama , a man of peace.? He has rejected his own proposals to Iran about turning over their enriched uranium to a third party. after Iran accepted it. {Through Turkey /Brazil}. He has put forth that preposterous allegation of the "attempted" assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador. He has just sent 9,000 troops to Israel and hundreds of bonco busting bombs . Spy planes, drones over Iran 24/7. Obama peace loving?. Doesn't want an excuse to initiate a war with Iran by provocation ? Obama is an intelligent man. Why all these acts if not to push Iran into a response in order to "retaliate".

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • Slater and others of his ilk are truly the "simplistic".one's. Justifying war led by the the US , NATO, ie. the former colonial powers , would seem to me to be, truly, simpleminded. That anyone believes that the US and NATO have "humanitarian" concerns and worries about civilian casualties when they intervene in situations throughout the world surely negates any pretense of intellectual honesty. Just as dishonest is the pretense that the US and its NATO allies intervene to bring "Democracy" to the unenlightened. Please.

  • F. W. de Klerk on why apartheid will fail in Israel/Palestine
    • EEE, Is not International Law and justice to be applied to Palestine/Israel. Israel. ? In 1948 Israel promised the return of Palestinian refugees to the lands they fled due to war for its acceptance by the UN to its membership. Since then dozens of UN resolutions have reiterated the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees. Dozens of UN Resolutions have stated the illegality of settlements {colonies] in the west bank including Jerusalem. In none of your tiresome words ,Justice, International Law are non-existent. If the Israeli govt. could just say "forgive us" for the crimes committed and acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians and the culpability of the Zionist forces for the past 70 years it will get a more positive reponse from Palestinians . How can they respond to a government and a large segment of its people that denies their existence , let alone their suffering. Follow the path of Israel Shahak, Ian Pappe, Miko Peled. Peace follows justice

  • Bill Kristol's group pictures Obama in front of Western Wall seemingly soaked in blood
    • Please explain this respect, expectations of Chris Matthews? Has he ever chastised Israeli policies., the massacre in Gaza, the endless occcupation. ? Please tell me.

  • New York liberal Democrat implies Gutman is anti-Semitic
  • Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear
    • "Muslim traditional anti-semitism". ? Where did this come from. Judaism and the Jewish community were an integral an honored religion and people during the Islamic awakening. Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace and friendship with respect for each others religion in Palestine until the Zionist enchroachment. Words matter.

  • Why isn't Kusra killing on the front page of our newspapers?
    • I agree. Palestinian life means nothing to the Barbarians. Throughout these many decades of atrocities, massacres, torture, killing for sport, does one truly expect Israeli's to "investigate' honestly, or at all , actions of the IDF, settlers, border guards. The Hasbara Corps will say anything to counter the obvious knowing that our "free' press would then be "objective' and "balanced' in not making judgement. This goes on as Israel "investigates' said atrocity for days ,weeks on end. Of course there is no true investigation. The Israeli's , privately , laugh at the aquiecense of the western "goyim" world for their "Balanced" approach. TheStory ,incident is forgotten until the next debasement of Palestinian life ensues. Lets stop talking about Commanders or those under his/her command . One Israeli Jewish fingernail is worth more than a thousand, or was it a million, Palestinians.lives said one past Chief Rabbi in Israel.

  • Sullivan on Obama's 'capitulation' at the UN
    • Why is Obama always given an excuse by his supportor whenever he makes a most craven retreat from his ,words and promises in the past. His sophmoric , moronic speech at the UN , supporting and sprouting the most inane phrases that could even please the racist Minister Lieberman should not be excused because of the Zionist Lobby, Congress, his own Party leaders. Its on him. Ignorance, hypocrisy, politics, this is the road he chooses. And that road is with the most zealous, racist, war criminals that reside in Israel. Of course him being a major war criminal places him in good stead.

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • Israel was created by a UN General Assembly resolution in which some nations were coerced, pressures, bribed to vote for partition. This Resolution never went to the Security Council. It was a recommendation only. Such resolution was to lead to negotiations . It was not intended to lead to the Nakba. The Security Council resolution adopting the GA resolution was needed to make Partition legal under International Law. We are hearing this understanding now as the Palestinians have asked for Member State Status to the UN. The US has promised to veto such a resolution which will make the Palestinians application mute. Why does all parties still proclaim the legality of the Israelui State due to "UN Resolution". It was a GA recommendation only.

  • What does secular mean? 'J Street' official says American Jews 'ideally' want the whole 'land of Israel'
    • eee
      My parents had a home in Jerusalem and other property in Palestine until 1948. The "deed" and the KEYS are still in family possession. Somehow Israeli Law doesn't recognize our deed. PEEESSS

  • 'NYT' report uncovers Bush plot to torpedo Juan Cole, but ignores some crucial questions
    • Profeesor Cole has done admirable work in the past, in particular on US/Israeli machinations and oppression of the Palestinians. However his support of US policies in the past, in particular, Vietnam in the 60's and 70's, Yugoslavia in the 90's, , and now Libya should be disturbing to anyone not indifferent to US imperialism.

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