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  • 'Economist' pulls cartoon showing Obama shackled to Congress bearing Star of David
    • One should be offended by the foolishness of Foxman's remarks, insofar as "the age-old anti-Semitic canard of Jewish control" should be necessarily approached by talking of the blatant, long-standing Jewish control in the US. As for the “dual loyalty”, I can't see any Jews whose guilty conscience is to be blamed in this cartoon. Maybe Foxman has some clue.

  • Far-right politician calls for moment of silence for Sharon at European Parliament. Parliament says 'no'
  • Lawyer Against Law: Dershowitz tells Israelis pay no attention to international law
    • In 2007, I happened to note that Dersh was definitely making his job - defending the indefensible - when he suggested the parties to “give up rights, rights!” (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Nov. 11th, 2005), because he had to know very well who has rights under international law and who has nothing but their apologizers’ void speeches.
      Moreover, I underlined that in one thing (only one) I agreed with Mr. Dershowitz, that he was quite right saying that the level of discourse about the problem had become "increasingly dumber."
      To date, his devotion in demonstrating the rightfulness of the latter remark is commendable.

  • Palestinian-American student denied entry to Israel after being told, 'there is no such thing as Palestine'
  • Israeli pol says Jews can talk about the lobby like blacks can use the n-word
    • Inasmuch as Israel defines itself as a Jewish State even when bombs the Palestinians and/or menaces of bombing half the Middle East, nobody should complain the fact that it is Jewish influence on the Congress to make it possible with the whole of USA support. Neither Jews, nor anyone else. It's facts. And if you say this is anti-Semitic (i.e. offensive), well, then you are acknowledging at the same time that the support itself is evil, but you are not willing to carry the shame. Congratulations, Mrs. Wilf!

  • Natalie Portman and Woody Allen see anti-Semitism as pervasive
    • Who needs to spread hostility toward Jews, when Israel - irrespective of any identity/ethnicity - does its best to attract tons of reprimands from "pretty much everywhere"? If you are an arrogant warmonger, very few care if you are black or white or anything you want. I don't know for Woody, but hope Portman has way to grow up outside the overvaluation of her opinions.

  • Pro-Israel organization sought to survey US Jews on dual loyalty
  • 'Our relationship to Israel causes dead Americans and enormous expense in fighting Muslims' -- Scheuer to Congress
    • He's right, but "after dinner" I fear there's still European former bystanders. And due to their sense of guilt they seem mostly eager to take the wrong side of history.

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  • Israel lobby group counters Palestinian dispossession with-- Jewish creationism
  • Elie Wiesel claims he doesn't 'know anything' about Operation Cast Lead
  • Netanyahu says Palestinians must recognize 'the Jewish state' for peace (and then says even that isn't enough)
    • Someone should suggest [Netanuts] that, in the end, one thing is stand alone, another is stay alone.
      link to

    • I wonder if Netanayahu hears himself when he speaks.
      And I wonder if someone down here reads the very words he's just written.
      [...] "start a process which will end up in nuclear war with millions of Arabs, especially Palestinians, evaporated".
      By the way, Israel doesn't need anybody's help to keep on working with alacrity on its own sucide. And thinking of the Samson option as a viable one is a good start.

  • Kristol says Obama appeases the new Hitler, Rouhani, making Israel 'the leader of the west'
  • 'It is Zionist to think that American Jews have any connection to Israel'
    • "You think I have an obligation to try to stop the occupation because of my religion."

      It's us who think - owing to a mix of bigotry and/or sense of guilt, fear to be blamed/slandered and taboo - that only a Jew is entitled to find out and spread the misdeeds of Israel and possibly of Jews.

      It goes without saying that I don't agree.

      Tony Judt expressed exactly (and humorously) this concept, saying that a paper/book/article which deals with Jewish matters had to be subscribed, for safety, by a Jew. (See The Israel Lobby: Does it have too much influence on U.S. foreign policy? - September 28, 2006. By ScribeMedia on behalf of the London Review of Books.)

      Great the kid.

  • Major 'NYT' piece calls two-state negotiations 'phony'--and catastrophic
    • "I don’t see any evidence that the armed Palestinian militias are ready to lay down their weapons and end the international armed conflict/insurrection against Israel and its government."

      It's an iron wall, a psychological wall. Hard to break through. The worst. Nevertheless, it doesn't need anything more than what words can do to implement the power of those who found out the way to benefit of it.
      First, terrorism. It should be the murderous and residual weapon of what's supposed to be the weaker party. States with regular armies shouldn't need to use terrorism. They do. Because it's often cheaper and always misleading. Moreover, as they decide who is terrorist and who is not, they can use this mere noun as a powerful weapon, so that, by labelling the enemy in front of the world, they are able to cover all what they can't reach with ordinary arms. It's the strength of politics and deception.
      What happens in Palestine without this word terrorism? What happens without the anti-semitism bullets, i.e. the Holocaust exploitation based on the blind sense of guilt of Europe, on the inner bad faith of the Zionists and on crass ignorance of a great part of the world?
      And money...
      And what happens - last but not least - without US money that was gained by blackmail thanks the Israel Lobby? In this latter respect, Israeli financing itself through the Lobby is the most profitable investment one can imagine. Pay one, gain hundreds.
      Money, yes. That is not psychological. By the way, I would argue that there are also some people in the neighborhood, now and then, that sell their dignity and their brothers' life for some loose change. But we can try not to unite people's attitude with their leaders' behaviour.
      Heavy burden, then, upon Palestinian shoulders. I guess the last sixty years of Palestine history would have been otherwise very different. On the contrary, although Israelis have been experiencing a mere prevedibile reaction to any occupation, have benefited, since no one dares to expose their egregious crimes, thanks the omnipresent antisemyth-weapon, with the yearly award for the luckiest occupiers in the world."

    • "Said the NY Times skeleton
      [NOW] fit to print"

      link to

  • For criticizing Israel not Russia, Roger Waters reveals anti-Semitic 'undercurrents' -- Foxman
  • Do's and don'ts for progressives discussing Syria
  • 'The policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster': Stephen Hawking pulls out of conference hosted by Shimon Peres, backs academic boycott of Israel (Updated)
    • I guess he assesses Israeli occupation as much as a black hole. Where the time has stopped without any comprehensible reason except greed and chutzpah (both of them hardly measurable in Phisics).

  • Israel imprisons Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh without charge, sparks international demands for his release
    • Annie, I totally agree.
      (and indicates a weakness on the PR ground)

    • The Cartoon Movement and the Cartoonists Rights Network International are working together to find out the reason behind the arrest and to support the cartoonist.

      Insofar as actually the most powerful Zionist weapon is an unabashed PR-machine-gun, able to emit some thousands anti-Semitism bullets a day, one cannot be surprised. A cartoonist or a writer is really an existential threat for the Israeli apartheid regime.
      Moreover, as they can't stop him simply by the crass violence they use to a presumable member of a Palestinian armed wing, Israel is obviously compelled to inflate its lies, by anchoring Saba'aneh's activity to that of improbable "hostile organizations."
      It seems just another predictable and disturbing move, in wake of the rampant awareness that will bring to the sinking of the Zionist strategy.
      The try is impudent.

  • Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope
  • Israel lobby gave victory to BDS by crazed reaction to Brooklyn event
    • Dershowitz makes his point, on Haaretz, asking: Will Brooklyn College now co-sponsor an anti-BDS event?

      He depicts BDS the customary, umpteenth existential threat: "It is about Israel itself—its right to exist as the democratic nation state of the Jewish people". He talks of "the same tired speeches", but recalls Barak's generous offer, and lastly quotes the ADL which compared BDS and KKK.

      Nothing new. In a nutshell, same old Zionist (TM) claim of antise-myth-ism.

      Kudos, anyway, and thanks for the surcharge in brouhaha that keeps the Brooklyn reunion a US and international event.

  • Fast learner! Hagel's 112 pages of advance answers contain one reference to Palestinians -- firing rockets
    • To be continued...

      That's the problem.

      Nobody dreamed something like: "Well, first, maybe I'm a bit queer, but not willing to be blackmailed." He's really pretty quick, though.

  • Dershowitz said to be trying to quash Brooklyn College role in BDS forum
    • "...campaigns which the U.S. Department of State considers to be anti-Semitic" (as everything else)

      This is preposterous! When do you US citizens decide that it's gone way over any sense of reality and enough is enough?

  • Millions disenfranchised in Israeli vote due solely to ethnicity and geography
  • AP headline projects 'Jewish state's end'
    • "...a few more years of rule by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's heavily favored right wing might well destroy the Jewish state."

      Might it? I guess this is an optimistic assessment. And about "right wing", I would not give it that weight.

      Apart the times before Oslo (and let alone Oslo, anyway), the Labourist Barak at Camp David, effectively backed by the ZIonist bunch (Ross & Co.), and with the aid of substantive Clinton's incapacity towards Israeli unwillingness to cope with their own political errors, threw the two-state solution under a train.
      Since then, a plethora of analysts progressively argued that the most desirable solution was killed, or brought to suicide by the choices of the State of Israel.
      If it has lead to the death of the Zionist project, I don’t think that the radical Zionist "dreamers", as well as the left-wing and/or liberal Israelis, should blame anyone other than themselves, and the irresponsible choice of their leaders.
      Moreover, it's possible that owing to the short sight of an die-hard lobbying activity without frontiers, in the future, will require, if possible, even more time to settle the I/P problem, and implement a viable, democratic, one-State alternative.

  • The claim that 'Jewish lobby' is anti-Semitic term is cynical and hypocritical -- Siegman
    • Well, then they determined that being a lobby is somewhat insulting. Or that it is insulting only if people reunite into a Jewish lobby. I opt for the latter hypothesis, otherwise the whole US system should be at stake.
      Might it be for someone could look at a Jewish Lobby as a Jewish conspiracy? Apalling. Who on earth could think so?
      They had an option. Why not being very clear and say that Jewishness hasn't anything to do with the Israel Lobby, so much to keep on blaming Hagel. Obviously, they preferred the anti-Semite card. Otherwise they had to stress that saying Israel is not the same thing as to say Jews.
      I see something - God forbid - like "some senators and conservative groups" having a guilty conscience. And even forked tongue.

  • 'NYT' (literally) erases the occupation from coverage of Bab al-Shams
    • Said the New York Times skeleton
      "That's not fit to print"

      I wonder if they'll note that Israel's gonna miss the opportunity to demostrate that a peaceful protest works better than home made rockets.

  • Why is Israel declaring the start of the Third Intifada?
    • Maybe it's time to exploit quickly, at its best, the moody "simmering unrest" of European awareness. As said, the brand new UN badge could make a difference.

  • Elliott Abrams calls Chuck Hagel an anti-Semite
    • 1) I got it.
      2) This entails that one knows the "very nature of being Jewish", and, above all, the relevant divide among Jews and all the others.
      3) Isn't it a bit anti-Semitic? Well, I thought we were all of the same human kind.
      4) Isn't it better start from the latter assumption? At least in order to bring peace among the different peoples. (And we risk to go definitely off topic, insofar as Elliot Abrams seems not too concerned about this.)
      5) Someone should underline point 3 to Abrams.

    • Playing the anti-Semite card, these days, is turning from plainly preposterous into sickening. I think the world (at least, part of) should look forward to the moment US Jewry will generally hold off people like Eliot Abrams. I can't define Jewish identity - I'm not able to - but reading opinions like "it is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart–except in Israel–from the rest of the population", is definitely disgusting.
      How much I'd like seeing everyone widely take a stand on this. Singling out him, while saying: he's out of it. To begin with. Then we could keep on talking of equality - be it one, two or three states - in Palestine.

      "The rest of the world doubts our ability to evenhandedly mediate Israeli-Palestinian peace." (Munayyer)


  • 'It is a grave disservice to Israel and Jews to confuse criticism of Israel’s behavior with anti-Semitism' -- Richard Falk
    • I think Prof. Falk tries to answer, diffusely, to most questions, in order to favour the dialogue and investigate solutions inherent to his field. So that it happens that one of the favourite hobbies of the hasbrats from all over the world seems to be: picking on him, trying to exploit his not due, extreme courtesy in replying even to rhetorical assessments, and sometimes to sheer provocation. But the preposterous accusation of anti-semitism reach the top of ignorance and - I guess - bad faith. Leave aside 911, too much for discussing.

  • 'NYT' equates Palestinian suicide-bombers to CT school-killer
    • "...he has concluded that suicide terrorism directed against the US or Israel is motivated by mental illness."
      I can't imagine two facts more distant between them than the I/P conflict (actions, reactions, retaliations, suicide bombers and stuff) and the Newton school massacre. For sure I'm not any assistant professor of criminal law, at present, but the article legitimates the suspect that someone in the NYT could have suggested to insert Palestinians into some bloody news, whatsoever, as a subliminal message. More dangerous than the usual Israelist tirade.

  • The Gazan state-- and the West Bank Bantustans
    • Of course you are right. I had not meant to discover the warm water, nor win a Nobel Prize for creativity. But why not promoting at its best the sudden, contingent awareness of 95% of the Western world and the relative opening towards Gaza, supporting its leading figure in a path for self determination? It's apparent - at least I feel - that "Hamas" is still something to whisper, a taboo.

    • Imho.
      The facts on the ground overwhelm any speculation. There is nothing so distant from a pattern of a statehood whatever as the one so far we assume it's under the P.A. Neither territory or boundaries, nor a recognized leadership or a definite policy, other than that of taking orders from US/Israel. Gaza resists and looks for international allegiances, while the West Bank hardly survives (while its land is erased step by step), subjugated from outside and inside by means of the money that its leadership gets as a reward for administrating the land of its masters (and - maybe - distributes as it pleases). I mean, we gotta be realistic.

    • I agree.

      On Nov 12th, I wrote (on this blog): It’s pure theory, of course, but maybe they’re slowly approaching to something like a temporary, though instable, “three-states solution.” If we consider (a) the PA bid for upgrade their status at the UN and its possible consequence; (b) the recognition that Hamas is getting from all around the Arab world and the institutional attitude of its leaders; (c) the formal divide between the two (PA/Hamas), against the popular sentiment of the Palestinians as a unity; (d) the rampant awareness in the Western world (including the USA), notwithstanding the desperate hasbara stuff, about the real terms of the conflict.
      Three entities that – because of their inherent instability – slowly can converge into “one State.”
      Science Fiction?

      On Nov 30th, I wrote: Well, now we rejoiced. And President Abbas got his name written in history. Insofar as actually, unfortunately, there's no chance for two states, Gaza - yes, Gaza - should now pocket the UN vote (and possibility of acting, under UN Agencies, ICJ / ICC, etc.), take the lead (dragging all Palestinians along the new path marked by the newborn State), and go internationally forward, by exploiting western world's temporary consciousness. It works better by waving a renowned flag and a UN badge. Yesterday's was a step - say - in a long way, recalling that the update of November 29th, provides with some rights, great joy and lot of responsibilities.

      It seems it fits.

  • Not skipping a beat, Israeli embassy alludes to 'another Gaza' over Palestinian UN bid
    • "I am ready to start negotiations today." (Netanyahu, Nov 4, 2012)

      "Well. 1) Search that man! 2) Take him away the 3.5 billion dollars (and counting) that he has into his pocket. 3) Search again, I don't trust him in the least. 4) Say to that black dude - yes, the one with the head surrounded by a halo - who is whistling behind, to let down the gun and the wallet. Now we can sit at the negotiating table." (Anyone, Nov 28, 2012)

  • 'NYT' predictably comes under attack for reporting Israel targeted journalists in Gaza
    • The same old story.

      "Israeli soldiers had acted properly killing..."

      Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 - Additional Protocol I (1977)
      Article 52 n. 3: “In case of doubt whether an object which is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, such as a place of worship, a house, or other dwelling or a school, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed not to be so used.”
      Article 79. Measures or protection for journalists
      1. Journalists engaged in dangerous professional missions in areas of armed conflict shall be considered as civilians within the meaning of Article 50, paragraph 1.
      2. They shall be protected as such under the Conventions and this Protocol, provided that they take no action adversely affecting their status as civilians, ...

      There's plenty of matter for the ICC.

      Two examples (sorry for google translation):
      Murder of Raffaele Ciriello and Fadel Shana'a

  • Two days after ceasefire Israel kills Palestinian man in Khan Younis
    • I'd rather talk of anti-Israelism, coming from their strange attitude, something like "making enemies and then shout they are enemies."
      No match with anti-Semitism.

    • Same article. I quote.

      "A relative of the dead man, who was at the scene, told Reuters that Qudaih had been trying to place a Hamas flag on the fence."

      Wave a Hamas flag and place it on the fence could be viewed on a long distance. But it was a supreme outrage, wasn't it? Worth of (some three shots into the air and) one shot in the head of a man.
      And... yes, I keep on blaming Israel for "everything."

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • "But everyone else was for war. “We need war to get peace … quietness,” Elraz Azran, a restaurant owner in Sederot, said. "They [Gazans] need to know who is the owner."

      Depressing and idiot. One wonders why humanity isn't yet extinct.

  • ‘It’s time for Palestinians in Israel to stand firm against the Bantustan plan of Oslo’: An interview with Awad Abdel Fattah
    • Yes, of course. But who'd have said that in 70 years both Israel and Palestine wouldn't have been something different than what they actually are? John Mearsheimer says that, in the long run, we'll see one State. What in between? Seventy more years of apartheid? I can't believe it.

    • "What may have been easy years ago, now it is almost impossible due to the hundreds of zionist dwellings in the West Bank."

      It's pure theory, of course, but maybe they're slowly approaching to something like a temporary, though instable, "three-states solution." If we consider (a) the PA bid for upgrade their status at the UN and its possible consequence; (b) the recognition that Hamas is getting from all around the Arab world and the institutional attitude of its leaders; (c) the formal divide between the two (PA/Hamas), against the popular sentiment of the Palestinians as a unity; (c) the rampant awareness in the Western world (including the USA), notwithstanding the desperate hasbara stuff, about the real terms of the conflict.
      Three entities that - because of their inherent instability - slowly can converge into "one State."
      Science Fiction?

  • Broadwell scandal not the first time Petraeus was sloppy with email -- in 2010 he leaked his own emails scheming with neocon Max Boot
    • Do you really think that Mos-Sad hasn't got the bunch of all our emails (search/chat), gracefully shaped into a leather-bound book, ready on a table if we have had the chance of landing in Tel Aviv?

  • At least four killed, dozens wounded, in Israeli shelling on Gaza
    • I fear escalation, unfortunately, is written in the facts.
      Upcoming Israeli election, update of the Palestine status at the UN, while a "Hamas State" is on its way. Some EU states might reconsider their attitude, then BDS etc.
      The "mad dog" is more and more a scared wild beast into a corner...

    • Some say doctrine of proportionality originated with the 1907 Hague Conventions. I’d look also at article 49, 50, 51 in the International Law Commission’s Draft about State Responsibility. [1] You can somewhat also refer to the 1977 Additional Protocols of the Geneva Conventions (e.g. article 57). [2] and generally about illegally causing unnecessary suffering for civilians. Moreover the principle is anyway known as customary international law.
      (Otherwise, should we say disproportionality is internationally legal?)

      [1] link to

      [2] link to

    • Anyway it's deliberate. And it's a crime.

      Protocol 1, additional to the Geneva Conventions, 1977, chapter III, art. 52, par. 1 e 3. “Civilian objects shall not be the object of attack or of reprisals. Civilian objects are all objects which are not military objectives as defined in paragraph 2 [...] “In case of doubt whether an object wich is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, such as a place of worship, a house or other dwelling or a school, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed no to be so used”.

      And we don't need the Geneva Conventions to understand they deserve a new Nuremberg.

    • Provocation, reaction, disproportionate retaliation. Warning, it’s the same old trap, and now the Israeli warmongers are moving in a hurry. On the one hand, the PA circulated a draft resolution at UN in order to upgrade Palestine status as observer state, on the other hand, Hamas is getting recognition from all around the Arab world. Israel is scared. The (fake) issue of Iran nukes is cooling down a bit. Obama won the election. The risk, now, is the renewed search for a solution of the conflict, just while Israel hawks were on the way to ethnic-cleanse, little by little, the whole of the occupied territories. Warning! There’s another cast lead crime in sight.

  • Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid
    • Here seems to be the Draft Resolution we're dealing with.
      link to

    • ADL Urges European Foreign Ministers To Oppose Palestinian Initiative At The U.N. [...] "We share the belief that peace can best be achieved through bilateral, direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on all final status issues," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

      Pretty scared these dudes. And definitely shameful the fact they still talk of direct negotiations, long since aimed at the present "no-state" situation. If one thing Abbas can do the right way (it was time indeed) for Palestinians, is to face any blackmail and go ahead. For sure EU Governments shall tremble and will play dirty tricks, but this shouldn't work in order to stop the decision of the UN General Assembly.

  • 'There's now a visceral anti-Israel movement among rank-and-file Democrats' -- Adelson
    • The worst has passed, for now. I couldn't believe it were otherwise...
      Now, about the Democrats, I agree most of them (the aged ones?) don't inherently sympathize with Palestine cause, but I guess the blame has to be put on their own ignorance and/or disenchantment.
      In this case the "occupied" are as guilty as the occupier, for it seems there is no resistance at all, insofar as understanding the roots of the Israel-Palestine conflict is not that complicated. But still it can't work while, on the one hand, folks will still be willing to gravitate in their chosen prison for laziness and fear to be qualified as anti-semite, and, on the other hand, the mainstream media snuggle into the arms of the Israel Lobby.

    • "Barely 53% of Democrats chose Israel, the sole liberal democracy in the region" ... "a disturbing development that my parents' generation would not have ignored."

      I wonder what his parents' generation would do, ethnic-cleanse the Democrats? This dude seems a sack of money crowned with a cloud of nonsense. Isn't it time to separate different concepts? I mean, this is sick "Israelism". Nothing to do with Judaism and/or Jewish identity.

  • More divorce news: US Jews 'don't care enough about Israel's survival'
    • "the self-confidence and sense of belonging that American Jews now take for granted would quickly disappear."

      Pretty poor rhetoric, aimed at suscitate an improbable thrill of selfishness. It's shameful they don't hesitate to morally blackmail the US Jewry in order to feed their own illness. It won't work.

  • The Suez Canal and the British empire’s need for the Balfour Declaration
    • I quote.

      “Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-long traditions, in present needs, in future hopes, of far greater import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land”. (Arthur James Balfour, British Secretary of Foreign Affairs, August 11, 1919, cit. by Rashid Khalidi, The Iron Cage, p. 36; footnote #15, p. 234)
      Note that, in Balfour’s view, the “ancient” land of Palestine did not belong to the Arabs who constituted the majority of its population; these Arabs just happened to inhabit the country at that moment in time, and they did not have lofty “traditions”, “needs” or “hopes” like the Jews; by contrast, they had the far baser “desires and prejudices”. (Ibidem, p. 37)

  • Abbas tells Israeli TV he has no right to live on land he was displaced from
    • Oops...

      "Israel’s president is welcoming an apparent concession by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on a core issue in peace talks — Palestinian refugees.
      Shimon Peres said Saturday that Abbas “understands that the solution to the Palestinian refugee issue cannot be in Israel’s territory and to the detriment of Israel’s character.”

      [Washington Post - Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, November 3, 7:23 PM]

  • Secret Israel NIE warns of irreversibility of Israeli colonization
    • Not that anybody wasn't conscious of that, but reading of that 1968 National Intelligence Estimate is sickening, insofar as it demonstrates in all its entirety, in written, the greed and bad faith of Israel while they keep yelling of direct negotiate, and US plenty of awareness about a "peace path", long since built without any hope to reach any goal.
      And they keep on blaming the fact that Palestinian leadership has refused to directly negotiate with Israel. Directly? You kidding? Have you ever seen occupier negotiate with occupied? Guard with convict? Master with slave?
      But, well, say, let's go and negotiate without any US backing anyone. Without some 3.5 billions/year gift. To begin with. And... yes, obviously, without Israel threatening to nuke any people.

  • Changes to the Mondoweiss comment policy
    • Maintained that we're luckily moving more and more into secular societies, and (insofar as I'm concerned, at least) policies must abstain from travel into the transcendent, the exclusion of religious remarks and stuff, seems to be not only reasonable, but auspicable.
      This notwithstanding, I fear that, on the contrary, it will be pretty difficult to counter the usual recourse to compelling facts of the actual Jewish history/identity by means of what is called the Godwin's Law. The one which - in my opinion - fits the purpose to stifle any debate on the Middle East facts by recourse at what happened during WWII, Nazi and Fascist deeds and around.
      I mean, if it's certainly possible to cut, as pretty irrelevant, most of the comments linked to the transcendent, this seems not so easy to apply, say, to interconnected implications of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, past and present, without recourse to some sort of inequality.
      Hope you don't get me wrong, I mean it will be difficult, of course, not impossible.

  • Israeli commandos board ship to Gaza and direct it to Israel
    • Cut the excuses. There ain't no legitimate blockade. Some pirates have just seized a boat carrying humanitarian aid in international waters. And most of the western world is a bystander.
      Add this to the rest for the ICC.

  • Estelle and the freedom of association
    • It seems someone launched the "anti-semite" weapon. It's a cluster bomb, there's a lot of wounded everywhere, in every blog. Hope that's not able to sink a boat.

  • Israeli ambassador Michael Oren gets hero's welcome in liberal enclave of Brooklyn
  • Russell Tribunal conclusion: U.S. facilitates Israeli immunity and impunity
    • Both apartheid and settlements won't bring a Palestinian State any closer. That's for sure.
      By the way, isn't that sometimes the usual suspects are guilty?

  • Hebrew University lecturer calls for expelling Palestinians as alien hostages in war against Muslims
  • Benjamin Netanyahu: Master of show-and-tell
    • Netanyahu's rambling speech should hold him accountable and take him on trial under International Law. Conspiracy against the peace and incitement to wage a war of aggression would be the first criminal charges in a brand new Nuremberg. His blatant illness doesn't justify his attitude, insofar as it couldn't apologize the stance of a lot of irresponsible idiots among the Nazis. (I'm sorry for the "Reductio ad Hitlerum", but he did it first.)

  • In front of global audience, Netanyahu draws his red line (on his ridiculous bomb cartoon)
  • Dershowitz to argue that Zionism is not in crisis
    • "Suppose that Israel extended to Palestinians the same rights that Israeli Jews now “enjoy”. Is that the same as “no Israel”? I wouldn’t say so."

      Same rights? Then Israel won't be the State of the Jews, nor the Jewish State.
      As a state of (all) its citizens, you might call it Israel all the same. Whatever the name, maybe such a state could easily work as a democratic state, but, as of today, saying Israel/democratic State, seems sheer contradiction. Unfortunately.
      Of course Israel could change its policy. Lot of people are waiting, but there ain't a clue.

  • Abbas agrees to 'Dershowitz Formula' in NY meeting with Jewish leaders
    • " stop referring to “wiping Israel off the map” and to replace that incendiary formulation with a call to “put Palestine on the map” instead."
      He said what?
      Great effect. But that's very strange of Abbas, inasmuch as Ahmadinejad has never pronounced the first phrase.

      “the actual differences on core issues are not that great, they are not insurmountable.”
      - Really they are going to speak of core issues? Borders? Water? Settlements? Jerusalem? Refugees? Right of return? I can't believe this.
      - In facts, it never happened, if not in order to postpone to never the outstanding problems. Neither in Oslo, nor at Camp David was made some light. Save something at Taba, but it was out of the time limit.
      - Anyway it is useless to speak of core issues, if not in order to solve the related problems. In this respect, if Abbas and Netanyahu sit down and have "serious" talks, I fear they will find their positions as distant as Mars from the Earth.
      - I don't think they're suitable. Both.

      "and the freeze will continue as long as the talks continue in good faith."
      Then it won't even start. Let alone continue.

  • Walt, Munayyer, and Mearsheimer offer one state scenarios, and my response
    • 1st - "The resources allocated to terror with the single focus of attacking Jews."
      Talking of Qassam rockets? It's apparent, some people pretend not to know what terror is (more, with the single focus of attacking jews), or what it could be, and luckily isn't. Not the one we're dealing with.
      2nd - As it happens, I like to "go back in history". If I'm not wrong, Palestine has been part of the Roman Empire for some 650 years. As representative of the ex-Empire, I'd like to have that land back.
      3rd - "Arabs who you refer to as Palestinians," As far as I'm concerned (see above), Israel might be considered still the uneducated warmongering guest of a Roman colony.
      4th - It's 60 years Zionists (since Ben Gurion onward) are fighting against any type of recognised borders, in order to set those borders according with their neverending greed. Pretty annoying hear that are the Palestinians who don't want them.

    • ...Then, I read Senate adopts Netanyahu’s red-line over Obama’s, 90-1.

    • In nature, things would have long time settled. One or the other way. One or two ss, or none, doesn't matter.
      They didn't. So, there is an element thoroughly innatural, that counters any forseeable natural solution.
      This element is... the USA and their funding and supporting, from afar, the State of Israel (3.5 billions/year, vetoes at the UN and so forth.)
      Insofar as we can't erase the USA, nor we are willing or able to do it, to give P/I a reasonable chance, well, at least we can counter the irresponsible funding and the blind support to a part (which, by the way, acts like a hooligan) against the other.
      Conclusion in short, get rid of the Lobby and the solution is at hand. First, by showing the US people their tricks and how much, in one or the other way, they paid or will pay for getting the hate from half the world, and being blamed by the other half.

  • Romney dirge for two-state solution causes widespread panic among those fearing for Israel
    • Dershowitz has finally perceived that if they don't push for an actual two-state solution (that, imho, is a no-state solution), it's likely that in a short while there won't be any State of Israel. Brilliant.

  • Obama's latest UN appointment is calculated to increase US esteem in Europe and Arab world -- Not
  • Pro-Israel ads suggesting Muslims are 'savage' set to arrive in NY subways next week
  • 'NYT' responds to Netanyahu: 'Israelis misled and bullied US' before Sabra and Shatila too
    • There won't be ever any relief on that massacre, save the fact that, now, one of the major perpetrators is not even capable of getting a quick death. He will burn for this, without hurry.
      Sure, many other people shall have to think a lot on the deep they allowed to be thrown into. Neither for politics, nor for the Lobby, they should have been willing to turn a blind eye towards the evil beasts who were going to do that. No way to talk of special relationship. Better, partners in crime.

  • Israel grabs hundreds of acres of Nablus olive trees to build 'Israeli bypass road'
    • "The European Union has been critical of Israeli settlement building and curbs on economic development in the occupied West Bank. EU foreign ministers in May expressed "deep concern," saying that such moves made it impossible to create a Palestinian state alongside Israel.
      The ministers accused Israel of accelerating settlement construction and demolishing Palestinian buildings. Israel condemned this as "biased", saying it would do nothing to help promote peace in the region."
      (Ha'aretz - EU to double Palestinian aid to 200 million euros)

      Someone has not the sense of ludicrous.

  • Romney praises Netanyahu's 'service for peace'
  • AP reported anti-Islam film that sparked protests was made to help Israel, but questions surround producer of the film
    • One could argue that any religion, as well as ignorance, superstition and misinformation, are cancer.
      And here are the results.
      In this respect, the clown who made this film has to carry the blame more than his sloppy video, worth 5 cents, and surely not any life.

  • Blacklist: 4 Israel critics have now been purged from Democratic Party-linked orgs
    • I wrote that being he a lawyer, Dersh has to be of course – so to say – a professional liar. And maybe he’s even proud of that. Moreover, that as legal counselor he makes his job, and he’s capable of advocating any crap in order to defend his case, whatever.

      But I must say that as tenacious slanderer, he is even better. A first prize firster. So, irrational, unworthy of trust. Pure garbage on the net and anywhere.

      Recalling Norman Finkelstein when the latter was trying to get his tenure, his argue - against full evidence - he did not try to influence Schwarzenegger was even laughable.

      Insofar as he is a famed lawyer, though, and people are well aware of any legal trickery, it is amazing the fact he's able to talk in public (let alone look at himself in the mirror) without blushing to death.

  • Baltzer, Finkelstein and Chomsky to speak on state of American Jews re Jewish state
    • "...Finkelstein and Chomsky don't even believe in God."
      So what?
      It's supposed to be a talk among US citizens only.
      Including "firsters", I guess.

  • Obama must 'starkly' break with 'ethnic group politics' -- or cede US sovereignty re Iran
    • ...And thus the entire world trembles. Everyone has seen the influence of a bunch of thugs to the halfwit who once lead the empire, not so long ago. We’ve seen the fate of Iraq. We look at Afghanistan.
      Then it stops. It’s been a long way, but it ends.
      I have a dream.
      All in a sudden, to begin with 310 million American people, little less than 7 billion people perceive that the world can’t be blackmailed by those hooligans, any more.
      As a matter of fact, the situation we’re in, is a clear anachronism in the third millennium, and survives solely because the US – whose leaders have been mislead by a bunch of warmongers – plays dirty in the Middle East scenario.
      But – it’s perceivable – we’re dealing, by this time, with a gang of zombies.

  • In caving on Jerusalem, Dems pulled back the curtain on the lobby
    • Asbarah Inc. works all over the world 24h a day. That's why.
      Since the "Democratic" Platform is democratically allowed to assume the following statements about US ties with Israel:
      - "we share common values"
      (even if it is not clear in a state of blatant apartheid what are these "common values".)
      - "a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples"
      (the usual No-State Solution. It smells of nothing.)
      - "a Jewish and democratic state"
      (this is a full nonsense, looking at the situation they are in. Maybe they meant a Jewish... or democratic state.)
      - "checking Iran's destabilizing activities"
      (pure pandering the Israel Lobby)
      - (let alone the absurd statement on Jerusalem capital)

      without making anyone laugh for that, you're all (310 millions tax payers) in a pretty mess.

      Down here the Israel Lobby seems not that strong... (as of today). Relating to the decision of Dems' Platform in the US... well, from Italy someone thinks we'd better set our new Capital... uhm (let me think a bit) in Los Angeles. Agreed?
      (I must add, unfortunately, though, that since a lot many years in EU we follow US policy about the Middle East.)

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • As a matter of fact, the original discourse could have been written by a software, programmed to tell the daily diplomatic rubbish in favour of Israel. In any case, it had been assembled as a lot less than necessary to pretend to follow a path of justice without pandering the Israel Lobby's desires.
      The usual Obama.
      But the champion now, is the fraudulent "add on" about Jerusalem. Luckily, you can read it from left to right and viceversa, it is the same, it makes no sense at all.

  • American Jews who choose 'humanitarian values' over Zionism are tempting another Holocaust --Gordis's blackmail
    • "The Jewish life that American Jews take for granted is actually dependent on the existence of the same Jewish state from which many young Jews now distance themselves."

      The premise makes no sense in regard to the universal values and their evolving.
      I don't think the guy is talking of Jewish identity in general. Inasmuch he talks of the American Jews, the related problem is simple as that.
      Since he clearly believes to be a member of the chosen race, he cannot look at the neighbour as if he were just like him, and he warns his colleagues about the possible loss of a presumed privilege that he pretends to have inherited in spite of other 7 billion humans on Earth.
      That is, be Jew, but only if Jews can dictate their will / rules, without paying the bill (as, by the way, is happening on the Palestinian soil.)
      So, he builds a new kind of future self-hating Jew. The one who must hate himself because he was compelled (by reason and soul) to give up any pretence, not only to be Jewish, but "chosen". That is, to lose any peculiar earning for that. Once, by God's will, now, expecially in the USA, due to an enormous PR work.

  • Photo Essay: Gaza children honor Rachel Corrie, protest Israeli court
    • They say presently lots of children are named after Rachel in Gaza. She will be remembered. The world will remember her murderers as well.

  • CUFI: Keep Israel the focus of US elections
  • State Department affirms Israel's impunity-- abandoning ambassador who said Israeli investigation of Corrie killing was unsatisfactory
    • This sounds like a warning to all in the USA. The Government is simply willing to undersell a US citizen's life to please the Israel lobby. By the way, there were plenty of ways to avoid such a repugnant declaration. But snakes don't need diplomacy.

  • Judith Butler responds to attack: 'I affirm a Judaism that is not associated with state violence'
    • "... and that the substantial political rights of all people in that land be secured through a new political structure."

      About that, I fear they'll say: here's another one who wants to wipe Israel off the map...

  • Israeli Settler: 'If I see her coming, no matter what age she is 3, 4, 7, I'll f*ck her over'. Israeli Soldier: 'No problem'
  • Why Israel is 'singled out'
    • If nothing else, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe don't claim at all to be the the light unto the nations or to have the most moral army in the world. And above all, one thing is to be a thug among the others, another is to fight with alacrity to gain a 1st prize as the "night" unto the nations.
      By the way, in the age of the internet, the trick of repeating a lie enough times to turn it into truth doesn't work any more.

  • 'Obama will be forced' to support Israeli strike -- because of his domestic 'political needs'
    • Pretty reassuring the fact that the would-be-President of the US is willing to undersell the world to please his domestic position. The question is: US citizens will be willing, as well, to face the hell for the reckless interest of their politicians?
      I don't think so.
      As a matter of fact, in EU, we are intimately certain that nothing should really happen, inasmuch Iran is not a bunch of unarmed and besieged Palestinians.
      Reasonably, I mean.
      But days ago I happened to think that maybe we’ve underestimated the fact that Israel is facing her last chances to survive in the long period as a Jewish state in the region (see, on the matter, J. Mearsheimer). So that, waging war to Iran and set on fire the Middle East, could turn the situation upside down in the foolish mind of the Zionist hawks, thus leading to a providential, though unpredictable redistribution of the cards on the table of the Middle East scenario.

  • 'FT': Iran obsession suggests 'western policy is driven by Israel'
    • One shouldn't be a genius, anyway, to understand. By the way I don't think it's a matter of nukes, it takes just a glimpse at the map.
      link to

    • European attitude is lead by a strange mixture of State submission and people ignorance. I mean, people don't even know what's up, as it happened for Iraq, politicians sell cheap their souls, minds and stuff. As a rule.

  • Peled: The only way forward is 'transformation' of a racist apartheid state into a democracy
    • What I think is somehow justifiable for Europeans (and I stress "somehow"), certainly it's not for the inhabitants, whoever, of Palestine (apart children below 9 yrs, and in any case, it's not their fault). The crimes committed since, let's say, 1948 on, can't but leave a heavy burden of evidence, I guess impossible to erase. So, only bad faith can perpetuate the enormous lies, and specular ignorance, that are still spread all around the world. The fiction about the byproducts of war... well, it's a fiction (and I'm sure B. Morris knows it very well).

  • Military dictatorships are good for Israel
    • I suppose you think they're not worried about the Rafah border, and the likelihood they will feed the Palestinians caged in Gaza. The ones let alive, I mean...

    • I'd call this the inner ghetto. This piece shows how much this feeling is deep in their minds and souls. Inasmuch they rely on the suffering of other people, they don't deserve solidarity whatsoever. And in the (not so) long run, they won't get any.

  • Obama adviser freaks out over BDS (Dersh calls Alice Walker neo-Nazi terrorist)
    • At this rate, Dersh is going to defame half the world.
      But, if it happens (e.g. because they say you're a clown), and you still think to be the right one, well, maybe there's something you must do. Kind of be silent.

  • Israeli army OK's attack dogs as 'non-lethal weapons'
    • Even just in pictures, in the past, I recall of having unjustly somewhat blamed the dogs. Obviously I was wrong. The fact is, of course, that they used and use dogs because they seem to be among the few creatures able to carry out eagerly and inconditionally any disgusting order coming from a human, even on behalf of a hideous regime. Few creatures, I said. Well, apart from some fanatics, both of the past and the present, and a bunch of enthusiastically submissive politicians.

  • 44 Senators, including many Democrats, sign AIPAC letter to Obama against Iran negotiations
    • According to Abraham Foxman (ADL), "two-thirds (66 percent) of Israelis would support an Israeli military strike on Iran. Of those supporting Israeli military action, 71 percent would continue to support such action even if the American government opposed an Israeli strike."
      link to (I quote from Ali Abunimah)

      I did some calculation.
      66 : 100 = 0,66
      0.66 x 71 = 46.86

      "According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2008, of Israel's 7.3 million people, 75.6% were Jews of any background." (Wikipedia)
      7,300,000 x 75.6% = 5,518,800
      5,518,800 x 46,86% = 2,586,110

      So there's some 2,586,154 people (including children, and 44 US senators) that want to wage war on Iran at any cost and thus make a hell of the Middle East.

      Well, since the population of the world is about 7 billions people, I think the world as a whole doesn't give a damn on the opinion of these warmongering barbarians.

      Without mentioning the opinion of 74 million iranians. Including children, of course.

    • Pandering Aipac & Co., these 44 cronies signed a letter in order to sink any negotiation with Iran. Worth of note, they say this is "based on Iran's history of deceptive and illicit behavior." If there were the Nobel Prize for chutzpah, these guys would be in a notable position.

  • Why is Obama meeting with a man who called him 'Neville Chamberlain'?
    • SInce Dershowitz is the standard-bearer of the neverending peace-process which leads to the "no-state" rearrangement of the Palestinian soil, I think he is the very man that Obama is willing to hire, as far as he is eagerly engaged to avert any concrete decision about the Israel-Palestine conflict. What better chance for Obama? The couple seems perfect, on that issue. Although - it happens - sometimes Obama makes a fool of himself. And it should work also for the second term. About Iran, I guess the issue be more complicated.

    • Dersh is precisely the kind of chap who annihilated any trust in the two-state solution.

  • Finkelstein's critique misreads the special relationship and misunderstands political mobilization
    • Isn't that it's not important what the Palestinians or the Israeli want? Nor what the mainstream is willing to accept, if it's not even thinkable.
      I mean, by thinking in terms of probability, it’s at least arguable that the alternative "one-state" solution would be a walk in the park, but, just agreeing with Tony Judt (that wrote about that in 2003) and J. Mearsheimer (2010) it is supposed it will be a hard, one-way path toward the solution that somehow, de facto, has been left alive. Based somewhat on demography and mainly on the pattern the entire world is following (more or less). In the sense that it wouldn't be viable, in the long run, an apartheid state.
      Reciprocal willingness, in a shorter period, could change the facts, but there ain't.

  • The 'honest broker' comes clean: Obama admits the US is 'more attentive' to Israel than Palestinians
    • It's said that Obama is the one who replied to Sarkozy, about Netanyahu: "you're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day."
      Reading between the lines, maybe he'd better work a little on his memory, even under elections.

    • About USA's honest brokering, and related generous offer, a read of Enderlin ("Shattered Dreams"), was sufficient. Maybe at least it's time for the EU to look at the facts that Obama has finally subscribed. Or isn't that enough?
      Sure, in the meantime, Palestinians are fed up with peace processes that quite obviously don't lead them anywhere. But if Madrid, Oslo, Camp David, Taba, Annapolis, were dead, now they have been buried.

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • As pure theory, I agree with Norman Finkelstein on the lapidary rightfulness of the two independent states. Moreover, it is generally felt as the preferable scenario. But I'm not so confident in international law, not as much as to get a glimpse of a viable two-state solution. It needed willingness, that never came to existence, or anyway does not subsist as of today. And politically feasible at this time, seems even a bit optimistic.
      In my humble opinion, the local situation, in the long run, is more and more leaning towards the one imagined by Prof. Mearsheimer (see, for instance, the conference of April, 29, 2010 at the Palestine Center in Washington D.C.), with the end, sooner or later, of the Zionist dream of a permanent Jewish State. In this respect, the lack of willingness on the part of Israeli politics (I talk of settlements) is a suicide.
      Finally, frankly I have not the slightest idea on why Norman combines the BDS Movement with the one-state solution.

  • Senate challenge to Obama on refugees came from Israel
    • It's not that difficult to understand. It's called geometric progression. If I have been evicted, my two children would be evicted as well. It happens that one is not willing to understand others' point of view.

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