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  • Israel's myth of invincibility drives a dangerous idea-- attacking Iran
    • Are you capable of acknowledging that there is an argument that Israel does face a threat from Iran that might influence their thinking on this issue?

      there is no valid argument that Iran is a threat. just because an argument exist doesn't mean it is a good one.

      Do you really think that Israel is going launch an attack on Iran because of national morale? Israelis have plenty of national morale.

      And it is nonsense to argue that Israel’s invincibility drives their Iran rhetoric. Why would Israel take this threat seriously if they believed they were invincible? It would be exactly the opposite. It is precisely Israel’s vulnerability in a hostile region that drives its thinking.

      you fail to understand. it is not tha they think they are invincible its if preception that they are which he is talking about. and another state having nukes ends Israel's ability to have other believe that no matter what they will win. though Israel does have a supierority complex steming from the fact they have never been at a total disadvantage ever in any conflict they have fought in.

      Israel perceives a threat from Iran. Iran uses its proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, to threaten Israel. (That’s a casus belli alone.)

      good damn that's crazy. believing there is a threat is not grounds for cassus belli. if that were true you would have to admit the palestinians had a right to defend them selves against zionist aggression since at least the 1920's which you don't. no for you to have cause for war their has to be a provable valid threat which Iran does pose. and hell by your own logic you make the case for to not only Iran to pursue nukes but actually use them on Israel because of the grave threat Israel poses to Iran

    • yeah I have long thought that Israel is incapable of any real long term thining

  • Beinart says Israel must give citizenship to Palestinians under occupation
    • there is nothing extremist about supporting the rule of law, and feeling it shouldn't be thrown away simply because other have allowed it to tossed in the gutter.

      and the jews aren't a nation they are religion. I'm not taking away rights from Israelis or jews. I'm simply sating the simple legal fact that what they feel are their rights aren't at all. the very fact that wanting you know THE RELEVANT LAWS to be followed puts me outside the consenus doesn't show how bad of a person I am and hoe " extreme" I am. it just shows how far the rest of you have fallen in bending over backwards for these criminals.

      also I'm will to reconcile myself to the fact that these millions of illegal jewish residents are here to stay but that doesn't we have to pretend that they are their legally.

    • its not hyperbole its the truth. more people may have been killed in other cases but in no other instance was the mechanism designed to protect the weak and the opressed used as weapon against the weak and opressed. zionist used the UN through the UK and US that should have protected the palestinians to deprive them of their most basic of rights.

      And really mister whiny Israeli jew your going to tell someone to get over themselves. I'll make a deal with you I'll get over my self when Israelis quit acting like whiny spoiled children

    • well yeah most people who don't a damn about others stay that way even when they meet those they have harmed. you have to have empathy to change.

    • He isn't so bad I once came across an Israeli who claimed that since the lehi had a theme song they couldn't be terrorists

    • We don’t believe in a one-state solution and a right of return that essentially seeks to reverse 1948 and privilege Palestinian self-determination over Jewish self-determination.

      read we don't believe is recitfying the worlds most heinous crime since world war2 and enforcing an actual right over a make believe right because I can't get it through my head that religions don't have the right of self determination. sorry but 90% of jews in "Israel" are there illegally

  • Game changer: Hillary says Israeli restrictions on women remind her of Rosa Parks and Iran
    • if you think that your delusional between the rulers who want jewish donor money maybe but for everyone else its nonexistent. your showing zero understand of even why the us supports Israel(jewish donor money). but than again given your poor grasp of history that isn't surprising. the us Israel relationaship is getting worse not better. eventually those of us who want to drop Israel like a bad habit will get their wish and the Us will be better off for it.

  • Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear
    • the kurds coptics sudan berbers and western sahara aren't part of the middle east. its nice to to know rather than base your bigoted ideas on facts you base them on well bigotry. Israel isn't defending its self period. its very creation was an aggressive act.

    • obama has never done anything to suggest anything of the sort. to bad that message is true the world would be safer simpler and more peaceful with out Israel.

  • Panetta's last words to Israel: 'Get to the damn table... Get to the damn table'
    • no they want all of palastine. its not the palastinians fault that ISrael is stolen palastinian territory. the simple fact remains that Israel creation was a crime that violated the UN charter.

    • its real easy to be gracous in accepting a partitian when you have no claim to the land in question. Your trying to paint the arabs as these evil greedy jew hater for simply wanting to have sovriegnty in all their lands. hell if you had been fighting and trying to gain your independence as long as the palestinians you be pretty miffed if a bunch a people from a way of place judst started demanded a chunk of the territory you have lived on for 100 of years simply because they wanted it.

  • What's my line? I'm Bruce Springsteen of the Middle East, the land of milk and honey
    • the triumph of human spirit, battling against adversity, the celebration of life and freedom amid the realizations of what the costs are. to bad Israel in actuality embodies none of these things

  • Now they care
  • A message in the sand: 'We will not allow gas exports to Israel'
  • The liberal Zionist inability to confront the right of return
    • EEE its perfectly realistic for the jews to return to Europe that you don't want as you would have to abide by the rule of is not in doubt. that you think a 2 state solution based on the clinton parameters of lets just try and legitimize the left of 75% of palestine is fair says alot about you. the ulitimate goal should be one palestinian state in palestine where everyone is treated equally.

      and EEE you and your family has the right of return to poland as well as the right of theft as confered to you by the Orwellian named law of return.

    • your neither pragmatic nor for peace you just don't want the palestinians getting their legal mandated rights

    • except you can't self determine yourself as a nation. you either meet the definition of the concept or you don't. hint jews don't. they are religion. the jewish nation ended 2 millenia ago deal with it.

    • EEE is more concerned with distorting history to slander the polish people than anything resembling facts

    • actually jews have a much better chance at returning to poland and getting any lost property back provided solid proof ownership( amittedly harder than it should be I have no doubt due to the fact the communist puppet government being willing to destroy information of their misdeeds) than any palestinian every has of returning to occupied palestine(Israel) and getting there property back.

    • so only jews get to create states against the will of the majority? Israel's jews majority is irrelevant as to any sane reasonable person it was gained illegally.

    • um because you didn't own 1/3 of warsaw and had nothing to do witht he cities founding. but once again you demand jews begiven what other people have worked for. and the palestinians demanded the right to return right away. you cannot compare you thinking jews should get parts of poland now to palestinians being denied their right to return to their homes for 60 years. all you should is how big of an ass you are. palestinians were prevent from returning at gun point. the pals demanded the ROR in 49. just because greedy people like you prevented them from returning home for 60 years doesn't make it absurd.

      also I'm sick and tired of you getting away with your blatent bigoted paintings of the polish people. you have repeatedly painted them as hand in hand with the nazis when in realty they were next in line for the gas chambers.

    • sorry EEE but whining and saying you lost something doesn't entitle you to anything you have to proove you owned it. you ;like the palestinians can. and the poles didn't take real estate from jews the russians did. if you think it was the work of the poles in the post war poland you have zero understanding of world war 2 history and polish history.

    • those who you know made a legit provable claim did. though typical of you to blaim fellow victims of the holocaust in a red herring comment than admit jewish crimes.

    • how can you learn the customs of the nations when jews aren't a nation but a religion?

    • liberal zionism isn't. zionism is fundementallly incapatble with true liberal ideas.

  • Praise the 'NYT' for exposing an American Jewish family's argument over Israel/Palestine
  • Migron settlement ordered removed by 3/12. Will it happen?
  • Santorum says West Bank is Israel's Texas, and all who live there are 'Israelis'
    • first of the US eventually gave mexico money in return for the land we stole. secondly do you really want to paint the taking of the west bank to a purely agressive war designed to steal land from another country. not to mention the reason the settlers agitated for that in texas was mexico forbade slavery.

  • Artist imagines return to Jewish homeland (Poland)
  • Bill to investigate flotilla is a 'tool of intimidation'
    • well than you need to read some better books. historical evidence has arabs in palestine just as long as jews. how the hell you came to that 2 millenia figure is baffling.

  • Settlers and supporters descend on Hebron to assert Jewish sovereignty
  • NPR story on Dead Sea Scrolls makes listener feel like a goose being force-fed Israel propaganda
    • So it is clear that Israel never wanted to permanently occupy Sinai, the Golan or the West Bank, but in the absence of peace partners, she came to occupy these lands by default. bullshit Israel wanted to keep them forever. Israel is all stolen land. they gave back the sinai only under pressure from the UK and US and still illegally occupy the rest

    • impossible as the city of Jerusalem was never in the kingdom of Israel. and their is no land of Israel its abs term used by religious fanatacs like your self so you can feel you have a legit claim when you have none.

  • Phoenix Jewish columnist says Obama's complaint about Netanyahu made American Jews feel unsafe
    • this post is so filled with ignorance it just shows how out of touch you really are.

      I resent being called a racist. I recognize that Palestinians are entitled to a state of their own and I pray that it happens soon so everyone in the Middle East can live in peace. Frankly, that is all Israel ever wanted.

      this is a flat out lie. Israel never wanted a seperate palestanian state it wanted all the land

      You may not recognize the history here, but there is a rich history of the Arabs refusing to negotiate post the 1948 U.N. resolution that created the State of Israel. Instead, they declared war. During White House negotiations, Yasser Arafat was offered everything he wanted, but he still refused to agree to peace.

      they never declared war. Israel did. why should they have bother to negiotate after it was shown the world was just going to give away their rights and property? and did you really just repeat that filthy lie about Arafat. if you want respect please respect our intelligence.

      you whine about being called a rascist well than don't be one.

    • Ms fogel I'm really sorry but if your voting more on what a foriegn country needs and wants rather than the needs of your country of residence than your intentions are anything but good. as a member of an electorate you have a duty to vote in a way that is best for the country of that electorate. I agree getting the US to support Israel is great for Israel and Israelis but it and Israel have done nothing but harm this country and to try and pass that off as good is reprehensible.

  • Israel's threat to attack Iran-- will Obama capitulate to that as well?
    • true Israel has never fought a war where the overall advantage was in their favor. they'd probably lose any actual fair fight.

    • well yeah only because it doesn't exist.

    • no its unlike you were not stupid and know unlike you thre are more factors than being bad for Israel in the equation and they scream don't do it. only people who do care about the consequences for their actions like Israelis would ever do something like that.

    • that's because most Israelis are just as out of touch with reality as you are. no arab or muslim country or group will ever nuke Israel. Israel nuking them is a real possibility though

  • 'Occupy the Occupiers' disrupts Birthright Israel event
  • '48 is beginning to replace '67 in discourse -- even at UVa
    • The British tried to destroy israel so much they ignored their attacks on the British army. Hell the British colluded with the zionists to steal the rights of the Palestinians for the Jews. That is a fact

  • Testimony of an Israeli activist who was robbed and beaten by settlers while attempting to assist the olive harvest
  • 'J Street' urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams's wife Rachel for 'unhinged hate speech' against Palestinians
  • Dying of schmaltz
  • Release
    • gilad was a murder. and Israel released captive soldiers. the fact you argee with the idea that palestinians need to be killed so you can steal their land doesn't make Israeli actions toward noble and palestinian actions against it ignoble.

  • Touring Palestine, you see... Jewish symbols everywhere
  • Neocon orgs seek to paint Wall St protests as anti-semitic
    • how is a movement that simply wants the palestinians to have their legal rights in their own land as opposed to it being ruled by foriegners anti semitic?

  • Boycott update: Champion fencer Sara Besbes stands down rather than plays Israeli
    • the palestinians see you as humans. just because they want off their land and out of their country neither of which you have a damn right to doesn't mean they don't think your human.

  • Barney Frank needs to answer the aid-to-Israel question
    • no aid should be given to Israel. I don't mind aid to unstable countries. but for countries like ISrael that willfully attack the US military, harm and kill(well murder) american citizens and actively harm our countries ability to protect its self from threats shouldn't get aid. hell they should be made to pay back aid they have been given

  • Afternoon headlines
    • as usual in your attempts to claim the right of self determination for your religion you make the case. so you admit ISrael is not the exercising of self determination as it ignored the wishes of the palestinian majority. jews have no right to self govern because they are a religion.

  • What do a Jewish state and a Catholic table have in common?
    • Dex,

      You are a bigot. Who are you to tell millions of Jews that we are not a nation? well for starters he understands the concept of nation something you don't. a nation is linked through culture primarely not religion like jews.

      The Israeli Jews hold Israel because we were lucky enough to win the war of 1947-1948. Otherwise, we would be dead. really lucky there was no luck its was a well planned out war of conquest. the jews had ALL THE ADVANTAGES. and if you didn't start a war of agression and theft you still would be alive. no wanted to kill the jews in palstine untill they waged a war against the native population.

    • and unlike the thing EEE likes to cite they weren't still occupied by a foriegn power at the time when they did that.

    • sorry but being born on ston land doesn't make it yours. the simple fact is those vast majority of those "Israelis" born in "Israel" were actually born in palestine. they were born in property that legall they have no valid claim to.

    • How is conquest and theft self determination. only a complete idiot can honestly believe that Israel is self determination.

    • well you'll have to admit it is a rather hard thing to understand how one can be two mutually exclusive things at the same time. no if you were to call yourself what you are in such a case an athiest pretending he is jewish their is no problem. but the simple truth is jewish is not a nationality nor an ethnicity.

  • Brutal eviction of Palestinian family in Jaffa caught on tape
  • The Department of Corrections: Ben-Hur, the LA Times & a place called Palestine
  • Border anxiety in the West Bank
  • Obama consulted no Palestinians for his rendition of history
    • their is nothing truthful about the zionist narrative.

    • there isn't a jewish people any more than a muslim people or a christian people because religions aren't peoples. it isn't anti semitic to say jews aren't a people. it just means your able to accept reality and the facts. the ancient hebrews were a people. they ceased to be millenia ago.

  • Israeli Settlers: 'Arabs' attacked us first . . . with harsh language
    • no it honored those who had them in their homes. their are countless others who tried to prtect and save the jews that aren't up their.

    • no they weren't. thanks for showing you have no clue what it meant for a pole to try and save a jew in occupied poland. when the nazis thought some in a town was harbouring jews they would line up people in the town square and execute them in hopes of people turning the people in. it was a town wide effort for the most part to protect the jews of poland. your showing how well Israeli propaganda and bigotry clouded your mind to reality. did poland treat its jewish population perfectly far from it but it was in no way shape or form saturated in blood.

    • what did you want him to do. if he spoke out he could have obliterated the holy see like that. your showing the same selfishness we always see from a lot of jews when talking about what others did. crying about how others didn't put the jews survival above their own.

    • I know the incident you are talking about. and at that point their were still NAzi troops in the country. they weren't houned out of the country rather than stay and help rebuild poland they wanted to go and opress some arabs.

      your exactly the same as the Israeli when asked if the roles were refused would you have saved the family that saved you and answered flat out no.

    • there is next to nothing in this world that Israeli jews hate more then the polish christians that risked their entire towns lives to save them. well at least if any of the Israeli jews I have seen post on the internet are any indication

    • bs like almost all of israel's wars the 6 day war was an agressive one.

  • In NYT, Fish tips hat to critics of Israel lobby whose influence has America in 'for a very bad time'
    • Israel is not a successful community. successful communities are based on their own hard work and resources not taking some built by others and improving on it with foriegn money.

    • If something is amoral, illegal, unethical, and just plain stupid does the fact that a majority of what a subsect of those affected want mean we should accept it. nope.

  • Arab Sources: Hamas on UN bid
    • wrong. all of palestine is palestinian. just because you steal something and convinve a body to break its own rules to rubber stamp it doesn't make it legally yours.

  • Bank, king and God (not necessarily in that order)
  • Taking himself to woodshed, Derfner says his 'awful truth' column isn't what he believes and stood in opposition to 'my allegiance to Israel'
  • Meanwhile, in Israel . . .
    • they don't its just a lie people like you love to repeat. just because Israel illegally annexed where they live doesn't mean they like living there more. their is a major cost to moving and its not something people do lightly. I bet you if you asked those people if they would rather live in the illegal state of Israel or have their homes be in a palestinian state that controls all of what is legally palestine they would say palestine in a heart beat.

  • Why I call myself a Zionist
    • they are a coherent people but there is no jewish nation. a religion is not a nation. and religion don't get self determination and states. the want of a right they do not have is something that should be treated with contempt.

    • no one gives a damn about people of the jewish faith self governing. people have aproblem when they kick the legal residents out in an invasion and than want to be left alone after committing grave crimes. though to be fair most people have a problem with a state for a religion.

    • I am not the enemy of Palestinians just because I believe in a Jewish homeland with a Jewish majority and a Palestinian minority.

      but that's just it you are because you still wish to deny them their rights their homeland as opposed to what is despite the propaganda only the place of the founding of your faith.

    • so its a moronic idea to want your legally mandated rights? someone is definitly a moron but not those who want their real rights.

    • and still probably fall far short of what is their legal right.

    • everything good and great started out as someone's dream. you deride us as dreamers but it are dream rather than your bigoted practicality that will end the conflict

  • Read the post for which Derfner was fired: 'The awful, necessary truth about Palestinian terror'
    • u m jews going we want to take your country and kick you out. that kind of attitude almost always engenders a violant response as it should.

    • but your misrepresenting what it was. the provacation was demanding a jewish state in a place where jews were a major minority. the provocation was demanding a state for jews in a place that already had a strong nationalist sentiment. the provocation was demanding a state for jews at the expense of the non jewish native population. the palestinians couldn't give a damn if there is a palestinian state they just don't want it to be on their land in their country.

    • he did in that original article do something that needed to be done to fix this problem. cut through the bullshit and focus on the root causes of the conflict.

    • I'm polish and that a real good look for proof.. the polish had a saying that should be a grave word of warning to all who would seek to destroy her. you may conquer the land but you will never conquer the people. an occupied people don't have to win. they just don't have to lose.

    • 10000% and if you believe that your ignorant of history. what provoked terrorism was the , sadly successful, attempt to displace, disenfranchise, and replace the palestinian in their own country and homes through the inherently bigoted ideology of zionism.

  • The Refugees of Zone A
    • witty every part of international law recognizes that when you have exhuasted peaceful means to secure your rights you have the right to use violence to gain them. and not the fake rights you defend for the Israelis.

    • Do you or do you not accept that the first act of the civil war was started by Palestinians

      why would anyone its a lie.

      It is so simple. The historical evidence is clear

      true and its on the palestinians side. the jews started the civil war. that why they stockpiles weapons not the palestinians.

      If not, what is your evidence? Not ONE source denies that the violence because of the Palestinian rejection of the UN partition started the civil war.

      almost every source except rabidly pro Israel denies that. most put the blame on both sides for not negiotation. and some( in my opinion the best and most correct) put it on the zionists for when the palestinians wouldn't peacefully give up their land decided war was the way to go. no honest and informed person can lay the blame on the palestinians.

    • first of no it doesn't. I have read the wikipedia page multiple times and clearly states that the escalation was a result of jewish action. secondly the fact that they were regugees of a civil war rather than a forgiegn invasion( which despite your lies it was a foriegn invasion) still doesn't mean it was legal to shoot them when they tried to come back and steal their homes. your argument amounts to you said bob killed sally because sally tried to play with the blue ball bob killing sally is wrong but sally was trying to play with red ball so its ok for bob to kill her

    • possibly true but doesn't make the point you are trying to. you can in fact illagally and illegimately aquire property with out the use of force. secondly you state the rejectain of the partitian as a bad thing as if as if the palestinians had an obligation to give up 55% of their land to your terrorist ancestors. the analogy is sound your understanding of it is bogus.

  • 'Moral dilemma'-- or how a woman rationalizes rejecting a graduate student as a babysitter on racial basis
    • and why does Israeli have a better hand because of decades of criminal actions something you refuse to come to terms with.

  • Why the Palestinians can’t recognize the Jewish State
    • why do you refuse to acknowledge that ISrael's declared borders were the product of violence and their for can not be considered valid. what amakes the not state violence and land grabbing of zionism ok to you but not the post state violence and land grabbing?

      I'm not saying we should go back to 48( though if a reasonable chance devolps we should most defintely take a stab at at it) but to pretend in any way shape or form that the violence and crimes of the zionists was ok or legit like you are doing by claiming borders and land gained through war are are legit is doing everyone a grave injustice.

    • Territory belongs to the state and defines the sovereign extent of a state’s authority. The State of Israel was recognized de jure immediately the the USA as requested by the Provisional Israeli Govt May 15th 1948. (The Provisional Govt was recognized de facto and the elected Govt was afforded de jure recognition, albeit not elected under a declaration)

      exactly my point the terriotry that Israel declared was its has already been recognized as that of a state created from the mandate of palestine. which was later agreed could not be divided. Israel took that land in war fare and than declared it as its own. Talk however much you want to slice it Israel had already started war before it declared it borders. you still have refused to answer the rather relevant question of whether or not those declared borders were gained through warfare or not. your coping out of defending the full rights of the palestinians and acknowledging the full crimes of the zionists in an effort to make a more plausible peace argument. but the fact changes which you refuse to accept is ALL OF ISRAEL WAS GAINED VIA WARFARE SO ALL OF IT IS ILLEGALLY GAINED. Israel cannot have legal borders. yes states recognized the nascent state but they did so in direct violation of international law and agreements already signed. I'm sorry but treaties are worth more than paper they written on and these previous agreement voids any recognizition of Israel as legiatmate.

    • the land in side its declared borders were gained the same way as the land outside bullets, bombs, and other assorted missiles yet in his mind the conquest that result in those borders is ok. if the land gained out side is bad than inside is also.

    • Talk can you please explain what makes the land gained by conquest inside the partitian declared borders sacrosanct but outside gained in the same manner. Why do you feel 2 pieces of land( really only one) gained the exact same manner at the exact same time need to be treated so very differently.

    • I'm not denying that. I am saying that such recognizitions are void as they are violations of previous agreements. um talknic. all Israeli territory was gained through warfare. I know you like to try and doll it up in the failed partian bs but the fact remains the reason Israel has any territory at all is because it took it through warfare. by pretending it didn't your making excuses for Israeli crimes. they didn't have any right to anything outside of the failed partitian lines but neither did they have any right to anything inside of them either. your agrueing that simply because they declared it some territory theirs and most other countries wink wink nudge nudge went along with it it was theirs legally it wasn't. it was a blatent violation of agreements made that previous colonial possessions would remain with borders intact. You demanding the same thing all Israel supporters demand to be treated according to a different set of rules and give a pass to the violations of rules it did do. either the rules apply to everyone or nobody talk YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE. which is exactly what you are doing.

      or if you honestly believe your bs take please explain how the zionists were going to gain control of that part of palestine from the legal owners without warfare?

    • their is a problem the 1967 borders aren't legit. hell no border recognizing Israel can be legit as none of it was legally gained. countries of the UN that have recognized Israel recognizition can't be considered valid as in doing so they violated the very principles they swore to uphold.

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