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  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
    • These days it's hard to watch anyone speak to this issue just knowing the gargantuan concessions that they will HAVE to make in order to get in just a fraction of the hard truth but Cornel West got pretty close to the bone anyway with his magnificent and uplifting words.

  • 'Netanyahu destroyed hope' -- Erekat
    • At least the interviewer gives Erekat enough time to paint the full picture of the cruelty of the occupation, the bleakness of future prospects for Palestinians and the utter impotence of any kind of resistance whether it be physical or political. Even so it's hard to bear watching this unwavering line of questioning which insists that the onus of any explanation is ALWAYS on the battered an bloodied victim.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • Great article Ilene. Your bit about the Times resonated with me.
      The biggest stumbling block I face in discussing the M.E. with anyone is the fact that most "respected" media continue to warp the conventional wisdom surrounding it. How do you tell someone who seems articulate, who prefers the NY Times over the Daily News and who watches Chris Matthews as opposed to FOX that there is a piece of the puzzle this huge in world affairs that they don't really know about?
      The M.E. situation is still basically treated as 2 peoples who just can't get along. Muslims (thanks to Bill Maher and Sam Harris types) are still portrayed as godless heathens who would slit your throat if they only had half a chance (Flight Of The Phoenix - 1965 anyone?).
      Before the online world happened I, like I guess many others have been left dizzy at how much we have been lied to about, and for how long.

  • Buy tickets now! Only $360 to hear Elliott Abrams and Dennis Ross!
    • The advanced age of these guys should be viewed as a positive. All the birthright trips and campus recruiting in the world will never produce the kind of paranoid zealotry of these older heads. Supporting Israel at any cost may be part of THEIR DNA but successive generations are seeing through this.

  • Abe Foxman says goodbye to an America of secret Jew haters
    • The only really shocking thing about Foxman's views is that they actually help shape public policy. If you exchanged him for any other Morty Seinfeld type of retiree in Florida you'd get the same basic viewpoint.

  • John Lewis tells D.C. crowd he will not attend Netanyahu speech
    • I agree reservedly Cloak And Dagger, only thing is if a trillion dollar bailout barely raised a murmur with Joe Public back in 2008, the Netanyahu furore probably won't either.

  • Congress says possible Palestinian unity gov't must recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to receive aid
    • "and if palestinian were to acquiesce to this requirement (they won’t) more and more incremental restrictions would follow just as they have in the past."

      Don't worry, if those pesky Arabs start upsetting the apple cart by signing off on agreements nobody else in their right mind would, Bibi can dust off and wheel out the Loyalty Oath. Remember that one?

  • In landslide, UCLA student govt votes to divest from Israeli occupation
    • Slightly of-topic but it occurred to me that if Chomsky wants to shed his “gatekeeper” tag I hope he would see events like this as a reason to quit nitpicking various points on the BDS mission statement. Whatever BDS’s main objectives are, its most likely positive effect will be to help create a sea-change in public opinion and it’s slowly but surely working.

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • "As it is, I guess better-late-than-never epiphanies on golf courses will have to do."

      Really? Just because the Zionist fortress appears to be standing strong as ever doesn't mean it's not been severely weakened in the past 5-10 years. There are people making noise almost daily about this, mainly on the internet of course but even someone as mainstream as Geraldo recently took to task a shocked Hannity re the Protective edge bloodbath?
      I wouldn't be completely surprised if Zionist forces start losing their muscle much sooner than later as it's major cheerleaders begin to look old, anachronistic and frankly, embarrassing. This is Zionism's achilles heal - the ability to pass on the very-hard-to-sustain cognitive dissonance required to buy into it in the first place.

  • Mr. Netanyahu, what is your endgame?
  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
    • We have been so conditioned to hate Arabs in the west that there only has to be a shred of doubt about whether or not they deserve to be butchered and it will be almost 100 percent accepted - turn straight to the sports section. All most people are aware of is that there is another war in the middle east, between 2 peoples who just "can't get along". And since one side are Arabs then who really cares?

  • Don't destroy our dream-castle Israel! (Why the Jewish establishment shut out J Street)
    • I understand people thinking J Street's function may be to act as a sort of lightning rod arm of the lobby, drawing attention away from the more militant attitudes of AIPAC and providing "puppet" support for Palestinians but I don't know, I saw Ben Ami debate Dershowitz a few years back (you can find on Youtube) and if he was merely putting on an act he sure could have fooled me. As Newclench says somewhere here J Street may well have a real agenda independent of the lobby.
      The trouble is anyone trying to appease both sides of this issue usually finds themselves equally vilified by both sides. Just ask Peter Beinart.

  • NBA owner Sterling reportedly sought to justify his racism by citing Israeli racism
    • How about putting disgusting organizations like TMZ under the spotlight and questioning the ethics of what THEY do? Why are they under no obligation to reveal their sources? Does this revelation HELP anything or anybody? The best you could say is that maybe this is another reminder about how deep racism runs in this country? It's hard for me to believe anyone is really shocked that an 87 year old white guy would hold these views. This is mostly just a pointless bombshell being dropped which will just deepen the divide.

  • NY Mayor tells AIPAC: 'Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel'
    • It amazes me that I STILL get shocked to see the lobby's raw power manifest itself this way when I know logically there isn’t a notable public figure that isn't bought, lock stock and barrel by them. But being optimistic for a second, it doesn't necessarily mean he's brainwashed or that he’s happy to display such mind-numbing obsequiousness in public. The fact that he was speaking at an Israel Lobby function means you know what he’s going to say, does it really matter to what degree he grovels?

  • Israeli rocker and occupation critic, Izhar Ashdot: Eric Burdon will play Israel with me
    • "Ira and Wiess can visit in Israel a million times, but they will always be ignorant regarding the Israeli Society."

      Wow YRN, so Phil Weiss can spend most of his daily LIFE writing about, endlessly researching, travelling to and agonizing over Israel, but ultimately he's got no understanding of it and never will?

  • When loving Israel is a social credential
    • @Dan Crowther
      "Phil – “some” of “your people” were involved in those “liberation” movements, but others (in fact, sometimes majorities) were on the opposite side. “organized jewry” has often sided with some horrible forces throughout history (big fans of italian fascism and early german fascism as well) so enough with the blanket “my people” statements, it’s past obnoxious."

      Yes, all relevant points Dan but in the context of this beautiful and heartfelt piece this is just outright pedantic and it's hard not to see this as more popping phil's balloon than anything else.

  • Palestine rates one mention in debate-- from Romney; Obama forgot he even went there
  • In front of global audience, Netanyahu draws his red line (on his ridiculous bomb cartoon)
    • I wonder what Jon Stewart will make of this? He'll cover it of course, he's been all over the most ridiculous outgrowths of Zionism from the nuclear duck comment to the recent Dem convention vote on Jerusalem fiasco - but he always stops short of genuine outrage.
      Who knows, maybe the sheer mixture of stupidity and viciousness in this demonstration might push commentators into new territory?

  • Obama says Netanyahu's demands are 'noise' and Romney seems to want to 'start another war'
    • ....I’m not sure why, in terms of critical targets, you would equate a religion of 14 million people against two religions of 1.5 billion people each who constitute of a majority of most of the world’s nation-states. Clearly, people here bash Judaism a lot more than they bash Islam or Christianity

      Islam, Christianity and Judaism are routinely referred to as The Big Three religions - clearly the number of members doesn't count for as much as you think.

    • Any politician who is a true believer in the US-Israel-Best-Friends-Forever horseshit would simply NEVER refer to Israel as "one of our closest allies".
      Obama's heart is in the right place on this issue regardless of how much/little ground he gains on getting the US out from under the Zionist thumb.

  • The conversion of Joel Kovel (Part 2)
    • Inspiring post.
      I never imagined someone's description of their own journey which ultimately winds up with them "signing up" could possibly hold my interest. And in fact if I hadn't seen some of his lectures on online I doubt I'd have even bothered to read this.
      I love his willingness to put what he doesn't completely understand and can't reconcile right alongside that which he does - a quality Phil possesses also.

  • Michael Moore says Palestinians have gotten a 'raw deal'
    • Good to hear.
      Any public condemnation of Israel's bullshit is always undertaken with a good deal of trepidation and is of course, ALWAYS noted by the lobby. I don't think Michael Moore or anybody else should be judged on how often or to what degree they are critical - as long as it is there.
      If Obama is considered a threat to Israels existence and has never suggested anything more harsh than keeping an open dialog with Iran, whilst simultaneously supporting crippling sanctions against them and proclaiming the US undying love for the special bloody relationship etc etc, then Moore's handful of words about a raw deal should be seen as pretty substantial.

  • DNC chair: 'I bring my love of Israel to work every day' and our platform is more pro-Israel than GOP's
    • The lobby in action. Wasserman Schultz and Frum are engaged in an actual battle with each other over Obama v Romney. But as the interview continues it becomes patently obvious that they BOTH consider Israels welfare to be ridiculously more important than it should be in an election - in a DIFFERENT country.
      But what's worse is how comfortable they are in displaying this publicly.

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • Dexter, your 2012 republican almost vomits at the suggestion of utilizing time and resources on things like equality and basic human rights. The Dems, however cowardly, however often they submit to pressure do not.

  • A legacy of two martyrs
    • BTW, Hasbaratchniks take warning by Yonah Fredman alias “Wondering Jew”. He came here to “learn and debate”, too. And he’s “not a Zionist” either. Or something, who knows, but the point is, he thought he was immune, but reading Mondoweiss gave him a nervous breakdown, and he disappeared, and is most probably presently residing at the Bonnie Brae, which is not a booby hatch in the conventional sense of the word. But what a burst of synapsual short circuits before he left! Go to his comment archive and search “pastrami sandwich” or better still “pilpul”. Alas, poor Yonah, if you get my drift.

      Remember "Sword Of Gideon"? His body of work was unmatched - way beyond Hasbara into just plain nasty - even Witty was more reasonable, though less readable.

    • "Anne frank died because she was jewish

      Rachel corrie died because she choose to

      They have nothing in common"

      Wow! That is COLD Wes!

  • Obama's Catholic messaging compared to his Jewish messaging
  • Settler Marc Zell talks Jewish identity at the King David Hotel
    • Actually I stupidly neglected to point out I completely disagree with Zell's views here - probably too eager in supporting Phil's interest in interviewing people like him in the first place.
      But where do you get that I think facts don't matter?
      There is a demonstrable difference between the conventional mainstream wisdom on the I/P issue and what the majority of posters at this site (including myself) believe the facts to be.
      Zell's facts are wrong in my opinion and he is certainly part of a monstrous obstacle to any just resolution, but he ain't no monster himself is all I'm saying - I'll always applaud Phil for interviews like this.

    • Great interview,
      This guy is open, honest and stumbles his way through answers to Phil's prickly questions ultimating presenting a position which is probably as reasonable as any that supports the status quo.
      But that's the toughest thing about the discussing the I/P situation - all the parameters upon which we judge it operate on a kind of sliding scale. Move them all incrementally one way and you have this guy's perspective, the other way, Phils.

  • One apartheid state, with liberty and justice for Jews only
    • From the Times article Maale Shomron wrote:
      "If the international community relinquished its vain attempts to attain the unattainable two-state solution, and replaced them with intense efforts to improve and maintain the current reality on the ground, it would be even better. The settlements of Judea and Samaria are not the problem — they are part of the solution."

      Could there be a more stark example of Israeli arrogance than this statement?
      The rest of the world is the problem. The rest of the world doesn't get that it is backing the wrong guy in this fight. When will the rest of the world wake up?

  • At 'Daily Kos,' a liberal Zionist calls for BDS
    • I share Phil's enthusiasm for stories like this.
      This guy has had a kind of sea change in his life and I unreservedly applaud him for acting upon that change in a way that may well turn his entire community against him - this is once in a lifetime stuff and its probably the most you can expect from ANYONE.

  • Finkelstein on 'cults and flunkies'
    • Biorabbi wrote ...."Both were fantastic debaters… watch Hitch versus Galloway or Norman versus Dersh. They destroyed their opponents, clearly relishing the process."

      I've only seen one debate between Hitch and Galloway and as I recall Galloway monstered him. And again on Bill Maher's program.

      Speaking of Galloway, I've always wondered why his name is conspicuosly absent from MW. He is an inspired and passionate orator on plenty of subjects that easily overlap with what is regularly discussed here.
      A little full of himself maybe. Thoughts anyone?

  • 'Commentary' slams me for struggling with the elite issue
    • "It’s all very silly. Jews have long placed an emphasis on education. Cultures that do this tend to produce many achievements. It’s no different from the Asians, who have the same value. It’s a positive value to emulated. There is no need to endlessly, verbosely dissect it and turn it into something nefarious. We have nothing to apologize for."

      Is GENETIC the word you are looking for Hoppy?

  • Norman Finkelstein's disinformation about BDS
    • Finkelstein is mounting arguments he himself would once have smashed to bits.

      The truth is if you if you could envisage an effective grassroots movement that might have a chance of bringing attention to the Palestinian plight - would it not look pretty much like the BDS movement we have.
      Would it not have holes in it? Would it not be prone to being too idealistic?
      This is what pisses me off, he is attacking the unavoidable pitfalls of such a movement - and since the BDS movement and Finkelstein himself have represented (recently at least) the only visible and well known game in town in this fight, his criticisms are hugely destructive.

  • 24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine
  • Sam Harris, uncovered
    • @Woody Tanaka - "I think most people have some capability to think rationally (not all, unfortunately), but many choose fantasy and non-rationalism over rationalism."

      I think the idea of rationality is overrated. The conventional wisdom of any group can be "irrational" and go unquestioned by those it affects. People once lived with the conventional wisdom that the earth was flat - but could still operate rationally under that umbrella. People in 2012 who believe they will die and float up to heaven still know that one plus one does not equal three.

  • Groundhog day at State: Settlements are 'nonconstructive,' Israel continues to construct
    • "MR. CROWLEY: You’re leading to a kind of a glass half full, glass half empty kind of discussion.

      QUESTION: Well, yeah, except that the glass doesn’t have any water in it at all. (Laughter.) It’s not half full or half empty. It’s completely empty. "

      Freakin hilarious!
      Don't know if anyone here ever saw British TV series "Yes Minister", about an incompetent British MP, but they couldn't come up with dialogue better than this.

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • It's just flat out disingenuous of Finkelstein to even insinuate that BDS success would spell the end of Israel.
      He knows damn well that even if BDS gains SIGNIFICANT traction it will just usher in a long and drawn out arm wrestle over various degrees of relenting on both sides.
      So if its charter for full right of return is an overreach it won’t matter because it will never get that far. And I don’t think it intends to. And I think Finkelstein knows this too.

  • 'King Bibi' is ready for his close up, and 'Time' is willing to oblige
    • “would like to be a hero, but he will not be one at the expense of Israel's security.” Huh? What does that mean?

      Could mean lots of things but probably more that if he needs to break a few eggs to make the omelette he will.

  • Peter Beinart's cognitive dissonance on 'threats to Israel's demographics'
    • I'll support Beinart because his main thrust is to stop the settlements. The criticism over the rest of his Jewish elitism and his cognitive dissonance over I/P history may be justified but so what? There are simply too many wrongs to be righted and too few people willing to put their careers on the line.
      He's in a privilaged position to make a difference and its very possible he may be bending his actual views for diplomacy's sake anyway.

  • It’s not normal and you don’t get it
    • Yes exactly Annie, with me its the latter - the expectation that the listener is going to think I'm either a nut or an anti-semite. I feel I have to verbally make a trip around the world from the US (media, Lobby, congress etc) all the way back to the settlements in order to make a single point.

    • Great post Beth. I think your comments are surprising less and less people.

  • Finkelstein 'not going to be an Israel-basher anymore' but remains 'appalled and disgusted'
    • I'm not buying any of this. If someone else was saying it I wouldn't even blink but no matter how hard I try and see this from NF's point of view it doesn't even remotely add up.
      This guy has been the poster child for blowing the whistle on Israeli misdeeds for 30 odd years and I find it hard not to think this weird shift has something to do with the fact that there are several new kids on the block and that the spotlight may not be all his from here on.
      The damage done by lending his name to any negativity toward BDS ("a little cult") and Walt & Mearsheimer's ground breaking paper is devastating and he could not possibly be unaware of that.
      Once upon a time nothing out of his mouth was anything but honest, meticulously well-researched and to the point. His words here ring hollow and untrue.

  • My spirit is American (a religious manifesto)
    • Fantastic and truly uplifting essay Phil. Don't ever think your brand of honesty isn't appreciated.

  • Emma Thompson among group of prominent British actors calling on Globe theatre to withdraw invite to Israeli National Theatre
  • MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians
    • This was a landmark event on this issue and proves that there is PLENTY of knowledge out there even if there is an unwillingness to actually utter the words.
      Even if Chris Hayes does a complete backflip on this issue next week it won't undo everything this achieved.
      The parting message from Barghouti is key for me - that he is willing to accept a POLITICAL solution even if peace is not part of the deal.

  • Responding to commenters on recent bannings
    • Thanks Toivo

    • Dan, I'm not sure why you seem so aghast that this site might have a singularity of purpose - even if it isn't mentioned in any mission statement .Whatever Phil and Adams stated goals for Mondoweiss may be doesn't change anything I'm saying. I'm being guided by the contributions and the responses here only and whilst freeing the Palestinians is obviously not the ONLY topic discussed here I would think it's top of the tree in importance. I could have picked anything else because it's all related - Zionism, US pandering to the lobby, Israel's belief that it can survive indefinitely fighting endless wars and at the end of that chain, the Palestinians being the ultimate casualties of all this.
      I see the purpose here at MW in weakening any of those links in the chain.

    • KMA, let me put it another way - if your having an intervention for an alcoholic friend, keep the discussion to booze, don't start bringing up OTHER shit they did!
      You might have a right to bring up it up but it ain't gonna help and they may well LEAVE!

    • One of the main reasons Walt & Mearsheimer gained such prominence in an area where almost every other has failed was by almost surgically avoiding areas of discussion unrelated to the Israel Lobby's stranglehold of the US Congress. It wasn't cowardice it was purely an effort to gain as much ground as possible.
      I wonder if Phil and Adam's new policies may be trying to beat a similar path. If so I have no problem with that.
      If the ultimate goal of this site is to help free the Palestinians then I personally think detailed discussions of ME history is more counterproductive than anything else.
      The chain starts with the US subserviance to the lobby. That at least stands a chance of changing - peoples awareness/outrage is increasing palpably. You can actually talk about this where you couldn't even 5 years ago. That is something that can be built upon.
      As I say, it all depends on what this site is about - if it's a clubhouse for likeminded people to exchange ideas with no restriction then fine, but bringing up Jewish responsibility for the rise of the Nazi's is only going to polarize and narrow each discussion down to a handful of posters that take up the entire thread.
      And I'm not knocking that, I'll always read it, I've learned a lot at this site but as Norman F said recently (possibly as a way of distancing himself from his alarming comments bashing of the BDS movement) maybe its time to start moving toward looking for a solution.

  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
    • Thanks Pixel, I always let blurt once the party is over ;)

    • I sincerely hope he lives to regret saying all this because it's OBVIOUS he is boiling with resentment throughout this video. In particular, the superciliousness is unbearable.
      His main point, about directing more energy toward enforcing the law is, taken all by itself not a bad one. But he spends 98 percent of this interview belittling a movement that is borne out of wanting to right wrongs and he knows damn well the limitations and fragility of a movement like BDS. Suddenly he's willing to give ISRAEL the benefit of the doubt while holding a youthful movement to unreasonably high standards.
      This is pure Dershowitz!
      He's ends up shitting all over BDS the same way one could EASILY shit on the Occupy movement - young, idealistic, misdirected youths with a bit of knowledge and too much time on their hands right?
      One bombastic overreaction (I hope) certainly doesn't undo 30 years of fighting the good fight but this was depressing as hell nonetheless.

  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • I think these are helpful policies moving forward.
      I understand a lot of commenters have problems with where Adam and Phil will draw the line but I think it's reasonable to expect they can decipher if the general thrust of someones post is heading in one of the areas of concern.
      The endless pissing contests centering on historical knowledge that take up entire threads here are a real turn-off and frustratingly pointless. For me the history of this topic gets increasingly irrelevant the further back you go.
      I personally wish the discussion would center on 2012, the paralysis of the US congress in the face of the lobby and the endless wars and threats of wars in the middle east that appear to benefit nobody but Israel.

  • 'NYT' and 'Haaretz' and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said
    • Biggest threat to Israel is Israel.
      If they just for example, stopped the settlement building right where it stands - even keeping the stolen land, I reckon there would be tearful gushing plaudits all round, not to mention instantaneous US backed military pulverizing of any Arab ungratefulness.
      As unfair to the Palestinians as it would still be I seriously think even they would take it over the status quo - it would set middle-east relations on a course it has not EVER really been on before.
      An actual positive after an eternal negative.
      That's the advantage of being a conceited bully, everyone falls over themselves with praise the second you show a glimpse of compassion.
      Israel may have half a century of unrelenting bastardry (is that a word?) to cash in on.

  • Today in Pittsburgh, Jesse Lieberfeld, 17, will deliver a hammer blow to American Jewish support for Israel
  • Even 'SNL' is talking about Israel firsters....
    • Is everyone here going soft in the head?
      That was "war with Iran as a favor to Israel"
      That's not significant enough for you all?
      On effin mainstream TV yet?
      Who cares about the line at the end, the first bit is the naughty bit
      That's not even baby steps - I mark it down as progress.

  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • Jerome, it's an outright cop out to dismiss the commenters here when they accumulate completely organically. This is a blog, its not an organization.
      I assume ANYONE who runs a site like Phil's will attract roughly the same breakdown of serious commenters, opinionated laypeople and prejudiced trolls and hangers-on.
      You are also dismissing the only candidate to openly opposes pre-emptive war and the total non-accountability of Wall Street at the precise moment that candidate is gaining serious traction.
      I'm not sure what you expected.

  • Ben-Ami: I advocate for Israel, Palestinian groups should advocate for Palestinian human rights
    • I agree with Richard here, at least to the extent that the path to peace may not be a straight one.
      For sure, Ben Ami's position in this exchange is littered with what most people at this site would probably agree are deal-breakers to any just solution - but I saw Ben Ami debate Dershowitz on Shalom TV recently and he argued the Palestinian position hard and long for over an hour and eventually had The Dersh' foaming at the mouth and reaching for his usual bloody maps.
      I think you have to use a different set of criteria when judging public figures in the face of the zionist omnipresence.
      I can't stand the cowardice, hypocrisy and backpedalling displayed by the likes of (popping to mind recently) Obama, Friedman and Goldstone - but surely that only serves to underline how incredibly fucking scary the lobby can be to those who dare to take it on.
      I don't think any public figure who's ever uttered a negative word about Israel or the lobby has done so by accident - and if that's true there are a hell of a lot of people fighting this out there.

  • Obama says nothing about Palestinians-- because Indyk says Netanyahu has Congress in his 'back pocket'
    • "peaceful settler" is an oxymoron and "non-violent Palestinian human rights" means, I guess Palestinians who keep their bitching to themselves and wait till the bulldozers arrive?

  • Give it up to Hitchens!
    • Hitchens' positions on almost everything smacked more of having a personal axe to grind than any wish to right wrongs. He may have lambasted Israels bahavior but he bashed Islam far more severely and for a lot longer - and that's where he loses me.
      I'm not sure what his stance on the British Empire's colonization of half the globe was but I bet he would have supported that -just a guess, maybe someone can tell me different.

  • GOP presidential candidates offer red meat on Israel (UPDATED)
    • Obama probably has visions of Dallas in 63 when he thinks about visiting Israel.
      It really is incredible when you consider he's hated because he can only manage 99 percent unconditional support.

  • Game changer: Hillary says Israeli restrictions on women remind her of Rosa Parks and Iran
    • "The relations between Israel and the US are very, very deep and in fact getting better all the time."

      A kidnapper and his hostage have a very deep relationship too eee but it ain't based on shared values.

  • An American Jew who emigrated to Israel is asked if the end of the Jewish state would be a tragedy for her
    • "You guys are too pure. She’s willing to support a one state solution, but she’s not perfect. Who is? If every Israeli thought like her the conflict would be over."

      Agreed totally. She also said
      "Q. At times the Jewish state will be in conflict with human rights.
      A. Then I am for human rights. Human rights trumps everything. We are for human beings."
      You are not going to get better than that!

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