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a proud zionist

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  • Some thoughts on the fake gay blogger from Damascus....
    • "Though gay rights is an issue in the Middle East, it certainly is not the most important one and it certainly doesn't trump any of the other issues in Syria or anywhere else right now." So, gays in Iran and Saudi Arabia get hung for . . . being gay. It's basic human rights gays want. Sorry, but in that sense, gay rights, the right to be gay and live, is the most important thing, because it's essentially human rights.

      And it's funny, the minute gay rights are talked about, you bring up an Arab woman being slapped by an Israeli policeman. You're doing the same thing you accuse the Zionists of doing--changing the subject, pointing to worse abuses in the Israeli world, but getting (very wrongly) slapped in the face for trying to assert your (god-given) rights is a far cry from being killed for being gay.

  • Obama, the Arab Spring and irrelevance
    • Tal, in an ideal world, what you say would be true. But unfortunately, Arabs are discriminated against in Israel. Of course, Palestinians have to put up with in Israel is nothing compared to what other minorities have to deal with in Islamic countries. But the Israel bashers here seem to have some weird Israel obsession.

      I just registered, and am waiting to get kicked off. Thought it might be fun to argue with people who'll automatically hate me.

    • @Richard Witty: "Obama is a moral man. He is working for peace, a real effort, not vain, not Narcissistic, not unrealistic." Maybe this is true. But my guess is that he's also realized that the Republican field of candidates is pathetic, and that he can afford to piss off some Jews who might otherwise have voted for him. If this were going to be a closer race, I seriously doubt he would have chosen now to be the time to start putting Israel's feet to the fire.

  • Why Desmond Travers identifies with the people of Sderot
    • If it's "by others" it was not said. "By others" I heard that pabelmont scams little old ladies out of their life savings.

  • Comments Policy
    • I'd be more than happy to support you, that is if you ran my comments. I've written nothing in the past two or three comments section that could be considered trolling. I've merely disagreed with your anti-Zionist stance. I have not gone out of my way to offend.

      When you're willing to give voice to other voices, fine, I'll donate.

      And what I find so strange about this is that you regularly revile Marty Peretz (and he deserves much of your reviling), yet Marty ALWAYS allows posters to say whatever they like--to the point of calling him a demented old man, a fucking bastard, a racist liar. I'm not suggesting you stand for this kind of abuse, but it's strange that you have such a heavily censored cite. You have a couple of pro-Israeli posters, but I'm sure there'd be a lot more pro-Israeli points of view if they were allowed in. So in a way, you have your own separation-barrier. Strange for a man who claims he wants open conversation. I guess "open" means as long as you regularly refer to Israelis as Nazis and fascists.

      And annie: like I said, this, in your words, "yes, i do think people just get disappeared. but that’s not that unusual around the internet" is somewhat unusual. At least for the places I check out. I can't remember when TNR (you know, that site I mentioned that's run by the dybbuk) has never disappeared anyone. And I've been harassed plenty over there. Though I could care less. If someone calls me a blithering idiot or bitch, who gives a crap.

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