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  • Omar Saad, a Druze-Palestinian musician from the Galilee, refuses Israeli military service
    • The olives I cured from the tree are bitter, so I've moved on.

      Today I took my metal detector and went exploring near a depopulated Arab village. I found a valuable silver coin from Mandatory Palestine, circa 1934, along with bullet casings and some other interesting but worthless junk.

  • If only it was just one tweet: One activist's experience in the 'Our Land' Facebook group
    • @Mooser.

      "I mean tell me, PZ, why you wouldn’t do to me what you do to Palestinians?"

      I see more Arabs here in Israel on a daily basis then you see in a year.
      The Arabs I see here in Israel are thriving and no one bothers them. In all the time I've spent here in Israel, I've never once seen a Jew raise his voice to an Arab, much less his hand. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm saying I've never seen it ( and this is a small country).

    • Sure Annie.

      link to

    • @Mooser

      If truth be told, record numbers of ex-pat Israelis are coming home and a steady stream of French Jews are making aliyah as well.

    • @Hostage

      My use of the Damascus blood libel was illustrative; both Moslems and Christians used it against the Jews. There was another blood libel accusation in Jerusalem in the 1830's but the accusers were arrested.

      I also use the Damascus blood libel because my family in Jerusalem were instrumental in freeing the Jews arrested but not tortured to death in Damascus.

    • @Grandpont

      "The status of Dhimmi to which they were subjected differed in no way from that of Christians,"

      Not quite correct. Only Jews were blood libeled.

      link to

      "There was never anything to stop the Jews of Bagdad, Istanbul, Izmir, Salonica, Damascus or Cairo from moving to Palestine if they wanted"

      Well. Shabtai Tzvi, the Jewish 'false messiah', sought an ingathering of the Jews and a return to the Land of Israel. The Ottoman sultan offered Shabtai Tzvi a choice, convert to Islam or die. Shabtai Tzvi converted.

  • Norr responds to Ash: Who is trying to get the solidarity movement back on track and who is merely fanning the flames of division?
  • Israel vs. #2 pencils: Israel refuses to allow SAT tests to enter the West Bank
  • Israeli film 'The Gatekeepers' brings truths about occupation that Palestinians are vilified for saying
    • " The Shin Bet men started crossing the red lines on immoral conduct nearly 30 years ago, when Shalom authorized the killings of Palestinians arrested in a famous bus hijacking case..."

      And it's worth mentioning that in 1985, Brigadier General Yitzhak Mordechai, who had led the storming of the 'bus 300', and eleven others were put on trial for the killing of the two prisoners.

  • Settlers destroy over 250 olive trees near Ramallah and over 120 trees in Nablus as olive harvest begins on the West Bank
  • Truman's recognition of Israel ignited 'wars,' Clemons acknowledges
    • I said:

      “I challenge you to present one shred of evidence that Zionism had anything to do with Forrestal’s suicide. One shred and I donate $18 to Mondoweiss”.

      No offering of evidence. No donation to Mondoweiss.
      Perhaps it's time I planted another tree?

    • @Klaus

      Yah. I want to see the evidence.


      Zionists than.

    • @Phil

      " The recognition of Israel led in some measure to former Defense Secretary Forrestal's demise. Attacked in the NY gossips over his personal life and sacked by Truman, he disintegrated, believed himself to be harassed by Zionists, and ultimately committed suicide."

      Low blow. Phil.

      I challenge you to present one shred of evidence that Zionism had anything to do with Forrestal's suicide.

      One shred and I donate $18 to Mondoweiss.

  • NY set up Pakistani immigrant on bombing charges because he'd expressed 'sympathy' for Palestinian suicide bombers who had lost family members
    • @piotr

      Correct. Predisposition or indoctrination by the government agent is not clear, but as Judge Gershon stated in the article, it never is clear.

      Correct. Blowing up the Verrazano Narrow Bridge IS 'crazy'. This is a huge steel suspension bridge with thousands of daily commuters and guarded by police and surveillance equipment. Not so a subway station. Think Madrid and London tubes bombings.

      I don't know if the Siraj jury arrived at the right verdict. I'm a defense attorney and jury verdicts are a mystery to me too. What I do know is that Mondoweiss should make the minimal effort to contact a trial attorney or juror and ask them, 'What happened?'
      Mondoweiss should not make the conclusory statement that a 'false conflation of Israel of America' had anything to do with whether there was justice in this case.

    • Phil. Before saying 'j'accuse', consider two things from the book review article.

      'On May 17, Siraj came up with the idea of placing a bomb in the subway. What took place between the two men during the eight months, and thirty-five to forty meetings, leading up to this plot remains largely unknown, even after the trial.'

      'Siraj expresses, in grandiose terms, his desire to avenge America’s mistreatment of Muslims. He also made a scouting trip to the subway station with Eldawoody and Elshafay and created a crude drawing of the target.'
      Siraj had a trial and was convicted. Maybe someone from Mondoweiss should interview a juror from the Siraj trial and find out why 12 New Yorkers voted for a conviction instead of concocting this 'false conflation of America and Israel' phantom.

  • Sold-out Russell Tribunal on Palestine wraps up in New York
    • @Blake

      Hamas is political Islam and it's mentor is the Moslem Brotherhood. Political Islam is a worldwide phenomena and Israel could not have stopped the idea of political Islam from taking root in Gaza. Israel let Sheik Yassin grow his social help network after the sheik began stockpiling weapons, Israel throw him into jail. The rest is history.

      For now, I'm keeping my money in my pocket.

    • @Mndwss

      Israel created Hamas. Swell talking point.
      But can you prove it?

      You prove it and I give Mondoweiss an $18 donation.

    • ".. would not live one day in a Gazan’s shoes.."

      Blake may have good reason.

      link to

  • The land grab continues-- without a word of condemnation from the West
    • So devout Israeli Jews shouldn't live in Judea/Samaria because that's illegal. They shouldn't live apart from Israeli Arabs because that's racist and apartheid-like, and they shouldn't move into Arab-Jewish cities.

      Got it.

  • Israeli celebration of winners at int'l science fair cites 'Jewish mind'-- and leaves out Palestinians!
    • @tree

      Of course the photos put the students in size order. The short kids are seated (size order) and the tall kids are standing. The tall kids in the back row are standing in size order.

      So now the school photographer is in on this vast conspiracy?

    • Bigotry is mindless hatred and nothing in these article suggests bigotry. Pride maybe, but not bigotry.

      My best guess is that the Arab (and some Jewish) names were omitted for editorial reasons only.

    • @Eva

      What is it about seating and standing people in 'size order' that makes you uncomfortable?

    • Phil. Is your article a 'rush to judgment'?

      12 winner names are listed on the Ben Gurion University’s page, here:

      link to

      In the article you link to, only two names are mentioned: The first prize winner and one of the third prize winners. None of the 8 students who won the second prize are mentioned, 2 of whom have Arab names and 6 – Hebrew names. The two with the Arab names appears first because the names are listed in an alphabetic order. Your conclusion of deliberate deletion of Arab students’ names in the article would carry more authority if Hebrew name winners from of the second prize had made it into the article. There were three names in the third prize category but only one was indicated. which suggests to me some sort of editorial decision that has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion.

      If you want to make a case for discrimination, you would have to explain why, out of the 12 names only two were mentioned at all. And why, when 8 of the unmentioned names are Jewish, do you take special interest in the non-mention of the Arab names? Do you think they should have been given special attention, because they were Arab students? If so, why?

  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream
    • @Hostage

      Yes sir. I checked out the plans.

      link to

      Now what?

      Where are those pesky villages we must destroy?

    • Here is a copy of the Master Plan for Tel Aviv, 1925, drafted by Patrick Geddes, a Scottish urban planner. Where are the Arab villages that Tel Aviv was supposedly built over?

      link to

      BTW. Most urban dwelling Zionists who emigrated to Eretz Yisroel first lived in Jaffa, among her Arabs, until 'disturbances' forced the Zionists to leave Jaffa and take up residence in nearby Tel Aviv.

    • @Hostage

      Uhh...wasn't Herzl talking about a colony in Kenya. Or is Mount Kilamangaro in Tanzania? I don't know.

    • So the UN passed an ultra vires, non-binding resolution that prompted the Arabs to attack. Makes no sense.

      If a court which lacks jurisdiction served me with a defective eviction notice, I'd toss it in the garbage.

    • @thankgod

      The UN voted in favor of the partition of Palestine on November 29 and the Arabs attacked on November 30. That seems to be what got the Arab's goat.

      As for your contempt, I could not care less.

    • @Taxi

      Everything is temporary, including Israel.
      Now what country are you from?

    • @Hostage.

      Please. You know better. Herzl was writing about South America, not Eretz Yisroel, and stated on that same page that the native 'holdouts' were not to be forcibly removed.

      C'mon. Hostage. Old ground.

    • You mean they have no S&M in Gaza? How sure can you be?

    • @marcb

      I was paraphrasing the Survey of Palestine, which link, you provided.
      See for yourself if what I say didn't come right out of the Survey. It did.

    • Again, read my linke to Morris, Birth, page 110.

    • @marc c

      Of course your statistics are selective insofar as most Jewish agriculture in Palestine was concentrated in the production of livestock, poultry and dairy.

      Jewish citrus production was on par with Arab citrus production. And most important of all, the very nature of agriculture in Palestine was forever altered by the introduction of Jewish irrigation.

    • @Colin

      I didn't skip out on you.

      After you tried to blame Jews for the anti-Moslem video and the murder of the American Ambasssador to Libya, I decided that I have nothing to discuss with you.

    • @eljay

      '..either stupid, hateful or .. both.'

      No. I just know my history better than most. See the links to Benny Morris I posted.

    • @Shmuel

      " with Haifa, the exodus from the town[Jaffa] was triggered by the start of hostilities, which was initiated by Jaffa's militiamen, who began sniping into neighboring Tel Aviv on 30 November. The following day dozens of Arabs assaulted Jewish houses bordering on the Northern Manshiya neighborhood and an Arab mob in Abu Kabir attacked a Jewish car and murdered its three passengers. Jewish retaliatory strikes followed."

      Morris, Birth, pg.110. link to

      Yes. Nice demolition job indeed.

    • @eljay

      Israel is not a 'supremacist state', she is a 'survivalist state'.

    • Like me too. I made aliyah last month.

    • @Walid

      These 'crimes' you describe are more nuanced than you'd have us believe. See, Morris, Birth @pg. 110.

      link to

    • @dima

      "Those “fools”-they’ve must being paid by Zionists".

      No. Lonely Planet just knows how to have fun!

    • "..But in Tel Aviv, there are no Palestinians or even signs of their not so historic thriving presence.."

      ".. Tel Aviv's original sin, forcing Palestinians to leave."

      Historically, local Arabs did not have a thriving presence on the empty sand dunes on which Tel Aviv grew.

      BTW. Where there are urban alleyways, there is urine. This holds true in every city in the world.

    • Another day, another hatchet-job.

      Keep whacking it.

  • In 'The Nation,' Birnbaum says Netanyahu has exposed Jews to dual loyalty charge (and Dennis Ross is an Israeli agent)
    • Fair or not, I find it hard to imagine Professor Finkelstein looking a dead American soldier's family in the eye and saying that he's rejoiced in that death.

      That's what I mean when I say the Finkelstein has made stupid and bigoted statements. Statements that he can't or won't back up.

    • Dershowitz, an academic, is a buffoon.

      Finkelstein, smarter than Dershowitz, has nonetheless said some really stupid and bigoted things as well.

      Example 1. Finkelstein said that he rejoices in the deaths of invaders, including Americans in Iraq.

      Example 2. Finkelstein has also suggested that Israel, who he called , 'a Satanic State', was behind the bombing of the Coptic church in Alexandria last year.

      Both of these academics are out of control.

    • Nice and condescending, Phil.

    • I would ask Professor Birnbaum one question. Will Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons make the world a more or less safe place?

      BTW. I've found a great deal more political wisdom by listening to working class people who live paycheck to paycheck than by listening to tenured academics.

  • How I fell in love with Nablus
  • Liberal Zionists' vision of religious segregation puts them to the right of western neo-fascists -- Max Blumenthal
    • Rabbi Shapira was arrested and questioned 'with a warning', which sounds like he was read his 'Miranda rights'.

      link to

    • @ellen

      "Your point was to divert attention to the crimes of others."

      No. And I know better than you what my point was.

      My point was that this site applies double standards with regards to Israel.

      By it's nature, a double standard only addresses half the problem, never the whole.

    • '...what would be wrong with that ?'

      Nothing. Unless you're a woman having to sit in the back of the bus with a rag on your head.

    • @piotr

      As you know, the Kahanist party has been banned in Israel and incendiary 'rabbis' like the authors of the Kings Torah, have been arrested.

    • @Colin

      "conscious construct"

      Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan were all conscious constructs. They weren't 'just there'. Are we responsible for their actions too?

    • No. Colin. My point is that My Lai and Kfar Qassem were identical incidents. That in all wars there are war crimes and to single out Israel is unjust.

      Oops. There was a recently a 'My Lai massacre' in Syria (that must have gone undetected on you radar).

    • Palestine was created by the League of Nations and Jews were invited to settle there with the full backing of the Mandatory Government. Jews did that and 25 years later the situation deteriorated and a civil war ensueded with thousands or Jewish and Arab casualties. The Arabs of Palestine lost that war. A Jewish State was declared on only 70% of Mandatory Palestine. Most Arab refugees from the civil war were not allowed to return to their homes.


    • @Colin

      "France doesn’t need to prove she has a moral right to be France — she’s just there."

      Perhaps you've forgotten French Colonialism, which was a moral project.

      Colin. Can you leave Israel alone for ten minutes?

    • @Donald

      "..US and Israel..."

      Okay. Name a country that isn't hypocritical when it comes to prosecuting their own war criminals?

    • @Colin

      You didn't answer my question. Is Jimmy Carter in your cesspool?

    • @eljay

      Wasn't the ICC investigating alleged Canadian war crimes against detainees in Afghanistan?

      What ever happened to that inquiry?

    • Read my post a little more carefully regarding Jimmy Carter.

      My point is that military justice is an odd bird. Always was and always will be.

      My point is that Calley was following orders and that the American public and government felt that an injustice had been done to Lt. Calley.

      My point is that singling out Israel for committing war crimes and singling out Israel for a weak prosecution of her war criminals is unfair.

    • @Colin

      Is that Jimmy Carter I see in your cesspool of evil? Sure it is!

      "On March 31, 1971, Calley was sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labor at Fort Leavenworth.
      Of the 26 officers and soldiers initially charged for their part in the My Lai Massacre or the subsequent cover-up, only Calley was convicted.

      Many in America were outraged by Calley's sentence; Georgia's governor Jimmy Carter instituted "American Fighting Man's Day" and asked Georgians to drive for a week with their lights on.

      Indiana's governor asked all state flags to be flown at half-staff for Calley, and Utah's and Mississippi's governors also disagreed with the verdict.[

      The Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, New Jersey, and South Carolina legislatures requested clemency for Calley. Alabama's governor George Wallace visited Calley in the stockade and requested that Nixon pardon him.

      After the conviction, the White House received over 5000 telegrams; the ratio was 100 to 1 in favor of leniency. In a telephone survey of the American public, 79% disagreed with the verdict, 81% believed that the life sentence Calley had received was too stern, and 69% believed Calley had been made a scapegoat.

    • @piotr.

      You got it ass backwards, piotr.

      AFTER the October 1956 Kfar Qassem massacre, Judge Halevy created the legal precedent that IDF soldiers must refuse to obey a manifestly illegal order.

      Yes. The soldiers who obeyed orders and carried out the massacre were fined but their immediate superiors were sent to prison, a fact you left out.

  • Mona Eltahawy arrested for defacing Geller's racist savage ad in NYC subway
    • Mona should have stood on a soapbox next to the offensive poster and expressed her views without defacing Pamela's message. Mona could have reached a wide audience of subway commuters and upheld our cherished Western values at the same time.

    • @Kathleen

      "Amdocs/Comverse Insosys (Israeli based communication systems with access to 95% of all American phone calls) access Mona’s phone, text, etc to know when she was coming. The timing is odd. Unless Hall stands there 24/7"

      Don't bother to you check under your bed at night for Jews. They can shape-shift into cockroaches.

  • Video: Israeli kids in the army museum ('I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy')
    • Today, Ramle is about 70 percent Jewish and 30 percent Arab.

    • Why does everyone talk about Cast Lead without mentioning Operation Oil Stain, which preceded Cast Lead.

      link to

    • @Citizen

      "...Ramle and Lydda, largely Arab towns.."

      Not but a long shot. You must have mistaken Mizrahi Jews for Arabs.
      No one's perfect.

    • @Annie

      If you'd remove your blinders you'd see that several rockets have been shot into Israel from Gaza over the past several weeks and that Israel has only responded to the attacks, not provoked them,

      Moreover, two days ago terrorists from the Negev, G-d know what they want, attacked an IDF patrol in Israel and killed a soldier.

  • Change of plan
    • @Tree

      "This was a provocation. An Arab driver arrived in a Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur with blaring music, and refused to leave when asked to by local residents. We believe he was intoxicated. This was a deliberate act," Galilee Police spokesman Ch.-Supt. Eran Shaked said.

      BTW. Three Arab homes were damaged by fire. Five Arab homes were not burned to the ground.

      BTW. I thought arab Acco was famous for probably being the only city to withstand a seige by Napolean Bonaparte.

    • The Civil Rights movement was won in the streets of places like Birmingham and Selma, not at garden parties.

      I ask you. Where does the politiking end? At weddings and funerals? Answer please. Honest answer.

    • Are you insane? Arabs do whatever they please on Yom Kippur. Okay. Maybe the malls are closed but the mall owners are entitled to open and close their businesses as the see fit. No?
      When all the Jews in Israel stop whatever they're doing for a two minute of silence on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Arabs cruise on the highways doing what the please, which bothers nobody.

    • The United States helps all the Persian Gulf States, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

      So where is the criticism of these war criminals and human rights violators. BTW. The United States did zero to help Israel until post Six Day War.

    • I really don't know what is happening in Syria and this blog certainly does nothing to inform. It appears to be a religious, secterian civil war where Assad kills more people but loses territorial control.

    • Phil has a influential blog which he uses quite effectively to air his views. He doesn't need to bring his politics to a garden party. Many would consider that boorish. Where does the politiking stop, Colin?
      Weddings and funerals?

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