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Psychopathic god

I am an American. My major concern is US overindulgence of Israel and demonization of Iran. I also believe US rapprochement with Iran is in best interest of Americans.

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  • Return To Sender: Israeli activists say, 'we won’t be 'the US aircraft carrier in the Middle East''
    • And the only viable outside force has to be a grassroots BDS movement in the West. Our governments cannot provide that force — the lobby both here in the US and in Europe have too much power.

      the information that seeps through the internet-based interstices of the MSM is becoming worrisome to Abe Foxman, among others. When I hear Israelis and Foxman and his fellow travelers use the word, "delegitimize," the concept that that word has come to denote is, "damn, more and more people are discovering the facts of our criminal project and they're writing it down and telling more people."

      In this discussion of his latest foray into encasing his ideas between book covers, Foxman worries that his organization is losing control over information, what with the internet, so ADL is working with nations all over the globe to ENFORCE study of holocaust -- he reported that Turkey will require study of holocaust in Turkey's schools, but fretted that there's work to do since more people are reading Mein Kampf and the internet is a wide open resource for "the new antisemitism" which Foxman defined as "the delegitimization of Israel."

      Why is Foxman so afraid of people gaining information about historical events? Why the compulsion to control the historical narrative -- isn't that what Americans were told by Mukasey and Lieberman as they created intrusive aspects of Homeland Security -- "if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about".


    • Psychopathic god March 3, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      propose a trade -- Israel takes holocaust museum out of US 'Main Street' in Washington, we'll take back the weapons & money US sends Israel.


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  • Republican congressmen join Islamophobic hate rally in California
    • Psychopathic god March 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

      annie, facts are important.

      the book that was to be discussed was ABOUT THE CASE (history on trial) She wrote the book AFTER the trial, about the trial. In Lipstadt's view, only her version of facts is permitted a hearing. That seems to fly in the face of what free speech is all about -- even, and ESPECIALLY when the topic is holocaust.

      link to

    • David Irving is a holocaust denier -- you say.
      I disagree.

      I believe Deborah Lipstadt used hateful tactics to silence free speech, rather than use free speech in an open forum to challenge speech to which she objected.

      Israel denies the Goldstone report.

      which one relies on facts?
      which one inflicts more harm?

    • indeed, fuster.

      In 2005, Deborah Lipstadt was to appear on C Span to discuss her book, about her successful court case involving David Irving. C Span invited Irving to appear as well. Lipstadt objected strenuously, that Irving had no right to speak. When C Span stuck to its guns, defending free speech just as the US Supreme Court upheld the right of free speech in the Phelps Westboro Baptist case yesterday, Lipstadt went apeshit and pulled the kinds of strings that someone like Lipstadt can pull -- featured articles in the NYT, petitions signed by 200 historians from universities throughout the US, and her own very public whineathon. Lipstadt withdrew from her appearance on C Span.

      That was a very public demonstration of the ability of the Israel lobby to inject major media with the virus of Antisemiphobia©.

      How is it that a congressman, a city councilwoman, and a crowd of fine, white men, women, and children (you didn't see any black faces in that crowd, did you? black hearts, yes; black faces, no) can exercise their 'free speech' rights to spew hate, but an intelligent, thoughtful researcher like David Irving -- and legions like him-- are shut out of discussing evidence about historical events that is contrary to the received narrative?

      Until the antidote to the virus of Antisemiphobia© is available to EVERY American and, in view of Abe Foxman's worldwide efforts to impose holocaust propaganda in every school -- in every person in the world, then 'free speech' is a cruel jest.

  • Ignoring the Arab spring, J St lobbies for more money for a gov't that's cracked down on protesters
    • Psychopathic god March 3, 2011 at 9:47 am

      second your commendation of the superb job Phil and Adam do, Avi.

      I'm going to have to work harder to curb my antisemitic rants so that i can say with more credibility -- and sadness -- 'dear Phil, I told you so.' I KNOW I wrote a comment questioning why J Street takes its show to Washington, DC to "change the Jewish community, but ends up lobbying US Congress to do something about Israel, when they could -- and if they were genuine, WOULD, find plenty of opportunities to "change the Jewish community" right in their own back yards.

      I don't remember if my comment was scrubbed or not. (I know my pov is offensive but the material i post is based on sound facts/evidence. I think it's a better idea if the information comes out and is dealt with honestly, rather than try to keep it under the rug, then have the rug pulled out from under a lot of innocent people.)

      While J Street was lobbying Congress in Washington, this organization was screening "Iranium" ---that is, drumming hatred and war --in several of the locales "back home" where J Street has a large footprint.

  • Mondo Award Winner: Jillian Kestler-D'Amours on al-Araqib
    • in my project of tracking C Span's descent into zionist control, I listened to a 1988 interview of Wolf Blitzer. A woman caller said, "Aren't the Palestinians half-Jewish and half-Arab?

      I don't remember how Blitzer handled that -- probably predictably. What struck me is, Yes, it has to be true that a goodly percentage of the Palestinians are Jewish or came from Jewish stock. Likely, they are the only authentic Jews in the region.

      Did Herzl, ben Gurion, Weizman, Ruppin know that there were ancient Jews living on that land, and that European Jews were displacing them? It's like a Greek tragedy w Freudian overtones.

      Does anyone have a source for information about the earliest encounters between Palestinians Jews and European zionists, in the first decade of the 1900s?

  • There's work to do
    • Psychopathic god March 2, 2011 at 6:01 pm

      on the other hand, Citizen, look at all the people that have come to this blog in the past ~18 months,
      and remember why it is that people in the US are asking for Al Jazeera -- because hundreds of thousands of people in the US became aware of it.
      That genie ain't goin back in the bottle.

      What's worse -- as the genie comes fully out of the bottle and people realize the extent to which they've been lied to, there will be hell to pay.
      Israel is built on one lie atop another. When the house of cards comes tumbling, it will go all the way to the foundation.

      Trends 2011 -- Israel will be the odd man out

    • Psychopathic god March 2, 2011 at 5:47 pm

      Phil -- you haven't seen the NCIS episodes where a "vile Iranian" businessman is killed by automatic weapons fired from a police helicopter, then the investigators say (the equivalent of) good riddance?

      there's nothing worth turning on the teevee for -- everything is zionized.

    • Psychopathic god March 2, 2011 at 5:42 pm

      The Principles of Israel Advocacy (The Hasbara Manual)

      p. 25

      Most people, when in doubt, are happy to do what other people are doing. This is the bandwagon effect. People are happy to be part of the crowd, and subtle manipulators can play on this desire by emphasizing the large size of their support. Although it is reasonable that people are given a chance to find out how many other supporters a speaker or movement has, often it is possible to create the impression of extensive support – through gathering all supporters in one place, or through poorly conducted opinion polls – in an attempt to persuade people who are keen to follow the crowd.

      Israel activists can commission opinion polls amongst groups who favour Israel, and use these to give the impression of large numbers that Israel is the ‘team to support’. Demonstrations, and even photos that give the impression of large numbers can help to create the impression that Israel is even more popular than it is.

      Remember that playing with perceptions of numbers supporting a cause can be problematic if this means that genuine supporters become complacent.

      p. 26

      Palestinian activists’ success at creating the impression that they have enormous support is hard to counter. The most obvious and most effective response is to try and seem even better supported. Otherwise, simply start to deal with the issues, especially using ‘plain folks’ techniques, to gain support that is committed, and not just jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Palestinians face ‘price tag’ revenge from furious settlers
    • Psychopathic god March 1, 2011 at 9:46 pm

      "Germans destroyed Germany and fellow Germans (among others) and it was Nationalism that motivated the insanity.

      Zion is an ancient Hebrew designation for Jerusalem, but already in biblical times it began to symbolize the national homeland (see e.g., Psalm 137.1-6). In this latter sense it served as a focus for Jewish national-religious hopes of renewal over the centuries. Ancient hopes and attachments to Zion gave rise to Zionist longings and movements since antiquity, culminating in the modern national liberation movement of that name.

    • Kate, this is very good work, to list these outrages done to the Palestinian people.

      With respect, I suggest it is unhelpful to use the formula, "what the Germans did to the Jews. . ." There are several reasons why this is problematic; the most recent is the drive, led by Edwin Black, working in coordination with officials at US Holocaust museum, and supported by legislation from Knesset, to link Palestinian Arab actions in 1948, directly to Nazi Germany. The goal is to put the CHILDREN of Jews who moved to Israel from Arab locations in the 1940s-early 1950s, in a position to claim reparations from Arabs.

  • Mona Eltahawy’s speech signals shift in mainstream discourse that Zionists don’t want
    • what I heard Mona say was that Arabs DON'T hate Israelis or Americans -- "the demonstrations were not about burning other people's flags" or words to that effect; "the protests were about Arabs claiming their dignity, their rights."

      not about hate.

      i thought that was impressive.

      i also hope the sentiment is not exploited: not hating is different from not demanding justice. Israel and the US have greatly wronged the Arab and Iranian people and owe them justice and a great debt that should be repaid just as surely and generously as Europe paid reparations to Jews.
      The non-negotiable requirement for accountability and payment of reparations is as much for the aggrieved people's benefit as to enforce in the wrongdoers -- and Israel and US are firmly in that category -- that they may not harm others with impunity. If they are not punished, they will not internalize that message.

    • Bobby Gosh, TIME magazine writer, on C Span Washington Journal, Feb 28 2011, ~9:15 am:

      "It is completely and utterly untrue that Israel is the main concern of the" Arab people who are in revolt against their governments.

      Mona Eltahawy, @ ~4 min:

      ". . .the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people . . .is something that every person in the region is concerned about . . ."


  • At J Street, Eltahawy gets standing ovation when she calls on peaceful revolution to come to Israel and Palestine
    • what was it about my comment that you didn't like, Phil?

      You wrote, "J Street's answer would seem to be what my answer is, go after the lobby and the American Jewish community because that's where the power is."

      I wrote, "If J Street thinks it should "go after the American Jewish community," why are they in Washington, DC, going after the Congress? Why aren't they going after the "American Jewish community" that is sponsoring and supporting the racist film, "Iranium?"

  • Qaddafi forces shooting from ambulances, witnesses say
    • yea, I got that, annie.

      the statement was supposed to be sarcastic -- how is "house arrest" so much worse than jail, unless, of course mousavi & karoubi are under house arrest with Martha Stewart. THAT could be torture . . .

    • But their incarceration is of a type worse than a regular prison. They have been locked up . . .under house arrest.

      with Martha Stewart? -- is that the "worse than" element?

  • Colonialism and violence
    • Citizen wrote: Obviously, after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire

      We are told that Herzl's motivation for creating zionism was the Dreyfus affair.
      Think about that for 5 minutes.
      It makes as much sense as, "the cause of the first world war was the assassination of archduke Ferdinand."

      Neither event was a "cause" of the outcome that came after.

      Herzl's motive was cupidity: the Ottoman empire was breaking apart; many states were forming nations -- Ireland was engaged in a nationalist struggle, fer pete's sake -- Herzl wanted to play in the Big Game. He and later Jabotinsky both appealed to the Turks for a piece of Palestine where Jews could create a nation. The Dreyfuss affair was less a motive and more a Wolfowitzian 9/11 motivator to do something that certain people were eager to do all along.

      Even the Russian pogroms are somewhat exaggerated. Best information I can find says that 91 Jews died in Russian pogroms before 1914. And nowhere (in Jewish sources, anyway) is it explained that "Jewish" pogroms occurred in the context of widespread unrest among Russian peasantry in conflict with the Russian nobles and wealthy -- in other words, it was a class conflict, haves vs have nots, and Jews in Russia tended toward the haves class.
      It makes as much sense to call those pogroms "outbreaks of antisemitism" as it would to call loud denunciations of George Soros and predatory capitalism engaged in by Bernanke, Goldman Sachse, etc. "antisemitic." Both can be seen as instances of have nots finally becoming aware of the manipulative tactics of unscrupulous money men --haves--, a majority (but not all) of whom are Jewish.

    • I've learned that when I hear an author who tends to the polemic, say, "It's complicated," that's a code word for, "Jeebus, that's as embarrassing as hell, why in the world did you have to ask that question?"

      In a discussion of his very polemical (and historically inaccurate) "The Transfer Agreement," Edwin Black had to deal with the fact that Jews who were transferred in to Palestine were NOT admitted on a first come-first served basis but had to demonstrate the right qualities to revitalize Jewish stock -- and the right bank account balance.

      And as Etan Bloom explains in the same dissertation, much of the second aliyeh was a failure, with over 40% of the Jewish migrants in that cohort returning to their lands of origin. The subtext in that explanation -- that cohort included black Jews -- Yemenis, iirc, who did not fit into the kibbutz kultur.

    • if Jeff Blankfort pops in he might mention that Israel was also eager to pull in thousands of very highly trained Russians, for whose education Israel did not part with a shekel.

      US taxpayers ponied up about $200million to ease Israel's burden of taking in all those Russian ragamuffin/PhDs.

    • MRW, the link to Tony Karon doesn't work.

      Arnaud deBorchgrave reported that Qadafi has a Jewish grandmother and is, therefore, entitled to make aliyeh to Israel. deBorchgrave said it was not likely that would occur.

      I started to prepare a long, finely interpreted critique of this statement in your comment, but I thought Phil would ban me from this forum forevah:

      This idea of the purity of Jewish activity throughout the millennia which got them persecuted just for existing, always and forever— as opposed to what the Holocaust wrought, which truly was anti-semitism — is ridiculous.

      suffice it to say, there is a strong case to be made, on the historical facts, that the acts of Germans against Jews, between 1938-1943, were in response to years of provocations and acts by Jewish people that were intended to harm the German people and which did cause grievous harm to the German people. Moreover, in his Jan. 30, 1939 statement, that has been almost universally denounced as a threat to annihilate the Jewish people but which might more properly be interpreted as a warning, Hitler enumerated those wrongs of Jews against the German people and declared not a threat but a WARNING:

      IF the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevizing of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!"

      By the time this speech was given, "international Jewish financiers" HAD imposed and sustained a near-total embargo on the German economy since March 1933, coupled with a relentless propaganda campaign emanating, most powerfully, from the Jewish-owned film studios in Hollywood, California. (Triple irony: 1. Those studio owners had learned their craft from Germans, the gold standard in film making. 2. The German audience had formed a major share of the Hollywood studios' client base. Upon receipt of massive cash infusion from The Transfer Agreement, Jews in US were able to cut those financial ties. 3. Those Jewish studio heads -- Warner brothers and others -- essentially stole the technology from Thomas Edison.)

      As historian Norman Finkelstein has observed, Hitler had no desire to go to war; nevertheless, "international Jewish financiers" and their American and British cohort, had pushed and pulled events so that war became inevitable; the contingency that Hitler declared had come to pass, and therefore, the outcome that he warned would come to pass, clicked into place.

      Jews were NOT targeted in Germany "just for existing, always and forever." Jews were targeted in Germany because they had first declared war on the German economy and thereby the German people; they had been warned to desist or face dire consequences; they did not desist; the consequences ensued.

    • thanks for expanding my understanding, anne -- terrific perspective.
      Ah-had Haam's writing is consistent with statements I heard Gershon Gorenberg make last week at a J Street meeting: Jews in Israel are still functioning on the very same "rules do not apply to us; the only thing that matters is building the state" frame of mind and behavior.

      elsewhere -- maybe on this thread -- someone quoted Etan Bloom's dissertation on Arthur Ruppin, also a very important reference.

      people like you -- and me--I try to look in the obscure corners and get a picture of the situation that is not a "computer generated narrative -- need to make our voices heard on C Span and Diane Rehm, as Kathleen frequently mentions. C Span is still functioning on a knowledge base of zionism that's right out of the 19th century. I think that situation -- the willful ignorance of a media with the presumed credibility of C Span -- is as dangerous as Colin Powell's Yellow Cake speech. I call C Span, "Yellow cake journalism."

      This morning on C Span Wash Journ, a caller who has lived abroad for many years called and discussed the differing perspective of the US veto of the UN resolution against settlements. The caller said that Europeans have access to many more news sources than do Americans in US; she said that the veto put a stamp on the Obama administration/US: it is now perfectly clear to even those who are paying only marginal attention: US foreign policy is dominated by ultra-zionists. Thus, she said, US is not to looked toward to provide honest leadership.

      I spent a few hours yesterday researching C Span's programming on zionism -- I asked myself, "What do C Span moderators know about zionism?" The (very tentative) answers are not surprising but disturbing: C Span moderators are thoroughly 'zionized;' when zionism or Israel or Jews are mentioned at all, it is with an attitude of special reverence tinged with fear; with a definite philosemitic bias that carries an attendant embarrassed/ apologetic anti-Islamic bias; strident anti-Iranian prejudice, and half-hearted anti-Arab tendency. If Palestinians are mentioned at all, the mention is generally in terms of "terrorist" --for example, in a conversation with Glenn Frankel and Jeff Trimble just after 1996 bombings in Israel, Connie Doebele asked if "Iraq supports Hamas." Trimble said he didn't know; Frankel said no, Syria sponsors Hamas, with a little help from Iran. He explained that Hamas was "more than just a militant arm; it ran medical services, education, economy, and was generally more organized than PLO," to which Doebele responded, "When we hear 'Hamas' we think, 'terrorist.'"

      Granted, this conversation was in 1996. I'll continue the research when I again have free time; I'm eager to find out if- or how Doebele's attitude towards Hamas/Palestine etc. has changed.

    • I think we all make a mistake when we date Israel to a point 60 years ago.
      The ideology that is at the heart of the zionist project reaches back about 110 years ago; THAT is when the ideology was constructed, that is when Herzl's utopian fantasizing converged with opportunity -- the imminent breakup of the Ottoman empire with the possibility that Turks would give Palestine to Jews (Herzl AND Jabotinsky lobbied Turks for that grant; Weizman finally closed the deal, but with the British, through a serendipitous lunch with a London newspaper editor).

      Jabotinsky is the father of revisionist zionism which held that the "new Jew" was muscular -- not the sickly, unhygienic Slavic Jews that so distressed Jabotinsky and Ruppin, and that, by the way, was Jabotinsky's image of himself -- a scrawny, unattractive-looking creature. In addition to rejecting and rebuilding his self-image -- through rigorous exercise and athletic discipline, Jabotinsky adopted Mussolini's philosophy of perpetual struggle. The "new Jew" in the new Israel would be perpetually militarized, and so it has come to be.

  • Why did Bob Gates, who slams the Iraq war, meet with 2 guys who planned it and who then go trash him on Libya?
  • Under Haaretz-advertised plan, Palestinians who didn't leave annexed West Bank for Jordan couldn't vote
    • James Glassman apparently did not get the memo.

      He was beyond disgusting on C Span Washington Journal this morning, claiming that the US State Department was doing the work of the angels in building up Palestinian "institutions and economy," which were "key" to a successful Palestinians state -- part of the prescribed "two state solution."

      When a caller said, "The problem is that Israel oppresses Palestinians, denying them the freedom that you just said Libyans and Egyptians should have" etc., Glassman backpedaled:

      "I disagree with your characterization of Israel actions toward Palestinians. . . the peace process is moving forward . . .peace could come tomorrow . . . .And of course, freedom comes eventually but first you have to have a functioning economy and institutions . . ."

      Glassman is such a lying disgusting POS -- my screen is in peril when his mug is on it.

  • Young Arabs are leading the world toward a new era of interdependence
    • i disagree.

      here's why:

      "The drug is a western ideal of freedom."

      This would be a great article phil if Arabs and Muslims could be respected and admired on their own terms and for the unique qualities that they are fighting for, rather than to the extent that Arabs and Muslims reflect back to us what we presume to be superior, "western" ideals. A parent would never say to his child, "I like you better now that you are more like your older brother." A good parent loves each child for himself, and when that is successfully accomplished, the whole family discovers new ways of being in the world that enriches even the 'favored' (or Western) child.

      I think the world will be a better place if the west becomes LESS western and starts to reflect Arab and Muslim values. One example: We complain about predatory capitalism -- a deeply embedded western value; Sharia finance seeks to create an economic way of functioning that will curb predatory capitalism's extremes and great harms, while enabling equitable capital movement for the greatest good of the greatest number.

      you're doing tremendous things with this website, phil, and I am in awe of your commitment and applaud you for it. For that reason, with respect and humility, I suggest that you push a little farther to reassess your attitude towards the East, Arabs, Muslims, and, as always, my friends the Iranians.

  • Netanyahu seems as delusional as Qadhafi
    • the function served by flamethrowers like jjs is to distract, soak up energy more importantly expended on real arguments, not c-grade hasbara.

      jjs's presence is a tribute to Seham -- she musta struck a noive.

      again, well done, Seham.
      instead of poking thru jjs's garbage, sit back, drink a cup of tea, remind yourself that you are respected and cared for and about on this blog; rest your mind and your soul, then come out fighting again tomorrow.

    • the thing is, where they gonna go?
      Isn't that what Israel was supposed to be, the place where Jews could go?

    • you're wrong!! you're all wrong!!

      Israel has technology!! Nobel prizes! hi GDP!

      oh -- sorry. I'm PG not eee.


    • and fourth. Does that mean the motion carries? Well done Seham.

      re this statement: "Hezbollah's coalition controls the government, Iranian warships are docked in Syria and they have access to the Suez. Of course no one can predict exactly how stupid the Israeli regime is to the new facts on the ground in the Arab world, but, I would wager that if Israel ever tried to attack Gaza again that the Palestinian resistance would have military support from Turkey, Egypt and Hezbollah."

      -if you recognize that US is deeply involved in Egyptian transfer of power -- Obama said so; Clinton would have to concur; Hillary Mann Leverett said as much in an interview on Al Jazeera: "US is in close communication" with Egyptian government & army, which IS the govt right now.
      -then you have to at least speculate that US had prior knowledge of Egypt's intent to allow Iranian ships to transit Suez
      -I don't recall howls of protest from US directed at Egypt about Iran ships
      -causes one to suspect US might be pleased that Iran is present at Syria to check Israeli aggression.
      -it's a beautiful setup: US can't lose, US won't get hurt -- Iranians can get hurt, which would not make US feel bad, but Israel might feel just a little hemmed in, which also should not make US feel too badly about

  • Ahmet Dogan: 'US failure to support my son comes from the same policy that has led to support for Middle East autocrats & Israeli governments that have long oppressed Palestinians'
    • just got an email blast from J Street that they are trotting around Izzeldin Abulaish again.

      Abulaish is a hero, no doubt about it. My brief is not with him but with the zionists who exploit his moral courage as if it were their own. It's like killing his daughters all over again when groups like J Street, that don't wish or intend to do a damn thing to change the circumstances that resulted in the deaths of Abulaish's daughters, drape his courageous endurance of suffering around their narrow shoulders.

      Dr. Dogan may be more sophisticated in the mendacious ways of the US and so able to avoid falling in the trap that has ensnared Dr. Abulaish.

      Vaya con dios, Dr. Dogan.

    • with all due respect, DBG, bullshit.
      America is NOT still "reeling over the attacks of 9/11." If they were, Janet Napolitano could go on a long vacation to sunny Sicily and leave the fear mongering to the grass roots.

      Americans are "reeling" over the possibility that they might have to pay $5/gal for gas to haul their fat arses to the local drive thru.

      I understand your anger, and also the claims on your sanity, Seham, and hope that god holds you and those "who care for your sanity" in the palm of his hands, until the rest of the world regains its sanity.

  • 8 years on, Matthews asks angrily Why did we go to war?
    • funny you should raise the issue of the Christian right.

      Just watched Chris Hedges on a panel with ?? Karabell & Reza Aslan. Aslan was disappointing -- shallow, wimpy in the power of his intellectual analysis. Hedges was of Jeremiad proportions, so maybe Aslan just paled by comparison.

      Even tho Hedges saw with his own eyes Israeli soldiers "lure children like mice to a trap, then shoot and kill them for sport," I have never heard Hedges say condemnatory things about Israel. But he is fiercely critical of the Christian right & Christian zionists. Perhaps because he is so committed to Christianity from his childhood (son of a Presbyterian minister) and education (years in divinity school, qualified for ordination but not ordained). When you are so immersed, and imbue with such value, something like Christian legacy, moral teaching, etc., it hurts like hell to see it debased. It must be like the pain that Mooser feels at the pall that zionism casts over Judaism.

  • These two rabbis walked into a newspaper with an op-ed about Gaza, and--
    • After watching Edwin Black discuss his earthquake book, "The Transfer Agreement," and jotting down the very important facts and attitudes that Black FAILED to discuss or reveal, I re-read David Sasha's explanation of pilpul and subsequent application of that concept to Benjamin Netanyahu's 2010 AIPAC speech.

      It's helpful to re-read David Sasha and recognize that Jewry is broader than Likud and anti-Likud, zionist and anti-zionist. Sasha digs up the roots, does the taxonomy, compares crab grass to Kentucky Blue and restores one's center and grounding in the knowledge that sustained the prior 3/4 of one's life.

      the Ashkenazi rabbis were less concerned with promulgating the Law transmitted in the Talmud than they were with molding it to suit their own needs. Pilpul was a means to justify practices already fixed in the behaviors of the community by re-reading the Talmud to justify those practices.

      There were two ways in which the Ashkenazi rabbis effected this radical reinterpretation of the Talmud:

      In Rashi's Talmud commentary -- a required text in every Jewish school in the world -- he uses the Aramaic term Hakhi Garsinan, meaning, "This is how the text is to be read." Whenever this term is used, it indicates that Rashi has amended the text. His emendations were necessitated by the need to bring actual practice in line with the text.

      Rashi's emendations are not a theoretical proposition; the actual editions of the Talmud that we use today reflect the changes. The text of the Talmud was forever remade according to the dictates of Rashi and his school.

      As if this was not enough, the Tosafists instituted one more pilpul principle into Talmudic discourse. This was called the Lav Davqa method. In English we might call it the "Not Quite" way of reading a text. When a text appeared to be saying one thing, the Tosafot -- in order to conform to the already-existing custom -- would re-interpret it by saying that what it seemed to mean is not what it really meant!

      In absolute contrast to the Ashkenazi method, the Sephardic tradition, grounded in textual reality and scientific principles, carefully parsed every term in the Talmud; a concern that often led the most prominent scholars to look for the most accurate version of the Talmudic text.

      Rashi's method of emendation and the Tosafist reading based on the Lav Davqa method completely transformed Judaism; the Ashkenazi tradition was the one that ultimately triumphed.

      What this means for contemporary Jewish discourse is critical: Even though many contemporary Jews are not observant, pilpul continues to be deployed. Pilpul occurs any time the speaker is committed to "prove" his point regardless of the evidence in front of him. The casuistic aspect of this hair-splitting leads to a labyrinthine form of argument where the speaker blows enough rhetorical smoke to make his interlocutor submit. Reason is not an issue when pilpul takes over: what counts is the establishment of a fixed, immutable point that can never truly be disputed.

      In this context, the Law is not primary; it is the status of the jurist. Justice is extra-legal, thus denying social equality under the rubric of a horizontal system. Law is in the hands of the privileged rather than the mass.

      What is thought to be the Jewish "genius" is often a mark of how pilpul is deployed. The rhetorical tricks of pilpul make true rational discussion impossible; any "discussion" is about trying to "prove" a point that has already been established. There is little use trying to argue in this context, because any points being made will be twisted and turned to validate the already-fixed position.

      Pilpul is the rhetorical means to mark as "true" that which cannot ever be disputed by rational means.

      Thus, Black's dissertation on the Transfer Agreement, with all its omissions and distortions, can be understood as pilpul, and while it can make me angry and demand that I take some action to counter it, all of Jewry is not implicated in Black's mendacity.

  • Clueless in Washington and Tel Aviv
    • yup

      it's just another demonstration of Jewish power and a fund raiser.

      sick of it. sick and tired of it.

      Here’s what Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni wrote to us on the eve of our conference, which will start this Saturday night:

      "Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible. Recent momentous events in the region serve to highlight the unsustainable nature of the status quo and the need for initiative and courage in Israel's pursuit of peace and security with the Palestinians and across the Middle East." (Read Livni's full letter on our special conference website.)

      Exactly right. With change sweeping over the Middle East, what a perfect time for 2,000 pro-Israel, pro-peace activists to gather in Washington to send an unmistakable message to our political leaders that now is the time for bolder American leadership to achieve a two-state solution.

      Online registration for J Street's conference officially closes tomorrow night at midnight. This is your last chance to register online. Please join us in shaping history this February 26th - March 1st in Washington, DC.

      Click here to learn more about the conference, view the schedule, check out speakers, and register online before it's too late.

      If you miss the online registration deadline, you can still register at the door. Just come directly to the Washington Convention Center -- 801 Mount Vernon Place NW in Washington, DC -- on Saturday evening starting at 5:30PM. The conference will open promptly at 7:00PM.

      Here’s what to expect starting on Saturday night:

      We're closing in on 2,000 attendees, including 500 students. The conference will be the largest gathering of pro-Israel, pro-peace activists ever.

      The White House is sending its chief presidential adviser on Middle East peace efforts, Dennis Ross, to speak at the conference. [1]

      We’ll get fresh insights from Bernard Avishai, who just wrote The New York Times Magazine cover story on how close former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas came to making a deal a few years ago. [2]

      Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, and American activists, scholars, and leaders of all political leanings will give us their expert analysis -- including on the uprisings across the Arab world and what it means for the peace process, Israel, and regional stability. Click here for the full speakers list.

      We'll bring together the pro-Israel, pro-peace family -- thousands of advocates, student leaders, political activists, old friends, new faces, and 30 participating organizations.

      Our Gala dinner will honor two tireless advocates for peace and human rights -- former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and New Israel Fund President Naomi Chazan and founding J Street board member Kathleen Peratis. Click here to learn more about the Gala dinner.

      We’re setting up congressional meetings now so that you can lobby your representatives in person -- telling them exactly why you support a bolder, more assertive approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    • J Street's major conference starts this weekend in DC. 2000 people, keynote speaker Dennis Ross, lobbying congress is part of the agenda.

      If J Street REALLY wanted to do something effective and pro-peace pro-American, they would have demanded that their fellow Jews in the Republican Jewish Committee cancel the showing of "Iranium" that is planned for tomorrow evening.

  • How the ‘NYT’ swallowed the Stuxnet worm
    • proving yet again the soundness of the advice every good lawyer gives the client: TELL THE TRUTH. It's easier to remember.

    • this morning either NPR or C Span news brief reported joint US-Israeli missile test off coast of California.

      real or faux, me suspects a response to Iranian boats in Mediterranean.


      Iranian "cyber army" hacks VOA website, gently tells Hillary Clinton to stop interfering in Islamic countries.

    • I would prefer to think I pay taxes and vote in a nation that behaves honorably.
      faux cyber war to "save face" is a piss poor third place.

      but look at the fallout, from the combination of US-Israel cooperation on sneak cyber attacks on other nations infrastructure and the recent, temporary extension of US Patriot Act which permits eavesdropping even if one is NOT an alleged terrurist, plus, the presumption that Siemens was co-opted in some way to force them to go along with this scheme.
      Result: security of the internet is seriously compromised. How happy should that make operations like TDAmeritrade, or all the online banks, or every online marketer -- LLBean comes to mind; ebay, the list goes one -- what happens when the general public figures out that everything they do on line is wide open to government scrutiny? How happy does that make you?

      How happy should be the purchasing committee shopping for something Siemens produces, if that potential buyer thinks Siemens will sell out to American pressure?

      Lies are the devil's workshop.
      Who sez the US has lost its manufacturing base?

  • 'Once you start looking at the truth you can't stop' (soldier pisses on 13-year-old boy, boy is imprisoned for 8 months)
    • for the record --

      Barefoot boys, clutching kites made out of scraps of paper and ragged soccer balls, squat a few feet away under scrub trees. Men in flowing white or gray galabias – homespun robes – smoke cigarettes in the shade of slim eaves. Two emaciated donkeys, their ribs protruding, are tethered to wooden carts with rubber wheels.

      It is still. The camp waits, as if holding its breath. And then, out of the dry furnace air, a disembodied voice crackles over a loudspeaker.

      “Come on, dogs,” the voice booms in Arabic. “Where are all the dogs of Khan Younis? Come! Come!”

      I stand up. I walk outside the hut. The invective continues to spew: “Son of a bitch!” “Son of a Whore!…”

      The boys dart in small packs up the sloping dunes to the electric fence that separates the camp from the Jewish settlement. They lob rocks toward two armored jeeps parked on top of the dune and mounted with loudspeakers. Three ambulances line the road below the dunes in anticipation of what is to come.

      A percussion grenade explodes. The boys, most no more than ten or eleven years old, scatter, running clumsily across the heavy sand. They descend out of sight behind a sandbank in front of me. There are no sounds of gunfire. The soldiers shoot with silencers. The bullets from the M-16 rifles tumble end over end through the children’s slight bodies. Later, in the hospital, I will see the destruction: the stomachs ripped out, the gaping holes in limbs and torsos.

      Yesterday at this spot the Israelis shot eight young men, six of whom were under the age of eighteen. One was twelve. This afternoon they kill an eleven-year-old boy, Ali Murad, and seriously wound four more, three of whom are under eighteen. Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered – death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights and watched them crumple onto the pavement in Sarajevo – but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.

  • Long a supporter of two-state solution, Steve Walt suggests it's 'no longer practical possibility'
    • there's another angle that must be considered -- Karin Friedemann approaches it in her essay, "The Emotional Violence of Jewish Advocacy," but that's rather too harsh. The less-harsh version is, Americans tend to try not to be assholes, as M J Rosenberg might say it. Americans don't want to give offense, don't want to start any anti-Jewish sentiment -- we want to be nice, and want to be thought of as nice and well-mannered. So we don't say stuff like, "Israel pisses me off."

      So it's not simply about bravery, Leper Colonialist, but is certainly involved getting a lot smarter. And then speaking out LOUD and clear: STOP.

    • WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY THIS AMERICAN IS PISSED OUT OF HIS MIND that Israelists control the information Americans receive. (caps are just in case you didn't get the emphasis)

      Tavis Smiley -- "our news is shaped for us. at the beginning of every news day, someone decides what news will be covered and how it will be prioritized and shaped. We [Tavis meant 'black people' when he said "we"] are not represented in that room when those decisions are made. We need to change that."

      WE non-Black non-Israelist people are not represented, either. What's worse, when we complain about our lack of representation, we are censored and called antisemite.

    • Phil, Americans vote for their government. We can't dodge that. fuster is correct. it is our shame.

      when US had Iraq under sanctions and children were dying, Patrick Clawson wrote a "moral" justification for the collective punishment of innocent civilians using the theories that a) the people tolerated their leader even if they were not empowered to vote for him; and b) the people should have arisen and overthrown their leadership because it was evil; they did not do so, therefore they are legitimately subject to the suffering inflicted by those who DO act to overthrow the evil leader.

      afraid I can't point to an on-line source for Clawson's essay. I spend a few days in Library of Congress and copied it there. I could email you a file . . .

  • Why the U.S. will not 'do something' about Palestine
    • thanks for the background, Jeffrey Blankfort, and for mention of sources.
      Richard Hawkins wrote a fact-packed article in the journal American Jewish History about the role Samuel Untermyer played in 'introducing' Brandeis to Wilson, and to surrounding Wilson with other ardent zionists such as Henry Morgenthau Sr.

      Jonathan Schneer spoke at the Carter Center, about the Balfour Declaration recently. Schneer dives into the tall grass to explain details of Haim Weizman's tactics and motives, including, says Schneer, Weizman's use of the antisemitic canard that "Jews have vast, 'subterranean' financial power," "which we all know is untrue," insisted Schneer. But Schneer never mentions that the Balfour Declaration is addressed to Lord Rothschild, head of the London branch of the Rothschild banking network that, according to Niall Ferguson, had more power than kings over the war-making activities of European states.

    • just finished listening to a 65 minute lecture about the Balfour Declaration by Jonathan Schneer.

      Schneer emphasized that "Haim Weizman bluffed the British," by "playing the antisemitic card in a very clever way: he convinced the British that they were correct to believe what we all know is untrue," that Jews had a very powerful "subterranean" international finance network. "Of course, we all know this is untrue," repeated Schneer.

      What Schneer did NOT say in the 65 minute course of his discussion of the Balfour Declaration, is that the Balfour document was addressed to "Lord Rothschild," Walter, eldest son of Nathan Rothschild and head of the London branch of the Rothschild family's five-branch European banking empire.

      In his two-volume biography of the Rothschilds based upon his study of the Rothschilds' private papers, Niall Ferguson writes that in the period in question, the Rothschilds had more power than any monarch or government leader in the world. Whether or not a nation went to war rested on the willingness of the Rothschilds to finance the enterprise. If a war was waged, as the first world war was, it had to be because the Rothschilds endorsed --and underwrote--the project.

      A few years prior to the Balfour Declaration, Jewish financiers Schiff and Warburg, two of zionism's major supporters (in addition to the Rothschilds) had participated in the activities that led to the creation of the Federal reserve system and fractional banking, in the United States.

      Other Jewish financiers, namely, Samuel Untermyer and the Guggenheims, were enormously influential in creating the US income tax system, and Untermyer argued on both sides of regulating/not regulating security transactions in the US stock exchange.

      Jewish bankers dominated Berlin in the era of the Balfour declaration, where they exercised a far more than trivial impact on the German economy, at a time when Germany was contending with England for 'superpower' status -- much to England's dismay.

      So what purpose does Schneer think he is serving when he passes along such obviously incomplete information to an audience who is led to rely upon his credibility as an authority and a profession educator and historian?

    • in the era of the Crusades, which presented many lucrative opportunities for the Italian city-states, Pisans, also, enjoyed a significant economic boost by serving the 'carriage trade' -- shipping goods and fighters to the 'Holy Land' to recapture the holy ground where Christianity was born.

      Savvy ship's captains figured out ways to make money on the return trip; rather than sailing an empty ship from the Levant back to Italy, they tried to find a valuable cargo to haul.

      Now, the people of Pisa were very pious. Dumb, but pious. They believed that a person who died on the Holy Land would get to heaven quicker than a person who had not died on the Holy Land. And since, in addition to being pious and dumb, Pisans and the citizens of other Italian city states, like Genoa, hated each other and were constantly trying to out-do the other, Pisans figured that if they shipped dirt from the Holy Land back to Pisa, then Pisans could be buried in Holy Land soil and get to heaven before folks from Genoa or Verona, etc. So ships captains filled their hulls with dirt from the Holy Land, sailed it from the Levant to Pisa, and dumped it around the cathedral complex and . . . and the site for the Tower of Pisa.
      Which is why the Tower of Pisa leans.
      Moral of the story: when you build something on a foundation of hate, it will never stand straight and true.

    • suzanne's timeline is waaaay off.

      Arthur Ruppin had built Tel Aviv by ~1910, and by 1913, three or four waves of European and Yemeni Jews had migrated to Palestine (one or two large contingents returned to their homelands).

      In that same time period, per Wikipedia, the closest Harry Truman was to national office was the Kansas National Guard:

      After graduating from Independence High School (now William Chrisman High School) in 1901, Truman worked as a timekeeper on the Santa Fe Railroad, sleeping in "hobo camps" near the rail lines;[16] he then worked at a series of clerical jobs. He worked briefly in the mail room of the Kansas City Star. Truman decided not to join the International Typographical Union. He returned to the Grandview farm in 1906 where he remained until entering the army in 1917.[17] During this period he courted Bess Wallace and proposed to her in 1911. She turned him down, and Truman said he wanted to make more money than a farmer before he proposed again.[18]

      Woodrow Wilson has far more to do with the creation of Israel in Palestine than does Harry Truman. see Salim Yaqub, United States and the Middle East: 1914 to 9/11:

      many of the seeds of U.S. policy and its dilemmas were planted during the administration of Woodrow Wilson.

      It's fascinating to view, with the benefit of hindsight, the later ramifications of issues like Wilson's endorsement of the Balfour Declaration, and its collision with the concept of national self-determination Wilson advanced in his famous "Fourteen Points." Or the decisions made at the 1920 San Remo Conference when Europe's victors (with minimal U.S. participation) divided the Ottoman Empire's non-Turkish areas into "mandates" to be temporarily administered by France (Syria and Lebanon) and Great Britain (Iraq, Transjordan, and Palestine) until ready for independence.

      Of all the Arab nations east of Egypt, only Saudi Arabia was to receive immediate independence, and the decision caused shock and dismay throughout the Arab world.

      Truman's contribution to the chaos that is US foreign policy was relied on by George Bush, according to W's recent tome.

      Andrew Bacevich explained the origins of many of Truman's foreign policy enactments that remain to haunt US in this fascinating discussion with Evan Bayh, who convincingly played the role of a horse's ass, and David Brinkley: link to

    • John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" argues that subsistence cultures, if left alone, can survive and thrive on their own metrics and values. It's only after "advanced" capitalist economic processes are imposed on subsistence cultures, for the exploitive benefit of the capitalists, that the subsistence culture eventually fails and destroys the culture entirely. This happens because sooner or later the capitalist imposition extracts all it wishes to-- or can extract cheaply -- from the base economy, but by that time, the subsistence base of the economy has been destroyed, it has been 'addicted' to a dollar economy. Pull the dollar rug out from under the economy, which will inevitably happen, and the whole society collapses.

      This is one of the major reasons Iran is so determined to resist US-Israel hegemonic intentions. Iran has been there -- been destroyed a couple of times by first, British, then US & Israel capitalists within its government & economic structures. Under British, most of Iran was a vassal; in its post-WWII relations with US/Israel under Pahlavi, a severe class gap occurred. Rafsanjani tended to affirm the wealthy; Ahmadinejad tries to run a more distributive state, extending electricity, education, subsidies, etc. to the poor and rural in Iran.

    • William Kristol selected Sarah Palin using the same techniques a casting director for a Hollywood agitprop movie would us.

      Barack Obama was selected in the same way.

      Goodbye Norma Jean.
      "Seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to cling to when the rains came in."

    • I think it’s interesting that Sec. of State Clinton is now ‘openly’ hooking her herself up with the neocons (who are never successful) with the reinstatement. of Marc Grossman. This does not bode well.

      Haim Saban owns Hillary Clinton.
      nothing more to say.

    • It's not just Congress.

      Notice that a non-Jewish American can have a say ONLY if a Jewish persons sponsors/endorses/acts as the gatekeeper? Think about the Leveretts' "RaceforIran" blog -- would anybody listen to them AT ALL if Hillary Mann Leverett were not Jewish? Would Flynt Leverett have been invited to appear on Charlie Rose sans Hillary?

      As Jeff Blankfort has pointed out, the people who surrounded "Scoop" Jackson -- the original neocons -- exploited his office and persona to advance their zionist agenda, and he went along to advance his (unsuccessful) ambitions to gain higher office.

      Pennsylvanians broke their backs -- and wore out some shoe leather -- to remove Santorum from the Senate, but before he could even challenge Santorum, Bob Casey was taken on THE tour to Israel, his genitalia and sentiments checked for appropriate commitment to Israel/zionism. The Jewish Weekly reported that his tour guides said, "Casey will be a friend to the Jewish people," whereupon he became a viable candidate.


      If a Pennsylvanian has a concern that they want Casey to think about, they can forget it if they're not Jewish. You cannot get past the threshold in Casey's office without a Jewish minder. That's the fact of it.

    • Ellen -- US State Department was purged of "Arabists" in 40s and 50s -- deliberately, and by influential Jewish persons.

      The purge was not complete, however, until the late 90s --

      Jewish News Weekly: Jews Now Flocking to Foreign Service Careers in US History was made recently when Martin Indyk was sworn in as assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs.

      Indyk's appointment comes on the heels of Stuart Eizenstat's swearing-in as undersecretary of state for economics.

      Indyk, a former official with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the first Jew to serve as ambassador to Israel, is also the first Jew to serve in the top Middle East policy post.

      Not since Kissinger has an American Jew had such a strong say in U.S. Middle East policy.

      Taken alone, Indyk's meteoric rise from academia to the State Department's seventh floor is quite a feat. But Indyk now is just one of more than a dozen American Jews in top State Department positions that were once off-limits to Jews. Among the others are:

      *Dennis Ross, who heads the U.S. peace process team as special Middle East coordinator and counselor to Albright.
      *Daniel Kurtzer, U.S. ambassador to Egypt.
      . . .
      *James Rubin, assistant secretary of state for public affairs, spokesman.

      In addition, Jewish career foreign-service officers and political appointees hold the post of current or immediate past ambassadors to Switzerland, Brazil, Nepal, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Morocco and Malaysia.

      Gone are the days when so-called Arabists determined U.S. policy in the Middle East.

      A new term, "Jewish Arabists," has cropped up in right-wing circles to describe their view of the Jews who lead the Middle East peace process team.

      Many credit the Indyk-Ross peace team with silencing charges that Jews cannot serve U.S. interests when conflicts arise with Israel.

      Ironically, Arabs are now complaining of a Jewish bias. After a rough patch in the peace process, the Palestinian justice minister accused the United States of a "Zionist conspiracy."

      Eizenstat vehemently refutes the charge.

      "The peace process is not being made by Jews; it's being made by Americans," Eizenstat said in a recent interview. "Any suggestion of bias is totally inappropriate and inaccurate."

    • Sand -- and baby makes three: Gershom Gorenberg has been promoting his latest book, "Accidental Empire," in speaking engagements that are focused on promoting the two-state solution. TSS would involve removal of all but the settlements closest to the "green line," -- a confusing concept since Gorenberg's talk also emphasises and demonstrates with graphics and a snapshot of the document that ERASED the green line. Gorenberg acknowledges that "removal of the settlements will not be easy and will likely result in violence."

    • in fact, idiot, Iranians and Bahrainis are most often at each other's throats. Bahraini’s, essentially a former colony of Iran’s, have a long rivalry with Iranians. Affinities are not as simple as fitting people into some convenient Orientalist typology according to categories like Shiite or Sunni. If you don’t believe me, one indicator would be to look at the way the Bahraini football fans (and the team itself, which was comprised of Shiite and Sunni players) carried the Saudi flag around the stadium in a fit of joy after knocking Iran out of the World Cup.

    • you -- WE -- should all be aware of the people who are behind the Republican Jewish Coalition: first name on the Board of Directors list = Sheldon Adelson, Bibi Netanyahu's 'angel'.

      Board Members, Republican Jewish Coalition.

      David Frum is also on the board of directors of Republican Jewish Coalition, a curious thing since Frum, a Canadian, is also a founding principal of NoLabels, an organization whose stated intent is to increase "civility" between the Republican and Democratic parties, to wring out the bickering -- and wring out independent voices like Ron Paul, who is picking up steam in his challenge to the twin darlings of zionists: control over US finance/Federal Reserve, and Israel.

      We Americans have been cheerleaders, so far; sitting on the sidelines encouraging young Iranians, Egyptians, Gazans, Palestinians, Bahrainis, Tunisians to shed their blood to oppose governments that WE have participated in imposing upon them.

      It's really time for Americans to show some balls.

      I think we can start in pretty simple ways -- here's one:

      According to wikipedia, these businesses/people financed No Labels: Financing

      As of November 24, 2010, No Labels had raised over $1 million[6]. While the group will not publish the names of contributors, The Wall Street Journal reported that three backers were Andrew Tisch, Ron Shaich, and Dave Morin[17]. Andrew Tisch is the Co-Chairman of Loews Corporation. Ron Shaich is the Founder of Panera Bread. Dave Morin was an executive with Facebook[18].

      Perhaps Panera, and Loews, and even Facebook, and certainly Sheldon Adelson's Nevada gambling casinos, should taste boycott. Their money is being used to destroy the independence and autonomy of as many as 100 million people in the Middle East. Is it so much to ask that Americans STOP patronizing businesses that contribute to the moral degradation of the United States AND to the economic and political deprivation of so many in the Middle East?

      As MRW pointed out a few days ago, Eben Moglen offers alternatives to the privacy-breaching characteristics of facebook and other social media.
      Sheldon Adelson's gambling houses

  • Activists around the world are way ahead of the U.S.
  • Israel 'deeply appreciates' US veto of settlement resolution
    • not EVERYBODY is "deeply appreciative" of US veto of settlement resolution.

      Commentary magazine is having a hyssie fit at Suzanne Rice's critical comments, What Was Susan Rice’s Embarrassing Anti-Israel Tirade Supposed to Accomplish?

      and to the extent that the major Democratic blog can be bothered to notice that its hero just prostrated US moral character and standing to the likes of Bibi Netanyahu, the leftward spin is that by doing so, at least President Obama 2012 is better than President Bolton 2012.

      As I recall, when John Kerry was running for president, Hillary Clinton advised him to vote FOR the Iraq war resolution, which he did.

      I also recall that in that same time frame, Tom Daschle was Senate majority leader and urged the Senate to vote FOR the Iraq war resolution and "get it behind us" in preparation for the next election round.

      Two backs. Zero spines. Obama makes it a Hat Trick.

  • Obama gives big thumbs up to settlements at UN (and kills the two-state solution --Haber)
    • Donald, in light of the efforts of Edwin Black to create a direct relationship between Nazis and Arabs, with the goal of pursuing Jewish claims for reparations from Arabs, I think it's extremely important to get the history right.

      Black is laying the foundation, in the minds of American Jews in such organizations as "National Organization of Children of Holocaust Survivors," to swindle Palestinians out of any compensation that may be demanded of Israel to Palestinians in the (unlikely) event a two-state solution is reached, in which some settlements will remain in place and Palestinians will be compensated for those settlements. Black pitches his thesis, that Arabs were allied with Nazis, to American Jews, who are then encouraged to make claims through the US Holocaust museum and other means, for reparations for losses their parents might have suffered.

      As to your last statement,
      Jews brought the Nazi persecution on themselves. It’s just the worst possible example of blaming the victim I can imagine.

      Samuel Untermyer was NOT a victim of Nazis or of the Germans. Untermyer was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in the late 1800s. His father supplied uniforms to Union AND Confederate troops in the Civil War. Nearly everyone who had anything to do with Untermyer thought him a disagreeable person and vaunting ambition and an enormous capacity for self-promotion. He was related to the Guggenheims, his law partner, and they were considered "second-class citizens" by the "important" Jews of the day, the Shiffs, Warburgs, and Rothschilds. That second-class status stung Untermyer, and he attempted by all means possible to outdo those more reasonable and dignified voices. Untermyer was NOT a victim of the Germans, but through his ill-conceived schemes many Jews, and Germans and Americans, DID become victims. Samuel Untermyer should not be permitted to escape culpability for his evil acts.

    • sethla, my response to your comment is hanging in moderation-mode; I understand if Phil does not want it to see the light of day.

      If you prefer, I will supply sources for every statement in my original comment, for you to evaluate on your own. Most of the information is from respected Jewish sources and no, I did not wrench them out of context, but you can analyse that for yourself.

      Yes, it is shocking that the received narrative is not exactly the way we have been led to believe events occurred. I don't think you can build an honorable society on a lie. Something, some poltergeist, is eating at the heart of Israel. The ghost needs to be exhumed, confronted, and exorcised before the ghastly scenario that biorabbi painted at February 19, 2011 at 2:10 am comes to be.

    • make an argument Donald.
      or shall I type "worthy of Witty" -- "make the better argument."

      "worthy of Julius Streicher" neither refutes nor informs.

      if you make a rational argument, I will supply sources for every statement in the original comment. The majority of the sources I will supply will be from Jewish authors or journals, and they will be presented in context, for your own evaluation and critical analysis.

      btw, I don't know who Julius Streicher is. Was he the media guy?

    • you haven't made an argument, CKM. What's your point?

      Samuel Untermyer in alliance with extremely wealthy and powerful Jewish colleagues declared war on Germany on Mar 24, 1933.

      Germans absorbed the blows without violence.
      The Jewish boycott -- self-declared Jewish war against Germany -- persisted and increased its force and increased the suffering of the German people for over five years. The German people did not retaliate until Kristallnacht, Nov. 1938.

      "Judea declared war on Germany" over five years before Germany retaliated.

      no other way to spin those facts.

    • true, that.

    • progressive is such a vacuous term, as meaningless as "liberal" or "left" or any of the other shrouds in which fundamentally dishonest people disguise themselves.

      "Who walks a furlong without sympathy walks to his funeral, dressed in his shroud."

      Israel and Israel advocates in the US have been and are the warmongers, Witty, or haven't you bothered to peek under their labels?

    • Why do you speak only in terms of force, rather than in terms of goals?

      perhaps because been reading too much of Vladimir Jabotinsky, David Ben Gurion, Ariel Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, Yoram Peri . . .

    • THE Democratic party blog -- the orange one -- could scarcely be bothered to comment on this action of the leader of the Democratic party-- one diary w/ 3 comments. that's it.

    • elections USED to be about VOTES not money.

      if Obama had taken a principled stand, he could have put a rocking chair on the back porch of the White House and smoked a pipe instead of going through the corporatized, bastardized "campaign" process.

      How much money d'you suppose the people of Gaza spent to elect Hamas? No other country in the world has turned voting into an industry the way the US has.

    • Ronald Lauder sez: “The British and other European governments would be well-advised to put more real effort into improving the situation on the ground instead of just taking the backseat and leaving Israel, the only democracy in the region, alone."

  • Israel lobby group describes an adversary as a 'Muslim apologist'
    • it's also important to realize that the Arabic text was TRANSLATED -- colonise was a word a translator selected to connote a concept that may be slightly different from the meaning that westerners attach to the concept of colonise.

    • irony alert

      from the CAMERA snapshot:

      "Guidelines for posting
      This is a moderated blog. We will not post comments that include racism, bigotry, threats, or factually inaccurate material."

  • In an attempt to challenge Islamophobia the Daily Show presents The Qu’osby Show
    • Reza Aslan is taking a slightly different approach to detoxifying the propagandized perception of Muslims, Arabs, and Iranians that is presented to Americans through entertainment media. He has created a company in California that first, gathered statistics demonstrating the wealth and buying power of those communities -- Muslims, Arabs, Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. Second, he has marketed this demand-demographic to filmmakers: "You want a piece of our near trillion dollar pie, you are going to have to start respecting us. Feature us in your films in ways that do not demean or vilify us."

      Aslan says his plan emerged from the realization that the only color barrier Hollywood recognizes is GREEN: Will it sell? How much? To whom?

      Aslan is making headway.

      The audio at the link is a pretty good presentation. Very unfortunately, the representative of the "average Iranian" community that was selected for the panel is an airhead -- an American of Iranian parentage, who is gay, who has little knowledge of or attachment to Iran. She did more harm than good, and managed to kick up dirt from her litterbox on Aslan's efforts.

  • The Middle East is in a state of revolt, what will the 'President of change' support?
    • berth for US Fifth Fleet is one crucial service Bahrain supplies to US.

      captive 'landlord' Bahrain also provides low-rent real estate where US maintains its "sales office" for weapons sales.

      The Manama Dialog is a cute way of saying, "Iran = Boogeyman!! Buy US weapons!!", and the deep pocketed emirs and monarchs of the Arabian peninsula usually comply:

      link to
      The Manama Dialogue was continuing to develop as the only forum that brought together national security establishments of the Gulf states with key outside powers. Chipman thanked the Kingdom of Bahrain for supporting the event, and for the logistical and other assistance provided by its government.

      results for salesmen Gates & Petraeus:


      link to

      Results for salesmen Gates & Petraeus: link to
      In the final weeks of the Bush administration, the United Arab Emirates has agreed to purchase a $3.3 billion Patriot missile defense system. Washington is urging the UAE to purchase another missile defense system for more than twice that amount, as a means of deterring the potential threat from Iran.


      link to

      results for salesmen Petraeus and Gates:
      link to
      In his public remarks, General David Petraeus, head of the U.S. Central Command, urged Gulf leaders to beef up their weapons systems and cooperate more on security matters. He said America was feeling more welcome in this part of the world than it had for some time, largely because of worries about Iran. Petraeus said the United Arab Emirates alone in the past year had done $18 billion worth of business with the U.S., half of that coming in military purchases.

      General DAVID PETRAEUS (U.S. Central Command): There's a reason that they're buying U.S., and we think it's because the products are quite good. In fact, the fact is that because of those purchases and because of training and assistance and some great investment in human capital in the Emirates, the Emirati air force itself could take out the entire Iranian air force, I believe.

      link to
      This was a really big shew ladies and gents; the sales manager in chief showed up -- Hillary Clinton. Davutoglu was there; so was Mottaki from Iran. Salesteam Gates & Petraeus scored their best deal ever: link to
      $60 billion to Saudi Arabia.
      recall that as this deal was being discussed, Israel registered dismay: mommie, you're giving them bigger toys than you're giving me. wa wa wa. So US promised to give Israel even bigger toys.
      link to

  • '92d St Y' cancels appearance by Palestinian doctor whose 3 daughters were killed after Jewish co-panelist drops out
    • when Dr. Abulaish made his first tour in the US he was sponsored by Jewish organizations. (I'm pretty sure this tour is also sponsored by Jewish organizations.) Frankly, it looked like Jewish organizations were trotting him out to bask in his courage. He was the one who suffered the loss, they sat beside him and said, See how fair minded we are -- we present to you this man who forgives Jewish people when Jewish people kill his children.

      To boot, 4 of the 7 questions asked from the audience started with "I am a holocaust survivor" and ended with, "Palestinians brought it on themselves."

      It was reminiscent of the same shouts and jeers Abulaish endured here:
      Abulaish's moan, "They Don't Want to Know the Truth" is the banner cry of our era.

    • JCC in a nearby town hosted Abulaish in the months immediately after his daughters were "lost."

      Incredibly, half of the people who were able to ask questions from the floor attacked Abulaish or Palestinians for "still being refugees," etc.

      the room was packed, but the display of those four or five people was disgusting and tainted the entire event. Abulaish did not lose his composure.

    • Jan 17 2009 Abulaish's daughters "lost."

      Jan 20 2009

    • is the 92nd Street Y a YMCA or YWCA, in both of which the C stands for Christian?

  • Knesset member says boycott has already cost Israel tens of millions of dollars
    • My understanding of the boycott against Germany is different, yourstruly -- similar facts but considered with out the front-loaded prejudice.

      My understanding is that wealthy Jewish financiers such as Samuel Untermyer spearheaded a "declaration of Jewish holy war" against the German people, in a nearly-successful attempt to wreck the German economy, well before Germans had acted with anything more than resentment against Jews. Jewish financiers who came to Germany from other places in the mid-1870s had undermined the German economy and were a significant element in the US entry into World War I. It was only AFTER US entered the first war that Germany was devastated. Further, the Treaty of Versailles was heavily influenced by over 100 Jewish advisors that Untermyer arranged to accompany Woodrow Wilson at the peace talks, to ensure that Wilson would honor the Balfour Declaration granting to Baron Rothschild a "homeland for the Jews in Palestine." Honoring Balfour meant that Wilson had to renege on Point 12 of the Fourteen Points: Point 12 promised to most of the Arab regions that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire that they had the "right to self-determination." Balfour undercut that right.
      The Arabs considered Wilson's act a betrayal of his promise. It marked the beginning of US betrayal of Arab rights and quest for nationhood.

      Zionists are making an ironic mistake in the program of demonization of Iran -- the playbook is so very much like the tactics zionists -- like Untermyer -- deployed against Germany that it forces a reconsideration of exactly what went on in the years before the holocaust.
      Recognize the timeline: zionism started in 1896; by 1913, three waves of European Jews had made aliyeh (some 40,000 of the third wave returned to their country of origin); by 1914, Ruppin had built Tel Aviv; in 1928, the British destroyed Joffa and drove Palestinian Arabs from Joffa into the sea; in 1933 Ruppin negotiated the Transfer Agreement, transferring so much German Jewish wealth to Palestine from Germany that Palestinian Jews alone were economically stable while the rest of the world were burdened under the Great Depression. In all his dealings to establish "the Hebrew culture in Palestine," Ruppin, a German Jew trained in Germany as a lawyer, worked closely with the German government and with the National Socialist Party.

      Three times the amount of wealth that went to Palestine was transferred with German Jews to New York. Once the Transfer wealth started to arrive in the US, Samuel Untermyer convened a conference of Jewish leaders in Amsterdam. After the conference, Untermyer caused to be published in the London Daily Express the banner headline, Judea Declares War on Germany.

      If economic warfare is of no consequence, why is Israel so concerned about BDS, and why are the US and Israel -- and Stuart Levey -- exerting so much effort to wage economic war on Iran? That is to say, what Jews under the leadership of Untermyer did to Germany was warfare, against which Germany did NOT retaliate with violence for over six years, during which ordinary Germans had suffered serious harm, and Germany had issued several warnings to the Jewish leaders to cease or face consequences.

      Facts are inconvenient things.

  • 'Forward' broaches idea that Nakba was 'genocide' (and idea that Jewish identity was abducted by Israel)
    • Braverman's interpretations depend wholly on the received narrative of holocaust, which no one -- no Christian, that is -- is permitted to challenge.

      Braverman says,

      And by the way, if Christians really wanted to take a look at what was wrong with Christianity and why Christianity rode to dominance on the backs of the Jews, don't give the Jews a guilt offering and say, Oh we really love you a lot and you're really great and we're really sorry we hurt you," take a look at yourselves and say, "What was it about us that made us think we could do that? Let's change that."

      OK, let's look at that -- let's look at the 65-year period between ~1875 and ~1938 when wealthy Jewish financiers took over the German economy and crashed it or inflated it, for the benefit of creditors and to the ruin or ordinary Germans; let's look at the wars that befell Germany, at the insistence of wealthy Jewish financiers and zionist supporters like Samuel Untermyer, who blackmailed Woodrow Wilson, then surrounded him with Jewish advisors at Versailles, who cornered Wilson into a situation where he had to renege on his promises to the Arabs in former Ottoman empire -- the 12th point of his Fourteen Points -- that Arab states would enjoy self-determination. Wilson reneged on that promise, to the dismay of Arabs, because he was cornered into honoring the Balfour declaration which granted to Baron Rothschild a "homeland for the Jews" in Palestine.
      Let's look at Arthur Ruppin's activities -- like the hasty building of Tel Aviv so that European Jews would feel like they were in a European city when they came to Palestine, and ALSO so that Jews could cut off ARab commerce at Joffa and transfer the trade to Tel Aviv.
      Let's look at more of Untermyer's activities -- like his March 24, 1933 declaration of war on Germany--"Jews worldwide declare war Holy War on Germany." Until Untermyer's actions, Ruppin and others had been negotiating with German government officials and had assisted in the transfer of 55,000 German Jews AND THEIR WEALTH to Palestine, and three times those numbers transferred to New York.
      The German people retaliated in rather bland ways to these Jewish provocations and acts of economic strangulation of the GErman economy that caused so much hardship to ordinary Germans-- as they were intended to, and as is eerily and horribly reminiscent of what Jews such as Stuart Levey are doing to Iran today.

      "Let's blame the Christians" is not the entire answer to the problem, Mark Braverman.

      And by the way, if Jews really wanted to take a look at what was wrong with zionism and why zionists rode to dominance on the backs of the Germans, the Palestinian Arabs, the Lebanese, the Americans, the Egyptians and the Iranians, don't give the Christians a guilt offering complex and say, Oh we really love you a lot and you're really great and we're really sorry we hurt you," "It was all your fault," take a look at yourselves and say, "What was it about us that made us think we could do that? Let's change that."

  • Funny. Funny haha or funny like fish, as my mother would ask? Like fish, mom
    • Was it on Mondoweiss or elsewhere that I read that seats on UN security council are used as bargaining chips -- Finland and Argentina promise votes for US position if US will ensure these countries get a seat in coming years.

      US has way too much power and has lost its ability to wield power in accord with its professed values.

    • one of the aspects of Israel lobby behavior that is quite irksome is the insistence by I Lobbyists that Americans support them. Non-Jews are not just INFORMED that we Americans support Israel, it is demanded of us. Resistance to the premise that Americans support Israel is sharply rebuffed -- Americans are made to feel as if they are unpatriotic if they openly make the statement, "I do not support Israel."

      American Jews have become quite comfortable with the belief that Christian zionists (who were bought to support zionism many years ago, and who receive reinforcement for the support through the years) as well as the general American population will unquestioningly support whatever Israel does.

      I think Americans need to start getting the message out, firmly, unemotionally, but quite unambiguously: Your fish has past its prime; you have had your 15 minutes. America no longer supports Israel.

    • Israeli author/journalist Gershom Gorenberg said recently that "Israel needs to be pressured, to be made to understand that it faces consequences for refusing to stop settlements," but that US signalling, or floating trial balloons testing Israeli reactions to the possibility that US may support the resolution against settlements, is a mistake -- it gives the lobby time to create pressure on the US administration.

      In the same discussion, Gorenberg said US "mediation" of the conflict, "on the side of Israel" is essential, since Israel is incapable of doing what it needs to do without pressure.

      I don't understand how "mediate" and "on the side of Israel" go together in the same sentence.

  • Beinart gave me a headache
    • it doesn't matter if Friedman mouthed the words claiming to be an intellectual. He has implicitly allowed himself to be represented as such, has accepted massive speaking fees as is he were an intellectual. If he WERE an intellectual, he would have to be honest, and if he were honest, he would have to acknowledge that he is not an intellectual.

      (cute circular logic ;)

      I'm listening to a discussion of Adam Smith that 's taking place at Yeshiva Univ.

      Having watched with rapt attention when Greenspan acknowledged that "the system had flaws that I was unaware of," then reacted very nastily to challenges to his past work that brought down the financial system of 300 million people, I have formed the hypothesis that most self-described intellectuals are masters of 'pizzy wizzy' -- twirling their hair in nervous mindlessness. In other words, the designation itself is a sham, a fraud, meaningless. Jews derive pleasure from interpreting and looking at this way and that -- kewl; good for you. But when even one other person's wellbeing is on the line, the narcissistic self-description of 'intellectual' should be claimed only with profound humility. This is not a welfare system for out of inspiration talmudists.

  • We need to give more money to Israel
    • C Span Washington Journal is my window on the US public.

      Callers are becoming more articulate and more outspoken against Israel.
      Very few callers who criticize Israel are vile or ugly; most are determined and stick to the facts -- "Israel doesn't need US money; Americans need it." "Israel is an apartheid state, we should not be supporting Israel." "Israel is the cause of much of the trouble in the ME."

      it's spreading.

      The Crowd, by Gustav LeBon:

      "When an affirmation has been sufficiently repeated and there is unanimity in this repetition . . .what is called a current of opinion is formed and the powerful mechanism of contagion intervenes. Ideas, sentiments, emotions, and beliefs possess in crowds a contagious power as intense as that of microbes. This phenomenon is very natural, since it is observed even in animals when they are together in number. . . . A panic that has seized on a few sheep will soon extend to the whole flock. In the case of men collected in a crowd all emotions are very rapidly contagious, which explains the suddenness of panics . . .

      " The opinions and beliefs of crowds are specially propagated by contagion, but never by reasoning. The conceptions at present rife among the working classes have been acquired at the public-house as the result of affirmation, repetition, and contagion, and indeed the mode of creation of the beliefs of crowds of every age has scarcely been different. . . .
      It will be noted that in cases analogous to those I have just cited, contagion, after having been at work among the popular classes, has spread to the higher classes of society. . . . Contagion is so powerful a force that even the sentiment of personal interest disappears under its action.
      This is the explanation of the fact that every opinion adopted by the populace always ends in implanting itself with great vigour in the highest .

  • Saddam is captured --Baghdad Youth Movement claims
    • right on cue --"bu- bu- but IRAN!" Iran BAAAD!


      Is there a Nobel prize for predictable?

    • when they do they'll be called brown shirts. When they harrass women in sable accompanied by elegantly dressed men wearing gold pins, the brown shirts will be labeled "hate-filled" and all the levers of power will be pulled to ensure that those brown shirts, obviously brainwashed to hate the wealthy, will be crushed.

  • Hostages to Zionism
    • i think it is very likely 98% of this kind of brainwashing only works on jews

      and candidates for/occupiers of political office.

    • in one of his movies that spielberg did in black and white --anne frank, maybe--he does one shot, near the end, of a jewish girl in a red coat. In a documentary called, "Imaginary Witness," Spielberg explains that he did that spot of bright red deliberately, to focus on the guilt of Christians (in some way that I've forgotten the rationale for -- not that hating Christians needs any rationale . . .)

    • i was reading quickly and thought the first sentence read, "by law all israeli citizens are subject to contraception."

    • I drag out Mitchell Bard so often he's going to think I like him -- in this video link to at about the 58 min mark a member of the audience asks, "Will American Christian zionists support us?"
      Bard had just explained that Israel had exhausted plans to send Arabs to other neighboring states, and also that 2-state was DOA, but that Palestine was making moves to unilaterally declare a state. Then, the question: Will Christian zionists support us against that eventuality?

      The deeper implication is based on the history: some of zionism's earliest ideologues planted the seeds that created the Christian Zionist movement in the US; Christian zionism has as much a relationship to mainstream Christianity as zionism has to Judaism -- none. Both are political entities created by very wealthy Jewish ideologues some 100 years ago.

      Non-Jewish Americans and Christians have got to reclaim their political sphere as well as their religious sphere -- a state based on moral values and a religion based on the morals of Jesus -- just as surely as Jews have got to reclaim their moral bearings and religion.

      Americans/Christians have the harder row to hoe -- we must somehow extricate zionism from our nation without harming our Jewish friends, family, and neighbors, who may or may not even be aware of zionism.

    • Mark Braverman, I'm looking forward to meeting you at the "End the Occupation" conference in DC on Mar 5-7, 2011.

      This essay is powerful, and a very effective second step in unwinding zionism. In order to fully unwind zionism I think it is necessary to actually dig around the foundations of the ideology and discover the real agenda that zionism's major movers and shakers had in mind. You will have to confront zionism's financial and political roots--and be prepared for the same destabilizing whiplash -- that you explained as your experience when you realized that Yad Vashem was designed as an emotional tool for indoctrination (I heard you discuss "Fatal Embrace" on C Span; don't know what you meant when you said, "---and it was ok." What was "ok?" Was that just a rhetorical flourish, or did you acquiesce to the indoctrination, or did you forgive zionism for the emotional manipulation of Yad Vashem? Which? What?)

      That foundation is much deeper than merely settlements that started after the 1967 war, or even the holocaust in 1945. And the agenda is not merely plunking a "demographic majority" of Jews on a particular plot of land in an exotic country; powerful zionist ideologues had -- and have -- much grander ambitions. Stuart Levey is a key figure to watch.

      'til March 5 --

  • Didn't they learn anything from Egypt?
    • link to

      honor 'international obligations' -- esp Israel's gas contract & keeping Gaza border sealed.

      "ensure right of peaceful protest" -- just like IDF does on Mavi Marmara, on Palestinian land

      too disgusting.

      no more zionists running US policy. Marvin K Zionist will you please go NOW.

  • Here it is--
  • The story behind the Egyptian revolution
    • C Span is right in there with the zionist imperialists, featuring as an "Egypt expert" Tawfik Hamid, some shill who's a colleague of Walid Phares, fresh from his starring role in "Iranium." The guy has a degree in cognitive psychology. He was certain to repeat, certainly twice, perhaps thrice, "Iran is a failure as an Islamic state."

      We are going to witness a battle royal between zionist capitalism and Islamic law, a battle that Netanyahu et cie do not intend to lose.

      see Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, esp. around 35 min: when Muslims in Indonesia tell Perkins that "Muslims KNOW that Islamic states are the key target" of predatory capitalists because they are motivated by religious principles. Zionism has rotted the religious values of other dominant religions.

      Another cynical thought to add to an earlier cynical thought: if you track the history of American perfidy toward the Arab states, it can be pinpointed to Woodrow Wilson.

    • agree, pabelmont; Egypt's revolution will not come to fulfillment until the people of the US revolt against zionist and predatory capitalist dominance of their values and government.

      some nagging questions from the video (hate to be a party poop but someone's gotta do it):
      1. who paid for Mahir to travel to Serbia/set up office, etc.?
      2. numerous congressmen have been telling us that the aim of sanctions on Iran is to so rile the Iranian people that they will riot and overthrow their government, like the color revolutions in Europe, and like the was USSR was caused to fail. Serbia was a color revolution. I know it's a small detail, but at 20.35 min. in the video you see a "fist" banner in the Apr 6 office. According to John Laughland, that's the 'brand' of neocon manipulated coups.

      3. We know from Naomi Klein's work that creating turmoil -- overthrowing the government/taking down the government -- is only the first step. The next steps are the crucial ones: where is the Egyptian Jerry Bremer? Does US already have a plan for predatory capitalist "reform" of Egypt's economy to bring it into a position of dominance by Israel/US predatory capitalists?

      4. Has April 6 and #Jan 25 been punked by neocons to prepare the ground, in Egypt, for the intended US-zionist takeover of Egypt? Remember, zionists have been working this since 1897; they've taken down numerous nations and killed millions in pursuit of their psychopathic god. Does anyone really think that Israel would let something take place right next door, in Egypt, that Israel did not have a way to benefit from? 11th commandment: Don't be a freier.

      Yesterday when all were wild with joy -- me too, and kudos to Phil, Adam, and Mondoweiss -- were we the duped Iraqis who cheered as the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled?

      Not to be toooo cynical, but to caution: this ain't over.

  • Maybe Islam is superior--
    • truly amazing.
      350 dead in the Egyptian revolution that western journos cannot restrain themselves from proclaiming as the bestest of the best.

      36 (the IRI's count) or 72 (Mousavi's count) dead in Iran after protests that western journos cannot restrain themselves from decrying, condemning, vilifying as "brutal repression" "IRGC mowing down protesters in the streets" "training their weapons on protesters and slaughtering them."

  • Mubarak is out! Hands power to military as Egyptians hit the streets on ‘Farewell Friday’
    • try this on for size:

      I believe that deliberative change is generally more beneficial to the American people, than the widespread rioting and upheavals sweeping the Middle East. These anti-government riots may seem like a good thing because they are occurring in authoritarian countries, but no one seems to be asking, “What comes next?” For more than 30 years, America has supported Arab dictatorships and that support has cost America the support of the “Arab street.” Now that the “street” is rising up it is time to (quietly) double down on our support for friendly Arab regimes and not look at the protests through starry-eyed lenses.

      The riots that began in Tunisia more than one month ago have now spread to Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, and points beyond. It seems that authoritarian governments cannot defeat the Twitter and Facebook powered masses of people yearning for freedom (or at least, for less corrupt and more responsive governance) in the Middle East. These riots present a very difficult dilemma for the United States. For centuries, the United States has advocated democratic government and bringing the “power to the people.” However, in each of these countries the United States might be better served by restoration of the status quo."

    • what did you find cynical about Ahmadinejad's comments, fuster?

      has everybody forgotten so quickly that on the first days of the Egyptian people's protests over a hundred of them were killed, and that they were attacked with American-made tear gas and this morning they were surrounded with American made tanks -- that, as the Iranian video linked below shows and celebrates, the Egyptians manning those tanks chose to turn their guns AWAY from the people.

      That was not American or zionist benevolence in action, it was Egyptian courage defying American and zionist power, influence, and cunning.

    • how embarrassing to be an American.

      Gibbs is holding a White HOuse press conf right now.

      talked about Obama's comments on Mubarak stepping down.

      Gibbs quotes an IRGC leader, “We will crush any act of sedition.”
      Gibbs says “Iran should let its people peacefully protest.”
      Gibbs say, Iran is running scared; they are afraid this movement will spread thru the region.
      Reporter: “Is there a hope that Egypt could inspire another uprising in Iran?
      Gibbs: “If the govt of Iran was as confidennt as they put out — they’re not that confident, they’re scared — Iran has shut off all measure of communication. . . .”

      Reporter [in the capital of the mostest mostest nation evah] “Are the images from Egypt SOMEHOW getting into Iran? Are Iranians aware of what’s going on in Egypt?”

      Gibbs: “We’ve seen reports that people in Iran want to march. …. Iran regime has met the request with threats to kill them. speaks volumes of grip that govt of Iran has on its people.”

      . . .
      Gibbs: “It is remarkable to see what has happened over 18 days.”
      Gibbs: “I don’t think we have to fear democracy. when the will of the people shape the hand of those who govern it . . .this is about egypt and their people.

      Reporter: Is it fair to say this is going to change US policy in Middle East?

      Gibbs: We don’t know the outcome of free and fair elections. we will continue to have relationships…our relationships that we DO have create peace and stability in the region…we will continue

      reporter: re Iran: you keep repeating that Revolutionary guard quote — but you say you don’t want to look like you’re interfering.

      Gibbs: govt of iran discussed what was happening in egypt. if that’s what they believe, they wouldn’t have any problem in allowing their people to protest.
      what they really are scared of is exactly what might happen if Iranians demonstrated — they’re threatening them with death. strange reaction.
      If govt’s and militaries are to protect their people, the Iranian regime is showing they are quite scared of their people.

      reporter: any regrets that admin didn’t do more to support revolution in Iran?
      gibbs: we supported universal rights; it’s up to govt of iran to allow that to happen. there’s diff degreees of development of different societies.

      reporter: would you like to see what happened in cairo today happen in tehran?

      gibbs: if the govt of iran didn’t fear its people it would allow them to protest.

      reporter: would you go so far as to say you’d like to see the govt overthrown in tehran.

      gibbs: i’ve addressed that in previous comments.

      link to

    • Congratulations Egypt!

      vaya con Dios.

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