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  • Jenin refugee camp hit by wave of Israeli raids and killings
    • @davidsp - Starts just like a twin of Jim Jones' People's Temple of collective suicide fame. Pity it ends in their becoming murderers .

    • @davidsp - "Broad brush"? Zionists by definition subscribe to "Jewish" nationhood and claim a "homeland" which by definition must be on other people's land and sovereignty area. The general public may get this soon. These two conditions are fully sufficient to charge them *all, not only with "5/48", but all consequences of the ongoing colonization since 1882, including the millions expelled from their own land and despoiled of their sovereignty, the tens of thousands of murdered and invaded in their wars of aggression and the daily genocidal action. These are all consequences of their establishing a "Jewish state" on other people's land.
      Other people's swamplands and deserts remain totally irrelevant (and out of bounds for invaders.)

  • Khalidi: It's time for Palestinians 'to get off their knees' and turn to Europe and ICC
    • "And Fatah will have to decide that it’s going to take itself off the “morphine drip of American and Israeli support for essentially being a service agency for the occupation."
      Fat chance. Right now, it is regressing, i.e. dragging Hamas down with itself.

  • Tony Blair's Middle East speech: dangerous and anti-Muslim
    • The fact that Blair is still walking free is enough to show the real market value of the PA's joining the ICC, the Geneva Convention, etc. Zilch.

      The fact that Blair is still alive is the best proof that the fear of terrorism is way exaggerated.

  • Israel stops US-led peace talks citing Palestinian unity (Updated)
    • "For the time being, Abbas can register a big win in his internal fight with Hamas and a draw in the Palestinian struggle for freedom with Israelis."
      The first part, sure. The second part... what if any are Abbas' connections to any Palestinian struggle "for freedom with Israelis"? Apart from the clueless preposition, that is.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers detain 6-year-old child on his way to school in Hebron
    • @mcfly - You wade in with your webbed duck feet in a full-scale, all-out war by a major colonial power, started in November 1947, against a totally defenseless civilian population and try to tell us about hurt soldier feelings?
      Do you understand the word "war"? As in total destruction?
      If you do, you'll know that fraternizing with the enemy is a crime in the eyes of the victim populations. I don't care about the feelings of that bastard with the Azrael uniform, he should be taken out according to the right and duty given in international law to invaded populations to defend themselves by any means. Not "shamed": if he had any shame he would have deserted.

  • A Jew who visited Palestine responds to 'NYT' assertion that Palestinians want to kill all Jews
    • @Friedman - Nobody said it's easy to defend an ongoing genocide; that's why it's a job for seasoned propaganda operatives, not the likes of you. As shown by the non-response.

    • @Friedman - Before you look at a Hadith that you cannot possibly digest in years, how about reading, say, about the genocide of Canaanites and Jebusites and different other ites and not leaving a single we aren't saying human being, but even head of cattle alive? That is in a language that you pretend to understand. Or the ongoing genocide of Palestinians (and yes, it does fit the official definition of genocide, no matter your sensitivities.) That all exists and some of it happens everyday. Your Islamic scholarship will have to wait to be acknowledged... way off as yet.

    • This whole thing is ridiculous. A known Zionist nutcase, Walter Schimmerling, meaning really all-out paranoiac at a minimum, fantasizes in a letter to the editor in the NYT that some Ayrabs are out to kill Schimmerling and his entire tribe (purpose unspecified). Then, someone playing the editor at the NYT finds it appropriate to publish that, be it because he is as ready for the nuthouse as Schimmerling himself, be it because he rightly thinks that this very nicely exposes the Zionist mind.
      So far, so good. Deserves a smile and a shrug.
      Where it beats the late Aristophanes, though, is when MW makes a big story out of this, discussing if there could be a kernel of truth in the delirium by Schimmerling, having debates for pros and cons, collecting testimonials (personal impressions of Jewish travelers who certify that Palestinians are humans...) Say it ain't so...

    • @adele - Dialogue and the scissors.

    • @unverified - Modifying a reader's letter is vile and does deserve censure, but you seem to be upset because they did not suppress the letter. Very slippery slope, that. Yes, Schimmerling is obviously as insane as our Zionist contributors (and he's not at his first apparition) but he has every right to have his opinion published for any reason --not least, that of affording a peek into the Zionist mind.

  • 'There is no 'Palestine Exception' to free speech rights': Northeastern overturns Students for Justice in Palestine suspension
    • @shams - Not taking the deal would have meant no activies authorized at all, at least for the rest of the term. Now, they seem to get an OK for concerted activity, with every administration pressure to be recorded and publicized by ACLU.

    • @They may have got more this way: Constant monitoring of the administration behavior by ACLU and civil rights lawyers and excellent publicity. May be used to deal even more effectively with deans and cops. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • The press release in the news by Kate does indicate that one element is a lifting of the suspension for the next term, so the title was right.

    • Is the "title editor" reading the content? It is obvious that Northeastern did not overturn but maintain and modify the suspension, and that the SJP wisely decided to compromise.

  • John Kerry and the Pope set to face off with Jewish Knight Templars on the Temple Mount
    • @Ellen - Romanization? Thank you for the insight: I used to think there isn't much in that to fit our days. In fact, the Roman model as you say (not so much in Britain, though) is probably a good explanation for the role of the US in Palestine: subcontracting Roman Peace to the local power (take Pergamon or Bithynia) that bribed the most powerful Senators and got provided with limitless military assistance.
      At the level of the enforcing power, though, today's control mechanism is much coarser, more conforming to the model of WW2 German occupation and its appointed puppet administration.

    • Let's pick nits in Ellis' objectionable pieces; this one was surprisingly (almost) perfect.

  • Registration of Jews and other human beings
    • @amigo - "especially now the Suicide Bombings are no longer Israel,s first excuse out on the table."
      The suicide bombings were not ever a credible excuse not to listen. The opposite: the fact that there could be so much despair and destitution as to push young people to offer their own life as a weapon is what moved a lot of the Western human herd to start thinking and questioning.
      As for the purely homicidal bombings by salary-collecting, comfortable US/Azrael bombers, that's also when their kashrut grade started to be perceived as deteriorating.
      The suicide bombings were just one more bad faith excuse of the moment by Zionists, their sponsors and their accomplices.

  • Palestinian youth fulfill their 'right of return' to the destroyed village of Iqrit
    • Mikhail - "Iqrit was originally a Jewish-populated town, from the Mishnaic period and was a home to Jews until the Crusaders destroyed it."
      That isn't worth a rat's ass today, except as a big testimonial to the tolerance of the local and Arabian Arabs and... of the Byzantines, whose monolithic understanding of Empire religion was way less murderous than the Zionist one... that razed this Palestinian town like the Crusaders did.

      "There are many Arab localities in northern Israel that were once home to vibrant Jewish communities and where Jews are today made to feel unwelcome."
      Just so, the predicted outcome of Zionism.
      What did you expect, to be welcomed after having revealed yourself as an accessory of genocidal Zionists?
      Against which many Jewish Palestinians warned urgently (including, already back in the day, Moisè Luzzatto). You'll be made way more unwelcome yet as things proceed.

  • Peter Beinart misses South Africa's apartheid lesson, Gideon Levy gets it
    • @Kay24 - What do you mean, gone over to the dark side? Was brought up a Zionist, always was a Zionist, never stopped being a Zionist. Meaning a racial supremacist claiming a fake nation and the sovereignty over other people's land, Palestine, cleansed of its owners and inhabitants the Palestinians. Never stopped being one.
      And no, there is no other definition and there are no decent Zionists.

    • @gigglad - Foolish, aren't we? Mandela was a chief of the ANC, the armed resistance organization to White supremacist rule. It's because he fought hard, thousands of his comrades died fighting the racist rule and eliminating as many as they could of the bastards that they could win and afford to offer equality to all. Ask Ronnie Kasrils, "biologically" a Litvak.
      So this is the first I hear you asking for equality. If you want it, destroy the "Jewish state", fight the Zionists first, as hard as you can. Relax later.

  • Snowden revealed a world of conspiracies I once would have scoffed at-- Bryan Burrough
    • @unverified - She'd be unemployed in any European country (that does not include the UK, of course). Not to say that morons are not infesting the press over there, they are but the style and the standards are totally different.

  • Bridgegate 2.0: Israeli tech students manipulate traffic patterns
    • @marc b. All that because signals were in fact *misinterpreted as genuine. Responsibility to the customer and any liabilities remain with the company that sold the service. Using that service is not compulsory for being on the road; traffic has no obligation to follow anyone's say-so --only conform to orders and indications by official authorities. Anyone, none of that is relevant here.

    • Dunno, Woody. They didn't hack into anyone's systems if the tale is accurate; they just emitted signals that were misinterpreted by the proprietary software that was providing a flawed service for money. Where is the obligation to alert them? Is there an obligation for all to rely on Waze or any electronic stuff instead of your own eyes in going from A to B? Only such gullible people were affected.

    • Page: 9
  • John Judis's Truman book is a landmark in anti-Zionism
    • @Jons - because it is the start of organized armed colonization by racial supremacists invading Palestine, which they had absolutely no relationship or claim to, bringing their own colonial pirate sovereignty with them; they are of course the start of your current batch of pirate invaders and illegal immigrants to whom you belong. People defining themselves as Jews of one or the other sort are not to be counted invaders if they or their ancestors personally belonged to the (approimately 7%) Jewish Palestinians before the start of this illegal colonization.

    • @Clueless - Don't try to smuggle more senseless delirium like "Jewish self definition" and you don't know what immigration means. We're talking Jewish supremacist colonization covered by the power of the colonial government, in this case Ottoman; a forerunner of colonization not even bothering to don the disguise of refugees and intending to politically self-administer their colonial foothold. Of course it is colonial oppression and domination. You read way too much Sambo literature.

    • Not a clue. The invasion started in 1882, if you need any precision.

    • "Still, it was prejudice: it was surely unfair to call a group selfish who had just seen 2/3 of its European population annihilated."
      Why exactly?
      Are the possible meanings of "fair/unfair", "group", "selfish" dependent on the proportions of people killed?
      I suppose the MW readers do deserve some clear accounting of this strange way of reasoning.

    • 2014-1894 = 120

    • @Hostage - "Abbas has deliberately gone out of his way in order “to be seen” to have been the best long-suffering partner for peace that Washington and Tel Aviv will ever have." No contest.
      "He is in a perfect position to “hoist them by their own petards” and either obtain the concessions that were originally promised, or to pivot and take up the demand for one state, one person, one vote because the US and Israel have exhausted the possibility of any other remedy." This is not an automatic (even if perhaps logical) consequence of having visibly exhausted all possibilities of negotiation, because it does in real life require an asset to negotiate with, in addition to his admirable patience. The answer he'll get is "whaddyagonnadoboutit" and some bellyaching in the Europarliament. Yes, it makes for thousands of pages of international body deliberations and additional years of walking in hallways in Geneva, but in the absence of an armed insurrection that keeps costing Azraelian personnel (an insurrection that was his job to suppress) there's nothing to impart a sense of urgency about implementing anything.
      Certainly, declaring the abolition of the PA and going away is the best ever move for him but not hitting the Zionists hard enough to make concessions; the added expenses to restart Oslo will be paid by you and me anyway...

    • @Hostage - I wouldn't agree about their doing something right (even with all the sympathy I have for Abbas' smart strategic sense, except for threatening to walk out from a post that cost an entire Oslo conference (and a major war) to build up. If I still were as fond of a paradox as I used to be, I'd say what they did right was to play the perfect puppet all this time so that a walkout would mean a replay for the US-Azraelis recreating the puppet post.
      On the one hand, as Abbas and Co. already showed, they shouldn't have any trouble: there seems to be no job on earth too dishonoring to have candidates for it.
      The US/Zionists are a of course not stupid enough not to realize that a return to the default situation means a major flare-up of resistance. Too expensive.

  • Max Blumenthal's guilt by association – with Jewish ethics
    • @Leander - I would imagine that Ms Weir is not writing with the sole purpose of getting your goat, or even that she doesn't know you.
      Meanwhile, you may try to be helpful to others by formulating clearly what, in her well-documented, well-aimed prose, happens to incur your disapproval. She has been opposing Zionism longer and more consequently than most people I see here, so what pushes you buttons must be something very serious and obvious. Why can't others see it?

  • How many 'Palestinian Arabs' want to kill 'all Jews?'
    • @Clueless Friedman: "North was not being an accurate journalist, but an advocate"
      Is Mondoweiss supposed to be some Fox News pretending to "accurate journalism"? As far as I know, MW is the textbook example of what US English calls an advocacy site. But of course, nobody ever tells you anything!

      "If you want me to declare James North the saint of rational journalism I will do so, just to avoid going to Memri "
      Cluelesser and cluelesser. Only a total moron or a Zionist rely on anything from Memri.

    • @JeffG - One day you'll have time to learn some basics, like differences in meaning between colonization, occupation, proselytizing, conversion, cohabitation, etc. Perhaps much later you'll also get a whiff of a shadow of knowledge of history. Meanwhile, stick to what you know.

    • @Dutch - Precisely. In this connection, I was proposing two things:

      1. Describe the family, environment, schooling, education and other environment that made the letter writer Mr. Walter Schimmerling, the letter writer. Compare to those writing here, either Zionists or those who refuse to be so described. Somewhat like in the once popular game "Where is Waldo?"

      2. Instead of rushing to the scissors, indicate who, if not the Zionist entity and *only* the Zionist entity, is the one power in the area practicing daily genocide, described as acts falling squarely within the definition of genocide, as listed by Lemkin himself and described in the international conventions agains genocide etc. Compare this to an ill-advised "which Arabs want to kill Jews" theoretical game.

    • @lando - Timely clarification.
      "The creation of the state of Israel did not change the term being used to refer to the Jews in that area by Arabs."

      And why should it? That is exactly how the Zionists did present themselves and continue to do so. So what's the indictment? That they do get called what they asked to be called? You just can't please some people...

  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
    • @Sycamores - Is this the last para of your post or not? Not a biggie in today's situation, but still...
      "if Finkelstein wants to stay real with the Palesine/Israel issue he needs to respect the Palestinians who are under Israeli occupation in choosing any nonviolent path to put an end to the occupation."

    • Well, duh. They both are Zionists. Who knew?

    • And the PA represents the Palestinians like Quisling represented the Norwegians, Pétain the French, Tsolakoglou the Greeks, should I continue? Despicable.
      Before the PA hangs there is no way out for Palestinians.

      As for BDS, if you think that "liberal-Zionist" dominated but still somewhat valuable stirring may ever replace by itself armed resistance, it's more than strange; one wonders what planet you've been living on.

      Here, listen to some Palestinian who has not been bought with US money for the Zionists (the only ones you guys will not listen to, of course:)

      ‘ I always knew and believed that the PA was an arm of the occupation. But you can’t just have those thoughts, you need to go through the full experience of the confrontation and practice to demonstrate your thoughts.’

      “It’s all about the facts on the ground and the Zionist project is going underway as it always has—successfully.”

      “Its deeper than that because we are not objecting to just the negotiations and their failures and their success,” he said. “We’re against the whole thing: recognizing Israel, the two-state solution. We’re against all of it in principle. Because we are against the existence of Israel in principle.”

    • @Sycamores - Both you and Finkelstein are a bit ludicrous, aren't you, limiting the future possibilities to "nonviolent only" while observing that these are, at best, the accessory and incidental ones in the inventory?

    • Look at it from another angle as to what motivates Obama.
      The Zionists need, every once in a while, to have some "2-state peace talks" going on for a short while to be able to formally establish they "tried" --no need to try hard. It makes their life easier on formal levels with some European and US requirements and stalls off a little more the reckoning about "civilian" armed occupation and ongoing ethnic cleansing / genocide. The formal nature is so obvious that there sure is no need to slow down the ongoing invasion-ethnic cleansing during the very talks, as we've seen. There is no need for any requests to be acceptable by even a puppet administration: the absurdity to be introduced to derail talks at a minute's notice doesn't have to be convincing either.
      In order to replay this comedy every few years as needed, the Zionists need two reliable partners: the Oslo puppet "Administration" and the "honest broker", AIPAC-whipped US. Both these sockpuppets are participating under orders --under duress.
      Obama is forced to do this.
      Does it look like anyone is a willing player? What an illusion. It's a case of galloping "or else". To be tended right away, ahead of any national or personal interest.

    • JPB - Not so fast; the BDS blessings are not there yet to be counted. Yes there is some movement and it provides excellent opportunities to educate the public, but it is infested by "liberal" Zionists; its targets are almost exclusively their targets: not the Zionist entity proper but only some post-1967 high-visibility cases. Those that even a Zionist political party chair inside the Zionist entity (Meretz) follows and supports. Its leadership in some places is almost openly Zionist, cult-like obsessed with a Reinheitsgebot to weed out "Antisemites" (whatever that is in their sick imagination it does not involve opposition to boycott.) These guys' objectives are obvious: salvage Zionism or at least extend its life by giving it a continued racial supremacist state within a so-called 2-state solution (one state + one powerless, unarmed collaborator = 2 states.) So on the whole I'm not sure any benefits of BDS outweigh its liabilities. Most people here are trying to present as a fait accompli a Zionist entity legitimately extending to the 1967 green line; even though I do not question their self-definition wrt Zionism I wouldn't expect most of them to be critical of BDS.

  • Why should planning in West Bank be divided on ethnic lines? --Palestinian villages' petition
    • @Harry Law - A single note to add: "the areas coveted by Israel" certainly include all of historic Palestine as per official Zionist decisions. The permissible upper limit of non-Jewish inhabitants, always as per official, non-canceled Zionist documentation, is 15% for all of Palestine.

  • No rescue!
    • @Ellen - fully agreed, especially as to the confused and confusing and superfluous and all-around unaware character (obvious even to a total irreligious one).
      [Totally OT now: One little bone to pick, though. Your Hosanna "to" or "in" is not so clear-cut. On the one hand, the Greek counterpart (rather, original) of "Hosanna in excelsis" in two versions (St J Chrysostom and St Basil) has in one line Ὡσαννὰ ὁ ἐν τοῖς ὑψίστοις, which without a doubt cannot ever be translated as "to"; it is clearly "savior [is] the one in the highest place". As for the Latin version, in an ancient liturgy (the Mozarabic, a pre-Andulus collection as its name does not indicate) the Sanctus has, in an added line "Hosanna filio David" which would be really ambiguous between a "to" and an "in/into" reading, leaning toward "to". Which may reflect, along with other such uses, that etymology notwithstanding, the foreign word had early received a life of its own --as a form for "Praise! Glory! or somesuch!" instead of a call for help. So a single, firm understanding of the English preposition seems excluded.]

    • @seafoid - If this is also a neat idea god save us from neatness. You or I have no idea what role oil is going to play. Resistance is safer.

    • @Walid - It is within the acts listed in the Convention against Genocide --ask Hostage if unsure. Didn't deserve a correction.

  • Mohammed Al-Azza tells Dublin why Aida camp resists occupation
    • @pabelmont - "The Palestinians offered to make peace along the green line in 1988 and thereafter, and have not so far as I know ever rescinded these offers."

      I'll call this a shameless lie again. The "Palestinians" who offered to make peace along the green line were not habilitated; the Palestinian people was not even given the opportunity, thanks to the violation of the PP by both the Zionist entity and GB, to even have a representative government to officially present their reception of the absurd "offer"; those who signed Oslo manifestly are traitors in every sense of the word, as we very painfully learned during the war against Nazism. Maybe in the eyes of a large majority they aren't, or again they are, traitors; there is no way to have a representative body independent of the Zionist and related USUK-Imperialist armed threat when sitting in occupied Palestine.
      Not only can we call this a flagrant lie; it is also a lie repeated in the full knowledge of all the objections, unacknowledged and undiscussed objections, by very many highly respected Palestinians and Palestinian organizations.
      Also, this habit of lightly making a gift of other people's rights where the most brazen of the locals fear to tread is very probably Zionist propaganda.

      Looks like you are not listening to Palestinians you don't like --those who risk it all:

      ‘ I always knew and believed that the PA was an arm of the occupation. But you can’t just have those thoughts, you need to go through the full experience of the confrontation and practice to demonstrate your thoughts.’

      “It’s all about the facts on the ground and the Zionist project is going underway as it always has—successfully.”

      “Its deeper than that because we are not objecting to just the negotiations and their failures and their success,” he said. “We’re against the whole thing: recognizing Israel, the two-state solution. We’re against all of it in principle. Because we are against the existence of Israel in principle.”

  • 'Like the NRA, AIPAC sows fear in the halls of Congress' -- Dem consultant
    • @American - Deserves a lot of thought.
      There is no need for a deep-pocket patriot if there are enough of us and there is no necessity for any previous requirement for patriotism, as long as we want to go against the Zionists; that is, of course, if we of modest means are numerous enough to pay for such a campaign and the huge collateral expenses to be able to get it out.
      The problem, though, is possibly that you may lead the public to the water but getting it to drink is a whole nother story; "if that day ever comes Israel and the Lobby and their US politicians" are still a long way from being "dead in the water forever". If you imagine that the uninformed public is uninformed just because John Q Public does not hear the right news on Fox or NBC, imagine again. There is an incredible lot of ignoble cowardice around, cowardice to confront one's publicly and conveniently upheld nice principles. Do you really think that that huge mass of people is totally clueless, that the people forgo informing themselves when any one of the daily opportunities of a peek behind the curtains comes their way, when the worst contradictions are so glaringly evident in anything said by the powers in charge? These people are not stupid, you know, not more than average. Their self-image and their conscience are safe as long as their nose is not being rubbed in the do-do. They will remain frozen as long as they can pretend to themselves that this (very desirable) campaign is "one side of the story", the other side being provided courtesy of AIPAC, press and USGov; so they'll avoid unpleasant discussions or their kid not being invited to schoolmate's bar mitzvah or perhaps loss of advancement on their job or some such thing. Yes, we can kill for a couple red cents if it may be made to sit comfortably with our self-image.
      What is needed to reverse this kind of trends is blood in the water, enough blood to smell. Only then will the other piranhas all start biting, all together, and believing they have been doing that for many years already.

    • @Citizen: The secret opinions of those who enable the criminals are of no interest, and they wouldn't be secret anymore anyway. She is kissing AIPAC ass is all I need to know.

  • Tensions rise on Temple Mount as rightwing Jews seek to hold Passover rituals there
    • @Friedman - How is it conceivably relevant to the discussion? The only relevant questions here are -who are the owners of the whole land and the rights to sovereignty over it, and - how much more of a war crime and crime against peace are the Azraeliacs inclined to commit? Any number of temples utterly irrelevant.

  • On Easter, costly Jews - and costly Palestinians
    • @Citizen - Chosenness is simple enough; all tribal societies had their own gods, Jews no different. Then the evolution (which left linguistic traces) to a single tribal meanie god with the pig as a totem forbidding offerings to his rivals, then forbidding any offerings to other tribes' gods (so common in the tolerant theology of the Antique world) under threat of death penalty; and the pissing contest, affirming that he is more powerful than the nations' gods anyway (look what I do to the Egyptians). So, being a tribal meanie, he protects the faithfully sacrifice-burning tribe against all others, by enforceable commercial contract.

  • 'Israel is the home of all Jews,' declares a right-wing official
    • Seafoid - As the Greek example if any should convince you, an offer for protection of the ethnic group is not necessarily landgrab-connected.
      As for as sentence like "Zionism still hasn’t convinced the world of its justness", I don't know what to do with such a monstrous absurdity. Either you have a problem with logic or with grammar.

    • @seafoid = The "zionist context of 2 millennia" may be yours for all I know, it's not mine or anyone else's. The Turkish offer only concerns ethnic Turks of the "Anatolian Turkish" variety, not to all Turkic tribes and descendants and speakers,. i.e. strictly meaning the Ottoman remains in the Balkans and along the Southern border. No relationship at all to Central Asia here, the homeland refuge offered is within today's Turkey's borders. Nevertheless, it is still racist as it only interests the dominant ethnicity, but not as patently absurd as the Zionists' opium dream.

    • seafoid - An offer of "ancestral homeland" may come across as irritating, nationalist, etc. but it's legitimately used with some justification by many countries today: Turkey, Greece, Spain, Germany, and a lot more. Difference is, Germany for example does not do it on a racial or religious basis and applies it to German Jews too, Spain has been doing reverse discrimination favoring Sefardí Jews for the last 50 years or so; all give citixenship to descendants of their ex-citizens; most importantly, none offer a homeland on other people's land, i.e. Palestine or Uganda.

    • @Lysias - Well, he wasn't offering a homeland on other people's land. At least not yet in 1934.

  • Mark Halperin excommunicates Rand Paul, over Israel
    • @Friedman - Continue to pretend you are deaf and blind. It's not in their function as "a large contingent of the republican party" that the creeps reject Rand, *not* Ron Paul, who has absolutely no chances of ever getting in their good graces, but as Zionists (Repucrat or Demolican or Chameleon or Zebra-striped all in it ad maiorem Zionis gloria). Of course, nobody ever tells you anything.

    • @seafoid - So fluting what? Is GOP the only show in town? Demolicans are probably way worse in re Zionism as they lack a patriotoid wing and a libertarian one, too.

    • @piotr - So what? After every genuine moron from the Repucrat aisle comes a truly intelligent, high-fuel scholar from the Demolican fraction who makes it way worse. Just as an example among many, Obama dared do what even Bush fils could not imagine: proclaim himself Sole Ruler and legalize seizing, jailing and murdering anyone on his royal say-so. Beat that.

      On the whole, I start thinking that I like the morons better; they're more human-like.

      The only thing we may well have to remember (limitedly to Palestine for this site): anything any of these lesser-worse-evils do, if we voted for them we are personally accessories. No other interpretation possible.

    • @piotr - From your lips to God's ears. Not that the Rand brat is anything to write home about but it sure would drive them all crazy. I'd prefer to have him try his touch in the UN or some such, though.

  • 'NYT' abided by Israeli gag order even as 'EI' scooped it repeatedly
    • OK, I will start circulating in my neighborhood a collection sheet, where you can sign and donate some small change to help officially move the NY Times headquarters to Tel Aviv, leaving here a NY correspondent. Title: Let's Help Move the New York Times to the Country of its Dreams!
      I am sure there are internet equivalents to this, much more powerful, but that's for those knowledgeable.

  • Reports of anti-Semitism in Ukraine and Hungary
    • @sean mcbride - "The best advice: keep as low a profile as possible."
      That's certainly the best Zionist advice. Or also (no real difference) Jewish-nationalist. Not one fit for full citizens of any country.

  • The Book of Exodus and the Book of Palestine
    • @libra - I'll second and third the memo to Prof. Ellis. Plus a note: a picture of a page of Exodus... in *English* has no class. None at all.

  • Palestinian youth say the talks with Israel are futile
    • @Kay24 - What would that invader from another planet know about olive trees, why they were and are sacred, why people who cut it were punished most severely, that it takes one generation to start having fruit and two for it to be edible, that olive and plane trees are the oldest living creatures... He'll never adapt to Palestine, let him go back where he is from.

  • Stephen Walt: publishing 'Israel lobby' ended any thought of serving in US gov't
    • @lysias - Roberts is not likely to become a Harvard Dean anymore...

    • In fact, it's a good thing for him and his audience. No one associated with the US Government can have any credibility nowadays. Possibly the same goes for Harvard Deans.

    • Bakr - "constantly pointing out that Jews are over represented in powerful organizations and complaining that it has nothing to do with Jew-hatred. Its nice and fine to actually beleive that but not so fine to divorce yourself from the reality that hyper-focusing creates. Its a conundrum."

      Never mind about big fancy words. Just prove that the massive, giant overrepresentation is not true.

  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • @brenda - Getting a whole population (in this case a population of howling nationalists) to feel the pinch enough for change is called punishment in my book.
      "Close to half the Knesset seats are held by politicians who favor a peace settlement with the Palestinians." Define "peace settlement". I have a nice, slightly used bridge for you to buy.

    • But collectively punishing this particular society is precisely what one aims to achieve. Otherwise it doesn't even begin to make sense!

    • Now that Sharon finally kicked the bucket it's a three-way toss between Netanyahu and the 2 Liebermänner.

    • I don't know what you guys smoke at night but it isn't good. Seeing that a guy is a Zionist one day (and we are talking high officer at AIPAC for chrissakes) and waking up the next day to the revelation that he is a Zionist! Woe is me.
      Zionists are Zionists. They are at the minimum fake-nationalists and racists/racial supremacists who intend to occupy Palestinian land forever. Why isn't that clear?

    • @Krauss - Just one curiosity: are you more interested in an intra-Zionist "left" or "right"contrast, whatever that may mean to you, or in defeating Zionism?

  • Updated: Remote-control gun installed atop wall near Bethlehem -- Ma'an
    • @Hughes - Very interesting. Fascinating. All that. But none of these idle speculations have anything to do here. I wish the censors would finally understand that mythical regulatory claims are ruled out by default. It sure makes for an awful lot of clutter and the Zionist riffraff is having a ball.
      Do. Not. Feed. The. Animals.
      I mean, I wish I could follow my own advice.

  • Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel
    • @Toivo - When you look at this whole round of nothing, the Macchiavellian plan appears in its blinding simplicity: pretend again to have talks on 2-states or whatever, guaranteed not to go anywhere, that can be sabotaged several months from start, so that more concessions may be extracted meanwhile from the Ramallah puppets, more wall-building and settlement building can be solidified, more of the irregular army continues to occupy Palestine. In a year or a few months, they'll come again and restart some round of talks. If you think Obama has a will of his own and Netanyahu is not driving, think again.

    • The Palestinian have constructive ideas. A good idea is to listen to them:

      “Its deeper than that because we are not objecting to just the negotiations and their failures and their success,” he said. “We’re against the whole thing: recognizing Israel, the two-state solution. We’re against all of it in principle. Because we are against the existence of Israel in principle.”

      "I always knew and believed that the PA was an arm of the occupation. But you can’t just have those thoughts, you need to go through the full experience of the confrontation and practice to demonstrate your thoughts."

      “It’s all about the facts on the ground and the Zionist project is going underway as it always has—successfully.”

      Anybody in the room who can read, please?
      What is not clear there? "We are against the existence of Israel in principle." The guys here who want to go on pissing in the wind, go on.

    • @Friedman - Irrelevant. What they call their temples or if they are from the lowbrow religious or highscale atheist varieties makes no difference in their murderous militancy as Zionists. An extreme Orthodox Neturei Karta has more humanity in the nail of his pinkie than your whole bunch of murderers.

  • Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square
    • Thanks, RoHa; all I wanted was the long name, no intention of starting a pro/anti fight where we are to discuss Palestinian rights and ways to independence, not climate etc.

    • What or who is gw/cc?

    • @Krauss - All that weighing of immaterial wisps... If anyone has solid evidence that any "fears" are credible fears of **material damage, let them bring them and have it judged properly. Otherwise, the little 8888s should just shut the fluff up. Enough already with all these "feelings".

  • Palestinians can have an embassy in Jerusalem, but God forbid not a capital -- Israeli mayor
    • Far as I know, it was precisely enough delimited in the 1938 Congress of Poale Zion as the target by Ben Gurion, and approved []. It has been mentioned repeatedly, especially before and around the 1947 and 1967 wars of conquest, the 1982 aggression of Lebanon, etc. No links, as I don't do much of that. What is way more instructive and confirms that the program is on without any doubt is the continuous valse-hésitation comedy of "peace talks" with two Zionist entity sockpuppets, i.e. the Oslo puppet and the US rep, while Labor then Likud (then Likud plus Jewish al Qa'ida) continue to advance the settlements and ethnic cleansing.

    • @Woody - Their "governmental organizations" aren't worth a used chewing-gum. Not formed properly, in the absence of armed aggression and occupation, no test of representativity, officially puppet governments with no armed sovereignty following a medley of resistance organizations in exile. During the German occupation, of course the resistance took decisions but they all paid attention to make everything official after governments were regularly constituted in full sovereignty. I'm old-fashioned that way.
      Observing that the Colonial Powers had no right to partition Palestine and that the Partition Proposal was rejected by the population is not being more Catholic than the Pope. It's exposing the glaring illegality of both the Zionist entity and its puppet "governments". Bring me something from an unoccupied and sovereign Palestinian people. Until then any Zionist presence remains illegal (also note that they are continuing full-scale war; even the armistices were concluded with other powers.)

    • Shuki - "The arabs rejected the U.N. plan"
      The Palestinians (given that not their language but their precise nationality is important here) rejected the partition plan just because there was absolutely no reason to accept giving away their country to a medley of crazy Russians and Bessarabians and Germans... etc., you say? How dare they refuse such a gift of God in the person of the Zionist invaders? They certainly deserve being robbed of their land, their sovereignty and their lives as a commensurate retribution!

      Also, was your moma a Zionist? It shows! She didn't even teach you basic manners. "Arab" is an ethnonym and in English it's always capitalized. Second, the Arabs' arabness is totally irrelevant in matters of Palestine, the Palestinians (including the Jewish Palestinians before the invasion) being the owners of all Palestine without exception, and the only ones habilitated to reach political decisions about it.

    • Correct, Herzl's and all other Zionists' subsequent actions were glaring examples of unleashed illegality.

    • Woody - "The Israelis should be satisfied with that portion which is to the West of the Green Line."
      No. Conquest is not acceptable as a way of acquiring territory by any state. No representative Palestinian state and government was allowed after the unanimous rejection of the Partition Proposal (also by the Zionist bandits.)

    • @mondonut - Are you really objecting to that? Anyone except a criminal would want to "eliminate the state of Israel."

    • @Konrad - Jewish Arabs then were not Zionists. Not a single one. Palestine has been just as Arabic as Mecca since ard the 10th century and this applies to the Moslem, Orthodox, Catholic, Nestorian, etc. and Jewish Arab population of pre-invasion Palestine and Jerusalem. You sound like you are irremediably confused between an equivalent of Aryanism and an equivalent of Papalism.

    • @Jones - What do you mean, no opinion? They have the Zionist program: all of Palestine (with portions of Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt) without its owners (a variant foresees a Weitz' quota, not to ever exceed 15% of total population.)

    • @ritzl - Misquote? No, Zionist thinking.

  • Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu
    • @Kay24 - "All it will take" is as you said, only "all it will take" is a surprisingly light way of expressing it for a Zionist-owned country with all systems strictly based on ownership

    • @Konrad - Much, much simpler to get the Zionists to leave and use their former citizenships. The question won't arise with those who are direct descendants of Jewish Palestinians before the 1890s invasion.
      As a sponsor of the whole mayhem, the US shouldn't have to be paid to absorb those who don't like their countries of origin or cannot get accepted back. In fact, it is on the hook with the UK for reparations for everything since 11/1947.

    • seafoid - "can’t be led by pseudo progressive elite opinion formers such as Beinart and Alterman or..." That's exactly the type of people who are leading today's "limited boycott" limited to post-67 occupation settlers only, as well as an excommunication movement of whoever they want to call "Antisemites". Even the "Meretz" chair supports boycott as long as it does not hit the Zionist entity "proper". It's all in the hope of some "two-state" deal so they can keep their racist dictatorship. And yes, honest boycotters have no propaganda budget but these snakes do, and how.

    • @Walid - He has some ridiculous lawyerly excuse for that, and a $$$-linked one, too --apart from being a collaborator now threatened with execution as soon as he gets replaced. The fact remains, though, that the Palestinian population cannot implement BDS but only call for it.

    • @Walid - How can he participate while under occupation, even if we were not a collaborator? He is not in Tunis.

    • @Walid - I am sure that the sub-Zionists and "liberal"-Zionist coyly trying to deny that the Zionist entity's "legitimacy" is a target is **hurting the boycott movement a lot. BDS is mainly useful as an educational tool and its first lesson is that the bastards have NO legitimacy at all anywhere in the world, none, zilch, nada. Of course delegitimizing, stupid word if there were any, is a main goal.

    • @Derfner - Not so clear-cut wrong. Not wanting to be associated with boycott people is farfetched as a reason. On the other hand, boycott as it is practiced by "liberal" Zionists, who limit themselves to post-1967 "settler" products and while so doing try to extend their life and manage to get in the leadership of an anti-Zionist movement, is not clear-cut in its results. Up to now, it seems to favor the Zionist entity while it certainly helps us by exposing Zionism to more people around the world. So not an unmitigated disaster but not a net gain yet.
      Anyway, no solid results to be expected without an Umkhonto We Sizwe and a major US setback.

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • @Baytch - "pointed out"? He writes it himself, and believably, in his own biography: he did it to emulate the manly-military example of the Zionists
      (note that every mention of Jews below applies to Zionists only):

      "But, on the other hand, look at Israel, where four and a half million Jews are surrounded by a billion Muslims. Armed to the teeth with one of the largest (if not the largest) nuclear arsenals in the world, these Jews dictate their will upon their Muslim neighbors.
      There is a big difference, however, between Jew Israel and White America. Jew Israel is racist. They stick together. They fight for their own people. And, more important, they have the will to survive.
      Why can’t we be like the Jews?
      Why can’t we have the same racial pride, racial unity, and the will to survive as a people?
      If the Jews can have a Jewish state of their own, then why can’t we have a White Christian state of our own?"

      I mean, he writes it black on white and incredibly clear. None of the above is by Blumenthal.

  • You know Israel's in trouble when 'NYT' runs op-ed saying it's replacing Iran as isolated theocracy
    • @Krauss - No need to take down all of it. There is something very positive here; it's their mentioning, cool as a cucumber, that Israel is a theocracy. This in the Times, without a big explosion. Anyone writing this, and not only, also using it to base a whole geopolitical theory over it, would have been thrown out of society without further ado, not given space on the NYT. Yes, the milestone deserves to be celebrated.
      Your observation that (with my spin on it) for the first 80 years of so Zionism has mainly been the hobbyhorse of atheist nationalist fanatics is totally irrelevant to the theocratic character of the contraband state. It is deeply theocratic in structure, in addition to racist (and anyway it is now becoming theocratic with a popular basis, too, given that the post-67 occupation "settlements" are the bastions of Jewish al Qa'ida, indestructible in peace.)

  • It's time to reveal the Israeli role in the US surveillance machine
    • I think the only approach that may work under today's conditions is to start by enlisting genuine US nationalists like Buchanan, and even some of the Tea Party people, against giving away the farm to the Zionist entity --entirely from the viewpoint of an Obama treason. All national security elements are there; the only theoretical exception for politicians and such makes it even more egregious for them. Such a return of the accumulated information may blast away several of the media hurdles.

  • 'Secret' London conference seeks to link BDS to... terrorism
    • Bakr - "Its about returning whatever the number now is-6 million?- descendants of Palestinians from pre-48 back to inside the green line while also giving up the old Jewish quarter of Jerusalem along with all of the WB ……AND!! the elimination of Jewish sovereignty over ANY of the land. period."
      Thank you! You have summarized my program. Unfortunately I am in a minority here, what with a lot of people who want to give away land or rights expecting peace from Zionists, or for other reasons.
      What is important for you, though, is the following: the most important part of the DBS practitioners are Zionists. Intelligent Zionists, who read the wall and see that the only way to stave off defeat at this point is to join the boycott, which they limit of course to the post-1967 occupation. I see you don't belong to them.

  • About that special relationship...
    • @Donald - Not sure its the good question. Where is the evidence that we, as the US of A, are having any influence at all on the Zionist entity, when a repellent Bessarabian gangsta can play footsie with Putin, old-fashioned gender identity laws notwithstanding, in plain daylight and without bothering to hide it under the tablecloth --and still force Obama, in the middle of his most important pissing contest of his two terms, to call the bouncer my only love and bestest ally?

  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
    • @gamal - I'm aware of Qaradawi (and his bland preachiness) and what the Zionists and other friends of Krauss did to Ken Livingstone --I suppose because he seems to be the last live person left in that unfortunate colony of ours. Thank you very much for the documents; just couldn't get the point of the fatso movie, though.

    • You still have not provided a clear definition or any documentation of the "Antisemitism" accusations you seem to use with as much discrimination as Zionist soldiers using skunk water. The invitation stands. Meanwhile, I fail to see where you differ from Abe Foxman.

  • To reach the 'moveable middle' in Jewish life, you must be inside the tent
    • @Leander - Precisely. You identified Major Problem #2. So we are living under a double dictatorship: 1) a single-party dictatorship with two fractions, as they have no program differences or rather they have no program, being only distinguished by different shades of psychopathology; this is the one that is highly significant for the Zionists, and 2) the dictatorship of the hicks over the Cities of the Plain, through the Electoral College and the Senate. The Electoral College is not a major issue for the Zionists, as there is not the chance of a snowball in hell of getting to elect an anti-Zionist of even halfway reluctant President ever.

    • @hophme - I wouldn't expect anything else from a Lieberman voter.

    • @Woody - "Someone who’s a “voter and more likely to vote Democrat” voter who voted for Nader essentially cast a vote for Bush." That's a very silly thing to say. What about the voter more likely to vote Republican in a 2-party system who voted Nader? You guys are assuming that the unmitigated disaster of the Democrats is preferable to the unmitigated disaster of the Republicans. It isn't. If anything, the latter is preferable. It's not a two-party system, it is a single party dictatorship as much as in old Russia. It already was that in 2000: did you vote for Lieberman? Give me Palin any day.

    • @dbroncos - "Bush disaster" is still without proof that the Gore disaster would have been any better. Especially consider this, which was not at all impossible, in fact somewhat close to probable: President Lieberman. How do you feel now?

    • @Donald- I must have missed something. Who exactly of those minors "opposes the occupation"? All I have ever read and heard from them advocates bagsying definitely the pre- 1967 occupation first without letting the Palestinians come home or have a sovereign and secure state, which of course means continuing the sacred march of the bulldozers before the ink is dry.

    • @Krauss - Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes. You know, you really have the starry-eyed Candide bug (except for the sleepless watch against Antisemitism, of course.) We are going through a major, worldwide upward wealth redistribution and a worldwide fascism wave that does not look like it will be more tolerable than the pre-war one, war of aggression is now the naked rule with a smirking, rogue single superpower, but everything is going better, given that your warmonger, Zionist, Demolican mass-murderer aisle of the dictatorship party will soon be on the upswing to say boo to its rival. Oh yeah. Per capita indeed --which you still don't get as to how it works for common folk. But then, how about your living surrounded by so many millions of Antisemites and Holocaust(TM) deniers? Problem there, my friend.
      There was a priceless Carlin skit about this kind of "liberal" prigs. Not sure it is recorded and on YouTube, though.

    • @Marco - "the unique power of the lobby"= $ + mass madness

    • @Citizen - This is a beautiful classic but it doesn't really apply. "Liberal" Zionists are an even more poisonous beast than the Likudniks and must be stamped to the ground. Let them have their system.

    • That Fleshler clown forgot to provide any proof the Demolicans would be any different than Bush. Or, in fact, that they would not be substantially worse.
      The same goes for Phil's preoccupation, better said obsession, with the "Liberal" Zionists. Any proof they are any different from the common-or-garden variety? I say they are more dangerous and to fight against like the pest. They are more intelligent than the usual "hardline" Zionists and they are working like crazy toward plans for extending their life on earth and the Palestinian's travails past doom date. Better work to destroy them; they are Zionists.

  • Amid 'climate of fear' at Vassar, president comes out against 'action and protest' re Israel
    • @Donald, that's right, you recalibrated and I apologize for missing that. However, what I was saying about the kind of civil disruption I'm used to does not concern a specific class or a specific teaching --it is usually about the society we live in, or sectorial problems of students and faculty, etc. I taught for many years in both Europe and here, following obviously a stint as a student; over there in public universities you get accustomed to monthly or more frequent disruptions because of some general problem, important to a portion of the people; there may be low interest in which case the disrupters and their following adjourn elsewhere, or majority interest, in which case the class stops and becomes a general discussion of the problem at hand and may be followed by action up to occupation of the university, etc. Not a biggie and not a law and order problem as long as it is inside the university. None of that over here, though, except in 1968-72, when there still was university freedom, now RIP.
      A good thing? Well, if it is to answer a call to the vocation of "university" instead of a trade school, not only good but essential. Only so can people keep questioning and keep participating critically in their polity.

    • @Donald - Disruption consists in a civil enough deviating from the scheduled "lesson" flow onto a discussion that may appear more timely to a portion of the assistance (which can then adjourn to outside the classroom or, given a majority approval, discuss the newly introduced problem.) It happens often in old-fashioned university that is guaranteed from external intervention; used to lead to occupations of universities, etc. Of course it is disappearing. The objection is really to the statement, so often heard in the US "The place for protests are not in the buildings with classrooms" to which you agreed.

    • @Donald - "Fair"? last I heard this it was in a report of a discussion on WW2 Germany. Not even the Turkish military dictatorship dared enforce such a thing.
      Universities may be private businesses in our blighted, unfortunate desert of a country, but theoretically they still are places where one goes to enquire about and discuss everything with no limits, hence the name universitas. It is not, contrary to habitual practice, where you send your brat to get indebted for life trying to learn how to screw a screw to the proper hole.
      Oxymorons like "Christian University" or "Medical University" would be laughed out of the room among anyone who gets it. Even worse is a university where classrooms are kept sterile from disruption and discussion. Something a Zionist or otherwise fascist mind is perfectly capable of imagining, of course.

  • The Jewish community must not embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • @Cloak and Dagger: It may check in these particular cases. You don't want to tell me that the general tendency of using words like "Muslims, Islamophobia, etc etc." when hostility towards people from specific geographic locations is meant --functionally the religion plays no role at all. Apologies for exploding on the wrong post, though.

    • @Cloak and Dagger and all others - Can we please stop this ludicrous and detestable practice of calling "Moslems" (or also "Jews", etc.) people we don't know individually, who have not confided to us their religious or irreligious thoughts, who we have not personally seen in prayer, etc?
      Pretty please?
      What does this show that we have in place of a brain?

  • Dershowitz plays McCarthy, and John Dingell is labeled 'anti-Israel'
    • @piotr - What on earth would be the difference made by having yet another brand of Zionists poison the air and water? APN is not admitted, so f*&^ what? Way better to expose the whole bunch's corruption than having them set up more organizations. Let them also have higher incomes than God himself. That's good for exposing the shits. Their objective is the same, Zionism; the so-called "liberal ones" are way more dangerous than the openly Nazi ones because they have slightly higher IQ. Adelson or Beinart, it's the same struggle and the same enemy, only the morons may lose earlier. They are working towards the exact same goal: keeping Palestine without its owners. So fuck them all.

    • @libra - Yeah, so this now seems to be an "Anti-Zionist" site with an official Zionist overseer and censor --Krauss.

  • For Miliband, the road to 10 Downing Street runs through Jerusalem and Sderot
    • @Keith - [Phil, I'll give the little $ I can give if you fix the goddamn reply buttons already!]
      Let's not misunderstand this young man here. He wouldn't go off the deep end that easily if he believed me to be "Gentile" according to his tribal-supremacist Jewish nationalism... no, a Gentile would be met with some ritual expostulation and indifference. What drives up the proverbial wall this nationalist-supremacist bunch (both those who insist on a land and those who say they don't) is to see people who, because they are not religious, want no part of their filthy racial doings. You should have seen them piling all the Biblical accusations of Nazism, bestiality, incest, uncleanness... on people of the war generation, that of my father, for rejecting the tribe. One gets a pale idea of it from the sheer insanity over Gilad Atzmon. It's all strictly racially and racistically motivated: if you're biologically gentile, they don't waste their breath. As for their "liberal anti-Zionist" outrage over attacks on Zionism, I find them extremely instructive.

    • "A rabid obsession with Jews and Judaism.""
      The rabid obsession is in people who insist in including in the tribe people who are not keeping the religion (= racists, no other way of describing them.)

      "Jews are now supposed to be put into scarequotes. How noble."
      Nothing to be scared of. It means so-called, quote marks guarding against misinterpretations.

      "Ah, praising Islamists and gaybashers." Read that post, unable quoter. It was deploring the fact that the only ones to uphold the honor of Palestinians against the "talks" were the Salafis. By the way, Islamists a re absolutely OK here: they are not as a whole opposing Palestinian independence, WHICH IS THE ONLY THING WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE IN COMMON ON THIS SITE.

      Now, what exactly is "Antisemitic" in the following:
      "You got it bassackwards as usual. The Zionists were invading just as the Nazi did in France in 40, then pretended to pull out, leaving their puppet administration. No difference. Their journalists called it “win” just like Friedman did."

      Your conception of "Antisemitism" seems that of a rabid Zionist (but still waiting for an exact definition by yourself.)

      "The Zionist enterprise was a criminal enterprise but to compare it to the Nazis?"

      Of course. Check: Twin products of romantic Prussian nationalism. Racial basis (=Blut und Boden, the latter to be supplied.) Exaltation of aggression, militarism, racial supremacy; open contempt for international rules; practice of genocide (differing in speed and degree; we haven't yet seen where the Zionists will get in time in their effort to clean the land of its people...) No need to be a loon to insist on a comparison that all reasonable people are justified in making.

      "Apparently, Jews in “overwhelming majorites” are supporters of “mass murder”. And we are a “group that is criminal in its overwhelming majority”."
      This is, as already obvious, statistically correct. You don't read polls, do you?

      The individual exceptions are obvious too, but they still remain a tiny minority. If you include people who do not define themselves Jewish out of racial/tribal grounds, the numbers should increase but are still nothing to write home about.

      "You’re a raging racist with a deep-seated hatred of Jews. You’re obsessed with us."

      I certainly would be one if I accepted a *false, inexistent* ethnic designation just because of a generations-removed religious origin (as I suspect you do.) I have some ethnic ties, both Sefardí and Ashkenaze, and speak both ethnic languages at least as well as you do, but that certainly does not make me "Jewish": there is no such real category outside religion and liturgy (by the way, calling "Antisemitic" people who, by your racist fake-nationalist standards, are "biologicaly Jewish", like, say, Blankfort, is a whooping violation of Aristotelian logic started by Zionism.)

      You certainly sound like a classical product of the Zionist era "education". No basic training in critical thinking; lots of sentimental kneejerks.

      Also, I still do not see an exact definition of what that vague nebula of "Antisemitism" would mean to you. Just some ranting about a cleric and his visa. All this mega rant to avoid clear answers and logical discussions. We are supposed to be discussing support to the Palestinian people on this site. Not feelgood operations for your Jewish conscience

    • By the way, Phil, the place is called Najd. Rebaptized something in Hebrew after having been razed, of course, but that's not a good enough reason to pander to the Zionists.

    • @Krauss - So you are on the record as refusing to define the slur you are using left and right and to bring solid proof of your accusations, while knowing perfectly that it is a calumny that may cost people their jobs or any amount of other things, especially for those in politics. Just wanted to have that clear.

    • No. 10 is already more than solidly American. There is no independent nation over the pond in the UK and hasn't been for a long time; it's just our offshore aircraft carrier and Trojan horse in Europe. So Adelson doesn't have to buy it as he owns US Government.

    • @For the fourth time: either you define your "Antisemitism" and bring solid proof (this time for Ken Livingstone), or shut up. As you may know, this kind of accusations have consequences. Yours is the m.o. of the most disgusting bottom dwellers of our society.

  • 'Not a single person in this room would accept living as Palestinians do, generation after generation'
    • @whirly - Yeah, talk about safe haven where the illegal immigrant is by definition a citizen of the state waging a war of aggression and as such a target.
      As for the ethnic Germans, they get citizenship to live on German land. Not Patagonia. As also do all descendants of Jewish citizens of Germany...

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