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  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
    • Finkelstein is ignoring another important provision of "the law": Displaced Palestinians are entitled to a 'right of return'. That in itself is enough to undermine the Jewish character of Israel.

      No other state claims a right to maintain an ethnoreligious majority population other than Israel.

  • Arab winter: Israel has urged US to intervene to prop up Saudi monarchy
    • Israeli officials are recommending a Marshall Plan for Egypt.

      The outlook from Jerusalem these days is not encouraging. Iranian influence is growing throughout the Persian Gulf and beyond. Egypt's commitment to its peace treaty with Israel is uncertain. Syria could explode into total chaos at any moment. Jordan's stability is in question. Pakistan, a Muslim country with more than a 100 nuclear warheads, is confronting an uncertain future-made all the more unpredictable by the commencement of a U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan this summer. Whether any U.S. troops will remain in Iraq after the end of this year remains an open question. America is war-weary and facing a crushing deficit.

      The only glimmer of good news for the Israelis may be that, when it comes to reliable allies in the region, Washington's list also keeps getting shorter.

      So the Israelis are sad to see American troops pull out from the Middle East & would like to see the US embark on a costly nation-building campaign in Egypt?

      ...the Israelis are convinced that the principle needs to be unambiguously restated, if only as a reminder that Washington knows where its critical national interests lie.

      Good to know we have the Israelis around to tell us where America's critical interests lie. I guess we should be glad that, courtesy of Ted Koppel's occaisonal contributions to NPR, Israel still has a prominent voice in American media.

  • 'Foreign Policy' undermines Oren argument with graphic straight out of the 'ZOG' archives
    • I think Phil hit the nail on the head here.

      Is it just me or does that burning Star of David remind anyone else of a burning cross at a KKK rally?

  • Chomsky: Racism in our literary culture is harder to eradicate than polio, and Roma are Europe's 'most brutalized' population
    • It's interesting to note Chomsky's fear of the resurgence of the nationalist right in Europe. Like Zionists, Europe's nationalist right adheres to "blood and soil" definitions of identity and nationalism, but apart from their views on immigration, the rest of the platform of these parties would count as being far to the left compared to what we have in the United States. These parties typically oppose privatization schemes, are environmentally conscious, and support the strengthening of the social safety net. They are opposed to global neo-liberal capitalism and are opposed to waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and anywhere else Uncle Sam wants them to fight.

      I am surprised those sentiments don't merit any sympathy or even so much as a mention from Chomsky. I think it's also sad that Chomsky resorts to vulgar caricatures like this:

      ...the Turks imported to do the dirty work in Germany are failing to become blond and blue-eyed, true Aryans.

      The criticism of immigration has almost everything to do with cultural assimilation and nothing whatsoever to do with the physical appearance of the Turks. This is just Chomsky's own ugly racism rearing it's ugly head.

      Also, the notion that America's border was 'militarized' is bunk. Go visit Mexico and the first thing you will notice is how few able-bodied young men can be seen walking through the streets of border towns like Juarez or Laredo - it's mostly the very old, the very young, and women. That's because so many of them came here. The burgeoning growth in the Latino population recorded by the census clearly gives the lie to Chomsky's overheated rhetoric.

  • On Easter, spare a moment to think about the Christians in Jesus's birthplace
  • Gingrich advised 'total war' in Palestine...
    • I've often wondered what Israel's endgame is vis a vis the Palestinians.

      It looks as if the real goal of the settlement project is to build one state all the way to the Jordan River (which is where Anthony Weiner says Israel's borders lie) and certainly to claim all of Jerusalem. If so this means one of two outcomes in the long run: either a one-state solution which would scuttle Israel's future as a Jewish ethnostate; or they intend to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians in a forthcoming major war.

      If Israel can start a major war, I think they'll use it to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians (including the Palestinians Israelis) and created a sustainable Jewish ethno-state. They also may try to seize some of the oil fields in the Sinai.

  • Brian Baird and Anthony Weiner to talk Israel/Palestine, moderated by Roger Cohen
  • McGovern paints Hillary Clinton as willful hawk to Obama's jitters
    • Scott ritter held a press conference in Tokyo the day after Colin Powell's speech to the UN debunking line by line every item in Powell's presentation. Ritter had been delivering this speech for several years after the war had begun. If you've heard it, there will be no doubt in your mind that the WMD allegations were a flimsy pretext and nothing more.

      Ritter's presentation really puts the lie to all those claims that the intelligence agencies got it wrong. When I see Rumsfeld on TV or hear him on the radio plugging his memoirs I keep wishing the host would allow someone as informed and knowledgable as Ritter to challenge Rumsfeld on all his lies.

  • Chomsky, 'materialism,' and the Israel lobby thesis
    • Look at how illogical and circular Chomsky's argument is:

      Chomsky has stated: "As I've mentioned several times, if the thesis about lobby power were correct, it would be a great relief to me and others who have been actively engaged for years in trying organize popular pressure to lead to abandonment of US rejectionism. We could stop all of that, just go to the corporate headquarters of Lockheed Martin, Intel, Microsoft, and others and explain to them that their interests are harmed by US support for Israel, so they should terminate their investments in Israel and use their political and economic clout to put the lobby out of business. Anyone with a little familiarity with American society and political economy knows that they could do that in their sleep. That in fact is the sole activist-related conclusion that follows from the thesis. But none of the believers do it. Why?"

      Chomsky begins with an assumption, that corporations wield more power than the Lobby does over our Middle East policy. He uses this assumption to 'prove' that the the Lobby is not a major factor in policy formation compared to corporate interests.

      If anything, the exact opposite can be logically concluded. Walt and Mearsheimer's thesis is that the Israel Lobby wields more power than corporate interests, thus it would do no good to tell Microsoft, Intel, and Lockheed Martin that their interests are being harmed, because the Lobby is too powerful.

      Chomsky has to resort to this sort of manipulative casuistry because he cannot logically and persuasively establish his conclusions.

  • For 'Birthright' tourists, hill above Gaza is fun like the Grand Canyon
  • 'NPR' gives platform to two Muslims to say, End the special relationship
  • Burying Gaza, Frank and Matthews remember the good old days fightin apartheid
    • Brilliant job of deconstructing the lies we are fed. And this was merely on MSNBC.

      I had the misfortune of seeing michael Oren on Sean Hannity's show when I was at the gym yesterday. It was sickening. Hannity did his all to out-Zionist Michael Oren. Truly shameless.

  • How can Obama meet Netanyahu after this?
  • Doorstop book by Texas scholar suggests New Historians are bustin out all over
  • Ask Haaretz: What drives 'secret' US policymaking?
    • Giving to politicians and politically oriented lobbies is entirely different than giving to charity. The former is an example of self-serving investment: what is given is presumed to be less valuable than than the benefit - and the cost of the benefits is largely borne by others; the latter is presumed to redound no personal benefit other than the satisfaction of being altruistic.

  • Shocker: Speaker of Knesset calls for making one state with Palestinian citizens
  • Abunimah: Refugees returned to Bosnia, why not Israel?
  • Left roots need to make common cause with libertarian right on the issue
    • Not complying with an addtional UN Security Council resolution to the NNPT is different that not complying with the non-proliferation treaty itself.

      The fact is IAEA inspectors are on site and are superivising the enrichment of uranium directly. It would be impossible for Iran to enrich to high levels of 90 -95% purity without being detected by the IAEA inspectors many months in advance.

      The IAEA has repeatedly certified the non-diversion of nuclear materials to proscribed activities like high-level enrichment needed to make a bomb.

  • Judt says Holocaust is exploited for 'uncompromising Israelophilia and... lachrymose self-regard'
  • Not a good time to be Martin Kramer, or a good time to be Harvard's Weatherhead Center
  • Neocon identity project: they will always hate us, because we're Jews
    • If anti-semitism ever takes hold in America it will be connected to financial shenanigans and widespread pillaging of nations by major hedge funds, not because of the Palestinians.

  • Have you heard of this outfit?
    • If my memory serves me correctly JPFA is affiliated wit a Jewish paramilitary training camp in the Catskills.

      Like Gun Owners of America, JPFA is to the right of the NRA. I'm pretty sure I've seen JPFA members write columns for WorldNetDaily. I think one was interviewed by Chuck Norris (no kidding).

      It all fits in well with the Encyclopedia Dramatica definition of Neoconservative.

  • In 'Greenberg,' it's the dick who plants trees in Israel
  • This is not a phony crisis
    • Chomsky tells me its the corporations. I distinctly remember hearing him mention Hewlett Packard's Israeli plant in the context of how Israel treats Palestinians.

  • Holocaust porn is serious subject
    • These books were subsequently banned in 1962 by the Israeli courts as being anti-Semitic pornography.

      Who would buy anti-semitic pornography in Israel? Anti-German or anti-Polish pornography maybe, but antisemitic pr0n? What's up with that?

  • They're backing down
    • Note the use of the term "formal recommendation". This impleies that pehaps he has even made an informal recommendation to bring even Israel under CENTCOM.

  • Dubai-Mossad t-shirts now available
  • Maybe this is how Americans begin talking about the lobby?
    • I think the word you are looking for is "lede" not lead. Sorry, but I could not remain silent about this.

      Anyway I don't mean to nitpick. You still do a lot of fantastic work. I'll go back to spotting "their/they're" mistakes on other blogs in just a few minutes.

      Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards drag you down, Phil.

  • Hasbara extremist uses N-word
    • Zionists have a lot in common with fascists and ethnic separatists. Do you think that Eliot Abrams or Avigdor Lieberman are really all that different from Nick Griffin?

  • People Are Talking About BDS
    • In case you missed it, here is what the neocons at Pajamas Media have to say about WASPs who support BDS:

      Presbyterians Usher in the Jewish Holiday of Purim

      The title of the article "Presbyterians Usher in the Jewish Holiday of Purim" makes an analogy between Presbyterians and Haman. It goes on to say that "Amalek (the eternal enemy of the Jews) has arrived, right on time for the Purim festival." The subtitle of the article which refers to "...the War Against the Jews, Part 2010" reinforces this theme.

      Does Phyllis Chesler think that Presbytereans are to be treated as the Amalekites or the Edomites were treated?

  • Where's BDS? Israeli firms to secure World Cup
    • I didn't realize it, but the Presbyterean church wascoming close to sanctioning BDS. Here is an article from Pajamas Media, a neocon outlet, likening the Presbyterean church to Amalek, the eternal enemy of the Jews for endorsing BDS and for openly stating that Christians do not have a theological mandate to support Israel:

      Presbyterians Usher in the Jewish Holiday of Purim
      Divestment and the War Against the Jews, Part 2010.

      The Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUSA) is about to release a report which denounces Israel as a “racist” nation which has absolutely no historical, covenantal, or theological right to the Holy Land. The report calls for the United States to withhold financial and military aid to Israel and for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. That’s not all. The report also endorses a Palestinian “right of return” and “apologizes to Palestinians for even conceding that Israel has a right to exist.” According to the press release, it also states that Israel’s history begins only with the Holocaust and that Israel is “a nation mistakenly created by Western powers at the expense of the Palestinian people to solve the ‘Jewish problem’.”

      In addition, PCUSA has also resolved to divest in companies that supply military equipment to the American Army, e.g. Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, etc.

      In 2004, this Church became the first mainline Protestant denomination in America to “approve a policy of divestment from Israel.” This was rescinded, but in 2008 the Church “created a committee dominated by seven activists holding strong anti-Israel beliefs. The lone member sympathetic to Israel, quit in protest when he saw their radical agenda.”

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center notes that 46 members of the US Congress and Senate are Presbyterians and fears potentially “significant repercussions in the political domain” as well as a negative “impact on interfaith relations.” They urge us all to protest directly to the top leadership of the PCUSA “to stop this dangerous campaign which denies the legitimacy and security of Israel,” and to “reach out to your Presbyterian friends.”

      Rembrandt: Assuerus, Haman, and Esther, 1660
      Amalek (the eternal enemy of the Jews) has arrived, right on time for the Purim festival. The war against the Jews is precisely what Purim is about. We read the classic indictment against the Jews for the first time in full in the haunting story of Esther. Haman, the Persian King’s advisor, tells him this: “There exists a particular people, far-flung, widespread among the peoples in all the colonies of your realm. Their customs differ from those of all peoples, and they do not abide by his majesty’s bylaws; his majesty has nothing to gain by tolerating them.” Haman also points out that the Jews are wealthy and offers the King the lion’s share of the spoils.

      The Jews have been looked at suspiciously, murderously before — in Egypt for example, where their prosperity, fertility, and potential of becoming a fifth column greatly worried the new Pharaoh. But even Pharaoh did not propose what Haman (and Hitler after him) proposed: send the same edict everywhere, “to devastate, slaughter, and annihilate all the Jews (Yehudim), from the youngest to the oldest, children, women, in a single day…with their booty to be despoiled.”

      Esther, known for her grace and charm, as well as for her beauty, is the Queen. Esther was forcibly “taken,” and the King was “taken” with her; she did not freely choose to compete in the beauty contest to become the new Queen, especially since the King had killed her predecessor, Queen Vashti, for refusing to appear “naked” before her drunken husband and his drunken guests.

      The King does not know that Esther is a Jew; she has not told him. Upon hearing of this dreadful edict, her uncle, Mordechai, the leader of the Jews and the man who has raised her, dons sackcloth and ashes, fasts, mourns, and cries out at the King’s gate. At first, Esther does not want to get involved. She is afraid that she, too, might be killed for daring to approach the King when he has not called for her. But Mordechai says: “You had better not fantasize that in the royal palace you will escape the fate of all the other Jews. For, if you keep silent at this time, release and liberation will materialize for the Jews from some other source and you and your father’s lineage will perish.”

      Esther more than rises to the occasion. She says: “If I’m lost, I will be lost.” Paradoxically, Esther is lost, and precisely because of what she does. In saving the Jewish people from genocide she herself is lost to Jewish destiny in her own lifetime. She is the wife of a non-Jewish King. She will always live apart from her people in the women’s quarters of the palace. The rabbis do not believe that she had any children — but even if she did, they would not have been raised as Jews.

      Esther’s task, her existential choice, is the same one we each face at this time. Each Jew may fantasize that they can escape the genocidal edict — by assimilating, by being the first to criticize the Jewish state, by converting out, hiding out. And, God’s presence is veiled, hidden, in human history. We may never know in advance whether our brave act will succeed or whether we ourselves will be saved or sacrificed.

      Esther is sacrificed; she sacrifices herself to save her people. Haman/Amalek is defeated and in fact suffers the very fate he’d planned for Mordechai: death on the gallows.

      Scroll of Esther
      Of course, Esther’s memory is cherished; she herself insisted that her story be written down and entered into the Canon. The telling of her story each and every year is Esther’s legacy, her earthly immortality, her progeny.

      While I am not volunteering to marry the Reverend Bruce Reyes-Chow, the moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America, I am certainly willing to talk with the committee. In Esther’s merit, perhaps I will contact them without being invited to do so. Perhaps we all should. You can find contact information for members of PCUSA’s Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment here.

      I believe that both Esther and Mordechai were right. The Jews will never be destroyed — and yet, God will always need human partners, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who are willing to risk everything in order to turn back the tide of genocidal hatred against the Jews.

      They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat, drink, and be merry. Happy Purim!

  • Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel return to Albuquerque
  • A fan is born
    • I usually don't care about celebrity scandals either, but the Tiger Woods one has somehow managed to grab my attention as well. It has several interesting aspects:
      1. All of Tiger's women were very white, most were blondes
      2.Tiger's wife is unmistakably more attractive than any of the pr0n-stars with whom he cheated on her.
      3. You have an interesting inversion of the usual domestic violence story with the wife beating up the husband.

      It all makes for one heck of a salacious tale, although I do feel bad for Tiger and his wife.

  • Oren instructs American Jews to have 'no differences of opinion' on survival of the Jewish state
    • Wait. What?The US is regarded as being "in some ways complicit" in the Holocaust?

      That is certainly an odd definition of complicity. True, the US didn't open it borders to wave after wave of European refugees, nor did it expend blood and treasure solely for the benefit of beleagered Jews, but that is hardly the same as being complicit.

      This definition of complicity is somewhat more like Hitler's definition of complicity in which he held Jews to be responsible for the crimes of the Bolsheviks and the mass murder of Ukrainians in the Holodomor.

      Basically, its bunk.

  • Boston-area church cancelled Chomsky speech at last minute
  • I'm accused of anti-semitism
    • Chomsky has no problem fathoming the notion that western gentiles can be racist, sexist, or ethnocentric, so I am afraid that argument simply doesn't hold up

  • U.S. government publishes Goldstone hit that defends... apartheid
    • When I saw the title of this piece I thought it you were exaggerating. It looked like a gimmick to grab the reader's attention.

      Turns out, I was wrong.

  • If it was a war for oil, the US lost
    • "Control of reserves" doesn't matter as long as oil is brought to market, which would be done no matter who controls the reserves.

      Commodity markets ensure a centralized price discovery mechanism. For instance if Russia wants to gouge Europe for the price it charges for crude oil, European buyers could pay a slightly higher price for crude oil coming from the Gulf of Mexico and ship it to Europe. The integration of oil markets means that once transportation costs to oil refineries are included oil prices from disparate sources effectively converge to a single price. The price differences for crude oil are almost entirely attributable to transportation costs.

      Its the same reason why i don't buy or sell my shares of stock different from the national best ask or bid: the market provides a centralised price discovery and execution mechanism.

    • In his book "A Pretext for War" James Bamford concludes, after conducting an exhasutive number of interviews with Pentagon & W administration insiders, that "the security of Israel was the chief motor for the war." In other words it was a war for Israel.

      General Zinni and Senator Fritz Hollings have said essentially the same thing.

  • Slaves of the peace process
    • Don't be so harsh on Witty. He is the kind of guy who brings irreconcilable people together on shared values. White nationalists, black nationalists, and Jewish nationalists can all find common cause in a desire to separate their people from others according to Witty's ideals. Witty is all about separation. If only South Africa had access to his counsel.

  • The Nation: 'for all practical purposes, one nation between river and sea...'
  • Obama's capitulation, the whodunnit
    • No doubt. Outstanding article. Kudos to Jeff Blankfort.

    • Chomsky and Zunes are crypto-Zionist gatekeepers. They pretend to be critics of Israel but their real function is to establish boundaries of discourse that preclude any serious criticism of the Lobby. Throwing sand in people's eyes and pointing at strawmen while pretending to help one see is their raison d'être.

  • Hurry '60 Minutes,' before you're scooped
  • Obama will fold to the generals, just like LBJ did
  • The South Africa lobby
    • * Pro-apartheid forces cloaked as peace-makers would try to control the anti-apartheid movement.

      After watching a recent Noam Chomsky speech where Chomsky cites every half-baked cockamamie excuse as to why the US supports Israel, but fails to mention or even hint at the power of the Zionist Lobby and Zionist-leaning media elites I agree wholeheartedly with the points above.

  • When Hillary broke bread with Bibi on the illegal colonies
  • Gasp-- Clinton praises Netanyahu as he destroys more Palestinian homes
    • It looks like Netanyahu pimp-slapped Obama administration and has finally brought them into line. This has to be a huge embarrassment for BO & Clinton to have do a very public about face after explicitly calling for and end to the construction of new settlements.

      Meanwhile here's a video of America's #1 leftist windbag, Noam Chomsky, doing what he does best: blowing smoke and throwing sand into the eyes of idealistic young lefties. As usual, Chomsky makes Israel out to be the puppet of the US. American backing of Israel is the problem but of course no mention of Zionist Lobby is made, nor is there any hint that US support of Israel might be detrimental to American interests.


      Chomsky: Palestine and the Region in the Obama era:

      The Emerging Framework.

  • House weighs bill to condemn Goldstone for giving ammo to 'enemies of the democratic Jewish state'
  • Who booed Yoffie?
  • Is equality a 'nightmare' for liberal Zionists?
  • Protocols of the elders of America
    • Romney's Fortune

      His boss, Bill Bain, founder of the Boston consulting firm Bain & Company, called Mr. Romney into his corner office to say that the partners had picked him to start an investment fund to cash in on the huge gains their clients were making in the stock market....

      under Mr. Romney, Bain Capital took a smoother approach. It presented itself to corporate management teams as a partner that would help improve performance, sometimes by investing to buy smaller competitors. Its first move was usually trying to persuade management to let Bain take over.

      In “Turnaround” (Regnery, 2004), his memoir of running the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Mr. Romney wrote of his Bain career: “We had to sell business owners on why they should sell their business to us. We had to sell banks to lend us money, and we had to sell folks on giving us their money to manage.” Selling “is far from my favorite thing,” he wrote, but it was crucial to his career.

      Bain invested in more than 150 companies under Mr. Romney. Most were in industries like oil drilling or medical waste, but the firm also acquired household names like Dominos Pizza, Brookstone stores, Mattress Discounters and Artisan Entertainment (in time to cash on its “Blair Witch Project” hit).

      By the time Mr. Romney left the firm in 1999, the investments it had sold off had made enough money to deliver an average annual return that amounted to as much as 100 percent before fees, several of its investors said. (Later sales were less lucrative, the investors said.)

    • Romney made his money the way the Russian oligarchs did. The oligarchs reaped a quick fortune thru corrupt privatization schemes. Romney did something similar. When working as a mangement consultant for Bain his clients were the executives of troubled firms. Romney advised these executives to spin off and liquidate their troubled assets. And who purchased these troubled assets? Why Mitt Romney and his venture capital firm. And who do you think invested in this firm? Why it was the very same executives who retained him as a consultant.

      Essentially what Romney did was provide a way for C-level executives to fleece the companies they worked for by stripping their companies of valuable assets for mere pennies on the dollar. I know one executive who purchased the troubled assets of a firm he worked for. His return was more than 2000:1 - not 2000% but 2000:1, meaning that an investment of $10,000 gave him more than $20M. It's theft, even if it isn't called that.

  • Whatever happened to the war for oil?
    • This
      War is for Us

      Also, for those who still have doubts, I encourage you to read Stephen Sniegoski's "The Transparent Cabal".

    • In his book "A Pretext for War" James Bamford writes that "the security of Israel" was the "chief motor for war." This view has been corroborated by Anthony Zinni and Ernest Hollings as well.

    • I reckon you're right.

    • James Petras lays waste to the "War for Oil" canard here:

      For those in the US, particularly on the ‘Left’ who mistakenly argued that the invasion of Iraq was a ‘War for Oil’ (rather than a war in support of Israeli hegemonic ambitions), Iraq’s signing of a $3 billion dollar oil contract with the China National Petroleum Corporation in late August 2008 (Financial Times August 28, 2008) demonstrates the contrary, unless one wishes to revise the slogan to ‘US War for Chinese Oil’. In the 6 years since the US invaded Iraq, US oil companies have still failed to secure major oil deals.

      On October 4-5, 2008, Shell, one of the world’s biggest petroleum multinationals and OMV, an Austrian energy corporation will sponsor a conference in Teheran under the auspices of the National Iranian Gas Export Company to promote ‘gas export opportunities and potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran’. This conference is simply one more example of the role of major petroleum companies attempting, through peaceful means, to build their overseas holdings (‘economic empire’). The major opposition to this ‘oil for peace’ move on the part of Shell Oil came from the leading Jewish-Zionist promoter of US engaging in Middle East wars for Israel – the Anti-Defamation League, which criticized Big Oil. According to its two principle leaders, Glen Lewy and Abe Foxman, “…these two companies are co-sponsoring a conference with the state-owned energy company of the leading state-sponsor of terrorism and human rights violator. Bu promoting one of Iran’s strategic industries, natural gas, OMV and Shell are hindering the effort of responsible states (sic) and corporations to isolate Iran.”

      The conflict between Shell/OMV and a leading American Zionist-Jewish organization highlights the fundamental conflict between economic-centered empire building and military-centered empire building. The fact that Shell and OMV went ahead with the Iranian conference shows that at least some sectors of the oil industry are finally beginning to challenge the stranglehold that Zionist-militarists have over US Middle East policy. After having lost tens of billions of dollars in lucrative oil contracts thanks to Zionist-dictated policies , the oil companies are finally taking the first tentative steps toward formulating a new policy.

      By pursuing the Israeli-US Zionist agenda of sequential wars and sanctions against oil-rich Muslim countries, Washington has lost access, control and profits to global economic competitors in a strategic region.

  • Accused Israeli spy told FBI both his parents were Jewish
  • Israeli hoops coach refuses to leave court after ejection
  • Zionism vs. the 9-month-old baby with heart condition
  • Oberlin students protest Benny Morris appearance Wednesday
    • It's a good thing that Oberlin values intellectual freedom enough to welcome Benny Morris in spite of his abhorrent values.

      I wonder if they would extend the same courtesy to David Irving?

  • Gaza, and now Goldstone, expose rift between American Jews and Israel
  • Jimmy Carter, revolving-door prophet
    • What up with Rachel Maddow became plainly obvious when she ridiculed America's offer to pay $900M to repair the damage of Operation Cast Lead. Rachel wondered how th US come up up with millions to pay Hamas when it had a financial crisis at home.

      The obvious answer would have been and should have been to take it out the funds earmarked for Israel. But like the progressive Maura Liasson and Terry Gross, both Maddow and Olberman are true blue and white Zionists.

  • Rahm and Axelrod aren't just self-hating, now they're traitors to the Jewish people
  • English skinheads wave.... Israeli flag!!!!
  • Traficant: Israel exported violence to the US
  • Jewish Voice for Peace tries to open debate around Toronto Film Fest, other Jewish orgs (including J Street) look to shut it down
  • Connecting with the Jewish rage in 'Basterds'
    • Inglourious Basterds is perhaps the most antisemitic film ever made:

      Richard Spencer on Inglourious Basterds:

      But what’s so striking about all this, again, is the depictions of victim and perpetrator. Though the Nazi Top Brass are evil buffoons, the average Germans who appear in the film—and usually end up tortured or hacked to pieces—are, to a man, upright, honest, and handsome. Teen heartthrob Daniel Brühl (famous for his sensitive, cute portrayal of “Alex” in Goodbye Lenin) is given a starring role as Fredrick Zoller, a German propaganda film idol. And it’s made clear by Tarantino that he’s genuinely in love with the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jewess who runs the movie theater, Shoshanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent). In turn, the New York Times’s Manhola Dargis could barely put a lid on his unease over just how attractive Christoph Waltz was as an anti-Semitic mastermind of the SS: “Mr. Waltz’s performance is so very good, so persuasive, seductive and, crucially, so distracting that you can readily move past the moment [when his character talks about how Jews are all rats] if you choose.”

      The Jewish “basterds,” on the other hand, are all lowlife sadists straight out of the rogue gallery of Pulp Fiction, and they possess about as much moral fiber as the famous “Gimp” of Tarantino’s 1994 masterpiece.

      In the German weekly Junge Freiheit, Claus Wolfschlag expresses his repulsion at the “All Germans are Nazis, ergo Kill ‘em All!” premise of the film, as well his contempt at the German media, who’ve treated the premier of Basterds as some Great Public Guilt Festival. (For evidence of this, look no further than the coverage Basterds has been receiving in Der Stern.) Echoing Eli Roth, Wolfschlag calls the film “pornography for anti-Germans.”

      Wolfschlag’s point is legitimate, of course; however, it kept hitting me that on a dialectical level, the film’s message might actually be the exact opposite of what it’s purported to be (and what The Producers think it is.) Basterds might offer Jeffrey Goldberg the chance to experience a kosher wet dream—and another opportunity for Germans to scold themselves—but then, as incredible as it may sound, this Bob and Harvey Weinstein-produced film includes some of the most anti-Semitic portrayals of Jews that have ever seen the light of day in America. Both Steve Sailer and Stefan Kafner have suggested that Tarantino, in many ways, puts himself in the position of Joseph Goebbels in his filmmaking. Put another way, if one were to imagine the ultimate anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi propaganda film about how the Second World War was marked by distinguished German officers being terrorized by a band of Jewish maniacs, would it look much different than Inglourious Basterds?

      Nor is this kind of double meaning foreign to Tarantino’s earlier work. Much like Masters of the Universe wannabes have been, for years, quoting the Randian wisdom of “Gordon Gekko,” the evil capitalist in Oliver Stone’s anti-capitalist propaganda film, Wall Street, the “Sicilians were spawned by n——-s” scene from True Romance has been an endless source of insults for millions of jerks who love to make fun of their friends of southern Italian descent. That True Romance was written by Tarantino, an Italian-American, and the words were spoken in a scene of gritty realism, only act as layers of irony that allow Tarantino to get away with it all—much like one can present Jews as inhuman scumbags in a movie about the heroic killing of evil Nazis.

      ... Tarantino is clearly more fascinated with the villains than the “heroes.”

      Inglourious Basterds by Trevor Lynch

      "Even though the Germans are supposed to be the bad guys, they are the only people in the film with whom most white [gentile] people can readily identify themselves. This means that [gentile] audiences can only feel revulsion at the sadistic Jews who murder them.

      Hitler, of course, is portrayed as a monster. He first appears wearing a cape, which is appropriate, since he is played as nothing more than a comic book villain. (Martin Wuttke is surely the ugliest Hitler ever.)

      Goebbels, although he is portrayed as somewhat arrogant (like a film director, perhaps), comes off overall as warm, sincere, playful, and even a bit lovable(!). Tarantino has obviously immersed himself in German films of the era, and it is clear that he has some admiration for what Goebbels accomplished. (In a scene set in England, it is stated as plain fact that Jews run Hollywood, and Goebbels is given credit for giving them a run for their money.)

      The true star of the film is Christoph Waltz, whose portrayal of Hans Landa is absolutely riveting. He is such a magnificent character that Tarantino had to turn him into a traitor in the end, otherwise he would be the true hero of the film as well...

      The climax of Inglourious Basterds is obviously based on the Oscar night massacre in neo-Nazi Harold Covington’s novel The Brigade. If you don’t believe me, read the novel for yourself.

      The symbolism and the message could not be clearer: Jews use movies and movie theaters as tools to destroy their enemies. And since the white people in the audience can most readily identify with the Germans, the message gets through: the Jewish movie business is a tool of hatred and vengeance directed against all white [gentile] people.

      Why would Quentin Tarantino make a movie about World War II in which Germans are portrayed as attractive human beings, Americans are portrayed as sadistic buffoons, Englishmen are portrayed as effete wankers, and Jews are portrayed as cold-blooded, inhuman mass murderers?

      Why would Quentin Tarantino borrow plot elements from neo-Nazi Harold Covington’s The Brigade to craft a climax for his movie? Why would he use that climax to expose the true anti-[gentile] agenda of Hollywood?

      Is Quentin Tarantino a Nazi-sympathizer?

      Of course not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quentin Tarantino is simply a nihilist with an unfailing instinct for finding and desecrating anything sacred. In Pulp Fiction — his one great movie, and his most sincere — Tarantino showed a profound grasp of the spiritual meaning of the duel to the death over honor, symbolized by the Samurai sword. In Kill Bill, vol. I, he made a giant joke of it.

      In Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino has taken the one truly sacred myth in modern ... America — especially in modern Hollywood — namely WW II and the holocaust, and he has desecrated it by inverting all of its core value judgments and reversing its stereotypes. In the process, he has exposed the true anti-[gentile?] agenda of Hollywood. Why? Just because he can.

      The fact that Quentin Tarantino could desecrate the holocaust, expose Hollywood’s agenda, and sell it back to Hollywood’s Jews is a testament to his twisted genius and their shallowness and moral imbecility."

  • Israel fires live ammo on protesters, tear gas on media, during weekly protests against the Wall
  • Huckabee defies Obama
    • Mike Huckabee bashes America on foreign soil by Glenn Greenwald

      Apparently, insisting that Israel stop occupying and building settlements in land that doesn't belong to it is "telling Jewish people where they should and should not live." Every country should invoke that standard -- Russia should have responded to American objections to its 2008 invasion of Georgia by insisting that the U.S. has no right to "tell Russians where they should and should not live." It was terrible how the U.S., opposed to Saddam's 1991 invasion of Kuwait, tried to tell Iraqis where they should and should not live. And immigration opponents in the U.S. should really stop telling Mexicans where they should and should not live.

    • I just watched Huckster on FoxNews while I was on the stairmaster at my gym an hour or so ago (I had no choice; I didn't get to choose the channel).

      Huckster was making the argument that by opposing settlements Obama was advocating "segregation within the land of Israel." No one in the panel of newsbabes or talking Ken dolls called him on the claim that the settlements are located in Israel, nor on the bs about dismantling settlements being tantamount to promoting "segregation" - ridiculous stuff. I wanted to throw my water bottle at the plasma tv screen but that would have been a bit unseemly.

      I have to admit, the Huckster is a smooth politician. He may even be a bit more affable than Obama with his soft spoken, seemingly sincere, folksy charm. My hunch is that he will be the neocons fair-haired boy in 2012.

  • Herzl's contempt for Armenians was an original sin of Zionism
    • So Herzl, backed by a group of financiers, pledged to relieve the Ottoman Empire of its debts in return for the purchase of Palestine?

      We are customarily led to believe that the financial class has no political interest other than enacting laws that maximize its profits - a materialist view that is corroborated across the political spectrum by both "realists" and by leftists like Chomsky. Clearly this isn't the case here.

      If anything this is prima facie evidence of the financial class elevating its ethnic interests above it material interests.

      Blasphemy I say! Somebody please get a hold of Abe Foxman. I want to see a press release condemning Herzl for propagating these antisemitic conspiracy theories.

  • 'Boston Globe,' along with big Boston Jews, defy Netanyahu on consul (ou est Dershowitz?)
  • the Palestinian image problem
    • I meant to say:
      "Even in the posh neighborhoods of America one sees the beginnings of separation writ small. "

    • Your friend may have it exactly backwards when he claims that he believes that "ethnic/religious states ought [are] not the way the world is heading." He is looking at a short-term trend, the relentless promotion of "diversity" & multiculturalism in the west and is presuming that these trends will extend far into the future until we have a globalist multicultural utopia of the type Tom Friedman touts, wherein every state and city becomes a cosmopolitan microcosm of the globe.

      If anything the main trend in the past century has been the advance of ethno-nationalism and the fracturing of multi-ethnic, multicultural states into ethnonationally homogenous ones.

      To quote Pat Buchanan:
      The Return of Ethnic Nationalism
      According to a compelling lead article in the new Foreign Affairs, "Us and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism," we may be witnessing in the Third World a re-enactment of the ethnic wars that tore Europe to pieces in the 20th century.

      "Ethnonationalism," writes history professor Jerry Z. Muller of Catholic University, "has played a more profound role in modern history than is commonly understood, and the processes that led to the dominance of the ethnonational state and the separation of ethnic groups in Europe are likely to recur elsewhere."

      [links cut by webmaster; excerpts too long.]

  • In the beloved Old Country, a Jew has visions of her homeland
  • JJ Goldberg blasts Roger Cohen for talking about the lobby
    • I never knew that Herzl was seeking to acquire Palestine by pushing for debt forgiveness on Turkey's behalf.

      In 1799, Napoleon also offered Palestine to the Jews on the condition that Jewish financiers treat their fellow Frenchman as if they were Jews and relinquish claims to interest accrued on outstanding debts.

      Unfortunately Napoleon never quite pulled it off. He had to withdraw from Palestine in a hasty retreat.

  • Elliott Abrams still has that old-time religion
    • Putting a devoted Jewish separatist like Eliot Abrams in charge of America's Middle East portfolio was a little like appointing David Duke to run the affirmative action program at your company.

  • Charity begins in the West Bank
    • How can anyone related to the Newhouse publishing empire possibly consider oneself to be an outsider?

      More importantly, what are the consequences for the broader society when its elites are hostile to the traditional values, culture, and people who belong to the society over which they preside?

  • Coming Face To Face With Israeli Racism
    • 'The War is With the Arabs'

      Imagine driving through the middle of a predominantly black neighborhood in a US city or town and seeing a enormous sign that says, 'The war is with the Blacks', says Hannah Mermelstein.

      I saw this sign as I was entering Nablus last week, again on my way to Ramallah, and again near Bethlehem. The phrase is printed in Hebrew, presumably by Israeli settlers, on huge signs throughout the West Bank. Israeli racism rarely shocks me anymore, but its blatant display still makes me stop and catch my breath as I translate it into other contexts. Imagine driving through the middle of a predominantly black neighborhood in a US city or town and seeing a enormous sign that says, “The war is with the Blacks.”
      link to

  • Define 'success' (in the era of the Israel lobby)
  • Terry Gross walks on by torment of 'Munich' in Bana interview

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