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Ramzi Jaber

Palestinian, born in Palestine. All I want is freedom and dignity for my people.

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  • You're on a roll, Mr. President, now abstain from vetoing the Palestinian bid to the UN Security Council
    • Totally agree Blownaway.

      We Palestinians must only count on ourselves to make it happen.

      Each and every one of us, in colonized Palestine or anywhere else in the world, we must first and foremost WANT freedom before anything else and be ready to work for it.

      Then we must do whatever is right for us day in day out, in every non-violent way possible including massive peaceful daily demonstrations and marches across all of Palestine and marches towards all borders of Palestine from the outside.

      We will have our Palestinian state, of that I'm sure. Whether actively or passively, it will happen. And it will be through 1S1P1V.

    • Please try but no hope remains in usa. kerry now wants to DELAY any UN resolution till after the zionist elections. yet another delaying tactic implanted in kerry's brain and mouth by the supposedly "good, peaceful, and moderate" zios peres and livni. LOL.

      All zios are the same and have the same goal: NO Palestinian State. They may say different words or do differnt things tactically that appear "good" and "for peace". But don't be EVER fooled. Left. Right. Left-Right. Center. Center-Right. Center-Left. Extreme. Extreme-Centre. Extreme-Right. Extreme-Left All the same.

    • Ain't gonna happen EVER.

      usa and zionists have a common goal: NEVER establish a Palestinian State. The evidence and facts are very clear by now for everyone to see if they open their eyes and ears.

      The proposed Jordanian resolution is TOTALLY in line with what obama/kerry have said. We uncovered their charade.

      There will only be a Palestinian State through 1S1P1V, which will arrive either passively or actively over the next 25 years or so.

      No hope for obama/kerry. usa can never be a fair and impartial third-party. The zionists brainwashed and/or blackmailed the usa. The real question is WHY usa is behaving this way? WHY???

  • NY Times says a Palestinian majority would 'endanger Israel's democratic ideals'
    • nytimes=racism.

      "NY Times says a Palestinian majority would ‘endanger Israel’s democratic ideals". WHY?

      Because Palestinians (and Arabs) are by their nature undemocratic and have no good ideals?

      That's the antithesis of democracy. What nytimes and zionists are saying, Palestinians are a threat to zionism. You're damn right we are!

      We have nothing against Jews. So when nytimes says Palestinians are a danger to the zionist's regime "Jewish character", that's because nytimes and zionists know that they can't have "democratic AND jewish". It just does not work.

      so nytimes is showing its racist and religious biases under the guise of democracy and the long-held beliefs of the zionists that Arabs and Palestinians are animals and beasts, can never be democratic.

      Give me a break nytimes, peddler of racism and religious-ethno centric biases...

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • Walid, I have long time ago discarded these illegitimate regimes. But you're right, they continue to work against a Palestinian State and their influence cannot be ignored. But I believe their days are numbered.

      Still, we Palestinians should and must count only on ourselves. Do whatever WE think is RIGHT FOR US. This can only start when ALL Palestinians in colonized Palestine PUT PALESTINE FIRST and collectively decide WE WANT A STATE. Then everyday do everything that must be done to achieve that goal NON-VIOLENTLY.

      Whether we get there actively or passively, IMHO all roads lead to 1S1P1V....

    • There we go again, yet another proof point today that USA-zionist axis is in fundamental collusion and total alignment (regardless to whether this is due to brainwashing or blackmail as I posted above). What matters is that this TOTAL COLLUSION between the USA and the zionists certainly exists.

      Haaretz lead story
      Kerry: Peres and Livni told me UN vote on Palestine would help Netanyahu and Bennett
      link to

      Ynet main story:
      Kerry: Vote on Palestinian UN bid would strengthen hardliners
      link to

      TOI main story:
      Kerry said to warn UN vote on Palestine would strengthen Israeli right
      link to

      So, not only USA will VETO ANY UN resolution about the zionist state, but it will NOW PREVENT any UN resolution from being submitted to a vote so as not to impact the election.

      Just unbelievable.

      North Korea hacks into Sony and the USA is hugely upset that Sony is not releasing a movie since obama cannot allow someone to interfere in american freedom. Now, the same US government wants to muzzle Palestinian, European, and Arab freedom to speak out and stop us from submitting a resolution to a vote.

      Just WOW! what a zionist-controlled world we live in.

      So....... Left. Right. Center. Extreme. Center-Right. Center-Left. Left-Right. Extreme-Centre. WHATEVER. This is just a sad a Halloween Party with the same character but different faces. ALL ZIONISTS ARE THE SAME, some stick the knife in your heart while facing you and the others stick it and twist it in your back.

      BOTTOM LINE: USA and zionists are forever united in one goal: NEVER ESTABLISH A PALESTINIAN STATE. Point final.

      The ultimate question that begs itself is WHY? WHY? WHY? Why is the USA doing this? Why?
      Brainwashing. Blackmail. Both. You pick.

    • "Obama took on the Cuba lobby– when will he take on the Israel lobby?"

      Sorry to disappoint Phil but the answer is NEVER!!!!!! NOT EVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

      In front of all the facts and the evidence, the answer must be obvious to all by now. Two words: Brainwashing. Blackmail.

      zionists either 1) managed to brainwash most people of power and influence to buy the zionist story hook line and sinker or 2) most people of power and influence are being blackmailed by the zionists.

      Here we have a resolution that actually says EXACTLY what the US says it wants to do. EXACTLY. 1967 lines with swaps. 2 states, shared jerusalem. end to claims. mutual recognition. peace will all arabs and moslems.

      STILL, the US is against. Why? Because the US and zionists WANT THE STATUS QUO TO CONTINUE. Here's the brainwashing.

      OR, the zionists have some really big thing against the US and key politicians that they use as blackmail.

      So the answer to Phil's question is sadly NEVER.

      1S1P1V is the only path forward, the only viable, logical, stable, sustainable, feasible, and achievable path forward. 1 State. 1 Person. 1 Vote.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
    • Truly profound and thought-provoking, just amazing. Thank you Mr. Mamdani.

      The fundamental proposition he's making, that Jews can only be safe when they dismantle the Jewish state, is supported by zionism itself. I always believed that zionism caused the most lasting and long-term harm, not to Palestinians, but to Jews. The same very people that zionism said it was created to protect in the late 1800s due to events in Europe at the time.

      In the zealousness of zionists to create a state for the Jews so they are no longer discriminated again and excluded and being picked on as different, zionism pushed for and succeeded (for now ) in creating a state for the Jews, and hence, making very prominent globally the very thing that zionism should have not done - making Jews appear, behave, and be perceived as different and better than everyone else.

      zionism made grave historical and consequential mistake: instead of dividing and differentiating Jews and segregating them into an ethno-religious country on someone else's land, zionists should have have put all their resources and effort into defending the rights of each and every minority in each and every country in the world, guaranteeing along the way total equality, justice, protection, and safety to Jews anywhere.

      But the course zionists took led us to the mess we're in where Jews are less safe, less secure. A place where the state that they illegally forced upon the world is divided upon itself, torn apart between religion and democracy - asking itself are we jewish? are we democratic? are we jewish and democratic? Only realizing that they have injected religion into the discourse, a path in which no one will exit as a winner. For there is no possibility for any state to achieve a religious and a democratic doctrine. Look at Iran, Iraq, etc. etc.

      So yes, Mr. Mamdani is totally right: the future of Jews can be safe and secure without zionism and without a jewish state, In fact, that is the only way to guarantee the safety and security of Jews and to build a true lasting peace in Palestine where Christians, Moslems, and Jews live together in peace and equality.

  • In major shift, one third of Americans want US to push for one-state outcome in Israel/Palestine
    • @Daniel Rich

      Ah, truth and Justice! Books have been written on this topic. Without getting too philosophical or abstract, what is happening in Palestine is very REAL and extremely PAINFUL...

      When it comes to Palestine, truth underlines justice as there is no justice without that truth. That truth being:

      1) zionists (NOT jews) built an artificial movement to steal someone else's land.

      2) zionism itself is a political concept that is outdated and that had long died but zionists do not realize it yet.

      3) zionists illegally stole and colonized Palestine and continue to commit crimes every day against innocent Palestinians.

      4) zionists do whatever they can regardless to where they are to blindly support the zionist regime by abusing the holocaust and anti-semitism for their political ends (which ironically have negative impact of jews). Positions that they would themselves be vehemently opposed to had this situation occurred between other parties not including israel.

      5) zionist organizations around the world hold their regular strategic planning activities to ensure zionist and israeli interests stay at the top of the agenda of political, economic, and social world leaders and organizations.

      6) zionism is not judaism. not all jews are zionists. Palestinians are not fighting against jews. Palestinians are against zionists who stole our land and kill our people.

      7) Many jews are pro-truth and pro-justice, and hence are pro-Palestine.

      8) No people is the chosen people. For those who believe in God, we are all God's children.

      9) The Bible is not a real-estate guide. God is not a real-estate agent.

      10) Palestine was NOT a land with no people. We were there for thousands of years. My family was there for hundreds of years. That's hundreds of years more than Ben Gurion, Wiseman, Herzog, Peres, Lieberman, etc. who were all born elsewhere and came to my land and stole it.

      These are the immutable truths and the undeniable facts.

      So, it is upon these truths that peoples and countries around the world are increasingly deciding what is just and what is right. And thanks to the Internet and Social Media, these truths have no barriers and are no longer beholden and controlled by one party or another.

      And so, peoples and countries around the world are concluding that PALESTINE IS JUST.

    • Lol, me too. Thank you very much just. You are so very kind. Yes, everything is ok. Wishing you and yours great holidays, merry christmas, and a happy new year.

    • 1S1P1V - one state, on person, one vote.

      That is the only viable, feasible, and stable solution. No other way. Demographics point to that way. Extremist zionists point to that way. Criminal colonial actions point to that way.

      The arc of history always bends towards justice. Our cause is just. Freedom is just. Equality is just. Human rights is just. PALESTINE IS JUST.


  • West Bank protesters cross separation wall in effort to get into Jerusalem
    • Demographics are impossible to beat. The zionist regime is trying hard to make Al-Quds majority jewish but has failed miserably. Since the zionists attacked the remaining part of Palestine in 1967, Palestinian population doubled in East Jerusalem.

      Not enough that "democratic and jewish" is impossible to achieve, and that the zionist regime is already undemocratic, the zionist regime now wants to enshrine religion in their basic law (can a lawless regime have law?? but that's for another post) so religion takes precedence over democracy. They think that's how they will "protect" the jewishness of Al-Quds.......... There goes "democratic and jewish".

      But we should not be surprised. adelson of all people (close buddy of nutnyahoo) recently said in an interview "so what if israel is not democratic as long as it's jewish".

      There you have it for the world to understand that peace remains as elusive as ever while the entire region turns increasingly religious fundamentalist and extreme. So sad........

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  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • God bless you all!

      Indeed, we are all Palestinians. WE ARE GAZA!!

      Keep hope alive, we shall overcome. 1S1P1V, no other way.

  • How the Israeli discourse on terrorism seeks to justify blatant war crimes
    • oh, in so many ways my good friend justpassingby. let's start.........

      1- globally, with the exception of a few politically-backward countries like the us, canada, australia, and micronesia (lol), zionism is looked upon with disdain and contempt. no place to hide for zionists. they have overplayed their hand and they are being ostracized.

      2- in countries where zionism still has political *not popular* clout (see countries above), the younger generation at best could give a damn about zionism and in reality don't even know about it, understand it, or care about it. they don't even know let alone care about the holocaust, so are immune to blackmail and guilt. look at what's happening on american campuses. from the 70s to last decade, hillel CONTROLLED american campuses. no more. in fact, zionists are terrified of this loss of control since they know this is where the next political generation is coming from.

      3- in these same countries, young jews are losing interest in zionism (and even in israel proper as "the motherland"that they must blindly and totally support and pledge allegiance to). many of these young jews are making a distinction between judaism and zionism. they also cannot and do not want to reconcile their humanitarian and civil positions on many social, economic, and humanitarian issues with the fact that such views and positions take a 180 degree right at the door of the palestinian cause.

      4- zionism as an ideology is an unstable concept that stands on a feeble and illogical foundation. zionism started as a movement in vienna as anti-semitism was spreading in the late 1800s. herzl and others devised a concept to protect jews from such blatantly racist and wrong attacks. (btw, the jewishness of the matter to me and almost all palestinians have never been the issue. zionism was, is, and will continue to be THE issue until we get our freedom and justice prevails.) these anti-semitic attacks that essentially singled out jews -unfairly and wrongly- as "not belonging". so in order to achieve that protection that jews so deserved, herzl and the zionists (wrongly in my opinion as the facts today bear it) devised a strategy that was founded on "protecting" the jews by taking them away into their own place, palestine as it turned out unfortunately. in order to protect jews from attacks rooted in "not belonging", zionists pulled the jews into the utmost of "no belonging" zone instead of fighting to protect jews and guarantee their rights as protected and respected minorities in any country where they are. this would have nullified anti-semitism as it would have joined forces with all other minorities found in every country, a united front that wins. instead, zionism back-fired and is having this negative (and unintended consequence i would think) result that we see today.

      5- as evidenced by extreme positions and statements by zionist leaders in israel and many of their supporters in the west (e.g. joan rivers stupid racist comments), these are the results of zionists themselves knowing that the tide is turning and they are now acting as fish out of water. they know what their internal surveys, polls, and focus groups are saying and they are terrified.

      6- money buys politicians but does not buy votes (people vote, not money). so yes zionism has still some power left in a few countries but it is dying with the dying and departing breed of current zionist-bought politicians on their way out of power.

      7- the number of zionists in the world is declining rapidly, reaching well below 0.2%. this is driving zionists in occupied palestine to build a fortress, physical and emotional, all around them which will suffocate zionism out of its own oxygen.

      8- france, uk, south africa, un, and others recently started to say the unspeakable: blame israel openly and strongly. condemn and threaten with potential war crime investigations. even saying that a solution must be imposed. this would have been heresy even a few months ago.

      9- social media and the internet are the great equalizers. hasbara and zionists never anticipated this. the tsunami shift towards palestinians is taking place at a massive speed, to the point where even american mainstream media is starting to challenge and argue with zionists on air. unthinkable a few weeks ago.

      10- the palestinian case is just and moral. zionism's is fraudulent and criminal.

      so justpassingby, keep the faith as history is measured in decades and centuries not in months or years. keep hope alive, we shall overcome!

    • Whether it is this war criminal Nutnyahoo or zio-idiots on the other end of the hate and racism spectrum like joan rivers, the world is closing in on these criminals and there will be legal prosecutions for their heinous crimes.

      As I always say, the arc of history always bends towards justice and our cause is just!

  • A Palestinian defends violent resistance to occupation
    • thanks amigo for sharing, i did not know. keep hope alive, we shall overcome!

    • What comes to mind is this poignant quote from The Great Debaters spoken by James Farmer, Jr. - St Augustine said, "An unjust law in no law at all.' Which means I have a right, even a duty to resist. With violence or civil disobedience. You should pray I choose the latter.

      The world should pray that the path to our freedom remains nonviolent.

      1S1P1V through BDS, ICC, ICJ, and UN. But other means may become necessary as it's been over a century. Enough already. We want, need, crave, deserve peace and dignity even if the path to it may be forced upon us to be "not clean". After all, birth is painful and messy but does have a happy ending.

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • ICC/ICJ must be joined. Abbas has to do it. After what's going on now and what nutnyahoo said, there is no hope for peace through negotiations, no possibility for settling this dispute in any other way but ICC/ICJ/BDS.

      It's time for all countries (except a few idiotic ones!) to boycott the zionists. They should make a joint announcement at the UN saying that by a specific set date, if the zionists do not define their borders and start withdrawing from Palestine, then they will boycott the zionist regime on all fronts until they withdraw. I bet it will not take long before the zionists define their borders and start withdrawing.

    • Indeed Walid.

    • The rockets may have little military value but thats not the point of them. When we see how the colonialist criminals live every day, when we see how they don't even acknowledge our existence, when we see how they treat us, we then see the rockets as reminding them all that we exist and they are not living in paradise but on stolen colonized land.

      After all, zionists is about getting these illegal settlers come from all over the world to steal and inhabit my land. So the rockets are our way of telling all these zionists don't come to our land. The rockets also tell many of the zionists here that maybe they're better off in Brooklyn.

      So yes, the rockets have little military value but they have a great strategic long term value.

    • HarryLaw, sure ICC/ICJ but that's not enough. The zionists are living comfortably in their enclaves and we are invisible to them. They do not see us as one of our negotiators told livni and the americans. Now they see us. Multiple venues must be pursued at the same time.

    • Thanks Annie.

    • Abierno, now what nutunyahoo has finally said in the open what he always believed and aid behind closed doors, there is only one path forward: ICC/ICJ.

    • Pat, I'll answer you with a question: what do you think is just? What do you think is possible today?

    • MRW, indeed the consequences are accumulating and the zionists are shooting themselves in the head.

    • History happens over long time periods, not days months or years. We remain hopeful and will see justice.

    • Thank you for this Annie.

      Five comments on the situation but first a moment of silence to all the brave Palestinians who lost their lives and properties under the onslaught of the zionist criminal genocide.

      Our hearts are crushed. Our souls are shattered. Our actions are helpless. But our pride in your resistance is unshakable. And our dream of Palestine rising shall be realized.

      Now on to my five points:

      1- The MOST IMPORTANT REVEALING LESSON: zios never want to leave one inch of Palestine (we now have prove-positive)

      These depressing events reveal a lesson that is not a military one, it's what nutnyahoo said in hebrew just the other day.

      Read it at link to

      2- It's the occupation, stupid!

      Regardless to the argument, the point, or the case of the zionists or their (very last few remaining) friends in the US and Australia, our answer must always be IT'S THE OCCUPATION, STUPID!

      When they talk about the three teens that were abducted and killed. Regardless to their ages, whether they were settlers, whether they were soldiers, etc. etc. All of this does not matter. Engaging in any of these points misses the mark and dilutes our argument. Our answer is IT'S THE OCCUPATION, STUPID! If there were no occupation, this would not happen. Address the root cause, not the symptoms.

      When nutnyahoo or others try to convince the western powers that their attack on Gaza is justified and provoked, and would they allow Paris, London, Moscow, Berlin, DC be under rocket fire. Again, engaging in any of these points misses the mark and dilutes our argument. Our answer is IT'S THE OCCUPATION, STUPID! If there were no occupation, this would not happen. Paris, London, Moscow, Berlin, DC are not occupying Palestine. Address the root cause, not the symptoms.

      3- Hamas made great progress in its rockets

      While the huge qualitative and quantitative advantages of the zionist military against Hamas are a given (for now), we all stand proud of what Hamas has achieved in missile weaponry. They have done under occupation much better than any other Arab country has achieved. They did not let occupation stop them from improvising and constantly improving the rockets without having the scientists, the labs, the space, the billions from the US to do the required research and testing to improve our rockets. What an achievement. With such rudimentary rockets and no guidance systems and radars and lasers and satellites, and drones, Hamas forced the zionist entity and the colonialists to run in the streets, to be fearful, and to learn what being scared means.

      So yes the zionists interception and preparedness resulted in very little injuries and damage, and no death. But the zionists know that we can disrupt their lives and we can ruin their economy. We can force them to see us. We are here. And we are not going anywhere.

      4- Arab dictators and rulers, count your days

      All events have consequences. All actions and inactions have consequences. These awful and distressful photos of dead Palestinians are moving the Arab world. Maybe it's not visible now but us Arabs we are a patient breed and the time will come (soon) where there will be changes in Jordan, Saudi, Kuwait, Emirates, other. Just look at who controls huge chunks of Syria and Iraq, and they are targeting Jordan next. These current events in Gaza will accelerate the toppling of the traitor king.

      5- Youths of the world are learning more and taking the Palestinian side, the just side

      What is happening now with the zionist genocide and crimes against humanity in Gaza is in fact moving the world's youth. These youths are immune to the zionist blackmail and their shameful use of the Holocaust for political and ideological reasons with the goal of stealing Palestine. Scanning the Internet on the topic of Palestine, one can clearly see a fundamental and radical shift towards Palestine, to our cause.

      The arc of history always bends towards justice, and our cause is just.

  • On NPR, two states is still what 'the solution needs to be'
    • Zionists, christian zionists, and neocons are chasing dust of the past, oblivious to the fact that the future has already arrived and the 2SS is not part of it.

      And to answer your question Inskeep on whether people on both sides understand what the 2SS solution needs to be here, that is no longer a relevant question. it has already been forcibly answered by the zionists with all their illegal and criminal activities on Palestinian land and Palestinian people.

      2SS is now relegated to the dustbin of history. 1S1P1V is the only path forward.

  • Israel's unending settlements 'mortally wound idea of a Jewish state' -- Indyk
    • Indyk is right. Let's remember, he's also ex-AIPAC.

      I have been asking a simple question over the years but never got an answer. I have asked it to moderate israelis, to extreme zionists, to americans, to europeans.

      What does "jewish and democratic" really mean and how does it work?

      Still waiting after all these years........................

  • In historic interviews, US officials blame end of talks on Israeli land theft
    • Senator Kerry has changed the trajectory of Palestine for the better and forever altered the dynamics of peace-making. How I wished he would succeed for I and all my people want peace to take hold for the sake of our children and their children. But alas, peace and zionism do not square off.

      I used to be a strong believer, advocate, and defender of the 2SS. But no more. Criminal and illegal acts of zionists in occupied Palestine have fundamentally and irreconcilably changed the facts on the ground in Palestine. There is only one feasible, just, stable, and logical path forward: 1S1P1V, one state one person one vote. Zionists made sure of that by entrenching a racist colonial system that already turned the zionist entity into an apartheid regime. As St. Augustine said: “An unjust law is no law at all”. The Zionists bear the responsibility and consequence of their colonial crimes.

      To what St. Augustine said I add the following: The arc of history always bends towards justice and our cause is just. And yes, as those anonymous US officials said, Palestine will SOON be a state either through the UN/BDS/ICC/ICJ or through demographics.

    • US gov finally starting to speak the truth. They knew the truth all along, since Truman. But now, they dare to speak out while in office... it's about time. I'm certain that Rep. Findley is very happy.

      To him I say: "Mr. Findley, a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have shown courage, wisdom, and forethought. You are a Palestinian hero. USA owes you a ton of gratitude for daring to speak the truth when truth about Palestine in DC was hard to find. Thank you!"

  • The latest page in Israel's divide and conquer playbook: enlisting Palestinian Christians
    • Some thoughts on Christian Arabs. Maronites ARE Arabs, have been Arabs, and will remain Arabs. In the seventies, Zionists played with the heads and egos of the Maronite leaders and sold them the idea that they will be eaten alive by moslems and Palestinians, and that they are better off in their own state. Of course, the Zionists wanted to get their border up to the Litani. But Hezbollah sprung up and stopped them. The rest is history.

      Let's look at the history of Maronites, Aramaic. and Arab Christians in general. Arab Christians have always been at the core of change and progress in the Arab world. Arab Christians are in the DNA of Arabs, an inseparable part of the Arab fibre.

      Why I say that? Simple.
      Arab refers to a nation.
      Christian refers to a religion.
      Both are not mutually exclusive.
      There is no conflict. There is no need to chose.

      Some examples:
      - Michel Aflaq founded the Baath party
      - George Antonius wrote the seminal work entitled The Arab Awakening
      - Naguib Azoury wrote a similar seminal work entitled Le réveil de la nation arabe
      - Edward Said wrote among others Orientalism abd The Question of Palestine

      I also urge you to read this link entitled "Arab Christians are Arabs" by Raja Mattar, a Palestinian Christian Arab link to

      Also this exchange link to

      And this link to

      We're in 2014. Time for mischievous and conniving self-righteous people to stop using religion to divide people.

    • Thanks just.

    • Some of my very good friends are Lebanese. Some of my family members have Lebanese. Some are also Maronite. We are all Arabs. Some may want to run from being Arab. That's their choice. I am very PROUD of being an Arab and a Palestinian.

      Christian Palestinians have been in Palestine for centuries and will remain for centuries to come. Christian Palestinians are an integral part of Palestinian society and represent a critical pillar of our future as a Palestinian State.

      Zionists are doing what they always did: divide and conquer. They created Hamas to turn it against the PLO. They created Hezbollah to divide Lebanon and grab it's south up to the Litani. The fact is: they always failed. And their current attempt to divide Palestinian Christians from Palestine will fail.

      United we stand, ALL Palestinians - christians, moslems, and jews.


    • United we stand as PALESTINIANS - christians, moslems, and jews. We are ONE. Zionists will fail to divide and conquer. We shall overcome.

  • US labels settler attacks as 'terror' -- and Israel pushes back
    • Terrorists they are. Just like Begin, Shamir, Rabin, Sharon, and all the others.

      Criminal squatters who stole and colonized my land and killed and continue to kill my people. ICC/ICJ will take care of them.

  • NBA owner Sterling reportedly sought to justify his racism by citing Israeli racism
    • Sterling is the model Zionist colonial. As an American Zionist, he thinks this way about his own (black Jews). Israeli Zionists think this way about Palestinians. Even worst than Sterling, they act on it: killing, stealing, destroying, imprisoning, threatening, dehumanizing, separating, bullying, colonizing, depriving, striving, and enslaving Palestinians.

      What we want is what every human being wants, deserves, and has the right to: freedom, equality, and justice.

      St Augustine said: "An unjust law in no law at all". The Zionists bear the responsibility and consequence of their colonial crimes.

  • Five reasons the breakdown of peace talks is a good thing
    • Thank you libra, that's so nice of you.

    • Good points MW.

      peace. TALKS. peace. PROCESS. but. NO. PEACE.

      Zionist colonization of Palestine is now over 100 years. The only "progress" forward has been more of us (Palestinians) are killed and more of our land is stolen.

      Now the extreme lunatic right zionists are the "moderates" in the centre.

      The only just and feasible path forward, is 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote.

      This is what's happening next.

  • Israeli 'hospitality': Netanyahu throws cold water over Kerry's plans
    • more talk about talk about talk about talk. all while the zionists continue stealing, killing, destroying. enough.

  • No 'breakthrough' and no 'agreement' in the Middle East, Indyk says-- anonymously
    • truly sickening. kerry and indyk under the zionist thumb, even zionists themselves. how could there be a just and fair agreement with their so-called mediation??

  • Debunking Israel’s imagined ‘Christian awakening’
    • Reem, thank you for a great article and for firmly stating to the world that Palestinians in the pre-1948 zionist state are just like any Palestinian anywhere in the world. We are all united as Palestinians fighting for our rights.

      What you have so forcefully debunked is one of two recently re-introduced thread of discourse by the zionists in order to play their usual game of divide-and-conquer.

      Every now and then over the years of occupation of Palestine by zionists, the zionists and their hasbara machine puts out two diversionary and illusionary narratives:

      1) Palestinian Christians are really with Israel. They prefer to live in Israel but are afraid to say it in public for fear of being attacked by Moslems. Their affinity with Jews is much greater due to the Judeo-Christian religion bonds. They are different than Palestinian Moslems.

      Reem did an excellent job addressing the first point. I would only add that, growing up under zionist colonialism, it was clear that the zionist regime was constantly attempting to create divisions and fissures among Palestinian Christians and Moslems by deliberately treating Palestinian Christian "better" than Moslems. It did not work.

      2) Palestine is really Jordan and Palestinians are Jordanians. After all, Jordan was "occupying" Palestine from 1948 to 1967 and the Palestinians were happy to live as Jordanians.

      This is a narrative that the zionists regime also pushed on and off for years. Their thinking is to re-settle all Palestinians in Jordan and the illegal zionist entity will then have control over all of historic Palestine extending fro the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. It didn't work and will certainly not work in the future. To understand why, we need to walk through the history of this idea from a demographic perspective.

      Contrary to what many might think, Palestinians are not totally homogenous in experience since we "grew up" through various paths following the Nakba:
      - 1948 Palestinians who were born in Palestine stayed under zionist rule in pre-1948 Palestine
      - 1948 Palestinians who became refugees outside Palestine
      - 1948 Palestinians who became refugees inside Palestine (escaped to the so-called "West Bank")
      - 1967 Palestinians who where born in Palestine before 1948 but saw and understood as adults what happened to 1948 Palestine and to 1967 Palestine
      - 1967 Palestinians who were born before 1967 in the "West Bank" and grew up as "Jordanians" then fell under zionist colonialist regime
      - 1967 Palestinians who were born in Palestine after the 1967 zionist colonialism of the "West bank"
      - 1967 Palestinians who were forced to become refugees outside Palestine due the zionist war against us in 1967
      - 1948 and 1967 Palestinians who had their next generations born outside Palestine in refugee camps
      - 1948 and 1967 Palestinians who had their next generations born outside Palestine but not in refugee camps

      Through this multi-chotomy of Palestinian experiences, there was a very brief period in time (between 1967 and 1969) just after the 1967 war of aggression by the zionists where the Palestinian generation that grew up under Jordan may have been open to being considered as Jordanian due to their unique experiences between 1948 and 1967, and due to the fatigue of war and conflict. However, even during that period, a very large number of Palestinians who did not share that experience may or may not have been open to that idea. No one really knows as this was never tested or explored at the time. King Hussein, with his acts of treason against Palestinians in collusion with Israel (also during the days of his grandfather I might add), was not only open to this idea but actively advocated for it hoping to keep the land he lost so cowardly. It didn't work thanks to President Arafat and to the opposition of many Palestinians.

      So the zionists, entrenched in their genocidal and racist thinking, always on the look-out for ideas to divide-and-conquer, latched onto that idea back then and are still attached to an idea that is as outdated as the debunked and immoral idea of zionism.

      As we enter 2014, I venture to say that there is ABSOLUTELY not a single Palestinian who agrees the idea that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan. Furthermore, with about 80% of "Jordanians" being Palestinian refugees (1948 and 1967) or descendants of Palestinians, the last think the king wants now is to amplify that idea and lose his rule. Last, but by no means least, Palestinian identity has been growing exponentially since 1948 and has clearly accelerated increasingly since then.

      There is no going back. Palestine is Palestine. Jordan is Jordan. Palestinians are Palestinians at the core - whether Christians or Moslems; we are all ferociously Palestinians and Palestinians first. And if Kerry does not succeed in his peace mission, and succeed in a fair and just manner, then the path forward is very clear: the intensification of zionist apartheid followed by 1S1P1V on all of historic Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • 'NYT' changes 'Palestinians' to 'Arabs' and removes Israeli responsibility for Gaza shortages
  • In 2014, BDS movement will outflank Israel lobby -- Beinart
    • Walid and seafoid, agree with you. on Walid's point regarding the "swap", yes this is the zionist's ploy for years but will not work. the bouncer and the criminals must thing we are stupid or something........... we're certainly marching towards apartheid then 1S1P1V.

    • peter is right with this assessment. but i think it's pointless, too little too late. bottom line is that the zionists will NEVER relinquish any land. they still dream of greater israel, from the nile to the euphrates. isn't that what the two blue lines in the flag of the zionists entity really mean? isn't that what nutnyahoo and his ilk want?

      so where does this leave us in the dawn of 2014? 1S1P1V. that's it. and here 's why.

      99.9% of the world supports a palestinian state based on 2SS. that includes over 65% of world Jews. still the zionists are not accepting that fact. they believe their weapons will dictate their terms. so 2014 will be the year where things will get worse due to zionists unchecked absolute arrogance, paranoia psyche, ostrichian occupation mindset, and massada mentality. what a lethal combination for the zionists. unfortunately, we palestinians will feel the brunt of the pain until the palestinians/pa/plo start focring things to happen through continues and intensified efforts at the un/bds/icc/icj/eu/arab spring. this is OUR struggle and no one will do it for us. not particularly the usa since the us government is 100% pro-zionists, don't count on the usa to make it happen. we will make it happen ourselves in the context of 1S1P1V. it will creep uo on the zionists as we no longer need to call for "withdrawal", "giving up land", "end of settlements", etc. but rather push for equality, justice, liberty, freedom, and respect in one system.

  • Cyndi Lauper, the country you are planning to entertain imposes violent segregation, not equality
    • what is it with all these has-beens wanting to perform in the zionists entity??? oh yeay, money!!!!!! (no one else is listening to them any more..... what a shame, they sold their souls)

  • Israeli ministers committee votes to annex Jordan Valley
    • more criminal acts (and infantile stupidities) by th criminal zionists.

      time for the pa to go to the un/icc/icj. time for president abbas to formally and actively support bds everywhere. enough talk about going to the un and joining 63 orgs. time to act.

      as a palestinian i ask my leaders that were NOT elected....
      - president abbas, where is your courage? your dignity?
      - dr. erekat, where is your courage? your dignity?
      - plo executive committee, where is your courage? your dignity?

  • 'WSJ' piece argues that Israeli Christians and Jews are aligned, but not Muslims
    • a key tenant of zionist strategy has always been to sow sectarian divisions among its enemies. this is still their strategy. not a surprise really, the whole age old divide-and-conquer thing.

      since i was a kid, the zionist regime has deliberately and very openly treated christian palestinians much more humanely and permissively than moslem palestinians. they would issue passes or accept requests from christian palestinians much more quickly and easily than moslem palestinians. they would be extremely lenient on a christian palestinian kid if he "diverted" than a moslem palestinian. they would never invade a christian palestinian home in the middle of the night as they would a moslem palestinian home. they rarely destroyed the house of a palestinian christian.

      and when they did these things, they openly and broadly announced it or made it known. the good 'ol divide-and-conquer. the zionists did the same in lebanon, did the same between fatah and hamas, etc. etc.

      so this is not about israeli jews and christians being more aligned than moslems. this is about politics and the zionist ideology. this is about keeping land that is not theirs. this is about colonization cloaked in religion to suit an illegal zionist agenda.

  • Kerry wants to imprison West Bank with massive security fence along Jordanian border
    • @MHughes976, personally, i do not believe that mass judaization of palestinians is an actual zionist program because it is neither realistic nor achievable. the zionists are smart and they know this. their true program is as follows:
      - the judaization of the great al quds (jerusalem) region which includes beit lahem (bethlehem) and other neighboring areas
      - the total colonization of all palestinian hills and the jordan valley
      - the total colonization of all "entry" points into palestine (land, sea, air)
      - the total colonization of all resources particularly water and possible oil reserves

      effectively judaizing what they deem strategic and forcing palestinians to leave due to suffocating colonization and once they control that they effectively control all of palestine.

    • @Walid, the zionists are really not offering 100% EQUALITY. they are not doing it because they know that (with a few exceptions) palestinians - whether christians or moslems - will NEVER be zionists of judaized. so they pretend to offer 100% equality just like they did with pre-1948 palestinians in nassrah (nazareth) and other palestinian towns and villages. zionists were never able and will never be able to erase palestinian culture from palestine. and why they don't offer true 100% EQUALITY? because zionists know deep down that jewish and democratic does not work and will never work. it's an oxymoron. so the only thing that will work is a secular state with respect to all three religions. and that is what the zionists are fighting against.

    • it's simple really.

      - icc/icj will make the lives of zionists hell. you might argue un has no teeth but you'll feel the impact.
      - bds will intensify and impact your pockets and lives.
      - us congress will start to lose patience with aipac as they realize they got fooled for years.
      - zionist regime will be known as the only criminal apartheid rule in the 21st century, accelerating the above

      all of this will lead to a 1S1P1V reality - 1 state, 1 person, 1 vote - where all christian, moslem, and jewish citizens will live equally in the democratic State of the Holy Land. zionism, an outdated racist ideology, will be thrown into the dustbin of history once and for all.

      so don't wish us away. you have been trying to do that for years. we are even stronger and more determined than ever.

      just remember: the impossible remains the impossible until it becomes possible.

    • Sibiriak, you make very good points about realism and romanticism. i myself fluctuate between both due to the pain and humiliation of zionist colonization.

      i just want to add that, for more than 100 years now, the zionists tried to eradicate us. they failed. they will continue in various devious ways. they will fail. we are detrmined. we are robust. we are steadfast. these are not empty slogans but facts on the ground that only get stronger with each additional illegal colony, with each additional illegal arrest, with each roadblock, with each strip search, with each denial of car permit, with each additional criminal murder, with each additional attack on a house, with each destruction of a tree, with each demolition of a house. we are not going anywhere. and apartheid is here and has been here for years except now with the internet it's becoming known to all. the zionist regime will crumble since it's illegal and criminal and unjust. it might take time, it will likely take time but we are patient to get our rights.

      when i was growing up, i was content to get back part of palestine (the so-called "west bank"). with what the zionists have done and plotted and continue to do and plot, i now want my right to live anywhere in historic palestine, to go back to my lands and houses in pre-1948 palestine. the jews who want to live peacefully and democratically are most welcome to do so as well in one equal state. heck, i am ok if they want to call it israel as long as all lawful citizens are 100% equal.

      that is what the zionists have done to a VERY moderate palestinian. they toughened his stand and made him feel more attached to what was lost than ever before.

    • one hopes that this is just zionist propaganda to try to get their way.

      if not, then this is a non-starter. just imagine, the usa completing the illegal zionist prison.

      but what seems to be clear, is that kerry's/allen's "security ideas" are biased heavily towards the zionists. again, a non-starter.

      president abbas reportedly wrote to president obama following that infamous "bad" meeting with kerry stating the following:
      - no to the presence of any Israeli soldier in the Jordan Valley
      - no to a demilitarized state
      - no to any deal that does not include all east Jerusalem as capital of Palestine
      - no to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state
      - no to any interim agreement

      let's hope this is true and that president abbas sticks to it!

  • Major Jewish org: boycott vote is wake-up call in battle against 'extremist' delegitimization of Israel
    • yrn, seriously? really??? i'm sure you meant this as a joke........ you know, after all, thomas friedman did prove very recently that the earth is flat!!!

    • oh my dear ivri, how i wish to believe your sweet words. but beneath them lies the ugly truth that you want so desperately to forget at best or may be hide at worst.

      let's talk about the situation on the ground...............

      1- after many years of treating pre-1948 palestinians in israel proper as second class citizens, as was formally indicated in the israeli passports issued to them, the zionist regime gave us "equality" on paper. many many years after that paper equality, and till today, pre-1948 palestinians in israel proper are still treated as second rate citizens, not given equal access to funds and services as jews, not treated by the judicial or civil or military systems as equal. THESE ARE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND after 65 years of the establishment of israel.

      2- with over 43 years of brutal, oppressive, and illegal military colonizing of 1967 palestine, the zionist regime continues with destroying us, destroying our daily lives, negating our freedom and basic human and civil rights, humiliating us on the roads as we go about doing our normal mundane day-to-day affairs, robbing us of our dignity, murdering and killing us for no reason just because of who they are, harassing us as we travel with inhumane and animalistic treatment, refusing us the education and culture that we want and strive for, demeaning our existence and call for equality, liberty, freedom, justice, and peace. THESE ARE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND after over 43 years of illegally occupying 1967 palestine.

      3- after over 65 years of stealing our land, kicking us out of our homes, making us refugees, killing a large number of us, eradicating almost 500 palestinian towns and villages, trying (unsuccessfully) to erase us of the face of the earth, demonizing us in the eyes of the world, acting as the supreme power and the supremacist race over the "cockroach palestinians" as many criminal terrorist zionists said, banning us from returning to our homes even after a short overseas visit or studies abroad, your offensive criminal military raiding our homes at any time as you wish for the sole purpose of intimidation and subjication, and destroying our houses and our fields and rendering a great number of families and children and women and old people homeless and helpless. THESE ARE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND that the illegal zionist entity has established over the past 65 years.

      4- after 65 years of the nakba, the pain, the suffering, the wrongs that the zionist regime committed daily, the sins, and the crimes, and not one word of apology, remorse, reconciliation, truth, acceptance of responsibility, acknowledgment of pain that you inflicted when you stole our land and created your zionist state, how do you expect or ask for peace without such truth, repentance, and reconciliation? THESE ARE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND that your glorious zionist leaders have created over the past 65 years.

      so ivri, please do not try to sweet-talk your way into anyone's heart or mind. do not preach about empty slogans. instead stop your or your support of illegal criminal zionist acts then we can talk peace, then we can talk truth, then we can talk reconciliation. that is the true spirit of peace. and you will certainly recognize it in your heart if you were honest and truthful with the past and with the true nature of zionism. otherwise, it shall be 1S1P1V thanks to you and the zionists who are establishing the FACTS ON THE GROUND that will soon make 1S1P1V a reality - a place where all the Christian, Moslem, and Jewish citizens of the democratic state of the Holy Land will live in peace, equality, justice, freedom, liberty, dignity, and mutual respect.

      merry christmas. may you see the light and may your soul and spirit be free to see, accept, and advocate the truth. thank you.

    • indeed annie, i believe 2014 is a critical fork year. merry christmas to you too!

    • ivri, i'm sorry but i really do not understand your point. just sounded to me like it was produced by some incoherent bs generator for zionist propaganda. am i missing something? please explain in simple terms that i can understand. thank you.

      merry christmas!!

    • Only the zionists are de-legitimizing the zionist entity. Only the zionists are giving credibility and argument for BDS. Only the zionists are pushing extremist positions. The truth always comes out. Fear is self-defeating. The arc of history always bends towards justice. Palestine is just.

      Merry Christmas and peace upon us all!

  • Palestinian negotiators angered as Kerry proposes Israeli demands
    • thank you for the vote of confidence just! i am not one of the "chosen" ones in the political elite. i am just a low level palestinian who wants to be heard by those who decide for me. but alas, they only hear the zionists.

    • ROTFLMAO!!!!

    • Inanna, they certainly delude themselves, they being the US and the zios. True lasting peace can come if and only if there is....
      - justice
      - fairness
      - humility
      - empathy
      - truth
      - remorse
      - forgiveness
      - reconciliation
      by all parties to all parties resulting in a solution that delivers.....
      - freedom
      - justice
      - liberty
      - equality
      - dignity
      - human rights
      - civil rights
      within a workable and practical socio-economic-political structure.

      That is why I believe the only solution due to what the zios continue to do on the ground is 1S1P1V - 1 state, 1 person, 1 vote - where all Christian, Moslem, and Jewish citizens live in peace in the democratic State of the Holy Land.

    • Sadly, I agree with you Walid. But the Palestinian Spring shall come and shall sweep the zionist occupation and the PA humiliation.

    • I MUST vote on any agreement. The PA cabal doing the zionists' bidding. How shameful! I did NOT vote for them. They do NOT represent me. Period.

      Dissect all the shatter coming out and you see that Obama/Kerry are using us as a bargaining chip to get an agreement with Iran. All this recent talk is a significant departure from what they said before the Iran negotiations kicked into public high-gear. The Zios are extorting a price from Obama/Kerry. AND THIS IS THE GAME THAT IS BEING PLAYED. THIS WAS THE ZIOS GOAL ALL ALONG: Use Iran as a faux crisis to divert the world's attention, extort their sympathy, warmonger the world into fear for israel's artificial security talk, and then gain on the ONLY issue that matters to the criminal zionists: steal all Palestinian land.

      To Abbas, Erekat, etc. etc. etc. I say:
      FIRST, you DO NOT represent me. I did NOT vote for you.
      SECOND, even if you come up with some cuckoomania "agreement", I WANT MY VOTE on any agreement AFTER I vote for President to represent me.

      Simple really.

      PS: 1S1P1V is the only feasible, stable, lasting, and just solution. Thank you zionists for making this a reality!

  • Netanyahu's situation room recognizes no West Bank
    • yes, probably that also included non jews non palestinians. what i meant by the 2035 marker is that palestinians will be a clear majority, that is over 75%, hence an undeniable majority that cannot stay under an apartheid regime. Your point Talkback is right on and it's heading in the right direction.

    • This is actually great news, proof that 1S1P1V is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Thank you Nutnyahoo and Zios. Here's how this will go down in history....

      - 2014, Nutnyahoo and Zios will not give up any land. Never. Ever.
      - 2035, Palestinian Christian and Moslem population west of the Jordan River will become a clear majority.
      - 2040, The Zionist entity will become the apartheid South Africa of the 21st Century.
      - 2049, The Zionist entity will be forced to provide democracy, human rights, individual rights, equality, justice, and freedom to all peoples under its control.
      - 2050, The new and democratic State of the Holy Land is born. 1S1P1V!

      NB: I'm OK if they continue to call it Israel as long as it's democratic to all!

      PS: If you're wondering about my population projections, here goes it. Today, there are about 4.5M Palestinians under occupation and 1.6M in israel proper. This gives us a total of 6.1M. Israel's population including the 1.6M is 8M total. TODAY, Palestinians represent 49%. Given the number of non-Palestinian non-Jews in israel proper, the total percentage of Jews is also about 49%. Based on past data, you can easily deduce that Palestinian Christians and Moslems will be a clear majority by 2035. QED.


  • United States takes a 'new path' forward in the Middle East!
    • congratulations to president obama, secretary kerry, lady ashton, and all the negotiators including the iranian delegation. this furthers the cause of peace in the world while protecting the regional powers from nuclear war and a nuclear arms race. you all deserve the nobel peace price.

      let's move on next to bringing peace in the holy land. yes we can!!! president obama is on his way to be one of the greatest presidents. i venture to say he will be added to mount rushmore. $10 on it ;-)

      yes we can!!!

      PS: really hilarious to see the long faces and the tweets of all the zionists, including the liberal kinds, who are talking against this deal. of course, the neocons and zionist christians have already started to look for bridges to jump... lol.

  • Adelson organization sets out to save Israel with photo of Natalie Portman circa 1995
  • New Israeli film profiles the soldiers who carried out the Nakba
    • Thank you just and Shmuel. I am touched.

    • Thinking of the Nakba makes me cry, just like thinking of the 67 war does. I cry for what could have been in Palestine had it not been for the zionist crimes. But mostly I cry for the people - my people - who died, who were made refugees, who lost everything most important of all their dignity and identity. And the world stands idle about the Nakba, not even knowing what it is. So thanks to Lia, Frank, and MW for keeping the Nakba alive.

      I believe there will be no peace, regardless to what the agreement and final deal looks like, if there is no acknowledgement by the zionists of the crimes they committed against us. The heart of the Palestinian soul has been killed by the zionists and no "mechanical" solution can fix that. It must heal through a personal and psychological process that starts with the one committing the crime (zionists) admitting and accepting responsibility, indicating true sorrow and remorse, acknowledging the pain inflcitied on the victims (us Palestinians), humbly asking for forgiveness, and duly making amends (and I don't mean monetary although that must be part of it). Myself, you can give me back my houses and my lands and you can also pay me millions of dollars, but without this personal and psychological process, I cannot arrive at a peaceful place. Because the impact to my soul, spirit, and psyche is much greater than any materialistic impact. I will not feel whole and I will not feel that the conflict has been resolved with such personal and psychological dimension to the solution. I'm sure many of my Palestinian sisters and brothers inside Palestine and beyond share the same feelings.

      I also would like to pay your attention to Zochrot, link to, an Israeli NGO that is working hard to raise awareness about the Nakba. On their homepage, you'll see their ad for the First International Conference on Nakba and Return that will be held in Israel at the end of this month. They also have great books. Check out link to One of the latest books is "Once Upon a Land", written collaboratively by Palestinians and Israelis (Jews and non-Jews). It's only in Arabic and Hebrew. The Arabic title is "حكاية بلد، دليل مسارات", which means "story of a village, a walking guide". This book maps out 18 walking trips through villages in pre-1948 Palestine, explaining what was and what was destroyed along with personal stories of Palestinian people's memories and their personal sufferings when the zionists came in destroyed, pillaged, murdered, and forced us out of our homes and lands. It's really very hard to read and very sad.

      The first paragraph in the preface goes something like this: "This book is a proposal, an invitation, a call to the readers to know. To know Palestine that existed within what is Israel today. To know the Palestinian Nakba and to acknowledge it. So this book, before the reader meets the words and the pictures, before walking the walks, before going out into the light, this book is fundamentally a process of acknowledging the Nakba. A political and civil acknowledgement of the Palestinian Nakba."

      I wish it were in English so most of you can read it. Maybe it will be translated to English one day.

  • Netanyahu calls on American Jews to stand 'together with us' to stop Iran deal
    • Nutnyahoo unhinged, gone off the rails so I couldn't resist this with thanks to Randy Bachman ;-))

      He's come undone
      He didn't mind what he was headed for
      And when USA found what he was headed for
      It was too late

      He's come undone
      He found a mountain that was far too high
      And when he found out he couldn't fly
      It was too late

      It's too late
      He's gone too far
      He's lost the Jews
      He's come undone

      He preached truth
      But all he gave was lies
      Came the time to realize
      But it was too late

      Too many Palestinians and not enough settlers to steal
      Too many Iranians and not enough planes to attack
      Too many Moslems and not enough missiles to bomb
      Too many anti-Semites to fight and not enough time

      It's too late
      He's gone too far
      He's lost the Jews
      He's come undone

      USA it was too late!

  • Settler colonialism -- and liberal Zionist denial
  • Max Blumenthal responds to latest critique of his book, in the 'Forward'
    • just, bintbiba, and ritzy: thank you. good to be back.

    • You're right, although I don't agree with everything he says but I like his healthy sarcasm. I wish we had other introspective critiques who are more in the mainstream.

    • I have so much respect for Mr. Blumenthal. I sometimes wish we, Palestinians and Arabs, have people who can openly and honestly provide critique from inside. It cleanses the soul and ensures we are on the right path. Thank you Mr. Blumenthal.

  • Whatever happened to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?
    • Newsflash: After 60 plus years of being malnourished, abused, beaten-up, and lied to, the "peace process" has died a terrible and dry death of neglect and disrespect. The only path forward now is no more talks or process, but results and real progress towards peace.

      Let the facts on the ground, so vehemently and obsessively forced by the zionist regime, continue to take further root. Thanks to the zionists, what they are actually making happen on the ground is 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote. True democracy, equality, justice, freedom and peace. 1S1P1V is the only logical, feasible, stable, lasting, solution. It's happening right in front of our eyes.

      Thank you zionists!

  • Montreal Jewish festival boots panelists who defied its funders, calling for end to 'Birthright'
    • fnlevit, what a jokester you are, you made me laugh!

      On a serious note, you say "So if three out of 120 presenters are censored out it is regrettable but still at the less than 3% level.". Have you actually paused for just one second to consider what is the percentage of Jews in the world is today? Let me tell you, it's at about 0.2%. By your argument, sine it's below the "3% level" (actually, way below, an order of magnitude below), then Jews have no right to be heard on the international global level. I'm sure you do not want to go down that path my good friend. It's not good for you or me, we are both minorities ;-) Salam be on you!

  • Netanyahu says Palestinians must recognize 'the Jewish state' for peace (and then says even that isn't enough)
    • Just read this on Ynet link to

      Initially, I thought this was nuts but then realized this could be predictive between the lines.

      I first thought here's another zio leader unhinged, undone, bezerk, gone over the cliff just like Nutnyahoo. BUT, I really believe there is much to this. What he and Nutnyahoo are actually telegraphing is the next preemptive attack which will be MAJOR and is likely to be soon. Certainly hitting in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine (Gaza). Maybe even Iran.

      We're headed into very dangerous times as the zio regime feels more and more trapped. If this happens, it will turn out very badly for the zios.

    • Nutnyahoo unhinged, undone, bezerk! This guy has gone over the cliff. ROTFLMAO.

  • David Brooks plays his readers about Israel -- McGowan
    • Another great article! The internet is the true democratizer of information. Pre-internet, such articles and blogs like MW would never see the light of day (or night) as the pro-zionist chokehold on information and news would have blocked it. Nowadays, the truth is out there for those who seek it. The tide is turning as the arc of history bends towards justice and my cause is just.

  • Hebron under attack from Israeli Army and illegal settlers
  • An economically strangled and militarily overwhelmed Palestine: A view of Oslo from 1993
    • Very interesting tidbits about Oslo from Rabin's closest aide link to

      I also find it really great to hear an Israeli say "When they become PM, they realize how utterly dependent Israel is on the US", where Israel is nothing without the USA. Yet another proof that IF THE US GOV REALLY WANTS, they can enforce a settlement. Bottom line is that the US gov wants to keep the situation generally as is with Israel being superior militarily since it serves the US's interests.

  • Major 'NYT' piece calls two-state negotiations 'phony'--and catastrophic
    • Shmuel, as one poster suggested, I took a crash course in sarcasm (lol) so I get your post now! No apologies needed at all. I should have been a bit slower on the trigger. I regret that.

    • tree and Donald, thank you for the context you provided. I'm not familiar with Shmuel's knack for sarcasm. I must say, I took it as a negative personal attack. Now, knowing this context, I wish I were more astute to pick on that and maybe to research Shmuel's posts to get a feeling on his perspectives before submitting my post.

    • Shmuel, why the personal attacks? The insults? The racism? What if someone called anyone with the name Menachim, Shamir, or Baruch a terrorist, across the board without justification or facts? So now for you Ramzi is not only a scary name but its worse than others like Ali and Omar. What does that even mean??? Truly sad.

      Why don't you engage in a civilized discourse and in the positive exchange of ideas instead of attacking me? This is MW not JPost!!

      You know nothing about me. You don't know my background. You don't know my stand on most issues including democracy. Instead of engaging positively and politely, you resort to personal attacks and insults. You ought to look in the mirror.

    • WOW, what a powerful piece!! 1S1P1V coming soon. Sooner than many believe.

      Of course 1S1P1V is the only stable, fair, and lasting way to solve this. If you analyze the situation using different methods, including mathematical-engineering models, you come to the conclusion that 1S1P1V is indeed the only way.

      And of course 1S1P1V will be totally democratic, not just in the voting aspect. We wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Young Israeli Jews want an attack on Syria, but older ones say Obama missed his chance
    • Thanks Phil. Really sad to see these young Israeli Jews think this way. So many of them seem to think that Judaism and Zionism come as one package together. The wise Jewish elders (if not the israeli government) need to educate their young about "Judaism without Zioism" since arrogance and over-extending only leads downwards.

      I just wish all religions and politics are kept separate. Religion belongs to the realm of the spiritual and the God or non-God that each of us may or may not want to believe in. Politics belongs to the other parallel universe of making people's and humans lives better on this earth.

      May the atonement of all Jews on this most holy day of Yom Kippur be well received by God almighty.

  • Twenty years since Oslo, US leadership has yielded endless 'process' with no 'peace' in sight
  • NPR covers AIPAC
    • I agree Annie. aipac is relatively a new phenomenon. It really started to emerge during the Nixon administration and kept low profile until recently. They are getting cocky. I hope this Syria thing will, not only expose them and educate the American people, but will also bring their demise.

    • I wonder what impact, if any, will this have on how US citizens see AIPAC?

  • 'AIPAC must be kept for consensus issues only': Israeli diplomat slams Israel lobby for engaging on Syria
    • Too late, cat out of the bag.

      aipac, a lobbyist for a FOREIGN regime, is lobbying US POLS to sacrifice US BLOOD and TREASURE to attack another FOREIGN country that DID NOTHING to hurt the US. Now I get it. Will Americans get it too? Mustn't they ask WHY?

      Time for US citizens to clearly and forcefully tell their politicians NO MORE WARS FOR SAKE OF THE ZIONIST REGIME. Otherwise, you'll be voted out. US INTERESTS FIRST AND FOREMOST.

    • I have been reading many "leading" sources of information and news (in addition to MW, of course!) regarding the Palestine-Syria-Israel situation and am really baffled that all the blah blah blah really ignores one fundamental truth:

      This whole situation is about the zionist entity. Period.

      Israel and AIPAC are driven by one basic foundation which is to weaken any perceived enemy or threat to the zionist entity, regardless to any other consideration or consequence. Pure and simple. Some proofs and facts:

      1) September 1978: US orchestrates "peace" agreement that neutralized and took out Egypt from the equation against the zionist entity, an agreement that the zionist entity is to implement in its totality after all these years.

      2) September 1980 to August 1988: US supports Saddam in using chemical weapons to attack Iran.

      3) September 1980 to August 1988: zionist entity supports Iran against Iraq.

      4) June 1981: zionist entity illegally destroys iraq's nuclear reactor.

      5) August 1990: AlthoughSaddam should have NEVER attacked Kuwait, the zionist entity and its supporters used that to weaken Iraq's military through the US military.

      6) October 1994: US orchestrates a "peace" agreement to neutralize and take out Jordan of the equation.

      7) March 2003: the zionist entity and its supporters orchestrate the attack on Iraq under false and illegal pretexts, essentially taking out a force they perceived threatening to zionists. This, however, has backfired and resulted in Iran dominating Iraq.

      8) June 2007: Encouraged by US and the zionist entity, Fatah tries to destroy the democratically-elected government led by Hamas (winner of the January 2006 elections), leading to a dangerous split in Palestinian ranks. This only helps the zionists.

      9) September 2007: zionist entity illegally destroys Syria's nuclear reactor.

      10) 2012-2013: zionist entity illegally attacks Syria on multiple occasions to destroy its weapons.

      And now the whole excuse of Syrian chemical weapons and international morality!

      Where is the international morality when over one hundred thousand Syrians are killed using non-chemical weapons? Why the artificial outrage about chemical weapons? Dead is dead, period.

      Where is outrage of the international moral community when the zionist entity ignores all UN resolutions for years and continues illegal colonies, stealing, and killing?

      Applying the zionist entity lens to what's happening today reveals and confirms the only truth:

      This whole situation with Syria (and Iran) is about the zionist entity. Period.

  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • What a valuable exchange. I have copied it all and saved it for future reference and to refresh my weak memory down the road.......

    • Hostage, you taught me a lot today. Thank you!

    • Naftush, two simple points:

      - judaism IS a religion, and a great religion indeed
      - Zionism is an outdated political movement that has turned to racism and illegal activities to steal, murder, and oppress

    • Thanks to all who replied. Very insightful exchange.

    • I hope he's still working on it. LOL!!!

      I have a clue for him: both live in parallel universes.............

    • One question to nutnyahoo and the zionists: can any of you explain how jewish and democratic REALLY works? Thank you.

    • Some random thoughtlets on "the jewish state":

      - states do not recognize each other based on their religion
      - no state in the world has ever recognized another state to be a state of religion X
      - the zionist entity can call itself whatever it wants
      - the early zionist leaders specifically and explicitly stayed away from this notion
      - now say, for the sake of argument, that the whole world does actually recognize the zionist regime as "the jewish state", then........
      -- what happens to its non-jewish residents, would they allow the Galilee to cecede
      -- what happens when the non-jewish residents become more than 50%
      -- what happens if the jewish residents change religion
      -- what happens if other countries in the world call themselves "the christian state" or "the moslem state" or "the buddhist state" or "the hindu state" or "the atheist state".......

      A slippery slope I must say but hey, who cares, call yourself whatever you want but we are not going to do so. Just give us back the land you stole.

  • Palestinians have to suck it up for segregated train lines and 4000 new settlements --reporters grill State Dep't
    • Why is this is so painful to Harf? Simple questions, really. I think English is her third language ;-)))) or maybe she's aipac or maybe afraid of aipac when she goes in the parking lot to get into her car. LOL.

  • Palestinians welcome home prisoners to the West Bank in late night celebration
  • Talks will fail because Palestinians shouldn't negotiate with 'a thief,' Israel supporter concedes
    • Negotiations just for the sake of talking. The zionists want peace TALKS, not PEACE. While they continue their colonialization of the State of Palestine and the theft of its land.

      I cannot believe the total capitulation of the PA. How can they talk today after all the zionist colonialist government did with the new colonies just authorized and the small selective release of a few prisoners. How dare they???

      Time to demand Mr. Barghouti's release NOW.
      Time to demand all prisoners released NOW.
      Time to go to the ICC and ICJ NOW. (If the zionists can build colonies while they are "talking peace", we must to to the ICC/ICJ while we are "talking peace".)
      Time to apply for all UN agencies NOW.
      Time to submit request to UNSC for full statehood NOW.
      Time to fully support and propel the BDS movement NOW.
      Time to travel the world and advocate BDS NOW.
      Time to shut down the PA NOW.
      Time to start the Palestinian Spring NOW.

      Anything short of that means total and unconditional shameful PA surrender and subjugation by the zionists and for the zionists interests.


  • Update: Netanyahu complains to Kerry of incitement and cites-- Mohammed Assaf's lyrics
  • In order to criticize settlements, liberal Zionists hit Netanyahu for releasing Palestinian prisoners
    • Ohhhhhh, the "liberal" zionists! They gonna save the world!!!!

      I think we should snap out of the illusion that "liberal" zionists are the good guys. All zionists are the same, just 50 shades of zionists.

      1S1P1V is the ONLY way forward...........

  • State Department was right: Israel colonizes the West Bank as peace process continues
    • True, but until that changes, the State of Palestine must submit that request to the UNSC repeatedly ad infinitum so as to force the US to veto it multiple times.

    • I wish it were real. I was just getting my frustration out and imagining what a courageous President Abbas would say to President Obama.

      I apologize Annie for not making this clear at the end of my post. I should have. I tried to edit the post to add that but I could not. Sorry again Annie. I feel awful about causing this confusion.

    • The Very Honorable President Obama
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
      Washington, DC

      Mr. President,

      Israel continues to steal our land, making a viable FREE State of Palestine impossible based on 1967 lines as you have asserted and as the entire world demands.

      The latest illegal, hostile, provocative, and arrogant action came with the recent Israeli announcement of yet more construction in the Occupied State of Palestine, even in colonies that are deep into Palestine. This comes on the heels of yet another recent Isareli decision to fund illegal outposts in the Occupied State of Palestine. These illegal and hostile Israeli actions make peace impossible and get us quickly to the point of no return.

      Accordingly, and as Israel continues to renege on its Oslo obligations and on the latest understandings with Secretary Kerry, and in the interest of peace and salvaging the two-state solution from extinction, I am respectfully informing you of the following actions that we have undertaken:

      1- We have initiated action at the ICC and ICJ regarding the continued illegal Israeli construction of colonies in the Occupied State of Palestine.

      2- We have submitted requests for the State of Palestine to join ALL UN agencies.

      3- We have submitted a request to the UNSC for recognizing the State of Palestine as a full member of the UN, a long overdue status that is right and just.

      4- We have suspended our participation in the negotiations until ALL Palestinian prisoners are released, first among them Mr. Barghouti, and until the Gaza border is fully open.

      Mr. President, we are a proud Nation. We refuse to be bullied and continuously lied to by Israel. Yet, we remain firmly and fully committed to peace based on the 1967 borders and the two-state solution. But we cannot accept Israeli illegal actions and provocations while we supposedly "talk peace". The time for talk is over.

      The solution is known to all. It has been so for years. If Israel truly wants peace, a peace agreement can be finalized and signed in ONE day: all that is needed is for Israel to truly and honestly commit to peace and to start withdrawing immediately from the Occupied State of Palestine, which should take no more than 90 days to complete in coordination with us.

      Thanks to you, Mr. President, and to Mr. Kerry as well for both of your valiant support and efforts to make peace happen in the Holy Land. Now the time for action has arrived. Enough talk and double talk by Israel while my people continue to suffer, which is unacceptable. We demand actions.

      As President, I am at the service of my people and the above actions are designed to sincerely and urgently save the two-state solution and advance the cause of peace. But the window will close in very short order (a few months at most) and, in that case, we will follow with other actions at the right point in time.

      In the meantime Mr. President, I look forward to your and to Mr. Kerry's fair, balanced, and impartial active mediation to urgently achieve the two-state solution.

      Very sincerely,

      President Abbas
      State of Palestine

      CC: US Secretary of State, The Honorable John Kerry
      CC: EU High Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton
      CC: UN Secretary-General , The Honorable Ban Ki-moon
      CC: UNSC Members

  • In 'earthquake' diplomatic move, EU calls on Israel to 'recognize in writing that the West Bank settlements are not part of Israel'
    • Annie and yrn, I'll toast to that too. But I caution that if a 2SS is not signed-sealed-delivered in 2013, then it's only 1S1P1V after that thanks to the zionist regime's intransigence. A just and lasting peace to all of us!

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