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Ramzi Jaber

Palestinian, born in Palestine. All I want is freedom and dignity for my people.

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  • Tipping point?
    • +1 just.

      "Israel is a very important if not the most important factor on how they vote".

      The arrogance. The day of reckoning is snailing on.

      It's just astounding how in 2015 so many so-called Americans pay allegiance to their true country, the zionist entity, over America. Despicable zionist-firsters.

  • As clock ticks in Switzerland, the Adelson primary heats up in the U.S.
    • + infinity, just!!!

      More zionist b*$$s^&#t.

      "The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous to humanity and it must be stopped". So funny. My answer to nutnyahoo: Nobody's listening to craziness no more.

      We have a saying in Arabic that goes something like this - The dogs bark. The caravans pass.

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • Where are the Kiriakou, Assange, Greenwald, Manning, and Snowden of aipac?

      aipacers, Are they brainwashed? Are they braindead? Or are they just blinded?

      Truly amazing how loyal USA aipac members are to their country, the zionist entity!!

    • Sadly, only wishful thinking.

      US zionists and their supporters are already pressuring Obama by reminding him that 2016 is around the corner and all those running want a perfect relation with the zionists to win. They are also pressuring him on Iran and blaming him for all the troubles in the ME.

      So effectively, they are blackmailing by holding his legacy as hostage to their demands: if you don't do as we tell you, kiss your legacy goodbye!

      I certainly hope - finally free fro his own election - that Obama will show his true mettle (if he has one) and do the right thing: take on aipac, christian zionists, nutnyahoo, and the zionist regime.

      At a minimum, Obama must do only one thing in April of this year:

      Introduce and lobby all 15 UNSC members to vote for a resolution on 2SS with clear parameters for a mandated negotiated settlement, backed with clear milestones and specific penalties, to be concluded in 12 months. Obama visiting an INDEPENDENT PALESTINE in 2016 would cement his legacy.

      And this will preempt a very sad and abominable anniversary of 50 years of the zionists attack and colonization of the remaining part of Palestine in 1967. Heck, the whole Iran negotiation would be concluded only in a few years not 50. So yes you can Mr. President!!

      If the President fails at this, then he should formally declare the 2SS dead and address the American people to educate them on the strength of the zionist lobby and its operations as an illegal agent on behalf of a foreign state.

      But, with Clinton and Biden on the horizon, or worse the republicans, and with the aipac grand wizzard shoemer replacing the aipac wizzard reid, I have no hope that Obama will take on iapac or do anything truly courageous on Palestine. Time will tell, I hope I'm wrong.

      2SS is dead. Long live 1SS, 1S1P1V!

  • The political geography, of colony and bantustan, is the same on both sides of the Green Line -- Amira Hass
    • +1 just.

      The entire piece is so great.

      I recall growing up that the only party we ever heard off or felt its impact (since as the colonized people we were not directly immersed in internal zionist politics) was the labor party.

      The labor party is the party that connived globally as a zionist movement to steal Palestine by blackmailing western powers and "holocaust-guiltying" them into giving zionists Palestine.

      The labor party is the party that terrorized, forced, and tricked Palestinians into leaving their homes in 1948 and 1967.

      The labor party is the party that refused to allow 1948 and 1967 Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

      The labor party is the party that attacked Egypt in 1956 and Palestine in 1967.

      The labor party is the party that treated and kept Palestinian Israeli citizens of 1948 as second class citizens.

      The labor party is the party that made the strategic decision to build illegal colonies in post-1967 Palestine and very actively expanded these colonies to prevent a 2SS on the ground.

      The labor party is the party that terrorized and imprisoned us on a daily basis since 1967.

      The labor party is the party that built nuclear weapons.

      The labor party is the party that set the entire ME on a path that got us to today.

      The labor party is no angel!

      All zionists are the same, unified in their one goal - take over all of Palestine and cleanse it of Palestinians - but go about it differently.

      I take nutnyahoo and his right wing nuts anytime over the hypocrite labor and so-called left.

    • As I always maintained but Amira nailed it so eloquently: 'The Zionist Camp is not leftwing. It’s at best center-right!'".

      All the zionists are the same. Only way forward is 1SS (1S1P1V). 2SS is dead.

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Disgusting zionism. Is Batya Abramson-Goldstein a US citizen or a citizen of the zionist entity? where are her loyalties? is she for freedom of speech, truth, peace, and honesty? Obviously not. Disgusting indeed.

  • [1]-[2]-[6]-[20]: A regional strategy for sustainable peace for Israel/Palestine
    • "USA & Israel are in alignment on almost everything but the settlements".

      Actually, even on settlements they are aligned as USA is OK to leave the "major" blocks for the zionist entity - that is over 80% of the colonies.

      That aside, here are some questions that I always ask myself about USA and zionist entity alignment:
      - WHY is the USA acting this way?
      - What's the USA getting out of its blind and total support of the zionist entity?
      - What's the REAL reasons behind calling the zionist entity the USA's only and best ally and friend in the ME?
      - USA never had enemies in the ME before the zionist entity was established, so WHY this alignment and support?
      - Why name enemy of hundreds of millions of Arabs and over 1.2 billion Moslems just to support the zionist entity?
      - What's the hidden agenda?
      - Is the zionist entity truly a 51st state in the shadows so USA can have a control over the ME?
      - Does the zionist entity have some truly damaging secrets on the USA that its using the blackmail USA?
      - WHY? WHY? WHY this blind and total support?

      Still waiting for answers.................

      And I don't really believe the true reason is aipac or money or elections.... For what's at stake, it just doesn't add up.

  • Apartheid is no longer verboten word for Israel in 'NYT' and 'CNN'
    • @JeffB

      I am hesitant to open this can but you accused me of being a liar who fabricated an imaginary scenario. I feel I must respond to this accusation.

      So here we go, opening the can: When the story first broke out of Palestine, based on which I wrote my post above, the initial reports did not mention where these poor children were born. As the birthplace of these children later got reported, I am here and now clearly and equivocally answering the questions that I posed in my post: these children were born in Palestine.

      Also as pointed out eloquently by Annie, this fact only REEMPHASIZES and REINFORCES my point that the zionist apartheid regime is disgusting. My statement remains direct and relevant: Palestinian refugees who are born in Palestine will not be allowed by the zionist apartheid regime to be buried in Palestine upon their death. In the few cases that I know of, most requests were refused by the colonial military occupation power and the one that was accepted took time to process the "paper work". In contrast, these children in Brooklyn were buried in Palestine in very short order. That is disgusting apartheid glaring right at you.

      You know nothing about me. To accuse me of lying, fabrications, and imaginations as a way to hide or wash your zionist guilt of your apartheid crimes will just not work. Thinly concealing your arrogant and condescending posts as logical hypotheses and obvious facts only reveals more about you and your true intentions. So don't call me a liar.

      And let me remind you in case you forgot the main premise of my post: zionist apartheid is disgusting. zionism is racism. zionism is criminal. These are clear, certain, corroborated FACTS.

    • After reading a range of articles today, several key words kept playing in my head:

      apartheid. zionism. racism. colonialism. oppression. discrimination. arrogance.

      Then I felt disgust. Yes, disgust. Today is the first time I feel that zionism is disgusting, that zionist apartheid is disgusting, that the leaders of zionist apartheid are disgusting.

      So why did I feel this disgust out of a sudden?

      There was this story of 7 poor children who died in a fire in Brooklyn. A terribly sad story in of itself, just to learn of anyone dying in a house fire let alone 7 children. Then came the added information that these 7 children were Jewish. So far OK, although I bet if they were protestants or catholics or atheists, the news would have not mentioned their religion. But what really got the icing on the cake is when the news said that these 7 children will be buried in Al-Quds in occupied Palestine.

      So here is where disgusting zionist apartheid comes into play. Why would these 7 children be buried in occupied Palestine? Were they born in Palestine? Do their parents live in occupied Palestine? So imagine a Palestinian born in Palestine with children born in Palestine but currently living in USA, would she be allowed to bury her children in Palestine if they were to die today? Would she herself be allowed to be buried in Palestine when she dies? Of course not. The zionist apartheid regime would never allow that.

      This is what disgusting zionist apartheid is.

      I also read today that zionist pols in occupied Palestine are attacking Obama for what he said in the HuffPost interview yesterday. They are blaming him for the misunderstanding situation on what nutnyahoo said regarding the 2SS. Saying that nutnyahoo didn’t really change his mind. And that the whole heat is fabricated by Obama to cover up for the surrender to Iran. They go even further and say, based on what Obama said in the HuffPost interview, why would the zionist regime even think of peace talks if USA does not support the zionist position. In other words, if you don’t agree with our zionist apartheid position, then go to hell. That’s South Africa Afrikaners exactly.

      This is what disgusting zionist apartheid is.

      The arrogance of apartheid…………. totally disgusting.

    • Glad zionist apartheid in Palestine is finally getting discussed openly in MSM. Really amazing that it took many, many years. This was so obvious:

      1) before 1967 in how zionists were treating Palestinian Israelis, formally calling them 2nd class citizens; and

      2) right after 1967 when all residents of the last part of Palestine to be colonized by the zionists were classified as Nazis classified Jews - with different color license plates, different roads, different travel documents, different laws, different rights, etc. etc. etc.

      All of this was obvious for those who wanted to see. But zionists blinded the west and kidnapped the west's brains and hearts.

  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
    • The INCREDIBLE 13!!! You make us PROUD. A million Mabruk.

      The Joint List is leading the way forward towards the only solution, 1SS (1S1P1V) for all its citizens regardless to religion or ethnicity or national origin.

      Thank you for your leadership and courage.

  • Netanyahu's victory ‐ what is the cost?
    • Thanks just and Bornajoo.

    • Same here just. Your support, and those of others in MW and elsewhere, is greatly appreciated and needed, even essential and critical for achieving justice to the Palestinians and establishing the State of Palestine.

      My comment was in no means discarding that great and sustained support. Apologies if it came across that way.

      As I see it, the collective WE that believes in peace and a just resolution of the tragic Palestine., already have done more than enough to keep the topic and interest alive. It's now the USA and EU turn to show ACTION not words. This action must start in very short order, days not weeks. Otherwise, it's just the same old b*%#@^&t.

      In parallel to what USA/EU might want to act on, we Palestinians must read this last zionist election as it really is: this is no longer just about bad nutnyahoo and what racism and hatred he spews out. This is a deeply fundamental and hugely consequential shift in the zionist entity's societal structure and direction:

      - This is about the entire zionist majority voting for apartheid and occupation.

      - This is about the entire zionist majority accepting and supporting racism and hatred.

      - This is about the entire zionist majority being drunk on power, suppression, murder, and colonization of another people.

      - This is about the entire zionist majority rejecting peace and justice.

      - This is about the entire zionist majority putting its collective head in the sand and saying we want, can, and will take the cake and eat it too, we'll "manage" whatever comes since we're powerful. Damn everybody else.

      So yes, we Palestinians must take this new reality into our immediate calculus and intensify our resolve, quadruple our efforts, and recommit our total dedication to

      1S1P1V. Yes, 1S1P1V.

      That is the ONLY way forward. And yet again, it as not us as a people or our courageous leadership (they are cowards and zionist agents in reality!) who have made this fateful decision. It was forced upon us yet again, just like all of our existential decisions that have always been forced upon us, by nutnyahoo, leaving us no other path but to work towards 1S1P1V.

      So while USA and EU play catchup with realities on the ground and JUST NOW (maybe) start pushing for true action to pressure the zionist entity towards a 2SS, the fact of the matter is there is no more a 2SS possible after this zionist election.

      So let USA and EU do their 2SS thing. And we - Palestinians, MW supporters, pro-justice and pro-peace people across the world - we must all start pushing in one direction together, as you said just, towards 1S1P1V including our current efforts at the ICC/ICJ/UNSC/UNGA.

      It will be a waste of Palestinian effort and a waste of our grassroots supporters efforts to spend even one second or one penny on anything dealing with 2SS.

      We must pour it all in the 1S1P1V path. We must demand full citizenship, equality, liberty, freedom, human rights, and justice under the current laws of the zionist regime for all those who live in historic Palestine. The United List is courageously showing the way forward.

      1S1P1V. Please all, focus your efforts and lobbying and discourse on that path and only that path.

      Thank you just and all!

    • All the good sentiments and comments discussed here are really very sincerely appreciated. But as the saying goes, we Palestinians have been around the block a couple of times.

      I have reached such a deep level of cynicism and skepticism that I must touch to believe (as St. Thomas once said).

      I gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt for so long, always saying to myself that he'll be free to do what's in his heart in the last two years of his second term. Now I'm hearing rumblings from around him and from US zionists that "we need to give nutnyahoo a chance to proof that he really didn't mean it" or "Obama cannot do anything until the Iran situation clears" or "Democratic candidates for 2016 including the presidential kind will pressure Obama not to upset the zinoist state so as not to impact their chances to win".

      So my dear friends, this brings me back to St. Thomas and Missouri....... show me and let me touch!

  • An American translation of Netanyahu's racist get out the vote speech
  • Netanyahu and the unraveling of the British Jewish consensus
  • 'We aim to shape the democratic and moral alternative in this country' -- an interview with Ayman Odeh
    • Prediction: 15 seats.

      Possible outcomes in order of what's best for Palestine:
      1. Two largest parties cannot form government and are forced into coalition. Palestinian-Israeli party is the official opposition.
      2. Winner by number of seats cannot form government, leading to a rightist win with nutnyahoo as prime minister.
      3. Winner by number of seats forms government with Palestinian-Israeli support, maybe even with a few Palestinian-Israeli ministers.

  • Netanyahu's consciousness-raising
    • nutnyahoo the JINGOIST.

      I suggest we start introducing this word into our discourse so it's picked up by the blogoshpere then the MSM.

      that is how and what nutnyahoo is, a much too extreme nationalist with an utterly aggressive foreign policy that is endangering peace.

  • Bil'in marks ten years of resisting the occupation
    • Thanks Allison for bringing us back to the CORE topic here amidst the very low signal-to-noise ratio of the nutnyahoo speech to the USA's zionist agents (aka US Congress).

      The fact of the matter is that, not only will the popular and peaceful and non-violent resistance to the illegal zionist occupation continue post nutnyahoo's March 3 speech and the zionists's March 17 election, it will greatly intensify.

      To see why, read Akiva Eldar's article:
      Netanyahu has rejected two-state solution
      link to

      The only reasoning that the zionists make to justify their theft of Palestine is the Bible... as if God was a real-estate agent and the Bible her real-estate guide! When, without Palestine's and Palestinians' consent, the UN donated a majority of Palestine to the zionists, it gave them the part of Palestine that has little linkage to the Bible, the part that had no religious tie to the zionist argument.

      That was the MASTER STROKE of the zionists when they blackmailed and pitied the world and the UN to illegally given them part of Palestine. They KNEW that they can justify stealing the balance of Palestine (what they call judea and samaria) based on the Bible but they could not totally justify taking Jaffa, Haifa, and the Galilee. So they asked for the other part and since then they have been making the religious Bible case to grab the balance of Palestine, regardless to their political affiliation.

      So as Akiva Eldar said, nutnyahoo will never give any land to a Palestinian state.His buddy and mini-me bennett said exactly that.

      So the non-violent resistance to free Palestine will intensify in all its forms.

  • Rightwing rabbi seeks to pit Power against Rice on Iran ahead of AIPAC speeches
    • It gets sweeter by the second......

      JUST IN, Boteach: "My good friend Samantha Power is the one who called Rice complicit in genocide."

      Boteach, under fire for controversial ad, blames Power for his woes
      link to

    • To me, the TRUE and LASTING impact of the nutnyahoo stunt this Tuesday is not really about splitting Democrats and Republicans or Democrats within regarding their support to the zionists. The REAL impact in my humble view is splitting the ZIONIST and JEWISH and AMERICAN ZIONIST communities among each other. This is LASTING.

      When one part of the ZIONIST, JEWISH, and/or AMERICAN ZIONIST communities (including neocons) starts to use other compatriots of theirs to attack Clinton for example, is really the underlying telling future of this story.

      Then comes the next generation of American pols who will ask: why we are all PEP?? How can that be? How fair that is? And the zionist neckless unravels...

  • It's not about nukes, it's about the US shifting the power balance -- Parsi
    • Talking about shifting of power...... TOI just reported that President Obama THREATENED nutnyahoo TO SHOOT DOWN ZIONIST PLANES heading to attack Iran. WOW if true.

      link to

      It seems the warmonger zionists (nutnyahoo, yaalon, liberman) decided last year to attack Iran and zionists planes had in fact penetrated Iranian airspace as part of final practice drills. liberman passed the info on to Kerry and then Obama made the threat. So the whole thing stopped.

      Really WOW if true.

      Three BIG questions:
      1) Is this story true?
      2) If true, how did zionist airplanes enter Iranian space without detection? Where is the Iranian radar system?
      3) If true, who were the accomplices to get them there? Jordan? Saudi? Turkey? Iraq? Azerbaijan? Kazakhstan?

      With Rice's speech to aipac on Monday and nutnyahoo's speech to the zionists' American agents (aka, Congress people) on Tuesday, looks like things are reaching the end-game of the current phase.

      We'll soon see the outcome of all of this.

  • Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football
    • In spite of a lot of enthusiasm in this article/thread, and across MW, that things are starting to change in Washington and American politics, the experienced fella in me (not the cynic!) says that this is a tempest in a teapot, primarily artificial created to serve the interest of all parties concerned.

      The only change in DC and American politics will come with the next generation or the one after it. It took the zionists almost three generations to build their support and force their control. This current generation of American pols is totally bound to the core by the zionist control, totally submissive and subservient to the foreign zionist entity.

      Lest we forget, kristol (as head of emergency committee for ISRAEL) is overtly, blatantly, and absolutely supporting a foreign country against his own. Just stunning how American politicians chose to ignore these facts. kristol is an agent of a foreign entity working against his own government. If that's not fifth column, I don't know what is. Still, he and the zionist entity are supported by American politicians while the American people is sleeping.

      As to Hillary, whether she attends the speech or not, it really does not matter. Bottom line, she is owned by saban. And any american pol, whether owned by saban or kristol or adelson, will side totally and equivocally with the zionist entity. Because all zionists - left, right, center, center-left, center-right, extreme-left, extrem-right, religious, neo-con, old-con, don't matter - and all their American agents have one and only goal: never have a Palestinian state. Only their tactics and facade are different.

      So 1S1P1V is coming and coming sooner than anyone thinks........................

  • White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won't say if she's attending speech)
    • Confirming what sara revealed about nutnyahoo could be President of the US, here's an excerpt of what Michael Crowley, senior foreign affairs correspondent for POLITICO, said on NPR's On Point (Ashbrook was off, Jane Clayson hosted):

      "An incredible spectacle almost reminiscent of a State of the Union speech. It seems to me that nutnyahoo in a way was playing president for a day. he arrived in the House chamber to much pomp and circumstance, had roaring applause even more applause than President Obama often receives when he addresses Congress. he introduced guests up in the rafters including eli weasel all in the service of trying to plead with the US and President Obama not to cut a deal with Iran."

      You can hear the entire thing here starting at 1:50 link to

    • And here we have it, Ladies and Gentleman, from the horse's mouth........... DRUM ROLL ............

      "In the United States they say that if he had been born in the US, he’d have been elected president there."

      Nutnyahoo is angry, envious, and jealous of the US President. HE wanted to be the US President. He is angry that he had to settle for the head of the illegitimate zionists entity. King BiBi believes he deserves more and is entitled to more than that. He is smarter than that. He is the smartest in the wold, the destined child of God. So he always want to talk to the US Congress and play with American pols to satisfy his strange need to feel just a bit like the US President. This is where his true heart is. The zionist entity is just what he was able to get. But he's angry he's not the US President.

      And the truth always comes out from the strangest places.............

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
    • Amen just for the Penn quote. Thanks.

    • HarryLaw, as you know, all of today's Arab countries are artificial. They were divided across the wrong lines by England and France in the hope that they continue their control of the ME after they were forced to pull back. The Saudis in particular have been playing with fire in the hope it will not engulf them: Bin Laden, ISIS, Israel, Wahabists, etc. But we all know, she who plays with fire will get burnt. This will be accelerated by the end of oil. So it's a mathematical certainty that these countries will end as they are today, just a matter of time.

      The Arab Spring is real. It's just in its first phase of conception. It will be followed by a messy birth, an illusionary smooth childhood, a tumultuous teenagerism, and finally into responsible adulthood with genuine people-based governments. We're looking at a generation or two of turmoil and re-adjustment before the fruits of the Arab Spring start to bear positive results and to transform the Middle East and the world.

      Hold on as the roller coaster is just starting to move!

    • just, you know, this whole situation has been truly illuminating to the world, I think. Genuine conflict always sheds light on the darkest of corners. Iran, cleverly or as a positive unintended consequence, is making real intentions and goals come to light from all parties. The end result is a better world, one way or another.

      As I say, the truth always gets revealed and the arc of history always bends towards justice.


    • Jerusalem Post: “Israel is part of the problem and not part of the solution,” Steinitz said, before adding, “unless you think Israel dominating the Middle East is the solution.”

      NB: I took the editorial liberty to change a few letters in "Iran" and turn it to "Israel".

    • And now theWSJ and other pseudo-news outlets are saying that Egypt, Saudi, Qatar, and UAE are also telling US the nuke deal is bad.

      Clearly, the zionists passed their "info" to these traitor so-called Arab dictators and whipped them into a frenzy that Iran will dominate them.

      And, my dear friends, there you have it, the REAL reason why we still do not have Palestine: these dictators are in bed with the zionists, their only goal to protect their chiefdoms. The zios know how to exploit that fear and use it against Palestine and tell the world (in their usual zio-hypocrite-under-the-table-behind-the-shades way) that even Arabs don't care about Palestine.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • thanks for this good info, just.

    • indisputable facts about the current situation:

      1. zionism backfired, hurting jewish minorities everywhere

      2. every action has a counteraction, basic law of nature

      3. zionism/bibi made jews unsafe everywhere including occupied palestine

      4. demographics is a darn stubborn inconvenient thing that you can't beat

      5. zionists are running out of jews to coerce into moving to occupied palestine

      6. nutnyahoo-dermer stunt caused irreparable damage that can’t be unrung
      a. cynical plot sunk the “smart” duo into permanent ill-repute
      b. americans are incensed about the zionists insulting the presidency
      c. democratic politicos and zionist supporters are disgusted
      d. even some republicans are not happy
      e. aipac got battered either for being stupid or being out of the loop
      f. cynic plot plays into the hands of iran, speech or not
      g. moslems/arabs get another proof-point that usa is in zionist pocket
      h. usa prestige standing and influence globally got battered
      i. usa as unquestionable supporter and unsc/political cover is crumbling
      j. europe will accelerate pro-palestinian moves and bds support

      with enemies like that, who needs friends!
      (just joking, we thank ALL the friends that we have and we need all the NEW friends that we can get)

      1S1P1V. 1S1P1V. 1S1P1V.

  • Gideon Levy's argument for Netanyahu
    • It is clear to anyone who wants to see the facts and the truth: the zionist entity and ALL its parties have the SAME GOAL - keep israel from sea to sea. The ONLY difference is the way they go about it. At least Nutnyahoo is honest and says it. Herzog/Livni are hypocrites. Don't forget, they call themselves the zionist party. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

      The truth and the facts are there to be seen. Nutnyhaoo must win and will win. He will win because most zionists have become drunken with the occupation mirage thinking they can have the cake and eat it too ("manage the occupation"), they have become arrogant and supremacists racists wanting to rule over "inferior Palestinian Arab animals".

      This will boomerang. The thunderbolt is long in the making. 1S1P1V - freedom, justice, liberty, equality, human rights, civil rights, respect, and dignity for each human being regardless to religion, race, or national origin.

      That's why it's 1S1P1V or war and death.

      God bless all Palestinians. God bless Palestine.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
  • Obama reported to be looking into settler attack on State Dep't officials, even as NYT buries the story
    • i believe barghouti would have won.

      as to would have been a good president, i also believe so. he certainly could not have been worst than abbas and the current pa as it is. i know, this is a low bar but hey, at least we have a bar ;-))))

      overall, having been a "son of the intifada", born and raised under occupation, barghouti would have a different and better perspective. and he would certainly not be negotiating with himself as abbas and the current pa are doing. just imagine they put down all the cards out there. now that becomes the starting point of any discussion. pretty stupid if you ask me.

      another proof that barghouti would have been good for Palestine is the fact that the zionists put him away since they saw and continue to see him as a real threat. and abbas and the pa see him as an even bigger threat. that is why they never put him on top of the agenda of any discussion, negotiation, security arrangement, etc. with the zionists. shameful! they should have said we do and say nothing about anything unless barghouti is out.

    • No more elections please. Will only lengthen the colonization of Palestine.

      Grass-roots action demanding 1S1P1V is the only way.

    • i saw it this morning on times of israel. apparently abbas contacted his masters the shin bet to verify the story and if it was authorized. abbas's buddies the shin bet told him that nutnyahoo didn't authorize it and don't approve it. it seems abbas was happy with that response.

      poor abbas, doesn't even know when he's being played. time to go! shut down the pa.

    • time for obama and the west to realize that the zionist entity has become a JINGOIST.

      rivlin and burg already realize it.
      rivlin - link to
      burg - link to

      oxford "extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy"

      merriam-wesbter "the feelings and beliefs of people who think that their country is always right and who are in favor of aggressive acts against other countries. extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy" "Jingoists really dislike people from outside their own borders. Jingoism is an extreme form of patriotism that often calls for violence towards foreigners and foreign countries. Patriotism — a love for one's country — can, in certain cases, turn nasty and go beyond wishing for the welfare of one's own homeland. That's when a patriot becomes a nationalist. From there, it's only a short step to becoming a jingoist, one who not only waves the flag of their country but believes that all other people are threats and should be treated as such. An obvious example of a jingoist was Adolf Hitler, who stirred up fear and anger towards outsiders that led to world war...and much worse."

      today's poster child of JINGOISM is the ZIONIST ENTITY as attested by rivlin and burg.


    • the sad part of the story is that the zionist behavior is made possible, allowed, and supported by the usa. obama was the main cheerleader of this arrogant attitude of the zionists always declaring that "our support for israel is unshakeable". talk bout giving a carte blanche.

      after pa filed for icc, obama said there will be consequences to the pa. essentially blackmail. this gave yet another green light to the zionists to stop the tax payments and will follow with other acts.

      1S1P1V. ICC/ICJ. BDS.

      US OUT.....

  • Couldn't there be just one 'NYT' columnist who was critical of Israel? (No)
    • nyt is considered the bastion of liberalism and civil rights among all press organizations. of course, that is everywhere except Palestine. nyt is more zionist than the zionists in the zionist entity itself. lol.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • this incident proves once again, if another proof was needed, that zionist colonialists are gone mad. the icc awaits.

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • seanmcbride, thanks for this.

    • yes it does. showing how conniving and devious he is!!

      now he's getting a taste of his own medicine................ lawsuit! poetic justice.

    • there we go again, anti-semitism!

      arabs and jews everywhere must demand this guy stop abusing the word anti-semitism.

  • AIPAC celebrates Congress for laws that will 'dramatically strengthen bond between US and Israel'
    • Boomer, thanks a lot for this post. Thanks for your support as well.

      I have gone from a total believer in the USA and its declared intentions to justly resolve the Palestine/Israel conflict, to a total nonbeliever 100% disappointed in the USA and now doubting its words since its actions reveal its true intentions which are TOTALLY aligned with the zionists and the colonialists.

      Being beaten over the head over and over and over with the same facts and acts make one change her mind!!!!!!!!

      Some of these facts and acts:
      51 USA vetoes in the UNSC against Palestine.
      Billions annually to enable the crimes of the zionists against my people.
      Over $150B to entrench the occupation.
      Bullying, threatening, and blackmailing the oppressed party to accept the dictates of the zios.
      Giving weapons and instruments of murder, as well as "storing" free weapons in israel.
      Congress being totally in the pocket of the zios.
      more. more. more.

    • ivri, thanks for this.

      the time for F2P has long passed. there was a time period about 30 years ago or so where a CONfederation between palestine, jordan, and israel would have been feasible. too much has happened sine then that even Palestinian hearts got hardened for such a compromise.

      i was a so-called "moderate" in the past but now i believe in 1S1P1V as the only path forward. why should i give up on my land, houses, and property in what is now "israel proper" and have someone else from poland or russia own them and live in them. they are mine and i want them back. my grandparents poured their hearts into them and acquired and built these properties with blood, swear, and tears. i can't have a foreigner who never lived here take them. i and my family have been here for centuries.

      so bottom line, F2P is a non-started today. the zionists got too greedy and too criminal for it to happen now.

      1S1P1V, that's what it is ivri. no other path.

    • observing all these us republican pols meeting with zionist leaders of the zionist entity over the past few weeks leads me to conclude that

      aipac replaced iowa!!!!!

      us presidential candidates used to test the waters by visiting iowa. now they do it by visiting the zionist entity.

      and we wishfully think aipac is losing power. yeah, dream on.

      1S1P1V, the only way forward.

  • David Brooks says 'people from around the world' can serve in Israeli military
  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • Let the talking end and the actions begin.

      us/uk/australia/canada MUST NOT be part of any engagement by the Palestinians. they are more zionists than the zionists and no longer have a place at the table.

  • Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court
    • Walid, you're 100% right. Diana and Michael were pushed aside by the zios and the traitors pa agreed. in fact, i believe they wanted it to happen more than the zios because these two were themselves more of a threat to the pa itself and some of its entrenched figures. they both remind me of how hanan ashrawi was in her younger days, before she was brought "in line".

    • Looks like my 2015 wish number 2 may happen soon....

      Abbas seeks to re-submit statehood bid to UN Security Council
      link to

      walid, you may be right, wish five should occur right away. even eraket is finally acknowledging that his and pa's mere existence depends on the whims of their masters nutnyahoo and the zionist criminals.

      Erekat hints at dissolution of Palestinian Authority after Israel withholds tax funds
      link to

      My wishes for 2015:
      1) File for ICC/ICJ and other UN organizations right away. CHECK.
      2) With Jordan, resubmit the same UNSC resolution right away.
      3) After the usa veto, publicly tell usa we no longer deal with them on this matter since they are partial to zionists.
      4) Ask France and Luxembourg to formally recognize Palestine.
      5) Shut down pa and give the keys to the colonial occupier.

    • Bornajoo and Annie, it's January 1 and I am still waiting for Jordan to re-submit the resolution so we get 10-11 votes and force a us veto. Maybe I'm dreaming but this is a must in my opinion. This way, abbas and the pa can dispel any thought that they were just playing games to avoid a us veto.

      My wishes for 2015:
      1) File for ICC/ICJ and other UN organizations right away. CHECK.
      2) With Jordan, resubmit the same UNSC resolution right away.
      3) After the usa veto, publicly tell usa we no longer deal with them on this matter since they are partial to zionists.
      4) Ask France and Luxembourg to formally recognize Palestine.
      5) Shut down pa and give the keys to the colonial occupier.

    • “will badly damage atmosphere with the very people with whom they ultimately need to make peace"

      Rathke is being silly, a liar, a coward, and a zionist slave just like the usa government and oabama/kerry. how about zionist crimes damaging the atmosphere with whom they would ultimately need to make peace??? How about the million "escalatory steps damaging the atmosphere" that the zionists take every day in occupied Palestine - continued colonization, murder, theft of land, hampering the movement of people, wrongful imprisonment, no due process, military occupation, economic blackmail, human rights violations, torture, civil rights denials, etc. etc. etc.

      what has the usa done to help us in our cause. NOTHING. Totally siding with the zionists. SHAME ON YOU. Instead, you cowardly speak against the oppressed, occupied, colonized, and aggrieved party by saying that Palestinians seeking justice at the ICC is negative and bad. How dare the Palestinians seek justice and peace?!! Pathetic.

      just read the arrogance, racism, hatred, supremacism, and lies in what he and other people are saying. unbelievable.

      shoemer and other usa senators and politicians are more zionist than the zionists, better be representing zionists in the kinesset. poor american people having such bad people represent them. shomer and other us-zio-politicians threatening to defund Palestinian organizations for DARING to seek justice and peace.

      bolton spews lies and silliness by saying we are not a state while 98% of the world's population and all states in the world (except 7 zion-controlled countries) say and acknowledge that we are a state.

      bottom line is that zionists are already fearful!! i'm sure us government officials are concerned too as they may be dragged into the ICC/ICJ for assisting, abiding, supporting, and supplying the zionists criminals. lol. we're just getting started down this new path of justice.

      to those who invoke oslo and say Palestinians are breaking it, you better go check and see how the zionist regime is breaking everything in oslo.

      to those talking about unilateral moves, you better see what the zionist regime does each and every day in occupied Palestine. all illegal and criminal acts.

      to those saying the zionists will sue the Palestinians, this is like the nazis suing the jews for driving the nazis to commit crimes against humanity. lol.

      ICC/ICJ is coming at you zionists!

  • Palestinian resolution fails at the Security Council, U.S. votes against 'staged confrontation' at the UN
    • Maybe even President Abbas got finally fed up of the us.

    • Absolutely right ritzl, it is the PLO. Formally and legally, the PLO is the ONLY representative of the Palestinian people. The PA is a contraption of the ailed Oslo disaster. President Abbas signed that as the Executive Chairman of the PLO. The PA is a useless entity, serving only the interests of zionists.

    • Good end to the year. Happy New Year!!

      VIVA PALESTINA!!!!!!

    • Some movement.............. I just learned that abbas signed to join ICC, in total 20 new organizations.

      It seems number one of the five items I listed in an earlier post did occur (see below).

      1) File for ICC/ICJ and other UN organizations right away. CHECK.
      2) Shut down the pa, and hand over the keys to the colonial occupier.
      3) Explicitly state we no longer deal with the us on this matter as the us is more zionist than the kenesset and cannot be a fair mediator. Proofs galore.
      4) Request Jordan to re-submit the same resolution on jan 1.
      5) Request France and Luxembourg to formally recognize The State of Palestine.

      And one other thing I read just now: the zionist regime had the balls to summon the French Ambassador for questioning on their vote. The arrogance..........

    • To my friends and co-posters here who think getting under 9 votes was by design, I totally and absolutely respect your views but I kindly disagree.

      seafoid, you're right, even with 11 votes, the outcome would be the same as the us will veto. But it would have made a difference: put on the record FOR THE LAST TIME that the us is opposed to what itself says it wants (2 states, peace, blah blah blah).

      obama/kerry/power have all proven they are spineless slaves of the zionists.

      abbas and (most of the) pa in his inner circle are a bunch of corrupt cowardly cabal. They knew 100% it would fail and wanted to rush it and avoid to have the us to veto. Otherwise, why not WAIT TWO DAYS?????

      It's now almost 5:00pm and no word on a decision for next steps. For this corrupt cowardly cabal to redeem itself, here is what they must do TODAY and nothing less:
      1) File for ICC/ICJ and other UN organizations right away.
      2) Shut down the pa, and hand over the keys to the colonial occupier.
      3) Explicitly state we no longer deal with the us on this matter as the us is more zionist than the kenesset and cannot be a fair mediator. Proofs galore.
      4) Request Jordan to re-submit the same resolution on jan 1
      5) Request France and Luxembourg to formally recognize The State of Palestine

    • Kay24, the usa TOTALLY understands ALL parts of it.

      the zionist regime and usa are 100% aligned on their true intentions not to ever allow a Palestinian state. Crystal clear for those who want to see the truth, sadly.

    • "preposterous, unilateral proposal". Coming from a zionist criminal, priceless!!!!!!!!!!

    • We have been waiting for decades to get our state so waiting TWO days would have given us 10 even 11 YES votes.

      What a shameful charade.

  • Updated Security Council resolution calls for East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, Israel says UN creating 'second Hamastan'
    • President Abbas signed the ICC and 20 other organizations. Game changer, hopefully.

      Good end to the year. Happy New Year!!

      VIVA PALESTINA!!!!!!

    • Walid, the thing is, I've heard my grandparents ay the same thing. Only if we have good leaders. Maybe one day. Next year will be different. My grandparents are long gone (god bless their souls), and sadly me and father kept repeating the same words.

      But enough is enough. It is not the leaders. It is the PEOPLE. And here is where I say to my Palestinian brothers and sisters: If we TRULY WANT a Palestinian state, then WE CAN make it happen. The sad reality it seems we don't really want it. The billions flowing from international donors have sedated and drugged the national interest and dream. But soon the drug will ware off................... So back to us, do we want it?

      If not, then 1S1P1V is the eventual outcome. I personally am TOTALLY for it as I see it to be the only just, fair, logical, feasible, achievable, and sustainable way forward. So if we all believe 1S1P1V is the answer, let's then stop this "peace process" charade and build towards that 1S1P1V solution.

    • Walid, if we can do nothing, then it's time to pack it up....

    • ritzl, I hope you're right. We shall all find out soon, very soon.

    • Thank you Annie.

    • ICC/ICJ will be a positive step on balance since Palestinian grievances will trump whatever the zionists will cook since they are the aggressor. This is like the thief in your house suing you for not allowing to stay in your house. LOL.

      What will liberate Palestine is TIME, which will lead to 1S1P1V.

      If we want it sooner, then all of us must participate in a peaceful grassroot intifada, demonstrating and marching every day across all of Palestine, and also asking all supporters in the world to march towards Palestine through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, and from the sea and into all zionist airports.

      I am certain that with such peaceful demonstrations and marches, the occupation will end in weeks if not days.

      All of this starts tomorrow morning with the Palestinians demanding abbas and pa to resign.

    • ritzl, Annie, Whizdom, and Bornajoo, oh how much I wish you are right in your optimism and next steps. But the facts, evidence, and data from the past point to the contrary. Nothing of substance will follow.

      Bottom line: Palestinians do not need any justification or a "failed" UNSC resolution to join ICC/ICJ. This is our right. Just as is the right of return, the right not to have illegal squatters on our land, the right for freedom and justice and human rights. We don;t need nobody's permission or agreement to go to ICC/ICJ.

      The problem is that abbas and the pa never did any act of courage and in support of Palestine. They are just zionist agents, pure and simple.

      Proof? Had they waited TWO DAYS, we would have gotten 10 maybe 11 YES votes, forcing a us veto. Then abbas and pa would have the full backing of all Palestinians to honorably quit, hand over the keys, and make way to a new generation of Palestinian leaders.

    • I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED with abbas, pa, and all the arab regimes. They can't even get nigeria to vote yes and they talk about getting the zionists to withdraw from Palestine. LOL.

      Bunch of f$*@^!& s&%#heads.

    • As I have stated in another MW post……. shameful COLLUSION.

      UNSC voting results: 8 YES. usa escapes veto thanks to abbas. By waiting just TWO days would have forced the us to veto and show its true colors. us saved by the treasonous abbas and pa.

      1S1P1V. "Palestine will BE through the womb not war" as President Arafat used to say. Demographics, the true coming tsunami.

  • Israel's upcoming elections and the false nostalgia of Liberal Zionism
    • President Abbas signed the ICC and 20 other organizations. Game changer, hopefully.

      Good end to the year. Happy New Year!!

      VIVA PALESTINA!!!!!!

    • Bornajoo, there you have it....... COLLUSION. UNSC voting results: 8 YES. usa escapes veto thanks to abbas.

      Waiting TWO days would have forced the us to veto and show its true colors.

      The outcome of this resolution was never in doubt: fail to pass either by not having the nine threshold or by a us veto. The matter by which it failed is critical. Now we know thanks to the treasonous abba and pa.

      what next??? the only redemption for abbas is to file tomorrow morning for ICC and ICJ and ALL other UN agencies.

      O Palestinians, my brothers and sisters, what has happened to us?????

      1S1P1V. As President Arafat always said: we will win Palestine through the womb not war. Demographics is the true coming tsunami.

    • Very well done Palestino. You make us proud.

    • Very well said Bornajoo. Thanks for that. Agreed.

      If the "left" wins, it will be back to zero due to the left's lies and duplicities, and to the west's and PA's gullibility (or collusion?), enamoureness, and infatuation with the "left". Once the "left" wins, the West and PA go back to "trusting" and "believing" them and another 50 years will pass by with nothing.

      But you know, come to think of it, since 1S1P1V is the only path forward as I see it, maybe we need the "left" to fool the world for the next several years so 1S1P1V becomes a reality. According to PCBS, in 2017, Palestinians will outnumber Israeli Jews in Historic Palestine.

      link to

      1S1P1V - the only just, fair, logical, feasible, achievable, and sustainable way forward.

    • "The promise of liberal Zionism is illusory, if not outright deceptive".

      Great article Reem! Thank you.

      You got it 100% right. Liberal zionism is DANGEROUSLY deceptive. As I said here before..... left, right, center, center-left, center-right, extremists, it doesn't matter. ALL zionists are the same and have the same goal: NO PALESTINIAN STATE. They just go about it differently, with different faces, different words, different superficial acts. But their goal is one.

      What makes it really worse for us is our treasonous leadership. Totally abdicating anything and everything to the zionist occupier including the outsourcing of security operations. What a shame. Just give them their VIP passes and money and they shut up.

      Look what's happening now at the UNSC. We have a proposed resolution that is TOTALLY aligned with USA and zionist left in occupied Palestine: peace with all Arabs and Moslems, two states, Jerusalem shared with East for capital of Palestine, etc. etc. BUT USA is against because it does not want to finalize a settlement in one year and withdrawal in thee years. UNREAL!

      WHY? One year is more than ample to conclude an agreement. After all, the end has been known for decades. Withdrawal by end of 2017 is more than enough, marking 50 years of the 1967 occupation.

      Abu Mazen is colluding with the zionists and the usa. He wants to rush a vote this week to pretend that he's doing the right thing for Palestine. In reality, this is all cooked with the us and the zionists. Vote it this week and avoid the us to veto since we will not get 9 votes. But WAITING a few more days will ENSURE that we do get NINE votes and force usa to reveal its true intentions.

      Of course, this is not good for Abu Mazen. He does not want to forfeit his VIP pass and money. He wants to rush the vote now and avoid embarrassing his masters, usa and zionists.

      Sad. Pathetic. Distressing.

      Speak up my compatriots. Act up my compatriots.

      1S1P1V, one state one person one vote - this is the only just, feasible, logical, and sustainable way forward.

  • Meet the Falics: West Bank settlement funders, Netanyahu backers, and owners of Duty Free America
    • No surprise here. zionist money and power buys what they want (almost). But, to their chagrin, they can't buy demographics.

      Today, there are about 3.1B Christians (roughly 40% of the world) with an annual growth rate of about 1.3%.

      There are about 2.1B moslems (about 30% of the world) with an annual growth rate of 1.9%.

      Jews are at about 14M (about 0.2% of the world) with an annual growth rate of 0.7%. Most of the jewish growth is from the religious haredi part of the population. Out of the 0.2%, less than 0.05% are zionist.

      Do the math.

      As they say: You can't swim against the stream all the time. You can try, but the stream will overwhelm you at one point.

  • 'Peace Now' plays the Borscht Belt
    • Very silly letter, bordering on the pathetic.

      All zionists are the same....... left, right, center, or anywhere else in between. They are all united in one goal: greater israel. they just go about it in different ways, with different words, and different faces. But the bottom line is the same.

      zionism is evil. zionism is racism. zionism is genocide. zionism is violent. zionism is wrong.

      1S1P1V, the one and only way forward.

  • Israel should pay 1.4 million Palestinians to leave Gaza, Moshe Feiglin says
  • Next U.S. elections threaten Israel's 'total isolation' -- and the Israeli public is worried
    • It already exists. They are joined at the head.

    • Same to you just!

    • I wish I can share the enthusiasm. But alas, what's happening on the ground in the US does not really support this projection. Let's not forget that the US elections is 2 years away, an eternity! And as always, the zionists and their allies will circle around whomever is about to win and make sure they suck their oxygen out unless they surrender to total zionism. Remember: brainwashing and/or blackmailing. No matter who wins, USA 2016 will be zionist.

      Peace on earth. That's all we want, peace, justice, equality, human rights, civil rights, prosperity, a good future to all Christians, Moslems, and Jews in Palestine. 1S1P1V.

      Merry Christmas.

  • Sony email chain on behalf of Israel joined Russell Simmons and Michael Lynton with rightwing Zionists
    • No surprise here, just confirming what the world suspected except this time with inside evidence so the messenger is not accused of anti-semitism and anti-zionism.

      Anonymous, other hackers, and courageous whistleblowers will provide more and more info from the inside. Heroes like Julian Assange, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, and Edward Snowden will shed light on the dark conspiracies of aipac and others. I'm certain soon someone from inside aipac will say the total truth.

      When the world suspected that most traditional news organizations, entertainment empires, and financial institutions are biased towards zionism, the world was accused of being anti-semitic, anti-zionist, and anti-israel. Well, the fact that these groups and organizations and companies are run by zionists cannot be denied.

      zionists organizations globally plan their agendas and coordinate their activities on a regular basis.............
      - the world zionist organization
      - the world jewish congress
      - the "x" jewish congress (replace "x" with any name of country, city, etc.)
      - the zionist organization of america
      - the anti-defamation league
      - the jewish agency for israel
      - aipac
      - the jewish national fund
      - top zionists families
      - top zionists politicians
      - top entertainment moguls (started when zionists allied with the mafia to open up vegas and hollywood)
      - etc. etc. etc.

      THEY ALL do their annual strategic planning with the goal of identifying who to target either for continued support (i.e. brainwashing and/or blackmailing) or to add to their column or to seek those up-and-comers in politics, business, entertainment, etc. and get them on board of the zionist train.

      indeed this is happening. For those who don't believe it should check the tax filings of these "charitable" 501(c) organizations.
      link to
      - 613 results for "zionist"
      - 9,651 results for "jewish"
      - 2,505 for "israel"

      So yes, we Palestinians are up against a formidable force. However, this force has started to be built over 50 years ago in the us. But it has now reached its peak and started to go down. It takes a lot of work to win against a force that's been organizing for that long but we're chipping away at it.

      1S1P1V is the only answer. And it's coming sooner than people think.

      Merry Christmas.

  • 'Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto,' says Amos Oz
    • Yesterday, when I read cohen's piece "What Will Israel Become?", it got me thinking on what is, what will, and what could.

      WHAT IS?
      1- it's a zionist entity. An ENTITY not a state for it has no borders and no constitution.
      2- it's a colonialist power that is murdering, stealing, and prisoning a whole nation.
      3- it's a criminal regime that is founded on three principles: CHEAT, LIE, DECEIT.
      4- it's an illusion of safe haven to Jews against the holocaust that has backfired.
      5- it's a racist society driven by ethnic cleansing and hate.
      6- it's an illegal entity founded on an outdated 19th century ideology whose time has long passed.
      7- it's a society based on religious and ethnic supremacy, abused by zionists for political means.
      8- it's an entity where the left is the right, the right is the center, the extreme right is the mainstream, and the fundamental lunatics are the decisive factions.
      9- it's an entity that shamelessly uses the tragic and hallow memory of the holocaust to blackmail countries into supporting it.
      10- it's an entity that is blinded by incredible arrogance, rampant disrespect, and senseless religio-ethnic superiority.

      WHAT WILL?
      Projecting the above, and staying the course if not even doubling down on it as it seems they will likely do, the "will be" part is very ominous for the zionists.

      Suffice it to say, they are digging their own grave, trapped by an ideology that has backfired and resulted in the exact thing that they set out to prevent and protect against.

      The Israeli Jews are a great, hardworking, smart people that have great potential to positively change the entire Middle East and the world if they collaborate openly, trustingly, justly, and equally with the people of the entire region.

      Starting with Israeli Jews clearly and loudly saying they want a 2SS and then demand their leaders to make it happen in 12 months (because it is possible).

      For the real struggle that is coming will make the zionist presence and cause very minute in contrast to the bigger picture. A picture where religious extremists - Jewish, Christian, and Moslem - will force a global conflict the likes of which humanity has never seen before.

      Leaders of the three great religions in the Holy Land must get together to chart out a path of coexistence, mutual respect, equality, atonement, reconciliation, harmony, and an interdependent vision.

      That is the defining urgency of the future. That is the new world order. And step 1 on that journey is the establishment of the Palestinian State as it is THE DEFINING ISSUE of the current and future Middle East.

      So cohen, "What Will Israel Become?" has little to do with the zionists and their power, and all to do with massive regional forces that peace-loving Christians, Moslems, and Jews must be part of and together work towards establishing a better future to all.

      Merry Christmas.

  • You're on a roll, Mr. President, so abstain from vetoing the Palestinian bid to the UN Security Council
    • Totally agree Blownaway.

      We Palestinians must only count on ourselves to make it happen.

      Each and every one of us, in colonized Palestine or anywhere else in the world, we must first and foremost WANT freedom before anything else and be ready to work for it.

      Then we must do whatever is right for us day in day out, in every non-violent way possible including massive peaceful daily demonstrations and marches across all of Palestine and marches towards all borders of Palestine from the outside.

      We will have our Palestinian state, of that I'm sure. Whether actively or passively, it will happen. And it will be through 1S1P1V.

    • Please try but no hope remains in usa. kerry now wants to DELAY any UN resolution till after the zionist elections. yet another delaying tactic implanted in kerry's brain and mouth by the supposedly "good, peaceful, and moderate" zios peres and livni. LOL.

      All zios are the same and have the same goal: NO Palestinian State. They may say different words or do differnt things tactically that appear "good" and "for peace". But don't be EVER fooled. Left. Right. Left-Right. Center. Center-Right. Center-Left. Extreme. Extreme-Centre. Extreme-Right. Extreme-Left All the same.

    • Ain't gonna happen EVER.

      usa and zionists have a common goal: NEVER establish a Palestinian State. The evidence and facts are very clear by now for everyone to see if they open their eyes and ears.

      The proposed Jordanian resolution is TOTALLY in line with what obama/kerry have said. We uncovered their charade.

      There will only be a Palestinian State through 1S1P1V, which will arrive either passively or actively over the next 25 years or so.

      No hope for obama/kerry. usa can never be a fair and impartial third-party. The zionists brainwashed and/or blackmailed the usa. The real question is WHY usa is behaving this way? WHY???

  • NY Times says a Palestinian majority would 'endanger Israel's democratic ideals'
    • nytimes=racism.

      "NY Times says a Palestinian majority would ‘endanger Israel’s democratic ideals". WHY?

      Because Palestinians (and Arabs) are by their nature undemocratic and have no good ideals?

      That's the antithesis of democracy. What nytimes and zionists are saying, Palestinians are a threat to zionism. You're damn right we are!

      We have nothing against Jews. So when nytimes says Palestinians are a danger to the zionist's regime "Jewish character", that's because nytimes and zionists know that they can't have "democratic AND jewish". It just does not work.

      so nytimes is showing its racist and religious biases under the guise of democracy and the long-held beliefs of the zionists that Arabs and Palestinians are animals and beasts, can never be democratic.

      Give me a break nytimes, peddler of racism and religious-ethno centric biases...

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • Walid, I have long time ago discarded these illegitimate regimes. But you're right, they continue to work against a Palestinian State and their influence cannot be ignored. But I believe their days are numbered.

      Still, we Palestinians should and must count only on ourselves. Do whatever WE think is RIGHT FOR US. This can only start when ALL Palestinians in colonized Palestine PUT PALESTINE FIRST and collectively decide WE WANT A STATE. Then everyday do everything that must be done to achieve that goal NON-VIOLENTLY.

      Whether we get there actively or passively, IMHO all roads lead to 1S1P1V....

    • There we go again, yet another proof point today that USA-zionist axis is in fundamental collusion and total alignment (regardless to whether this is due to brainwashing or blackmail as I posted above). What matters is that this TOTAL COLLUSION between the USA and the zionists certainly exists.

      Haaretz lead story
      Kerry: Peres and Livni told me UN vote on Palestine would help Netanyahu and Bennett
      link to

      Ynet main story:
      Kerry: Vote on Palestinian UN bid would strengthen hardliners
      link to

      TOI main story:
      Kerry said to warn UN vote on Palestine would strengthen Israeli right
      link to

      So, not only USA will VETO ANY UN resolution about the zionist state, but it will NOW PREVENT any UN resolution from being submitted to a vote so as not to impact the election.

      Just unbelievable.

      North Korea hacks into Sony and the USA is hugely upset that Sony is not releasing a movie since obama cannot allow someone to interfere in american freedom. Now, the same US government wants to muzzle Palestinian, European, and Arab freedom to speak out and stop us from submitting a resolution to a vote.

      Just WOW! what a zionist-controlled world we live in.

      So....... Left. Right. Center. Extreme. Center-Right. Center-Left. Left-Right. Extreme-Centre. WHATEVER. This is just a sad a Halloween Party with the same character but different faces. ALL ZIONISTS ARE THE SAME, some stick the knife in your heart while facing you and the others stick it and twist it in your back.

      BOTTOM LINE: USA and zionists are forever united in one goal: NEVER ESTABLISH A PALESTINIAN STATE. Point final.

      The ultimate question that begs itself is WHY? WHY? WHY? Why is the USA doing this? Why?
      Brainwashing. Blackmail. Both. You pick.

    • "Obama took on the Cuba lobby– when will he take on the Israel lobby?"

      Sorry to disappoint Phil but the answer is NEVER!!!!!! NOT EVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

      In front of all the facts and the evidence, the answer must be obvious to all by now. Two words: Brainwashing. Blackmail.

      zionists either 1) managed to brainwash most people of power and influence to buy the zionist story hook line and sinker or 2) most people of power and influence are being blackmailed by the zionists.

      Here we have a resolution that actually says EXACTLY what the US says it wants to do. EXACTLY. 1967 lines with swaps. 2 states, shared jerusalem. end to claims. mutual recognition. peace will all arabs and moslems.

      STILL, the US is against. Why? Because the US and zionists WANT THE STATUS QUO TO CONTINUE. Here's the brainwashing.

      OR, the zionists have some really big thing against the US and key politicians that they use as blackmail.

      So the answer to Phil's question is sadly NEVER.

      1S1P1V is the only path forward, the only viable, logical, stable, sustainable, feasible, and achievable path forward. 1 State. 1 Person. 1 Vote.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
    • Truly profound and thought-provoking, just amazing. Thank you Mr. Mamdani.

      The fundamental proposition he's making, that Jews can only be safe when they dismantle the Jewish state, is supported by zionism itself. I always believed that zionism caused the most lasting and long-term harm, not to Palestinians, but to Jews. The same very people that zionism said it was created to protect in the late 1800s due to events in Europe at the time.

      In the zealousness of zionists to create a state for the Jews so they are no longer discriminated again and excluded and being picked on as different, zionism pushed for and succeeded (for now ) in creating a state for the Jews, and hence, making very prominent globally the very thing that zionism should have not done - making Jews appear, behave, and be perceived as different and better than everyone else.

      zionism made grave historical and consequential mistake: instead of dividing and differentiating Jews and segregating them into an ethno-religious country on someone else's land, zionists should have have put all their resources and effort into defending the rights of each and every minority in each and every country in the world, guaranteeing along the way total equality, justice, protection, and safety to Jews anywhere.

      But the course zionists took led us to the mess we're in where Jews are less safe, less secure. A place where the state that they illegally forced upon the world is divided upon itself, torn apart between religion and democracy - asking itself are we jewish? are we democratic? are we jewish and democratic? Only realizing that they have injected religion into the discourse, a path in which no one will exit as a winner. For there is no possibility for any state to achieve a religious and a democratic doctrine. Look at Iran, Iraq, etc. etc.

      So yes, Mr. Mamdani is totally right: the future of Jews can be safe and secure without zionism and without a jewish state, In fact, that is the only way to guarantee the safety and security of Jews and to build a true lasting peace in Palestine where Christians, Moslems, and Jews live together in peace and equality.

  • In major shift, one third of Americans want US to push for one-state outcome in Israel/Palestine
    • @Daniel Rich

      Ah, truth and Justice! Books have been written on this topic. Without getting too philosophical or abstract, what is happening in Palestine is very REAL and extremely PAINFUL...

      When it comes to Palestine, truth underlines justice as there is no justice without that truth. That truth being:

      1) zionists (NOT jews) built an artificial movement to steal someone else's land.

      2) zionism itself is a political concept that is outdated and that had long died but zionists do not realize it yet.

      3) zionists illegally stole and colonized Palestine and continue to commit crimes every day against innocent Palestinians.

      4) zionists do whatever they can regardless to where they are to blindly support the zionist regime by abusing the holocaust and anti-semitism for their political ends (which ironically have negative impact of jews). Positions that they would themselves be vehemently opposed to had this situation occurred between other parties not including israel.

      5) zionist organizations around the world hold their regular strategic planning activities to ensure zionist and israeli interests stay at the top of the agenda of political, economic, and social world leaders and organizations.

      6) zionism is not judaism. not all jews are zionists. Palestinians are not fighting against jews. Palestinians are against zionists who stole our land and kill our people.

      7) Many jews are pro-truth and pro-justice, and hence are pro-Palestine.

      8) No people is the chosen people. For those who believe in God, we are all God's children.

      9) The Bible is not a real-estate guide. God is not a real-estate agent.

      10) Palestine was NOT a land with no people. We were there for thousands of years. My family was there for hundreds of years. That's hundreds of years more than Ben Gurion, Wiseman, Herzog, Peres, Lieberman, etc. who were all born elsewhere and came to my land and stole it.

      These are the immutable truths and the undeniable facts.

      So, it is upon these truths that peoples and countries around the world are increasingly deciding what is just and what is right. And thanks to the Internet and Social Media, these truths have no barriers and are no longer beholden and controlled by one party or another.

      And so, peoples and countries around the world are concluding that PALESTINE IS JUST.

    • Lol, me too. Thank you very much just. You are so very kind. Yes, everything is ok. Wishing you and yours great holidays, merry christmas, and a happy new year.

    • 1S1P1V - one state, on person, one vote.

      That is the only viable, feasible, and stable solution. No other way. Demographics point to that way. Extremist zionists point to that way. Criminal colonial actions point to that way.

      The arc of history always bends towards justice. Our cause is just. Freedom is just. Equality is just. Human rights is just. PALESTINE IS JUST.


  • West Bank protesters cross separation wall in effort to get into Jerusalem
    • Demographics are impossible to beat. The zionist regime is trying hard to make Al-Quds majority jewish but has failed miserably. Since the zionists attacked the remaining part of Palestine in 1967, Palestinian population doubled in East Jerusalem.

      Not enough that "democratic and jewish" is impossible to achieve, and that the zionist regime is already undemocratic, the zionist regime now wants to enshrine religion in their basic law (can a lawless regime have law?? but that's for another post) so religion takes precedence over democracy. They think that's how they will "protect" the jewishness of Al-Quds.......... There goes "democratic and jewish".

      But we should not be surprised. adelson of all people (close buddy of nutnyahoo) recently said in an interview "so what if israel is not democratic as long as it's jewish".

      There you have it for the world to understand that peace remains as elusive as ever while the entire region turns increasingly religious fundamentalist and extreme. So sad........

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