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Ramzi Jaber

Palestinian, born in Palestine. All I want is freedom and dignity for my people.

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  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • Totally agree, 100%.

    • Bandolero, I think I see where you may be going with this. In a way, if our current Palestinian "leadership" had the ability to think and plan strategically, maybe we can have our people and effort work on two tracks:
      - one continues with the two-state, ensuring maximum support from all those around the world who still believe in it
      - and the other more "totalist" or "maximalist" asking for one state, putting pressure on the two-state folks to deliver fast

      The problem is: I don't see us having the ability to do this. No strategy, no long-term planning, and still PLO and Hamas divided. Also all the special interest, financial benefit, and shameful "perks" that many of our current leaders get from the two-state illusion and from Israel and the donors like drugs to neutralize us.

      Also, as echinococcus said, there will never be real pressure on israel let alone "immense international pressure" as you put it. We've been waiting for that for FIFTY YEARS!!!! It ain't coming anytime soon.

      It seems to me no country in the world REALLY wants a Palestinian state. They are all too vested in the status-quo, too much wrapped into anti-semitism fear and holocaust guilt at our expense.

      - Israel never wants a Palestinian state for reasons we all know

      - Jordan never either since it never wants to give Palestinians control over the Jordan valley, also the king is too dependent on Mossad for his survival

      - Egypt could give a s*h** about us

      - EU and Australia want israel's technology and intelligence

      - African countries want israel's crowd control and poeple oppression tools and techniques

      - USA just pays lip service toiling under the influence of zionist money and political control

      - EU and USA are just talk talk talk, only increasing the amount of superlatives and adjectives they use to condemn israel but ZERO ACTION.... not even recognizing Palestine as a state so we can negotiate with israel on a basis of two states on the same level playing field. But no, the do not want that. Have you ever wondered WHY, just WHY?

      And don't forget, the major powers were able to hammer out a complicated deal with Iran on a complex issue in less than 2 years. We've been waiting 50 and we'll be waiting another 500 chasing the tail of a two state. USA can deliver peace in a few weeks, but it doesn't want to.

      Which brings me to my last point: to win, one must have laser focus exclusively and totally on that ONE goal. Plan B is nothing but a distraction, an escape hatch for those not totally dedicate when things get tough on the way to one's goal. As the great Arab leader and commander Ṭariq ibn Ziyad said: "Behind you is the sea, before you, the enemy."

      And so the struggle to freedom continues based on one 1S1P1V with democracy and equality for all.

    • Thank you for your support.

    • It would certainly be if we unite and decide to do it... we need true people leaders to drive this.

    • Trump is unconsciously forcing clarity to those who buried their heads in the sand or are too blinded by money to want to say it publicly.

      Clarity 1: Zionists NEVER wanted, never want now, and will ever want in the future to establish a Palestinian state.

      Clarity 2: Ditto 1 but for USA and with nuanced WORDS of support only, never in action.

      Clarity 3: PA is way too wedded to the unworkable illusion of a 2-state solution, both economically and personally (including "prestige" perks like a pass through the humiliating military checkpoints!) , that they will fight the one state tooth and nail, but in vain.

      Clarity 4: The whole idea of 100 years ago by Balfour and England to give away part of MY LAND to someone else who came from another part of the world WITHOUT ASKING ME is just ludicrous and would never work.

      Clarity 5: Democratic and Jewish is just an impossible oxymoron. The goal of establishing a country based only on religion is such a 10th century concept that will NEVER WORK or, like a chief rabbi said once when I was a kid "The sad fact is that Israel will become just another Middle Eastern country!". Otherwise, it's genocide, ethnic cleansing, and/or apartheid. Or Iran and Saudi Arabia.

      So here we are. Why should I give up all my orange groves in Yaffa or all my houses and lands in "west" Al-Quds? Why? They are mine. My grand father worked very hard for them and now they are mine, not or some Jew from Poland or Russia or Brooklyn.

      So here we are, the truth naked for all to see. 1S1P1V is THE ONLY way left. In fact, it's the way it was before the zionists myopic visions and it's the only way that could ever be as a stable, feasible, just, and lasting state for all to live democratically and in peace.

      Time now to do a 180, stop dreaming about two states, and go back to what really is worth fighting for: democracy and equality for all in all of Palestine.

    • [Posted in another article but more appropriate here]

      I said it years ago. I said it many times before. I say it again: Abbas must immediately dissolve the PA and work quickly towards 1S1P1V with equal rights to all. Let’s not waste time trying to convince Trump he must endorse and beleive in two states.

      Seize the opportunity that Trump and Rivlin provided.
      – Mobilize ALL Palestinians under Israel to hold peaceful mass demos each and every day requesting equality in 1S1P1V
      – Mobilize our missions and friends abroad to support equality for all in 1S1P1V

      Act now!

  • Trump and Netanyahu's 'deal' for separate peace between Israel and Arab countries is a fantasy
    • I said it years ago. I said it many times before. I say it again: Abbas must immediately dissolve the PA and work quickly towards 1S1P1V with equal rights to all. Let's not waste time trying to convince Trump he must endorse and beleive in two states.

      Seize the opportunity that Trump and Rivlin provided.
      - Mobilize ALL Palestinians under Israel to hold peaceful mass demos each and every day requesting equality in 1S1P1V
      - Mobilize our missions and friends abroad to support equality for all in 1S1P1V

      Act now!

  • Dennis Ross's advice to Trump is 'bullshit, delusional or lying,' to gut two-state concept -- Peace Now

      I have been reflecting for a couple of months on WHAT NEXT for us Palestinians?? I'd like to share my thoughts with you so I can benefit from your critique and input.

      To start with, some quick perspective on recent events... events that we wasted yet another full year waiting for, hoping that someone will miraculously help us or will be "kind" to do something for us:

      i- The platforms of the US Democratic and Republican parties do not mention two-state or Palestine. In fact, they regressed from past positions and are now pseudo-Likud positions.

      ii- Candidate Trump said he wanted to be fair and impartial so he can make the "ultimate deal". Zionists (Israeli and American) pounced on him and pushed him to take an extreme pro-Israel stand, as always happens with any US political figure. Then he said the reason there is no peace is that Palestinians were given too much. Imagine!

      iii- President Trump is surrounding himself with Zionists that make Nutnyahoo look like a liberal lefty and AIPAC look like a Palestinian lobbyist! This includes his son-in-law who pays money for illegal settlements, his friend the new ambassador how lives in a settlement, and fanatic Graham who is chairing a committee to reform higher education.

      iv- Nutnyahoo adds settlements and Trump says nothing. Trump will meet Nutnyahoo on Feb 15. Trump has NOT contacted any Palestinian and didn't even answer any of the letters that the PA sent to him and his team.

      v- UNSC resolution was just more words with no action plan, no timeline, and no consequences. Obama/Kerry weakened it. Even Israeli left was against it.

      vi- The Paris meeting was a joke. Again, Obama/Kerry totally destroyed any of its initial potentially positive potential, cowering cowardly under Zionist pressure.

      vii- The role and response of the US, Australia, Egypt, and Russia in the UNSC and Paris events clearly tell us that this path is a waste of time.

      No more waiting for UN to issue yet another meaningless resolution, or hoping for some EU crumbs, or praying for USA to "ingratiate" us with convincing Zionists to delay settlement expansion by a few days, or expecting some Arab dictator will really do anything for us. All laughable actions with false hopes.

      Instead, we must recognize that none of these actors did anything for us in decades. What does that mean? Quite simply it means this: THEY DO NOT WANT TO ESTABLISH A STATE OF PALESTINE! No other reason. Because if they really wanted to, Palestine would be celebrating its 30th or 40th independence anniversary.

      We must also keep in mind that Zionists continue to connive and continue to be canny; they are not sitting on their laurels. They continue to paint us as terrorists, entice the fundamentalist Christians in USA against us, coerce Arab dictators to have side deals with them using Iran as the wedge, and sell their technology and oppression assets to world dictators so they side with them.

      So no more illusions. No more dependency on others. We have to do it ourselves.

      Here is what I believe our PATH FORWARD should be:

      1- Declare that 2-state solution is no longer possible due to Zionist actions and that we will now pursue a 1S1P1V strategy with equality for all.

      2- Annul all agreements with Israel and dissolve all PA institutions, returning total responsibility of Palestine to Israel.

      3- Unite all Palestinian groups under one organization.

      4- Develop a cohesive communication strategy founded on explaining in PLAIN language the "Day in a Life" of Palestinians under colonial occupation.

      5- Mobilize the entire Palestinian population in Palestine for daily non-violent mass demonstrations demanding freedom, civil rights, and human rights.

      This last point is THE CORNERSTONE of the strategy. It is ONLY through the continual daily involvement of ALL Palestinians under occupation that we can achieve our goal. So we have to ask ourselves: WHAT IS OUR GOAL? Do we want to do be free? Or are we happy with the current situation, living under military occupation?

      That is the true moment of truth, the moment of clarity, for all of us Palestinians.

      Time to decide. Time to act.

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • obama did the most to encourage nutnyahoo and zionist arrogance and intransigence with his "unshakable" support for israel.

      this resolution came too little too late. obama should have voted yes. obama should have recognized the State of Palestine. he lost his chance. didn't have the courage.

      what next? more extreme zionist apartheid action leading to 1S1P1V. 2SS IS DEAD, 2334 notwithstanding.

  • A new proposal for confederated states (without any idea of how to get Israel to comply)
    • @bryan I agree with overall approach IF the other side REALLY wanted to cooperate to get to a solution that works. But this is NOT the case since the zionists think they don't need to.

      So, what formula is left for the Palestinians to get to 1S1P1V?

      The answer is obvious: TIME = 1S1P1V

      In the absence of good will from the zionists, we have time on our side. We'll get to 1S1P1V.

    • I agree with my dear co-commenters, BDS is very effective and must continue.

      Another current we shouldn't ignore is the following: implosion from within. Just watch how the soul, heart, character, and society of the Zionist entity is changing fast towards absolute extremism and arrogance.

      At the end, 1S1P1V is the ONLY way.

      Remember: the Roman Empire didn't collapse because of an outside attack. It fell due to internal rotting at the core. And that is what's taking place now in the Zionist entity since being a colonial occupier is corrosive within.

    • 1S1P1V. No other way.

  • 2017 is a crucial year for the Palestine Question
    • It's 2016. A Jew knocks at the door of a house of a Christian man. No, this is not the start of a bad joke. The Jew holds up the Bible and orders the Christian man to leave his house. The Jew says: "God gave me this house. It says so in the Bible. This is not your house. Get out. NOW!".

      It's 2016. If someone does this today, then that person will be immediately hauled into a mental institution. In a straight jacket.

      It's 2016. And that's exactly what the zionists have been doing for 100 years and continue to do each and every day in Palestine. They do it not with words but with weapons and killings. No one cares. And not only no one cares, but the West supports these criminal acts of the zionists.

      Now that's crazy. Not only because it's 2016. But because it's just plain crazy.

      Tell me I'm wrong.

  • 'Let the one-state era begin'-- Tom Friedman explains there will never be a Palestinian state
    • 1S1P1V - that's been obvious for several years now. With what Nutnyahoo and Herzog said recently (no 2-state), this is now confirmed even by the zios. Only question now is what's the path to 1S1P1V going to look like??

  • Palestinians call on Oscar nominees to reject Israel propaganda trip
    • With this $55,000 blood-tainted swag, it is clear that zios are driving a concerted campaign to bring celebrities to occupied colonized Palestine.

      With the recent announcements that Beyonce, Springsteen, and Elton John will be BOUGHT (not bRought) to occupied Tel Aviv by Bluestone Productions (following Madonna, Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Stones, etc.), adelson and saban and other criminal zios are determined to control the celebrities voices.

      BDS must go into high gear and make sure these celebrities understand the longer term financial impact that they will suffer.

  • Cut the Gordian Knot -- a response to Ban Ki-moon's landmark speech
    • Thanks for this Annie.

      Sadly, nothing will happen from USA or EU. Imagine, it took the EU years to deliberate labeling the products from the illegal colonies, then came out with a flimsy statement that was accompanied with a deluge of apologies and explanations that the EU is doing his to safe israel, the democratic and jewish state.

      Sadly, Palestinians are realizing that land stolen by force can only be gained back by force.

  • 'Maximum Jews, minimum Palestinians' -- Yair Lapid is the pretty face of ultranationalism
    • as i said here before, a zionist is a zionist is a zionist. it does not matter what qualifier or label you attach to it (liberal, left, right, open, ... ...), they are all zionists united in their single goal of STEALING Palestine.

  • The world the settlers made
    • Oh Phil, you made me cry my friend................

      Please listen to this song by Ahmad Kaabour, Erhal ("leave"). I provided English translation below.

      I remind us all that zionists want us Palestinians all out of Palestine but we are not going anywhere.
      . Palestine - it never was a land with no people!
      . Palestine - standing tall (in pain), proud (always), and free (soon)!


      Erhal (Leave) by Ahmad Kaabour

      They told me
      Soldiers who came from afar.

      They entered my house
      Killed my child
      Raped my wife
      And told me to leave.

      They dug in my face a cave
      They stepped on my body
      They planted in my heart a bullet
      They set up for me a tent.

      I said I will remain a giant
      A wound hugging my grave
      And I knocked the door of my nation
      But my nation was sleeping
      And I stayed all alone
      While my nation were dreaming
      And told me to leave.

      This is my country
      And know that the young
      From the nation of dreams
      Owns the final saying.

      From the prisons of night
      The morning will be disarmed
      And a storm will emerge.

    • Phil, thank you very much for the two posts about your experience in the ILLEGAL settlements built by the colonial zionists in Palestine. You lived and saw what we have been living and experiencing each and every day since the zionists started to steal Palestine over 100 years ago.

      Many Palestinian grandparents including mine told us endless stories of how criminal zionists kicked us out of our homes. How they threatened to kill us just like they did in Deir Yassin. I lived it myself in the 1967 war of aggression by zionists against Palestinians where they would drop flyers from planes and drive around in cars with loudspeakers telling us to leave now for our safety.

      About 500 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed in 1948. ILLEGAL CITIES were built on their ruins. Please read these...

      Omrim Yeshna Eretz – Once upon a Land, A Tour Guide

      Erased from Space and Consciousness: Israel and the Depopulated Palestinian Villages of 1948


  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • well, well, well, surprise surprise surprise NOT!

      zionists and their supporters will ALWAYS defend the criminal zionist regime and the illegal unethical unjust colonization of Palestine......the only military-occupied country in the world in this 21st century.

      we must always remember that a zionist is a zionist is a zionist. there is no "liberal" or "left" or "moderate", just plain old criminal zionists. don't be fooled by the use of any adjective to soften the zionist.

      again, a zionist is a zionist is a zionist.

      zionist = criminal = racist.

      the only way to fight for justice, peace, equality, liberty, civil rights, freedom, and human rights in Palestine is through MASSIVE DAILY PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS across Palestine so we end up with 1S1P1V - 1 state, 1 person, 1 vote.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • Chuck Schumer, prominent Israeli MK in the US Senate, died last night from complications of losing his soul and his supporters to become the US Senate Leader. He was 64 years old. Hard-core Zionist and Israel-obsessive, Schumer never looked the part of an aimless Israeli US Senator. But, in the final days of his life, he confirmed a long-suspected side of his existence. This hidden quasi-Bibian persona surfaced during the Likudnik-like submission to his long reputed soul mate, a man whom he only spent a few precious hours with every year, but whom he calls every day. Sadly, the protracted search ended late Thursday night in complete and utter exposure. Yet even in certain defeat, the Israel-firster Schumer secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of duplicitous votes or bribes in support of the Zionist state. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of votes that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan to wage war on Iraq, Iran, and Palestine. Asked about the loss of his dear friend, Bibi Netanyahu, the world-class Zionist puppeteer and the true power behind the US Congress, described Chuck as a liberated man in the last days of his life. "Things were clearer for him. He came out of the closet if you will for all the world to see that he’s the Zionist of Zionists, the guardian of Israel – “a shomer Israel”– a true Israeli hero as all US Senators and Congresspeople should be, just like being loyal Likud MKs" Netanyahu noted. Ultimately, Chuck concluded that if we Zionists are to control all of the Biblical Land of Israel, not only the so-called Palestine, but also from the Euphrates to the Nile, from Iraq to Egypt, we must all possess a powerful faith in our ability to control the US Congress though bribery, intimidation, and even personal threats, what our ancestors used to call "Chutzpah", and what we currently refer to as buying off American politicians.

      (Thanks to Serendipity)

  • The extremism of the center in Israel
    • just, thanks for this. Many things jumped at me from that sobering poll.

      probably the most fundamental is the totally wrong expectation and deceiving moniker that the zionist entity is "democratic and jewish". This is juts impossible. I am baffled as to how so many supposedly smart people believe that or say it. I asked this question to many people: explain to me what does "democratic and jewish" really mean and how would it work in practice, what gives if there is a conflict? As expected, no convincing or logical answer from anyone or any forum except "it works, look at israel". What an answer!!!

      What is truly amazing to me is that "democratic and jewish" is totally at odds with one of the most fundamental tenets of the US constitution: the “separation of church and state”. Yet American presidents and politicians keep saying it as if it's a truth, a fact, a reality.

      Truly delusional.

    • zionists are sowing what they seeded.That's the bottom line. No magic to it. No deep psychoanalysis required.

      For 120 years, and in exponentially increasing viciousness towards the Palestinian people and callousness towards Palestinian human and civil rights, zionists have been calling us and talking about us this way:

      - they are cockroaches, monkeys, animals, terrorists, thieves, murderers, beasts, crocodiles, grasshoppers, ignorant and uneducated, animals that can't even form a line at a bus stop, subhuman, fake people, they don't exist

      - they don't belong on the land of israel, they took our land, God gave this land to us not them, we're good they are evil, Palestinians must go, they don't belong on our continent, expel them, transfer them to Jordan or any one of the many other Arab countries, intimidate and terrorize them, destroy their trees, lands, and farms, drive them out, we must ensure they never return

      - jail them in their own homes, arrest them without cause, humiliate them at every turn, strip them from all their rights, from their human dignity, from their ability to earn a respectful living to take care of their families

      - take away their rights to come back to their homes if they stay out of Palestine for a few months, and if they have a permit to leave and come back, make sure that permit expires after 1 or 2 years so they will never be able to come back

      - harass anyone coming to visit them, make their life hell so they never come back, make their trades with others complicated if not impossible, surround them with armed colonies, put the army at the service of the colonialists so they can do whatever they want, tell your zionists they are the chosen people and have every right to every inch of judea and samaria

      So back to sowing what you seeded, maybe these words were "rhetoric" when they were spoken since the racist zionist generation that spoke them knew better and knew they were hasbara.

      BUT, put yourself in the shoes of the next zionist generation, a generation that was born in Palestine and that grew up hearing this hateful racist zionist "rhetoric".

      WHY, then, would anyone be surprised that attacks on Douma and PRIDE took place? WHY? That is the only natural trajectory and projected outcome of such hate speech and incitement that has been going on for 120 years. This new generation of racist zionists is DOING EXACTLY what they heard their so-called leaders spew out as hate and incitement.

      Colonizing another people CORRUPTS the soul of the occupier.

      So brace for more such crimes. The volcano will soon explode. And after the dust settles, a 1S1P1V will emerge.

    • +1 bintbiba.

    • just, just purely superb!

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • bintbiba, lol...........

    • CigarGod, got it. Thanks.

    • CigarGod "I’m still trying to find a clear distinction between zionism and Judaism."

      Being just an average guy from a small town, I certainly do not claim to be an expert in defining this difference. But in my own mind, I separate the religion from the politics. I learned that valuable lesson of "separation of church and state" from the US constitution and the narrative in the Federalist Papers.

      So, for me, Judaism is one of the great religions that aims at the betterment of humankind - devoid of any politics.

      zionism is a political movement, that was likely started with the right intention in response to anti-semitism in Austria. BUT it quickly went off the rails and got hijacked by politicians and zealots who used religion to further their grand designs where they turned the Bible into their real estate guide and their supremacist views that they are God's "chosen people".

      I know this is a very pedestrian view on things but I am always careful in my views and discourse to clearly distinguish between the two and to make the point that the Palestinian fight is with zionism, and zionism only, not with Judaism.

    • JLewisDickerson, thank you for this. I went over the material again (periodically, I go back over some of MJR articles to learn some nuggets or insights that I may have missed in prior readings).

      What I was hoping for, and still hope for, is that MJR reveals a true DOCUMENT of a smoking gun on aipac:
      - how do they get influence?
      - how much money they REALLY gave to the politicians they bought
      - do they threaten, bribe, blackmail politicians to vote their way?
      - do they have "pictures" on these politicians in compromised situations, personal or otherwise?
      - did they ever cross the legal line when they tray to "convince" politicians?
      - what are their talking points when/if anyone raises the issue of the zionist entity's own nuclear weapons?
      - any hidden gems in the aipac archives about dimona and the assassination of JFK?
      - etc. etc. etc.

      That would be dynamite. (I have to keep believing that one day a Snowden inside aipac will emerge but it certainly is not MJR as he would have said such things by now.)

    • CigarGod, the burning down of Palestinian homes and the murder of a baby is exactly why there will never be peace until zionism is relegated to the dustbin of history.

      The UN was 100% right when it voted zionism = racism. Sadly, zionist money forced that to decision to change but only as a UN resolution. On the streets and by-ways, the cities and villages, and the mountains, and wilderness of this planet, wherever human beings live, over 95% of our fellow human beings are against zionism and believe that zionism = racism.

      History unfolds over decades and centuries and millenia.

    • I still stand by my firm conviction that, whatever label one prefixes to the word zionist, it just does not matter any more. zionists are zionists are zionists are zionists. All united on the same goal, just the path differs.

      zionism is totally incompatible with human rights, civil rights, justice, equality, freedom, and democracy. zionism is a bankrupt and racist ideology from a bygone era.

      There is no more a 2SS. It's over. There is only a 1SS - 1S1P1V. Regardless to what label is attached to zionism.

    • I have a stupid question. MJ Rosenberg worked with AIPAC for many years. Did he ever TRULY reveal the inner workings of AIPAC or provide some really worthwhile documents a la Snowden?

      I'd like a pointer to such documents if he did.

      I'd like to know why if he did not.

  • 'We should seize it' -- Obama announces Iran deal as 'new direction' for the Middle East
    • Great comment below by a reader (Richard Huber) on Friedman's NYT interview today with President Obama

      Richard Huber
      I find it particularly galling that the leader of what is in reality a rogue nation dominated by a group of religious extremists, itself sitting on a huge undeclared arsenal of atomic weapon, including hydrogen bombs, would so vocally oppose this sensible agreement. Perhaps the only thing more galling is that this tiny nation, the largest single recipient of US foreign aid over the last 4 decades, can skillfully use checkbook lobbying to so influence our Congress that there can be concern that Congress might torpedo the agreement.

      Israel with at least 200 nuclear weapons is not a member of the IAEA, refuses to sign the NPT & allows no international inspections of its nuclear facilities. How is it possible that so many members of Congress blithely condone this behavior while criticizing the agreement with Iran. The answer is money spread widely throughout the halls of Congress by the clever operatives of the AIPAC.


      Obama Makes His Case on Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for removal of Israeli flag
  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • CigarGod "Okay, but where is the real money in the equation? Where/who is the bank?"

      In this case, is not where the real money WILL GO but where the real money WILL STAY. It will stay with the illegitimate Arab rulers and regimes, and with the zionist entity, instead of money (and power) starting to flow to Iran.

    • "btw, when’s the last time you ever heard Foxman ‘care’ about Muslims?"

      just, the answer is clearly on display b who attended the foxman farewell gala

    • "It is a good day to be alive, Ramzi." +1

    • Thanks to you all as well for the unwavering support, uplifting posts, stimulating ideas, and valuable insights.

      As I think more about what Oren wrote in the papers, (I did not read the book yet. I do not intend to buy it but will read it when I get my hands on a copy.) I kept wondering WHY?? He's not stupid. Why say all these things that prove zionist power in US, that attack Obama personally, and, I think most importantly, that so viciously attack and berate the American Jewish community. He knows the American Jewish community is the lifeblood and oxygen of the illegal zionist entity. So WHY did he Oren it??

      I can only think of one reason that makes sense to me: Put Obama on the defensive to prevent any Iran deal.

      This is what the zionists did with many other US politicians that were neutral or not totally enthralled with the zionist entity's criminal actions. They put them on the defensive big time by labeling them anti-semitic or even "not enough pro-zionist". Then what did these guys do, OVERCOMPENSATE even more bigger than anyone expected and start to advocate the zionist positions better than the zionists themselves.

      Here are three recent proof points:
      - Obama himself with his "unshakeable, unbreakable" commitment, ties, and bonds to the zionist entity
      - Samantha Power when she drooled to be UN Ambassador
      - Chuch Hagel who desperately wanted to become DefSec

      So attacking Obama as Oren did will force Obama to OVERCOMPENSATE to prove that he is totally and absolutely supporting the zionist entity and then the Iran deal collapses. That is WHY Oren did this IMHO.

      Let's see if this tactic works again and Obama folds. Based on Obama's gutless and cowardly track record, and the recent decision by the WH not to allow the UNHRC Gaza war report to move forward, my bet is that Oren will win.

    • "Six Jews sitting in the White House". This says it all. The control, the influence, the israel-firster bias of the US zionists is right there on display.

      The zionists decry this "so-called" zionist power as non-existent and saying it is anti-semitic. Well, here is Oren saying it himself and throughout the book giving proof of the zionists that control every key aspect of American economy, finance, media, entertainment, politics, and foreign policy.

      Oren just proved with ample examples, specific names, many stories, and irrefutable facts what Mearsheimer and Walt said 8 years ago in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

      As I said before:
      - Massada mentality.
      - Colonial criminality.
      - Arrogant amorality.

      Thank you Oren.

  • Divestment with a bite
    • Marc, thank you for this. I agree.

      I believe the first thing churches need to do is to explain in their sermons that when the Holy Bible and the Blessed New Testament talk about Israel and Jews, they refer to Israel and Jews of 2,000 years ago. In today's world, those Jews are the Christian's of today. Not the zionist entity.

      A major challenge we Palestinians face today in the west and primarily USA, is the MISS-ASSOCIATION of the zionist entity with Christianity. This Judeo-Christian perspective must be put in historical context and in today's Palestine. Palestinian Christians everywhere must play an active role in this mission. A mission of justice, equality, and freedom.

      I already see major changes in the Church and the Christian world. The Holy See Pope Francis is really making great and significant steps forward towards Palestine. Not only will this help Palestine, it will also start to address the focus of Moslem extremists on Christianity, and will strip neo-conservatives of a key argument they use to support zionists. We need to make sure that ISIS is not driven by, or uses the Christian/Islam line as their cause. It is not. It shouldn't be. Take Palestine out of that equation.

  • Orange CEO flies to Jerusalem to apologize personally to Netanyahu: Israel is ‘fantastic’
    • I ask yet again: where do these zionists get this power? How? Why? Why the fear? Is it blackmail with personal or professional information gathered illegally by zionist intelligence agents??

      I cannot find the answer. No one can it seems.

    • +1 just.

  • Foxman bashes Israel for taking US and Jewish support for granted and not coming up with a peace plan
    • In the 1970s to the mid 2000s, Hillel reigned supreme on university campuses in America. Young zionist freshmen and freshwomen would plaster campuses with announcements of zionist events and activities. If any other voice attempted to surface, even if extremely remotely neutral (not pro-Palestinian, just neutral), they would descend on that event in droves to cancel it. In the rare occasion that they didn't succeed to cancel it, they would attend that event in droves and make their presence known and felt.

      These young zionist freshwomen and freshman took their marching orders well and to heart. They in fact believed in what they were peddling. They were the sons and daughters, or grandsons and granddaughters, of ardent American zionists who either survived the tragic and deplorable holocaust in the 1940s or were drunken on the surprise but illegal establishment of the zionist entity in 1948.

      For whatever reason, these young freshman and freshwomen believed. They were able to reconcile what they learned from their parents and grandparents with what the zionist machine was telling them to do on American campuses through Hillel and other such organizations.

      And herein lies today's and tomorrow's zionist challenge and dilemma, what Foxman specifically and explicitly said. zionism is losing the support of young American Jews. These young Jews of today on American campuses no longer believe. They can no longer reconcile the actions of the zionist entity and the American zionist machine with what they have been taught and how they were brought up. Their parents are the ones who plastered campuses with Hillel propaganda. Those same parents are those who are now questioning the zionist entity and its illegal actions. So these young freshwomen and freshmen Jews on American campuses are starting to desert the zionist propaganda and are starting to line themselves up with justice, compassion, logic, fairness, and the rule of law. In other words, they are now reconciling themselves truly with deeply-held and respectable Jewish values.

      And that is why the zionist entity and zionists like foxman, adelson, and saban are panicking. Not to mention the criminal zionists in occupied Palestine. Panicking because they know the zionist lie is uncovered, because the zionist power base is unraveling. They know full well that the power they enjoy today is due to what they did a generation or two ago on American university campuses to brainwash a whole generation of then-upcoming politicians, judges, business people, entertainers, media moguls, teachers, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and others. But that time is over. The next generation belongs to those who are not pre-disposed to support and defend and advocate zionism. If anything, the current and next generation of American freshwomen and freshmen are pre-disposed to justice and equality. Hence the panic of zionists.

    • You know Palestine is JUSTLY winning when, at a zionist event in NYC (of all places), a man in the audience describes Foxman's (of all die-hard blind zionist blabbers) statements as "a one-sided conversation". LOL.

    • +100 abc!

    • Kriz, you just don't make sense. Baseless and factless statements. The zionist entity is in the state its in because it's the only COLONIAL OCCUPYING power in the 21st century.

      Foxman is waking up but his diagnosis is totally wrong. You cannot have a peace process just for make-believe to buy time and continue the colonialization of Palestine.

      You cannot justify the unjustifiable. The zionist entity will end and Palestine will be free, democratic, just, peaceful, prosperous, and equal to all its Christian, Moslem, and Jewish citizens.

  • Netanyahu under siege, in 'the most embattled democracy on earth'
  • Rivlin to announce 'joint Israeli society' -- and try to curb Palestinian house demolitions
    • echinococcus, good points. I didn't think of that angle.

    • Bornajoo, I was thinking more about what you said. Of greater danger to us is not the conniving, calculating, and criminal zionists, but much more are the treason, treachery, and trickery of the so-called Arab leaders especially Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, and Emirates. They are the ones who are stabbing us in the back and allying with the zionists for their own personal interests.

    • Bornajoo, I totally agree with you. We cannot be complacent and must remain vigilant. BDS/ICC/ICJ must continue. The zionists will not take it laying down. They already want to move the largest Palestinian population centre in the Triangle area to a future "Palestinian cantonized autonomous" region to extend their majority. But these shenanigans are temporary as I believe that justice is eternal and certain on the long run. Also, the natural laws of stability are proof that unstable realities and foundations do not last. We will win over zionism and we will have a peaceful and democratic and just state for Christians, Moslems, and Jews to live together in harmony and equality.

    • Check this out by Rivlin: Demographic changes have created a ‘new Israeli order’

      Rivlin knows that 2SS is dead and that the only solution is 1S1P1V. No one person, no military force, no political power can stop this. It's happening due to demographics, the truly and only unstoppable human power. Demographics always wins!

      Rad carefully what he said, I'm paraphrasing here: "Our society is getting re-ordered into four TRIBES of roughly equal size: secular Jews, national religious, Haredim, and Arabs. There is no longer a clear majority, nor a clear minority group. Not only each group doesn't interact with the others, they each have a different education, a different set of values, and a different vision of who we are and where we will be as a state."

      In other words (my words), the zionist entity is coming apart at the core. It is founded on an ideology that is unsustainable, unstable, unjust, and unnatural. When the core is rotten, the entire entity disintegrates.

      Rivlin knows that zionism backfired on its initial goal of protecting Jews. He knows zionism is fading. So he is trying his best to protect the rights of Jews in a future Palestinian state where Jews are not a majority. Something that the founders of zionism should have focussed on from the outset, which is protecting the rights of Jews as a viable and vibrant minority in any country they happen to be living in, instead of stealing someone else's land.

  • Munayyer and Beinart's historic debate on the solution to the conflict
    • just, thank you very much for your support. I know we can always count on you and millions like you around the world. Thanks also for the links. I had missed them before.

    • I remember very VIVIDLY the day the zionists attacked my city at the start of the 67 war. I remember where I was, what I was doing. This is my "Where were you when JFK was shot?".

      The zionists STARTED a war of AGGRESSION. They then savored their VICTORY since then, got even silly drunk on jubilation and arrogance. But now the chickens are coming home to roost. The UNJUST and ILLEGAL occupation of Palestine is eating up the zionists and the zionist entity from inside the core.

      It's been 48 years to the day since the NAKSA, the 67 war.
      And it's been 67 years since the NAKBA.
      (interesting coincidence of numbers)

      Let's stop fooling ourselves. We're delusional if we think by attaching a label to the word "zionist", then it makes it OK or fine or right or peaceful or just. It does not.

      2SS has long been dead, thank you zionists and zionist entity.

      Only 1S1P1V is the answer. It's happening every day in Palestine and outside Palestine.

      1S1P1V where all Palestinian Christians, Moslems, and Jews live in peace, harmony, and justice. Just like was the case before the illegal zionist invasion of Palestine from Europe and establishing an illegal entity.

      As I said before, the arc of history always bends towards justice and our cause is just.

      Please keep up on the path of BDS/ICC/ICJ towards 1S1P1V. (remember that the "J" in ICJ is for JUSTICE) Fight on. Resist, peacefully. We shall overcome.

      Thank you.

  • Kim Philby's last straw
    • "it’s why Jim Clancy, Helen Thomas, Steven Salaita, and a lot of other writers lost their jobs after Philby"

      Not just their jobs but some lost their LIVES. Think JFK. The arm of zionists is very long and very deceitful and very hidden.

      zionists are snakes. In our culture, snake means hypocrite, duplicitous, back-stabber, untrustworthy, opportunist. That's what zionists are.

  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
    • USA is no longer relevant.

      1S1P1V has already been conceived and will soon be born.

      Demographics always comes on top.

      zionists and usa OUT.

  • Kristol frets that he walked into Obama's 'trap,' and Rubio says he'll demand Iran recognize 'Israel's right to exist'
  • 'Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel' -- Saban warns the Republicans
    • a zionist is a zionist is a zionist
      left right middle or anywhere in between
      they all are the same
      kill steal lie cheat
      that's their only way

  • How Obama won on Iran

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