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  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • DaBakr

      I have been thinking that with the election of Trump about America. I did not vote for him; but I read his books, and some about him from one of his writers; that is Jewish. Trump, I think, ironically, will be a great president, for his voters.

      I voted for Clinton. He is a reflection of every American; in many ways. If anything a non-politician in office will be a pleasant diversion from years of infomercials that the public, I'm sure, is bored with. AIPAC's membership will probably triple; Orthodox synagogues will increase membership by probably, double.

      As a liberal; I did not see much genuine activism in the 80s too the present... in America. As a new citizen of Israel, when I lived there I did see liberalism, anywhere. I never voted Republican, ever. But, they won... and, I think many more American Jews voted him into office; then what the news is reporting.

      But, in the international world; I think it will be bleak. I don't think Trump has the courage to confront Iran with the Nuclear plant, thing.

      Iran will probably build the Atom bomb off the books; and that news will make Trump billions, if not more, in the futures market. But, day to day, America will look better for the average American.

  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
    • Annie Robbins

      I personally, would not believe anything I read in the current news about American Jewish/ Israeli politics in Miami.

      My father lives in Miami , and was a very prominent American Jew.

      Publicly they were of course Jewish, but, day to day, they were just garden variety Americans... no different then say a guy like Trump.

      Their character, values, and culture is created from Hollywood. My guess is that they (American Jews in Miami) are anti Israel, but lie and say publicly they are pro Israel.

      Like Trump they would be pro Israel one day, anti Israel the next day...then the next day back again. I knew more about their Jewish ancestry then they did; after doing a very brief amount of genealogical research. I was able to go back to the 1850s.

  • 'He won because of race' -- Netanyahu's upset anticipated Trump's
    • I think it actually that Trump worships the golden calf as one of his gods, as king of the world, his other god, or idol, he looks at beginning every new day at 5 AM, is the god of me, me, me.

      A Roman trait, that went down through the generations, secretly, spoken about during Masonic, Odd fellow rituals; if not by Trump personally certainly by those under him.

  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
    • Mivasair

      Are there any books in Hebrew discussing the wars between 1967 and 1973, and Cuba? If there are... if you know of conspiracy theory types of books... that would be better. Or, are most Israeli books about the wars, mostly, about Egypt Syria Iraq Jordan Algeria Morocco Saudi Arabia?

      Does Israeli literature in Hebrew have a James Bond type of Israeli?

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • Annie Robbins

      I did not say you had a drinking problem... it was a guess about some BDS activists , in general. In fact, I never even thought of you, personally, about that attitude of some Arab Activists for BDS, when I was thinking, drinking, might be behind some of the defensive language, about me being a Zionist.

      In other words, in plain English... I would say I'm a Zionist even if AIPAC, American Jews, and the state of Israel never even came into existence.

      And, if the Arabs in the ME, never even heard of Zionism, and if if all the Jews were living in Russia, or the Ukraine...and they also never heard of Zionism.

      I explained here over , and over and over again. My Zionism has nothing to do with traditional Zionism. it is self defined, self created in my own life and in my own world . My individualist world as a goy Israeli.

      They are not racist remarks, they are my questions as a pacifist, as a new citizen of Israel about the propaganda nature of the BDS activist tactics.

      You never did entertain my questions about Arab wave flagging tactics at demonstrations for BDS, and, anti Zionist countries that are technically at war and/or conflicts with Israel, and their use of those tactics for propaganda... or not for propaganda... in their media networks.

      Perhaps, American Jews don't care about the answer or they never would ask the question, because, they are in the bubble of the American Dream, living in the tribe of the American Jewish community... but I have to ask myself those questions. it is question of survival... it has nothing to do with race. It is questions about tactics, wars, peace, propaganda, things like that.

    • SandraLLAP

      I have a theory, it is 100% conjectural though; and a after thought of sorts.

      I never met her in person, as well.

      Perhaps, it has to do with socialism. Maybe, they have some socialists, or communists belief cultural belief systems, and it is the way they communicate, within their tribe, as a atheistic socialist Jewish world of sorts.

      I'm not a socialist or a communist, or a atheistic. My father was a Jewish agnostic or atheistic, who had ancestors from the same area of Russia, as those in the Russian community I was in while in Israel. I. for a time lived in that community while in Israel.

      I lived in a Russian Jewish house of a atheistic Russian Jewish, culture, with other Russian Jews... but I don't know if they were atheistic too.

      I seen the same arrogance, even among themselves when they would talk to each other. One time, they were drink and directed the arrogance at me, but I think it was not a genuine arrogance just a cultural thing.

      It would be interesting to know if any of the writers here have a drinking problem.

      They, for example, while in public would speak, Hebrew, but when they returned home.... I was living in their home... they spoke Russian.

      So, in many ways I felt like I was living in a Russian world community within Israel. When, they got angry it was the same arrogance as a husband, and wife in a bitter fight, that could be heard for three blocks away. In a way, I would after time find it all to be humorous... the way they would fight day in and day out screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, in Russian, completely oblivious that all their neighbors could hear them.

    • Theo

      I think from when I was there most are quasi refugees, too Israel. Many French Jews seemed to me very kind people; going through a transition too living to Israel. Perhaps, the media in the US, and Israel shows the arrogant Russian tough guy Russian Jew, as the typical Israeli as being the tough guy Zionist.

      I did not see that Zionist larger then life Jew talked about here, in ordinary Israelis. I met I think one Zionist from the old school,that may fit that image, and he was quite a talkative, friendly and interesting person. I think it is only the government type of Israelis that the controversy is over.

    • RoHa

      For many years of my life I had a similar view in ways. I was a American; I lived in the present, read poetry, and life was heaven on earth.

      Why would I even care about in depth ancestry work? Would be a question that would not of ever even entered my mind, until I was physically attacked, because, of being perceived as being Jewish.

      My whole life was turned upside down. I had survived yes. But, I was a different person. I could not believe, I would have to from that day on in my life be something I never wanted to be a American Jew.

      I never even liked my father; he seemed like a nice guy he was Jewish; but he had divorced my mother, so I just wanted to go on with my life. But, I was forced to be a part of his world.

      So to deal with the divisions of being both a goy and a Jew; I did similar research into my ancestry; and things got even worse. I was starting to know; no matter what I may think; that my Jewish nose, my Jewish face was exactly like that of my father's.

      And he lived in a exclusive Jewish community all his life as a stereotypical American Jew. And here he is living a secure life in a sort of gated community, and I'm being attacked not just once, but other times for being Jewish, and I was not even a Jew.

      But, in facing the things I did not want to it became interesting. My ancestry was in many ways fascinating for me; and it eventually led me to become a Israeli citizen. which for me is one of the best things I ever did in my life.

      Because, I seen a whole world I never even knew existed in Israel, and I had roots in it, a home that not only I lived in, but also others like me, all going through similar life stories like that I go through day to day. And, my Israeli citizenship papers says I'm Israeli which for me is perfect for me... because I never wanted to be a American Jew.

    • RoHa

      Some cultures of people in this world want to be live separately... away from others. Even the blacks during the civil rights era were split in half... half the blacks wanted what is called separate but equal to be the law of the land... the other half wanted civil rights.

      It gives them a reason, a group a chit chat environment too justify the hate, and the object group to hate. But they lost and the civil rights laws were passed.

    • Annie Robbins

      I will not be joining the BDS movement. I was curious about it, though because I'm half Jewish, and now currently a new Israeli citizen. I seen Bibi having a nervous breakdown over BDS, so it was sort of interesting to see what all the controversy was over.

      I see the language of BDS activists as more as veiled threats toward Israel, though. I personally ignore threats. I don't know if that is how Israelis react to BDS activists that have lived there longer then me. When I moved there, I made it a point to stay way from politics for one year.

      Do the BDS activists ever talk to media people in Israel? If they are ignored by the Israeli media; it seems to me that BDS is talking to a wall. Most Israelis don't watch the US media, it seemed to me.

      Are any of the leaders of BDS fluent in Hebrew?

    • Annie Robbins

      Yes, I object to violence. I'm not a Arab activist, and I was living in NYC during the time of 9/11... so I simply have a negative reaction too Arab flag wavers. Why should I not be worried?

      I recall... some Arab demonstrators going past my house with Arab flags, after 9/11.

      I don't know if Israelis have a pacifist bent... I was not living there that long.

      Why do they have to wave the flag for a country that does not have non-violent resolutions then?

      If they wave a flag for a country, then are they really "non-violent" .... if that country is technically at war with Israel? How about some groups like the Arab league?

      Are they non-violent toward the Jews?

      Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq (except Iraqi Kurdistan,Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

      Which of the above countries ever even considered on the table non-violent resolutions toward the Jews, or Israel?

      When they wave the flag for BDS... what is the above countries position about the flag wavers during BDS movement actions about that country that they claim to represent at BDS demonstrations? Is it more like propaganda news, if there is any coverage?

      Or is it independent news?

      How much funding have they received, and by what specific funders, if any? Do they get press coverage in those above countries about those demonstrations? If so is the press coverage, the same, in those above countries, as it is in the US?

    • Mooser

      Does the BDS movement say that its members have a... conscientious objection to violence against Jews, Israelis, and half Jews?

      Something tells me.... all the sages of the BDS movement, in their infinite wisdom of the Arab Israeli conflict, never even had the time to put the issue on the table.

    • Theo

      I'm a conscientious objector (pacifist).

      I never joined the IDF the brief time I was living there. If they had requested I participate in military exercises I would have refused to cooperate. I would do the same thing anywhere I live in the world.

      I am, of all people, am probably, deeply, more for the equal rights then many of the Arab activists; and at least half of the the Jewish Arab activists that are part of synagogues that have policies of being anti-Israel (self hating Jews).

      The Arabs, and the Jews have invisible walls, in their cultures based upon fundamentalism, policed by fundamentalist militaristic politics.

      Those invisible walls are in all political groups left to the right, from BDS to Bibi with theonationnal nation-state policies. At least half of the Jewish BDS activists would rip up there membership card, and move to Israel in a time of crisis.

      In the US they called it a separate but equal policy. Most American right wing ideologues in all the groups involved in the identity politics of that time approved of it to inflame the conflict between the groups during the 60s because it would benefit there own self serving fundamentalist groups, identity.

      See Obama... a classic identity Black power fundamentalists, like Malcom X as a example of self serving group that wants a separate but equal invisible wall to serve their own self serving agendas, rather then that of real equality, in a true democracy.

      If he had done even one of things, all his voters had hoped for when he was voted in... the Democrats would still be in power.

      Unless they are voted out of office, they are the "powers that be" in the 21st century, in most places of the world. There invisible walls are self imposed walls of us vs. them. Even if all the walls were torn down, they would build them again, and fight with each other, over and over again, in endless wars, throughout infinity.

      Non Violence is the most powerful force in the universe, up until the time when people cooperate with that force of non-violence in themselves, and in the world then wars, conflicts, and inequality will always exist.

    • SandraLLAP

      I'm guessing that 99% of them want to be Americans, or Arab Americans rather then have anything to do in the physical land of Israel itself.

      I was a peace activist after the 60s... but many years ago.

      And, I think the culture of the 60s radicals, hippies, yippie's was a fad, that ended in the 60s. Most of the peace groups I was part of were self- serving. More interested in fund raising, then with a compassion for humanity.

      I never personally met any current advocates for the Arabs because I'm a pacifist. It seems that the current activists for the Arabs justify violence in the name of the Arab cause. As a Conscientious objector to wars; I'm opposed to all violence.

      I guess the point I'm trying to make is I don't think; they actually even care much about Israel. It perhaps is a convenient way for them to sell peace, or build up their egos by being good philanthropists... but that serves those Jewish communities, in a way more then that of serving, or helping the the Arabs (self -serving).

      I could be wrong... I never actually met any of them in person . As far as I can think, I can't seem to have ever. Any liberal Jews I know are pro Israel, and they are, probably, more to the left then the Arab activist groups in the US.

      So if they (Arab activists) could care less of the language or the culture of Israel; other then perhaps thinking of a few slogans for a rally; then they might as well be talking to a wall, even if they are anti Israel.

      Many Arabs in Judea and Samaria, go day to day too Israel to work; some I think many off the books. They (the Arabs and Jews) talk to each other day to day. They also live separately in Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem...even a visit to the Old City in Jerusalem has separate regions for the Arabs, Jews, and Christians... already in a quasi state within a state run by de facto laws, simply by the difference of their culture , language and politics... separated by physical and invisible walls. No peace agreement on the books say for two states between Trump, the Arabs, and the Jews will ever break down those invisible walls; so within a year they will be fighting again.

      If they had official limited rights, to have a state within a state of Israel; then they would have political sovereignty, on that part of the land; that is their state. Limited rights... but those limits are only needed because Israel is a Jewish culture, and political system.

    • talknic

      I recently became a Israeli citizen; and I find Israeli Jews more friendly to me then American Jews even though I'm a Goy Israelite.

      I think if I recall, the Israelis while I was living there call the West bank region Judea and Samaria. I'm in the process of learning modern Hebrew. I have no plans of ever joining a synagogue, or Arab advocacy groups of any kind ever in the US.

      I'm a individualist Goy Israelite, so I could care less if I offend Arab advocates, in the way I use the Hebrew language. Though I have no intention to offend.

      I'm curious why would you think; the Israelis would agree to move from Israel? Is that and attempt to scare them, into negotiating, or something? Is it written in some Arab publications?

    • It seems to me that the powers that be currently are fundamentalists. And my guess it would be a miracle if it is changed even 100 years from now.

      There is a expression don't hate anything to much, because, there is a danger of becoming what is hated. In plain English Rome (or Roman philosophy)never left the Middle East. They conquered and won. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

      Going to the US for advice on how to be a democracy or to meditate a "deal" is useless. Trump never even wrote the Art of the Deal.... it was written by a ghostwriter that thinks Trump is a sociopath, after being around him for 18 months...that is his opinion of the current leader of the so called free country, the greatest democracy on earth, America.

      Good luck on hoping in the future that the sociopath Trump can negotiate a peace deal, anywhere in the world let alone the ME. I say, let the Arabs live in Israel by having a state within the state of Israel in Judea and Samaria, as the best possible deal between the Arabs and the Jews.

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
    • It is difficult to judge a person based upon a article in a Arab media activists environment. But, I would guess pro-hate. Why? I don't see any love between the Arabs and the Jews; in Israel or anywhere in the world. The media activists for the Arabs are like Main stream media reporters, the more violence, and hate in the story... the more they like it.

      It is a unfortunate consequence of the corruption of the main stream media machine. Most reporters both mainstream and alternative are trained in the pro hate schools of creating infomercial news to brainwash the masses.

      The only way to see through it it as hate, is to do like I did and become a citizen of Israel, and become a duel citizen of the US and Israel. There are some genuine alternative reporters; but my guess is they would not want to touch the Arab Israeli conflict with a 10 foot pole.

      Especially, with a Trump presidency where every nutcase in the world will come out of the woodwork. A former Israeli wrote a article here about the brainwashing pervasive in Israeli culture. I seen that brainwashing too, in the brief time I lived there. I think it is just the self hating Jew syndrome, though I'm no therapist.

      I wonder if he has ever went into therapy to deal with the transition of moving to a different culture in the US, like she had? It is quite easy to be brainwashed, much easier then even movies like Telefon and The Parallax View seem to imply.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • I did not vote for Trump....I voted for Clinton. I had traveled to one of the swing states before the election political machine started.

      And, it was obvious to me that Trump would win; but I still voted for Clinton as a protest vote against all the Trump stands for.

      I think the reason Trump won was because a group of nervous middle class voters that no longer have a share of the piece of the American pie... voted in Trump too punish the Democratic Party.

      But, the problem is the Democratic Party will never go to the left. They, in the 60s called them pinkos; that was what people like the Trump voters of today, and those that Trump is picking for his team think. And his voters will always think this about those that were leftists and liberals.

      There is another option; by simply walking away from the political system... stop voting in the US; or become a citizen of another country and obtain duel citizenship. Move to Canada, or Israel. If your a liberal, day to day, Canada actually is more democratic then the US.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • mcohen

      I never met Trump either. I read some of his books, and I thought they were excellent books. But, then I think I recall he had a ghost writer write them, that was Jewish. I have met very wealthy people that have outstanding moral values. But, then again I met other extremely wealthy people that are Bernie Madoff clones. My theory of Trump's moral values are conjecture based upon his being a trust fund baby. The trust fund babies I met in my life have very low moral values.

      Also, the similarities of Trump's marriages with that of my mother and father, is interesting. I think the mainstream media... the so called watch dog of government is missing some important things about the Trump claim that he is not a anti-Semitic German reincarnated from 1933 by simply saying... well he has Jewish grandchildren.

      As if to imply that Trump is in some way married to it, like that of his daughter that married a Jew. The media should be talking to her, to get a general idea about if Trump is really for Israel and the Jews.

      For example, what if the rabbi that certified her Jewishness rushed the counseling process through; because of the Trump name? Did the rabbi make her wait a period of time to make sure that she understood she, and the Trump dynasty she may inherit, would have a Jewish cultural element simply because of the marriage?

      My guess is that from Trump's other marriages is that he a trust fund baby with no remarkable moral values; but I could be wrong... I guess if he does what all his voters wish about him will be the ultimate test.

    • mcohen

      I seen that movie years ago; and I liked the movie then. But, today I cannot get myself to watch it again. Thank you for telling me about the wisdom your family members shared with you. I think perhaps there is some truth to it about the goy side of the family causing trouble.

      I know when my mother and father married, they never considered the responsibilities, and cultural differences that would have to be faced before they married... even though they were both Americans...they were Americans from two different worlds of each other. Unlike Trump's world, in that everyone in Trump's world are all trust fund babies.

      What I call the Old world, and the New World... the traditional world and the modern world. My father was second generation from the Old World, and my mother around the third generation from the Old world in Ireland. They both thought as Americans life would be one big party; sort of like a Trump vacation on steroids. But they did not realize that the legacy money comes with strings attached. And, trust fund babies, not having access to the trust fund means no party. The party is over so to speak.

      But, I have never been much of a community person. I'm a individualist...that could survive without a trust fund from my parents. Trump is a trust fund baby, without the Trump name he would be nothing. He can never have the courage to look into the future; to leave the confines of his house and look into the future. Watch for the next 8 years.; it will all be about traditionalism; lots of John Wayne reruns; and remakes of his movies. But that will do nothing to bring back the Middle Class industrial jobs that are in India and China.

    • Philemon

      Dorothy Parker was a half Jew. Her name was Dorothy Rothschild. I could not ever identify much with her writing though, as I was with another half Jewish writer named Mina Loy.

    • Mooser

      It was interesting until I had my mid life crisis. I realized I could get on a plane and be a nice Jewish boy in Miami.... then fly back to my non Jewish parent and be a Jew... when I had always thought I was a American. It gave me a very uneasy feeling later in life; that I was at the time simply a prop in a sadistic stage play; a mongrel Israelite, a Goy Jew.

    • I would, personally, if I was Jewish become a citizen of Israel after the Trump win.

      I voted for Clinton; even though I knew she had no chance of winning.

      I can attest from personal, experience having grown up from divorced parents.... one being of a non Jewish, half Irish, and German on my mothers side, and the other a half Jewish parent... on my fathers side.

      Ironically, even though my mother is not a man like Trump her world view and mentality is almost exactly the same as that of Trump, and Trump also is of the same cultural Americanism being half Scottish Irish and German, upper elite attitude.

      My mother also used to be a JFK Democrat before becoming a Republican like Trump. She was a JFK Democrat, she had dated the President of the New York State AFL CIO quite alot as I was growing up, and I think Trump got 43% of the Labor vote.

      People like my mother, and Trump have what I term civil antisemitism...the American, and American Jewish cultures of my parents were not meant for each other so they divorced. Even though my father considered himself to be more American then Jewish. He never even mentioned to me the word Jewish, ever.

      As, it is with Trump...I'm sure if he ever had married a Jewess, he would of divorced her.

      And excellent book about this is Civil Antisemitism, Modernism, and British Culture, 1902–1939
      By L. Trubowitz

  • Saving the daughters of Israel from the annihilation of intermarriage
    • Mikhael

      I lived in Netanya. Yes, it was a Orthodox Jewish community that took me under their wing, which I'm most grateful.

      Most of my Jewish ancestors that were a of any interest to me, where Orthodox Jews. My grandfather on my Jewish side... though he was Orthodox wrote me in his Will, even though I was a goy Israelite.

      And, he knew I was a goy Israelite when he wrote me in his Will.

      So, I was curious how he had prayed, and lived, day to day, in his community as a millionaire. My great grandfather was the president of a Orthodox synagogue, in the US.

      I was aware that I was in a bubble. I was, also for a time living in the Russian area of Netanya, that sometimes scared me.. the toughness of their character, like I was talking to Soviet bureaucrats.

      But, I seen that when they were drunk mostly. When they are sober; I think they a have a less bullying attitude.

      But, I think they want to shed that part of their personality, perhaps. Those that want that attitude; probably like Trump, and probably don't ever want too change.

      My mother dated a big union guy back in the day. He was the president of the AFL-CIO of New York State. He gave my uncle a job building one the the bridges in NYC; but I don't think he ever joined the union. Corbett, was a Irish tough guy from what my mother told me of him. Getting into fights in bars often. But he was also in charge of all the money for the union in that state. I can guess that he took on a sort of banker attitude, and Rockefeller probably played upon his greed to corrupt union policies. I'm guessing though because I was never a member of the union.

      I think many of them were trust fund babies like Rockefeller, and they (the Dems) got caught up in worshiping the golden calf thing, with the extra money that got working in the factories.

      They were probably drunk the night before, and drinking in bars rather then taking the time even look into the character of Trump. On election day as they voted,imagining with a hang over, a tough guy John Wayne type to ride in on a horse, and save America, in Rust belt America.

      No, they were more far right back in the day. The union guys use to physically attack the anti-Vietnam war protestors in the 60s that were to the left.

      The Hebrew Catholics in Israel are more like a arm of the church in Israel; from Rome. The local communities were not Hebrew Catholic. They are communities of poor workers, like Filipino and Indian Catholics, each within separate communities,and cultures (tribes) living throughout Israel.

      I did not yet read about Stephen Dubner.

      I would love to move back to Israel. I certainly like it better then the US. But, the cost of living is so high there.

    • Mikhael

      Here is a excellent reason why Trump won the Rust Belt region. He played the German race card. As a half German... it was to his benefit during the election; to not hide his German persona; I will leave it the audience what subtle gestures, and language he used, and did not use to illustrate his Germanness.

      Before, in the Trump dynasty history, he and his ancestors said they were From Sweden to not have the Jewish communities stop doing business with them.

      Donald Trump’s Family Hid German Roots — Especially When Selling to Jews
      By Ari FeldmanAugust 23, 2016

      The myth made it into Donald Trump’s 1987 book The Art of the Deal. In a section detailing his family history, he included that his grandfather “came from Sweden as a child.” Trump, surprisingly, was apparently loathe to stretch the facts of his family heritage.

      “Do I have to do this Swedish thing?” Trump asked his father, according to John Walter. (Trust fund baby talk).

      German Americans
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The German American ethnic group (German: Deutschamerikaner) consists of Americans who have full or partial German ancestry. With an estimated size of approximately 46 million in 2014, German Americans are the largest of the ancestry groups reported by the US Census Bureau in its American Community Survey.[1] The group accounts for about ?1/3 of the total ethnic German population in the world.[6][7][8]

    • Mikhael

      Thank you for your thoughts about Israeliness the Jewish Identify, and other identities. I think Bernie Sanders was right about how Democrats need to rethink how they think about identity politics. I don't know if my theories of why are similar to his.

      But, I think of Israel as being more as a theocracy run by the Orthodox, rather then say a ideal liberal democracy with a multicultural twist with all the other religions tolerated. Perhaps on paper Israel is that... but, day to day, while I lived there I did not see it.

      I think most of Trump voters want that theocratic traditional (orthodox Judaism, the magical Jerusalem) Old World political process as a part of the American Dream. They hope that Trump will bring them this during his time in office, as well as jobs in a theocratic religious democracy; that is more Old Testament in thought then New Testament. That is why the far right in Israel likes Trump.

      But in order for it to work anti-Semitism will probably increase, in the trust fund baby world of President Trump.

      I call it civil anti Semitism, of the Old World.

      For example, I was able to predict that Trump would easily win... though I voted for Clinton I knew she was not going to win. Most voters in time of fear I'm sure as most voters know vote Republican, conservative or traditional (orthodox).

      When I had visited a swing state before the election; I noticed the financial collapse of the industrial factory system. But the cultural system of that state was made of of many German immigrants. Trump is half German. That is why he won the rust belt.

      Genealogy, or a type of civil eugenics, seems to imply in identity politics that whomever is part of that ethnic group is better for them then those not of it.

      That is why I think Democrats need to rethink identity politics; or using the race card in the political process is counter to a ideal liberal multicultural liberal democracy.

      I'm guessing that the Germans that immigrated to the rust belt were of the protestant form of Germaneness... so that the way I interpret it is that people in the rust belt did not vote for Trump to only give them their Middle Class jobs back... but to bring about a change to bring America to the far right. So far right where it is also regression to Old World German values.

      There are no Jewish Catholics parish communities in the Catholic Church. They have Irish Catholic, Polish Catholic, German Catholic, and Russian Catholic; but basically Jews within the Catholic Church are and invisible presence.

      Even after Vatican II things have not changed much from the times before Vatican II in wanting to change the theology in which Christianity is more open to Jewishness. It is on paper... but not, day to day, more open to the modern world.

    • Mikhael

      As a Catholic Jew, I'm still trying to figure out why the Jewishness of Jesus is not understood. I started reading a book called Empire Baptized, by Wes Howard-Brook about this.

      The way I interpret 21st century Judaism is that for a majority of Jews in the world perhaps 60%... is that it is a theonational (mostly religious) system, and, that in Israel that perhaps 95% think Judaism is theonational. When I lived there the secular and atheistic Jews all fall in line, or under the religious laws created by the orthodox.

      But in the US, the American Jews in the 21st century are much more diverse... but tribal in their ways in smaller tribes making up perhaps thousands of different types of Judiasms, secular, atheistic, religious and hybrid Americanized Jewish tribes etc. But, Jewishness I personally think is something more to the point of what all the controversy is over.

      As Jesus as a icon of faith for Christians was developing in the early years; his Jewishness was forgotten when his followers stopped being mostly Jews and started to be a faith of mostly goys.

      I think if I recall from his book that was around the 4th century. And, the talmudic Jews it seems to me developed as a consequence of the destruction of the second temple in a attempt to nationalize Judaism even without having actual borders of a nation. They then defined the Judaism that we have to this day. But the rabbis never covered the topic of Jewishness, such as a Jewish personality, a Jewish nose the Jewish persona. So Hollywood defined it.

      I'm not Jewish; but to the goy world I'm a Jew, because, of racial laws that were created by goys and Jews that follow the religion of Judaism.

      It seems to me that for Israel to be the homeland of the Jewish people, that it has to become a home for the Jews or Israelites (non Jews) and not a nation; to compete with other nations; and develop a pacifistic strategy to deal with local conflicts like that are in Judea and Samaria.

    • aloeste

      I think, as I recall, the N**zis first went after the mischlinge (mongrel Jews) in 1933...the Nuremberg laws were created later in 1935 when they went after the Jews. The mischingle laws of 1933 was a eugenic attempt to purify German blood; from the stain of Jewish blood; from intermarriage with those with Jewish blood... regardless of religion.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Jewish identity
      Soon after passage of the Enabling Act of 1933, the Nazi government promulgated several antisemitic statutes, including the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service on 7 April 1933. Using this law, the regime aimed to dismiss—along with all politically-suspect persons such as social democrats, socialists, communists and many liberals of all religions—all "non-Aryans" from all government positions in society, including public educators, and those practicing medicine in state hospitals.

      As a result, the term "non-Aryan" had to be defined in a way compatible with Nazi ideology. Under the "First Racial Definition" supplementary decree of 11 April, issued to clarify portions of the act passed four days prior, a "non-Aryan" (e.g. a Jew) was defined as one who had at least one Jewish parent or grandparent.

      Nuremberg laws
      As defined by the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, a Jew (German: Volljude in Nazi terminology) was a person – regardless of religious affiliation or self-identification – who had at least three grandparents who had been enrolled with a Jewish congregation.[3] A person with two Jewish grandparents was also legally "Jewish" (so-called Geltungsjude, roughly speaking, in English: "Jew by legal validity") if that person met any of these conditions:

  • 'NYT' editorial on US military aid leaves out Palestinians because it knows it would lose the argument
    • Fascinating.

      If one thinks about it the 70s and 80s was not that long ago. While I was living in Israel as a Christian Jew, I was interested in walking on the ground that Jesus walked on.

      Bethlehem was off limits to me as a new citizen of Israel; because I was not allowed to visit there, as a Israeli citizen that is also a American. I was also interested in visiting Nazareth, which is located in Israel, and not too far away, from where I lived. But, most of the population were Arabs, and I asked local Israelis if it was safe for me a Christian Jew to visit there, they said, "no".

      I was imagining similar wink and nod games and scenarios by Israeli soldiers directed at Muslims and Christians before Nazareth became a Muslim city in Israel; but that has a Christian name. Such as if Christians wanted to move there; Israeli soldiers would wink and nod at the Arab Muslims that wanted to kick them out. I don't know about the actual history of the Nazareth if at one point it was populated by Christians, primarily, before they were kicked out by Muslims.

  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • A while back I read about American Indian injustices; but it was mostly by radical Christian scholars or theologians. As far as I recall, I did not see any official BDS like Jewish movements that were activists for the Indians,ever...from when the conflict started to when the colonialism settlement ended, and the last wild American Indian was kicked off his land.

      My guess is most of the activism from Jewish groups in the US is a reaction to the anti-Semitism or possible future anti Semitism that might happen that they are afraid of. The Arab lead BDS activist groups may have scared the more progressive minded political Jews, or been simply paid influence money by rich oil Arab money to create groups with that has Jewish leadership to either be paid to be advocates in a legal way, or to lobby for the rights of Arabs in the Middle East... or it may simply a reason to say to the Arab world, and to the US world in general that they are not like AIPAC Jews.... as if that would solve the problem.

      I can see more why Israeli Jews might want to be activists for the Arabs; because the Arab problem is in their backyard. I personally don’t think American Jewish activism for Arabs is sincere.

      I think the Arabs would be much better off saving their oil money for humanitarian efforts into philanthropy used for Arab rights in the US... and instead to negotiate with Israelis directly and not via American lead Jewish BDS groups. If they need legal advice about how to lobby in the US they would be better of simply hiring a law firm on K Street in DC that works in that field.

      I was not living in Israel that long, and I purposely told myself I would not get involved in politics the first year I was living there as a new citizen. To, say the least, politics got shoved in my face daily; but I still bent over backwards to minimize my abilities as a activist. If I ever move back to Israel I will certainly make it a point to look into these groups, but not to assist the Arab cause because I'm a pacifist; I'm opposed to all forms of conflicts even if in the name of restorative justice.

      But, more out of personal reasons of survival will I at least look at the Arab problem, because, I'm a Christian Jew. And, most of the Christians in Israel are Arabs; so I would be more interested in how a average Israeli deals with their sub-conscious reactions when around Christians, and how some Israelis might react or act when they are around Christians that are not Arabs.

    • Haaretz
      Mysterious 6000-year-old Fortresses Found in Jordan Show Surprisingly Advanced Early Society
      Sep 16, 2016

      Settlements with double-fortified walls and irrigated terraces were unexpected deep in the Early Bronze Age desert.

      These fortified settlements may be the earliest of their kind in the Levant or even all of Southwest Asia, the archaeologist heading the study suggests.

      The inhabitants of these settlements were not the first people using this region, Müller-Neuhof adds. There is evidence of temporary hunter-herder camps during the Neolithic era. Nonetheless, this is the first evidence of year-round occupation of at least some of the sites, which were first discovered during surveys in the area of north-eastern Jordan by the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute between 2010 and 2015.

      Six years of subsequent research revealed much previously unexpected evidence of elaborate socioeconomic activity in the region, including extensive flint mining and advanced agricultural techniques.

      read more:

    • Anti-Semitism is a very troubling question for me, because, I was a victim of it as a non-Jew. I never had the territorial group vengeance protections that come with belonging to the Jewish club, or belonging to any club at all.

      I guess my outsider status growing up as a American anarchist; prepared me for my new way of life as a Israeli American.

      I think most American Jews have never experienced anti-Semitism in a violent way by physical attacks; as I have, other, then perhaps mostly name calling if wearing a Jewish costume.

      So, for me surviving anti-Semitism became a matter of life and death. So, I became a Israeli to understand how it is to be a Jew, day to day, even though I’m not a Jew by religion. But, I don't think that the anti-Semitic types would care much about my arguments that I'm a Israelite, or Hebrew...but not a Jew.

      I see your point though... by me being a anarchist with some Jewish ancestry trying to ask American Jews questions, as a non-Jew; and that the reasons I was not entertained by them generally in the Jewish communities in the US...when I had that thought would be more compassionate, because I was not in the club.

      If anything my self knowledge about my life as a non Jew Israelite ( a non Jewish Jew) was threatening to them, because, I was no longer a sort of useful idiot, that could be used as a shield, or... I had taken away their ability too literally go out of their way to perceive me a convenient straw man.

    • The way I interpret settler colonialism is more complex then is currently known; and it seems to me it is a universal problem not based in Israel at all; though Israel has some aspect of colonialism that is because of a "court Jew" problem that Israel has never had the courage to confront in itself, as a new nation.

      Israel, and Zionism has become the "scapegoat" for the settler mentality that is everywhere in the world, in that it is in the Arab psyche, as well as, it is in the American psyche that began from the Puritans in early America too a time, even, before the Bible was ever written... going back even further in history pre history, in a way too the Near Eastern countries, which seem to me to be like the first proto colonist settler countries; some 5000 years ago.

      Ironically, with just about every country on that map in the Near East that had the first ever agricultural structure back then....which was where, and how colonialism seemed to have begun... with the back then final creation of a Babylonian city and the Tower of Babel, to today flash forward to what it is in this modern technological global age.

      Most if not all this Near Eastern countries would not let me as a new citizen of Israel even visit, as a Israeli American, because they are Arab countries opposed to Israel.

      I know virtually nothing about the religion of Islam. I don't believe "anything" I read or see in the major media about Islam. I think I read something like it is a religion of peace; and that the Islamic terrorists are a small sub group of that religion; that is fanatical.

      When I was in East Jerusalem, before, I became a citizen of Israel; the Arab people that were Muslim Israelis, seemed to be peaceful, day to day. I was not on a tourist program; so I had to work my way through the maze of the 1967 Green line politics; between the Arab and Israeli communities while I was there.

      I'm a Zionist; but, I define my own Zionism which in many ways different then American Zionism or Israeli Zionism. Are there any Zionists in Israel that are spiritual, or religious that are not right wing fundamentalists? I'm curious, in case, I ever move back, or go on a vacation too Israel again.

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • Roha:

      I don’t understand what you mean by this. How can the Arabs create a nation within Israel...

      It is something the Israelite people have been doing for quite some time; they called it creating a State within a State in 1896. Today... it would be called a Nation within a Nation so as to debate it in the UN, for example.

      And, for Israelite debates, the Arabs could keep the State within a State formula. And, because when I was living in Israel; it seemed that modern day Israelis were stuck in some time in the past; so, it is yet another reason why it a peace agreement that Israelis would agree too.

      See Bernard Lazare:

      Anti-Semitism, It's History and Causes By Bernard Lazare
      by Bernard Lazare

      In reality, the Jew lived under the rule of a lord, Yahweh, who could neither be conquered, nor even assailed, and he knew but one thing, the law, i.e., the collection of rules and decrees which it had once pleased Yahweh to give to Moses a law divine and excellent, made to lead its followers to eternal bliss; a perfect law which the Jewish people alone had received.

      With such an idea of his Torah, the Jew could not accept the laws of strange nations; nor could he think of submitting to them; he could not abandon the divine laws, eternal, good and just, to follow human laws, necessarily imperfect and subject to decay. Thus, wherever colonies were founded by the Jews, to whatever land they were deported, they insisted, not only upon permission to follow their religion, but also upon exemption from the customs of the people amidst whom they were to live, and the privileges to govern themselves by their own laws.

      At Rome, at Alexandria, at Antioch, in Cyrenaica they were allowed full freedom in the matter. They were not required to appear in court on Saturday; (3) they were even permitted to have their own special tribunals, and were not amenable to the laws of the empire; when the distribution of grains occurred on a Saturday their share was reserved for them until the next day, (4) they could be decurions, being at the same time exempt from all practices contrary to their religion; (5) they enjoyed
      complete self-government, as in Alexandria; they had their own chiefs, their own senate, their ethnarch, and were not subject to the general municipal authorities.

      Everywhere they wanted to remain Jews, and everywhere they were granted the privilege of establishing a State within the State. By virtue of these privileges and exemptions, and immunity from taxes, they would soon rise above the general condition of the citizens of the municipalities where they resided; they had better opportunities.

    • "A Pharisee is someone who is virtuous out of obedience to the Great Beast."

      Simone Weil

    • Exactly, and the irony is the left wing Jews in the US are even more Zionist... then the Israeli left wing Jews.

      Because, for the US Jews, Zionism, is more based upon a spiritual Zionism; a quest to be free of the self imposed life of the ghetto of the Orthodox of the Old Country....this Zionism was at one time, many years ago the proto Zionism that then became the Zionism of today.

      But, the right wing Zionism of a Israeli Jew is more based on the illusion of a tribal power elite with a merger of power between the secular Jew and the Orthodox; so that marriage dilutes Zionism; it then becomes a empty patriotic nationalistic idol god. The golden calf god becomes the idol that feeds the great beast (war).

      Israel has become a ethno-national country run by fundamentalists right wing militant fanatics. I was living there; so I seen that it was different then what American Jews imagine it to be, or even what the world imagines it to be.

      When in Rome do as the Romans do. The Arabs should seek a nation within the nation of Israel; because a two state agreement is never going to happen, ever.

  • Even liberal Zionists wanted to send Palestinians to the moon
    • I'm guessing... but perhaps why the liberal Zionists in Israel are not for Arab rights on a fundamental level is, perhaps, because, no true liberal American Jews made Aliyah.

      And, that, what Israelis learned from American Jews about American liberalism that moved to Israel was a distortion of JFK liberal Democrats.

      For example, I'm a pacifist, and JFK would frequently corresponded with pacifists that were opposed to the Vietnam War... though JFK himself was a just war liberal Democrat. The right wing associated, ironically around 1967, all Democrats as being liberals; so many activists of what is now equated with American liberalism literally ran way from the peace movement that was at the time opposed to the Vietnam War.

      Allen Ginsberg was not a true liberal Jewish anarchist; he was a celebrity Jew, no different then a Jerry Seinfeld. The actual liberal Jews, that were antiwar worked behind the scenes to stop the war, mostly. And, I think if I read historically correctly they got 9 to 5 jobs in the US after they left the peace movement... they did not move to Israel to fight for Arab rights.

  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
    • eljay:

      – you deliberately chose the more hateful and immoral option.

      What the Arabs and the Jews believe about Israel is between them. I'm a outsider; I take no sides even if I wanted too. My opinions are my own about such things as a third Temple, current architectural changes that need to be done in Israel.

      I was born of the Hebrew Israelite tribe; probably something like 99% of the Jews and the Arabs never even heard of; because they were always part of a collective and born into it, where I'm a individual,born and baptized into a faith not Jewish. I was born a Hebrew Catholic... also something 99% of Jews and Arabs never even heard of.

      My Zionism is based upon the ancient historical land of Israel; my ancestors, and, of my election by God to the land and people of Israel, that is of a spiritual dimension that is not Jewish... it is the Zionism of a undefined mystical nature; not based upon strength, or empire.

      I did have to make a decision; because I was attacked because of anti-Semitic reasons. The American Jews would just assume that because; my mother is not Jewish; that the Arabs would simply leave me alone; if they even asked themselves the question, at all. Which I doubt they even asked themselves what if the Arabs after 9/11 would decide to also attack the non Jewish Jews that are not Jewish by rabbinic law; such as half Jews as myself.

      At least with the Israeli Jews I have reasonable discussions about this; the American Jews are generally hostile.

    • Annie:

      I got into all this Jewishness stuff, years later, in my life. My parents were agnostic or atheists. I just found out the other day that my grandfather was also not much of a Jerusalem next year Orthodox Jew; though he was likely a Orthodox Jew.

      I had a choice in my life... and it literally got to the point where I had to pick one, or the other...
      either to be a American Jew, or a Zionist Israelite, because, I never was part of either one; though others would label me as being one or the other; especially later in life; because I look so Jewish.

      And, getting a nose job would not work, because, I would feel alienated within by trying to erase a part of who I am.

      I've always been interested, and curious in things about the Hebrews or Israelites on a spiritual level, though, I'm likely two generations, at least from those that were part of the tribe called Israelites...especially in how Israelis identify who is a Jew; that is in many ways different then how American Jews identify being with the tribe.

      But, if I self identify with the tribe, and want to remember my Israelite self; then that makes me a Israelite but not a Jew; because I'm not of the Jewish religion.

      Israel only required I prove that I have a Jewish father; to be a Israeli. I did not have to convert which I would have been required to do to be a American Jew... so it was my decision to become a Israeli American; rather then a American Jew. And, it seems obvious the brief time I've been a Israeli American, that being a Israeli citizen de facto makes me a Zionist; especially with the Arabs.

    • Boomer:

      I'm guessing but I think 99% of Zionists in the US that are not right wing AIPAC fundamentalist Zionists, would not want to be associated with liberals, or be called liberal Zionists.

      In the US I would call myself a liberal Zionist because I'm a anarchist Zionist, so I welcome the debates. But, I think, you would have to ask a American Jew that if, perhaps, progressive Zionist is something they are comfortable with. I think, though, actually most American Jews don't care one way or the other.

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
    • People with money, generally, only join clubs with people that also have money. The poor need not apply. I'm not voting for Clinton or Trump. I think Trump will win easily, though.

      With Clinton, the incompetence is masked. At least with Trump he tells people to their face how he feels. But, if you expect a world changing presidency in Trump... it is not likely to happen, unless he when elected did literally absolutely nothing at all...which might perhaps change things.

      Because his groupies need a leader; and if they have no leader to idolize; they would go nuts.

      I much more respect a person like Trump to tell me to my face how they feel, regardless, if I like his opinion or not, then a person that hides there feelings, or true thoughts about something.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • That sounds about right. I'm not Jewish but in order to become a citizen of Israel, I was required to obtain a letter from a rabbi stating that my father was Jewish. And according to the Jewish Agency; the rabbi had to belong to a synagogue of any domination from Reform, Reconstructionist, to Orthodox; they were generally literally hostile to the idea.

      Most of the rabbis that were wiling to write the letter were retired rabbis; so that did not complete the requirement. But, one thing I noticed now that I have my Israeli citizenship, is that in many ways American Jewish synagogues are more conservative then even Orthodox synagogues, in Israel.

      it seemed to me that the Jewish community in Israel was more open(liberal) because they would assume that anyone that would talk to them in Israel is Jewish, perhaps.

      That is why I don't understand why the PLO Arabs seek out American Jews to be their advocates. American Jews have no experience in pacifism, as well. They watch Seinfeld shows that is about it.

      Most American Jews don't even know Hebrew; and a majority of Israelis speak Hebrew, and do not even understand English. So by trying to influence Israelis via American Jews... they might as well be talking to a wall.

      The Arabs, and the PLO would have much more success if they advocated for themselves and negotiated with the Israeli Jews directly. The rich Arabs are throwing away all there unearned oil money to the American Jews that say they are for PLO rights.

    • I've always been a Zionist Israelite in heart and mind. No doubt God understood, that the world I was born in as a half Jew would lead me to be more of a Israelite, then that of a gentile.

      A gentile world in the US even though it calls itself is Christian... is not really Christian if it erased the Jesus that was Jewish... turning him, and the icons of him into a gentile speaking and looking Jesus.

      Now, I see the gifts that I was elected into by God, with me also possibly being born of of royal blue blood ancestor.

      Some of my Jewish relatives that I'm aware of were Zionists; but they possibly might have been social Zionists; because there seemed to be nothing political about their Zionism like say in that great picture I watch over and over again Exodus with Paul Newman ( a half Jew), in it.

      Though my political philosophy is different then that of my possible ancestor, David (a half Jew, born of a Moabite mother) Modern Jewish historical research says he was half Jewish see, Come Out My People!": God's Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond.

      The author is also is a radical Christian like Berrigan, but, in my opinion more knowledgeable then Berrigan about current politics in Israel.

      I do think that David's psalms are wonderful. I pray for him. And, when in Israel I went to King David's tomb.

      I think it is of utmost importance for Israelis to rebuild the temple, how they want.

      And, if I was king of Israel; rather then the manufactured Icon in Israel, Herzl; I would begin by dismantling all the mosques in Israel, and shipping them to places like Iraq. Israel is the home of the Hebrews or Israelites, and the treasures of some of their history is buried under the mosques.

      I think I read that militant Arabs [...] purposely built the mosques over key Hebrew/Israelite sites. See the Dome of the Rock it was built over Solomon's Temple. As a Catholic Jew; I see no reason to build a new temple, but I believe that the Dome of the Rock should be dismantled so as too access the Hebrew archeological treasures under it.

  • Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz 'corporate stooge' after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.
  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • Haaretz

      From the Archive In the Name of Zionism, Change Your Name

      Zarechansky became Sa'ar, Brog became Barak: Behind many names in this country are stories involving a desire to forge a new identity in a new land.

      Prof. Aaron Demsky, founder and director of the Project for the Study of Jewish Names at Bar-Ilan University, and academic adviser for those who created the database of surnames at Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People, explains that Hebraizing surnames was a way for the Jews who came to Palestine to express ideological identification.

      read more:

    • Interesting....I recently became a citizen of Israel.

      Ideally, I would live in both Israel, and the US, as a dual citizen. I oppose BDS; because I sensed PLO involvement... so, now I know, that Qatar pulls the strings for the Arab militant fundamentalists hiding behind humanitarian picket signs.

      I will also know, like the Israelis, how a Israeli will act differently then that of a American Jew.

      One of the reasons why I decided I would be a Israeli American is, because, I was born with a Hebrew Israeli sounding name. And, when I had boxes full of genealogical research about my Jewish side of my family; most of the people in the American Jewish community would not even have discussions with me about it; because I'm a half Jew (a non Jewish Jew).

      And, some of my relatives were proto-Zionists, and also Zionists; that were orthodox Jews; which makes it even far more complex for me as a Catholic Jew, in this current day.

  • Church of Sweden explores BDS as 'only chance to liberate Palestinians and Israeli Jews'
    • When I was on vacation in East Jerusalem; Arabs seem to lie about many many things to me, such as the address of where I was staying.

      One Arab tour guide even picked my pocket; and I paid him three times, at least, what a normal tour guide would have received for the same tour. He told me he was Israeli; which was a lie... he then told me he was a Arab Syrian.

      He was extremely afraid of a checkpoint; he was to afraid (he started literally trembling) to go through the checkpoint in East Jerusalem, as he was taking me on a tour of East Jerusalem, as we were leaving the the Old City; so he did not even complete the tour I had paid for.

    • “unending dignity and respect”?

      Interesting question...I read internal documents from elite business owners (millionaires) in the US related to my Jewish relatives, that were, also, in a Orthodox Jewish community.

      The way I interpret it is that the most successful business Jewish leaders that were part of the tribe did want "equality" between Jews and non Jewish workers.

      But, that a few Bernie Madoff types wanted just a bit more, perhaps too be able to buy just one more Rolls Royce. So, to get around Jewish laws of justice; they used religion to actually not be part of the Jewish community in a real way but rather to appeal to right wing American Rockefeller republicanism, and greed to break the unions. Perhaps, that is why today the Orthodox Jews are considered by some American Jews to be generally corrupt.

    • But, if it is all over money...why not follow the money? For example, is it government funded; the factory? When I applied to be a citizen of Israel it was clear to me I was a second class citizen, because, I was not like the majority of American Jews that move there that are a messianic cult of Orthodox Jews.

      I think they get a additional $10,000 grant in addition to the $5000 grant I received as a new citizen of Israel, if they move into a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria.

      For example, if I wanted to live in a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria, where the rabbi went when he wrote about that article... I was basically told I would have to convert to be a Orthodox Jew according Israeli standards to live there.

      But, why is that? Is it simply the desire to gentrify Judea and Samaria by the powers that be? Or is it just historic rival gang warfare that started in the 19th century among different tribes of Jews that are still fighting the same battles that they fought in Talne Ukraine?

      I know that many fundamentalist American Jews that move to Judea and Samaria know what the word, gentrify, means to a native new Yorker; because I use to be a native New Yorker, and, many of the American Jews bring that mindset with them from New York City.

      I sort of see your point; about how they probably, said, that to keep there jobs. But is it true, that the wages are ten times more? I'm not familiar with the wages for Arabs that work for oil war dictators; that run a system of government based on poverty and slavery vs. a fundamentalist right wing Orthodox system that seems to me not much different then that of the oil war slave owners that run Arab countries.

    • Page: 1
    • Palestinian workers detest the BDS movement.

      See Jerusalem Post

      For instance, last week I visited the Jewish communities of Samaria in the West Bank, including Kfar Tapuah and Yitzhar. We went to the Barkan Industrial Park and met Palestinian workers of an Israeli-owned plastics factory. If I had not posted the video of some of the workers’ comments, you would not believe what they said.

      How they felt that their factory was not a business but a family. How the Israeli owners paid them approximately 10 times what they would earn working for Palestinian factories and how the Jewish owners treated them with unending dignity and respect.

      And, most importantly, how much they detest the BDS movement for attempting to destroy their livelihood and force them to live in squalor, all in the name of Israel-hatred that masquerades as Palestinian rights. The money part of the video was when I asked a Palestinian worker what he thinks of BDS and he said he felt it was “Sh-t!” How’s that for politically incorrect.

  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • Jon66,

      As a half Jew that became a Israeli; I was never a member of the American Jewish tribe because my mother is not Jewish.

      Any tribal loyalties I had with American Jews and myself, were voluntary agreements; not written in Jewish law. It seems to me that Judaism is a religion; and not a religion that some Jews don't have much faith in. For example, my father was born from a Orthodox Jewish tribe, when his relatives came over around 1906.

      But, he then in the Americanization process married in the Reform synagogue his third wife; after the divorce of my mother. But he was not a member of the synagogue, which according to the staff of the synagogue when I spoke to them was rare too be married, by the rabbi without a membership.

      My father was a agnostic, or atheist Jew.

      But my father lived in a Jewish tribal neighborhood; as my grandfather did; and as his grandfather, and then his grandfather did in the Old Country of Ukraine. In fact when I lived with him; he knew at least a hundred Jews; but the word religion never came up from my father, or from any of his friends or associates. Probably, because a majority of them had a new religion; the golden calf as there icon.

      But, when I moved to Israel as a citizen; one of the things the taxi driver told me when he was driving me to my apartment from the airport, was something like the Jews are all brothers. The differences in American Judaism , and Israel Judaism is like the differences between day and night.

      The only way for American Jews to change the policy between the Arabs and Jews is to make Aliyah (immigration) and live in both countries the US and Israel. The BDS is failed movement, everything today is made in China, and in a global economy, it is impossible to boycott even if they wanted too.

      It, ironically, is a simple process to become a citizen of Israel for a American Jew... if a Jew has at least one grandparent or has a letter from a rabbi on the approved list of rabbis saying that they are Jewish. The government even pays around a $5000 grant in to live there. American Jews that are liberal minded, or atheist/agnostic socialist minded could look at it as a type of Birthright trip vacation, as well.

    • Perhaps, it is even worse; when they feel all nervous; about the "Jewish people" debates...perhaps they are more interested in defending a slogan called the "Jewish people" then, actually, even caring about other living human beings.

    • The problem is American Jews are a tribal people i.e., no Individualization of perspectives. Having that Individualization mindset automatically excommunicates the American Jew from the tribe; because they do not think as a group of people.

      They would have to give up power; political power; stop voting things like that. I don't think it is their DNA to start such a radical change to the group mentality illustrated by groups like AIPAC, in the 21st century.

      In fact, American Jews should embrace the prophetic history of the ancient Israelites; make Aliyah (immigration to Israel)..then move back to the US.

      Too really have a productive voice for humanitarian, or enlightened values; they need to unlearn what they believe it is to be a Jew, Israelite or Hebrew.

  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
    • The New York Times
      By AMY CHOZICK and STEVE EDERAUG. 20, 2016

      For years the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation thrived largely on the generosity of foreign donors and individuals who gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the global charity. But now, as Mrs. Clinton seeks the White House, the funding of the sprawling philanthropy has become an Achilles’ heel for her campaign and, if she is victorious, potentially her administration as well.

      The kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated more than $10 million. Through a foundation, so did the son-in-law of a former Ukrainian president whose government was widely criticized for corruption and the murder of journalists. A Lebanese-Nigerian developer with vast business interests contributed as much as $5 million.

    • It seems to me that Clinton is a lobbyist politician; she will take money from oil prince war BDS organizers too anti-BDS supporters... it is called triangulation politics. She is completely inaccessible to the common man; she will be the Arab leaders political best friend, ever in the history of the conflict.

      That is why I cannot vote for her or Trump. With her in office Iran will then build the Nuclear bomb, I predict; possibly within months. According to DEBKA... Iran can build the nuclear bomb in a few months.

      If your Pro-BDS, which I am not, you should vote for Clinton. Once in office, and Iran gets the Nuclear bomb she or her staff won't even take calls from AIPAC.

      Bill Clinton probably thinks Israel is a corporate welfare state.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
    • I think.... I will read a book by Amos Oz. Even, JFK, and RFK as liberals were involved in US politics... and.... at the same time same time corresponded with anarchist liberals in the peace movement; so, I see no problem with him being involved in politics as a anti-BDS Israeli.

      I'm also anti-BDS, and I am a liberal Israeli American; so I welcome opinions of "liberals" in Israel, that represent a more liberal form of Zionism, then that of the fundamentalist right wing AIPAC; that is a tool of the military-industrial complex.

  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • I think perhaps those American Jews; that defend the PLO from a tribal mentality in the name of the American Jews; in themselves create a collectivist violence; that will naturally create a defensive reaction by a typical fundamentalist right wing AIPAC Zionist, or their supporters.

      When I was living in Israel, as a half Jew; I had to become a Zionist because I fell in love with Israel. Not, because of fear I would be kicked out of the club. I was never a member of the club; but because of my outsider status I have no group mentality to defend, such as that of Zion-ism. Zion-ism is simply some formalistic ways to organize people. But, they are designed for those that no discussions can be done between insiders, and outsiders such as Arabs and Jews. So, it is waste of time even going there.

      The Arabs are a source of "cheap" labor, and strangers with guns, period. When I was in Israel, I did not encounter words like a Arab is a terrorist, it would be bad for business... the tourist business.

      If you really want a genuine encounter with fundamentalist Zionist and American Jews about protecting the rights of PLO Arabs (labor workers)... start talking about the economy, and Arab contributions to that economy. Or, if addressing a Arab PLO group... do the same, talk about PLO rights and how fundamentalist right wing Zionists can help the economic machine, for Arabs.

      The way it is now American Jews sound like their auditioning for some movie; in which they want to play a part in the movie as PLO Arabs in the Middle East... when they sit around talking about the Jews in Israel (the Zionist this the Zionist that) over a cup of coffee. It might help in getting funding from deep pocket Arab oil princes from the Middle East when they sit around saying to themselves... see they think like us...those American Jews; but it will do nothing to address the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • But, there are "Israelites" such as myself; that identify as Israelis. A Israelite is one that was born of the ancient Israelites and choose to accept and remember their 'election" into that past and bring it into the present.; even if they are not Jews. They are different then socialist Israelis or atheistic Hebrews that renounced God. Because Israelites accept the election to the people of God, and are Israelis.My Israeli ID says I'm does not mention Jewish.

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • Raphael, alas, the only thing I can teach is how to forget hebrew.

      Perhaps, rachum, or kavnah might mean tolerance or compassion, in Hebrew; I don't know. I looked up the Hebrew word for longing (longing for compassion, or tolerance?) when I got caught up in the poetry of Nelly Sachs.

      Perhaps, the reason why many Israelis want to forget their modern language, even citizenship, of Israel is because the Hebrew language was corrupted by those that wanted to write out of the official history books... the tolerant more compassionate side of the ancient Biblical Israelite narrative. By writing out the empire vs. creation story. I see no debates about this topic in any modern ways in movies, TV, about Israel.

      For example, Emma Lazarus and Josephine Lazarus were Zionists; but they were written out of the history of Zionism by historians about Zionism, and it seems to me replaced with a patriarchal Zionist perspective ...a form of muscle (militant) Judaism. From what I read of Emma Lazarus and Josephine Lazarus there Zionism seemed liberal; not militant.

      Perhaps, the, powers that be, around 1948 wanted to write that form of communication out of the past of Israel, to have a more militant patriarchal society.

    • I have thought about your reflections on being in a cult. I have no psychotherapy interests; but, I was thinking of the reasons people that were in cults, then get out of cults.

      I was never in a cult; but, it did seem obvious that the two times that I was in Israel; one not as a citizen; then the second time as a citizen; that the mind games (social engineering) of the typical Israeli was in many ways similar to thinking process of the Arabs I was talking to in East Jerusalem. It seems that most in the BDS movements are atheists, or agnostics, funded by rich Arab oil a sort of pay to play politics.

      Most of the original activist groups in the US that were anti Vietnam war; that are mimicked by today's activists, were dirt poor back then; and would certainly not rely upon Middle East war money; because they were pacifists. I'm curious when you burnt up your Israeli passport, did you enter a different religion? Or, did you begin psychotherapy? What school of analysis did you undergo?

      Did you have a period of getting away from it all; like living in the desert, or on a Island, or on a mountain top? Or, turning off the TV, if living in a urban environment? I say this with having no intention of ridicule; but perhaps you might have Arab ancestry,that may be a reason.... like some distant grandparent that was Arab. Your name it seems might be a Sephardic name; but do you have the actual genealogical records showing about their history?

      Have you ever considered simply moving on a remote Island for a few years to escape the cult mentality, that is a part of the many years of indoctrination that you have talked about? I was a activists years ago; so I know most of the groups for peace today are run by self serving reasons; that are not actually cults; but for someone that was in a cult, I don't think advocating for groups like BDS would be much use in the deprogramming process.

    • If Judaism and Jewish identity.

      I don't think that her article; was implying anti-Semitism. But rather the concept of a Jewish identity, when dealing with Jewish groups that sell themselves as Jewish; if that group so happens to be for her all of Israel, in general, so be it, whom am I too judge.

      I never considered myself a part of a cult group. I think it takes a certain amount of courage for her to confront the psychological issues. I went into brief psychotherapy with a Gestalt therapist before I moved to Israel. And, her advice was, basically, beware of cults. That if cult members try and sell you a idea individually, simply walk away from them. Because, their minds are already made up, any discussions is futile, about say me thinking about my genealogical research, about my family tree, that says I may have a royal lineage on the family tree of king David.

      So for me, it was tremendously important too understand the psychological aspects of moving to Israel; so it was much more therapeutic experience for me; because rejections; did not force me to consciously or sub-consciously say Ok. I will go outside, and go shopping to conform, and go buy a Hasidic costume, and learn Hebrew with a Hasidic tone, and live happily ever after.

      Because, it was not my identity, it was their identity; and I was requested at times to erase my identity as a person to save myself from the aggravation of having to discuss not having a Jewish mother, but having a Jewish father.

      I'm sort of a anarchist, so it was not that difficult for me to jump into the story of Israel, so to speak. For me I enjoy the Zionist part of it; because some of my relatives were Zionist many years ago. But, my Zionism is not their Zionism. Mine is more individualistic, creative , and spiritual; that is not even from modern a Judaism or Zionism, generally, but is rather from my Catholic faith in God. So, if I learn Hebrew; it would be a New Testament type of Hebrew, as a Israelite.

      From what I read about Judaism it is the story of a group of people having a "story" about how to escape injustices. I never was a part of the group; so it was easy for me to not let myself be brainwashed while I was living there.

    • Genealogical research is not easy for the Jewish people... I think because most of the records were destroyed. So some people in the Jewish community started to manufacture, as status symbols false family trees, family lines that did not exist. Herzl, was manufactured to be a icon, a new modern day King David.

      Herzl’s family genealogy was mentioned by two Jewish history scholars:

      Some families, including Theodor Herzl’s went so far to invent a distant Sephardic genealogy.

      Amos Elon, The Pity of it All; a Portrait of the German Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933, 260

      Fredrick S. Roden, Recovering Jewishness, Modern Identities Reclaimed, 2016, 18

    • There is some recent Jewish historical research by scholars about the cultural, and political reasons for the conflicts in America and the Middle East..discussing the ancient historical Israel and modern Israel... that might help to answer the questions from liberal anarchist writers.

      One, a Catholic writer with Jewish ancestry Wes Howard-Brook ( Horowitz). And, one a former Catholic priest that lived in Israel; that was involved in the anti-Vietnam war protests.

      "Come Out My People": God's Call Out of Empire In the Bible and Beyond, 2010, Wes Howard-Brook

      Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World, James Carroll, 2011

      “Jews,” “Judeans” and the Gospel of John: a response to Adele Reinhartz,Wes Howard-Brook

      I was taught by my mother from as long as I can remember to be proud of my Jewish heritage and not to betray it by “selling out” or trying “to pass” as my father did, changing the family name from “Horowitz” to “Howard” and having a nose job (as was the fashion at the time) to “look less Jewish.” I believe that my four decades following Jesus have made me more, not less, grateful for my heritage and the gifts of the Jews to the world.

    • extremists to understand (read: score points) has the smell of stalin or kim jong

      I don't think it is what they mean. As I see it, it is a group of inexperienced individuals that mean well, trying to genuinely find a peaceful solution.

      In the US... such as the Vietnam war protestors, the organizers were mostly religious, and pacifism was read like a science. But, when I was in Israel it was like a blackout of all American culture, let alone that of Kennedy liberals, peace activists.

      It seems like today many are atheists, are the organizers, which in my brief look into Israelis history... that might have been fine before 1967. But it seems to me the state of Israel has become a ethno-national state, using religion to police it, and that atheists trying to negotiate on behalf of both sides for the US, and the Arabs, is likely to fail because atheism as far as I interpret it is unpopular in Israel.

      There are millions of books about pacifism,activists, and Jewish activists in the US, that helped actually stop the Vietnam War.

      To really address the language issue it might help to translate all that literature into Hebrew; that in itself will bring out the fundamentalist book burners; but then the debate at least is over ideas instead of the individuals that make up the people that genuinely would like a better world.

    • The ‘specialness trap’ is even more insidious. Jewish Israeli group psychology is very similar to the psychology of a cult. One of the hallmarks of cults is their feeling that they are special and that everything about them, who they are, what they believe, what they do, even their destiny, are special.

      Soon after I landed and was settled into my new apartment in Israel; I joined a organization in Israel. I told him I was not Jewish, by Jewish law. He said, "Lie, and say you are a Orthodox Jew, just about everyone around here is Orthodox."

      I told him that my great grandfather was a president of a Orthodox synagogue in the US. He then said, "See you are entitled."

      I could not do it, I could not lie about my own identity as a person. As it turns out; I may look more Jewish then most Jews, or Israeli Jews; I don't even need to wear black Hasidic costume, to look Jewish.

      It obviously was social engineering at work.

    • Everywhere the Earth
      is building its colonies of homesickness.
      Not to land
      on the oceans of addicted blood
      only to sway
      in the luminous music of ebb and flood
      only to sway
      to the rhythm of the unscathed
      mark of eternity:
      life – death –

      Nelly Sachs

    • I have reviewed hundreds of books; I only found mostly American Jewish writers; and one poet Nelly Sachs..her poetry is the best poetry I ever read that interests me about Jewish culture; but I don't think her work is in Hebrew.

      Your genealogical insights are very helpful; some of my family members came from the kovno area of Lithuania; I think that is in some ways similar to Latvia. They could have come from Latvia; then moved to Lithuania, so if I have that Latvia look, also I could go to the Latvian archive and do genealogical research.

      Most of the bookstores in Israel had only Jewish religious books, or Hebrew books with no translation of books from America it seemed... sort of like a blackout of American culture. If I ever move back to Israel I won't have to put on their black Hasidic costume; I can simply go into a Latvian persona; to have that look, making my life there much easier.

      Especially, when I'm at the center stage of the whole who is a Jew debate, I at times asked myself if even they have that look... so yes, I did, when I was there have plenty of time to look at Israelis; when they spoke to me, and were on or about their lives. I was amazed at how generally they don't have that look. American Jews generally have more of that look.

      The authors I read about in Israel in Hebrew seemed rather dull, lacking in art entirely.

    • I think in some ways, not all ways about the colonialism stuff, but in a way I had a similar Israeli experience.

      I recently moved from Israel after living there briefly. I'm a dual citizen now of both the US and Israel. I was never raised as a religious Jew; and I was always a outsider to the Jewish community; even though I look Jewish. Being raised in the US for a time with my father and my mother separately , after my mother and father divorced; I seen both communities; the Jewish community and the neighborhood my father lived in, and the non Jewish community my mother lived in.

      In the US, it seems to me that Jewishness from a Israeli Jewishness is much different, that in the US. If I was ever going to be a Jew... I would certainly pick Israel though...if I had to pick one or the other. I would have loved to of lived there after I made Aliyah ; but I'm not Jewish; and as a Catholic Jew, I had no civil rights while I was living there; so I left, and moved back to the US.

      But, my spiritual connection to Israel has been renewed, on a inner level. It was a therapeutic experience for me to have lived there; and I'm in the process of learning Hebrew. Are there any modern Hebrew books you can recommend; to help me learn the language?

  • Druze Arabs in the occupied Golan Heights discuss borders, identity, colonialism and war
    • I had a wonderful experience in Israel... the orthodox Jews that took me under their wing; did not at all try to proselytize me, when I was living in Israel.

      Around the time I moved to Israel three rabbis would have written that I was Jewish. In fact, one rabbi, that I met briefly, stated that I was Jewish in a letter, because, I was born from a father that was born Jewish. After I read it, I then asked him to revise it to state that my father was Jewish... and not me.

      One rabbi that would have written a letter saying I was Jewish was a former Orthodox rabbi; and I did not even ask him to state that I was Jewish. But, I had asked him to say that my father is Jewish.

      There was even another rabbi I spoke to years ago over the phone; that knew my grandparents... I asked him to say that they were Jewish; but he insisted that I was definitely Jewish, and that was what he wanted to say in a letter. He repeated it around four times that I was Jewish; even though I told him my mother was not Jewish.

      I'm a Catholic Jew though; so I could only say that to them. But, in the general Israeli world; I felt like I had no civil rights as a Catholic Jew; so I moved back to the US.

    • It’s not all that difficult to convert to Judaism

      I did not convert when I became a Israeli American. As a Mischling (mixed-blood) Jew, I'm already a alien to the tribe.

      If I converted I would be in Hebrew a convert called a Geir (legal alien) which would only be reinforcing my alienation from the club. And, it is only the Orthodox that would love for me to convert; so I would still be alienated; from the rest of the Jewish community that is not Orthodox.

      When I was living in Israel, it was only the Orthodox Jews that took me under their wing; as if I was one of their own. I think because I look Jewish.

    • An Israeli soldier I spoke to in Jerusalem in March – American, from New Jersey, I think – said “The Druze love us.” Really?

      One of the reasons why I decide to leave Israel, after, I became a citizen; is I was imagining scenario of myself hiking in some border area like the Jesus Trail, not on a official tour; and sensing danger, then getting bogus advise about a Arab by a Israeli soldier, or even a civilian that used to be a soldier.

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • My interpretation of it; is that the Jewish community became anti-Goyim after World War II; and especially after, the 1967 war in Israel... before that there was basically no resentment of "others," as in us vs. them. But, the orthodox were the only exception.

      And, also the Jewish people when the state of Israel started, the fundamentalists were in a minority; now they are in the majority, as far as policy making for both US Jews, and Israeli Jews.

      Israel, being a militaristic state then made anti-Goyism a means to boost morale, among the troops. In the US anti gentilism is in the home but not in public; they are liberal democrats. I know, I lived in both a Jewish home, and the home of a goy.

      But, then again, in the goyim home after World War II they had too scapegoat the Jews. Many family members I learned later on in life, would not even tell other family members I was ever even born; simply, because my mother married a Jew. I had family members that were German or part German, that were in the world War II; but anti-Semitism among German American soldiers in the US was the same as it was in Germany, during the war.

    • Actually, I never even heard of Goldberg. I see what you mean though, about the repeating the same thing over again in his mind. Many people do that over and over again, when they think.

      It seems to me, that Israel in the imagination, and the Jewish people in general was much more liberal minded up until World War II. Then it slowly went downhill from forced Ghettos, to a self imposed one now called Israel.

      It is a sort of Catch 22 seems to me... for religious Jews (Israelis); because if the conflict with the Arabs stop; the religious Jews and their surrogate politicians the far right wing politicians will be unemployed. And, even if the left wing politicians in Israel get in power, which is very unlikely ever to occur in the future... they are not like liberal Jews in the US. they are in a way totalitarian socialists; and would only be empowered by the Soviet Jews that moved to Israel; and the ghetto mentality would still continue, even if it was all sold as a revolution.

      My prediction is that around a 100 years from now; Israel will be in many ways like the Soviet Union; in that even getting a Visa to leave the country could be denied, or long waits months to get a Visa, and underground forced labor by non Jews, or non-Jewish Jews.

    • In May 2011 Sheldon Adelson

      When I was in Israel one Israeli told me that Israel is the 51st state of the US. I'm guessing in times of non conflict with the Arabs. It seems to me that the theocracy they live in now; is just a irrational psychological fear they need to confront.

      And, it could easily be resolved; especially, if more liberal Jews from the US make Aliyah (immigration to Israel). Most American Jews that make Aliyah, currently, are fundamentalist Republican Orthodox, and, by moving there... citizenship is automatic after 3 months; then move back to the US. Then travel to Israel during election time to vote. Once the fundamentalists are voted out, amend the law to let Israelis living overseas vote.

      According to a book about Jewish Identity...written by a Catholic Jew... it says that the reasons the Jewish people did not live with equal, and democratic rights supposedly granted to them because of the French Revolution, was because it (the ghetto) was forced upon them by non Jews.

      See Jewish Identity : Association of Hebrew Catholics:

      The French Revolution marks the watershed between the medieval and modern periods in the history of the Jewish People. It thrust open the rusty gates of the ghetto and granted equality of political and civil rights to the public executioner and the persecuted Jew alike. The precipitate entry of Jews into Gentile society initiated a struggle for civil liberties in the countries of Europe, as the fermenting principles of the Revolution reached them one after another.

      Admirable as were in themselves the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, beneficial as were the widening opportunities offered to Jews for advancement in all fields of social life, the underlying rationalism of the Revolution led ineluctably to the eventual destruction of the fabric on which the new freedoms were erected. The social theory of J. J. Rousseau, which conceived society as originating in a contract between equal and autonomous individuals, was inapplicable to the Jews. They were inescapably a foreign religious community. Equal before the law, Jews were different from others. A reaction to their entry into European society set in. Opposed to Rousseau’s exaggerated individualism, Gentiles organized themselves into nation-states, each possessed by a pseudo-mystical soul, in which strangers could not participate. Modern nationalism was born. The Jew found out to his cost that constitutional equality did not guarantee social equality. A new anti-Semitism flared up out of the smouldering embers of ancient religious prejudices. The Dreyfus Affair, occurring in the very land where the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity had been trumpeted forth with so much enthusiasm,
      disclosed to Theodor Herzl the frightening intensity of the new Jew-hatred. Convinced that civil emancipation had failed to solve the Jewish problem, Herzl conceived an alternative solution, a State for Jews in distress.

    • Also see George Steiner

      War and the crisis of language
      "See Sartre's essay on Parain in Situations I [Paris, 1947], p. 192.)"

      Society Must Be Defended - Rebel Studies Library

      Situation (Sartre)
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      He then published his series Situations, with ten volumes on Literary Critiques and What Is Literature? (1947), the third volume (1949), Portraits (1964), Colonialism and Neocolonialism (1964), Problems of Marxism, Part 1 (1966), Problems of Marxism, Part 2 (1967), The Family Idiot (1971-2), Autour de 1968 and Melanges (1972), and Life/Situations: Essays Written and Spoken (1976).

    • So far it seems to me that the way I interpret it; is that they (reporters) are replaced with "ministers of truth".... focusing back then on how to influence their audience of newspaper readers.

      I'm guessing that today would be today's technology... with the TV, and political commentary activists.

      I'm curious about the question myself, so I might have a answer soon.

    • Good question.

      I'm guessing this topic is in heretic territory; so too properly answer it might take some time.

    • How do we have a culture that allows these type of moral and ethical contradictions to go, without even a discussion about it?

      By the degeneration of language. By war mandarins that would usually be working for the government, instead, being employed by the media industry, as journalists.

      See Michael Foucault, Madness and Civilization [New York: 1967]

      Also, Brice Parain about "word sickness" concerning journalism.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • “War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.”

      John F. Kennedy

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • I actually seen how Israelis and Arab workers interact with each other... Arab workers possibly even from over the wall...and, how they interact with each other, they (right wing Israelis and conservative Arabs) all speak the same language, that is why there is a, wink and nod, rule about letting Arabs come to Israel too work.

    • Here is another reason, why fundamentalist right wing Israelis would get along just fine with their Arab fundamentalist neighbors; they need the cheap" labor, regardless, of that the media says, about the conflict.

      When I was living in Israel... many times I could not tell the difference of who was a Jew or a Arab, in how they looked... and, also, their philosophy in life was similar in many ways.

      The Jerusalem Post
      IDF chief: Over 50,000 Palestinians infiltrate into Israel from West Bank daily

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • states are all required however to have “respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force”

      That is what I meant; they do not even respect basic sovereign rights of individual Israelis; or rights as a nation state, home for the Jewish people. They close off of all discussion for peace, because they are at war.

    • I'm confused. As I recently made Aliyah to Israel... before I moved back to the US. I was required to find a apartment to live in in Israel, as part of the process. The first apartment I found was in Judea and Samaria. I spoke to American Jews that are my friends, and Israelis about this, and none seem to object, as calling them illegal settlers under international law. The only ones that had strong objections, with that legalese wording were the goy side of my family members.

      I did not move into that apartment for safety reasons; I was not looking forward, to after landing, getting into a taxi and going too Judea and Samaria.

      I'm confused about how liberal Zionist are defined as such in Israel. In the US they would simply be called a don't rock the boat Jew; by any ultra liberal group or individual regardless of religion.

      How can they claim to be for "peace" if they (liberal Zionists) are not pacifists? Or even picked up a book and read about US pacifism?

    • how have you reached this conclusion might I ask?

      The Arabs were living in Judea and Samaria when the Israelites starting moving back mostly after the second war, granted, But, The Arabs were and are a warlike tribe; that would not even consider a debate with the Israelites in the past and even in the present in a democratic humane manner; and they were and are not friendly neighbors; they are warlike and brutal, and, did not, and do not seek to live with their neighbors in peace; so the Israelis were and are justified in the self defense of their land.

      The Arabs even until this present day refuse to even acknowledge that Israel exists, because, the Arabs are at war with them.

      I'm not even a Jew, I'm a non Jewish Jew; that became a Israeli, so I'm a second class citizen of the Middle East... one class above a Arab that is third class citizen, or resident.

      I say it in all sincerity; that if the Arabs want a genuine peace; they should begin by stopping to use insane tactics, magical attempts to subvert language, debates, in pseudo debates or pseudo negotiations by using the media (war propaganda) to attempt to influence world opinion.

      After all is said... it is not the UN, or the US, or the Arab States, or American Jews that the Arabs in Judea and Samaria will have to negotiate a deal with... it is with Israel.

      The country of Israel, and the Arabs of Judea and Samara could live in peace with one another; but why not simply live in peace with one another, by having a nation within a nation,the nation of Israel first?

      Then look at creative ways rather then destructive ways to communicate with each other day to day.

    • See recent Jerusalem Post article about reporters covering Trump, in Israel. The reporters care more about Trump then Israelis.

      The Jerusalem Post
      Reporters outnumbered average citizens at the highly publicized event. The overwhelming majority of the citizens were not American and had no idea why there was a Trump event at their local mall.

    • What about the rest of the world?

      I think most of the world could care less. The rest of the people that are employed by the media, and all of the media industry world cares.. and the people that watch it (the TV) then get into scapegoat mechanism mode, until they run out of enemies in their dull lives; then they turn on the TV again to find another enemy.

      In other words, If there was no such technology as a TV, etc., the world would not care; they would not see violence to rally around.

    • Did you include the gray area of Jews in that statistic; the "other" non-Jewish Jews, as the Israelis call them?

      I'm assuming the American Jews don't even include them in a statistic, to not offend almighty nation of Israel, and the American Jewish communities idol mediator (secular god) of Israel, AIPAC.

    • Clinton herself has been a supporter of such interventions,

      Politicians lie.

      A majority of US citizens have no concern for Middle East politics. It has been ingrained in the American psyche, that America is the light on top of the hill; and that the world revolves around them.

      They then watch the news; and repeat whatever slogan is seen on the news. It is a age of the destruction of language in which no "reflection" is done by individuals.

      It is not even professional news reporting... it is of a tabloid quality. The media, and politicians like the conflict of the Middle East and all conflicts, because the more violence there is in the world... the more viewers the media has, and the more the stock goes up. Man and mankind has become a thing, a cog in the machine.

    • It seems to me that the Boycott movement does not have much chance of success with the of the majority of the Jewish community.

      I'm opposed to the Boycott movement; because I'm a Israeli American. I say this as a half Jew; with no dog in the fight. As, being part Jewish, German, Irish and possibly French; though mostly Jewish. After long consideration of both sides of the conflict, I have concluded that the Israelis are generally right, and the Arabs have no reason to even debate the issue.

      Perhaps, if they did not even debate the issue; the Israelite community would de less defensive, and more open to peace talks, with a genuine long lasting end to the conflict.

      I moved from Israel; because I was a Christian Jew; so I basically had no civil rights, because I'm in that category of "other", and having a non Jewish mother was another reason I had no civil rights; with regard to the who is a Jew debates.

      But, I have even less rights with the Arabs or Muslims whom consider me a 100% Jew and a Zionist. I'm a Zionist but for completely different reasons then most Jews, Israelis or Arabs have ever considered; and, because of this, my form of Zionism is in the minority.

      I interviewed Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs. And it seems to me that Israelis should, also have Judea and Samaria, as a part of their country.

      And, then allow the vast worldwide people that are Zionists or "others" in the gray zone of Jewish(Jewish but not Jewish) in the who is a Jew question, to live in Judea an d Samaria as Israelis. And, because they are not in the category of the Israeli firsters, or the socialist, or atheistic eugenic Jewish race firsters;they should have full rights to live in Judea, and Samaria.

      The Arabs have no rights being there historically. I as a citizen of Israel have more rights then they do; and, because the Arabs are in a state of war with Israeli Americans like me; they should be given limited rights to a nation within a nation (Israel)..they would have full sovereignty, in the land that is leased to them in Judea and Samaria by Israel; but they could only vote for leaders in their own local community, or nation within a nation, but would have no voting rights in Israeli elections.

      The Israelis and generally most Israeli Americans have to say Ein Breira (There is no alternative)...but American Jews have a alternative; they can argue for a two state solution.amd rights for Arabs regarding the settlements; but most Israelis including myself; know that it a political formula domed to fail.

  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • Very few want to go though the boot camp that is necessary to be a true radical, or liberal. Look at the word liberal; how it has been marginalized by both the Democrats and the Republicans.

      To be a true radical in the 21st century, requires that, one of the first things one has to do is unlearn the lies that a person is a product of. And, likely go through the ridicule of being a outsider by mobs of people. For the crowd... for the common people, reason has become, a subversive thought; and thus the radical, liberal, or anarchist is a enemy of the people, or an enemy of the state.

      I could only imagine, how impossible it could be a radical, or liberal in a Arab society where communal thoughts determine what is a radical, or a liberal. It would be nice if a Arab could write about this. Did Salman Rushdie write about this?

  • Israeli settler leader, rejected by Brazil, gets warm welcome in New York
    • And, it is getting worse.

      Israel, in its ideal wants to be the Third Temple. A majority of American Jews, secular, socialists and religious Jews from Reconstructionist Jews, to the Orthodox are for it. The only way to negotiate with such a fundamentalist right wing mentality is to think like they think. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

      A majority of the international Jewish community wants a Jewish ghetto in In Israel; with a in name only democracy that politicians give lip service too. So, the Arabs should advocate for their own nation(or ghetto) within the nation of Israel.

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel
  • Israeli soldier shoots Palestinian taxi driver in head by mistake, then Israel seizes his car and entry permit
    • Here is a excellent example of government propaganda. It, the government of Israel makes and entire group (the left) into a enemy of the state. This form of social engineering (propaganda) is and example the the classic use of the scapegoat mechanism.


      In War Over Hearts and Minds, Israeli Army Becomes Ideological Battlefield

      A new campaign castigating educational institutes that offer programs promoting pluralism in the IDF, in addition to recent incendiary comments by religious and political figures in that vein, show that the army has become not only a legitimate field of battle but a strategic outpost to be captured.

      The well-made video clip that’s been making the rounds of the social networks lately was designed, shot and written in the finest tradition of Israeli media consultant Moshe Klughaft. It makes use of stigmatizing, scare-mongering effects that have been resorted to in the past by right-wing organizations such as Im Tirzu and Ad Kan, under Klughaft’s inspiration.

      read more:

    • There was a sociologists, and a Zionist of the British Mandate by the name of Arthur Ruppin that was a founder of the typical modern day Israeli. The modern day Israeli is a product of eugenics...they might not know it, but they are product of it.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      As a social movement, eugenics reached its greatest popularity in the early decades of the 20th century. At this point in time, eugenics was practiced around the world and was promoted by governments and influential individuals and institutions. Many countries enacted various eugenics policies and programmes, including: genetic screening, birth control, promoting differential birth rates, marriage restrictions, segregation (both racial segregation and segregation of the mentally ill from the rest of the population), compulsory sterilization, forced abortions or forced pregnancies, and genocide.

      Arthur Ruppin and the Production of the Modern Hebrew Culture

    • In international antigenocide law

      I was thinking that you might be raising the proposed law on eugenics. Such as bad genes or bad stock leads to genocidal conflicts, or wars. Seems all logical in theory ; but in order to ever pass such a law; it might be helpful to show how show why the law is needed. Such as to not let individuals or politicians to use the scapegoat mechanism.

      See René Girard and the scapegoat mechanism.

  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • Mordechai Vanunu

      In the US; there is Daniel Ellsberg, and the Pentagon Papers.

      Daniel Ellsberg is a conscientious objector to the miliary industrial complex.

      Daniel Ellsberg
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Daniel Ellsberg (born April 7, 1931) is an activist and former United States military analyst who, while employed by the RAND Corporation, precipitated a national political controversy in 1971 when he released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Pentagon study of U.S. government decision-making in relation to the Vietnam War, to The New York Times and other newspapers.

      Ellsberg was charged under the Espionage Act of 1917 along with other charges of theft and conspiracy, carrying a total maximum sentence of 115 years.

    • It’s been the Arab policy for decades

      I don't recall even one sentence of the lengthy Arab policy you mentioned; ever discussed by them. All the Arabs I spoke to seemed to be generally be concerned about the economic problems; that the conflict gives to their community.

    • When I was in East Jerusalem before I became a Israeli citizen, as a half Jew. I spoke to many Arabs, I don't recall them ever saying that all they want is a secular democratic state, on equal terms, with the Jews in West Jerusalem.

    • YoniFalic,

      I have read much of your works as a historian; and your struggle with being a ex-Israeli is to me interesting. So I will give my thoughts about this.

      It seems that you lost your identity, as a Israeli, after some unfair things happened to Arabs while you were in battle with Arab combatants, while a member of the Israeli military.

      If anything.... for you to correctly confront the problem; you should have gone public in Israel as a conscientious objector too wars. Then, the powers that be probably would have kicked you out of Israel; but that would have been much more therapeutic for you, then running away from your problems,and voluntarily giving up your Israeli citizenship.

      It is always better to confront ones problems; rather then run away from them. You said you were in therapy for your psychological issues. But, it does not seem like your therapist has been much help. Have you ever considered gestalt therapy?

      You should have quit the military as soon as you were given commands that were unfair, because, of humanitarian grounds.. and, at the very least you should have never pulled the trigger to shoot innocent non-combatants; in a war zone. You should have not followed the commands to shoot. You should have never "cooperated" with a unjust order.

      Not sitting next to me on a plane (I as a complete stranger)? Is that really going to help you with your shattered identity?

    • I was born with a Hebrew name, not a Jewish name; which is on my American passport. My American passport also has as my Oleh visa in it. I look like a American Jew. I even asked a Israeli Arab, in Israel, and, even said I'm Jewish even if I'm a half Jew. The Arabs no matter what I might consider as being non Jewish... consider me to be Jewish, if I have a Jewish father. I even read a modern Jewish scholarship book, and it says the same thing that the Arabs consider Mischlinge Jews to be 100% Jews.

      The passport holder I have has both my American passport on one side, and my Israeli passport on the other side; because, I'm a dual citizen of Israel and the United States. I would make it a point to not hide my Israeli passport in the passport holder, anywhere when I travel.

    • It seems to ne that Zionism is misunderstood. For example, I became a Zionist after I was attacked for being Jewish; even though, technically, I'm not Jewish. It seems to be that Zionism can be a love for Israel or Jerusalem or another word for Israel. When I moved to Israel recently (but then then moved back)... it seemed that a majority of the people living there were quasi refugees; that were forced to live there because of religious persecution. If anything the Arabs should be friendly to them seeking to have them to live there. But, it seems to me obvious they do not want them to live there...because the Middle East Arabs at war with them.

      For example, I'm forbidden as a Israeli American with a dual passport to enter Middle Eastern countries that American Jews and US politicians are allowed to go to... and those groups can receive funding from rich Arabs hostile to Israeli Jews...I would assume oil money.

      That is why I cannot vote for Clinton or Trump this election, they do not care about people in the Middle East. At least I tell people to their face that I could care less about Arab rights. But then again I could care less about the rights of the PLO, and also I could care less the Jewish version of the PLO AIPAC rights. Why would I care about a group of people that are hostile and not friendly to me? It goes against the grain of human nature. Be my friend, then perhaps I might care.

      Things are never going to change. Frankly no one in Israel even literally knows anything about American Jews; let alone liberalism. Nor do they want to know. So, I support a one state peace plan; with no mosques too exist on Israeli land. Israeli country as being a part of Judea and Samaria, as well; with no mosques to be in Jerusalem. All mosques should be dismantled and sent to Iraq.

      If the Israelis want a Temple so be it, I could care less; I personally think it would be nothing more then a tourist attraction and a tourist trap... but God gave everyone a free will (even the Israelis) so if they want a Temple; it is their country... they should have built one in 1948, in my opinion. With no mosques for the Arabs to rally around to stir up conflicts ; there would be peace.

  • Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their 'hygiene culture is not like ours'
    • Mishnaic Judaic religion was almost certainly an import from Mesopotamian Judaic convert communities.

      My guess is they are the same frum (pious) people that have a nervous breakdown, when I tell them I have a non Jewish mother.

    • I recently made Aliyah to Israel as a American; but I left Israel and I will probably never move back. But, I have been trying to learn Hebrew. When I try and read something as ordinary as the Bible or Tanakh, I can figure out quick enough that this all seems like a bad interpretation or rewrite of the original Hebrew. I'm not Jewish by religion; but I'm fascinated with the history of Israel. Can you recommend a book, or style of Hebrew I might like such as Paleo-Hebrew? I'm a Catholic Jew that is a Israelite.

      When I was living in Israel I made it a point to only speak in English; and, if I did ever learn modern Hebrew... I would like to learn a vocabulary that is sarcastic of the people I'm talking too, are there any Israelis of modern Hebrew that have thought of this?

  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • De Swaan’s thesis is thus startling: Civilization breaks down when one group inside the collective body starts over-emphasizing its own cohesiveness and unity, thereby excluding other groups, isolating them, spatially and symbolically. It is an excess of unity that facilitates dis-identification from other groups, and thus encourages violence (immediately after the Brexit vote, England saw expressions of such breakdowns in codes of civility and in verbal violence against Polish or Latvian migrants).
      read more:

      It seems to me that group thinking lets the ones that are in the group to erase the individual consciousness of the individual.... by becoming members of the group, or club makes one a good soldier.

      As I think about my Jewish side of my family, it is shocking to me that the idolatry of a nation, religion or money can influence even family members to turn on their own family members. Even though they and me are basically literally twins of each other. But, I the mischlinge, become, because, my mother is a non Jew I thus become Abel) and one of the the others.... Us vs.Them ; but they are the heroes (Cainites ); even though they did nothing to deserve the title of hero, for a nation, or even a people called Jews, Hebrews or Israelites.

    • raphael, i asked you

      When I read the book about Sylvia Rafael; I think I recall she was not Jewish; that she never converted. But, I personally don't believe anything that is said by the Mossad, that they would say publicly, in a book, about one of their agents.

      I don't think there are any Jewish laws that say a person has to publicly say they are Jewish, if she did convert.From what I do know, Judaism is a communal society that could be secular or religious. And, from what I read from media stories non-Jews have it easier when they convert in the IDF. And, the whole conversion debate between Israeli and American Jews is a whole other story.

      Well, the intermarriage Pew polls show the difficulties for non-Jewish, Jewish Christians, to live in Israel if there is no American style democratic community for them to live in.

      For example, when I went to Mass in Israel, it was not a community of other Jewish Christians like at around the time of Christ. But, was mostly communities of third class citizens or resident workers that work in Israeli communities that don't want to have Arabs as workers. Such as Philippine Christian communities, and Indian religious services .And, Latin language religious services for the traditional conservative Christian tourists.

      I think what I read from modern Jewish scholars; that the whole debate over intermarriage was over money. When Ezra came back to Israel; they had to compete in a economy with the Israelite Israelis that were multicultural that were living there; so they came up with a religious excuse, to kick out the non Jewish wives of Jewish husbands. It seems to me that it is not much different today.

    • My first question was why would

      When I read the news about her; it seems that they recruited her to be a assassin. It could be any number of reasons why she wanted to be a agent. My theory is that she could have been a scapegoat; they gave her a surrogate family; to deal with personal psychological issues...perhaps biopolar issues.

      And, because she looked Jewish, sort of, she could deal with the day to day stuff of being a Israeli. I think I read that she was intelligent, and out going... so they I'm guessing brainwashed her to work for them. What if she was a drug addict? What if they simply paid her a million dollars? Spies have been known to not be the most "moral" people in the world.

      It just seemed to me that they used her, to increase their own agendas by the use of the scapegoat mechanism, regardless of her personal reasons, whatever, they may be.

    • One of Israel’s most famous spies (Sylvia Rafael Schjødt

      I do research into how the media reports news.; and language corruption. And, it seemed like a interesting story to me; because Sylvia Rafael has a Jewish father... but a non Jewish mother.

      The same story as me...I have a Jewish father, and a non Jewish Christian mother.

      When I read the book about her it appears that she was scapegoated by the mossad. Obviously, the book written by a "Mossad" agent had some sort of official PR brainwashing mechanism as the ultimate goal.... he seemed to me that he had a agenda to cover up the scapegoating of her, by writing about her. That is my interpretation of the book about her anyway.

      I'm also interested, because, I'm now a Israeli, and a American, so I like to read about how others that made Aliyah experience their life in Israel, as Israelis.

      Sylvia Rafael
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Born near Cape Town in 1937, she was the daughter of a Jewish father. Although her mother was not Jewish, Rafael immigrated to Israel in 1963, where she lived on a kibbutz....

    • old geezer- simply put – a Christian jew

      Modern Jewish history scholarship has the following excellent books etc., and there are other articles about the social, political and religious roles of the non Jewish Jews throughout history:

      Jewish opposition to intermarriage is well known. Yet a million couples in the United States alone stand under the intermarried chupah. To those couples we pose the following question:

      Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Samson, Joseph, Esther, Salomon.

      What do they al have in common?

      They are intermarried.

      Strange Wives: The Paradox of Biblical Intermarriage – December 15, 2014
      by Ph.D Stanley Ned Rosenbaum (Author), Rabbi Allen Secher (Author)

      Amos Elon, The Pity of it All; a Portrait of the German Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933, 260

      Fredrick S. Roden, Recovering Jewishness, Modern Identities Reclaimed, 2016, 18

      Come Out My People!": God's Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond – October 1, 2010
      by Wes Howard-Brook

      Israelis are a religiously diverse people who live in close proximity to one another. But when it comes to marriage, they rarely cross religious lines – not only between Judaism, Islam and Christianity, for example, but also across the country’s four major categories of Jewish identity. April 4, 2016 By Carlyle Murphy

      One of Israel’s most famous spies (Sylvia Rafael Schjødt) is a half Jew. Her father was Jewish.

      Israel’s legendary spy returns to the European cinematic spotlight – in a documentary about her life.

      “One day when true peace comes, they will write books about her, name streets after her and make movies of her life,” wrote Eitan Haber, former defense correspondent and close associate and adviser to former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, in Yediot Aharonot in 2005, following the funeral of top Mossad agent, Sylvia Raphael at Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh.

      Sylvia Rafael Schjødt
      Born near Cape Town in 1937, she was the daughter of a Jewish father. Although her mother was not Jewish, Rafael immigrated to Israel in 1963, where she lived on a kibbutz, later working as a teacher.

    • I think the reason, why, is because after Christ died; they rewrote religion to not include the prophets of Israel.

      It became a nation of rabbinic laws. I think he has it wrong though... the socialists that had originally been in Israel opposed to the rabbinic way, by even calling themselves Hebrews. that formula might have worked if they had better leaders that were not eugenic oriented in philosophy.

      What American Jews need to do is make aliyah, and become more prophetic; that is by developing their own counter-stories by becoming prophets, and poets. Israel has no art, as well... probably as a result of being a militaristic state; so Israelis need to be more pacifistic, as well too counter the conservatism, and the idolatry of money (the golden calf) and war.

      It is actually easy to make aliyah. Once a citizen; after three months of living there; then fly back to the US; and lobby...start out by lobbying for overseas voting, then vote the conservatives out of office. Start a petition plan to have Debbie Wassermann Schultz to make aliyah to start out; think of all the free publicity, such a thing would be for American Jews, and Israeli Jews. Most there know some English so; the language difference is not much a issue. There are currently 400000 Israelis living overseas; many of them are in the US; they no doubt would welcome being able to vote in elections, in Israel.

  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • Or Kaifeing's Jews

      Looking Jewish: Visual Culture & Modern Diaspora
      Carol Zemel

      Jewish art and visual culture--art made by Jews about Jews--in modern diasporic settings is the subject of Looking Jewish.

    • I thought you could be either a Christian or a Jew.

      A Christian Jew is not of the Jewish religion...but is a Israelite.

      See, Jewish Identity Within the Church : Association of Hebrew Catholics

    • My guess is that most Israelis laugh at the UN. When I was living there; I had no rights as a Christian Jew. The politicians say otherwise, that it is all a democracy with the three major religions, all living in one big harmony. But in reality it a theocracy with indivisible walls, separating not just the Jews, and Arabs, but there are invincible walls separating the Russian (Soviet) Jews and the Ashkenazi Jews, etc.

      And it is getting worse... my guess is 90% of Jewish Israelis agree with ultra Orthodox. The left is marginalized for a reason. Israel is basically like a shtetl community from the old country in Ukraine in the seventieth or eighteenth century; where they are under strict rabbinic law.

      Also, no change has occurred from 1948. The 1967 Six-Day War guaranteed American Jewish support; even American Jews are going to the traditional way of the ultra orthodox, both secular and religious American Jews generally,

      So, it is the best deal possible.

    • I'm wondering, why, the Israelis even go through the motions of peace talks? I read about the history of the original Zionist government wanting a bi-national state. But what good would it do to-day? In a world of anti-Semitism; that I'm guessing is a result of the Jewish people, Hebrews, or Israelites moving to other lands. and demanding a nation within a nation rights only generally made matters worse to the point of world conflicts as a result of anti-Semitism in the modern nation states they lived in.

      If anything the governments of the world should encourage that the Jews have Judea and Samaria, and then let the Arab citizens have rights, however, the Israelis define it... to let them live in the same areas of Israel, as the Jews.

      The Arabs could say the same thing; that the Hebrews would say in the nations that they were living in that all they want is a nation within a nation rights, to limited autonomy in cities or towns or communities that their homes are in, that the Arabs would live in.

      And, not expect to have things like mosques in a Jewish country. The Jews should be allowed to develop their own culture, architecture and art in Israel. With no violence in the area the tourism industry would increase, then more jobs, and wages for both the Arabs and the Jews.

      As a Catholic Jew... when I became a citizen of Israel I was prohibited from even stating I was a Catholic; probably because of the Evangelicals, that would stand on the corners and try and convert Hasidic Jews.

      I would have no problem as a Catholic Jew; if I simply had limited rights within a community; to be a Catholic Jew; without even having a physical church building, so as to not offend the ultra Orthodox.

      It should not be that much different then the Arab population, their mosques should be torn down, and replaced with even a Third Temple if that is what the Israelis want. God gave everyone a free will; if they want a rebuilt Temple, so be it, let it be written. Why not make all of Jerusalem the Third Temple?

    • Interesting, when I was living in Israel I seen posters of Menachem Mendel Schneerson everywhere in Israel; even in the apartment I rented, had a out of date calendar with his picture on it. I of course knew where he was coming from before I moved there as a citizen.

      I think some even say he is on the family tree of King David. I ironically have names on my family tree that are on the family tree of King David.

      I was thinking about that while I was living there; how even in the time of Jesus, it was more multicultural to live there then it is to-day; but here I am in the twenty first century as a citizen of Israel prohibited from even mentioning that I'm a Catholic Jew, in public. And, I probably have about the same amount of Jewish blood as Menachem Mendel Schneerson; and, I may even have royal blue blood in the line of King David; but I'm not even considered Jewish because my mother is not Jewish.

  • Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC
    • I'm opposed to any PLO rights. I'm also opposed to any boycott groups of Israel. I was a Democrat years ago. I even voted for Bill Clinton. Actually, both Clinton and Trump are Pro Arab rights. But Hillary Clinton is more for the rights of Arabs.

      Clinton is only using triangulation political methods to get votes. As soon as elected, Hillary, will use selective left wing groups to bully Democrats into following their PLO agenda. See the example of Debbie Wassermann Schultz, my guess is she was scapegoated. It seems the lobbying groups and Dem groups that scapegoated her are pro PLO.

      I'm not a politician; I get no money from the oil industry, or the military industrial complex. I could never support PLO rights, because as I became a citizen of Israel I had the opportunity to get off the tour bus; with their brainwashing (think Birthright trips)... I'm not a Orthodox Jew, though my great grandfather was the president of a Orthodox synagogue in the US.

      I can assure all the pro PLO US supporters that are being encouraged to help the PLO and similar groups out of humanitarian reasons ... you are being tricked. I checked just about every country that will not allow a Israeli passport holder to enter is a big financial supporter of the PLO etc. Those same groups are the same ones that scapegoated Debbie Wassermann Schultz, and countless other Jewish reporters that are anti-Trump.

      As a pacifist anarchist I researched the PLO methods. The PLO organization methods are those of Nazi organizations by and large. I would never go to Judea or Samaria because I'm hated by both the right wing Zionist Orthodox Jews (settlers) and by the Arabs... because they think I'm a Jew because any Arab thinks I'm Jewish because my father is Jewish..even though the Jewish community generally considers me non-Jewish, because my mother is not Jewish. I know because when I got off the tour bus in Israel, and, I asked a Israeli Arab how they think about my Jewishness; he said, three times that I'm a Jew even though my mother is not Jewish.

      I suggest that all left wing group members get off the tour bus. Your leaders are self serving.

  • Democrats big tent shrinking as Clinton ties up nomination
    • neocons like the Kagans and right-wing social engineers like the Koch brother

      Why don't the politicians and lobbyists just wear military uniforms, in the future... and as they are campaigning and lobbying for perpetual wars. It will be easier for the voting public, to know who has more rank in the military-industrial-congressional complex.

    • I'm registered as as a no party affiliation voter. I was all set to vote for Hillary until she picked Kaine as VP. I may not vote at all. I'm guessing that Trump will win easily. Some of the key swing states are German ethnic oriented, in the north. They will likely vote for Trump. I'm opposed to the Iran Deal, because, I'm opposed to all nuclear technology.

      I would of liked to have voted for Stein on the Green ticket. I've voted for the Greens before; but I'm opposed to the BDS movement, so I cannot vote for her.

      About the only promising Dem I see is Debbie Wasserman Schultz... I hope she runs for President in 2020; if Clinton does not win. It turns out she was right about Sanders, because, he recently left the Democratic Party.

  • On Jewishness and criticism of Israel
    • As a dual citizen of Israel and the US... I consider the reasons for my Zionism to be rooted in both the land of Israel (because I'm now a new citizen) and in the spiritual side of Zion, or Jerusalem (not being actually in the land by living there)...but, I am a Zionist nevertheless... because of my election as a Israelite, and, because my ancestors where Jewish, and, also, my faith in God (the spiritual Zion).

      I generally though became a Zionist as a survival tool to survive in this age of the twenty first century too counter anti-Semitic tactics. But my faith in God is that of a Catholic.

      But, my role as a Zionist constantly changes, that is why I'm happy I became a citizen, of Israel.

      I recommend that left wing activists move to Israel. The first natural thing to do is to make aliyah; it being a relatively simple process of filling out a simple form, and being able to prove that you have at least one grandparent that is Jewish. I'm not a left wing American Jew. I'm a anarchist liberal Zionist half Jew.

      If people on the left want to affect world opinion...and US opinions about Israel; they need to understand the differences between US Judaism and Israeli Judaism, and the best way to do that is to move there. I'm not technically Jewish because my mother is not Jewish; but it was a wonderful experience for me to be able to see how my great grandfather prayed, when he was living in the US when he was the president of a Orthodox synagogue.

      The similarities where the synagogue is in the US and the Jewish community at the time living in a Jewish neighborhood, around the synagogue... and the similarities in how that community in the US is like how Israel is today, at least in the part I was living in is reborn in the country of Israel.

  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • it’s also could be a standard for jewish people

      I think there may have been a policy change, regarding the religion on the Israeli ID. My new Israeli ID has no religion section , for my religion. It simply says that I'm Israeli, in the Hebrew language. Which to me is acceptable, because I would rather it say that then say I was Catholic for my religion.

      No one, ever asked for my ID though while I was living there. I don't really want to identify with being religiosity Jewish; other then having a interest in learning Hebrew to get to the roots of my Jewish history; and to understand Zionism, and Judaism as it is day to day for the average Jew. Because I was myself attacked for being Jewish. Hebrew, for me was generally neglected by the US Jewish community that; I was in a superficial way a part of, though I'm technically a Israelite, if I accept my Jewish heritage, with being born of a Jewish father and a non Jewish mother.

  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
    • But not Hilary Clinton!

      I thought I had always said, or implied I was a Zionist.

      Now, that I'm a oleh citizen, I have a obligation that comes with the election, too at least define the sort of citizen I want to be, with my rights and responsibilities.

      My responsibilities is to the people of Israel; not to the nation, the nation being a idolatry of words and man. My election was from God. I have always thought of myself as a sort of liberal Zionist; so that would naturally make a antediluvian believer of Zionism... in Israel... which, is many years before even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

      Though, I do likely have a direct royal lineage to the line of King David and Leah; I renounce any current titles, or claims I may of had to Jerusalem, because, I renounce any empire, that comes with such titles of election; and accept my election by God to be a Israelite, to live in the actual land of Israel, or, mystical lands or worlds; with such biblical figures, and individuals and poets as Abel, Enoch, Noah, Melchisedek, Job, and Daniel of the Old Testament... and Jesus, and Catholic Christianity, in the New Testament.

    • Some of the Trump support with his pick for Vice President are Evangelicals, and Baptists; which, I think last time I read the statistics is 1/5 of all US voters. People can be anti-Semitic consciously, and sub-consciously. Read about the scapegoat mechanism by René Girard.

      Also, a Haaretz article:

      ...anti-Semitic remarks posted by self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporters.

      read more:

    • I think I read one article about how the politicians, don't ever debate the fine print over anything that concerns Israel.

      If I was a lobbyist I would welcome that sort of negotiation. I would just have to put out a bill; that is worded in a way that does not really say much about anything... use many half truths, double meanings that would be put in it... then in the bill, in the fine print, that would probably never be read, put the actual details... also, in a way that a rocket scientist would have to understand i.e., lawyer speak, or architecture speak... then there would be another reason, why, it would not even be read; because only a specialist would be able understand it.

      The politicians would always keep the bill, if made law, because, they would have to admit they made a mistake; even if later on public attention was applied.

      I'm opposed the Iran deal because I think all nuclear power plants should be shut down, and any plans to build new ones in the future should be stopped. Mankind cannot handle technology. Mankind has become like a gorilla with a gun, especially with the use of military technology, the National Rifle Association, and with the current global conflicts in the news 24/7.

      I'm voting for Clinton, though. I think the dangers of Trump using the Pro-Israel Evangelicals, and Baptists to bully politicians, in the name of Christian Zionism would most likely happen... at first the tactic would be used behind doors to bully politicians in lobbying efforts, etc. Then it would spill over to the common people in the public. Beneath the mask of Christian Zionist Republicans is a rabid anti-semitic group.

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
  • The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders
    • The Jewish Sabbath starts on Friday

      There is the Enoch calendar. When I was living in Israel, I appreciated having the opportunity to see how my great grandfather prayed as a Orthodox Jew. I think my grandfather was also a Orthodox Jew, because, he was a member of the Sons Of Zion. It seems that there were many Judaisms at around the time of Christ. In addition to the Pharisees and Sadducees type of Judaism there was Essene Judaism, which used the Enoch Calendar.

      It appears that the Rabbinic Jews wrote this part of Jewish history out of their history to counter Essenic, and maybe Sadducee Judaism.

      Many people in Israel saying Shabbat Shalom to me; and all the other rituals was sort of like living in a Third Temple when I lived there.

      However; now that I'm more political then the average Jew; I more identify with the revolutionary forms of Judaism, and language of that that was counter to the empire, and that was counter to the official state religions such as that of Ezra. And, the counter languages; such as expressed in the Greek form of the Bible called the Septuagint, which the Rabbinic Jews wrote out of their version of Jewish history, as well as many other books such as those written about the Nazarenes; that are counter to the empire.

      The Enoch Calendar was a solar calendar; I'm trying to find a Hebrew version of it, too counter the Jewish calendar. If I move back to Israel I will follow the Enoch calendar cycles; as the ancient Israelites did before Rabbinic Judaism even existed.

      As a Zionist, I'm more interested in the liberal forms of Zionism. But, the liberal forms of Zionism in Israel seem to be more socialistic; and they are ethnic oriented, and atheistic or agnostic, as well... so I would just be marginalized. My own opinion is that Judiasm was much more liberal before World War 2.

  • Elie Wiesel is Dead
    • This article from, Haaretz, speaks of Israelis opinions about the American Icon. I tend to agree with it. When I read his book, years ago; I thought it was dull. I could not, even then, understand the popularity.

      Why Elie Wiesel Never Caught on in Israel

      Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel may have been the most famous Holocaust survivor in the world. But, ironically, that never gained him a huge following in Israel.

      Read more:

  • 'NY Jewish Week' speaks bluntly of 'Israel firsters' in US politics
    • A book exists about a alternative counter story too the right wing Zionists vision that is so popular in the US and Israel. The book is by Amy Dockser Marcus, 2008... Jerusalem 1913: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

      I, as a American Zionist that is very different then a Israeli Zionist and that is different then a AIPAC Zionist, find it interesting that other American Zionists such as Emma Lazarus, Josephine Lazarus are basically unspoken about at the very least. but my gut feeling is that it is a part of history that is forgotten because of the Americanization of the Jews when they moved here.

      All the current debate over Israel must be as much of a struggle for American Jews (if not, even more of a struggle) as it is for me as a half Jew who was forced to be Jewish because I was attacked for being Jewish.

      I could not assimilate too America because I was always a outsider, with having a Hebraic name. When I became a citizen of Israel I did not even have to request to change my name to a Hebraic name because I was born with one that I was able to document back many generations. The name is also all over the place on store signs in Israel when I was living there.

      As a citizen of Israel I'm not allowed to travel to countries mentioned about here that other American Jews travel too. So, I have no alternative then to be a liberal anarchist Zionist as I identify with my Jewishness at this present time of history.

      Many right wing Zionists changed there names to Hebrew names in Israel to be a part of the patriarchal tribal society they were envisioning for the future of Israel.

      Having a Israeli passport does not change things for me that much because I was born with a Hebrew name so most people especially in this global village of a world probably assume, or assumed, that I'm a right wing Zionist because of that name and/or that I then moved to Israel and changed my name to a Hebrew name to be a part of that ultra right Jewish culture.

    • The Charter of Herzl’s

      Here is a excellent interpretation of, Israeli history, from a scholar of Jewish history.

      By Shaul Magid June 29, 2015
      “1913: Seeds of Conflict”: New Doc Explores Little-Known History of Palestine

      In his 1967 book Israel: An Echo of Eternity, Abraham Joshua Heschel refers to “the jungle of history.”

      If history is a “jungle”—nature at its most beautiful but also its most unforgiving—then an historian is an explorer: she must try to make order of chaos and find meaning in dense overgrowth. It is thus appropriate that Ben Loeterman’s new film “1913: Seeds of Conflict” deploys an agricultural metaphor.

      History is a jungle.

      First, Sokolowsky’s film “The Life of the Jews in Palestine” was made, containing the earliest moving images of Palestine; second, Arthur Ruppin’s speech at the Zionist Congress that year focusing on “conquest of the land” through land purchasing that set the Zionist nationalist agenda on a new course; and third, a local skirmish between an Arab who stole some grapes near the Jewish colony of Rehovot on his way to selling his produce and a Russian-Jewish guard who beat him brutally not for, as the guard later said, “stealing grapes from a Jewish colony but stealing grapes from the Jewish people.” Two people died: one jew and one Arab.

      The central figure in the first case was German-Jewish immigrant Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943) who developed an intricate plan of Jewish colonies that would create an infrastructure of a future state. In 1890 this came to a head with a land dispute between members of the Jewish colony of Rehovot and Bedouins who had been living and farming that land (but had no Ottoman deed to prove ownership). The Jews bought the land outright and demanded the Bedouins leave without compensation. The Bedouins refused.

      The case went to the Ottoman courts in Istanbul, but jurists threw it out of court deeming it a local dispute not worth addressing. The Bedouins had to leave and Rehovot continued to expand.

      And thus seeds of conflict were sown.

    • Thanks, if I ever go back there on vacation, or too live there... I will try and meet them. I'm guessing they are in Tel Aviv.

      I actually met Allen Ginsberg many years ago at Naropa University.

    • so what?

      Israel, does not seem to have poets or activists like Allen Ginsberg or Jerry Rubin, Kunstler, or Leonard Cohen.

      Then again, who would want to move there? It seems like, day to day, to be like a military compound, for the people actually living there.

      Perhaps, while they are running a militaristic state they can justify having no art. But, with no art there will always be wars.

      Even King David was a artist and a poet; but, he also would be marginalized, if he was around today.

    • Present day liberal Jews in Israel, seem to possibly be saying the texts were a part of the founding of the country. See a Forward article::

      Can Liberals in Israel and America Overcome Alienation — From Each Other?
      J.J. Goldberg, July 1, 2016

      Alienated liberal Jews in Israel need to reach out to create bonds with alienated liberal Jews in America, of the sort that currently connect empowered Jewish conservatives in the two countries. That was the basic consensus that emerged from what’s believed to be Israel’s first-ever conference on combating alienation from Israel among American Jewish liberals. It took place in Tel Aviv on June 30.

      Labor Party lawmaker Michal Biran offered her own testimony to the enduring gap. “I was not very interested in the whole Diaspora-Israel issue until I was elected to the Knesset,” said Biran, a Tel Aviv University political scientist who first entered Israel’s parliament in the 2013 elections. Since then, she said, political missions and lecture tours abroad have opened her eyes to the dilemmas Israel poses to mainstream American Jewish liberals.

      “The main thing is the trust issue,” Biran told the conference. “Jews in the Diaspora used to see Israel as something that they were proud of, that they trusted to use the money they sent wisely.”

      But, Biran continued, “lately they think Israel treats them like a stupid rich uncle.” She cited the Netanyahu government’s alliances with conservatives overseas “who come from racist and anti-Semitic traditions and only like us because they hate Muslims more than they hate us.”

      On the other hand, she acknowledged, “we also find progressive Jews who identity with the oppressed — as they should — but hate Israel.”

      Biran singled out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign against the Iran nuclear deal as an example of official Israel’s disregard for Diaspora interests. “I’ve met people who had tears in their eyes when Netanyahu spoke in Congress against the Iran deal and forced them to choose between their American identity and their Jewish, pro-Israel identity. What we need to do is to make space for people to be critical from within the tent, without being forced out.”

      Speaking after Biran, the conservative-leaning Israeli journalist Shmuel Rosner argued that “people who talk about Diaspora Jewish alienation” are frequently using it as a cover, when their real goal is changing Israeli policies they dislike. “You can’t expect Israel to change its policies because they alienate some people in the Diaspora,” he said.

      “Israel does need to change and become better at being the Jewish homeland,” Rosner said. “The mechanism is simple: Convince Israelis that you are committed to strengthening the bonds and not changing their policies.”

      Infeld, the former Hillel executive, countered sharply. “I do not expect the Israeli government to change its behaviors because they are alienating the people they intend to alienate,” he said. “I worry about two things. I worry about the alienation of part of my people. And I worry about the policies of my government.”

      “I believe the policies of the current Israeli government are creating a chasm in the Jewish people, both in Israel and the Diaspora,” Infeld said. “But there’s a difference between the two sides of the chasm. The unliberal side have so much in common that they have places they meet, shuls where they pray together. The other side, the alienated liberals in America and the ‘stinking leftists’ in Israel, don’t speak to each other. Remember, it was the ‘stinking leftists’ who created the State of Israel.”

    • Honestly, It seems like a difficult question; but, and important one for me anyway. I did not meet too many left wing Israelis, there. Though, I also told myself I was not going to get involved in politics, until a year passes.

      I'm not of the Jewish religion. My father whom is Jewish was a agnostic, or atheist. He probably knew about Jewish history... but he kept it to himself. It seemed to me, that the country was more of a theocracy, then a democracy, while I was living there. I'm a Christian Jew... but, if I publicly said I was a Christian, it is illegal. If I identified as a Jew, that is also illegal. I have to be one or the other, either a Christian or a Jew under Israeli law.

      From my interpretation of it as I'm learning Hebrew; is that even the language has been corrupted. That most Israelis cannot even read, modern Hebrew in a newspaper; but they speak it. It is possible that many left winger Jews did believe what was said in the Hebrew writing; but they could not read it. 44% of all Jews in Germany in 1933 were intermarried; so, they probably were like intermarried Jews here... more liberal, or left wing.

      From what I read the Meretz Party, which I would of probably joined if I was living there, is also marginalized by the right wing religious, and secular (Sabra) Jewish community.

    • In any case, the creation

      These Rare Texts Will Remind You What Israel Once Aspired To Be
      Posted on May 10, 2016 by Ameinu Office
      By Chaim Seidler-Feller and David N. Myers

      Sixty-eight years ago, in the face of intense pressures from within and without, powerful voices were heard calling for the anchoring of robust democratic principles in the foundation of the new State. They figured in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, which called for “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.”

      Within the confines of our State, citizens of the Arab people continue to live — for most of them this war is loathsome. Their rights as equal citizens we are duty-bound to uphold. We look to peace. Our hands are extended to them as partners in building the homeland.

      This striking call to recognize Jews and Arabs as equals was offered in the shadow of the Holocaust and in the face of an ongoing conflict understood as a war of survival.

    • Herzl, wanted a multicultural, and multilingual state. He was much more "liberal" then today's right wingers.

      See... Recovering Jewishness: Modern Identities Reclaimed: Modern Identities Reclaimed
      By Frederick S. Roden, 2016

      "The new national home would not be 'Jewish' but a multicultural, multilingual state like Switzerland, even though most citizens would probably continue to speak German."

    • The early Zionists...

      I was thinking of the powers that be; not the general Israeli employer. You may be correct, about grunt work; I did not have that long to look at the labor market, from my apartment in Israel.

      The Palestine worker told me he was from a part of the county, around 50 miles away, when he was working in my apartment, making repairs for my landlord. He could have been from the West Bank; from the way he defined it to me on a map. Where, I was living, there were no Palestinians living next door to me. My guess is, even the Arab workers I seen in drug stores etc., were catching the bus to work.

      One thing that shocked me; in the US it would be huge news. Contracted labor from other counties would get a Visa, if they would work for one set fee, for the entire 5 years. I will not say the amount; but, lets say it was about half of a low paying minimum wage job, for a year, here in the US.

    • I identify with those that were Mischling Jews. They were part of the Holocaust, but, most of their stories are unreported. When, I was living in Israel, I would have people tell me; if I'm not Jewish I should convert, or leave.

      But, from what I read about other mischlinge Jews; they would still not feel welcome even if they converted. There is a Hebrew word for a convert to the religion of Judaism called Ger, which when translated into English is foreign resident. So if anything; if I converted that would make me feel worse. I would be converting to the very thing, I'm trying to not be part of.

      Eugenics, was the political movement that would target half Jews; it was popular in the US, as well as, pre state Israel, starting in the early twentieth century, and even before the state of Israel was founded; just as Ezra did years ago in the Bible.

    • Hannah Arendt, was from Germany. She later wrote a book called Eichmann in Jerusalem. After that book she became a heretic to extreme right wing Israelis. She was covering the trial in Israel as a reporter, If I remember correctly; which I think was also very controversial , because, her coverage of it was gaining as much attention, then even the trial itself.

      She wrote many things about Jewish politics. One publication is called the Jewish Writings.
      The Jewish Writings – February 26, 2008

      In it she says that a militant right wing group (Irgun Zvai Leumi) is a terrorist right wing organization.

      Another thing to read is, Etan Bloom, Arthur Ruppin and the Production of the Modern Hebrew Culture, 2008.

      It is a excellent book by a Israeli, that defines how right wing extremists used every trick in the book to use the scapegoat mechanism to attack not only Arabs, but also mischlinge Jews, and Sephardi Jews, in short; they needed scapegoats, to gain political power.

    • That us so sad; that Palestinians would like to return to Israel. Though I'm now a citizen of Israel I probably will not go back there to live. I think from what I read originally, they wanted the Jews and Palestinians to live with each other in peace; but then some extreme right wing war hawks thought otherwise. I'm not Jewish technically and while I was living there I was a second class citizen. I was able to become a citizen because my father is Jewish.

      My own opinion is that I think present day Israelis and Palestinians would live together fine. both are generally very right wing to the point of fanaticism. In fact, when I was there I seen many Jews hiring what I'm guessing are illegal Palestinian workers. the workers and their employers got long fine.

    • No one “forced” you to be Jewish. If you are religious this is a choice.

      On or about 1933 to 1935 the Nazis created laws that defined a Jewish person from race rather then religion. That disoriented many that thought they were Germans, or German Jews... simply having a Jewish ancestor made them a target and they then became "Jewish" all the sudden... even though they had no religion. First, Hitler came after the mischlinge, that is what I am a mixed Jew.

      There is excellent book if anyone cares to read about it, a few Jewish history scholars have talked about this topic.

      Recovering Jewishness: Modern Identities Reclaimed Hardcover – February 22, 2016, Frederick S. Roden

      Cardinal Lustiger identified as both Jewish and Catholic. He said a Jewish prayer at his father's funeral.

    • I have this gut feeling that if the Cold War never ended that terrorism would not be in the news 24/7. In other words, after the cold war ended many many people in the war industry were unemployed, or about to be. So, in desperation they created a scapegoat, to justify future wars; or propaganda similar to the Cold war propaganda; like the war on terror, slogan.

    • I was forced to be Jewish by non Jews. My name is Jewish my history is Jewish. And having been attacked because I was Jewish forced me to be a Zionist; much different then the Israeli Firsters and also much different then a typical Israeli or an American Zionist.

      I think AIPAC is an extreme right wing group. AIPAC is to me, even counter to even historical Zionism. See Daniel and Jonathan Boyarin, Lazarus, Syrkin, Reznikoff and Roth. I'm more of a spiritual anarchist Zionist, a pacifist of sorts.

      Also read: Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature Lazarus, Syrkin, Reznikoff and Roth, by Ranen Omer-Sherman.

    • Yes, difficult.

      I read a book by Josephine Lazarus; the sister of Emma Lazarus, The Spirit of Judaism (1895).

      I think it talks about the question you raise, perhaps. How, a ideal Judaism can transform America. I think the book has been ignored by most American Jews; and, I'm guessing, almost, if not all Israeli Jews.

    • My mother, the ideal shikse goy...

      It is simply the thoughts that are in the mind of a half Jew; mirroring the Orthodox views; that are in the minds of many Jews, perhaps, half or more of the population; some, of which I met in my life.

      I was making conscious, there (right wing Jewish) sub-conscious thoughts of me, and it is my attempt at answering a historical question, about American Zionism; from my perspective as a mischlinge (mixed-blood) Jew; though, I was born many years, after the Holocaust; to understand my identity as a person.

      If my mother is not Jewish, that means to them; I'm a goy.

    • A difficult question.

      From my interpretation of Jewish history; your question proves that for American Jews; that the slogan Israel firsters; is simply that a slogan.

      Why? Well, for me, my parents were divorced; my father the ideal American Jew; my mother the ideal shikse goy, blond beauty. When , I would visit him; no mention of the Mt.Zion, next Year Jerusalem. Not God, no religion, no culture of Judaism, no nothing.

      Most of the people he knew were Jewish super rich Jews or basically upper middle class, so they were representative, if not of every American Jew probably most Jews in America, that want to be in that class that came from the old country.

      I would not be surprised if most American Jews; ever even knew of the various historical meanings of the name of Zionism or, that the person who coined the term "Zionist" was Nathan Birnbaum (1864 - 1937). For example, I wonder how many AIPAC firsters would know the answer; or even bother to want too, ask the question.

    • I was thinking of my aliyah experience, in relation to others that moved to Israel. Now as a citizen, of both the US and Israel; I think much of the politics of the Middle East.

      I think, why, people are extreme in views is more out of fear, then anything else. When, I moved into my first apartment in Israel, I lived in a Russian Jewish community; which in my view has been russified (As I reflect on it).. they have been russified by the external forces of russification.. In the community, day to day... it was the Soviets that defined them, more then Jewish history, is my point....there was not much that would remind me that I was even in Israel, the day to day language was in Russian.

      I think most American Jews are similar; they only want to be Americanized;even the Israel firsters; because they want to be in the club of the far extreme political right club. To me it is all quite sad; the inability; to have a individual character, or, point of view; as if they can only communicate with slogans, even among their own community, day to day.

  • Israel's 'mistaken identity' embarrassments
    • For me, it appeared to me, when I was in Israel, that the Saphardic religious icons I seen throughout Israel were of Mizrahim, or Sephardic origin. It seems that it to be a kind of status symbol, as well; not just among the religious but also the secular; when, I read about politicians there.

      I, ironically had to be careful not to be Jewish religiously, or Christian religiously; because though my Israeli ID says Israeli; on my application to be a citizen, I said I was Catholic, so I was prohibited from having a public persona of being a religious Jew or Christian, under Israeli law.

      Not so easy, of a task, when there were rituals, and competition among Jews, it seemed, to be a religious Jew, publicly.

      How do Mizrahi Jews relate to Sephardic Jews? What are the status of the former group in modern Israel? What are their status worldwide?

      ....The term Sephardic has two different meanings. The strictest meaning, that of regional ancestry, is the one I used above, and the one I assume the OP was using, since they distinguished between Sephardim and Mizrahim. However, in the religious sense, there are two overarching broad schools of Judaism (ignoring groups like the Ethiopian Jews, etc.): the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. This is mainly a distinction in the texts and philosophers that each group tends to use more, and also in that the liturgy is distinctly different (e.g. what prayers are said when and how). And in that sense, all Mizrahim are Sephardic.

      Wikipedia has a great explanation for the distinction I'm trying to make, so I'm just going to quote straight from them:

      For religious purposes, the term Sephardim means all Jews who use a Sephardic style of liturgy, and therefore includes most Jews of North African (Maghrebim) and Middle Eastern (Mizrahim) background and have no historical connection to the Iberian Peninsula.

    • In the, US, the right wing uses the word Muslims; to refer to the Arabs in Israel, that are attacked,and lynched. But, when I was in Israel the right wing lumps all Arabs, as the scapegoat. Scholars call it the scapegoat mechanism. As a half Jew for me with Jewish ancestry it is not much of a problem in the US; but, as a Israeli citizen, it was a tense environment, for me. As a Christian, for me I was basically, forbidden, to even say I was a Christian; because I was living in the non tourist areas of Israel, in a Jewish community. If I had even stated I was Christian; it is illegal under Israeli law.

      The reason why I left Israel was because of the lynch mentality, subconsciously, expressed by the average Israelis, behavior, that they were not even aware, as being, that of a lynch mentality. Why was I worried?... I looked Jewish; but to some fanatical right wing militarist with a gun; the mind can play tricks; and, I could of "looked" like a stranger, a foreigner, perhaps even Arab.

      Add to that the Sephardic Jews from ME countries that speak Arabic, and look Arab; the average right winger does not have the education, or training to actually deal with the violence he has been, in theory, trained to deal with; that is because of poor leadership, politically and in the military. They should be trained to deal, with violence non-violently in violent situations just as they are trained to deal with violence violently, during a war, for example.

      And, the majority of Christians in Israel are Arabs, so if they even hear Christian, a right winger could associate that with Arab, perhaps not consciously, all the time, but probably subconsciously. Similar to what happens for the lynching mentality which is the subject matter of this article.

      I could have easily gotten around this by being a Hasidic Jew, in fashion. In fact my great grandfather was the president of a Orthodox synagogue; but, that also is illegal, if I was a Christian dressed like a Hasidic Jew I would have been expelled.

  • Dennis Ross tells American Jews, 'We need to be advocates for Israel' -- and not for Palestinians
    • I, recently, made aliyah to Israel. As one of the few liberals in the US has done; I think, most that make aliyah from the US are orthodox Jews. I'm a half Jew though, my father is Jewish, so that is why my application was accepted. I left Israel, because, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that I would have been a statistic if the bullets ever starting flying while I was living there. For me, actually, Israel does not even have the color of being a democracy; let alone a liberal democracy.

      I was attacked for being Jewish, years ago; so I sort of was interested in anarchist Zionists such as Lazare, and Hannah Arendt.

      As a Christian, I could not even mention I was a Christian or I would have been expelled, In Israel. I'm glad I am a full citizen of Israel, though; it helped me come to terms with my Jewishness. I wish US politicians; or those that become pro Israel that are liberals would move to Israel; before they get on the traditional Zionist bandwagon. If they knew how quick a right wing Zionist would betray them, in a New York minute; they, I'm sure would think differently of traditional Zionism.

  • Reebok backtracks on Israel Independence Day-inspired sneaker (Updated)
    • No. As I said, modern Zionist

      Interesting, that you were able to go so back in history for your family. I was able to go back to around the 1850s for the Jewish side of my family.

      They came from the Talne area of Ukraine, and around Kovno Lithuania. It was a huge family... on one side... they had twelve brothers and sisters, on the other side around sixteen brothers or sisters. Most my ancestors were millionaires in the old country or they definitely were after they moved here. On the boat were so many relatives; other genealogical researchers said they never seen a family with so many relatives that large, on a boat, moving to the US.

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