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Devoted Zionist who can see both sides of and issue.

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  • Israeli troops detain and interrogate 6-year-old Palestinian boy in Bethlehem
  • Three Palestinians, all 22, shot and killed by Israeli forces on Friday
    • Oh you silly girl.
      Every one of those listed broke the law.
      Why do you try to justify or legitimize their violence in some perverse way.

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • well stated.

      Thank you

    • Eljay:
      You managed to miss the point again.

      The land wasn't Arab, and it definitely wasn't Palestinian. It was a League of Nations/UN Mandate.
      The Brits (and the UN) chose to split it.
      If you want to be pissed talk to the UN.

    • Really???
      You want to go back to 1880???
      The Ottoman Turks controlled the area. So you are telling me the Zionist impressed their will on the Turks?
      Oh Please..........

      "The Palestinians will always miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

    • Your vitriol tells me all I need to know about you.
      In your mind, the Middle East must have been perfect under the Ottoman Turks. Or was it perfect under the Sykes-Picot agreement.
      Do you really want to dwell in the distant past or try to solve the issues?
      Violence will beget violence.
      Leadership can solve the issues or fan the flames.
      Israel is not going away.
      It has made peace with the Egyptians (mostly), with the Jordanians (mostly) and with most other rational Arabs (mostly). It will not make peace with people who stab innocent civilians, ram cars into pedestrians or lob rockets indiscriminately.
      If peace is truly the goal, then come to the table with reasonable, rational ideas.

      If you have nothing rational to offer. Don't worry.
      The Palestinians can move to Europe and live in the places the Ashkenazism left in Poland and Russia.
      Problem solved.

    • Never will anyone accuse me of being Pro-Obama.
      The title of this article starts with the wrong premise.
      It should read, "The Palestinians are violent and the Israelis respond. And yes, that is the rule."

      Outside of a few horrible incidents, every single exchange has been started by the Palestinians, and was followed by an Israeli response. Please do not try to preach to me that the Palestinians are acting out in frustration. Yes, they should be frustrated. Palestinian leadership is a joke. There is no unified leadership. It's this lack of true leadership that is at least one of the root causes for the issues. Following the 1967 war, Israel offered to return all captured land, including the Golan and Sinai in exchange for peace. This was rejected. And this was before the settlements and other excuses were around.

      Do Israelis want peace? YES. Do Palestinians want peace? Yes. Does the Palestinian leadership want peace? You know the answer, come on, say it with me. NFW. The graft and corruption pays too well to settle for peace.

  • Israel's actions 'unjustified' in eyes of women, non-whites, Dems, indy's, and those under 50 -- Gallup
    • Based on the data you provided, it would be interested to see what news source each group uses. There is a "media bias" claim made by both sides.
      So who uses MSNBC, CNN, FOX, the internet/social media?
      My bet is that the information is in direct proportion to those outlets.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
    • The world has changed significantly in the past 30 years. The responses have changed with the times.

      The IRA/Sein Fein were not sponsored by a country like Iran.
      The IRA did not lob rockets at civilian areas.

      Think about it for a minute.
      The Ukrainian separatists would be no where without Russia as their sponsor. Hamas and Hezbollah have Iran. Al-Qaida has the Saudis.

  • CNN headline: "100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting"
    • I am all for seeing the truth be presented on the news.
      Too much is slanted by the particular news outlet.
      I am pro-Israel.
      But that does not mean that I am anti-Palestinian.
      I am very much anti-Hamas.

      Does anyone see the distinction?
      Can the PA win an election in Gaza?
      Can anyone dis-arm Gaza?

  • Not In Our Name: The Jewish duty to stand with the people of Gaza
    • Sally...Sally...Sally:
      I wish nothing but peace for Israel and the territories. However, I do not see how to peacefully reach that goal.

      If relinquishing land to Palestinian control was the answer, then the Gaza pull-out 9 years ago should have created a peaceful thriving community. And it must not be just Israel that sees an issue with Gaza (Hamas), because Egypt control the Rafah crossing, and they don't seem to co-operative either.

      I do believe Israel has made some bone-headed moves, but this current dealing with Hamas is not one of them. The international community holds no answers. They don't agree on how to solve the Syrian problem and over 150,000 people have died there. The Arab League is scared of ISIS, scared of Iraq falling, followed by Jordan and then Saudi Arabia.

      I would love to hear your feasible ideas.

  • Five reasons the breakdown of peace talks is a good thing
    • Adam, this is the first article that I can honestly say I agree with. I never saw a peace deal working without an answer for Gaza. Having said that, I must admit that I am skeptical that the Fatah-Hamas accord will be successful. And then there is still the PIJ to address.
      Let's hope that something positive comes from this move.

  • 'NYT' photo feature on women in Gaza ignores Israel and Palestine
    • You are just trying to stir SH*T up.
      If you actually read the link you provided, at the bottom, it says "PS. The above message is imaginary".

  • John Judis's Truman book is a landmark in anti-Zionism
    • A wonderful fact-filled book filled with a fantasy of conspiracy theory.
      To believe that FDR and Truman were opposed to the creation of Israel takes no stretch of the imagination. But the book misses the point that the Israel that was promised by the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations, and the San Remo Conference was not the Israel that was accepted in the partition plan. And even this was too much for the Arabs and anti-Semites.
      WWIII? Will never happen. Are you (I mean you) willing to fight for the "palestians"? It means pick up arms, not just writing pearly words on this website? I didn't think so. And neither will the rest of the world. Accept for the hot heads, most Arabs don't care about their brothers or they would have allowed them to be absorbed into Jordan (the real Palestinian homeland), Kuwait, etc. The world could care less about the Middle East.
      It just makes great headlines.

  • Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel
    • I always get a good laugh reading these postings.
      No one seems to be willing to present realistic options to solving the problem.
      Mr. Abbas says he wants to discuss borders in the next round of talks. GREAT! Now, realistically, what would those look like? Please don't go into the population percentages in the 1930 census. Please don't go into the fact that the Jewish State was supposed to include the land from the Med to the North-South railroad (now in Jordan).
      Let's deal with facts on the ground today.
      1. Jerusalem won't be divided. It truly is a religious thing.
      2. Major settlement blocks won't be removed. There is no practical way 300,000 people and their jobs can be relocated.
      3. Hebron won't be abandoned. Again, a religious thing.

      My solution would be land swaps, and a request that Jordan give up some land on the East Bank to facilitate this. I would suggest that monetary compensation be given (with no idea where it would come from) to the displaced (including both Pals and Jews).
      Do you have any constructive ideas?

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • Why do you wish to discuss hypothetical and cerebral points?
      The population figures from 1947 are of no relevance today.

    • Does it really matter?

      Great Britain was not formed peacefully.
      The US was not formed with the consent of the indigenous peoples, and neither was Australia.
      Sunnis kill Shi'ites who kill Suffi's, etc.
      Please find me one country that can look at itself and openly admit that it did things wrong. NOw find me one that is willing to address past sins.
      Let's give our country back to xxxxxx (fill in the blank).

      So let's quit making Israel out to be the worst and only problem in the world.
      Please write to your elected representative and clean your own house first.

  • 'We ask you to show solidarity with the farmers and their families of Gaza': Open letter to Neil Young from Gaza agricultural workers
    • Here's a thought.
      If Gaza wants free and unfettered access and movement, maybe they should beat their swords (rockets, bombs) into plow shears. Israel doesn't want Gaza. Hell, no one does. One Israeli and Egyptian imposed sanctions exist solely to control the militants.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • I agree.
      Then the "Hebrew-Speaking" peoples in Palestine can vote to be annexed into Israel.
      Seemed to work for Russia in Crimea.
      Ahh the beauty of unilateral stupidity.

  • Settler seizure of Hebron house signals gov't effort to splinter Palestinian community
    • The populations in all sides are always caught in the middle. Sometimes being little more than pawns in te bigger game. This is truly unfortunate.

    • I am fully in favor of everyone living together. Do you feel the need to tag people as "segregationists" to make you feel good? I joined this site to find answers to difficult issues. All anyone wants to do is call others names and vent.
      Simple question. Who has the right to live where? Many people were displaced in the decades following WW1. How do you decide?

    • Rational Zionist April 1, 2014 at 8:42 am

      Thank you.
      And your lack of an answer only proves that you have nothing to offer to the discussion.
      Apparently, for someone like you to be a blogger mascarading as a serious journalist is stupidity and a computer.

    • So, since the building was willing sold, you now ask whether it should have been. Nice.

    • So is it your idea that Arabs and Israelis live in separate societies? In your would filled with sunshine and lollipops, do all Arabs leave Israel?

    • My comment is to Badia Dwaik directly, the author of this piece.
      You are the leader of Youth Against Settlements in Hebron. Have you personally had a face to face meeting with Yoni Bleichbard? I can not believe that 2 people can not find some common ground.
      I was in Hebron in 1998. I walked the streets, felt safe. What has changed?

    • Hebron is insanity.
      In 1929, the Jewish population was massacred. Now, there are 900 Jewish residents who want to live in peace and have access to the Cave of the Patriarchs.
      Can't non-Israelis live in peace with others?

    • I was confused by your position.
      Are you saying a non-Israeli should not be able to sell his land to an Israeli? Or should the Israeli not be able to buy what is for sale?

  • Loyola University Chicago student union passes resolution to divest from Israeli occupation
    • I am waiting to see if every Jesuit school will be turning off their computers because they have Israeli-designed INTEL processor chips. Probably not.

  • Gaza heats up: Israel bombards coastal enclave under siege with multiple airstrikes
    • 1. 3 Gazans were killed as they were preparing to fire a mortar into Israel. Should Israel allow the shelling to happen and then take action?
      2. Why is it that even Egypt has closed their border crossing with Gaza and closed so many smuggling tunnels? Are you going to tell me that Egypt is controlled by Israel?
      3. Do you think Israel wants anything to do with Gaza? If Hamas could be trusted to be non-belligerent, the controls would be gone.

  • Barnard removes SJP banner calling on students to 'Stand for Justice, Stand for Palestine'
    • Justice.
      Great concept.
      Let's get rid of all governments and all hold hands and sign Kumbaya.
      The root for all of this was the division if land after WW one. Since Israel isn't going away. What's your suggestion?
      I don't see the US giving back land to native Americans. I don't see Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil or any country giving back land to any indigenous people. I don't see Europe willingly repopulating areas with ethnic minorities which were screwed out of their homes.
      So. German Lefty. What's your idea?
      Here's one rational thought for you.
      Worry about Germany. Stay out of things that don't concern you.

      When you make amends for that Germany has done wrong in history, then please come fix the rest of the world.

    • How come the picture of the 'perceived' Palestine includes Gaza, the Golan Heights and all off pre-67 portion of Israel? Brings up the question (again) as to the ultimate goal of the Palestinians.

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