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I'm a Bleeding Heart Progressive for the Commons unfettered by political stances that define me based on that label. I seek the truth. I am Pro-Palestine aka Pro-Justice, and that's NOT taking a side except against what the Zionist squatters have done to Palestinians for over 6 decades, which means there is only the side of justice, and the Zionists are not on that side. Some say both sides have done bad things to the other, but I see only Palestinians resisting the crimes of illegal occupation, and Zionists' disregard for Int'l law, and the many UN Security Council Resolutions disregarded by"Israel" with help from the USA.I'm not anti-Israel, nor anti-Semitic, but the "Israelis" have lost all perspective as the apartheid state it is, squatting on the land of Palestinians, and the need to answer for their crimes, for the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestine begun in 1948.

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  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • Look, she has suggested to you and others information that is to bring folks together in Solidarity, use it or lose it but don't quibble and abuse it. She did explain. Perhaps she'll reply and further explain for you. The goal of what she wrote is lessen any confusion, and if it doesn't work for you, don't accept its usage, but do try not to confuse others.

    • 'Palestinian self determination and Freedom' is as close to the facts of what's being fought for, and implies Freedom of movement, controlling one's own life and direction. Just occurred to me,Malcolm X had a few things to say about this kind of thing. As a matter of fact Greenville SC,Director Efia Nwangaza did/oes a radio show at the Malcolm X Center for Self Determination WMXP 95.5 FM. I donated a little for their failing transmitter a few years ago. Odd, I had forgotten about that. Efia is a real fighter and advocate...and Attorney. Peace

    • Ilan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. References in his book is also informative. There's other groups/sources like The Rachel Corrie Foundation, she gave her life for the self determination and freedom of Palestinians, specifically blocking a weaponised 2 story Caterpillar bulldozer demolishing the home of a Pharmacist and his family. Israel wasn't held accountable for her 'murder' by their court system.
      Like any group, Palestinians are no monolith, cookie cutter society, and are as diverse as any group. I have heard some say, questioning why is this Jewish group mistreating their people. There's but one side to this Palestine issue, and it's that of justice. From the start Zionists behaved the same as white Europeans did to Native Americans,claiming a mandate from their god to go the distance to the Pacific Ocean settling the land as their own and anyone living there already was ignored, disregarded, and all colonialism is just that of forcing the indigenous peoples from their land and plundering their resources.
      Personally, my battle as a nonPalestinian is to follow the lead of Palestinians,whatever their class. And some of the mixed Jewish and Palestinian Activist leaders like Miko Peled, Ilan Pappe, Edward Said, Gideon Levy(first ones that came to mind),and especially those on social media who live in Gaza,Jerusalem,Camps,and those who farm the land, only to have settlers and IDF uproot trees, long standing decades old.
      Abby Martin on telesur Empire Files somewhat recently on youtube, has done some excellent reporting of the conditions, the people, the history, and yes the cruelty and inhuman actions of settlers, soldiers, cops and others against the Palestinians,
      hope this helps, FWIW, I shed deeply saddened tears over many events there, as did the UN worker and reporter for PressTV in the 2014 summer massacre, with Obama claiming how sad kids deaths were and then okaying more ammo for the zionists. Finally though Palestinians aren't invisible as they once were.
      Thnx to Eman Ghanayem, it's important what she's done here.

  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • Is it possible he does not know there are Christian Palestinians in Gaza and WB and even Jerusalem?

    • JonS thinks Palestine is just a regular country not unlike any other 'normal' one or something. Palestine is occupied by squatters and was there way before Zionists came. Again,Zionists are squatters in Palestine when you look back at its nascent beginning, the Zionists forced themselves in and then said mine mine mine. That's how it was created, but then it demanded all to recognise it's birth as a normal occurence. AND the world through its collective guilt allowed the poor Palestinians to get crapped on and kept its decimation as Palestine as an allowed activity given to Zionists to do. Zionists today aren't old enough to have been in a Holocaust, yet there are so many stories to keep reminding everyone of their plight, who could forget it, but what of the decades of Palestinian suffering and with no apology and no acknowledgement except it had to be done?(Benny Morris said so).

    • Yes, which makes me have to say, well, damn why on earth are there so many check points for so few people crowded together, and whose very existence is 100% controlled by Zionists, as if this should be a normalised condition with these folks behaving normally now for decades and here's how to handle it. JonS can go aw...well you know.

    • Uh...if I may, Oh, please don't compliment them, call'em pricks, sure, hate them big time even my own, but pussies, don't think I'll ever see them in a bad light and to use the term derogatorily seems a sacrilege, but these young soldeirs acting like real dicks seems way more fitting.
      BUT I got this dumb question, why didn't they just let her pass, or get that she may feel threatened and lower their weapons to show her she had nothing to fear from them, and know she may be afraid due to her prior experience moving around in her Palestine and maybe why she was acting as she was, after all, her friends and family may act symbolically and throw rocks at the IOF, but with no obvious intent to harm, and likely they know rocks won't hurt anyone, but it is what they have, and like the Agents of Shield season endings episodes where Hive as he gets his brain scrambled by Lincoln's electric charges boosted, says. 'this won't kill me,' and Max replies saying,'No, but it'll really SUCK.' Rock throwers merely want to show displeasure, and who wants to know they're causing displeasure, despite the IOF machismo with their overpowering firepower, they still are people, pretty hateful it seems to Palestinians...but still.
      Zionists have lost their minds, they knew this day was coming when the chickens came home to roost, their lies played out as far as they could(maybe that's why NUT-AND-A-YAHOO closed off the achives, just too much goddamned historical truth from BenGurion's own mouth), so no one should be surprised at their insanity, problem is they are well armed 'crazies'. AND with the USA agreeing to even more weapons. radioactive ammo, DIMEs with superheated microscopic shrapnel, unidentifiable when injuries occur) Finkelstein helped it along by exposing the empty Palestine that kinda wasn't exactly that.

  • A documentary guide to 'Brand Israel' and the art of pinkwashing
    • Amazing cognitive dissonance here. Are you kidding?What if the gay person is Palestinian?They would not be able to live openly as they wish. And if a settler thought it was in his best interest to grab what belonged to the Palestinian, and wanted to demolish the school the gay Palestinian was teaching at, so be it, Israel would probably pay for it. Right, there are no laws which allow him/her to be dragged off the street and tortured, it isn't a crime Israel's IDF does it all the time. Think before you post why don't you?
      At the Foreign Policy website, Gareth Evans wrote an article, "End of the Argument" about how the world treats ethnic cleansing and how it is a crime, even giving examples, but oddly enough never mentioned the Palestine's 1948 ethnic cleansing, that continues to this day, and there is even an R2P, responsibility to protect meme. Evans is like you, you see what you want and disregard the rest.

    • Yea, Israel is not bad, just look at all the others who are worse. Cain's women he sexaully harassed, well, hell, just look at all those he didn't harass is his argument, and so is hophmi's.

    • Is it even possible for Israel to be a Democracy AND a Jewish state? Jews is an ethnic designation isn't it? Then, why are Palestinians not allowed to share in that same Democracy? There are buses Arabs are not allowed on, is that the Israeli Democracy at work, or a Jewish preferred state at work? Israel is not a Democracy, it is an apartheid state.

    • Cliff, I just want to add that about those 500,000 children dying because of US sanctions, Madeline Albright, said it was worth it. Sadly, and I am ashamed to say this, but if I had been within arms reach of her saying that, I would have gutted her like a fish, I was so angry. What sort of human being thinks innocent children dying for political reasons is a good thing. It was better in the days of the OT when animals were sacrificed routinely, but these were human children. I take that back even killing innocent animals as an act to appease an invisible entity's sensibilities or to gain their favor, is wrong, too.
      When I heard her say that and I'm sorry, call me a wimp, or whatever, I don't care, but I sobbed uncontrollably at the utter loss of the Iraqi children's lives and the loss of the peoples of today's humanity. Sorry for the reference to Hitler, but at his behest, townsfolk all over Europe under the Nazism influence, regular folk became the Politsia, and they helped carry out the massacres of the Jewish people, that, too, was a time when some humans, too many, had lost their humanity. Watching Spielberg's Days of Remembrance series about survivor's of the Holocaust, kids at the time, I learned that of the six million Jews who were killed, 1.5 million were children. I saw the images of the ditches dug to dispose of the dead bodies, and with them filled with dead naked bodies and with dead mothers in those ditches still clutching their dead babies both having been shot dead, and dumped into the pit. I, also had the same reaction to these films as I did the Iraqi children, and I know crying does nothing, but it was just too much to know of such acts, and feel nothing. When I learned there were 33 massacres in 1948, of Palestinian women, men and children carried out by the Zionists, militant Jews, in order to take their land, again I had the same reaction, I cried for them and wondered how can this be? Jews who suffered so much at other's hands, yet here they were doing the same to the Palestinians, not in a moment of uncontrolled passion over some offense, but as a response that was cold, calculated, and delibrate, and they continue the ethnic cleansing to this day.
      I can only say, I just don't get it, how the Israelis, Jews who suffered so much can allow Zionists, to set the rules for their State. I feel it is my duty as a human being to expose the big lies of, and crimes of the Zionists Israelis. I am not anti-Israel, or Pro-Palestine as much as I am for people making their own way and for stopping the aggression of one group causing the suffering of another, and so, I am for protecting the downtrodden, and it seems in this case to be the Palestinians, not the Israelis.

    • Wow, hophmi, is really out there. Subhuman? That is what the Zionists think of Palestinians. For the record judge for yourself just who is the victim here if the source of the following stats can be believed(which I think they can be): I=Israel, P= Palestinians.
      The stats are from .
      Sept 2000-Oct, 2011
      Children killed: I=125, P=1,471;
      Israelis and Palestinians killed: I=1092, P=6,537;
      Injured: I=10,792, P=59,575;
      US military Aid to Israelis and Palestinians: I=$8.2 million per day, P=$0;
      Demolitions of homes 1967- 2011: I=0, P=24,813;
      Unemployment: I=6.4%, P=West Bank 16.5% and in Gaza 40%;
      Current illegal settlements and outposts: I=273, P=0;
      So, hophmi, do you really think the Israelis led by rightwing Zionists are not to blame for these one sided stats? As for suicide bombers, why don't you show stats for those times you claim where you seem to think all Palestinians are suicide bombers, if Palestinians are such terrorists, do you not think if there were that many that were, Israel would have not a chance to continue the atrocities.
      Mooser, sorry, I meant to Reply to Homphi.

    • "The gay tourist likes urban vacations, he forms attachments with the community in the cities he visits, enjoys partying and usually returns to places he had a good time in. This is established tourism which draws in young tourism and sets trends which other sectors of the population adopt.”
      Sure, enjoy yourself while in the same country, 1.6 million people in occupied areas are being oppressed and treated as second class citizens, while Zionist Israelis are continuing to violate international law and the human rights of Palestinians.

      'According to Aeyal Gross, Professor of Law at Tel-Aviv University, “Gay rights have essentially become a public-relations tool” while “conservative and especially religious politicians remain fiercely homophobic.”'
      Speaks for itself.
      "Foreign Ministry official told the Jerusalem Post this week that efforts to let European and American liberals know about the gay community in Israel were an important part of its work to highlight this country’s support of human rights and to underscore its diversity in a population that tends to judge Israel harshly, solely on its treatment of Palestinians."
      Oh, I get it, it's like a rotten ham sandwich, good only in spots. Well, me too, I'm for human rights except when I'm not. And when I'm not it is related to the very people whose percentage of the land went from about 90% to 45%, with them having no say whatsoever about the matter and giving the Jews 55% where they actually only had 5.8% based on their population numbers previously. And let's not forget violence was used by Zionists to forcibly expel 800,000 people in six months, take the land the Zionists coveted, from the indigenous peoples in Palestine. I can see why Israel would want to change how they appear to the world as they run out of good arguments for the Israeli Jewish state, while continued oppression of Palestinians goes on. I love pigs, but this is putting lipstick on a pig, he/she is still a pig afterwards.
      Marketing/advertising need to get a real job, they are engaged in an activity that is akin to selling snake oil. Remember the Pet Rock? People actually bought a damn stone, due to the hype over ownership of a rock.

      "Overall, Israel is a profoundly homophobic society. The dominance of religious fundamentalists, the sexism and the proximity to family and family oppression makes life very difficult for most people on the LGBT spectrum in Israel."

      So, let's pretend we, the Israeli society, as a group, are pro gays, maybe someone will buy it if we say it often enough, loudly enough, and over and over again ad nauseum. Yes, let's fool people into believing a slanted lie, for if we were truly for human rights we would not be engaging in apartheid against the Bedouins, the Arabs, and Palestinians.
      What Israel should be spending time and money on are real things like the human rights of their fellow countrymen, the Palestinians, and stop treating them as "those damn Arabs."
      As it is, gay folk have historically been desirous of acceptance as human beings not just sexual beings who prefer the same sex. One very successful tactic in the LGBT movement is to show gay folks are not abstracts, or outsiders, but as the real people they are that you know and love, they are in fact someone you know as your friend, your brother, your uncle, or sister, your father or mother, and in that light, it showed how gay folk are a part of the rest of humanity, not an aberration and the debilitated, the downtrodden, those who have historically been villified by society for hundreds of years, the LGBT human beings who are like all humans deserving of our love and trust.
      Whereas LGBTs are deserving of respect and love, for who they are as people, the Israelis OTOH are trying to have it both ways, to be seen as a loving civilized group whom respects others and at the same time they want to harass and villify the Palestinians, and to continue their ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

      hophmi, Really? For Israel to say that it wants to project a cetain image that is not actually true, but they want it to paint them as more reasonable than they actually are, as far as human rights go by manipulating that image to appear gay friendly and pretend they are for human rights on the one hand and on the other they want no part of it,yes there is a contradiction there. Being Pro gay and anti-Palestinian does not mean you are for human rights. It means you are for human rights except when you're not. It is like a rotten ham sandwich as I have referenced elsewhere, good only in spots, well, there you have Israel, good only in spots. They love their families but does that make them good if they mistreat Palestinians? And you see no contradiction in that? I'm stymied.
      hophmi, I am for a two state solution, in which Israel returns much of the land they confiscated lately through settlers stealing from Palestinians outright and the 1948 ethnic cleansing carried out against the Palestinians, yet Israel is making it impossible for there to be a 2 state solution as long as they keep forcibly taking the land of the Palestinians and building on it, the settlers are just sticking to the original plan began in 1948, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinme. If someone is so egregious in their actions to others, it does take away from the overall picture of them. It is like Herman Cain saying "just look at all those I didn't sexually harass, it could have been worse," it only serves to take attention away from the bad deeds. I mean there are some who are dog people and some are cat people, but me, I am an animal lover of both dogs and cats. So, is a person who is one or the other all bad, no, but it makes little sense to love dogs and hate cats. which some people do.
      homphi, you want Israel to get a free pass to hurt some while promoting others all for an image to show the world as the truth of what happened in 1948 comes out. The truth cannot stay hidden forever. Israel is running out of arguments to justify their brutality to Palestine. Security was a dog whistle at one time, but even that doesn't work anymore, and with the help of the US Israel has become the 7th largest military in the world, where do you suppose the Palestinians fit? Do they evemn have a military?

  • 'It’s time to stop the bully': Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn on Occupy Wall Street, the Israel lobby and the New York Times
    • Thanx john h, I appreciate it, on other sites hateful swipes are taken at me consistently for my similar comments as this, but I feel I am right in this matter, I really do. I sometimes feel so helpless trying to stand up for the Palestinians as I do, because of all the contrariness I receive. I just know that when you see an injustice being done, that to do nothing is to be complicit, and I have, on other issues involving suffering of others, stood up and gotten physically assaulted. The internet helps as a shield, sometimes, but being stalked(of which I have been a victim) for having a contrary viewpoint in one's community is scary, but I won't back down. July 2010 woke me up to this particular issue, and I was so upset at being lied to for decades. I think I have been asleep all these years, but the fact is I have been misled by the MSM and my own country, the good ole USofA.
      There is a youtube video of a pregnant Palestinian woman who was stopped at a checkpoint and the IDF would not allow her to pass to go to the hospital, she was reportedly bleeding, telling the IDF that fact, and they still wouldn't let her pass. What is wrong with these people?
      I'm not sure when the video was shot, but it was uploaded Nov 21, 2007, and as far as I can tell not much has changed, especially after the building of the separation wall with all its numerous checkpoints where Palestinians are delayed for hours even if they are sick and going to the hospital. I also read the Goldstone report recently about Operation Cast Lead and I learned that to the Israeli military civilian targets are equal to so called military targets, they make no distinction. Israelis flouting of international law and the Geneva convention seems to be standard operating procedure for them(using phosphorous material in their ammunition, for one thing ).
      I am happy to join with others here and stand up for Palestinians and that includes joining with those Jewish folks who have not lost their humanity as the Zionists have and who also stand up for the Palestinians..

    • Thanks, annie. It did somewhat take my breath away, I was just really stymied, flummoxed, and hurt emotionally, it was so heartbreaking, that it could have taken place, what happened in 1948 to the Palestinians, intentially by militants who seemed to have lost all of their humanity, and all I could think of was a group similar, the Nazis! I can not keep what i'm learning quiet either so chances are people are going to take swipes at me, I'm sure, but so be it. If a person can stand up for what is right and true and withstand the monster attacks against her/him, then is the position they hold credible enough to take the abuse, I think, yes, I'll hold my ground and stand up for the Palestinians, the downtrodden, accepting all the taunts to villify me, to make me an object of their hatred, to abuse me personally with their ad hominem attacks, then I welcome it.

    • Thank you, Taxi, for also bothering to read my post and as I delve more into it, I feel it is my duty as a human being to expose this big lie about Israeli actions taken, indeed planned and executed against the Palestinians in 1948, and continues this day with evictions of Palestinians, and Bedouins from occupied territories continues, and to stand up against the bullies that Lasn is talking about.
      And for the oppressed Palestinians to refer to the cleansing as the "catastrophe," and the "Nakba," being sensitive and caring not to injure an already injured peoples, the Jews, by what happened in the Holocaust, says a lot about who they are as a people, they are not all as portrayed by Zionists, the terrible terrorists as they are referred to based on a few in the group who are much more militant, but are like many people, peaceful loving people.

    • Actually thank you for bothering to read it, for it was a bit long, but I got started and couldn't stop as I was so outraged at being lied to for so long by my own country's press and political leaders. As I read more of Ilan Pappe's book, my heart cries out and I can only go a few pages at a time, it is so unbelievable.

    • Sorry, Woody for the misread. Maybe I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.:) eee is full of s**t no doubt. Perhaps I have not commented here long enough to get some of the nuances and commenters personalities down. I actuall thought you were attacking atheist itself, please forgive the misinterpretation, also with the warlike reference, seems I missed the point a bit, I thought you were making the implication, not stated explicitly, point that perhaps atheists were more aggressive.
      Again, sorry.

    • I have posed the question of how the ill treatment of Jews during the Holocaust captured in the multi-part series by Steven Spielberg and the Shoah Foundation, Days of Remembrance, has not rang a bell about the same tactics used against the Palestinians with the Jewish people who have either survived, or have seen the series, and why they have not moved to stop the ethnic cleansing still happening in Palestine.

      The young UN and its UNSCOP group in 1948 deciding to compensate the Jews with Palestinian land as a fair trade for the Jewish Holocaust, changing a 5.8% portion of the land held by Jewish folk into 55% by the UN actions, though not asking the Palestinians whose land was being taken, was a grave error based plainly on Zionists=Jews, as if all Jews are Zionists which is not so. And the methods of ethnic cleansing are standard fair whether in Cosovo, Darfur, between Hutus vs Tootsies, or even Palestine in 1948, meaning rape, murder, intimidation, torture, massacres of women, men, and children, setting fire to homes, demolitions, setting mines in place among the rubble after the demolitions which keeps the inhabitants from returning, poisoning water supplies with germs, is the standard practice of the expulsion of those whose land you covet, and take actions to forcibly evict those on that land.
      Am I being anti-semitic for standing up for the ones who are bullied, and attempting to tell the truth of what actually happened? I saw a long lyrical poem by Bob Dylan on this site and on this thread about the article, and he really changes the definition of what "bully" means, and equates it to right action and how they are misnamed and justified for what they are doing as noble deeds, WOW, not unlike the revised history of Palestine by the Zionists and the world denial of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine in 1948, and how Israel got the land, as in the indigenous peoples just gave it up to make way for the Arab Horde armies coming after the Jews just as the Nazis did.

      So, who is unreasonable here?Am I anti-semitic, anti-Israel, because the Pro-Palestinian position is having a better argument as the real truth is coming out and showing how we as a nation in the US have been lied to, the MSM has propagated a theme pushed by the Zionists as being the representatives of all Jews in Israel than the Zionists? And foreign policies towards Israel being decided by a foreign Israeli lobbying group AIPAC in the US Congress, is that a good thing for our country's policies about other countries being influenced strongly by those very same countries?

      Am I so wrong because I take the position of exposing the truth about the Palestinian/Israel conflict?

      And the truth cannot stay hidden forever, it will eventually come out, as the Pentagon Papers showed about the Vietnam war, and how it started, not unlike the same tactics used by settlers who will cause destruction of their own settlements to discredit Palestinians, and blame them though they are innocent.

    • You said, "If zionism had done any good to judaism or to America." Define good? The Zionists revision of history and the world acceptance of that revision(except for the Middle Eastern countries who are all labeled terrorists, jsome, not all, of course, just for complaining of the Zionist ill treatment of their neighbors), and the historical denial of the 1948 ethnic cleansing even happening and continued in the occupied territories. Sadly, it has been "good" for them, they have co-opted an entire country, the strongest and with the most successful militaristic country in history who contributes $7 million dollars every day to their cause, the Israeli state who uses that money to subjugate an entire peoples, eviciting them from their own land and homes, and making laws that go against one group the Palestinians, the Arabs who can't even ride a public bus. Go AIPAC, GO America may you both rot in hell, if there was one. I am not anti-semitic, I am anti-a**holeness.

    • MRW has it right when he said this: "Jeffrey Blankfort has the best definition. He said something isn’t antisemitic if it’s true."

    • WTF does being an atheist have to do with it? You actually think religious folks are less warlike in their attacks against folks who don't think as they do. Not so.

    • Speaking of Foreign Policy the website of that name has an article(sorry of the diversion) called End of the Argument, and talks about ethnic cleansing and how the world feels it has a responsibility to address it and he even gives it a meme R2P, and he gives a few examples, one problem, he never mentions the 1948 ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. How odd, one of the best examples of and worst events incurred against a group of which he is writing about, he never mentions. GoFigure.

    • I quite agree. In the book by Ilan Pappe, Israeli historian, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestin," he makes the point of the fact that even Palestinians refer to the ethnic cleansing as the "catastrophe", or the "Nakba" relative weak terms that level no one responsible due to the Palestinians senstitivity to the Holocaust of the Jews. I only just began looking into the issue in detail in July 2010, when I came across a letter written by King Abdullah of Jordan in 1947 in The American Magazine, and there was not this angry Arab vitriol the Zionist promote by Israeli propaganda, as in the Palestinians left their lands to make way for the Arab horde armies to come after the Jews. Instead there was an appeal for reasonableness in the fact that a Jewish population of 7%, became 600,000 over running the indigenous peoples there in Palestine. I then was casual about learning more at that time, but came across a youtube video six months later by Representative Press proclaiming the reason for 9/11, which was the "unconditional, unequivocal, support for Israel." And it showed how the 9/11 Congressional Commission told of that being the main reason for 9/11, which the Congressional Committee ignored, and another video in which Dan Rather in reading the script he was supposed to read, but hemmed and hawwed and left it out, that said those very words outlined above. Go to youtube, look it up. And since then, I have seen websites that are trying to tell the truth about the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine, that continues to this day, I might add, in the occupied territories. showed me the statistics of the number of those killed in Israel, and the number of Palestinians who have died far outnumber the Israeli deaths. Israel likes to talk about the security it requires, and its retaliations against Hamas who shoot a few noisemaking rockets in comparison to the full arsenal Israel has used against Gaza. I'm finding Israel to be the bully who has his boot on your neck shouting look how you are hurting me, or the psychopath who murders someone and says, "look what you made me do." I'm learning how the entire world has been complicit(with the exception of Middle Eastern countries who are called terrorists) in the denial of the history of the 1948, six month ethnic cleansing of Palestine. In 1917 British Foreign SecretaryLord Balfour gave the green light to the Zionists for their take over of the Palestinian lands, with the help of the British military in training the Hagana, which became the Jewish Agency, ultimately responsible for the enforcement of the ethnic cleansing, which resulted in 800,000 were uprotted, 531 villages destroyed, 11 urban neighborhoods emptied of their inhabitants, using the tactics of the systematic expulsion of the Palestinians from their land, and as in Cosovo, large scale intimidation, laying siege to and bombarding villages and population centers, stting fire to homes, demolitions, and setting mines in the rubble to discourage anyone from returning. This decision was made by 11 men, Zionists who coldly and calculatedly on March 10, 1948 , the decimation of a peoples. There were 33 massacres in 1948, of indigenous women, men and children, for whom rape, murder, torture were no beneath them, their Hagana Plan D, or Dalet, theybarely needed an excuse for their behavior, as some Palestinians objected but could not fight back as in 1937, their three year revolt was overrun and their leaders were killed, their paramilitary killed, and with nno one left to oppoes the Zionists, they killed a peoples hope of living free in their own land and even killed them physically, a population which in the 1920s had a 80-90% of a majority of the population of Palestine. The tears are preventing from going on, so I'll stop here.

  • For today's Freedom Riders-- an old letter from a Birmingham Jail
    • Yes, and all Israelis and Palestinians alike should read Israeli Historian, Ilan Pappe's "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine." Part of which describes how within six months in 1948, 800,000 people had been uprooted, 531 villages had been destroyed, 11 urban neighborhoods had been emptied of its inhabitants, and, yes, they were the indigenous peoples, the Palestinians. Yet this despicable manmade catastrophe, has been erased almost totally from the global public memory. And Israel has consistently lied about the decision made on March 10, 1948 to ethnically cleanse Palestine in order to establish their Jewish state. And does anyone have a "right to exist" as a normal civilized country after having lied about how they acquired the land they made into Israel, and having decimated an entire country's population and is still doing it, while the world just watches and lets it happen. 9/11 was due to the frustration of the US unconditional and unequivocal support for Israel, no matter how badly Israel behaves and oppresses the Palestinians. The fact that there are Palestinian refugees all over should indicate an imbalance an inequality when it comes to negotiating for peace, but where are the Israeli refugees, no they are the occupiers, the ones who occupy land not theirs, land that they fought a war on, but are not entitled to by International Law which the Israelis refuse to recognize while the US looks on in approval of. The Israelis are the warmongers who want the US bogged down in a war with Iran, though since 1982, there have been dire warnings of Iran getting the "bomb" yet Iran has said time and again it isn't interested in getting a nuclear weapon. Iranian scientists must be the most incompetent ones on the planet for there to be such dire warnings year after year, since 1982 that Iran was going to have a nuclear bomb in a few years, yet have not one even now. And the Neocons keep warning, keep fearmongering about the threat of Iran. Iran compared to the US has not initiated a war for more than a hundred years. Iraq started the Iran-Iraq war in the 80s. Israel is an instigator, a provocateur in the Middle East claiming security rights against the "Arab hordes" while subjecting the real owners of Israel, the Palestinians, to oppression and abuse, all the while maintaining the lie that they got the land for Israel through the purchases by wealthy Jewish folks, but mainly because the Palestinians just gave it to them voluntarily claiming that the Palestinians were just making way for the Arab war machine to be put in place in these Palestinians lands. If the world continues to perpetuate these lies it really reflects poorly on the entire global community, after all, today ethnic cleansing is a definite crime, that the Israelis got away with in 1948. I was in the Civil Rights marches, the Vietnam war moratoriums, and I stand now with the Palestinians in their quest for equality and dignity in their own country, a long time in coming with much work to be done.

    • Yes, and at the time working through the "white"courts would have brought results in a couple of hundred years no doubt. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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    • I think if there is a good argument to be had by certain Pro-Israelis, then they are able to make it, as well for those who feel the Palestinians are getting screwed still since the beginning of the 20th century, during the British Mandatory and the Balfourism that followed, as I do, but the difference may be that the Pro-Iraelis are running out of being able to justify their actions having revised history for so long and their shill the great exceptionalists the US, while the truth cannot remain hidden forever, and that is the Palestinian side. WWII following Europe's guilt and a young 2 yr old UN through the UNSCOP made a terrible decision to compensate the sufferers of the Jewish Holocaust by giving them Palestine, and the Zios jumped at their chance to go from 5.8% of the land to 55%, as mandated by the UNSCOP. So, chalk up part of the debacle to ignorance and a flagrant disregard of the Palestinians feelings in favor of the ZIOs, notice I say ZIOs not Jews, cuz' all Jews thankfully are not ZIOs, however the UN made no such distinction. Israeli claimed security threats were their problem yet they are the aggressors mostly.
      Sorry, off topic a bit but just making the point that this site will accept all good arguments on both sides, it is just that the Zios only argument left is if you question their crimes they yell anti-semitism, and if that is not so, then make a better argument, ZIOs.

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