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I'm a Progressive unfettered by political stances that define me based on that label. I seek the truth. I am not anti-Israel, nor anti-Semitic, but Israelis need to answer for their crimes, the ethnic cleansing of Palsetine beginning in 1948.

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  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • Is it possible he does not know there are Christian Palestinians in Gaza and WB and even Jerusalem?

    • JonS thinks Palestine is just a regular country not unlike any other 'normal' one or something. Palestine is occupied by squatters and was there way before Zionists came. Again,Zionists are squatters in Palestine when you look back at its nascent beginning, the Zionists forced themselves in and then said mine mine mine. That's how it was created, but then it demanded all to recognise it's birth as a normal occurence. AND the world through its collective guilt allowed the poor Palestinians to get crapped on and kept its decimation as Palestine as an allowed activity given to Zionists to do. Zionists today aren't old enough to have been in a Holocaust, yet there are so many stories to keep reminding everyone of their plight, who could forget it, but what of the decades of Palestinian suffering and with no apology and no acknowledgement except it had to be done?(Benny Morris said so).

    • Yes, which makes me have to say, well, damn why on earth are there so many check points for so few people crowded together, and whose very existence is 100% controlled by Zionists, as if this should be a normalised condition with these folks behaving normally now for decades and here's how to handle it. JonS can go aw...well you know.

    • Uh...if I may, Oh, please don't compliment them, call'em pricks, sure, hate them big time even my own, but pussies, don't think I'll ever see them in a bad light and to use the term derogatorily seems a sacrilege, but these young soldeirs acting like real dicks seems way more fitting.
      BUT I got this dumb question, why didn't they just let her pass, or get that she may feel threatened and lower their weapons to show her she had nothing to fear from them, and know she may be afraid due to her prior experience moving around in her Palestine and maybe why she was acting as she was, after all, her friends and family may act symbolically and throw rocks at the IOF, but with no obvious intent to harm, and likely they know rocks won't hurt anyone, but it is what they have, and like the Agents of Shield season endings episodes where Hive as he gets his brain scrambled by Lincoln's electric charges boosted, says. 'this won't kill me,' and Max replies saying,'No, but it'll really SUCK.' Rock throwers merely want to show displeasure, and who wants to know they're causing displeasure, despite the IOF machismo with their overpowering firepower, they still are people, pretty hateful it seems to Palestinians...but still.
      Zionists have lost their minds, they knew this day was coming when the chickens came home to roost, their lies played out as far as they could(maybe that's why NUT-AND-A-YAHOO closed off the achives, just too much goddamned historical truth from BenGurion's own mouth), so no one should be surprised at their insanity, problem is they are well armed 'crazies'. AND with the USA agreeing to even more weapons. radioactive ammo, DIMEs with superheated microscopic shrapnel, unidentifiable when injuries occur) Finkelstein helped it along by exposing the empty Palestine that kinda wasn't exactly that.

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