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I am a half Jewish half Palestinian American living in Baltimore but originally from New York. Both sides of my family and I are extremely passionate about the Israel/ Palestine conflict for obvious personal reasons and are very concerned about the lack of progress for peace primarly because some members are still living in Israel and the OT. Many of us are well educated and currently working in various branches in the US federal govt. One of my sisters being a federal prosecuter working in Manhattan, along with three other family members employed by the govt. Me personally am a business owner located in White Marsh Mall. Very excited to be a part of the Mondoweiss experience

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  • Desmond Tutu: Maryland legislature's anti-boycott effort designed to 'punish and intimidate'
    • David, sorry dude. After reading your comment the second time the sarcasm was screaming off the page lol. I had just finished responding to jeff quite thoroughly so I guess that kind of screwed with me a bit when I read your comment lol

    • David, your bromance with Jeffb is touching. Your attempt to discredit Tutu becuase hes critical of israel is quite pathetic. Hes a champion of human rights and the single most important person in the fight against South African apartheid. In addition to that he has campaigned to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, poverty, racism, sexism, the imprisonment of Chelsea Manning, homophobia and transphobia. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984; the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism in 1986; the Pacem in Terris Award in 1987; the Sydney Peace Prize in 1999; the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2007;[1] and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

      The entire world agrees hes a hero but according to you, israel and other zionists hes an evil antisemite. Hahaha ridiculous

  • In Philly, rightwing Zionists call Dershowitz anti-Semitic for opposing settlements
    • Kalithea- youre hilarious :)

      Very interesting indeed. When the Dersh is being lambasted for not being pro israel enough the paradigm is truly shifting. I think the rightwingers are beginning to realize that the pro israel movement is reaching a breaking point. An increasing amount of people from the jewish and gentile community do not unconditionally support their ideology and they are helpless to stop it. So their reaction is to reject anybody displaying even a miniscule amount of moderation. Perfect. Lets see how crazy they will get. Should be amusing

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • Its absolutely ridiculous to think that because this man was in bed with a more sinister entity that he should be shown mercy. Its like saying a soldier in a mexican cartel should be excused for murder because he was given the order by the cartel. Whatever his habits, whatever his mentality this traitor who was obviously competent enough to pull this off should be punished on par with the crime. Would people be asking for sympathy if pollard was from Iran, Russia, Cyprus ect...absolutely not

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • "...the gap is unbridgeable so a REAL agreement is not on the table but the façade must remain since it serves the interests of many"

      The gap is only unbridgeable because of the current israeli govt, widely considered to be the worst (rightwinged) in Israeli history. The peace process is Israel's greatest weapon against the Palestinians. Its only purpose is to deflect domestic and international pressure allowing them to build more settlements in the process which is Israel's end game anyway, maximum land theft. But this doesnt serve the interest of many just israel

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • Agreed. Theres a very important word in regards to settlement freeze and thats "limited". Does anyone remember the last time israel agreed to a settlement freeze? The only thing they did was postponed the announcement of new settlements while construction went ahead full speed. What a crock of shit. Essentially paleste is offered nothing while israel enjoys immunity from the UN and ICC and release of the treacherous pollard. Sad

  • Attacks on BDS sharpen as it gains traction in the Jewish community
    • Jeffb, your solution to the conflict is for Palestinians to abandon their aspiration for an independent country and assimilate into israeli society. Seems easy enough. Few problems with your approach: First of all 60 years of occupation has jaded israelis to the point that the majority of them are hostile even racist towards their palestinian cousins. A recent poll taken in israel (ill provide the source in a few) questioned 8000 israelis if they would consider being neighbors with Palestinians, not surprising some 80% said no. Now, animosity and tension between the two aside, have you considered the quality of life that arab israelis (palestinians with israeli citizenship) have? At best their second class citizens. What makes you think giving millions of more arabs citizenship will better that condition? Come on now jeff, I said realistic alternatives to bds

    • Robin, thank you very much Ill be sure to research your group

    • Thanks dude. I got it

    • No doubt, dont drink the water. I thought I was quite versed on this matter myself only to learn that I had I long way to go. Glad to have you here stay around

    • "Most of the arguments advanced by Montagu in 1917 against the British government’s support for Zionism are still true today."

      Absolutely. Im quiet familiar with Edwin Montagu who was the only jewish member of Parliament in 1917 and also the the only member who strenuously objected to the Balfour declaration. He viewed zionism as "mischievous political creed, untenable by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom." The jewish and non jewish community was split on this issue but the gentile zionists (for personal reasons) lent their support and carried the day. Many of them considered to be antisemites.

      I was unable to open your link but Herzl's following statement couldn't be more true. "Antisemitism will be the engine that drives zionism. Where it doesnt exist, zionists always manage to manufacture some."
      It was European antisemitism that fueled enough sympathy from the world that allowed zionism to flourish. Now its accusations of antisemitism that allows zionism to be free of criticism

    • Its incredibly sad and infuriating to hear people especially politicians use the term antisemitic to describe the bds movement. Bds is morally righteous and explicitly states that their goal is to achieve BASIC human rights for Palestinians not to discriminate against israelis or israel. Being a kid from 2 worlds (half Palestinian half jewish) I have experienced racism from botb sides of the aisle. And to smear this movement with the ugliest of accusations is quite disgusting. Opponents of bds, especially jewish individuals, are doing themselves no favor by undermining real antisemitism by using that phrase so irresponsibly. One question for people who are vehemently against bds: Do you have or can you specify a different realistic nonviolent approach to achieve the same goals the bds movement has set to accomplish?

  • Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The showdown begins
    • "Will all (all!) Palestinian “leaders” be shown to be QUISLINGS? PUPPETS OF ISRAEL AND THE USA?"

      Good question! I believe the answer to that question (whether rhetorical or not) is yes. Is it because there are no decent Palestinian politicians to be found? (Personally my favorite is Bargouti but hes imprisoned) Of course not. The problem is the political climate israel has created does not allow Pal politicians to hold any real power both domestically or in international domains. The PA is economically dependent on israel, the US, and foreign aid. Without independent money without an independent economy you cant run a country regardless how capable you are as a leader. So in order to receive the funds needed to keep the govt going they will continue to be puppets.
      Im not too familiar with Dahlan but with all these accussations of corruption he cant be good for the Pals. Abbas is on his way out which is unfortunate due to lack of a good successor. Despite his flaws, he is genuine and he has it in him to make peace. He has a good balance of stubborness and compromise. The same couldn't be said about Bibi which was all fire and brimstone.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • Ecru, calm down buddy. From reading past comments on your profile I believe, generally speaking, we are all on the same page. Some people might be giving you shit for a misunderstanding. When you asked, "Has anybody done the actual research to find out who owns what and what their interests are?" I believe some people thought you may be doubting the fact that jews own a majority of MSM outlets. This research has been done quite extensively by numerous individuals, some jewish ones for bragging purposes.

      The list above that Kay24 provided, aside from a few recent changes, is accurate. Some comments directed at you were certainly undeserved im only trying to shed some light on why that occurred. I feel like a referee lol

  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • Justice forPalestine, that is incredibly brave parenting and i commend you for it. Alot of people tend to neglect their duties as parents to inform their children of the real world. And to do it honestly and objectively is crucial regardless if you are from the same "tribe". Some people ask me how an individuals can be so supportive of israel in light of all the horrendous things it does and i can only assume its thru nurture.

  • Israel pays journalist $61,800 for good press during Pope's visit
    • Lol Israel's attempt to distance itself from their ugly reality is beginning to be comical. Their rebranding efforts has and will continue to fail miserably in the face of growing international awareness. I guarantee the pope will have some very critical statements about their policies towards the Palestinians and israel will try to suppress them

  • Obama doesn't talk to Jimmy Carter -- because of Israel
    • American, I havnt read a more accurate analysis of the “special relationship” ever. How brutally honest! Thanks for sharing.

      Jimmy Carter, in order to avoid aipac’s wrath and career suicide had to wait years after serving as president in order to finally speak the truth. A noble peace prize recipient now being labeled an antisemite and radioactive really puts things in perspective. Our govt is so deeply married to israel that even a sitting American president with the will to truly stand up to israel would not be able to change anything due to the overwhelming support it receives from both sides of the aisle. Confronted by this reality I see only one way to change our mid east foreign policy. By informing the american people with the truth of this detrimental relationship thereby forcing our politicians to cut military economic and political aid to israel indefinitely. Which is no easy task considering our incredibly bias media in favor of the apartheid state. Sorry to be so pessimistic but I really dont see this happening anytime in the near or distant future.

  • The battle over Palestine is raging--and Israel is losing: Ali Abunimah on his new book
    • Ali abunimah is an incredibly intelligent and powerful voice for the Palestinians. His views on American policy is unfortunately accurate. Through his thorough research and uncomprimising integrity he should be taken very seriously.

      " a person begins to see reality through his wishes." No! He sees the same reality countless others who visited the OT have seen first hand.

      "Can`t he also see what catastrophe this obsessive antagonism of Israel has brought on Arab countries? Was that worth it? And then isn`t the general condition of Arabs in Israel far better than minorities in other countries in the region"

      The catastrophe the Palestinians are in is not due to "obsessive antagonism" of israel its due to israel occupying and stealing other people land, dropping bombs on civilians, murdering non violent protesters, forcing millions to live like animals, cutting off electricity, rationing water to a minimal,and the list goes on. And if you think an occupied abused and incarcerated population are living better than others in the region well that shows what sort of integrity you possess.

  • Ululating at Vassar: the Israel/Palestine conflict comes to America
    • Brian is just a troll. And the last time I will respond to his filth. I recommend all to do the same. Unless he has something relevant to say other then veiled racism and hatred

    • Brian you claim the bds movement is being exposed as "fradulent, racist, hypocritical, and detrimental to Palarabs". But if you drop your own racist ethnocentric arrogance and do your homework you would realize that the bds movement is growing stronger by the day. If this wasnt true then why would the elites in Israel's political and economic circles be paying so much attention to it? The fact that your so passionately upset about it and intentionally trying to downplay its success speaks volumes. What we're seeing here is not "activists hijacking school councils" but cracks in israels foundation of impunity and unaccoutability. And no billions of dollars in hasbara or branding will change that. btw here on mondoweiss you'll find genuine well informed caring individuals and your despicable lack of civility has no place on this website

  • Video: SodaScream -- Bubble trouble
    • Way off topic indeed. The reason why MW hasn't touched this subject is because MW is a self described website for "the war of ideas in the middle east". Therefore the Ukraine has no direct link to the middle east regardless of antisemitism.

  • 'Forward' lives up to its name, bashing denial of Palestinian narrative and donors' control of Hillel
    • "SJP’s actions are, at their heart, meant to bring the Palestinian narrative to campus. If telling history from a Palestinian point of view makes pro-Israel students feel uncomfortable, that’s not anti-Semitic on our part. It’s denial on theirs."

      What a wonderfully simple way to respond to people who try to suppress free speech by claiming their campus is antisemetic and/or a "hostile environment". Now those students who claim to feel uncomfortable either have been misinformed their entire life (understandable considering the amount of propaganda our media regurgitates) or just saying that to shut down the debate. I presume its the latter. Seriously, the I/P conflict is the only topic in the world where college students who disseminates widely believed facts become a target for administrators and face punishment

  • Kerry tries to get out of Jewish-state trap set by Netanyahu and the lobby
    • This new and ridiculous demand further reinforces the painfully obvious intentions of the Israeli government. They will never make the necessary concessions for peace. Never. Now you can debate the relevance of this demand til you're blue in the face. But thats exactly what they want. The Israeli govt could care less about being recognized as a jewish state. Their sole intention is to waste time with these sill y nonstarter demands and deflect pressure. And the more time the international community allows them to drag out the peace process the more time they have to further entrench the occupation making a deal even less likely.

      The way I see it Abbas should publicly recognize israel as a jewish state just to prove to the international community that this demand is a smokescreen. And with Israel's primary excuse nueutralized the true obstacle to peace will be exposed

  • Northeastern U administrator: SJP's suspension is 'not [issue] of free speech or the exchange of disparate ideas'
    • Very clever blah chick.

      One has to wonder: almost every institution that hosts a palestine related incident whether it be academic or social there's always wealthy zionist donors who appear seemingly out of nowhere threatening to pull funds if the institution doesnt tow their line. Its almost like they donate to these places precisely for this reason. Its crazy.

  • 'Northeastern SJP will not be silenced or intimidated': SJP responds to suspension from Northeastern University
    • Pabelmont- "get a list of the official warnings, demands, rules, rulings, admonitory letters, etc....... And see if any other students have had DEMOS on other topics which have violated any of these and the violations been ignored."

      Absolutely! The seriousness people are treating this matter coupled with the severity of punishment these students are facing you would expect the accusers would've pointed out the specific rule that was violated. Also, we'd be able to compare the standards put on other student groups in regards to enforcing such rules. My guess is some bias will definitely be revealed

    • A follow up question:

      In all the articles ive read about this incident noone has yet specified what Northeast rule/regulation did the SJP students violate by placing the mock evictions on doors? Anybody know?

  • Review of recent 'NYT' corrections raises doubts about paper's commitment to getting the facts right in Israel/Palestine
    • Truthhurts did u happen to catch the guys name? It amuses me to read about people that divorced from reality.

      Ya know despicable as many of these news outlets can be when reporting on the conflict i am no longer surprised. Actually a part of me is quite happy about it. As recent as a decade ago this type of reporting went largely unchallenged. However these days much more people are aware of the other side and related facts. So much that the zionists, in their desperation, need this type of reporting to prevent their walls from caving in. And that is the silver lining

  • Boycotting the land you love: Israeli activist Leehee Rothschild on BDS and the struggle for Palestinian rights
    • Hop, its the same ol story with you and your ilk. A very typical Hasbara response. If you cant lie or misdiriect your way out you give an example of another country who does it too. You white wash Israel's dehumanization of Palestinians by claiming its worst somewhere else. News for you bud, IT DOESN'T MATTER! Persecution is wrong regardless of the country it happens in.

  • Jewish day school student first learned about 'occupation' when he got to college
    • We all know the media is not gonna give an accurate description of the current state of israel . So I think these young folks have a fantastic idea. Convince the jewish community to engage in meaningful and objective debate, educate our children with the truth not propaganda, and silence the fanatic bullies that we all kniw exist among us. If any change is gonna happen it has to start with the jewish community first then we can try to join our Palestinian brothers and sisters in the fight for equality

  • Israeli government implosion over peace process opens door to international isolation
    • All these are good signs, the EU stepping up pressure, the bds movement growing, the US' s growing impatience. But nothing will change on the ground unless we take away or reign in Israel's most powerful weapon, AIPAC and its ilk. As long as aipac has our government in its pocket our politicians will never have the will to truly put pressure on israel via sanctions. Its just not gonna happen. Until we break thru the media censorship of the conflict and educate the american masses of the costly effect blindly supporting israel has on the US and israel itself significant change is just a dream

  • Bill targeting Israel boycotters introduced in Maryland
    • Ellen- "aipac found theyre mark in Joan Carter." Absolutely correct.

      Hostage, you have some very valid points. This sort of legislation doesn't have sharp teeth but why give the zios the satisfaction of being able to refer to American law when they support apartheid.

    • Terrible news. I live in Maryland and the folks here are overwhelmingly pro israel. And coupled with a lack of activism Im confident it will pass. AIPAC tried it in a big state like N.Y. and got ignored so theyre trying their hand in a "safer" state hoping to get the national ball rolling

  • At Auschwitz: 'The IDF is the Jewish people's answer to the Holocaust'
    • How absolutely disgraceful it is for pros israel establishment to invoke the shoal, a tragedy inflicted on the Jews by the Europeans to justify the same nazi like treatment by the idf on the Palestine people. Its bewildering to say the least that these staunchly supporters of israel don't realize this. In addition, organizations such as the ADL who claim to combat racism of all sorts fail to mention the 20 million Russians that died during the holocaust. I suspect they want the discourse to focus solely on jewish sufferings in order to muster the greatest amount of sympathy for Jews in order to commit war crimes unchallenged. Tbey purposely disregard this reality in order to further the dream of a greater israel. Its time for all champions of peace to educate the public about these other atrocities that occurred in order to curb the holocaust industry and hopefully shed light on the disgraceful practices of the idf and expose their misuse of the memory of the holocaust

  • 'The world doesn't get it' -- Highlights of Netanyahu's alienation tour
    • I find it a little odd that out of all the people who were "offended" you singled out the only arab (abunimah). As if comparatively he is any less worthy. Also a little disturbing that you didn't bother commenting on the many more relevant topics mentioned in this article. Makes you seem kind of bias

  • Twenty years since Oslo, US leadership has yielded endless 'process' with no 'peace' in sight
    • Right on the money Seafoid. Its not just the Palestinians the US is hurting when it blindly supports israel's every wish. The goons at aipac might think everything they do benefits israel but as we all know thats often not the case. They are drunk off their power and wealth and have lost sight and direction. There's nothing wrong with finding a cause and supporting it via lobbying but to do it to the extent aipac does unchallenged is a disaster for all parties

  • Will there be fallout from the NSA sharing intel with Israel?
    • @ quercus, lysias. I don't disagree that more people today distrust mainstream media and politicians than in the past. However when considering the little change in popular opinion and polls conducted in the US they suggest this number is marginal. Mainstream media is in no way irrelevant. They continue to hold sway over the majority. However I do recognize an informed minority emerging thanks to the internet and other news outlets.
      I'm optimistic that in the future things will change but in the foreseeable future probably not.

    • There will be no fallout. No fallout because the masses will not hear about it. Sure mondoweiss readers and other informed individuals will know about this treason but that's about it.
      Think of Snowden or Syria for a moment. Cnn has done not stop coverage about both especially a possible strike against the Assad regime. The average american sees it and decides to be outraged or not. Can you imagine CNN exposing our govt giving sensitive information about their citizens to israel? Ha! Will never happen.

  • US aid to Egypt is not for Egypt but Israel, JJ Goldberg explains
    • I absolutely agree with Marco. The Suez has NOTHING to do with US aid to Egypt. The obvious support as Marco stated was the simultaneous timing of the peace treaty and aid to egypt. In addition if US aid to egypt were to be ended, access to the canal would still be granted as it benefits egypt to be an international travel route.
      Another example could be made of Jordan who also signed a peace treaty with Israel and immediately began reaping the benefits through economic and military support from US, as well as trade open market ect

  • Activists deliver petition to Alicia Keys’ Brooklyn charity asking her to cancel Israel show
    • I'm really shocked she would even consider playing in israel. For one she's married to a muslim music producer Swiss Beats. And two there's no way in hell she doesn't know about the atrocities israel commits cuz her husband is very pro palestine. He has no doubt discussed yhis with her at some point. She's just trying to make momey. Shame on her. I WAS a big fan

  • I've got Mohammed Assaf fever
    • Hopefully it does make a dent citizen. I saw that family guy episode. I was quiet disgusted

    • I'm semi fluent in arabic and have listened too a lot of arab music and I can tell u hands down the kids got talent. Incredible.

      Its something "small" like this that can allow the Palestinians to forget their grief temporarily and be humans for once and have a little enjoyment.

  • The horror: 'Breaking the Silence' releases women's frightful testimonies of occupation
    • "kudos to the Israeli media for being critical of Israel, while the US does not"

      Absolutely. The israeli media is far more critical of israeli policies then the US. But then again every other countries' media is more critical then the US. That's because israel can't afford to have critical media in the US. The US is literally Israel's lifeline, witbout us israel could not survive. Which is why the majority of their pro israel efforts are based in the states

  • Top Abbas Confidant: 'I give up… We failed.'
    • Correction...the article is on mondo not haaretz. Sorry lol

    • Well said. And I couldn't agree more. However when u said:

      "The Palestinians need to go to the UN and let the world speak. They cannot rely on the US or Israel at all."

      They tried that already and the US and israel bullied the Security Council to vote or abstain from declaring an independent Palestinian state. There's an article on that states the onky way to create a Palestinian state is to put American soldiers on the ground in israel and push them back to the 67' borders.

      This may be shocking to some and if it is then ur analysis of the conflict is flawed. I highly recommend reading it.

  • Palestinians applaud Association for Asian American Studies for endorsement of academic boycott
    • Great news. And no small amount of courage especially coming from a community where higher education is most prevelant.

    • Page: 3
  • American teacher denied entry to Palestine calls on Obama to address Israel's Jim Crow policies
    • Citizen, your theory is absolutely correct. You hit the nail right on the head. An aide will read the letter, never bring it to obama's attention, and may never even respond. Even if obama miraculously read the letter in no way shape or form will he address Netanyahu about it. He doesn't even plan to discuss settlements or the peace process, let alone a letter from Arab American about travel restrictions. What a shame.

  • On the tenth anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death her parents urge supporters to take action, change US policy in Israel/Palestine
    • Couldnt have said it better myself. Right on all accounts except the part where Bush is better then obama. Bush jr is by far the worst president in US history

  • AIPAC won't let us report on its policy conference
    • "You need to be sneakier about getting in."

      Just like the Zionists do at pro peace events. They sneak in just to find something negative to say. And if they cant do that they just fabricate. Only difference is someone attending aipac conference wouldnt have to make up anything negative and they know it. Which is why they dont want critical organizations attending

  • Fast learner! Hagel's 112 pages of advance answers contain one reference to Palestinians -- firing rockets
    • I agree, thats what he should've done. thats what everybody expected him to do and thats why we were all excited to hear his nomination. But as im sure your aware, his 180 turn is testament to how ridiculously pro israel the political culture in our country is.

      Personally id rather him do a little initial ass kissing to the lobby and his colleagues, who's support he needs to get the job, then stand by his values when a serious situation is presented (military intervention wars ect). As opposed to a lobby puppet who you can bet will do whatever his "superiors" want. Just consider who the other candidates were for sec of def.

    • Lets hope Hagel has not changed his colors already and is just saying what needs to be said in order to secure his nomination. Im inclined to think the latter. His stances have been clearly stated and defended through out his career and im optimistic if elected he'll stick to his guns

  • Chicago youth message to OneVoice: 'We will not work with you'
    • Exactly! How can an organization expect to be regarded as honest when attempting to engage in dialogue when they consider transferring (aka ethnic cleansing) a population based solely on race. Nevermind that it violates international law, but the fact that they would even consider that as an acceptable solution is disgraceful. Kudos to Chicago youth

  • 'Washington Post' editorial says settlements don't matter
    • "This is a difficult issue that should be settled at the negotiating table"

      I love how rightwingers, in their attempt to defend any israeli war crime, always use the excuse that its too difficult to discuss or resolve and can only be rectified by the two parties. The excerpt above is so full of discrepancies and b.s. that its not worth dissecting

  • 'Cross borders, cross pollinate' -- Rae Abileah says goodbye to Code Pink
    • I am fluent in Arabic and also a great admirer of Rae Abileah. Phil, let me know if she's interested in some lessons.

  • The nonexistent 'Jewish lobby' sets out to destroy Chuck Hagel
  • Ashrawi: statehood is 'game-changer' and US is damaging its standing in world by opposing it
  • Maguire: Sanction US for its $8 million a day in military aid to Israel
    • " Yes. I never really understood how BDS restricted to “products from the settlements” was supposed to bring about any change."

      In my opinion, the reason why the BDS movement has limited themselves by focusing solely on settlements products is because the Israeli PR machine has been incredibly successful at equating anti Israel sentiment with antisemitism. Therefore in order to garner international support the BDS'ers has to minimize their demands

  • 'NYT' predictably comes under attack for reporting Israel targeted journalists in Gaza
    • Great video Eva. Can you imagine if American MSM would report with such integrity. US aid to Israel would probably be halted in a few months

  • Sold-out Russell Tribunal on Palestine wraps up in New York
    • Amazing article alex. However i think its gonna take alot more then extraordinary citizens to change foreign policy. But it will do wonders to initiate discusion and awareness

  • Pamela Geller's 9/11 gathering features speaker calling for Islam to be 'wiped out'
  • Fraudsters: New report highlights how Islamophobes have no expertise in the religion they claim to know
    • The problem is not whether these bigots are qualified enough to talk/criticise Islam but to present their views to the public and especially governmental institutions as an expert is misleading and wrong.

      Anytime someone, particularly someone in the limelight, is presented as an expert they have a formal degree or years of formal experience in that field. Geller and her ilk have neither and shouldn't be on major news outlets spouting out this garbage selling it as undeniable facts. I doubt Fox News would have Mel Gibson on air talking about extreme Judaism. They have a clear and sinister agenda

    • Couldn't have said it better my self mondo. Good for u. I would love to read a response from him.

  • Romney's defeat will expose the lobby's weakness
    • Very well said krauss!

      No matter who wins the election the Lobby will maintain its obvious and overwhelming influence over our govt and foreign policy. The democrats are just as loyal to the lobby as republicans but the latter makes no illusions of it. The lobby has unequivocally given their support to Romney and if defeated that would be a strong indication that the dynamics of this all is changing for the better.

      In addition, an Obama victory will send sweat down the face of entire pro Israel establishment. The Lobby knows a second term Obama will be empowered to (hopefully) stand his ground and push back at bibi having nothing to lose this time around

  • Resolution: UC Student Association opposes all racism, whether anti-Semitism on campus or racism of Israeli human rights violations
    • Great work indeed. I tend to measure success based on whether or not it pisses off zionists. This is a huge success.

  • Israeli rabbi with ties to gov't calls for obliterating Iranian leaders 'from the face of the earth'
    • Exactly!
      I read these articles and its just regurgitation , with changes in the particulars, of countless other articles (no offence to Phil and Adam). Israeli society has been infected with violent hatred, xenphobia, and racism for decades, perpetuated primarily by the govt and elected officials themselves

      So who can possibly be surprised to hear of this except for the American people of course being purposely kept in the dark by our leaders and media.

  • Even 'NYT' says Israel is bluffing to play Obama
    • Israels attempts to blackmail the US govt/president is the most disgraceful and dishonorable behavior the world has seen in recent history. They are treating war, the most horrendous shit to infect humanity, as a game. I am astounded that israel's allies and the world as a whole has not united against this war mongering. This demonstrates precisely how powerful the Jewish lobby in America and UK really is.

      The entire world, in addition to the most capable military circles are absolutely convinced that war with Iran could have tremendous unforseen consequences yet they sit on their hands. Can someone please explain to me why this is? Because I am truly at a loss

  • Democracy Now, interviews with Phyllis Bennis, Trita Parsi on Israel's threat to attack Iran
    • It makes my blood boil to see the amount of influence Israel and right wing Jews have over American foreign and security policies. It's disgusting. The fact that they are able to black mail the president of the US to engage in war with an adversary which presents no threat to America is incomprehensible. Have they forgot the lessons of the Iraq war already. It killed 5000 US soldiers, killed hundreds of thousands iraqis, devastated our economy, and killed our international standing. For what?

      It's even more disgusting that our spineless greedy politicians aren't standing up to these war mongering criminals and saying " Iran is no threat to Israel or anybody else and should you choose to attack, you will be on your own. In addition you will face sanctions and decrease in aid for attacking a country unprovoked."

  • 'Obama will be forced' to support Israeli strike -- because of his domestic 'political needs'
    • Obama's desire to be reelected far surpasses his desire to help a bunch of Arabs half a world away. The Israelis know this all too well and have used presidential election to their advantage before. For instance 08-09 Gaza War (massacre) when Obama was still president elect. When questioned by a reporter about the bombardment of Gaza he simply deflected the question stating he's not the president yet. Many fear Israel will use the same tactic and attack Iran right before this election. Makes sense, there would be no repercussions from the US.

  • StandWithUs' revisionist history train campaign
    • I just found content for the next billboard......this article. Someone should post it right next to the billboard above.

      "StandWithUs has revealed not only its shabby knowledge of the history of the region...."

      Let's be serious Nima, Standwithus is fully versed in historic Palestine's history. They just choose not to advertise it knowing it would destroy an essential aspect of their propaganda. So instead they make a bold face lie in the face of the American people. Something wholly integrated in the deceitful pro Israel world.

  • IDF uses inhabited Palestinian villages as a military playground
    • GL, true, the US is not directly responsible for the conflict. I also agree that Israel has the ability to end the conflict and should be held FULLY responsible for their actions. After all they are the ones perpetuating the misery. But if the past 45 years has taught us anything its the Israeli govt has absolutely no intention of ending the occupation.

      It's like having a friend who's addicted to drugs. The addict (israel) asks their friend (US) for money. And every time the friend gives the addict money the addict buys more drugs. You see the dilemma? Israel, addicted to the occupation, has proven themselves unreliable, self destructive, and unworthy of support from any country. Yet the US continues to support them knowing they are committing war crimes with US weaponry. Not to mention its against US law to provide aid to a country with illegal nuclear weapons.

      Without US support the IDF would be less then half as strong. And with the threat of withholding aid, along with countless condemnation from the UN and security council Israel would be compelled to abide my international law.

    • @ GL

      In a way yes, America is the only country with the power to end the conflict. Considering that without unconditional financial, military, and political support from the US, Israel would not exist (at least in its current form). However, the US has a serious lack of will to do so. Mearsheimer and Walt are absolutely correct when they state that the Lobby holds a tremendous and unhealthy sway over US foreign policy. This fact was demonstrated when our congress sided with a foreign leader (netanyahoo) over our own president over settlements and the 67' borders!

      American leaders do not naturally support Israel as many claim due to their "mutual interest." The sole reason American politicians support Israel is due to the Lobby's extensive participation in political campaigns. Any candidate who blindly supports israel will receive tremendous amounts of political contributions via Sheldon Adelson and his ilk. Anyone critical of Israel will suffer from lack of campaign contributions, intimidation tactics, political and media demonization, and support of their rivals (see Chas Freeman).

      So in essence, America is paralyzed and unable to be a balanced mediator when dealing with the conflict because the political landscape makes it impossible. Which makes the future of peace bleak as ever

    • This is a perfect example of how colonial occupation works. Does anybody believe the IDF has no other place to train trigger happy 19 year olds to hate Arabs in the 90% of Palestine they already control? Is it worth forcing 1500 people to become homeless? Of course not, but zionism and the insatiable desire to expand trumps international and domestic law every time. This process of demolition and land theft will continue until identifying Arab towns on a map looks like a connect the dot puzzle. Essentially destroying the 2SS and making Palestinian daily life and commute unbearable.
      And after the Israeli govt is fully satisfied stealing every inch of land they deem worthy and after they are unable to squeeze the non Jewish population together any further will they pretend they want to compromise and make peace. And when the Pals rightly reject their "offer" they will tell the world "See, I told you they don't want peace."

  • Russia's foreign minister claims US justifies terrorism in Syria
    • The US and their allies are doing everything in their power aside from military intervention to remove Assassins from power. What cowardly Nuland should have or wanted to say was "we condemn violence of any kind" .......except when its directed at government officials in a regime we are doing our best to replace. The hypocrisy is unreal. Imagine if it was German or French officials who were targets of a terrorist attack. The condemnation of the US Im sure would've have been a tiny bit more harsh. Kudos to the Russians for calling it what it is.

  • Susan Abulhawa demolishes Itamar Marcus
    • @Anan

      I disagree. In regards to dictating every move the PA makes yes, US influence has waned significantly. For example the inability of the US to stop them from going to the UN ect. But that is a result of the PA's distrust of the whole honest broker crap.

      However, Israel is only able to exist and maintain the occupation through the US's unconditional financial military and diplomatic support. Without this support, Israel would not have the resources to sustain the status quo. In addition, and probably the most significant benefit of US support, is their constant veto-ing of UN resolution condemning Israel's violation of international law. Without these vetoes Israel would be forced to comply and in turn make the lives of the Palestinians better and eventually ending the occupation all together.

    • I almost feel sorry for Itamar for the task he's been assigned to do.....defend the indefensible. That's why hasbarist all sound the same. They hire experts in various fields to devise a plan or an image to counter israels transgressions, then they spread and regurgitate that message over and over again. He was taken to task for everything he said. And this is exactly why Israel's supporters do their best to shut down discussion.

      These truths are what they've been hiding from the American people. Why they infiltrated our media, government and recruited our politicans to be their cheerleaders. Cuz they know informed Americans would never vote for a pro Israel politicians and Israel would never enjoy the benefits of the special relationship with a seemingly unlimited amount of financial, military, and diplomatic support.

      Despite growing solidarity with the Palestinians worldwide and the many victories attributed to the BDS movement, the Establishment in the US is just too strong. And since the US is the only party able to bring peace I'm very pessimistic that a resolution will come soon.

  • The latest... African migrants are funding Hamas
    • It's absolutely despicable the amount of (racially motivated) lies and fabrications conjured by the highest levels of the Israeli govt in order to justify their illegal activities. It's absolutely disgraceful that a country who fancys themselves civilized and democratic would engage in such unscrupulous behavior.

  • New 'NYT' correspondent embraces goal of 'sensitively portray[ing] both sides of conflict'
    • " Also, am I misreading this, or did the NYT correspondent just declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel?"

      Nope, there's no misreading. Israel's been doing that a lot lately too. Just recently they lodged a complaint with the London Olympic Committee because they didn't list Jerusalem as the capital in the official portfolio of Olympic athletes. And of course they caved and changed it

  • Netanyahu can provide no evidence to Schieffer to back up wild charges of Iranian 'terror campaign' in 24 countries
    • Good for you Ritzl! This technique is exactly what pro Israel groups do when they are unhappy with something. In fact, I've tried to encourage the same to the pro peace circles I'm affiliated with.They get the whole community to call and complain, write letters, withdraw funding ect. Works wonders for them

  • Anti-Zionist dozens
  • Palestine takes center stage at World Pride
    • This wonderful display of solidarity begs some obvious questions: Why does Israel need to spend millions possibly billions of dollars in propaganda to begin with? Why does Israel feel the need to exploit the gay community in order to (re)brand themselves?

      The Israeli govt is fully aware why they have such a massive international propaganda machine and its because they are perpetuating the longest most brutal occupation in modern history! A fact they are aggressively trying to ignore,downplay, and most recently deny. And instead of seeking guidance from Judaism and correcting this human tragedy they opted to pinkwash. Despicable! They will never stop the occupation willingly. Never. Tragically, international military intervention seems to be the only hope.

  • Should we call it apartheid?
    • Gilad, you are either incredibly misguided or just another yapping mouth for the zio propaganda machine. I suspect the latter. What you failed to address in your post, which in fact is the main point this article discusses, is it appropriate to label Israel an apartheid state. Your irrelevant rambling about Arafat and some conspiracy of "Arabs trying to control Jerusalem" will persuade very few that Israel is not practicing colonialism and apartheid. In light of the overwhelming evidence supporting the notion Israel is in fact an apartheid state politicians, experts, academics, jurists, and practically every other person of integrity concurs.

  • 'I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation': Interview with Israeli refuser Noam Gur
    • In addition, I find it disgraceful that a "democratic" country's legal system is infested with laws that allow "criminals" to be re-incarcerated for the same crime. Absolutely despicable!.

    • As brave an honorable as her actions maybe I doubt this will have any contagious effect on many others. We have seen this similar courageous acts by many individuals which have been met with contempt, harassment, death threats and in some cases violence. This blind nationalistic mentality is so ingrained in Israeli society that I'm afraid it will do little to start a trend.

  • MJ Rosenberg: why he is trying to stop the next war
    • Dimadok, as usual your argument is to attack irrelevant references used to accurately describe large numbers of zionists instead of discussing the reason these terms exist. Or in other words SUBSTANCE. Which is a clear indication you lack a persuasive counter argument

  • 'Fast Times in Palestine' to sponsor OccupyAIPAC
    • Thank you so much Pamela. You are an inspiration and exceptional human being.

      I have some like minded family in Austin that may be interested. I'll be sure to contact you if they are

  • Consequences of an attack on Iran are no joke
    • What the author of this great piece somewhat neglected to emphasis is the danger presented by the polls itself. No politician, whether Israeli or American, would dare go to war without having the approval of the majority of their citizens. Most politicians take into account the results of these polls when deciding whether or not to go to war. And once they have the desired approval rating by (mostly uninformed) participants.......boom!

  • Finkelstein's prescription for a two-state solution is not realistic
    • David, I truly hope I am wrong as well. Wrong to think war is the only way to budge Israel off their current trajectory into oblivion.

      You're right to ask "couldnt the same be said about South Africa"? But fortunately in S.A. the international community united against apartheid hastily enough to overt war. My pessimism derives from the inaction of the international community for 45 years.

    • Israel has fought tooth and nail for 40 years to maintain the status quo and they intend to stick to their guns for better or worst. They have sacraficed much of its democratic character, international credibility, bearing fierce international and domestic condemnation all without so much as a flinch.. They are not going to wake up one day and say 'ok, we have enough, let's give them a state.' It's just not going to happen, ever.

      In my opinion, the only way Israel will end the occupation is by force. Either through war, full withholding of financial and military aid from the US, or a South African type boycott. But the high level of support Israel enjoys in the west makes the latter 2 almost impossible. Im sorry to say but I highly doubt this conflict will be solved anytime soon.

  • Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous
    • Wow Steve, I dont know where to begin...
      "I am a member of AIPAC and have the privilege of listening in on confidential calls with it’s leadership...I have never once heard a word advocating war with Iran or any other country....AIPAC is very responsible in it’s lobbying efforts"

      Are you kidding? Does the Iraq war ring any bells? Or how about Weapons of Mass Destruction? AIPAC and their neocon supporters were exposed to be the main culprits behind this lie which pushed America to invade Iraq. They are anything but responsible. They are now repeating their successful scare tactic in regards to Iran.

      Do not attempt to paint AIPAC, the israeli espionage headquarters, as an innocent bystander because they are not directly, publicly or in "confidential calls" calling for war. They are indirectly calling for war with their dooms day propaganda such as "Iran is a genocidal nation ran by extremists hell bent on Israel's destruction" or "an existential threat not only to Israel but the whole world."

  • Crawfish, gumbo, and the truth
    • Hops is well trained in the art of pro Israel hasbara. The tired tactic of defending Israel's policies by citing examples of similar policies by other countries is widespread in Israeli propaganda. For example, when Israeli spokesman Mark Regev defended Israel's shameful use of administrative detention by citing the US and Britian's use of admin det.

      What a lame argument. It's wrong regardless of who the perpetrator is Hops! Btw, NOBODY in the international community, including Israel, is worried that Iran would actually use nuclear weapons. They are just concerned they will lose their QME (qualitative military edge) in the region. Period. And they're willing to push America into war solely for that purpose

    • I was thinking about putting up something similar in my store but I live in Baltimore where there is a strong pro Israel Jewish community. Not sure I want my business becoming their target or being labeled a self hater, Nazi sympathiser ect.

  • Pro-Israel handbook explains how to attack professors and ‘co-opt’ students of color
    • Chu is right on the money. Despicable!

      This handbook will only serve to expose how morally bankrupt the David Project and other Israel advocacy groups are. The simple truth is many pro Israel advocates are undoubtedly aware they are serving a criminal country and unjust cause. You would assume that possessing this awareness would encourage a re-evaluation of one's allegiance and perhaps taking a stand against severe injustice, instead they create ever new tactics of deception and manipulation. Utterly repulsive!

  • Norcal Activists take on Veolia
    • Wonderful! Veolia has suffered tremendously for their immoral business dealings. Let the BDS victories continue

  • After 55 days of hunger strike MSM finally reports on Khader Adnan
    • Jimmy- Yup. It's amazing what investing a little money in media and politics can do huh.

      Abierno- as reprehensible as it may be, this is the normal treatment of Arab prisoners. They literally treat human beings like animals, allowing them to wallow in their own filth. Even worst... it was reported either here or haaretz (maybe both) that prison doctors have been caught not reporting or covering up evidence of torture victims during incarceration. Unbelievable is an appropriate word you used

    • The selfless actions of this courageous and resilient man should be praised. Risking his life not just for his freedom but to expose the racist and brutal policies created by Israeli lawmakers and aggressively carried out by Israeli "security forces". Risking his life for the freedom of countless others who have been similarly and unjustly targeted, detained, abused, isolated, and humiliated.

      It is unfathomable that Israeli law allows police to detain an individual without charges (let alone evidence) then continue to extend their detention without reason and without a fair trial in sight. And this is the "only democracy" in the ME that Netanyahu brags about. God bless this man and may justice come before his death

  • Palestinian developer: settlers are welcome to buy in his West Bank city
    • That is a damn good question Annie, that we will probably never get an answer to.

      Besides how many Palestinians can actually afford to live in this modern paradise

  • Live tweeting from the Penn BDS conference
    • Thanks kathleen, ill be sure to listen to it.

    • Phil, Alex, Annie, you guys are the best. You know your doing something right when the ADL "highlights" you on their blog. This is just some of what they had to say about our man Phil:

      " Weiss regularly tries to portray Israel as the only antagonist in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including describing much of its history asa “neocolonialist landgrab.” Weiss alleges that Israel abuses the memory of the Holocaust in order to justify the “endless mistreatment of Palestinians” and that Israeli policy toward the Palestinians is a sort of vicarious revenge for the Holocaust, with Palestinians standing in for the Nazis and the “abused becoming the abuser.”

  • Double standard for the neighbor-- Paul Auster and Turkey
  • Anti-Defamation League reprises debunked quote in attempt to discredit Helena Cobban and Penn BDS conference
    • Oh and the desperation continues...

      As Israel's international standing plummet (thank God for the internet) the job of hasbarists everywhere is getting harder. Consequently, we have seen a massive increase of shameless misrepresentation and distortion in pro Israel journalism smearing any event or individual who challenges their narrative. And that's a good sign.

  • Racism Report: Africans in Israel
    • Dim, typical zionist response. You justify the horrendous actions of countless Israeli govornmental institutions (and civilian ones as well) by citing other countries' bad policies. We aren't talking about the US, France, UK or whoever. We are talking about Israel.

      Please refer to Chaos' comment above.

    • anybody really surprised to hear of racism in Israel? Racism is required in order for them to maintain a Jewish state Whether its coming from her citizens, settlers, rabbis, public officials, education system, transportation systems, current legislation, pre existing laws. Did I miss anything?

  • Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time
    • I couldn't have said it better myself. Outrageous! Not just because of the slap on the wrist but because only one marine was subject to punishment. As if one guy killed 24 people single handedly

  • The battle between the US/EU and China/India to control world energy resources is being fought in Iran
    • It's unfathomable that the US and Israel is creating worldwide chaos for the sake of Israel's QME (qualitative military edge) in the region. The manufactured showdown with Iran and the ensuing catastrophe should allow the world to see how disturbing and dangerous the US/Israel "special relationship" is becoming. Israel has no limits in their quest for ME domination and if the world just sits on their hands I'm afraid we are all in for one hell of a ride.

  • Boycott Divestment and Sodastream
  • The courage to refuse: the 10-year anniversary of the Combatants’ Letter
    • Winnica says: " if Israel evacuates Arab land it will then live in peace, has been empirically tested and refuted time and again: in 1956, in 1985, in 1997, 2000, and 2005."

      So Winni thinks since Israel gave back 1% of the Palestinians' homeland (which was still under FULL ISRAELI CONTROL) they should immediately discontinue their struggle for independence and forget about self determination and dignity.

      Question Winnica: Do you think receiving 22% of your property back after being forcibly removed and displaced for 60 years too much to ask for?

      Israel does. Not to mention its done all in its power to divide, steal, and colonize the remaining land in addition to claiming all the resources on that land theirs as well.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on that. Also, your comments about Mondo commentators' inability to acknowledge decent men in the IDF is simply ridiculous and without merit

    • Thanks Annie :)

    • Newclench, I def share your frustration. It seems, regardless of the tremendous amount of criticism worldwide that saturates this issue or the countless high profile and respected individuals who stand up to this injustice, nothing seems to have even a minimal effect on the ground in Palestine. In my opinion, the pro Israel establishment is so incredibly strong and deep rooted in vital and relevant circles (politics for example) that the prospect of making a difference in the lives of ordinary Palestinians is almost nonexistent.

      In regards to the article, Im almost ashamed that I haven't heard of the Combatants Letter prior to reading this article. However, I am aware of a very similar organization that can be viewed at and if you follow Norman Finkelstein Im sure you are too. Great Great organization where you can read IDF soldier's testimony about the Gaza War ect. Highly recommended

  • 'Invented' Palestinian confronts Gingrich at GOP debate
    • " Absurd, scary, truly the heart of darkness beats in our wannabe leaders such as Romney, Gingrich"

      Truly scary.

      MLE- Hilarious! But I doubt he will need to use it often

    • You have to respect Abraham Hassan for having the courage to ask that question at such a fiercely pro Israel event. That's Palestinian pride at its finest.

      Now, was anybody else watching the debate nauseous while listening to the candidates' response to that question? How absolutely disgraceful. I betcha Sheldon Adelson was soiling his $2000 adult diaper while watching his money at work.

  • Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man
  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • Shingo,

      "the worst offenders in that regard, will never be banned"

      I see your point. And that's quite possible. But nevertheless its still worth the effort by the moderators to attempt to minimize the nonesense in order for the discussion to stay on topic.

    • Folks, seriously stop whinning! Trolls have derailed our discussions more times than I can count. One extreme comment is all it takes for the discussion to go in 20 diff directions.

      Given the dire situation the conflict is in and American mainstream's inability to cover/discuss it honestly, Mondo has never been so important. If you don't like the new rules....don't comment. Simple.

      Id like to thank Adam and Phil for their HARD work on this site and their unrelenting integrity while covering a subject so important to is all

  • Bad career move by Tilda Swinton
    • Charon, I couldn't agree more. I'm a movie buff and almost all depictions of Arab or Muslims in Hollywood movies or tv shows are negative. Uneducated cab drivers or terrorists. Once I noticed it and began paying attention I found it everywhere! There's just far too many examples to be a coincidence. It's quite disgusting

  • Good career move by Susan Rice
    • Theo:
      No one would be happier then me to see our politicians grow a spine and tell AIPAC to shove it. However, it would seem highly illogical for many people (non political as well) to shy away from a career choice based on one aspect of the job that is disagreeable.

      The current landscape in American politics, which have been shaped by the powerful hands of AIPAC and their ilk, allows zero room for dissident voices. They smear, attack, and destroy anybody who opposes them. Due to this reality, our politicians who have a highly developed sense of self survival has taken a "if u can't beat them.....join them." stance.

      I'm not saying this is right, just pointing out the facts.

    • " I sometimes wonder how these cringing slobbering politicians are not like normal people, they have no self respect, none"

      It's very reasonable to have this sort of mentality towards our pro Israel ass kissing politicians. As a matter of fact I've maintained a similar one for many years. But as I began to have a better understanding of the Lobby, my stance started to soften a bit. The lobby has created an environment which basically forces our politicans to adopt a pro Israel position. As history shows, the bravest of them who opposed this tyranny didn't last long. Politicans today are simply trying to be successful

  • Why Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy
    • Exactly! And what better way to manipualte American public opinion then through religion. To make them believe that Israel's colonial enterprise is approved by God himself. That their spiritual and religious salvation is determined by the realization of a Greater Israel.

    • I'm gonna have to agree Dan. I doubt Jesus would he very pleased with his "dedicated followers' " lust for colonialism, racism, and to be blunt murder, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing.

      Though I have to admit, given the significant presence of Israel in the bible, it was mighty clever of the zionists to use that to garner blind unconditional Christian support for present day Israel. (regardless how atrocious it may be)

  • Israel is at the heart of Jewish identity, Gorenberg says
    • “often do indeed recognize themselves to be not fully at home in the society they live in."
      MRW: "Then they should try harder. I don’t hear of massive amounts of Jews leaving Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, China, and Curacao"

      The notion that Jews dont feel welcomed or at home anywhere but Israel is outrageous. Just another Jewish identity "crisis" that Zionists want Jews around the world to believe.

  • Zbig says Israelis 'buy influence' in Congress and play Obama
    • Ive been saying this for a loong time. Obama is much more logical and fair minded in regards to the I/P conflict than he has displayed in the past 3 years. Previously, I posted a comment here stating that Obama would conduct ME foreign policy in a brave and balanced manner had the current political climate (presidential race) allowed him to do so without sucking up to powerful and unavoidable pro Israel forces. But I was met with much skepticism from other commentators. Im glad others are starting to catch on.

  • 'NYT' and 'Haaretz' and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said
    • I couldn't agree more Pable. The NYT has been an unrelenting reel of pro Israel propaganda for decades. And now that a few truthful articles have slipped through AIPAC'S iron grip, Netanyahoo is gettin' all sensitive. What a clown!

  • US Congress stomps on Palestinian 'Sesame Street' but funds Israeli version
    • Ros-Lehtinen is a perfect example of Israel firsters in the US govt. Her complete lack of loyalty to the US and utter disregard for (palestinian) human rights is always on display. What a despicable human being

  • Was the Palestine question on 'Jeopardy' last night for real??
    • Lol. Absolutely hilarious Shmuel!

      Honestly, who here doubts that AIPAC/Camera have had similar discussions like this before

  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
    • " Truth doesn’t matter, the USA electorate doesn’t matter, donors do matter."

      BB, you are exactly right! The comment above sums up the US/Israel relationship in its entirety. There's no "shared values" between the two countries, no "strategic benefits", no real friendship. Unequivocally, the sole reason why the US govt has an "unbreakable bond" with Israel is because our greedy spineless politicians wants powerful pro Israel individuals/organizations to donate to their political campaigns

  • Israel is trying to hook us into a war with Iran-- Matthews and Baer speculate
    • To Dan's comment, I disagree that the rational response to Israel's warmongering is to threaten Israel with "military retaliation". Obviously there are many more appropriate diplomatic steps to take to show the Israelis how dangerous their behavior is to the US. For instance, suspending all foreign/military aid to Israel until they start behaving responsibly, or support Palestinian statehood at the UN.

  • Adelson is backing Gingrich in effort to wean Romney and U.S. off peace process
    • No shocked here considering this guy (adelson) stood in front of thousands of people at a birthright event and actually restated and endorsed Gingrich's "invented people" comment. Wow. Look what a little Arab hatred can get you in America....5 million.

  • Killing of nuclear scientist in Tehran heightens threat to American's life -- says 'Washington Post' Iran bureau chief
    • Who do they (america/Israel) think they're fooling!? The multiple explosions at Iranian military sites, the stuxnet computer viruses, spy drones "malfunctioning" on Iranian sole, the murder of 4 nuclear scientists and attempted murder of another. These are all acts of war against a country who hasnt threatened a soul (until recently).

      Does anybody think (including the Iranians) that this wasn't the work of the mossad? That these are all just minor infractions that can easily be forgiven. This isn't high school where you can misbehave then deny it was you who wrote nasty words on the bathroom stall. This is war that Israel/US are playing with, hoping for. How absolutely despicable that a country would start TWO wars, the most horrendous shit to infect mankind, for the sake of their own ego.

  • Adelson is devoted to furthest right wing in Israel
    • " American Zionist Jews have a considerable impact on Israel’s policies and actions."

      The amount of influence American Zionists Jews have on Israel's policies is debatable. They seem to be more like cheerleaders for Israel. Defending and justifying israels policy to America (regardless how dangerous) rather then trying to shape it.

      "The relationship between the US empire, American Zionist Jews and Israel is complex, a sort of perverse triangle."

      True. Personally I tend to think of it as a straight line rather then a triangle. Everybody is running in the same direction. Some are just running faster than others.

  • Uniformed corporal's criticism of Iran attack breaks off on CNN mid-sentence
    • "Ron Paul did give him a voice later in one of his rallies."

      He sure did. His refusal to be silenced by the lobby controlled media is both brave and admirable. He took a slap in the face and delivered a slap right back....priceless

  • Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire
    • This is exactly the problem regarding Muslims. I tend not to submit to conspiracy theories but for whatever reason the media finds it acceptable to spread highly offensive and false stereotypes associated with Muslims. Whether the program is intended for comedic purposes or not, it is grossly irresponsible and dangerous. As the Anders Breivik's tragedy SHOULD have taught us, this sort of racist media in the hands of bigots can and will be misused to justify hatred and violence.

  • When will US State Dep't demand release of 70-year-old Palestinian intellectual in failing health?
    • I tried to research the "crime" that triggered his arrest but I failed to find a single article that specifies. One can only assume given his reputation as a respected intellectual and leading figure in activism committed to exposing the crimes of the zionist state his arrest is purely politically based.

    • If anybody in the US tried to help they would be promptly labeled a terrorist or supporter of followed by Eric Cantor's and the rest of the crazies attempt to press charges. Does the flotilla ring any bells?

  • New Lupe Fiasco song honors Palestine, Rachel Corrie and Occupy Wall Street
    • Lupe is an exceptional artist and human being. It's incredible to see a celebrity of his stature using his platform to show solidarity to a cause which is largely ignored in the entertainment industry . Lupe is truly the peoples champ.

  • Israel continues wave of West Bank housing demolitions in East Jerusalem
    • The Israeli govt is not stupid. They know the end is near and sooner rather then later they will be forced to make a deal with the Palestinians. Consequently, they began accelerating home demolitions and evictions to create as much facts on the ground to ensure they retain the lands already settled in any future deal. Which of course will render the deal overwhelmingly in Israel's favor

  • Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large
    • I have to say when I first began visiting mondo Annie was an immediate stand out. Her passion and sincerity is exactly what this movement need. I been saying it for a long time....Annie is the shiznit

  • An open letter to Seth Klarman
    • Well written, emotional, relevant. Exceptional job Annie, as always.

      I would love to believe that Klarman had the courage to read this in its entirety (links included). But I find it hard to believe that zionists (even the most extreme) are unaware of the facts on the ground. It's well documented all over the world. I think most of them just don't care and choose to ignore the facts that are screaming off this page.

  • Reflections on solidarity – November 29, 2011
    • You forgot to mention one person Annie, and that is yourself. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that your passion, compassion, and contribution to this website/movement is truly inspiring. I too thank all the amazing people mentioned above. And special thanks to Adam and Phil for their unrelenting determination to keep us informed.

  • Israeli gov't warns Israelis in U.S. not to marry Americans but come home
    • Is it me or is there a strong odor of desperation in these ads?

      On a side note, Phil, u were quoted today at Haaretz in Bradly Burston's article: "At last, ‘Occupation Zionists’ and Israel-loathing U.S. Jews can agree." Check it out

  • Contextualizing the Holocaust
    • Rosensaft and Katz are peanuts compared to the army of people who attempt to shift WWII discourse solely to Jewish suffering. And their intentional neglecting or down playing of the atrocities committed during WWII against non-jews is utterly reprehensible.

      While being interviewed on national t.v., filmmaker Oliver Stone set off a firestorm when he stated that the large majority of people are completely unaware that 20 MILLION people were killed in the USSR due to the profound effect the holocaust industry has on WWII discourse. You can find the clip on YouTube. Watch it

  • Q: Should Palestinians be able to ride Israeli buses? A: No, it's a Jewish state.
  • Unpacking the Israel-Kenya deal to help wage war in Somalia
  • Welcome to Mondoweiss's first staffers: Allison Deger and Alex Kane
    • Absolutely wonderful to have you on board Allison!! Alex, keep being the truly exceptional and talented individual we've grown to love.

  • Ultrazionists have met the enemy and he is... Tom Friedman!
    • When the curtain finally comes down on the zionists dog and pony show all those expensive lush settlements will be condemned to demolition. Or better yet (hopefully) transferred to their real owners. Let em waste their money. Do they really think that under a final status deal that they will hold on to every settlement they build

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