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Former supporter of Israel but found when I started questioning Israel actions I wasn't meet with debate or understanding but vile insults, threats, Intimidation. At first I shut up each time it happen and went on. But I followed the bbc and found that there reporting and world news reporting wasn't being covered in U.S. news or U.S. news deeply distorted what was actually going on. So I went and started educating myself and responding back to these personal attacks by the Pro-Israeli supports aka firsters. This didn't sit well with them. But through my research I learn where they got there inform from(Mainly myths from other ubber Zionist) the basis really comes from a book Joan Peter's wrote who other Pro-Israeli supporters took as Gospel and wrote books based on her(Even know were book was ripped apart by actual historians both in Israel and outside). I also learn that these supporter don't take to kindly to exposing there lies/distortions and myths and responded in a even more vile manner(spare the details). Abused threads systems of flaging,rating, and attempting to get me banned from posting. I notice through the years even when these people were proven to be completly false they than go on the next thread spreading the same falsehoods as if nothing happen. I also notice that most americans are not very informed and tend not to comments about Israeli abuses because of fear of the Pro-Israeli supports or are turned off by the attacks (which I found is what the Pro-Israeli supports want)

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  • Dissecting 'The Jewish Voices on Campus': a predictable but necessary endeavor
  • Sony email chain on behalf of Israel joined Russell Simmons and Michael Lynton with rightwing Zionists
    • So went online to research Simmons and Israel and found out he got into a lot of heat when he compared Abe Foxman to a Muslims black leader in regards to blacks distain for Foxman. He was attacked and smear all around and happen after he also confused Sharon with Peres. My guess was it was his was as SNL'ing the donkey. He also backed down on Foxman while Foxman used Huff Post to attack him some more. My guess is the folks on the email have good relations with Foxman.

      As Fir Portman and others I doubt she disagreed with it only that too many others were on the list.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • Go to NPR to see how the media is spining it. Hasabara crows are even trying to claim Labor is a fringe Group in British politics.

  • David Brooks's son joining Israel army is an 'extreme case' -- NYT public editor
    • NPR agrees with Mr. Rosenthal

      "We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns regarding David Brooks.
      David Brooks is an opinion columnist for The New York Times. He appears on NPR’s All Things Considered to offer his opinions, not as a reporter.

      Mr. Brooks’ son's service with the Israeli Defense Forces is no secret. NPR agrees with the Times' editorial page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, that Mr. Brooks' long-standing views about Israel have been "formed by all kinds of things ... [and] are not going to change whether or not his son is serving in the IDF, beyond his natural concerns as a father for his son’s safety and well-being."

      NPR also agrees with the Times' public editor, Margaret Sullivan, that Mr. Brooks should not be barred from commenting about Israel. She has recommended that he address the issue of his son's service in the IDF in a future column.

      If a situation arises and we feel he should also mention it on our air, NPRmanagement will discuss that with Mr. Brooks at that time.

      What you hear on the air, or on, is governed by a strong code of ethics and practices. These standards are in place to protect and support the integrity, impartiality and conduct of our journalists. We encourage you to review the code, which is posted online at

      Additionally, NPR has an Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is the public's representative to NPR, serving as an independent source of information, explanation, amplification and analysis for the public regarding NPR's programming. For more information about the role of the NPR Ombudsman, please visit

      Thank you for listening to NPR, and for your continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and information, visit"

      Thought you and others might be interested.

  • No Surprise Dep't: David Brooks's son is in Israeli army
    • Brook calls himself an Isrseli parent

      "'It's worrying,'" says Brooks, 'But every Israeli parent understands this is what the circumstances require. Beyond that, I think children need to take risks after they leave university, and that they need to do something difficult, that involves going beyond their personal limits. Serving in the IDF embodies all of these elements. I couldn't advise others to do it without acknowledging it's true for my own family.'"

      Israeli first much?

    • Please email both NPR ombudsman and PBS since he is on there show each Friday to give his so-called objective views.

  • Three-sentence letter to the 'NYT' results in Yale chaplain's resignation
    • I noticed that Michael Katz happen to oddly similar to NL Katz who is a paid Hasbara promotors. NL Katz can be found on all U.S. MSM website comment boards.

      Interesting to find if Mr. Katz now resides in Israel .

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 1, ducks question on Gaza, 2, plans trip to Israel, and 3--
    • I got zero response from her office in regards to anything on Israel but get weekly emails from her staff requesting aid,support or money.

      Funny how that works.

  • Embedded deception in the BBC’s coverage of Israel's onslaught
    • Gotta disagree with the BBC deception line. There are some and have been many attempts to slant the BBC coverage in full favor of Israel like the U.S. MSM mostly does but they often do resist such.

      While a BBC reported used the Judy Rubin piece to reduce the # if civilians deaths( which the Hasbara bits were more then ready to use) they never recanted the figures they provided of civians deaths. While it does give voice to Israel's spokesman and supporter the rarely doesn't challenge them on often false or misleading statements and does far more then anything in the west does in bring a palestiains point of view. Iike having on the female relative of the term who was burned and murdered

  • The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians
    • Heard this a lot and more so the past few weeks. Even know it's pretty easy to debunk. Once they start saying such it's easy to note that half of the greenhouses were in fact destroyed by the settlers. Then further note that the deal was to settler those settlers in Southern Israel which never happen. Instead they went to illegal settlements in the West Bank and illegal settlements rapidly expanded afterwards. Also with Price Tag Terrorism that came after and has expanded each year. But CNN,MSNBC,FOX, NBC and some of the others have no problem repeating the Israeli propaganda over and over again.

  • Child's beating in Jerusalem brings unprecedented coverage of Palestinian experience to U.S.
    • Interesting that isrsrl is escalating at the same time the suspects who burned a Palestinian teen confessed.

  • After repeated calls for vengeance, Netanyahu urges Israelis to be 'cool-headed' and seek 'justice'
  • Pro-Israel Muslim-basher Adam Milstein at center of storm over funding of California student elections
    • Wait till big money starts hitting middle school. Sad these people think they can now buy students off. Well it's not unexpected since it's done in congress.

      But it's good some light is being shined on this.

  • Liberal Zionists' denial of Israeli racism heightens danger to 'everyone living in this land' -- Blumenthal
    • I read all over the MSM and on the week in the news for some of the public radio stations in which Liberal Zionists decried "arabs" for hate and at the same time denied hate, abuse, threat, coming from Israeli jews using such words as "Alleged" "if that" "if proven" . Of course when presented with proof from human rights organization they start decrying them as hating Israel and should focus on other countries. They can never just condemn such racism discrimination or hate and always has to attempt and justify it claiming it's no different then in the U.S. or some other country. Of course such burden of proof they so require to somewhat denounce such are never required when it is leveled at Palestinians.

      I listen to Onpoint Radio a few days ago and listen to this lady call in and rant about how all the hate is coming from the "Arabs" referencing the three Israeli teens there was murdered but of course had no concern for the Palestinian teen that was kidnapped, murder and burnt. When asked about it she was quick to say there were no proof as to revenge killing and said there's proof that it was actually a rival group that killed the child and accusing Israel was part of the Arab hate against Israel.

  • Palestinian teen abducted from East Jerusalem and killed in suspected revenge attack
  • Photo Essay: Israeli soliders destroy Qawasmeh and Aisha family homes in retribution attack
    • "Of course"

    • Ron Dermer was on ATC on NPR to give his take to Robert Siegel. Supposedly this is an moral thing to do while promoting collective punishment and defending it by claiming Palestinians are a culture of death.

      If course Human rights groups or the P.A. Couldn't be reached to dispute his claims.

  • Slanted 'New York Times' story accepts Israeli blame of Hamas as fact
    • Think that was bad check all things considered with Ron Dermer

    • NPR did the same. 3 out of 4 so far. NPR noted 4 Palestinian deaths yet stressed that one was because an Palestinian throw a grenade. NPR doesn't mention any others or how they died. Nothing so far on settlers attacks or the 9 year old girl that was run over.

  • Hillary Clinton's flipflop: We were wrong to take hard line against settlements
  • Palestine unity government to be sworn in Monday (Update)
    • NPR reported this but wanted to stress to the public Isrsel is not happy and the deal is Anti -peace. After hearing from the Isrseli spokesman. NPR briefly quotes an Fatah one. Of course such balance wasn't enough so we heard from Israel's Ron Dermer to stress how Israel is not happy.

  • On NPR, two states is still what 'the solution needs to be'
    • Here's the previous NPR piece

      --DERMER: Yeah, but from there to apartheid is something else. I mean, there's no connection between Israel and apartheid, not only because it's not a racial system in Israel, also because virtually all those things that Israel put in place was to protect its own security. So I don't think there's any way that you could put the world apartheid - which is a very charged word and has a certain historical meaning - it's totally inaccurate when it comes to the state of Israel. There is a question of - what you're raising - that you don't want to incorporate, whatever the number is, a million and a half, two million Palestinians, who live in the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, who live in these areas and to incorporate them into the state of Israel. We don't want a binational state. We want Israel to be a Jewish state and a democratic state. And here you have this tension. But at the same time that we're trying to sort of separate from the Palestinians and give them a state of their own, we also want to make sure that we're not endangering our security.--

      See it's not apartheid if it's in the name of security. Also Judea and Samaria is a red flag for an Greater Israel supporter.

      He pretty much stated Israel wants the land but not the people. Which seems pretty racist and discriminatory

    • Hi Phil,

      This interview seems to be a poorly attempt at balanced with his previous interview with Ron Dermercwhich was the ambassador spewing talking points and Unskeep nodding along. Once you see that you'll see why Inskeep focus on Hamas recoginizing Israel's right to exist little focus settlements on Kerry's apartheid comment(none)

  • Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square
    • I got a kick how Frank Bruni described Ayaab Hirsi Ali "A celebrated advocate from Muslim women" then goes on to say "But when some professors and students complained, citing statements of hers that seemed to broadly derisive of Islam".

      Any taker as to why he didn't quote such statements by Hirsi?

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
  • 'No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,' says State Dep't
    • Worth pointing out that "Al Arabiya"is mainly an Saudi/Dubai newspaper and pretty pro-U.S. It's the same paper that claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was going to allow Egyptians to have sex with dead spouses.

  • Northeastern University SJP chapter suspended as members are subjected to police interrogation
  • 'Big Brother mixed with Shakespeare' -- NPR reports on Palestinian youth's cruel imprisonment
    • " I can only guess that Cornish brought up Shakespeare – a reference with very positive connotations – in an effort to “balance” the negative associations of “Big Brother.’"

      Of course. Otherwise it might make the 'sic' Liberal(lol) Democracy look cruel and racist. I loved reading the defenders of this. Try finding one that condemns it outright?

    • Hey now. NPR said at the very bottom of the piece that there going to be giving the other side to this today. And how it's a good thing that Israel's violating Palestinians civil and human rights.

      "On Wednesday, Part 2: Becoming a "sparrow" — the story of one Palestinian man who was an informant in an Israeli prison and why he's proud of his work. "

      "HARRIS: No shower, no toothbrush, inedible food. After four or five days, someone joined Miqbel in his cell. This man seemed to be another prisoner and he gave Miqbel a tip. After the Israelis take your DNA sample and fingerprints, he told Miqbel, they'll release you from interrogation and put you in a regular cell with other regular Palestinian prisoners. And that is just what happened. When he reached his new cell, Miqbel was happy."

      And this is something her guest on today is going to proudly justify.

  • How we can oppose the Assad regime and Western intervention at the same time
    • I'll also like to point out though Assads a brutal dictator he did make efforts to push the country to something closer to a democracy before the bloodshed started follow and was soundly rejected at the urging of the U.S. Assad must go. And the brutal Saudi Arabia who itself helped stomp out protesters in Bahrain are supporting and funding the rebels are for the Noble cause of democracy and somehow not for an extremist Sunni element taking over should be admitted by the U.S. If we're being honest. But to state such would change the whole narrative that the U.S. Been trying to push.


      I personally think Assad should go but personally also think the ones in power of the rebel side are equally full if crap as what there do once in charge. Peace talks need to happen but sadly Assad has to be part of them for it to happen. Maybe then after he can get the boot.

    • " And as we learned later, groups such as the Al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS and others have been on the receiving end of these weapon supplies"

      Many already knew this if one was reading or listening to world news sources. The reason many Americans didn't should be laid squarely on our media who lied by omission and covered up these facts. Let's not forget that Al nusra was receiving arms.

      The simple fact that our media and government throughout the past 3 yrs had to lie or hide information about the rebels should be a red flag that something doesn't smell right.

    • I disagree with some of the stuff the writer has present.

      1. U.S. Meddling in Syria actually started even before any blood was spilled. It's ambassador who was appointed to Syria was seen running around the country sparking and supporting protest.

      2. The writer says that the U.S. Didn't look at who the U.S. Was arming. Actually the U.S before the war broke out sold billions of arms to the Saudis and Gulf states and it's highly doubtful they weren't aware as to who thee countries were going to arm. Even when reports came out extremist were being funded and armed the U.S vehemently denied it. Often times going so far to claim the Saudis were only helping the more moderate faction.

      3. The writer questions the people who came out against bombing Syria? Asking where were they before when the U.S was arming the rebels? This is pretty simple to answer. They never left, and the U.S. Government kept denying they were doing such. The outrage was there and finally boiled over in which the media and government had to cover it. It's similar to the outrage about the NSA . One like the writer could say 'where were the people who are now protesting the NSA abuse before?"

  • Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center
    • "Terrorist intent"

      If that's terrorist intent then what do you call isrEli groups and officals who claim and produce maps showing from river to sea belonging to Israel? How about the people who openly claim the S Judia and Sameria?

  • 'NYT' casts Israelis as victims of Palestinians who complain bitterly about oppression
    • Also most of the stuff is from menri, pally watch, atlas shrug

    • Wouldn't this be a perfect example of going to bat for a foreign country?

      Israel P.M. Claimed something to justify illegal settlements and blame the P.A. Then the align "think tank" produces the evidence and hands it off to its respective Hasbara outlet to be uncritically reported. Other MSM picks it up and uncritically repeats it. U.S. Politicians do the same as well and when the peace talks fail. Those same so-called experts who happen to be aligned with the Israeli lobby can point to incitement while briefly mentioning those illegal settlement(nothing on Israeli incitement) as the main cause and the MSM dutifully repeats. Sure the talking points are ready to go after the peace talks failures .

  • 'Haaretz' says many Orthodox are taught to see non-Jews as 'not quite human'
    • Don't forget this one

      Rabbis Dov Lior and Yacob Yousef had endorsed a highly controversial book, the King's Torah - written by two lesser-known settler rabbis. It attempts to justify killing non-Jews, including those not involved in violence, under certain circumstances.

      The fifth chapter, entitled "Murder of non-Jews in a time of war" has been widely quoted in the Israeli media. The summary states that "you can kill those who are not supporting or encouraging murder in order to save the lives of Jews".

      At one point it suggests that babies can justifiably be killed if it is clear they will grow up to pose a threat.

      Both men have strong support among ideological Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, but the wider religious community also took up their cause.

  • American Studies Association caucus seeks support against campaign to discredit ASA
    • Harse= harsh

      Auto correct has its own mind sometimes

    • Pretty=better

    • The pretty question would be if JeffB actually thought the linked he provided was valid criticism? Recall the rapid pro-Israeli folks decry comparing Israel to Nazis yet are the first to do so to critics. I guess when Israel is
      Compared to Nazis one can say there just being a little harse?

    • Not harsh but a smear

      " Like the high-school delinquents who from time to time spray swastikas "

      Wow Godwin's law violated so quickly is amazing itself. If this is the highlight of what the critics of th ASA have then rapid pro-Israeli folks have already loss the debate.

  • 'Huffpo' shames pro-war Democrats, blames AIPAC (and gets lectured by Foxman)
    • J-street did respond to Abe on Huff post. At the same time huff post published a piece against BDS

    • Phil should pick the pieces on Israel,Palestians, Likud, West Bank,BDS,Iran from the last 3 months and see if pro Zionist views dominate?

      Then see if pro/anti Zionist views were critized by others at Huffpost

    • Interesting that both Foxman and Oren get a on demand type article to gate keep stuff they don't like. And because of this I doubt Huff posts will go to far from the Zionist narrative without right after having a Foxman type denounce it.

      Let's not forget Huff hosted a 3 part piece attacking though the name of the author escapes me. Or look at the piece on Huff post from Rabbi Block " Bds: biased, dishonest, self defeating? Notice no space for critics of the piece?

  • The Turning Tide: The ASA, scholarly responsibility and the call for academic boycott of Israel
    • Great job. I know it may seem hard to deal with the threats and insults but the actions of the ASA and others to follow with have an lasting effect.


  • 'An Arab & A Jew' debate BDS and the future of Israel/Palestine
    • Incorrect. The main reason for Iranian sanctions is the nonexistent nuclear weapons program that even the CIA and Mossad doesn't believe exist or Iran is doing. As for terrorism it could be argued Israel is a terrorist and support of terrorism state. You leave out the part that Iran is legally under international law allow to enrich U.S. Fear doesn't mean jack on that though Iran would/should have fear of U.S. Or Israeli agression espically when countries like Israel violates so many international laws and Geneva conventions.

      As for NK it's far more agressive then Iran and the U.S. Is nothing close to as agressive or threating so your analogy is bunk

    • Even the debate is somewhat slanted in favor of Israel. Count how many times the hosts apologized to the Pro-Israeli guest and agreed with him and what he said vs the Pro-Palestinian guest. When Munayyer spoke the guest somewhat agreed but mention it was for both sides. While the hosts try to be fair or balance but what you say is the argument and words that shouldn't be spoken was towards Munayyer.

      At 20:50 the Host makes the same argument that Reagan made for actions against Boycotts against S.A.

      Shalev is also allowed to make Ad Hom against the BDS movement without either host questioning if such comments will help the debate.

    • So we shouldn't get down the Rabbit hole of apartheid but it's okay to claim that the ASA and BDS are there to destroy Israel?

    • So if the line is there's others out there worst then Israel? How come this line doesn't come up with Iran when Israel calls for boycotts and sanctions of Iran?Who if using the same logic is unfairly and singling it out because for worst actors out there?

    • So the line of the Pro-Israeli supporter. Even the ASA want to wipe israel off of the map. Then he claims active peace process without noting that it's going nowhere and Israel's Governing body is against it now.

  • Oren calls on Congress to blacklist boycotters, because they're 'bigoted' against Jews
    • It's been just reported that Israel was also spied on by the NSA. How many U.S. politicians will now show outraged about what the NSA is doing?

      No surprise that Oren would want to limit freedom of speech for others.

  • Rachel Maddow calls out AIPAC for pushing war with Iran
    • Notice how she talked about AIPAC vs the way she talked about Congress?

      "The only problem is Congress. Lawmakers in both houses on both sides of the aisle have been saying, oh, forget this deal, we hate this deal. We want more sanctions on Iran now."

      "Now, everybody who likes that there`s this deal with Iran, a potential diplomatic solution to this vexing problem, everybody`s been saying, hey, Congress, don`t screw this up. Secretary of State John Kerry was trying to persuade Congress, do not screw this up. Do not to scuttle the agreement by messing with and trying to pass sanctions that would absolutely kill the

      "MADDOW: Could be done with diplomacy, as long as Congress can`t get its act together to screw it up. I love that we`re dependent on that at this point. Keep tripping, keep tripping. Amazing."

      "The only problem is"
      "oh, forget this deal"
      "we hate this deal"
      "We want more sanction"
      "don`t screw this up"
      "do not screw this up"
      " Do not to scuttle "


      "It's like "
      "I think"
      "They Sort of"
      "But it's other"
      "if" "Could"

      Now do people want to really say she's brave? From both shows you can see a big difference and how she chooses to talk and who she seems to fear.

  • David Brooks comes out against the occupation
    • I actually think people like Brooks and both Liberal and Right wing Zionist have the same plan of ethic cleansing and both know/hope by their actions mass violence will arise from the palestinians and this will give them the opportunity to do what Benny Morris said should have been done. While crying victim the hold time. The problem is while the Liberal Zionist choses to and would prefer an slow humiliation and slow cleansing in which they can deny there actions caused such massive violence and claim the tried line everyone hates the peace loving Israeli Zionist. Knowing that once such massive violence and the cleansing starts the U.S. would spin away to make it seem like it was only Self Defense.

      The problem(least the liberal Zionist) for Liberal Zionist occurred is when the Right wing Zionist fraction figured out they could attack liberal zionist and would still be supported, funded and finding out that Liberal Zionist were hesitant to openly attack them because it would give fuel to what they deem enemies of Israel the Right grew in strength and power. While the Right grew it also started to openly discriminate against non-jews and openly talk about it. While Liberal Zionist dismissed such as "fringe" and many supporters found themselves supporting openly racist Zionist and justify it as Defending Israel. Where as before Liberal Zionist always had deniability and the U.S. MSM could help spin it as an He/She Said at worst and Self Defense at best. The Right wing Zionist overt racism has become hard to spin when the actions are being taken by the governing body itself.

      So the previous tactics of "Israel is the best of the worst", "Non-jews have equal rights" "Israel is the victim and self defense" and the smears and name calling started looking absurd when one could easily link to an racist, discriminatory or outright agressive actions Israel took or was taking. Next was the "Complexity line" or the attacking an critic of Israel but claiming it's okay to criticise israel but not like "That" or "That" or "That", Then came the censorship and actions to ban or block others from talking but once again has people could how see open acts of discrimination and racism it became hard to sell. Next came what the Media mostly does is ignore or minimize actions taken by Israel and hope that no one sees. Again this failed because the Right Wing Zionist could do mostly what they wanted and face very little backlash which is all good for them but the World sees it and even the U.S.

      The Last thing so far is as you and others pointing out throwing the Rightwing Zionist under the bus. But if you really look at it, again the Liberal Zionist really can't criticize Israel to much in fear of helping it's enemies. So while Brooks or other may attack the Right with one hand they are helping and feeding them with the other. Notice the ones who are (To Liberal Zionist) causing the most damage like benjamin netanyahu isn't mention by Brooks, Nor people like Adelson or Saban.

      I see it as an "Certain children's actions has cause a lot of harm in the classroom and some may feel they have a right to because of tough upbringing while others feel it's really should be addressed, these people who feel it needs to be addressed are thinking about doing the right thing but don't really know what previously happen to the kids causing harm parents or grandparents"

      Once the Speech is done one kid goes to the the other and says hey so are you getting in trouble and the other kids says nope. So others that heard it may say finally something is going to be done but in reality it's same old and the person who gave the speech did so to reduce any action taken against the trouble makers not actually do something about it.

  • Why is a 'Nation' writer labeling Jerry Haber and Abdeen Jabara Palestinian 'cheerleaders'?
  • Petition to Hillary assails 'right wing Democrats' who take 'warmonger AIPAC' cash
    • Mrs. Clinton is part of that right wing faction and is a Israeli firster to the 10th level. When she runs again(which she will) she will much like Mr. Clinton run to the right of whoever republican front runner is. Heck many of the right wing democrats are allies with her and she's bff's with Saban and his family

  • AIPAC plays the long game on new Iran sanctions
    • Anyone catch AIPAC's website ? They have all the talking points and links that just so happens to from mostly WINEP
      Or FDD and the I-Firsters are repeating them word for word if course...

  • Ari Shavit's Zionist revival is a hit in New York
    • Also worth noting the fresh air commenting thread has been deleting criticism of his book and Liberal Zionist support of racist and discriminatory polices in Isrsel.

      The Gatekeeper was in overdrive the prior day.

  • Protest Sunday: The Israeli settler movement is not welcome in New York City!
    • Or you could point this out.

      Sir John Shuckburgh (refering to Jordan)

      "It is not Palestine but it is part of the area administered under the authority of the Palestine mandate".... He then goes on to say

      "The point that it is our interpretation of the country east of the Jordan river not west falls within which we promise during the war to recognized"

      "TransJordan is a wholly different position from Palestine and it was considered necessary that the special arrangement should be made there

  • Beinart is leaving 'Daily Beast,' and 'Open Zion' is closing
  • Israeli Consul General frets about 'progressive elite' delegitimizing the Jewish state at elite Manhattan event
    • Oh the irony.
      Much like when a Hasbara bot drones on about how the PLO doesn't recognize an Jewish state of Israel (even know the recognized the state of Israel in 1993) and when you point out that Likud doesn't even recognized that the palistinians exist they say it's their (irony not intended) liberal democratic right.

      Always found it ironic that some of the same people who fought against racism, segregation, against minorities in the U S defend it so blindly when Israel engages in it . Like Montana where a group of Aryan's are trying to
      Create a white only town . They point to Jewish only settlements I'm Israel. Imagine if it was found non-profits and U.S. Government official were to be found funding this? Outcry? Outrage? You bet. Yet Jewish only(not Israeli only) and not only funded but advocated by non-profits in the U.S. And government officals on both the republican and democratic side.

  • 'The Nation' should stage a debate between Alterman and Blumenthal
    • Read both Max's response and Eric.

      While Max provide example after example as to why Eric review was distortful. Alterman's was again snide, personal, and colorful in his use of Ad Homs against Blumenthal and anyone who support him. MHD pays himself on the back for being attacked by the right.
      The odd thing is he talks about Max dad and Clinton.

  • Rabbi Boteach defends Adelson's 'glib' nuking comment, PR firm calls it 'innocuous'
    • Isn't their some type of Godwin's law on comparing Iran to Hilter ? Maybe another on %?Also where's the ADL ? They call it anti-Semitic if any comparisons are to Israel yet see no problem with such against Iran. One would think such comparisons do a
      Disservice to the victims of the Nazi's?

      Alan D. Was on radio boston last night spewing his crap about double standards yet in the interview made contrarian statements in his soft ball interview .

      I guess repeat the Iranian lie enough times the media will just believe it. But I do find it funny that on one hand Pro-Israeli supported will shout out how the Iranian president has no power or real control then shout out how the Iranian has all this power and control like Hilter did.

    • Except of course Iran never said wipe
      Israel off the map.

      Under "now they tell us Iran never threaten to wipe Israel off the map" and the interview on Al J by a meme bet I Likud stated the same. They said Iran called Israel a cancer which just so happens the same Likud uses against there own African immigrants and African Jews.

  • Netanyahu returns to the U.N. -- now guess the drawing!
  • (Updated) For calling Israeli speaker a war criminal, Boca Raton school forces 3 students to take 'reeducation' program from Zionist org
    • Anyone catch this on the website?

      "A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™ is a leading provider in the development and delivery of anti-bias training and resources for college and university campuses throughout the United States. Together, campus leaders explore the impact of stereotypes, bias and discrimination on individuals and on the entire campus climate. "

      Wanna take bets people supporting the likes of Danny Dannon or made xenophobic comments against muslims or racist comments against arabs never attended?

      "Incidents of hate, bias, and bullying; concerning attitudes of incivility and exclusion; intergroup tensions and conflicts; and hate speech are all issues campus leaders face every day. "

      Trying finding a instance in which the ADL stood up to a Settler like Nadia Matar, Rabbi Dov Lior or the stream of hate against arabs and muslims by Organizations who work with the ADL(Danial Pipes Campus Watch comes to mind).


  • Power and McCain form hawkish alliance on Iran -- 'Times of Israel'
    • Plus the so-called Human Rights Advocate and "Liberal Interventionists " had no problem supporting brutal and genocidal dictators in Africa. Some cases even praising them. But than again Mccain did the same thing for Gadafi and reversed course without being called on his flip flopping

  • In new era of cooperation, Israeli drone kills '5 jihadis' in Egypt
    • Khaled Abu Toameh the author of the piece

      "Khaled Abu Toameh is a Palestinian journalist, living in Jerusalem, who writes for the Jerusalem Post and the Jerusalem Report. Toameh appears as a commentator in Obsession, the anti-Islamic propaganda film. Abu Toameh is part of a group of Palestinians, Muslims or "former terrorists" who now have recanted or have become hostile to their own background/religion. People like Toameh, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, etc., are taken on tour of the United States to malign Palestinians or Muslims."

      Events were Toameh spoke

      Some of the events where Khaled Abu Toameh has spoken: [4]

      2 March, 2006: Small Voices, Big Differences
      Israel Weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia
      Sponsored by Hasbara Fellowships, NJCL, and the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students
      5 March, 2006: North East Regional Israel Conference
      Sponsored by Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, The Israeli Consulate, USD Hagshama, and The David Project.

    • Lol,

      Gatestone the Zionist rightwing rag who support such people like Geert Wilders and widely known for it's dislike of Muslims.

      Ill pass.

  • 'Jews did not emerge from millennia of exile to impose exile on another people' -- Roger Cohen
    • As anyone who has study the Romans knows the Romans were not equip to expel jews from Palestine and often let local leaders rule themselves as long as they paid their taxes to the romans otherwise the romans would crush them but again not expel.

      If the bible is correct which is highly dubious in itself it was Israelite that were given a divine mandate to ethically cleanse the inhabitants of Canaan which amount to genocide and ethnic cleansing in the name of God. If the Israeli Rightwing believe that garbage than cleansing the west bank of non-jews and building illegal settlements would only be logical to restore the once “great” kingdom by cleansing it of the native population.

      History repeat itself?

  • A solution to the conflict won't come from the Israeli Jewish public
    • Think about it as an Israeli Rightwing Jewish Zionist you have a Super Power that wouldn’t dare call you a racist, a bigot nor openly call out your policies. And the Liberal Jewish Zionist are fearful of criticizing you because it would destroy the myth of a liberal democracy state that gives equal rights to all or empower others to boycott your beloved state. Then you have an organization in the U.S. that blindly supports what these racist do sorely being that it’s Israel’s government that’s doing it

      Why in the world would the Right Wing of Israel really agree to anything? The right pretty much has free reign and can say and do for the most part what they want while the left is hamstrung to what they can actually say by Zionist on both the left/right in the U.S.

      Haaretz had a piece how some of the bills the Rightwing are trying to pass will promote fascism. Racism against arabs and Africans in Israel is now as common and acceptable as racism in the U.S. before the 1960’s and yet we have both the liberal and Conservatives Zionism supporting laws that would be rightfully considered racist in the U.S. especially if directed against Jews in the U.S.

      On top imagine a U.S. Congressman/women saying we have too many African Americans in the U.S. and they pose a demographic threat to the White Christian Majority?

      Yet the above is acceptable to even so-called liberal when it's refering to Israel.

  • The power of Edward Snowden
    • Great piece.

      It's interesting that the Obots are using the some of the same justification that the bush supporters did to defend bush. Then when more leaks come out showing President Obama lies they revert to the Jay Carney/WH Script or the “Hey Look over there” diversion. Also the obot attack Snowden for being in Russia yet always fail to mention the fact it because of U.S. bullying of other countries that Snowden is stuck in Russia. While attacking Russia for not handing Snowden over the media and his supporters often leave out the U.S. harbors actual criminals that murdered massive amounts of people or stolen great sums of money and have yet to return such people to countries the U.S. has treaties with. Also notice the Gay Rights and the Olympics only became big and wide reporting after Russia snuffed the U.S.?

  • We gotta get out of Israel, if it's the last thing we ever do
    • Wanna bet just so happens CNN,ABC,FOX,MSNBC and the others (if they can paint the BDS is in the most disgusting light) cover this? Bringing on so-called experts(BDS folks wouldn't be called on the show unless they can find a useful idiot)

    • Does NPR now have a chance to report on BDS of Israel? Sure their guess with be someone from WINEP/Saban (acting as an expert on the BDS)maybe to counter with the ADL and maybe one of NPR “Fine” reporter to cite other cases provided to him/her by CAMERA or another Pro-Israeli group.

      To be fair Robert Siegal can be the host. Is Dennis Ross or Martin I. around?

  • Commuting to work through a checkpoint-- or over a mountain by foot
    • don't forget that israel will have another way to discriminate against the palestinians

      Israel pushing ahead with grandiose West Bank railway plan, ignoring political borders
      The plan, which includes 473 kilometers of rail with 30 stations on 11 lines and dozens of bridges and tunnels, is meant to connect all West Bank cities with one another; Palestinian Authority refused to cooperate with plan.

  • Is Benjamin Netanyahu the George Zimmerman of the Middle East?
    • Off topic but thought people would be interested in this esp coming from CNN

      Netanyahu's crying wolf on Iran

      "More than 20 years ago, Mr. Netanyahu solemnly informed us that, unless someone intervened, Iran would have a nuclear weapon within five years. That was one of the origins of the "three to five year" mantra. Almost every year since the early 1990s, senior political figures, intelligence specialists and respected commentators have assured us that Iran would surely have a nuclear weapon in three to five years, sometimes less, unless Iran were forced to stop its mad dash for the bomb."

  • Liberalism and the national security state
    • These liberals tend to be worst than the Neo-Con because these liberals know the stuff their saying isn’t true but will twist and turn any which way to claim what they’re doing is “Good” is for your “Safety” to “Protect You” knowing full well such actions are failing and often making things worst. Further it enshrines Neo-Con policies as Bi-Partisan and status quo even when those policies,bigoty,racism are clearly wrong.

  • Sec. Kerry, you should know better than to think you can nickel and dime a peace deal
    • Great toons.

      You should try submitting them to NPR. Of course it's doubtful they every use it, but it would be a great counter to the crap they normally produce.

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