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Richard Parker

I spent some 20 years in the Middle East (Lebanon and Jordan). I now live in the Philippines.


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  • Violence, hypocrisy and resistance
    • As usual, Potsherd hits the nail on the head. This is not a 'Palestinian Terrorist' attack, because none of the organisations would allow such a maximum action for so minimal a result.
      I think we will shortly see some evidence of the mental state of the attacker, and some evidence of the local standing of the Fogel family in Itamar, which is a nasty place.

  • Is Libya already lost?
  • In Egypt the seeds of a new world order and the end of Western supremacy
    • The truth is that Mubarak has gone, but only as far as Sharm el Sheikh. He has left the Egyptian military in charge, including the master torturer Umar Suleiman.
      Too early to say whether massive protests have won anything, and whether the spirit will survive against the inevitable backlash. It's still early days.
      American and Israeli 'diplomats' are swarming round the remains of the Mubarak regime like blowflies.

    • Yes they did indeed doctor the photo but when you're photographing 4 villains and a wimp why shouldn't you do that ?

  • Ellis: Let Tahrir liberate Jews from the adoration of dictators
    • Egyptians in Tahrir Square have nothing to do with Israelis, who are happily living under one of the most fascist governments anywhere on earth. They've got as much hope of finding their way back to ' who they really are' as the average New York Democrat. Both are thoroughly seduced by a good material life in complete isolation from their neighbours, except that the Israelis can always invade their neighbours for any excuse, whenever they like, and suppress those that they occupy.
      There is no redemption for Israel.

  • War and Michael Walzer
    • I remember 1967. I was very pro-Israel then, and actually sent a telegram to Moshe Dayan saying he was crazy (meshuganah) to attack these 'massed Arab armies'.

      It's taken me more than 40 years to understand the real truths behind that huge deception.

  • Lo, Uri Avnery said to carry 'Murders in Uniform' poster
  • Groundbreaking report terms Israel's isolation cells 'dungeons'
    • In 1977, I met the Swiss Red Cross representative with responsibility for Jordan and West Bank prisons. In answer to a leading question about 'Oriental horrors' , he told me that Israeli-run prisons were much worse than Jordanian ones, but gave no details.
      Remember that Israel ran the Lebanese hell-hole at Al-Khiam. Robert Fisk wrote afterwards "“The sadists of Khiam used to electrocute the penises of their prisoners and throw water over their bodies before plunging electrodes into their chests and kept them in pitch-black, solitary confinement for months. For many years, the Israelis even banned the Red Cross from visiting their foul prison. All the torturers fled across the border into Israel when the Israeli army retreated under fire from Lebanon almost seven years ago.” (2007)
      link to
      Oh yes, the Israelis have learned from their German Nazi mentors.

  • Sister of Palestinian killed last year in Bil'in now struggles for her life following gassing at today's demo
    • Read Helena Cobban's description of what Israeli tear gas feels like:
      "I can personally attest, from my experience in Bil'in in March 2006 and February 2009, that the tear-gas that the IOF uses there is considerably stronger and more noxious than the tear-gas some of us used to encounter in Europe back in the 1970s. It doesn't just make you want to tear up, it makes you want to gag and at the same time feels as though it's burning out the back of your throat and right down into your lungs... and that's when the canister is still 20 feet away from you... G-d only knows what the effects are if it lands very close to you..."
      link to

  • The Phantom Menace: Fantasies, falsehoods, and fear-mongering about Iran's nuclear program
  • Entry 5: Zionism's call to me-- and my answer
    • Read yourself a bit of history, little 3es.

      The Haavara Agreement is a little-publicised piece of Zionist history
      link to

      The 1929 Hebron Massacre:
      The Hebron massacre refers to the killing of sixty-seven Jews on 23 and 24 August 1929 in Hebron, then part of the British Mandate of Palestine, by Arabs incited to violence by rumors that Jews were massacring Arabs in Jerusalem and seizing control of Muslim holy places. This massacre, together with that of Safed, sent shock waves through Jewish communities in Palestine and across the world.
      Sixty-seven Jews were killed and Jewish homes and synagogues were ransacked; nineteen local Arab families saved 435 Jews by hiding them in their houses at great risk to themselves
      link to

  • Assange is holding dirt on Israel because western newspapers didn't want to publish it
    • Don't forget that the first publishers of Wikileaks documents were the establishment newspapers that Assange chose: El País (Spain), Le Monde (France), Der Spiegel (Germany), The Guardian (United Kingdom), and The New York Times (United States).

      The cherries; just the first 220 of the 251,287 documents were published on 28 November, and only about 1700 have been published so far. The NYT, a notably pro-Israel rag, is the only one read in the US, and could be expected to be biased.

      However, many more cables are coming out, day by day, and are being picked up by local newspapers in the Middle East and elsewhere. The shenanigans going on with the Hariri assassination 'investigation' in Lebanon have only been taken up by the Daily Star and a few other Arab papers. This is important; it is the set-up for Israel's next out-of-territory attack.
      link to

      "STL prosecutor Daniel Bellemare last year complained to then US ambassador Michele Sison that Syria, initially accused of Hariri's murder, was treating his investigators as "school kids in short pants." -and such like."

      The Hariri investigation is closely run by the US

  • 'Wikileaks' cable drop is a giant power move for the left
  • 'Daily Kos' banned me and smeared Rachel Corrie, but we can't give up on the Democratic Party
    • Why Americans still believe they have a Left and a Right choice between Democrats and Republicans is a total mystery to me. Both parties are well to the right of any non-rightist party anywhere else in the world.

      Why is 'socialist' an insult?

      Have 'American values' proved themselves over the last couple of years?

    • All this discussion of Daily Kos is circle wanking. It's been known for years that DK is 'progressive' except for Palestine.

  • Let Americans' shift on gays in the military be a lesson for Israelis
  • Hearing what you want to hear from Arab leaders
    • Don't expect anything more of a Saudi Bedouin than that, however old he is, he is no more representative of his people than any other chieftain, even if he is a Sudairi brother.
      The Americans have been stupid enough to give Iraq to the Iranians, so now the Shi'a are pressing on their fellow religious in the oil regions of NW Saudi.
      Soon, the Saudi chieftain will be no more than the 'Guardian of Mecca and Medina' and the US colonisation of Saudi will be over. Saudi Arabia might even join the modern world.

  • Arava Institute claims to promote peace, but remains silent on justice
    • I assume Pete Seeger also sang 'Little Boxes' in celebration of those jerry-built Israeli settlements that have sprouted up on every hilltop in the West Bank, and from whence vicious settlers descend to sabotage Palestinian agriculture and livelihoods, with the aid of the IOF.
      No doubt about it; the West Bank ethnic cleansing will speed up; and America will still be 'disappointed'.
      After that, Israelis will concentrate on grabbing the East Bank, because some not-so-old maps link to
      show ancient Hebrew tribes present in certain parts (the best bits)

  • The establishment sees the (day)light
    • Forgive me; as an outsider, I see the US/Israeli relationship like two snakes fucking (link to No daylight between.
      As Netanyahoo has simply observed, the US has no real interest in Jerusalem, and can easily be pushed. The '90-day moratorium' and the bribes Obama has offered (even if the F-35s won't be ready for another 10 years), are both fakes, designed to get Abu Mazen to sign something, giving away the farm - for God's sake.
      Netanyahoo has been studying the US foreclosures debate, and has realised he can use the same fraudulent methods on the Occupied Territories.

  • Some animals are more equal than others
  • Foxman: American Jews should shut up about Israeli policy and fall into line
  • A tale of two ghettos
    • I agree. SYDNESTEL, that Israeli war crimes in Palestine pale beside the war crimes that the US is wreaking in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now, probably, in Yemen and Somalia.
      At least, Israel has never targetted one of its own citizens (Arab or Jew) for murder, by presidential diktat, without any court hearing.
      link to
      At least, Israel has never deliberately provoked a massive inter-Moslem civil war, as in Iraq, although it helped set up Sunni Hamas against the secular PLO.
      The Israelis shot down 9 people on the Mavi Marmara; the US shot down 290 innocent passengers on Iran Air flight 655

      You've got to give it to the Israelis; Theyre not as bad as their big brothers

  • Report: Israeli soldiers burned Quran during nighttime arrest in occupied Jayyous
    • The sheer repetitive banality of Israel's night-time raids on homes in the OPT is the reason (amongst others) that I gave up writing about Israel's crimes at my blog: link to
      I am old enough to remember the horror stories told to us about the Russian Secret Police calling at 3-4am
      What is needed is a personal story and personal details about these raids that generates the kind of emotion that 'Anne Franks' Diary' still gives us.

  • The Democratic-Likud Party
    • I find it amazing that Yediot can publish Netnayahu's personal list of political donors link to with notations about who's most generous, while American newspapers and TV reveal nothing at all about US political donations (although there have been a lot of hints about Wall Street backing of Obama and his resulting debt).
      Just proves Israel (for all its faults) has, at least, a free press.

  • public sculpture in Israel... uh, really?
    • Dead pelican. That hideous piece of 'sculpture' was in place on the road below Stephen's Gate in 1973, when I first visited Jerusalem. It is a memorial to one of the heroic bunches of Israelis who took over the Old City in 1967.

    • That video was a wonderful experience. Should be shown to all Israel apologists as an example of their (feigned) hysteria.

  • Freeman: Donilon appointment reflects politicization of foreign policy by a solipsistic gov't
    • It's a shame many of the commenters here had to look up 'solipsistic', but it is a good example of how most Americans view the rest of the world through an American-made lens (that is, if America is still able to make lenses).
      The constant discussion and comparison of American TV and MSM newspaper talking heads (Dylan Ratigan, Rachel Maddow, Ethan Bronner, etc) is too typical of this blog, and one of its (few) faults.
      The over-emphasis on the effects the I/P 'problem' has on American internal politics reflects this solipsism to a T.
      After all, it is the US that is propping up the Palestinian quisling, Muhammed Abbas, and who sent in Gen Dayton to train his 'security' thugs. It was the US that suborned the Jordanians to assist in this. It is America who refuses discussion with Hamas, the overwhelmingly elected rulers of what is left of Palestine.
      The whole current situation of the so-called 'peace talks' is intimately related to the Democratic party's chances in the coming elections, not to a real solution of the I/P confrontation.
      Not a single one of America's dumb voters would be in the least impressed by a 'breakthrough' in the I/P 'negotiations'. They are more concerned (rightly) with unemployment, home foreclosures, and the multiple robberies by 'Wall Street'. So what is the point of Nobel Peace Prizer Obama kow-towing to that little self-satisfied shit, BYahoo?

  • Could Israel survive without Harvard?
    • This is a very moving film, but throughout, Israel is never even mentioned. It is as if all these families and children suffered from some natural disaster, not the aggressive ethnic cleansing of a newly-founded 'Jewish state'.

    • On the contrary, Witty, this is a telling report of a clandestine meeting of a criminal Israeli politician with an invited and select claque. (Not selected enough though; how did that fellow with the keffiyeh get in?)
      Note that Livni has not visited Britain since she was threatened with arrest at the airport. It is good to see that she has to hold secret meetings in the US.
      When BYahoo is sunk under the weight of his hubris, Livni may take over, to world wide relief and applause that will be entirely undeserved.
      On another point: I wonder if that blonde hair was something she acquired in Sayeret Matkal.

  • IDF soldiers convicted of using 11-year-old as human shield in Gaza
    • Whatever the time-sharing arrangement, your joint service is very much appreciated.
      But I wonder if one or both of you ever get atrocity fatigue from reporting this evil nation's behaviour on a regular basis? I certainly did, and gave up my blog.

  • Jewish identi-kit(h)
  • No answer at the Egyptian office for Palestinian affairs
    • The precedents of US citizens abandoned by the US authorities: Rachel Corrie (murdered for trying to stop a house demolition), Furkan Durgan (murdered for taking photos on the Mavi Marmara), Emily Henochowicz, Tristan Anderson, Eva Bartlett and others working in the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine, suggests the US government, in its overwhelming support for whatever Israel does, is simply too impotent to help any other American activists in any way to become nuisances to Israel.
      The US government has offered no support for any of the above, or protested at any of their murders or injuries, so I don't expect much for Susan.
      Sorry, Susan, but please keep trying, stay brave and undefeated, and keep reporting. Give us names, chapter and verse on who is blocking your trip.

    • I have every sympathy for Susan Johnson in her Kafkaesque ordeal in Cairo, and would like to offer every encouragement to her to persist, and keep reporting.
      I am not in the least surprised that people suspect US conspirators in the affair. This is a very brave and persistent lady, who must be a right royal pain in the ass to US government agencies who are supposed (but unwilling) to be assisting her.
      My own experience is that your own country's embassy is the very last place to expect genuine support.
      All power and strength to you Susan!

  • The legend of the Silwad sniper
    • C S Forester wrote 'Brown on Resolution' link to
      a story of a single British sniper who delayed the repair of a German warship in WW1, and materially affected the course of the naval war.
      Geoffrey Household, brother of my one-time English teacher, wrote 'Rogue Male' link to

      Both books treated the single, isolated sniper as a hero, but in each case, he was British, not a wog.

      Thaer Hamad, the Silwad sniper, should be celebrated in the same way Someone (Phil?) needs to write his story (including the eventual betrayal and imprisonment).

  • A few scenes from the occupation
    • The 'peace talks' will achieve nothing at all. What I don't understand is the US interest in making certain that they go nowhere. Israel has no positive value whatsoever as a US ally (no ally in any war, no US bases, etc, but a lot of cost) so why all the effort to protect that shitty little Levantine country?

  • Meeting 3 U.S. officers who are angered by the special relationship
    • Israel is not the the major cause of the I/P problem. The US is. If it was not for the Israeli tail wagging the US dog, the 'problem' would have been solved long ago.

      Now the US finds itself in the position of not being able to put any pressure on Israeli fascist politicians for fear of being called 'antisemitic'.

      Israel is perhaps 'America's strongest ally' in the Middle East, but the US has gained nothing from that relationship. Israel was kept out of the last two Iraq wars, and hosts no US bases, although it does have a standby store of US war materiel, which it uses when it wants to, in its own local wars, such as their death-dealing invasions of Gaza and Lebanon.

      It tried to sell its nuclear expertise to Apartheid South Africa, but nobody is allowed, within the US, to publish details about Israel's 'nukular' status.

      They also have the most aggressive spying operation of any 'friendly country' within the US.
      link to

      And the wilfully deluded US is their strongest (perhaps only) supporter.

  • Are the settlers civilians?
    • Of all Israeli settlers, those from Kiryat Arba seem to be the most aggressive. This report details attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinians:
      link to

      Example: On 03.06.2010 Mu’taz Mousa Omran Banat (16 yrs old) and Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Bis (16 yrs old) were shot by a Zionist settler at the entrance of Al-Arroub refugee camp, Hebron. The Zionist colonist stopped his car, stepped out of it and began shooting randomly at a group of children on their way to school. On 24.06.2010 Mohammad, who was shot in the chest, was told to come to Etzion detention center to make a report on the incident. He went with his father, and after several hours of interrogation, the child was fined by the Israeli occupation police despite the fact that the Zionist colonist who shot Mohammad had turned himself in to the Israeli police and admitted the shooting.

      On 29.04.2010 Zionist colonists attacked the Palestinian village Huwwara, destroyed property, vandalized homes in the village and set fire to its farmlands. On 16.06.2010, dozens of Zionist colonists from Kiryat Arba’ raided several Palestinian homes in the Palestinian village Jabal Jalis at midnight, vandalized and destroyed the village’s farmland. On 30.07.2010, dozens of Zionist colonists attacked Burin and set fire to its farmland. A few days earlier, armed colonists had raided the village, opened fire on the villagers, uprooted olive trees and set the farmland on fire. On 6.08.2010, Zionist colonists set fire to hundreds of dunums of farmland in Beit Furik.

      These guys should be treated as 'sacred civilians' ?

  • What Lebanon can teach the U.S. about religious tolerance
    • In 1975-6 , the 'front line' in Beirut between the (very definitely right wing) Christian Kataeb Phalangists and the Leftist Sunni and Palestinians laid right across the old quarter of Zeitounieh, the olive growing area on the seafront. This was where the tiny Jewish community lived. I saw, one day in 1975, Yasir Arafat, personally lead these people to safety in Ras Beirut.

  • 72 virgins... 39 lashes
  • More evidence that Israel's image has dramatically shifted
  • Slater: rightwing Jewish support for Israel risks anti-Semitic backlash when U.S. wakes up
    • I keep a blog, Notes from the Levant link to in which this morning, I noted nine different everyday incidents from Israel over the past few days, any of which might merit their own blog post. I was simply too overwhelmed to publish one on each, because they are so repetitive, and wholly expected.
      My problem is that, subjected to this regular flow of horror stories, I am finding it very difficult to separate my feelings about Zionists and Israelis, and Jews in general from outside that shitty little Levantine country.
      Where do Haim Shaban and Chuck Schumer fit in?

  • State Department once warned against a tactic the NYT now blesses in Afghanistan
    • Nobody in the 'Coalition' has any real idea of what America's longest war is really about, nor of their objectives.

      I have just been re-reading James Michener's 'Caravans' (pub 1962) that describes the very primitive society prevailing before Americans or Russians started trying to 'civilise' them, and that will also prevail long after the helicopters land on the US Kabul Embassy roof.

      Now that targetted assassinations have become US policy, the only thing that is sure is that this policy will fail, as have so many others.

      link to

  • Notice the pattern in the Israeli stories?
  • L.A. Times: ‘Many’ Palestinians 'prefer the one-state solution'
    • Taking the West Bank into Israel proper would not change the physical positions of the Palestinians and Israeli Jews very much. In certain areas, the sheer physical size of the Israeli settlements, such as Ma'ale Adumim, Gush Etzion, etc, let alone certain areas of Jerusalem, would allow gerrymandered municipal boundaries to dominate local native residents.

      Such phony excuses for ethnic cleansing as lack of building permits, being in a fire zone, etc, would still apply, via municipal authorities, to the detriment of Palestinians. Palestinians 'would not be encouraged' to live in Israeli Jewish settlement areas, just as Blacks were 'not encouraged' to live in white-dominated areas of the US.

      All their 'democracy' would avail them of nothing.

      Now, bring in Gaza, open its borders, and that would change the position radically. Allow 1.5 million frustrated, but educated and under-employed people to have access to the current pre-1967 Israel, and that would alter things a little.

      No wonder Moshe Arens left out Gaza

  • The new mixed-Jewish establishment
    • From Glenn Greenwald:
      link to
      "I'm good enough to borrow a plane from, but not good enough to be invited to the wedding?” complained one Clinton friend, who remembered the times he handed over his jet and his pilot to take Bill Clinton around the country but had not landed a coveted invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials. . . .
      "I'm sure there are some people who are lobbying discreetly," said someone who has known the Clintons for decades. "If they're on the list, they will ballyhoo it quietly, and if they’re not on the list, their noses will be out of joint. I know some people whose noses are out of joint." (Like most F.O.B.'s -- Friends of Bill -- the person did not want to be quoted by name, swearing by the wedding’s code of silence.) . . .
      "It's not a political rally, it's not a state affair," said one longtime Clinton supporter who was not invited but was still nervous about upsetting the former president.

      Which just about puts the whole perfomance into the context it should be. Parochial, and all forgotten when it's over.

    • hayate - thanks for the link - Sarkozy certainly seems to be a sleazy little bugger

    • Many thanks for all of your informative answers.

      Who needs 'Jewish geography' when you have Israel?
      Otherwise, it's called 'networking'.

      Yes, I'm very aware of the mixture of 'royal bloodlines' throughout Europe, and of the paradox of Kaiser Willy being the first cousin of King George V in WWI, but I think you should realise that these people have no real power, and are just figureheads, fit to have their portraits on postage stamps and banknotes, but not much else.

      I don't recollect any similar royal relationships in WWII, except for the ex-King, Edward VIII, who was packed off to Bermuda as soon as he expressed sympathy with the Nazi government of Germany.

    • Jewish geography? What does this mean?

      The blood lines of the royal houses of England? What does this mean?

      Their bloodlines are not important at all, although I could find a family tree somewhere that goes right back to David and Saul. (With a few incomers here and there. They had to get over the problem of JC, who, officially, had no issue).

      America has never officially had a royal family, though it did have the Roosevelts, Kennedys and the Bushes, in recent memory.

    • Another parochial post. Now you're gossiping about who might be at a certain inter-religious wedding party, as if it mattered in the least.

      Waste of your time, and waste of your blog space. Who cares about these people, outside of New York/Washington?

  • Israel destroyed the USS Liberty, OK. But what was the motive?
    • All of the above commenters are right:
      - Israel had so many Egyptian POWs after taking the Sinai that they had nowhere to put them. So they murdered them.
      - An attack on the Golan was planned: the USS Liberty knew about it. Israel still has the Golan 43 years later.

  • 'Brown Man's Burden' of 1899 was prescient
    • Kipling is a much-maligned poet these days.

      He never celebrated the conquests of the British Empire (which were just past their full flow then; and we thought we were doing good by bringing 'modern practices' to 'backward nations'. Just as the US sought to 'bring democracy' to Iraq in 2003.)

      The 'Israel problem' rests on its colonial implementation in 1946-9, just as the European and American authorities were giving up their colonial 'properties'.

      It's long past its sell-by date.

    • Citizen - I don't really understand the phrase 'stooped irony' and I don't know whether your comment is positive or negative about Kipling.
      Can you enlighten me?
      By the way, a ton of lead is only as heavy as a ton of feathers.

    • Rudyard Kipling, The White Man's Burden, 1899
      - I am surprised that no-one has mentioned this, probably the inspiration for Henry Labouchère's 'Brown Man's' version (copyright rules were not so strict in 1899).

      The US took over the Philippines from Spain in 1898, and promptly put down any local moves towards Philippine independence. Opposition to the war inspired Mark Twain to found the Anti-Imperialist League on June 15, 1898.

      The conflict began officially on June 2, 1899, when the Philippines declared war against the United States and it officially ended on July 4, 1902, after President Emilio Aguinaldo's surrender. The Philippine-American War which ensued resulted in massive casualties.[7] Philippine president Emilio Aguinaldo was captured in 1901 and the U.S. government declared the conflict officially over in 1902.

      The Filipino leaders, for the most part, accepted that the Americans had won, but hostilities continued and only began to decline in 1913, leaving a total number of casualties on the Filipino side of more than one million dead, many of them civilians.

      The war and occupation by the United States would change the cultural landscape of the islands, as the people dealt with an estimated 34,000 - 1,000,000 casualties, disestablishment of the Catholic Church as the state religion, and the introduction of the English language as the primary language of government and some businesses. In 1916, the United States granted the Philippines autonomy and promised eventual self-government, which came in 1934. In 1946, following World War II, the Philippines was granted independence.
      link to

      The parallels between this American enterprise and the Zionist one are striking:
      - The 'official war' didn't take very long, and no natives were expelled from the Philippines.
      - The unoffical war lasted for another 10 years at least
      - The Philippines gained autonomy 34 years after the war, and gained independence finally 46 years after the war.
      The famous poem, written by Britain's 'imperial poet', was a response to the American takeover of the Phillipines after the Spanish-American War. Kipling was not quite the celebrator of the British Empire that he is made out to be; read his stuff with an unprejudiced viewpoint.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      Send forth the best ye breed--
      Go bind your sons to exile
      To serve your captives' need;
      To wait in heavy harness,
      On fluttered folk and wild--
      Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
      Half-devil and half-child.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      In patience to abide,
      To veil the threat of terror
      And check the show of pride;
      By open speech and simple,
      An hundred times made plain
      To seek another's profit,
      And work another's gain.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      The savage wars of peace--
      Fill full the mouth of Famine
      And bid the sickness cease;
      And when your goal is nearest
      The end for others sought,
      Watch sloth and heathen Folly
      Bring all your hopes to nought.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      No tawdry rule of kings,
      But toil of serf and sweeper--
      The tale of common things.
      The ports ye shall not enter,
      The roads ye shall not tread,
      Go mark them with your living,
      And mark them with your dead.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      And reap his old reward:
      The blame of those ye better,
      The hate of those ye guard--
      The cry of hosts ye humour
      (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:--
      "Why brought he us from bondage,
      Our loved Egyptian night?"

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      Ye dare not stoop to less--
      Nor call too loud on Freedom
      To cloke your weariness;
      By all ye cry or whisper,
      By all ye leave or do,
      The silent, sullen peoples
      Shall weigh your gods and you.

      Take up the White Man's burden--
      Have done with childish days--
      The lightly proferred laurel,
      The easy, ungrudged praise.
      Comes now, to search your manhood
      Through all the thankless years
      Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
      The judgment of your peers!

  • Did State Department official get his Zionist swill about Lincoln from mytho-historian Michael Oren?
    • I think Palestine was where the Crusaders went to.

    • This is another example of what I call this blog's very parochial outlook:
      - Lincoln was president 150 years ago. Nobody but nutters cared about Zion then, and Lincoln certainly didn't. He had enough on his plate.
      - The poring through ancient books is like yeshiva scholars endlessly repeating their readings of the Torah or the Talmud and hoping for revelations on current affairs. No matter how much devoted reading, they won't get answers, unless they want them, and make them up (which they do, frequently).
      In short, this particular subject (Lincoln on Zionism) is a waste of valuable space.
      On the other hand, though, I am about to publish a post on George Stephenson (Father of the Railway Engine) at link to which will examine, in detail, his equivocal attitudes towards Zionism in the early years of the century-but-last, and why those opinions influenced railways forever.

  • Poor schmuck Harvey Pekar-- gets to be censored on Israel posthumously!
    • Uhm, he’s Harvey Pekar, son. Get an education before you open your mouth.

      So, was Harvey Pekar known outide the Cleveland area? Or was he a godling for American 'liberals'? How many of them ever read Chekhov’s and Dostoevski’s works?

      And Robert Crumb can be just as much of an asshole: “He’s passionate and articulate. He’s grim. He’s Jewish. I appreciate the way he embraces all that darkness.”

      And don't ever again address me as 'son'.

    • This is the most parochial post I've seen yet.

      Bard of Cleveland indeed! I'm still renowned as the 'Bard of Nether Poppleton' (Yorkshire, England) although I haven't written anything potical [sic] since I was 14 years old.

      Can you tell us if this character actually ever did anything, apart from the bum-fluff your 'anonymous friend' gives you?

  • Hitchens rails against Occupation
    • If Israel becomes less Zionist and more deferential to the needs of empire, they may once again be regarded as an oasis of civilization in a sea of barbarism, a vital asset in the clash of civilizations, and in our noble efforts to keep the Arabs from stealing our oil, which an otherwise praiseworthy Deity inexplicably located under their desert sands.
      Tarantara! (I assume and hope that you are being sarcastic)
      Read Chas Freeman's takedown at:
      link to

    • I've been impotent for years (I read those Viagra ads on the email) - how do I become prepotent?

  • Message to Israelis who oppose BDS - go to Bil'in and see for yourself
    • See this:
      link to

      which includes the priceless quote:
      For those who use the bible to support Israel need to differentiate between God\s promise and Balfour promise (Balfour Declaration), because the occupation is the result of a promise given to the Israelis by Lord Balfour and not by God.

      Thankyou, Itamaar, for an insightful piece

  • Inside the Cosmetics convention, Ahava boss denies the Occupation
  • New battleline: 'Tablet' calls 'anti-Israel' blogs 'agents of influence'
    • This is only the second time I have seen a photo of Phil Weiss. and it's fairly obvious that The Tabloid (I like that; thanks Susie) deliberately chose an unflattering picture of him.
      From this photo, it's obvious that he's a raving antisemite.

    • but...but...but... Iran probably already has those coordinates, and may already have enough uranium enriched to 2o% (you need 90% enrichment) to build a nuclear bomb, which the dastardly mad mullahs may aim at Israel.

      But, of course, Israel doesn't keep its nukes underground at Dimona.

      It keeps them here, wrapped up in Jericho missiles:
      Sdot Micha - 31°42'N 34°55'E
      The Israeli Air Force reportedly has three squadrons [150, 199 and 248 squadrons] equipped with Jericho nuclear-tipped missiles at the Sedot Mikha [Sdot Micha] base, 45 km south of Tel-Aviv. The Sedot Mikha Jericho IRBM base is located near the town of Zekharyah, east of Ashkelon and south east of Tel Nof AB, and south of the Sorek River between Kiriat-Gat and Beit-Shemesh
      link to

    • I am surprised that Shingo has not yet joined this comment thread, since he got a fair amount of muck thrown at him in the Tablet article.
      Shingo said: '“There is no archeologically [sic] and historically [sic] evidence that a Jewish state did exist,” (a statement few could disagree with) he wrote in response to a Walt post.
      Thus causing little Lee Smith to call up Stephen Walt's boss and get the comment taken down, only to wail that "Many of Shingo’s similar comments remain live, however".
      And long may they live.

  • Israeli report on shootings of '4 civilians' fails to state that they were three sisters, 3, 5, and 9, and their grandmother
    • "Notice that the Israeli account, which absolves the Israeli unit engaged of any criminal responsibility, and describes the shootings as allegations purely, refers to the case as the shooting of 4 civilians, and while it gives their names, it does not say that the civilians were three sisters, aged 3, 5, and 9, and their 60-year-old grandmother"

      This is a typical Israeli lie. Did the third soldier, who emerged from the tank, really think that three children and their grandmother were 'terrorists'?

  • Orphans and cataracts-- IHH is a charity
    • I live in the Philippines, where shopping malls ARE a major relief for the poorest of the poor to dress up, go out, and gawk or window shop. They are generally regarded as clean, cool and safe family environments. Very few visitors ever buy anything, although among the thousands of visitors there may be a tiny mini-fraction who buy anything at Lacoste.

      I don't have the same feelings about shopping malls, (I hate the damned things) and I doubt, Jonah, if you do. US shopping malls are for shoppers, not gawkers.

      I congratulate Gaza for opening its first shopping mall under the current circumstances. It certainly doesn't reflect a spread of wealth into the world's largest open-air prison.

  • In an effort to combat BDS, the JCRC doubles down on the occupation
    • The mall-infesting Israelis are on the same programme as the 'art students' and 'removal companies' who covered the US before 9/11.

      It can't be an immigration scam; Israelis get a free pass on that. So it's probably a means to get a large number of Sayanim (Israel-helpers) in position - for the next false-flag operation.

      If they suddenly disappear, be scared; your town may be targeted for a 'nuclear dirty bomb'

    • That's a nice blog. Counters Palin. (I thought all you fellows went around moose-hunting from helicopters).

      Half (the Eastern side) of the West Bank is in a rain shadow, and gets very little rain at any time, hence the Judaean desert. The rest has a Mediterranean climate, which means no regular rain from May to September.

      Ahava's factory is on the shores of the Dead Sea, which is already massively polluted (the only major water supply comes from the Jordan river) and the extraction of minerals at the southern end has already caused the Sea to dry up and split in half, with the sea level dropping, and the shoreline receding rapidly.

      A good promotion for Ahava might be:

      'Buy Ahava! Israel, Jordan and Syria contribute their shit to our products!'

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