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Richard Parker

I spent some 20 years in the Middle East (Lebanon and Jordan). I now live in the Philippines.


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  • the reluctant radical
    • Thanks, Phil, for your update from Gaza. Your own solution to the problem seems possible, if not perfect. I wish you luck with it.

      Shared taxis from Cairo to Rafah could have infiltrated enough people to make a visible demonstration.

      But visible demonstrations are not enough. They are very small and almost invisible to the wider world.

      Imagine 1500 Palestinians arriving in New York, parading around, moseying down to Times Square, pretending to be tourists, and then making themselves into a flash mob and disrupting the traffic.

      Not many New Yorkers would like that.

      I have suggested another protest method, possibly more suited to the internet age:

      Publish photos of the Gaza carnage.

      I posted 'Child of Gaza' link to
      a year ago, and so far, there have been 3680 views.

      10 per day is not a lot, but represents a few who might change their minds, and perhaps those already convinced.

      125 of those views have happened since I mentioned it in this relatively small forum

    • This is the third time Ive written this message, which was fucked up by your message software. If you pout in more links than it wants, it calls you a spammer, and sends you back, where your carefully written message has disappeared

  • End the siege of Palestine
    • Of course, that proposition (descendants of Jesus' family) could be countered by another proposition; that someone (the Romans?) so totally ethnically cleansed Palestine, thet no-one survived, and no-one came back.

    • Since we're onto religion, and justifications for Jewish occupation, let us not forget that many Palestinians must, by definition, be direct descendants of Jesus Christ's family, and of the Good Samaritan, and the Disciples, and of every other figure in the Holy Bible, unless every single one of them was celibate, and without issue.

      My Jordanian business partner, when I asked him how long his family had been Christian replied, succinctly "Ever since Jesus' brother James came on a mission across the Jordan River". His own family came from the Hauran, in what was then part of southern Syria. His answer shamed me, coming as I do from a place that was not even contacted by Christians for another 600 years
      link to

  • Report from Gaza: One student's question to the world - 'Why the Palestinians? Why are we the only ones suffering?'
    • Gaza Scorecard - Rami Khouri
      link to

      Israeli Navy Attacks Gazan Fishing Boats
      link to

    • Most Americans and (perhaps) Israelis are completely ignorant about what's actually happening in Gaza. If they did know, and they're human, they might, perhaps, be horrified, and pressurise their governments.

      What is needed are more photos of the facts, and their widest possible dispersal. Pick them up from Google, (give credit to the photographer) and publish them on Flickr, Photobucket, and Facebook. You might only influence a few people, but that's a start.

      I stole this photo (and added a title), last January: link to
      It's been viewed 3550 times over the past year.

      In other words, do something, and stop having a group wank about Richard Witty.

  • Cairo meets the movement, with tears and chaos and exaltation
    • @64
      That was a nice quote, MRW, but it didn't begin to encompass the evils that Israelis have inflicted upon Palestinians over the past 60 years.

      "In the second, we broke the shackles of Jewish morality and heritage that were shoved down our throats for years."

      Can this be real? does it give a license to Israelis to behave like Nazis?

    • @59

      "Palestinian militancy that insists on all of Jerusalem as its capital (not divided Jerusalem"

      This is crap. No-one has called for all of Jerusalem; Only the holy Old City and its surrounds. The Israelis can keep the Knesset , Yad Vashem, etc, in the western suburbs.

      It would be nice, though, if the Paelstinians could put up a memorial at Deir Yassin, so close to Yad Vashem.

    • Waiting for more news from Cairo.

      Meanwhile, the other protest, the Viva Palestina convoy, holed up in Aqaba, Jordan, until now, has negotiated to enship from Latakia, Syria, to El Arish in Sinai.
      link to

      This is plainly obstructionism from the Great Ox's government; Aqaba has a very short 1 hour ferry line to Nuweiba in Egyptian Sinai. Diversion to Latakia will take 2-3 days, plus extra costs involved with negotiating transit costs under time pressure. Latakia is a piddling little port, and certainly has no single ship that can take 210 vehicles.
      link to

      If Israel does block the transit, no-one will fucking care.

      They will probably face many more problems in El Arish or Rafah, if they ever get there.

      I can't imagine why these two simultaneous campaigns didn't get together to organise a dual prong strategy, but I fear it is that one is organised in America, and the other in Europe, so they are rivals.

  • Flashpoints has Gaza covered - from 1956 to today
    • Very good interviews indeed; except I found the interviewer was asking a lot of leading questions.

      Hedy Epstein did the standard sort of protestor's fervid, but ultimately useless, apologia. This demonstration will have no real effect until quite a few (preferably Americans) are shot dead, in full view of the world's press.

      Joe Sacco's interview was much more focussed, and seemed to get very much more into the minds of his subjects. 50+ years of criminal assaults on Gaza are will worth the story.

  • UN Special Rapporteur calls for Israeli sanctions unless it lifts the Gaza blockade
  • Gaza a year ago: My father says the Israelis are doing this to win an election
    • I was also shocked that only a few posters referred directly to Khulood Ghanem's diary extract. I can't think that a diary written at the time is unreliable. And the incident she relates is just one example of the bloodthirsty cruelty shown by the IOF

      Her description is echoed by:
      link to written by Eva Bartlett, who has been in Gaza throughout the war and its aftermath

      There is absolutely no doubt that Israel inflicted war crimes on Gaza, but also, a factor Goldstone didn't mention is that Gazans have nowhere to flee to avoid the combat zone' Shooting fish in a barrel.

      The sealing and siege of Gaza make one of the biggest war crimes of current times.

    • It's a pity that this thread is taken up with ad hominem attacks against Richard Witty, but don't give him the satisfaction of being a lone knight against a horde of pagans.

      Refer to his message number, not his name, so he won't get that satisfaction

  • Egypt to allow 100 Gaza Freedom March participants into Gaza
    • Witty: "He obviously is very frustrated and probably angry that in his mind the European demonstrators are being given special treatment relative to Egyptian norms."

      These foreigners are forcing him to treat them differently than he would treat his own native wogs?

      This is a attitude I found throughout the Middle East (and one I took full advantage of). There is a lot more overt racialism (or, at least, inter-tribalism and inter-classism) than one might expect.

      The Arab world is not a monolith; in every country, there are despised minorities and over-respected ruling classes.

  • Stymied in Cairo--still something is gelling among the international marchers
    • Aparisian - I know you are a frog, but when English or Americans write 'fucken' the spell it correctly :)

    • The real problem with Israel is US financial help; see:
      link to

      Much of this aid consists of guarantees, which are then forgiven, but the picture is murky.

      It's difficult to tell the difference between straight cash handouts, loan guarantees, tax benefits to Israeli organisations, and the likes of Bernie Madoff's operation. (The last two are not included in this chart).

      This will continue until the US runs out of credit itself (which it may do quite soon).

      Then Israel will be left on its own to fight all its neighbours.

    • Ethnic cleansing is the name of the game, and its entire slow, but relentless progress.

      Gazans may be massacred in toto, or pushed into Egypt proper, and West Bankers expelled to Jordan (which already has a huge Palestinian population, plus a huge number of Iraqi refugees). Then the Israelis will take over South Lebanon as far as the Litani River.

      Nobody will stop them (except Hezbollah in the last case).

      I don't see Israel ever accepting a non-exclusive Jewish state.

      Their major criminal support comes from the US.

    • Somebody said (here, or on another thread) that Netanyahu spoke to Rahm Emmanuel, who spoke to Hillary, who gave instructions.

      Certainly, Mubarak (the Great Ox) got his instructions.

  • Hedy Epstein and others begin hunger strike to pressure Egypt on Gaza
    • "Epstein was born to a Jewish family in Freiburg, Germany, and in 1939 fled Nazi persecution via the Kindertransport to England. All but two of her family were killed at Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust. During World War II she worked in munitions factories and joined a group of left-wing German Jewish refugees who hoped to re-introduce democracy in their homeland – "the foundation of my political education which still stands me in good stead today," she says. Some 60 years later, she was interviewed about this experience for the film Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport."
      link to

      She sounds like a Holocaust Survivor to me.

    • Julian - That was a disgusting exercise in sophistry. Would she have been a 'Holocaust Survivor' if she'd stayed in Poland, or France, and survived?

      What exactly, is the definition of a 'Holocaust Survivor' ?

  • Freedom Marching in Circles While Winding Our Way to Gaza
    • I've stopped reporting abuse from Odious Jerk, because, as someone said above, he's a useful foil.
      He writes such outrageous crap, that he is worth commenting on, and maybe he's keeping the hasbara crew away.

      For the record, Chaos called me trailer trash (because I live in Cincinnati?)–I never so identified. I played it up a teensy bit only after he baited me.
      I almost wish, for the sake of rhetoric, I could now confess to being a paraplegic typing on a Apple 2/E in my parents’ basement. At least I would no longer be a “traitor.” But alas . . .
      You went to a lot of trouble to disprove something that is readily verifiable. My real name is Joseph Martinez–I left the US Navy in 2005 (although my release date was Dec. 2004, for some reason) as LtJG officially on the USS San Jacinto (CG-56), although I had been on several other ships and had lately done other sorts of liaison work with the Israeli and Turkish navies.

      He is trailer trash.

    • Don't buy newspapers; read them on the internet, for free. (Except the FT; that's worth a subscription; much more so than the Wall Street Journal, now that Murdoch has it).

      PS I want to replace the odious jerk shown on my photo. (It was taken years ago, and I was drunk on the beach at the time). Does anyone know where these profiles come from? I can't trace mine back.

  • Gaza, a year later
    • And yet the Goldstone report, which actually didn't include most of these statistics (or maybe my memory is wrong), has been sunk and forgotten by the US, and most of the rest of the world.

      I am at a loss to know how to change the situation. (Well, it's obvious; America should put its foot down, and instruct the ending of the inhuman blockade).

      The deliberate targeting of civilian homes, factories, hospitals, schools, government buildings, etc, reveals the utter depravity of Israel's campaign (planned 6 months before)

      Perhaps Obama should have broken his silence during the Hanukkah Massacre, and made it part of his I/P strategy immediately. But he didn't, so we know now that the most powerful man on earth (second, probably, only to Wen Jiabao) is a broken reed.

  • As US power dwindles, Middle East politics will continue to shift
  • Exclusive excerpt from Joe Sacco's groundbreaking new book: Footnotes in Gaza
    • I have only just flicked through these drawings, and found them most informative about events I know little about.

      And very moving. How much have these people have endured over 61 years, and still endure now ?

      Patrick Cockburn's review is also impressive.

      "The killings in Khan Younis were relatively straightforward, according to eyewitnesses and a few survivors. The men of the town were told to line up in the main square and were then systematically shot so their bodies lay in a long row. Some who stayed in their homes were killed there."

      And this was only a decade or so after the Nazi atrocities at Lidice and Oradour-sur-Glane. Truly the path of Zionism has followed the model of Hitler.

      If the NYT gets Patrick Cockburn on its roster of journos, it can't be all bad.

      I hope you will continue to give us more extracts.

  • I'm off to Egypt
    • Thanks for promoting my website.

    • When has the American way had anything to do with truth and justice?

      As I recall, the first major war crime is starting an aggressive war without cause, ie defending against an attack. America is now involved in no fewer than 5 such wars, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Plus providing a general (Dayton) to train the security force to prop up Abbas' 'Vichy government' in the West Bank.

      Not quite the right time to advertise the 'American way'.

    • Yonira - Israel claims it used white phosphorous bombs in Gaza to make smokescreens - is that what you're referring to?

    • OhioJoes - it took 30 years or so (probably longer than you've been alive) for me to get over all the "Exodus" etc myth, and see the basic harsh reality underlying the Zionist cause. That's because I've been there, and seen and felt the ugly face behind the constant pro-Israeli propaganda.

      Grow up.

  • Obama aide calls Israel her 'homeland' and a 'healthy democracy'
    • As a European, I am astonished that the US President needs an 'aide in charge of fighting anti-Semitism'.

      Where are the aides in charge of fighting anti-Sinicism, anti-Latinoism, or anti-blacks and browns? And we all know about 'Freedom Fries', cheese-eating monkeys, etc.

      Can you imagine the anti-Latinoist aide talking about his time during the 'Hundred Years of Solitude' in Colombia, like this woman talks about her time 'in the shelters' in 1973, and invokes her real 'homeland'?

      This appointment, and the attacks that Neocons (Israeli 5th column) are mounting, are evidence that America has an attitude towards a single shitty little country in the Levant, that behaves very badly, are 'American Exceptionally' foolish.

      To the rest of the world, the subservience of America to the Israeli right wing is very obvious (as evidenced by overwhelming Congress votes, budget allocations, etc, etc).

      America is isolated from the rest of the world's problems by two large oceans. They don't need to get into small quarrels between colonialist and natives in the Levant with such discriminatory passion.

  • 'Newsweek' columnist endorses Goldstone Report
    • You should have put scare quotes "" around "Noted liberal"

      As I understand it, liberals in the US are not so right of centre that they are mistaken for Commies.

    • Nevada Ned: Thanks for this link; I had forgotten that Berman and Ros-Lehtinen were the leading shills for AIPAC in Congress, taking their instructions and their arguments directly from the horse's mouth.

      The first sorry fact is that the vast majority of Congress members, blackmailed or paid by AIPAC, follow them like sheep.

      The second sorry fact is that there will have to be a bloody great war, where the US has to intervene, between Israel and rump Palestine before Americans will pay attention.

    • I don't understand why you all keep having a go at Witty.

      I don't understand most of his contributions. If there is any wheat, there's an awful lot of chaff, and his pomposity and flatulence very much obscure any points he might be trying to make.

      So, rather than try, I just skip over his entries. It's less painful.

    • Many thanks, Mooser - a lot funnier than either Goldstone or Berman, easier to read, and probably truer as well

    • Berman's 'point-by-point' rebuttal of the Goldstone Mission's Report is merely a critique of their methods of fact-finding, by someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the facts (having done no fact-finding himself).
      You can find plenty of visual and other evidence of the facts if you care to look.

      There are no substantive rebuttals by Berman, just as there have been no substantive rebuttals from the Israelis.

      A case in point: "If Imad Abu Askar was as notorious and important as alleged, despite his young age (13) , the Mission presumes that the Israeli authorities would have known where he lived and, in particular, that he lived in the very house
      they were about to destroy". (Which they had warned should be cleared).

      The Israeli authorities claimed within hours that they had killed a senior Hamas operative. "A further assertion made several times by Israeli spokespersons on 6 and 7 January and confirmed again on 12 January was that the strikes had not only managed to hit the militant rocket launchers but had also killed two senior Hamas militants, namely Imad Abu Askar and Hassan Abu Askar." "Mr. Mark Regev indicated that Imad Abu Askar was a well-known member of Hamas’s militant operation and of some significance in the rocket-launching operations").

      It is quite clear, from the testimonies of Israeli soldiers to 'Breaking the Silence" that Israeli squaddies were ginned up to attack anyone they saw.

  • Lieberman's plans to restrict Palestinian Israelis are reminiscent of Pale of Settlement
    • Thanks for the link, VR, to:
      link to

      This Kafkaesque policy is unconscionable. Truly Arabs are the niggers of Israel, with the Mizrahi close behind. Israel is as racist as it can be.

      I have puzzled over what hold Israel has on the rest of the world. It must be something very strong, because it is not just the charms of Peres, Netanyahu, Livni, etc, that glues it all together. It is not sympathy for the Holocaust, either, because that was not unique to one tribe, and happened before most of us were even born.

      The one thing I always come down to is the Samson Option.
      link to

      Israel has at least 200 nuclear weapons, and nobody knows where they are.

      You could find 200 cities in the US and Europe, (and perhaps even Russia and China) to have a very good blackmail plan.

      If Israel nuked Peoria, for instance, would the US retaliate immediately, or hesitate?
      (Almost certainly, they would blame Islamic terrorists).

      You cannot just take a small suitcase with a nuclear bomb, anywhere. These are still big things, that have to be transported, inserted, and maintained regularly.

      The basements of embassies and consulates are perfect for this purpose.

    • I feel enormous sympathy for the Moldovan bouncer immigrant when he complains to Ynet link to

      "Instead of traveling for an hour and a half, I had to make a detour that took two and a half hours. The fact that we have deteriorated to this is unhealthy. There is no way that in England or in France a minister cannot travel on all roads."

      There is no way that we'd have a minister like this little shit in England or France.

      What's happening? Are Palestinian Israeli citizens building their 'illegal' houses across main roads?

      Or is he just scared of certain areas? Rough justice, when this little shit has to take something like the same time it takes to get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem now.

  • Gaza marchers vow to go forward despite red light from Egyptian gov't
    • Which is fairly goddam weak, but I do believe personal appeals just may have some effect.

      Mubarrak, the Great Ox, has been in power now for 28 years while he's settled down in bed with the US and Israel, and is being aggressively sodomised by both in turn.

    • I have sent the following to the contact given by Phil:

      Dear Omar

      I am shocked that you are actually closing your border at Rafah to prevent a very peaceful delegation entering Gaza to remind us of the horrific Hanukkah Massacre last year.

      December 27 is my birthday; I got a horrible present last year, so I hope you can do something better for me this year.

      I know you're a man with a conscience.

      Please do your best.


      Richard Parker

  • Palestinians must stop dwelling on
    • If I remember correctly, the "Claims Conference" kept the money, and delayed payment to holocaust survivors
      link to

      I would question the reported number (in the above article) of 725,000 Israeli pensioners still affected. But I wouldn't, of course, query the the Holocaust Industry's facts of 6 million Jews killed.

      Work out the figures:
      725,000 Holocaust survivors = 10% of Israel's population (which includes 20% Israeli Arabs) - so the proportion is a bit greater

      The US claims 25M seniors (7.7% - who can claim Medicare (out of 300M )
      link to
      And that's all seniors, not just survivors.

      So the claimed numbers just don't match up.

      By definition, they must be aged 65 or more to have had anything to do with the holocaust. How many of them haven't survived the past 65 years? G#d knows, and Israel is certainly not going to tell us.

      Israel must be hoping that the surviving survivors don't survive much longer. Then it can keep the money for itself.

      I would agree with Chaos4700 that this is naked greed.

  • Maybe intermarriage is good for the Jews
    • We have a few Israeli surfers here in Siargao, Philippines, because Indonesia and Malaysia keep them out.

      But many of them (hardened IOF veterans) behaved so badly towards the local people, and against surfing etiquette (don't hog the waves) that the mayor quietly decreed a ban against hosting them in this town.

      Is that anti-Semitism or anti-Israeli?

  • Lustick: Attack on Iran would end any prayer of Israel being accepted in region
    • Obama's already 'cut a deal with Netanyahu'. We'll ignore your illegal settlements if you give us.....???

      Quote: "Sen. Harry Reid who is not so openly in AIPAC’s employ as is House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer". You mean Reid keeps his AIPAC money in his back pocket ?

    • The problem with deterrence is the 'NOW' moment when you have the opportunity to press the button or not.

      If you press it against another nuclear power, you risk almost complete certainty of retaliatory annihilation.

      Iran knows this, so its nuclear bomb programme, if it has one, boils down to the same essential dilemma. But, then, it's better to have that dilemma than nothing at all, so I'm sure they've thought this through.

      The Berman sanctions bill is petty and crazy, like so much else that comes out of the DC whorehouse.. Halliburton will find ways around it, to earn Dick Cheney even more blood money.

      The US/Israel symbiosis has now become very obvious. I used to think it was mad 'conspiracy theory', but I don't any more.

  • To some Palestinian children the antidote to Israeli occupation is Israeli prison
    • @Citizen Thanks for this link:
      link to

      The opening para:

      In the days before Israel's overwhelming retaliation, Hamas -- the anti-Israel terrorist sect and democratically elected majority party in Gaza -- harassed the towns bordering Gaza with missile attacks that made ordinary life impossible. It was a matter of chance that not one Israeli was killed by the missiles. Six days ago Israel launched its response: the first stage of a collective punishment which was six months in the making.

      Sounds like the normal Israeli apologia. He doesn't mention the November 24th 'incident' that Israel caused to break the ceasefire, and give them an opportunity to punish the people of Gaza, as a whole.

      But after the first para, he lets it rip:

      As American politicians have been careful to say, Hamas provoked the attack. But go back to the blockade of Gaza by air, land, and sea -- trace all the oppressions of the siege that after January 2006 turned this arid strip of land into a prison where fuel and electricity are non-existent and most ambulances do not run -- and cause and consequence become more complex. "Disproportion" hardly suggests the dimensions of the slaughter apparent in the unevenness of the two sets of figures above.

      There is a word for the straightforward killing of enemies by a superior force where the victims are sparsely equipped and the odds one-sided. Much of the world is calling Israel's actions in Gaza a massacre. By contrast the American press has been cleansed and euphemized. "3rd Day of Bombings," said the New York Times headline on December 30, "Takes Out Interior Ministry." Takes out. The Times paid an involuntary homage to George W. Bush: "I think it's a good thing for the world that we took out Saddam Hussein." Under that phrase are half a million Iraqis killed and a country destroyed. And for Israel in Gaza?

    • Back in the 70s, I met a Swiss representative of the Red Cross in Jordan. At that time, I was still pro-Israeli, so I asked him:

      "Surely, Israeli (ie white) prisons are better than Jordanian ones?

      "No", he said, "They're much worse" (and gave me chapter and verse on the torture, lack of legal process, etc.)

      When we begin to understand that Israel is a much more shitty little Levantine country than its neighbours, and has somehow attached itself and taken over the thinking processes of the US, then things begin to fall into place.
      link to

  • EU's foreign minister says E. Jerusalem is occupied territory
    • I see OhioJoes has weighed in, saying "Unseemly, Philip! Obama let you down so now a former Soviet agent is your MLK? Listening to Radio 4: EU ministers are already distancing themselves from Baroness Twat. But nice try. " in his usual charming manner.

      But he could have used 'cunt' instead of 'twat' , and perhaps not tried to claim that supporters of CND link to
      were Soviet agents, and not normal people who were very apprehensive that Britain, as America's major aircraft carrier, would catch the first wave of nuclear retaliation.

      OhioJoes, whoever he is, or wherever he is, (We'll find out Joe) should go back into his bedroom and wank.

    • Catherine Ashton is a Baroness, to be sure, but she was only made one 10 years ago, and it's the lowest order of the peerage.. This is an overt method us Brits use to reward people with status, rather than money, although they make enough of that, too.

      "On 19 November 2009, Ashton was appointed the EU's first High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Her appointment was agreed by a summit of 27 European Union leaders in Brussels. After actively pushing for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to become President of the European Council, Gordon Brown eventually relented on the condition that the High Representative position was awarded to a Briton"

      On the other hand, Rod Liddle,the associate editor of The Spectator, (our version of The New Republic, but vastly more intelligent, entertaining, and much longer established), said of her: ""Never elected by anyone, anywhere, totally unqualified for almost every job she has done, she has risen to her current position presumably through a combination of down-the-line Stalinist political correctness and the fact that she has the charisma of a caravan site on the Isle of Sheppey."

      (Translation - caravan site = trailer park; Isle of Sheppey = our version of a Houston slum.)

      She won't be a prima donna, and part of her job will be to convey Europe's disgust about Israel's behaviour.

  • Insolence and hasbara are the soundtrack to these images in my head
    • I’ve had to split this post in two, because of too many links

      @Sean I lived in Beirut in 1974-5, and in that short time, became, like you, an expert on the country. At that time, I was wholly for the myth of Israeli victimisation, but I soon changed my mind:

      link to
      link to
      link to

    • @OhioJoes
      Quote: "I’m glad to see your (sic) happy to mention the one ship you’ve heard of–the USS Liberty. Look up the USS Frank E Evans sometime–just to broaden your repertoire."

      If this ship is typical of the US navy, then I'm sorry for it.
      "At around 3 AM on 3 June 1969, between Saigon and Spratly Island, Evans was operating with the Royal Australian Navy in company with Melbourne which was at flying stations. Melbourne signalled Evans, then to port of the carrier, to take up the rescue destroyer position. The logical movement would be to turn to port and describe a circle taking up station on the carrier's port quarter. Inexplicably, instead of turning to port, Evans turned to starboard, cutting across Melbourne's bow, and was cut in half in the ensuing collision. Her bow section sank instantly, taking 74 of her crew with it. At the time of the collision Evans's captain was asleep. The officer of the deck (a junior officer who was not qualified to stand watch, having failed at his previous board) failed to notify him when he executed the station change, as required by the Commanding Officer's standing orders. Evans was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 July 1969. The stern section was sunk as a target in Subic Bay on 10 October 1969."
      link to

      Glorious tale of US derring-and-do.

    • I've had to split this post in two, because of too many links

      @Sean I lived in Beirut in 1974-5, and in that short time, became, like you, an expert on the country. At that time, I was wholly for the myth of Israeli victimisation, but I soon changed my mind:

      link to
      link to
      link to

    • I haven't really kept up with this thread, except for reading most of it just now.

      @OhioJoes You really are an asshole. You can't even read the link you provided. Try again, if you can. Cebu is the cesspit of vice, not Siargao. I know Derek and Peter, mentioned in this report, very well. And I know the pimp, Iring, the Cat, very well too.
      link to

      Try again, and don’t ever again suggest I’m a paedophile. I’ll have your guts for garters.

    • Thanks Potsherd. This fellow is nasty.

    • I wouldn't agree entirely that this is a Silent Holocaust, but what we are seeing is certainly a 'closet ethnic cleansing'.

      When you add up:
      - 'Settler' attacks on Palestinian Arab neighbours - burning olive trees etc (never investigated, never prosecuted)
      - The effect of the checkpoints, barriers, etc on the people of the Occupied Territories
      - The tender treatment of Jack Teitel, imported Israeli terrorist
      link to

      It becomes very obvious, after 60 years of trying that the Israelis are doing their best to 'get rid of the others'

    • Which Richard Parker and what paedophilia are you talking about?

      I haven't fled anything, and before you get yourself in some very deep legal shit check out on what you say about anyone on this website.

      You may be one of the nastiest hasbara around, but your ISP, and ultimately you, are traceable to a person, and could be sued in a court of law.

    • OK, since everyone else does, I'll attack Witty as well:

      The ONLY remedy is Hezbollah declaring “we accept Israel as Israel”.

      In word and deed

      Are you, you silly old man, confusing Hezbollah and Hamas?

      - Hezbollah to the north of Israel are defending their borders against Israel ( 3 aggressive wars and an 18 year occupation of their heartland)

      - Hamas are the democratic choice of the Palestinians, and although many of their leaders have been assassinated or imprisoned by the Israelis, they continue to rule Gaza, and perhaps try to stamp out some of the most obvious tricks of US/corporate commercial colonisation.

      I wouldn't go to war to defend McDonald's hamburger joints, but Israel might.

    • Israel launched its murderous air war against Lebanon well within the first two days, and then they went on to commit maximum destruction on a country that still viewed Hezbollah as representatives only of the despised southern Shi'a (Peasants, and backwards ones).

      This was only three years ago, and have we forgotten it already?

      Well, Israel obviously has, because Hezbollah is much stronger now. They've matured from 'terrorists' into 'politicians' just as Israelis did, 50-60 years ago.

      In fact, the IDF retreated from that war with their tails between their legs, and left, as a parting gift, some millions of cluster bombs, fired over the very weekend that peace was being negotiated.

    • 1) "Israel withdrew from Lebanon. " After 18 years occupation of 20% of a totally non-aggressive country. (OK let's just put to one side the minority Palestinians in Lebanon who had been pushed out of their own homeland, and objected, strongly).

      2) "Hezbollah attacked Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border."
      Hezbollah did not attack Israeli soldiers, but instead, arrested and detained them on the Lebanese side. Israel then launched a murderous attack throughout Lebanon, destroying everything they could see through their gunsights. They also invented the Dahiyah Doctrine, advocating complete destruction of the 'enemy' by bombing into small pieces the Beirut suburb of Dahiyah, next to the Hezbollah HQ.

      3) "How would you propose that Israel accomplish that objective? "
      Stop fucking up their neighbours. Jordan's at peace, Egypt is kow-towing because thay can't afford to lose American aid, and Syria can't do much because its central plain, and Damascus, are dominated by the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

  • New York-based foundation supports settler rabbi who justified the killing of non-Jews
    • Congratulations, indeed. Phil is much better-looking in his photo than I ver thoiught he might be.

    • Can anybody work out just how much the US Government is subsidising Israeli settlements by allowing tax deductions to phony charities?

      I don't know US tax regulations, but I would think the major donors take their tax deductions from the top slices of their incomes, which are subject to a high marginal tax rate (to anyone who hasn't found a good accountant)

      The top rate is now 35% - this means that the US government is adding ,half of every settler donor's contributions, simply by allowing this racket, and foregoing government revenues.

  • CNN asks - Could 'one state' equal peace?
    • I'm getting a bit bored by the constant attacks by the regulars here on Richard Witty.

      Maybe he's the only hasbara here. And maybe his pronouncements are totally incomprehensible, but those are no reasons to block up a comment stream by attacking him.

      You are making the comments on this blog into a personal vendetta, and demeaning the blog by doing so.

    • I believe the over-riding law is one of the Geneva Conventions, promulgated in 1949, that allowed anyone (indeed obliged anyone) , anywhere, the right to arrest and prosecute suspected war criminals.

      This has nothing to do with the nationality of the 'prosecutors' (Spain, Sweden, Britain, Italy) that are going after these criminals, and, at least, are denying them a welcome.

      I hope at least that Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and Dorog Almog continue to be scared about visiting Britain, and that, maybe perhaps, a US law firm will take up the same subject,

  • Livni cancels UK appearance fearing arrest warrant for war crimes
    • @slowereastside

      You're already a a broke, imperial has-been, and you've forgotten the high standards that you set before the Nuremburg Trials and the Geneva Conventions.

      "Tzipi Livni. Proud, but petrified.

      At least she would not have been subjected to the same ordeals one can only imagine Palestinians go through upon arrest. Israeli officials should be barred from visiting all countries that treat their citizens equally."


  • No oil for blood!
    • Citizen - Had you asked for 104 names ,(you figure out what they have in common in terms of POV on anything touching Israel), then I might have come out with a count of about 30, but now I recognise them all.

      You didn't get this list from an 'anti-semitic' site, now did you?

    • Thank you, Citizen, for posting some facts about the oil bidding. When an Angolan company can win more than than the big 5 (Seven Sisters? - lost track now), then it shows something.

      Only Cheney and Bush thought the whole thing was about oil. Their ex-PNAC advisors at JINSA, etc, knew it was about Israel.

      So 'the two most powerful men in the world' were completely misled by lobbyists from a shitty little Levantine country.

      So the biggest American oil firms don't even bid, because they know they will be driven out by outraged natives.

    • You're right, of course, Richard.

      'And, the big companies make the majority of their income on trading futures and derivatives, NOT on the physical supply chain. The physical supply chain is a hedge and information source as much as a profit center itself.'

      Ever since manufacturing and supply companies gave themselves over to bean-counters (and now banksters) the calculations have been based on a very primitve bottom line. An elementary accountant can do a lot to change that bottom line.

      So you sit on him until he comes up with the goods, award yourselves huge bonuses, and give him $100.


  • 'Financial Times' says 'erosion' of int'l support for Israel bodes well
    • Richard - I very seldom comment on your words of wisdom, but this is simply daft.

      Why should Palestinians trade the very choicest bits of their territory for a goddam great desert?

      The Naqab is just about inhabitable with a pastoral life, and Bedouins have been living that lifetyle for thousands of years. Nothing much for agriculture, though, despite the Israelis who are supposed to have 'turned deserts into paradises'.

      The Bedouin are gradually being herded into 'concentration sites' to stop them roaming all over their ancestral land, as they always did before.
      link to

      The main object of this Israeli activity is to stop contact, via the Bedouin, between the West Bank and Gaza. Round 'em up and deport them, like Red Indians.

      The difference is that the Bedouin are Israeli citizens, in the 'only democracy in the Middle East'.

    • The FT is not the most liberal or pro-Palestinian of newspapers, so what it says is worth listening to. Netanyahu is so smug that he may well think he has 'won' strategically, as well as tactically, but in unleashing the very worst of the right-wing settlers (Avigdor Lieberman included) he may have got himself a very unwelcome set of 'allies' when push comes to shove further down the line.

      The single Apartheid state grows ever closer.

      Rand Arc - interesting, but pie in the sky without taking account of Jewish settlements and colonialisation.

  • How newspapers censor the Palestinian side of the story
  • gobsmacked
    • I deliberately used that word - nigger

      It's been banned from 'decent' usage in much the same way as so much of America's first century of imperial expansion has been, and much the same way as it's secomd century was cocked up.

      I am trying to demonstrate just how much Obama is not doing what we thought he might do.

      Many thought he would be a breakthrough black, leftish president, but they were wrong.

    • I use 'nigger' very deliberately - to make Americans feel things they've swept under the carpet haven't just gone away by wishful thinking, but are still there, and waiting to break out if they're given an opportunity.

      See countless reports

    • Anyone who still has a 'religious belief' in Obama is out of his/her tiny mind.

      Not only the sick joke of his accepting a Nobel Peace Prize within days of announcing his second massive 'surge' into Afghanistan, or his total failure to have any back-up plans to enforce a settlement freeze on Netanyahu, nor his total fuck-up of the financial situation (link to

      Obama is a corporately-owned nigger.

  • Israeli business leaders delegation gets a New York welcome
    • @potsherd

      I agree with your sentiments. These people should have to deal with the same problems as , for example, an Iranian business delegation.

      To hold a celebratory breakfast in Leviev's flagship market stall is particularly nasty.

      Can anyone identify the aggressive male in the first photo?

  • There are settlers in Hebron because Israel wants them there
    • I agree with Cliff that more pictorial exposure of the apartheid sytem in Israel would be useful, and very telling.

      I was horrified to see a photo of a wall segregating two sides of a small street in Hebron. Did anyone notice the same kind of wall in the street where the man was run over? This is not just apartheid. It's ghettoisation. In their own city.

      One of the minor factors in my epiphany about Israel was meeting a lady from an old Hebron family who told me that she was not allowed out of her house from Friday evening to Saturday, because the local Israeli patrol didn't operate on Shabbat.

      I have visited Kiryat Arba, and perhaps would have gone inside had the gun-toting American goon at the front gate not been quite so intimidating. That was 30 years ago.

      I understand that 'gated communities' are frequent in the US. They aren't anywhere else, except where the US-aligned elite keep themselves isolated from the local rabble. I lived in one such in Manila, Philippines.

  • A visit to the border
    • Thankyou Ahmed.
      Your trip sounds like some of mine made 30 years ago from Beirut, into Lebanon. (But I was too scared to go to the Israeli border).
      Nothing much seems to have changed.
      Sometime, you may be able to drive from Antioch to Rafah, but not until 'Israel' is reduced to its proper place as another shitty little Levantine state.

  • Shlomo Sand on Al Jazeera
    • Arthur Koestler's 'Thirteenth Tribe' told the story of the Khazars and the Ashkenazi quite well, considering he had no genetic studies to back him up.

      The Ashkenazim are the dominant group of Israelis; the source of every single Israeli leader. They treat real Semitic Jews, the Sephardim, as second-class citizens.

      And they are the loudest criers against anti-Semitism, while not being the least bit Semitic themselves.

      The solution to the 'Problem of Israel' would be for the Ashkenazim to migrate (to America) and leave the Sephardim that they so consciously brought in from around the Arab world to keep their own 'State' and get on with their neighbours.

      The very last thing anyone needs is second-hand Jew Ashkenazim to colonise 'Judaea' and 'Samaria'.

      Which is what we have now (American Ashkenazim as colonisers).

      Bring them home!

  • NYT protects its readers from a small newspaper's criticisms of Israel
    • It is a little disingenuous to suggest this newspaper (The Daily Planet) is sustaining a concerted attack by Zionists.

      - Their ad revenue has gone down by 60%, but we don't honestly know how much of this is due to the recession, and how much to the Zionist campaign.
      - The local branch of the ADL will have nothing to do with the campaign.

  • 'New York Times' trivializes violent nightly raids on captive population as 'cutting the grass'
  • Delegitimization is moving fast. What next?
    • 'Israel' must be one of the last colonialist enterprises to creep into the 21st century, and as such, deserves extermination (to mis-quote Ahmin-Nejad).

    • Yes, there were Muslims in the south before the Spanish occupation, which they resisted, for some 400 years, so much so that it took the Americans to 'liberate' them in the early 20thC, and they did not do a very good job, although they conducted a few massacres and war crimes, as usual.

      It took the American 'liberation' of the Philippines in the early 2oth century to subject them to rule from Manila. I can't find it at the moment, due to various computer crashes, but the 'Swish of the Kris' written in 1935, tells the story

    • I hesitate (but not much) to interrupt Mooser's stream of consciousness (which I much appreciate, by the way) to say:

      Ahmed Moor - Is this a pen name or a real one? I used to visit Spain (Majorca) for half of each year, where the very positive results of the 'Moor' portion of the island's history is still very visible after their absence for 700 years - in agriculture, irrigation, hill terracing, and building design, amongst other more subtle influences. The islanders still conduct annual ritual mock battles of Christians vs Moros (that the Moros always must lose).

      Now I live in the Philippines, where the Muslim Moros (in Mindanao and the Sulu Islands) are a major target of the (northern Tagalog-speaking) Roman Catholic government in Manila, who have invited US and Australian 'Special Forces' to help 'govern' that territory, which is disputed,as it should be.

  • Obama has gotten 'real movement out of Israel'-- Politico
    • The Israeli Occupation Force didn't just assemble in some poor settler's field when it got together to invade Gaza.

      There are several anonymous IOF bases within sight of Gaza, and this is what is meant in reports of 'landed on agricultural land', or 'northern Negev'

      These are entirely legitimate miltary targets.

  • Israeli army strip-searches... an ultra-Orthodox battalion
    • It seems that Israel, like other piddling little Levantine countries, may dissolve into a mess of squabbling religionists, and/or secularists, left behind after most sensible (and wealthy) Israelis have escaped to the US.

      When I first lived in Lebanon (1975), 17 different religions/sects were recognised. We had public holidays for every single one.
      That very soon dissolved into a Christian/Sunni/Shia/Druze 18 year civil war

      Substitute 'Lebanese' for Israelis in the first para, and you'll see quite clearly what will happen.

      The 'only democracy in the Middle East' is nothing of the sort. It is only a piddling little Levantine country somehow holding the greatest military power on earth by the goolies.

  • Tail bites the dog
    • @ Sin Nombre

      Sorry, I don't take on wagers that I know I will lose , even if I might hope I could win.
      Even after he has been publicly humiliated by that smirking snake, Netanyahu, Obama is still too weak to do much about it.

    • @homingpigeon
      We, in Britain, deserve a huge welfare check or two for giving the US Tony Blair's help and support for two illegal and disastrous wars. (his reward was being nominated as 'Middle East Envoy' !!!??, since when, apart from the average afternoon a week he's actually spent in Jerusalem doing his job, he's made $5m from other sidelines ).

      No, the money doesn't belong to Israel in the first place. It's payment for a discreet form of blackmail (Think "Holocaust!!??" - how many Ashkenazi political leaders never fought Germany but took over most of Palestine?)

    • @ Sin Nombre

      While I agree with you about yinira's hopelessly pollyannaish views about the imminent collapse of Iran and the 'victory' of Israel (a flea attacking a very large dog with very many more opposing fleas of its own)

      - I question your assumption that 'the U.S. withdrawing aid to Israel is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future'.

      I do think it would be very easy for the US to send very discreet messages to the Israelis by denying them aid and arms, without involving the (bought) Congress and Senate.

      1) Paperwork and bureaucracy - this could work wonders and could delay or prevent arms shipments until they arrive too late Just put a quiet message down the line that paperwork has to be 100% correctly in order before shipment. This is not a President's job, but that of an Assistant Assistant

      (I have experience in this; I was once denied an export document because I put a comma instead of a semi-colon).

      2) Have another look at the Symington Amendment
      link to
      "The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was amended by the Symington Amendment (Section 669 of the FAA) in 1976. It banned U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections. This provision, as amended, is now contained in Section 101 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

      The Symington Amendment is law - the US has been flouting it for decades, so far as Israel is concerned. All it needs, to be re-enforced, is a contingency lawyer (one who will take the case on for a large whack if he wins, which he is bound to do, because he is arguing for the written US law).

      All that needs is a few people to get together and hire a lawyer.</b)

    • @Simon's article

      I don't brown-nose my dog when it barks or misbehaves. Why should the most powerful state on earth do this to a pissing, little miserable Levantine country like Israel? (Because of the Israel Lobby, you a**hole).

      When my dog shits on the floor, I give it a 'friendly' slap. When it terrorised my cats, I kicked it, hard. Now it noses up to the cats in (almost) quite genuine friendliness.

      You just have to give lesson examples to these pissing, little miserable Levantines.

      Punish them a bit when they've done very great wrongs (Gaza). Don't keep silent when a massacre is occurring (Gaza). And don't try to silence their critics(Goldstone)

    • @MRW

      I agree with you 100%, except for one major mistake. Israel has been behaving like this for 60 years (and its forebears for longer), not just eight.

      The only solution Obama has is to start withdrawing aid; not publicly, but very very quietly, from 'secret' programmes. Otherwise he would start off a shitstorm of protest, and he's got enough on his plate.

      And he should get his juniors to do the talking, like Rose Gottemoeller, Assistant Secretary of State, who suggested that Israel just might join the NPT.
      link to

      If that doesn't work, he's got to get in and exercise his own very powerful clout - "Right - No more white phosphorous, DIME, cluster bombs, Apaches or F16s - until you start behaving yourselves. And you can start paying back your debts - we're up shit creek ourselves".

  • You can't get British Israel lobby doc'y on Youtube
    • Since I'm on a roll now, I will leave you with this:
      Comments from:
      link to

      Mark 11.12.09 at 10:44 am
      Good point. My eye-opening happened about five years ago when then press secretary (Ari Fleischer) was asked about an Israeli gunship attack in an apartment complex in Ramalah. Israel was trying to kill a Palestinian leader who wasn’t there at the time. Their Black Hawk gunship dropped out of the sky, fired two missiles killing and wounding 20 women and children. Fleischer’s single-sentence to this cited attack was “I guess that was a bit heavy-handed.”

      Nobody but nobody in the press called him on this flippant response to innocent deaths.

      . 2 Carole 11.12.09 at 4:13 pm
      Point of interest: A few months after writing that linked article
      link to
      criticising media’s biased coverage of Israel, Tom Fenton “ended” his 34-year career with CBS.

      . 3 Joyce in Rome 11.13.09 at 5:57 am
      I often experience a Rashomon effect reading about an event reported in European and New York newspapers. The versions are totally different, as if they are describing separate incidents. I agree – the US media are like lapdogs to the Israel lobby.

      . 4 BT in Cambridge 11.14.09 at 10:03 am
      My epiphany occurred a couple of years ago. An Israeli settler driving back to his (illegal) settlement in the West Bank came upon two teenage boys who had set afire two tires in the road. The Israeli took out his AK47 killed one and shot the other in the back, paralyzing him for life. The Israeli courts gave him a 5 month SUSPENDED sentence. Not unlike Alabama in the 1870’s. No outrageous response in the US media–I read about it in a paragraph on page 4 of the Boston Globe.

      . 5 joe 11.16.09 at 8:27 am
      Americans are uninformed idiots.

      . 6 Martha 11.19.09 at 3:32 am
      As you have done, it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

      . 7 Chris 11.20.09 at 1:40 am
      Well said Martha

    • @cogit8 (but more to others)

      "The Guardian’s newspaper’s Comment is Free area is like nothing you’ll ever read in a U.S. paper. Here’s the main page:

      link to"

      The Guradian's Comment is Free feature is absolutely as you say.

      It doesn't allow anti-Semitism, in the true sense, but does allow both critical and sympathetic opinions on Israel. Out of the three articles about Dispatches featured on that link, 2 are sympathetic to Israel, and one only is by the presenter himself, Peter Oborne.

      All Comment is Free articles generate a huge number of comments, which are moderated, but most are published. Most criticise Israel, but there are the usual hasbara.

      "What’s great is that Dispatches is sort of like the common man’s 60 Minutes, which means lotsa people are going to watch this."

      When are you going to get over the idea that US TV programmes are better than anyone else's? They're 90% crap, and I don't exclude 60 Minutes.

      Until recently, I lived in Spain (Majorca) for half of each year. There, every Sunday morning, I read the local rag 'Something-something des Baleares' to find some very perceptive and informative articles about world events that I could find nowhere else.

      Majorca is an island with about 1% of the population of the US (if that) but the local newspapers (and there are several) treat their readers seriously, and (mostly) tell the truth.

      And if I want a cheap meal there, I don't go to McDo's. Enough said.

      I know where I would rather live.

    • I've watched this programme on YouTube (via another blogger) and thought it was so-so. I've also just looked it up on InformationClearingHouse, via Phil's link, and found it was fully available, although there was a strange note under the article (a screenshot from YouTube) giving the same message.

      On the other hand, I found today, on War in Context, a programme 'Death in Tehran' (3 part video about Neda Soltan) also blocked to me. When I went over to Frontline. PBS, link to
      it was again blocked.

      Is this a symptom of the beginning of the cyber-war between the US, Israel and Iran?

      I live in the Philippines. Can't you leave us out of it?

  • US-Israel identity crisis
    • I agree that the 'truther' group should not 'infect' this site. Most contributors are quite happy to piss around in the sand pit of I/P 'politics'.

      But I think (believe me, I do) that 911 had a lot of Israeli input, and I resent that, because it led to an 8 + years war against Muslims (with more to come)

  • Aussie Greens debate... one-state solution
    • Years 'n years 'n years ago, the mixed state was the policy of the PLO. Now that the Izzies have fucked up their chance of a separate state, they've got to lump it.

      The argument was not really about Palestinians having a separate state, but about Israelis defining their own.

      Netanyahoo has blown it. Either he gave 'Palestine' something, or nothing. He has given nothing.

      He has given Israel the legacy of a long, protracted internal war against the majority, similar to the death throes of apartheid in South Africa.

  • Daniel Levy seems to favor boycott to 'draw a red line at the Green Line'
    • These photos of Hebron remind me of the situation in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1995, where the Palestinian streets were closed in from above, so that the occupiers could spit down, but the 'Pals' couldn't spit up.

      Great imagery from one of the strongest Palestinian cities.

  • At a Sabbath dinner in Jerusalem, a Jew is sickened by racism
    • This sounds like a horrendously nasty and racist dinner, with armed 'soldiers' discussing sniping techniques.
      Where is this sniping going on? In the West Bank and Gaza, of course. Who trains a rifleman to shoot real people?
      The really nasty bit, though, is about the ignoring of the 'oriental' kitchen help.
      That says enough about the real depth of Israeli racism. Look at a few stories about how they treat Ethiopian Jews. Or about the latest idea to build labour camps in the Sinai desert for unwanted Africans.

  • Tom Friedman seems to threaten cutting off Israel's aid
    • Friedman is an overpaid journalistic reptile; albeit with a natty moustache. Forget his actual thoughts and scribblings; trace his moves from outright defence of every Israeli aggression last February to his recent comments that, just perhaps, Israel might be restrained.

      @ Donald: "The US always means well, is always trying to bring peace, and is at worst guilty only of naively expecting others to be as good as we are. "

      The best I can say about this, without going on for 3 pages, is: total bullshit.

    • Thomas Friedman is an 'Establishment Voice' . If he (and his wife) are beginning to feel the pain of the millions of other Americans who are paying the price of an over-extended empire, and he expresses it, good for him. If other MSM people follow him, then better.

      The very thought of reducing Israel's obscenely large aid-giving by the USA might become a more generally known area, and subject to a resentment by those millions. (Of course, this would give rise to complaints about 'anti-Semitism' in the US).

      As for Avnery, he's a wise man, and has seen these problems developing from up close. If he sees Israel's 'partner for peace' disappearing from the scene (like Arafat, but not quite), and, very correctly, the resulting opportunity for Israel to acquire more 'land for peace' , he's astute and right.

      Maybe he doesn't 'understand' BDS, but so what? Maybe he just knows that just not buying Jaffa (Haifa) oranges or Dead Sea mud cosmetics will not do the trick.

      Phil (and partners) - please crank up the idea of weaning Israel from its nipple.

  • Ehud Olmert struggles to give Univ. of Chicago lecture amid protests
  • At NYU, devilish Shlomo Sand predicts the Jewish past and pastes the Zionists
    • "archeology proves none were exiled" is nonsense, because digging up only a few scattered remnants of anyone cannot 'prove' they never existed.

      However, it is a fact that no archaeological evidence whatsoever proves (particularly in Jerusalem) that Jews were even in Palestine (or Judaea and Samaria, whatever) at any time before the first few centuries of the 'Common Era'.

      And in those years, they were Greek, not Jews.

      Shlomo Sand has put together some of what has been documented long before. But his exhibitionary character (as described by Phil) will do no good. He'll simply be marginalised by "Serious People".

  • JJ Goldberg blasts Roger Cohen for talking about the lobby
    • To condemn Roger Cohen for writing facts, to the best of his knowledge, as if he's a propagandist, is patently ridiculous. He's a good journalist; no doubt about it, and he doesn't follow the party line.

      Incidentally, how did you find a photo of Goldberg that will perfectly illustrate my forthcoming mini-book: 'Mr Smug'

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