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Richard Parker

I spent some 20 years in the Middle East (Lebanon and Jordan). I now live in the Philippines.


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  • Nader: 'Anti-semitism against Arabs is rife' in U.S.
    • Talknic Sorry that your seed is running out. So is mine. Haven't had a good fuck in a year or more.

      But save a bit and put it into the refrigerator until someone comes along and asks for it as proof that your ancestry goes as far back as Genesis (which by definition it must), and then to the split that separates Israel from the rest of humanity.

    • The PollDaddy poll shows exactly the opposite result, of course; but what is troubling is the extreme viciousness (combined with illiteracy) of the comments on the piece:
      If it was up to obozo she'd still be there. He doesn't like Israel either. Of course thats his "muslim" blood running through his vains.

      NOW the mosque in N.Y. ON the board the same radical nut who thinks killing us white folks is great. Do I think that the same feeling flows in obama??? Won't answer here....

      How about that black guy who hit the white tea party person today or yesterday. Black dude shoved the guys wife and his little girl was screaming in fear. What do the cops do??? Didn't even want to look at the tape.
      Everything was recorded the this white tea party person handled himself with dignity. Pushed the black guy away when he shoved his wife. Got a swollen face in return.


      ***SICK OF IT***

      Posted by REEN on June 11th 2010, 2:45am

      Do Americans really believe that Israel consists of white sabras fighting off Muslim hordes?

      Put another way: do many Americans still believe that people looking like Paul Newman are still fighting off mobs of Arabic nig-nogs?

      I think they probably do.

    • Sorry; I got that wrong; I’m impressed by the Wapo’s reader poll on Helen Thomas. 91% in her favour is a fair response given that she only told the Israelis to go back home.

      There is no Jewish Bible, Torah or any other Divine Source giving the modern Israelis any rights in the Holy Land, so they can go back home.

    • I'm impressed by the Wapo's reader poll on Helen Thomas. 91% in her favour is a fair response given that she said nothing very shocking.

    • Sorry to jump in at this late point in the game, but I would like to mention, in the context of Arab/Semitic/Jewish genetics and connectedness, a certain Dr Antonio Arnaiz-Villena , who, in 2001, published in a highly respected scientific journal 'Human Immunology' his research showing that that there was NO appreciable genetic distance between fellow-Semites Jews and Palestinians.

      All hell broke loose on the direction of you-know-who.
      - The journal withdrew his article.
      - Not only that, they actually wrote to those who had already received the journal, and asked them to rip out the article and destroy it. This was unprecedented in scientific journals.
      - In 2002, Arnaiz-Villena was suspended without pay from the Hospital Doce de Octubre, after being charged with embezzlement of funds.
      - This charge was dismissed within a year.

      You can read his case on Wikipedia at:
      link to
      but warning: the hasbara crew have been at this wiki page, and used every means it can to demean the man's professional career.

  • US position on flotilla is compromised by its love of drones
    • America has found a wonderful way to wage war. Send a hyper-sexed balsawood glider into the air with a motor and a load of vicious anti-personnel weapons, let it be be guided by a teen-aged nerd in Nevada or Pakistan, and let him press the button.

      'Boom!' the 'baddies have gone. But, also, so have most of their families. And the baddies haven't gone. When they, and their innocent families, are demolished, their sons and other successors take over, and they are a bit more angry, as they should be.

  • Recasting the Gaza blockade as a humanitarian project
    • So are their declared intentions to hit well-known high-profile Iranian atomic targets, and then skittle home before the shit hits the fan.

      It's the US that will have to clean up the mess, and as they sweep up and look towards Israel, they can say: 'Yes, Massa!'

    • I agree with this recommendation. Mondoweiss needs to be opened out to include a bit more of the Mondo. Israel's declared intention to attack Iran should be taken seriously.

    • Schmuck
      Have you actually looked at the ludicrously inept Israeli re-enactment of their fictional legend of the storming of the Mavi Marmara, in the face of a raging mob?
      1) The video is supposed to be taken by a thermal imaging camera. The resulting I/R film normally shows virtually no grey tones. This one is full of grey tones, in contrast to the other one, which is probably genuine, and which shows the ship seen from above.
      2) The Mavi Marmara has its name prominently emblazoned on the side. This one doesn't.
      3) The radar domes are different.
      4) There are other discrepancies between the videos taken from the ship itself, and this concoction.

      The whole episode stinks of a fake film put together utilising a sister ship to the Marmara, in the weeks of naval planning preceding the attack, when the Israeli Navy must have rehearsed their modus operandi in detail.

      After all, the Israelis were facing some very unique precedents:
      1) A high-sided ship which would be very difficult to board from launches alongside
      2) A new racist factor; Turks. Israelis have not fought Turks before. Turks may be many things, but they are not known for their calm demeanour under attack. So the Israelis are busy smearing them.

      Think again, Schmuck, and before you refer to me disrespectfully as 'Parker' again, think a bit more.

    • Schmok: In my dictionary the word is spelled schmuck NOUN: Slang A clumsy or stupid person; an oaf.

    • Your link doesn't work as it stands (link to eli-prime-minister.html)

      But I think I found what you were referring to, which is seriously good satire on Netanyahu's (and Israel's) state of mind.

      I assume that both Moshe Yatom and Yossi Belchor are named after common Hebrew words. Does anyone here know what they mean?

    • Israel's most egregious liess will always be found out, but it doesn't matter

      Compare Israel's famous video reconstruction of the attack on the Mavi Marmara
      link to

      and a photo of the actual ship
      link to

      and concentrate on the radar dome, the round thing that stands on the deck. The two are quite different. The scene of the attack reconstruction is not even on the same ship.

  • These 'Times' demand Robert Mackey
    • Robert Mackey is excellent, no doubt about it. I complained in a comment on the Hurriyet series of photos of captured Israeli soldiers that a crucial one, showing a passenger medic tending an Israeli soldier, was missing. It was not in the original series published by Hurriyet, but another published by Haber (and credited so by Ali Abunimah). I spent over an hour trying to trace it back to source, but it was impossible to penetrate Haber's junk tabloid coverage, so I gave up.

      Robert Mackey not only took time to respond to my comment directly, but the very next day came up with the missing photo (I can only say he must have experience with junk tabloid coverage, working, as he does, for the NYT.)

      I have made the Lede one of my 'go-to' sources, but have reservations that if I and other Mondoweissers over-publicise him, he will be descended upon by the lobby, and lose his excellent position for first-class journalism.

  • Pillow talk: 'NYT' correspondent's husband says Israel is in a war against critical information
    • Bulent Yildirim, the IHH leader on board the Mavi Marmara, has certainly said the Israelis 'disposed' of extra bodies:
      link to
      Exactly six, missing presumed dead, are still missing from the ship's manifest.
      They are probably at home in Israel, drinking Maccabi beer and celebrating their successful infiltration of the peace convoy.

      Who else could supply those plasticised booklets found on Israeli commandos identifying targets or people not to be shot out of hand?

  • New footage of flotilla attack contradicts Israeli account
    • The only targets on that list are those that can be assassinated without public international outcry.

      Hanin Zo'abi, for instance, who showed extraordinary courage and initiative in interviews, during interpreting sessions in the Mavi Marmara's makeshift hospital, and in broadcasting surrender appeals over the ship's Tannoy, was not on the list.

      Otherwise, she would be dead, and not going through the shit she's suffering now in the Knesset and elsewhere.

      If anyone does, she deserves a Noble Peace Prize.

    • Walid, you are being entirely too charitable. The Israeli goons had a hit list that was completed and printed perhaps only hours after the ships left Antalya. Every goon had a copy of the hit list, and knew he'd get a few points if he 'got one'.

      The 'scoop' was aimed at individual video, etc makers who might have seriously interrupted the official legend

      Which they have done, anyway, thus emphasising the IDF goons' incompetence.

    • Sheikh Salah wasn't killed because the goons shot Ibrahim Bilgen instead link to

    • Those testimonies are very, very good. You will get nothing like this in America.

      What is interesting, and convincing about them, are the small personal details of assaults and insults; adding up to an overall horrendous assault by trained goons, all spouting the new Israeli lie: 'We have right to defend ourselves!

    • More than a few very graphic first-hand British flotilla passengers' testimonies are shown at link to

      These are important; they are sober accounts of people's own experiences, before they become 'yesterday's news' as rachel and the MSM have determined.

    • Ken O'Keefe may be a bit of an exhibitionist. The tattoos, the unwashed bloodstained face, and the overwrought language, only help to give this first-sight feeling.

      But his testimony, in every specific detail, is reinforced by the stories of other activists on board:
      You can see testimony from a very involved eye-witness here:
      link to
      (Excepting that every contribution by Ken O'Keefe is entirely missed out)

    • Paul Woodward at War in Context (link to often posted here, cast doubt on the Furkan Dogan Murder video today, so I sent him this:

      Paul, I’ve been viewing your wise comments for a long time now, and you’ve become my No1 view.

      So I was disappointed by your dismissal of the ‘Furkan Dogan Video’. (There is no non-sequential stuff that I can see).

      The media team on board Mavi Marmara had a complex operation, streaming video from different sources, including a pool TV camera, ship’s security cameras, etc, and then broadcasting it (as it came in) to different news agencies, etc, including the IHH, which was what I saw, live. They used a secret frequency to try and avoid Israeli jamming.

      The Turkish coordinator of all this was shot relatively early, from a helicopter, so it’s not at all surprising that there was great confusion.

      Whether the person who was killed was actually Furkan Dogan or not (there is no visual evidence of who it was, and will be none while Israel holds all the passengers’ media) the fragmentary sequence shows a deliberate murder.

      You can see testimony from a very involved eye-witness here:
      link to

      I’m not suggesting that you have become a media whore, but I do feel you should consider your high standing in the blogosphere before you apply it to condemn a few out-takes of video, thereby casting doubt on perhaps all of the only true evidence we have.

    • Extraordinary interview. I watched this clip with deep suspicion, thinking that Iara Lee had filched bits from the original Mavi Marmara livestream.

      She hasn't done so. Her video is very different (if not quite so exciting - you can't be on the frontline with multiple cameras all the time). She did smuggle it out, and it's strong evidence aginst the IDF propaganda.

  • Israel’s cult of victimhood: ‘Barefoot’ soldiers on the high seas
    • Have you seen any evidence of paintball use in this "incident" or anywhere else on board, or any previous use of pepper spray with an assault rifle at point blank range? Who said Furkan Dogan was shot with a 9mm gun? That was was the six-shooter who went on his own killing spree.

      It may not have been Dogan, but it was a killing all right. The shooter even reloaded before the final 'killer shot'.

  • What would Obama have said about Bull Connor?
    • Sorry; missed out the link: link to

      Whoever would imagine that the President of the United States, picking at a beach with his fingernail, could solve any problems at all?

    • I like this photo of President Obama in his beach clothes and boots, getting deep and dirty into the disaster of BP's Gulf oil spill leak volcanic gusher.

    • Many people will have got the idea that Egypt has freely opened its border with Gaza, at Rafah, after the Freedom Flotilla 'incident'.

      It hasn't. It has allowed very selected categories of people, with permits countersigned by Egyptian officials, to leave. Those categories will have to have prepared their 'exit papers', in desperate hope, for months.

      The statistics tell the story:
      "Egyptian sources reported that 4200 Gazan left and entered the Strip on the seven days of opening the border"
      link to

      OK, that sounds good - 600 per day, both ways.
      That's the same number that Israeli commandos took on a one-way kidnap to Ashdod a day or so before.

    • "On the other hand you’ve got a blockage up that is preventing people in Palestinian Gaza from having job opportunities and being able to create businesses and engage in trade and have opportunity for the future.”
      What idiot could confuse the Gazans' failure to have job opportunities and thus live the American Dream because of a 'blockage', with the far more horrifying picture of 1.5 million people imprisoned in an area of 140 square miles, with no opportunities to leave, even as refugees during the Israeli attacks.

    • The ignorance of Obama is astonishing. Of course, he was taken on a guided tour of Sderot as a candidate in July 2008, so is now an expert on 'the facts on the ground'.
      "Here's what we've got. You've got a situation in which Israel has legitimate security concerns when they've got missiles raining down on cities along the Israel/Gaza border. I've been to those towns and seen the holes that were made by missiles coming through people's bedrooms. Israel has a legitimate concern there. On the other hand you've got a blockage up that is preventing people in Palestinian Gaza from having job opportunities and being able to create businesses and engage in trade and have opportunity for the future."

      I'm willing to bet he's never even seen a photo of the many more holes made by missiles and white phosphorous in Gaza, six months later, when his studied silence was deafening.

      The man is, as we English would say, a complete wally, and American voters who fell for his charlatanry were wallies too.

  • Flotilla was successful: NBC Nightly News airs searing report on Gaza 'prison'
    • 'Holocaust Survivor' is another code phrase, and much over-used.

      It means, basically, any Jew, anywhere, still alive after VE Day in 1945, but could perhaps be narrowed down to those who joined the huge German refugee crisis that occurred at that time.

      The genuine survivors are not treated very well in Israel:
      link to

    • At the risk of being tiresome, repeat of Rasmussen poll on US reactions:

      Result of the (internet) corrections of Israel’s total command of the legend for the first few days:

      49% Say Pro-Palestinian Activists To Blame in Gaza Ship Incident
      A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 19% of voters think the Israelis are to blame. Thirty-two percent (32%) more are not sure.
      link to

      The result could be explained by the question asked:
      2* Who is primarily to blame for the deadly outcome of the raid on the aid-carrying ships - Israel or the pro-Palestinian activists on the ships?

      19% Israel
      49% Pro-Palestinian activists
      32% Not sure

      See any code words there?

      Who wants to declare for 'Pro-Palestinian activists'? Might as well ask if you're an al-Qaida supporter.

      Also: By comparison, just 30% see the United Nations, which has been pushing for an international probe of the ship incident, as an ally of the United States. Sixteen percent (16%) see the UN as America’s enemy, and 49% put it somewhere in between.

      If only 30% of US citizens think that the UN, which the US created almost single-handedly, is an ally, while half that number think it is an enemy, and the rest of the total 'Don't Know', then decent thinking persons in the US have a helluva lot of work to do.

      But then 50% of US citizens have an average or below-average IQ, by definition.

  • Internet killed the hasbara star
  • Israel holds passengers' computers, cell phones, Blackberries
    • Actually, it doesn't cost a lot to find some dead-beat ambulance-chaser who'd put his name to some outrageous claim like:

      Eighty five American, Israeli and Canadian victims of Hizbullah rocket attacks have filed an unprecedented lawsuit against the Central Bank of Iran (“CBI”), Bank Saderat Iran of Teheran and Bank Saderat, PLC of London. The suit, Kaplan v. Central Bank of Iran, was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. and seeks $1 billion in compensatory damages and an unspecified sum of punitive damages.

      There doesn't even need to be a case to answer; just a hugely publicised claim, to hit the headlines.

      And Israeli crimes would be a lot easier to prove.

    • Sorry
      - that should have read 'honest and incorruptible (perhaps even) pro-Palestinian lawyers, judges, or juries are you likely to find in America?

    • "That is ridiculous.

      If that lawsuit won, then it would be a walk in the park to shut down the financiers of settlements in the occupied territories, seize their assets and charge for punitive damages in light of actively funding a program that is against int’l and American law."

      Just how many pro-Palestinian lawyers, judges, or juries are you likely to find in America?

      Yes, it's ridiculous.

  • Kucinich cong'l letter says Israeli raid on flotilla endangers 'lives of American soldiers'
    • You American commentators can get as upset as you like about a 19yr-old American citizen being shot to death 5 times, while on a peace mission.

      It will do nothing.

      There won't even be a diplomatic note to Israel from the Obama administration, asking for an explanation.

      America is totally in thrall to this shitty little Levantine nation, state, entity, as shown by:
      49% Say Pro-Palestinian Activists To Blame in Gaza Ship Incident
      "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 19% of voters think the Israelis are to blame. Thirty-two percent (32%) more are not sure

      The US may be the world's only super-power, but its behaviour is becoming ridiculous to the rest of the world.

      "Gaza Ship Incident" ? This was piracy and murder on the high seas, no matter what legal niceties you might call up to justify it.

  • Pro-IDF, Anti-Turkish Rally in Tel Aviv (or a Glimpse Into Collective Israeli Derangement)
    • Israel, as a result of its total fuck-up (captured elite commandos, etc) of the Mavi Marmara takeover (it repatriated everybody within a day) has revealed itself as no longer sheltering beneath an all-powerful IDF, which hasn't won a war since 1973, and barely won that.

      It can't just bluster for much longer. It has opened up two new axes of power in the Middle East, which didn't exist before.

      1 - Turkey - We have all seen the changes in relations between Israel and its closest Muslim ally over the past 18 months; the comments by Erdogan against Peres (about Gaza) last year, the shameful treatment by Israel of the Turkish ambassador recently, and now this, a massacre of Turks aboard an aid shipment. A whole (very large) nation roused to fury against Israel.

      2 - Egypt has, very quietly, opened the southern border of Gaza, indefinitely (the day after the attack). It hasn't just flung open the gates, but it has very clearly separated itself from Israel's total closure. Quite how long it will maintain this position is unclear. There will have to be a major incident to give Egypt an excuse to close down again.
      The political situation in Egypt is also unclear; Hosni Mubarrak is clearly falling off his perch, his son Gamal is not yet enthroned, and the Muslim Brotherhood has the strongest voter support amongst a mob of 'liberal' parties.
      link to
      The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent of Hamas.

    • Joer: They weren't so terrified of slingshots, marbles, and paring knives, because all of those were found or planted for photographs by the Israelis.
      They are embarrassed by photographs in Hurriyet: link to
      of their captured elite commandos being led downstairs to safety and treatment. None of them have knife, slingshot or marble wounds.
      But some of them might just have encountered Muslims at dawn prayer who were rudely interrupted (deliberately) and were, justifiably, very angry.
      Imagine how you might be treated if you rappelled into a synagogue, with covering fire..

    • The rally was organized through Israeli Facebook groups and by the notoriously anti-Arab football club Betar Jerusalem.
      'Nuff said.

  • An unqualified defense of Helen Thomas
    • I second that.

      Jews are, so far as I know, allowed to migrate anywhere, except into most Arab countries, where they wouldn't want to be, anyway (unless they can turf out or subjugate all the local inhabitants).

      As for Israelis and the US, I understand that the net aliyah from the US to Israel is firmly in the negative (more Israelis emigrating to the US than vice versa). Most Israeli politicians, and especially the demagogue right wingers already have dual passports. (Except for Avigdor Lieberman, but maybe Moldova will take him back).

    • Every reference to the Jerusalem Post, or to the loathsome Caroline Glick, anywhere, should have a link referring directly to her video 'joke'
      Flotilla Choir link to
      Nothing better than letting her hang by her own petard.

      A constant refrain: The truth will never find its way to your TV
      Well, it is finding its way to our TVs (outside the US that is)

    • Juan Cole has this in yesterday's blog at: link to

      "Now a German Jewish organization, Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East, is planning an aid flotilla to Gaza! Please send them money.

      There are over 250,000 Jews in contemporary Germany, and more Jews immigrated to Germany in 2005 than to Israel. Four-fifths of them are Russian Jews who prefer Berlin to Beersheva. And, there are some Israelis among them who have similar preferences. In further evidence of how Israel can actually be bad for Jews, the Israeli government lobbied Germany in 2004 to restrict Jewish immigration. But there are now more Jews in Germany than there were in 1939 before the Holocaust. (True, there are not more than in the Weimar Republic, but that is where the trend line is going despite Israeli attempts to foment discriminatory immigration policies toward Jews.)

      Also, read the comments.

  • Israeli discourse on Gaza flotilla makes our press look poodle
    • Israel hasn't deported MK Haneen Zoabi to safety beyond its borders, so they can harass her and attack her in place, thus demonstrating just how cowardly they really are.

    • Phil's link to Uri Avnery's column is blocked. So is my usual direct link to his column, that I read only yesterday morning (Sunday-Uri Avnery!) as usual.

      However, there is a trenchant criticism from him in Haaretz at:
      link to

      It seems that as Israel ramps up its panic PR fantasy attacks on everything it can think about, it is also exercising blatant censorship.

      In response to Hurriyets photos of captured Israeli commandos, even Haaretz responds with the blaring headline:
      Israel Navy: 3 commandos nearly taken hostage in Gaza flotilla raid

      On the same page, Haaretz links to a photo of an Israeli commando getting tender loving care from a 'terrorist' passenger link to

      The man, whose face has been diffused in this photo (out of embarrassment?) is the leader of the first attack squad, who was stupid enough to rappelle down into an angry Muslim prayer group, one by one.

      Which reinforces my opinion that the ID are brutal, complacent and stupid. They've been softened up by 40 years of beating up occupied natives, and would lose any battle they fought against a determined foe.

  • Finkelstein: Did Netanyahu OK nighttime commando raid to restore Israel's Entebbe glory?
    • To summarise and hammer home the points I made in earlier posts on this thread:

      1) The Israelis attacked during the pre-dawn Muslim prayer (Salatu-l-Fajr), at a time when they could be sure that a majority of the 350 religious Turks (not to mention other Muslims) on board would be assembled together in an open space (on the aft deck), and not in any fighting stance. The Israeli commandos rappelled down to the aft deck first, not to the vessel's bridge to take it over.

      2) Had they waited another half-hour, the whole thing could have been done in daylight. (As was re-enacted next day in the widely-broadcast IDF video: link to
      (processed to look like thermal imaging)

      The IDF website still says:
      "During the boarding of the Mavi Marmara ship, the largest of the flotilla’s ships which held hundreds of people, the Israeli Navy soldiers were attacked with gunfire, stun grenades, knives, and clubs. The demonstrators stole two pistols from the soldiers and also used these to shoot at the soldiers.
      Two soldiers were injured from the gunfire and an additional soldier suffered wounds after being stabbed by a knife. In total, seven Naval soldiers were injured. Four of these soldiers are currently categorized as in moderate condition, one is lightly injured, and two have been released from the hospital. Nine of the flotilla participants who were on board the Mavi Marmara ship were killed.

      As a result of this life-threatening and violent activity, the naval soldiers who were equipped with paintball guns [where is the paint?] in order to avoid using live fire, were forced to change their original plans, using first their riot dispersal means, followed by live fire.
      The video clips taken at sea show how the first soldiers who boarded the ship using a cable from a helicopter are lynched by the ship’s passengers. They are attacked by a mass of people armed with metal pipes and chairs and one soldier is thrown from the ship. [Anybody actually lynched?] Additionally, the video shows passengers attacking the soldiers with a stun grenade and a Molotov cocktail, and attempting to capture one of the soldiers.

      Those injured, Israeli and foreign, were all evacuated by helicopter from the heart of the sea to the Beilinson, Tel Hashomer, Hadassah Ein Kerem and Rambam hospitals, to receive medical treatment.
      Chief of the General Staff, Let. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, spoke about these incidents in a press conference: “Beyond all doubt, it is clear that this violence (of the activists on board the Mavi Marama ship) obligated the soldiers, in light of the danger to their lives, to operate their weapons. The soldiers operated in the manner that the situation demanded.

      In other words, IDF soldiers operated in the manner that they are trained to be: racist ignorant brutes.

    • But Staff Sergeant S is going to get one for personally killing 6 of the 9 declared fatalities
      link to

    • Israeli commandoes went in during the Muslim dawn prayer when many of the Muslim men on board were assembled, praying, on the aft deck.
      Half an hour later, the raid could have been conducted in broad daylight.
      Now, Netanhayoo is claiming that 'Islamic mercenaries' had penetrated the IHH:
      link to
      Let's hope the word 'mercenaries' gets a bad name, together with Blackwater (now XE).

    • Wait until 'Staff Sergeant S' receives his Medal of Valour from Bibi for killing 6 of the 9 declared fatalities all on hs ownsome.
      link to
      This was the ‘battle’ re-enacted in broad daylight in the fake IDF video mentioned elsewhere.
      As 5 of the nine were shot in the head or the back, it is likely that this man was the executioner.

    • The illustrated, printed hit list was shown on video at 2.22 in the following : link to!
      Ibrahim Bilgen, 61, was apparently mistaken for Raed Salah, the Israel-Arab leader, and executed.

  • Israeli Strangelove now at Harvard calmly lays out 'Armageddon scenario'
    • I live on such an island, but just 50 miles away, the Philippine Army is fighting the NPA (New People's Army) who have been declared 'terrorists' by the US and the EU.
      The Philippine Army is mainly engaged in clearing territory for mining and forestry interests.
      My island has no forests left, and no minerals, thank God.

    • Atomic bombs don't just work by banging two chunks of uranium together. That is why it may take ten years before Iran has a nuclear bomb; if it wants one (It may want one sooner than that if the shitty little Levantine country has 3 atomic-armed subs off Iran's coast, 1100 miles from its own).

      But clearly, an atomic bomb has control circuits that are vitally necessary to its correct detonation (I would look them up on the internet, but I don't have time), and these could potentially be interfered with from a distance, using, like an IED, a cellphone.

      If you have a teenage nerd son or nephew, give the problem to him, and he'll have it solved within days. (But make sure he has published the full info on the net - 'How to Fuck an Atomic Bomb', and is well away when the fellows in the dark suits arrive).

  • Remember that Herzl came up with Zionism when he heard Parisians crying 'Death to the Jews!'
    • Perhaps one of the major Israeli problems is just how small it is:
      Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - 33 miles
      Tel Aviv - Gaza - 43 miles
      Tel Aviv - Amman - 70 miles
      Tel Aviv - Beirut - 130 miles
      Narrowest part of Israel Qalqilyah to sea - 9 miles
      Do a bit of a Google Earth on your state to see what these distances mean.

      Anyone can soon see how any colonialist enterprise would feel frustrated and aggressive if it couldn't break out of this tiny enclave.

      The problem is not about thinking of colonial dominance, or physical control, but of integrating. Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and had, for a long time, until they invaded, a de facto peace treaty with Lebanon. No, repeat no, 'terrorists' have come from those countries. (Although Palestinian refugees in Southern Lebanon did their best).

      Israel has worked its mind set into dominance, and so can never 'win'. Get down to working out how you just might be able to co-exist.

      Or, believe me, someone is going to come down from the hills and push you into the sea.

  • (Gulp) Israel deploys nuclear cruise missiles near Iran
    • The world's response (ie the USA's) would be extremely weak in the event of Israel nuking Iran. Israel's got 200-400 nuclear bombs, and can treat them like hand grenades.

      The nuking could do nothing at all, simply because neither Israel or the US has any idea where Iran is really doing its nuclear work (if it is).

    • Mondoweiss hasn't been keeping his eye on the ball.

      Germany gave 2 Dolphin class submarines (for free) to Israel some time ago (reparations for the Holocaust, don't you know) . Now Israel is buying on its own (or the USA's) account, another third one.

      All will be dispatched to the Persian Gulf. (Only one is there now, having passed through the Suez Canal some months ago). They will be deployed some 1100 miles away from Israel, on its new front line against Iran. (As if Israel didn't have enough frontlines right next to itself).

  • 'NYT' opens 'inflammatory' discussion--Israel as strategic liability
    • Don't dismiss the 9mm rounds; at least 30 were found in 9 corpses autopsied so far. And these were not straight 9mm Glock bullets, but hollow-nosed rounds filled with small shot designed to cause as much damage as possible

  • My heart wanted to ask her: What will it take for Jews to say, Enough!
    • What is quite astonishing and hypocritical are the Jewish and Israeli reactions to the Flotilla Massacre (see elsewhere for proof of this) are the virulent attacks on Flotilla participants and Turkey in general, as if they were to blame for a dawn (Muslim prayer hour) attack on an unarmed ship, and 700 volunteers, already inspected for arms by Israel's supposedly closest Muslim ally.

      Here are a few articles about Jewish/Israeli counter-demonstrations, linked by Yaniv Reich of Hybrid States:
      link to

      "The Freedom Flotilla has inspired some rabid and quite insane responses from my countrypeople and co-religionists. The following videos/articles don’t need a lot of extra commentary. I just wanted to put together some examples of the true insanity one sees coming out of Israel and the Jewish community. This is, in my view, the strongest evidence possible not only of Israel’s guilt in this matter (why else such violent defensiveness?) but also of our exact historical place in the inevitable decline of the ultra-Zionist worldview that has gripped my people for the last 70 years, with seemingly increasing intensity each passing moment of our lives.

      Israelis demonstrate in favor of the IDF’s actions, chanting “Death to Arabs! Death to leftists!”
      Knesset members nearly attack Palestinian-Israeli MK Zuabi, calling for her citizenship to be stripped.
      Facebook group calling for MK Zuabi to be killed.
      The Jewish Week (an American Jewish magazine) publishes an op-ed calling for a war crime to be committed against next flotilla.
      Israel navy officer saying flotilla “result is near perfect.”
      The Zionist Organization of America calls for an investigation into Turkey’s role (yes, you read that right) in the flotilla fiasco.
      Israelis burn Turkish flag, i.e. the flag of their closest ally in the Middle East, in front of Turkish embassy.
      Rightists berate Tel Avivians (for being “indifferent”, call them “traitors”) and attack former left-wing Knesset member Uri Avnery

      Sorry, I can't transpose these links to Mondoweiss; you'll have to go to Hybrid States to click the links.
      link to

      The truly disappointing aspect of this is that a huge majority of Israelis believe the 'official line' crap (just as they did about Operation Cast Lead), and a whole load of dumb Americans will follow them.

  • An Israeli turns on the charm
    • I had a similar epiphany in Jordan. The occasion was the moment when the US commando team fucked up the Iran hostages rescue, announced on the ticker tape in the Intercontinental bar.

      I came back to my seat, and compared how well the Brit commandos had dealt with the Iranian Embassy hostage problem just a few days before. I didn't know that my table companions were all active and senior members of the PLO.

      'That was a minor problem. The biggest one you Brits made was the Balfour Declaration!'

      We consumed a lot of whisky between us, but at the end of the evening I had learned a great deal about Palestine, and I felt ashamed I hadn't known it before.

  • Updates on the MV Rachel Corrie
    • I've just watched the clip. I've never actually seen Don Imus before, but I've seen plenty of Fox self-centred, right-wing, giggling Fair and Balanced News. I've also seen Colmes before, as foil for Hannity.

      I don't know about Rupert Murdoch; but I wouldn't employ a man who cannot lift his eyes from his script, and who looks like Ramses II's mummy under a silver foil wig that would look better on a Supreme. Good luck Rupert; I hope you make some money out of this man.

    • I thought Don Imus had been sacked by some MSM channel. Has he found a new home in this cess-pit?

    • Someone, somewhere wondered why the Israelis fuss so much about a free Gaza port being so near Tel Aviv, when they've already got Tyre and Sidon just up the road, but under the protection of Hizbollah.

  • The myth of Israeli strategic genius
    • Avi; I agree with this analysis. The IDF is incompetent, brutal and stupid, and is going to get its head kicked in one day soon.

    • Now that the Israelis have had time to set the stage for the ‘legend’ of what happened aboard the Mavi Marmara, there is not much else to do but point out the sheer incompetence of their propaganda:

      1 Fake video
      - IDF video #1 Aerial view (actual) by infra-red photography
      link to
      - IDF video #2 Side view
      link to is a blatant fake
      The hijacking occurred at night but the video was clearly made in broad daylight.
      They have photoshopped in a lot of brightness and contrast trying to fake Infrared night photography. But the result isn’t even close. Genuine infrared photography has almost zero halftones. Every pixel is either black or white. The IDF video is full of halftones.

      link to

      2 – Single Israeli caused 6 of 9 (acknowledged) deaths, and may get Medal of Valor
      link to
      This was the ‘battle’ re-enacted in the IDF video mentioned above.

      3 - Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range
      Nine Turkish men on board Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times, autopsy reveals
      link to
      (it is standard IDF practice to give a ‘finishing-off’ shot or two.)

      4 – Ludicrous radio transmission, entitled "Radio Transmission from Mavi Marmara to Israeli Navy"
      link to
      I watched the transmission of the original of the full video, and no such replies were heard.
      The following is a transcript of the audio:
      ISRAELI SHIP "This is the Israeli Navy, you are approaching an area which is under a naval blockade"
      MAN'S VOICE 1 "Shut up, go back to Auschwitz."
      WOMAN'S VOICE "We have permission from the Gaza Port Authority to enter."
      MAN'S VOICE 2 "We're helping Arabs go against the US, don't forget 9/11 guy"
      On hearing the recording Adam Shapiro, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, identified the woman's voice as that of his wife Huwaida Arraf, chair of the Free Gaza Movement. However, Arraf was not aboard the Mavi Marmara. She was aboard one of the small passenger vessels in the six-boat flotilla, called Challenger 1.

  • Blinding the witnesses
    • My sincerest sympathies to Emily Henochowicz for this ghastly injury. As a talented artist, she is the last to deserve it.

      But this, like Tristan Anderson's injury, Furkan Dogan's and Rachel Corrie's deaths, will be ignored and soon forgotten by the US Government. It will mount no vigourous objections to these outrages against its citizens.

      And like the cock-ups on the Mavi Marmara and Cast Lead, it is the result of the IDF's super-militaristic and racist culture, where it doesn't exercise discipline on its own goons, and allows them too many lethal weapons for policing operations.

      Paint balls? These marine goons carried stun grenades, rubber-coated steel bullets, live ammunition, and wore armoured flak jackets and helmets.

      Still no match, according to Ha'aretz, for the hastily-armed activists, who captured three of them.
      link to

      (Haaretz quotes a revealing statement: The navy admits that it trained mostly for "a Bil'in type of opposition, but there was no feeling that this was going to be a walk in the park." He was referring to a village at the separation fence where demonstrations take place. )

      England's 'bobbies' never wore arms until recently, and if they beat up someone at a demo there was at least an enquiry. The Blair Peach incident was the last such incident I recall: (1979). After an extensive cover-up, the Metropolitan Police reports into the death of Blair Peach were made available to the public on 27 April 2010. He would have been nearly a pensioner, had he lived.

      But he wasn't killed in a shitty little Levantine country.

      Britain set a precedent in 1850 with the Don Pacifico affair
      link to

      It was called gunboat diplomacy, and it worked. But then, we didn't have our Parliament suborned by the Greeks, and we had a Prime Minister who had some courage, and actually controlled his cabinet.

      Princess Obama has no courage whatsoever, and can't run his Secretary of State, let alone the rest of them.

  • Were Israeli photos of flotilla 'weapons' faked?
    • My father had something like one of these, which he got in the Sierra Nevada in 1937. It was much larger, with a sharper point, and a hand-engraved phrase including the word 'cono' which he always refused to translate for me. I don't think it was used for peeling apples.

    • It's a bit difficult to get an idea of the layout of the Mavi Marmara, but here goes, based on my own experience of similar ferries in the Philippines:
      Narrow top deck - basically the roof. This is where the first 2 B&W IDF videos came from; one from above, and one from the side. The 'action' appears to happen in the rear of the ferry, with the white 'activists' running towards the staircase at the rear, leaving several dead behind (white, unmoving figures). At the end, the black attackers regroup amongst the corpses.

    • Clearly this is a spoof of the MFA site and not worth a mention here.

    • Shingo, your expertise is clearly a lot more than mine. I have been trying to compare these two:
      Fake videolink to


      Real Photo link to
      (or this, with live video towards the end)
      link to
      Commandos arriving unopposed in the same location, but with vastly inferior security camera real footage, as transmitted live from the Mavi Marmara. By this time it was almost full daylight, as can be seen by the colour of the sea. (Both bright, and both enhanced by the inherent sensitivity of a CCTV camera)
      The new IDF footage shows one hose being used; the later shows two left behind.

      Clearly the 'rioters' were fanatical and vicious; one of them is a Turkish girl in above-ankle pants and low shoes. She was replaced by Central Casting for later parts of the heavily-edited movie.

      All of this new IDF video is clearly meant to contaminate any evidence, but highlights the total incompetence of the IDF.

      They can't do anything right. They are still the brutal, stupid army of a shitty little Levantine country.

  • Goliath meet David
  • Compassionless, Matthews ratifies Israeli raid
    • No, I don't know Prseident Warfield's new name, (President Warfield? from which country?

      From the same blog source:
      "Pirates now operating in the Med too
      Pirates boarded and commandeered a group of ships in the Mediterranean yesterday. The vessels' crews fought back against the pirates and managed to injure some of them slightly, but the pirates were armed and killed at least 9 crew members. No word yet on whether any countries will send military forces to capture the pirates".
      link to

    • 'Hardball' indeed? American TV programmes constantly employ tough-sounding announcers with machine gun sound-bites to give a wholly false impression of incisive up-to-the-minute truth.
      It's crap; but it works; the BBC is not very much better.
      I also saw Julian Manyon of ITN in this same group of reports; but his report was a little more balanced.
      Matthews also re-exhibited the IDF films, and live TV from the boat, having re-edited and inter-cut them to give more strength to his prescribed narrative (I imagine the IDF did that for him).

      We've already had Captain R from the attacking squad (the leader, who was dropped over the side, so carefully that someone held his backpack to stop him falling) giving his story, saying 25-30 people of a 'lynch mob' attacked him, but you can count the number of people involved, from the video; 2.

      Also among the reports was that slimy little Defense Minister, Ehud Bawak, who said to the brave commandos, who fucked up royally: "You carried out the mission and prevented the flotilla from reaching Gaza," Barak said. "We need to always remember that we aren't North America or Western Europe, we live in the Middle East, in a place where there is no mercy for the weak and there aren't second chances for those who don't defend themselves. You were fighting for your lives – I saw it, and I heard it from your commanders."

      No Ehud Brog, you aren't North America or Western Europe; you're a shitty little Levantine country in the Middle East, run by pathological criminals from Eastern Europe.

  • Lessons from the UC Berkeley divestment effort
    • Extract from the article above:
      "It was hilarious because it was so utterly bogus. I know that I come from a different era. Back in the day when I was a pro-Israel activist on campus, we traded insults and threw chairs when confronted by our adversaries (some were scary Maoists!) but I don't recall weeping. We liked confrontation. We were college kids.

      Lucky they were only scary Maoists; if they'd been trained Israeli commandos, you'd be dead.

  • Mystery solved: flotilla cargo contents revealed!
    • They came from Malta, where they were docked for repairs, following suspicious mechanical problems, and are now off Libya, going nowhere very fast. Don't hold your breath.

      What will be interesting is if they are joined by a Turkish military escort, as promised.

    • Doesn’t look like anything was vandalized to me. The boxes were opened and inspected.

      I have personal experience of shipping over 100 40ft containers to the Middle East, and many times have been present when the containers were unloaded. I asssure you that I know the difference between incidental damage and deliberate, arrogant vandalisation, which is what this is. What is very striking is that Israelis openly boast about it; you can see the before and after pictures right there.

      (before)....[Lie1] the cargo was inspected and then it made its way to overland to Gaza. This year, [Lie 2] the other ships went through this, but the Mavi Marmara [Lie 3] had hotheads who decided to be macho and [Lie 4] stab Israeli soldiers, and [Lie 5] beat them with rods and they got themselves dead.

    • People donating goods to charity don't have much consideration, and usually prefer to give themselves good feelings instead of putting them in the trash. This is obvious from the photos, and may be why the Israeli officials are guffawing.

      - Take the carton of books; one comic shows a blonde, sexy girl; what are Hamas thought police to make of that? What is a child to make of a textbook in Turkish?

      - Wheelchairs - there do seem to be two wheelchairs (or at least 3 wheels). The rest seems to be modular elements of some 'high-tech' furniture, probably from the clear-out of some clinic. But in any case the Israelis have no right to reduce a palletised stack to a pile of disembodied elements., and scatter them about.

      This is sheer vicious and over-reacting behaviour by goons.

    • Notice what sheer bloody vandalism has been carried out on the cartons and palleted goods in these inspections.

      If there was any intention, at any time, to ship these goods through the 'legal' crossings from Ashdod to Gaza, then these 'inspections' have proven the lie.

  • It's up to Obama whether the siege of Gaza continues
    • While I have never liked Willie Hague (he was a fantical devotee of Margaret Thatcher before he reached puberty), I am slowly coming round on his I/P policy as Britain's Foreign Secretary:

      "There can be no better response from the international community to this tragedy than to achieve urgently a durable resolution to the Gaza crisis.
      I call on the Government of Israel to open the crossings to allow unfettered access for aid to Gaza, and address the serious concerns about the deterioration in the humanitarian and economic situation and about the effect on a generation of young Palestinians.

      His standing and power may not be as potent as Clinton's (nor is his haircut), but it is very courageous for a Brit politician to say something like this in defiance of the usual US/Israel line. Perhaps it has something to do with Britain recently dumping the 'special relationship', for which I thank God.

      Perhaps his next move might be to quietly remove the British troops from Afghanistan before their new transferral to US command in Helmand and Kandahar, and subsequent massacre.

      I would hate to see the journey of Dr William Brydon, in the First British Afghan War (1842)
      link to
      ending up too late to see the 'Saigon Moment' of the US Embassy in Kabul

    • "Had events of the last two days not disrupted their agendas, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu would today have been servicing their individual political needs with smiles and handshakes on the steps of the White House.

      I always thought servicing was what prostitutes did.

  • New Yorkers join worldwide chorus of condemnation over Israeli attack on flotilla
    • The world does not revolve around New York, and not so much the USA any more. If this is the best you can do, you'd better give up trying to organise bedraggled protests with a couple of well-fed kids holding up pre-printed slogans.

      Compare your much-hyped protest with this in Istanbul, also organized hastily through word of mouth [ie cellphones - RP] and the Internet as news of the Israeli attack came in; link to

      link to

      Israel/Turkish relations are now probably toast, but with Clinton's insult to Turkey and Brazil just last week over the deal they concluded with Iran, that's a very large chunk of the non-Arab (and non-Jewish) Middle East rapidly heading south.

      If Mubarrak of Egypt keels over before he gets his son enthroned, that will be another problem area, with a population of 82m (the three (Turkey, Iran, Egypt) together add up to 220m which is 2/3 the population of the US.)

      The US has loyal princelings and sheikhs scattered around the vast desert of Arabia, but not much else.

      Israel would do well not to anger another one of the three major countries of the area

  • Klein: 'These boats were like the messages passed between prison bars'
    • This also confirms that Israel does absolutely nothing that has not been first discussed and agreed to by the US.

      No that is quite wrong: "This also confirms that the US does absolutely nothing regarding Israel that has not been first discussed and agreed to by Israel"

      “… The Obama administration refused to endorse a statement that singled out Israel, and proposed a broader condemnation of the violence that would include the assault of [n] the Israeli commandos as they landed on the deck of the ship.”.

      You've all seen the videos. Did the infamous IDF really mount a raid by 20-30 fully-armed 'Israeli Navy Seals' on the top deck of a passenger ferry, only to be met by an angry crowd (of how many? - 20-30?) people who resisted them and pulled them off their rappelle ropes, while dumping one IDF goon over the side, a mere 9ft down to the next deck?.

      Were they so incompetent that they wore special asbestos gloves for their rappelling, to protect their tender hands, and couldn't fire as they came down, so then they had to piss about, in total untrained confusion, while they got their super-guns ready, while the 'angry mob' beat them over their helmeted heads and flak-jacketed bodies with cafeteria tables and plastic chairs?

      When they got themselves together, they shot a minimum of 9 activists dead.

      When you choose your senior military officers only from a small fraction of a fraction of Israelis (35% Ashkenazis of 75% Jews = 26% of the total tiny 7M population of Israel) doesn't leave you with very much to choose from when you are selecting military officers or leaders (and not much more when you're selecting goons).

      As more details come out about this operation, we shall see that it is yet another cock-up by the IDF, which has an altogether higher reputation than it deserves.

  • 'American Jewish Committee' says flotilla activists used 'automatic weapons' on Israelis
  • How can Obama meet Netanyahu after this?
  • Reports - 19 people killed, 30-60 injured in Israeli attack on freedom flotilla
    • I don't think I've heard such an outright odiously, pious, hypocritical piece of crap since I last met the priest who tried to rape me.

    • Israeli goons are no better, but more often a lot worse, than US goons for instance. Many, if not most, have an exaggerated sense of racial superiority that is not tied to their religious affiliation, but to their living in a tiny, paranoid, militaristic country.
      They live 750 miles away from a country that has 10 times Israel's population (mostly very basic peasants) but they constantly cite it as a threat to their very existence, because it (just) may be trying to emulate Taiwan's more developed nuclear programme.
      link to

      Sometime I look NW out of my window, to Taiwan 1100 miles away, and worry like hell that one of their loose nukes is aimed for my extinction.

      I sympathise with those Israelis who fear the same, but not with the mindless goons they have engendered.

    • 1:30 pm Med time, 6:30pm local time. Have just resumed vigil after long afternoon nap and reading above thread.

      Can anyone translate the sporadic sound fragments still being broadcast on: link to

      There are some strange messages in English, Turkish and Arabic, any of which could be made into something with a bit of knowledge of the lanuage

      This is what seems to have happened:
      - Israeli commandos abseiled to the top deck (roof) of the Mavi Marmara ferry around 6am, causing some damage and injuries, if not death. The ship's captain was injured at this time, so they presumably attacked the bridge.
      - More commandos abseiled to the stern of the boat, and appeared climbing over the side rails from a well-illuminated helicopter. These incursions can clearly be seen on the livestream.

      The attacks, and the timing, were foreseen, and it is quite possible that a few of the passengers may well have armed themselves for self-defence. If they'd had firearms, any of them could have picked off abseiling goons one by one, like plucked chickens on a string. Some may have used 2"x2" clubs (baseball bats? - how are they likely to have those? - Think through the Turkish exit procedure) and may have tried to break a few chicken's legs as they came down. Can't say I blame them. Firearms? No.

    • I am very deeply disappointed that neither the Independent nor the Guardian seems to have covered this event on their websites at all:

      link to
      link to

      The Indie's latest set of news headlines is:

      Will Laws' departure undermine coalition?
      US hopes for oil solution fall apart
      UK faces revolt in Caribbean idyll
      Police order forensic tests on suitcase found in river
      Tory donor failed vetting process for House of Lords
      Unite calls for BA talks to take place in public
      Ministers plan exemptions to rise in capital gains tax
      Heating benefits for ex-pat elderly to be cut
      Iran outflanks Israel in nuclear diplomacy
      China shields North Korea at crisis summit
      Medicines boycott hits debt relief plan
      Afghan insurgents drag Nato forces into 'green hell'
      Vatican reaches out to atheists and agnostics
      LSE chief attacks short-selling ban
      Hamilton holds off Button burst to seal victory
      Japan own goals spare England's blushes
      FA calls Capello crisis talks
      Murray out in the cold in French Open

      from which you might judge just how much better the British are informed by their media than the US is.

      Worse, on the Mavi Marmara live stream that I have been watching (now mostly supplanted by tvNet) there were several independent statements in English, but each one was overrun by a Turkish lady announcer, talking over, drowning the comment. She stopped as soon as a Turkish or Arabic reporter spoke.

      Very clearly, Arabs and Turks know what is going on, but the English-speaking world is being denied any opportunities to find out.

      Arabs and Turks are both part of the 'Moslem world' , so whose heavy hand should we suspect in this case?

    • All is over bar the shouting: Phil's streamed video is the same one I've been following, and has very little new information.

      Presumably the clumsy Israeli goons will take some hours and cause more than a few casualties, as they round up the 600 or so passengers on the Mavi Marmara and other boats, for temporary imprisonment in Ashdod. Then the Israeli tamed judiciary will have a hell of load of deportation proceedings to hear, besides the civil rights cases they already have to deal with, but they'll deal with them in the same way.

      Neither the British Guardian or Independent (normally reliable independent news sources) even mention these events on their websites.
      Clearly, there is a quiet, but very powerful, international conspiracy to silence every report.

      Perhaps Netanyahoo's first comment when he meets Princess Obama at lunchtime will be"Well, we've fucked the Gazans again!"

    • Whatever else this is, it's quite clearly an act of piracy, with an unprovoked attack on unarmed boats on the high seas.

      If ever Turkey was an ally of Israel, it certainly ain't no more. Shots of angry crowds in Ankara or Istanbul attacking Israeli locations. It takes some provocation to bring out a crowd of protestors, anywhere, before 7am local itme.

      Live broadcasts suspended in favour of tvNET ads and pop songs/videos about Gaza: WARNING some of the images are a lot more graphic and gruesome than you may have seen before.
      link to

    • 6:18AM Total confusion from live feed; panicked shouting and loudhailer messages. English message that Israeli commandos have landed on front of ship, and another hovering above. Speedboats full of commandos following boat. First use of sound grenades.

    • 5:50 AM local time, Gaza 10:50 here
      Have switched threads to latest to carry on, having slept for past 4 hours.
      Live feed from Mavi Marmara has been replaced by studio footage from Turkish TVNet, supplemented by split screen 'live' shots from the boat itself. Confusing, since Turkish not one of my strongest languages.

      Earlier, loud-hailer from ship called (in English) on Israeli Navy to help with injured passengers. Just now pink hijab interviewed IHH spokesman. Earlier footage showed at least one injured being helped off damaged upper deck.

  • The trap
    • Avi The bottom line is, let Obama sit on his hands

      The problem is that the Popsicle President has been doing this for nearly a year-and-a-half, except when he waved them around in a fairly good, and decieving , deceiving spiel in Cairo a year ago.

      I've been waiting for an American president with some kind of guts and honour for 40 years, and thought I had found one in Jimmy Carter, until he, in 197- something visited Israel and gushed about Shiloh in the West Bank as a repository for the Ark of the Covenant, and I realised he was a Sunday-School Christian of the most ignorant sort.

      Shiloh resumed its status as a Jewish town in 1978 when a group of Jews affiliated with the Gush Emunim movement returned to the location to assert revenant rights. In 1979 the Israeli government officially authorized Shiloh's status as a recognized village. At the end of 2008, the population of the village was approximately 2300 [2]. The community contains educational institutions, grocery, a Hesder yeshiva (combining military service and advanced Talmudic studies), sports fields, a pool and several synagogues, one built as a replica of the Biblical Tabernacle".

    • Rachel - quieten down. It is fairly obvious, as David Samel says, that a a two-state solution is no longer feasible.

      That ideal disappeared when Netanyahoo was first made prime minister in 1996 (I nearly wrote 'elected' but I know it doesn't happen that way in Israel) and fucked it, ably assisted by all those American dual-nationality neocons who 'helped' his election campaign.

      It was Netanyahoo, after all, who first said 9/11 was 'good for Israel'.

      Maybe that's a very large part of the reason that the US (and Britain) are still enmired in Iraq (where they have handed over, on a plate, the regional influence to Persia), and Afghanistan, where they can't decide between the Northern Alliance transit druglords, a phony-faked-vote president, or a nationalist movement by the Pathans, which straddles the border into 'Pakistan' and allows so many US video gamers in Tampa and Nevada to zap wedding parties.

    • Well I also try and read Witty straight, and that's wierdweird. Don't read any comments here straight, because you'll get your pretty little head all into a tiswas.

  • Global flotilla hits NY chocolate shop
    • Boycotting is never simple; but can work if carried out with a bit of intelligence.

      Example: Simple computer-generated A4 sheets with:

      "Brenner's Chocolates for your delectation - handmade by bonded Arab workers at our secure factories in the Occupied Territories"

      These can act as menu replacers, or, landscape style, as place mats.

      Brenner must have a whole variety of printed PR material. All that needs to be done is copy them, and replace a few relevant words.

      Find out when Rachel and her friends are queuing for Brenner's Chocolate Rush Hour, and then quietly replace the PR stuff

    • So why hasn't the brand name 'Carmel' been splashed around here, and become a dirty word?

      Do'nt buy Carmel is a lot simpler than Boycott, Divest and Sanction.


      link to

    • I've only just read Sky71's comment on Max Brenner, and would like to change a little of my previous message:

      A chocolate exporter from Israel could not make any profit unless it employs extremely cheap labour from the Occupied Territories. After all there are better chocolate brands around; Cadbury's kept its tame Bournville workers' village for almost a century before it sold out to an 'American cheese'maker.

      So keep going at Max Brenner, but replace pillowcases with facts, and well-designed protests thtat are not just a bunch of nerdy activists.

    • Sorry, I got all that confused; getting supermarket groups (however small) to stop buying Israeli goods is one very good thing. Pissing about posting pillow cases in Israeli chocolate shops in NYC is another, and shouldn't be celebrated with banner headlines on this blog.

    • But leaving a badly painted banner in a chocolate shop is pathetic; a perfect example of hit-and-run activism.

    • Such actions as these are essential, even if they seem to be very small, to bringing about the isolation of Israel from civilised nations. One by one, they will work, in spite of politicians' efforts to make sure they don't

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