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One summer in Germany, a while back, I met many returning US kibbutzim. The exuberance and energy was affecting. Influenced by that, a few months later in college I started to physically protest/jeer from the Israeli perspective. On one occasion we all headed to the Cleveland City Club to hear and jeer Chomsky. Between our interruptions (which he handled gracefully with a "noted" and went on), I heard him speak about water theft. For some reason, being as swept up in the Uris-like glow about Israel as I was, I had never heard (listened?) or asked about anything remotely disturbing about Israel. Afterward I started asking basic questions like, "If this is true, how can one people do this to another people, and we cheer it on?" and got few even marginally responsive answers. All the contradictions between Israel-reality and Israel-myth that appear here, were present even then. The veil was pierced and my perspective flipped almost immediately. It was the '70s, Kent State, and we were supposed to be FOR civil rights. FOR everybody. I felt grossly stupid and more than a little betrayed. My former physical tactics and experience mirror what goes on here an in the larger net world. I understand the desperate need (by Israel) to clamp the lid down hard (and keep it clamped) on the deeply troubling reality of everyday Palestinian life. It also suggests that just one little glimmer of reality that gets through can make a difference, one person at a time. One never knows which glimmer that might be...

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  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • Exactly lysias. I've never been a big fan of the "Samson Option" catch-all, but if it is real thing this speech would sure seem to be aimed at reinforcing and/or preparing Jewish-Israelis for that sacrifice.

      Kinda [all too] freakishly Jonestown-ish if you ask me.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • Agree amigo. Murder. Plain and simple.

      And his family outside Israel should be found and made to feel "uncomfortable" by making it known they are kin to a sick bastard who likes to shoot defenseless young women.

      Since there is no punishment for these crimes in Israel, post leaflets around their neighborhood kinda like the unofficial treatment sex offenders get. Maybe family exposure will be communicated back to these sick f'ks and will make them a little less likely to gun down kids for no reason whatsoever. There sure doesn't seem to be any other deterrent.

      Same with the gawkers.

      Zionism is racism, but Israel is a sickness. It should be exposed as such.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • Sometimes I feel like a one-handed phone typer. Oh wait...

      Trying again.

      Yeah. In order to defeat ISIS, arm everyone fighting Assad and hope they fight ISIS. Goes to that Counterpunch article where Plan B is/has always been the dismemberment of Syria.

      A living nightmare for so many.

    • Yeah. In order to defeat ISIS, arm everyone fighting AssadGoes bac

    • I really can't read stuff like that anymore. It describes a completely irrational, and self-congratulatory irrational, mindset.

      Six month posting to defeat ISIS? In what universe do you accept a post to do that and/or expect that it's even remotely possible.

    • Heh.

      “this was a more difficult endeavor than we assumed and that we need to make some changes to that program,” Mr. Earnest said. ...

      "Assumed," past tense?

      Make it "assume," present tense, and you have a perfect description of the complete circular obliviousness of Beltway group-think and policy formation.

      ▶“this was a more difficult endeavor than we assume and that we need to make some changes to that program,” Mr. Earnest said.◀

      Since no policy change appears to be forthcoming, the admission it is/was a bad assumption is blather. They still assume it and plan accordingly. That means they're completely incapable of change, despite harming Millions of people for no apparent reason.

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
    • Yeah Bandolero. I was going to add that reinforcing/underlining purpose but cut it off. You're right that it's also an important complementing dynamic. My sense though, is that the people I talk to who might be susceptible are: a) short term- going to vote that way anyway for other reasons; and, b) long term- becoming more skeptical such that this stuff reinforces in the opposite direction (i.e. it makes candidates who echo the machine-generated condescension LESS credible instead of more credible.)

      The people I talk to here (N. AL) are searching for alternatives. They know something's not right (they're being lied to) and this reinforces that perception. Maybe not enough to change votes today (they ALL lie), but enough to energize and prolong the search for political alternatives (someone who doesn't lie, at least on the big stuff).

      Maybe enough to change suspension of disbelief into outright disbelief. But maybe not. TBD.

      Great comment. Well observed, imho.

    • I talk to a lot of people who would be judged "low info voters" by the makers of this ad. NONE of them are stupid enough and/or prone to be swayed by these types of ads.

      Just the opposite, it's seen as condescending and a turn off, probably put together by Jews (wink, wink) or Jewish interests in an effort to manipulate them. That last self-awareness bit is important and has been a revelation to me. These types of ads dig the hole deeper. The more such blatant BS is condescendingly crammed down normal people's throats, the more resistance is developed. It's all so positively...alienating.

      Now that's not to say there are not truly ignorant and/or terminally cynical/bigoted voters out there who fully subscribe to this baloney, but I believe they're far fewer than the producers of these ads assume.

  • Bernie Sanders is 'radical' on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel
    • Hi just. Well said.

      I think that the time is right for a US version of Corbyn. A clear alternative.

      Right now that role is being opportunistically being filled by Sanders, despite his history of fudges and hedges. He's just the closest major party candidate to the need.

      But I can't help but wonder what a Kucinich candidacy would look like in today's political environment. I think he'd give Sanders a run as the alternative to biz as usual.

      There is a need out here, not currently being filled. An unease not being addressed.

      Maybe there's a loud and unflinching crusader for "what should be" out there with Dennis' history of consistent "people's" advocacy who will give it a go this cycle.


    • How a candidate talks and acts on this one issue is the distillation of the candidate's ability/corruptability and willingness to act on all the others.

      Only one question is necessary to ascertain and predict a given candidate's future performance in the sought after office. The question can vary but only one is necessary.

      My personal fave is, "Do you support Israel slaughtering children in Gaza every other year?" The normal, indignant, uneqivocal answer (that would be automatically given on any other issue) is so self-evident that any weasel-y deviation or avoidance becomes the predictive glimpse into the candidate's "malleability"/soul/future.

      PEP = Progressive Except Everything-I'm-Told-Not-To-Be-Progressive-On

  • J'lem mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: 'if they use violence we will hunt them'
  • Netanyahu 'declares war' on stone throwers
    • So many words. So little sense.

      Ya know, when you post canned stuff like this so obviously crafted in a vacuum, or arguing with itself, or an unprovoked strawman, or a speech delivered in front of a mirror, or whatever this was, it only reflects your inability to incorporate even the smallest drabs of upsetting/competing reality. That failure pretty much kills your point.

      If your point was that Jews who advocate for Palestinan right are destined to end up dead at the hands of their beneficiaries, give an example. I can't think of any offhand. Surely as inherently murderous as Palestinians are, there must be many examples to cite.

      Otoh, Yitzhak Rabin! Gideon Levy needs bodyguards. An Iowa Congressman was recently called a "kapo" (a death threat, if taken seriously) for supporting the Iran deal. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      First comment, eh? Carry on.

  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
    • One of the tweets cited as an example of "ugly" in that article:

      ●#IStandWithAnn because if Israel can build a wall, accept no refugees, and deport immigrants, so can the USA and Europe.●

      Seems like a completely legitimate observation to me. Though the tweep meant it to justify exclusion by using Israel as a model of exclusion, it can equally be used, without changing a word, to point out that there are no shared values.

      It's interesting that the US right and left [accurately] see the same things in Israel. I wonder what that means politically here.

  • #IStandWithAhmed: Story of Muslim-American teenager arrested for bringing clock to school goes viral (Updated)
  • 'New Yorker' says anti-Zionism is 'firmly rooted' in British left, and it's anti-Semitic
    • Mooser,

      Inside? Using the Pew poll of a few years ago, I'd say somewhere between the 69% who are strongly or somewhat attached to Israel (aka Zionists), and the 56% who are not intermarried.

      Call it 50% given that "somewhat" is pretty vague and I'm pretty sure it's possible to not be intermarried and still be aware of/disgusted by the violent oppressive reality in Palestine. Probably less than half in the under-40 age group (58% intermarriage rate in the last 15 years).

      link to

      Outside, or in-out-in? Enough to get an alternative data dump of sufficient quantity and volume to cause questioning/a generational shift.

      That's US.

      Inside Israel, the number inside (per Elliot's personal anecdotes and Dan Cohen's article on the "free-thinking" Tel Aviv bubble) probably approaches 100%.

      Globally inside? Say 75%.


    • Hmmm.

      And because a generational shift inside Jewish life is giving the left permission to embrace the Palestinian cause.

      Not because the "left" is acting on the easily observable' crystal clear morality of the issue, with or without "permission" from anybody, Jewish or otherwise?

      I think normal people ARE acting on the morality, completely independent of Jewish sentiment. The Jewish "generational shift" is a result of that action, not the cause of it. The shift comes because younger Jews who venture outside the cloister/"community" (or to MW!) get an earful or several.

  • 80% unemployment for young women, $1000 GDP per capita -- inside the UN's 'Gaza uninhabitable' report
    • Thanks Annie. You're right.

    • Yeah. I agree amigo. Halper is true friend of the Palestinian people.

      Good points.

      Using Palestine instead if "territories" confers so much identity, agency, and power, and it's such an easy rule to observe. It makes it all the more puzzling given the upside.

      But as you say, the habits may be so deeply ingrained and buried that it may be just that difficult to change one word. That in itself is remarkable, and a revelation of just how DEEPLY skewed the discussion is on this issue. A revelation to me anyway.


    • Thanks Keith.

    • Using occupied "territories" is like talking about someone in the third person while they are standing right next to you.

      Rude and dismissive.

      Halper should know better.

      I'd like to know why this phrasing is used by people who ostensibly want to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people. Seems like willful disregard for supporting Palestinian identity would tend to significantly minimize the effect of otherwise beneficial advocacy.

      Is this a symptom of the cocoon of intentional disregard for Palestinians that Jewish-Israelis and libzios operate within? Can they simply not help themselves because that disregard is so pervasive in their bubble that they don't recognize that they are doing it? Or does putting a name to the oppressed state a few meters away, PALESTINE, put them on the path to "pariah-hood" within Israel and with other "lefty" Israelis (i.e. outside the bounds of acceptable "discourse")?

      Not getting what the hangup is.

    • I believe $1000 p/c GDP is less than post-earthquake Haiti.

      And it's occupied PALESTINE, dammit! Not some f'ing "territory."

      If you can do nothing else constructive on this issue, at the VERY least don't aid the destruction of Palestinian identity by adopting Zionist terms. Should we call Palestinians "territorians?" I mean after all, they live in "territories" that no one seems to know the name of.

      Or should we fully surrender and just call them Samarians?

      Palestine is a country. It is occupied by Israel. Use the right words.

      And yeah, it iS a big deal.

  • I am Israeli
  • Iran Deal's liberation: Judaism is not Zionism
    • Forgive me John O, but sometimes I think in images and what you pointed out above made one flash.

      The image in this case is that if one connected all the dots between these swirly logic points, use of a Holocaust denier alternately as proof and a second later as an object of derision and warning, selective projection without self-examination, up-is-downism when attempting to argue facts and morality, reserving righteousness for one's self despite any evidence while castigating "others" for thinking about doing what you actually do,... etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., the uncountable lines connecting the dots would create a perfect portrait of four happy kids playing soccer on a Gaza beach last summer (just before they were turned into bloody mush by an Israeli shell or two).

      IOW, an embedded, divine warning of the wrongness of it all.

    • Duped! As a wise person recently said here...

      link to

  • Video: Israel's celebrated Labour Party 'is the mother and father of racism', says member of Knesset
    • "In my alternative universe it is PM Corbyn welcoming Israeli PM Odeh on a state visit. *sigh*"

      That may not be all that farfetched, abc. It just might not.

    • Page: 35
    • Sorry if I missed it if you expressed your choice before, but kudos for voting JL, Elliot.

      You should write an article about your dinner.

      I believe I understand the huge obstacles that would prevent that, but it would be tremendously insightful given the remarkable context of you, the narrator, being one of few Jewish-Israelis who actually did the deed (voted away from politics as usual in Israel).

      So much is written by people who say such and such "needs to" happen to change things in Israel, yet vote for Meretz or, ugh, Labor anyway. Little is written describing, if not celebrating, the positive model of the why and how, and obstacles to voting for change (or as you say, democracy) in Israel.

      Maybe it's out there. Don't know, but fronting your path might help others make your choice.

    • Well said Elliot. +100!

      Re Jamal Zahalka's courage and poise/discipline: Just another example of why the Joint List is going to help lead, if not actually lead, Israel through its transition to one state.

      You undoubtedly have more insight into this, but I get the feeling that the Joint List pols have and exhibit the kind of courage and inclusiveness that is wholly lacking in the Jewish-Israeli "left." To the extent that there is some part of the Jewish-Israeli electorate that still values that, the JL may attract more solution-oriented Jewish support, hungry for political difference, meaning, and maybe even hope.

    • [Joint List MK] Jamal Zahalka: "Shaffir had never spoken a word to me. She doesn’t even say hello. I am transparent to her."

      J Street and AIPAC are simply variations on the same ugly, violent theme?


      I hope ruminations on the demise of AIPAC and the ascendancy of J Street reflect that. J Street is not a change agent. It's a mechanism for prolonging Palestinian suffering (by diluting and deflecting calls for direct justice and/or maintaining that modest change can only happen in ways and in such time that Jewish-Israelis and other Zionists are not made uncomfortable; i.e. staunch champions of the hyper-elusive "immaculate solution"). Their political acceptance, and therefore ascendancy, is based on that one characteristic - innocuous chatter/advocacy in support of things that everyone knows are never going to happen.

      Any mark of progress should be, must be, made on the anti-/non-Zionist side of J Street.

      This article, with its Palestinian voice, points that out very clearly. Great catch. Thank you.

      Meanwhile in Jerusalem (not in any of J Street's libzio definitions of "occupation"), Palestinians are routinely being beaten: link to

  • This high holiday season, expect few words about Palestinians, and even less concern
    • Sounds like Rabbi Rosen and Tzedek Chicago are doing all the right things. Courageously so.

      I wish them all success. May they be a model for things to come inside (and outside!) the Jewish "community."

  • 'NYT' openly counts Jewish politicians, and Obama and Clinton both reach out to Netanyahu
  • Israeli politicians exploit refugees' suffering for political gain
  • Settler group publishes anti-Palestinian children's book titled 'Occupation Shmuccupation'
  • Netanyahu aims his WMD at Obama and the Democrats
    • IOW, this isn't a "small war"* situation anymore, it's the scope of a WWIII and getting bigger and spiraling out of control. MILLIONS more are going to die if it keeps up.

      * Andrew Bacevich blog: link to

    • amigo, I have to believe that the worst refugee crisis since WWII is something that would make even the psychopaths that influence and run US and Israel's governments sit up and take notice, perchance to conclude that there's a line there that even THEY won't cross.

      I HAVE to believe that or it's time to pack it in.

      I mean MILLIONS of dead and TENS of millions of displaced. All based on and enabled by the psycho notion that if constituents can't see it, there really isn't any suffering.

    • Just regularly posts comments and OpEds by Mohammed Zarif. Beyond any "Why can't we all get along?" message, he makes it a "Iran insists that we all coexist peacefully, and here's how we go about achieving that..." message.

      It won't take long before that kind of wholly constructive, yet completely absent, positivity replaces Netanyahu's and the GoI's omnipresent fear, destruction, and death message inside the Beltway.

      20 MILLION refugees and IDPs from Israel-driven policies in the MENA backstop and hasten that process.

      Even near hopelessly duped politicians cannot be immune to that level of human tragedy/suffering. Can they?

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • Great article.

      Palestine surely warrants a place on the first, refugee origins map. It's one of the largest post-WWII refugee crises. As are Viet Nam, East Timor, Cambodia, and others to be sure. Why 1991 as a starting point?

      I wonder if the cutoff date was designed to exclude Palestine. Call me cynical and/or paranoud, but media discussions of political boycotts over the last 50 years always conveniently leave Israel off the list. Was Palestine conveniently left off that map so that Israel wouldn't be include on tis particular sh-list?

      Sidenote: The US sure does seem to be involved in most of the biggest post-WWII refugee crises.

  • Video: Palestinian man's desperate moments as he is attacked by illegal Jewish colonists
  • 'Jimmy Carter's cancer is God's punishment,' says leading Israeli newspaper
  • Riham Dawabshe dies, leaving one survivor of arson attack, Ahmad, 4
  • The Mona Lisa of Gaza
    • Truth, CigarGod!

    • I confess that I kinda glossed over this article because "Mona Lisa of..." seemed too trite by half.

      But then I looked at the photo and a few minutes later realized I had been, and was still, staring at it, deciphering her meaning, plumbing the depths of her experience and existence, opening and closing mental doors, and generally feeling things I could never feel without her help.

      All because of that smile.

      The photo alone is Pulitzer material.

      Annie says the book has equal depth.

      Thank you.

  • Update: UK petition calling for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes reaches 100,000 signatures
    • John O, you have to wonder why the Jewish Leadership Council doesn't start its own petition to welcome Netanyahu as a shining examplar of democracy and peace in the Middle East and see how many signatures it gets. My guess is it wouldn't hit 5000.

      Or anyone who wants to make that point of comparison.

    • Aye, RoHa.

      It would be a victory if they only debated the screwy basis for the government's rejection the called-for debate -- that British and international law precludes arrests of [alleged] war criminals who have diplomatic immunity. British law probably does, but Hostage has been pretty clear that international law explicitly says the opposite and that "high contracting parties" to the various human rights conventions must conform domestic law to match signed international accords.

      Maybe, least case, this petition will cause a legislative body to do what legislative bodies do, debate legislation. It seems such a reasonable "ask" by 100K+ constituents.

    • Mega-YAY!!

      Thanks Annie and everyone for making this such an exciting event!

      And thanks to all the signers for making it an event to be excited about!!

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • Hi Boomer and David Samel.


      It is, however, possible to parse this into short-term and long-term "undeniabilities," level of undeniability TBD.

      The 972 article makes a great case for the short-term win for Netanyahu, but imho, this Iran deal has great potential to take Iran-as-whipping-boy off the table in the long-term. If that happens, and normalization by the P"4"+1 takes place, there can be no more* deflection away from Palestine issues by Israel, no matter who is in power there. That's a huge loss of global popular and political leverage.

      That loss of leverage also means that it is* unlikely that Israel will be able to extract future aid and diplomatic concessions with its obvious "red line then demurral" strategy. Maybe there are other big bugaboos out there that can be used in place of Iran, but since the GoI has been milking Iran for about 15+ years now, it's hard to see what the next massive inflammatory issue might be now that Iran has been "solved."

      I don't dismiss, though, the creativity of the GoI, its ability to "media-tize" anything, and the craven-ness of US pols, but post-deal it seems that a lot of the air has been let out of that political balloon.


      * Stated as an absolute for the sake of brevity. Many factors are still in play so it is not an absolute.

    • Good point, Kay24. This setback for AIPAC may just be the lightning, with the thunderclap restoring the previous political status quo to follow shortly. But it might not.

      In the latter case, it's probably not too soon to contemplate a going-forward strategy designed to make the current separation/seam durable and buildable.

      Above my pay grade, but I sure hope someone out there, at both the popular and political levels, has a follow-on plan. I sense that the window to solidify this is very short, and the opportunity may not present itself for another generation.

      (h/t to David Doppler and Bandolero)

  • BDS is here to stay: Message to a CT synagogue
    • Yeah. Sorry Mooser. Just noticed that. Thanks for correcting it.

    • Ah. Thanks, tokyobk.

    • Goid summary of BDS. Thanks for alliwing this to be posted, Mr. Gelbach.

      What was the tone, duration, and/or generalized content of the ensuing small-group discussions? Were any minds changed? Were any attempts made to change minds? Just curious.

    • From the editor's note:

      "But they said that the Jewish community must not excommunicate pro-BDS Jews because doing so will only alienate young Jews from Israel and feed the anti-Semitic perception that Jews are a “monolithic” community." - See more at: link to

      If the Jewish "community" is excommunicating pro-BDS Jews (it must be otherwise why the warning), doesn't that make the "community" an actual monolith (to the extent the purging is successful), rather than an "anti-semiticly perceived" monolith?

      Also, is Zedek in the congregations name related to Brantley Oren's new congregation, Tzedek? If so is that a sign of a growing formal realignment in the Jewish community?

  • National Public Radio annexes West Bank to Israel
    • Thanks irishmoses.

      That goes for everybody who writes about this issue. It's not "occupied territories" or some such dismissive nebulosity. It's "occupied Palestine," for reasons of both correct reporting about an actual recognized state and to, as you say so well, recognize and give dignity to a people who are slowly and insidiously being erased by their usurpers and their usurpers crony chroniclers.

  • 'For me it is about the houses': A review of Suad Amiry's 'Golda Slept Here'
  • Vicious 'NYT' article attacks Palestinian for bending rules to get out of Gaza 'to see her children'
    • What kind of sick mind even conceptualizes an article like this, let alone actually sits down and writes it without pushing back halfway through, recognizing the perversion they're creating, and hitting DELETE?

      Out of all the stories she could do, she chooses this? With this hook?

    • Yup. Make it unbearable to live in Gaza, make it impossible for them to leave, and KILL them because they stay.

      Israel in a nutshell. Sadistic beyond measure.

      Rudoren's piece sounds like some perverse nature documentary:

      "See what the monkey does to avoid getting electrically shocked. It's amazing how they can jump so high and for so long with this stimulus. Future study is required to determine how long they can continue this behavior."

  • 'Turning point' -- Obama defeats Netanyahu and 'destroyers of hope' on Iran Deal!
    • "Think of it as an ethnic ATM."

      Interesting point, and not far-fetched at all. If Israel becomes a partisan issue (it has, duration being the question) then pols of both parties have mechanisms to extract pro-Israel money without the need for reciprocity.

      Rs with an implicit or explicit, "Where else ya gonna go?", and Ds with a, "You don't want 4-year gaps in the special relationship/UNSC veto. DO YOU?" tack.

      I can almost picture Harry looking over at Mitch and an almost imperceptible, Mona Lisa, smile forms on both their faces acknowledging that, "It's time."

      That is if these pols are even the least bit tired of being AIPAC/Israel dancing marionettes. They might not be.

  • Duma murders fail to penetrate the Tel Aviv bubble
    • Somebody commented here a while ago that Israel is the most totalitarian state in history. Probably so.

      There's no state coercion involved to get total popular buy-in for these racist, murderous policies. No secret police running around arresting Jewish-Israelis in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Everybody just.... believes.

      Pristine, voluntary, malevolent group-think, with nukes.

    • italian ex-pat, they don't have to be lefties to be shocked. That was part of my point. That broad-spectrum shock exists and can be exploited. But as you point out, few in Israeli politics are going to to do that. The ONLY ones who MIGHT do it are on the left. Hence the opportunity for the left to doggedly regain some relevance outside their bubble and do good in the process.

      The other part of my point was that no Israeli faction is going to make a big deal of the Duma murders by Jewish terrorists. That includes the "left." They consciously declined to pursue justice in Duma, even despite its acceptance as a "justice-worthy" event among Jewish-Israelis, and therefore consciously opted for irrelevance.

      The Israeli center-right is psychopathic/genocidal and the center-left has made worthlessness (and as this article implies, self-congratulatory, back-slapping, "What, me worry?", worthlessness at that) a political goal.

      The rest of my comment was just circuitous whining about wasting any time or energy trying to take the Jewish-Israeli "left" seriously (in the assumption that there is some vestigial thing remaining that might yet be rekindled and taken seriously under the right circumstances sometime in the future). The same applies for their libzio shadow supporters outside Israel. They will never, ever play to win. They will play only to say they played.

    • The Israeli "left" has rendered itself completely irrelevant. I guess that's why "bubble" is such an apt description.

      But here's a perfect opportunity to reverse some of that slide. The Duma murders had even this psychopathic Israeli government rocked back to the point of calling it terrorism and vowing to find the perps (i.e. they didn't dismiss it out of hand) in response to real global disgust. There's real pressure to be tapped in that disgust and real credibility to be recouped by doing so. Even within Israel.

      The Israeli bubble-left could reassert itself, or at least take a step back from its vanishing point, by harnessing some of that donestic and international disgust by relentlessly pursuing justice for the Dawabshes. By making a campaign out of it, and most importantly, shedding their impotence by seeing it through to its realization.

      It won't.

      Since no action by the bubble-left is a given, it would be interesting to get a glimpse into "why" none is forthcoming. Why does the Israeli left (and its counterparts internationally) WANT to be impotent? What kind of person and/or movement makes impotence its GOAL?

      Not that any of this matters in the least, the outcome is known here. But some future lefties starting down this path toward impotence without knowing it is the path to impotence might actually choose a more effectual path if someone told them beforehand that impotence was invariably where the path of least resistance ends. The rest can be identified as handwringing, time/energy-wasters and ignored accordingly.

  • Meet the teenage girls behind the viral photo from Nabi Saleh
  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
  • Jewish community is Humpty Dumpty-- it won't come back together again, and shouldn't
    • Brilliant, pab!

      "It appears that their [followers of "Israel's leader-of-the-moment"] support for the USA has another meaning because they sure aren’t supporting whatever the USA’s president-of-the-moment calls for."

  • Calling Herzog and liberal Zionism ‘racist,’ Gideon Levy instigates a reckoning
    • Good article. It's wonderful you point to Levy's courageous take and directness as a model for things to come.

      But this graf takes away from that, the universality of Levy's message:

      "The Jewish community in the U.S. lags behind; we don’t have a prominent journalist who’s allowed to say what Gideon Levy is saying in these pieces. Max Blumenthal would say it if only the NYT would hand him the microphone. And certainly, debating the leader of a major U.S. political party about taxpayer funding for a apartheid client state’s army is off limits."

      Maybe the phrasing above is just awkward, but "We"? There are plenty of non-Jewish people who would and do say the exact same thing. Alison Weir for one. Abunimah and Munayyer are others.

      Sorry, but I have to ask, if Levy wasn't Jewish (or of Zionist heritage) would his crystal-clear and spot-on moral/political opinion matter less? Even to Jews?

    • You're all good, Bornajoo. Imho.

  • 'A better relationship with Iran' is the deal's secret promise, but supporters can't say so
    • Hey Kay. I just wanted to say thanks for posting that Haaretz link on NGO funding of Jewish terrorism.

      Very important piece of the legal puzzle that may enable Palestinians to sue in US courts for damages due to Jewish terrorism in the WB. Just a piece, but a big piece, imho.

    • Again, gas prices are DOWN 50 cents a gallon since the Iran deal was hammered out.

      How does that NOT make ALL other political calculations on this irrelevant? Every single driving voter in the US is currently saving USD100 a week because of this deal.

      Just one short primetime speech, Mr. President and this "debate" is over. Just ONE.

      One link of MANY:
      link to


      This is Obama's massive failing as a politician and a President. He shows the guts to go after and GET potentially profoundly game-changing political works done and then, instead of making the beneficial big picture case directly to the voter/beneficiaries, fiddles around with recedingly minor policial considerations to get it finalized.

      In this case (the ACA being the other case) he now seems to be trying to preserve Jewish campaign support for Dems by not slam-dunking this with popular appeals.

      Tough to read this exceedingly narrow political debate any other way.

    • Great comment, Bandolero.

  • Nadler says his vote against Iraq war caused some to question his 'commitment to Israel'
  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • From the other direction, abc, the "fact" that the GoI hasn't caught anyone must be "proof" that Jews didn't do it.

      It's pretty elegant in a sick, twisted sort of way.

    • I heard Michael Oren said the "victims" might not even be dead.


  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • @Keith- To riff on your comment, "jhitchcock-ism" is starting to suggest, to me, that this is an Overton Window situation.

      link to

      The Israel Lobby/media structure is so powerful and so entrenched, and has standardized the "discourse" so completely in its favor that to move the Overton Window back to some normal, debatable frame of reference is going to require some harsh and/or angry words to reset the limits of debate. It's critical to move the OW on this back to a place where overly harsh words/true anti-Jewish behavior can be called out without argument and therefore without diminishing the effort for Palestinian rights one little bit.

      I suspect that finding a new and constructive center of debate for this issue is going to make most Jews very uncomfortable, but you can't move an OW by accepting one of it's bounding conditions as a limit. I wonder if even flaming anti-Zionist Jews (or frankly anyone who sees this as a potential Pandora's Box, e.g. me) would be willing to handle that discomfort. I don't know. I DO know that unless some constructive harshness in calling out this influence becomes acceptable, and the OW gets moved back, the Palestinians are exceedingly unlikely to get any justice.

      As it stands right now, without any disagreement whatsoever on condemning real anti-Jewish behavior, these efforts to turn over rocks looking for minute traces of what might or might not turn out to be some form of latent bigotry sometime in the future, and using that minutiae to chop up into little bits an important movement trying to stop people from being actually killed, is atrociously harmful. Harmful, as in murderous/deadly. But it seems to be acceptable behavior. Noble behavior, even (i.e. jhitchcock-ism).

      FWIW. Just ruminating.

    • Thanks, Pixel. The "It's not Apartheid because this is Israel [you idiot]!" argument, redux.

      The willful (it has to be willful, doesn't it?) inability of the Debbie Hall types to see a few meters over the wall never ceases to astound. She should check her privilege and go live in Duma for a week/day/hour/...microsecond.

    • Thanks for bringing this up, Danaa. I think Palestinian movement leadership's reliance on Jewish LibZio financial support is a another "elephant" in this discussion.

      An important factor, not often (if ever) acknowledged or discussed.

      I was going to take a stab at it, but I would have hashed it up. I'm glad you worked your magic on it.

      And what Bornajoo and just said!

      Open question: Is there a way around, or out of this funding pressure?

    • Great comment, PTJ. The rage is feared not understood. With no attempt to understand - either cause or constructive implications/prognosis.

      It really fits the definition of MLK's "white moderate." Thinking suspended between one and two dimensions.

      Imho, of course.

    • Excellent!

      As Kathleen said upthread: It's happening!

    • @jhitchcock- You never did answer my question about why one form of bigotry (Zionism) is acceptable to associate with and all the rest are not. That failure means you directly support bigotry against the very people you say you're trying to help, however tangentially (Palestinians).

      With that degree of inconsistency in your thinking, why you think people should/would/could take your accusations and observations seriously remains a mystery.

      Heal yourself, then get back with us.

  • Aftermath of Iran Deal: a divided lobby, but Biden's camp says he has 'Jews'
    • If Biden wanted an election strategy it seems to me he would be happy-dancing to anyone within eye/earshot about the fact that gasoline prices have come down 30-50 cents per gallon since the Iran deal was hammered out.

      This whole discussion is so bizarrely narrow. There's just ZERO thought being given to pitching to even the glaringly obvious collective interests of hundreds of millions of US citizens. I mean a politician passing up the change to crow about an extremely positive "pocketbook" issue that happened on their watch AND within current/recent political memory? Since when?

  • 'NYT' gives new life to old propaganda -- Terror Tunnels from Gaza
    • Thanks for keeping up the pressure, James North. So necessary.

      Nitpick: When writing about these deliberate falsehoods, could you all please use the affirmative, independent refutation instead of the dependent, restatement of the allegation?

      Where this, ...there’s no evidence that fighters used the tunnels to attack civilians." becomes this, "All evidence shows the tunnels were only used to attack military targets."

      Thanks again. Great work!

  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state
    • Thanks, Bumblebye. I would have gotten it, but thanks.

      Yep, Burston sounded pretty tentative. He got pummeled by the two other Jewish-Israeli guests (no Palestinians as usual). It's like he's so new to being on "this" side of the issue that he didn't recognize such stock diversionary arguments in order to respond quickly and effectively.*

      He's got a long road and a steep learning curve ahead of him if he's NOT going to be reversed. It was interesting though that he volunteered the odd but relevant specific of the intentional wall height to rebut his debatees contentions that "if you can't see it, it doesn't count toward Apartheid" weirdness.

      He seemed to be trying. Durability TBD.

      Thanks again.

      * For people who haven't listened yet, it was the standard "...but ISRAEL isn't...", while completely ignoring, despite Burston pointing it out at least three times, what goes on in the WB under full Israeli auspices and popular approval.

    • yonah, who created, enforces, and shows no sign of ending the Apartheid "on the West Bank"?

    • Thanks Bumblebye. Perhaps it's too early to ask significance questions.

      Is there a link?

    • Burston may or may not be a fraud, Krauss (Are opportunists frauds? Yeah OK, fraud it is.), but historical paths/changes are liberally peppered with non-conditional serendipity.

      Actual events led to Burston's epiphany. It happened. The question to me is now one of significance.

      To be specific, if dated, one if the looney Ziocane addicts at dKos, volleyboy (a, if not THE, person who got MW banned there as a cite-able source on this issue) used Burston as his definitive moral libzio guide on all things I/P. Where does all that fervency go now?

      If "right," no change, but if "left" Burston's shift may have some effect on libzio moral certitude and/or strident fence-straddling. Maybe another hole in the levee, but maybe only a basis for more creative rationalizations. It's hard to tell which, for me anyway.

    • Great question, Bornajoo.

      Not to put words in your mouth, but is your own sense of this development that the highly-resistant strain of thought that the yonah and jon s's represent can change, or IS actually changing, to embrace this epiphany?

      Seems like SOMETHING is actually changing. I just wonder if it's a significant (as in milestone, but probably not tipping point) something. I have zero sense of that.

    • "Much worse than Apartheid" = Hafrada.

      link to

      Hostage has said that Apartheid is listed by name as a specific crime against humanity complete with conditions of proof. Maybe it's time to add Hafrada to that list.

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • This isn't just a Jewish discussion in a vacuum.

      It's a Jewish discussion with non-Jews taking it all in, starting to talk and, not wanting to send their kids, neighbors' kids, grandkids, or any other relations or acquaintances off to neverending war,* deciding if they can/will ever trust a Jewish power/influence structure (and those who so obviously and unquestioningly service it) that so clearly does not share that interest in/desire for a common better future.

      Yeah this Iran deal discussion is a pristene public display of divergent/dual-loyalty by the establishment Jewish community and those who claim to speak for all Jews. But more viscerally, to the extent one believes that Jews are the "deciders" on this opportunity for a better future for so many non-Jews, it screams US v. THEM.

      The neon rainbow aura of Jewish courage and common cause that was so hard-won in the 60s (and unrepeatable), carefully nurtured and/or sustained since, and which was/is arguably (but correctly and justifiably, imho) a principal currency of Jewish acceptance and political ascendancy in the US, is now being cashed in at a breathtaking rate -- all for Israel.

      What a price to pay to support and perpetuate such an overtly racist mistake.

      Oh well.

      * And a raft of other quality of life and present/future economic well-being issues completely eviscerated by the $Ts required to perpetuate a half dozen "little wars" at any given time.

  • Danny Danon 'would only make Israel look more extreme' -- former Israeli ambassador
    • So two Israeli extremists* walk into the UN. One turns to the other and says, "You make Israel look bad." The other one says...

      What a joke. What's the punchline? Maybe the joke is the punchline.

      *Is that redundant or what?

  • Saban says Iran Deal is a done deal, as Netanyahu and Bush play for 2016
    • It's f'g amazing, innit talknic?

    • OT, but when an article cites "$364,876" as an [assumedly egregious] example of how much money and influence is in play in national politics, I think it understates it by perhaps an order of magnitude. Maybe much more.

      When I was playing the game I had the occasion to attend a dinner for Sen. Shelby that raised in excess of $500K, in one evening, in one small city. That was for his leadership PAC (they buy their committee assignments, particularly approps). If it's possible to reasearch them, maybe leadership PAC donations would be a better illustration of the degree of money-influence interplay at the individual politician level and how that affects committee priorities and politics.

  • Someone Else’s Normal: The Dawabshe tragedy and picturing Palestine
    • Israel – a country where there is a longstanding and systematic campaign to divert water resources from Palestinian agricultural enterprises, ...Ten days later, I received a reply insisting that all Israeli products are traceable to within pre-1967 borders. ...

      Complete non-sequitur. Water is the most fungible of things. Palestinian water is used to grow all Israeli produce. It would be interesting to see a "trace" put on the water used to grow carrots in '67 Israel.

      Great article. Thanks for pointing out the ongoing contrasts.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg's melodramatic apology for Chuck Schumer
    • Can anyone think of another time the future leader of a party sided with the other party against a President of his own party (and still expected to become the leader)?

      I can't, at least in my political lifetime.

      Schumer should be toast.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • Welcome, Naren. Well said!

      And brilliant response, just!

      It won’t help her if we keep it to ourselves. We can all be the wind beneath her wings /behind her back. I don’t fear their power of defamation politics. We have plenty of power, too~ the truth is powerful, and standing in solidarity with Palestinians for their freedom and rights is the most important thing of all. She’s one wonderful pioneer, and I am proud to remain in sincere support of her fine work. - See more at: link to

      The Solution.

    • Yes, bintbiba, Bornajoo, and tree. Yes!

      Ditto on the "Today in Palestine" comment(er) effect.

      I would add that the articles about Palestinians and Palestinian efforts to pull themselves out of the crap that Israel continually heaps on them - they're (your, bintbiba) efforts to simply live ordinary, self-fulfilling lives in spite of Israeli/Zionist efforts to destroy those futures - are uplifting and get many more comments.

      Mohammed Assaf, Gaza Writes Back, Rafeef Ziadah, Palfest, Emad Burnat, Alaa Radwan (@AlaaRadwan7; "Simplicity is what I'm looking for."; link to, etc. are all remarkable examples of that resilience and uplift. All are real-life embodiments and effectors of Theodore Parker's/MLK's "moral arc."*

      Annie does a great job of presenting that incomprehensively (to me anyway) positive Palestinian life force here. It balances the helplessness one gets while reading Kate's litanies of oppression.

      Peace. Justice. Life!

      * Oh heck, while I'm at it... Theodore Parker:

      "I do not pretend to understand the moral universe; the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice."[59] ()

      And maybe to bring it ever so slightly back on topic, Alison Weir is one of the "arc benders" as well.

    • Excellent Rusty! Well said. Tied it all together with context.

    • Excellent interview, Henry. Care to speculate why no one showed up to debate you? Backlash hurting, or so obviously right there was no point in further discussion?

      Is that show available on iTunes? The Kurdish discussion was interesting too.

      OT, but I hadn't heard anything before about the "moderate" factions refusing to drop "Arab" from "Arab Republic of Syria" in recognition of Syria's Kurds and its overall diversity. It's a little thing but one that resonates with all the dark motivations and outcomes wrapped up in the "Jewish State" insistence. Good radio show. Great ground-level insight.

    • Definitely, but I tend to look at the responses up to now, including the justifications for ostracizing AW, as prey behavior.

      I think there's some predation-mitigating effect in not acting like a gnu but it's not clear what or how much.

    • @Citizen- Yep. There was a poll done last year (pre Gaza Slaughter 2014) by Shibley Telhami/Brookings, authored by the PIPA/WPO/U Maryland folks, that showed 1/3 of Americans PREFER one state with equal rights right now as we speak:

      Here’s the main finding:

      Two states, One State, Annexation, Status Quo

      The percentage of Americans who want the US government to push for a two-state solution remains constant at 39% from last year; but the percentage of those who
      want the US to push for one state with equal citizenship has increased from 24% to 34%.

      Among those who support two states, two-thirds would support one state if two states are not possible.

      If a two-state solution is not possible, 71% of Americans (84% of Democrats, 60% of Republicans) favor a single democratic state with Arabs and Jews as equal over a
      one in which Israel’s Jewish majority is sustained and Palestinians will not have equal citizenship.

      link to

      And if (since) the two-state outcome goes (went) away, one-state becomes the overwhelmiing majority view.

      I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Jews would NOT call support for one state/equal rights a "position friendly to Jews." Sounds more like a sign of patience being lost.

      So Weir's position has a ready made audience of very reasonable people and comes nearly pre-sold. They're not raving white supremacists or other crackpots. They are just people that have to be reached. It doesn't sound like the 71% (note 60% of Republicans) are the kind of people JVP/ETO are comfortable reaching out to. Weir IS comfortable advocating in those venues.

      Taking that one step further, as the hasbrats here have made perfectly clear, advocating for one state is advocating for the "destruction" of Israel and therefore antisemitic. Is JVP/ETO willing to ride out that accusatory firestorm in order to channel/cascade/whip the existing beliefs of the vast majority of voters into a political force for what the majority of Jews would consider a bad outcome? Or would they simply acquiesce and "decide" under [laughably?] self-inflicted duress that one-stater's (potentially 71%+ of US voters) are anti-Jewish untouchables?

      As it stands right now, I'd have to go with the latter. Totally reactive. Reacting is not advocating, imho.


      Sorry to attach a rant to your comment, Citizen. Outside of personal distaste and opinion, none of these explsnations of the accusations against Weir make any sense to me. Your pullquote seemed to probe the chaos a bit. I just kinda let go.

    • Heh. Congrats on the death threat! I got one from something I wrote on this at dKos a few years ago (by email, which kinda set me back a bit), and then on twitter a few months ago.

      It's a wonder those clowns can type something out what with their keyboards all drenched in saliva n stuff. :)

      Do be careful though. :|

    • Hi W.Jones. I apologise for the way my "merry-go-round" comment came out. My incredulity was not aimed at you.

      Just the opposite. Your comments in this thread have been great. Kinda a warm, friendly, jump-in-your-lap-and-lick-your-face, pit bull nature (my neighbor has one like that), but pit bull nonetheless.

      Thanks. I learned a lot, from you and everyone.

    • Thanks to MW for hosting this discussion.

      Mega-thanks to Annie (and others if applicable) for moderating it.

    • @jhitchcock-

      But who is honestly more important to the future long-term success of the BDS movement and the cause of Palestinian rights at this point? JVP or Weir?

      If that's your Hobson's choice, Weir, without question. Demonstrated inclusiveness and expansion wins over demonstrated exclusiveness and contraction every time.

      And Weir has the larger audience pool.

    • Hi Pam. Is your attack issue oriented? Can any of us help you with pushback? Not that you'd want any from me, but there are a lot if strong voices here that may be able to give support.

    • Well said, pianoteacher!

      They accusations will continue to fly as long as they work. If I was on their side, I'd be sitting back laughing at how easy it is to make people squirm and/or to what lengths I can (not could) make the go to by spending all of 30 seconds on a keyboard.

    • Jeez, WJ, don't know if you were a dKos regular but a couple of years ago MW was "Mondofront" (ref to Stormfront) there. Maybe still is. Citing this blog was verboten. Maybe still is too.

      That's the state of Democratic Party orthodoxy.

      So here is a staunch anti-anti-semite posting on a blog that Dem orthodoxy (via the usual suspects and methods) has proclaimed to be anti-semitic and off limits.

      Quite a merry-go-round.

    • Oh and it was good of you to post responses. Thanks.

    • IDK, Ms. Hitchcock, if, as you admit "Zionism is a racist ... project," how can you partner with racists, liberal or otherwise, strategically or otherwise?

      This is EXACTLY what you all are accusing AW of doing such that it is worthy of ostracism. This is what a lot of us can't get past in all this. It's just incoherent. Hence all the speculation trying to fill in the gaps to make it coherent.

      None of these JVP/ETO accusations hold water (or can be taken seriously) from a movement PoV if that gaping hole in your perceptions/analysis is not addressed, FIRST. They just can't.

      Personally, I believe some Zionists can be worked with as an eye to the future and as a necessary if distasteful fact of movement life. I also believe that works both ways. You (and the people you are trying to speak for) seem to believe that some forms of racism are OK. Please clarify.

      So again, barring some form of clarification, the rest of your points cannot be discussed with any hope of understanding and/or resolution.


      PS. This maybe harsh, but I have to say a lot of this sounds so reminiscent of '70s, coffee house, splitter pique, than of anything that is going to generate the political power necessary to prevent Palestinians from being endlessly killed. Didn't understand the misdirection then, and I don't now.

      PS2. You will NEVER be able to counter accusations of anti-semitism. That beast is never satisfied. You simply cannot solve that problem with highly questionable sacrifices of parts of the movement. Your adversaries will just keep accusing, and you will respond by chopping off the next "offending" appendage. I cannot believe you all don't recognize that pattern by now. Ask Abunimah.

      If zero accusations is your principle concern and/or prelude to getting anything done on the main issue (justice for Palestinians), it's probably time to find another issue to work on.

    • Great comment, HarryLaw. Thanks!

    • Well said, bintbiba.

    • Weir hasn't done anything her accusers haven't done.

      JVP types appear on Zionist media all the time to get their message out, without challenging the base legitimacy of Zionism (ergo, embracing racism and racists). Blumenthal was accused of being an anti-semitic inspiration for the KC JCC shooter because some of his work was cited and secondary sourced by that murderer. Should they be thrown out of the movement? I think not. Same with Weir.

      But then heck, in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, Zionism may be an acceptable form of racism and/or bigotry.

      Something about sin and casting stones.

      The bigger question in this is why should/would anyone support a movement that continually hamstrings itself. A movement that refuses to do EVERYTHING politically possible to end the ongoing oppression and routine slaughter of Palestinians.

      Oh well.

  • President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship
    • Tying the alienation of Allison Weir to "broadening the discussion," how can her varied and potentially expansive audience be shunned and the discussion be simultaneously broadened?

  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
    • Interesting that Ma'ariv called this prospective action a boycott. Sanctions would be more accurate, but the "over the edge"/"Move over South Africa" implications of them using that term must be too much to admit and/or bear.

      Or maybe it's just the translation.

  • The enemies list
  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
  • Schumer defection raises fears about firewall on Jewish support for Iran Deal
    • Yeah, Annie. I hadn't seen your article when I wrote this. Thanks to you and Phil for writing it up. Spot on!

      Wrt "shocking," it's amazing to me that a group that is so sensitive to, and in fact relies upon, the dual-loyalty claim to be false in order to wield power, is seemingly going out of its way to publicly prove it true.

      Hypothetically, at the moment.

      "i don’t underestimate the power of the lobby."

      Words to live by, but should this bloc vote/shift come to be, the realization that so many Jews in positions of power can be "Goldstoned" into adopting a common opinion supporting the demonstrably lunatic and deadly ravings of Netanyahu & Co., takes not "underestimating the power of the lobby" to an entirely new level, imo.

      I guess until now I had thought (or wanted to think) that Judge Goldstone was uniquely susceptible to that kind of pressure. That may shortly prove to have been an extremely naîve belief.

      The other implication of Phil's speculation in this article is the question of whether to go on the offensive in pointing this out or wait around to react (to the next political loss on an issue of war and peace) and complain.

    • Agree Boomer. Either way, a part of the necessary mix.

    • Really. BAD. Shit.

      If the prospective situation described in the article comes to pass - a bloc movement against the deal by Jews following Schumer's lead - it will make it look like it's becoming Jews against the rest of us (the unbought) in domestic US politics on questions of war and peace and who's kids get sent off to kill and die in endless and unnecessary war for Israel.

      How can Schumer even remotely have the power/effect hypothesized in the article? Is the metaphysical hold of Israel and tribe SO utterly compelling that such an 11th hour, high profile, bloc move could happen? If it does it would abandon all pretense of Jews in power being anything other than subservient to Israel. It would be a public declaration that they are subservient AS A GROUP.

      I find it shocking in the extreme that "fence-sitting" Jews would follow Schumer's tribal lead on this. I find it shocking in the extreme that it is even a possibility.

      Really. Bad. Shit.

      God, I hope these "fence-sitters" vote their own minds, and it varies, Yea or Nay.


      "just" just posted an article lamenting the fact that Tablet went overboard, calling Obama anti-semitic because he mildly alluded to the very real reflexive Jewish political group-think and money flow on Israel (and against the Iran deal). The Tablet OpEd was kinda sad really because it called documented public reality, anti-semitic. How is one supposed to react to such a desperate, power-clingy, fantasy accusation? Yawn is my guess.

      link to

      link to

      But now this:

      Chuck Schumer’s decision to oppose the Iran Deal is causing some fear among deal supporters that he has broken down the Democratic Party firewall of support for the deal by giving American Jews who are fencesitters an excuse to come out against it.

      If Obama's vague and heavily-couched remarks were antisemitic, how does one describe this phenomenon in a PC way? I don't think it's possible, particularly when debating a life and death issue.

      If these Jewish lawmakers follow Schumer's lead as a "Jewish thing" and as a bloc, that reality WILL be described as such. Fun times ahead for Tablet as they screech in a vacuum.

      As an aside and as a non-Jew, sometimes it's hard to tell if PW is writing something outrageous to spur a Jewish reaction, or matter-of-factly describing something that is normal intra-Jewish banter but which objectifies the rest of us. This is one of those times.

  • Iran Deal Latest: AIPAC lies and, in a first, Schumer runs from the cameras
  • In victory for activists, drone manufacturers linked to Gaza war cross-examined in Scottish courts
    • Aye, just. But I don't think we have anything similar to the UK legality (law?) where the executives would have to admit in open court that they were manufacturing munitions/breaking munitions export laws, in order to evict trespassers.

      Here I think it's just "Get off my property, or else."

    • This is fascinating stuff:

      ...It is widely believed that this was due to external pressure to avoid the arms companies being called upon to speak to the nature and legalities of their business.

      According to their own trade regulations, the UK is not allowed to sell arms to countries that violate international law. Concerning arms sales, criterion six of the Consolidated EU and National Export Licensing Criteria compels the British government to take into account the buyer’s respect for international law. ...

      If we have similar laws in the US, I hope they are used as much as they can be used. Probably not, but it's a nice thought.

      Thanks so much for your efforts and for explaining your legal leverage/strategy. Brilliant.

  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • This struck me:

      Washington Post ... Catherine Ho and Karoun Demirjian report: ...

      Maybe my memory is going, and not that I read everything, but it's been a long time since I've seen a news story (not OpEd) about Israel in a major news publication written without a Jewish byline.

      Rare and welcome.

  • Sanders risks losing left over unprogressive views of Palestine -- Washington Post
    • IDK, Citizen. To me it's a broader indication an ability, or lack thereof, to tell the truth. Kinda soured on suspending my disbelief with Obama. Well actually WJC, but Obama with all his hopey-changey, limp-leg, ultimately center-right baloney hardened the perception into belief.

      The same would be true if Sanders was a declared "no more UN veto" Palestine supporter, but said the banks were doing a generally good job, they just needed some regulatory tweeks. What would one believe?

      It's just gappy to me. Disconnected. Not worth a vote, imo, because one can never tell where the next policy fissure will appear.

    • People who live in zero-sum BS bubbles shouldn't fling poo.

      With all your Marie Antoinette attitude, if you were on fire, Grover... (google it). Don't you see the danger in your behavior?

      If I have to spell it out: nobody cares about you. :)

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