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One summer in Germany, a while back, I met many returning US kibbutzim. The exuberance and energy was affecting. Influenced by that, a few months later in college I started to physically protest/jeer from the Israeli perspective. On one occasion we all headed to the Cleveland City Club to hear and jeer Chomsky. Between our interruptions (which he handled gracefully with a "noted" and went on), I heard him speak about water theft. For some reason, being as swept up in the Uris-like glow about Israel as I was, I had never heard (listened?) or asked about anything remotely disturbing about Israel. Afterward I started asking basic questions like, "If this is true, how can one people do this to another people, and we cheer it on?" and got few even marginally responsive answers. All the contradictions between Israel-reality and Israel-myth that appear here, were present even then. The veil was pierced and my perspective flipped almost immediately. It was the '70s, Kent State, and we were supposed to be FOR civil rights. FOR everybody. I felt grossly stupid and more than a little betrayed. My former physical tactics and experience mirror what goes on here an in the larger net world. I understand the desperate need (by Israel) to clamp the lid down hard (and keep it clamped) on the deeply troubling reality of everyday Palestinian life. It also suggests that just one little glimmer of reality that gets through can make a difference, one person at a time. One never knows which glimmer that might be...

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  • An exciting night at the opera: 'Klinghoffer' opening dominated by protest and heavy police presence
    • Just happened to catch the PBS "report" on the manufacture of a controversy. Pure, biased, ADL trash.

      Not once did the "report" stop to ask whether these Palestinians had their whole families killed by Israel in '48 or '67, thereby missing the entire point of the opera, imho. You know, complex chains of events and human reactions to them.

      They completely (and intentionally, imho, as nobody in that position is THAT stupid or ignorant) missed an opportunity to shed light on the subject.

      link to


      And the yellow stars with "Never Again" on them were outrageous, in the the only Jews matter sense. But then it's hardly surprising as that was the sole theme of Foxman's outrage and the PBS report.

  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • @Abierno- Maybe my perception is wrong, but in Syria, Syrian nationals can flee but the Palestinian refugees there are trapped (and used as human shields by the rebels that we/US supply with weapons).

      The common thread is that Palestinians are unique in this "fence them in and kill them [because nobody cares]" method that Mr. Cohen describes so horrifically in the article.

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
  • The face of Gaza
    • Thanks Tamara.

      There's a Palestinian kid that works in my doctor's office. When I found out he was Palestinian and from Gaza I asked, after some chit-chat establishing that I was not trying to corner and accuse, whether he came to this country to remember or to forget.

      He said "forget" and I didn't argue. Thanks for supplying the word for why I didn't argue.

      This summer his father, a former administrator at one of the Gaza universities, lost his best friend in the Rafah slaughter. As he said this you could see the steely conflict of his soul in his eyes. I still didn't press the question, but what anguish it must involve to be Palestinian, even if you do come here for the “mirtaah.”

      Just a minor anecdote, replayed a million times over for generations.

      I hope your efforts, all our efforts, large and small, make some difference. I can't bear the trapped look in this kid's eyes.

  • Netanyahu at the United Nations: Hamas, Iran, ISIS and 100 cheering Israelis
  • Can the US Congress bring justice for the Palestinians?: A response to Robert Naiman
    • Wow. Great article by Weir, Nevada Ned.

      Christian Zionism is all so contrived AND eroding. The "Moral Arc of the Universe..." and all that.

      You have to believe that only maybe 10% of [potential?] CUFI-types are hard core, Israeli-style, "lawn-mowing" racists. The rest probably do have the smidge of morality that enables them to evaluate the situation based on actual facts and make a moral judgement that Palestinians are oppressed -- and act accordingly and of their own minds.

      House of cards. Has support for Israel peaked? The examples of changing (from just one visit to Israel) evangelistic perspectives coming out of Wheaton College, ORU, and Bethel are profoundly hopeful.

      Thanks. Tweeted.

  • No Surprise Dep't: David Brooks's son is in Israeli army
    • Exactly. How running away to join a foreign military while your own country is at war and your fellow citizens are fighting and dieing in your place is considered anything other than a repulsive character void is beyond me. But to Brooks it seems to be a virtue.

      I just watched the new episode of The Good Wife the other night. One of the main characters' kid did exactly the same thing (ran off to join the IDF while her own country was at war). It was presented as virtuous there as well. Really disgusting stuff.

  • Goldberg tries to police view that Israel's actions fuel anti-Semitism
    • Hi Shmuel,

      I see you and tree already touched on the flag-draped merging of Israel and Jews so...

      This is why I brought up the need for the "clarity" of a division in the "Jewish community" a few weeks ago. It's not because I, personally, am confused (I have my discerning questions ready.). It's because the kind of exchange in the article is becoming generally perceived as noise/mush to those of us on the outside. It doesn't even appear that there is a generally accepted acknowledgement of a terminology problem among these guys (e.g. "Jews will cringe" [some will no doubt but not all], "Jews should not be blamed..." [some should], "Jews do not cause anti-Semitism" [images of 500 slaughtered children will not have zero effect, so some do]). They ALL seem to generalize. It's a big problem.

      Outsiders are simply going to stop trying to figure it out and the loudest, most propagated line, "Israel equals the Jews" is going to be the accepted condition. Whatever Israel does will then be observed to be what "Jews" do, unless proven otherwise (and maybe not even then if Gaza has a deadly cholera epidemic or something).

      Barring some loud cracking fissure on Israel within the "community," adopting, whether actively or through acquiescence, the Israeli version of this representation debate would seem to me to be a very dangerous way to go forward. That raises a sense of urgency in me, but there just doesn't seem to be any urgency on Israel within the "Jewish community," (as represented by these three; see I almost did it too.) It all seems so philosophical in a cloistered, "the rest of you can be present as long as you don't talk" sort of way.

      I don't know. I think I'm getting all "que sera sera" on whether Israel represents (or is perceived to represent) all Jews or not.

      This is not a poke or an argument, just a sad observation.

    • Agree Sean. And notice that not only do they NOT speak out about lumping all Jews together, all three of them actually do it in the provided quotes. I don't get it.

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • @marc b.- Agree. And to take it a little further (or maybe just differently) the fact that the Israel Lobby can exert enough political pressure in the US to make our political/FP/biz machine override its own basic affinity for dictator/despot-based ME stability-for-business-purposes shows that the Israel Lobby trumps any other power base in DC in general, but especially on MENA and/or war and peace issues.

      It's self-evident.

      All this chaos over there is diametrical to almost all US business interests, and even the one to benefit, MIC, is small (tens of $Bs? annually) compared to the total missed opportunity (hundreds of $Bs?). As just one example, Boeing alone could sell tens of $Bs of new civilian aircraft to Iran tomorrow vs. maybe a couple of $Bs of AWACS or tankers to Israel or KSA. In any event MIC sales would be a net zero because our "allies" would buy/be gifted those anyway, so the huge opportunity cost is the large net civilian business benefit from stability in the region. And even then if Iran moves into our "orbit" the MIC sales would go up there as well.

      I shorthanded this so I hope it makes sense. The power of the Israel Lobby imbalances this opportunity-seeking business dynamic and generates a huge yearly missed-opportunity cost, compounded by the decades this imbalance has been going on. The degree of the cost is directly proportional to the power wielded to create it, imho.

  • Malta sinking killed hundreds fleeing Gaza
    • Well that may be, except for the woman part, but my definition of sick is killing their families so they are forced to flee AND doing everything in your power to prevent them from doing so AND even when they find a way they face murder by trafficker.

      The result is just more "lawn" to be "mowed" in a few years (which means more kids to be killed as the world watches Israelis cheer it on).

      It's sadistic in the EXTREME.

      Even the Jewish kids in the '30s were given a relatively safe out given enough bribes.

      My take of this most vile episode in this conflict is more than suppress Palestinian identity, more than criminalize it globally, the Israelis simply want to contain any dispersion of it and kill Palestinians until they no longer call themselves Palestinian. I mean if they want to leave, why not encourage that? There are simply ZERO answers to that question.

      So I guess I'm sick because I'm sick of it.

  • Moe Diab debates SWU operative Philippe Assouline (Updated)
    • So right, Eva. The conflict between keeping the lid on the Palestinian side and increased ratings is going to be very very interesting. Will news producers be more interested in making money or controlling info flow.

      The fact that what you point out has become a real and consequential (i.e. it's going to cost news orgs money to opt to control info flow in this issue) choice is itself a sign of progress.


  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • Great comment, Annie.

      As you point out the legal definition of genocide was meant to head off a big-G Genocide. To prevent millions of people being killed by addressing the early warning signs.

      That people deeply affected by the aftermath of WWII big-G Genocide chose this definition and called it genocide is not a distraction. It's the point. It was/is the legal implementation of "Never Again."

      It is inarguable that what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians is small-g genocidal. It fits the definition. Has Israel gotten to big-G Genocide yet? No, but they're on the path toward it that was specifically laid out by people who experienced the biggest of big-G Genocides.


      Thanks for the Schabas link, Shmuel.

  • Ohio University filibuster: harangue or free speech?
  • University of Illinois trustees vote to reject Salaita reinstatement
    • Yep, seafoid. It's amazing how self-reinforcing this whole power cycle is.

      Fight another $T war (pick your starting point), de-fund education, make universities more reliant on outside donors, outside donors who also support another $T war...

  • Ohio student leader who dropped bucket of blood for Gaza receives vicious death threats
    • Halborn's response WAS made out a sense of entitlement. Same as Galloway's attacker, same as those JDL thugs in Paris and Rome, same as the GoI. Israel's behavior is expanding outward.

      All of them should be locked up.

      "I believe DD was expressing only what he perceivedas the world she lives in. and i believe he was observing, without explicit judgement, based on those perceptions."

      Absolutely agree. The perception is valid, imho, the fear is not, therefore the actions are not (in any event the actions are not valid, fear or no fear, real or imagined).

      "i’m just wondering why there is an assumption she acted “out of this sense of threat”? "

      She was motivated by something. How does one explain psychosis? Schizophrenics are motivated by the voices in their heads. Maybe one of her voices persuaded her she was threatened. (Not being glib.)

      "i’m just wondering why there is an assumption she was later “shocked to realize she’s even capable of such violence”?"

      That part doesn't appear to be an assumption. She bipolared that one out of the park with her profuse apology.

      "why isn’t she part of this other ilk? "

      I think DD was pointing out that she IS part of that ilk. I think that was the somatic part. The whole Israel mindset of mob racism and anything goes is being exported and embraced.

      "maybe she was “engaged in demagogic fanning of these flames of fear, and self-righteous mutual goading to ever further acts of hatred and violence.” did you consider that?"

      She certainly was, but I don't think she is an originator of the concept, just an early adopter. More to come as this debate shifts away from Israel. You're right, it's a known ploy. At her level, she incites then waits for someone to say "Jew" or "Jewish" and the ADL is right on it as an "incident." This is why your drill-down here is so important. It shows people that how it works.

      I agree completely with your last paragraph (except for the part about me cutting her some slacks). She should be locked up. The leaders of Israel as well.

      I think you and DD are pointing out the same sense of wrongness. He, obliquely, and you, much more directly. Just my opinion.


    • Annie, I believe DD was observing only that that's the world she lives in. Observing without explicit judgement but with some strong subtext of "pretty f'd up." That was just my read given the text of her threats.

      I agree that that/her bubble-world rationalizations shouldn't/can't be allowed to drive the discussion when the result of allowing them to do so is so deadly for people Halborn-types don't give a shit about.

      I think "fear" was (is on my part) an assumption to make a point. Again my read was that DD was being dismissive of his own imputed motive for Halborn's attack (and her bubble-world). That there doesn't need to be evidence of anything - any old claim will do. That's the skin of her "somatic" (of the body; I had to look it up) state.

      All these tea leaves aside, I can only imagine the nutso crap you have to wade through on a daily basis. I understand (though never fully because I haven't lived it) why you're drilling down on this. You're right. It's important and long overdue.

    • "The more over-the-top the reaction, the sillier it starts to sound."

      Another reason to do it.

    • To me, Annie, DD was just making an observation, not a criticism.

      I think the "somatic states" idea is an interesting recasting of this situation and issue. When he was asking " I and my community...," he was describing one of those states, the one that controls Halborn and people like her, and projecting it as her state of mind. Her "somatic state."

      I don't think he was trying to minimize what she did. I think he was trying to explain it.


  • The rise of 'If Not Now' and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus
    • I suspect humor is one of your lesser talents, Mooser. ;)

      Great point!

    • Edit (please):

      SHB: C) It’s a sad truth that the “organized Jewish community” is extremely coercive in contriving “overwhelming” Jewish support for Israel. If that support is NOT contrived it means the Jewish community is overwhelmingly pro-slaughter either by acquiescence or outright preference. ...

      Still not sure I got it right. Close enough.

    • @EliStern- Not nonsense.

      A) 5-6% IS exclusion.

      B) That's only the 5-6% that dare to speak out plainly. What about the additional 20-30% who dare not speak out plainly for fear of what happened to the 5-6%?

      C) It's a sad truth that the "organized Jewish community" is extremely coercive in contriving "overwhelming" Jewish support for Israel. If they're not, they're pro-slaughter either by acquiescence or outright preference. It's not fair to make such a sweeping statement about a group, but your 95% "overwhelming solidarity" claim opens that door. So my question back to you is why pretend that US Jews (most of whom are normal moral people like most other groups) aren't growing increasingly restless/offended by the pro-slaughter policies of Israel? I believe they are, but something's keeping them in the fold, enabling your claim making that claim self-fulfilling.

    • Thanks Another Steve. You're right on the narrow legal issue/decision. I shouldn't try to shorthand this type of complex stuff. Someday I'll learn that lesson...

      But the background issue, as I understand it, is whether a federal law can override religious preference in a privately-owned entity with public stakeholders affected by that federal law. The Court may not have specifically ruled on the larger First Amendment issue, but the larger rights issue prompted the successful suit.

      So maybe stated another way, and as I understand you to say, the Hobby Lobby decision affirmed that federal law cannot be written such that it overrides corporate sensibilities/rights. I think that makes the Hobby Lobby decision antagonistic to, if not outright preclude, what Israel-via-AIPAC is trying to do on the anti-BDS legislative front.

    • @EliStern- Israel is destroying Jewish "solidarity" (whatever solidarity means), not the other way around.

      This transformation is nothing more than a reaction to the process of Israel/Zionism's forced exclusion of non-supportive Jews.

    • It's pretty hard to imagine, in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, how any corporation's "First Amendment rights" can be curtailed by any legislation.

      Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but the Constitutional principle upheld by SCOTUS with Hobby Lobby is that corps have rights too - privately held ones anyway.

      These would-be deniers-of-rights just can't have it both ways. Looks like they're going to try anyway.

  • Salaita speaks out and warns of a 'Palestinian exception' to the first amendment and academic freedom
    • On the "civility == death" graphic, when you catch your kids are playing in a busy street, do you say "Please don't play in the street." and wait for a reaction, or are you going to perhaps use another tone to get their attention?

      Does "Get your little asses out of the street, NOW!" mean you hate them? Don't think so.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • Thanks, Taxi. Nailed it.

      This the penultimate theater of the absurd. We are wringing our hands, bombing, and then wringing our hands again about the people we are simultaneously giving arms to.

      What to do? What to do? Oh dear, what to do? Sheesh. What baloney.

      With the answers being so obvious, you have to wonder if the ferocity of the fretting isn't directly proportional to the desire to destabilize the region (within "serious" Beltway policy-making circles).

      Or something. The meltdown is getting really hard to watch anymore.

      Books will be written on this. Libraries maybe even. This strenuous pursuit of glaringly obvious yet increasingly destructive nonsense will surely make for a gripping future-history read. (e.g. Why did they do that? Why did they do THAT? WHY did they do that? I can't believe they DID that. etc.)

  • Ohio student leader's dramatic act for Gaza
    • Actually, no gamal. I just wasn't seeing what eljay was seeing.

      My view is that shocking is OK and warranted when people are getting slaughtered by the thousands, and have been for decades. It may turn some people off, and too much all at once definitely does (it makes the situation look hopeless), but I believe given this extreme and ongoing context, the extreme counterpoint has to be made by someone.

      Having said that, as everybody here maybe knows, I am not the person to do that. But even there, what Marzec did and more "civil" discussions are the yin-yang of the advocacy whole. Neither is effective (i.e. both are ignored) without the other. They have to be taken/used together.

    • Thanks, eljay. Appreciate you.

    • Why do you disagree with Marzec's action, eljay? What are you seeing? Sincere...

    • Wow. What courage on Marzec's part.

      Tom Hayes NAILS it in the context and the specifics. OU was the most "lefty" school in the Ohio state system when I was in school. It has (had?) a LONG tradition of protest and big-issue activism.

  • Israel's tunnels aim to Judaize Jerusalem and are approved by Supreme Court
  • Three-sentence letter to the 'NYT' results in Yale chaplain's resignation
    • Good one, michelle. That last line is a toughie.

    • It's good to know that the Episcopal version of "God's mission" at Yale includes condoning (through silence) the slaughter of children in Gaza compounded by the adamant denial of any effort to help them in the aftermath.

  • The west is safer for Jews than Israel (duh)
    • And what percentage of Jewish-Israelis hold two or more passports anyway? I bet it's close to 50%. If it is, that's unique. It's the definition of non-committal. Kind of a vacation mentality actually.

      • 750,000 current or pending US passport holders (2011)
      • 100,000 German passport holders
      • 15%, two countries

      link to

      link to

    • @American- I think you said a week or so ago that having a state changes/changed everything. I agree. "Safer" was the whole point of Israel. To ignore that fact because one has "options" is to deny the reason for Israel's existence.

      This isn't a "rootless cosmopolitan*" issue anymore. It's a citizen-of-Israel issue with all the obligations and commitments that entails.

      * link to

    • " ...hopefully, among Israel’s liberal supporters abroad as well."

      I hope so too, Shmuel.

      I don't know if you agree with Mooser or not on the desirability of a split/branching within the Jewish community on Israel. I believe I do, if only from an outsider's need for clarity. I hope the forces compelling "left-biased" Israelis to leave are/become equally compelling, as you say, among Israel's liberal supporters abroad, in pursuit of that clarity. IOW, hasten the split.

      I'm not feeling quite well at the moment, so I hope that makes sense. I just wanted to respond before too much time passed.


    • So what are emigrés going to do, come here and wistfully lobby for aid to their homeland? Join Zionist congregations? Subscribe to, and participate in, all the enabling behaviors abroad that created and sustain the problems which are "forcing" them to leave?

      Are these emigrés of the 5% who did NOT support the latest (or any) Israeli slaughter of Palestinians? Or are they part of the 95% of Jewish Israelis who did support the routine and ongoing slaughter of Palestinians? Are they just trying to hide behind distance so they don't have to see the slaughter of Palestinians up close.

      Are they Liberal Zionists who seek rights for themselves but don't really give a rat's behind for others who are dead and dying (as a result of their cherished Zionism) just a few meters away?

      Or, in the best of all possible worlds, will they emigrate and join JAZN or JVP-type groups, akin to Miko Peled's personal journey?

      Etc., Etc., Etc.

      How do these questions get answered? Keep in mind, these are the people unwilling to stay and fight for change in their own country. Will their personalities change at their destinations or are they just skimmers?

      I'm tempted to react with a simple, reflexive, "Not Welcome!", but it's really more of a "Clean up your own mess!" feeling (perhaps with location options).

      I know all this isn't the point of the article, but it is part of the context. We have enough problems in this country without this one being exacerbated by a bunch of Israelis that can't stand the heat they helped create, and simply want to feel comfortable again without lifting a finger to address the underlying condition.


      Note: Some of the answers to these questions may be actually be positive and/or constructive in solving this problem.

  • Gaza 'fractured' Rabbi Rosen's spiritual home
    • So who are the "radicals" in your view? The people who chased out Rabbi Rosen for advocating universal human rights, or the the people in the congregation who deeply believe in universal human rights and supported Rosen in his evolution and leadership by example?

      I always get a kick out of people who clamor for reasoned discussion to resolve an issue all the while shouting down the opposition and blaming the people they are shouting down for not being able to foster "reasonableness."

      I'm not saying you, babylouise, are one of the shouters, but it is a real and commonly-used tactic.

    • Page: 28
  • The proportion of Gaza's children who were killed should shock conscience of weapons-suppliers
    • That's all true, but it just amplifies the point of the article by tagging it with the question, "Knowing full demographically well that you would be killing children en masse, why did you level whole neighborhoods?"

      Mark Perry recently wrote that even US military officers, past and present, were "stunned" at the Israeli brutality.

      link to

  • Untangling the Salaita case
    • Good article, but doggone it it's occupied PALESTINE, not some nebulous "territory," occupied or otherwise. The people who live there are Palestinians, not "occupied territorians."

      The use of "territories" is the Israeli frame. It denies, is intended to deny, Palestine and Palestinian identity. I wish people, especially well meaning people, would STOP subscribing to that particular form of suppression. It's such an easy thing. Just don't do it.

  • As protest over Gaza grew, so did attacks on speech supporting Palestinian freedom
    • Great summary. Please make it a regular feature (hopefully for a short run).

      Lists and litanies make it easier to see specific patterns and/or trends. That helps with the real-life discussions.

  • Hamas is ISIS for dummies
    • Who is JR, just?

    • I don't think it's absurd at all, Donald. He owes his life to that fact. He has the option and standing be a peacemaker.

      What is absurd though, is to appeal to his and his family's conscience. That was raw cynicism on my part. I apologize.

    • After funding ISIS (for example):


      America's Allies Are Funding ISIS

      The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas in the war on terror.

      link to

      the Saudis have done a rapid 180 (for example):


      Saudi Arabia intensifies crackdown on extremist groups

      Eighty eight people are arrested days after imam is jailed for glorifying al-Qaida and Isis

      link to

      The Saudis are now also "warning" that ISIS will be in the US in "months." I guess that's to get the US to put the worms back in the can they/we opened. ISIS now has it's eyes on KSA.

      link to


      A 5 year-old child could have seen this coming years ago, but a US President apparently not so much.


      And to top it all off, the "warring parties" in Syria are supposedly starting to get religion and focus on the fact that there won't be a Syria to fight about if ISIS isn't defeated (i.e. ceasing hostilities). None of them are good guys, but they might be tired enough of perpetual carnage of Syrians of all stripes to figure out some other way to transition Syria toward some sort of democracy. (Sorry can't find the link now.)

      What was the point of it all again? To spotlight our little "island of [sadistic] stability" in the otherwise roiling MENA?

    • Ask Gilad Shalit if Hamas is like ISIS.

      If he and his family had any conscience whatsoever, they'd be out vocally refuting this latest inflammatory hogwash.

  • Tzipi Livni's vacation nightmare
    • What? There are huge natural gas deposits in Palestinian territorial waters (just outside of six miles offshore) that Israel is already mortgaging for itself with future sales contracts?

      Who knew? I thought this was all about a clash of civilizations. ;)

      Thanks Rusty. The signing of contracts to sell Palestinian natural gas is new, to me anyway.

    • Meanwhile Livni's self-proclaimed non-terrorists are already breaking the cease fire by firing on Gaza fishermen and rounding people up in the WB. Go figure.

      link to

    • Yep, if her name was Tariq Abu Khdeir she would have been beaten half to death by the police for very allegedly participating in an act of violence [not] in a foreign country. Or if her name was George Galloway, MBP, someone could come up to her, beat the crap out of her in front of witnesses, and no one would say a word.

      Who ARE these people and why do they see themselves as above the same laws the rest of us live by? Heck, who are they to see themselves above the same laws they make up and violently enforce on everyone else? How warped is the thinking behind it all?

      And these people have their twitchy little fingers on a pile of nukes.

  • 'Provocative political symbol' -- UEFA fines clubs when fans fly Palestinian flags
    • The fact that Bosnia is ranked #19 in the world and Israel is #67 means Bosnia will likely win.

      Ho boy.

    • eGuard, did you see in that article that Israel is playing muslim Bosnia in Haifa in November?

      I doubt if the Israeli fans/racist mob will be able to help themselves.

      As you say, it'll make for some interesting TV.

    • Really great comment, justicewillprevail. I think you're right. This type of stuff is more than about suppressing Palestinian identity, it's about criminalizing it.

    • Kinda makes the fines on the Irish and Scottish teams look a tad selective. Is Bayern Munich going to get fined too?

      Thanks Talkback.

    • Bingo, Sycamores. ALL countries' flags are political symbols.

      I get the feeling that the Zionists see this, see red, and rush to get a quick judgement before anyone is looking. Sad for them, more people are always looking, and being supportive of Palestine. Maybe just as important, this pattern of rabid, obvious, rushed selectivity in support of Israel is becoming recognized as the MO by the institutions that are being used to punish Palestine, wherever and whenever.

      Serving that MO comes at a price. The University of Illinois - CU is a case in point.

    • This, the Livni incident, the Richard Cohen article, the Salaita firing... the gaping chasm of what Zionists and Israelis think and are allowed to do, and what normal moral people are allowed to think and do is growing bigger. The difference in magnitude between that Israeli flag and the hand-waved Palestinian flags illustrates that visually and viscerally.

    • Wow!

      I hope the Palestine National Team gets invited to a lengthy world tour. No one could fine the flag displays then.

      And yeah, that Israel flag. Fines should be meted out on the basis of square footage.

      Great reporting Annie. I hope you get and share any answers from UEFA.

  • Rabbi Brant Rosen steps down from Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue saying his activism on Israel/Palestine has been 'lightning rod for division'
    • @babylouise- It's belittling ONLY in the sense that the Holocaust is not and never can be a rational justification for killing Palestinian children. She was calling out the fact that it is used for that very reason.

      Yeah, I'll defend what Danaa said.

      In no way whatsoever did she dismiss the tragedy of Holocaust, nor do I, nor does anyone who posts here.

    • @babylouise- Danaa's exact words were: "...some holocaust that happened long ago..."

      She absolutely DID NOT say "so-called Holocaust." She was asking if a very bad thing that [actually] happened a long time ago, perpetrated by Europeans, is cause to slaughter 500 Palestinian children, in just this iteration, today. Is it?

      Is your seemingly reflexive, fast-and-loose, and unwarranted accusation of Holocaust Denial an example of a "stone" on your part? Is that the kind of "civil" criticism Rabbi Rosen faced?

      Denying the Holocaust and the Nakba are cause for banning here, so if she had said what you said she said she would be gone. Gone is the opposite of fitting in.


      This l'affaire Rosen is a real eye opener. I believe the JRC members that posted here, however well-meaning (thanks to all), showed, me anyway, just how insular even a loosely-religious and notionally apolitical Jewish community is. Insular, paradoxically, especially when it comes to Israel - the defining political issue of the day (millenia?) within the Jewish community.

      The flip side of that is that I hope the few of you who suffered through your MW experience take back to your congregation just how pronounced that insularity is and how it appears to so many others - particularly when Israel claims to slaughter Palestinian children in your name. If members of your congregation were/are unaware of the moral and popular pressure that's building up about Israel outside your walls, your experience here should be a shareable education.

      Only two things can happen. More insularity/avoidance or less insularity/avoidance, where more insularity isn't really an option with Israel doing it all for "the Jews." It doesn't matter if you don't look in that direction, you are involved.

    • Seconded, just.

    • Great comment, Mooser.

    • Perhaps (probably) a naive qestion, crankylibrarian, but what prevents JRC members who believe in Rabbi Rosen's message and way from forming your own, new congregation?

      Is the power of the familiar group more powerful than the message? (Not a gotcha, it's not at all uncommon that it is, in all sorts of settings.)

      Sincere questions, asked as a generic, and prompted by my belief that Rosen's departure almost certainly means that no one even close to his introspection, forthrightness, and stature will be brought in to replace him. He pretty obviously lost the internal battle of the power of conscience at JRC. His replacement will start from there.

      Good luck. Thanks for your insights.

  • Did LA pro-Israel group conceal right-wing identity from Hollywood celebs and media?
    • How can the people that signed that letter support a racist like Emerson?

      God willing, this may come to the point where folks like Rogen can't work if they don't sign and few will watch their movies if they do sign.

      People power always wins. Eventually.

  • Salaita firing turns into a 'catastrophe' for University of Illinois
    • Good. Let her be a lesson for all...that the Zionist machine is merciless, even to those that serve and service it dutifully.

  • Gaza benefit at Yale was moved off-campus due to backlash against priest's letter to NYT
    • Yeah, maybe WJ. Perhaps I was too hasty, but the underlying fundamentals seem to be power and complete secret prosecutorial discretion in service to that power. Is Christianity enough of an offset to the wrong ethnicity expressing a powerless "backwater" morality to head off a prosecution? I don't know, but my suspicion is that it isn't.

      Having said that, I hope that there is some [real] red line on this bullying out there. If it's Christian commonality (not the right word), great.

    • Dr. Shipman had to focus on the objective of raising money and did what it took to do so in this discrete context, but this is a loss in every other regard.

      By caving to the pressure he reinforced its potency and guaranteed that no other fundraising effort for Gaza will take place at Yale. Maybe he had no choice in this specific, but a cascade of these notionally "no other option" defaults/choices means that ultimately there will actually NOT be any choices.

      It's like trying to maximize your MPG by watching the little instantaneous MPG meter in your car. Eventually you come to a dead stop. Always. That results in infinite MPG, but really defeats the larger objective.

      I don't know. Somebody is always going to be made uncomfortable by these choices, but I'm tired of it almost always being me.

    • Exactly, lysias. If he was Dr. Abu Shipmaan of the First Palestine Orthodox Church of Nashville, he'd be looking an lengthy jail time, assured by a Presidential decree precluding his Constitutional right to confront his accusers.

  • Israel seizes 1000 acres from 5 Palestinian villages to build new settlement in response to teens' abduction
    • @ivri-

      It might possibly, somehow, remotely be considered an oblique factor in deterrence if it was practiced universally. If it's only practiced against Palestinians it's punishment pure and simple. Malicious, vindictive, meticulous, "Get out! NOW!," slo-mo, just-beneath-the-radar, ethnic-cleansing punishment.

      I'm still waiting for the families of Jewish murderers of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who horrifically burned him alive btw, to be "deterred" in this way. Never going to happen, rightly so, as it should never happen to a single Palestinian.

  • Richard Cohen says he married Israel and has been faithful during ups and downs
    • Great observation, American. And all at once.

    • I'm using "astounding" a lot lately, but the degree to which one has to abstract other people's humanity to make the marriage analogy work is ASTOUNDING.

      You're married to a mass murderer, ffs. Being "faithful" is #257 (if that high) on the to-do list.

      The Zionist/Israel bubble is noticeably collapsing as people like Richard Cohen completely ignore 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, pictures of headless Palestinian infants, etc. to make their case. More and more normal people see those pictures, compare them to Cohen's rationalizations, and see the gaping crack in his reality.

      Hopefully, as Dickerson excerpted yesterday, that crack becomes the way the light shines in.

      I can't seem to link to the comment, so:

      P.P.S. FROM

      The line “a crack in everything” seems to come from a book by Jack Kornfield on buddhism. The story is that a young man who had lost his leg came to a buddhist monastary thing, and he was extremely angry at life, and always drew these pictures of cracked vases and damaged thing[s], because he felt damaged. Over time, he found inner peace, and changed his outllook, but still drew broken vases. His master asked him one day: “Why do you still draw a crack in the vases you draw, are you not whole?” And he replied “yes, and so are the vases. The crack is how the light gets in” ~ neptune235, 04-17-2005

      SOURCE – link to

      - See more at: link to (D'oh!)

  • Judaism's hijacking by Zionists drives 70% of secular Jews to marry non-Jews-- Koppman at Huffpo
    • Yeah, just. Very early on (AOL forums) I used to think that "projection" was just an internet word adopted by people wanting to sound smart, but it turns out it's a very real and very powerful, vice-like thing.

      That's been especially driven home by my time here as you all shred and/or ridicule these arguments, yet the exact same accusations keep coming. They/zios have to believe that everything posted here is an intentional lie or distortion to keep saying the same thing over and over. Normal people would question why so many visits to the woodshed over the exact same assertions (over years). Hopefully any normal people reading these threads can and will ask themselves that question and follow where the answer(s) leads.


    • Gosh, is this comment a rare moment of introspection for you Jackdaw?

      You all never seem to understand that everyone outside your bubble sees that the overwhelming "Evil" is Israel's actions, and your quote applies to Israel and its dupes.

    • Wow. Beautiful. Thanks Dickerson.

  • Coming to a campus near you: ADL recruits student politicians for Israel trips
    • @Mooser- "Or, possibly, a Ziocaine Syndrome defense?..."

      Seriously. The guy physically assaults a sitting British Member of Parliament. It's either that or a very long prison term (the new Pollard?).

      I'd love to see "Zionism as mental defect" or some such enter into British common law, even as an accepted argument let alone as a basis for an affirmative decision. Truly a "Miracle on 34. Street" life-imitates-art kind of potential.

    • It never ceases to amaze me the thought process that must have to occur for a member of a VERY SMALL minority on the planet (Zionists) to think that beating up on a member of a VERY LARGE majority (the rest of the people on the planet) can not possibly come to anything other than a violent reversal of circumstances.

      The "can not" part is important because they're so used beating and killing Palestinians with impunity that the possibility doesn't seem to enter into their JDL/Israel/hasbara-addled pea-brains.

      That sort of a "tyranny of the minority" arrogation is an inversion of power politics. A political inverted pendulum (picture a big watermelon balanced on a broomstick) that does no one any good in the end.

      Cue the wails of "Victim!" and/or "Extradition!" if this guy gets charged with a hate crime.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
    • Good layout of the dynamics going forward.

      I think that the #1 driver toward the next slaughter iteration is the timing of the next Israeli election. B-NET out as PM, N-BEN in, more slaughter shortly thereafter. Certainly an escalation of assassinations, roundups and killings in the WB, rocket fire in response, and the inevitable "poor victimized us" murderous, pathological response from Israel.

  • In Gaza, Palestinians celebrate resistance and credit it with 'victory'
    • Probably somewhat OT, but what are the prospects of a struggle where Palestinians, a people who do not seek vengeance as a rule, go up against Israel, made up of people who ONLY seek vengeance?

      That's not intended as a defeatist question. It's an exploration of strategy in a tough situation.

  • 'NYT' continues using discredited figures suggesting parity between Israeli and Palestinian attacks -- Updated
    • The comparison should be in kilotons of HE. Simple and meaningful and correlates pretty directly to the witnessed death and destruction.

      It also makes for a direct comparison to Hiroshima. I think someone did this already and it came out like 2x Hiroshima +/-.

  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • Edit: "intentional" was my inference, not Perry's sources.

    • That's an excellent article, gracie. Thsnks. By Mark Perry. He cites US military saying Shujaiya was a predictable and therefore intentional slaughter.

      I hope his sources are willing to testify at the ICC.

  • Our new look
    • I think MW is trying to (at least subtextually) separate Zionism and Judaism and MJR, despite (or maybe because of) his current outrage over Gaza, is trying to change Zionism with Judaism.

      Looking through his libzio sodastraw for a moment, I can see where his anger comes from. Nothing at MW makes sense to him with the "peripherals" taken away.

      MJR is a very vocal half-right. I'm happy about the half he gets right. Very right.

    • Big OBTW. To me MW still spoils us as users/commenters. Other heavy info sites seem pretty serial in the way they present info. That really does make you work for context/depth and/or offers limited conversational interactions.

      I think it's great how parallel or relational this site is. I can only guess how hard it is to make that work. It's pretty clear it's not at all easy because few others outside the bigs do it.


    • LOVE this nesting scheme!

    • Hey, jpb.

      It's a trade between backlog and ownership of comments. MW owns the comments, but enabling some of us the discretion to delete our own un-moderated comments when they have clearly become irrelevant or when others have said it better might give the discussions more pace overall.

      But I don't know if it's even doable.

    • I think I'm starting to see where this is going. Cool.

      Maybe (all very much imho):

      • Definitely needs less white space. The balance between quick strategic info scan and crisp inviting look is weighted too far toward looks. As it stands now, you have to scroll and pan around to get a meaningful snapshot of site content (assuming the use of a readable font size, 12 pt or larger) unless you are viewing on a TV (39" in my case) with lots of real estate. My Mac screen makes the "front page" a single column (at readable font size).

      • If only three articles are going to be displayed in each Info Category, put the Category somewhere in the byline while the article is still featured. It will make it easier to track flow through the site, by memory if nothing else. (I don't know if the flow is going to be from Featured to Category to Archive/Chronolist, so please pardon the assumption that it is.)

      • Related to above, and in the "surely this is coming" department, where do articles go when they scroll off the three in each category? There still has to be an archive, but I didn't see it or the article flow that leads to it. I think this flow needs to be VERY obvious. Noobs aren't going to want to spend much time looking around. Tweeps and their follower-cousins exploring specific references may not broaden their page views (or drill down) if they have to work too hard for it or lose the proverbial info "scent trail."

      • A crawler or cycling header (that actually links to the article it headlines)? Idiots like me need to be spoonfed and/or love a parade.

      • Either a "NEW" tag or a "Recent Comments" page, or both. "NEW" tag/flag should apply to articles as well, if dates are going to remain light gray. Less eyestrain.

      • Related to flags, tag Mondoweiss Original Content as such. I don't know what that might mean or how you would discriminate but there's inside content and outside submission posted here side by side. It may serve a purpose to toot the MW horn a bit. That would, imho, also boost the credibility of the submissions and might create a positive feedback/resonance loop for donors.

      • A bit more (like maybe one more) contrasting but thematic color for the important stuff (like "NEW"), used very selectively and sparingly.


      I know the pros did this and you all have worked very hard to make it happen. This wish list is just based on the in-out way I process stuff.

      Huge FWIW.


    • Yes, and iirc you could also collapse old comments and leave the new ones expanded.

      Maybe it's coming. So much has been fleshed out for the better in the implementation in just the last day. Maybe that's one of the "simplified development" features of the new blog engine.

    • 1) Maybe too much white space.

      2) Don't see a button for my profile page where I can view my comment history. Used to be in upper right of header.

      3) Header says "Log in" after I log in.

      4) I have a comment suspended in moderation for a day now. Please enable us to delete our own comments in that circumstance.

  • Salaita's hire set off fundraising alarm at U of Illinois, per emails to chancellor
    • I apologize for my offense.

      Do well.


    • I love the statement (ostensibly by a UIUC student) that began with "If I happen to register for Mr. Salaita’s course,..."

      How can there be a question about that? You know who the instructor is. Either you do register or you don't register. Don't take the course if Salaita is that important to you.

      And if you are a American Indian Studies major of some sort where you would have to take a course taught by Dr. Salaita sooner or later, surely, SURELY, you can't be so completely divorced from your own chosen reality as to be afraid of someone getting angry about the genocide of his own people (i.e. just the way we killed off Native Americans; i.e. [coldly put] what an amazing opportunity to revisit and study what it felt like to be AmerIndian during our genocidal past, from the detached perspective of an 1870s white liberal).

      That "student's" concerns sound just as transparently manufactured as Cary Nelson's concerns. This whole thing stinks more and more. That such weight would be given to such flimsy reasoning is astounding.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • FWIW, tree, I think you're spot on about this. I tried to think of a similar name(s) for males and couldn't come with any so specifically derogatory. Even if there were, no one would use them which is probably also a part of the problem. And a third part of the general problem is the assumption that women are somehow going against "their" virtuous true "nature" to be warmongers, therefore the special terms for that underlying and condescending assumption of self-betrayal.

      Interesting discussion.

    • @Giles- Yup. Brilliant.

    • I hope the Greens peel off about 10% of the Democratic vote in 2016. If they keep to their current platform they may just have a chance of doing that. Bye bye, Hillary.

      Gaza/Palestine/Israel: link to, among other issues that people are really fed up with, like economic justice. (Thanks, tree.)

  • As Salaita's case becomes a cause, U of Illinois issues declarations on 'civility'
    • Exactly, pab. What UIUC did to Salaita is wrong on every level. It changes everything about the way professors are hired there. Bad faith MUST be assumed to be in effect. But then what prospect would even entertain a job at an institution where the initial relationship and ongoing operative principle (to conclusion of the hiring process, but ultimately in every single subsequent discussion with UIUC admin) is that necessary assumption of bad faith? What a poisoned relationship from the get go.

      In the process of harming Salaita, UIUC mangled its reputation beyond recognition and significantly harmed itself.

      Yet another example of how Zionism corrupts everything it touches.

    • Exactly. And your vibrancy shows.

    • @pjdude- Yep. This goes to the whole notion of supporters of Israel feeling "uncomfortable" by some angry-talk, while Palestinians have to live with those same supporters of Israel expressing unfettered, mainstream, administrative approval of their families being killed.

      It's bizarre.

    • Aye, just.

      The Earth is flat. Discuss, but always remember that the Earth is flat. What a ludicrous mentality for a modern engineering school (VT) to adopt. Steam powered ships...What the hoosis...?

      Expanding out a bit, this obsession with total conformity at home and abroad is going to bite Israel in the ass. It is not possible for homegrown, groundbreaking researchers to come out of such a coercive, conform-or-else society. There just isn't a large enough "gene pool" of original thought in Israel to foster and grow them.

      I have to believe that the same concern must certainly apply to UIUC or VT or any other major university as Salaita's firing becomes a larger issue. Given a choice, which of the best and brightest (and most innovative and energized) would attend a school with such a regimented, and again coercive, academic structure? I wouldn't. It's just a recipe and advertisement for mediocrity as the upper achievement limit. Why would anyone set mediocrity as a goal early on?

      That has to be "worst nightmare" kind of stuff for the UIUC trustees.

    • How can one "reaffirm a commitment" to something one's actions show that you have not commitment to in the first place. Aarrgh.

      I think if Keith (MW commenter) had a "Globalistan" (h/t Annie, Pepe Escobar) view on this I'd probably agree with it. In my college days jobs were relatively plentiful and people had options should their protest activities result in this type of treatment. Now jobs are scarce and public acts of courage and mild outspoken-ness like Salaita's are dealt with with an iron fist. Engineered lack of economic options goes hand in hand with cramming down dissent.

      Just ruminatin'...

      Thanks for the donation link.

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • I agree with you about vengeance, just. But this time it's different, imho. Just my sense of it of course, but Israel made it personal this go. Also the third time shows a pattern of behavior - an unrepentant and unrelenting pattern.

      Who knows how all that affects some small segment of a people who otherwise would prefer to rebuild and move forward.

    • At some point the families of the Gaza dead and executed are going to realize that the people who committed this slaughter have families outside of Israel and this death spiral is going to broaden.

      Hopefully families of the people that committed this slaughter will realize that simultaneously and rethink their Rob Reiner-like eliminationist and/or celebretory outlooks.

      I'd hate for the first scenario to play out, but it's just not normal for it not to in some form or other. Human beings will do anything to make the pain stop, especially when the pain is intense, chronic, and without any alternative relief (i. e. Gaza).

      I don't know if this is over the line or not, but I can't help examining what my options would be in this situation. If it is over the line, please delete.

  • 5 micro incidents of hope
    • "That is certainly some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard. It’s haunting and unforgettable once heard."

      {{eyes closed, listening through childhood's ears, smiling}}

      Beautiful thought. Thanks.

    • #5 might be that Mr. Shulman took the time to write this.

      Thanks, David. Sumud.

  • Man who saved Jewish boy in Holocaust acts to save Israel from 'racist... quagmire'
  • The catastrophe inflicted on Gaza--and the costs to Israel's standing
    • Amazing country that Ireland. And the people too! :)

    • The UN has said this is the "last time" it will rebuild Gaza for Israel.

      United Nations [6 AUG 2014]: The United Nations is ready to help rebuild Gaza but for the last time, UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned today.

      link to

      If that's even slightly more than just words, it would be a significant "cost" to Israel's standing in the world, and maybe more significantly, to its ability to do this yet again in a few years. The UN may have just thrown a handful of rocks into the Gaza "lawn," effect TBD.

      Apologies if someone has already posted this.

    • B-NET completely succeeded in achieving his objective. He kept his political coalition together and united popular sentiment behind him.

      The fact that he was willing to kill 459 children (yet again) to do that is just a numbers game, to him (and not even a consideration to others in the coalition). Palestinians are meat to 90% of Jewish Israelis. The world doesn't care at the government level. Why not?

      The depth of socio/psychopathy required to do this repeatedly is limited only by an observer's ability to perceive it fully.

    • I actually started to well up when I read that, American. Incredibly stark and moving story. If ever there was a must read, that is it.

  • With 'anger grounded in law,' Muslim group sues US gov't over arbitrary 'terror watchlist'
    • "didn't Israel help us with...?

      just, Now I'm starting to really want to know everything Israel has "helped" us with in the "security" realm. I'm starting to get the feeling that the US public would be shocked by the extent of Israeli involvement and the direction of that involvement. This is speculation on my part, but I be willing to bet another milkshake that every questionable practice/Constitutional rights infringement that has come to light in the last decade is an Israeli concoction. They just don't do "free" well, if at all.

  • Blaming the Victims: A night with AIPAC in St. Louis and protesters in Ferguson
  • How to respond to thoughtful people who can't help saying 'but Hamas'
    • Also, a quick "That's simply not true." works well in between the quizzical looks and shoulder shrugs.

    • @chuckcarlos- and “those people” ain’t thoughtful


    • At this point this isn't really a discussion, it's a decision. Pro-slaughter, or anti-slaughter. There is no conceivable rational justification for killing 500 children and 1500 others and making (and keeping) 300,000 of 1.8M (20-25%±) people shelterless and waterless. None, zero, Zilch. Given that this is the THIRD time this has happened in six years, anyone who thinks they know enough to "have a discussion" on this has to know by now what the issues are -- and has decided. Just ask what that decision is.

      If anyone thinks they can convince people who are pro-, or anti-..."but...", at this point to be anti-slaughter they're grasping. One just needs to turn one's back and move on. Pro-slaughter types are irredeemable scum (no job at UIUC for me...) and should be made to feel that way. The only glimmer of hope for pro-slaughter types is that if they see people care enough to turn away from them they may wonder why and re-engage on your terms -- i.e. specifically by asking questions.

      This is undoubtedly too binary an outlook for most decent people to embrace, but I can't get the screams of dying children out of my mind's ear. All of them killed so B-NET didn't have to risk his political coalition (destroying the unity government is rooted in, and driven by, Israeli coalition politics, imo). Anyone so cynical, gullible, and/or ignorant to overlook that base fact is not worth talking with. Quizzical/piteous looks and shoulder shrugs are the rule, for me anyway.

    • Thanks, Henry. All her videos are interesting.

  • Israel's foundation in a 'terroristic campaign of expulsion, ethnic cleansing and murder' is the 'deep wound in that part of the world' -- Sullivan
  • New J Street platform parrots Likud as membership continues to shift left
    • Wow! Thanks American.

      I haven't been to dKos in a while, but it's interesting to see that about 20% of the people that recommended the comment ("Excellent point MrJayTee..."; link to about ZOG being an archaic term would have either recommended a comment saying ZOG references are antisemitic or steered well clear, including the author of that comment.

      Things have changed, and these are solid rank-and-file dems. I hope it's a sign of future open discussion.

  • Liberal Zionism has lost its refuge-- a plausible two-state solution
    • @Jenin- A lot of this goes to whether the 95% will [be able to] reclaim representative government or not, propelled by economic and war/peace/OPK issues, separately or collectively. I think justice in Palestine/Israel is inextricably mixed into that broader epiphany/effort/outcome progression.

      The sad experience of the Occupy movement wrt to Palestine (i.e. don't bring it up for "fear" of alienating Jews) may actually serve to make that inclusion more likely given the time activists have had to reflect on the grossly exclusive selectivity [silliness?] of that notion, compounded by the now ubiquitous and indelible images of this latest massacre. The linkage is already happening in Ferguson.

      Shorter version: We may be coming to a time where votes actually matter more than money.


    • That depends on what the world is willing to put up with, ckg. I don't think it would put up with expulsion or extermination. But you're right implicity, that is a huge open question.

    • Perhaps, MHughes. But they've had an "awful" lot of evidence and time to do that and haven't. This has been going on for generations in Israel.

    • @gracie fr- "Extraordinary laboratory" indeed. A mirror even.

    • Only two kinds of people, pro-slaughter and anti-slaughter. There's not really any middle ground/cover anymore.

  • Reading Salaita in Illinois (part 2) - Cary Nelson, academic freedom's agent provocateur
    • It's sad that it takes two extraordinarily well written articles to deconstruct a couple of baseless and malicious accusations that were enough to promptly get a good man fired.

  • Cuomo and Zuckerman take a suckers' tour of tunnels (a few miles from massacres they can't make time for)
  • In 2050, US liberals protest Israeli football logo featuring ‘Fightin’ Palestinian’
  • 15 airplanes to fly over NY and NJ beaches with Israeli flags and We Love Israel banner
    • Or of you knew where they originated, tag along behind with a "second opinion" for the folks on the ground.

    • At some point the general public is going to realize all this "Love Israel!" crap is less advocacy/suggestion and more like a "but I must insist, sir" type of a command. I mean if your job depends on it, it's a command (e.g. Salaita, Hagel).

      I'm not sure how that's going to sit with the general public.

  • Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama's approval -- WSJ bombshell
    • If it helps, Mr. Obama, just look on the people that did this to you as "whistleblowers."

    • If only Obama had the courage and conviction of a [51%] rank-and-file Presbyterian. It seems that they were up against the same Israeli Pressure Machine yet somehow managed to suck up their guts and do the right thing.

      Obama, well... not so much. He either likes being the proverbial "donkey" or is so weak that any lines he draws are meaningless. Mostly the latter would be my guess.

  • The Walzer Problem
    • Agree, just. I hope more people pay attention. He's the proverbial canary in the coalmine. Societal "methane" is probably as odorless and colorless as methane gas.

    • When there are 6M Jewish Israelis amid 200M+ Muslims, boastful, self-justifying talk of payback and revenge is terminal/suicidal, not to mention criminal for the pain it causes Jews worldwide.

      Latest from Gideon Levy (behind the paywall): link to

      Gevalt, anti-Semitism!
      Since its establishment, more Jews were hurt in wars and terror attacks in Israel than anywhere else. The war in Gaza endangered world Jews as well, as no other war has before it.

      (I got the full text by going through a tweet: link to Maybe that's a workaround.)

    • Great comment, tts. Spot on.

    • It sure seems to be a pattern. Unity government/acceptance of Israel right to exist in some fashion = time to kill 2000 people.

    • @Jon66- And there's no crime in Manhattan is there? If the Mayor of NYC wanted to stop crime he could right? So crime in Manhattan must be by design. Got it.

      And Manhattan is not populated by angry, occupied, wronged people, ALL of whom have had family members killed by Israel over the last 6 years (re: HIGHLY motivated).

    • @jon s- That first MEMRI "human shields" video (the one Jake Tapper ambushed Noura Erakat with), even if you accept their translation at face value, was a no-other-option-to-save-their-homes lament/plea that tragically relied on a belief that there was some vestigial shred of humanity in the Israelis -- that the Israelis would not simply kill helpless people standing on their roofs in plain sight.

      As it turns out there was/is not even a vestigial shred of humanity in the Israelis. I doubt if any Palestinian will make the same plea/mistake again.

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