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One summer in Germany, a while back, I met many returning US kibbutzim. The exuberance and energy was affecting. Influenced by that, a few months later in college I started to physically protest/jeer from the Israeli perspective. On one occasion we all headed to the Cleveland City Club to hear and jeer Chomsky. Between our interruptions (which he handled gracefully with a "noted" and went on), I heard him speak about water theft. For some reason, being as swept up in the Uris-like glow about Israel as I was, I had never heard (listened?) or asked about anything remotely disturbing about Israel. Afterward I started asking basic questions like, "If this is true, how can one people do this to another people, and we cheer it on?" and got few even marginally responsive answers. All the contradictions between Israel-reality and Israel-myth that appear here, were present even then. The veil was pierced and my perspective flipped almost immediately. It was the '70s, Kent State, and we were supposed to be FOR civil rights. FOR everybody. I felt grossly stupid and more than a little betrayed. My former physical tactics and experience mirror what goes on here an in the larger net world. I understand the desperate need (by Israel) to clamp the lid down hard (and keep it clamped) on the deeply troubling reality of everyday Palestinian life. It also suggests that just one little glimmer of reality that gets through can make a difference, one person at a time. One never knows which glimmer that might be...

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  • Security hired by pro-Israel group arrests questioner at Dennis Ross speech in Kansas City Public Library
    • So did I read this right? Optional, Israeli-trained, "security" thugs allowed to be at a museum function by a museum employee forcibly detain and arrest that same employee on museum property while he was doing his job for the museum? And they're going to prosecute him for interfering in a "security" process in which he was the sole legal on-site decision-maker?

      Sweet Jesus.

      We are all Palestinians.

  • 'NYT' finds no 'camera-ready villain' in Yemen (because those are our child-killers)
    • I've noticed now three articles/observations from "blogs of substance" on this "enginereed ignorability" phenomenon. Boomer linked to Informed Comment/Juan Cole, b @Moon of Alabama had a great piece about randomly and/or interest-driven manufacturing of "good" and "evil" (ie. protagonists and antagonists), and now Donald, here, via the Orwell quote.

      It's a theme - and a darn important one for we consumers of "info" to recognize as THE operative construct of journalism today.*

      The question and next step though is how do we truth-seeking consumers turn this knowledge into a usable filter - not so much for ourselves, but as a tool to explain this duping phenomenon to others.

      I have taken to using "ZERO of what you hear on [insert applicable subject here; war and peace seems to always work] in MSM is true. ZERO." Or the passive-aggressive, "You're too smart to be a dupe. Dig deeper."

      Maybe there are other ways to make the point and achieve/suggest a reset. It just seems to me that this phenomenon is so pervasive that some catchy/quick/resonating reset tool to counter it would be very useful.

      Thanks Donald. Good article. Relevant at a time when we seem to be turning a corner on a broad recognition of just how pervasive and pernicious this is. I also think that the first ones to get more people to look away from the MSM/interest-driven agitprop has the best chance to steer the discussion in their direction.

      * re: "today": I think this is a more acute phenomenon today because there aren't any competing voices of commensurate reach and energy like there was in, say, in our entire pre-WWII history.

  • Problem with Comments
  • Washington Post says Netanyahu and Clinton's 'common love of Hamilton' could bring peace to Mideast
    • The intentionally multi-ethnic musical "Hamilton" would be prohibited in Israel.

      Picture a Palestinian or Ethiopian actor portraying Ben-Gurion in some Israeli variant and you know why.

  • A lot of the grief over Shimon Peres is grief over the end of the two-state solution
    • Great points HarryLaw. My quibble is that Jewish Israel doesn't poseess the option to "allow" anything. while there may have been the element of choice that "allow" implies, it no longer exists. The choice has been made.

      The perimeter of Israel (or Israel-Palestine, or better, Palestine-Israel) defined by decades of force as "river to sea." It exists currently as one state. What happens now, from bantustans, to inarguably/legally/recognizable Apartheid-Hafrada-Jim Crow, to unambiguous and precedented international condemnation, to equal rights struggle (successful), is going to occur within that one state just as it did in the US and South Africa. It's quacking like the proverbial duck.

      You're right about Assad of course as a best hope for focusing the attention inward on the new state and the rights struggle I would just add that if Assad doesn't prevail and Jewish-Israel, as its only solution, starts transporting (intentional allusion) Palestinians from their homes to Israel's head-chopping, liver-eating, throat-slitting, alive-burning allies in Syria for them to do as they see fit with them, I believe that even the currently assertively complacent governments of the world would recoil and act. The Holocaust parallels would be too strong to ignore.

      IDK. It seems pretty clear that Jewish-Israel has cemented its own demise (as they see it). They'll resist that outcome (Equal rights? Ugh.) mightily of course, but I'm not sure they have any alternatives but to ultimately acquiesce (That is if they genuinely value living in their "historical homeland" at all. Fact is probably half++ will move back to Brooklyn rather than share.).


    • GREAT article!

      Now it all begins in earnest.

  • The secret location for a debriefing on Palestinian art at the Guggenheim
    • So the "Debriefing" was/is performance art as part of the exhibition? Did I understand that correctly?

      God do I feel old.

    • "...begs the question..." To put it mildly. :)

    • Curious behavior. Is this another version of Israeli cultural absorption, like falafel and maftoul? Why do they care so much about pre-48 Palestinian art to go to all this trouble to invent a story and present it in this way? Was this maybe some Israelis scamming a few bucks on the backs of Palestinian artists?


      And where is all the art stolen from Palestinian homes in West Jerusalem anyway?

  • No responsibility. No morality. No comment. No boycott.
    • "Perhaps the article is more receptive to LZ ears if the term disputed is used..."

      Great point oldgeezer. It does seem like a sort of "lingua franca" in LZ circles and/or the accepted price of entry/"credibility" in the broader intra-Jewish discussion.

    • Yeah MHughes. I think I understand what he's trying get at, but he "Overton Windows" himself in the wrong direction, imho. I think he accepts most of the legitimacy of the position he's trying to argue against and starts his argument from there. It's a thought process akin to Palestinians accepting the annexation of Jerusalem, its suburbs, E1, and the Jordan Valley and starting a two-state negotiation.

      I just think "complexity" is best unscrambled with direct contrasting alternatives rather than acquiescence (partial or otherwise). Mr. Cohen effectively makes the case that "settlement boycotts" are not anti-semitic, but does that mean he believes that boycotting Israel is? It's not clear he does NOT [believe boycotting Israel is anti-semitic]. If he does, there's a ton of subtext here to be unpacked BEFORE getting to any meaningful forward-looking discussion, let alone one on the static historical "what ifs?" you mention. It becomes an unnecessarily variegated and easily sidetracked discussion.


    • "disputed territory"?

      "settlement boycott"? (as opposed to all Israel?)


      What's up with that?

      How can one possibly hope to motivate change when one strenuously advocates in averages?

      Once again... aww screw it.

      I think the author's heart is probably in the right place.

  • Over 1,000 faculty members sign statement condemning 'Canary Mission' blacklist
    • If a business wanted to hire someone with the extremely valuable (and equally rare) combination of vision, courage, self-actualization, and perseverance, Canary Mission would be the FIRST place to go.

      It's a frickin' recommendation if you ask me.

  • NetanyaBOO!: Page Six punching bag Benjamin Netanyahu heckled at 'Hamilton'
    • Now picture how the intentionally-multi-ethnic musical "Hamilton" would play in Israel.

      It wouldn't. Period.

      Ayelet-baby - BooBoo's minister of racism, er, culture - would defund it.

      There's an ugly analogy for BooBoo's conspicuous and disruptive attendance at "Hamilton" but I can't get it right. Something along the lines of "blood diamonds aren't so bad because they clean up just fine", but that's not quite rotten enough.

  • Honor Edward Said's legacy by supporting BDS
    • Go Corbyn!

      He seems to be successfully navigating the anti-Palestinian attacks, fitfully but successfully. He may create a political model for others if/when he's ultimately successful.


  • Shmuley Boteach seeks to blackmail Obama over his legacy
    • So Boteach is a racist occupationist and Wexler is a racist segregationist. What portion of the Jewish "rainbow" do they collectively represent?

      I'm starting to think the struggle isn't about some Jewish position of leadership for Palestinian justice in what seems to be somewhat self-defined as an issue on which Jews must be leaders, but rather a struggle for a consistent, non-insular morality from which Jews (as a named moral force for good, eg. JVP, NOT as individuals who already have the morality) might join the fight sometime in the future pending the outcome of some lengthy internal debate.

      The rest of us are moving on relatively quickly.

      Go Corbyn!

    • Yeah amigo. That Power performance was completely unhinged. People who are afraid of Trump's "finger on the button" should stop extrapolating. Any administration that could produce that performance is one to be very worried about. Here. NOW.

  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • Hi Mooser. I just think there are competing dynamics. The wholly unaccountable, power, change-resistant dynamic that has so much annexation/border-expanding inertia at the moment and for the foreseeable future, vs. the embryonic equal rights broad-consensus moral dynamic.

      Imho the annexation inertia won't be countered by the nascent, yet ultimately overwhelming, rights dynamic before Palestine is absorbed into a single state. In the end, "the moral arc of the universe" (firm believer in that), wins via the like-to-like (Apartheid/Hafrada) clarity, awareness, and legal precedents that the annexation vision of the new state will bring.

      Idk. I won't live to see it, but I believe an equal rights version of Palestine-Israel will happen.


    • Point taken echinococcus. It felt wrong when I wrote it. My bad.

      Beyond that you and I are just going to disagree on the dissolution of '67 Israel. Sadly it exists as a repressive, colonial Jim Crow state. I don't believe anything is going to happen to roll that back border-wise ever. I'm just hopeful that whatever the new single state is called becomes (can become) one with equal rights.

    • Hey Phil, why can't you just say "occupied Palestine?" You just ran an article by Jonathon Cook decrying the "erasure of Palestine." Surely not being able to call Palestine by its name propagates that erasing (literally, if for no other reason).

      Why do you participate in the "erasure of Palestine" in your writing?

      The borders are defined, the world recognizes it, and using the name Palestine has no bearing on any one-state, two-state considerations (as Palestine is being inexorably absorbed by Israel). Not getting the reluctance. Just thought I'd ask directly.


  • UC Berkeley reinstates Palestine class, rejecting pressure from pro-Israel groups
    • So cool. Next time this course is offered it will have 52 enrollees. Yay AMCHA!

      All these efforts at quashing pro-Palestinian activism, or just simple, non-boilerplate discussion of what's really going on in Palestine, are almost certain to have the opposite of the intended effect. They triple they notoriety/awareness without countering the basic, seldom-heard-publicly facts. In fact they reinforce the credibility of the Palestinian side of the story by showing - in full view - a small dose of the unacceptable (ie. a non-shared value) repression the Palestinians in Palestine live with/under every single day.

      At the risk of being repetitious, there's nothing the anti-Palestinian crowd can try to do at this point to keep the lid on a foul, generations-long situation which is scratching and clawing its way out into the open, that won't backfire on them. The basic situation is credible, irrefutable, ongoing, and repugnant to most normal people so ANY publicity can only reinforce those fundamentals.

  • In Brookings poll, most Dems say $38 billion aid package to Israel is 'way too much' while the GOP is split
    • I really like Telhami/PIPA/WPO/UMaryland use of specific, informational questions in their polling. They really frame the opinion "fulcrums" in specific terms and generate immediately relevant and transferrable (if there ever came a desire) policy commentary/suggestions.

      His polling also consistently shows the the US public isn't stupid or unhinged. When presented with enough info to make a decision they seem to make a rational one.

      It's also a bit puzzling (or something) that he works for Haim Saban's shop at Brookings and still produces such accurately representative (imho) polling data - usually negative and/or contrary - on Israel.

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • Since you used sneer quotes around "truths," please give an example of an obstructing "truth" from the ooccupied, suppressed, and colonized Palestinian side. Or are those the Palestinian "truths" you sneer at?


  • 'NYT' editorial on US military aid leaves out Palestinians because it knows it would lose the argument
    • Is Sen. Leahy (iirc) going to go forward with his hearings on the legality of this aid, absent a certification that it adheres to US human rights LAW?

      Oh never mind. That possibility (Ie. the smallest wisp of a hint that maybe not all is quite right/legal with aid to Israel) is probably not in the NYT editorial either (should I have read it?).

      Just curious, but does the NYT disallow comments on all their editorials, or just ones on Israel, or just ones where they [must] KNOW they're so completely divorced from reality as to invite overwhelming amounts of vicious and well-deserved ridicule?

  • If I speak at your conference, conservatives will be upset, liberals will congratulate themselves, and the colonised won't be helped
    • Wow!

      Thoughtful, eloquent, important, and RIGHT!

      There are quite a few really interesting and relevant issues raised and suggested in this letter. Without writing 5000 words (bo-ring) perhaps they might be congealed by asking if the/some AAI members "study" Palestinians and Palestinian culture (ie. Palestinians as objects, or even worse as done-deal "historical" objects)?

      Thank you Professor Hage. Remarkable piece. Right decision.

  • 'Where do you want it?': Israeli soldier taunts unarmed Palestinian man before shooting him
  • Two women's boats set sail for Gaza in effort to break blockade
  • More insultingly stupid propaganda for Israel in the 'New York Times'
    • Well said MHughes.

    • Yeah. Yeah. Even if you suspend your giant wall of disbelief for a sec and give Rudoren credit for a tiny sliver of truth, the US Declaration was quickly followed by stable, yet living/amendable, black-letter Constitution guaranteeing basic rights and capable of adding more.

      End of Israel analogy and the whole "shared values" manipulation.

      But then, we are now in the process of importing Israeli "values" (c.f. anti-BDS legislation) designed to shred or ignore our written Constitution and make us more like Israel. So maybe Rudoren gets the last "ipso facto" laugh after all.

      And both major party presidential candidates (and at least the last two presidents) say "Amen! Hallelujah!!"

      Sad. Tragic actually. How does one shifty little perrenial [known] bad-actor backwater country have SO much global reach that it can make seemingly everyone else abandon all our ideals and/or aspirations and adopt its diseased/repressive-as-first-resort/Jerry-Springer-show-racist political pathology as our own?

      And the trolls say just asking the question is a proverbial "trope" and assert that we ban burkinis (and worse, like defunding health care for the poor in the US to provide record military/repression/killing aid for Israel) because we have independently deemed that to be in our own best interests to do so. Heh. Right-y-o.

      Thanks for these articles PW and DJ and (((JN))). They really highlight the chasm between what is and what we have been rhetorically "nose-ringed" into believing "is" is. (h/t Boomer for the Juan Cole link the other day)

  • The right to educate
    • Great comment jd65.

      I was kinda going the other way. Instead of comparing to homogenize and obscure, I was wondering out loud if the current treatment of Palestinians is unusually harsh by historical standards.

      I think it may be, probably as a function of the power differential, but there seems to be some gratuitous infliction of pain mixed in as well.

      Reading this article, I got a feeling of hopelessness just out of frame due to the incessant and unbelievably granular anti-Palestinian attacks. That made me curious whether there might be specific lessons learned in comparable initially-hopeless struggles, if any, that might inform the current Palestinian struggle. Some models of incremental perseverance and/or micro-deliverance.

      The courage of these people and the others you mentioned is astounding, but I suspect not limitless.

      Just ruminating.

    • Are Palestinians and Palestinian educators unique in these efforts to quash their message, and frankly, them personally. It seems so, currently anyway.

      But how about historically? Have other groups, like say labor organizers/"fairness" educators in the '30s (probably a bad example) been treated this harshly by forces with vested interests in seeing that their compelling moral high ground does NOT get mainstreamed?

      I think what's happening today to even Palestinian educators who play by all the rules may be unique. But maybe not.

      Again, genesto said a while back that "We are all Palestinians." So in the sense that this thought-destruction (for lack of the right word) is happening/is allowed to happen to "them," it's happening to all of us. The nature of US Constitutional democracy is changing before our eyes. I mean this in the most sincere way possible...Palestinians and the Palestinian message are the amphibians of our political ecosystem.

      Or, shorter version: "First they came for the Palestinians. ..."

      Thanks Ms. Elia.

  • Trump could be bumpy for Jews
    • "The ancestors of most Jews experienced the worst of being outsiders, “vermin,” “parasites,” and Jews have a learned aversion to governments that persecute, and to proud majoritarian mobs." - See more at: link to

      Come again. Is that a joke?

      If "Jews" (following from the deplorable generalization in the article) keep sending Billions in annual federal aid to the motherland thus quite literally depriving poor people in Alabama of health care, that's a choice that "Jews" make (and broadcast).

      If "Jews" don't like being the objects of scorn then stop doing bad/selfish stuff that hurts people. Simple. Or maybe better, if it's bad for "Jews" to be singled out don't write an article that singles out "Jews" as particularly vulnerable. If elected, Trump is going to be bad for a lot of people.

      "Bad for Jews" has such a sour privileged taste to it. Who cares? We're all in this TOGETHER. Or are we? Wait, now I'm not so sure. (See how that works...)

      Trump is only the conduit not the instigator. As this article so perfectly illustrates, this is a self-inflicted concern - if it is a concern at all.

      And for PS sakes, If your worried about how "Jews" are perceived and/or singled out, don't crow about how Hillary is going to be good for "Jews" when she's going to be bad for the vast majority of the other people on the planet.


  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • Good one Boomer. Thanks. It's amazing how seamlessly the Zios fit or try to fit into Cole's observation on perceptual manipulation with their "Palestine never existed." schtick. It's like they innately know the formula, but then screw it up with their breathless "explicit-ness."

    • Wow. Wonder if other student-led classes have been cancelled by Chancellor whim, or is this the only one?

      If this is the only one, isn't that the sound of a line being crossed? Or was that line crossed long ago?

    • Yeah well, a lot of people say Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, and maybe Lebanon shouldn't exist, either with words or vile deeds. What's the "anti-" word for that (so we can all start saying it) and why should we care about Israel any more, or less, or differently?

      Yeah, yeah. Cue the profoundly sophist and artfully irrelevant "43 Arab countries..." rationalization cloud.

  • Why I single out Israel
    • Great point yourstruly. It sure seems like Trump is uniquely positioned to do just that, but for some reason he isn't likely/won't pull the trigger on it. It's like he doesn't actually want to win.

      But then Hillary could also win easily if she would just be honest about stuff, and especially if was sincere about wanting to stop the evisceration of the middle class. But she isn't either.

      Weird election. Both candidates [knowingly] putting forth the worst possible positions/personae and asking for votes. Both going to great lengths to show/demonstrate the gaping chasm between the peopke they represent and the people they say they represent. I hope voters take note and vote third party and REALLY throw it all up in the air with about a 35% NEITHER vote.

      The signs of the proverbial system actually coming apart at the seams are there this time. One can only hope that something politically buildable happens in 2016.


  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
    • Are we still discussing the ebb and flow in the conditions required for two states, or is this a "Biibs is a loon" article?

  • NYC city council anti-BDS bill meets resistance from protesters
  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
  • New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank
    • Being an American was probably what got him killed. He assumed he had every right to go where and when he wanted to go. Aka freedom.

      Sadly, exercising freedom appears to be a capital offense in Israel. More alarmingly, those Israeli mores are creeping/done creeped into our US political culture as the reluctance to investigate this shows. US citizens should be very on edge about this trend. We're next.

      As genesto said a bit ago, "We are all Palestinians."

  • 'NY Times' rigs a purported news article to push U.S. escalation in Syria
    • Thanks JLD. Very informative vid. Ritter is great about stressing the same mechanical pattern of "disinformation" tells us intervention is imminent and in process.

      He had the audience (and me) repeating it with him. I really had no idea that it was that mechanical, but it appears to be.

      Tweeted it and one of the #DemExit folks retweeted, so it got some play. Thanks again.

  • Pro-Israel groups declare 'lawfare' on BDS movement in Canada
    • Maybe a coalition of various advocacy groups can be formed to initiate/pass SLAPP legislation in Canada.

      Sounds like a sharp rise in frivolous lawsuits is in the works there.

  • The United States of Innocence -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (retired), Part 2
    • PS. It would be REALLY interesting to see a panel sometime with Pierce and Bacevich on it. There's a lot of commonality between them and some differences on emphasis (critical need/effect of the draft maybe, past and future) and/or rate of the approach of any societal reckoning. They would really synergize each other's world views, imho.

      Maybe at a MW convention....

    • Brilliant interview Phil. Pitch perfect, contextual, and dire.

      There are so many absolutely spot on thoughts, patterns, and observations.

      FWIW I'd add and/or emphasize that the societal cratering we're locomoting toward will be vastly more precipitous, severe, and unexpected than any of the previous implosions Maj. Pierce cited because of the unprecedented comprehensive success in concealing the intermediate effects (aka warning signs).

      Thanks to both of you.

  • There's no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel
  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • Hi Marnie. I had thought that Ms. Zonszein had considered Israel her home as well.

    • Echino, I'm getting your anger but not your reasoning.

      PS. "Meistervolk?" Seriously?

    • @echino

      Israel is going away by its own hand. It may take a while but unless they go full Nazi on the Palestinians the Zionists have skillfully and inexorably maneuvered themselves into a minority position in what they call "their" own country.


    • Mairav Zonszein has some courage but she's leaving. Haneen Zoabi, who faces bigger and more numerous threats to life and liberty, is staying and slogging it out.

      I understand the elements of truth in what you're saying Marnie, but I'm sticking with my original comment. The cut-and-run attitude/ability and the seemingly complete unwillingness to work with "others" of the Jews who MW seeks to influence to make Israel better, help Palestinians, show that not all Jews are violently racist and/or repressive Zionists, or some other good purpose, negatively impacts the effectiveness of the message here.

      I believe it's an important message but I question whether a large chunk of the target/receptive audience is even capable of acting on that message because of artificial/self-imposed constraints.

      That's why I asked, "Why?". Why is Mairav Zonszein leaving the "Jewish State" when Haneen Zoabi is not? I believe that's a more complete and important discussion than the lone fact that Ms. Zonszein is leaving.

    • Compare to the Joint List types who stay and fight for what they believe.

      These timid lefty Jewish-Israelis would rather bail than ally with their [natural] non-Jewish moral allies. The far bigger story is "Why?"

      I don't pretend to understand the ease with which these lefties-of-convenience abandon their country/"Jewish State" and leave it to others - non-Jews - to fight their all-too-real battles. And frankly, they carry that defeatism/feebleness/lack of courage their new host country.

  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
    • Great questions Boomer. Especially the last one. I have no idea.

      My only motivation for that comment was that the APN types SAY they want a Palestinian state but never quite get around to ask for (or even recommend) one directly. These sporadic, spasmodic LZ tizzies are the Shakespearean "...tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
      Signifying nothing."

      It must be hell for them to doom themselves to be forever oblique and tangential.

    • @Boomer I pretty much agree with your observations but draw the opposite conclusion.

      The Zionists have lost.

      The seeds of Zionism all-but-notional demise were embedded in both the premise and the entitled, excessive implementation right from the start.

      I don't know if Israel would accept (as opposed to desire) a Palestinian statelet because I believe they know that that would inarguably complete the definition of, and broadly perceived moral equivalence to, South African Apartheid. No more ambiguity.

      Similarly they're hosed if the DO NOT do something to physically segregate end masse and simply occupy in perpetuity. That's half de jure, half de facto One State and becomes equally inarguable to suppress the political and human rights of more than half the people under your control forever.

      Lose-Lose, imho. Timing TBD, but the enabling ambiguity seems to be fading in real time (though glacially so).

      Agree about the refugees though, should they wish to come.

    • If it's two STATES they "want" the biggest and quickest thing Obama could do is recognize Palestine as, you know, a STATE.

      Stroke of the pen kinda stuff. He did it for South Sudan.

  • Marc Lynch warns against the U.S. escalation in Syria
    • Aye Danaa. The mysterious brother. Probably tended by one of the equally mysterious, chimeric, letter-signing pediatricians.

      I don't know. Perhaps the Nobel committee can sort it all out. ;)


    • Thanks gracie fr. Good articles.

      It was interesting to note that Clinton was notionally FOR diplomatically encouraging Assad to liberalize prior to 2011 but changed her view when the Israeli government changed its view around that time.

      Coincidence? Who knows.

    • A) "The outside actors include: the U.S.; Russia; Turkey; Iran; Saudi Arabia; Qatar ..." - See more at: link to

      Israel didn't make the list for providing military and medical support for Nusra/al Qaeda/whatever they're called now?

      B) That photo of the kid is very likely a fake. Are a few hundred thousand MORE human beings now going to die because of a fake photo that reinforces a preconceived notion based on an imperial aim osmotically implanted by endless media cheerleading that is now grudgingly embraced by former "skeptics" thus removing all obstacles to a few hundred thousand MORE dead human beings and the lucky ones living in a fiery hell of our making? The self-enforcing death circle/spiral is as astounding as it is obvious. Even as it plays out in this article.

      Fake photo: link to

      C) I hate to use a movie cliché to sum it up, but that's where we're cartoonishly at on this intervention death-cult sickness - grudging or otherwise: "The only way to win is not to play." Period. That's the starting point and the ending point. The "anti-Nike" motto: "Just DON'T do it!"

      There were and ARE ways to get rid of Assad (if that's the honest objective) without turning the lives of 25M human beings into a hellish mess. Apparently it is NOT the honest objective because we did not (and are not) pursuing those diplomatic/non-violent methods. So using Assad as a rationale for death and destruction is the sign of either a dupe or a naif.

      D) Democracy (or just stable and/or consensual political institutions) has to be organically developed. Without that organic basis the inevitable result of intervention and destabilization is a worse outcome. Rule #1. Failure to heed this rule results in an argument - witting or unwitting - FOR the worse outcome.

      E) The principal, long-term, and perhaps unrecoverable disaster of this election is that voters who would normally oppose Clinton's perpetual war fetish/freak are now going to vote FOR that option. Again, no more obstacles to killing anybody any time for any reason in any quantity. The cost to the planet (and the US) will be extreme and enduring.

      I hope I'm very wrong.

  • Beyond the flag
    • Nicely done Ms. Elia.

      Once again you beautifully translate a wispy poetic thought into prose with real world application.

      I really enjoy your writing.

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • Thanks Keith. It was a good article sans the "war criminal" contention/opinion.

      He certainly wasn't before we intervened. Don't know how you save 25M human beings from being ruled by head-chopping, cage-burning, liver-eating animals (ntm the sick-boy-throat-slitting "moderates") by laying down - by not fighting back.

      If Assad is, Obama, HRC, Bush, et. al., are as well. And as you say Lincoln too. Truman didn't need to nuke a city. He could have nuked a military base. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      IDK. I'm tired.

  • #PayPal4Palestine campaign urges PayPal to serve Palestinians, not just Israelis
    • There may be some shaming leverage here:

      link to

      Schulman apparently has a social conscience for non-Palestinian types. Also PayPal is possibly in a sensitive biz position because it's heading in new directions after splitting with eBay. It may be sensitive to bad publicity which this blatant discrimination will draw out.

    • What's with the appeal to reason as a correcting force/mechanism? US Treasury does business...? Pfft.

      PayPal isn't doing this for any valid or rational reason. They're doing it because they desire to afflict Palestinians at the behest of the GoI. Period.

      The correcting force is to afflict back. Somehow.

    • Edit: It's just bizarre that they keep on trying.

      The inconceivable "innateness" of the "we must be obeyed" mentality of Israelis (as perfected on Palestine and Palestinians) that propels these coercive efforts despite the more destructive (to themselves) side effects is astounding. It's way beyond blinkered. It's like gravity (the invisible force sense) of the mind or something. I don't know.

    • Great question amigo!

    • Hmm. The Jewish CEO of Paypal does business in every other country in the world except Palestine.

      I wonder if the vaguely-worded California anti-BDS applies to Paypal. This would certainly seem to be a boycott against a specific ethnic group. The absolute proof being the 1 of 203 condition.

      Goodbye CA state revenues PayPal.

      Actually this boycott drives a stake through the heart of that, and similar, legislation, but suggests that if such legislation is worded universally it might help Palestinians.

      The Israelis and their sycophants here are out of options for coercing Israel-friendly behavior from free people. Not only is it unconstitutional, near as I can tell the side effects are ALL worse for Israel (from their perverse, like-us-or-else PoV) than the problem-that-isn't-a-problem (BDS) they're trying to crush.

      It's just bizarre.

      Thanks WD. Important stuff of the hoodathunkit (Palestine solely targeted in the entire world is beyond even my cynicism) variety. A pristene example of the needless challenges/affronts Palestinians and Palestine face solely because Israel covets their land and resources, wants to humiliate them, or more likely both.

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • To expand...

      I'd REALLY like to see that last not-so-hypothetical play out.

      The Muslim cop's Israeli escorts would immediately take the side of the crazies. If the US cop was armed, there could be a weapon drawn on Jews by a Muslim on a zealously-maintaining Jews-only street in illegally-occupied Hebron where the escorts would have respond with force or the Netanyahu government would lose its settler bloc and fall.

      Headline/law enforcement grapevine: Israelis shoot US police officer for violating racist protocol/asking questions/provocation/being uppity/protecting himself/resembling a Palestinian/no reason/whatever. (Some of which would be seen as good things in some police circles, no mistake.)

      Hmmm. Popcorn.

      Of course the Israelis could avoid risking this not-so-hypothetical by simply not asking any Arab/Muslim officers on this tour. Or heck, if that would be unacceptable in some circles they could just set up separate (but equal, of course) itineraries for the questionable officers.

    • Counter-terrorism techniques, eh?

      How do the Israelis define terrorism again? Human beings who on any given day they - collectively or individually - simply don't like? Must repress! The only rule is there are no rules? The beatings will continue until morale improves? (Which btw seem to be the takeaways from this grand experience. Woe is us.)

      It would be illuminating for these repression tourists (er, police administrators), and for the rest of us to see their reaction, if some Palestinian got hold of their Hebron schedule in advance and tried to walk down a Jews-only street while the tourists were observing potentially-transplantable Israeli "policing" techniques.

      It would be double interesting if an Arab or Muslim attendee declared that heritage and asked some mild "what if..." questions while walking down a Jews-only street during one of these jaunts. I suspect the fundie settlers there would go uncontrollably nuts.

  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • Yes!

      In three words or less you completely change the conversation.

    • Great article.

      This lays out why I object so much to the use of "the occupied territories." It's a phrasing/framing intended to completely negate Palestine and Palestinian identity in conversation. As Annie pointed out/corrected me a while back it's Israel-occupied PALESTINE. Or just occupied Palestine.

      As mentioned in thus article, specific names have power and meaning, and autocorrect the opposite message in real time. Not using proper names (Palestine) accepts and perpetuates the overt dismissiveness of the oft-repeated generic framing.

      This is particularly important when most Americans believe it is Palestine that is occupying Israeli territory.

      link to

      Sorry to be repetitive but with Avigail's article and this one there seems to be an uptick in the discussion of effective language surrounding this multi-generational travesty. This seemed relevant.


  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
    • Je suis la burkini. :)

    • Vikram, he was mocking the ugly thinking behind the burkini ban by showing how ugly it is when applied to another religion.

      By using the nuns this way he was actually holding them up as exemplars-of-purity-and-goodness in order to contrast the French hypocrisy and bigotry.

    • Heh. Good one.

    • All the women in France who don't like being told what to wear by the state should wear them as a fashion statement. Let the police sort it out.

      I can see them carding women for religion and arresting/publicly undressing only the Muslims.

      Who thinks up this shit?

  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • Every once in a while a story pokes out out of the fog of cynicism and vitriol that really gives you a lift.

      People are getting it!! Lots of people! (...and acting on it.)

      Great story.


  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • OT now, but I never knew this:

      link to

      "Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today it would be bizarre to expect African American players to stand for the Star Spangled Banner. Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African Americans.

      Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the end of the third verse and you’ll see why the Star Spangled Banner is not just a musical atrocity, it’s an intellectual and moral one, too:

      No refuge could save the hireling and slave
      From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

    • Colin Kaepernick, a starting NFL quarterback sat down during the national anthem to protest racism in the US.

      link to

      Good on him.

    • Agree genesto.

      Not only signify, but serve as a metric of progressive sincerity, honesty, and universality. If one doesn't front or simply include Palestine in one's progressive "palette," one is an unprincipled gutless fraud, incapable of acting progressively on any issue.

    • You may be right catalan. It is the wrong forum for applying pressure on Israel, but since ALL the "right" fora have been eliminated over the course of this 70 colonization/ethnic cleansing with the slaughter of human beings mixed in PRN, this becomes the default "right" forum because it's the only one left.

      Blame the GoI for funneling protest here by it's total, abject, omni, and generational failure to even attempt to resolve it's illegal and amoral behavior.

      BTW NONE of those flare ups you mention has been going on for more than a decade. That makes this one first in the queue for notoriety and resolution.

      I have to say it's Israel's special hands-off [non-] treatment under international law that is shredding that law. Expect more of this type of protest if that process is not reversed. All the advocates of death out there will be increasingly unrestrained, there will be many more prolonged failures of the institutions charged with resolutions (especially given that the advocates of death are in charge of them), and high-profile, globally-publicized events like this will become increasingly political as disenfranchised seek to bring attention to their ongoing plights.

    • Less normalization does seem to be the trend. Great!

      I wonder if African athletes shook (were required to shake) the hands of RSA athletes in anti-Apartheid protest years or if this is a new rule because it's Israel.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
  • Defying Scottish law, football fans fly Palestinian flags during match with Israeli team
  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • Oops. Mispelled. shb @hamdeaburahma

    • Great link jwp. Thanks.

      A real teeth-gnasher. Punished for just telling his story. Why do they do it?

      And on the UK side, Hamde Abu Rahman is an excellent photojournalist. It's self-evident. Aspiring conflict journalists could learn so much from him. Having him visit the UK would only be a positive - COULD only be a positive. Yet he is denied a visa. Along with all the obvious reasons of malice, it's just so unnecessary.

      Incomplete thought alert, but of all the affronts to conscience that might foster enough disgust to bring change to the Palestinian cause, "so unnecessary" may just be the most influential.

      Unlike all the other explanations which may or may not be transient or aggravated or with some imagined cause that might be identified with or puzzled out, "unnecessary" just shows an ingrained sickness that defies understanding and/or explanation.

      Conclusion: Unknowable.

      Suspension of disbelief about Israel's malevolent behavior gets mentally defenestrated.


    • Thanks gamal. This was a good article in that it raised some important points, but there was a lot of conceptual, idk, "curve-fitting" to get there.

    • A) Good article.

      B) If there's only 6000 Jews in Scotland perhaps some enterprising student could take some time and ask EVERY one of them the right/non-victim questions. It's totally doable.

      The results would be interesting.

      C) This raises the question of what "all" means (as in "all Jews"). If 99% (5940) of the Jews in Scotland support routinely slaughtering children is it OK to make the general statement ofmoral depravity or blame? 99.9%? 99.99%? 99.999%?

      D) My guess is that no such survey of all the Jews in Scotland will ever be undertaken for fear of just this result. What if it was 99% support for Israel and the inseparability of Zionism and Judaism? The plausible deniability/cultivated innocence required to assert victimhood would evaporate in a heartbeat.

      That ambiguity will NEVER be risked. As good, empathetic, and clearly heartfelt as this article is, Mr. Cohen himself used that ambiguity to soften his message. By softening his message he makes it less urgent and implies/assures that more Palestinians will need to die to buy the Jewish "community" in Scotland some more time to make up its mind on the morality of regular human slaughter and whether they are involved and/or rightfully negatively impacted by public moral opinion (and correct accordingly).

      E) Sounds like Scotland needs a Mooser! Or at least a Mooser Institute of Didactic Embarrassment.

  • Political analyst: Upcoming Palestinian elections last chance to end internal divide
    • Great info. Thanks.

      God I hope the voters don't have to select party affiliation in the electronic registration. The occupying territories would have to build many more prisons for their newfound treasure trove of Hamas names.

      It also bears repeating that Palestine is a democracy (latent or practicing) despite the efforts of outsiders and occupiers to crush it. This article points out that pluralism seems to be an intrinsic/shared Palestinian popular political vision/aspiration/trait.

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • BTW, "with respect" was deeply and sincerely meant.

    • Pappe added that “the responsibility of Israeli Jews is far greater than that of anyone else involved in advancing peace in Israel and Palestine. Israeli Jews are coming to realize this fact, and this is why the number who support pressuring Israel from the outside is growing by the day. It is still a very small group, but it does form the nucleus of the future Israeli peace camp”. - See more at: link to

      With respect, the nucleus of the Israeli peace camp is the Joint List. It exists, is active, inclusive, and not small (third largest Israeli political bloc).

      The BIG question is whether many/any Jewish-Israelis will join and/or support that movement to achieve the desired result ( i.e. the result they SAY they desire). So far, not so much.

      I don't get the sense that 99.999% of Jewish-Israelis are all that serious about changing anything. Seems more like a lot of whining about how bad GoI policies make them look in/among "polite" company coupled with an overt acquiescence to "acceptable" intra-Jewish discourse (I.e. if Jewish-Israelis aren't doing/leading it it's not real and/or a resounding NIH disposition).

      Was there a mention of the Joint List in this article? If so I apologize for missing it.

  • Olympian at the checkpoint: why a Palestinian swimmer couldn't train in Jerusalem
    • @CaPD

      In your lust to denigrate [the efforts of] a Palestinian competitor in the Olympics you keep using the wrong time.

      Abukhousa's time in the preliminaries was 10.82 sec. That qualified him (#6/21) for the first round where he injured himself but still finished with a 11.89 time.

      link to

      BTW Abukhousa's 10.82" time is well within the range for US Division I (major college) NCAA recruiting for track scholarships.

      link to

      Surely this means he will be recruited by every Israeli university. But sadly Israel will probably (as it does so often) just let him leave and bar him from ever coming back. Check that box, eh?

      You sound confused. Seems like you should be touting him in order for there to be one less Palestinian in Palestine. And maybe just maybe he would take his whole family with him. Zionist nirvana.

      PS. I suspect that the fact that he injured himself yet finished despite the injury (they make movies of this stuff) shows a spirit that scares the bejeebers out of you all. Hence the extaordinarily (even for Zios) bizarre castigation of a profoundly noble effort and act of courage. Just imagine the possibilities if that spirit were applied to making Palestine free or demanding equal rights. Zionist hell.

    • Thanks Cigar God.

    • I can never wrap my brain around the level of spiritual disease it takes to think this kind of garbage - let alone take the time to write it out for all to see.

      Spoken like a true Israeli, sir. Congrats.

  • Solidifying behind Clinton, foreign policy establishment gins up a cold war with Russia/Iran
  • The trials of Dareen Tatour: racism, negligence, and the G4S connection
    • A third option: "They" were waiting to see if she might wander off to someplace "they" could contend that she shouldn't have been... and shoot her (preferably dead).

  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
  • Modern-day lynchings: an international view
    • I hope someone takes the next step in documenting Israel's negative effect on US policing and specifically points out which cities with these "street execution is acceptable practice" policies (and maybe even which officers) have had Israeli training.

  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • When you say "occupied territories" you simply confirm to the majority of Americans that the Palestinians are just whining murderers and Netanyahu is right.

      Most Americans Believe Palestinians Occupy Israeli Land: link to

      Why not be specific and educate some folks?

      Occupied PALESTINE.

  • Video: All hell breaks loose in Knesset as Zoabi demands apology following Israel-Turkey agreement
  • Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'
    • Brilliant JWalters! Tweeted using that as the lede. Sums it up perfectly.

      (Hope you don't mind.)

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
  • 'It's a real problem if the thing we get upset about is stones' --Ehrenreich deflects talking points on public radio
  • Israel should be deeply disturbed by the Brexit vote
    • @RoHa June 27, 2016, 10:49 pm...

      Great holistic comment. Thanks.

    • Libraries will be written about this vote.

      There were probably a dozen major reasons to vote Leave or Remain, but the bottom line to me, 6000 miles away, is that the "system" taken as a whole wasn't working for 52% of Brits and they voted to change something (whether Brexit was the right something or not is the stuff of more libraries).

      We kinda have the same choice to make here with Trump the "Leave" vote and Hills the "Remain" vote. The other EU countries are probably going to decide if the "system" as a whole is working for them as well although, as you point out Ossinev, for different motivating reasons.

    • Wow amigo.

      The Israelis really have totally accepted/self-justified their ugly morality as a civilized global norm. The arrogance (or is it simply that, after so many generations of visciously subjugating another people, the ugliness is invisible to them - like the green screen in a green screen visual effect?) that demands the rest of us accept that norm or we're ironically labeled as "haters" (or as nasty green screen pointer-outers) is TRULY breathtaking.

      I mean I literally held my breath reading that article waiting for an Act III/the Prestige that never came. I thought it was all a setup to make a point. Heh.

      Thanks. A classic.

    • Hi MHughes,

      Didn't see this before I wrote my original comment, but it shows how the economics and interventionism are intertwined. Michael Hudson on the Real News:

      link to

    • Argh. Twitchy.

      To finish:

      That all these MENA destabilizations are fully supported by Israel as being in its best interests,... the vote represents, to me, a popular, though indirect, refutation of Israeli interests.


      That’s unattributed... and probably a self-selecting sample of one but it would be interesting to see a broader poll of British military on that specific topic.

    • Fair enough, MHughes. You're living it.

      My extrapolated political math from here is UKIP is a "Leave" driver and xenophobic. East Euros are the current "issue" in Britain for economic reasons. "Bad" enough, but TV has image after image of MENA refugees heading north. That wave hasn't affected Britain yet, but with open borders/common policy of acceptance, it's coming. It will compound the current economic problem. War is the source of the refugees. Enough.

      That may seem complicated, but I think the implications of more immigrants in Britain due to policy set in Brussels and implemented in Greece, Italy, and Turkey are immediately grasped and fold seamlessly into the whole "Leave" vote equation you lay out.

      That all these MENA destabilizations are fully supported by Israel as being in its best interests, the

      FWIW/anecdotal, but this got me going in this direction (Paul Craig Roberts):

      "Information continues to come in about the Brexit vote. A member of the British Army said that 90% of the lads in his unit voted to leave. They voted exit because they do not believe they should be involved in Washingtons wars. He said that his unit agreed that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and not by the British people. ..." link to

      That's unattributed and probably self-selecting but it would be in

    • This was a vote against perpetual war in MENA as well (as a driver of millions of refugees heading toward the EU).

      Since some big wheel in Israeli intelligence just let slip that Israel wants ISIS to remain undefeated (perpetuating and expanding the refugee crisis in EU) this vote is a DIRECT refutation of Israel's don't-give-a-whit-about-ANYONE-else methods and policies whether the "Leavers" realize it or not.

    • Yup.

      "Even though it's 99% for us, it's 100% against us!"

      I'll never be able to comprehend such a total lack of self-awareness.

  • Brexit vote leaves progressives suspended between nativists and neoliberals
  • Bloomberg runs Soviet-style report on Israeli crisis, saying Netanyahu is best man for the job
    • Is this a takedown of the Eli Lake-types for their basic inability to deal with facts, or pointing out that their intentional omissions signal that something big is happening in Israel?

      I probably agree if it's the latter but only in the sense of how much worse it's going to be for Palestinians in Palestine (ie. the severity/abruptness of the method of their removal).

  • Emad Khalil's story as a Gazan worker in Israel
    • I'm just going to apologize in advance.

      Mohammed Saleem:

      Emad Khalil’s story is a sample of history in which, outside the domain of political maneuvering, there may have been an alternative road of shared social and economic prosperity for Palestinian and Israeli citizens. - See more at: link to

      Very respectfully, this article sounded like raw exploitation (of Emad) at gunpoint from start to finish. That's not my idea of shared prosperity and/or a synergistic future. But as an indication of just how bad things are in Gaza - how far removed "normal" in Gaza is from what most of us know - my sense of that last paragraph is that raw exploitation by Israel is an aspiration in Gaza.

      The other thing is that Israel has NEVER offered even that raw exploitation (which 90% of Gaza workers would jump on) as a good-faith gesture of a desire for some non-violent/non-starvation based method of creating a path forward. On a positive(??) note, this article shows just how completely within reach that opportunity is and how compleyely foul the full spectrum of Israeli political leadership is for preferring to inflict suffering and death instead.

      Again, sorry. I'm being cranky lately. Really good article. Very illuminating (x2,000,000).

  • Democrats 'no-fly, no-buy' sit-in bolsters racist, ineffective and arbitrary surveillance of Muslims
    • Great article. What could they have they been thinking?

      Politics is so completely broken/confused/muddled/upside down/inside out in the US that Trump isn't an opportunist, he's an inevitability.

    • Hothead! :)

  • Letters to Hillary
  • Smile -- it's the Upper West Side
    • +10, Chu. Choices not bindings.

      OR...something else (unstated) is going on where it is an externally-imposed bind rather than a choice.

    • @David44

      I assume you also read my last paragraph.

      My observation and experience is that supplication (whether you view it as that or not, THEY do) only provides the affirmation of their power that fuels their intransigence.

      Do you have a modern day example of this technique working to defuze/diffuse intransigence and effect change (or minimal case, create some space where change can occur)? I can't think of any offhand, but that's just me.

      It just seems to me that supplication is an acceptance of an inferior position which precludes an ability to expect change as one would expect change from an equal. I think that expectation of change is critical to actually achieving change.

      One last thing, the relationshipship where you feel compelled to consider others' feelings who don't even slightly consider the validity your own just stinks of the way things are done in Israel. Its how Palestinians are forced to relate to their oppressors. It seems out of place in the US. There's a distnct distaste when reading about it as a tactic. It seems like an ugly transferred characteristic where Palestinians here are expected to behave like Palestinians there (and many Palestinians here accept that condition given what Israel can and will do to captive family members and decades of experience with that system).

      But again, Ms. Fadil is Kairos so she/you may be adopting this method out of true and noble belief. If so, and as I wrote upthread, I'm in complete and sincere awe of that courage. Heck, I'm in awe of your courage, period.


    • Great article.

      Is it possible to effect change without making the people who need to change feel uncomfortable?

      We want to recognize the emotional and psychological fear expressed by people living here on the Upper West Side who feel uncomfortable when they hear the policies of the state of Israel being criticized...


      They don't recognize that your dead extended family in Gaza (hypothetically) were even human. Or that you are for that matter. I've never dealt with anyone on that basis so I don't have a clue how it feels, but it seems to me that it would be impossible to accept that assumption, perennially argue from a position of inferiority, and ultimately succeed in changing anything.

      You all are exceptional spiritual people for trying though. For putting other people's feelings first and giving them the benefit of the doubt (over long periods of time) that they will respond in kind. I admire you all very much for that strength and resilience.


  • Question for the Israeli left: Why do you discount the possibility of a second Nakba?
    • As Annie pointed out a few months back the legal definition of genocide was intended to stop genocide before it started in earnest. To prevent genocide.

      The definition was based on the authors' then recent observations of the signs leading up to the WWII-level genocides. They knew what they were talking about.

      Notably, the phrase "in whole or in part" was included. Israel is definitely in the "in part" phase of that definition and is therefore on the path to ethnic cleansing on a mass scale. It's probably a year or two away from a white-shirt emulation of "kristallnacht" in EJ.

      WRT the participation of the Israeli left in all this, I don't get the sense that they give a rat's ass about what happens to Palestinians in Palestine. After all, their political leaders proudly proclaim that they're not "Arab Lovers." Say no more.

      It's happening and the left explicitly doesn't care. I don't know if "shaming" (as this article seems to attempt) works in that circumstance.

      PS. Mr. Abu Rass, do you really think those four kids playing football on the beach were killed by mistake? Is that how you have to say it in order to avoid consequences back home?

  • Post Orlando, a Muslim's comment on homophobia within the Muslim community
  • Netanyahu agonistes
    • Yakov,

      ...for explaining what?

      That you were writing to expose the people.

      To me there were three interrelated concepts in the article:

      ● The gratuitously "gappy" facts presented by these people.

      ● The significance of those gaps (ie. what's now going on in Israel that makes it significant).

      ● These people have been doing this for years without repercussions.

      None of these are new phenomena so I didn't understand where you were going with this until you explained above that you are going to tackle the last one.

      For some reason I just wasn't seeing your direction. That's just me.


    • Thanks for explaining this Yakov. I didn't understand.

    • Please define "get serious with..."

      Shiloh goes?
      Jordan Valley goes?
      Full RF spectrum (banking, water, borders, etc.) control?
      Airport (WB AND Gaza)?
      End siege/blockade (or just entertain/experiment with the notion)?
      De-stagnate the discussion by letting the Joint List into a governing coalition or serve as opposition leadership?

      Ad infinitum.

      There isn't enough "serious" left in Israel to get "serious" enough to solve any of this. Therefore this really isn't about Netanyahu at all. This is about a lot of loud but totally inconsequential caterwauling about that unsettling feeling you get in your gut during free fall by the very people who all jumped off the cliff willingly and together as a political class.

      Is the next Israeli PM who is not Netanyahu going to change anything? Sure seems like they were all participants in/architects of the current situation. ALL of them.

      What's new now?

  • Palestinians in North America: Our rent to pay
    • Love your writing, Ms Elia. You have a gift for giving substance to somewhat ethereal concepts.

  • American Jewish identity: Moving beyond 'love for Israel' and the Holocaust
    • Thanks Roland and Mooser. I was just curious if there was something to return to should the idolatry of Israel fade.

      Also, it seems like the Holocaust killed the benevolent God-half of Jewish tradition. Well, more temporarily erased or drastically de-emphasized than killed, but it left a huge hole to fill. Israel filled that positive-aspiration void. I was wondering if there was something big to fill that void. In my own fumbling terminology, will the benevolent God-half return to Jewish tradition in some emphatic way?

      I figured I'd try to explain my question. There's about 10 Jews here in Alabama so it's tough to do this in person, but it's the preferable way so I think I'll try to find a synagogue that might entertain big questions from total strangers.

      Anyway, thanks for a thought provoking article.


    • mcohen, is that supposed to make sense?

    • If there was one...

    • Being non-Jewish, I guess I have to ask. What was the cornerstone of Jewish identity before the Holocaust and Israel?

  • 'Boycott' Israel over J'lem prayer rules, but 'work' against occupation -- Forward's double standard
    • @Shmuel -

      The first “targeted civil eliminations” (in the words of Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz)?"


      Kinda like Babe Ruth calling his shot by pointing at the center field stands (link to I can almost hear the Mafia-like "You can't prove anything!" non-denial denials coming soon.

    • Hey Annie. 246 comments show up for me on your "Worldwide Protest" article. Was that all of them?

    • EI said they had a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack a few weeks ago. Now masses of comments missing here.

      Coincidence, or Israel's attempt to digitally win hearts and minds?

    • Sorry to hear that Shmuel and gamal. That's a big loss for the site.

      A few thousand of mine are gone too. See, some prayers do get answered. :)

    • Yep MHughes. Should have been persecuted and/or punished. Cuomo skipped right past the due process part.

    • Another question is whether Cuomo knows she would have to be prosecuted under his decree.

      I'd love to see her letter stating her reasons to be taken off the list.

    • One would think.

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