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  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
    • JLewisDickerson: Thank you for an interesting excerpt.
      However, your first sentence is wrong ,"The Holocaust was by far the worst genocide in human history." Horrible as the Jewish Holocaust was, the Armenian Holocaust was even worse. Zionist Jews in Washington, D.C. blocked a section of the Holocaust Museum from being a display of the Armenian Holocaust. They insist at all times that the Jewish Holocaust is the ONLY one of any importance that ever happened and the only one ever worth mentioning. It's upsetting when anyone denies the Jewish Holocaust, but just as upsetting when Jews deny the Armenian Holocaust. .

  • Solidarity is not selective: Michael Bennett brings the struggle for Palestinian freedom to the NFL
    • Thank you, Michael Bennett, for being an example for other athletes to follow. The more Palestinians learn of people around the world who care about them and support them, the less despair they feel living in their prison and the more hope they have for changes in the future. Please support BDS. It's the movement that finally freed S. Africa from apartheid.

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • Well said, just. I've been watching the JBS TV station here lately and realize there is no hope whatsoever for Israelis to understand their crimes. On this station, only Jews talk with other Jews. Period. A Palestinian "side" is NEVER heard. An interviewer may ask a decent question such as something about the illegal occupation, but the answer is always diversion, as are all explanations for the crimes perpetuated on Palestinians in the Palestinians' own land. There have been comments here stating that the Palestinian who was shot dead when he was on the ground had tried to attack the soldier with a knife. When I hear that story and the story of "he threw rocks" I don't take it as the truth. I personally witnessed an IDF soldier shoot dead a Palestinian and THEN take a knife out of the soldier's own clothing and place it beside the body. The story that there has been an attempt on a soldier's life with a knife is one you should never believe outright and never without proof. One settler in the middle of a Palestinian city said a five year old threw a stone at him. The crying child was torn away from his parents, arrested and abused for three hours. No point in telling a Jew events like these...he/she will always come back with a story that puts the Arabs in a bad light. ISRAELIS ARE NEVER WRONG. The only way this rouge immoral state will be stopped is with the rest of the world absolutely stopping them, trying them for war crimes, jailing the criminals...that's Netanyahu, etc. and making them serve long, long sentences. And giving the Palestinians back their property. If the Palestinians want to share their country, they can, and I suspect they will. How do I know this? Unlike the Israelis, I actually talk to Palestinians.

  • Israel lobby group threatens lawsuit if MLA endorses academic boycott
    • Thanks, oldgeezer, well said. Each of us must speak up in defense of the rights of Palestinians of whom it is the aim of Israel to eliminate, as forcefully as possible, until all of Palestine is gone. What they are not counting on is the shunning of the world as they attempt to complete their ugly goal. One can't have a Jewish state and a democracy at the same time. That is a contradiction in terms. One of the best efforts to further BDS is to bring the discussion to all campuses world wide. We can count on the intelligence of professors and students to bring Israel under the bright light of reason and expose the underbelly of its fascism. [We also MUST prevent the US from joining Israel in it's pursuit of a "Greater Israel" and the bombing of Iran.]

  • Why was the Clinton campaign obsessed with fighting BDS?
    • Not likely.

    • In addition to your comment...There are very few Arab Jews left in the world, and you are right, they won't admit it and even say they are not Arabs, which brings us to the term so readily thrown at anyone who criticizes Israel, "anti-Semitic." Arabs are Semites, the Jews of Israel are not. Sooooo when you call me that term, I can say, "absolutely not, I like Palestinians." Here's a truism, if Israeli Jews actually went to the West Bank, they would find the Palestinians don't want to kill them, as the Israelis told me, they just want to live in peace and freedom. They are a warm, wonderful, generous people, but Israelis who won't go meet them will never know that and will continue to teach their children that "Palestinians aren't human, they are animals." BTW, I'm anti-Israel, not anti-Jew.

    • I heard Clinton say several times the first person she would invite to the Oval Office would be Netanyahu, and her first order of business would be to stop BDS. She thought she could actually make a law against it. If not, institutions supporting BDS would have their federal funding withdrawn and none of those entities would get government contracts. Several times. It was part of her platform of promises.

  • DNC chair tweets from Islamophobic gathering in Florida
    • Look who invited all the Islamophobes to this "Restoration Weekend," the most immoral of them all, David Horowitz, the protector of pedophiles and the most prejudiced person to ever walk the earth. You know it's the dregs who will be invited to any of his affairs. There's no one more anti-Semitic than he...since Palestinians are Semites and the Jews of Israel aren't, being not of Arab descent, but from the US, Europe, Russia. (Very few Arab Jews in Israel and those who are won't admit it.) Don't understand why people don't know this.

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • I am still nonplussed that Jeffrey Goldberg and others of his ilk don't know that the Palestinians actually are Semites and the Jews of Israel aren' least there are few Arab Jews left in Israel and if they do have that DNA background, they won't admit it. Jews in Israel are mostly Ashkenazi Jews from Germany, the US, Russia, Canada, other European countries. As for hasbara culture, I saw if full force in Israel by people who don't even realize they are prejudiced. In the West Bank, the Palestinians do not have anything comparable.
      Thanks for an excellent article

    • (double posting)

      I am still nonplussed that Jeffrey Goldberg and others of his ilk don't know that the Palestinians actually are Semites and the Jews of Israel aren' least there are few Arab Jews left in Israel and if they do have that DNA background, they won't admit it. Jews in Israel are mostly Ashkenazi Jews from Germany, the US, Russia, Canada, other European countries. As for hasbara culture, I saw if full force in Israel by people who don't even realize they are prejudiced. In the West Bank, the Palestinians do not have anything comparable.
      Thanks for an excellent article.

  • 'My solution is just equality for all of the people': Israeli activist Renen Raz dies at 28
    • What a sad and encouraging story. Renen Raz was a son and friend to be loved for his work as an activist seeking justice, more work than most of us can do in a lifetime.

  • Clinton should cut 'how Israel is treating the Palastinians' from DC speech -- Podesta in email
  • 'Shame on you,' Israel, for turning Obama 'into some Jew hater,' Tom Friedman says
  • Stand with Standing Rock, and say no to Dakota Access Pipeline
    • We are grateful to the PYM for their support of the Tribes standing against the DAPL. The more groups stand together seeking justice , the stronger we will all become. These connections bind us all as one. Thank you.

  • Whose Birthright?
    • Thank you, Ms. Goodfriend. We need more like you. When I was in Israel I asked many people if they ever go to Gaza or the West Bank. They all recoiled in horror, saying "No, they would kill me."
      When I said no, they wouldn't, the Israelis wouldn't consider the possibility that they could find Palestinian friends outside of their closed off zone. With people like you.........maybe someday.

  • Theodor Herzl wasn't Jewish, according to Israeli minister
    • O.K. I've been reading along with all the comments thus far and it's time to ask "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" Come on...rabbinical texts? biblical texts? You do know, surely, that they are all myths, don't you? They don't really prove anything except people have fun debating them at great length...each trying to get the upper hand. For what? Not a thing of importance, really.

    • Stoning for adultery is not in the Quaran. It's in the Talmud.

    • People should know that Theodor Herzl didn't want the home of Jews to be in Palestine. He didn't like the place. He wanted it to be in Argentina and even wrote a paper. "Palestine or Argentina?" He was out voted. A few years ago I had dinner with the then director of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. I said, "I understand that many Jews are atheists." He immediately responded, "85%." By the way, Netanyahu said, “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” He also said, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.“

  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • italian ex-pat...struck me that way as well.
      "Six Jews sitting in the White House. The first one says, "Thank god there's no Palestinians here to discuss the Palestinian state. We would have to kill them. All the rest nod in agreement."

    • just: and Michael Oren wants us to be grateful to Israel jews for this?

    • I can't understand why no one has said the obvious. If the situation of Israel/Palestine was being discussed, where were the Palestinians? There can't be a conversation of any merit without them, of course.

  • Michael Oren misrepresents the truth, 'Forward' and 'NYT' editor assert
  • Israeli lawmaker wants to force foreign-funded NGO officials to wear stigmatizing i.d.'s
    • abc: I'm confused. I've heard "little snakes" referred to as the children that the IDF wants to kill in the wars on Gaza. Please clarify. Thanks.

  • Dershowitz spills the beans: Supreme Court's Jerusalem case impact on Iran deal
    • hophmi,
      I don't believe anythng he says. He is one of the most deceitful and illogical people I've ever read or heard speak. Why do people fawn over him. Oh, yes, he says Israel can do no wrong.

  • BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year
    • Hi, Kay24
      It's no secret that everyone knows exactly who and what Geller is, but Rudoren is accepted by many as a good reporter and people are often incapable of taking her pieces apart and/or knowing what she is leaving out and thus think they are reading "facts." Therefore, she's the most dangerous. She's insidious.

  • The 'Forward''s apprehension about sending a reporter to Gaza -- a further response
  • Divestment with a bite
    • This conversation reminds me of something Netanyahu said that, if the Christians knew, might nudge them to the side of justice for the Palestinians:
      "The Christian Zionists are scum, but don't tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get." (Smoke that in your pipe, John Hagee.)
      Netanyahu also said, "After we squeeze all we can get out of the Americans, they can turn to dust and blow away."

  • Supreme Court slam dunks the Israel lobby on Jerusalem, 6-3 (and Rubio, Oren, and Engel are angry)
  • The most precious forty-five minutes of your life: Diary of an Israeli prison visit
    • Down under girl: Your horrible little comment overlooks one thing: When an Arab is taken to Israeli court, he/she WILL LOSE 99% of the time. Period. The vast majority of Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons are INNOCENT. Period. One guy I know went one day to Israel, had never been there before, was accused of being in an auto theft gang, even though he could prove he'd never been out of the West Bank before, taken to trial, lost of course, and sentenced to two years in prison and came out broken. Yet the truly guilty Israeli people [murdering children (the "little snakes"), stealing land, tearing out 500 year orchards, torturing at will, stealing water and selling it back at outrageous prices, holding all people in Gaza open-air prisoners, regularly massacring thousands of them every couple years, holding up money BELONGING to Palestinians just for punishment for trying to defend themselves agains the fourth most powerful military in the world, bulldozing the same cities over and over and over again, maintaining total control over a group of people just because Jewish Israelis actually believe they have some god-given right to maintain superiority over Arabs when in fact, when Israel was created, only 5% of Jews lived there and 95% were Palestinians, allowing no safe return to Palestinians yet encouraging any Jew in the entire world to return!]...those Israelis never see the inside of a prison and go on and on with their aparthied state as if it's just a fine thing to do. Good grief. YOU get a life.

  • Why Ship to Gaza is sailing again
    • Thank you, just. ivri (below) says you should also read the positive news. There isn't any unless it's propaganda. Of course there are some people working within for positive outcomes on a level not including the government. But if ivri thinks for a minute that Israel wants to cooperate with Hamas in resolution of anything, he hasn't been paying attention for nearly seven decades. Notice he said, "Israel now also allows import of building supplies..." ALLOWS? The fact that Palestinians have to be "allowed" by Israel to build on their own land is disgusting in itself. Israel has broken the Geneva Conventions laws and should be in international court for its crimes. When people think "negotiations" are fair when there are two sides, they have no understanding that there aren't two equal sides. One has all the power; that must be what people like ivri call "coming to terms with reality." That is why the rest of the world must support BDS and flotillas and any other means by which to call attention to this dreadful apartheid that is actually worse than it was in S. Africa's. The IDF is commiting genocide on the Palestinians. That is their goal. Otherwise, why don't they just let them be free and live in peace?

  • Freedom Theatre: The Siege – cultural resistance in Palestine
    • How are the chances for "The Siege" coming to New York? Yes, AIPAC,, would scream but some brave theater would stage the play.

    • NEVER trust the Israeli version. They are the occupiers. You can never trust the written "history" of any conqueror. They lie. Haven't you noticed that?

  • Obama got Senate to reject 'two of Netanyahu's demands' on Iran (but the 'NYT' won't touch that angle)
    • Boomer: You say, "Congress can keep the U.S. from doing so...(continuing sanctions)" No, it can't. Obama has the executive power to sign a binding agreement with France, UK, Russia, China and Germany. Once signed (without any kowtowing to anything the Congress may want or may have voted for), it's a done deal. All sanctions should be lifted just as Iran wants and when the signing countries agree and sign, the US alone can't continue sanctioning. (All those signing countries have nuclear weapons themselves...hypocrisy?). Anyone with any sense knows that Iran has never wanted, nor intended to create a nuclear bomb; even the crazy Netanyahu knows that. Israel just doesn't want to lose it's status/position in the Middle East (even though it's been losing it by murdering Palestinians for years).

  • DEAL!
    • MaximusDM, I agree.
      Obama: “…we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security” Poohy. Iran has never been a threat to our security and both Obama and Netanyahu know this. They have never attacked anyone, unlike Israel and the U.S. who attack anyone anytime illegally.
      “Gloria Borger of CNN avers that the American people don’t trust Obama to cut a deal on his own” What an odd statement. Obama is NOT cutting a deal on his own. “The U.S. is not the world,” said Zarif. It’s five countries plus one who are cutting a deal.
      “[Obama] is going to have to sell it to the Israeli government, to the Saudis, to the Emiratis… It’s a major diplomatic push,” Wolf Blitzer says.” Ridiculous. Obama doesn’t have to sell a deal to anyone except Iran. Once the 5+1 sign an agreement, it doesn’t matter whatsoever what the Israelis, the Saudis, the Emiratis or anyone else thinks. The agreement can’t be dismissed by our Republican congress, nor even modified.
      “Yuval Steinitz condemned the deal. “The celebrants in Iran are disconnected from reality, in which Iran refuses to make concessions” Good grief. As always when two sides with unequal power negotiate, the one with lesser power (Iran) gives and gives and gives and the more powerful side takes and takes and takes. Steinitz obviously is spreading hasbara, but, hey, that no longer works. Iran should demand complete lifting of sanctions immediately, not some “gradual” process that keeps on screwing the Iranians who’ve been illegally sanctioned for years. And, oh, yes, they should demand to see the signing countries’ nuclear warheads; plus mention constantly Israel’s.
      “a bad deal that would endanger Israel, the Middle East, and the peace of the world… Iran is accelerating its campaign of terror, subjugation and conquest.” Reign of terror? Subjugation? The terrorists are Israel’s IDF (the subjugators..of Palestinians..and warmongers determined to bomb an innocent country) and the U.S. who has done everything it can to create chaos throughout the entire middle-east for it own neoliberal, neocon purposes. Results: terrorists that, believe it or not, our government/military complex actually support….soooooooo much money to be made.

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • ckg, then why is it that when he, Jeff Stein of Newsweek, and Jodi Rudoren of NYT are paneled somewhere to discuss I/P, there are no Palestinians on said panel? Jeff and Jodi only appear to be objective; in reality they are zions. We all understand pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis who are open in their views. Trickier and insidious are those who pretend to be one way or the other; one must be on alert for these pseudo progressives.

    • +1, JohnWV, would that it were so. Thank you.

      Down the road there will be a one-state solution and its name will be Palestine.

  • 30 Palestinian children have been shot with live ammunition in protests last 3 months
    • "Kate March 25, 2015, 1:06 pm
      Yes just, I think that there has been a pretty successful effort by hasbarists to take over the Ma`an comments, as well as the comments sections of other Palestinian news sites. I just don’t read them anymore. I used to write refutations, but decided it was futile. The sites should screen the comments for these trolls, in my opinion – after all, some people who don’t know what really goes on in Palestine might believe what they say."
      If you "don't read them anymore..or..write refutations," what are you doing here now?

  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • Mr. Maguire,
      Sorry, I should have said the LA Times, not the NYT. I hope you submit it to them. They should jump at printing your insightful response. By the way, I'm going to the West Bank myself in October. I'd like to get into Gaza but suspect that would be difficult. Any suggestions?
      Rob Roy

    • Mr. Maguire,
      Thank you for a great response. Please offer it to the NYT as a response to Mr. Douglas' article. If they have any integrity at all, and care about balance, they will print it. I'm hopeful. Just this week they wrote a scathing putdown of Netanyahu and I nearly fell off my chair. Though they almost immediately took it down and replaced it with a new one, at least briefly they came through. And the week before, they actually spoke more truthfully about Iraq and the terrorism we've created there. Anyway, please send your article to them and see what happens. Thanks, again.

    • Dear RealityBites, You are right to point out intolerance in places other than Israel. However, the subject is Israel at the moment, not those other places. I would like to note that Arabs are Semites, too, so anti-Semitism can at them...note: Netanyahu and those who agree with him. In the meantime, have you ever been to Gaza? I suggest you go there as soon as possible. Questions:
      What would you do if you lived in a prison with no way out without permission from an occupier and every couple of years your families are decimated…in this last case 519 children are dead. How would you feel if your fishing waters shrank from 20 miles, to 12 miles, to 3 miles and if your boat went over the line you would be killed? How would you like your pay for work to be held up for months at someone’s discretion when the money belongs to you? How would you like to be allowed the fewest calories possible just to stay alive. How would you like your family’s 500 year old olive orchard to be ripped out of the ground and your captors take the land for their housing? How would you like someone else determining whether or not you get medicine, water, electricity? How would you like to be questioned, sometimes brutally, at checkpoints. In fact, how would you like to have to go through checkpoints at all just to get home or have them closed off altogether at some official’s whim? How would you like to always lose in court even when you are right? By the way, Hamas was democratically elected in an observed fair and open election in 2006; immediately Israel and the US went into crazy mode. Here's some facts for you: Palestinians have never attacked Israel first though Israelis spread the news far and wide that Hamas, the "terrorists" rain bombs down on the innocent Israelis. Every single time the IDF has attacked first, with its fourth strongest military in the world (Israel attacks anyone anytime it want with no repercussions); also with every single cease fire, Israel has broken the peace. Bet you didn't know that. Every couple years Israel "mows the lawn" to reduce Palestinian population taking special aim at children, the "little snakes." Hey, have you read the latest documents released about the Six-Day War? Egypt, Jordan and Syria didn't attack Israel. Israel attacked them! I always wondered how a war involving four countries could last just six days. Now I get it. I could write forever but will just suggest you read Henry Siegman, a German-born American Jew. He is a non-resident research professor at the Sir Joseph Hotung Middle East Program, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, a former Senior Fellow on the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former National Director of the American Jewish Congress. He wrote, “Israel Provoked this War” and was recently interviewed for two days on Democracy Now! Most enlightening.

  • Warriors for 'the ultimate truth' gather in New York
    • Oh, heck. I think I was to be writing to JeffB instead of Marnie after all. comment was for anyone who thinks the Jewish people are "God's chosen" and deserve the land they've taken.

    • Marnie: Methinks you must have gone to annual Jewish summer camp in Israel where the word “Palestine” is never mentioned and children are brainwashed from morning to night about how wonderful it is to be Jewish and gloriously protect the homeland against the rest of the world that wants to destroy it. There are even mid-night wake-ups to put the children through military drills so that they know they will grow up to defend Israel in the IDF, the most “moral” military in the world. (NOT) The children return home each summer gung-ho patriotic to a sickening degree. Religion and patriotism, the worst combination of sociopathy. - See more at:

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