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1960's Ph.D. biochemistry, Univ of Birmingham, UK, senior research fellow, consultant at European level. National VP of UN student assocn, founder chairman of Birmingham UNA Youth. Active in anti-apartheid and race relations in UK, supporting the passing of first British Race Relations Act 1965. Active in Student Guild and got one of first Boycotts of South African goods in GB. For 40+ years active member in Liberal/Lib.Dem party, but sadly no longer able to support any one party. About 30 years ago realized I could not be a Christian Zionist, though I remain a committed follower of Yesuah, countering fundamentalist zionist teaching. Steven Salaita's terrible situation has engaged me and brought me to Mondoweiss, where the whole issue of I/P is so well covered that I recently brought the attention of Grahame Morris MP, and Sir Alan Duncan, MP to the site as encouragement to their cross-party stand, which they appreciated.

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  • British uproar at Trump policies doesn’t extend to Netanyahu, yet
    • Encouraging news! Parliament has debated today and passed the following resolution :

      'That this House reaffirms its support for the negotiation of a lasting peace between two sovereign states of Israel and Palestine, both of which must be viable and contiguous within secure and internationally recognised borders; calls on the Government to take an active role in facilitating a resumption of international talks to achieve this; welcomes UN Security Council Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016; and further calls on the government of Israel immediately to halt the planning and construction of residential settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories which is both contrary to international law and undermines the prospects for the contiguity and viability of the state of Palestine.'

  • 'Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong' -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (Retired)
    • Thanks a lot Annie- much appreciated!

    • Very interesting article Phil -even to a Brit! In fact especially to a Brit, who with limited time was going to scan it, but then got somewhat rivited. Just need to get one thing out the way--
      @ Jackdaw seems to be partly right, in that the link to the Karen Kwiatkowski report in your article leads to one that doesn't say anything about Israeli access, and the link by @Jackdaw does. However I do not agree with Jackdaw that what you have reported is substantially different to what Kwiatkowski said at her talk.

      WRT the Iraq War I have understood that Netanyahu's testimony before congress :
      was crucial in persuading Bush to go to war, but Kwiatkowski seems to imply that a number of neocons had already made the political case. Could somebody give me a an idea of the importance of each contributing factor?

      In the UK we have had the Chilcot Report on Tony Blair's Government's role in our joining in the war Many here feel that the US influence on our decision is played down in the report, and it certainly doesn't refer at all to Israel and Netanyahu's influence.

  • Palestinian boy of 12 in occupied West Bank is killed by rubber-coated steel bullet
  • Explaining Israel's separate and unequal education system
    • Great stuff Hatim--and so timely as I engage, in the UK, with someone from South Africa who declares that to say Israel is an apartheid state is a LIE. His evidence is partly that in Nahariyya the benches by the beach are used by Jews and Arabs alike ( not like in real apartheid SA where whites were separated from others) Also there are mixed races staffing the hospitals!

  • Why don't you share all the good things about Israel?
    • In reference to Angels thread regarding our hypocrisy, just listen to ' expert' testimony given by one Mr Netanyahu to Congress in 2002

      Quite clearly the current prime minister of Israel along with a majority of the population are a root cause of the very troubles in the ME that Angel et al would have us address. Who are the hypocrits now?

      Thanks again Jonathan for your timely piece.

    • Thanks Jonathan for your succinct piece here. I like your summing up:

      'I think the problem is that the problem is diluted by those who would rather have it disappear than directly challenged. That’s not what I’m about. And there is absolutely no need to apologise for that.'

      Quite right!! Next week I am being interviewed with a view to taking part in a debate with a Christian zionist who has a monthly slot on a Christian internet radio station. His program is called 'Shalom', but a better word would be 'Hasbara'

  • 'This is not an environment to learn': Palestinian college struggles to exist next to IDF training ground
    • Thank you so much Steven for this short and riveting article which illustrates so succinctly what evil is being perpetrated. Though my time is pretty full, I am glad to have looked up your website and read about Firas. His story absolutely refutes the half truths told by Christian zionists, with whom I engage on a regular basis as a follower of Jesus, and with Jewish roots.

  • Joint List MK: Lieberman deal reveals 'the real face of Netanyahu'
    • Uri Avnery has written a very pertinent piece on Gush Shalom and reproduced on the Jews for justice for Palestinians website What more evidence does the world, and particularly the US need, of the monstrosity materialising right before our eyes?

  • An apologia for Ken Livingstone (What would Buber say?)
    • Now, hophmi, we must all agree that what Luciana Berger has experienced is real antisemitism indeed. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. However, unfortunately there are honorable people who are currently under investigation because of FALSE ACCUSATION of antisemitism for purely political or zionism/Israel defending motives. Even Tony Greenstein, I understand , is under suspension.
      Sorry, hophmi, even evidence of genuine antisemitism is no excuse for the illegal, oppressive, thieving, murderous activities perpetrated by or condoned by the state of Israel against the Palestinians.

    • A nice piece Roland, adding to the other pieces which have appeared on MW over the last few days about the ludicrous situation we have here in Britland.
      You draw attention to the Chris Cook BBC interview with Howard Jacobson and his 'Jewish Identity' -- he doesn't believe in God, doesn't go to Schul but identifies with zionism--'the liberation movement before the formation of Israel and now Israel itself'. You have to wonder why he still lives in England.
      He also talks about the need for people like the 'antisemitic' politicians, whom he graciously explains don't realise they are being antisemitic, to be reeducated and then to denounce their previous beliefs. He certainly is representative of an ignorant population who themselves need to be reeducated about 'zionism the liberation movement'!

      'Editor' - good survey at beginning, but may I just add a link to a most important factual survey, referenced by Max B
      This is by Jamie Stern-Weiner, a signatory to Jews for justice for palestinians This excellent British info website is currently carrying a number of relevant posts. On both sides of the pond we are engaged in the same battle of keeping the public correctly informed.

  • Netanyahu announces 'seminar on Jewish history' in his office-- for European diplomats
  • Note to Ken Livingstone: The British Labour party has supported Zionism much more than the Nazis ever did
    • Good link Bumblebye! John Mann, sadly, has done a lot of needless harm to the Labour Party (of which I am not a member) and more importantly tried to bring ill-repute to honorable people who, maybe, have not always been as wise in their choice of words. The trouble is, of course, as already pointed out in above comments, the zionisti will seek every opportunity to twist everything to "antisemitism".

    • Thanks Tony --first hand evidence always best, and by the way enjoyed your book. Bumblebye's link below is well worth looking at.

  • 'Her absurd generals, her military junk' -- Daniel Berrigan's prophetic speech on Israel in '73
    • David, what a really pleasant surprise! Now my two lads are real Brummies, but I came to Brum from Devon in 1959 to study chemistry at U of B, and stayed for about 22 years. Undoubtedly my days there and the formation of many friendships in the Jewish, Christian and other communities was foundational in the moulding of the person I am today. God bless Birmingham! At the moment I live up in Co Durham, but we are looking to end our days in Cornwall. I absolutely concur with what you have
      said. Also, you have saved me putting a similar comment to the one you have put to m1945 regarding the Yom Kippur war, which coincided with Ramadan that year.

    • So glad to have found time to read this piece, Phil, and thank you for telling me about an important man I previously was totally ignorant about. As a UK citizen in 1973, active in anti-apartheid and in race relations, particularly on the ground in England's second city of Birmingham, I am sure my ignorance can be forgiven.
      I am slightly emotional at the moment, having just received genetic confirmation of what has long been suspected that my father's father was a Jew. Sadly grandmother was unable to look after dad, who was taken into care and then fostered by a lovely family in Devon (the county where Ilan Pappé now resides). Also grandmother met an untimely end at the hands of a gangster, so the thoughts of man's inhumanity to man readily come to me.
      As one who seeks to follow Jesus of Nazareth , like Rev Berrigan, who taught forgiveness and treating all, including 'enemies', with love and compassion, there are times when I do find it difficult to maintain this teaching. However, I choose to forgive in my personal encounters, and see it importantant to join with all people who desire to see peace, justice and reconcilliation in I/P or, indeed, anywhere.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg terrorizes peers into silence over his daily intellectual and moral outrages
    • Hi Yakov, managed to 'speed read' your article, and glad I did. You certainly deserve the accolades! As I am in the UK I found Ossinev's comment a great link to our situation over here, and left a longer comment there.

    • Hi Ossinev-- love your comment and sarcasm, which nicely relate Yakov's great piece to the ridiculous situation we have in the UK. This is certainly a time for those of us over here to stand up to the conflationary arguments and accusations of not only the Jewish zionists but also Christian zionists ( I used to be one) and others.
      As it happens I am part way through a draft email to Revelation TV, which my wife watches quite often, concerning quite an interesting discussion on Brexit 2 weeks ago. However one of the participants, in considering our leaders, made a typical zionist statement that Jeremy Corbyn was definitely an anti-semite! It was only because of other pressing matters that I didn't finish writing then, and include refs to letters written by a number of Jews to the Guardian last August to counter the zionist accuations. Little did I know that by today there would be current refs to counter that slur on Corbyn and the others like Livingstone. It's a pity that more people are not aware of Lenni Brenner's book 'Zionism in the age of the dictators'. --and I say that as someone who is certainly not on the far left.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • Yes chocopie! What Bernie's campaign has shown is that there are enough ordinary people willing to donate sufficient funds, and I guess volunteer time & effort, to get a new party off the ground and sustain it. All the best to you!

    • Phil, good piece and some superb comments -precisely why I was able to answer one of your survey questions, as a UK citizen, that I recommend people here to read MW. I haven't commented for some time because I am having to prioritize the use of my time.

      Politically we have some real hot potatoes-- Brexit, our National Health Service and our demands for a fairer electoral system. The latter issue arises, of course, because of the number of political parties we have, and where 'first past the post' is no longer democratic. (Only about 25% of the total population and 33% of those who voted, voted conservative) It has occurred to a number of us that it is a pity that Bernie has had to tie in with the Democrat nomination, and not be a focus for the formation of a new progressive (socialist) party.

  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • Hi Keith, interesting you mention Holocaust education , and of course it is done in varying ways here so I am not sure if things would be better or not, because The Nakba needs to be dealt with also. I did write to Nicki Morgan, Education Secretary, last year before the general election about inclusion of the Nakba along with Holocaust studies. I got an eventual reply from one of her minions that assured me that Holocaust studies were on the syllabus, but not a word about the Nakba. You have reminded me to write again.

    • Wow Annie! Great piece and comments- especially appreciated @YoniFalic. As a Brit, I just find it difficult to believe that a schoolkid could be subjected to such intimidation, but this is just another point of difference that makes me so glad to be a citizen of the UK. However, it is heartening that more and more Americans are standing up for justice in I/P, and once again my anger at the neocons and zionists is tempered so as to not tar all US citizens with the same brush.

  • 'Lunatic/Marco Rubio for President,' is Rubio's title for his latest ad
  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • Yes, excellent!

    • A seriously good article which tandems so well with Annie's I really do believe that 2016 will see more and more of the general public appreciating that Israel has truly become a fascist regime with links that go way back to WWII, or earlier, when Stern tried to do a deal with the nazis to help kick us Brits out of Palestine.
      I still remember the enormous sympathy for the formation of the state of Israel in Britain, because of the Holocaust, and most of us were effectively supporters of zionism. However, coming from a military family with friends who served in Palestine I remember a kindly 'uncle' indicating that some Jews had participated in terrrorism. Of course he was referring particularly to Irgun and lehi (Stern) gangs and their atrocities including the killing and hanging up of two sergeants' boobytrapped bodies (known as the sergeants affair). Lenni Brenner, referred to in a comment above by @Keith has written accurately about the true nature of zionism.

  • Brazil and Israel square off in diplomatic showdown over settler envoy
    • You are quite right Annie, you did use Celso Amorim's exceedingly important quote and which I did not acknowledge correctly. I think it was due to the way I try to scan all articles and give credit, and I had just read the guardian's. If you do follow up my links you may well be interested to click on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ( TTIP) link which is top left in both. The TTIP negotiations were originally closed door between teams from the US and EU, but through pressure across the EU, have been made open. The US and corporations had variously tried to weaken labor and public rights, and also, important to MW, tried to sneak in anti-BDS protection for Israel. All the best for 2016!

    • So glad, Annie, you picked up on this news-- so many good and sensible comments too. The latter along with the ziobarbs and consequential witticisms make MW such a tonic.

      I have to substantially agree with @ oldgeezer that 'They're lunatics' --or at least not of a right mind. In a way this is very good, because a 'downgrading of diplomatic status' is a two way event, with Israel being downgraded effectively more than Brazil. I note that
      'Celso Amorim, a former Brazilian foreign and defence minister, said on Friday that the diplomatic dispute over Dayan’s appointment showed that “it is time the Brazilian armed forces reduced their dependence on Israel.” ' .

      In terms of importance to international inter-reactions and policies regarding the EU, Israel is lightweight compared to Brazil
      Also in my understanding the US needs to be very careful now wrt relations with both the EU and Brazil. The previous tightening up of European advice regarding trade with settlements and the news reported here indicate strongly that the tide of fortune is turning against Israel, whatever the US Admin. do or say. The importance of MW and other entities who deconflate Jews and Israel and zionism cannot be overstated in terms of ultimate Jewish safety.

  • In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town
    • Thanks Allison, but is there really any substantive sign of an end to the dithering Abbas regime? I know your previous post indicated another intifada on the horizon. However, the overwhelming military might of the IDS is a sobering thought. What will the Palestinian leadership decide/not decide in Ramallah?
      Yes, good on the stand taken by the Palestinian guards -- Israeli soldiers have long stolen a mile , having been given an inch. The Oslo Accord is surely dead and we must keep up international pressure to see true justice in I/P. Never again should the Christmas celebration in Bethlehem involve a star of candles in tear gas cannisters.

  • A Christmas message in dark times
    • Hey Stogumber, can't really agree that Christianity gives no guidance to statesmen. Do you not think that the words of the prophet Micah in ch6 v8 "... what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?", are commendable reading for both Jewish and Christian statesmen?

      By the way I was prompted to read your comment because Stogumber is a small village by the Quantock Hills in the County of Somerset in England. I used to drive through it as a short cut. Small world! All the best for 2016

    • Another erudite and succinct piece from emeritus prof. Richard Falk, weaving the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, with its message of eternal love,peace and hope among humankind, together with God's plan that we should care for the wellbeing of this planet. His contributions to active persual of justice in I/P are immense and appreciated as an American contribution e.g his signature to the letter to the EU about trading with Israeli settlements recently reported here on MW: A real Mensch.

      I know here in the UK we can complain about the quality of some of our politicians, and we really need to move to a proportional representation electoral system, but what a circus Trump & Co are putting on. God help America! ( and the rest of us!!)

  • Your brain on Zionism
    • Thank you very much Katie and @ Rooster the $ cog thought had me picturing dollars being flushed down the loo.

  • European legal experts call on EU to stop trading with settlements
    • Another good and encouraging read. In response to @ pabelmont wrt date I would imagine that it landed on the EU Commission's (and EU member governments') desks around May 2015. The date was certainly when the Eminent European Persons Group wrote concerning relationships between the EU and Israel and the need to recognise the failure of the US to bring about justice in I/P.

      Whilst not watertight the EU has already issued labelling guidelines for settlements in November 2015 This report was updated about a week or so ago. There has already been reaction in Israel e.g. and the EU ambassador to Israel warned of further action.
      In fact the UK coalition government issued warnings to businessmen of legal consequences of trade with Israel/ settlements in 2014, but the new conservative government amended the guidelines to be positive towards Israel in May 2015.

      This, of course does not remove possible consequences of breaking international Law and in October 2015 a warning document was issued by the UK government (accessed by a link in my link above). Certainly the appeal letter published here with some very noted British Lawyers signatures is a great help.

      One thing though, Dear Editors, not all signatories European. Indeed, in contrast to the stance of the idiots elected to US Congress I see some notable US citizens and lawyers.
      2016 should see some more interesting developments and .... Christmas blessings to all!

  • Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires
    • Spot on Just! A happy and peaceful Christmas to you.

      Also my hope is that 2016 will bring the Palestininan people the good news proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah and then uttered by Jesus in fufillment, in the synagogue in Nazareth, -
      " The spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has annointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour." (Isaiah 64 v1-2; Luke 5 v 18-19)

      Of course these words were meant for Jew and Goyim - so sad and angering that so many today who were 'chosen' to be involved in lighting up the world are bringers of deep darkness. Sad too that there are misguided Christian zionists.

    • Thank you Annie for this post, disgusting as it may be, but what a contrast to the posting about the resistance olive tree in Bethlehem . I shall point this article out to a South African ex pat friend of mine who attends the same church as me., She recently learnt from me, about jewish terrorists and the apartheid of Israel being worse than what there was in SA. Definitely the light is shining in more and more places - a timely posting!

  • Video: Days before Christmas, Bethlehem erects 'resistance tree' outside Nativity Church
    • "Even with the Israelis speaking a language of death, we speak a language of life,” the mayor proclaimed. Amen Vera Baboun! The very words that Jesus Christ would echo. Our hearts go out to all you who suffer the degradation imposed by Israel. Justice and peace will surely come.

  • Christmas in Bethlehem
    • When events like this happen I am deeply saddened and also extremely angered. How can people like John Hagee and members of CUFI,, who profess to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth and who will celebrate Christmas, support the evil, murdering, thieving oppressive regime of the government of Israel?
      I join with the palestinian in the photo with the banner and say a big AMEN!!!
      I would also join in wishing all people of goodwill-Christian, Muslim, Jew or Humanist a true SHALOM and pray that in 2016 hearts and minds will be changed so that the message of love brought by Jesus Christ may be made manifest.

  • Lawsuit seeks federal investigation into US groups funding settlements
  • Palling Around with Nazis: Netanyahu's political ancestors are also guilty by association
  • Palestinian Harry Potter fan challenges J. K. Rowling on BDS using lessons from Hogwarts
  • Israeli arms exports take dramatic hit amid growing boycott campaign
  • Has Netanyahu's revisionism ended the use of the Holocaust as enabler of Israeli injustice toward Palestinians?
    • @just: ' Looking forward to the day when there is a widely read and recognized “correct, substantial, highly prestigious, well-funded, real history of the” ONGOING Nakba.'

      So right dear friend! However, at least there is already a wealth of material concerning the pro-nazi Jews of our (British) Mandated Territory of Palestine. Lenni Brenner is the author of the books "Zionism in the age of the Dictators" and "The Iron Wall" Though out of print now. Tony Greenstein did a couple of blogs in 2012 at the time Shamir died:

      The second one is joint with Lenni Brenner. Lenni was able in 2012 to provide for $22 an autographed copy of "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" , which he edited in 2002. .

      Tony is still doing his blog on an ongoing basis, and well worth the read.

      Marc-- thanks for the article, which has given rise to our comments. The only other thing I would say wrt your last couple of sentences is that imho what is happening is far worse than the Apartheid of SA.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Yes Kay! What this episode has done is to remind me of what actually happened in the Mandated Territory of Palestine, when I was a boy. Certain Jews by the names of Stern and Shamir and others (Lehi and Irgun gangs) tried to do deals with the nazis to expedite the removal of British Rule in Palestine. An interesting blog by Tony Greenstein appeared in 2012 on Shamir's death: So much for nuttyyahoo' s muppet talk.

  • PLO: France to submit Security Council resolution on international protection force at al-Aqsa mosque
    • Oh Mon Dieu, le grand Palikari a parlé: Que pouvons-nous faire? ( OMG the great Palikari has spoken: what can we do?).... One minute though Lord , you did say no other gods besides You? Sorry Palikari you aint no true god, so I guess we can ignore your pronouncements, but Vive La France anyway.

  • Over 2,000 take to the streets of London as part of 'International Wave of Solidarity for Palestine'
    • Hey Rashers2, nice to see you again using that truly ancient Jewish name of Mileikowsky to correctly refer to the king of muppets and at least it is more respectful than Nuttyyahoo.

    • 'Europe is starting to wake up.' Right on Palikari , or should I call you 'Lad' as one of the translations of the Greek word palikari? How on earth did you have the audacity to choose the name of a film about Louis Tikas, brutally murdered in the corporate oppression of miners in the US in 1913/14 ? However you do clearly put yourself on the side of the brutal oppressor corporations which were forerunners of regimes like Israel.

      Annie, thank you for your link and comment -- The truth is that more and more anti -Israel sentiment is being expressed (without much conflation with anti-semitism, due to the increasing, so important, part being played by members of Jewish communities). Your link points out the placards with 'Yo estoy con Israel' but zionistas are only dreaming if they think that there would be less placards with 'Yo estoy en contra de Israel' - 'I am against Israel' in rival demos.

    • Absolutely with you Ossinev. I just wish I lived nearer to London at times like this. Sadly the situation in I/P is so much worse than it was in SA, and, as I have pointed out previously, whilst BDS was important in SA there were also important military/armed contributions. Of course the latter meant sacrifice of life for some such as the brother of a friend of mine who chose the 'terrorist' path.
      Unless something dramatic happens soon to remove support for the heinous regime in Israel, on an international governmental level as you suggest above, I can only see more and more bloodshed. Israel is surely about to reap the whirlwind and yet more innocents will also die. So much for the security promised by the thieving oppressor racists in charge of Israel.

      Of course many thanks to the reporters Sara Anna and Lydia Noon for the article. Come on UK lets show the way!!

  • Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now!
    • @ Ossinev

      Hope you are right! However, I am concerned whether the parliamentary Labour Party can get its act together, accept that Corbyn has been elected by the grass roots and actually represent the wishes of the people. I am in the Bishop Auckland constituency and am represented by an MP who sits on the Treasury Select Committee, who does not support Corbyn and is a useless local MP and charlatan to boot.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • Yes diasp0ra, my sentiments the same as CigarGod--couldn't agree more. Sad we have a few plonkers contributing such inane trash.

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