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  • 'NPR' does two-parter honoring right of return for Chagos islanders expelled 40 years ago
  • What to do when a hate group shows up outside your mosque
  • Jewish and Palestinian women are segregated in Israeli maternity wards -- Chomsky
  • When it comes to untrustworthiness, the U.S. trumps Iran
    • Is the term "lone superpower" still appropriate? Russia has recovered from the break up of the Soviet Union, and China just gets stronger every day.

      For another reason why Iran should be cautious about taking America's word, they could look at NATO. The U.S. promised the Russians that they would not expand NATO as the Russians withdrew from Eastern Europe. And promptly broke that promise.

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • "The true story of the Jewish people is one of the most powerful morally compelling and incredible dramas in human history"

      Morally? Find me one scrap of morality in any part of the story. There must be a bit somewhere.

      "Zionism has been a struggle for liberation against impossible odds."

      Only in Israel are Jews free. Everywhere else they are slaves in chains.

      "Start talking about ...our identity"

      Whatever that is.

      " and our historic aspirations."

      Which are ... ?

    • Page: 83
    • An obvious step would be to take off the bikinis.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • ".Nietanyahu is hated in Ireland and by most Irish people for obvious reasons. "

      But Steve's story wasn't about Irish people. It was about Americans who pretend to be Irish.

    • "Iran is a big bad actor "

      If we exclude Iran's opposition to Israel, what bad things has Iran done to the world?

      "that already received a commitment from the Russians to get its S-300 air defense missile system."

      Should have had them years ago.

      " It is not a friendly game. "

      Friendly to Russia and China. Or don't they count?

      "Israel is a US ally "

      No it isn't. Israel has never done anything for the U.S. Iran assisted the U.S. in the early stages of the Afghanistan war, and right now is fighting against ISIS.

  • My personal journey of transformation
    • "Isolating, in comfortable, super-secure, re-education camps on federal land in the U.S., all Israelis who are unwilling/unable to live in peace and justice with the Palestinians."

      Sounds like a plan. No one's using North Dakota for anything, are they? I'm sure you could find a place there. Maybe next to an Indian Reservation.

    • Now "holocaust" is a verb! Oy vey!

    • "Anyone who thinks that the new Palestine after the dissolution of Zionism is going to resemble the US is living in a dream of unicorns and candy canes and rainbows and happy pretty people singing kumbaya. "

      Far better for it to resemble Norway. And the best way to get closer to that end is for the Israeli Jews to start working on reconciliation with the Palestinians now.

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • Mooser, from JeffB's comments on another thread, I got the impression that Jewish plumbing was somehow ... different .

      Could this be connected with the peculiarities of Jewish sex ?

    • Even if Finkelstein does not have greater concern for European Jews than he does for other people, his suggestions could still have value for those who do.

    • "Back in the 19th century Jews thought that Anti-Semitism could be reduced if Jews would change their behaviour, their appearance, their occupations , and so forth. The premise was that Anti-Semitism had something to do with what Jews actually did.

      It didn’t work."

      Worked well in Britain and Australia.

      "As Jews and as human beings, we should do what’s right and what’s moral"

      And some Jews do.

    • " the first scribes were not averse to editing what they were transcribing to make the stories more in line to what they believed they should be."

      Not averse? It was a cottage industry. Early Christian writers had little sense of intellectual honesty. (Unlike their pagan contemporaries.) They were liars. The whole corpus of E. C. literature -canonical and non-canonical- is a totally untrustworthy mass of fiction, fraud, and forgery.

      "You mentioned the four Gospels that made it into the Bible; the earliest version came out about 40 years after the death of Jesus while the last came out about 100 years after."

      Since the 1950s, scholars have tried to make the dates as early as possible. Yours are the current orthodoxy, though there seems to be some movement towards the older view that the Gospels were actually written later than that.

      "So all these excercises and arguments about material compiled centuries ago under dubious circumstances is pure gymnastics."

      And how! Just about any argument concerning the material is met by a counter-argument. The professionals cannot convince each other, and that is a result of the inherent uncertainty of the material.

      "As to Paul, he barely mentions Jesus (twice only) and some of the apostles that had spent years with Paul didn’t bother mentioning him in the Gospels."

      There is no solid reason to think that the disciples of Jesus (if any of them existed) had anything to do with the four novels.

      When we read the letters which are judged to have been written by Paul (several attributed to him are thought to be forgeries) there is little indication that he thought of Jesus as having been a figure of flesh and blood, rather than a supernatural being. But that, of course, is one of the topics of scholarly dispute. He does seem to have had dealings with characters in Jerusalem, but no indication that those people had been disciples of Jesus rather than mere apostles.

  • French philosopher who shut down Paris BDS event as 'anti-Semitic' and one-sided will lecture in NY on 'Free Speech'
  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
    • "If he would have had pointed out that the emperor had no clothes in 2012, ... "

      "Would have " in the "if" clause is wrong even if you are not a Zionist.

      And I'm not convinced they would have been spared. When the Israelis feel like killing people, there doesn't seem much that can restrain them.

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • "It isn’t Israel who has troops, money and arms surrounding Iran but it is the other way around. "

      For a while, at least, it looked as though it was the U S, Israel's servant, who had troops and ships surrounding Iran?

      "I believe the majority of Americans believe Iran is an enemy nation"

      Believing it doesn't make it so.

      " the love for this nation here and the desire to see it trump US power based on a 50 yr old CIA aided coup that wasnt even instigated by the US is pretty close to treason and definitely anti-American"

      It seems to me that the Americans here (I am not one of them) are concerned with what is good for America as well as what is good for Iran. They do not believe American government enmity to Iran is good for either country. This hardly sounds treasonous.

  • Faithwashing: the Muslim Leadership Institute and the academic boycott
    • If the red lines of American Jews are such that they exclude justice and humanity, decent people have no option but to cross them. If American Jews judge this to be anti-Semitic, then the judgement simply reveals their own moral corruption.

    • "the goal of the dialogue is just one of understanding so that Muslims who are already opposed to Israel and in favor or pressuring Israel don’t cross Jewish red lines, and American Jews don’t cross American Muslim redlines. "

      What is wrong with crossing red lines?

    • Annie, here's a nice bit of outreach for you.

      link to

    • You say:

      "Successful USA Muslim politicians are going to have to figure out how to represent their community’s opinions on Israel / Palestine without turning Jews into implacable enemies."

      But you also said:

      "The Jewish mainstream both in the USA and Israel supported the bombing of Gaza."

      It sounds as though "the Jews" are already implacable enemies. (And evil, to boot.)

      Sucessful USA Muslim politicians are going to have to find ways of presenting their case to the American people in the teeth of American Jewish opposition. Given the level of control American Jews have over American media, this will be a tough job.

  • Rand Paul greeted by neocon opposition, in $1 million ad calling him 'dangerous'
    • Since this is clearly going to be a major election issue, Paul should hold a news conference in which he invite members of the press to remove his wig. Unless he is really wearing one, in which case he should bribe a hairdresser to testify that Paul's hair actually grows on his head.

      A bald US president is bad enough, but one who wears a wig? Unthinkable! George Washington would turn over in his grave.

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • "If the U.S. tries to inspire another such coup, the Greeks are likely to resist it with guerrilla war, if they have no other choice."

      So they would still get a civil war. Given Tsipras' high popularity, and the general pissed-offness of the Greeks with the current world order, I think it would be tough to mount a coup against him. It would have to be the colonels again.

    • I don't see anything sleazy about polite negotiation over a cup of tea. Quite the opposite of sleazy, in fact.

    • Marc, what do you expect from some one who either cannot or will not learn the grammar of conditional sentences, and insists on writing "if instead the US would have garnered its strength", instead of "if instead the U.S. had garnered its strength"?

    • Personally, I expect to see the world dominated by Australian unculture. (Unless those Kiwi buggers get in first.)

      But I didn't know the Iranians had hopes or plans for world domination. It seems to me that their ambitions are for their own security and local influence.

    • Tsipras should be careful. Putin made those sorts of offers to Yanukovich, Yanukovich accepted, and the US staged a coup against him and started a civil war in Ukraine.

    • "they have no human capital to compete in the 21 century. "

      No technical knowledge or skills at all. And yet, if you don't keep a close eye on the sneaky buggers, they are capable of whipping up a bunch of nuclear weapons, and the missiles to deliver them, in a matter of minutes.

    • I suspect he doesn't know the difference between "distrustful" and "untrustworthy".

    • "At least they’ve stopped chaining the swings up these days. "

      They've stopped? But ye're still no' permitted tae whustle on the Sabbath, I hope. Or has the De'il dragged the whole Isle doon intae a pit of moral corruption?

  • Added adjustable font size
    • From pabelmont's comment.

    • Thanks, but what I really want is to able to move directly from a comment in 100 recent to that specific comment in the thread.

      It was possible in the old format. All I had to do was click on the date and the comment came up in a new tab.

      Now I have to either go to the article and hunt down until I find the comment, or go to the commenter's profile and hunt through that. It ends up being time consuming either way.

  • Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye
    • On the other hand, Israel is building up its force of missile subs. What neater way to take out Iranian nuclear plants than to nuke them?

      As long as the wind is blowing in the other direction.

    • "Carter’s constant efforts, e’g’, on Habitat For Humanity, have not given him access to the mainstream press. "

      But they have won him respect from those who know, and that is quite a few. Many of us think he has done more good for the world as an ex-president than most presidents have done in their term of office.

  • Yarmouk camp reaches out to the international community for help against IS invasion
  • 'Walls divide and segregate' -- New Marine video might apply to Israel
    • Good stuff. Thanks.

      It looks as though it did originate in references to domestic pales (perhaps kicked off by Harington) and quickly became a metaphor.

      The phrase was too early for the Russian Pale, but pretty late for the Irish. (A shame. I lose an opportunity to be rude about the Irish.)

      Thanks to James Joyce, I am more familiar with the Irish Pale than the Calais or Russian Pales.

    • Still no way out? No relief?

    • That makes much more sense than the stuff about Catherine the Great. Harrington is closer in time to the early 1700s than the Irish Pale, as well.

    • Anglophile Russians might have taken an idiom from English, but it is less likely that they contributed an idiom.

      Also, the idiom was in use in Britain in at least the early 1700s, before the Russian Pale was established.

      The concept - outside decency - fits the Irish pale more directly than the Russian Pale. Allowing Jews to live outside the restricted area is a concession, but not automatically a breach of decency. (And not everything is about Jews.)

      Altogether, it seems more likely that the British would create an idiom from a local situation that happened in the past than a distant, foreign situation that had not yet happened.

    • "you have your own reality, not mine, "

      What do you mean? Reality is what is, and it is the same, single reality regardless of who you are. Individual people cannot have separate or different realities.

    • Breach, JLD.

      link to

      Unless you are hinting that the marines are dropping their breeches to moon the women.

      link to

    • I'm a bit surprised to see that reference to the Pale in Russia. It is an English phrase, and it predates the Russian Pale. It is much more likely, and appropriately, a reference to the Irish Pale. On our side, English rule, order, decency, civilization. Beyond it - the Irish.

  • Now Obama needs to 'compensate' Netanyahu -- NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)
    • "because i have a life outside of mondoweiss,"

      See, there's your problem. We want total, 27 hour per day, concentrated dedication to moderating our posts. Especially mine.

      Give up those frivolous extra-curricular activities (family? paying job?) and get to work!

    • Hey, I'll write a letter to Iran for just $750,000.

      How do I get in touch with the Emergency Committee?

    • "Can’t beat Merriam."

      Yes you can. You can, and should, use the real dictionary.

      link to

      Fortunately, it shows that Merriam got it right, but that "diss" is also acceptable.

  • When occupation becomes apartheid
    • Very well said, tree.

    • "A LAND FOR JEWS……that idea is not a jewish problem"

      Yes it is. Jews cooked up the idea.

      "it is an arab one"

      Because Jews decided to make their land at the expense of Arabs.

      "failure to accept the concept of a land for jews will not lead to a just peace "

      The concept of a land for a specific ethnic/religious group is inherently unjust. Failure to reject the concept of a land for Jews will not lead to a just peace.

  • Calling out Pamela Geller's hate speech in Philadelphia
    • She was an influence on Breivik? I thought he was just an ordinary, decent, murderous, Norwegian psychopath, acting from his own insane impulses. I never heard anything about American influence. Not that I paid much attention.

    • Nope. I've seen the name pop up on MW a few times, but never anywhere else. From context I guessed she was just another American looney of no importance to the real world.

      Never had the interest to do a search.

      Still don't.

    • I'm pretty sure this Geller person (whoever she is) thinks that the words "Jew Hatred" will make everyone gasp, throw up their hands in horror, lose their monocles, have attacks of the vapours, and generally act like a Bateman cartoon.

      But I suspect the very narrowness of her concern may well provoke other reactions. For example, I can easily imagine people thinking "We gotta get worked up about the Jews again? What makes them so important?"

  • Bibi talk: 'New York Review of Books' trivializes Israeli fascism
    • So "Jew" (as a noun) is not widely regarded as an insult. Thanks.

      The theoretical sentence should, of course, be:

      "If only the Jews had acceded to the czar’s demands that they behave like good Russian citizens and had given up their identity, then history would have treated them better.”

      "Would have" in the "if" clause is simply wrong, regardless of whether one is writing American or British/Australian English. It's even wrong in New Zealand.

    • "avoid using shortened terms for peoples, when shortened terms are considered an insult. I personally prefer Yehudim to Jews, for this reason"

      If you wrote "Yehudim" very few people would understand what you meant.

      I didn't know "Jew" was an insult. I thought it was just the ordinary English word. What should I say instead?

  • How Obama won on Iran
    • "Thanks! I don’t know how you French ever get the hang that damn language! "

      They only made it up to annoy the rest of us. It serves no other purpose.

    • "You know, Yonah is right! Here we are allegedly indulging in “hatred of Zionism” when there’s a couple of hundred million other people in the area we could be hating. We are missing so much!"

      Speak for yourself, Mooser. I hate nearly everyone, not only in the ME, but in the entire world! That's roughly seven billion people, minus the tiny handful I can actually stand to be in the same room with.

      Makes for a rich and fulfilling life.

    • Ok.
      1. Iran is far from being a perfect democracy.. Is that balanced enough?

      (And so what? How does this affect the deal? )

      2. Iran is fighting ISIS. It is doing the job the U.S. pretends to do, but does not arm and supply ISiS, as the US does., so I suppose that makes it a sort of ally and enemy of the U S. As far as I can tell, Iran is not actually taking part in other wars.
      Again, please provide extra balance if needed.

      3. The accusation tha Iran had a role in a bombing in BA cannot be dismissed if there is evidence to back it up. And this is your chance to shine, Yonah! Lay out the evidence, and give us some real balance.

      After all, you are a regular here, so I'm sure you are as keen as I am on the site having credibility.

    • Harry, the problem with the Turkey/Brazil deal was that it was made by the wrong people.

      If the US and its President can't crow about it, it doesn't count.

    • Joe isn't assuming that Iran will violate the agreement. He is assuming that the US will claim that Iran has violated the agreement.

  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
  • DEAL!
    • Hmmm. I think I'll stick to Rumi and Hafiz, to Sadi and Khayyam, Attar and Firdawsi, if you don't mind.

    • I'm delighted a deal has been reached, but I'm disappointed that a deal was deemed necessary.

      "His comments follow the announcement today by the EU and Iran of a historic agreement on principles to allow a civilian Iranian nuclear program "

      That programme was already allowed under the principles of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Imposing sanctions and extra requirements on Iran seems to me to be a breach of that treaty.

      “If we can get this done,” the president said, “we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security and we will do so peacefully.”

      Iran never was a threat to American security.

      Phil's article is a bit of a disappointment as well. Not a single mention of reactions to the deal in the European powers, Russia, China, or other major countries, and barely a whisper about Iran itself.
      Just the U.S. and Israel.

    • European countries are fed up with the sanctions on Russia as well. The sanctions hurt them more than they hurt the Russians. The U.S. pushes the sanctions hard, but doesn't suffer from them.

      Does anyone know whether the U.S. is still buying Russian rocket engines?

    • "You’re dissembling and falling apart in front of everyone. "

      Dissembling and disassembling, then.

      "Have you no shame? "

      C'mon! We've all seen hophmi repeatedly ignore argument and evidence, and simply trot out his tired old Hasbara lines without any support for them.

      So do you really have to ask?

  • 2200 Palestinian homes approved in East Jerusalem-- even as others are bulldozed
    • And I blame the software for the missing apostrophe.

      I can feel Ms Hardman glowering at me from whatever realm of being she is in now.

    • But, as hophmi pointed out, its the fact that Jews have political power that Arabs hate. Nothing else.

  • Trevor Noah, next 'Daily Show' host, is no fan of Israeli attacks on Gaza
  • The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
    • Thanks. That does clarify your point a great deal.

    • I'm a bit confused here. MHughes started by introducing the concept of "morally illegitimate", but the discussion with eljay seemed to shift to the merely lawful.

      I don't know what is required for a state to be legitimate in the strictly legal sense. (Though I bet Hostage does.) Nor do I quite see why a state has to be morally legitimate in order to be able to carry out its duties.

      Could you two spell this out in a bit more detail, please? It is an interesting topic.

    • eljay, blame it on auto-correct software.

  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • Hophmi, can you, using argument and evidence, tell us why those claims are factually incorrect?

      Especially "Instead of asking why we are hated they continue to toss accusations on others.”

    • There have always been Jews living in the Middle East, but that does not entitle other Jews to go and live there.

    • There are still a fair number of uninhabited islands in the Southern Hemisphere. Mind you, nearly all of them are damned cold, and getting colder. I wouldn't recommend them.

      But I object to the very idea of a Jewish State. The concept of a Jewish state (or any other ethnically based state) is evil. It denies equal rights to people who are not of the selected ethnicity. It is always wrong for a state to privilege one ethnicity over others. Nor does that fact that there have been a number of such states make it right.

    • Thanks, Mooser. Since I saw "submarine" as a verb, I am no longer certain of such things.

      But I did guess that hophmi meant something along the lines of giving up dressing for dinner and marrying native women.

    • "has called for Jews to indigenize or leave. -"

      Is that bad?

    • "Most Jews support a Jewish state."

      Then shame on them.

  • Day before deadline, Iran negotiations coming 'down to the wire' and Netanyahu still hopes to play spoiler
    • I'm in Australia, so :-P thrrrrrrrrrrrp to Euro law.

    • My reporters have placed her in Australia, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and Japan. Always with the same scary mien, the same insistence on linguistic perfection. An ambiguously written character, an omitted hard sign, a faulty punctuation mark, and she would pounce.

      Hardly had my pen completed the error, than the skies would darken and thunder would rumble. She would cross the room in swift, terrifying, strides, and, without looking down, drop her finger unerringly upon the offending comma.

      "What", she would demand of the universe in general, "is this?" The universe being too cowed to answer, it would fall to me to stammer "It's a comma, Miss."

      She would then explain, very clearly, and in tones that could have chiseled themselves into granite, exactly why a comma in that position was a breach of the Principles of Clear Communication, an offence against everything that was Good, Beautiful, and True, and a threat to the Natural Order of Being.

      I would mumble propitiatory formulae and cross out the atrocity, while she turned her attention to the other side of the classroom, where she had intuited an "i" wrongly placed after an "e".

      There was no ambiguity about Ms Hardman. You always knew where you stood. Quaking in your shoes, usually.

    • As is only right and proper. The ideal teacher was my Ms Hardman. She was seven feet tall, three feet broad, and had steel teeth. She ate broken glass and children. When she looked at you over her glasses, she could read your grubby little schoolboy mind, and she could detect a misused comma by clairvoyance.

      Various people have told me that she existed in a number of countries simultaneously, since she also taught them.

  • Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama's foreign policy yesterday
    • I don't think I ever underestimated women. Didn't save me from the peril, though.

      "I remain unconvinced that women are, in general, motivated by the same things that men are."

      So far, RoHa2 has not raised the question of girls with me. When he does, I will be able to tell him that, when I was his age, I didn't undersand girls at all, and now that I am much older, more experienced, and married, I still can't figure them out.

      "Nor do they communicate in the same way."

      After a while, most men learn that what women say usually has several hidden meanings, but they can't detect what those meanings are. Women, on the other hand, seem to find it difficult to understand that men are either lying or mean exactly what they say, and nothing more.

  • Netanyahu says US is part of new 'axis'!
    • @Da Bakr

      You brought up the "start of a new arms race", and, if one has started, it has been started by Israel getting more submarines which can deliver nukes. No, Israel does not explicitly threaten other countries with its nukes. Their existence is the threat. People do not worry about who may get hold of them. They worry about those who have got them now.

      I certainly do not think Nuclear Proliferation is OK. Neither does Iran. They signed a treaty to that effect. Every indication is that Iran does not want nukes. This whole affair is a beat-up by Zionists and their stooges.

      Israel, on the other hand, never signed the treaty, and is upgrading its delivery system.

      The struggle in Yemen is between ex-US stooge Saleh and current US stooge Hadi. Iran might be sending money, but it is not directly involved. It is directly involved in Iraq, fighting ISIS. (This would make Iran a U.S. ally if the US were really interested in defeating ISIS.)

    • "Speaker slams Obama, says Iran has ‘never kept their word about anything’ "

      And I'm sure he can cite every case in which Iran has given its word and then defaulted.

    • "and this is just the beginning of the new arms race which will undoubtedly commence when the ‘oh-so-fantastic’ and so-called ‘deal’ takes is finished."

      If a nuclear arms race is starting, Israel is starting it. But there is no certainty that Iran will follow suit. Indeed, both the declarations of the Iranian leaders and its current obligations under the Non-proliferation treaty argue for the contrary.

      " It won’t just be Israel and its “undeclared” nukes but other actors in states with no guarantee will be stable in coming years."

      But that is the way things have been since nukes were invented. The U.S. is full of religious crazies obsessed with apocalyptic visions, and the militant ignorance of its politicians terrifies Europeans. The Soviet Union broke up. France looked a bit dodgy in the 60s, and China even more so. India is not a prime example of stability, and Pakistan lurches from crisis to chaos. Israel keeps attacking its neighbours, and would (I suspect) fall apart if it didn't.
      I agree that adding more nukes and greater capacity for delivering them will not make the world a safer place, but that is what Israel is doing. So far, at least, we have no reason to believe Iran will do the same.

      "how and why exactly Iran is to be favoured over other traditional allies of the US. "

      The traditional allies of the U.S. are Britain, Canada, Australia, and France. How is Iran to be favoured over them?

      - See more at: link to

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
    • To bolster the "Jews are always victims" claims.

      But, I ask again, were there any such notices anywhere? I've never heard of them, but there are lots of things I've never heard of.

    • I seem to recall that terrorist attacks on buses started in the 1930s or 40s with Zionists throwing bombs into buses full of Arabs.

    • I have heard of "No dogs or Chinese" signs in pre-WW2 Shanghai. I've never heard of "No Dogs or Jews" anywhere. Is this just made up for effect?

  • Open Hillel's big month: Swarthmore 'Kehilah' is born and a student resigns over Hillel restrictions
    • My sympathy, Hostage. It takes a while.
      I still keep thinking of jokes to tell my brother, but he died two years ago. Actually, I still sometimes think of things to tell my father, and he died thirty years ago.

    • "I’ll assume you aren’t Jewish. "

      That penny has finally dropped?

      "Among American Jewish students Hillel is very well known."

      Don't doubt it. As I said, it depends how general you want to be. "American Jewish Students" isn't very general, but that is your choice.

    • And every time I look at the headline of this article I find I misread it as "Open Hillel's big mouth".

    • "that people generally don’t associate Hillel with the Hillel organization"

      Depends how general you want to be. Most people in the world have never heard of either Rabbi Hillel or the organization. I knew of the Rabbi from arcane studies in early Christianity, but I only learned of the organization from MW. And I have taught in American universities!

    • "“Hillel International is the sole and exclusive licensee with the right to use the famous Hillel name "

      They've got a letter granting them that right. It was written by Rabbi Hillel himself.

  • Scripted Hate: What to expect when Campus Watch writes about you
    • And, adding injury to insult, the message from George Barbery includes two examples of commas after subject clauses. Where do people learn this? Every American writing course I have seen agrees this is wrong.

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • "how does the US stand to gain if Iran is successful in dominating Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, possibly Bahrain, and Gaza "

      At least three questions here. First, what has the U.S. got to lose in such circumstances? Second, does the U.S. have any greater right to whatever it might lose than Iran has to "take" it?
      Third, is U.S. Intervention to retain that something less harmful than Iranian domination? (Experience suggests the answer to this one is "No".)

      "appeasement by the U.S."
      Since Iran is not attacking anyone except ISIS, to which the U.S. pretends enmity, and is not making any threats or territorial demands, what is being "appeased"?

    • "So now we know why it took over 300 years to end slavery in this country "

      Which country are you referring to? Israel or Palestine?

  • CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic
    • "I am a member of the Church of England,"

      So not really religious, then, David?

    • Love?

      In the NT Jesus spends a lot of his time threatening people with the outer darkness. I'm likely to end up there, and it will be worse for me. I can do a bit of wailing, but I haven't got many teeth left to gnash.

    • Not so, Walid. Most Buddhists don't really care about God at all, and some varieties of Hinduism teach that all religions are just different paths to the same destination.

  • The political geography, of colony and bantustan, is the same on both sides of the Green Line -- Amira Hass
    • "It’s no good to blame Israel on or for colonialism, since the proprietary kingdoms of Arabia, (trans)Jordan, and Iraq are identical results of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire"

      Not so. Palestine was held back from independence while foreigners poured in with the intent of taking over the country from the native people. It is those foreigners who were the colonialists.

  • 'New anti-Semitism' on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy
    • You don't have to actually rebut it. You declare it an "anti-Semitic trope" and scream abuse at anyone who suggests it.

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