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  • Kim Philby's last straw
    • "Let’s not forget that JFK was allegedly assassinated by a conspiracy that included the mafia, the CIA, the FBI, the Secret service, the Dallas Police, anti-Castro Cubans, pro-Castro Cubans…and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone… So, sure, while we’re at it, why not include “the Zionists”?"

      Here you go.

      link to

      I don't know who did kill JFK. (Though I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.) The Lone Crazed Gunman story is as fishy as the indestructible passports, but beyond I cannot go.

    • Not just any old academic Arabist, but a damned important player in the whole business.

    • Not literally. Sirhan was too far away to get any of RFK's blood on his hands. Also, he was in front of RFK. RFK was shot in the back at very close range.

      But are you suggesting that the involvement of a single Palestinian in the assassination of RFK excuses the putative involvement of the Government of Israel in the assassination of JFK?

    • "Instinctively pro-Arab"

      More than just instinct. His father was the splendidly named Abdullah Harry St John Bridger Philby.

      link to

      link to

  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
    • "A world in which prizes are handed out to politicians in the hope that they will do something right. "

      Let's not give up. It might work one day.

  • JVP to Obama: 'Shared values' means opposing Israel's systematic discrimination against non-Jews
    • "I would probably have been self-righteous and judgemental like you. Instead I had to deal with a whole bunch of stuff that you wouldn’t ever understand."

      I'm glad you avoid being judgemental about Mooser.

    • I should point out that Kipling was saying that the white man had a moral obligation to improve the lot of the natives he ruled over.

    • "The Palestinians are not the easiest of partners."

      Indeed not. Some of the cheeky buggers think they've got rights.

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
  • Israeli activists meet with FIFA head Sepp Blatter to tell him: Israeli Football Association deserves a 'red card'
  • Pro-Israel wealthy Jews feature in 'Forward,' Christie roast, and U of Michigan censorship
    • "no one has authority in matters of definition"


    • Mooser, I suspect that quite a few of those "self-haters" are really just misguided. They want to be good, properly Jewish, Jews, but they don't know how, and nobody can tell them how to be Jewish.

    • "“And since making Israel disappear would require the disappearance of seven million Israeli Jews, "

      Just as making East Germany disappear required the disappearance of more than sixteen million East Germans.

    • Mooser, with all this new anti-Semitism that hophmi and Yonah are so concerned about, these days I cant tell the difference between The Jewish Daily Forward and the Völkischer Beobachter.

  • Obama equates Israel's creation to African-Americans gaining right to vote
    • 'Shouldn’t it be: “There’s a direct line between supporting the right of the Jewish people to a homeland and to supporting Blacks in America to have a distinct and separate homeland where they can feel safe and free of discrimination and persecution.” '

      Yes. That's what Liberia is for.

    • Quite right, hophmi. The problem has to be solved on the backs of the Palestinians because, as we all know, Jews are much more important than Palestinians.

    • "There’s a direct line between supporting the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland and to feel safe and free of discrimination and persecution, and the right of African Americans to vote and have equal protection under the law."

      I would love to see:

      (a) An argument for the alleged "right of the Jewish people to have a homeland". This would need to include an argument for the implied claim that "peoples" have rights.

      (b) An argument linking that alleged right to the right of African Americans to vote and have equal protection under the law.

    • Another Israeli crime against humanity.

  • The final straw: The real reason why Palestine wants Israel out of FIFA
  • Maybe next time it's Arab Americans who will be interned by U.S. gov't -- Rand Paul launches filibuster
    • "UK Prime Ministers have this nasty habit of being the hanky to catch the POTUS snot whenever he sneezes"

      Aptly phrased!

      I wish I could conjure up a similarly appropriate way of describing the relationship between Australian PMs and POTUS.

  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • "If you are sanguine will simply anoint yourselves. "

      You are right. This is exactly what Israel supporters do. Very sad.

  • 'NYT' obit turns the murderous settler rabbi into a 'contentious firebrand'
    • Once again I must protest at this slur against the honest, hardworking, ladies of the night who do so much to ease the stresses felt by tired gentlemen.

      Kindly do not compare them with such low-lifes as journalists.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • The U.S. has used this experience to devise their Cunning Plan.

      1. Hand over F35s to Israel, along with details of software and technology.
      2. Israel find it can't keep the planes working, sells everything to China.
      3. China incorporates all this shiny new technology into its planes.
      4. Chinese Air Force falls out of the sky.

      (Possible flaw in plan: assumes Chinese stupidity beyond the norm for officialdom.)

    • "if Arab countries were converted by force into democracies, the people would embrace the change and would also accept Israel as a great neighbor. "

      I seems to me that the more democratic Arab countries become, the less likely they are to embrace Israel.

  • Congress and state legislatures are on the warpath against BDS
    • " No one can make you buy anything from Israel. "

      You shouldn't have said that. It will give them ideas. I can hear new laws being drafted even as I write.

    • Only one parent. Yes, still alive. The Queen sent a birthday card, and Her Majesty does not send cards to the undead.

      (She does not want to encourage any sort of revenants, in case one is called Diana.)

    • If he's already been excommunicated, the Jewish commandments no longer apply.

      Salt, fat, and sugar are, of course, the main constituents of my centenarian parent's traditional English vitamin-free diet.

    • All part of my Cunning Plan, Mooser. I intend to get you all excommunicated. Once that is completed, there will be no more Jews, and hence no excuse for a Jewish State.

      And you will be able to eat cheeseburgers and BLTs.

    • "Christmas decorations. Scary blow-up Santas! Lights, lights, lights! And Christmas music!"

      Not only that, but in American shopping malls, as soon as the Christmas decorations go up, they start playing The Red Flag. No just Christians, but Commies as well.

    • 'No group of people – not even Jewish people (who currently have many homelands around the world) – is entitled to a supremacist state or supremacist “national homeland”.'

      No group of people is entitled to any sort of “national homeland” at all.

    • "This goal in effect would eliminate the state of Israel"

      If equal rights for all implies the elimination of Israel, then Israel should be eliminated.

      "and as such is not only anti-Zionist"

      Anti-Zionism is the only moral position. Zionism is evil.

      "but anti-Semitic."

      If you think equal rights for all is anti-Jewish, your idea of Jewishness is very different from Mooser's.

  • Netanyahu: Jerusalem was always the capital 'of the Jewish people alone'
    • "And they picked it up from Soviet anti-Zionism who got it from the Nazis. "

      Actually, Lenin was condemning Zionism as "bourgeois nationalism" before the Nazis had figured out what colour shirts to wear. Did the Nazis ever condemn Zionism?

      But the Soviets were the first to recognize Israel, and stood back while the Israelis got weapons from Czechoslovakia. That's really deep rooted anti-Zionism.

    • "Religiously though, the Moslem claim is just as authentic as the Judaic one."

      Using the internationally recognized RoHa Scale for Holiness, we have established that the Muslim claim is much stronger.

      link to

    • "They had their shot, blew it and got kicked out."

      Mooser seems to share this view. Could you expand on it a bit, please, for the sake of the theologically disadvantaged?

  • The burden of remembering
  • What if the Times had sent Rudoren to Selma in 1965?
    • " any number of them may be our brothers-in-law. "

      How did that happen? I haven't got any sisters, and my wife hasn't got any brothers.
      Whoever these guys are, I am not going to lend them my power tools.

    • "Israeli is the Jewish state in the same way France is a French state"

      In what way is France a French state? "French" means "originating in, related to*, or attributed to France". Thus we say "French wine, French intellectual, French foreign policy, French letter". (Occasionally we even say "Frenchman", as an abbreviation for "bleedin' Froggy bastard".)

      But it would be absurd to say that France originates in, is related to, or attributed to itself. So how is France French?

      "I find the BDS position that Jews are unworthy of a country racist."

      But, as far as I can tell, the BDS position does not include "Australian Jews are not worthy of Australia" or anything similar for Jews of any other country.

      "I find the BDS position that Jews can never enjoy full equality racist."

      But, as far as I can tell, the BDS position does not include "Australian Jews can never enjoy full equality with other Australians" or anything similar for Jews of any other country. Where Israel is concerned, full equality for Jews is the aim.

      (*By any relationship other than strict identity. The whole point of the adjective is to inform us of other relationships. Identity we take for granted.)

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • "And yes, there are some really willfully deaf, dumb and blind Americans, too! A lot of them are running for office, or are already ensconced in one. "

      I thought it was a Constitutional requirement for those seeking election.

  • Adelson primary heats up -- fawning George Bush gives him a painting of his casino
  • 'For Palestinians, history is never behind us': Family memories on Nakba Day
    • I don't think we can accuse Jackdaw of Nakba denial. He acknowledges explicitly that a lot of Palestinians wre driven out.

      "They weren’t chased out of their village by Jewish bayonets seeking to depopulate. That did happen in Palestine in 1948. It happened a lot. "

      But I don't know why he is working so hard to show that a particular group were not driven out. Even if they fled to avoid the fighting, the subsequent refusal to allow tham to return counts as ethnic cleansing.

  • 'Forward' ad on all the great ways to be Jewish doesn't mention Israel
  • Rubio calls out Clinton over settlements -- and his biggest donor funds one
  • Arizona activists protest Israeli firms militarizing the border
  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • First. Let’s be clear about nations.

      link to

      Jews in general were not and are not an n-nation.

      “nations have rights which are the extensions of individual rights.”

      The individuals have rights, but that does not necessarily imply that the group has any group right.

      Your claim looks like a fallacy of composition - assuming that the whole has all the characteristics of the parts. (A brick is light enough for me to lift. My house is made of bricks, so it is light enough for me to lift.)

      The individuals might have a right to get married to other individuals. This does not imply that that the group has a right to marry another group, nor does it imply that the group has a right to marry an individual.

      You will need to present an argument for group rights.

      “we still live in an era of nation-states”

      No, we live in a world in which many states are p-nations more or less set up as states for n-nations, but also many states are p-nations set up simply as p-nations without being based on an n-nation. The USA, China*, Brazil, Australia, Canada, India, and many of the states of Africa are such p-nations.

      “an era in which nations expect, or demand , equal rights with other nations”

      I smell a fallacy of equivocation here.

      Are you saying that n-nationalists want their n-nation be treated equally with other n-nations?

      It seems to me that n-nationalists want an independent p-nation for their n-nation. That is not the same as a demand for equality with other n-nations.
      And it seems to me that p-nations - including those not based on an n-nation - demand equal treatment with other p-nations.

      “including the right to self-determination in such a state.”

      Trouble is, there is no such right.

      “What happened when the USSR broke up? The Ukrainians, Lithuanians and the rest formed nation-states , in implementation of their rights as nations.”

      Fallacy of begging the question.

      The formation of states is clear. The alleged “implementation of their rights as nations” assumes that there are such rights.

      Scotland: ” Wouldn’t we say that they were seeking equal rights as a nation?”

      You might say that, but I wouldn’t. I would say that the people resident in Scotland have chosen independence for that region, and that largely because they don’t like what the London government is doing to them.

      Large chunks of Northern England which have never been part of Scotland aren’t happy about rule from London either.

      *No, there is no Chinese n-nation. The efforts of the Emperors created a p-nation, and perhaps a Han c-nation. But Cantonese are a different n-nation from the Szechuanese and Pekingese. (People, not the annoying little dogs.) They look different, they live in a different area, speak a different language, and have a different culture.

    • "Equality means equal rights not only for individuals, but for nations. "

      "Nations" do not have rights. The idea that they do is largely the work of woolly-minded romantics who have peddled their nonsense far and wide.

      Individual human beings have rights. Established organisations with governing bodies (such as states) can be regarded as having some limited rights. But groups such as nations cannot. There is no determinate entity to be the bearer or locus of the rights, to exercise the rights, or to carry out corresponding duties.

      "including the right to independent nation-states."

      So, of course, there is no such right. Neither the Palestinian "people" nor the Jewish "people" have the right to an independent state.

      Forget about "nations" and "peoples". Think about people instead. It is actual people who live and die, who feel joy and pain. Do not be led astray by metaphor and fantasy.

    • "I also believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. All people should be equal."

      So you would have no objections to a unified state in Palestine wherein all residents had equal rights.

  • It’s time to boycott Ben & Jerry’s
  • Settlers Supporting Settlers: Towards an explanation of the US/Israel relationship
    • "t was a Breton from Saint-Malo, Jacques Cartier that discovered and named Canada in 1534. "

      Now I know who to blame.

    • Speakers of Welsh as a first language have told me that, if they listen carefully, they can understand quite a lot of what Bretons are saying.

      Though why they would want to beats me.

    • "Simple maths (2015 minus 1941 = 74 yrs) tells us that no one alive today would have even heard of him when he met Hitler."

      Uuum,are you suggesting that no-one is older than 74, or that those who are didn't read the news?

      '” I also prefer to highlight the subject of Abu Mazen’s doctoral thesis with as much thunder! “

      Quote the offensive parts'

      Better still, tell us what parts of it are factually incorrect, which parts are badly argued, which parts are plagiarised, which parts show misuse of sources, and why the thesis is totally lacking in originality. Then we can strip him of his degree.

    • "So shouldn’t we regard Britain as another settler state?"

      First, there was a great deal of intermarriage.
      Second, If we take the line you are suggesting, there will be precious few states that cannot be called settler states. That will make the term trivial.
      Third, the thesis seem to suggest that sympathy for Israel stems from the sympathisers seeing themselves as settlers. But the British do not see themselves that way.

      The Bretons are the descendants of a few Gauls who had not been completely Romanised (no doubt with the aid of a magic potion) and a large bunch of Cornish and Welsh invaders from the North. That is why they speak a version of Welsh.

    • " the whole kitten kaboodle."

      Is there a full grown cat kaboodle? My cat might like to play with one.

    • The Jews in the Holy Land weren't in desperate straits. (I do not want to imagine them being in desperate straights.)

      "Most would simply see it as hypocritical for people in settler societies who take precious little action against their own societies dictate to another, much smaller, much more threatened, perceived settler society."

      Hypocritical or not, the condemnation of Israel is justified.

    • I’ll expand on this a little. It seems to me that the thesis turns on the idea of some sort of fellow-feeling between the Anglo settler states and Israel, and this is a fellow-feeling that comes from the experience of being a settler state.

      Now this might apply to Australia, but I can’t see that it would apply to Britain.

      (I should point out that I have done no sociological surveys. I am simply working from the impressions I have gained though growing up and living in Australia, and living for a long time in Britain.)

      Australians (or white Australians of a certain age, at least) see themselves as heir and successors of pioneers who came to a harsh wilderness and, with the aid of of hard work, pie floaters, and beer, created a new, modern, nation.

      The British attitude to their country is quite different. They themselves as heir and successors of people who have always been there, since before the Romans came to Rye, and out to Severn strode. Not as the creators of a new nation, but the continuers of an old one.

      Nor do the British share the Australian view of Australia and Australians. As far as the British are concerned, Australia is an extension of Britain, like the Isle of Wight (but larger and sunnier), and Australians are British people with odd accents.

      The British simply do not have a “pioneering tradition”, so any fellow-feeling the British have towards Israel cannot be based on the pioneering aspect of Israel.

      I will let those who know about them compare French and Quebecois attitudes to Israel.

    • The UK is a state which has set up and ruled settler States, but it is not itself a settler state. I need an argument to explain why such a state would have the same attitudes as a settler state.

    • There were civilised people in Texas?

    • I too am a bit sceptical of this thesis, though I don't think the case of India applies. India was not a settler state. The natives were not replaced by settlers.

      I have doubts about the "who's who" list. It includes the U.K., but the last significant wave of settlers there were the Normans, and they (like previous settlers) did not replace the settlers. The U.K. is not a settler state.

      It seems questionable to mix up the states supplying the settlers with the states formed by the settlers.

      And if we are going to look at the suppliers, then surely France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Italy should also be included.

      So up to now it looks to me like a bit of cod social psychology. Perhaps there is something to the idea, but it will need to be dealt with much more rigorously before I can take it seriously.

    • But the White Australia Policy is long gone.

      And a large section of Australian public opinion takes a dim view of Israel.

  • 'Forward' reports what 'NYT' covers up: Jews for BDS
    • "From each region’s soil sprung the man of the region, the Frenchman for France, Chinese people for China"

      I get the impression that JeffB thinks that there was a group (an n-nation) of French and a group (another n-nation) of Chinese that logically and chronologically preceded France and China, and these groups said to themselves "Let's establish a state", and immediately set up France and China respectively. (Being very careful not to mix them up, because that would have been embarrassing.)

      What actually happened in France was that various oily and occy kings, dukes, and whatnots went about bashing each other on the head and claiming each other's land until one won the lot, and told the others that they were all now French and to stop talking funny. (Well, not funnier than French is, anyway.)

      A similar process was conducted in China, though it was lengthier since it included a much larger area and there were a lot more heads to bash. Eventually the Han Emperor was able to say "You are all Han, now." And this covered a fair bit of what is now China. They still speak a bunch of different languages, though. Only some of them are funny.

    • "Becoming a Brit is complicated and expensive, but not difficult."

      Didn't cost me anything. (But I used the sneaky tactic of getting born there.)

    • "Posts that are blatantly anti-Semitic and stupid in content are accepted "

      I hope that you are not suggesting that my posts are stupid.

    • "Jews must be taught that they must protect the “Jewish People” who have — it would seem, under that teaching at least — no reason to exist other than to fear and avoid being wiped out. "


      I keep asking why it is important that the "Jewish people" continue to exist. Now I have an answer.

  • 'This is where we are, and we are not leaving here' — Notes from BirthWrong
    • At the risk of sounding like a broken record* I will point out again that Jackdaw's examples show that there was no specific animus towards Jews, since the same treatment was given to Christians. Whatever they show, they do not show "the perfidious Muslim seething with primordial hatred of The Jew" qua Jew.

      (*Though only those of us old enough to be given to tedious repetition will understand this simile, since it is based on technology as obsolete as we are.)

    • Though, with all these Jew-hating Arabs just longing for a chance to slaughter Jews, one does have to wonder why the Zionists thought it would be be a good idea to go and live smack in the middle of them all

    • "the fate of the Jews was not different from that of Christians."

      So no specific Jew-hatred, then. (Unless you think the Jews should have been treated differently from the Christiains.)

    • "the forcible conversion of non-Yahwists in the territories conquered by the Hasmoneans."

      You're not supposed to mention that.

      "Far from “long-standing traditions of Jew-hatred,” Muslim attitudes toward (Jewish & Christian) dhimmis fluctuated, yet can be summarized as that of ambivalence, some notable periods of convivencia, and rare instances of mass forcible conversions, systematic expulsion or wholesale extermination as was the case in Europe"

      The "Jewish and Christian" is important.

      Persecutions that afflicted Christians just as much as Jews (or, in the case of the Armenian Genocide, Christians only) cannot be used as evidence of "Jew-hatred", but only as evidence of intolerance of non-Muslims.

    • There seems to be a recent aura of surprise that Maimonides was influenced by Islamic philosophy.

      I am surprised at this surprise, since those of us who have dabbled (or more, as in your case) in Mediaeval philosophy have long known that Jewish philosophy was a result of Islamic philosophy. Saadia's philosophical theology, and that of many of his successors, was inspired by the Kalam movement in Islamic theology.

    • Bryan, I can't think of anywhere where there is a decent sized properly lefty left left. (I should review the positions of the Scandinavian parties, and especially the multitudinous Danish parties.)

      But even the pseudo-lefty parties left in other countries are far to the left of the leftist part of the American right. (What there is left of it.)

      Recently a study revealed that the right-wing British Conservative party was more left wing than the American Democrats.


    • "the development of the US left"

      There is no U.S. left. The U.S. only has the right, the far right, the foam-flecked, swivel-eyed, carpet-chewing, raving loony right, and Republicans.

    • Took them 456 years to get round to it. Don't Jewish wives nag?

      Of course, that might count as a reason for establishing Israel. It isn't an excuse. Establishing Israel was wrong.

  • Scott Walker's foreign policy education begins w/ lesson: East Jerusalem is not occupied
  • New Netanyahu government to expand support for Israeli settlements
    • "Is anyone in any government (except in Scotland) paying any attention? "

      Heavens, no!

      They have too many other distractions. They have to attend to their pension portfolios.
      They have stake their claims to chunks of the Arctic Ocean and South China Sea. They have to decide who to sanction. They have to suppress those embarrassing documents and videos. Depending on the type of government, they have to work out how to fiddle the next election or suppress those radicals who are asking for elections. They have to pretend that depleted uranium dust/nuclear waste is harmless.

      And, of course, they have to attend to the imaginary Man Made Global Warming problem. They have to fly to luxury resorts in Martinique to attend conferences on the topic. They have to cook up environmentally and economically destructive policies* and regulations to "deal with" this problem. They have to make overblown speeches about it, and rake in tax-payers' cash to fund them.

      So, no, they are too busy to notice a little thing like this.

      (*But highly profitable. As just one little example, David Cameron's father-in-law receives £330,000 pa for his useless wind farm. Don't ask about "carbon trading".)

  • In Israel, racism is standard procedure
    • "This incident is hardly the most egregious example of racism in Israel"

      But if such incidents are repeated, they accumulate into a major issue.

  • Families in Khuza’a forced to live in shipping containers as politics prevent Gaza reconstruction
  • Ilan Pappe on the western awakening and what it means for Israel/Palestine
    • "my father, who in WWII was amongst those fought and was wounded at Dunkirk. Some fathers paid the ultimate sacrifice so that Jews of all persuasions and of course goyim could live in freedom. BTW Exeter is home to the third oldest synagogue (1763) in the UK"

      Doesn't count. Still on "the continent that figured out how to and accomplished the murder of one third of the Jewish population in the world."

      (Though not quite as much on that continent as Denmark, whose fishermen risked their lives smuggling Jews to Sweden. Not that that counts, either.)

    • "Ilan Pappe ... is now living happily and in with favor on the continent that figured out how to and accomplished the murder of one third of the Jewish population in the world"

      Let us be precise here.

      Pappe is not living on the continent.

      He is living in Britain. He works at the University of Exeter.

      Britain is the country that led the fight against the Nazis. The country that, over a period of six years, spent all its wealth, used all the resource of its empire, and gave up the lives of its people from throughout that empire, in the fight against the Nazis.

      If you go to Exeter, you will see (as you will see in many British cities) that the city centre has some very old buildings, but also, mixed among them, a large number of buildings in late 1950s and early 1960s styles. These buildings were built to replace the buildings destroyed by German bombs.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • "As things stand, the most anti-BDS country in the world appears to be, believe it or not, France. The so-called left-wing, pro-Palestinian country has convicted upwards of 20 BDS activists for “discrimination” based on “national origin.” Pro-Israel activists are pushing for a similar policy in Belgium. "

      This is the new anti-Semitism that is raging across Europe, right?

    • "Most anti-Israeli positions implicitly assume that Jews are an illegitimate people "

      On the contrary, I have always assumed that most of them were born to respectably married parents.

    • "You have two options neither of which you’ll like:

      1) Be concerned about how Jews feel.

      2) Be completely unconcerned about how Jews feel.

      Allow BDS to be classified as an anti-Jewish hate group "

      A whiff of false dilemma here.

      Being concerned about how Jews feel does not imply totally sucking up to them.
      Being unconcerned about how Jews feel does not imply expressing hate for Jews or allowing BDS to be classified as a hate group.

      (Unless you are suggesting that Jews are so self-obsessed and have such total control over public opinion that they can and will make the public think of BDS as a hate group. But such a suggestion is one of those tropy thingies, isn't it?)

    • "It places (or seems to assume) Jews as the arbiters of right and wrong. "

      Surely you are not suggesting that we mere Gentiles might have say in the matter?

    • These "kids" are, of course, hulking great nineteen year olds. In Israel they would be in the Army.

      And "safe as Jews"? What does that mean? Safe from what?

      From being run over by a bus? From a broken heart? From hearing a pile of garbage about how Man Made Global Warming will doom us all? Someday. From joining a conservative political organization? From the ghastly screaming "music" that shopping centres torture us with? From the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to? From being offended?

      All of us, Jew and Gentile, run those risks while we are alive, and the only way of avoiding them is that business with the bare bodkin.

  • 'Israel should extend the right of return to all Palestinian refugees' -- Jebreal in 'The Nation'
    • "“and none of them have any properties or possessions left to return to.”

      What happened to their property and possessions?

      "They got kicked out because they lost a war."

      Winning a war does not give a right to expel a population.

      "Even if they had the right of return...they can only do so by turning Jews into a minority."

      Tough. Too bad. So sorry. If justice turns out to be uncomfortable, blame the Zionists who committed the injustice.

  • Netanyahu deputy charged with administering Palestinians says they are 'beasts, not human'
    • My sister-in-law traced my ancestry back to a bunch of 17th century nobodies.

      But I thought all Zionist could trace their ancestry back to first century High Priests.

    • And after reading that the IDF seems to take The King's Torah as a manual of tactics, and that guy saying he'd rescue one Jew instead of 100 Gentiles, and the Beduin being asked to pay for their own dispossession, I see this.

      I might have to give up reading MW. Too depressing.

  • Needing a 'crash course in foreign policy,' Scott Walker heads to [Guess which country]
    • If he is running for president now, he's left it a bit late to start learning about foreign policy. To get up to presidential level he should have started days ago.

      He should first learn about:

      Neighbouring countries. (E.g., Mexico, and that other one. The cold place.)
      Major economic players. (E.g., China, Japan, Germany.)
      Major rivals to US dominance. (E.g., Russia, China.)
      Major allies who actually send troops into combat. (You know who they are.)
      Countries where the U.S. military has bases or is involved in action. (Too long a list.)
      Countries too big to be ignored. (E.g., India, Brazil.)

      So which of the above has he chosen?

  • Bedouin village razed 83 times must pay $500,000 for demolitions, Israel says
  • Senator Cardin's double standard on nukes in the Middle East
  • An open letter to Pamela Geller
  • 'Most reactionary government in Israel's history' -- when will liberal Zionists hit bottom?
    • @Giles
      "There is no bottom for Zionists.'

      'I am beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!" - The Underminer, The Incredibles, Pixar.

  • As presidential field broadens, GOP candidates race to show their love for Israel
    • If you like Marmite,,you might be able to handle Vegemite.

      I'll probably be stripped of my citizenship and sent to a re-education camp for saying this, but I won't touch Vegemite. I tried it once in 1954. Never again.

      My son is of the same opinion. When he was about six he saw some bread with Vegemite at a children's party. And he thought it was Nutella. The universe betrayed him.

      But here's the song again.

      link to

      (And if you could write "US" instead of "here" or "this country", it would clarify things.

    • Kay, you seem to be very confused.

      The UK is the UK. Australia is Australia. Neither of them are abroad. "Abroad" is the rest of the world, full of dubious people with strange and, usually, disgusting habits.

      "Here" is Australia. If you are not in Australia, you are not here.

      Please work out where you are (I suspect abroad) and post accordingly.

    • @eljay.

      I looked at those pages.

      Let us never speak of them again.

    • Eljay, deep-fried Mars bars are supposed to be a Glasgow speciality. Do Americans deep-fry chocolate as well?

    • "Strange, but the Cadbury you buy abroad, from the UK or other nations, tastes different and better than the ones you get here."

      What do you mean? The Cadbury I buy here in Australia tastes the same as the Cadbury I buy in the UK.

      Or, when you say "here", do you mean some other country that is not here at all, but somewhere else? If so, you must tell us where you mean.

    • And, I should point out, Australia is also a world-leader in some fields. Here's one of the latest innovations.

      link to

    • "No other nation (even our true allies) will get that show of devotion. "

      No $3 billion per annum for Australia, Britain, Canada, NZ?

      Pity. As an Australia/British citizen, with a son who has US citizenship as well, I would feel it to be my duty to take care of such funds (for the good of the country, of course), were they forthcoming.

  • Shit Israeli soldiers did in Gaza
    • All I knew was the line from Hart Crane:

      "And obscure as that heaven of the Jews,
      Thy guerdon ..."

      (To Brooklyn Bridge)

      But Crane makes no mention of the punishment.

    • "two new doctrines of war that the Israeli military has adopted at the highest level"

      It looks as though Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Shapira, and Rabbi Elitzur are being listened to in the IDF.

    • Thanks. I've never been clear about the Jewish ideas of the afterlife.

  • Rudoren covers up Shaked's genocidal statements in 'NYT'
    • Another good reason for staying out of France.
      If you go there, you run the risk of being punched by a Jewish ‘new philosopher”.

      What could be scarier?

    • "I’d hate to see him excommunicated, exiled or executed by JeffB."

      Exiled or executed would be nasty, but excommunicated isn't so bad. That would just make him an ordinary Gentile, like the rest of us. No need to worry about who's pouring the wine. It only curdles when a Gentile pours it for a Jew

      And it would make JeffB part of an even tinier (though probably whinier) minority.

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • "Well yes it isn’t attributing hate to them, it is a call for a universal hate to be directed at them."

      No it isn't. It is no more than a statement of the stance that person or group takes towards the rest of humanity. It does not in any way call for humanity to hold any particular attitude towards that group. Hating enemies is neither a logical nor a psychological necessity.

    • "What would be the motive for that? "

      I don't know. I try not to attribute motives to people. I'm pretty sure I'd be wrong most of the time.

      " I don’t know whether you are repenting of your “enemy of humanity” type language "

      Heavens, no. Saying that some person or group has made himself/itself an enemy of humanity is not attributing hate to that person or group.

    • "This is the sort of crap that gets you classified as a an anti-Semite"

      I can understand that it might get him classified as an incompetent historian, but why as an anti-Semite"

      "It is amazing to me how much hate can warp a person."

      Far too many accusations of hate being thrown around from all directions. (Not just you, JeffB.) Seems like a form of intellectual laziness.

    • @ Citizen.

      Not pre-emptive, but preventative.

    • No need to feel ashamed. Neither you nor your Jewish background are the guilty parties.

      Just stick with feeling anger and disgust.

    • "if it would have evoked an animal infected with rabies"

      Foam-flecked, swivel-eyed, uncompromising, grammar fanatics urge you to write "if it had evoked an animal infected with rabies..".

    • "I am a Spanish Jew from Bulgaria who has lived in the U.S. For 20 years. "

      If you are from Bulgaria, how do you manage to be Spanish rather than American?

    • @oldgeezer

      Homer isn't a writer at all. He works at a nuclear power plant.

    • "No Irish person wrote Ulysses"

      James Joyce wasn't Irish?

  • Not a single Muslim is quoted in 'NYT' profile of Geller
    • "The problem – linguistically – with Graham’s comment is that “Al” is the definite article in Arabic (i.e. equivalent to English’s “the”), and usually appears before most Arabic proper nouns, especially place and personal names."

      You don't expect a Presidential candidate to actually know stuff, do you? Surely you aren't that naive.

      He doesn't even know English, let alone Arabic.

      “If the Palestinians will sue one Israeli soldier who risked his life securing Israel, the US will cut all aid to Palestine.”

      should be

      “If the Palestinians sue one Israeli soldier who risked his life securing Israel, the US will cut all aid to Palestine.”

  • A response to the 'Washington Post' blogger who calls me an anti-Semite
    • "Sounds dreary, pessimistic"

      This is just the sort of discrimination we must stop. Straw men have just as much right to be dreary, pessimistic, and hollow as anyone else.

      And vice versa.

    • "Their hearts are full of pain! They would dance and be merry"

      Exactly. They are not lost, violent souls, even if their voices, when they whisper together, are quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass, or rats' feet over broken glass in our dry cellar. So we should end discrimination against them, and do it now, before the whimper of the world's end.

    • I see it finally got up onto the WP comments, with a couple of responses.

      (And I agree that the racial discrimination against straw men should end.)

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • "BDS targets Jews explicitly "

      No, it targets Israelis and their supporters.

      "Jews will have to face the stigma and intimidation that comes from being associated with Zionism, which is central and fundamental to the beliefs of the large majority of Jews."

      Then they should change their beliefs and stop being associated with Zionism. Those who support wrongdoing have only themselves to blame for any social stigma.

      "The trenchant view of Jews as a fifth column, disloyal and dishonest is already spreading. "

      Then Jews should stop acting like Israeli agents.

      "Woody Allen once said:..."

      Celebrities - even talented ones - often say stupid things.

    • "He joined a Birthright trip in June 2012, thinking he could research his identity "

      So he could read what it said in his passport?

    • Don't worry, Annie. Being on a petard might be a bit uncomfortable, but as long as it doesn't explode you'll be OK. You won't be hoist.

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis
    • "...where the government doesn’t count or register Jews, so Jewish institutions do it for them!"

      I think it is shocking that the government imposes this burden on the Jewish institutions!

      It's positively anti-something-or-other!

    • "Racism in this country ..."

      In Siberia?

    • "Mondoweiss fans bend over backwards in support of the Iranian regime."

      I support them when they do the right thing. I condemn them when they do the wrong thing. I take the same approach to the Australian regime.

      " They all are against Israel’s right to exist. "

      I may be a minority here, but I, for one, deny Israel has that right.

      Nor does New Zealand, East Germany, The Kingdom of Arles, Latvia, the Kingdom of Nanyue, The People's Republic of China, the Duchy of Savoy, Belgium, the Majapahit Empire, or Chile.

      And certainly not Canada.

      States do not have a right to exist.

      They are arrangements of convenience (sometimes even for the convenience of their citizens) and, as such, come into and go out of existence according to the whims of the powers-that-be.

      "JVP’s Brant Rosen ... so does his fellow Evanstonian Arthur Butz …"

      Guilt by association.

    • Nonsense! Time off? Who does she think she is?

      Annie should spend all her time writing sharp (albeit lower case) comments and moderating our comments. Especially mine.

      Phil should have chained her to her computer.

    • Remember that Geller wouldn’t have received this coverage if the event hadn't been attacked.

    • "Good question about David Duke, would he be looked upon with tolerance if he had some kind of event encouraging his supporters to draw cartoons insulting black people, or Jews? Or would there be outrage especially from the Jewish lobbies?"

      No need to ask. We know from experience.

      Cartoonists who produce cartoons critical of Israel get no end of shit dumped on them. Look at the Gaza cartoon in The Sydney Morning Herald as just one example.

      The Iranian Holocaust Cartoon exhibition was condemned by Kofi Annan and Reporters Without Borders, as well as the usual suspects.

      " Why is it that these islamaphobic elements are invited by congress people to this nation, "

      Which nation?

  • 'NY Review of Books' says Tony Judt didn't really mean it when he called for the end of a Jewish state
    • I'm not convinced OBL was still alive in 2011.

      I don't doubt that the US forces killed someone, though.

    • "I note that Zionism is tied up with the identity of Jews in this country "

      And for once I am not going to ask you which country you mean by "this country", since your claim seems to apply in a lot of countries.

  • Gaza rules: Kill 2 Palestinian women on cellphones in an orchard so Israeli soldiers face zero risk
    • "The IDF’s best known invention, the Merkava tank, is basically an armoured cocoon."

      To be fair, that could describe just about any tank.

      The Merkava is basically an old British Centurion tank that has been turned around to put the engine in the front. This gives greater protection to the crew from frontal attack. Tanks usually have the thickest armour at the front. With the Merkava, the idea is that a shot has to go through the armour and the engine as well.

      Belgium was going to buy some Merkavas, but then that saw what happened to Merkavas in 2006, and decided to take their business elsewhere.

  • Spanish Jews resisted oppression in tunnels and, exiled, clutched their keys
    • But the fun tours of Spain may well help to confirm British Jews in their opposition to Zionism.

  • Seven-year-old boy is arrested in East Jerusalem, interrogated for hours, released at 3 AM
    • " Undercover Israeli operatives detained and interrogated a 7-year-old Palestinian boy and his twelve-year-old brother "

      Thank God the Israeli authorities are so alert! Who knows what horrors the poor, long-suffering, Israeli people have been spared by their prompt action? A broken window? A rude word written on a wall? Perhaps - shudder - chewing gum under a seat!

      Doesn't bear thinking about.

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