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  • 'The New York Times' sanitizes Israeli racism
    • Really!

      First we get facts, and now you back them up with photographs!

      That just isn't fair to Witty.

  • Bibi's father says 'enemies' seeks 'destruction of the Jewish people'
    • "It also led him to say to me, in the early 1990s, that Muslim extremists would try to bring down the twin towers in New York "

      Much easier to make such predictions when you have seen Mossad's plans for it.

      "the Menachem Begin Heritage Center"

      Please tell me that this is a joke.

  • Dear Congress: What the Purim video reveals about the racism embedded in the Israeli state structure
    • But that was a good bomb!

      Julian is talking about bad bombs.

      To help you to keep them clear, here are some more good bombs.

      Bombs thrown by Jews into buses full of Arabs in the late 1930s.
      Bomb which blew up S.S. Patria .
      Bomb in British Embasy in Rome (1946)
      Letter bombs sent to British Cabinet Ministers in 1947.
      Bombs in market places, Damascus Gate, etc, 1947.
      Bombs in Semiramis Hotel, Jaffa Gate, etc, 1948.
      Bombs in Egypt during Operation Susannah.
      And, of course, the bomb that did this

      link to

      and this

      link to

      and this

      link to

      Does that help?

    • ". So she dug up a bible and read the actual text "
      You should never do this. The key characteristics of that particular source of Jewish values were well described by Thomas Paine.

      "Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize humankind. "

  • Steinhardt and Khouri agree: it's not about borders, it's about refugees
  • 'To wipe the spit off his face, Biden had to say it was only rain'
  • My nephew in Jerusalem is headed to Poland
    • Thoughts of warm beer are perfectly legitimate as long as they are restrained to Britain and British (including Irish) beer. (It just doesn't taste nice if it is chilled. I remember complaining that a pint of Guiness tasted like water, and the barman apologised for having next to the lager, so it was getting too cold.)

      But any such thoughts about Australian beer are just another manifestation of the ever-growing menace of anti-Australianism.

    • "Even the most Orthodox Jews would be happy to share a pint with you however. "

      Sure about this? I wouldn't want my nasty goyish influence to damage their Jewish souls. It starts with beer from a goy, but next next thing is that they fall in love with a shiksa, and you've got assimilation! It's the second Holocaust!

      No, I don't want to risk that. You'll get no beer from me.

    • " no drinking wine from a bottle a goy opened"

      That's a new one on me. Next time I'm sharing a bottle of wine around, I'll have to make sure I don't offend any Jews present bygiving them some.

      Does it apply to beer, as well?

  • Many western Jews believe: We need a Jewish state
    • "In college, or even in high school, taking the course of sociology, one fundamental ethical rule is – never question or judge another man’s culture"

      This view is called "cultural relativism" . If you take a course in Moral Philosophy you will almost certainly learn that this idea is a load of crap.

  • Cindy Corrie reaches out to Middle Easterners who have lost family members to violence
    • Japanese maps look very familiar to me, since they also put Australia on the midline, which is where it aought to be. I found British maps a bit odd, because they tended to cut the Pacific. But when I first saw an American map that cut the Eurasian continent in half I knew I was dealing with crazy people.

    • Actually, the bit we are calling "the Middle East" was originally called "the Near East". The Middle East was the Indian sub-continent and immediately adjacent areas.

      But why is the term racist? Anglo-centric, certainly, but not really worse than the Chinese calling their country "the Middle Kingdom", or the American habit of equating "Western" with American, or using "Western Hemisphere" to mean only the American continents.

      And Colombus discovered the geographic relationship between Europe and the Greater Antilles. Neither the Americans nor the Europeans knew of it before his voyages.

  • Biden to Bibi: You are endangering us
  • Netanyahu steals more land, so Biden is late for dinner
  • Lord almighty, MSM covers dissing of Biden
    • I get fed up with people talking about hope.

      Hope doesn't feed the hungry, it doesn't pay the rent, and it won't iron my trousers.

  • Who knew-- BDS is tied to... 9/11!
    • "For the Palestinians to be given Israeli citizenship would be like sending tem an invitation to dinner at which the Israelis were going to serve Palestinians."

      That's pretty much the way it is now, isn't it?

      But the big questions are whether the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians would get freedom of movement throughout Israel, and be able to vote in elections.

    • "In Israel, “Jewish” the nationality. “Arab” is a nationality. "

      Then Mizrahi Jews must have dual nationality, since they are Arab Jews! What about the Baha'is? Is Baha'i a nationality? Is Druze?

      And what about all the dubious immigrant workers whose children are to be thrown out for not being kosher? They will have "citizenship", but will they have any "nationality"?

      Seriously, what do they mean by "nation" and "nationality"?

  • Make intermarriage, not war
    • " it’s a difficult go during the holidays, what with my family drinking Polish vodka on Christmas Eve, and my Irish in-laws drinking whiskey on Christmas Day"

      I'm sure all our hearts bleed for you.

    • I should, perhaps, add that I do not just carry out this exercise with bunches of Australian students. I have used it in classes of Chinese and Korean nursing students (they turned out to be particularly concerned for the homosexuals), and mixed international classes with students from a wide variety of contries.

    • Which is why Singapore is not a good place for me. The girls there have a Chinese base, with plenty of Malay mixed in, plus bits of Tamil, British administrators, Japanese occupiers, and passing sailors from anywhere you care to mention.

      And since Singapore is tropical, the fashions (and they are very fashionable) they choose tend be extremely skimpy.

      For a man no longer in the first flush of youth, the strain on the system gets a bit severe.

    • Exactly my position, and that of just about every man in a mixed marriage I know (and that is a lot).

      'Don't the cultural differences between Australia and Japan make it difficult for you to understand each other at times?"

      "They don't matter. What makes it difficult is that I'm a man and she's a woman."

    • I regularly get my students (university) to debate the advantages and disadvantages of a system in which every 25 year old male in the world is forced to marry a 25 year old female chosen for him at random.

      The most encouraging thing about the debates is that the students are always very concerned about how unfair this would be to homosexuals and lesbians. Racial issues just do not appear in their thinking.

      They think it would of great benefit to the travel business, though, since people would be travelling all over the world to meet their new husbands and wives.

      The more naive think that the language teaching business would prosper, as well. They imagine that husbands and wives talk to each other.

    • "I am of French-Polish Roman Catholic stock, and my wife is of Scotch-Irish Roman Catholic stock."

      Wouldn't it be easier (and save space) just to be Americans?

    • "It is forward of me to say this, but rip all vestiges of guilt you feel about it out of you. "

      I don't feel the slightest bit guilty it. But then, I'm not a Jew.

  • Novelist Henning Mankell says Israel faces 'final insurrection' and 'fall'
    • So just another fraud lying for Israel, then?

    • " the Jews in the I/P area "

      So you are, right now, just talking about the rights of the Israeli Jews to self-determination, and not all Jews in the world? O.K. But surely the relevant right would be that of all the inhabitants of Israel, and not just that of the Jews. (Of course, I know you really believe that Jews are more important than non-Jews, but try to pretend you don't for the moment.)

      "clash with the Palestinian right to self determination "

      If the Palestinian right to self-determination had been honoured in the 1920s, Israel would not exist. Since the Zionists did not give a hoot about the Palestinain rsd then, why should anyone give a hoot about a Jewish rsd?

      " Jews of Eastern Europe who were separated in the Pale of Settlement by the Czars of Russia after the seizure of the territory from Poland in the late 18th Century. These Jews definitely deserved a right to self determination that should not have clashed with the rights of the nonJews that lived in the same area"

      You will have to spell out why they deserve a rsd, why it would not have clashed with the rights of the non-Jews, and whether such a right should apply to any territory other than that which they inhabited, or involve any other Jews anywhere.

      As it stands, you seem to be making a blanket claim about a right without any substantial support.

    • "If New Orleans was located in Israel, it would already be a renewed city and envy of the world; and its inhabitants ditto"

      On the other hand, if it were located in Lebanon, Hezbollah would have renewed it in short order, but the Western world wouldn't be told about it.

    • "I will make peace with the Palestinians, "

      That's great! When are you going to start?

      "not with Australians who say that the Jews don’t have a right to self determination."

      Of course, you aren't going to present a rational argument for that alleged right, are you?

    • "It doesn’t pay to react to those who hate Israel."

      But those are exactly the people you have to make peace with if you want to solve the problem.

    • "They rationally adopt Zionism."

      They rationally adopt a doctrine that says that Jews matter more than anyone else?

      "to persuade the Arab and Palestinian world to accept Israel,"

      In a one-state scenario, what the Arabs need to accept is that the Jews born in what is now Israel have the right to live in the new state as equal citizens. Your Israel would not exist.

    • "the reality for Palestinians in a truly democratic single state will plausibly be further subordination and frankly isolation from one another, as the floodgates to Jewish settlement in the West Bank will open wide."

      So the "demographic bomb" threat isn't real after all?

      "ethnically reserved (ethnically cleansing) laws were passed prohibiting individuals from specified ethnicities from purchasing land in a locale. "

      Does not Israel have such laws now, and would they not be revoked?

    • "I was against the war in Gaza (after the fact)"

      Very helpful. I'm sure the Palestinians are duly grateful.

      "If you can imagine a one state solution without such a war, please draw me that scenario. "

      It would require a great change in the ideas of Israelis. They would have to admit that Zionism was a wicked idea, that the concept, creation, and conduct of the State of Israel were all evil. They would have to give up the idea of a Jewish State. They would have to want the new state.

      Are Israelis so corrupt, so brainwashed, so insane that such a change of heart is not possible? Perhaps. But if so, your 40 year war is inevitable.

      You are in Israel, so it is up to you to start changing your fellow Israelis. (I cannot do it from Australia.) If you do not start changing them, you are dooming them to the 40 year war.

  • Egg donor and recipient must be of same religion, you-know-where
  • Israel's 'sensitive artist narrative' just might implode at the Oscars tonight!
    • "A child of a refugee born in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt should NOT be considered Israeli. A child born in the West Bank should not be considered Israeli."

      You will perhaps be surprised that I agree with you. In a two-state scenario, I would say that only those born in Israel, their spouses, and dependent children have the right to return to Israel. (Compensation to the descendants of the dispossessed for stolen property would be another matter.)

      But of course, to be consistent with the this lex solis concept, you would also have to revoke the Law of Return and abandon the foolish notion that Jews are in any sense a "nation". You would concede that Australian Jews are Australian, and Australia is their nation. And as soon as you have done that, you have admitted that the creation of Israel was just a land-grab by a bunch of European immigrants.

    • There goes the neighbourhood.

    • And yes, I think you are dead right. If he doesn't toe the line, his family is going to find life uncomfortable, and he will never get a chance to make another film in Israel.

    • When you stand in the front rank with your toes on the line on the parade ground, you TOE the line.

  • Stranglehold: When will a U.S. columnist decry the 'injustice' of 1948?
  • Dubai-Mossad t-shirts now available
  • Ivy League mag publishes dual-loyal dithyramb to IDF-Rambos vs swarthy Arabs
    • "Israelis are cast as ... “civilized”. "

      But they don't even play cricket.

    • "we American Jews called Israel our homeland "

      Presumably born in the USA (hush up, Springsteen), brought up in the USA, school and university in the USA, citizen of the USA, and calls a country on the other side of the world his "homeland"!


  • Israeli envoy tells Palestinians they can't set a deadline for freedom
    • "For Palestinians, the vital interest is independence and freedom within their own state. "

      Is that what Palestinians say? I thought they had some ideas about being treated as equals in Palestine.

  • Is House committee vote on Armenian genocide tit-for-tat for Turkey's Gaza criticism?
    • "(mind you the word ‘holocaust’ is reserved for the Jewish death)."

      If I remember rightly, the term "holocaust" was first used for mass killing by Churchill, and it was the deaths of the Armenians he was referring to.

    • "Any moral people would rather die out as the oppressed than as the oppressor."

      Well said. (The rest of the post too, but especially that bit.)

  • Roll over Ben Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news ('Washington Note' characterizes Zionism as colonialist)
    • "the need of the Jews for a homeland "

      The Jews did not need a homeland.

      Most Jews had homelands they were born into.

      Some Jews needed a safe place to live, but that is all.

  • More on Jews, Poles and peasants
    • "What society of any appreciable size *wouldn’t* see some manifestations of irritation at having it “spurned by people living among them”? Might not be right, but it would be true of any society and any people I think so clearly wasn’t jewish-specific. "

      Gasp! Are you suggesting that the Polish Jews are at least partly to blame for the anti-semitism they faced?

    • "Just as this article details the deep and widespread inability to speak Polish in the Polish-jewish community? Or to even recognize the Polish flag?"

      Of course, this is just their right, and any irritation that the Poles might have felt at having their language and their society spurned by people living among them is just another manifestation of innnate Polish anti-semitism.

  • In Israeli-Lebanese brinkmanship, the US is powerless
    • Also, Hezbollah did a far faster and more efficient job of clearing up the mess after the 2006 war than the U.S. has managed in New Orleans after Katrina.

      And hardly any profiteering, either.

      (A visit from a couple of young, strong Hezbollah lads with degrees in Economics and AK47s is a great way to get suppliers to hold their prices at pre-distaster levels.)

  • Is declaring yourself an 'anti-Zionist' like declaring you're a 'Communist'?
  • Hasbara extremist uses N-word
  • Haaretz: In Iranian-Israeli brinksmanship, Obama is powerless
    • "If the US does not agree then Israel has three options: 1) send its bombers over Saudi Arabia "

      Given the amount of hardware the Saudis have, they would have very red faces trying to explain to the rest of the world why they couldn't (or didn't try to) stop the Israelis.

      "or 2) send them over Turkey."

      Good strategy. Piss off the Turks even more.

      " There is, of course, option 3 and send them over Iraq in opposition to the US. I think most analysts agree that Israel would try option 3 and dare the US to show any opposition"

      And who would believe that the US couldn't stop them? Everyone would assume that the USA helped.

      There is actually a fourth option. Use the close relations with Georgia to attack from there. A short flight over Armenia, and next stop is Tabriz. Of course, the Russians have dented that prospect a bit.

    • We know what Exocets can do in a real war.

      link to

      link to

      The new Russian missiles are supposed to be much more dangerous than Exocets.

      Suppose that the Iranians sent a cloud (a dozen or so) of Silkworms against an American fleet, with a few of the fiercer Russian missiles mixed in.

      This has certainly never been tried, so no-one knows what would happen.

      I wouldn't want to be around, though.

    • We know what Exocets can do in a real war.

      link to

      link to

      The new Russian missiles are supposed to be much more dangerous than Exocets.

      Suppose that the Iranians sent a cloud (a dozen or so) of Silkworms against an American fleet, with a few of the fiercer Russian missiles mixed.

      This has certainly never been tried, so no-one knows what would happen.

      I wouldn't want to be around, though.

  • 'LA Times' says Republican rivals to challenge Senator Boxer are out-Israeling one another
  • Crimean war blunders ended English oligarchy (and the Iraq war?)
    • One interesting featuer of the British meritocracy was that the brightest and the best did not end up running Britain. They were recruited into the Indian Civil Service or other bits of the machinery of Empire, and spent the best parts of their lives mastering the languages (no promotion unless you can speak the local language like a native) and customs (you have to know why Sanjit is going to totally ignore regulations and pay a visit to his family) of the area they were working in. And then do it all over again in another district.

      Running Britain was left to the B team. They weren't up to the task.

  • Judith Butler: Identity 'allegiance' stands in the way of peace
    • "I grew very skeptical of certain kind of Jewish separatism in my youth. I mean, I saw the Jewish community was always with each other; they didn’t trust anybody outside.."

      I thought anyone who said that sort of thing was automatically ananti-semite or a self-hater.

      "But I think we have to get over the idea that a state has to express a nation. And if we have a bi-national state, it’s expressing two nations"

      Can someone please tell me what a nation is if it is not a sovereign state?

      Where I live, the nation is the Commonwealth of Australia. The state (non-sovereign) is Queensland.

      For a few years I lived in a place where the nation was the United States of America. The states were Georgia and Pennsylvania.

      Those sort of nations I understand. But what are the other kind?

  • Syracuse University plays lead role in undermining int'l law, with concern for Israel
    • Rigorous!

      (Why is there no "edit" button. And why does a link not open a new page?)

    • "Syracuse University is currently distinguishing itself as a top 5 basketball team "

      Oh wow! Such evidence of deep and rigourous thinking means that I'll have to take anything they say very seriously indeed.

  • Global movement joins Hebron protest to 'Open Shuhada Street'
  • Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times?
    • How disappointing. When I lived in Denmark I used to like Politiken better than Berlingske Tidende. It was a more managable size, and it didn't have a sports section.

  • People Are Talking About BDS
    • I know I should be in favour of BDS, but it sounds like one of those embarrassing diseases that one pretends never to have contracted.

  • Shadow of Emmett Till
    • "The Jews are an alien nation."

      So it would seem, Mooser. But they hide it well. All the Jews I have seen look pretty human. Not an antenna or tentacle among them.

    • Yes, well, those Mizrachis are - let us say - a bit heavily shaded in, aren't they? I mean, they don't reflect the sunlight quite as much as Ashkenazis. You might even say they are sort of "tinted" people.

      Nothing against them, of course. Some of my best friends, and so forth.

      But not quite our sort of people.

    • Astonishingly, again we agree up to a point.

      But the two-state "solution" (aside from all the efforts Israel is making to render such a "solution" impossible) is not a solution. It will not bring equality or justice to the area.

      That is why I say the effort should be to make a one-state solution possible.
      A two-state arrangement, combined with a stated intention of moving to a single state, could well be a starting point.

      But from the beginning some changes will be necessary, and Israelis will have to make them.

      They will have to renounce Zionism as the evil Jewish-supremcacist doctrine it is. (Impossible? Maybe not. Other people have renounced National Socialism, Apartheid, and straight out racism.)

      They will have to repeal the Law of Return, and acknowledge the Right of Return so that Palestinians can go, if not back to their stolen or destroyed homes, at least back to the region.

      They will have to give full and equal citizenship to the Arabs of Israel.

      If Israelis want peace with justice and honour, they will try these things.

    • As far as “the Jews want to continue as a people” (whatever “a people” means) is concerned, one has to ask, “at what cost, both to Jews and to the rest of us?”

      I know you don’t think that the rest of us matter. Only Jews count for you, and you are incapable even of understanding that the rest of us think that we are just as important as Jews, let alone actually thinking that we are as important.

      (This is clearly shown by your maundering about how nice it is to hear children speaking a Jewish language, even though this has been achieved by driving Arab children out of their homes and blowing them to pieces.)

      For you “Jews want …” is equivalent to “everyone should strain themselves to make sure that Jews get …”

      So I will simply make these bare assertions, and if you can comprehend them, good. If not, too bad.

      If the state of Israel is necessary for the Jews to continue to exist as a people, the price is too high.

      If separation from the rest of the human race, refusal to countenance mixed marriages, greater concern for other Jews than for fellow citizens, or all the other peculiarities that are reputed to be part of the Jewish condition are necessary, the price is too high, both for Jews and the rest of us.

      If attitudes like yours are necessary, the price is too high.

    • "Okay Israel, annex the West Bank and make the Palestinians into Israeli citizens"

      And there we agree. The Palestinians originally wanted a united, independent, Palestine. The British denied them this, and then the Zionists set out to take Palestine from them. The aim of the PLO was, first, to undo the partition and let the refugees go home. The call for a Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank and Gaza was a cry of despair which came later, but even that has been denied them.

      If they ask for annexation and full, equal, citizenship for all people living West of the Jordan, the Israelis will have to refuse. Allowing it would mean the end of Jewish dominance.

    • So you are saying that the survival of Jews as a people is important because Jewish attention to education has led ex-Jews to produce quite a few major contributions to science, philosophy, and the arts, are you?

      How many of these contributions came from ex-Jews living in Israel? (Yes, we already know about the cherry tomato and the water heater.) In Birobidzhan? (Ancient Jewish Palestine produced absolutely nothing of any real value, but that is outside the timeline you offered.)

      And how many from Jews living in Europe or America? Why so many from ex-Jews who were barely distinguishable from the other middle class Europeans who made the great advances of the last two centuries? It seems that the less Jewish they were, the more likely they were to contribute!

      This is a pretty thin basis on which to build an argument that the wickedness of the concept of Israel, the wickedness of the creation of Israel, and the wickedness of the conduct of Israel are justified in order that the Jews might survive as a people.

    • "In the 1980’s the PLO began to move toward agreeing to a two state solution"

      My memory tells me that it was in the mid 1970s that the PLO started making two-state approaches to Israel. They finally decided that if they could not have a free Palestine, they might at least get rid of Israeli occupation. It took a long time for the idea to be fully accepted by all the PLO.

      "would have argued that the PLO would never agree because they would never accept Jews living in the land of Palestine."

      Always a bum argument. The objection was never to Jews, but to a Jewish State.

    • Good! I keep hearing about various groups, tribes, etc., cries of "this way of life (etc.) must not be allowed to disappear", but no one says why not. It seems as though nothing must be allowed to change. Now you have given me an answer of the type I wanted.

      Now I can consider it.

      "it is important because a large portion of the Jewish people wish to survive as a people"

      O.K. Now we can ask, first, whether that wish is sufficient to justify the actions taken to ensure that survival, and, second, why they hold that wish. It may be the case that there is no rational basis for the wish, but merely a shared superstition. For example:

      "and they believe that given time their existence as a people will pay dividends to themselves and to the world"

      Will pay dividends in time? So no dividends yet, after .... how many thousands of years would you say it has been?

      Maybe that belief needs a rethink.

      And what sort of dividends? And is there no other way of getting them?

    • Barney Frank? Who he?

    • "the physical survival of Jews as individuals?"

      No problem with this, but

      "survival of the Jewish people as a people "

      Why is this important? I have asked WJ, but he wants to keep it a secret. Are you allowed to tell me?

    • "What are the advantages for individual Jews and a a large chunk of the Jewish people to live in Zion?"

      Advantages to whom?

      "and so children speaking a Jewish language are dear to me."

      And because it is dear to you the rest of the world has to support the evil that is Israel?

      "Is there something useful to the Jewish soul to be nourished by the hills of Jerusalem? Maybe not just the Jewish soul, but certainly the Jewish soul"

      And Jewish souls are more important than others, so they must be catered for even at the expense of others?

      "that today there are only two major homes for the Jews: America and Israel is lamentable"

      Homes for the Jews?

    • sylvanen has some answers to your questions about genetic make-up, and from that it seems that "Middle Eastern genetic make-up" would be the best way to go.

      "Maybe Middle Eastern genetic makeup would be more accurate and Arabic is a language and a culture."

      So what is an Arab?

      (a) A person who speaks Arabic as first language and grew up in Arabic culture? If so, Mizrachis are Arabs.

      (b) A person of Middle Eastern genetic make-up? If so, Mizrachis are Arabs.

      (c) a+b? If so, Mizrachis are Arabs.

      Do you find in yourself some reluctance to think of Mizrahi Jews as Arabs? If so, why?

    • Government Minister Penny Wong would not have been too thrilled with that, either.

      Nor the thousands and thousands of Australians of Asian ancestry.

      Nor all the Australians of European ancestry who are married to people of Asian ancestry. (That group includes me.)

      Nor their children.

      And it pissed off a fair few others, as well.

    • Arabs are probably the ones they are most worried about, but they also mention migrant workers. That would be all those Chinese, Thais, etc., some of whom are polluting Israel by having children.

      Can't have those yellow Johnnies touching nice (or even not-so-nice) Jewish girls.

      ""We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not - we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side." - Naftali Tamir, Israeli ambassador to Australia.
      link to

      (Just the sort of thing to say in the hearing of Kevin Rudd. Rudd's son-in-law is Albert Tse, born in China.)

    • "But in fact it is certainly difficult for me to tell the difference between most Mizrachi Jews and most Arabs. "

      That's because Mizrahi Jews are Arabs. There are Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Jewish Arabs, as well as Druze, Baha'i, etc., Arabs.

      The Mizrahi are (or were, in Arab lands) native speakers of Arabic. Their culture was Arabic.

      And their genetic make-up was Arabic. That's why they still look like Arabs.

    • Gotta protect our girls from being led astray - or worse - by the oily charm of those swarthy, unshaven characters of dubious origins and questionable decency.

      "families of the minority men, that often ostracize them for being Jewish.”

      No-one would ever ostracise the minority men for not being Jewish.

  • Factchecking Kershner
    • What sort of a father was Abraham ?

      According to the Bible, a really bad one.

      Abraham was a coward, a liar, a pimp, and possibly a rapist.

      Worst of all, he didn’t even have the moral strength to protect his children.

      Out of fear for his own life, he twice pretended his wife was his sister, (“My sister very clean”) and left her to another man .

      Sarah told him to shag the slave girl in order to get an heir. We are not told how enthusiastic Hagar was about the business, but no-one cared. She was a slave girl.

      When she did get pregnant, and had a son, she got uppity. Abraham’s wife told him to dump her out into the desert. He, gutless wonder that he was, did. No thought of defending his child or his child’s mother.

      No surprise, then, that when the sky-dictator told him to slice his second son’s throat, he obeyed.
      Again, he failed in a basic duty that is recognized as such throughout the world.

      Abraham was a moral degenerate, without a shred of decency.

  • Siegman: the world will stop the 'relegation of Palestinians to apartheid existence'
    • "Henry Siegman is angry. He’s still attached to the idea of a "democratic Jewish" state..."

      Still has a long way to go. He needs to lose the "Jewish" bit.

  • In new ads that try to change the subject, Israel reveals racism
  • fyi, this is now the conventional wisdom,
  • delegit
    • Of course, some Palestinians will say that the policy of throwing out immigrants and their children should have started sevetny or eighty years ago.

      (Just for the record, I would not agree. I say that if you are born in the place, you have the right to stay there and be a citizen. That is one thing I think the Americans get right.)

      But it would be ironic if Israel ceased to be a "Jewish State" , not because the Israelis sought reconciliation with the Palestinians, but because they were overwhelmed with Thai, Philipino, and Chinese immigrants.

    • Oh, wait. Sorry! You said *rational* people.

      They will judge it as what it is.

    • You want Israel to be full of wogs, boongs, niggers, chinks, and gooks? That would destroy its character as a Jewish State.

      What sort of racist anti-Semite bigot are you?

    • “Even a child that was born from a rape has a right to live. ’48 was a rape. But something happened in history. We have to correct and repair a lot of things.”if Israel was produced by rape, in 1948, the product of rape deserves to live, "

      Stuff and nonsense.

      A child is an individual human being, and as such he/she has a right to live. To kill a child is to kill an individual. A sentient being is harmed.

      A state is not a human being. (Or, indeed, any sort of sentient being.) It is an organization set up by humans for their own convenience. If the organization is disbanded, this is not in any way the same as killing or harming a sentient being. A state has no more "right to live/exist" than a photography club.

      The process of disbanding the state may well harm individual sentient beings, but this is an infringment of the rights of the individual beings, not the rights of the state.

      "and Israel/Palestine is not yet ready for a single state."

      So the goal should be to make it ready.

  • 'Israel invented the water heater'
  • David Brooks's dilemma (and ours)
    • "all groups have not rushed with equal force..."


      The rule in English is that the negative goes before that which is to be negated. It is better logic, too.

      "not all groups have rushed..."

      Why is this so hard to learn?

  • J Street and 'the Jewish collective'
    • "I suppose that does explain why the the profanity content of Mondoweiss has gone down in recent days"

      And yet, as I have said elsewhere, the list writers can't bring themselves to write "arsehole" ("asshole" for Americans) but instead use "a-hole".

      For all their tough attitude, this shows them up as a bunch of feeble tossers.

    • The SHIT list is back up. (And Goldstone is on it)

      link to

      How well are J Street represented there?

  • Turkey vows to launch Berlin airlift
    • "they are obligated to fight under Article V only when a member nation is attacked"

      The international lawyers would have to argue whether or not an attack on the Turkish Navy in international or in Gaza waters constitutes an attack on Turkey.

    • I'm finding it difficult to decide whether I want the Turkish Navy to accompany the civilian ships or not. (And of course, my decision on this is vitally important. The Turkish Government never makes a move without consulting me first.)

      If a civilian-only fleet goes in, and Israel stops it, then the publicity for Israel will stink yet again., and the relations between Turkey and Israel will get worse. But the Israelis will turn up the volume of propaganda, and the Gazans will get no help.

      If a civilian-only fleet goes in, and Israel doesn't stop it , the Turks get some good publicity, and the Israelis turn up the volume of propaganda. Most importantly, the Gazans get help. But past Israeli form suggests that this outcome is very unlikely.

      If a large chunk of the Turkish Navy accompanies the fleet (and from the little I know of international law there is nothing illegal about it, as long as the ships stay either in international waters or Gaza waters) then the Israelis are much less likely to try to stop them. The Gazans get help.

      The Israelis will turn up the volume of propaganda, of course.

      If the Israelis try to use force to stop the Turkish Navy, then there will be real trouble. (And even more if the Turks invoke their membership of NATO and demand that the alliance help them to defend themselves against Israel.)

      But even though this is very risky, I think, for the sake of the Gazans, that having the Turkish Navy alongside would be the best option. It gives them the maximum chance of aid.

      Did you get that, Mr. Erdogan?

  • Peace may be more than one conflict away

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