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  • Liberal internationalism, in a shambles, meets Tariq Ramadan tonight in NY
    • "Alexandre Adler, Alain Finkielkraut, Bernard-Henri Lévy, André Glucksmann and Bernard Kouchner are Jewish."

      Philosophers? They are French!

      No-one outside France can take them seriously.

  • Israelis and their US mouthpieces push back on 'imposed solution'
  • All the nukes that's fit to print
    • It is now accepted that Israel has nukes. Israel has never signed the NPT. This means that it is illegal for the US to send financial or military aid to Israel.

      link to

      The Hickenlooper Amendment has made Israel cautious about seizing property owned by U.S. citizens.

      Time to press the Symington amendment.

      Send in the lawyers!

  • NYT protects Israel on 'live ammunition' charge
    • It is nonsense to say Israel is the native land of the Jews. A person's native land is the land that person was born in. Most Jews (including a lot of the Jews living in Israel) were born in other lands.

  • Gaza shows, Israel is main threat to peace in region -- Erdogan
    • And let's remember that Turkey isn't just any old "somebody in NATO". Turkey has the second largest military in NATO, as well as a strong indstrialised economy.

  • Realists get traction (Brzezinski and Scowcroft have Obama's ear)
    • Australia has officially recognised the immorality of the treatment of the aborigines, and is making some attempts (much debate here about how good those attempts are) at recompense.

    • "Carrying a grudge for 3 generations and counting will not get you anywhere. "

      I sympathise with the idea that carrying grudges for generations is self-destructive, but:

      (a) Where do you get 3 generations from? 1948 was in my lifetime, and I am not even retired.
      (b) The ethnic cleansing and persecution did not stop in 1948. It is still going on.

    • " They refused to accept the existence of a Jewish state. "

      Since the idea of a state that privileges one ethnic group over all others is abhorrent, they would have been quite right to refuse. However, all the indications are that they were prepared to accept it if the refugees were allowed to go home.

    • "the Arab states were not willing to negotiate a peace agreement after the 48 war"

      Simha Flapan, in "The Birth Of Israel", says of the Lausanne negotiations

      "Israel, however... [preferred] tenuous armistice agreements to a definite peace that would involve territorial concessions and the repatriation of even a token number of refugees. "

    • " the Arab states were not willing to negotiate a peace agreement after the 48 war. "

      Avnery does not agree.
      link to

      "If the Arabs would have demanded the return of the Palestinians in 48 as part of a comprehensive peace plan, then Israel should have accepted that."

      English lesson for an Israeli: the "would/should" comes in the consequent clause, not the conditional clause.

      "If the Arabs had demanded..."

      I disgareed with nearly everything William Safire wrote in the NYT, but he and I agreed on this point of grammar.

  • Judt's Algeria story suggests that years of civil war may lie before us
    • I remember reading bits about the Algerian war in the papers when I was a boy.

      Of course, the Algerian case was a bit different from the Palestinian case. The Arab Algerians were about 90% of the population, greatly outnumbering the pieds-noirs. The parties in I/P are closer to equal in proportion.

      The pieds-noirs, onthe other hand, had support from France, with the French army doing most of the fighting for them. The Israelis are likely to do their own fighting, unless they get the Americans in.

      The French were already demoralised by the loss of Vietnam. I'm not convinced that theIsraelis have been demoralised to a similar extent (Hezbollah notwithstanding).

      But the violence will probably be no less horrible . Still, the current violence is horrible, and there is no sign it is going to get any better.

  • Air strikes on Gazan cheese factory is a reprise of 'Cast Lead'
    • I'm glad this report pointed out that it is not only (only?) a food-production plant that has been destroyed, but also that jobs have been lost. What will the people who worked there do now? Try to find another way to earn a living, or try to find a way to resist Israel?

      Probably the former, but I'm pretty sure they won't forget about the latter.

    • Just think of the yoghurt attacks! Oh, the horror! The horror!

  • Lawrence Wright plays it safe on Gaza
    • "why does Hamas have to recognize Israel as a “Jewish” state?"

      Because Israel has no legitimacy unless it is granted by Palestinian recognition.

  • Levy challenges his leaders to declare their territorial goals
    • "Jewish people no longer know who they are, in which case either Jewish identity needs to change, or .."

      Or they could forget about it entirely.

    • "Problem solved! All Israel needs to do is just procrastinate for another 20 , 30 years until all “direct refugees” are dead and no one is left to return! "

      That might solve the problem of the 1948 refugees, but the ethnic cleansing has continued since then, so there will still be people demanding the right to return.

  • Lady Gaga and the Middle East
    • "a station that plays Lady Gaga videos (and other shitty American music videos) non stop uncensored "

      Isn't this an infringment of the Geneva Conventions or the Universal Declaration of Human rights or some such?

  • Netanyahu heritage declaration is all about annexation of territory
    • As I have said before, if Israeli and Zionist claims about Jewish "nationality" are accepted, no Jew would be permitted to be a Member of Parliament in Australia. All members have to be of Australian nationality (and that is the word used) only. Those of us with dual nationality have to renounce our other nationalities before we can take up office.

  • A Palestinian-American discovers that the State Department allows Israel to define his national identity
    • Incidentally, on the "all terrorists are Muslims" line you sarcastically quote, I used to shock my American students by telling them that when I hear the word "terrorist" I think of an Irishman.

      But (because I am a grumpy old git) I most closely associate terrorists with EOKA and the Mau Mau. Then the Irgun and Carlos the Jackal.

      I also recall hearing the term applied to the Viet Cong, the Tamil Tigers, and the Baader-Meinhof gang. All good Muslims.

      You are quite correct. There is no light between the US and Israel. They have no light.

    • Another good article from Ahmed Moor. Keep them coming.

      (But " all Muslims may not be terrorists" means "it is possible that all Muslims are not terrorists". I think what you mean is "it may be the case that not all Muslims are terrorists". This could be more neatly written as "maybe not all Muslims are terrorists".)

  • When Israel invaded Lebanon, Americans died
    • "The Italian soldiers were there for the same reason, presumably, as the Americans and French. "

      In that case, the attackers of the Americans would have the same reasons for attacking or not attacking the Italians regardless of whether the attack on the Americans was Israel's fault or not.

      (My guess is that it is because no-one (not even the Italian military) takes the Italian military seriously. All armies should be like them.)

    • I've heard that Mossad is supposed to have known about the bomb in advance

      link to

      and that they tried to kill Ambassador Dean

      link to

      but nothing really solid on them being the perpetrators of the barracks bomb.

    • Thanks for that link. I had heard that the Israelis harrassed American soldiers, but couldn't find a good reference for it.

      I have also come across claims that it was in fact Israel that was responsible for the barracks bombing. Do you have any semi-respectable sources for that claim?

  • Latest neocon talking point: Obama hates ALL America's friends, not just you-know-who
  • Destruction of Gazan cheese factory continues pattern Goldstone found illegal
  • Judt: 'de-legitimization issue is a fraud'
  • Amazing headline
    • Of course they ban crayons.

      If they didn't, Gazan children (those who have still got a hand or two) would use them to draw pictures of their families and friends being blown to pieces. That would be far too depressing, so the ban on crayons is for their own good.

    • What about fashion magazines? They get those, don't they?

      I can imagine the conversations.

      "That outfit is just so three years ago!"

      "I was going to accessorise with dyed pasta, but ...."

  • Saying no to 'next year in Jerusalem'
    • "It’s just stuff that they made up thousands of years later in the shtels."

      I'm pretty sure there isn't a lot that isn't.

    • I thought I was anti-Jewish, in the sense that I think Judaism and Jewishness should be abandoned.

      Of course, I think the same about Christianity and Islam.

  • It's time for Americans to discover the true character of Israeli society
  • an argument about Passover
    • "And if you saw how African Americans had to negotiate the modern United States"

      I've seen it. I've lived in Atlanta and Phildelphia.

      "you’d wonder just how dead slavery really is. "

      Officially, as a Dodo. If Israel lifted all the legal disabilities on the Palestinians this afternoon, and made Israel officially a state of equal citizens, I would expect the Palestinians would still face the same sort of discrimination . But Israel hasn't even done that.

    • "After slavery came 150 years of legal discrimination, and an almost complete lack of constitutional rights."

      I mentioned that, albeit briefly, as the "subsequent segregation period".

      But it was neither a precondition for nor a necessary result of U.S. independence. It should not preclude an African American from celebrating Independence Day. On the contrary, the very ideals which are supposed to be celebrated are those which the African Americans needed (and in many cases still need) to be translated into reality. Celebration would emphasize that.

      The Nakbah was a necessary element for the foundation of Israel. The victims of that can hardly be expected to celebrate that.

      "Or are you suggesting the Palestinians are “slaves to their ancestors”?"

      No, I was suggesting that Jews were, when they say "we were slaves in Egypt".

    • I'm going to elaborate on that.

      The independence of the USA was not achieved through setting up the institution of slavery. Celebrating US independence does not in any way imply endorsing the slavery that was current, or forgiving Jefferson et al. for owning slaves.

      The establishment of Israel was achieved through the Nakbah. To celebrate the establishment of Israel is to endorse the Nakbah.

      Slavery is now history. It has been publicly acknowledged to have been wrong, and the various legal disabilities imposed on the descendents of the slaves have been removed. Of course, there are still injustices that stem from slavery, and from the subsequent segregation period.

      The Palestinians who were driven out of their homes are not allowed back. More are driven out on a regular basis. Neither in Israel nor in the occupied territories do Arabs have equal legal standing to Jews. The Nakbah is not an event of the past.

      The US is, at least officially, a state of all its citizens. The principles on which it is supposed to be based (and laid down in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) are deemed to apply to all, whether they be descendents of slaves or not.

      Israel is, as pabelmont points out, only a state for Jews.

    • "Exactly..And that’s why the Palestinians cannot bring themselves to “celebrate” Israel’s independence day."

      Not the same sort of situation. Slavery is over. The Nakbah is still going on.

    • “We were slaves."

      In Atlanta, I went to the supermarket on July 4th. In an (uncharacteristic) attempt to be friendly, I said to the AA woman at the check-out, "I bet you are feeling a bit annoyed at having to work on Independence Day. "

      She replied "It means nothing to me. My ancestors were slaves."

      I thought (but, with tact even more uncharacteristic of me, did not say) "And you, too, are a slave. You have made yourself a slave to your ancestors."

    • "This is really the only question for me as a tribal person: what can I do to help my original community enter the modern global era of respect for others"

      Stop thinking of yourself as a member of a tribe.

      link to

    • In Georgia, "Christian" isn't the same as "white". And "African American" doesn't mean "not a total fruitcake".

      I lived in sophisticated Atlanta for a few years, and even there it seemed that whites and blacks were equally crazy.

    • What do you want facts for, Mooser. It sounds good, so go with it!

  • Self-determination
    • Can I be a nit picking pedant here?


      Well, I'm going to be one anyway.

      The word "infringe" has two meanings.

      When it is used in its sense of "limit" or reduce", it does not take the preposition "on".
      Thus, we infringe the rights of the Palestinians, we infringe international law, and we infringe the privacy of air passengers by using the body scanners.

      When it is used in its sense of "trespass", then it does take the prepostion "on".
      Thus, we infringe on Palestinian territory.

    • "The problem with the idea of “a people’s right to self-determination” is that it legitimises Zionism"

      That's assuming that the Zionists are a "people". And even if we do admit that, their ancestral land is in Poland and Ukraine.

      However, I agree with your basic point that these "nations" are imaginary entities.

      Of course, if there is any right to self determination, it is the right of the people resident in a given territory to determine the politcal status of the territory.

  • Netanyahu 'humilated,' but the 'special relationship' is alive and well
  • When will the Democratic Party break?
    • " whether the conspiracy theorists are right"

      We are always right.

      Often, though, the establishment covers up the truth, so you don't see we are right.

  • At your seder, salute a Jewish truth-teller
    • Nothing comtemptuous about asking why you stick to what you were brought up with. Some people don't think about it, some do, and have change, and some do and don't change.

      Those who change usually have reasons for changing.
      Those who don't usually have reasons for not changing.

      And I am no closer to an answer tothe question of why it is important for the Jews to be regarded as a "people" rather than (e.g.) a religious group.

      And as for Spinoza , "The Christians made us do it" is a pathetic excuse!

      And when it was done, he stopped being a Jew, and became a philosopher.

    • You say yourself that you know that the "idnetification" you feel with other Jews is the result of the way you have been raised. You have been taught that, and you know it, so why do you stick with it?

      "as a writer, a dreamer and a lover of cinema, the ability to identify with other places and times is valuable to me"

      Then why limit it?

      (And where Spinoza is concerned, I get really annoyed with the way Jews now claim him as a Jew. Because of his unorthodox beliefs, he was thrown out of the synagogue with foul curses. Now that he is a famous and respected philosopher, they want him back. Contemptible.)

    • The stamp collectors question is there to see if you can offer a way of deciding what groups count as a "people", and what groups do not. I'm pretty sure you won't accept stamp collectors as a "people", but I want to know why they fail to be a “people“. Regardless of whether "a people" turns out to be a univocal term or a cluster concept there needs to be a way to sort out most groups as “a people” and “not a people”. Otherwise the term is useless.

      (Yes, I am not just a foam-flecked anti-Semite. I am also a professional philosopher.)

      “I think the key word (to me) … was kinsman.”

      But a kinsman is a blood relation. This would mean your “people” were simply those people who are members of your family by birth rather than marriage. I’m sure you mean more than that.

      “As far as importance- I suppose that anyone whose “people” has suffered a trauma like the trauma that my people suffered not long before I was born, has to deal with the trauma and along with the trauma is a question of definition”

      That doesn’t explain why it is important to you that Jews are considered a “people”.

      (And since it happened before you were born, the trauma is not yours. You didn’t suffer it. )

      "Has your people suffered a trauma in the recent past"

      That's rather a silly question. If I don't know what a "people" is, how can I think of any group as "my people"? And I simply don't think if any group as "my people".

      If you mean my fellow citizens, then those who came from (e.g.) Vietnam certainly have. Those who lost their homes in recent bushfires certainly have. But what follows from those answers?

    • Why the comparison with the French? The French are members of a nation (in my "political organization" sense), but are they a "people"? Without a definition of a "people", we cannot tell.

      Is the definition "a group which shares some habits and which regrds itself as a distinct group"? If so, would stamp-collectors count as "a people"?

      And, aside from the self-definition involved in the prayers, why is important to you that the Jews be a "people"?

    • But what are the defining characteristics of a "people"?
      I keep asking you this, and you never give a clear answer.

    • "The essence of Passover is freedom. It is true that the freedom was achieved violently."

      So if the Palestinians achieve freedom by killing all the Israeli first-born, that would be O.K.?

      The God of the Jews looks like a terrorist!

    • To me, Passover just says

      "Woohoo! God killed lots of Egyptian children, and not ours."

  • What the 'Jewish state' means to its Palestinian citizens
    • The interviewers are really evil . They shift to (extremely good) English to put her at her ease, and then reveal themeselves to be Arabs. And when she gets flustered, they do not get angry, or sarcastic, or berate her. No, they are so nice and comforting that she has absolutely no hope of finding anything to support her prejudices.

      Give them decent shaves and haircuts, and they would be perfect spokesmen for the Palestinians.

    • So what do they need education for? Arabs are just there to do the shit jobs.
      And why do they need to marry people from Ramallah? They'll end up having children, which will mean more Arabs, and more cheap white shoes.

      Hard to wash the cherry tomato juice off white shoes.

  • No partner for peace
  • Uncrushed, Judt explains why we single Israel out
    • If I remember rightly, Celsus (in Origen, Contra Celsus ) points out that the ancient Jews were a bunch of nobodies who did nothing of any value.

  • Why isn't Obama outraged over yet another slap to the face?
    • "Was all of the anger over the Ramat Shlomo announcement just a show?"

      Yes. The point is to make it seem that the U.S. is not just following instructions from Tel Aviv when the bombs start falling on Iran.

  • Britain kicks out Mossad chief
    • "Or better yet, explain to me why you and WJ want to blame the Arabs INSTEAD OF THE NAZIS for the Holocaust?"

      Well, duuuh! The Nazis are long gone. The Arabs are still there, and need to be blamed for everything.

      (I'm not sure why the Nazis disappeared, since apparently the whole world stood by and let them do whatever they wanted.)

    • Sorry, I can't get it. How do I "connect at 15:36:50"?

    • Are you saying that the Palestinians should have agreed to allow themselves to be swamped by foreign immigrants, when the main representatives and organizers of those immigrants had made it clear that their intention was to take over the country?

      Yes, you are, because you think that the immigrants matter and the Palestinians don't.

    • Perhaps he is thinking of hte Arab Revolt of 1936-39. The Arabs of Palestine, foolishly thinking that their wishes for their own country mattered, made the folliwing demands.

      An end to Jewish immigration
      An end to transfers of land to Jewish owners
      A new "general representative government"

      In Nov, 1938, Montgomery was put in command of the British Army in Palestine, and his brutal tactics brought a swift end to the revolt. (A major stain on an otherwise pretty good reputation.)

      The Arab politcal leadership was largely destroyed, and the Arabs were mosty disarmed. This greatly weakened their postion.

    • "Yeah, and the British also have a pretty long record of being brutal oppressors–the Mau Mau didn’t kill anywhere near as many people as the British in suppressing them. And they were brutal in putting down the Palestinian revolt in the 30’s. "

      As I said, the British have experience of terrorism.

      (And the "Irish" in America who sent funds to the IRA can think themselves damn lucky they got away with it.)

    • "who are they to judge us on the war on terror?”

      They are the people who faced years of Irish terrorism. (And didn't send the RAF to bomb Boston and those stupid Americans who pretend they are Irish.) The British faced the Mau-Mau terrorists in Kenya, the Jewish terrorists in Palestine, the EOKA terrorists in Cyprus, and the Malayan Emergency, just for starters. They do have some experieince of terrorism.

  • consciousness is rising, even in New York
  • American street wants Obama to 'get tough' on settlements
    • I don't recall a time when Vietnam ceased to be discussed. It was a hot issue in Australia throughout the war, and a hot issue in Britain and Scanadanavia when I was there in the seventies.

  • Zakaria: Palestinians are 'serfs'
  • Plus-ca-change agent Obama to meet Netanyahu
    • "we will also simultaneousy promise Israel we will make our own bombers so bomb capable. "

      And the refitting job will be given to an Israeli company.

  • Israeli education ministry censors Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • But apparently the Arabic classes are not good enough for military purposes. If I remember rightly, an Israeli commando raid in Lebanon was sussed by a Hezbollah guard because of their poor Arabic. He waved them through the checkpoint, then called the next checkpoint to set up an ambush.

  • Philosemitism's threat to Zionism
    • Well said, Annie.

      Plus the assumption that Jews are a "people".

      (Incidentally, your posts are insightful and astute, but awfully difficult to read. Is your shift key broken?)

    • I think that Zionism was copied from the Slavic and Uro-Altaic nationalisms of the ninteteenth century. It seems probable that Eastern European Jews would adapt Eastern European models.

    • Fault can be found right back in the earliest Zionism. The themes of ethnic cleansing, of "we matter and you don't" reverberates through their total lack of concern for the rights, interests, or wishes of the native Muslims, Christians, and Jews of Palestine.

      Don't try to pretend that Zionism started off nicely and then took an unfortunate turn.

  • Obama could study Reagan and grow a pair
    • So did New Zealand, but both NZ and Canada exist in order for their larger neighbours to make fun of them, so their contributions don't count. (Even though the Princess Pat's single-handedly saved South Korea.)

      Every Australian knows that all the important victories in WW1 were won by the Australian troops, with occasional help from the British, the Indians, and the Canadians. The French were slack, and the Americans (when they finally showed up) were incompetent know-it-alls who refused to take advice on tactics and got cut to pieces as a result.

    • That answers the question "What has Israel ever done for the U.S.?", but I'm not sure that it qualifies as alliance. You might want to claim that having Mossad run Abu Ghraib and teach terror techniques to the Kurds qualifies, but its not quite the same as sending thousands of regular troops.

    • Huge welfare cheques to Australia and Britain?

      Where's mine, then?

    • Every thime an American says "Israel is our ally" it is an insult to America's real allies whose armed forces have stood side-by side with US forces in battle.

      Compare Australia and Britain with Israel.

      Australia - an ally in
      WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 2, Afghanistan.

      Britain - an ally in
      WW1, WW2, Korea, Iraq 1, Kosovo, Iraq 2, Afghanistan.

      Israel - an ally in ....?

      Even Syria (ally in Iraq 1) has better claim to be called an American ally!

  • Now General Petraeus is 'dangerous' (Foxman on the case)
  • Goldstone report is Banquo's ghost of international law conference
  • Translating Obama, and Netanyahu
  • This happened today in Palestine
    • "It’s safe to assume that this has already happened in the past and that they came prepared this time, just to make a point"

      Of course it has, and I'm sure the teachers discussed it before hand, and said (in Arabic) "If those fnckers stop us this time, we'll have the lboody lesson right there at the sodding checkpoint."

      And more strength to them, say I.

      Just a pity the pictures won't be shown in the MSM.

    • With the flip-chart and the photographer, I suspect they were ready to do this if they were stopped.

      Still gutsy, though.

  • Palestinians should sit down and negotiate, even if Israel is building in E Jerusalem
  • TNR says it's Obama who's endangering Israeli lives
    • ". No Israeli ever settled for that, so why should the natives? "

      Because they are just natives, of course.

      As Selima (?) so succinctly put it, "We matter and you don't".

  • Mearsheimer: the lobby can't hide the fact it is siding with Israel against the US president
    • "Here’s the scoop regarding the Kennedys deep desire to end the likes of AIPAC:"

      And you remember what happened to the Kennedys.

  • Yes I am bad for owning the whole loaf but you are just as bad for dreaming you can own it
  • If you believe in two states, why aren't you slamming Netanyahu?
    • Let's see now.

      1918 to 1948 - Thirty years in which the Zionists and the British co-operate in acting directly contrary to the clearly expressed wishes of the majority of the population of Palestine.

      1948 to 1967 - Nineteen years, during which the Zionists refuse the clearly expressed wish of the Palestinian refugees to return to the homes, villages, and farms from whihc they had been drive. The Arabs of Israel are treated as second class citizens.

      The West Bank is annexed by Jordan, and Gaza, full of refugees, is controlled by Egypt.

      1967 to 2010 - Forty-three years, during which the Palestinian refugees are still not allowed to return home, the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are oppressed and attacked.

      1982 to 2000 - eighteen years during which the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon come under Israeli occupation (with its attendant slaughter) as well.

      Yes, it was those wicked Jordanians who denied the Palestinians their right to self-determination.

    • " The complete denial of the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people for 60 years "

      The Palestinian people have been denied their right to self-determination ever since the Australians (with Arab help and a British general) won the battle of Armageddon and took Palestine from Turkish control. That was in 1918.

  • Suddenly the 'special relationship' is... embarrassing
    • "Russian gangsters, many of whom are believed to have produced bogus proof of Jewish ancestry to enter the country"

      Believed by whom? Is this just an attempt to deny the (putative) fact that there are Jewish gangsters?

      It seems quite probable that some crooks would fake a Jewish background, but just what proportion needed to fake it?

    • A Jewish state is a state run by and for the benefit of Jews.

      "I understand masquerading as Jews has been a boon for Russian mobsters feeling the heat back home."

      Why do you think they are masquerading? Does anyone have any solid evidence about this? Is the "Russian Mafia" really a "Russian Jewish Mafia" or even just a "Jewish Mafia"? I have seen allegations to that effect, but it all comes from extremely dubious-looking sources.

  • 'Stars and Stripes' picks up Petraeus report
  • 'Moment' profiles J Street leader
  • The invention of Jewish tourism
    • Food choices, language, common culture were offered as part of the definition of a "people", not as part of the definition of a "nation".

      Americans are not a nation.

      The U.S.A. is a nation. That is, it is a political organization of a particular type. Americans are the citizens of that nation. And all the citizens together are the American people.

      The Commonwealth of Australia is a similar sort of political organization. Australians are citizens of that nation. All of the citizens together are the Australian people.

      On my passport it says "Nationality: Australian." As far as I am concerned, that is the only sensible way to think of nations and nationality.

      Now tell me why it matters whether or not Americans, or Australians, or any other group you care to mention, are a "people" in the Sand sense.

    • " his definition of a ‘people’ "

      I'm glad someone has got a definition for it. I'm struggling to work out what it is supposed to mean. Up to now I have to agree with Shmuel.

      " As for debunking the returned-people-in-exile basis for Zionism, that particular argument is legal, moral and logical crap, whether Jews constitute a people or not. "

  • Bombshell: Gen'l Petraeus has single loyalty
  • Naomi Klein calls out an Israeli thinktank for misrepresenting her views
  • Slater: by failing to stand up for Goldstone, Jewish peace groups have made themselves irrelevant
    • But remember, the evildoers hate you for your freedoms.

    • "If you are trying to say tha the USA regime, over the last 40 plus years, and its enablers under the AIPAC umbrella, are costing the USA it’s hard-won good world reputation paid for by US blood and treasure during WW2, you are correct"

      The USA lost that reputation over a period of sixty years, and not all in connection with Israel.

      Much of it was lost when it became clear in the 1950s and 1960s that the US would support any dictator, no matter how corrupt and brutal, who claimed to be anti-communist. (Nor did that policy seem to change in the 70s and 80s.)

      Much of it was lost in the McCarthy persecution. (Yes, this did have an international impact. I was a schoolboy in Australia, and I knew about McCarthy.)

      Much of it was lost by the continual oppression of blacks in the 1950s and 1960s. (Yes, this did have an international impact. As before.)

      And of course, Vietnam destroyed even more. The Zippo lighter had been the symbol of U.S. troops fighting against fascism and Nazism. It became the implement U.S. troops used to set fire to peasants' huts.

      There wasn't much of that reputation left forty years ago.

  • 'The New York Times' sanitizes Israeli racism

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