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  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Israel needs to shut up.
      1. THREAT
      Netanyahu's threat to countries as “a declaration of war" & exiling ambassadors + insulting its sole ally U.S. abstention as “a disgrace - they betrayed us”…it is all EXTREME reactions not of civilized but apoplectic / berkserk / war-mongering rogue state.
      "Lunatic State” as confirmed by Norman Finkelstein 2012
      as israel IS an apartheid-genocide state.

      israel’s lunatic war against humanity:
      Israel's extremely disproportionate War on Gaza 

      + its extreme Media Strategy to hide it 
in 2008 “Operation Cast Lead” 

      as well 2014 "Operation Protective Edge”
      + FIRMS with stakes in Gaza Oil: 

      Noble Energy, TX
Delek Drilling 

      Avner Oil Exploration

      Ratio Oil Exploration
      ...see video report 
by Christopher Greene of AMTV 2014-07-17

      2. Self-Righteous
      Netanyahu's israel judging world as “betrayer” is ludicrous:
      a. ISRAEL is the oppressor!
      b. 200 UN countries against israel’s settlement racism can NOT be all wrong!
      (lest israel IS God, Chosen!? But that’s Tyranny not “the sole Democracy in the M.E.”!)

      3. HOLIER than Thou
      israel is formally ending the 2-state solution but since israel did ethnically cleanse Palestine, whether it had a border or not, no the other way around, or steal most of the Palestinian land, and israelis never had the "Right to Sovereignty" over the right of Palestinian Sovereignty, unless you consider a holy hocus pocus Godly-Chosen People’s rights a just Entitlement as opposed to supremacist racism.

      Israeli Zionists are brainwashing the world to think there has never been a non-Jewish state there!! see this logic on film by prof. Dennis Prager 2014-05:
      He portrays Israel as perfect/angelic! “There has never been a non-Jewish state there?!
      Just 3 Jewish states in history:
      1st Kingdom (1000-580 BC)
      2nd K (538-63BC)
      Israel (1948-now)
      Why can’t the one Jewish state be allowed to exist”
      He irresponsibly hides atrocities/intentions etc. of the Zionist Jews who replace God…

      not to mention, he bases all his “facts” on biblical events that have never been proven archeologically/scientifically/biologically!
      seeIsraeli Prof. Shlomo Sand book 2012-11 "The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland”

      Amnon Neumann (israeli 1948 soldier)
      on land buy lie ▶

      4. BETRAYAL
      Netan’s “U.S. betrayed us”?!
      a. is it not israel that has betrayed the world, usa, Palestine, humanity, peace?!
      b. is it not israel that has betrayed world peace by being the world’s biggest record holder by far on UN Resolution Violations & Crimes of Wars?! (War Crimes/Ethnic Cleansing/Apartheid/Segregation Roads/Genocide etc) 100% Exemption of all crimes [..] whether due to infantile fantasy of Chosen People or historic guilt that actually spits on all “Never Again” suffrage through sheer hypocrisy.
      c. Professor Yair Auron (prof of Holocaust & genocide studies at the Open University of Israel):
      “We BETRAYED the legacy of the Holocaust
      when we’re committing acts like this.
      To SELL WEAPONS to Serbia or to Rwanda DURING the GENOCIDE is similar to selling weapons to Nazi Germany during the Second World War. No country has the right to do it and ESPECIALLY NOT ISRAEL.” Mondoweiss 2016-12-13:
      d. Israel is the master PhD manipulator of public perception.
      They do not seek peace but deflect responsibility.
      Israel hid nuclear program from usa since 1960, declassified docs prove 2015-04-16 Politico mag
      e. Netanyahu’s diplomatic Coup d’état 2015-03-03 (alongside Hillary + Boehner) as Netanyahu takes over US Congress without Pres. Obama’s consent!

      5. israeli Education minister Naftali Bennett compares resolution to Nazi Germany bombing of civilians yet Palestine never owned army or airplanes or tanks or any heavy weaponry, so point is invalid.

      6. RACIST
      Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator/activist/scholar)
      “We are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER!
      While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!”
      - if “resistance” in WWII was noble, yet Palestinian resistance is terroristic, you are an oppressor!

      Hanan’s calls out Netanyahu’s exploitation (2015-11-13 Paris isis attacks) of tragedy at scoring “world should condemn attacks against Israel”
      “His statements are not only FRAUDULENT and politically COERCIVE, they are symptomatic of political and moral BANKRUPTCY.”

      the truth is Palestine never ethnically cleansed israelis or zionists. it is the other way round!
      israeli historian Ilan Pappe calls out israel’s “incremental Genocide”

      Gideon Levy (Israeli journalist!)
      on Occupied
      on Not Chosen
      on Evil

      on “Holocaust Industry”
      on crocodile tears ▶
      on Beyond Chutzpah - the Misuse of Anti-Semitism
      on Myths about GAZA ROCKETS & TUNNELS 2014-08-12
      on dismantling Zionism’s logic incl. Wolf Blitzer ▶

      d. Natali Cohen Vaxberg (jewish israeli performance artist)
      on Holocaust abuse ▶

      Max Blumenthal
      on Goliath

      Rich Forer (spiritually AWAKENED AIPAC mbr)
      on fundamentals of suffering

      David Gordis (awakened leading American Zionist!)
      admits “In every important way Israel has failed"

      "Breaking the Silence”
      IDF defectors of conscience ▶

      Shministim ▶

      JVP "Israel/Palestine 101”

      Arch. Desmond Tutu:
      "In situations of oppression, neutrality means taking the side of the oppressor."

      7. TRUTH
      Robert S. Lynd (b. 1892; Am sociologist, prof Columbia univ, NY...wrote groundbreaking Am. sociological classic 1929 “Middletown")
      "It is EASIER to BELIEVE a LIE one has heard a 100x than a TRUTH one has NEVER HEARD before!!”

      Shame on Zionism since it “bastardizes/dilutes/commercializes/politicizes/hijacks Judaism” as 10,000 rabbis pronounce yearly in ny and "no Israeli right", as Zionism/Talmud spit on the pure Judaism of the Torah, which states “to save 1 life, is to save the Universe” and israeli zionism has not been democratic/noble/chosen and has no extra “Rights of Return” or “Rights to Sovereignty”, is itself its own worse enemy or the ultimate anti-semite, and has been anti-Never Again, anti-humanity, pro-racism all along. To block BDS resistance to Oppression is the evil. Simply marketing a defense on the cheap spirituality of anti-israelism or anti-zionism is pathetic hubris & deception, that prolongs jewish & worldwide suffering - and for longer than nazism.

  • Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means 'we could lose'
      Yaron London (Israeli media personality, writing in Ynet)

      does he & Sheldon Adelson & ZOA & AIPAC & J Street: & ADL & & &…not point to the depth of Israeli Zionist DEPRAVITY/immorality/abuse/spit on “Never Again” though such deception?! It reeks of Finkelstein's “Holocaust Industry”

      70 years of this solution has led to "incremental Genocide" (Israeli historian Ilan Pappe).

      the injustice is this:
      “We are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER!
      While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!”
      (Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian legislator/activist/scholar)

      Even extremist but now enlightened David Gordis (leading American Zionist) understands
      "In every important way Israel has failed" (2016-02, Mondoweiss
      It has failed this badly, in terms of deception, hypocrisy: israeli Natali Cohen Vaxberg performance art speech at Holocaust Yad Vashem museum 2014-04-23! (8min)

      time for humanity to stop justifying inhumanity.
      time to stop politicizing people. we are all the same single human race, one big worldwide family!
      we are not borders or nationalities. we are all human.

      there can be NO rACisM! Anti-racism activist, diversity educator Jane Elliot 2016-07
      b. 1933May 27

      "HUMAN" (262min) by Yann Arthus-Bertrand 2015-07 (262min documentary on the beauty of our species & world)

  • US thinktank report, co-authored by Israelis, urges collecting 'biometric data' on Palestinians
    • Right.
      USA is directly responsible for Occupation / Settlers / Apartheid / Genocide, they do so on all levels! Politically / Economically / Culturally!!
      Yeah, we're a nation of the FREE & BRAVES!? We do not even have the braveness to speak out, use our demoratic Constitutional Right to express criticism of the status quo & aubse of our taxes (on war-mongering/neo-colonialism - whether internationally on Palestinians or nationally through economic KKK hemorrhage against Black Power)!

      The audacity!
      1. of biometrically spying on/controlling anyone
      2. of doing so on people we demonize/dehumanize whilst WE are culpable of being demons! WE choose to be Chosen People, not any sane God, lest we insult Him/Her to be psychotic, we choose to be Entitled and we loot others for our augmented reality-distortion field lifestyle, through Destabilization / Total Destruction / Disproportionate Wars / Economic Hitman Divide & Conquer tactics / Greed etc. We, as long as believing our corrupt media & dogmatic propaganda gov, whilst we do not use our independent minds & Constitutional rights to criticize against false flags / false patriotism / inhumanity etc., are just as guilty as our gov & media & interest groups. None of us are innocent to atrocities in our name, whether through tax abuse or not. Living in a democracy we can not ignore voting & holding those culpable responsible. Otherwise we’re no better than a Tyranny and Democratic tyranny is worse, since it hides behind the veil of freedom and can do more damage than a normal tyranny that does not hide behind what it is.

      Heroic Israeli journalist Gideon Levy also agrees with U.S. culpability.
      In this video interview on Real News by journalist Max Blumenthal (journalist & BDS activist, author of book 2013-10 "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel",
      Gideon states USA is responsible for the Occupation.
      He states without USA, ISRAEL's Apartheid can not survive!
      (We finance iserael's hegemony & bombs & settlers & factories & reparations etc.)
      However, israel is begging/controlling/hemorrhaging/spying on/guilt-tripping US, so you can't simply blame US alone, it takes 2 to tango!

  • Irish and Dutch governments join Sweden in speaking out for right to call for BDS
  • Calling Israel a 'modern day miracle' and 'vibrant bloom in desert,' Clinton says BDS is anti-Semitic
    • Clintonialism's blood-"bloom" / false "miracle" / nihilism-"vibration"...

      Total Disproportionate Destruction of Gaza/Palestine:
      - “Palestine Remix - Drone Footage: Shujaiya” by Al Jazeera 2014-1-04 (2:28min)
      - “Drone footage reveals Gaza destruction” by BBC 2014-09-14 (2min)
      - Salon article 2016-02-28 on War Porn addiction

    • OMG. Who wants a hillarious Hilly for president nonetheless!
      A leader with such perverse/low standards for ethics?!
      A thug & moron that cheapens ethics of human worth down to
      "modern day miracle"
      "vibrant bloom in desert"

      how in hell is it miraculous to build atop blood!?
      how in the world is blood blooming?!
      what is positive energy if the vibration is death & Total Destruction?!

      as if:
      1. human worth / dignity is materialism not respect/love/humanity

      2. "Jews are Special" or "Chosen" or worthier than other races
      see Mondoweiss article 2016-02
      "Jews aren’t special" acc. to israeli musician/conductor Jonathan Ofir Mondoweiss
      - “special” as ethnicity is the dangerous definition of RACISM!
      Yet even “secular” & “liberal” Jews believe it. There is NO pure ethnically homogeneity or ludicrous genetic blessing by divine decree but there is proselytization!

      3. all Gentiles, even muslim/arab/middle eastern, are incapable of making desert bloom,
      a. were they as materialistically ambitious/greedy/egomaniacs
      b. were they given as much resources/reparations money/aid/support/infrastructure/machinery/materials/weapons etc.
      for to claim others are lazy/dumb is supremacist, period, and despicable and utterly hypocritical, condescending, racist (see israeli jew Natali Cohen Vaxberg
      actually it is outright anti-semitic, anti-Judaism, which believes saving 1 life (not just Jewish) is saving the Universe (see David Norris

      the above logic, white, western, zionist, is not just colonialist/imperialistic/supremacist, but terrifyingly Terroristic!
      as dangerously politically correct but morally incorrect and totally unethical, unjustifiable,
      as Hillary’s counterpart Secretary of State Mme Albright’s
      ”We think it was worth it" (to kill 500,000 Iraqi kids!!! AFTER the war in 1991) (at 7:36min into 13min video report into

  • Reebok backtracks on Israel Independence Day-inspired sneaker (Updated)
    • ••Truly Shameful INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrations: ISRAEL's 68 years of OPPRESSION
      over Palestinians in REEBOK + ADIDAS commemorative shoes?!••
      BOYCOTT Reebok/Adidas that literally trample on Oppressed people & sell souls profits!! Hail BDS!

      article by Electronic Intifada May 9

      1917-11-02 Balfour Declaration
      1948-05-14 declaration / independence day
      1949-05-01 recognition
      ...all by ethnic cleansing of 500+ villages (700,000+ people) or incremental Genocide!

      • See the effect of independence spitting on "Never Again" through supremacist Entitlement from israeli jew Natali Cohen Vaxberg
      • yet Clintonialism hails israel as "‘modern day miracle’ & "vibrant bloom in desert"?! - how dispicable is that claim when anyone given
      • israelis celebrate & picnic their independence over the cost of "Nakba" on the other side - it is only possible to not see the irony & perversion to celebrate such independence, as during American THANKSGIVING over the lives of Native "Indians", if you consider yourself Chosen or independent from Humanity & real Judaism (which defends every single life as saving the Universe)!

      • is it not ENOUGH?!! that...
      1. Palestinians never caused holocaust yet pay the world's price for it?!
      2. Palestinians have been treated as sub-human worthless garbage for over 67 years
      3. Palestinian athletes are disallowed by israel to train/exist!
      4. “We are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER!
      While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!”
      Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator/activist/scholar)
      5. israel is the sole "democracy in the M.E."?! My Ass! It's the sole country in the world using "holocaust as Industry" + reversing "Never Again" + playing Victim when Oppressor!!

  • Sanders will not attend AIPAC, offers to share remarks
    • NOT AGAIN!
      is Bernie SANDERS for U.S. INTERESTS or ISRAEL's?!!
      Public must push Sanders to ANSWER this before Vote!

      This is a 2nd SIGN, after his anti-Islamaphobia stance, that Sanders might be fighting ZIONISM, BUT not really! He is NOT Attending heinous AIPAC meeting, unlike Traitor (bought zionist brown-noser) Hillary Clinton, because of half-ass reasons!
      1. his letter to AIPAC states he would Not be able to attend due to CAMPAIGN COMMITMENTS, not conviction!
      2. he would like to SHARE his remarks on conference
      3. "I would VERY Much have ENJOYED speaking at the AIPAC conference"!?! Enjoyed what aspect?!
      4. "Hope your conference goes well"?! For who?! Israel’s, not USA's sake?!

      So AGAIN we have no clue on his real position, when in future, as president, it will come down to choosing US Interests vs Israeli!?

      Public must push Sanders to ANSWER this before Vote!
      ...since USA blindly supports israel with $3.2B FREE AID per year
      + much more militarily,
      whilst Millions AMERICANS are HOMELESS/HUNGRY/uncovered by Medical Care & our infrastructure/educational system is crumbling,
      & Israel never had US INTERESTS at heart or helped USA
      - it has only endangered USA, festered worldwide terrorism, ruined economies worldwide, incited the worst refugee crisis in history, incited WWII as we have public discontent & civil unrest & wars everywhere, incited anti-semitism/general racism and a totally destabilized world etc., all in the sick weak name of nwo/hegemonic imperialism, supremacism, useless central banking, petrodollar wars, war-mongering profiteering etc!

      a 2nd sign Sanders is Zionist at heart, deep down, when it will come down to choosing israel vs world peace - see his typical zionist fit in this election video (2014-07-17 Town hall meeting in Cabot VT) that is hidden by mainstream media:
      Would Sanders have had the same fit if the public’s questions were not critical of israel but critical of Palestine or any other muslim/arab country - that is the Question! Which would reveal his real stance - the emotional one deep down is what you are!

      Bernie!! DECIDE if you're pro-US INTERESTS or israel's!!
      To vote for You We the People Must know your stance!
      You claim to be anti-establishment, pro People, social democrat,
      yet the entire israel concept is anti-American, anti-humanity, even anti-Judaism (which believes saving 1 life is saving the Universe)!
      Israel has never helped US interests & USA can not afford israel!

      israel (Nazism 2.0) does not share US interests.
      Israel is the world's TOP RACIST Supremacist Goliath
      as agreed by World + non-zionist (purely) Jewish community!
      The world is FED UP being held RANSOM by a tiny 20,770km2 (154th largest country) rogue terrorist parasitic state!

      Big List of Conflicting Interests of Dual US/Israeli citizenships in US politicians
      2014-08 list by The Am. Freedom Party

      “GOLIATH: Life and Loathing in Greater ISRAEL”
      book by Max Blumenthal 2014-08-26

      HILLARY Clinton reaffirms "unbreakable bond" with israel 2015-11-04

      "Even Left-Wing Politicians Can’t Quit Israel!" Daily Beast 2014-07-30

      COST of Israeli support in USA
      ex-CIA analyst Michael Scheuer 2013-10-21 in Congressional hearing (9min)

  • Petition urges Sanders to snub AIPAC, hotbed of Clintonism and neoconservatism
    • PLEASE sign this PETITION to let B. SANDERS PROVE his GENUINENESS! ; )

      1. Palestinians
      did NOT cause holocaust!

      2. Mandela:
      israel is Apartheid - until ALL humans are FREE, none of us are

      3. Benjamin Franklin 1759
      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety DESERVE neither liberty nor safety.”

      4. Einstein
      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
      - so, let's hope Sanders, who would be the first US Jewish president,
      who claims to be so humanely socially democratic,
      walks the talk, and when it comes down to it, one day,
      when the president has to choose to side with Humanity or Israel,
      Bernie will choose the former!
      He rarely voices his opinion on israel for fear of losing the presidential campaign.
      This petition is a great Test for Sanders’ genuineness!

      After all, why would Sanders' not do it?!
      Then he would be more EXTREME than the most ardent Zionists who even AWAKENED Spiritually!
      For example:
      2016-03-11 Rich Forer
      2016-02-22 David Gordis

      see Bernie’s typical zionist regurgitation (fit), oops, here!
      ...which contradicts Bernie’s pro-muslim stance against islamphobia here:

      That is why this Petition is so essential & deserved! For the Peace of Humanity!

  • Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering: An interview with Rich Forer
    • haha. Another “Awakened” Zionist! ; )

      What is suddenly going on in the Israel Concept, why so much spiritual/humane awakening lately, after ignoring that humaness for 67 years?

      Rich Forer AIPAC in 2006 / David Gordis (leading Am. Zionist: former exec AJC) 2016-02-22 in his Tikkun article “Major American Jewish Leader Changes His Mind About Israel.” where he states "In every important way Israel has failed”

      Not to mention the classic anti-zionists:
      1. 2003 Finkelstein
      (Jewish PhD Dr author activist professor Norman G. Finkelstein, son of Holocaust survivors) in his 2003-09 book “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering”

      2. 2012 Miko Peled
      (famous/influential Israeli Zionist family)
      2012-12-02 lecture ▶

      3. 2010 Gideon Levy
      ( Israeli journalist)
      ▶ Occupied (2010-09-23): ()
      ▶ not Chosen (2011-10-09):

      4. 2012 Ilan Pappe
      (Israeli historian)
      2012-04-18 Pappe: Netanyahu is "world expert of manufactured hysteria” perpetually on "warmongering and fanaticism" "Rambo" path

      5. 2009 Shministim

      6. 2006 "Breaking the Silence”
      2006-10-07 Israeli Soldiers’ Avichai Sharon + Noam Chayut

      7. 2013 Rabbi Shapiro
      True Torah Jews refuse IDF
      2013-07-22 (8:17min)

      8. 2014 Natali Cohen Vaxberg
      2014-04-23 performance art speech at Holocaust Yad Vashem museum (8min)

      9. 2014 Max Blumenthal
      2014-08-26 book “GOLIATH: Life and Loathing in Greater ISRAEL”

      10. 2016 Jonathan Ofir
      (Israeli musician/conductor)
      "Jews aren’t special"
      2016-02-21 Mondoweiss

  • Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel
  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel

      and EXCUSE more war-mongering on citizens innocent of politics - that is, we commit incremental genocide daily - all just like the zionist plan to abuse HOLOCAUST as INDUSTRY as states jewish prof. N Finkelstein (,
      as did Netan Jan7 for Hebdo to RECRUIT Fr. jewish Settlers (exiling more Palestinian "subhuman snakes”)

      When we Westerners (israel/us/uk/france) created isis/al qaeda etc. + we destabilized the entire M.E. + committed "incremental genocide" as israeli prof. Ilan Pappe admits and we committed Total Destruction of everywhere we put our feet with no recovery possible for those populations etc, as we Allies murdered more than WWII Stalin’s 50M people post war etc?!) but we are not to blame?!!!

      See the hypocrisy exposed by Irish independent Political analyst Gearoid O Colmain

      or see Kenneth O'Keefe (ex-US Marine/Gulf War veteran, renounced US citizenship 2001-03) syncs with Gearoid, here in debate on syria/isis 2015-07-10, 26min on Levant TV

      odd double standards by the Western Allies.
      - we must hunt down all Western Allied WAR CRIMINALS just as we hunted down nazis, for we do not deserve more. The simple fact that we exempt ourselves from War Tribunal IS the reason incessant TERRORISM.
      - we must GIVE BACK land/dignity to the oppressed, stop the underlying racism of treating them as subhuman, and we all will THRIVE TOGETHER in peace.

      it is not hard, just humane!

  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
    • how do pro-zionists justify that Obama is anti-semitic/anti-zionist if his entire speech reeks of pro-zionist ideology/propaganda/excuses to oppress an entire people who never caused the holocaust yet pay the heavy price not only for the sins/guilt of the world but are forced to take israel’s revenge and reverse racism of “never again” suffrage, whilst Palestinians are the ONLY people to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER and Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!!?!

  • Palestinian Harry Potter fan challenges J. K. Rowling on BDS using lessons from Hogwarts
    • shame on JK Rowling for LOSING TOUCH with reality / truth.
      1. is your publisher/producer is not jewish/zionist?
      2. was all her humanity in HP books fake/hollow?!
      3. funny how we have no problem and do not call it racism to hang Russia, half its economy by sanctions
      4. you do not get it! the best explanation is by Israeli(!) journalist HERO Gideon Levy
      i.e. in his speech 2015-04-10 at The Israel Lobby conference
      - reality check: NO CHANCE for change in israeli society as majority (92% zionist) is too brainwashed & totally in denial!! So, Gideon"s right: a cultural change is a MUST + International Intervention!
      5. surely you can afford the £3 + time to read the 64-page book "The CASE for a CULTURAL BOYCOTT!" by the artist community ("Artists for Palestine UK)
      PEACE! without frontieres (political immoral correctness)

  • Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map
    • see the world's most comprehensive PALESTINE MAP debunking here:

      ...especially when Zionism is trying desperately to hide the truth
      by lying about the Palestine map that is going viral,
      as much as Zionism is deceitfully obfuscating/exempting itself of "incremental Genocide" (Israeli historian Ilan Pappe) and replacing "anti-semitism" that world pressure exposed with "anti-israel" & "anti-zionism" nowadays

  • Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation
    • exactly, author Michael Marder said it at the very end of his article:
      "the biggest threat hurled in their direction comes from themselves.”

      the irony of the entier Zionis project (for homeland) culminates in this!
      that, zionsim is the ultimate anti-Semitism!
      it self-destructs.
      and 10,000+ rabbis + most expatriot Jews around the wolrd, agree, Zionism “hijacked Judaism”

      man is his own worse enemy.
      we destroy our own dreams.
      through greed.
      since 1947-11-29, the UN Partition Plan Resolution 181(II), israel was founded on terrorism, deception, greed, ethnic cleansing, holocaust industry etc.
      humanity + karma catch up. even if you’re “Chosen”
      – not that any God has human ego, is a real estate agent or is psychotic to begin with.
      the entire project was preposterous & doomed from the start.

      after all, many people have the same “Right of Return” + “Right to Sovereignty”
      + Palestinine DID exist before israel, as seen by late 1800 video footage + IDs – since zionist deny it
      + Palestinians did not cause holocaust yet pay the price for the entire world’s guilt
      + biblical israel is just that, biblical, never proven archeologically to have existed
      + imagine the worldwide chaos, since every single property used to belong to someone!
      + you do not deserve freedom/homeland through ethnic cleansing/genocide no matter how you justify it, even if you never had a homeland!
      + the 6 years of WWII cruelty was expanded by israel for 66+ years! all that empty “Suffrage” talk & hogging of all holocausts into 1, in film/book/museum/reparations etc., it spits on it all by doing the opposite of “Never Again”
      + + +

      you can only inflict so much hypocritical pain. it catches up.

  • Howard Stern says no one lived in Palestine before Jews got there, but Roger Waters wants them to go 'back to concentration camp'
  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • are politicians like Booker kidding, being condescending to the rest of the constituents?!
      "we never again see genocide in the world"?! huh? so what is israeli zionsim doing since 1948, for 66+ years, not WWII 6 years: "incremental genocide" as even admitted by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe 2014-07-13 is what - tickling Palestinians?!

      NAKBA is not a myth but fact.
      Amnon Neumann, Israeli solider admits and regrets partaking in zionist ethnic cleansing/genocide 1948, in this Zochrot interview 2010-06-17

      IDF defectors "Breaking the Silence” movement since 2006 is no joke.
      Shministim - 12th graders accept imprisonment over military service
      Conscientious Objectors are an israeli reality that israel & brainwashed West are hiding and ignoring this problem is exactly why nothing in the M.E. will ever be solved.
      Hence we destabilize the region, invent/finance/train Al Qaeda/Isis etc.

      Israel has been imposed on Palestine - which never caused the holocaust!
      Israel since inception is a rogue terrorist state, having been born out of the initial 20th C terrorist groups, inventors of modern terrorism in 1947-48: Irgun Zvai Leumi / Stern Gang / Hagganah

      Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator/activist/scholar) reminds us so well:
      “We are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER!
      While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!”

  • David Horowitz to OSU: 'Jews didn't expel the Arabs in 1948' and 'the occupation is a huge lie'
    • Horowitz is THE LIAR:
      how can he deny these facts:

      Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator/activist/scholar)
      “We are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of our OCCUPIER!

      While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!”

      1. Israel was IMPOSED on Palestine!
      2. Palestine did not cause HOLOCAUST
      – European Christians + US are the guilty ones exiling Jews!
      3. Palestine is being punished as terrorists by the world for paying the price!
      4. Palestine got LESS LAND in UN Partition Plan 1947 despite being majority
      5. Palestine didn't just get less land but LESS FERTILE land
      6. Palestine is CONTINUALLY LOSING land illegally since 1947 to Zionist settlers
      7. Palestine/Arab & Muslim States in the Levant/M.E. were the ONLY countries in world history ACCEPTING Jews and as equals
      8. Palestine pre-Israel (1947) was peacefully living/trading with flourishing Jews/Christians etc
      10. Zionist, not Jewish, Israelis are therefore backstabbing the Palestinian race.
      Non-Zionist Jewish rabbis/israeli intellectuals/defecting citizens & soldiers etc.
      are denouncing Israel as liar/culprit/apartheid-genocide lunatic state…

      it is not a question of whose right/wrong and who started anything.
      who has “Right to Return” + “Right to Sovereignty”.
      it’s simply about the obvious - which is taboo in controlled society.

      Rumi teaches us one can not use mind/logic in this complex issue:
      "I have been a seeker and I still am,
      but I stopped asking the BOOKS and the stars.
      I started listening to the teaching of my SOUL." –

      maybe this will help apathetic/idle people decide on helping Gaza...
      instead of intellectualizing/categorizing/analyzing/debating forever,
      for in Genocide, there is NO Side! No sides to look at.

      none of this is anti-semitic.
      it’s anti-Zionist, anti-entitlement, anti-demonizing, anti-dehumanization.
      pro-human. pro-every human and every life form.
      that is all.
      no devious agenda.
      no sides.
      plain humanity.

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