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  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • Would it help to know that the characters of the Old Testament are made-up figures of camp fire fiction? In the Boy Scouts we had Paul Bunyan with his blue ox, Babe, Stormalong, Pecos Bill, John Henry - these are not woven into a unified national myth. But look at the US History taught in high school, as refuted by Howard Zinn, and James W. Loewen. Henry Ford put it succinctly: "History is bunk".

  • 'To live or to perish' -- Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its mythology
  • A tale of two cities
    • Ad Hominum fallacy: recall that the Parushim was a secret society, certainly not representative of all Jews in America, who were surely present in the 116,000 US military deaths in that war.

    • About Mr. Justice Brandeis: history beats fiction when it comes to contradictions. While Louis Brandeis was pronouncing aphorisms about Justice and Truth, he was among the "Parushim" that were furtively plotting the entry of the United States into the British war against Germany in the Balfour deal, taking advantage of the situation where Turkey was allied with Germany. Read on, the Parushim had a very distinguished membership - of people, each with two faces:

  • On not going to one’s 60th reunion at Yale
    • Doctor Kovel is among the fortunate people capable of a personal overhaul upon perceiving a false start in their lives. A very painful pursuit in escaping the sunk costs that bog most people down. The momentum of the Zionist enthusiasm assures a bad ending for all concerned, there being too many who think that we are winning, while losing our souls, and the liberties of our Nation. "Faith, Hope, and Charity" don't count in Materialism. Mammon knows only Hate, Greed, Envy, & Pride. planks from the Likud Platform.

  • Israel tutors its children in fear and loathing
    • If one were to seek an ancient scriptural text for a Jewish reformation, texts with less of the chauvinism and xenophobia, then the Samaritan and Karaite canons are likely choices. In 18th and 19th century Russia, the Karaites enjoyed good will among the Russians. That, according to the history reported by the late Professor John Doyle Klier, of the University College of London:

      No tax farming, no liquor monopoly, no local cartels in lending and commodities trading supervised by the Kehillah.

  • Charges against 'Israel Victory Caucus' protest show dissent is being criminalized under Trump
    • Daniel Pipes has a big fan base, as demonstrated in Rochester NY, at an endowed lecture series, April 25 - now available on the web. One must hear him at length, in person, for full appreciation - of this, never-before, popular delusion and madness that possess our Nation:

      Ariel Gold will win this one too.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
  • A Republican plan for peacemaking: 'break the will' of the Palestinians and force them to 'accept defeat'
    • Editor, may I withdraw this comment? Upon review, my use of "tribal sociopathy" could be interpreted as a reflection upon Jews, indiscriminately. Not at all what I intend, with Mondoweiss and so many other Jewish opponents of Zionism.

    • On the Tuesday before the "Victory Caucus" - on Thursday, Daniel Pipes spoke in Rochester NY, in an endowed lecture series:

      - which was well attended by a mostly senior citizen, credulous, audience. Being there evoked images of earlier demagogues. The video will likely become available on the lecture series website.

      Pipes' theme, in his writings, dates from 2010, now enjoying a rebirth of tribal sociopathy, under the new rules.

  • Why not a probe of Israel-gate?
  • Settlement opponents appeal to Massachusetts Democratic Party to pass resolution tomorrow
    • If indeed the post-1967 "settlements" can be deconstructed, that will be a precedent for restoring the properties stolen, with whole villages destroyed, in 1948. Rread the book, "State of Terror, How Terrorism Created Modern Israel", by Thomas Suarez, 2017, Olive Branch Press.

      It seems that Anti-Post-1967-Settlement advocates for Palestinian rights are in the game to forestall the inevitable collapse of an unsustainable folly, based on an offer of 2 cents on the dollar in compensation to the Palestinians.

  • Jared Kushner is secret financial partners with the Steinmetz family, once the richest in Israel
    • Recall that in the Savings and Loan scandal in the US, about 800 plus S&L executives went to jail. Intervening subsequently was the US Supreme Court determination that incorporated entities have attributes of real personhood in connection with the use of money to amplify "free speech", notwithstanding the practical effect of amplification drowning out impecunious free speech.

      So it became convenient for prosecutors to merely fine the corporate wrong-doers, thus shielding the real people of the corporate staff who are real person criminals, capable of punitive incarceration. It is a nice clean arrangement, the Electorate is fooled and the power relationships of the Oligarchs are left intact.

      Here is a reference:

      Punishment? fugghettaboudit!

      So it will be with Kushner, LLC.

  • The agony of J Street
    • Let me remark on the diligent application of Old Testament Zionism to indoctrinate credulous Christians into enthusiasm for the state of Israel. Starting with the Scofield Reference Bible. The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has a mission to repel "the Assault on Evangelical Support for Israel"

      I attended their seminar in March, south of Buffalo NY, to find about 180 nicely-behaved people eager to learn, for example, that Xerxes was definitely the Persian King in the Book of Esther. The host organization was Eagles' Wings, which can be found on the web. One of the presenters was Tricia Miller, author of "Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church", available on Amazon. The arrangement appears to be that CAMERA is glad to work with Evangelicals, notwithstanding the Evangelical belief that, on the last day, the ingathered Jews will be offered the choice of Christian conversion or eternal damnation - an arrangement that will suffice until the last day.

  • Hey Jews, don't talk about Israel on Passover -- 'New York Times'
  • Palestinian-American teacher brutally attacked by Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC conference
    • I would not demean the attackers by first characterizing them as "haters". They could be inspired by the old-school Zionists in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, Begin, Sharon, Jabotinsky, Dayan, Stern, Kollek - following the plan of intimidating and terrorizing Palestinians to keep them disorganized and submissive. Some terrorists get to become statesmen, others: not so lucky.

    • I stand corrected on the financials. I took the net assets to be the endowment. Their form 990 is out for 2015;

      In 2015 they took in $50 million, spent $40 million, reached $328 million in assets. Then the Endowment appears to be somewhat less than their assets, with an increase line item that appears to reflect the $10 million of income in excess of expense for the year. The salaries are listed - looks like a law firm. I can't tell from reading the 990 what restrictions apply to the Endowment funds.

    • Let me go off on the tangential question of the authority of the Southern Poverty Law Center for being a reference about "hate". They and the Anti-Defamation League appear to be maintaining matrices of "Hate Groups" while affected by a subjective left-oriented point of view. They appear to me to be defaming persons holding honest political views, or expressing opposition to Zionism, the political kind.

      I would like to find a non-biased reference for "hate groups", but alas, all is in the eye of the beholder. Better to dispute ideas than to do name-calling.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center is not without controversy. They have accumulated an endowment of about $320 million while spending about $40 million per year. The Red Cross and The Boy Scouts, for example, are typical in having endowments that are about equal to a year's expenditures. Wikipedia has a report of the SPLC:

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • In solving a crime one must visualize what motives would be served by the act. It could be that the unfortunate Michael Kaydar has a grudge against the Diaspora. Or we have, as it turns out, that other case of the possessive spurned lover trying to harass his Ex. by framing her as the perpetrator. But then, wouldn't it serve to dampen the dreaded BDS movement in America by creating the illusion of a surge in hate? The BDS'ers would shrink from public demonstrations during the crisis. Michael Kaydar may have thought it helpful to Israel to spread false alarms. Time will tell further as to how the Authorities treat the culprit. Will it be adjudged felonious or a misdemeanor?

      Whatever the outcome, the false bomb alarms have caused the Jewish Community Center in Rochester NY to be given $200,000 from New York State to help with security:

  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
  • The explosion hidden inside the UN Apartheid report
    • You did well to retrieve the image of Chaim Herzog on the podium of the United Nations in 1975, in the act of tearing up the copy of the Zionism=Racism resolution. That act reflected perfectly the hubris that cannot read the yellow lights, the semaphores, that warn of impending blowback. Forty-one years later, the signals are red-over-red, and Israel still fails to observe.

  • The lying King
  • Now is not the time to be intimidated by Israel's activist travel ban
    • Visitations between the US and Israel have been regulated under the "exempt" visa arrangement, where no visa is required. Travelers can expect to commit to paying the airfare, and enter the country of destination without hindrance - except if there is a felony offense or some other problem on their record. But if Israel has unreasonably interrogated, detained, or barred admission to US citizens in a continuing pattern, then it is time for the US State Department to renegotiate the agreement with Israel. The next step would be to require "confirmation" that is , prior permission and a visa for travel both ways. There is precedent for this in the 1911 abrogation of the US - Russia trade treaty of 1832 by the US House of Representatives. The link below describes the situation briefly. Russia was barring admission of certain US Jews to parts of Russia. The action reflected tensions in Russia related all the way back to the assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881, and the revolution of 1905. The treaty was cancelled, and not renegotiated.

  • Israel detains one activist and deports another, amid int'l outcry over boycott ban
    • An example of the wedge-driving effect of Israeli actions on the right and left factions of the American Jewish community. Free speech? Non-violent advocacy?

      Further, It is incongruous to advocate for the support of refugee immigration to the US, while Israel is barring Syrian refugees.

      At the behest of the officials of Yad Vashem, apparently about 70 books in historical debate of the Holocaust narrative are now banned at Amazon, where everybody shops anymore. Banning books? Holy cow!

  • Commemorating 75 years of advancing prophetic Judaism, free of nationalism and politicization
    • The Torah and the Talmud have their good parts, but include a theme of chauvinism and xenophobia. I get that from the Old Testament and Israel Shahak's interpretation of the Talmud, the latter apparently not much read in the Reform movement. Why would the psalmist want God to prepare a banquet for him before his enemies, except for spite? The American Council for Judaism could adopt the precepts of the Karaites and the Samaritans in rejecting the Talmud, and produce a redacted Torah. A faction of Christianity, before the Talmud was published, considered the rejection of the Torah under the leadership of Marcion of Sinope, but Constantine et al. apparently wanted chauvinism and xenophobia for the benefit of the military-industrial, empire-building complex. May I postulate that chauvinism and xenophobia are human nature, and propose that as an explanation for the rise of President Donald Trump?

  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • There exists already the concept of the Righteous Jew, with a formal list, deserving of our support:

      From their site:

      " was begun in 2003 as a way to commemorate the memory of those Palestinians who have been, and continue to be depopulated, dispossessed, humiliated, tortured, and murdered in the name of political Zionism and its quest to create a Jewish state in the lands between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. From its founding in 1897 the Zionist endeavors to "pump in" Jews and "pump out" Palestinians from this land have been the root cause of bloodshed and conflict. These racist endeavors have also been deeply problematic for those who believe in the basic tenets of Judaism of the prophets, namely justice and a duty to heal the world. was created to honor those who consider themselves to be Jewish and who have worked for the human rights of non-Jewish Palestinians. was inspired by the website of the most famous Holocaust museum at Yad Vashem, located on Mt. Herzl on the lands of the Palestinian village of Ein Karem 1,400 meters south of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. Yad Vashem lists the names of over 19,000 non-Jews who risked their "lives, freedom, and safety in order to rescue one or several Jews from the threat of death or deportation to death camps without exacting in advance monetary compensation." For many years this list was referred to as the list of "Righteous Gentiles." Today it is more politically correct to refer to those who have made the list as the Righteous Among the Nations." According to the Yad Vashem website, "A person recognized as a 'Righteous Among the Nations' is awarded a specially minted medal bearing his name, a certificate of honor, and the privilege of his (or her) name being added to those on the Wall of Honor in the Garden of the Righteous at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. (The last is in lieu of a tree planting, which was discontinued for lack of space.)"

  • After exciting disruptions, David Friedman hearing is a walk in the park
    • Perhaps we need to be reminded of the awesome Pro-Israel contributions to the two (walking dead) political parties. To observe the Senators accepting this, "Confirmation Hearings Conversion" about written defamations, long unrepentant until nomination, is very telling.

      I ask if we should conduct these examinations with a polygraph attached to the nominees with a partial-screen display of the lie detector pens? Mr. Friedman's demeanor impressed me; butter would not melt in his mouth. If he can count cards, he must be really good at poker.

  • Why Trump is even thinking about naming pro-Israel apparatchik who opposed him to high position
    • I find it amazing that Elliot Abrams is reinforcing the anti-Jewish preachings of Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Henry Ford, Karl Marx. Zionism for Abrams rather resembles Ayrianism.

  • Israeli forces raid Palestinian publishing house, trashing equipment, confiscating printers
    • The U.S. Electorate amply demonstrates capability only for hewing wood and drawing water when it comes to dealing with the territorial fetish of Zionism. If it's in the Bible, it must be ordained. Only the latest of a dozen books, unread and ignored: "State of Terror, How Terrorism Created the Modern State of Israel", by Thomas Suarez, 2017, that describe how this barbarity has been conducted with U.S. connivance since the 1930's. Well, actually, since the Brandeis - Parushim Cabal of 1915.

  • Israeli gov't doesn't really want US to move embassy to Jerusalem -- Foxman
    • It is scary to contemplate Abe Foxman and friends earnestly discussing the religious schisms inherent to theocracy, while sitting on a rumbling volcano. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Apparently, reading the scriptures can drive one mad, especially when indulged with great sums of money to build a religious, escapist state.

      The ongoing killing of Palestinians for the seizure of their land inspires outrage among the non-members, soon to a degree that not even Frank Luntz can contain with his mendacious vocabularies.

      At home we have the spectacle of Mad King Donald, writing his edict to move the Embassy to Jerusalem. I can visualize it as Abe Foxman suggested: first a caravan-house trailer in an old cemetery, eventually a high rise.

  • For Chelsea Manning -- Freedom!
    • The electorate is curiously unable to act in its own best interest, due partly to being uninformed by the elected and appointed leaders - not leaders, but deceivers. Recall the Pentagon Papers
      Gulf of Tonkin? A lie.
      At a horrible cost, we made a poisoned ruin of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. But in abject defeat, unrecognized, we are now in hock to China. A preventable outcome, had there been an informed Electorate.
      By all means, honor and protect the whistleblowers!

  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • We should note the freezing out of Alison Weir among the various groups, relative to the one-state, two state debate, putatively for justice for the Palestinians. Her book, "Against Our Better Judgement..." exposes the Brandeis/Frankfurter/Chaim Weizmann cabal that pushed the US into World War One, at the cost of 118,000 American soldiers dead plus the traumatized and wounded, and millions more of Europeans. Weizmann later took full credit for that in a letter to Winston Churchill in September 1941, while trying to get Britain to arm the Jews of Palestine.

      It is tricky to deal with the Zionist history so as not to uncover inconvenient facts.

  • Neither prayer nor propaganda nor the paper of record will ever convince the world of the Jewish right to control al Aqsa plaza
    • Readers are referred to Volume 147, issue 3 of the "Link", a publication of Americans for Middle East Understanding, July - August, 2014, for a paper by George Wesley Buchanan:

      "What if the Ruins of King Solomon's Temple Are NOT Under the Dome of the Rock?"

      - for a complete discussion of the biblical exegesis about the locations of temples 1 and 2 atop the Spring of Siloam. is the link to the AMEU archive. It appears that the Third Temple Movement is about erasing Muslim landmarks, not about fundamentalist piety.

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