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  • A plea to President Abbas to release the courageous Issa Amro, immediately
    • Yes, Issa must be released immediately (and is now out on bail). All charges should be dropped and the PA must end its persecution of those who resist occupation and learn to live with freedom of speech.

  • 'Personally I was glad to see the outpouring of anti-Semitism,' says Jewish journalist targeted by haters
    • The article reports a worthwhile story but I find the tenor of many of the comments distressing. Regardless of whether Ioffe thinks she can gain political advantage from anti-semitic attacks, the attacks made against her were virulently anti-Semitic and unacceptable. It's bad enough when Zionists conflate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism. It is worse when anti-Zionists make find ways to minimize clearly anti-semitic attacks. Attacks against women are not excused because the woman attacked is privileged. The same goes for anti-semitism.

  • Three stabbed in latest anti-migrant attack
    • What ever happened to "Save Darfur", which was supposed to showcase Jewish values and compassion. Now it's "Back to South Sudan with you, infiltrator."

  • Romney to hold fundraiser in Jerusalem...
    • Of course, it is illegal to accept contributions from non-citizens. The contributor list at this could provide some interesting insights. Dual loyalties anyone?

  • What next after the latest frustrated flotilla?
    • I couldn't agree more that the focus of all our actions has to be on the plight of the Palestinians. That's hard, but not impossible, when the mainstream media is focused on what they view as sensational stories like the kidnapping and imprisonment of foreigners. (And, I have to add, primarily foreigners who they think of as "white." The kidnapping and disappearance for days of Press TV journalist Hassan Ghani, a Scottish citizen, got virtually no coverage.)

      In my thinking, this journalistic myopia is evidence of the success of Israel's campaign of occupation, apartheid, and erasure. We need to counter it at every possible turn. The success of BDS campaigns around the world tells us that people are ready to understand and act when given an opportunity and the means.

      But I also think that challenging the borders and apartheid laws plays a very useful purpose in defining the nature of the occupation. It's just up to us to put it into context by making it clear that the same walls that keep people out keep many more people in. The same "laws" that are used to imprison foreigners have been applied far more harshly to literally hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Finally, I think, going forward, that people who do decide to challenge the borders should be prepared to challenge every facet of the Israeli "legal" process and fill the jails.

  • Freedom Waves prisoners abused and imprisoned; 'Anonymous' hackers strike back
    • Although a lot of attention is, rightly, being focused on Israel's attack on the boats to Gaza, the rest of Mondoweiss's items -- constant widespread militarized attacks on Palestinian existence -- make it clear that the media everywhere has it upside down. The major news is Israel's efforts to exterminate a people, the sidebar is Israel's attack on the Gaza flotilla.

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