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  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • My comments were deleted for reasons beyond my fathoming. Did I miss a directive on this one as to what is and is not allowed?

      I supported Ms Garson but also made the point that it represented a human struggle to get beyond religious brainwashing? And I said Zionism gave Judaism a bad name?

      Perhaps a private note regarding the 'error' might help for future reference because I can't work out why my comments were not allowed.

  • The explosion hidden inside the UN Apartheid report
    • It would be one of the very few 'right' things Australia has done, a country known for acting as lackey to the United States and craven coward in regard to UN Mandated Israel.

    • The United Nations included religious bigotry as racism equal to any other form, many years ago.

      Racism whether based on race as it was in South Africa or religious bigotry as it is in UN Mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine, is all racism and has no place in a civilized world.

  • UN agency labels Israel 'apartheid regime'-- and Israel likens organization to Nazis
    • Whether Canadian Aborigines or Australian Aborigines you will find they are very diverse groups, not one people, not a pure race - some Nova Scotia Aborigines are more Scottish than Inuit for example - and they are all equal citizens with greater rights, so not really equal, but privileged in terms of benefits and rights.

      Jews are a religion and have no entitlement to land rights anyway. But Australian Aborigines, various groupings, have rights to some 40% of the Australian island continent. Even where communities live on their own land they don't want to secede and they appear to still want to be supported by the Australian Government.

      As to African Americans my understanding was that in times past they were offered a chance to return to Africa and most refused. African Americans and American Indians also have full and equal rights as citizens and seem not to want to set up their own States, even if they could.

      The core error with UN Mandated Israel is the fantasy that one religion alone in the entire world, should have rights to land because of religious myths and fantasies.

    • The UN clarified quite some years ago that racism was not just about race, but applied to any discrimination.

      Hence, Israel's religious bigotry against non-Jews is racism and its cultural bigotry, one presumes since most Israelis are of European origin, against Arabs, another culture, is also racism.

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • @Boo,

      There are no Gazan or West Bank Palestinians, there are just Palestinians living in Occupied Palestine.

      Gaza is an Israeli held concentration camp in Occupied Palestine and the West Bank is an Israeli euphemism for Palestine because Israel does not want to use the correct name, Occupied Palestine.

      Israelis want to pretend that the Gaza concentration camp is separate from Palestine. It is not. They want to pretend the West Bank is separate from Palestine. It is not. All of it is Occupied Palestine. Everything beyond the UN Mandate is Occupied Palestine.

    • Israel kicks so many own goals that the stupidity level just rises and rises.

      How to alienate people seems to be the art form for Israel. Well done. Alienate academics and next it will be scientists and then it will be every university in the world joining BDS to end the apartheid State of Israel in support of democratic principles.

  • See 'The Settlers,' an important documentary about the destruction of the two-state solution
    • I remain curious as to how Israel thinks it can remove the Palestinians from their country given that it is now criss-crossed with Jew-only roads to Jew-only settlements and attacking the Palestinians without killing illegal Jewish settlers would be impossible.

      Equally impossible would be removing the fanatical settlers before attacking the Palestinians.

      Even the Gaza concentration camp could hardly be razed easily and how Israel and its supporters think they can get away with murdering nearly six million Palestinians, or driving them out, is beyond reason.

  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
    • Zionists are fake Jews because Zionism is atheism. But many Israeli 'Jews' are also atheist or secular and do not, have never practised the religion, but are allowed entry because they could find a Jewish ancestor.

      Quite how a religion confers anything which could be deemed to be inherited is beyond both science and reason.

  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
    • Expecting the irrational to be rational will always result in frustration. Israelis and their supporters have been living in delusional denial for so long they are incapable of reason, let alone common sense.

      If Israel were an individual it would have been committed to an insane asylum long ago for its own sake and the sake of others.

  • All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can't vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu's party
    • Israelis clearly do not do irony. Neither do they live in the real world. Their racism is so entrenched they cannot even see the insanity of what they propose, and clearly have no comprehension of how a civilized world cannot help but loathe what they represent.

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • The list of Jewish values, represent a core problem with Israel, for these values are not Jewish but can be found in most religions - they are human values.

      Israel applies these human values to members of Judaism and denies them to non-members, also failing to recognise, that as human values they can be found everywhere, in all religions, cultures, belief systems, including humanists and even atheists.

      It is the ability for society to respect human values which has made democracy so successful. The separation of religion and state, has not diminished human values, but endorsed them, for everyone.

      Israel's problem is that it is not a democracy. It is a religious state, a theocratic state, which, while barely resembling anything one would associate with religious values, gives superior rights, status and benefits to members of Judaism, or at least those who claim membership of Judaism, even if they are lapsed, or atheist and therefore incapable of belonging to any religion.

      Zionism was invented largely by atheists, secular, or seriously non-practising Jews, so the fact that Israel is devoid of religious values is hardly surprising.

    • You make a logical point which Jewish Israel and its supporters wish to ignore. One wonders how anyone cannot fall about laughing every time Israel claims to be 'the only democracy in the Middle East.'

      Apartheid States are not democracies. Occupying and colonising states are not democracies. Theocratic, i.e. religious states are not democracies.

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • This is an interesting article, but of course it is the wrong question.

      What matters is that the human rights of all are taken into account and the construction of a so-called Jewish State, which is really a Zionist State which does not represent Jews or Judaism, on Palestine demands the subjugation and denial of human rights for the indigenous people of the land.

      That cannot be tolerated. It is utterly irrelevant who can trace their ancestry back further, since there is only one race, the human race, and anyway, Judaism like all religions comprises all races and is not a distinct race in itself and probably, given the intermixing of peoples, the rape and pillage, common to all religions, never was.

      This article touches upon a point often overlooked in terms of Anglo/European colonisations, and that is intermixing. It is simply not true that the colonists eradicated the people they found living in the land they settled and since men frequently came first and women were few, the reality was that indigenous women took up with male colonists and this ultimately diluted the indigenous peoples.

      Just as most British people have links to the Royal Family, if their ancestors have been around for a long time, so too do most Americans, Canadian, Australians etc., have indigenous links. That is and always has been, the way of it.

      Israel is forever talking about peace, ignoring the fact it is the only side which can bring peace, when the issue is simply about justice.

  • Name the six countries the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
    • Sitting safely in a bunker, thousands of miles away from the people you are shredding with your drone bombs, so-called legitimate targets, although never found guilty in a court of law, and alongside innocent civilians, will debase mind and culture more effectively than anything else.

      The US has sown the seeds of its own rot from within and there was fertile soil to begin with.

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • It is Muslims who are threatened today, not Jews. The Israel experiment was created by Zionists, long before the Nazi factor entered the equation, and was hardly necessary when it was created, let alone today.

      Most Jews live peacefully in hundreds of countries around the world, including Iran and other largely Muslim countries. Even during WWII many Jews, probably most, were not threatened, living in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and even in parts of Europe, as well as Africa, Asia, India.

      The concept that followers of Judaism need their own State because they are threatened was and is without substance. If a religion is being persecuted today it is Islam although no-one is demanding that Muslims have self-determination.

      In the modern age an enlightened society separates State and religion to ensure that all citizens live equally under the law. Israel refuses to do this because of the demand that followers of Judaism remain a majority in UN Mandated Israel. That approach has no place in a civilized world. No wonder young Jews living in developed nations reject it. As indeed do many young Jews who grew up in Israel but who have returned to the countries their parents and grandparents left to colonise Palestine, living harmoniously, with one of the largest groups in Berlin.

      Injustice cannot be justified by fear.

  • Banned from Jerusalem (for trying to pay respects to my grandmother)
    • Fanatics live in deep fear because human is so stupid they believe the lies they tell themselves, completely.

  • Albert Einstein's advice to Jared Kushner
    • Einstein was not religious, ergo, Einstein was not Jewish. Einstein rejected the concept of a personal God so he rejected Judaism although since he had been brought up by atheist/secular parents, he had never been Jewish anyway.

      One can be a lapsed Jew, but Einstein was not a lapsed Jew, he was secular, agnostic with a deeply spiritual nature which was open to all religions but rejected the personal God concepts of both Judaism and Christianity.

      Einstein's parents were committed secular/atheists and so not Jewish, and Albert was educated at a Christian school. Einstein's wife was not Jewish but Christian.

      Quite why he would be a Jewish hero when he was not a member of the religion is the question. And no, the first Jew was a convert and the label is for members of Judaism - it is not a race or a nationality beyond religion. If Judaism did not exist there would be no Jews, just as there would be no Christians if Christianity did not exist.

    • Yes I agree. Whether intended or not, Trump talking about one-state and talking about it first, pushes the goal of one-state and if the Israelis and their supporters think they can have an Apartheid State they are more deluded than they appear and they appear, extremely deluded, if not thoroughly stupid.

      Progress will have been made when people stop talking about Arabs, a culture and Jews, a religion. This issue is not about Arabs, a culture which like European, embraces many countries, or Jews, members of a religion who are citizens of dozens of countries around the world and for whom UN Mandated Israel is not home and will never be home.

      This is about indigenous Palestinians and their mainly European Zionist Jewish colonisers, i.e. Israelis.

      The irony of course is that anyone spending time in UN Mandated Israel can quickly see that culturally it is Arabic/Middle Eastern, and religious affiliation is irrelevant, unless one is a religious bigot of course, which Zionists generally are, despite the fact that most Zionists are atheists or secular and have no religion, which must make any God who might exist, crack up in helpless laughter if s/he has a sense of humour, which, looking at the world, appears likely.

  • 'We cannot divide the land': Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav on bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians through Arabic literature
    • They won't go because they want all of Palestine. There is no safe place for colonisers unless they give justice to the indigenous people whose land they have stolen.

      Israel either returns to UN mandated borders and sucks it up, or creates one state shared equally by all.

      If Jewish colonists could not figure out that being outnumbered by the indigenous people of the land they planned to steal might be problematic then they were pretty dumb.

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • @sibiriak,

      In terms of numbers who died at the hands of the Nazis, the figures are theoretical, firstly because of the difficulties of assessing numbers at the time and following the end of the war, the impossibility of questioning figures because of Zionism's insistence on six million Jews.

      Some data has around six million Ukrainians dying, and on a per capita basis more Gypsies died than anyone. But Stalin, following on from the Bolshevik revolution, supposedly killed another 60 million - that magical 6 again - but how accurate is that and it is a Holocaust generally ignored.

      Whether 600, 6,000, 600,000, 6 million or 60 million, they are all too much and that is why one could only wish that Holocaust Memorials actually achieved something eventually. To do that they need to be about all experiences of Holocaust and not just one.

    • Yes, and since the Israelis perpetrate their own holocaust on the Palestinians and have done from 1947, and we have had too many other holocausts - Rwanda, Cambodia to mention just two of too many - surely Holocaust Remembrance Day should be about all experiences of Holocaust and not just one group, who, looking at UN Mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine, appear to have learned nothing, in fact, quite the opposite.

    • @ Antidote.

      The label Jewish is religious, the labels Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, are nationalities. You cannot compare religions with nationalities. And as anyone knows spending time in Israel or Germany, followers of Judaism from Germany, look like a variation on the theme of European anyway, because of intermarriage and conversion, and would be a similar mix to Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians and more.

      And yes, the Germans have been demonised because of Zionist propaganda which has milked the Jewish experience of Holocaust and has thus needed to make the Germans more evil than anyone else in human history. It was not and is not true of course but propaganda cares not for truth.

      It is the 'only Jews are victims' view of the world.

    • Surely any remembrance of the human experience of holocaust should not put the focus on one group's experience of holocaust, i.e. the Jewish experience of holocaust under the Nazis, but on the general experience wherever it has happened, which, tragically, is frequently throughout human recorded history and continues to this day.

    • Zionism hijacked the human experience of Holocaust, to sell the lie that it was a Jewish experience, in order to justify the colonisation of Palestine.

      Tragically for humanity, the holocausts wrought by the Nazis, were not the first, worst, nor the last.

      As to Trump, one thing is certain, he is not predictable. And perhaps whoever advises him knows that encouraging the Israelis to continue on their bigoted path of colonisation, just brings the one-state solution that much closer, where Israeli 'Jews' (many are atheist and not Jewish by any stretch of the imagination) are outnumbered by non-Jews, which, in any other nation which calls itself a democracy and part of the developed world, would not be a cause for horror, but simply a democratic reality where State and Religion are separate.

  • Israel's violence at Umm Al-Hiran and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • @ Ossinev,

      Pretty clearly the term 'ethnic cleansing' can only be applied to Jews, even though Jews are members of a religion and not an ethnicity. For all non-Jews, even if they are ethnic, there can be no ethnic cleansing, just moving them on, around, and beyond for the convenience of Israeli Jews.

    • Beyond the fact they are not Arabs, they are Palestinians living on their own land in Occupied Palestine, what gives an occupying Government, not elected by these people, to uproot them and move them somewhere else?

      It is just part of the same Zionist-Jewish game in Israel where Palestinians are thrown out of their homes and the homes given over to Jews. Home or land it amounts to the same thing, 'ethnic cleansing' on a scale which would cause outrage anywhere else but Zionist UN Mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine. Such hypocrisy and your question says it all.

    • Well said eljay.

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • A Jewish democracy is as fanciful as being an atheist or secular Jew. In a democracy all religions are equal. If being a member of the Jewish religion gives precedence then the nation is not a democracy but a theocracy, a backward religious State no different to Saudi Arabia.

    • It is not becoming, it is and has been for a long time, an apartheid State like South Africa and the South Africans say a vastly worse one.

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • And yet it was the Greeks who brought education to the Hebrews. Judaism took much from the Greeks, just as it did from the Ancient Egyptians.

      There is nothing wrong with that. All religions have stolen from others, past and present. All religions are hybrid.

    • Just as fanatical, fundamentalist offshoots of Christianity do not represent Christianity or Christians, neither does Zionism, a fanatical, fundamentalist, not even religious because it is atheist, represent Jews or Judaism.

      A non-religious group like Zionism cannot represent a religious movement like Judaism. That is the core insanity of it all. An atheist group which rejects religion and God, draws upon religious teaching that some God gifted a slab of the Middle East to Jews, to demand the right to colonise Palestine.

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • Remind me again why they supposedly 'hate us?'

    • Israel has been stealing, annexing, Palestine for decades. There is no West Bank, there is only the country which 'dare not speak its name' - Occupied Palestine.

      What the Israelis and their supporters overlook is that the Palestinians have time, numbers and justice on their side, and a theocratic Jewish State based on religious bigotry will not be tolerated by a civilized world, regardless of what they attempt to do with the nearly six million Palestinians who fracture their fantastic dream of Jewish supremacy in Occupied Palestine.

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • No, it doesn't justify the actions of Israel even if it were true, which it probably isn't given how flawed IQ tests are anyway and given how much propaganda the Zionist/Israeli/Jewish industry spews out.

      The Ashkenazis appear to have taken the concept of Jewish superiority to heart and consider themselves the creme de la creme of Jews as well as the rest of humanity. Such attitudes create division and racism in Israel today.

      There is no evidence for Jewish genius and in fact, Islamic genius has appeared in our history in ways Judaic has not, as has Hindu and Christian.

      Except of course, none of the genius has anything to do with religion but with the cultures and the circumstances of the times - it was ever thus.

    • @ Mooser,

      my point was that Einstein had skills and excelled in some areas, just like anyone else, but he had his limits and Quantum Mechanics was one of his limits, which is surprising really, given how advanced his intelligence was meant to be. Ergo, was he so intelligent or was he deemed to be?

    • If you factor in per capita, Israel does not have an unusual percentage of achievers but I can understand why the belief is pushed.

      Also, many of those who achieve in Israel are immigrants, or colonists, depending on your point of view, and were born and educated elsewhere. True Israeli achievement will come when the culture, society and education system is producing such achievers and given the parlous state of education compared to other nations, that may not happen.

      US academic institutions can buy the best talent and in some respects that it good for those so purchased, and no doubt for achievements in general, but the successes are not American per se:

      And while the US may appear ahead in such terms, the sad reality is that on average, Americans have the poorest quality of life in the developed world, lacking many basic rights which others take for granted. But, no-one is perfect.

      The Asians appear to lead when it comes to the smarts, with Singapore the smartest country in the world, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Netherlands and Canada rounding out the top 10.

      And the top Seven in science:

      US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India, China, Japan, and with 2.5 billion in India, China and Japan, they seem to be the leaders.

    • The most brilliant Nazis were secretly removed to the US, UK and elsewhere so their brilliance could be utilised. However, Nazism was still, despite aspects of brilliance, one of the most horrible manifestations in human history. Not the first, not the worst and sadly, not the last, but pretty nasty on many counts, despite the moments of brilliance.

      No-one is all bad. Hitler opposed smoking and banned vivisection. Mussolini got the trains to run on time. Did that make everything else okay? No. And neither does the fact that Israel like any other nation is occasionally useful in terms of technology and development, or rather, claims to be useful in terms of technology but since one can believe nothing which comes out of Israel, all claims must be treated with caution.

    • Most not born in Israel, most Europeans, Russians, even a Palestinian - hardly Israeli anyway.

    • One would ask who compiled the list since no Israelis appear on general lists of world's greatest physicists. Could your list, catalan, be from Tel Aviv?

    • Well said. It is the same with the use of the term West Bank instead of saying Occupied Palestine.

    • Israel has fomented the Syrian war in order to steal the Golan Heights. Anyone can work that out. It will fail, but it is the plan.

    • @Yonah,

      Clearly all Israelis got was pushing with both elbows and both heels. Pushy being part and parcel of the culture as anyone exposed to it soon discovers, including many non-Israeli Jews!

      Can you explain what this miraculous component is which has somehow come from a religion and is passed down to anyone who had an ancestor who practised the religion, which renders them somehow more intelligent? The Jews without the Jewishness equation? Sounds awfully racist to me.

    • @ yonah,

      Perhaps a more comprehensive study of other cultures and religions would be informative for you.

      That which you attribute to Judaism is universal and found in all religions and cultures in varying form.

      The most advanced and enlightened cultures are not Jewish and never were and if Israel does represent Judaism, not that I think it does, then how can you explain its behaviour as a backward, unenlightened, primitive society?

      I am sure Jews contributed to the development of humanity, but no more than any other and it is religiously racist to claim that it somehow stands out.

      And since many of those who are called Jews who contributed, but are not really Jewish, in that they were not followers of the religion, or, in the case of Einstein, even raised in the religion, or had one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent, either equally a contributor to whatever brilliance might manifest, the entire theory of Jewish excellence is full of holes, unless one takes an elitist and racist view that any ancestral connection to Judaism confers superiority. That is of course the Zionist view.

    • And like all religions there are variations on the theme of Judaism, depending upon the country in which it operates and the culture on which it draws.

      My Jewish ancestors, going back to the late 17th century in England were pretty ordinary, generally non-achievers, but hard workers and culturally assimilated and when they emigrated to Australia in the mid 19th century, the males pretty much opted out of the religion, the females with less choice remained in, and off they went as Australians with few if any problems beyond what faced all other poor to working class Aussies.

      There seems no trace of discrimination in the experiences of the English or Australian Jews and I expect that was a common story for many. One of the problems with tribal, religious, cultural or racial stories and myths is that people expect them to tell everyone's story and they do not.

      Zionism emerged from a bunch of bitter atheists from what I can see and does not and has never reflected or represented Judaism or Jews. Israel's curse is Zionism.

    • If Israel has so many brilliant minds, why does it consistently act and think with abject stupidity?

      Top 20 living physicists - no Israelis.

      Top 20 living mathematicians - one Israeli, how can that be? But two Australians, two Canadians and a lot of British.

    • Not really breath-taking if you do a per capita comparison. Many little nations punch above their weight significantly.

      Israel is currently boosted by Anglo-European immigrants who have been well educated, but as the old colonists die off, the Israeli education system is unlikely, given its current performance, to produce much of note.

    • The Chinese certainly consider themselves superior to all others but then so do Indians, a country where I lived for many years.

      It is not unusual for religions, and the Jews are not the only ones, cultures or races to consider themselves to be better than everyone else.

      Neither is it unusual for immigrant groups to outperform given their need to find a place for themselves. This immigrant experience has happened everywhere and other young immigrant nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand have had and still have exactly the same experiences. Not with all cultures but with some.

    • And now it is the Asians who are the brilliant performers in American schools, proving that whatever the impetus to achieve might be, it does not come from religion.

      And since many countries with minimal Jewish citizens perform brilliantly, it is pretty clear that being a follower of Judaism is not a requirement for achievement.

      When you look at Nobel Prizes, not actually a good indicator of anything but winning a Nobel Prize, Israel, with all that Jewish brilliance when compared per capita, comes in 12th, outperformed by many with few if any followers of Judaism.

      But, as a young immigrant nation, Israel's performance has been boosted by well educated Anglo/European colonists, and given the parlous state of Israeli education, as they die off, they are unlikely to be replaced by home-grown achievers.

      The United States does well but it is also an immigrant nation and it purchases clever minds from around the world so one could not claim there is a particular American cleverness.

      Apart from which, it is all pretty irrelevant in the scheme of life in terms of quality of life, with Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway - being exceptions in that they are high Nobel achievers and also offer a very high quality of life to their citizens in ways the US does not.

      No doubt there are different kinds of cleverness and Nobel cleverness is just one form, or faction.

    • And Einstein was very clever on many counts and not so clever on others. He couldn't take to Quantum Mechanics. Was he as clever as claimed or was he deemed to be clever?

    • Judaism does not need to disappear as long as people continue to practise the religion. As has happened throughout history, Hindus can marry Moslems and continue with their religions; Jews can marry Muslims or Christians and continue with their religion, etc.

      Races can be diluted through intermarriage but religions cannot. And in the modern democratic world, assimilation does not dilute religion either, it just makes them all equal.

      Apart from which, for every religion and Judaism is no different, the first member of the religion was a convert.

    • Sifting through the Nobel Prizes, it would be interesting to ascertain how many are really Jewish - as in practising the religion with both parents also followers of Judaism, otherwise, how does one know where the cleverness comes from?

      It is,however, a belief which would be condemned as pure bigotry in any other group, religious, racial, cultural.

    • Arrogance, ignorance and denial are a dangerous combination. Israel has created divided loyalties in some Jews, particularly in the US, and that is not a sensible position.

      It is an easy slip into what those who wish to make mileage of it, could call treason.

    • Yes, it is pure religious racism and elitism for some Jews to hold to this fantasy of superiority. Particularly since Marx as an atheist was not Jewish and called for the downfall of religions, and Einstein was non-practising in the main, and Freud, while he found religion later in life, was also an atheist and not Jewish, or any kind of religious for most of his life.

      Given the horrors he unleashed, Marx was hardly an admirable individual anyway.

      If one were to apply a Christian or Moslem connection to noted people, the brilliance would outweigh what is often called Jewish achievement. But no doubt this belief in superiority, which has become a human rights abuse in Palestine, forms part of the religious tradition. One best done away with in a more enlightened age.

      Israel stands as a demonstration that followers of Judaism are as stupid as anyone else and always were.

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • We are dealing with bigotry of the worst kind in Zionist Israel, where members of Judaism are held to be superior to all others, and in the case of inconvenient groups like the Palestinians, not just inferior but subhuman.

    • I doubt that violence toward an occupying army could ever be described as terrorism, except by the occupiers. No doubt the Germans and Japanese considered violence toward them from the people they occupied to be terrorism. One man or woman's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

    • My understanding is that IS or ISIS or ISIL still allows the oil to flow to ISrael. Curious and curioser.

    • When it comes to Israel it is a given that anything said will be propaganda and probably a lie as well.

      When it comes to Israel it is a given that non-Jews commit evil and Jews do not.

      Whatever the truth of the story, it is unlikely to be told.

  • How I got over the Milk-and-Honey-and-Chosen-People place
    • Good post. Yes, the attacks on Gaza have proven to be Israel's Sharpeville and more and more people around the world, including in the US, the last bastion of Zionistic propaganda, know the truth of Israel's foundation and behaviour.

      The world has changed and technology is a part of that, for good and ill. Israel may use its military technology on the Palestinian 'lab-rats' but technology also allows the Palestinians to reveal to the world the horrors perpetrated against them.

      When you live in a cult, you lose perspective and you lose your capacity for reason. I remember on my first visit to Israel being shocked at the blatant racism toward non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular, but of course, in the bubble, it is not considered racism, just an Israeli reality.

      I met many truly lovely people but the worst of bigots and prepared to accept shocking abuse of those they considered to be sub-human. No doubt such has been the case behind every genocidal act in human history.

    • I suspect she does not use her real name to protect herself, and yet, we cannot be an instrument for change without taking risks, and that means standing up and speaking our name.

      Israelis and their supporters are the brainwashed and Zionism is a cult and it takes enormous insight and courage to break away from cults. The most tragic irony is that Zionism is more akin to the cult of Nazism than its members would recognise, but then cults and fascist beliefs are cut from the same cloth.

      What remains utterly astonishing is that anyone of intelligence or reasonably sound mind, could ever accept the appalling treatment of the Palestinians simply because they don't belong to the right religion, Judaism.

      I mean, think about this rationally, even if one were to accept that religions could have rights to land, even though that concept has absolutely no place in any sort of just or established law, and that followers of Judaism did have some right to go and live in a place where some members of the religion wandered around thousands of years in the past, why would that then give those Jewish colonists the right to dispossess and abuse the indigenous people living there, denying them justice and human rights, and betraying some of the core principles of Judaism in the doing.

      Unless there are Jewish teachings that are not shared beyond the religion, which decree that non-Jews are to be treated in such a way, particularly if they have dared to have ancestors who settled in Palestine.

      Even more intriguing, since it is as impossible to be an atheist or secular Jew, not believing in a God, as it is to be an atheist or secular Christian or Moslem or member of any religion, and since most Israelis are secular and/or atheist, how can they claim to have rights supposedly derived from a religion they reject?

      Being Jewish is being a member of Judaism, it is not a race, nor a nation, nor a people. If Judaism never existed there would be no Jews and Jews comprise all races and dozens of nationalities.

      One can be a non-practising Jew but that is neither secular nor atheist, it is just non-practising. Anyone who retains the label of Jew is a member of Judaism, otherwise they would do what thousands have done throughout history, including some of my ancestors, drop the religion and drop the label of Jew permanently.

      The reality that is Israel as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State, cannot be tolerated by anyone of intelligence or conscience. But it is and the question as to why it has been and still so often is, holds the key to why this travesty has been allowed for so long.

  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • The Palestinian State never had a chance because of the power of colonial Israel over the subjugated indigenous Palestinians and the fear, inherent, in the fact they exist.

      Quite what Israelis believed they would do with the Palestinians, now numbering close to six million, is the core question given the impossibility of killing them all or even driving them out, particularly since most of them live surrounded by Jewish colonists who would have to be completely removed before the military attacked the Palestinians, unless Israel was prepared to kill thousands of illegal settlers along with millions of Palestinians and I doubt that.

    • The use of the term West Bank, for what is Occupied Palestine, also denies the existence of Palestine and its people. It should be avoided as a propaganda term.

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • How can Israelis believe, presuming some are of sound mind, that they can keep nearly six million Palestinians under permanent military subjugation, denying them their human rights, or worse, somehow kill them all?

      Even more, how can anyone support Israel given what it has done, is doing and intends to keep doing?

    • And if Jewish were replaced by Moslem or Hindu there would be hysteria.

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