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  • The sons of Sa'ir
    • rugal_b,

      I don't think Israel is capable of flushing anything out. And Zionist Israel must and will die as must a theocratic state of Jewish Israel because neither have any place or future in a modern world.

      And of course, the Palestinians are and will always be a majority with some 8million in the diaspora on top of the nearly six million living in Occupied Palestine, and so the one-state democracy is unlikely to be called Israel long-term.

      But nations come and nations go and names change and evolution is inherent in the nature of this world and the saddest truth is that Israel has been responsible for its own destruction because it has refused to countenance justice and freedom for the indigenous Palestinians early enough to ensure two viable states, or early enough to allow the absorption of colonists and indigenous into one state called Israel.

      The colonial venture that is Israel was always doomed because from the beginning it was an anachronism formed in fear, ignorance and denial amidst the wreckage and distractions of World War Two. A nation founded on religious bigotry and a belief that members of a religion had a right to take someone else's country and call it their own would never be tolerated in this day and age and would also not have been tolerated in the decade following WWII when reason and order had begun to re-establish themselves.

      In truth, neither would it have been tolerated if Zionists had not had the money to buy the support they needed. Which takes me back to Israel's tragedy and the fact that, even founded in egregious wrongs and injustice as it was, if it had had better friends, it would have been able to survive and evolve into a functional, modern democracy.

    • I do think it is important to refer to Occupied Palestine as Occupied Palestine and not as the West Bank, which as a term is meaningless, except to Zionist Israelis who wish to erase all references to Palestine. This is why they refer to Gaza as if it were some sort of separate country or State when it is merely a part of Occupied Palestine, as is everything beyond UN mandated borders.

    • Dawkins is wrong. We are far, far more than genes. It is what we believe about others which will dictate how inhumanely we can treat them. And if there is fear or a sense of superiority, which is of course unconsciously sourced in fear, then we will need to maintain our belief in their inferiority, or sub-human nature at all costs. The harder we work to convince ourselves that our atrocities are justified the less in touch we are with not only our unconscious selves but with our rational selves. We become prisoners of the shadow without even knowing it and this is the realm of the primal and irrational.

      Jewish Israelis truly hate the Palestinians and non-Jewish Israelis because they put paid to the lie that this land belongs to members of Judaism. The Palestinians exist. They always existed. It requires huge levels of denial to pretend that the did not and do not and that they, as the indigenous people of the land colonised to create the State of Israel, do not have prior and justified rights.

      Hatred is always sourced in fear because, like South Africa, Jewish Israelis know they are and will always be outnumbered. Like white South Africans, Jewish Israelis of European origin, are racist and they really do consider others to be inferior and 'blacks' or Palestinians to be even more inferior. In that circle of irrationality, of course they must, because only then can they justify their belief that they must remain in control. It is a vicious cycle of madness, delusion, injustice and cruelty which actually debases those in power and strengthens those they subjugate.

      But, as I have said before, I have compassion for Jewish Israelis because they have been so betrayed at worst and poorly served by their so-called friends and that includes not just nations, particularly the US, but also Jews around the world who have supported and encouraged them in their madness and injustice until now it is too late.

      If Israel had had true friends, they would have told the truth from the beginning and pushed the young Israel to either create two states with full and equal rights over air, land and sea borders, and created contiguous borders with Jerusalem as an international city, owned by no religion, or, to do what every other coloniser has done and what Israel must now do, create a democratic state shared by indigenous and colonisers alike where all are equal.

      But that did not happen and so the world at large and many diaspora Jews created the monstrosity which is Israel today. On that count I feel deep compassion for Jewish Israelis and I say that having spent time there and having worked for and with Israelis and counted some as friends.

      The monster that is Israel is the fault of the world at large, particularly the US, but most nations have played a part.

    • During the attacks on Gaza I also experienced hacking attacks after commenting on various sites. I do not think there is any doubt that Israel has a comprehensive 'blocking' machine at work across many levels from very 'small beer' like myself, to others who are much more substantial.

    • It is not so much Palestinians reject utterly the Israeli State but logically they utterly reject the apartheid Israeli State founded in religious bigotry which demands they are forever subjugated and treated as inferiors under the Jewish boot.

      I suspect many Palestinians would accept, as indigenous people have done and have had to do around the world, a one-state solution where they and their colonisers share the land in a democracy, free of religious bigotry, where all have equal rights.

      The delusional insanity of the Zionist colonial project was the belief that a group of Europeans belonging to a particular religion could subjugate and control forever, the indigenous people of the land that they stole. How anyone could believe this would or could be allowed in the modern age beggars belief?

      Jewish Israelis and in fact many Jews who are citizens of other nations, may well believe their religious teachings have credence but no-one of sound mind would or could and certainly not the Palestinians. Why should members of a religion get to claim land just because their religious books say they have a 'right' to it in the name of some ridiculous God who doles out land to tribes dependent upon their religious belief?

      They do not have any right. No religion has any rights to any land.

  • Inside GILEE, the US-Israel law enforcement training program seeking to redefine terrorism
    • There is something quite bizarre about having Israelis train police when Israelis an occupier, coloniser and apartheid State which uses criminal violence to punish the Palestinians for resisting.

      It's akin to sending US police to North Korea for training in crowd control.

  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • Peled is always good value and a voice of reason.

      I think what is often overlooked is that Israel is a 'creature' not just of its own making but that of its so-called friends, who have acted in fact as enemies, and the international community, which has allowed it to become the abomination that it is.

      If Israel were a human being they would have been committed long ago, for their own sake and the safety of everyone else. But it is a State, not a human being, and it has support from the US and from many Jews. It is an artificial construct which could not survive without the financial support it receives and it certainly could not commit the human rights atrocities and abuse of the Palestinians that it does, without support, by omission and commission, but most countries in the world.

      Israel is incapable of doing anything but what it has always done - create enemies! The raison d'etre for Israel was and is, threat and deadly enemies who can 'justify' the war Israel wages against the Palestinians and the region.

      Without enemies Israel cannot be a victim. Without being a victim Israel must be responsible. Being responsible means observing justice, rule of law, human rights and democratic principles.

      The world at large must force Israel, as it forced South Africa, to a democratic state with equal rights for indigenous and coloniser alike; equal rights for Jews and non-Jews. Only bigoted Israelis could reject such an outcome and they can, and no doubt will, emigrate back to the countries they or their parents or grandparents left.

    • The second atomic bomb dropped on Japan was and is the greatest war crime in history and the first is the second greatest war crime in history.

    • It is simply untrue that the colonists in Palestine went there because no-one would accept them.

      The Zionists began colonising Palestine in the late 19th century and actually worked with Hitler to get more Jews there in the 1930's.

      After the Second World War, Europeans, including Jews, immigrated around the world. But in terms of Jews fleeing Europe and its horrors, one of the biggest influxes was to Australia. Many also went to the US and Canada.

      There were many other options to occupying and colonising Palestine.

      The Nazis rounded up many people for many reasons - Jews because of religious bigotry; Gypsies because or racial bigotry; Poles because of racial bigotry; Russians for the same reason; Homosexuals because of sexual bigotry .... many, many millions, who all ended up in the same place, just for different reasons.

      The Zionist goal, was and remains, to pretend that only followers of Judaism suffered under the Nazis and that because of this long-gone threat, as we head closer to a century since it all ended, that followers of Judaism needed their own State - imposed on Palestine.

      The fact is they did not and they do not and ironically, one of the least safe places for any Jew to live is in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine.

      Even during the Second World War, Jews lived safely in many countries - Canada, the US, Australia, UK, India and elsewhere. And had done for centuries. My ancestors did.

      The entire concept of 'needing' a state for Jews was based on a lie and the scapegoat was and is, Palestine.

      Even more ironic, as Israel becomes increasingly dangerous for everyone, young Israelis are emigrating back to the countries their parents and grandparents left with one of the largest groups in Berlin and many others returning to Russia.

      The Zionist experiment is winding down, as it was always doomed to do, from the moment it was founded on religious bigotry which demanded that the indigenous people of the land being colonised were kept imprisoned and subjugated because as non-Jews, they were considered to be inferior at best and sub-human at worst. It is the latter approach which is most akin to Nazi 'values.,' and, the most terrible and most tragic irony of all.

    • Whether or not victims model their abuser, although the theory is questionable, the fact remains that even if they did it is not an excuse for denying justice.

    • None of the Israeli colonists in Palestine were returning home. Religions do not get land rights or homelands.

      If religions did get land rights then Jews would have rights to a part of Iraq where their religion was invented and Christians would have rights to a part of Palestine where their religion was invented.

      But religions do not get land rights.

    • @ Annie Robbins,

      Why is it problematic? Unless we agree that all religions have a right to take religious metaphor of their unity, as people, nation etc., and therefore have a right to claim land where their religion confers importance, then there is no case for Jews as a people. Either all religions constitute a people or none do.

      And since converting to Judaism or dropping the religion does not change race or nationality, pretty clearly, the people factor does not exist beyond religious metaphor or culture. But that applies to all religions.

      There is a Moslem culture and a Hindu culture and various Christian cultures. In addition, a Catholic in Malawi is culturally very different to a Catholic in Ireland or Australia and a Jew in India is very different to a Jew in London. The shared aspect is the religion but even there the commonalities are limited and apply to all religions.

      Many groups, religious and not, talked of themselves as a 'people' from ancient times but that does not make it true in any literal sense. I have absolutely no issue with any group considering itself in this way, until they try to make it literal and then it is only an issue when that literal concept is pushed to deny the rights of others.

      Palestine has been colonised by some members of the Jewish religion and many who are not Jewish in any true sense and have not been, at times for generations. But they call themselves Jewish because it plays into the belief that simply having an ancestor who practised the religion, makes you a member of the religion.

      That is patently ridiculous since there are many people who can find Jewish, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. ancestors, and yet for whom the religion is no longer relevant because it was dropped generations ago.

      Religion cannot be handed down racially or genetically. Jews, like all religions did and do take converts and comprise all races and dozens of nationalities.

      The concept of a secular Jew, a religious impossibility actually, is a recent innovation and came out of Zionism, an atheist 'offshoot' of Judaism, and another religious impossibility.

      If you had suggested 100 years ago to a Jewish family that you were a secular or atheist Jew they would have thought you were mad. They would have considered you to be a non-practising Jew but a member of the religion all the same.

      It is for everyone to define what a religious label is when that religious label is used to disenfranchise others.

      I am not Jewish but I am not Jewish because my ancestors gave up the religion. Many of my relatives are. I am not Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Anglican, Greek or Russian Orthodox because my ancestors also gave up those religions.

      It is because of my very mixed religious ancestry I know that Jews are not a people beyond religious metaphor.

      It is for all of us to define what a Jew is when that label is misused to subjugate the Palestinians. Patently , without the colonisation of Palestine, supposedly in the name of Judaism, by mainly non-practising Jews, no-one would actually care if Jews considered themselves a people, called themselves a people, believed they were a people. etc.

      But, the reality of the occupation and colonisation of Palestine, founded on the delusional belief that Jews constitute a people, makes it imperative that the definition of Jews as a people is questioned. As things stand, someone like me can go and live in Israel and a Palestinian, whose ancestors spent seven generations living in a home in Jerusalem, cannot. That is why defining what a Jew is remains a key to resolving this injustice and if Jews don't want to do it, then it will be done for them and, for the sake of Palestine, must be done.

      I do not see how the issue of 'what is Jewish' can be overlooked when it is the core issue at work in first of all the colonisation of Palestine and, more importantly, the egregious injustice of occupation and apartheid.

      Without the distorted concept of 'what is Jewish' the colonists would not have been found in Russia and elsewhere and, more importantly, there would not be the bigoted notion that someone who has an ancestor who once practised Judaism, no matter how long ago, is superior to someone whose ancestors have not practised Judaism - which is what it amounts to.

      In truth, the concept of 'what is Jewish' is I believe a cover for the worst kind of bigotry - the belief that Anglo/Europeans are superior to others and that Palestinians are inferior to the Anglo/Europeans who colonised them. The concept of being Jewish is no more than a racist ploy and that is why it needs to be dealt with and dismissed.

      When there is justice for Palestine and freedom for the Palestinians, I doubt anyone will care what Jews consider themselves to be.

    • Gaza is a concentration camp in Occupied Palestine. Only Israeli propaganda pretends it is something separate.

      In reality, the only potentially legal borders, although not yet tested in law, for Israel, remain the UN Mandate and everything else is Occupied Palestine.

    • You can have a national or racial origin but you cannot have a religious origin. All of us in fact are of atheist or agnostic origin since all religions were invented.

      When you convert to Judaism you do not change race or nationality. When you drop Judiasm or convert to another religion you do not change race or nationality. This applies to all religions since religions do not constitute, race, nation, people. All religions take converts and Judaism is no exception, neither is it to forced conversion and so Judaism, like all religions, comprises all races and dozens of nationalities, probably hundreds.

      More to the point, most Israelis who call themselves Jewish are not in any true sense since they are non-practising or lapsed. There is no such thing as a secular or atheist Jew, Christian, Moslem, Hindu etc., it is utterly impossible, so those Israelis who call themselves atheist or secular Jews are either not Jewish or they should classify themselves as lapsed, or non-practising Jews.

      The attempt to define Jews as a literal people, beyond the religious metaphor used by many religions, was invented by Zionism as a ploy to 'up the numbers' in Occupied Palestine, to disenfranchise the indigenous Palestinians on the basis that Europeans were racially superior and therefore a European who could dredge up a grandparent, great-grandparent or perhaps more, who once practised Judaism, was racially superior to any Palestinian.

      One thing the Zionists picked up from the Nazis was elitist racism.

      One thing which needs to be consistently corrected is the delusional fantasy that Judaism is anything more than a religion.

  • A Christmas message in dark times
    • You are a funny bugger, Mooser. :)

      p.s. where I come from bugger is a term of affection.

    • @Sibiriak,

      Having lived in Russia I am well aware of the differing traditions, as I am of differing religious traditions in many parts of Europe, but the fact remains that December 25 is the international and universal Christmas celebration, even in places where they have different religious traditions.

      The world did not pick up January 7, it picked up December 25 and that was my point and that is the date for the non-religious Christmas, more akin to Mithras and other saviour/redeemer gods throughout history, which, unwittingly perhaps, is now celebrated around the world regardless of religion, to lesser and greater degrees.

    • @Danaa, good piece.

      Where Christmas was and is unique is that it always embraced everyone, regardless of religion but then that 'reaching out' and seeking to 'help others' regardless of their religion, and sure, attempts were and are made for conversion but it was not and is not demanded, has always been a particular and special part of Christianity.

      I have no time for any religion, having studied quite a few and deciding to stick with God, but I don't think there is any doubt that Christianity has been exceptional in its efforts to reach out to everyone and Christmas Day reflects that, which, no doubt, is why it so easily evolved into something secular and non-religious.

      Kwanza is ridiculous and I say that as someone who has spent decades living in various African countries. Kwanza is particular to the US, as is Christmas being called Holiday. Kwanza represents nothing except deluded political correctness.

      From my understanding most Americans with African ancestry are Christian anyway so I am not sure what Kwanza is meant to do or be. And Africa is so divided, that the African links (supposedly) for Kwanza, would relate to a tiny minority of Africans and be meaningless or offensive to the rest.

      And many, perhaps most Africans are Christian and a lot are Muslim so the entire concept is ridiculous.

    • Well, it is Christmas - December 25 is Christmas Day. The day may have been pinched from Mithras, the Roman God and other saviour/redeemer gods like Horus, but it is still Christmas and will remain Christmas.

      Holiday Trees, Holiday dinner, Holiday day, Holiday presents, Holiday carols, Father Holiday - all ridiculous and only in the US!

      Christmas Trees, Christmas dinner, Christmas presents, Christmas Carols, Christmas Day, Father Christmas is what it is to people around the world, regardless of their religion.

    • Well, the US is the most religious of all developed nations and unfortunately much of it is fundamentalist Christianity. Fundamentalist anything is always a problem whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, or for that matter, Atheist.

      How many of the parents in the Supreme Court case were Jewish?

      I don't think there is any doubt that Americans are forced to replace Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays because of Jewish pressure.

      And thanks for the links to Wiki but Wikipedia is not accepted as a source by any respectable university in the world and the nature of it has made it always dubious in terms of facts, particularly on controversial issues, and in more recent times, more propaganda than anything else.

      For what it is worth I don't think there should be any religion in schools until kids get to High School and are taught about all religions. I also think all religious schools should be banned - Jewish, Christian, Moslem, the lot, because they brainwash kids at vulnerable ages - that therefore being the point.

      Having said that, many of the Christian schools, Catholics in particular, have some excellent qualities in terms of teaching children to care about others, to be community and socially minded etc., but none of that is particular to any religion and could be taught without the religious connection.

      One of the reasons why I believe the secular Christmas is important, is because it is universal and it does or can appeal to everyone. I really don't think Americans calling Christmas Holidays is going to have any real impact on the rest of the world because most nations simply don't have your political and financial pressure from Jewish/Zionist agendas, and the average person thinks calling Christmas something else is both unnecessary and silly.

    • This is a particular and peculiar American 'tradition' and most assume it is because of pressure from Jewish lobby groups - otherwise why do it? There is no doubt that Jewish lobbyists wield enormous power in the US in ways simply unknown in any other country bar, Israel.

      Christmas is Christmas in the rest of the world and it is Christmas in Muslim Africa where I have lived; Christmas in Hindu India where I have lived, Christmas in the Middle East, Buddhist Asia, Muslim Indonesia - well, Christmas everywhere except the US where it has become something else called Happy Holidays.

      The use of the term Happy Holidays when people mean Merry Christmas, actually irritates many people outside of the US and no doubt inside its borders as well, and it is also confusing because in the rest of the English-speaking world, Holidays are what you call Vacation, so saying Happy Holidays, means, to those outside the US, that you are in essence waving people goodbye as they go on holidays, i.e. vacation.

      The other reason why the American Happy Holidays is counter-productive, is that Christmas has become universal because the non-religious form of Christmas can be embraced by all. In fact, outside of the US and perhaps even inside it, many Jews also celebrate Christmas because, well, Christmas is Christmas - it is not about religion except to those Christians who want it to be, it also manifests in secular form with in fact a plethora of pagan traditions - Santa Claus, Father Christmas (or is he Father Holidays in the US), Christmas Trees (or are they Holiday Trees); gifts, sharing, gathering, eating all sorts of traditional food - turkey, goose, ham, mince pies, fruit cake, Trifle, Christmas Pudding etc. etc. depnding on where you are.

      The secular Christmas has relevance around the world and for all religions and that is its gift and its power despite the 'sorrow' some Christians might feel toward its development.

      Christmas is about thinking about others, regardless of religion and in fact even in the religious Christmas, unlike pretty much all other religious traditions, including Hannukah, the focus has always been on embracing everyone - gathering together whether Christian or not, everyone and anyone for Christmas.

      No doubt that is why the non-religious Christmas evolved and it is that Christmas which should never be called simply Holiday, and in fact, beyond US borders, never will be.

  • Adam Sandler says he's devoted to Israel because of his parents
    • Jews were in fact safe in the UK and in many parts of Europe even during World War Two. Jews outside of the Nazi sphere of influence around the world were never threatened.

      Iranian Jews still refuse to emigrate to Occupied Palestine and patently have always felt safe.

      It is propaganda and fantasy that even during WWII Jews worldwide were in danger and they certainly are not in danger now.

      Jews do not feel unsafe in Europe. Europe is a very large place. There might be some who believe the propaganda and feel unsafe in France perhaps, but not elsewhere.

      German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, followers of Judaism etc., do not feel threatened.

      More to the point, thousands of young Israelis have rejected their occupying, colonising and apartheid State and have emigrated back to the countries their parents and grandparents left and one of the biggest groups is in Berlin. One presumes they feel safer in Germany than Israel. Many have also gone to Russia. One presumes they feel safer in Russia than Israel.

      There is no Jew hatred beyond people hating Israeli Jews for their occupation, colonisation and apartheid, and hating international Jews who fund and support the occupation and colonisation of Palestine.

      It is all Israel's fault! Jews have lived and still live peacefully around the world - the only issue is Israel which commits war crimes and human rights atrocities in the name of Jews and Judaism. Those who do not speak out against it must take responsibility for it.

  • Video: Palestinian laborers on why they work in Israel despite checkpoints and danger
  • The last colony
    • @Max Narr,

      Non-Jewish Israelis, do not have equal rights and they are not Arabs, they are of Palestinian descent, but they are Israeli citizens and they should not be discriminated against.

      Non-Jewish Israelis do not have the same political rights and would not be allowed to reach the highest political office.

      Non-Jewish Israelis also cannot work outside of Israel (although beyond the UN mandate there are actually no borders for Israel so what is Israel and what is Occupied Palestine needs to be defined) and return;

      they cannot bring spouses, children, parents to live with them;

      they cannot build on to their homes without permission;

      they cannot move into Jew-only areas to live;

      and they receive inferior health services and education.

      All of which is apartheid.

      As to Ramallah in Occupied Palestine, the controlling entity is the Israeli Government and the military force it uses to maintain occupation of Palestine beyond UN mandated Israeli borders.

      It would be funny if it were not so tragic - in Ramallah the PA won't let people sell property to Jews but throughout Occupied Palestine, Jewish Israelis simply get the military to go in and take the home, tossing the Palestinians into the street.

    • Binational is ridiculous and undemocratic. The fact is the Israelis are colonists in Palestine. Every nation founded through colonisation has had to share the land with equal rights for all.

      Israel's bad luck, like South Africa's is that the indigenous are greater in number. But the colonists knew that when they took the land.

      There is only one reason why the one-state solution has not already come to pass and that is because Israel was founded on religious bigotry, just as South Africa was established on racial bigotry. The Israelis consider non-Jews to be inferior and in the case of the indigenous Palestinians, sub-human, and they want to remain in control because they believe they are superior. So did white South Africans but life and justice do not work like that.

      There is no place for bigotry, religious or racial and certainly no place for apartheid.

      Israelis cannot dictate to the Palestinians anything beyond one democratic state shared equally by indigenous and coloniser alike.

    • @Annie Robins,

      How can you leave out religion?

      To be Jewish is to be a member of the Jewish religion.

      You do not change race or nationality if you covert to Judaism or drop the religion and all religions or convert to another religion.

      My ancestors dropped Judaism and none of their descendants are Jewish. Those siblings who did not drop the religion have descendants who are Jewish.

      Being Jewish is a religion. You may be non-practising, or lapsed, but if you call yourself Jewish you are holding yourself as a part of the Jewish religion.

      Drop Judaism completely and no longer refer to yourself as Jewish and you are not Jewish.

      There can no more be an atheist or secular Jew than there can be an atheist or secular Christian, Moslem, Hindu etc. Atheists hold to no religion and reject any concept of God.

      If you hold to a religion but do not practice it you are still aligned to that religion. Hence, lapsed or non-practising Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants etc., fall into the same category.

      Without the religion of Judaism there would be no Jews. The first Jew like the first Moslem, Christian, Hindu was of course a convert! Ergo, of course it is about religion.

  • Terrorism is an understandable response to west's wars in Middle East, realist and left writers say
    • It becomes increasingly difficult to believe anything other than that there is an agenda to foment some sort of war between Islam and the West, to serve, no doubt, various agendas. I don't actually think it will happen but I do believe it will create a lot of fear and prejudice on both sides and that serves no good end.

      Religious persecution always corrupts and debases a society and when aligned with deep fear, speeds the process.

      Perhaps the greatest danger is for the US which is such a heavily armed civilian society and one prone to fear, if not paranoia, on many counts.

      Then again, that may well be another agenda.

  • 'I am a mother amongst hundreds, we are all worried about our children': The systemic incarceration of Palestinian children
    • There is also the possibility that because Israel needs the Palestinians as an eternal enemy to 'justify' their military occupation, that 'sowing the whirlwind' is actually the plan.

      Although what they have overlooked is growing world outrage to the whirlwind and to Israel for creating it.

    • Increasingly the only way to bring change is for Jews around the world to stand up to what Israel claims to do in their name.

  • A forgotten critic of Israeli society: The work of the social psychologist Georges R. Tamarin
    • It is a spiritual teaching that 'like attracts like' and a tragic irony that the Jewish connection with the Nazis should result in the Zionist/Jewish 'Nazism' toward the Palestinians.

      I suspect it is because what is at work is The Shadow and Judaism/Zionism, lost in victimhood and persecution complex have allowed a deep denial of the reality and flawed humanity common to us all.

    • Israel was a nation founded in religious bigotry and a belief that members of Judaism were superior to all, and it was founded through military aggression and colonisation where the indigenous people of the land stolen were not only considered inferior, but sub-human, and to be killed, removed or subjugated permanently.

      Such bigotry and aggression have always meant that the State of Israel, as created, founded and conceived, was rightly doomed.

      What is astonishing is that Western nations have supported such appalling prejudice and human rights atrocities.

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • What I don't understand is why Americans allow Zionists, Israelis and Jews to run their country. By the look of it, for all the talk of freedom, Americans are the least free of anyone in the developed world.

  • How rightwing settlers and a wealthy Aussie Zionist used Facebook to control Netanyahu gov't
    • I think what I find most offensive are people who do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, funding the occupation, colonisation, apartheid and injustice.

  • The American colonization of Palestine
    • American culture, for whatever reasons, is one founded in fear, amounting often to paranoia, and high levels of aggression. American colonists in Palestine are therefore a hybrid of fear and rage and paranoia combined with the inherent paranoid fear of much of Judaism - the persecution, victim complex which seques with the American view that 'everyone is out to get you' and that you need 'to kick ass(arse) before someone kicks yours.'

      The combination of American settler with Israeli settler and fundamentalist Judaism, combined with Zionism is a particularly heady and violent brew.

    • Thanks YoniFalic for your informed and interesting post.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • It is oxymoronic to talk of Jewish nationalism. Judaism is a religion and religions have no rights to lands, homes or States, nor any right to nationhood, particularly not in the modern democratic world.

      More to the point, if there were a concept of Jewish nationalism then it would mean all religions had the same rights and so we would have Christian, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim nationalism. What a ghastly mix that would be.

      The enlightened modern world developed democracy to create order, justice and to liberate people from theocracy and rule by religion.

      Jews cannot have their religion recognised as nationhood without every other religion getting the same rights. Jews cannot have their religion recognised as nationhood and be a part of the modern, democratic world.

      The entire concept, beyond being irrational is backward.

  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • I never cease to be astonished at how many people deny the reality of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

      We fought in the Second World War to free people from German and Japanese occupation and yet today, people fight to maintain the occupation of Palestine and the brutal and murderous military regime which maintains it!

      Which bit do people, and Americans in particular not get? Occupation is occupation. Palestine is occupied by European colonists who use military force to repress resistance from the indigenous Palestinians and to continue to steal their land.

      Israel slaughters men, women and children in the name of occupation, colonisation and apartheid and the US bankrolls them to do it.

  • Netanyahu's craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
    • Hitler is irrelevant in regard to the Palestinian suffering. The Jewish experience of holocaust is also irrelevant to the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians.

      The only issue is not what happened 70 years ago but what is happening now. The Second World War is ancient history and has never had relevance to the Palestinians and their subjugation by European Zionists. The fact that Israel claims to act in the name of some who suffered in the Second World War does not make it real or relevant.

      History is written by the victors and we have no idea how unhinged Nuttyahoo is - yet!

    • Two states are impossible and always were. The only way two states could function is with contiguous borders and exactly the same rights to defend themselves and to manage and control their air, land and sea borders and with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

      But it is too late for such upheaval and really in a modern world, ridiculous to consider. If every other coloniser can create one state with equal rights for all so can Israel.

      Why should Israel have the right to deny justice and freedom in the name of religious bigotry which has no place in a modern world? It has no right.

      One state where coloniser and colonised share the land is the only outcome, the only final solution.

      Even if Israel tried to kill enough Palestinians to keep them a minority there are 8million Palestinians in the diaspora so maintaining a religious majority for Jews, in the name of bigotry, is impossible anyway.

    • But if he thinks this behaviour will drive out Palestinians he is truly insane. This behaviour will simply create more and more resistance and since it is utterly impossible for Israel to drive out the nearly six million Palestinians it holds in Occupied Palestine, it will just put pressure on world opinion to end the occupation and the apartheid.

      There is no way the Palestinians will leave. There is no way Israel can make them leave. If it tried, or worse, if it tried to kill them, world outrage would be so great a one-state solution would be imposed in a week and the US would have no choice but to support it.

      Nuttyahoo's behaviour just fuels BDS and world support for the Palestinians. Crazy and calculated are oxymoronic.

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • One wonders how, given the Zionist belief that the Palestinians are sub-human, they are capable of such actions or intent.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • I think you misunderstand the kind of victim status Jewish Israelis believe and claim.

      Other colonisers have not seen themselves as the only victims and most had some concept of the fact that they had stolen someone else's country where Israeli Jews do not, or will not.

  • Explaining to an Israeli Zionist why Palestinians are upset
    • There is an irony to life in that many Jews do consider that followers of their religion are intellectually superior to all others, and yet, in UN mandated Israel, where Jews are a majority, there has been nothing but consistent acts of utter stupidity for nearly seven decades. Israel stands as a State which has 'shot itself' not in the foot, but the head, time and time and time again through acts of pure idiocy, demonstrating that if followers of Judaism were 'smarter' than many others, there are none of them in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine. Or perhaps it just says the level of hubris involved when a group consider itself to be superior to all others is guaranteed to turn them into fools.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • Anyone who has followed this issue for decades, has known for many decades, that Israel's religious bigotry has made a one-state solution the only solution. Israeli religious discrimination and greed in wanting all of Palestine means two states have always been impossible and since maintaining occupation, colonisation and apartheid are also impossible, that means one democratic state share by all.

      And this outcome is all Israel's own work.

  • Facing Reality: Jewish terrorism is no longer limited to just a few bad seeds
    • @ a blah chick,

      Deference? You use the word deference about an occupied, colonised and abused indigenous people in regard to their oppressors?

      How could Palestinians not recognise the superiority of the European colonists who have stolen their country? How could they not understand that compared to the Israeli colonists they are inferior, nay, they are sub-human?

      How can people not see that Israel using murderous military power to maintain occupation, colonisation and apartheid is the victim and in the right?

      What madness is at work in the world to think that the Palestinians should have rights and the right to live in freedom?

      What madness is at work in Judaism that people cannot or will not see that that Israel is a venal, murderous colonial aggressor maintaining one of the most cruel and evil occupations in modern history.

    • @a4tech,

      Eloquently put.

    • @Mooser,

      You said:If I am not terribly mistaken, the Jewish religion is decentralized and factionalized.

      All religions are factionalized and most are decentralized, Anglicans and Catholics and Mormons being exceptions although no doubt there are others.

      However, that does not prevent any of them speaking out if terror is committed in the name of their religion. That is an individual choice, not necessarily one requiring centralised authority.

      You said: But are still “colonisers” and “indigenous”? Sure, okay.

      Not in the long term. As demonstrated by every other historically recent coloniser to lesser and greater degrees.

      Israel is quite simply a backward culture with bigoted and primitive views which have no place in a civilized world and never did. It was always doomed as a theocratic state.

    • The fact is that the UN partition of Palestine while certainly immoral has never been tested in a court of law and is probably illegal.

      Israel can only claim the original borders but we all know that is rather pointless and that two fully independent states with exactly the same rights and contiguous borders is impossible and so that means one state shared by all, just as every other coloniser has had to do.

      Israel exists but it cannot continue to exist as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State.

      And since religions have no rights to land and have no homelands, that means Israelis have no rights to Palestine but, since they are there, they have a right to stay only if they create one democratic state with equal rights for all.

      The only reason this has not been done is religious bigotry and the belief members of the Jewish religion are superior. The irony of course is that most Jewish Israelis are not even Jews but are lapsed, non-practising, or even more ridiculous, call themselves secular or atheist.

      Judaism and Jews need to step away from the Israeli apartheid State or they will be tainted by its presence. Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism but it does give them a bad name.

    • P.S. Having said that, it behoves members of any religion where terrorism is committed in its name to speak out against it.

    • @TonyG,

      Yes, good point. And how many Americans know between 600 and 700 Palestinian villages were destroyed by Zionist armies to pave the way for European colonists and that most are now 'buried' under recreation parks and constructions, never to be known of, beyond the inconvenient reality that they are clearly marked on maps from the time of British rule in Palestine.

      How many know that Yad Vashem is built on Deir Yassin land, the site of the most atrocious massacre of Palestinian men, women and children, by Zionist army thugs, in 1948. It was all a campaign of terror to kill as many Palestinians as possible and drive out as many as possible.

      The State of Israel began with terrorism and has remained a terrorist State.

      The difference is, in the age of social media and the internet where information is more readily exchanged, more people know about it.

    • It is only when you spend time with Israelis and in Israel that you realise the depth of religious bigotry at work. Any group which, for any reason, considers itself to be superior to others will become debased and extreme.

      Israel's tragedy is that the world encouraged and allowed the State to be founded in the name of religious bigotry and has tolerated the increasing human rights atrocities which have followed.

      Israel's tragedy is that it has had no true friends to speak the truth and the US has been the worst enabler.

      Having said that, it needs to be remembered that Jewish influence in the US is huge and this has made truth more difficult to find or express.

      In the same way that Irish influences allowed Irish Americans to fund the bombing of the British in appalling acts of terrorism, so too have many, perhaps most, American Jews funded the tyranny and terrorism of the State of Israel.

    • There are no Jewish-Arab relations.

      You have to compare apples with apples. Jews are members of a religion and Arabs are members of a culture.

      Compare Jews to other religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc., but you cannot compare them to a culture.

      Compare Arabs to Europeans, Africans or Asians - all cultures by all means.

      The issue is between Israelis as colonists and Palestinians as the indigenous people of the land colonised.

      Most Jews do not live in Israel and a quarter of Israelis are not Jewish, i.e. Israel does not represent Jews.

      You can compare Israeli culture sourced in European colonists with Palestinian culture sourced in Arab culture but that is particular to UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine.

      There is no universal Arab-Jewish relationship. Israel likes to pretend that there is because then it can also pretend the threat is not just the nearly six million Palestinians it holds imprisoned but is a threat from tens of millions of people throughout the Arab world. It is quite simply propaganda to try to make a Jewish-Arab problem.

      This is a colonial war, pure and simple, waged by Israeli colonists against indigenous Palestinians.

    • You make some important points but terrorism committed in the name of Judaism no more represents the religion than does terrorism committed in the name of any religion.

      Most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will and so Israel and its home-grown terrorism against non-Jews is not representative of Jews or Judaism.

      I understand that Judaism like some other religions, sees followers as members of a nation or people but Jews are not a nation or a people beyond religious metaphor and that is why what Israeli Jews do or say does not represent all Jews or the Jewish religion.

      The excesses of Judaism amongst Israelis in particular, and some non-Israeli fundamentalist supporters is sourced in Zionism, not Judaism, and the belief that Jews are superior in general but particularly to Palestinian non-Jews, Christian, Muslim and no doubt atheist and they are considered to be sub-human. The worst of atrocities, as history reveals, are committed when a group considers another group to be inferior or worse, sub-human.

      It also needs to be remembered that the religiously racist 'stew' which is Israel is highly dysfunctional because of the bigotry which is endemic in the society toward non-Jews in general and Palestinian non-Jews in particular. This does not apply to the majority of Jews, of all races and many nationalities, who live as citizens around the world in dozens of other countries.

      The culture in which the hatred brews is not Jewish per se: but is the Zionist and Israeli brand of Judaism. Israel as a society is deeply sick and terribly debased because of its treatment of the Palestinians. Healing will only come when Israeli Jews and their supporters give up the belief that non-Jews are inferior and create a democracy, for Israelis also deserve to live in a democracy, one state where colonisers and indigenous live side by side, with equal rights, sharing the land, just as every other nation founded through colonisation has had to do.

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state
    • Anyone of intelligence and conscience cannot deny the reality.

      I wish though that he did not play the Zionist propaganda line by referring to Jews and Arabs.

      This is not about members of Judaism, a religion, nor about Arabs, a culture of many countries, this is about Jewish Israeli colonists discriminating against non-Jews in general and Palestinian non-Jews in particular.

      Using Jew as a label is a pretence that Israel represents Jews and Judaism - it does neither. Referring to Arabs is a pretence that there are no indigenous Palestinians and this is Israel against the entire Arab world - it is not.

  • Can Holocaust compensation agreements be a model for Nakba reparations?
  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
    • The only legal right it has is to do that on UN mandated borders. It has no other rights since it has no other borders.

      However, even if it did have the right, one would expect them to act civilized and courteous and not like a bunch of ignorant, backward, barbaric thugs!

    • Anyone who has spent time in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine knows this is hardly surprising. Sadly, if you want to get in as a Palestinian you have to submit [...]. You have to be meek, humble, fully compliant and allow them to trample all over you.

      Israeli culture is so debased that they are not simply irrational, they are delusional and dangerously so.

      How upsetting though, to have to put up with such backward barbarians at the 'gate.'

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • @Yonah,

      In terms of Jews wishing to refer to themselves as a people, it is not an issue anymore than it is any other religion or group referring to itself as a people in a metaphorical, symbolic sense, since patently followers of Jews are not a people and comprising all races and dozens of nationalities can never equate as one.

      Unfortunately, thanks to Zionism, this symbolic religious concept of Jews being a people has been 'literalised' in an attempt to support the delusion that Jews constitute a real people with real rights to land. They do not and they never will.

      Religions do not get land rights and do not have rights to homelands. Israel was founded on Palestine as both a lie and a delusion.

      However, here is where we are at and we cannot turn back the clock to remove Israel but we can remove the injustices of occupation, colonisation and apartheid and that will happen and then Jews, Christians, Moslems and no doubt a few Hindus, Buddhists and atheists will live as citizens in a democracy either called Israel or Palestine or perhaps something else entirely.

    • Quote: Justice for Palestine will never come from the traditional governmental institutions or political parties that administer power. These institutions have surrendered to moneyed interests. Justice will come only from us. And the sole mechanism left to ensure justice for Palestine is the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Sanctions brought down the apartheid regime of South Africa. And they are what will bring down the apartheid regime of Israel. BDS is nonviolent. It appeals to conscience. And it works.

      The struggle against apartheid in South Africa was long and hard. This struggle will be too. All Israeli products including Jaffa citrus fruits, Ahava cosmetics, SodaStream drink machines, Eden Springs bottled water and Israeli wine must be boycotted. We must refuse to do business with Israeli service companies. And we must boycott corporations that do business with Israel, including Caterpillar, HP and Hyundai. We must put pressure on institutions, from churches to universities, to divest from Israeli companies and corporations that have contracts with Israel. The struggle against apartheid in South Africa was long and hard. This struggle will be too.


      Israel’s goal is to make life a living hell for all Palestinians, ethnically cleansing as many as it can and subduing those who remain. The peace process is a sham. It has led to Israel’s seizure of more than half the land on the West Bank, including the aquifers, and the herding of Palestinians into squalid, ringed ghettos or Bantustans while turning Palestinian land and homes over to Jewish settlers. Israel is expanding settlements, especially in East Jerusalem. Racial laws, once championed by the right-wing demagogue Meir Kahane, openly discriminate against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. Ilan Pappe calls the decades-long assault against the Palestinian people “incremental genocide.”

      In Gaza, Israel practices an even more extreme form of cruelty. It employs a mathematical formula to limit outside food deliveries to Gaza to keep the caloric levels of the 1.8 million Palestinians just above starvation. This has left 80 percent of the Palestinians in Gaza dependent on Islamic charities and outside aid to survive. And the periodic military assaults on Gaza, euphemistically called “mowing the lawn,” are carried out every few years to ensure that the Palestinians remain broken, terrified and destitute. There have been three Israeli attacks on Gaza since 2008. Each is more violent and indiscriminate than the last. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said that a fourth attack on Gaza is “inevitable.”

    • @ Catalan,

      South Africa lasted about 18 years and was bigger, richer, stronger and more independent than Israel. The BDS against Israeli apartheid is into I think its seventh or eighth year but of course Israel as a US satrapy has support SA did not have, so, as a guesstimate, between 5-6 years more and it might be less if Israel attacks the Palestinians again.

      As to what Palestinians think, I am sure having been crushed under a murderous military boot for nearly seventy years, they don't know what to think. And no doubt given how they have been treated they find it difficult to hope.

      I suggest you study South African apartheid and the BDS movement which ended it if you want to better understand the process of such things.

      Here are the realities which make the growth of BDS gauranteed and the crippling of Israel's economy a given:

      1. the world will not tolerate an apartheid State.
      2. Israel cannot drive out or kill the nearly six million Palestinians it holds under military occupation and the world will not tolerate any attempt - a one-state would be imposed in a nanosecond.
      3. Israel cannot keep the nearly six million Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza concentration camp and various bantustans indefinitely - the world will not tolerate it.
      4. BDS will continue to strengthen in the US which will have an impact on Government policy and which will speed the progress to a one-state solution.

      In other words, the world will not tolerate apartheid, nor continued occupation and colonisation, nor any attempt to kill or drive out nearly six million Palestinians from their own land.

      Ergo, BDS will grow and Israel's economy will be in ruins and it will have no option but to become a democracy where colonised and coloniser share the land.

    • @Mooser,

      You have taken the reference to Hindu castes rather too literally but no matter. I made it simply to say that religious belief in superiority is not particular to Judaism.

      But if you want to apply a caste-system to Judaism then all non-Jews are Untouchables and should be carrying bells to warn the superior ones that we are coming because even our shadow can pollute their perfection.

    • @ Avigail,

      I think US support for Israel has to do with the power of Israeli/Zionist/Jewish lobbies in the US. I do not believe, having spent a lot of time in the US, that many give much of a thought to the history involving indigenous although that can vary State to State.

      Australia's position varies depending upon which party is in power and it varies depending upon which politician is speaking. I suspect pressure from the US, to whom every Australian Government seems to 'forelock-tug' is the reason why Australia falls into line, not always, but more often than not on Israel.

      So Israeli/Jewish/Zionist power at work in the US, filters through to influence Australia.

      As an Australian, and one who has spent quite some years researching the country's colonial history and growing up as the nation became more aware, I believe Australians, like Canadians and New Zealanders, have addressed their history and in fact far too much effort has gone into seeking to rewrite it. The Americans are behind all three of the above cited nations formed through colonisation but then they are 100 years older and no doubt that also makes a difference.

      There were far less crimes committed against indigenous in Australia, NZ and Canada but perhaps again, being founded a century later contributed to that. The English certainly approached colonising the continent, well, turning it into a penal colony, with a more sensitive approach to the Aborigines and recognition that they needed to be befriended and their knowledge of the land, shared with the settlers, because it was important.

      But the issue here is not Australia's colonial history which was far better than many, considering the times - context being crucial to a just and fair understanding of any history - but Israel.

      And, there is no doubt that if Israel had done what Australia did, create one nation with equal rights for all, in fact more rights for indigenous as it happens, and an official Government sorry, not to mention countless billions spent annually on trying to help the few indigenous still in need, then we would not be having this conversation.

      Israel stands alone, as the youngest nation formed through colonisation, as one which refuses justice and freedom to the indigenous people whose land it took. All of the other colonisers have given full and equal rights to their citizens and some have said sorry.

      When Israel does the same it will have joined the enlightened, civilized world.

    • @MHughes976,

      I think to be fair in regard to colonisation we need to understand that if humans had not become nomadic and colonised other places we would all still be in Africa and it would be very crowded.

      Any study of human history makes it clear that colonisation was a required part of the evolutionary process and no doubt, in that way of the world in all things, particularly in the past, it was evolution of the 'fittest' or strongest.

      What we call British today is the end result of waves of invaders, occupiers and colonisers and it could have been no other way.

      And let's not kid ourselves this was a 'white' or Anglo-European pastime. Bali in Indonesia is Hindu because????? Bantu tribes from South Africa form a part of the population of Malawi because???? Correct, invasion and colonisation. African tribes invaded, occupied and colonised just like everyone else. Ditto for the Indians of India and ditto for the Indians of the Americas who originated in the steppes of southern Russia and northern China.

      Colonisation was just a natural and needed part of human evolution.

      However, by the 19th century at least, it was beginning to be understood and appreciated that violent colonisation (economic became the new form) was destructive and unjust and perspective changed. Israel was founded amidst the wreckage of a world disoriented and dysfunctional following two horrendous world wars and a destructive Depression, not to mention a deadly flu epidemic.

      By the time the Israelis were allowed to colonise violently in Palestine, we should have known better, but we did not and so the Israeli colonial venture began.

      Why Israel has been allowed to get away with its human rights atrocities and war crimes for so long is another question, but since the first attack on the Gaza concentration camp, awareness around the world has grown and so has information. With the second shocking attack images and stories went around the world in an instant, revealing the horrors to which Israel would resort in order to punish the Palestinians for resisting occupation and colonisation.

      The tide turned and we are now well on the path to a one-state solution.

      So, yes, much wrong has been done in the name of colonisation but it was for most of human history a necessary evil. When we became more enlightened, support for colonisation ended - Israel being an odd exception but not alone because Tibet remains occupied by China and West Papua by Indonesia and no doubt there are others.

      Israel is however the only one which claims to be a modern democracy and so is judged more harshly because it is judged by the bar it has set itself.

      Israel, can be hauled into line as apartheid South Africa was and it will be, joining all other nations founded through colonisation as a democracy where coloniser and colonised live side by side with equal rights.

    • @ Elliott,

      Is it that Jews see themselves as outsiders because they want to see themselves as outsiders, as opposed to being made to feel outsiders?

      Having Jewish friends and family around the world I know that being Jewish is a moveable feast just as it is being Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim etc., but it is more common to find in followers of Judaism, in any culture, society, nationality, a belief that Jews are exceptional, i.e. superior, particularly intellectually and therefore, by necessity, must always be set apart from the broader community. No doubt because assimilation 'taints.'

      Although how any followers of Judaism can hold onto the fantasy that membership of the religion confers exceptional intelligence in face of the consistent acts of stupidity committed by Israelis, is remarkable and certainly exceptional.

      Of course there are exceptions and I think in some cultures that is more easily done than others, i.e. largely secular cultures like Australia where people generally consider religion to be a private thing and best kept private and where you can find out what a friend's religion is only when you attend his or her funeral.

      But Judaism is akin to the Hindu caste system in that members are taught that it is vital to 'marry one's own kind,' not just to preserve the religion (or the caste) but so as not to introduce inferiority. I have been with highly intelligent, well educated, sophisticated Jews and Hindus, demonstrating real and powerful grief when faced with the prospect of a child marrying out.

      So, it is not particular to Jews but it has been made very particular in the creation of the Israeli State, a State founded on a bigoted religious belief that Jews are superior and must remain apart from non-Jews and in control of non-Jews and not the other way around.

      Where this belief is ridiculous is that Jews, like all religions, have lived and still live in dozens of countries around the world, as minorities, with absolutely no problems, so, when the one-state solution becomes a reality and non-Jews are a majority, one presumes, reason will prevail and Jews will live in that State, alongside Palestinian Christians and Muslims, just as they do in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and, well, every other country on the planet.

      Israel and Zionism have allowed the worst of Judaism to be made manifest in literal form in Palestine. And therefore lies the tragedy for Israeli Jews in particular and Jews in general.

      The sooner it is ended the better for everyone because Israel gives both Jews and Judaism a bad name.

    • @ Catalan,

      BDS will cripple Israel's economy in the same way it did South Africa's and in both cases, bring an end to apartheid.

      South Africa was bigger, richer, stronger and far more independent than Israel will ever be and it could not hold out.

      BDS will end Israel's atrocities as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State.

    • @Yonah,

      There were no heroic wars for Israel anymore than there was heroic wars by Americans against the Indians; or heroic wars by the English against Maoris, Aborigines or Africans... the occupier and coloniser is never the hero.

      When you invade and occupy someone else's country, you are not the hero and all wars which happen because of your invasion, occupation and colonisation are your fault, since you started it.

      No Zionist invasion to colonise Palestine, no wars! Ergo, from 1947 every war is Israel's fault. no-one has the right to invade and occupy someone else' country in order to colonise it.

      If Israel after 1947 had done what every other coloniser has done, create one state with equal rights for all there would have been no Yom Kippur war, or any other war.

      But, Israel chose to set up a theocratic State based on religious bigotry and a belief that Jews were superior to all others and a demand that followers of Judaism remain a majority and in control of the State with equal rights denied to non-Jews, in this case, the Palestinians, Christian and Muslim, with perhaps the odd atheist.

      So, Zionist invasion and Israeli religious bigotry are solely responsible for all wars and all violence.

    • @Yonah,

      Exodus was a novel. It was a work of fiction. Are you saying you believed it to be history?

      The Exodus in the Bible was also fiction. Israel was founded as a colonial State on Palestine because of fictitious belief.

      Your 'heartwarming' flag resonates in Palestine and now, around the world, as something akin to the swastika because flags reflect actions and Israel as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State maintained under the most murderous and venal military boot in modern history, certainly by a so-called democracy, flies a flag of human rights atrocities and war crimes.

      And no, giving the Palestinians back a bit of their country, which you call the West Bank but is simply more of Occupied Palestine, littered as it is with illegal Jew-only settlements connected by Jew-only roads, is just a bantustan which can never be a fully independent, viable State for Palestinians and which is simply not enough.

      If two States were ever to be possible they had to be fully independent with exactly the same rights to control air, land and sea borders and the same rights to defend themselves with contiguous borders and East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

      Two states are now impossible, thanks to Israel so that means one democratic State where indigenous Palestinians and their colonists share the land. The Gaza concentration camp is closed, Jew-only settlements and Jew-only roads are gone and everyone lives with the same rights and freedom in the way that they do in every other nation founded through colonisation.

      There will be a new flag and probably a new name since Palestinians will be traumatised for quite some time at the name Israel, and everyone will need a fresh start, so perhaps, Canaan or a combination of Palestine and Israel.

    • Israel is a classic example of how the human mind can hold two conflicting ideas at one and the same time.

      Logic, reason, common sense and facts dictate that:

      1. Occupation is immoral
      2. Colonisation is immoral
      3. Apartheid is immoral
      4. Occupiers cannot be democracies
      5. Colonisers cannot be democracies
      6. Apartheid States cannot be democracies

      And yet many people still hold to the delusion that Israel acts with morality and is a democracy! But less and less as the internet spreads information.

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • A war against Iran would be worse than Vietnam. The Iranians are an ancient, sophisticated culture with levels of military capacity and efficiency far, far beyond what the Vietnamese had.

      Iran has the capacity to not just resist American and Israeli military intervention but to drop bombs on both countries.

      And the only way to completely destroy Iran would be with nuclear weapons which would kill millions in the Middle East, including Israelis and lay waste to much of the region, making it uninhabitable for a very long time. Iranian and Saudi oil would disappear in such an onslaught tipping the world into an economic meltdown of unimaginable proportions.

      In addition, waves of radiation would spread around the world, killing and injuring and polluting everyone, including Americans. It would not just be the 'enemy' experiencing deformities and stillbirths from depleted uranium as has happened to Iraqis and Afghans because of American/Allied wars, it would be everywhere, including the US.

      Anyone who thinks that a war against Iran would not be more devastating than either the First or Second World War is delusional.

      How much support do Israel and the US think they would get for spreading such death and destruction around the globe in the name of Zionist madness?

    • No-one expected the Japanese attack except for those few in the US Government/CIA who knew and perhaps a few who 'encouraged' it.

      No-one expected the Nazis to murder millions of people, including many Jews and no-one expected Stalin to murder 60 million either.

      The core difference between the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Nazis killing Romanies, Slavs, Homosexuals and followers of Judaism, is that the Japanese had the ability to attack Pearl Harbour and the Nazis had the ability to kill millions, but the Iranians do not have the ability to 'set up' the sort of 'holocaust' it is claimed the Nazis did, in Israel or Occupied Palestine, let alone the US. It is delusional.

      The Iranians could set out to kill their Jewish citizens who have consistently refused Israeli pleas to immigrate to Occupied Palestine, but why would they bother? I mean, what purpose could it serve to do so given the world outrage which would resort and the massive impact of sanctions and boycotts which would result?

      Ditto for seeking to find and exterminate Jews in neighbouring countries - why? Iran has attacked no-one for more than a century, why would they bother doing so to chase a few followers of Judaism? Israelis are the mad ones, not Iranians.

      These protests are just part of the Israeli/Jewish/Zionist propaganda machine which wants to start a war with Iran, under cover of which Israel can kill and/or drive out nearly six million Palestinians, and terrify more Jews around the world to come to Occupied Palestine as colonists.

    • Those vested agendas who push this sort of stupidity want nothing more than for Americans to turn on their Jewish population so that the fantasy of Israel as a 'safe haven' for Jews under threat can be demonstrated and so that Israel then has 'cause' to try to kill or drive out the nearly six million Palestinians it holds under its military occupation.

      So, yes, your last comment is spot-on although I doubt the 'sheep' involved in such protests see it like that.

    • I think there are more and more people in the world who are finding Israel a thuggish, insane and tedious little country and the rantings and ravings of its supporters, Jewish, Zionist and the rest, simply boring. The holocaust flag is in tatters and every time Israel and its supporters wave it, the effect is simply to remind the world at large what a thug Israel is and what an egregious hypocrite.

      If there ever had been anything in the theory that followers of Judaism were smarter than anyone else, the State of Israel, has squashed that thought and ground it into the mud of stupidity.

  • The Iran deal: a triumph of irrationality
    • The greatest war crime in human history was the dropping of the second atomic bomb by the US. The next greatest war crime was dropping the first.

    • @hophmi,

      The Iranians are bombastic you say? Guess what, the Iranians have not attacked anyone for more than a century while Israel has done nothing but attack other States since 1947!

      Iran is anti-semitic you say? Hmmm, since that means anti-Jewish, why is it that the more than 100,000 Iranian Jews continue to resist Israel's pleas to immigrate?

      And since most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will, Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism so criticism of Israel as an occupier, coloniser and apartheid State, as well as being perfectly valid, has nothing to do with followers of Judaism in any general sense.

  • Abe Foxman says goodbye to an America of secret Jew haters
    • Zionist Israel has made Judaism a religion of toxic bigotry and elitism. The horrifying thing is that it is just another variation on the theme the Nazis were pushing.

  • Time for a Jewish reformation?
    • ivri, apartheid is apartheid. Both Nelson Mandela, when alive, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, before and still identified Israel as an apartheid State akin to South Africa. The Israeli bigotry is sourced in religious elitism and the South African was racial elitism but bigotry is bigotry and racism is racism and Human Rights laws and the UN make no distinction.

      As to the Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza concentration camp, firing primitive rockets at settlers on the land and in the homes from which they were driven, after the Israeli military has killed, bombed or attacked them again, the world at large sees not poor Israel, but a brutalised and subjugated people fighting against their occupier.

      Israel is the occupier and Palestinians are the occupied. If you want an analogy for the Palestinians in the Gaza prison, try the Warsaw Ghetto where, like the Jews fighting their German occupiers bent on murdering them, the Palestinians are fighting their Israeli occupiers bent on murdering them.

      They would not be firing rockets if you did not have them imprisoned. There would be no need to fight against an occupier if Israel ended the occupation.

      Israel coloniser and in the wrong. Israel occupier and in the wrong. Israel apartheid State and in the wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong for Israel and right, right, right for the Palestinians.

      Justice will be done and the evil of Israel's occupation, colonisation and apartheid will end.

    • This is an excellent piece and fits with the sense many have about Israel and have had for some time, at least those who have followed its path, that Israel and Zionism give Jews and Judaism a bad name.

      One could almost believe that unconsciously if not consciously, the worst of Zionism and Israel are 'designed' to create resentment of Jews so that the Zionist dream of having all Jews fleeing to Israel and Occupied Palestine will happen. What on earth the Israelis think they could or would do to the nearly six million Palestinians they hold under military occupation, does not bear thinking about.

      But the end result for Israel, Zionism, Jews and Judaism is a disaster if Israel is not forced to its senses, assuming it still has some left.

  • Carter says Israeli rejection of 2-states forced US to withdraw as mediator 'for first time in modern history'
    • A recent article here talked about the mental illness at work in Israeli society and culture and this is yet another reminder of the utter stupidity of the Israelis.

      By making two states impossible they have made one state inevitable and that state will have a Palestinian majority and it may not be called Israel. It may not be called Palestine either but it certainly will not be called Israel I suspect.

      By wanting all of Palestine and being deluded enough to think they could drive out or kill nearly six million Palestinians - one is struck by the magic number - or hold them under permanent brutal military occupation forever, Israel has ensured there will never be a Jewish State, which is probably all for the best, and neither is there likely to be an enduring State of Israel.

      And it is all their own work. One own goal after the next and no-one intelligent enough in any Israeli Government to see what they were doing.

  • Following boycott campaign, 1st Israeli Feis attempts to smear activists as it cancels performance
  • Theodor Herzl wasn't Jewish, according to Israeli minister
    • It is interesting how some religions have turned food into theology and eating habits into dogma. The Indian Jains are the most strict in terms of food - nothing from under the ground, more bugs there and the Jewish dividing up the kitchen into meat/dairy etc., is just exhausting.

      But, like vegans, and vegetarians, a variation on the theme of food as religion, I would be prepared to bet 99.9% if not 100% would eat anything if it was that or death.

      All I can think is that God must have a great sense of humour because I doubt S/HE gives a toss what we eat or wear for that matter. What is in the heart is all that counts and how we act toward others.

    • Except you cannot be Jewish by race. Religions don't make a race and Jews, like other religions, comprise all races and dozens of nationalities.

    • She may not have minded in another age. Times change.

      I have long believed we inherit a cellular memory along with DNA and research seems to be showing just that. Which means that culture can be passed down as cellular memory, along with many other experiences, attitudes etc.

      And of course we are also influenced by our environment. Anyone spending time in Israel cannot but be struck by how Middle Eastern it is. The colonists might have been mainly European but there is no way that Israel is a European country in how it functions and feels.

      Perhaps the most tragic irony is that Israelis have more in common with Palestinians than anyone else and the only reason they reject them is because of religious bigotry, i.e. a belief that Jews are superior and must remain separate.

    • @ talknic,

      Israelis talk about Arab Israelis because they do not want to mention the real term, Palestinian. If one is going to talk about Arab Israelis for those of Palestinian origin then the other Israelis, most, should be classed as European Israelis, with a few African Israelis.

      Arab is a culture, not a race. I am not sure you can have Arab DNA anymore than you can have European.

      Arabs are not a race but members of a culture with shared language, Arabic. I don't think language gives DNA either.

      The Palestinians are largely Semitic which can be traced in DNA but since most 'Jewish' Israelis are European, albeit some with links to Semitic peoples, most are not Semitic.

      But yes, we are saying similar things.

    • It seems 42% of Israeli Jews are secular which means they are not Jews. Combined with the non-Jewish, Palestinians who took up Israeli citizenship that means, 42% plus 25% makes 67% of non-Jews in Israel.

    • And that makes most Israelis not Jewish since a secular Jew cannot be Jewish because secular means without religion.

  • Israeli minister proposes building island off Gaza coast so Israel can 'disengage' while maintaining siege
  • Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans-- to oppose BDS
    • Hillary was bought by the Zionist/Israel/Jewish agenda long ago. She spouts the same sort of tripe which comes out of the Tel Aviv Hasbara bunkers. She is a disgrace and betrays the best of American values.

  • A racist country with too much influence over US -- Israel's new image among Democrats
    • The time and tides have caught up with Israel. The two appalling attacks on the Gaza concentration camp with so much carnage and the murder of so many children on each occasion, has sent images and information around the world so effectively that not even Americans can remain ignorant of the reality of the Israeli State and its occupation, colonisation and apartheid.

      In the modern age of instant and effective communication, no amount of propaganda and hasbara, will ever reduce the growing outrage at Israeli human rights abuses and atrocities inflicted on the indigenous people of the land it has colonised, simply because they resist military rule and abuse in the name of religious bigotry.

      No-one of conscience and moderate intelligence can remain silent when they become aware of the reality of Israel's foundation and its shocking abuse of the Palestinian people for the nearly seven decades since it was founded. And that includes Americans who have been kept in the same propaganda pool of delusion, denial and misinformation that has so poisoned Israeli society, but who, when faced with the truth, will demand the rights of the Palestinians because those rights are in accord with what Americans believe themselves to be.

      More importantly, as the potential for social unrest rises in the US due to corruption, decay and the poorest quality of life for the average citizen of any developed nation and rates of poverty and the working poor rising, so too will demands that the money tap to apartheid Israel gets turned off.

      For, not only are Americans being informed about the reality of the Zionist State, they are learning that they have the worst worker conditions and rights of any developed nation and in general are the most poorly served as citizens. Who wants money spent on propping up injustice in Israel and Occupied Palestine when US infrastructure is crumbling by the day and people are working at two or three jobs just to survive? Not many.

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • @ Mooser,

      I was not saying you personally had it bad. You were misinterpreting the comment. I suspect compared to many the impact of Judaism at it worst will be minimal on you, but there will be an impact. :)

    • @ Avigail,

      It is my general approach and I try to remain mindful that when others resort to attack or abuse, sadly all too common on many issues, that it is important to impute the best motives to others and to remain considered and considerate.

      It can be challenging sometimes and I am sure I get drawn in at times more than I would wish, but retaining compassion and seeking to understand is crucial.

      I have long believed people are more damaged than evil and more frightened than cruel.

      Take care. Hope you are fighting fit soon. :)

    • @ just

      @ Avigail

      It was interesting to see the comments on baking. I love to bake and find it quite meditative. I love to cook fullstop but there is something more satisfying about baking because the combination of science and art brings about a transformation which occurs in no other form of cooking.

      Baking is chemistry and it requires adherence to rules even if one is talented enough to not follow a recipe. The quantities matter and so does the process, in order to transform the same ingredients into sponge, pudding, cake, biscuit, slice etc.

      Baking is a metaphor for human nature in many ways and it is hardly surprising we refer to bread as the 'staff of life.'

      Every cuisine takes pretty much the same ingredients and comes up with its own delights. A bit like the human psyche and cultures in general to my mind.

    • @ Avigail,

      You said: The cure to the world’s ills is in contact with others and in relationships where kindness and compassion regulate whatever else goes on.

      I think this comment of yours is a core point, and never more so than with online discussions. I have commented on this topic online for a long time now and this discussion thread has been one of the most interesting and probably the most civilized, and as much as anything, because of your input.

      How much easier it would be to solve our problems, personally, nationally and internationally if your above quote resonated more often.

    • @ Marnie,

      It was interesting to see you raise the Civil War as the unhealed wound of the US. I cited this in an earlier post as what I saw as the deepest wound with slavery next.

    • @ Marnie,

      In the US in particular Zionist/Israeli/Jewish agendas have been able to push the propaganda that the only victim is a Jew and all others pale into insignificance because of power in many areas, including Government, media and publishing.

      The 'story' has less strength worldwide but it has been pervasive all the same.

      And also in the US there is less recognition and attention to the indigenous people, at leas compared to places like Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I have always been struck on my many and lengthy visits by the absence of their presence.

      And the African American issue is particularly American since it was the one historically recent developed immigrant nation to have slavery. Having travelled with 'non-pink or white' friends in the US who were not American but who were quickly categorized, it is very clear that the nation has never dealt with its past in this regard.

      But I am sure it will. We are all on a path of learning and growth.

    • @ Bornajoo,

      Your story of UK family is just tragically depressing. I believe that things have gotten vastly worse in the past few decades as Israel has become increasingly debased and more desperate, and its bigotry and paranoia has been infused through so many Jewish communities.

      In truth, while I recognise the terrible suffering and injustice of the Palestinians and am on their 'side' because of it, I feel so deeply that the worst damage has been done to Israelis and Jews because the levels of paranoia, denial and propaganda and brainwashing are so high, the mental illness is deeply embedded.

      As Israel has become less rational, more insane, so have Jewish supporters. No doubt for the same reasons.

      Anyone who spends time in Israel who believes in human rights, justice and tolerance cannot but be shocked at the open and blatant religious racism toward the Palestinians. But of course, they are open because to them it is not racism, it is not bigotry and they have plenty of Jews on the outside helping them maintain that fantasy.

      If Jews are the greatest victims in all of human history, as they believe, then the only racism, bigotry, victimization they can recognise is that done to Jews. Where they cannot find it, they invent it, to maintain the lie.

      There is something more horrifying even than the Jewish experience of holocaust, in watching this sickness invade and destroy most Israelis and many Jews.

      A very intelligent and committed Australian Jewish friend, said to me about a decade ago, in a voice of deep sadness: I cannot support what Israel is and does, because this was not how it was meant to be and I will always grieve for the loss of the dream we had.

      She did not discard her religion, but she did discard Israel.

    • @ Avigail,

      Thanks for another excellent post.

      The fact, as I am sure you know, is that Israel must maintain the myth of another experience of holocaust because it is the raison d'etre for its existence and for its continued subjugation and removal of the Palestinians, i.e. their land required for all the Jews around the world who for some bizarre reason will have to flee en masse to 'safety' in Israel/Palestine.

      This belief is the foundation of Zionism and always has been and in fact, even in the late 19th century, the Zionists were warning of the deaths of six million Jews in Europe and that having their own State was vital to avoid this. Clearly they were psychic, but the fact remains, Zionism, and Israel is a Zionist State, was founded and predicated on the belief that, despite the evidence to the contrary, no Jew would ever be safe except as a citizen of a Jewish State.

      I still shake my head that the world has gone along with such an irrational position and the religious bigotry in which it is sourced, for so long.

      It is perhaps little wonder that so many younger Jews are simply dropping the religion and marrying out. I saw a figure of 70% for the US.

    • @ tree,

      Thanks for your comprehensive post but I would just make the point that no credible university in the world accepts Wikipedia as a source because it is, by its nature, subject to high levels of disinformation and propaganda, particularly on contentious issues, which I doubt applies to the nastiness of the Germans on anything, but certainly does on anything t do with Israel, Palestine, Zionists or Judaism. And any other controversial topic in science, medicine, politics, society or whatever where vested interests pay for the 'information' Wikipedia provides.

    • @ Bornajoo,

      And your statement reflects the murderous reality of Israel today where a society has taken up a belief that because their ancestors suffered more than anyone else has ever done or could do, that they have the freedom to do whatever they choose, including to act in the same way.

      There is not a sliding scale of holocaust experiences, there is just the experience.

      It is irrelevant if sixty thousand or six million Jews died - the death of one is enough. Ask the Palestinians, Cambodians, Rwandans and others in the trail of holocaust experiences since WWII.

    • @ Froggy.

      Well said. By the way, how do you do the italics?

    • @ Annie,

      Good post.

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