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  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • No, followers of Judaism are not more clever and if evidence for that fact were ever required one only has to look at the disaster that is Israel and its history of irrational if not frequently, seriously stupid behaviour.

    • There are more Muslims in the US than Jews so there should be a Muslim appointed. There may well be more Hindus.

      Perhaps a wiser course is to have no-one appointed who holds to any religion.

    • @ Herchel,

      You know, the world at large does not swallow the propaganda of poor little Israel surrounded by enemies anymore, if indeed it ever did.

      Nor the delusion that somehow, most Jews, scattered around the world, citizens of dozens of countries, are somehow threatened by countries in the Middle East. Well, Israel threatens them because Israel gives Jews and Judaism a bad name.

      For one thing, Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism and most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel, never did and never will.

      Secondly, it is Israel which has done nothing but attack the indigenous people of the land it stole in its colonial war and its neighbours.

      The Arab world offered Israel peace some years ago, on one condition, end the occupation. Israel refused. Now, since that time Israel has attacked quite a few of its neighbours without cause, littered them with cluster bombs and continued to maintain occupation, colonisation and apartheid.

      The remarkable thing is actually how patient, intelligent, considered, sensible, Israel's neighbours and the indigenous Palestinians have been in the face of such aggression and the human rights atrocities and war crimes it has entailed.

      Israel is a rogue State in general and particularly in the Middle East. It is a danger to the region, to the world and to itself.

      What the world sees, and we see more clearly in this age of technology and social media and a camera in every hand, etc. etc., is that the State of Israel maintains certainly the most murderous and venal occupation in modern history by a nation claiming to be a democracy, and one of the worst by any nation, even the Chinese give the Tibetans full and equal rights as citizens, and the regular slaughter and subjugation of nearly six million indigenous Palestinians, imprisoned in bantustans and the concentration camp of Gaza.

      The world sees Israel as a thug, in short, and it does not see Israel as facing any aggression except that of its own making.

  • Zionism's long and rich history of delegitimizing Palestinians
    • BDS does not challenge Israel's right to exist in any absolute sense as a State but it does challenge its right to exist as an apartheid State where non-Jews have inferior status.

      That runs counter to the foundation of any Western democracy including the US.

  • 'New York Times' whitewashes poll showing Israeli support for expelling Palestinians
  • BDS Victory: Ahava moving factory out of occupied West Bank
    • The place which needs to be hit and which will hurt Israel the most given its egoistic view of its intellectual superiority is in the areas of academia and science.

      It was sport which was the Achilles heel of South Africa and Academia is the Achilles heel of Israel because of the belief that Israelis are smarter than everyone else, well, the Jewish Israelis are smarter than everyone else, one presumes they see the non-Jewish Israelis as sub-human like the non-Jewish Palestinians.

    • I believe it is possible to celebrate small victories. You are correct of course.

    • @rugal-b,

      Off on a tangent then? Easier than facing reality.

    • This is great news but really, why is the Zionist propaganda term West Bank used when what we are really talking about is not a bank, left, right or middle, but Occupied Palestine.

      Surely Mondoweiss should use the correct terms.

  • What Bernie Sanders should say at AIPAC (and cause a political revolution)
    • @ Amigo,

      I meant to offend no-one but I recognise that there are many who will choose to take offence on this issue.

    • @ echinococcus,

      How can Islam be racially defined when we have Muslims as Indians, Indonesians, Nigerians, Tanzanians, Malawians, South Africans and more on the African continent, not to mention in Iran, China, Malaysia and probably most countries on the planet?

      Muslims, like all religions contain all races and hundreds of nationalities.

      And if you are thinking Arab, that is not a race, that is a culture. Indonesians, Iranians, Chinese, Indians etc., none of them are Arabic in culture.

      Israelis are actually more culturally Arabic than a lot of Muslims around the world.

    • @hophmi,

      There was a reason why I did not mention Christianity and that is because Christianity is somewhat unique amongst religions in that it reaches out to all and sees it as important to be an integral part of society and to seek to help others, regardless of whether or not they are Christian.

      This means that it is easier to identify as a nationality practising a religion.

      Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and I could add Jainism, and no doubt a few other religions, put the focus on followers and ignore non-members of the religion, in the main, in terms of helping others.

      They also emphasise the need to 'marry in' which creates a community less likely to fully assimilate and makes it more difficult to put the religion second to nationality.

      This is a generalisation of course and if you study the history of Christianity you can find periods in history when various groups, for similar reasons, sought to retain a level of separation, but, because Christianity has as a core belief it has a responsibility to serve others, all, and society in general, there has never been the levels of insularity and separation you find in religions like Judaism, Islam, Jainism etc.

      Judaism, in particular, seeing itself as 'other' and 'chosen' and 'exceptional' is more likely to develop an environment where the most important thing for a Jew is the religion. You see the same sorts of things in Islam and Hinduism and I say that having been exposed to both religions living in India for many years.

      I have also worked for and with Israelis and spent time in Israel and I have Jewish relatives, and many Jewish friends (as well as Muslim, Hindu and Jain) around the world.

      I gave up religion long ago, having explored many but found them all wanting with particular exploration of Anglican, Catholic, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam, not forgetting Quakers, Lutherans and a few others.

      I fully respect the choice of individuals to have religious belief and practice but I also believe that some religions, because of their nature and particularly when practised as separative and fundamentalist, make it difficult for the sort of assimilation required in a developed democracy where the individual and the society will be a comfortable fit. However, that is a digression.

    • There is no doubt that religion plays a much more 'important' or obvious role in the US than in any other developed nation.

      Australia is a largely secular society and in truth, I have no idea what, if any religion, many of my friends have. A good friend, not intimately close, but a good friend of 40 years died recently and only at her funeral did I realise she was Catholic. Her religion was her own private business which really is where religion should be anyway.

      The decision to separate Church and State was made for sensible reasons.

      Unless the conversation is about religion I cannot see why it is necessary to identify the religion to which one belongs. If indeed there is any religion to which one chooses to belong.

    • If only. Perhaps the most troubling thing is that most of the comments Sanders has made in regard to Palestine are in support of Israel as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State. They may be covert statements but the suggestions are clearly there.

      The problem with Judaism as a religion, and it is similar to other religions like Islam, and Hinduism for that matter, is that the religious culture takes precedence over nationality - loyalties are divided and therein lies the problem for democracies where State and religion are separated.

      I have read arguments saying that Sanders, as a Jew, could more easily than a goy, resist Israel, but I am not so sure about that because emotional connections, particularly when denied, are often most powerful.

      Hillary Clinton sold her soul to Zionist/Israeli/Jewish interests to win her Senate seat and clearly is well-funded by all of them. Her ability to separate the interests of Israel from the interests of the US, is possibly greater because her connection is not emotional but financial and one presumes if she became President, the financial issue would be less important, and so she is more likely than Sanders to choose American interests before Israeli interests.

      It would depend how much evidence there is to force her to continue to play ball, but she is most likely, given that she would want to prove herself as a woman, and as a better President than her husband, not a hard task, and she is an American first and foremost and seemingly, not religious in a fundamentalist Christian way.

      However, since her crass comment regarding Gaddafi: We came, We saw, He died, delivered with much merriment, it is hard to see how she deserves any public office let alone that of the President.

  • Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering: An interview with Rich Forer
    • @ Stogumber,

      You said: (A similar sitation may have been a reason for the development of a post-traditional Jewish identity i the 19th and early 20th century.)

      If that were the case all Jews would have the same identity if they had ancestors who lived in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century and they do not.

      The commonality has more to do with the religion than particular experiences.

      Zionism, as an offshoot of Judaism, is a different matter entirely because most of those who founded it were lapsed or non-practising anyway, and it was founded on the basis of Jewish elitism and a desire to colonise.

    • Yes, well the nutter factor has been alive in all religions for a very long time.

      If religious teachings were interpreted as metaphor we would have a much more balanced and harmonious world.

      The patriarchal age, had all those left-minded men, imprisoned even more in that aspect of brain function by the patriarchal age, determined to literalise all that had sensibly been symbol and metaphor. And look at the misery and suffering and destruction it wrought.

      Ironically fundamentalist Jews, in the beginning and some still now, reject the concept of a literal state of Israel because they said it was only ever meant as metaphor.

    • @Stogumber,

      I would question why our identity would be our sexual tastes. What consenting adults do in private is really just their sexual expression and not their identity or who they are.

      Our identity is also not being a man or a woman, it is our Self, our nature, the end result of all we are and yes those things play a part but they are not individually our identity.

      As anyone who looks into the eyes of a newborn knows, our identity, personality, nature, unique Self, is there from the beginning and it does not manifest more or less because we find out later we have what is called a penis or vagina, or because our sexual tastes are for the opposite sex, or for that matter, as is often the case, for both sexes.

      Know Thyself was the advice of the most ancient spiritual teachings and when we know ourselves we come to understand and identify our identity in the fullness of our spiritual/material selves.

    • @ Yonah,

      Forer is talking from a spiritual perspective increasingly common in the modern world where we appreciate our human nature and accept that we are all one, all equal, and all unique beings exploring the experience of being spiritual beings incarnated in a material world.

      Such a perspective has no need for religion and certainly no need or desire for the elitist, divisive and backward nature of religions, where our common humanity and connectedness is denied or ignored.

      Religions should be spiritual but often are not but spirituality requires no religion.

      We are all beings of light and light is no more than consciousness made manifest in the material.

      The problem with all religions, and no doubt this is because they were formed, or rather calcified in the patriarchal age, is that they literalise what was meant to be metaphor.

      At their best religions can recognise this, but the theology and dogma is still largely calcified by the limited minds of men.

      The personalisation of God is a human invention and I still wonder how intelligent people can believe in a God so clearly made in the image of frail and flawed human beings, generally males.

      The idea that God could have a gender is ridiculous but it emerged from the misogyny and fear of the patriarchal age. Any God must be all things and neither male or female although if one had to choose a gender description, logic suggests it would be female and the ancient religion which the patriarchal religions tried to destroy, the Great Goddess religion, makes more sense.

      We all emerge from the Mother and it is the Mother who gives birth to all and brings forth the qualities of masculine and feminine. She is the source, the creator, the foundation of all.

      But it is the combination of those qualities we call masculine and feminine, which exist in all of us, regardless of gender, which create the energy and the creative power of all that is.

      The miracle, wonder, beauty and power of life in all its forms is diminished, limited, constrained, fenced, distorted by every religion invented by the patriarchal age.

    • @ Yonah,

      And the Jewish God came from ancient Egypt and the first religion to come up with the concept of Monotheism.

      In fact translations of ancient Egyptian reveal quite a few things in the Jewish and Christian religious writings to be originally Egyptian, including for the Christians the Lord's Prayer and the attributes of Mary, originally those of Isis.

      This is not surprising because while there is not a shred of archeaological evidence for Hebrews being in Egypt, they were certainly in Canaan/Palestine, which, at the time of the Biblical stories of the exodus, was an Egyptian colony so the religious story makes no sense - people fleeing Egypt into an Egyptian colony etc. etc.

      Islam has also taken aspects of Christian and Jewish teachings but the original source for all of them was the ancient Egyptians. Judaism also took a lot from the ancient Greeks who were instrumental in educating Palestinian Hebrews and so, not surprisingly, Hellenic beliefs and values filtered into Judaic teaching.

      All religions are a mix of various beliefs and that is not surprising since all religions are invented and all draw upon the beliefs, values and understandings of their times.

      Any study of religion in general reveals the spiritual truths are the same, at core, around the world, and the rest is invented, generally by men, hence its misogynistic, primitive patriarchal nature, to be used for profit, power, prestige and the control of followers. It was ever thus.

    • I think what astonishes me in this day and age is that anyone can believe that a God would be dishing out bits of land to anyone, ever. It beggars belief that any God worth having would do something so unjust and ridiculous.

      More to the point, this is a Jewish God and followers of Judaism are a tiny, tiny minority in the world so the bulk of human beings don't give a toss what any Jewish God might say.

    • Any group which holds to itself and considers itself to be superior to others, for whatever reason, and particularly where it takes on victimhood, will create an enormous shadow in order to maintain the fantasy of victimhood and superiority.

      Unless the shadow is identified and realised and worked with, it will remain unconscious and grow in power, acting out constantly and corrupting the group and individuals.

      This does not need to be religiously based, although the power of religious dogma will intensify the effects.

      Look at the Shadow manifesting in so many religious leaders in what appear to be shockingly unexpected ways, revealing them to be the opposite of what they believe themselves and claim themselves to be.

    • There is much food for thought here but I would question this comment:

      Quote: Therefore, if this dilemma can be solved in a humane and just way, a very tall order, I believe such a solution would give birth to a global transformation in consciousness and an entirely new destiny for mankind.

      To my mind this is just another variation on the theme of there being 'something exceptional about members of Judaism.'

      Why would resolution of this issue, and there will be resolution, give birth to global transformation in consciousness and an entirely new destiny for mankind when it is simply another colonial conflict and no different to any other?

      The resolution to the conflict will also be the same as all the rest - one state shared equally by coloniser and indigenous alike. How does that transform consciousness or create a new destiny when everyone else in the same situation has done it?

      Israel is no different to apartheid South Africa at core. Israeli bigotry and racism is sourced in religion and South Africa's was sourced in race but they amount to the same thing.

      Israel's colonial war against the indigenous Palestinians is no different than any other colonial war except Israel wages in the 20th and 21st century the sort of war others waged in the centuries past, and on that count is simply backward as a society.

      The problem with seeing the issue as exceptional and expecting or hoping for exceptional outcomes is that it is another distraction and a call to Jews to demonstrate to others what their religion teaches, that they are superior, meant to be a 'light' etc. etc., and capable of so much more than others etc. etc.

      This conflict will be solved in the same way South Africa's conflict was solved - BDS will force a one-state solution. Whether Israelis can make their way through that process with as little bloodshed and as much maturity as South Africans did remains to be seen.

      But one thing is certain, Israel is doing nothing that others have not done in the same situation, it is just doing it in an age when it is even more barbaric and backward than it was when others did it.

  • IDF propaganda ignores occupation when explaining Palestinian violence (Updated)
  • Israeli 'left' comes up with plan to segregate and disenfranchise 200,000 'enemy' Palestinians
    • The utterly astonishing thing is that the only thing which has ever prevented Israel from doing what every other nation founded through a more powerful colonising force has done, create one state with equal rights for all, shared by indigenous and coloniser alike, is because of the most backward and primitive religious bigotry which holds that members of Judaism are superior to all others and particularly to the non-Europeans like the Palestinians, whom they equate as sub-human.

      How on earth can any developed nation, particularly the US which is forever proclaiming how it defends freedom, justice, equality etc. etc. etc. give a feather of support to the bigotry of the Israeli State?

      The hypocrisy is breathtaking. It is bad enough from Israel making anyone of intelligence want to vomit when they claim they are the only democracy in the Middle East and a beacon to others, blah, blah, blah, but to see the rest of the developed world, by omission and commission, aid and abet Israel is even worse.

      Israelis have reasons to be deluded, the rest of the world does not.

    • On the plus side, Israelis have passed the point of no return and are so drowned in delusion and propaganda that they don't even attempt to hide the truth of what they are and that spreads the message, around the world, even more powerfully and pushes BDS which will be the implement which creates the final one state solution. And that solution will be in the interests of all and perhaps even more so the Israelis given the corruptive and constant debasement of their society and culture.

  • 'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' -- Pappe demolishes peace process
    • You are kidding. Israel not chaotic? Ask the nearly 25% of non-Jewish Israelis about the chaos and trauma in their lives from bigoted injustice.

      Ask Palestinians living under the Israeli military boot, particularly those in the Gaza concentration camp about chaos.

      Ask Israelis living in poverty, failed by their education system, discriminated against because they are of the wrong ethnic group about the chaos which is Israel.

    • This is an excellent article. Well done.

  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • @ yonah,

      You keep making the same mistake - confusing religious affiliation with nationality.

      Jews are a religion they have no rights as a nation, people or State. Never did and never will.

      The analogy you want is if the US decided that only Christians should have full rights and that as a Christian State, superior status went to Christians and non-Christians were subjugated and denied their rights.

      This is what Jewish Israelis do in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine.

      No member of any religion has or has ever had any rights to any land anywhere.

    • @ Theo,

      Well said.

    • @ yonah,

      You do realise that Judaism was invented in Mesopotamia, what is now modern-day Iraq and that the Hebrews who wandered into Canaan were colonists even then?

      Jews comprise all races and dozens of nationalities and do not a people or nation make, beyond religious metaphor, and never did.

    • @rugal,

      Those who support the Zionist colonial venture in Palestine overlook some very important points:

      1. Jews are a miniscule minority in the world and even if they were a majority their religious writings/teachings would not be relevant and have no credence in a court of law.

      2. If Jewish religious writings - myth, fantasy, fiction in the main - are taken as literal then so must all religious writings. Ergo, if there is something in Jewish writing which links them to a bit of this planet then other religions must have exactly the same right to demand that land back. Wow, that would be fun, Not!

      3. No religious book or teaching has any relevance or substance in international law.

      4. No religion has any right to a homeland.

      5. No religion has any right to colonise and subjugate others.

      6. No religion in a civilized world has any right to entrench religious bigotry within an apartheid system.

      So, by all means, hold to your religious beliefs for your own private life, but end religious bigotry and recognise that the only outcome for the Jewish/Zionist colonial venture in Palestine, and the only outcome which ever existed, is one State with equal rights for all - a democracy where no race, religion, culture takes precedence and where indigenous Palestinians share with Israeli colonists just as every other nation founded in colonisation has had to do.

    • Jews are no more entitled to self-determination than are Christians, Muslims, Hindus or any other religion.

      Jews are not a race, not a people, not a nation they are members of a religion and like all religions comprise all races and dozens of nationalities.

      The first Jew was a convert when Judaism was invented just as the first Christian was a convert when Christianity was invented. No-one is racially or nationally born a Jew or a Christian or any other religion.

      If you convert to Judaism you don't change race or nationality and if you drop Judaism and become an atheist or agnostic, or convert to another religion you do not change race or nationality.

      Being Jewish is a religious label, just as being Christian is a religious label. One may be a non-practising Jew or Christian but one cannot be an atheist or secular Jew or Christian because then the religious label is superfluous and one has no religion. Retaining the label of Jew, Christian or of any religion means one remains a member of the religion even if one does not practice.

      What gives Judaism the right to demand as a religion something that other religions do not have? If Jews did have a right to self-determination then so would every other religion on the planet, for the same reason that the principle would have to be applied equally.

      Thankfully religions do not constitute States, peoples, nations and do not have rights to homelands, Statehood or nationality and have absolutely no right to self-determination.

      Beyond which, most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel and never did and never will and instead are citizens of dozens of countries around the world, practising their religion in security and peace, as do members of any other religion, in the main.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg compares Iranian Jews to 'petting zoo' animals
    • @ yonah,

      Wikipedia is not accepted as a source by any respectable university in the world.

      It is compromised severely as non-edited contributed material and never more so than on controversial issues, particularly this one.

      It is in general in a range from information to misinformation and on the issue of Palestine it is in a range of misinformation to propaganda.

      However, the issue is not where Iranian Jews left in the past when the propaganda machine for Zionism was at its height and the ignorance of the atrocities committed against the Palestinians in the process of stealing their country were generally ignored or unknown, but the fact that today, despite begging and pleading from Israel, a very large number of Iranians who happen to be members of Judaism, choose to stay in their own country instead of participating in the theft of someone else's.

    • @ rugal,

      I think you need to do some history research. For what it is worth, racism is not particular to Anglo/Europeans whom I presume is what you mean by white, but common to all human beings depending upon their race, nationality, culture or religion.

      Having lived for many years in India and various African countries I can assure you that the worst racism is amongst the non- 'whites' and that the most enlightened nations are those Western nations, sourced in Anglo/European attitudes which make racism less common and subject to social disapproval and quite rightly so.

      Judaism did not need to learn religious racism from anyone, because, like many groups, tribes, religions, it had discrimination inherent in its teachings. The belief in Jewish superiority is a key part of the religion and while not particular to Jews as a religion, has become perhaps more entrenched.

      Any group which sees non-members, whether of race, tribe, religion, nation, culture, as other or lesser, is racist and because the Western world, the largely Anglo/European world has spent so much time mixing, both by force and voluntary means, in ways that others have not, there is by necessity, less racism because borders are porous.

      Israel could never have been anything other than religiously bigoted because it was founded on the basis that the needs of Jews were paramount and everyone who was not-Jewish was lesser and needed to be kept in such inferior status.

      The Western world finds Israel distasteful because it is racist in the name of religion. It finds it more distasteful because Israel is a hypocrite, claiming to be a democracy when it is not; claiming to be developed when it is not; claiming to be Western when it is not.

    • Iranian Jews are just doing what most sensible people do - they are Iranian first and Jewish second. In other words they have a nationality and a religion and the nationality comes first.

      Sensible Jews around the world put nationality before religion.

  • The occupation is over, isn't it?
    • It is laughable the argument that Israel is vital to the world because of technology. Beyond the fact it is simply not true, the Indians, Chinese, Americans, Koreans and many others would be surprised to learn that Israel is so crucial!!!!

      Beyond which, tyrannies can produce many things of value but that is no reason to support them.

      Israel is a tiny country which does well in a few areas, mainly because it has immigrants trained and educated outside of Israel, but that skills base is in decline, but in world terms it is tiny and if it stopped production of everything tomorrow, would not be missed.

      And there is no Jewish State since Israel does not represent Judaism and most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel. The tiny State of Israel is an American satrapy, bankrolled for US vested agendas, which is irrelevant to the long-term future of the world in any technological sense.

      More than a billion Chinese and more than a billion Indians could take care of any 'gap' the demise of the apartheid state of Israel left.

      Although the question must be, why is apartheid and occupation needed for Israeli productivity? Surely in the one-state solution those who are doing what they are doing can keep on doing it?

    • @ritzl,

      Absolutely correct and correcting Zionspeak is important.

      They are not Arabs they are Palestinians.

      It is not the West Bank it is Occupied Palestine.

      It is not Occupied Territories it is Occupied Palestine.

      It is not Gaza city it is the concentration camp of Gaza.

    • @ Sibiriak,

      The UN is toothless and can impose nothing. World opinion can however and BDS and the Americans certainly could turn off the tap.

      A two-state solution is impossible. Too late for that. It would need to have been two fully independent States with exactly the same rights and full control over all borders, contiguous borders, with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital or better, Jerusalem belonging to the world as an international city.

    • @echinococcus,

      There are limits even to what the US can tolerate or be allowed to tolerate.

      I agree with your points but there is general slaughter as carried out by Israel, daily, and regularly on the Gaza concentration camp, but concerted slaughter, of the kind required, would not be tolerated.

      The irony of course is that Israel's 'death by a thousand cuts' or 'mowing the lawn' as it nastily calls it, just increases support for Palestine around the world and hastens the end of the Zionist experiment.

    • @ Fred Schlomka,

      You said: But realistically Israel is much more powerful than the Soviet Union or East Germany in 1989, or Apartheid South Africa when it fell.

      How do you or can you substantiate that claim?

      Both the Soviet Union and South Africa when apartheid was forced to an end, were militarily powerful in terms of defence and self-sufficient in terms of food, fuel, resources.

      Israel is none of those things. Israel has lost its last wars against neighbouring States and indeed its war against the Gaza concentration camp.

      Israel is not and never will be self-sufficient in fuel, resources or food.

      More to the point, neither SA or the Soviet Union were bankrolled by another country in order to survive. Without the billions the Americans pour into the military base which is Israel today the country would fall in a heap.

      Israel is vastly more vulnerable to BDS than South Africa ever was. The Soviets are not a good comparison because they corrupted from within and a better comparison between Soviet decay and others, is the US. But that is a digression.

    • Israel cannot kill or drive out nearly six million Palestinians. It is impossible. Even the slaughter in the Gaza concentration camp brought world outrage and killing millions of Palestinians cannot happen.

      Israel bombing the Gaza prison still only killed a few thousand of the two million or so imprisoned there and given the Jew-only settlements connected by Jew-only roads in the rest of Occupied Palestine, it would be impossible to kill the Palestinians without killing Jewish settlers. It cannot be done.

      Given the technology of today, if Israel even tried to herd Palestinians onto trains or into trucks to remove them, the word would be out within minutes and even the US would be forced to impose an immediate one-state solution.

      If Israel sought to remove its settlers before embarking on a slaughter of Palestinians, that too would soon be known and Israel would be pushed into an immediate one-state solution.

      The killing or removing of the Palestinians is quite simply impossible and it always was impossible. Even if Israel tried and killed a few million of them, and you can imagine how that would go down, there are still 8 million Palestinians in the diaspora so they would always be a majority.

    • The moment Israel made two states impossible was the moment it made one State with equal rights for indigenous and coloniser alike the only outcome. And yes, the same outcome as all other colonisers, excepting, like South Africa, the indigenous will be the majority.

      Whether the State retains the name Israel is the question and it is highly unlikely that it will.

  • Palestine and the anxiety of existence
    • The stark reality for Israeli colonists in Palestine is the same as white South Africans, you are outnumbered. Apartheid arose in both countries out of bigotry, religious for Israel and racial for South Africa, but bigotry it remains and apartheid will not be tolerated in the civilized world.

      If Israelis had been smart, and the stupidity of actions over the past 70 years bears little testament to the much-touted intellect of the religion's followers, they would have either created two fully independent states, with exactly the same rights and contiguous borders with Jerusalem as an international city, as it was meant to be under the UN mandate, or one state shared by indigenous and coloniser alike, as everyone else has done.

      But Israel has made two states impossible and that means the one-state will be forced onto Israel as it was onto South Africa. Israelis made their bed on the basis of bigotry and now must lie in it.

      No doubt many will stay, since many, perhaps most are secular/atheist and hardly Jewish anyway and they have more in common with Palestinians than the peoples of the countries their parents or grandparents left behind.

      But, when the end comes, Israelis will have to accept 'it was all their own work.'

    • I know I have said this before, but Israel has been poorly served by its so-called friends who have allowed it to debase itself as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State, all of which cannot but contribute to the decline and corruption of the society as a whole.

      The US funds the Israeli State and could have stopped all of this long ago. It did not. The international community has also allowed Israel to commit war crimes and human rights atrocities across all of the decades of its existence and during its foundation, without calling it to account.

      While I don't do conspiracy theories, finding human beings flawed, corrupt, greedy, incompetent, stupid, arrogant and warped enough to create any sort of chaos and disaster without the slightest amount of planning, there is also an element to the inevitable destruction of Israel where one cannot help but think that many of those so-called friends, were in fact enemies all along - frenemies as I coined it long ago.

      But, having said that, Israelis and their supporters must take responsibility for what they have done, what they do, what they are and pointing the finger, as others have been told, is not allowed as a defence or an excuse.

  • Don't condemn Palestinians for resisting the occupation of their land, condemn the occupation itself
  • 'In every important way Israel has failed'-- leading American Zionist says No mas
    • @ Yonah,

      You said: RoHa- Zionism was a movement towards self emancipation.

      Zionism and those who support Zionism completely overlook the fact that religions don't get self emancipation, as in, homelands, States, nationhoods because they are religions.

      No religion comprises a people, a nation or a State. Even Israel, despite claiming to represent Jews and Judaism does neither because most Jews do not live in Israel, never did and never will.

      Jews, like all religions comprise all races and dozens of nationalities and they always did beyond the first few converts - the first Jew, like the first Christian, Moslem etc., by necessity being a convert when the religion was invented>

      Orthodox Judaism in fact always rejected the concept of a literal state of Israel, saying it was only religious metaphor, which is of course the truth. Everything taught in any religion is metaphor.

      So, with Jews spread around the world then and still, comprised of countless nationalities and races, there never was and never would be a Jewish group which deserved self-determination, anymore than there would be a Christian, Hindu, Moslem or any other religious group which deserved self-determination.

      The concept created by Zionism was a delusional lie. No wonder the State of Israel was and is doomed.

    • What is 'rotten' is support for occupation, colonisation and apartheid.

      It can be fixed by ending the occupation tomorrow, creating one state with equal rights for all, by admitting to the wrongs inherent in the foundation of the Israeli theocratic State on Palestine, saying sorry and paying compensation to those wronged.

      That will fix it. Same deal as apartheid South Africa.

    • @rugal,

      It is not fair to compare colonising wrongs of past times in the US, Australia, NZ and Canada with what Israel is doing, because all of these countries have given full and equal rights to their indigenous people, and in many cases, more rights.

      We see colonisation as a wrong in the modern age and it is, but mostly it is a wrong on Israel's count because the indigenous Palestinians are denied freedom and justice as full and equal citizens.

      That is not the case in the other countries you cite. It is impossible to turn back the clock and 'give back land.' And how far do you go back if you tried?

      North American and South American Indians came from somewhere else, so did Maoris and so did Australian Aborigines, the latter killing or driving out an earlier people.

      We all came from somewhere else and if colonisation had not happened, Homo Sapiens would still be crammed somewhere in Africa. Colonisation was a part of our evolution and a vital part of our evolution.

      Other colonising nations along with giving extra rights, have admitted to the wrongs inherent in their foundation despite the fact it was centuries ago, long before people even accepted such rights and, in fact, when ordinary people had very few rights anyway and women even less.

      In the case of Australia, our indigenous people, some 570,000 out of 24million, most of them of very mixed ancestry and minimal Aboriginality, have more than $12 billion spent on their problems every year; many communities have had land given back to them and it is land no-one can enter without their permission; they get royalties from mining, something other Australians cannot claim or get and they have a raft of additional benefits, which, I might add, apply to anyone who registers as indigenous even if they have no Aboriginal ancestry at all but are merely accepted by a community, and even when they do have Aboriginal ancestry, it can be one great-great-great grandparent who is the link.

      So, no, there is not crime and oppression in other developed nations founded through colonisation as there is in Israel which refuses to admit to the wrongs inherent in its foundation, make redress and give the Palestinians full and equal rights and compensation in the way that the others have done.

      The cult of multiculturalism has done great harm encouraging people to consider themselves to be victims because they can find a droplet of indigenous ancestry. The British managed to get over being colonised, brutally, many, many times as has no doubt every nation on earth.

      The wrongs still are Israel in Palestine; China in Tibet; Indonesia in West Papua and a few others besides. Israel is the only one claiming to be a developed democracy and the one who has denied its indigenous people the most.

    • @Yonah,

      Many European Jews emigrated around the world and a very high percentage to Australia and Canada as well as the US, as well as some to the UK.

      There was absolutely no need for any of them to choose to be colonists in Palestine.

      UN mandated Israel was never necessary as a refuge and certainly never just. It involved the theft of someone else's country.

      Those Jews who went to Palestine should have become Palestinian citizens. Creating their own religious State on Palestinian land, murdering and dispossessing Palestinians to do it and then holding those left in brutal subjugation for more than 70 years is one of the worst crimes in modern history.

      If the colonising of Palestine had not happened, those Jews who wished to leave Europe, and many did not, and have lived there safely ever since, then there would just be larger groups of Jews in other countries - legal migrants, and now, established citizens of dozens of countries around the world, instead of brutal occupiers in a doomed religious State.

      The most dangerous place that a follower of Judaism can live today is UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine. It was a doomed experiment from the beginning and an egregious wrong.

    • @yonah,

      There was absolutely no necessity for European Zionists to colonise Palestine. None at all. It is pure propaganda to suggest that it was.

      Many of those who left Europe emigrated to a variety of countries without needing to become illegal colonists in Palestine. And many also opted to stay, quite safely, in Europe.

      The theft of Palestine can never be justified on any count.

    • @ Mooser,

      Eloquently put.

    • Which is why it is so important that Jews and Judaism separate themselves from Israel and make it clear that the Israeli state does not represent the religion or its followers.

    • It is a stretch to claim that anything Israel has achieved is remarkable, given the fact that the country is funded to the tune of billions by the US. What country would not be boosted by such financial underpinning?

      And, since Israel has taken as immigrants many educated at some of the best universities in Europe and the US, it has been artificially boosted in terms of talent. The deterioration of the Israeli education system does not promise much for the future.

      A small nation which has exploited the labour and wealth of Palestine, been boosted by foreign funds and foreign well-educated immigrants, would be gauranteed some level of commercial success.

      However, there have been many tyrannies throughout history which have succeeded through the subjugation and exploitation of others and admiring such 'success' is generally denied. To claim it for Israel makes a mockery of what is real success - democratic, civilized, enlightened societies and that is something Israel is not and never has been.

      And there can be no way out for any culture founded on religious elitism and bigotry and the denial of rights of the people whose land has been stolen.

  • Israel's ethnic cleansing of its parliament
    • It is now irrelevant. There will be a one-state solution and Palestinians will be the majority and they will allow right of return.

      If Israel had been sensible and not sourced in religious bigotry, it would have created one state for all decades ago, securing the future for Israeli colonists and indigenous Palestinians, without any right of return.

      Too late now. And all Israel's own work.

  • Jews aren't special
    • Religions have beliefs, theology, dogma and if that includes victimhood then the religion will spread that theory through its followers.

    • Jews are not a nation. No religion constitutes a nation. And neither are Jews an ethnic group beyond a shared religion. That applies to all religions. Ergo, if one religion has a right to colonise others in the name of its unique religious identity then all have that right.

      Not surprisingly, none have that right. No religion has a right to land, ,a homeland, a nation or a State. In fact, no-one has any right to steal someone else's country for any reason and no-one ever has the right to maintain occupation, colonisation and apartheid as Israel does.

      There is nothing normal about occupation, colonisation and apartheid.

      You are correct, many groups consider themselves special so even that is not particular to Judaism and you are equally correct that it does not mean superior.

      However, Jews have colonised Palestine in the belief that they are superior to non-Jews in general and particularly superior to Palestinian non-Jews, considering the latter to be sub-human. That sounds like a pretty superior sense of religious bigotry to most people.

      However, it is a digression for no religion ever has any right to a State, nation or homeland and no-one ever has any right to colonise someone else's country. Israel is wrong on every count and always has been.

    • So why have rabbis? Surely they are superfluous? From the look of various forms of Judaism it does not seem to work much differently to other religions - a bunch of male priests telling everyone, particularly women, what to do and who to be.

      I think the Quakers and a few other Christian offshoot religions were truer to the concept of every member being in direct relationship to God and priests being unnecessary.

    • While Judaism may have turned it into an art form, it is within the nature of most religions to have members consider themselves special, exceptional, other, superior etc. And particularly where the religion functions in orthodox form.

      Jews are just as capable of assimilating as anyone else, it is just a matter of how fundamentalist they are about their religion.

      The fact is that fundamentalist religion of any kind makes assimilation impossible and that applies to all religions equally. All fundamentalist religions are in essence bigoted, believing that they must be kept pure, members must marry 'in' and others are to be kept at a distance and that is not particular to Jews. Spend time with Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Christians and you find the same attitudes.

      And Jews, like anyone, as my ancestors did, can drop the religion and assimilate thoroughly. Judaism is not an ethnicity beyond a religious culture, which applies to all religions, and it is certainly not racial.

      Where Judaism has inflated the concept of 'specialness' is in merging it with victimhood. Stand at the Wailing Wall and listen to what is being said! It is a litany of moaning about wrongs done to followers of Judaism over thousands of years.

      Now, in psychological terms that is about as destructive and unhealthy as one can get. The Jewish obsession is a variation on the theme of the Christian obsession with the crucifixion except that each individual Jew is taught to see him or herself, as the crucified one and Christians are taught to see the figure of Jesus as carrying that role for them.

      Each version of victimhood is desperately unhealthy, not just for individuals but for the religions as well.

  • African refugees are likened to rats in Israeli exam question -- and it's supposed to be funny
    • It really is very sad. Israel is a classic example of the shadow made manifest in a culture, just as happened in Germany as you say.

  • 'Barbarism by an educated and cultured people' -- Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
    • The problem with building on a foundation of lies is that denial becomes even more powerful and required and the path to madness and delusion is assured.

  • The irreconcilable differences of liberal Zionism
    • It is only complicated because they seek to justify that which cannot be justified.

    • It has long been recognised that the human mind can readily hold two absolutely conflicting views at one and the same time. Perhaps it is an indication that the individual lacks understanding of themselves and does not access their psyche beyond the conscious.

    • So is secular or atheist Jew/Christian/Moslem etc.

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • If there is nothing Palestinian about it, why was it all called Palestine for thousands of years and why was a country called Palestine, cited, as being partitioned by the UN?

      Let's just say that those Zionists who purchased land or homes in Palestine had every right to do so, just as people buy land and homes in countries around the world which are not their own.

      What the Zionists never had a right to do was to use the land they purchased as a stepping stone to colonising the entire country and setting up their own State.

      It would be the same as Zionists who own land and homes in the US and there are many of them, saying that because of it they have a right to set up their own State. Delusional. Or, to use your word, nonsense.

    • Many European Jews emigrated to other countries and did not choose to become colonists in Palestine. One of the largest of such groups went to Australia and many of course went to the US and UK and elsewhere.

      There was never any justification for European Jews to go to Palestine as colonists and since most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will, then the premise that a State for followers of Judaism is required, was and is fantasy and propaganda.

      Since Jews lived safely and securely in many countries during WWII, patently most were not at risk anyway.

      And since, in recent years, many are emigrating back to the countries their parents and grandparents left, particularly Russia and Germany, it is pretty clear that there is no requirement for a Jewish colony in Palestine. I find it heartening that one of the largest groups of Israeli Jewish immigrants is in Berlin.

    • Yes, if Sanders is who he claims to be then he would abhor the occupation but he would say so now! Otherwise he is just another ventriloquist's dummy for vested agendas, delusional enough to think that once he has purchased the presidency he will be allowed to be independent.

  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
    • I see it as spreading the Palestinian story for the benefit of Palestine and not for the benefit of the colonisers.

      There is a lot of eroticism in fashion so I don't see that as a feature.

  • 'An Arab is an Arab'
    • The Middle East has long been a melting pot. Just as Europe has been. No doubt some Palestinians are descended from the varied tribes who inhabited Canaan and then Palestine millenia ago, but not all.

      And really, it does not matter. Many religions have inhabited the area and the ancient religions of Egypt, Greece, Rome have all had an impact and been taken up on many counts by younger religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

      Followers of the Great Goddess, Isis, Mithras, Pales, Minerva, Jews, Christians, Moslems and many others, have inhabited the region, for varying lengths of time, but no religion constitutes a nation and none get land rights so the religious connections are all a bit pointless.

      If religions did get rights to land where their religion was invented then Jews would have rights to a bit of Iraq; Christians rights to a bit of Palestine, etc. etc. but they do not, so rumination is also pointless.

      The only issue here is that there is a group of people, the Palestinians, numbering nearly six million under occupation and another 8 million in the diaspora, who had their land invaded, occupied and colonised by Europeans some 70 years ago, and they have been and are, denied justice and freedom.

      If Israel had done what every other coloniser has done, created one state with equal rights for all, we would not be having this conversation, but Israel has refused, on the grounds of religious bigotry and has maintained occupation and created an apartheid State, in the name of that religious bigotry and that cannot and will not be tolerated in a modern world.

      Whether a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Rastafarian can trace links to a land back decades, centuries or millenia is meaningless. Whether a Palestinian, Israeli or anyone else can do the same is also meaningless.

      The only thing that matters is in a modern world, ending occupation, colonisation and apartheid by Israel and the subjugation and abuse of the Palestinian people.

    • The use of the term Arab by Israelis is done to deny the existence of the indigenous people of the land they have colonised, the Palestinians.

      It may have been effective in the past but in recent times more and more people know that the people living under Israeli occupation, colonisation and apartheid are Palestinians.

      Arab is a culture not a race or a nationality and unless one is to call the Israelis European, also a culture, not a race or nationality, which is the origin of most, the comparison of Israeli and Arab is incorrect. And of course nearly a quarter of Israelis are of Palestinian/Arab origin.

      Just as if you are talking about Jews the comparison must be with other religions and in the case of the Palestinians that is Christian or Muslim. The accurate terms are Israeli and Palestinian but Israelis avoid this painful truth because it acknowledges the reality of the Palestinians.

      The Zionists, a largely secular, or non-practising group of Jews, since secular Jew, like secular Christian is an oxymoron and impossible, laid the foundation for the erroneous belief that Jews constitute a nation or people beyond religious metaphor.

      Jews, like all religions comprise all races and dozens of nationalities, something which cannot be avoided by any religion which takes converts, which all do, whether forced or voluntary.

      Anyone spending time in Israel is quickly aware of the varied races which make up the Jewish Israelis, and the even greater diversity of immigrant nationality and cultures.

      The use of the term Arab for Palestinians is part of the propaganda and it is important to avoid its use or to point out that it is incorrect to talk about Jews, most of whom do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will, and Arabs, most of whom do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will, when the people involved are Israelis and Palestinians.

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
    • Actually, that was the late 17th century but missed the edit.

    • @Froggy,

      An excellent and comprehensive post. Many people also overlook, as Zionism wishes them to do, that many Jews have lived safely around the world for many centuries and their descendants still do.

      My Jewish ancestors emigrated from London in the mid 1800's and none of my relatives were threatened during the time of Hitler. I have traced the family back to London in the late 18th century, where it is believed they came from Holland, Germany, Ukraine? Pick a country.

      Jews in the UK were also not under threat during the time of Hitler although if his invasion had succeeded, everyone would have been.

      You are right, the Zionist agenda in making the holocaust a tragedy purely for Judaism and therefore an ongoing threat for all Jews, is to justify the concept that Judaism alone, as a religion, requires its own State for the safety of its followers.

      Since most Jews do not live in Israel and never did and never will, one can presume that most Jews, even throughout the time of Hitler, did not feel a need for such a refuge.

      But more important, as you so eloquently suggest, is that this distortion of holocaust needs to be corrected for the sake of all who died and for the sake of human understanding.

    • @ Mooser,

      All good. By the way, how do you get quotes in italic?

    • @Mooser,

      The comment about rejecting Judaism meaning nothing to Palestinians was in reference to someone else's comment.

      I also said at some point that it is important for members of Judaism to make it clear that they do not support Israel's actions as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State.

      It is important for the religion to separate itself completely from the State and that means members of the religion must speak out.

      Anyone who retains the label Jew for themselves is a member of the religion, whether practising or not, and it behoves all of conscience to distance themselves from the Israeli State which claims to speak in their name.

    • Wikipedia is not accepted by any respectable university in the world as a source so it is best avoided. At best it is basic information and at worst it is pure propaganda. None of it is reliable.

      YouTube is no doubt much the same.

    • Of course rejecting Judaism makes no difference to Palestinians and Jewish identity comes from being a member of the religion.

      I am sure that most Palestinians know there is a difference between an Israeli Jew and Jews from other countries, just as not all Christians were hated because many Nazis were Christians.

      Most Jews do not live in Israel, never did and never will, and Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism.

      What is important for Jews however is to separate themselves from the actions of Israel as an occupier, coloniser and apartheid State and many of them are doing that increasingly with Mondoweiss being an admirable example of such integrity and common sense.

    • Quote: Although the Danes did undertake heroic efforts to shelter their Jews and help them escape from the Nazis, there is no real-life example of the actions described by this legend. Danish citizens never wore the yellow badge, nor did King Christian ever threaten to don it himself. In fact, Danish Jews never wore the yellow badge either (except for the few who were finally deported to concentration camps), nor did German officials Star ever issue an order requiring Danish Jews to display it.


      Although this legend may not be true in its specifics, it was certainly true enough in spirit. The rescue of several thousand Danish Jews was accomplished through the efforts of "thousands of policemen, government officials, physicians, and persons of all walks of life." The efforts to save Danish Jews may not have had the flair of the "yellow star" legend, and they may not have required quite so many citizens to visibly oppose an occupying army, but those who were rescued undoubtedly preferred substance to style.

    • Quote: The genocidal policies of the Nazis resulted in the deaths of about as many Polish Gentiles as Polish Jews, thus making them co-victims in a Forgotten Holocaust. This Holocaust has been largely ignored because historians who have written on the subject of the Holocaust have chosen to interpret the tragedy in exclusivistic terms--namely, as the most tragic period in the history of the Jewish Diaspora. To them, the Holocaust was unique to the Jews, and they therefore have had little or nothing to say about the nine million Gentiles, including three million Poles, who also perished in the greatest tragedy the world has ever known. Little wonder that many people who experienced these events share the feeling of Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz, who anxious when the meaning of the word Holocaust undergoes gradual modifications, so that the word begins to belong to the history of the Jews exclusively, as if among the victims there were not also millions of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, and prisoners of other nationalities. -- Richard C. Lukas, preface to The Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles under German Occupation 1939-1944.

      It is often forgotten, not known, ignored, but the figure of six million dead Jews, a number by the way cited by the Zionists some 50 years before Hitler appeared, comes from a collation of all Jewish deaths during this period, by anyone, for any reason and does not apply to Jewish deaths only at the hands of the Nazis.

      However, the numbers are really not what is important given the carnage of the times, and if they were less or more or correct, is no longer the issue. It was all utterly horrendous and it was and is, all worthy of acknowledging.

      Ukraine lost up to 7million people at the hands of the Russians as well as the Nazis during the Second World War, and Russia, under Stalin, lost tens of millions, as much as 60million in some estimations.

      Mao Zedong is said to have killed more than Hitler and Stalin combined. Is number-crunching really what is important in regard to such horrors in our history?

      It is all utterly ghastly. And that is why the human experience of Holocaust must not be seen as particular to one group, but recognised for what it is; a deadly expression of the capacity of humans to fear and hate.

      Without accepting that such fear and hate can be a part of any of us, anywhere, anytime, we are doomed to repeat the horrors - as we have seen.

    • It was not for a single people, it was for a single religion. The Romanies were a people and discriminated against on the basis of race. The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of all Eastern European Gypsies and on a per capital basis, the Romanies suffered more than followers of Judaism.

      Yes, I know Hitler described Jews as a race but they were not and are not, beyond the same religious metaphor used by many in regard to their members.

      And since Jews during this time lived around the world and in parts of Europe not touched by the Germans and their allies, quite safely it seems, even Hitler's obsession never threatened followers of the religion in any absolute sense.

      Hitler may well have managed to dominate Europe if the Germans had won but they were never going to dominate the world and Jews around the world would still not have been threatened.

      It is hyperbolic to suggest otherwise.

    • One could take it to mean the reality that we are all members of humanity and deserving of the same consideration.

      The biggest problem with the 'list' is that it puts the focus on the so-called 'victims' which perpetrates victimhood.

      All of us are descended from colonisers and colonists since all of us came out of Africa as Homo Sapiens 200,000 years ago.

      All of us are descended from people who have been persecuted for race, religion, culture, nationality since all of them have been persecuted. Some religions in fact did not survive the persecution.

      All of us are descended from people who persecuted.

      No suffering is greater for any group, race, religion, culture, nationality - suffering is suffering.

      And, having said that, one presumes if we 'inherit' cellular memory of our ancestors suffering then we also inherit the strength, resilience, courage, grace, determination and wisdom that the experience provided.

      Suffering is wasted in victimhood. A healthy human being grows, learns, heals and moves on from any suffering. Ditto for a healthy culture, religion, nation.

    • Since the Jewish experience of holocaust has been overplayed in the name of Zionism, the only way to achieve balance will be to 'downplay' by seeing all experiences of holocaust as equal. Which of course they are.

    • Yes, good post. Many of us have ancestors who were members of Judaism but who dropped the religion, were no longer Jewish, and did not hand on the destructive combination of elitism/victimhood.

      Judaism is a religion. There are no atheist or secular Jews. It is impossible to put atheist or secular before the name of a religion and those who label themselves as Jewish, Christian, Muslim etc., and do not practice are simply lapsed. They cannot be secular, they are lapsed.

      Those who really dropped the religion like my ancestors were no longer Jewish and neither are any of their descendants, unless some converted.

    • Was anything similar done for the Gypsies? It would be interesting to know.

    • You appear to conveniently overlook the fact that most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will.

      Most Jews are citizens of hundreds of countries around the world, including Iran and consider themselves to be secure. Your misplaced paranoia is no more than a ploy to seek to justify the occupation of the Palestinians.

      Has it not occurred to you that first of all you might be quite wrong about the Palestinians, should they have access to Israeli weaponry, because then of course they would be free, and that so much slaughter by the Israelis would then end?

      There is an elitist assumption that Israeli colonists are superior in terms of handling weaponry when in fact it is Israel subjugating the Palestinians and killing and maiming them, Israel attacking its neighbours, and Israel the rogue state in the region.

    • Jews were amongst those who underwent a holocaust experience at the hands of the Nazis and on a per capita basis, Gypsies suffered even greater losses.

      However, the greatest tragedy of the holocausts inflicted by the Nazis on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference, political beliefs, against Romanies, Slavs, Jews, homosexuals, political dissenters, Poles, Russians , is that it was not the first or the last and not the worst because all of the human experiences of holocaust have been and are horrendous. Suffering is equal, it is not selective.

      One group does not suffer more in the face of such horrors than another. One experience of holocaust is not greater or worse than that of others.

      The tragedy for Judaism is that it has carried a belief in the exceptionality of Jewish suffering in terms of the experience of holocaust. This is perhaps not surprising given the nature of the religion as it retains within its teachings long histories of suffering which have created a victim mentality in the religion itself.

      Zionism was founded on the exceptionality of Judaism and has worked hard to use the Jewish experience of holocaust as 'justification' for the colonisation of Palestine and the dispossession of the indigenous people.

      Israel, founded by Zionism, has always carried these beliefs in exceptionality and victimhood and the culture and society, by necessity, has always been and remains on a foundation of fear, more imagined than real, certainly for the past half century.

      No healthy human being can ever result as long as there is a belief in exceptionality or victimhood and when the two are combined, the destructive aspects are so much greater. No nation can survive with this combination of beliefs for each prevents healing and maturity, not to mention psychological balance.

      The human experience of Holocaust is what needs to be remembered if we are ever to learn anything about how and why it happens in order to prevent it doing so.

      There is no shortage, sadly, of the human experience of Holocaust that we can mine for greater understanding.

      As long as Holocaust is seen as being an experience particular to members of the Jewish religion, most of the world will fail to connect with it because it is not considered to be a part of their culture, society, religion or race, even as other holocaust experiences which are relevant to them, litter our past, destroy our present and threaten our future.

      When all experiences of Holocaust are considered equal and all are remembered and explored during any Holocaust Memorial, then, and only then, will we we honouring the terrible suffering of all human beings subjected to such trauma, and then, and only then, can we take steps to prevent it happening.

  • Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980
    • @Boo,

      Well said. And Apartheid in South Africa was ended without pre-conditions as to what the other 'side' could or would do.

      The issue is justice. Tough luck for Israelis as it was for white South Africans, that because of bigotry they opted for an apartheid system where those they sought to subjugate outnumbered them and always would. No doubt this is the foundation of apartheid on both counts but it does not make it right and never will.

    • Systems drive behaviour. An apartheid system will drive the same behaviour.

      Racism will drive the same behaviour whether it is racially based as it was for South Africa or religious racism as it is for Israelis.

      When you have a dominant group which believes itself, for whatever reason, to be superior to those it dominates then you set in place a system which will steadily debase the dominant group and empower those who are disenfranchised and subjugated.

      I suspect it is the fear behind such racial and religious bigotry which prevents normally intelligent people from realising what they are doing and the fact that their unjust system must be and will be ultimately doomed.

      Racist systems require high levels of denial and delusion to both be established and maintained and that merely intensifies the stupidity and insanity which must be and are intrinsic elements in such injustice.

      And having lived in South Africa, and a country I have known well with regular visits over two decades, and having spent time in Israel and worked with and for Israelis, the similarities are glaringly obvious, as both Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu agreed.

  • The world the settlers made
    • The topic is delusion so your comment is apt.

      There will not be a Palestinian State because that is now impossible. There is no way that a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital and contiguous borders where the Palestinians have full and absolute control over their air, land and sea borders, can be formed.

      The only outcome now is one democratic state shared by Israeli colonists and Palestinian indigenous alike.

    • Delusional is the word. Israel was founded in lies and delusion and the atrocities committed by invasion, occupation and colonisation have just made the lies and delusion more necessary.

      If Israel were an individual it would have been committed long ago as a dangerous psychotic, to protect itself and everyone else. But Israel is not an individual and the closest one can come to 'committing' a nation is to force it to its senses with BDS. End the lies, end the delusion, set Israelis free to find a semblance of sanity in the wreckage of their madness.

      The most sensible will remain in the one-state democracy and share with the indigenous Palestinians and the rest will return to the countries they or their parents left, or they will be forced to also come to their senses as they go 'cold turkey' on their religious addiction to subjugating non-Jews in the name of paranoid fear.

      One needs to have compassion, even while forcing Israelis to their senses because they are so delusional and paranoid they are truly very, very sick. Of course there are exceptions but they are a minority. It is the culture, society and nation in general which is desperately mentally ill.

  • 'Why do they hate us?' -- Israeli version
    • Have compassion for such fear and woundedness. It has been learned and encouraged.

    • One of the difficulties with any kind of discrimination, particularly when it becomes entrenched in a system, whether religious, tribal, cultural, national or whatever, is that it also offers benefits to those who believe they are being discriminated against, i.e. the role of victim equates with superior and special, and this soon leads to as much, if not more discrimination being imagined than experienced.

      There is absolutely no doubt that various groups, religions, nationalities, cultures have been and are still in some instances discriminated against, but the case for discrimination against Jews, erroneously called anti-semitism since most Jews are not Semites, has become very flimsy since World War Two, and in fact was flimsy in some countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada and in fact many parts of Europe, prior to the rise of Hitler and the Second World War.

      Unfortunately the tendency to victimhood and the inability to let go of past suffering and wrongs is written into Judaism and so there is fertile ground for the wrongs suffered by Jews under the Nazis.

      In addition, Zionism, a group which consisted of many non-practising Jews, saw value in milking the victim 'mentality' of the religion for the Palestine colonial enterprise.

      Having said that, nothing happens in a vacuum and all groups, which, for whatever reason set themselves apart are going to be more likely to become a focus, again, for whatever reason, when times are difficult and social cohesion weakens.

      That is not about justifying any of the wrongs, but about understanding how they came into being.

      The mere fact that Israel has become in so many ways Nazi-like, is a clear indication that at psychological levels, the religion, society, culture has had and still has major levels of dysfunction. Israel has become the Shadow - that which is denied and projected onto others, just as Nazism was the shadow of the German psyche as nation.

      Bearing in mind that variations on the theme of Nazism have been found throughout history and there was nothing particular about the Germans in having such a dark and destructive shadow.

    • Yes, a dysfunctional society enmeshed in fear and believing in its own superiority. Truly the path to madness.

      What is odd, given how often the claim is made of how clever Israelis are, that they have been singularly and consistently stupid since the foundation of their State in Palestine, acting in ways which can only impact destructively upon their society, culture, religion, State and future.

    • If there was a staple anti-Semitism across Europe in the 1930's why did so many people in so many European countries go out of their way to save Jews from the Nazis? And why did such anti-semitism not appear in countries which did not fall under Nazi influence or control?

      Jews are not a race but then Hitler got a lot of things wrong.

      I think that the part played by Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution sowed seeds of fear in many countries as to the danger of followers of Judaism. But that is a digression.

      Racism, religious, racial or of any kind is wrong and can never be justified, but it does help to have some understanding of the milieu in which bigotry and prejudice arises and flourishes.

      That also applies to Israel.

    • For one thing Australia did not have a campaign of genocide against Aborigines and for another, they 'did not get away with it.'

      The English when they arrived in 1788 made Aborigines English citizens with the same rights and had a policy of befriending and learning from them.

      From 1788 until 1901 when Australia gained independence, English and Australian Governments had policies of providing rations, education, medical care, shelter, guns, fishing equipment, canoes, agricultural tools etc., to the Aborigines.

      Why would they do that if they had a policy of genocide? They did not.

      Yes, there was violence, there always is when a more powerful occupier and coloniser arrives but it also needs to be remembered that Aborigines, numbering around 300,000 in 1788, were as varied as European tribes thousands of years in the past.

      They spoke different languages and many, if not most, were at constant war with other tribes. They practised cannibalism, both of their own and of their enemies, including cannibalism of their own children, wives and aged and sick members of the tribe. Infanticide was common and continued to be common, despite the best efforts of English and Australian Governments until the early 20th century.

      I don't know enough about the US to comment on any policy of genocide, but what I do know is that both the US and Australia recognised the wrongs done in centuries past and created one nation with equal rights for all. Something Israel refuses to do.

      Australia has also apologised, said sorry, in regard to suffering of indigenous in times past and has poured billions of dollars, time and effort into solving the problems which still exist for a minority of the 570,000 who register as indigenous.

  • Methodist divestment highlights Israel's place in the world
    • Not so we have noticed. BDS has been going for a few years now and goes from strength to strength. South Africa was bigger, richer, stronger and far more independent than Israel will ever be and it could not hold out against world opinion.

  • United Methodist Church pension fund rules 5 top Israeli banks off-limits for investment
    • Good to see. BDS continues to grow. There is no place for apartheid in a civilized world and Israel is learning that.

  • Another Netanyahu lie exposed: Hamas is not ISIS
    • Hamas was brought into being with the help of Israel as a foil to counter the PLO. Like Hezbollah, it began as a creature of Israel and then found its own feet, as tends to happen in the face of injustice.

      Hamas was a political entity which was elected to govern the Palestinians in a free election. It was elected because it was efficient and compared to the PLO, not corrupt. It was duly rejected by those defenders of democracy, fall about laughing, the US and Israel.

      Hamas is now basically a 'prisoner's group' trying to 'run' or create some semblance of order in the Gaza concentration camp.

      At core it is a political party and ISIS is most definitely not a political party. Hamas has no doubt become more radical as its members have been summarily imprisoned, often without charge or trial, by Israel, or murdered, by Israel. Hardly surprising.

      And those imprisoned in the Gaza concentration camp, the world's largest open-air prison, are unlikely to be as moderate and balanced as they would be if they were living in freedom, in humane conditions, and were not having their children dismembered on a regular basis.

      When the one-state solution is imposed on Israel, no doubt Hamas will be one of the political parties seeking election and given the general moderation of the Palestinians, highly unlikely to be elected to govern, or to have its members elected in any number.

      Hamas began as a foil for Israel and is now no more than a token propaganda tool for the Zionist military machine. Hamas is powerless and whatever power it might have in the Gaza concentration camp will end when the gates are opened and the Palestinians imprisoned there, walk through to freedom.

    • One wonders if IS is ISrael.

  • Why Israel has silenced the 1948 story of Nazareth’s survival
    • Another excellent article by Jonathan Cook. Other nations founded through violent colonisation have had to admit to the wrongs inherent in their foundation and make redress and so must Israel.

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