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  • Trump is bad because Israeli Jews will love him and US Jews will see it -- NYT columnist
    • Sigh, think I missed your humour again, Mooser. :)

    • Dangerous talk and foolish conjecture, and more so if Brooks is Jewish. I have no idea who he is.

      If anti-Trump supporters, albeit a minority, turned violent at his win, then his supporters, amongst the most heavily armed, may be worse in the face of his demise. The best outcome is for a reasonably sensible Trump seeing out his four years.

    • @ John,

      Times are changing although the US, like all developed nations with democratic systems has checks and balances in place which will protect from excess. Things change slowly, and picking up the influences and potentials early is always wise. Many nations know only too well how much things can change unexpectedly.

      Here is the problem American Jews may face. Because Israel claims to represent Jews and Judaism, people assume that is the case, even though it is not. Israel speaks for Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists although many, perhaps most people would not know that.

      Jews have disproportionate representation and influence in the American political system and Government and that means so do Zionists and Israelis.

      As more Americans express their anger at their parlous and disadvantaged state, more will also become aware that Jews, Zionists, Israelis, wield enormous power in their country and they do so often, against the interests of the US and Americans.

      When a group works for the interests of a foreign nation and puts its interests before those of their own country, in this case the US, they are treading a dangerous path, which, could easily be called treason.

      It is time for Jews in general and American Jews in particular to separate themselves from Zionism and from Israel, and to choose their own nation above their religion and the interests of Israel.

      When it comes to citizenship you cannot have divided loyalties if push comes to shove and when people become irrational, reason goes out of the window as many solid American citizens of Japanese ancestry, discovered in WWII. Guilt by association was their crime.

      Jewish support for Israelis is more of an issue in the US than in other countries simply because of the disproportionate presence in politics, Government and the media. When a particular group has such a position in society, for whatever reason, they need to be circumspect and ensure they are acting only in the interests of their country.

      Trump is unpredictable and may well not last long because his Achilles heel is his children and his business and if he refuses to put his businesses into Blind Trusts as other Presidents have done, he will be on a potentially dangerous course. The effect on American society, should, as some have already suggested, Trump being impeached for wrongdoing, could be enormous and usher in higher levels of instability very quickly.

      Whatever happens under Trump, change will be a major part of the equation, for good and ill, and predicting his actions and outcomes, about as likely to be accurate as were the election predictions.

    • There are estimated to be between 12 to 15 million Jews worldwide, although since many don't practice and are not really Jewish, the number fluctuates. There are not 2 billion Jews worldwide.

      There are 1.6 billion Muslims and 2.2 billion Christians and 1.1 billion Hindus, with a lot of agnostics and atheists in the mix, thank goodness.

    • @ Steve Grover,

      Your interpretation seems more projection than reality - hatred of Jews is not something I have experienced from Weiss or Mooser, or in fact, anyone around here.

    • @jons,

      Gaza is a prison, a concentration camp and targeting it means you are targeting men, women and children imprisoned there.

      Would one have accused the Jews, trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto of using the civilian population as human shields? I doubt it. So why the Palestinians who are fighting to survive in the same way?

      Hamas exists as a creation of Israel to foil the PLO and it has morphed into a resistance army because, well, that is what occupied people do.... resist. The Hamas fighters in the Gaza prison are no different to the Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto. Principles when applied need to be applied equally.

      And for what it is worth, the Zionist terrorists in first years of foundation, stored weapons in places they believed would be 'safe' - the same places Israel now accuses the Palestinians of using. The difference with the Zionists is they were not fighting an occupier and coloniser as the Palestinians are, but the indigenous people of the land they sought to conquer and its 'about to leave' colonial ruler.

  • Trump will have 'minimal interest in foreign affairs' -- Israeli gov't forecast
    • Trump is America's man. Israelis are deluded if they think anything else. Someone like Trump has loyalty only to himself and only to his country.

      Zionism is not in American interests.

  • Sheldon Adelson, Trump's billionaire backer, is committed to 'the Jewish people' and believes Palestinians are a 'made up people'
    • @ Mooser,

      This is not about some Trump followers but about the society in general. As it was many middle class, and a lot of ex-middle class men and women voted for Trump.

    • @ Mayhem,

      Credible references for what? Read the Greek, Roman historians and translations of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs - might need books for it, to find the references to Palestia and Palestine.

      I am not sure what Australia has to do with this, beyond the fact that like Canada, US, New Zealand, South Africa it was a British colonisation project centuries ago, not decades, in times when such things happened commonly and perhaps in an evolutionary sense needed to.

      But, if you want to cite other nations founded through colonisation in relatively recent history, can I take it you accept that Israel, like all of the others, including Australia needs to create one state where indigenous and coloniser have equal rights and where the colonisers say sorry and make redress for the wrongs of their foundation?

      It is not practical to create separate countries for indigenous people in all nations founded through colonisation which is pretty much all of them, but Israel can meet modern standards and do what everyone else has done - full and equal rights for indigenous, sharing the land with the coloniser.

      Jews are members of a religion and don't have historical rights or all religions would have historical rights. Just because a few Hebrew tribes camped in Canaan/Palestine thousands of years ago, and the evidence is that the fantasies of the Bible are just fantasies in regard to any Israel, but it would not matter if it were true, doesn't give followers of the religion any rights.

      Christians founded Istanbul and the Greeks founded Alexandria and Barcelona while followers of Minerva founded London..... who cares?

      Religions cannot be indigenous because they take converts and move around the world. Jews, like all religions comprise all races and dozens of nationalities. They may be indigenous, like other religions to dozens of countries but just because some of their members spent time in Palestine, it doesn't make them indigenous to Palestine. Although there were some Palestinian Jews along with Palestinian Christians and Muslims but it was the Palestinian which was indigenous, not the religion.

      If that were the case, all religions would confer indigenous status and if that happened then Jews would have dibs on a bit of Iraq where their religion was invented and Christians would have dibs on Palestine where their religion was invented. So, either way you look at it, Jews, even if they did get rights, which they don't would never have rights to Palestine.

      Religions do not get homelands and do not make a people beyond religious metaphor and certainly do not make a race. The first Jew, like the first Christian was a convert.

      If you drop Judaism, as my ancestors sensibly did, along with a raft of other religions, also dropped, then you do not change race or nationality but you are no longer Jewish.

      You cannot drop your indigenous or racial nature, and you cannot convert to another race or convert to being indigenous. That is the salient difference.

    • @ Mooser,

      I blame jetlag. I missed your satirical tone.

    • @Annie Robbines, I think you completely misinterpreted what I was saying. However, perhaps I expressed myself poorly.

      My point was that Israel makes things very hard, traumatic for the Palestinians, but there is an issue, as the above article demonstrates, for some, perhaps many American Jews in regards to national loyalties.

      And I was not talking about now, but about possible future outcomes.

      Do I think people are likely to be rounded up? No I do not because while a country like Israel can for the moment get away with things like that, democratic and developed nations, including the US cannot and anyway, there are democratic systems at work to prevent it.

      However, we live in times of change and I merely sought to make the point that there is anger in the American electorate and if the disproportionate influence on the American political system and Government, of Israeli/Zionist/Jewish agendas becomes better known, then it could make for dangerous times for those who support them or who are associated with them.

      The point really is that the Palestinians may suffer and die in some numbers but ultimately they will be free because they have justice on their side, but meddling and interference in American politics and Government in support of a foreign nation, Israel, and an occupier to boot, is a venture into unpredictable and potentially dangerous territory, depending upon how unstable things become in American society.

      Adelson basically said his loyalty is to Israel and that is neither wise nor right. Because Israel claims to speak for Jews and Judaism, it is increasingly important, particularly in the US, that Jews take a stand to counter this disinformation. That is beginning to happen and Mondoweiss is a part of it, but the heartland of the US, is not likely to access sites like this and so countering of Israel's claims, is something which needs to be done effectively and in ways which reach everyone.

      Otherwise there is a potential for danger.

    • @ Mooser,

      I don't see why it would be a balm to Palestinians who are concerned with their own suffering. It is of course just an opinion, but a fairly logical one and that is why sites like Mondweiss are important because American Jews have to decide what comes first, their religion or their nationality.

      The divided loyalties toward Israel serve no healthy purpose for the United States.

    • It is the Zionist/Jewish/Israeli influence in American politics which is actually more dangerous for American Jews than the Palestinians.

      Whatever Israel does the Palestinians have right on their side and Israel cannot kill them all, which would be the only way to 'solve' their problem because simply driving them out would do no more than add nearly six million Palestinians to the 8 million in the diaspora - they would still be there, waiting to go home.

      However, Americans are increasingly angry about their political system and if it becomes common knowledge that Jewish interests are controlling or dictating that system, then it will make American Jews vulnerable, and that is a very different ball game to the Palestinian issue.

      And while the Zionist goal is for disaffected Jews around the world to rush to Palestine as settlers, that is hardly what most American Jews would want, nor what would or could be possible.

      These are dangerous times, but not for the Palestinians.

    • Palestine, with its people, was talked about by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans and others. It is not a made-up people as any study of history reveals.

      However, that is not the issue. The only issue is that a state founded on Palestine by European colonists subjugates the Palestinian people and denies them justice and rights. The history is irrelevant - what matters is correcting the reality.

  • Analyst: If Trump gives Netanyahu a green light 'Palestinians will detonate in the face of Israel'
    • The best course of action for the Palestinians is to begin demanding one state with equal rights for all. The more Israel builds in Occupied Palestine the more the outcome of a one-state solution is guaranteed so the Palestinians may as well aim for that goal.

      It is head-shaking to watch the stupidity of the Israelis on this count. They wanted a religious state with a Jewish majority and so made two states impossible which means they will get a democracy with an indigenous, non-Jewish, Palestinian majority. Own goal Israel. But, the only solution for a civilized world.

  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • You seem to put a lot of faith in what you think Trump might do. One thing is certain about Trump, he is not predictable and he is neither a staunch Democrat, although he was once a Democrat, nor a staunch Republican. Neither has he been purchased by the Zionists as Clinton was.

      He might actually cut off the dollar gravy train which keeps Israel afloat, unless they create one state with equal rights for all, as they should have done long ago. Why should or would Trump support Israel's religious bigotry when it is costing his country so much money for so little gain?

    • Annexing Occupied Palestine just brings a one-state solution closer. Israel cannot kill or drive out the millions of Palestinians and annexing their country just means it has to be shared equally by all with religious bigotry on the part of Israelis tossed out of the window as it should be.

    • How do you expel millions of men, women and children other than with deadly force and why should Syria take them? Israel would be even more of a pariah, herding lines of Palestinians, shooting those who try to escape, from their homes. I mean, get real. Only a lunatic would think they could get away with that.

      And there cannot be a death knell of the Palestinian people without Israel killing the nearly six million of them in UN mandated Israel, that includes Israeli citizens, and Occupied Palestine and then finding a way to kill the nearly 8 million Palestinians in the diaspora.

      Any attempt by Israel to wipe out the Palestinians will bring a one state solution imposed in a nanosecond.

    • There can be social, cultural, religious, national, communal insanity and perhaps it is contagious. Israelis have been brainwashed for so long and fed delusions, fantasies and lies that their capacity to reason and determine the difference between truth and lies, fantasy and fact, has been almost extinguished. That is insanity.

      While Israel's kill-rate of the indigenous Palestinians is high, it is not yet genocidal. It certainly was in 1947 and 48, but generally, beyond limiting nutrition in the Gaza concentration camp, I cannot see they are actively involved in genocide. But to remove the Palestinians from Occupied Palestine and UN mandated Israel they would need to commit genocidal acts because one doubts the Palestinians would pack their bags and leave quietly - more so because there is nowhere to go and why should they leave their country.

      Israel's curse is the illegal settlements because to embark on a process of removing the Palestinians they would first need to uplift all of the illegal settlers and house them in Israel in order to prevent them being killed or injured during the attack on the Palestinians. A task of that magnitude could not happen without the Palestinians and the world being aware of what Israel planned.

      In addition, many of the settlers are such fanatics that they would no doubt refuse to leave anyway. And, as we saw in the last attack on the Gaza concentration camp, while the slaughter was horrendous, Israel managed to kill only a few of the nearly 2 million Palestinians imprisoned there. Any attempt to kill them all would involve such horrific use of force that world opinion would be galvanised and even the Americans could not stand back.

      If the Israelis had any intelligence or integrity they would recognise these realities and do what every other coloniser has had to do, create one state with equal rights for all. It is impossible for them to remove the Palestinians.

    • Insane yes and evil at core is live backwards and represents a distorted view of life.

    • How can they be so deluded? If there cannot be two states then the only other outcome is one state shared equally, as citizens, by the indigenous Palestinians and their Israeli colonisers.

      Or do they think they can kill nearly six million Palestinians or somehow drive them out? I mean seriously, are they all insane?

  • Jeffrey Goldberg is Jewish
    • Many groups are nepotistic and Jews are not the only religion to be so. Catholics and Protestants were once this way, but they have evolved. Jains, Hindus and Muslims are inclined to stick together, so it is a matter of the culture of the religion as to how common it remains in these more enlightened times.

      The Catholics and Protestants have managed to move on, so no doubt the other less evolved religions will also do so eventually.

      Nepotism of any kind is a sign that the culture is less enlightened because nepotism is always sourced in fear and often ignorance.

    • If we are to deem religious affiliation to be ethnicity, then all religions confer ethnicity and if we are to dictate that only members may comment on their own religion and religious ethnicity then it means only Christians can talk about Christians; only Jews can talk about Jews; only Muslims can talk about Muslims etc. etc. etc, ad infinitum, and that is a total betrayal of the modern democratic world, where equality as citizens over-rides other affiliations, including religion, and where, for the sake of social unity and harmony, all citizens have a right to freedom of speech and can form and voice opinions on anything, including religious belief and behaviour.

      If we were to subscribe to such a limited version of 'freedom to think and speak' then we are in essence saying that no-one may voice a comment unless he or she is a member of the 'group' which is being discussed.

      In other words, male doctors cannot form opinions about women and therefore cannot treat females, and vice-versa. Male teachers cannot form opinions about female students and therefore cannot teach females, and vice-versa. Male politicians can only form and voice opinions about males and females about females, etc. etc. etc. Madness in essence and a denial of human rights.

      In a civilized society we are all equal and our religion, gender, race, culture is secondary to that citizenship. That 'recipe' has been the source of the success of the developed world and we reject it at our peril.

    • Which is why sites like MondoWeiss are so important. As long as Zionist Israel claims to speak for Judaism and all Jews, it is critical for Jews of integrity, conscience and common sense, to counter those claims and to stand up and speak out against it. This is happening more and more but for the moment, I suspect, most people in the world still hold the view that whatever Israel is and does represents all Jews and Judaism.

    • Given the minority followers of Judaism are in the US in comparison to other religions, it is of note when they cluster together, particularly in the realms of journalism, in the same way that it would be of note for other significant religious minorities - Jains, Muslims, Rastafarians etc.

      With the high numbers of Christians, it would not be so surprising to see 'clusters' since that could reflect the percentage present in the population, and since other nations manage to fill their journalist, editor, publishing jobs with non-Jews, and maintain standards, there is clearly no argument that followers of Judaism are just better at the job.

      Which leads to the possibility that such 'clusters' are the result of people employing 'their own kind,' as has happened in the less developed past with Catholics, Anglicans etc., and still happens with Muslims, Hindus and it seems Jews.

      None of it matters if the journalists, editors and publishers keep their religion private and maintain editorial objectivity and balance, but there are indications that this is not the case and for Americans, that is of concern, given how much it costs them, financially and otherwise, to support the Israeli experiment.

  • Clues to the end of the world shared during final 2016 presidential debate
    • As long as the military industrial arms complex runs the US, Americans will be waging war or threatening others.

      While the propaganda is targeting the Russians and the Chinese the reality is that the US has or is in the process of 'ringing' both of these nations in ways which would have Americans apopleptic if anyone did it to them. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

      If there is war between the US and Russia and/or China it will be fully of America's making.

      It is little wonder that recent surveys show world opinion holds the greatest threat to world peace is the United States. People are not stupid and in this day of the internet, it is not hard to find counters to the prevailing propaganda even for Americans who have the worst and most biased media, certainly in the developed world, but probably in the world fullstop.

  • Israel's bogus history lesson
    • Yes, they will. Well said.

    • Judaism like all religions drew on beliefs, religions, practices of the time. Much of Judaism can be traced to ancient Egyptian religion, demonstrating a common source, which is logical, for all religious beliefs. The ancient Egyptians no doubt also drew on earlier spiritual sources. It has always been the way of it.

  • New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders' bigotry against Palestinians
    • If any other nation talked like this about the indigenous people of the land they colonised there would be outrage. Actually, there would be outrage if any politicians anywhere, ever talked about anyone like this.

  • Destruction of Israel is theme in new Foer novel, and no one seems to care all that much
    • It is fiction. Perhaps it would have had a different response if it had been written as an opinion piece.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • Israelis do not have to go anywhere. They just have to do what every other nation founded through invasion and colonisation have done - create one state with equal rights for all so that indigenous and coloniser are equal as citizens and there is no discrimination based on, in this case, religion, but in other cases, race.

      Israel needs to be and do what the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and every other nation founded through colonisation and immigration are and have done.

      Why should Israel's religious bigotry be tolerated? American and South African racial bigotry was not? Bigotry is bigotry.

    • Surely the error, to be corrected by Jews, is that Zionist Israel represents Jews and Judaism. Why should the Zionist State be any more reflective of the Jewish religion than a Christian State which commits atrocities, reflect the Christian religion.

      I realise Israel claims to represent Jews and Judaism but the only way that State can be a tomb for the Jewish soul is if the religion and its followers agree and allow Israel to represent them. Yes, that has been the case for too many for too long, but this site and many others makes it clear that many Jews reject the claim that Israel speaks and acts in their name.

      If Judaism is to save its soul, if indeed any religion with all its mortal flaws and failings, has anything approximating a soul, then it must reject the State of Israel, or it will indeed, decline and possibly die alongside it.

  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • Judaism has problems with non-practising members just like any other religion in an age of secularism. And given the problems religion has created and the misery it has caused, and still continues to cause because of its intolerant and elitist nature, in this case, particularly for the innocent Palestinians, perhaps more non-practising members is actually a plus.

      Many of the most fanatical, rabid and murderous settlers in Occupied Palestine are American Jews. The world does not need more of that.

    • If Judaism had never been invented there would be no Jews. Just as no Christianity, no Christians; no Islam, no Muslims; no Hinduism, no Hindus.

      There are only Jews in the world because of the religion of Judaism of which they are members. One can be a non -practising Jew just as one can be a non-practising Christian or Muslim, but one remains a member of the religion if they use the religious label.

      Many Jews drop the religion or convert to another and are no longer Jewish. There may certainly be cultural flavours for American Jews as opposed to Ethiopian Jews, but the label, Jew, clarifies they remain members of the religion of Judaism.

      Otherwise, why bother? My ancestors dropped Judaism, amongst half a dozen other religions and so I grew up with no religious label. Those relatives whose ancestors did not drop the religions grew up as Jews, Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans, Greek Orthodox etc.

      I suspect he is trying to make non-practising American Jews feel guilty and become practising, i.e. more Jewish, where the religion comes before the nationality.

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • I wonder how many Americans are aware of the role the IDF plays in training US police. The expertise they offer is in maintaining occupation, colonisation and apartheid using brutal and murderous means. Is that appropriate from a country which claims to fight for justice and freedom?

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • @Mooser, what would we do without your wit? Very droll.

    • The joke is that so many religions posit man made in God's image when the reality is that most if not all forms of God, currently presented, represent God made in the image of men, and pretty backward, unenlightened, misogynistic, dysfunctional men at that.

      Luckily S/HE has a great sense of humour.

    • Many, perhaps most of the problems with most religions is the literalising of religious writings which were meant as metaphor.

      There is no archaeological evidence for most of the claims in Jewish or Christian teachings. There is no evidence for Jews in ancient Egypt, nor for any Exodus and at the time the Hebrews were supposedly driven out to Canaan, Canaan was an Egyptian colony so it hardly looks like an escape.

      There is also no evidence that the ancient Israel was anything more than a few tents in a nomadic encampment.

      Religious writings, including the Bible, are not history and have no credence in any civil court of law, however important they may be to followers.

      And since much of Jewish and Christian, and for that matter Islamic, can be traced to the ancient Egyptians, there is no doubt that the three have common sources and, as happened in times past and still, drew upon Gods, beliefs, myths prevalent at the time, regardless of source.

      The strength and beauty of religion is in these common sources and destruction comes from dividing them up and pretending that some God with time on his hands, dabbled in real estate, law and general meddling.

      Good on you for having the courage to speak your truth and I am sure everyone appreciates your intelligence and integrity, even if we disagree on some aspects.

    • You talk about Jews, a religion, and Arabs, a cultural label - when you mean, Jews and Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc., or Arabs and Europeans for example.

      Arab is not a race. Religions do not make a race. Jewish is not a race. Hindu is not a race. Look up the racial differentiations.

      The Jewish pressure to marry 'in' has no doubt created pockets of similar DNA but you find the same thing in Parsis and Jains. Any religious group which actively works to prevent intermarriage has similar DNA pockets.

      As to the DNA of members of Judaism, you can find the same sorts of results in members of many other religions which just goes to show that everyone is mixed, and religion is a choice, and the first member of any religion was a convert, logically, and it doesn't mean much.

      Religions, including Judaism, comprise all races and hundreds of nationalities and a very mixed bag of DNA. Walk the streets of Tel Aviv and you see Israeli Jews who look German, Danish, English, African, Asian, pick a look. Then again, spend time with any Christian, Muslim group and you will see similar differences. Hindus are more likely to be less mixed but even there.

    • Arab is a cultural label, like European. It is not a race, not a nationality, not a people. This issue is not about Arabs, most of whom live in many different countries and are not Palestinian. Being Arab is about as meaningful as being European, in any distinct sense.

      Although for what it is worth, anyone spending time in Israel can see that the culture is more Arab than European even though the colonists are largely of European origin. Israelis have more in common with Palestinians than anyone else, as they will discover when the one-state solution, shared equally by coloniser and colonised alike, becomes a reality.

    • Well said. Many fall into the Zionist trap of using the word 'peace' when this issue is not about peace, but about justice.

      Others follow Zionist language talking about Jews and Arabs. This is not about Jews, a religion, where most followers do not live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will, or Arabs, a cultural label, like European, which applies to many people in many different nations and who play no part in the equation of Israeli domination of Palestine.

      This is an issue of Justice involving colonising Israelis and indigenous Palestinians.

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • And meanwhile the bridges keep falling down, the roads crumbling, and people still struggle to survive in ways which should simply not happen in a wealthy, developed nation.

    • All political systems are prone to corruption but perhaps the American system is more prone to corruption because of the lobbying system, something which is illegal in most, perhaps all other developed nations.

      How can something be discussed when someone can always pay to not have it discussed?

    • Any group which encourages members or followers to believe they are exceptional, i.e. superior, will manifest in the most vulnerable and needy, an inflated version.

      When Jews, particularly intelligent and noted Jews, as some of those cited above, do not take the same position on their Jewish 'exceptionality' or 'specialness' this raises the horrifying question of: Am I right in my belief? The reaction to this is increased denial, bigotry and fear so deep it limits rational capacity. None of it is particular to Jews. You will find the same sort of irrational and entrenched belief in many religions and also in some nationalities, tribes, castes etc.

      I wonder if the fact that the original belief is itself so irrational, immature and unjust, that the individual cannot even admit to him or herself, the truth of what it is they believe and so when others reflect it, the horror is so deep that denial must reach insanity levels.

      You cannot spend time in Israel without being struck by the 'shadow effect' so often at work in the most decent, intelligent, sensitive people when it comes to the issue of Jewish superiority and exceptionalism and the inferiority of all non-Jews, which morphs into sub-human status for the Palestinians - a deep, abiding, vivid, painful, horrifying reflection of the denied reality.

      When we truly hate ourselves we must project all we cannot accept out onto others, whether it is those we subjugate, or those who challenge our belief system. It is a tortured place to be.

    • @Annie Robbins,

      Do you think though that there would have been generational brainwashing if Israel had never been established in Palestine? Or never established?

      The brainwashing has also been part of a propaganda machine, developed by the Zionists, to raise funds for the colony of Israel. If there had been no need to fund the State then one presumes, the propaganda would not have been required.

      Or, if Israel had been created somewhere else, also options, South America I think, and even Australia, but in non-populated areas, would it also have been different?

      The injustice of founding a State of Israel on Palestine which involved the dispossession or killing or hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and then the costs involved of holding the ground, against the indigenous who remained, were what made the propaganda and brainwashing inevitable.

      Without a State of Israel, would Jews who had personal experience of holocaust at the hands of the Nazis, have simply moved on, processed, healed as everyone else has had to do?

      Conjecture of course but the source of so much suffering and violence has been the decision to found the State. Having said that, indigenous peoples in many other countries have suffered similar fates but the difference has been that the nations were not founded as religious states which demanded followers hold power and superiority, and so they have evolved and despite wrongs of foundation, created one state with equal rights for all.

      This is what Israel will have to do anyway. The process has been delayed because the propaganda machine has been so effective in getting Jews around the world, to fund the fantasy. In the same way I might add as happened with the IRA where, strictly speaking, the British would have been in their rights to bomb Boston, given the amount of funding American Irish Catholics sent to fund terrorism by the IRA.

      But times have changed and not even Israel will be allowed to get away with being an apartheid State or continuing to deny justice to the indigenous Palestinians.

    • Living under occupation, colonisation and apartheid of their country the Palestinians are hardly going to like those who oppress them. In fact, if you study the history, one could argue that Palestinians have been generally patient in the face of appalling human rights atrocities committed by Israel.

      The subjugated have a right to be prejudiced. It is their reality. The aggressor has no right to prejudice and bigotry because they have all of the power.

      You cannot compare Jews and Arabs. Jews are a religion and Arabs are a culture. You can compare Israeli Jews, Muslims, Christians but not a religion with a culture, particularly when Jewish Israeli society is so Arabic culturally.

    • Bigotry is generic. It has no religion, race or culture. But it can be encouraged in any religion, race or culture.

    • Good posts. I think many people do actually care about the self-destructive path on which Israel has always been. There is only one race, the human race, and we are all equal members of it.

      If there is a God, or organising entity, and I do believe there is, then it is the same God for all of us and religions are no more than different costumes, some people choose to 'wear' or not as the case may be.

      So, we all have the same God, just as we all have the same foods, manifesting as different cuisines for different tastes and we are all members of the same race, the human race. All division is invented, manufactured, constructed, fabricated and it never serves a good purpose if we forget our commonality as human beings.

      Israel's curse is that it was founded in the name of a religion, which had established superiority/inferiority as dogma. Judaism was not and is not alone in that, but it has crafted it into an art form. Where the crucified victim in Christianity was symbolic, and then turned literal by those who rewrote the myth and projected onto one figure, in Judaism every follower is a crucified victim and the Jewish experience of Holocaust served to entrench that in the religion. Many other victims of Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis, and there were millions, have not turned the experience into something religious or cultural. But victimhood and persecution found fertile soil in the religion of Judaism and Israel was founded in the name of it, through the breakaway religion of Zionism.

      But times change and generally truth does out and eventually justice is done and so it will be with Israel. Those who speak the truth may be condemned and villified but that has never stopped truth and change will come.

      There is a saying I have always liked:

      Those who will, the Fates guide; those who won't, the Fates drag.

    • Quote: Can you make peace with people whose sole mission is to destroy you?” he asked.

      The mistake everyone makes because they take up the Israeli propaganda is that this issue is about peace. It is not about peace, it is about justice.

      Other colonisers who have recognised the wrongs inherent in their foundation have not sought peace with the indigenous people whose land they have stolen, they have sought justice.

      Apartheid South Africa did not demand peace from those it oppressed, it thought of justice.

      Talk of peace simply distracts, as no doubt it is meant to, from the core issue of the injustice of Israel's occupation, colonisation and apartheid and the brutality of those systems of control.

      Israel has no right to demand anything of the Palestinians but they have every right to demand justice.

      Israel cannot survive as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State and it cannot survive as a theocracy, a Jewish State, but it might survive if it does what every other coloniser has had to do, recognise the wrongs inherent in its foundation and ensure full and equal rights for its indigenous people, now numbering close to 6 million and a number much too large to remove, kill, control or subjugate indefinitely.

    • And the most dangerous combination of all is Jewish ethocentrism combined with American exceptionalism. Both encourage 'members' whether as religious followers or citizens, to believe that they are somehow superior to all others and for some bizarre reason, singled out by the God who supposedly decides such trivial things.

      The horrors of genocide and war are usually sourced in a belief of exceptionalism and superiority, for one can only commit such horrors when one believes that the 'other' the 'enemy' is inferior, if not sub-human.

      It is hardly surprising that the most dedicated bigots in Israel and Occupied Palestine, tend to be American Jewish settlers.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • Brave young Israelis of intelligence and conscience. If Israel is to survive she needs more of them. The occupation, colonisation and apartheid rot the very core of Israeli society. You cannot abuse others and not be debased. How wonderful that some have managed to grow through it.

  • My family's Nakba story
    • It is in the stories that we connect, learn and remember. The shame of what the world has allowed to be done to the Palestinians belongs to all of us.

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • On a positive note, Clinton pushing Israeli aggression simply fuels BDS. The world at large does not care what the US says and since Americans have been slow to support justice anyway, particularly for Palestinians, it really doesn't matter if the US clamps down on BDS in their country. Fact is, if they try they will just fuel an underground movement which is even stronger.

      The harder the US pushes Israeli aggression, the closer the one-state solution gets.

    • So nothing has changed, except the fact that more Americans know they bankroll the corrupt Zionist State of Israel and pay for its aggression and injustices with their quality of life.

      Clinton as an Israeli/Zionist/Jewish stooge will simply serve to make more Americans resist their use as a tool of Israeli agendas.

      Then again, what do the insane Zionists want? Disaffected Jews who can become colonisers in occupied Palestine.

  • Israel should be deeply disturbed by the Brexit vote
    • This was a vote for control of one's country, no more, no less. It was not about immigrants as one can see from high votes in areas with minimal immigrant issues.

    • No, the Jews have not always been in trouble anymore than most other religions.

      Religions have no right to land and certainly no right to colonise as Israel does in Palestine.

      Some religions did not survive, many in fact, Judaism did and most Jews live very safely and peacefully, as equal citizens in dozens of countries around the world.

      The most dangerous place for Jews to live today is UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine, but the reasons for that are obvious - occupation, colonisation and apartheid generally makes for danger.

      Israel is not a Jewish State, it is a Zionist State and they have no more in common than for instance does the Ku Klux Klan have with Christianity.

      Most Israeli Jews are lapsed, non-practising and in fact as secular or atheist, not even Jews and a quarter of Israel's population is not even Jewish, but Muslim, Christian and no doubt other religious persuasions.

      Israel does not represent followers of Judaism or the religion itself and that is a distinction more people around the world, including Jews, are making.

    • Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism so Jews are not in trouble, Israeli Zionists are in trouble.

      Having said that, the point was missed by many in regard to this vote that it represents a growing movement around the world against globalism, against capitalistic global domination, against that which removes control from the people and the nation.

      This is not nationalism, this is common sense. Capitalism and the global economy has filled the pockets of the rich and powerful, exploited the poor worldwide, and brought down wages, conditions and job opportunities in the Western world and the British know that.

      The global economy has been a failure for ordinary people and they know it. Nations need to be as self-sufficient as possible and to have as much autonomy as possible, while co-operating in the world at large.

      Sovereignty and a sense of national independence, is, to the nation, the same as the ego is to the individual. A healthy ego function which does not dominate or manifest in the extreme, enables optimal function and productivity.

      It is the power of the individuals in society, working together as individuals, which has enabled Western culture to advance as it has, albeit with mistakes, but still offering the best quality of life on average in the world today.

      That applies to nations and ordinary people can see and feel that even if the powers that be, cannot. Perhaps it is because most of those in power are feeding at the troughs of profit the 'global economy' creates, by omission and commission, and ordinary people are not.

      We are moving into a new era where self-sufficiency, national autonomy and independence and self-responsibility, will see the growth of a stronger and more functional world.

  • Chuck Schumer 'worried' that his daughter was not marrying a Jew
    • It wasn't their business. It never occurred to me that my parent's views mattered. It was my choice. But then I lived in a pretty secular culture.

    • No, all of religion is not claptrap or childish, but a lot of it is. There are profound and valuable spiritual teachings buried in all religions, to lesser and greater degrees, and at core they all say the same things because they no doubt came from the same place originally.

      But religions became power systems and dominated by men and the rot set in long ago.

      Religions which demand that the world at large agree with their beliefs, i.e. God gave us this or that or God said this or that, are delusional and backward and need to be held in check, but personal and private religion is for each individual to choose to embrace or reject and if kept private and not imposed on others, then to each their own. Religion brings comfort to many and is only an issue when it is used as a weapon to destroy and control others.

    • Culturally coherent is still a euphemism for discrimination, i.e. racism. The concept of mixed marriages is also racist. There is only one race, the human race, and people have been marrying without any cultural coherence for a very long time, and often succeeding.

      Just as mixed DNA is of benefit, so too are mixed cultures and that only happens with relationship, particularly marriage.

  • Why don't you share all the good things about Israel?
    • It is called ignoring the elephant in the room. Similar views were expressed in apartheid South Africa and no doubt in Nazi Germany and were not considered relevant, given the enormous gravity of the injustice and horrors the State was perpetrating so why should Israel be let off the hook?

  • 'My weekend in Palestine' changed an Australian man's life
    • Jews are not a tribe. He is clearly not a fan of Zionist Israeli aggression but that no more reflects on Jews than do the actions of fundamentalist Moslems reflect on Islam or the actions of fanatical Christians reflects on Christianity.

    • I find the introduction of the claim that the English ethnically cleansed Aborigines to be out of context, beyond the fact that it is simply wrong.

      The English ruled Australia from 1788 to 1901 and then an Australian Government was formed when the country became independent.

      There is not a shred of evidence for any genocide or ethnic cleansing as part of either Government's policy and in fact the records quite clearly demonstrate the opposite.

      To point to claims of actions taken by the English Government in the past, in terms of the nationality of the writer, is irrelevant in light of the Palestinians.

  • Thank you, Chief Rabbi. Now I know: Judaism is to blame for the Nakba
    • @mchoen,

      Actually, no religion has any rights to any land anywhere, nor any rights to a homeland.

      Religions, beyond metaphor, which applies to all religions, do not make a people, a nation, a race or anything which might be entitled to land.

      The land of Israel no more belongs to Jews than the land of Narnia belongs to followers of C.S. Lewis. It's all myth and fantasy and no religious book anywhere has any credence in any court of law.

      Here is the crazy bit, if religions did have rights to land it would be where the religion began, and not the country that followers invaded, occupied and colonised, as happened thousands of years in the past and again within the last century.

      For Jews that would be a bit of Iraq and the Christians would have dibs on Palestine.

    • Well said, eljay.

    • @yonah,

      Since history clearly records Jews being an active part of many, if not most communities and societies, your claims have no substance.

      Read English, European, Australian, American history, and more, and you will find Jews a part of the mainstream society for many centuries.

      Your claims are no more than Zionist propaganda.

      And since Hebrews originated in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, and sourced their religion in Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman and more belief systems, what on earth are Jews doing in Palestine?

    • Self determination applies to a literal people or nation. It does not apply to religious followers.

      If it did then all religions would be entitled to self-determination, nationality, and, one presumes, where their religion began. For Jews that would be Iraq and for Christians, Palestine so the Jews would have to move anyway if the religious concept of self-determination held sway.

    • I am not sure what 'great' means when applied to religions.

      Does 'great' mean powerful as in militarily? Does 'great' mean old?

      My view of great is that which contributes greatly and immeasurably to the quality of human life and existence and I do not believe any religion has ever done that or does it today.

      Many spiritual teachings are 'great' in their wisdom and substance without being defined as a religion. In fact Judaism drew most of its teachings from the ancient Egyptian religions, plural, and also a great deal from Greek philosophy and teaching when the Greeks were instrumental in educating Hebrews.

      So, while aspects of any teachings can constitute great, it is hard to make a case for any particular religion, particularly given the atrocities committed in their name, in the past and still.

      And if you read the history of Judaism, you will find in its earliest times it was just as political as any other religion and equally, if not more bloodthirsty.

      In fact, like all other religions it remains political and particularly bloodthirsty.

  • Why Miko Peled's story resonates for Palestinians
    • An even gentler concept is for Israel to end the occupation so the Palestinians can live in freedom and non -Jews are not subjected to apartheid sourced in religious bigotry. Then all of the signs can be in the national language, whatever it might be.

  • Don't say the Z-word
    • There is no point being ashamed of ancestry of any kind for that belongs to others, those who came before.

      You are responsible for your actions. Give up the religion and don't be Jewish anymore if it bothers you so much. Or if you need religion, convert to another and you are no longer Jewish.

      But really, your religion is not who you are - how you act is who you are. Your ancestors are not who you are, not even your parents - who and what you are is who and what you are.

    • I second that. Great line.

  • Once, most Jews viewed Israel as the anti-semite's best friend
    • It does not explain how a religion turns a diverse group of races, nationalities and cultures into a people in any sense beyond religious metaphor, as would apply to any religion.

      The problem with accepting Jews as being a race or people, is that the only link between them is religion and that would therefore apply to all religions.

      It is the catchcry today in India, of Hindustan for the Hindus, a recipe for bigotry, intolerance and disaster, as has been the case with Israel.

      Religions have been and can be destructive enough without the deluded concept of them creating a people, or 'race' or something which deserves and/or requires 'self-determination.'

      When religion and bigotry join forces the results are indeed terrible and it is not to be encouraged on any count.

      If Israel stands as an example, it is of the truth of such a partnership and a warning to all those who challenge democratic principles - still the best foundation we have for societies based on tolerance, justice, acceptance and enlightened assimilation.

  • Miko Peled's viral video
  • Reebok backtracks on Israel Independence Day-inspired sneaker (Updated)
    • Powerfully symbolic given how Israel walks all over and tramples into the dirt the indigenous people of the land it has stolen.

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • Anyone who spends time in Israel or works with or for Israelis, cannot help but be shocked by the levels of bigotry and racism, expressed, seemingly without any capacity to register that if the same things were said about them, or anyone else, there would be outrage.

      I guess if you grow up in a society which teaches children that the indigenous people of the land in which you live are sub-human, they have an option to decide how to treat these 'animal-like' creatures who are an inconvenience and a threat.

      The greatest tragedy is not in fact what Palestinians have experienced but the terrible debasement of Israelis and their awful State in the name of a twisted belief system, Zionism, and the most egregious bigotry.

      No wonder so many young Israelis are emigrating back to the countries their parents or grandparents left. One of the biggest communities is in Berlin which is a healing touch and says a great deal about what life is like in Israel for anyone of conscience and/or intelligence.

    • The thing about so-called Jewish self-hatred is that the label is only applied to those who criticise Israel's behaviour or who condemn Zionism. Odd kind of self-hatred since neither Israel nor Zionism represent Jews or Judaism.

    • BDS is not losing around the world, it is succeeding. I am sorry but you have become so used to Zionist propaganda you can no longer tell the difference, nor do your own objective research.

      I don't think the Palestinians claim Israel is useless, although anyone who spends time there or with Israelis knows that it is more Third World than First, they simply claim the truth, that Israel is a violent, backward, barbaric and murderous occupier, coloniser and apartheid State.

      Israel could disappear tomorrow and have no impact on the world at large, despite the propaganda fed to Israelis and their followers.

      And in most countries in the world, they are still removing Israeli goods from shelves and most definitely are not passing anti-BDS legislation. The US might give that a try given the power of Jewish/Zionist lobby groups in that country, but it will also fail there.

    • Very well said. And of course the 'shadow' effect is that the bigotry claimed in regard to followers of Judaism, is now made manifest in egregious bigotry to non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular by the Zionist State of Israel.

      As someone who has tracked Jewish ancestors back through seven generations in Australia and Britain, it is pretty clear that anti-Semitism was not an issue and is not an issue.

      I suspect that is because both in the UK and Australia, certainly in times past, most Jews did what everyone else did, Muslims, Hindus etc., and largely assimilated. The fundamentalists of course did not but there were fewer fundamentalists than there are now, a 'side-effect' no doubt of the political correctness of multi-culturalism and the creation of Israel.

      Where 'pogroms' took place the situation was more complicated and less united and each situation would have to be studied individually in order to understand why it happened. It is also worth remembering, that such violent discrimination happened to others and not just to Jews in centuries past.

      And of course, what is forgotten are the Jewish pogroms against others throughout the Middle East and Europe in centuries past.

      Not to mention forced conversions to Judaism, another part of Jewish history also forgotten. Needs must no doubt.

    • Since Zionists consider Palestinians to be sub-human, one presumes that bigotry no more applies than it would to an animal.

  • Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic
    • No, it won't be seen as offensive to most Jews since most Jews don't live in UN mandated Israel or Occupied Palestine, but are contented citizens of dozens of other countries, increasingly ashamed at what Israel purports to do in their name.

      Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism and in fact gives both a very, very bad name.

    • The difference with the US, also founded as a colonial venture, like most nations actually, over millenia, is that it has given full and equal rights as citizens to its indigenous people.

      Israel has refused to do that on the basis of religious bigotry.

      Let us also not forget that American Indians were also colonisers, perhaps wiping out an earlier group when they crossed the land-bridge from Russia/Asia into North America.

      And since all of us originally came from Africa, then, apart from a few Africans, if they could be identified given the colonising of Africa by Africans, over millenia, all of us are descended from colonisers.

      Needless to say, one presumes human evolution required movement which means, it required colonisation.

      It is only in the modern age, in the last century or so, that colonisation has not been necessary nor possible.

    • Well, we both know that Zionists are neither religious nor Jewish, but a strange, atheist break-away which is a 'religion' only in the sense that it is elitist.

      And Zionist Israel gives both Jews and Judaism a bad name. There are very few real Jews in UN mandated Israel, since the majority classify themselves as secular/atheist, which means non-religious, which means non-Jewish anyway.

    • @ Mooser,

      Having spent time in North America, I can assure you, the biggest ticks and largest mozzies I have ever seen were there.

      Mozzies are more of an issue in tropical northern Australia, not so much elsewhere and ticks the same.

      The tarantulas are tiny, teensy weensy, compared to Africa, where I lived for much too long, and South America.

      Crocodiles are certainly a challenge but only in the tropical north and really, your southern 'gators' are more than equal.

      p.s. most of the 'stories' told about Ozlandier are invented by jealous Brits, but they serve good purpose because people believe them and stay away. :)

    • Since there is no Jewish people beyond religious metaphor and since Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism, the claim is ridiculous.

      If there exists a Jewish 'people' it is only as religious metaphor since Jews, like all other religions, comprise all races and hundreds of nationalities.

      If there were a Jewish 'people' then Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc. 'peoples' would be entitled to the same 'rights.'

      Fortunately there is no Jewish people.

    • Well said, but the point also needs to be made that while religions have a 'right to exist' as long as they maintain civilized standards, no religion which practices barbarism has a right to exist and no religion ever has any right to self-determination, a right preserved for peoples, not religions.

      If Jews had a right to self-determination then so would Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Quakers, Rastafarians etc. etc. None of them have any right to self-determination.

      Beyond which Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism.

    • You miss the point. If Israel wants to be a backward theocracy like Saudi Arabia it can be, but it cannot call itself a democracy and it cannot do it as an apartheid State.

      Back to UN mandated borders and have your theocracy.

      Gaza is a prison, a concentration camp, in Occupied Palestine. There is no West Bank, there is only Occupied Palestine beyond UN mandated Israel.

      Actually Israel is not even 75% Jewish since most Israelis are secular, which means not religious, which means not Jewish. It is impossible to be a secular religious.

    • Absolutely, and Israel as an occupier, coloniser and apartheid state makes a mockery of democracy and its claims to be one.

    • Israeli maps generally show borders as encompassing all of Palestine but they are delusional.

      Eretz Israel shows borders encompassing all of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and huge areas of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq, and a bit of Turkey, but they are even more delusional.

      At this point the Israeli borders, although not tested in any court of law, remain the immoral, if not illegal, UN mandate. All of the rest is Occupied Palestine, euphemistically referred to as the West Bank because Israel does not like to mention the land on which it sits, Palestine.

    • You are very droll. Love your wit! You would do well in Australia where dry, sardonic wit is the order of the day.

    • If there is a Jewish people it is as religious metaphor and if a Jewish religious 'people' exist then all religions have a right to self-determination as a 'people.'

      Perhaps it would not be such a bad thing if all followers of religion went and lived in their own particular country and left the rest alone. Just kidding.

      But the concept of Jews being a people is nothing but propaganda and always has been. Hindus are probably racially 'purer' than any religion and even that is not a given, but Jews are not a race, not a tribe, not a people and comprise all races and hundreds of nationalities just as all other religions do.

  • BDS or emigration: pick one
    • Gaza is a concentration camp controlled by the Israeli military. The world's largest open-air prison as it is called.

      Gaza is a concentration camp in Occupied Palestine. Everything beyond UN mandated borders is Occupied Palestine.

      There is no West Bank - it is all Occupied Palestine where nearly six million Palestinians are held under the most brutal, murderous and venal occupation in the world today.

      BDS will destroy Israel's economy as it did South Africa's and there will be no choice but to have one state shared by all equally.

      No-one who supports occupation, colonisation and apartheid is innocent and so most Israelis are not innocent.

    • Israel has made two states impossible so that means one democratic state shared by colonised and coloniser alike as happened with South Africa.

      Whatever that State becomes will be the business of those who live there and no doubt the result of nearly a century of terrible abuse and subjugation of the indigenous people.

      Israel has created this situation and cannot complain about the outcome.

      Who knows, the Palestinians have demonstrated enormous tolerance and patience as they have been dispossessed, murdered and abused for decades and the new State, with a Palestinian majority, could not be worse than the horrendous Zionist State of Israel and has every chance of being vastly better.

  • 'NYT' touts an Israel apologist's book
    • Israel is not a 'tiny village on the side of a volcano' Israel is a colonial venture founded in egregious religious bigotry, so backward it can never have a place in a civilized world, where the indigenous people of the land European Zionists have colonised are treated as sub-human and slaughtered, men, women and children, if they dare to resist the vicious and murderous Israeli occupation of Palestine.

      Never let facts get in the way of propaganda is fascist Israel's catch-cry.

  • Whose Birthright?
    • The insanity is that no religion confers a birthright anyway. This is just all Zionist propaganda. How on earth can people fall for it?

  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • I believe the South Africans said similar things. Guess what? BDS ended apartheid there and it will end it in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine.

    • Since most Jews do not live in Israel, never did and never will and a quarter of Israelis are not Jewish and since most Israelis are not really Jewish either - it's a religion and you cannot be an atheist or secular Jew as many of those transplanted from Russia were and are, so beyond the fact that Israel uses the term Jew, it is not relevant to most Jews in the world nor to the religion of Judaism.

    • You do realise the use of the term self-hating Jew generally reduces people of intelligence to uncontrollable laughter because every time it is used, you know the target has said something true, honest, real?

      The level of denial at work in Zionist Israelis and their supporters is truly remarkable and I am sure will form the basis of a psychological thesis by someone at sometime. It is astonishing how people can believe their own lies and propaganda and ignore the realities staring them in the face which others see and indicate clearly.

      Perhaps bigotry really does interfere with brain function.

    • Too late. Israel is in the same position as South Africa - apartheid is apartheid whether sourced in religious bigotry as Israel is or racial bigotry as SA was.

  • Israelis don't exist
    • Being Jewish is not, never has been and never can be a nationality.

      Being Jewish is belonging to a religion, Judaism. The first Jew was a convert, just like all religions.

      Being a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc., may confer religious ethnicity but it is not ethnicity in any real sense.

      Religions are not nationalisms. Religions do not get homelands, statehood, or land rights, or self-determination because they are religions.

    • It is Israel trying to pretend Judaism constitutes a race, nation, people etc., and being Jewish is a nationality, which of course, it is not and never could be.

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