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  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • Trump is also rat cunning and he has only one side, his own, and even his son-in-law might find that.

      And he has a generally simple approach which has a place for 'fair.'

    • Israelis and their supporters are forever talking about peace, when anyone of sound mind knows that the issue is not peace but justice for the Palestinians who have had their land stolen by European colonists.

      Justice first and then peace is possible. Israel pushes the peace line because it knows the issue is not about peace and that a subjugated people like the Palestinians have not a snowball's chance in hell of wielding any sort of power which might contribute to peace.

    • Can Zionists have a good side? And can Zionism, based on a belief that Jews are superior as human beings, ever countenance equality amongst other human beings, particularly Palestinian non-Jews who are seen as sub-human?

    • If you grow up in a world without ethics, morals and common sense where only money talks, then you are going to apply this attitude to the world as an adult.

  • 'Progressive' Defenders of the Racial State: Reflections on the Modern Language Association BDS vote
    • I would like to know why Israel can get away with doing something, which in no other nation, particularly one which called itself a democracy, would ever be tolerated.

      If you take the relatively historically recent nations founded through colonisation, with Israel being the most recent, who have democratic systems, or claim to have democratic systems - United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, to name four English-speaking countries.

      What would be the reaction of the world at large if they had refused to give their indigenous people full rights as citizens, pushed them into bantustans and concentration camps, bombing men, women and children into submission if they dared to challenge the occupation; constantly arresting and imprisoning without charge, men, women and children and subjecting them to torture and holding them under house arrests on days when non-indigenous celebrated festivals etc.?

      Would any of these countries have been allowed to set up anything approximating the Jew-only settlements connected by Jew-only roads as Israel has done in Occupied Palestine? Of course not.

      So how can anyone of sound mind and conscience tolerate it being done by Israel? What is at work in so many minds that has allowed this shocking abuse of human rights to be carried out for seventy years?

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • So, Israel sets up a multi-religious group to run Jerusalem, or does what the UN Mandate decreed, makes Jerusalem an international city belonging to no one group?

  • Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis
    • A Jewish State is a backward, religiously bigoted, anachronism and has no place in a civilized world. The sooner it disappears from the pages of history the better for everyone.

      Israelis deserve to live in a democracy as do Palestinians. Only religious bigots demand Jewish superiority and control.

  • The challenges of being a Palestinian doctor in the 'Jewish state'
    • Should the headline not be, The Challenges of Being a non-Jewish doctor in a 'Jewish' State, or, The Challenges of Being a Palestinian doctor in an Israeli State?

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • @Yonah,

      Judaism is a religion. The first Jew was a convert. No Judaism, no Jews. Drop Judaism or convert to another religion and you are no longer a Jew. Convert to Judaism and you are a Jew.

      No different to any religion. Religions don't get self-determination. Religions don't get homelands. Religions don't make a people beyond religious metaphor.

      Jews had no right to a State anywhere and they certainly had no right to set one up on someone else's land in the name of a backward religious bigotry which doomed non-Jews to permanent subjugation and no human rights.

      You seem to take a position which has followers of Judaism as somehow superior to all others and not bound by common human standards.

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • The two-state solution is dead and it is questionable that it was ever alive. Israel has never offered the Palestinians anything they could accept, and why should they settle for less than a fully independent State with exactly the same rights as Israel to defend itself and control its air, land and sea borders, contiguous borders, and with East Jerusalem either the Palestinian capital or Jerusalem an international city run by the UN, owned by neither indigenous or coloniser.

      This Resolution is not a step back for Palestinians but a step forward because it has raised world awareness of the travesty that is the Israeli occupying apartheid State, and the only just solution is one democratic state shared equally by indigenous and coloniser alike and the more settlements Israel builds, the more it sets up Jew-only homes connected by Jew-only roads, the greater will be international outrage and the sooner BDS and sanctions will bring Israel to its knees and a one-state solution.

  • Kerry, interrupted
    • @Kay24,

      Why are Americans so easily lied to? Are they naieve, or simply ignorant? Why should Israeli propaganda be so effective in the US in particular?

    • This is an excellent article. One remains bemused at the US which is forever trumpeting its defence of freedom and democracy, more words than actions however, and claiming that it 'leads' the free world, more fantasy than fact, supporting a State like Israel founded on religious bigotry.

      A Jewish State is a religious State, a Theocracy, and gives followers of a particular religion, supremacy. A Theocracy is not and never can be a democracy because it is racist and the UN has already defined racism on religious grounds, understandably, as no different to racism on racial grounds. Actually common sense dictates that bigotry is bigotry, whatever the source of the belief in one's superior humanity.

      It is astonishing that the United States, given its claims, read dreams, could ever allow itself to support such a racist State.

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
    • The delusion on which UN mandated Israel was founded is that a religion can confer land rights. It doesn't. It never did. Jews have no rights to land anywhere in the world. Neither do Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, any religion.

      Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and in the one-state solution some, or many Israelis might remain to become citizens of the new democratic State, but the Palestinians will be a majority and the State is most likely to be called what it has been for thousands of years, Palestine, and at that point, people will cry and cheer and rejoice as they did when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

      One can have compassion for those involved in the delusional colonial experiment carried out by Zionists in Palestine, but that does not and never did make it right or sensible.

      Sane Israelis who can leave their religious bigotry behind will become citizens of the new State and live a better life without occupation, colonisation and apartheid.

    • One wonders if the labels Israeli and Palestinian were replaced by German and Poland, or Japan and China, if anyone of sound mind would have considered that....

      'a just resolution will only come when ..... and their ......allies, come together proactively, in good faith, and with determination to resolve the situation justly.'

      What occupier has ever cared about justice or good faith? Occupiers care about occupying and colonisers care about colonising and Israel only cares about Jewish Israelis.

      Occupied peoples are powerless. Israel has all of the power and all of the responsibility.

      Israel is the aggressor and always has been. The Palestinians have justice, time and numbers on their side and that will always triumph over a debased coloniser.

    • @Atlantaiconoclast,

      What 'influence' ? The US clearly has not a whit of influence over the rampaging of the rogue Israeli State and while it meddles, it clearly does not have much influence even with its massive military power, having lost its wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., adding nothing to the world but chaos and misery. Some influence.

    • Why is the reference made to a bi-national State, when, as a democracy it won't be bi-national, but one nationality, whatever the new nation is called.

      At present there are Israelis who are citizens of UN mandated Israel, many of whom are Jewish but most of whom are not really Jewish, as atheist or secular, and nearly a quarter of whom are not Jewish by religion, and there are Palestinians, most of whom are Muslim, but many of whom are Christian.

      So, a new democratic State, whatever it is called, will, like all democracies have citizens of various religions and race and nationality. It will just be a democratic State, like any other democratic State although now free of religious bigotry and the belief that followers of Judaism are superior and must be in control.

      Israelis who cannot cope with Judaism being relegated below democratic principles, can return to the countries they, their parents or grandparents left to colonise Palestine. As indeed many young Israelis are already doing because they choose not to live in an apartheid occupying State.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Having spent time in Palestine/Israel and worked with and for Israelis, I have some insight into their culture. High levels of denial and delusion and increasing rage at the fact that more people call them out as occupiers, colonisers and apartheid State.

      Israelis are incapable of coherent thinking and objective reasoning and nothing will change until change is forced on them. And once they get over being hysterical they will get on with things, as most human beings tend to do.

    • The only way to change American opinion conclusively is to end Israeli/Zionist/Jewish domination of politicians, politics, Government and media and you cannot do that without putting the focus on American Jews, at which point the hysteria would be cataclysmic and it would serve the Zionist agenda which wants 6 million American Jews to be forced to head for Occupied Palestine, so it has an excuse to kill or drive out 6 million Palestinians.

      In truth the process can only be slow and sites like Mondoweiss are an important part of it. I have followed this issue for the past 15 years and I have seen a steady decline in support for Israel and a growing number of informed Americans speaking out, including many American Jews and they are the key to changing Jewish meddling in government, politics and media.

      The more American Jewry and Judaism in general rejects Zionist Israel, the faster we can bring this atrocity to an end.

    • @ yonah,

      An oath of loyalty to a murderous occupier and coloniser? Really? How do you think it would have gone down if the Germans had succeeded in occupying the UK and had then demanded an oath of loyalty.

      I think Israeli/Zionist delusion has morphed into pure insanity.

    • Zionist/Israeli arrogance and delusion is indeed impressive.

    • @Sibiriak,

      I know it is incredibly inconvenient but guess what, the Gaza prison is on Palestinian land and is a part of Palestine and even more shocking, the prisoners in it are Palestinians, mostly descended from those driven from their homes and farms in 47/48 by Zionists who handed it all over to European colonists.

      In the one State solution all Palestinians will be citizens, including the prisoners in Gaza.

    • @yonah fredman,

      It is yet more delusion to think the Gaza concentration camp is not a part of Occupied Palestine. The one State solution will mean that all of Palestine becomes one country and no doubt the people of this new democratic State will vote for a name, either Palestine, Israel or something else entirely and the State will include all Palestinians, including those imprisoned in Gaza.

      And the world in general falls about laughing at the use of things like 'timely fashion' for human rights!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a century? Joke. The one state solution will give immediate equal rights to all Palestinians and the bigoted Jewish fantasy of remaining in control, will have to be put aside, as it was in apartheid South Africa for the ruling group.

      Time for Israel to become a democracy and join the real world. More to the point, join the civilized world which might be a novelty for many Israelis but will be appreciated by the sensible ones and all palestinians.

      p.s. there is no West Bank, there is only Occupied Palestine.

    • I so admire the Kiwis as opposed to our craven, lackey Australian Government.

    • Sad but salient. J. Walters.

    • @MHughes976,

      I think you overestimate the importance of American Presidents and US power in any real sense.

    • Yes, I agree. The level of stupidity of the Israelis, although delusion will do that, is impressive.

      With two States impossible, as they always have been really, the only outcome can be a democracy where indigenous share as equal citizens with the colonisers.

      If Israelis are insane enough to think they can get away with apartheid and continued occupation they are in for a very rude shock. And all self-inflicted.

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • @Maghlawatan,

      Except there is no Jewish people beyond religious metaphor. Well, no more so than a Christian, Hindu, Muslim people etc., and any Jewish ethnicity is religious ethnicity and no different to Christian ethnicity etc.

      Jews are not a race or a people and in fact comprise all races and dozens of nationalities like any other religion. If Jews had a right to self-determination then all religions must have the same right.

      The first Jew like the first Christian was a convert. You cannot convert to a race or a people, beyond religious metaphor. If you drop Judaism or convert to another religion or convert to Judaism you do not change race or nationality - you simply change religion.

      Followers of Judaism do not have a right to their own State and the fact is, most Jews do not live in UN mandated Israel, never did and never will and Israel does not represent Judaism or Jews. The concept is delusional and was invented by the Zionists in order to prove that being Jewish somehow gave people rights to a bit of land where once some followers wandered around for a bit. That was required to attempt to counter the very real legitimacy of the Palestinians and what is surprising is how many people, including intelligent ones, have fallen for it.

      Sanity lies beyond the place where it is accepted that Jews are not a people in any real sense and therefore have no more right to self-determination than any other religion.

      And that right, for religions is none, nada, zip!

    • @DaBakr,

      A good reading of American history makes it pretty clear that corruption has been a part of the process from the beginning and mythology abounds, including in regard to Lincoln. Americans particularly like to mythologise the Presidents who are assassinated, sadly, a few.

      Nations don't have friends they have interests and yes Zionists/Israelis/Jews have disproportionate and inappropriate power in US politics and Governments but the US is also bent on hegemony and clearly the military base which is Israel, is seen to be important to that cause. For the moment anyway.

      America's place in the world is as just another nation and one with too much military power and too much of a tendency to throw its weight around.

      What the best interests of the US really are, may well be something Presidents are told and not something they know or work out for themselves.

    • No, the current homeland does not include Jordan. The current homeland includes all of Palestine prior to the certainly immoral and possibly illegal partition in 1947.

    • @MHughes,

      It needs to be remembered that neither Israel nor Zionism represent Jews or Judaism despite Israeli claims to the contrary.

      Zionism may be a distorted offshoot of Judaism but it no more reflects or represents it than fundamentalist Christians represent Christianity in general.

      Zionism is fanaticism and it is also atheism and therefore cannot even be sourced in Judaism, which is a religion. There is no such thing as an atheist Jew, or atheist Christian, or even a secular Jew or secular Christian and it is astonishing that so many Jews have gone along with this delusion which is oxymoronic in the extreme.

      You can have non-practising Jews or Christians or members of any religion, but atheist or secular, no.

      Zionism has more in common with Nazism and Fascism than any religion.

    • @Sibiriak,

      You say end the conflict with neighbouring States? What conflict beyond that which Israel initiates? The Arab States offered peace years ago and Israel refused. The battle now is purely of Israel's making as it attacks its neighbours at whim and will and continues to occupy parts of Syria and Lebanon.

    • @Sibiriak,

      Jews are not a people and Arabs are not a people. This is the core error of this issue.

      Jews are members of a religion and Arab is a cultural label, like European or Asian. Neither Jew nor Arab is a race, nationality or people.

      This issue is between indigenous Palestinians and their colonisers who call themselves Israelis. This issue is not about Jews, a religion, nor Arabs, a culture in any general sense.

      Israel uses the term Arab to pretend Palestinians don't exist and to pretend it is against the entire Arab world. That is as delusional as Palestinians pretending they are against the entire European world because Israelis are of European ancestry in the main.

      A State for Palestinians and a State for Israelis, where full and equal rights attended each State, with contiguous borders and Jerusalem as an international city, belonging to neither, might have worked. But it is now impossible.

      That means one state shared by the colonised and the coloniser alike as equal citizens and as a democracy where religion is irrelevant. That means no religious affiliation can confer supremacy.

    • @David Plimpton,

      It is not just Americans who need to take a closer look at Israel, but of course, since Americans bankroll this colonial experiment in the Middle East, they have the most potential power to change things.

      What I find astonishing is that developed nations, touting democratic principles, rule of law, human rights etc., can support Israel as a murderous military occupier and coloniser and apartheid State. I mean, even if it were not murderous and acted in benign ways, occupation is occupation, colonisation is colonisation and apartheid in the name of egregious religious bigotry is still apartheid.

      How can anyone, ever support any of that, by omission or commission?

    • But surely Americans must question a system where questioning Israel puts their careers in jeopardy for that suggests that Americans do not own or run their own country in their own interests, but vested agendas do in the name of a foreign country, Israel.

      Why do Americans put up with that? Why do they allow members of one religion, and a minority religion at that, and supporters of a foreign nation, to dictate to them?

      And the greatest irony is that many Americans are hysterical at the idea, highly unlikely of course and one wonders who might be pushing this delusional but useful theory, of Russia interfering with the election, but happily accept their politicians and Presidents being pretty much bought and sold by Israel, a foreign nation whose interests are frequently the opposite of what is best for Americans and the US.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • It has always been ironic, if not tragic, that the US, a country which claims to support freedom and human rights, should support the occupying, colonising and apartheid State of Israel.

      It is Israelis who are debased and destroyed by occupation and apartheid, not the Palestinians.

      And in truth, every new home, settlement, or grab of Palestinian land just brings the only outcome, one state shared equally by indigenous and coloniser alike, that much closer.

      Israel is insane if it thinks it is building homes for Jews - it is building homes for Palestinians. And all to the good.

  • Israel Arrests Tycoon for Alleged Huge Corruption in Africa
  • It is time to recognize the US-Palestinian conflict
    • How can you talk about counter-productive actions by an occupied people? Do they mean counter-productive to occupation? I mean, isn't that a human right?

      Were the French and others counter-productive to German occupation? Were the Chinese counter-productive to Japanese occupation?

      The hypocrisy in regard to Palestine stinks.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • @catalan,

      Are you seriously suggesting that apartheid Israel matters to the world in terms of cures for deadly diseases, or indeed matters to the world at all?

      The fact is, there are no cures for deadly diseases and if you trawl scientific research, Israel is just one tadpole amongst many in the pool of exploitative and profit-driven science-medical research. It's loss would make not a whit of difference.

      However, since a one-state solution would mean the end of Apartheid Israel but not the end of a Democratic Israel, or whatever the new State will be called, one presumes that the scientists, capitalists, corporatists etc., can continue to function whatever their country is called, and for that matter, wherever they live. And if indeed Israeli research is of use, it would be as much use if it were Palestinian or Canaanite research, surely?

      As to clean water, it might surprise you, but Israel is not required for the supply of clean water. The knowledge to supply clean water was understood centuries ago, thanks to Anglo/European and mainly Christian engineers and scientists. When it comes to water, Israel is an ecological bankrupt, destroying the water table of Palestine and its neighbours, to fill it's swimming pools and satisfy its farmers, trying to grow things which should never be attempted in a 'water-precious' region.

      Israel needs stopping as a matter of principle, if we are to support the civilized world. As the only country calling itself a democracy, fall about laughing, which maintains murderous occupation, colonisation and apartheid, it gives democracy a very bad name and that must end. Time for Israel to become a democracy and join the civilized world.

    • There have been very few, if any acts of conscience by the United States in regard to the apartheid State of Israel which is why it has continued on its path of military aggression to maintain occupation and colonisation and the murderous subjugation of the Palestinians for decades.

      If the United States had acted with conscience it would have tweaked the 'money tap' to Israel long ago and forced the only just solution, one state with equal rights for all.

      Zionist/Jewish/Israeli religious bigotry sourced in delusional paranoia has no place in a civilized world and the United States, if it had given a toss about integrity, let alone justice, would have hauled Israel into line long ago.

      The monster that is Israel exists because the world at large has enabled it to be, and none more than the United States, which, in the support for Israel has turned itself into a worldwide joke, everytime it talks about supporting freedom and democracy. The Hypocritical United States of America has given the world the monster apartheid state of Israel.

    • @just,

      Did not a significant majority of Crimeans, and yes, many were of Russian ancestry but not all, vote to be a part of Russia?

      I doubt if the vote were put to the Palestinians, numbering in the millions, and the roughly 500,000 illegal Jewish settlers, a majority would vote to be a part of UN mandated Israel.

      Then again, Israel denies Palestinians all human rights, including a vote so it is meaningless.

    • I thought there was around 600,000 illegal Jewish settlers in Occupied Palestine and around 6 million probably legal although never tested in a court of law, colonist settlers in UN Mandated Israel, along with a couple of million non-Jews, indigenous to Palestine on which UNM Israel was set up, who were given citizenship.

    • @Talkbac,

      You mean Obama should have acted with integrity, in the best interests of the United States, as a force for justice, rule of law, human rights, democratic principles and common human decency, ignoring the power and pressure of the Israeli/Jewish/Zionist industry which manipulates the United States and its Government and which will stop at nothing to protect Israel.

      Ah yes, if only we had leaders like that. But we do not and that is why evil triumphs so often.

    • I am not sure how the two-state solution could 'slip away' when it has been dead for decades and I doubt it ever existed. Every single act by Israel from the time it came into being as a UN mandate, has been to take all of Palestine, and as much of any other nearby country as it could. Greater Israel was always the goal, as was the complete removal, through death or dispossession of all Palestinians - well, all non-Jews really.

      The only way a two-state solution could ever have worked would have been with two completely independent states with contiguous borders and exactly the same rights - Jerusalem would have to be an international city, belonging to neither and Israel would never have allowed that to happen.

      The most Israel was prepared to give was a bantustan, semi-prison for Palestinians, with no power to defend themselves, no autonomy and no independence. It was a joke, a farce, a ridiculous ploy and the two-state solution has only ever been used by Israel as a distraction while it steals more of Palestine.

      Nothing has been lost because nothing ever existed.

      The only outcome ever has been that which all other colonisers have done - one state shared by indigenous and coloniser alike as equal citizens.

  • 'Guardian' newspaper fails to support colleague facing deportation threat from Israeli government
    • I am not sure why anyone is surprised by this. Israel is a nation founded on lies, driven by lies, and nothing more than a heavily armed propaganda machine.

      Israel is not a democracy and betrays every principle of civilized behaviour in the modern age - why on earth would it allow credible journalists, if indeed any could be found.

      Perhaps the greatest tragedy is the utter debasement of the media in general, but more so the US, where it can allow Bureau Chiefs with such clear conflicts of interest. I mean, would the Bureau Chief in Occupied France have been allowed to have a child in the German or Vichy Army? I doubt it.

  • 'Friedman is a warm Jew' -- Israelis approve of Trump's ambassador nominee
    • @Citizen,

      I have spent a lot of time in the US and am well aware of the ignorance in general and on this issue. You also have the worst media in the entire world which makes information of substance hard to access unless one is proactive through the internet.

    • @Citizen,

      I am sure you are right. But, I do believe more Americans are becoming aware.

    • What the Israelis seem not to understand is that their theocratic, Jewish elitist State is doomed.

      In fact the settlement building will ultimately be useful as there are 8 million Palestinians in the Diaspora who will have right of return when the one-state solution is in place.

      It is impossible for Israel to maintain permanent occupation and colonisation; impossible for Israel to kill nearly six million Palestinians, and even if it could drive them out, it just leaves them waiting for the one-state solution; impossible to maintain an apartheid State, which would simply grow if Israel annexes any more of Palestine.... it is impossible for the apartheid State of Israel to survive. And rightly so. It is a disgrace in the modern age.

    • @ eljay,

      Well said.

      I truly do not believe most Americans support concepts of Jewish supremacy, a dangerous concept for Jews in general, or apartheid in any form.

  • Forced existence
    • I am not sure how any nation which begins, particularly in the modern age, and the 1940's were the modern age by comparison with other colonisers, as a conscious occupier, driving out and killing as many indigenous as they could and then holding the remainder under occupation because they consider them inferior because they are not followers of Judaism, could ever have had a moral compass.

      Occupation is immoral. Colonisation is immoral. Considering people to be inferior because they don't belong to your religion is immoral. Apartheid is immoral.

      Israel was founded on, in and by, immorality. Only by finding a moral compass can it become civilized and acceptable.

    • To follow the psychiatric analogy, and there is no doubt, if Israeli culture were an individual it would have been committed long ago for its own sake and the sake of everyone else.

      However, nations cannot be forcibly committed although they can be forced. My understanding of psychiatry is that generally, unless the individual wishes to be treated and participates, at best initiates, it, there is not a lot which can be done.

      So, how can a country, Israel, be forced to pursue treatment for its sickness? There is no doubt that occupation debases the occupier and as the Palestinians, who have always had justice and right on their side, grow through suffering to become stronger and more resilient, so do Israelis and their society become more debased and dysfunctional.

      I have long believed that Israel has been poorly served by her frenemies, friends whose actions manifest as those of an enemy, which has allowed the country and the culture to commit horrendous acts in the name of religious bigotry, with few having the courage to speak the truth about what Israel is, what Israel does and the horrors with which it was founded.

      There is no doubt that such horrors don't pertain just to Israel and neither do the injustices of occupation, colonisation and apartheid, for such actions have been seen in others, but only in the case of Israel have those who could help, become enablers, encouraging the worst of human nature to manifest in Jewish Israeli society.

      One could argue that the foundation of elitism and victimhood in Judaism predisposes Israeli Jews to dysfunction, but here again, they could never have been as bad as they have been and are, without the help of their so-called friends.

    • It is perhaps not recognised by it was the ancient Greek culture which was instrumental in educating Hebrews/Jews and which profoundly influenced Judaism. Of course coming on top of the original source which was ancient Egypt, the foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

      But of course, nothing happens in a vacuum and all religions arose from the belief systems of the various ages, blending together in myriad form, numerous deities and dogmas.

    • @RoHa,

      I am not sure on which planet you live, but NO RELIGION EVER has the right to set up its own State on someone else's land.

      Jews have no right to Palestine, neither do Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Rastafarians - religions don't get homelands or land rights.

      And this is not about Arabs, unless you want to classify Israelis as Europeans, which most were, as colonists - Arab and European are cultural labels. By all means compare them together but you cannot compare them with religions, i.e. Jews or Christians etc.

      And here is the irony, anyone spending time in UN Mandated Israel can see that culturally it is Arab which is not surprising, but it is almost funny, if it were not so tragic, that Israelis want the world to believe they are pitted against the Arab world when in fact, they are a part of the Arab world.

    • Now that is what I call a euphemism of massive proportions, requiring troubling levels of denial:

      The Gaza Concentration Camp, the world's largest open-air prison, is called 'an ethnically sealed ghetto.' I wonder if that is how the Germans saw their concentration camps?

    • The good doctor should know better.

      You cannot refer to Jews, a religious label, and Palestinians, a national label because they are two entirely different things.

      You can talk about Jews and Muslims and Christians, or Palestinians and Israelis, but you cannot talk about Jews and Palestinians.

      I realise that this is Zionist propaganda to pretend Jews are somehow a people or nationality and if Israel changed its name to Jewdistan they could be a nationality, although the label Jew would then apply to all citizens, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever.

      As to Jewish trauma, this is also propaganda. It is part of human nature for just about everyone alive, that there is ancestral trauma. Many people suffered at the hands of the Nazis, whether for religion as Jews did, or race as Romanies and Poles did, and others, or for being homosexual, or whatever did not fit the Nazi view of what was acceptable, and suffering is suffering and not greater for one group than another.

      Except of course the concept of Jewish trauma and suffering is entrenched in the religion and Judaism has been pushing this theology for centuries, regardless of how followers of the religion lived.

      My ancestors did fine in both the UK and in Australia, as economic refugees, and so those descendants who held onto the religion are not traumatised. If Israeli Jews are traumatised it is because of Zionist propaganda and the fact that the Jewish experience of holocaust at the hands of the Nazis, was used to seek to defend the theft of Palestine from its indigenous people, and the ongoing abuse and subjugation of those people by Jewish European colonists.

      Sadly, waving the 'but Jews have suffered' flag is simply more propaganda from apologists.

      And in light of the shocking human rights atrocities and war crimes, Israel carries out against the Palestinians, such 'flagwaving' simply irritates the world at large because it is so hypocritical. Being a member of the Jewish religion does not confer a capacity for greater suffering, nor allow that any suffering should be used as an excuse for the abuse of others by Jews.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • @hophmi,

      Apartheid means separate development. Zionist Israel's policy is for non-Jews to be kept separate from Jews, the elite citizens and for Palestinian non-Jews in particular, relegated to sub-human status, now where have we heard that before, to be held forever under the control of the superior group, i.e. Jews.

      Jew-only settlements connected by Jew-only roads, in Occupied Palestine is apartheid.

      Non-Jewish citizens afforded inferior health services and education is apartheid.

      Both Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who should know, define Israel as an apartheid State.

      There is no other nation, apart perhaps from the other Middle Eastern theocracy like Israel, Saudi Arabia, which discriminates in such ways.

      Racism is racism says the UN, whether based on race as in South Africa, or on religion as in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine.

      The United States like all other developed democratic systems has regulations and laws in place to prevent such discrimination.

      And therein lies the irony, that it bankrolls it for fascist apartheid Israel.

    • @ catalan,

      This is not about peace. This issue is about justice. Freedom and human rights for the indigenous Palestinians whose land has been stolen by European colonists. It is a story told many times over but all other nations founded in this way have given equal rights to their indigenous people, apologised for the wrongs inherent in foundation, and made some sort of redress.

      If doing what is just, right and decent, i.e. giving full and equal rights to the indigenous Palestinians means the end of Zionist Israel the apartheid State sourced in religious bigotry, is that not a good thing?

      The Israel which remained would be a democracy, as opposed to the bigoted theocracy it currently is, and justice would have been done. From justice you get peace. There can be no peace without this justice.

      And the longer Israel allows religious bigotry to debase it, the worse it will become, until, perhaps even Jewish Israelis can no longer stand the horror that it is and decide to return to the countries they, their parents and grandparents left to colonise Palestine. Many young Israelis are already doing this with one of the biggest communities in Berlin - surely a positive and heartening sign.

      One thing is certain, Israel as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State will go away because it has no place in a civilized world.

    • @ Catalan,

      Justice simply demands equal rights for the indigenous Palestinians. Jewish Israelis do not need to leave the new State. If they do it would be their choice, based on the racist belief that Palestinians are inferior, well, non-Jews are inferior, but Palestinian non-Jews are particularly inferior. Such bigotry has no place in a civilized world but no doubt Jewish Israeli immigrants would be accepted somewhere, hopefully leaving their bigotry behind.

      The nearly six million Palestinians cannot be expelled without carnage of such an order that world outrage would have to include the Americans, who bankroll the apartheid State of Israel.

      More practically, since Israel has already tried to kill the around 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp and always failed, it is pretty clear, wiping out millions of people is not easy.

      The additional millions include those few given citizenship in UN mandated Israel and those living under military rule in their homes and bantustans, surrounded by illegal Jew-only settlements and Jew-only roads. In order to kill or drive out those Palestinians, without killing the elite, the Jews, the Jews would have to be first removed from Occupied Palestine which would rather give the game away.

      However, given the delusional fanaticism of most of those illegal settlers, they probably would not leave anyway so Israel would have to weigh up killing a few thousand of them, against the greater goal of killing or driving out millions of Palestinians from their own land.

      Israel lost this colonial war from the moment it refused to establish two fully independent States.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • I thought there were 8 million Palestinians in the diaspora? Although one presumes not all would wish to return home.

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
    • @MHughes,

      Just because religions have links with a place does not give them rights to it. The Christians founded Istanbul - Constantinople, so what?

      Many religions have links to the Middle East because it was a crossing point. When Hebrew tribes wandered around the place so did many others.

    • @ Mooser,

      Where do you get the figure of 2 billion Jews? The highest figure is 15 million worldwide and probably closer to 12 million with half in the US and half in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine.

      There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world and 1 billion Hindus and 1.6 billion Muslims and Jews are a tiny minority in religious terms.

    • @ Cohen,

      Cities do not belong to religions. Jerusalem is not the capital of UN mandated Israel and in fact the mandate determined it should be an international city.

      Religions don't get land rights, homelands or cities.

      This issue is not about peace, which, by the way, Israel could have tomorrow by ending the occupation and doing what every other coloniser has done, create one state with equal rights for all where the indigenous Palestinians share with their European colonisers.

      This issue is about justice, pure and simple and it always was. Justice for the indigenous Palestinians, now numbering around six million, denied human rights and freedom.

    • Israel was founded on a lie; created on a bed of lies and stands now on a mountain of lies. One more makes little difference.

  • Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
    • West Bank is a euphemism for another slab of Occupied Palestine.

    • The more extreme the actions and positions the faster the only solution, a one-state solution shared equally by coloniser and colonised alike, will come to pass.

      Palestinians won't get their country back and Israeli Jews won't get a Jewish elitist theocracy but justice will have been done.

  • 44% of Israelis support annexing West Bank; half of those favoring annexation think Palestinians shouldn't be given equal rights
    • What an unpleasant little country is UN mandated Israel. How can anyone support it?

    • The term is Palestinians, not Arabs. Every time the word Arab is used it plays the Zionist propaganda line that this is a battle between Jewish Israelis and the entire Arab world and it is not. This is a battle between Israeli colonists and indigenous Palestinians.

    • If Israel wants to annex Occupied Palestine, the real name for what is jokingly called the West Bank, then they should do so because it will speed the process of a one-state solution.

      Israel will not be allowed to take the rest of Palestine and keep the indigenous people subjugated without rights.

  • Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader
    • @MHughes,

      The errors arise with the delusional concept of a Jewish people in the literal sense of a people.

      Yes, there is a Jewish people, as religious metaphor, just as there is a Christian, Hindu, Moslem etc., people, as a religious group/community. But religions do not make a people in any true sense of the word.

      A Jew from Ethiopia is as different to a Jew from London or Chicago, as is a Christian from Ethiopia as different to ones from London or Chicago. The commonality is the religion, but beyond religious practice and dogma, the individuals are culturally very different, which is hardly surprising.

      The only 'unity' for Jews is from the religion, whereas a true people are united socially, culturally, and sometimes ancestrally. Jewish unity in this sense is no different to the unity any other religion confers. What is different is that this religious unity draws upon Jewish teachings of superiority and exceptionalism, hence the literalising of the metaphor.

      But interpreting a metaphor in the literal does not make it real, true, or fact. A lie repeated, remains a lie.

    • @hophmi,

      Diversity is common to all nations and it is democracy which creates cohesion from the diversity.

      Israel may have citizens of a variety of religions but the reality is that all non-Jews are second-class citizens and are considered to be inferior, with the inconvenient indigenous Palestinians, Muslim, Christian or whatever, relegated the status of subhuman in true Zionazi style.

      And while Jews in general and in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine, comprise all races and are drawn from dozens of nationalities, even Jews in their diversity are not united because the Euro-centric Jews are racist toward those who did not originate in Europe and the Russians, most of whom are not even Jewish anyway, are racist toward pretty much everyone.

      Zionist Israel is a State founded on and sourced in religious bigotry where followers of Judaism, practising or not, often in essence, Jewish or not, but with some ancestral Jewish links, are superior to the rest and demand they remain in power and dictate to non-Jews living in UN mandated Israel, how they will live, think and act, and ensuring they remain second-class citizens, under the jackboot of the superior Jews.

      Zionist Israel is an occupier, coloniser and apartheid State which has no place in an enlightened democratic world because of its backward and bigoted views and practices. Whatever lies Zionists and Jewish Israelis might tell themselves, Israel is a blot on the modern world and as knowledge grows around the world of the truth of its foundation and function, tolerance will diminish for its human rights atrocities and war crimes.

  • Defending Ellison, Jewish writers publish 'apartheid' description of Israel in 'Slate' and 'Washington Post'
    • The concept of American exceptionalism remains source of amusement for anyone who spends time in the US. Being exceptional is not about military power or aggression, it is about how citizens live. It is about being a great place to live as opposed to a 'great' i.e. powerful militaristic nation.

      And given the track record of the US for assassinating democratically elected leaders and supporting tyrants to serve its own agendas, a world without Americans 'stepping in' would be a better world.

  • I hereby chuck my right to Jewish national self-determination
    • No-one has ever explained why one religion, Judaism, should have rights to self-determination. Surely if one religion has this right then it would and should apply to all religions.

      Religions comprise all races and dozens of nationalities and that is why they don't qualify as a race, people, group - beyond the religion - or for self-determination.

      This Zionist fantasy and lie has done so much damage in the Middle East and needs to be put to rest. Religions do not get land rights, homelands or self-determination, none of them.

      The problem with espousing the concept of Jewish self-determination, is that it says for a Jew, the first loyalty is to the religion, and the State which claims to represent the religion, Israel, and the country of citizenship, or birth, comes second, if indeed it comes anywhere at all.

      Now, more than one religious group has taken and does take this view, so putting religion before State is not particular to Judaism, but none of them have turned it into a machine to manipulate the political and social system of the country in which they live, as happens in the US to a troubling degree, and in some other countries, to lesser degrees, nor have they sought to establish their own religious State which competes with their loyalties.

      As to renouncing the Jewish right to self-determination - there is no such right, beyond Zionist propaganda and religious mantra.

  • Arab Bedouins expelled for second time to make way for new Jewish community
    • I am curious as to why Americans in general support such egregious religious bigotry, in ways which would not be tolerated in any other country on earth.

      Why can Israel treat Palestinians in this way and in fact, be paid with American taxes to do it?

  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • Most Americans have not the faintest idea of the reality of Zionist Israel, nor the situation of the Palestinians.

      A Palestinian State is impossible for the simple reason that Israel will not allow one to exist. A satrapy yes, a bantustan, certainly, but a fully independent State with exactly the same rights as any Israeli State, no!

      In addition, there are so many illegal settlements throughout Occupied Palestine, and that is the area beyond the UN mandate which remains the only possibly legal borders for an Israeli State, that removing the settlers or having them become Palestinians, are equally a farce.

      The only possible way two states could survive is for contiguous borders and exactly the same rights with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Israel refuses on all those counts and that is why the only solution is a one-state solution, like every other coloniser, where the indigenous people share the land with their colonisers.

      Discussions of two states is a waste of time and breath.

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • It is morally wrong to demand a majority as a given for a particular religious group. It is unethical, bigoted, undemocratic, unenlightened and has no place in a civilized world.

      Jews are a religion and no more a people, beyond religious metaphor, whatever some might like to believe, than any other religion. Religions do not get homelands or land rights.

      And yes, I know that there is a strong belief within Judaism as well as Zionism that Jews constitute a people, a racial group etc., but that does not make it true or real. Religions contain many beliefs which are simply untrue and merely a part of the dogma and theology, originally meant as metaphor and not to be literalised. In fact orthodox Jews opposed the creation of a literal State of Israel on that basis - it was only ever meant to be metaphor.

      Jews, like most religions, comprise all races and dozens of nationalities and the only ethnicity which exists as a whole, is the same religious ethnicity which all other religions share. Jews are not ethnic in any real sense of the term and religious ethnicity for Judaism is no different than religious ethnicity for Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc.

      The Zionist propaganda that Jews are a people has fed and fuelled the atrocities committed against the Palestinians. Zionism entrenched the delusion that the conflict was about a group called Jews and a group called Arabs in order to deny the existence of the Palestinians.

      Jew is a religious label, Arab is a cultural label, the same as European, Asian etc. The irony is that anyone spending time in Israel can see that Israeli culture is Arabic, Jewish and non-Jewish. Israeli Jews are different to Jews from other nations in the same way Chinese or Indian Christians are different to American or British Christians. The religion does not create a universal culture even though rituals, traditions and religious dogma are shared.

      You cannot compare a religion with a culture. You cannot compare a Jew with an Arab anymore than you can compare a Hindu with a European. This issue is not about Jews or Judaism, or Arabic culture, it is purely a colonial war waged by Israeli (mostly European) Zionists and Jews against Palestinian non-Jews, the indigenous people of the land stolen by the colonists.

      On one side are Israelis, Zionists and Jews, and on the other are Palestinians, Muslim and Christian. It is time to stop propagating the Zionist lie that this is about Jews and Arabs.

    • Israel exists on Palestine and beyond the UN mandate which remain the only arguable borders, exists not as a democracy but as a theocratic, brutal occupier, coloniser and apartheid State.

      Israel exists as a colonial enterprise founded on religious bigotry in ways which would never be tolerated in any other State and which will not be tolerated for much longer for Israel.

      The only just outcome is to give up the religious bigotry and establish one state where indigenous and coloniser share the land as full equals in a democratic system. It will happen anyway but if Israelis were smart enough, although smart is something they have never demonstrated, to initiate the process they would have some management of it.

  • Trump is forcing us to redefine the idea of 'Home'
    • Having lived in nearly a dozen different countries around the world, all of which I consider to have been 'homes' I also know that unless one can or wishes to become a citizen of another country, then it is not your home and will not be. Home is either our native land of birth, or it is the place where we can put down roots and unless we are citizens of a country, we cannot put down roots and it is not home.

      Unfortunately for many in the United States, the country has had a policy of convenience in terms of tolerating temporary residents and illegals, at times a modern version of slave labour, but unless you are eligible to become a citizen, common sense dictates it will never be your home.

      And to be fair to nations which allow people to be permanent residents as opposed to citizens, and many do, the system will encourage a lack of commitment which does not serve either individual or nation well.

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • Israel is a pariah. The modern world loathes tyrants and Israel is a tyrant. Justice will be done for Palestine because Israel is culturally insane and at some point will try to kill or drive out the nearly six million Palestinians with such carnage that the world will call halt to this horrible experiment in religious bigotry and tyranny.

    • Iran will already have nuclear weapons. Israel's aggression in the region, and irrationality, with US backing made it impossible for the Iranians to do anything else. Another own goal, Israel.

    • From the moment Israel decided it would never allow the Palestinians their own State, because it wanted all of Palestine for itself, it made a one-state solution inevitable. Ironically, the one-state solution is the only just outcome because it makes a theocratic Jewish State, sourced in bigotry, impossible, and as a democracy, the indigenous Palestinians will be a majority.

      All Zionist Israel's own work.

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
    • It is important to stop using terms like Arab and Jew. Most Arabs have nothing to do with this conflict and the term is only used to avoid the real word, Palestinian.

      And Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism and so the correct term is Israeli Jew, not Jew in general.

      Beyond which Arab is a cultural term like European and Jew is a religious label like Christian, and you cannot compare cultures and religions. The irony of course is that culturally Israel, not surprisingly, is more Arab now than the European culture the colonists brought with them.

    • He hears nothing else because a civilized society in the modern age defends human rights, rule of law, democratic principles and justice, all of which the Palestinians are denied by their Jewish/Zionist/Israeli colonisers.

      The Palestinians have right on their side, they are the victims, that is the only suffering. If Israelis suffer it is self-inflicted because they have come to someone else's country to colonise it and abuse the indigenous people. Israel is the aggressor.

      Any Jew of conscience, intelligence and reason will condemn what Israel is and what Israel does. Israel does not represent Jews or Judaism.

  • Thanksgiving in Palestine
    • Correction - Puerto Rica and Liberia also celebrate Thanksgiving and Norfolk Island, off the Australian coast, gives it a nod because of American whalers in centuries past.

    • Only Americans and Canadians do Thanksgiving. It is meaningless in the rest of the world, including Palestine although no doubt the many American/Israeli illegal settlers would be celebrating, as did the early colonists in the Americas.

      As a celebration, Thanksgiving has a lot of potential, because giving thanks for what we have is important and doing it in a collective sense, brings everyone together, but for most Western countries Christmas serves that purpose, and many cultures have versions of the same sort of thing.

  • Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means 'we could lose'
    • Was not the issue that Judaism, like quite a few religions then and still, demanded exceptionalism and marrying in to retain 'purity.?'

      Such religious demands will always keep a group separate and indeed, do not have to be religious as the Romanies demonstrate. Some will escape but many will not and so as the centuries pass, the original 'rules' become a part of religious dogma and harder to break.

      No doubt when concepts of 'marrying in' arose, they did so for sensible reasons. Judaism is not the first or last religion to abide by such strictures but it might be the only one which has taken the exceptionalism of religious Self so far.

      I have seen Hindus, Jains, Jews devastated by the prospect of a child marrying out, in ways which would be considered racist if done by other religions. Having said that, it is barely a century since Catholics and Protestants demonstrated similar traumatic intolerance., and the fact that they managed to move on means anyone can do it and those religions who still feel a need to remain separate and to 'marry in' can also evolve.

      Then again, I have read most younger American Jews are marrying out, so clearly the evolution and assimilation is going on regardless and all to the good.

    • @ Mooser,

      With links of course to the Hindus and their Brahmins although probably the origin was India.

      I wonder if, on both counts the origin was a metaphor for someone spiritually evolved rather than superior as a human being in general.

    • "If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews, we have struck quite a good deal."

      If Trump's people have a modicum of intelligence, and no doubt many do, they will know that Arab is a cultural definition applying to citizens of many countries and followers of many religions, as is the term European, and Jew applies to followers of Judaism, i.e. a religion.

      This issue is not and was never about Arabs anymore than it was about Europeans, but solely about the colonial war Zionist Israel wages against Palestinians.

      To seek to conflate the Palestinians with the entire Arab world, is as erroneous as it would be to conflate Jewish Israelis with Europeans, since most of them originated there before embarking on their colonial venture.

      Zionists like to use the generic 'Arab' so they can avoid the 'P' word and pretend the Palestinians do not exist but I doubt if even Trumpland will fall for that one, and even if they did, the world in general knows the reality.

    • I'm not sure what vets losing fertiity has to do with it, but, having suffered already, one presumes they have been told that IVF effects will not be known for two generations, i.e. until human beings created artificially have grown up to live relatively normal lives and given birth to children who do the same.

      And since the evidence emerging is that artificially created human beings are generally infertile, not surprising, we have only to wait and see what other effects there are from a process where conception is forced through artificial, chemical means.

      Let's hope there are not more regrets added to the mix for those who have been sent off to fight immoral, unnecessary and largely illegal wars.

    • The Zionists, who as atheists or secular, same thing, and because of that, are not really Jewish and not members of the religion, but who seek to turn Judaism into some sort of elite 'club' for what they believe is a more intelligent group, although how a religion can confer that is yet to be explained and if studies were done, the Christians would be out in front anyway, with the Muslims not far behind, but I digress....

      the Zionists believe that Jews are superior and anti-semitism would serve their purpose of bringing to Occupied Palestine, the roughly six million American Jews, which would necessitate removal of the nearly six million indigenous Palestinians.

      The Zionist goal is anti-semitism for only with it can they maintain their delusional position that members of Judaism are threatened and need their own country, i.e. Palestine because UN mandated Israel is full, although there are some non-Jewish citizens who could be moved on .....

      in order to be safe, ignoring the fact that it is actually someone else's country. But, if non-Jews are inferior, the Zionist position is that Palestinians are sub-human, so removing them is no different to removing wild animals from land where you wish to settle humans.

      It is a dangerous 'plan' which may backfire in unexpected ways.

  • General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending 'apartheid'
    • @ Mooser,

      Great post.

    • 'West Bank' is just the euphemism Israel uses so it doesn't have to speak the reality, Occupied Palestine.

      There is no West Bank, only Occupied Palestine which is everything beyond UN mandated Israel.

      Annexing Palestine would be a plus because it would bring the only possible outcome now, one state shared equally by all, colonised and coloniser alike, into being faster.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot across border at Gaza demonstrators, killing one
    • Gaza is a prison in occupied Palestine. It doesn't have a border. It has a prison fence, controlled by the Israeli military.

      The only borders which exist are those for UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine. Gaza was a city in Palestine and is now a concentration camp and talk of borders is merely Israeli propaganda, and delusional at that.

  • Gaza writes to Standing Rock: Your story is our story
    • Nicely written, but not sure why religious labels like Jew and Christian go up next to cultural labels like Arab. Arab is like European - a cultural label and cannot be compared with religion.

      Palestinian culture was very Arab but that included Jews, Christians and Muslims - all Arab, just as Israeli colonists were largely European, although now Israeli culture is more Arab than European, which is not surprising.

      The difference between American indigenous, and indeed indigenous in
      all other countries pretty much, and Indigenous in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine is that it is only the latter who do not have full and equal rights as citizens and who remain under colonial military rule.

  • Saving the daughters of Israel from the annihilation of intermarriage
    • @eljay,

      Well said. The Zionist fantasy of a Jew being a racial or ethnic label is ridiculous.

      All religions confer ethnicity as religious metaphor, not as a reality. Ethiopian Jews have about as much in common with London Jews as Ethiopian Christians have with London Christians.

      If you drop Judaism you do not change race or nationality and the same applies if you convert to Judaism. The first Jew, like the first member of any religion was a convert. You cannot convert to a race.

    • I have long been struck by the double standards at work in many of the Jews I know, friends and family, lovely, intelligent, good, kind people, except where their religion is involved.

      They express great concern about anti-Semitism, but no thought is given to the racism inherent in the grief and often rage which is involved if a child opts to marry a non-Jew.

      To be fair, I have Hindu and Jain friends who react similarly but the fact remains that such attitudes constitute religious racism and Jews cannot point the finger at anti-semitism when they are religiously racist themselves.

      And history reveals most religions have taken similar views in past centuries, but to hold such views in the modern age is simply backward and has no place in a civilized world. Sensible parents wish their children will find someone they love who loves them in return and religion should take second place.

      The entire raison d'etre of Israel is religiously racist because it is based on the premise that Jews must be a majority, because Jews are superior in essence, and the non-Jewish Palestinians are inferior, for some even sub-human.

      If largely Hindu India said or did half the things Israelis do toward non-Jews there would be world outrage at such egregious racism.

  • AIPAC removes two-state solution talking point from its website
    • @ echinoccus,

      But it is not already being done or millions of Palestinians would be on the march. They are not.

      My point was that if Israel seriously attempted to kill or remove nearly six million Palestinians there would be carnage and it would not be tolerated.

      The ongoing murdering, imprisoning and dispossessing has minimal impact on the presence of the indigenous Palestinians in their own country.

      And yes, I understand that removing settlers from Gaza meant it could be turned into a prison, but even in the latest slaughter they killed over a thousand, but they did not kill hundreds of thousands or a million or more which would be required to empty the Gaza concentration camp.

      There is no way Israel can kill millions of Palestinians or drive them out, that is the point, without such horror that the world would have to act.

      And even if Israel killed nearly six million Palestinians in UN mandated Israel and Occupied Palestine there are another 8 million in the diaspora who would then return home on the boat of international guilt.

    • Perhaps and perhaps not because in order to expel the Palestinians from Occupied Palestine - the name West Bank is just a label Israel uses to pretend it is not Occupied Palestine - they will first have to remove all of the illegal settlers in their Jew-only enclaves, connected by Jew-only roads, so they are not killed or injured in the military process of seeking to drive out millions of Palestinian men, women and children.

      Israel is a tad caught on its own petard because having created so much illegal settlement in Palestine, it cannot attack the Palestinians without removing first the Jewish settlers. It is one thing to bomb the Gaza prison, although even there they would be hard put to kill all of the nearly two million men, women and children, but quite another to attack the Palestinians elsewhere without causing such horrendous carnage that even the Americans would have to develop a conscience and some spine and demand an end to it and justice for the Palestinians.

      Unless of course Israel arms the settlers to attack the Palestinians although that would also be very messy.

    • Of course you are right, but it is the world at large which will not tolerate religious bigotry forever, even if Israelis and their supporters will.


    • Yes, and anyone with a modicum of reason could have worked this out long ago. Then again, reason is not a common quality in Israel and the outcome is an 'own goal.'

    • @ Michael Rabb,

      Well said. The irony is that Zionists and Jewish Israelis do not realise that they have made a Jewish State impossible and guaranteed the Palestinians, who will be a majority, will get their country back.

      While a Jewish State of Israel, as a non-democratic theocracy would always have been doomed, the two state solution was the only way it could happen.

      This way Israel is forced to do what every other coloniser has, rightly, had to do. Say sorry to the indigenous people whose land you have taken, make redress and give them full and equal rights as citizens.

    • Since a one-state solution with equality for all, colonised and coloniser alike, is now the only outcome the sooner the two-state scenario is dropped the better.

      Israel can only reject a one-state outcome on the basis of religious bigotry and that is no more acceptable than South Africa's racial bigotry.

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